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1. Altaian
34th and 35th Streets, New York
34th and 35th Streets, New York
MorgiMlthail Favors Idea, llowo
OupoNOH It- nt tlm City
Chili Luncheon.
Dec. 9th
4,- 4
Miss ltlii)Wtiii,vs Woitipii Wait
Decision of Men on
INii'ty Project.
Thr t'ity 1'luli illicuwKl Hie formatlnn
of ii niunlclpal iii tv fit perpetuate th
futliui oritunlz.itlcm at the ttrxt of lln
19:3-151 " S.i I muIii y luiirlx uriM jeNtrrday.
The riiiiDHiimix hkiium! to be thut It
would le mi wist- tn continue uny fusion
uiniitilXiitlMii, tlmt tin! wnrU for rieiin nuv
vinniMiit ami clli- t-ilucatluii tould beat
be handled by exlMltiK urtfiiliUutloiiH and
tlmt If thnr uu to lie u fiikluii party In
the next i in a Ikd. Iih uiluln must lie
"IMintaiiiijuti If IIh work Ii to U' aiuvewi-
Maximilian Mo gentium, Jr., u member
of the II tin nee committee uf the Committee
of 107, ului Ur. Frederic . Howe, dlrec
top of the People's Institute, weru the
nrlndnal upeukeiv.
"I feel that fUHlon chould lie upon
tantoua," hIi1 Dr. Htm v. "It seems to mr
to Invite disaster In lie up Into a paity
which may or may, not lie able to mitt the
Issues which will nrl.e In the next muni
cipal campaign. ,
Sere (innit In TnniniHii; .
"1 cannot Brow ny enthuslahtlf oxer
a mcie programme tn boat Tamm.in. I
cn grow intlmslastlo uwr it programme
for complete Inline nile. for tllrnl pri
maries, for n short ballot and fur h sim
ple democratic charter; and I lielee the
lame effort put Into the achievement of
these refotms would make It unueceiixary
for us to organize exeiy four )eurn us e
have In the past.
"We talk of Tammany ii though It
were held together by the cohe.ive power
f public plunder. That, I think. Is a very
econdiiry explanation. Theie Ik a gieat
deal of gtMid a.t well an a great ileal of
evil In what we call T.imni.iny Hall. And
it Is the good quite iih much as the evil
that given Tainm.iuy Hall Itx power."
Mr. Howe thought the m'IiouIm -110111(1
be used for political and labor union
Mr. Morgenthju uahl Him In spite of
the fusion victory Tuuimuny Hall is moie
than holding Its own. and he gave stall,
tics showing the Increase In the Taniinanv
vote In the last campaign.
"These tlgnies plow." he said, "that
there is a solid vote of about -jJii.iiuii In
the greater city upon which Tiitnm.iny
can absolutely rely. I think ou will
now realize why this talk or Taiiiinmiv
reforming Itself Is taken so eoiiiplacentl
ttf Boss Muipb.N."
i:plnln- Olijeei t I'h.Ioii.
Mr. Mnrgentli.lll explained Hi.lt the
primal y object of fusion h.nl been to
"wiest our city goxeriiunnt fiom the
control ot cnriupt poweis." He thought
the enil hail not beiu accompllsheii, and
that proper safeguards against Hie "ic
turn of the Tiger to the clt cilb" had not
been establlshi d.
"Vou know," he said, "that If It had
no' I ii foi the accideiitnl death of
Maor tlaynor and foi the Injo.'llon or
tlie Sulzer Impeachmt nt, tosttlm with
the revelatimis of .. llenilese), tt this
campaign the wtnk ot the committee,
of luT would ery llke havn been III
"I am willing to admit Hut If the sole
purpose or this municipal league Is the.
perpetuation or the union ( partl-an
forces for work four eal! hence the plan
Is mobt Inadvisable'
The work or Hie Itacc. the speaker, said,
should be to procure the sepuinlioii of
municipal politics fiom the polities of the
State and nation, lo I nl 1 1 .) uc- III,' short
ballot and eliminate paity emblems and
to n Use tlm t I'harlt r.
