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Alsntion Town Moral Victor
but Fitiaiicinl Loser by
Troops' Itemoval.
Dr. ron Itothninmi-llolhvpjr Is
Enemy of Nearly All Parties
in liciclw .
" Hour-'
Froil to Floaert"
'I tirn to pmw l.i, Sixth
Snrtlon, nnd read there
uhnt Ih Bihl nlioul
tpicial Cable Denpatchet to Tnr. St x.
HitRMN, Dec. . The Khlner'n JikIb
tnnet of Solomon In the Ziiliern Incident,
whereby he driiIm illcplnyed lilx. nblllty
to aldestep critical Issue!-, lias failed to
ptense any one In particular, tin one
knowing exactly which clde liutt won.
Meanwhile the popular oiitiiiirct Is
(Illicitly RulixIdltiR. Zabern feels Itself it
moral victor mid n tluaticnl loser by the
transfer of the Ninety-ninth ItcKlmeiil of
Infantry as a result of the strife between
the civil and military authorities In the
Alsatian town. It Is difficult to tell
whether the refluent or the town has
been made the culprit.
While the nelehstiiK feels that It has
had iiome Influence on the Kaiser In the
matter, the ureatest disappointment pre
vails In all political camps over tin- fact
that the incident did not i.sult In the
downfall of the luipni.il Chancellor,
whom rlearly all pintles nr- oncer to see
It Is. said to-nliiht that the (1o eminent
will liwue a note In a few days In which
the Kaiser expresses the fullest confidence
In the Chancellor. The Socialists have
called a score of mass meetings both
here and In Alsace, for to-morrow.
X.AIIBRN, Alsace, lec. fi. The .NMnety
ninth Infantry IteRlnient. headed by Its
ommander, Col. von Iteuter, inarched out
of this town to-day. Half the men are
being sent"- to Ilagenau, north of Slrass
burg, and the other half to Hitsch, at
the foot of the Vosges .Mountains.
Military patrols, which were responsible
fur the clash between the civil and mili
tary authorities, dls.ippearttl with the de
parture of the recipient.
Can't Become lean of faereil ril
Irge Vnnntrlll It enounces Honor.
.Special Vahlt Utrpatdi to Tin. Si v
ItoMK, Dec. 0. Caidlnal Seratlno Vanu
tclll, sub-dean of the Sacred College, who
Is entitled to succeed Caidlnal Oieglla as
dean, will probably i enounce that honor
nn account of Ill-health arrt paitlal blind
in ..
Cardinal Itampolla In that ca-e -a mild
become dean, as Caidlnal tllliliun", who
Is the senior Cardinal, Is excluded because
he dties not reside In Home.
When told of Cardinal Ok-kIUV death
to-day the I'ope wus greatly grieved.
Xlir Will tie 1'iiolDelnlly Itcpresented
at I'rlscn, lloneter,
SprrM futile v;i,TA tn Tin: Si x,
UEtit.is-. Deo. fi. As a result of the
piessure brought to bear upon the (biv
crntnetit to Induce It to eliuime Its decision
regarding representation at the l'unama
Tacltlc Kxposltliui at San Francisco In
IMS another sh.up conflict has been
precipitated In Government circle.'.
A strong dlffer-tiee of opinion Is said
to exist between two ministries, one of
which holtl that It would bo cpilto be
Heath the (biveinment'M dlsnlty to change
its mind, while the other would give the
Impression that the Urst decision not to
paitlclpate In the fair was hasttly formed.
itegardlng the leports printed In the
t'nlted States to the effect that (lermany
would announce her otllclal participation
within a few das TitK Sl'N correspondent
is authoritatively Informed from Govern
ment souices that nothing Is known to
Justify such a conclusion. Theie niv no
Indications that tin re will be any change
In the piesent status In the near future.
If at all.
liven the passage by the llelcll9taKi)f u
bill peimlttlng an appropriation for tin
tllcl.il support anl pilv.ite participation
in the exposition Is opposed by some mem
lieis of the (lovernment. but Its passage,
however, is considered as certain. This
bill probably will be considered a com
promise on the pait of the Uovernment, a
It will have sanctioned imotllclal participa
tion In the fair without compromising If
Iteale lo ll- Tnkrii r lr Slate
I'roposllloo I'annfa xriinallon.
. ml t'ahte iriit7. to Tin: Si x.
Jtt.m.lX, Dec. 6. Then' was an upto.ii
at the meeting of stockholders of the
Diamond Hegle to-day when icpicsenta
tlv.s of the Colonial Department an
nounced that the Hovel .uncut, which ' l.ol,l
. .. . ..... ..e li.nl lPMlleil tO
till- IIIIIK OI me '"' . ,, ,
eonveit the Uegi.- Into a State eiitel-
'''The shaii'holdeis protested vehemently
against this plan mid refused to ban. I
oe.r their shales for the purpose of re
Hum To lliilldlna" HfenK' 'r
Mm. l'MiiWImrsf Arrest.
1.0NI-S, Dec. S.-Wlill.- Ml-. IMnhhurst
was leport-d to be growing steadll.v
weaker as the result of her hunger strike,
her militant friends continued to-day their
camnalirti nf vlni,.u... ,t ,tr vn.
! gennce for the rearnst of their leader
on ner return from the I'nltcd States.
Kxhlbltlon structuns liotli In Liverpool
and In Manchester were destroyed by the
"arson squad," the most serious tire occur
ring In the latter rltv', where a IKO.Onii
structure was burned to the ground.
Throughout the day the militants sur
rounded Hxeter Jail, hoping that Mrs.
t'ankhurnt would be freed, nnd automo
biles were on hand to carry the leader
away. The hopes of the suffragettes, how
ever, were disappointed, for the police
have determined to keep the loader In
prison until after the demonstration, which
Is scheduled for to-morrow.
It was said to-night that nhvslclans
, have ailvlxed nualnst the forcible feeding
of Mrs. I'ankhurst on account of the
I weal; condition of her heart
j The militants hail marked for ilestruc
I tlon to-day the grand stands on the race
! tracks In Lancashire, where Premier As-
ipillh Is spending the week end delivering
Jiolltlcal speeches. TIiIm nttempt failed,
the women being frightened away by po
licemen as they were preparing to set
lire to the stands,
CoI'KN'Iiaokm I'orty men, the entire
crew, were Uowii.il when the Swedish
I steamship Malinberget foundered In a
I North Sea stoi in,
, IlKiit.lS'. Prince Charles, eldest son of
the Ciown Pilnoo of ltiimanla, Is to enter
the (lerman army .lai.uary 1 as lieutenant
In the I'lmt Foot (tiiiuds at Potsdam to
complete his military education,
HffitAiiKST. One hundred peisons were
killed or seriously itijuicd In a collision
between a passenger and a ficiglit train
near Coleshtl, ltiimanla.
I lto.M: Ambassador Thomas Nils.iu
Page rented the pilace of Prince del
Diago. The p'u.iee was used by Am-
t b.issailor (lilscom when he ropiosontcd the
t'nlted States hole.
Hi:i:l.lN. Airs. James U Gerard, wife
of the AmeiliMii Amti'i.ss,ior, was iccctvcd
b the Kmpress at the Palace.
Heir of Earl Cowley Announces
That Gaiety Girl Has
.lilted Him.
Tetrazzini Declares She Is
the Xljrhtinirale of
Spinal ' lh.ip.Ucli tn Tin, Si s
LoNixi.v, Di'C. (I. Among the passenKers
leaving Custoii Station to-ilay to catch the
Mauietanla for ,'uit York were menthols
.of the n.t;."ty eoni'.my, Including Vl
I count D.incan, ?!d st son and heir of Karl
! Cowley, who is a member of the Gaiety
'Theatre chorus.