Several other persons made brief
spteches and most or them welt Inclined
to it glee Willi I'l'idt-ric r. Howe lhat Ihu
irk shollhl be left to existing olgalli.a
I oils letter was lead fiom Hverett
I'. Whetilei ill which he urged (lie fil
slonlsts not to 1 l i. Ill Hie expel Iment
V... -.1.1 I. ..I ..II..I
.I,ILI, 1,1. (-OM, ,,ll.t IIIM. II l,Vl,,-
Miss Anne liliodes said that the women
were waiting for the il-cUlotl of the men
of the party before deciding whetlur or
nut the) would pt I pi t Halt their oiganlia-
A Special ffffering of
Women's Marvex Gloves
will present an unusual opportunity
for purchasing these Gloves (which
are made exclusively for B. Atiinman
& Co.) at exceptionally low prices.
Women's Three-clasp Marvex Qlace
Kidskcn Gloves, in black, white or
tan . . . per pair $9.45
Women's Mousquetaire Marvex
Glace Kidskin Oloves, Sixteen-but-ton
length, in black or white,
per pair .... $2.85
The French Lingerie Bep't
Important Reductions, have been
made in the prices of Women's fine
French Undergarments, including
many high-class novelties.
values are being offered in the
Night Robes . ... at $ E
Corset Covers . . . . at 1.75
Chemises at 11.35
Drawers at 1.25
Combination Garments . at 2.50
Petticoats at 2.75
Sii AeroiiMUtlcnl nclel Itlrerlorn
shoiv L'blltfllke lfinrm ,
W Irving Twombls, who ifgnei from
tlie pitslilency or the Aeioiiautlc.il So.
tlety eail.v last week. Issued n statement
yesterday replying to published slate
incuts that III" dliectors lial lerused to
accept Hie reslgiiatloii and that tiny hud
tleclaretl tlie president's chair vacant.
The tllrricilltlts betwten Mr. Twomblv
and the society centtetl about a lllght
:t run ml .Manhattan In (k tuber. No
license was olitalned for this Might until
the .Veto Club untitled President Twoiil
lily that unless such a lifeline, was taken
out the, aviators taking part would be
' subject to penalties.
President Twonibly was empowered by
the Aeio t'luli to give n temporary "Via
tor's license lo the only map entered
who hail not obtained one
The other oll'lclals of the Aeiouautic
Society Immediately took exception to
Mr. Twomhlv's action and Insisted thut
the race ought to have bten held with
out any sanction from the Ann ('lull.
Mr. Twonibly In his statement sas.
"In their desire, to tovei up the iral
Issue this lio.ild has shown a childlike
Ignorance and disreg.Hd of all accepted
lules of pioi'udiire in matters of thin
sort and have declared vacant a chair
already vacant. They also claim thut I
have not attended to my duties as prcsl
dent of tlie society. In answt r to this
I would quote from a lettt r suit by me
to I. ic S. Ilurildge mi April l'l last.
"'Had I known at the time I accepted
the I'll hiilenry that I would have had
a huge manufacturing pmpositlnn thrown
on my shouldets I would not have tlaittl
to assiitnti the i esponslblllty. I am not a
quitter In any sensp of the, wind, lint
feel that the socluty and those, Interested
ill It ale entitled to lonshliatioii, and I
cannot devote tin- amount of tlinn which
the society Is entitled to from Its pns.
ileint. I llienrore reel It would bn inu
tility to step uslile nnil allow' some one
line to till the position who would have
liioie lime to devote lo ,'
"III n lih wet' to the above I lecelved a
long peisonal letter (loin Lie S, Ilurildge,
from which i quoin the following.