Viscount Da.., Tin lluhthc.irtedly In
foimed tli" ot.iir numbers of the company
that his (lam , P.miI Aufiere, a famous
i post can 1 beauty, w.i Miaiilod sinhleiily
lis' night to a Mr. Coats,
The I'l.agimi'iit of tin- .voting lord and
Miss Aufreio has been announced and de
nied 'ver.il times tins - i-
Miue. Jeanne .loaielli, a .-rami opera
prima doiin.i. Is aNo a pien'r oil th
' Matirct.itiia. She Is to make a tlvc months
ooniert t. hi r in tin- t'nlted States
I Among otlo rs leaving Kiiston was Mine,
Lulsa Tetranlnl, the operatic star, who
wore a hat which was apparently adorned
with aigrettes of the most expensive
variety, but on closer Inspection turned
out to bo merely chicken feathers.
"They aru feathers from the domestic
fowl of Italy," explained the prima donna,
"Just as I am a domestic fowl myself, for
am T not the nightingale of Italy?''
Mine, Tetraiulul added that she ntso
had plumes made of hair from the tails of
her horses.
Another Maurctanla passenger was
Iewls V, Mulr, a popular song writer of
New York, nuthor of "llltchy-Koo" and
"Waiting for the Hubert It. Lee."
Herbert Clark Hoover, the California
mining engineer. Is also leturnlng to the
t'nlted States. Ho Is going to California
to attend the annual meeting of the
trustees of !eland Stnnford I'nlverslty
ami nlo to confer with the directors
of the Panama-Pacific Kxposltlon.
H. D. Plllshury, a San Kianeleo law
er, Is returning on the Maurctanla to
spend Christmas hi the t'nlted States.
With him Is his daughter. Miss Olivia
Plllshury, who Is returning from Switzer
land, where she underwent an operation
for throat trouble.
Other passengers of the Maurctanla are
Mis. A. .1. Drexel and John H, Mcl'ailden
and Ids son of Philadelphia.
The MaUretanla's cargo Includes ttl.'i,
flOu worth of ostrich plumes.
Old English and
French Engravings
in Colors
For Holiday Gifts
Fifth Ave. and 49th St.
Socialist-Kadical Leader Han
Held Several Lesser Cah
inet Positions.
Hut KiikIIsIi Carriers Will Drmnnd
l! Per Cent, l'ny Increase,
.sprritit I'ahle Ptumtek tn Tut: Sl
IiNtio.v, lec. '.. At a meeting of mall
carriers hero to-day it was derided by a
narrow majority not to bgln a strike at
oik'h, but to urgn a demand for a 1," per
otit. Ineroaso of wages to meet the high
cost of living.
flrrnt Western Itiillun.v Wins n Com
plole Victor)'.
Special I'nhle lirnimteh to Tur Si
London, Dec. fi. The strike of engine
drivers and llri ineii of the (Ireat Western
Hallway In South Wales has been
settled with thi! complete victory of the
The men loft work because the company
refuseil to reinstate two engine drivels
who were dismissed b cause they re
fused to drive a train carrying (i eight
from I Miti 1 In which was handled in that
city by strike breakers. Not only has the
company refuseil to leconsliler Its deci
sion regarding the dismissed men, hut it
lias also decided to exact payment of
lines innglng troni -4 to riO cents by tin
strikers who are taken back, the amount
collected to be turned over to a local
The icsult of this strike Incidentally Is
taken to indicate that the railway men's'
trailu union Is not In favor of the prin
ciple of a sympathetic strike. I
fipfcitil CtiMe netpateh to Tits Six.
P.vms, Dir. . Senator tlaston Iou
mergtie probably will be the next Premier,
as he Is belle veil to liavo accepted Presi
dent I'olncnro's Invitation to form a
M. Houinerguo lslted to-day Antonln
Iiuliost, President of the Senate; (leorges
Cbnieiiceau. the former Premier, and M.
Vlvlanl, also a former Cabinet member,
M. Ivlanl Is said to have promised h!s
complete suport. ' M Doumerguo also
saw MM. Hlbot, Mrlaml, Dupuy and
ll.li thou, the last Premier.
AI. nnumcrgiio'H Cabinet probahly will
bo composed chlelly of members of the.
Left In the Chamber of Deputies. M,
Calllaux said to-night that he was pre
pared to support M. Doumerguo.
M. Doumerguo Is one of the most In
fluential members of the Soclallst-Hadlcal
party ami has held several less important
ixirtfolles In previous Cabinets. He has
been Minister of Colonies and twice Mill
lstr of Commerce. Ho Is a personal
friend of M Jacriues ltouche, tho new
director of the Opera.
It Is predicted that M. ltlbot will b
Minister of Foreign Affairs In the Dou
merguo Cabinet and that M. Delcaaa
wll laocept the Ministry of War.
Monday, December 8th
Rich and Costly Furs
Coats, Muffs and Neck Pieces
Perfectly made copies of this season's
best Paris models at reductions that
have never been equalled in the city.
50 Seal Coats from $55 to $1,000
20 Mole Coats from 150 to 300
10 Persian Coats. ,, .from 150 to 650
25 Caracul Coats from 60 to 400
Sets in all mole, also mole
and combination, furs from $35
, Sets in German Fitch,
Blue Fox, Red Fox,
Pointed Fox, Black Fox,
Sitka Fox, Ermine and Sable
Splendid assortments, similarly reduced.
Fifth Av. at 52d St.
nyMl n a l'tlci- tc the Acoliiiii (ttfjZjJwi
TBSfm CtHiipany, tinted XdvciiiIipi- 2se9K
ff S, 10113, siys:
There should be
"I cannot conceive of an rea
son xL'h the Pianola should not
be in ever home, sis a piam
Jbrte, xchen the keyboard is used,
it leaves nothing to be desired,
while for acquiring a broad musi
cal education, for the development
of' the understanding of good,
music which modem culture de
mands, it is undoubtedly the most
perfect and. really great medium.
There have appeared in recent
years, a great many mechanical
devices for piano-playing. I
have heard, several of them, and
though not denying their certain
qualities, I have to maintain
my former opinion: the Pian
ola is still the best, unsurpassable,
A Pianola
in your Home
This Christmas
PADEREWSKI. the world famous
pianist, says "the Pianola should be in
every home" in your home. .
And the great artist speaks with the au
thority of experience he has had a Pianola
in his own home for the past eight years.
Again, he says "for acquiring a broad
musical education, tor the development of
the understanding of good music, which
modern culture demands, it (the Pianola) is
undoubtedly the most perfect and really great
Certainly you and every member of your
household need the Pianola for just these
reasons you need it for the enjoyment it
will bring, for its contribution to the social
pleasures of your home-life.
Is there anything else that could add
more to the comfort, the charm and refine
ment of your home than this wonderful
instrument which makes all the world's
music yours at will ?
Doesn't Paderewski's suggestion solve your
gift problem for this Christmas?
Player-pianos, so-called, are not Pianolas.
There is but one Pianola, made exclusively
by The Aeolian Company, and obtainable in
the following models only:
The Steinway Pianola
The Steck Pianola The Wheelock Pianola '
The Stuy vesant Pianola The Stroud Pianol
The famous Weber Pianola
Ao music house in the world offers lower prices, values
considered, or more favorable and. convenient terms than,
the Aeolian Company.
Pianolas are priced from upward and are on sale,
in New York, only at Aeolian Hall.
The Victor Salon at Aeolian Hall is the most
completely appointed Victor Store in New York
Aeolian Hall will be open evenings until the holidays
Aeolian Hall, 29-33 West 42nd Street, Between 5th 6th Avenues

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