"'I am somewhat fearful sou misun
derstood n ic slatuiday when I telephoned
and wish I had enine up tn see jnu in.
stead, because I could then have mailu
myself clearer, anil fear I whs brusque,
hecttuae you "bioke mc up" considerably
when you even hinted at giving up. Vou
mo the best piesldent we ever had, and
please tin not think I lack appreciation
of your taking the position, because do
appreciate II very much, and Hlmply want
to boost mitl make, your rcglina mem
owbl 1 thp sr.apllhmtnu.' "
Menu's & Wonneini's HosHeiry
of excellent qualities wilt be placed
on sale at the following remarkably
low prices:
Women's Black Silk Hose,
per pair . . 70c. & $11.00
Women's Black Silk Hose, with hand
embroadered instep; per pair $1.75
Women's Black Lisle Thread Hose,
per half dozen pairs . . $1.65
Men's Silk Half-hose, in black or
colors . . . per pair &8c
Men's Silk Half-hose, in black or
colors, with clocks in self tone;
per pair . . . . $1.15
Men's Black Cotton or Lisle Thread
Half-hose, per half dozen pairs $1.75
A Special Sale of Women's Blouses
haf been prepared, comprising new, distinctive styles designed for wear
with the smart tailored suit. These desirable Blouses will be
offered at the following prices, which are extremely
low, considering quality and style:
Shadow Lace Blouses, introducing fur trimming; mounted on under
bodices of crepe de Chine in a variety of dainty shades at $9.25
Shadow Lace Blouses, of simpler design at 5.50
French Hand-made, Hand-embroidered Blouses of sheer batiste, at 4.75
Also for TUESDAY,
Dec. 9th
An lanterestisng: Offering of Women's Negligees
and mouse downs
has been arranged, comprising a special selection of attractive, comfort
able In'door Garments that will make an irresistible
appeal at the following prices:'
Imported Kimonos of Habutai silk, in a variety of becoming shades,
finished with flowered crepe borders; sllk-llned . . .at $7.50
Japanese Robes of silk, hand-embroidered and quilted . . at 7.25
French Flannel Kimonos, bordered with satin ribbon . . at 6.50
Albatross House Gowns, in attractive colors, finished with lingerie
collars and cuffs at $4.00
Lounging Robes of blanket or eiderdown, trimmed with satin ribbon 3.85
The following are among the generous assortments of desirable articles
awaiting selection. They may be found in the regular stock
at the moderate prices quoted.
Short Mattntc of crepe de Chin' b.7i
Boudoir Cap . . .1.7
Infant' Hand-cmbroldcred Bibs 90c.
Infants' Lingerie Pillow Cni.cs ' 2.00
Infant' Wardrobe Hampers . 2.00
Infant' Celluloid Toilet Sets . 1.50
Misscs'Jap'n'MEmb'dSilkSacquc V3i
Maids' Pancy Apron . . 3.00
Invalids' Breakfast Trays . . y.SD
Invalids' Olrctric Call Bells . 3.00
Shetland Wool Slumber Slips . 2.2b
Tapestry Photo Pramcs . . 1.00
Cretonne Sewing Stands . . 18.00
Meerschaum Pipes . . . e.0
Thermos Carafes . . $3.50
Vest Pocket Kodaks . . . i.00
Kodak Print Albums . . . I.J)
Pearl Handled Penknives . . MO
Ivory Paper-cutters . . . 75e.
Men's Silk Scarfs . . . 1.50
Boys' Bath Robes . . 2.50
Little Children's Sweater Seu
(Sweater. Leftfjngs and Cap) . 3,95
Children's Hand Batfs . .1.00
Children's Pur Sets, of White or
Colored Mouflon . . . 5.50
Children's Initialed Handkerchiefs
per half dozen . . . 73c
Girls' Mackintoshes . . 4.90
Ostrich Feather Collarettes
Irish Lace Cellar
Embroidered Linen Handkerchief
Lingerie Pincushions .
Lingerie Handkerchief Sachets .
Aftcrnoan Tea Aprons, Trimmed
with Lace and Ribbon .
Linen Dresser Scarfs, Lacc-trim'd
Silk Vanity Cases (Pitted) .
Library Sets, in Leather Cases .
Celluloid Boudoir Clock .
Electric Boudoir Lamps .
Chain of Glass Vases (Set of Five)
Small Oriental Rugs .
An Important Sale of
Women 's Fine Tailor-made
in fashionable models, of karakul,
plush and other rich fabrics ; actual
values $75.00 to 125.00, at $58.00
Women's Silk Petticoats
in an especially attractive holiday
selection, will suggest useful gifts
at the following low prices:
Messaline Petticoats in changeable
color effects (no black); with French
accordion-plaited flounce, at $3.75
Silk Jersey-top Petticoats, in black
and colors; with French accordion
plaited flounce and plain underlay
of messaline ... at $4.50
White Silk Jersey-top Petticoats,
with flounce of shadow lace, finished
with rosebud trimming and under
lay of pla ited chiffon . at $6,75
THE FREE S311PP1NQ SERVICE The 0,,cnt,on of ,he Public is particularly directed to this
Service, which will be found especially advantageous In the
forwarding of Holiday Gifts. All charged or paid purchases mailable in one package and not exceeding twenty pounds
in weight will be forwarded FREE within 150 miles of New York, and all purchases mailable in one package and
not exceeding eleven pounds In weight will be forwarded FREE to any part of the United States.
Purchases made no, Intended for Holiday Gifts, will be held for future delivery when requested.
Orders by Mail or Telephone will receive prompt and careful attention. Telephone 7000 MURRAY HILL.
A Very Unusual Sale of
Women's Cotton Dresses,
Aprons, etc., and Maids9
Dresses and Caps
will be held in the Department on
the Second Floor, and will present ex
cellent values at these prices:
Women's Morning Dresses of ging
ham or linene . . . at $2.25
Maids' Dresses of striped gingham
or percale .... at $1.50
Maids' Dresses of black alpaca, of
superior quality and lustre, at 75
Aprons of Lavsi or Dotted Swiss,
made in a diversity of styles, with
and without bibs, and adapted for
various purposes, at 20c, 25c,
35c, 48c, &5c, 75c. os $1.10
Maids' Caps . at 8c. & 1 Sc.
Boudoir Caps of shadow lace, trim
med with ribbon . . at 90c
Boudoir Caps off net, trimmed with
ribbon and rosebuds . at $ 1. 1 0
LIMq Children's Imported Dresses,
Bibs and Pillow Cases
made and hand-embroidered, will offer
e advantages at the prices quoted:
Dresses, sizes 6 months to 2 years,
Empire Dresses, sizes 6 months to 4 years,
at $3.25
jue Dresses, sizes 2 to S years . at 2.50
le and Linen Dresses, sizes 2 to 5 years,
at . $3.50
Hand-embroidered Bibs . . .at 70c.
Hand-embroidered Pillow Cases, at $1.50
Also a variety of attractive styles (a limited
quantity off each) in Little Children's
American-made Dresses, sizes l) to 4 years,
at . 75c, $1.00, 1.45 & 1.75
Little Children's Winter Coats
(sizes l2 to S years), originally $8.75 to 25.00,
at the greatly reduced prices of
$5,00, $7.00, $9.00 & $12.50
In the Upholstery Department
200 Hand-embroidered
lese Screens
will be placed on sale at very remarkable
concessions from the regular prices.
These Screens are Ave feet six Inches high,
with three or four panels, embroidered in silk
in two-tone or natural color effects on back
ground of Delft, rose, green, brown, tan, gray or
black fabric; hand-carved frames, inlaid with
Three-panel Screens, regular price $5'.00,
Four-panel Screens, regular price $11.50,
at $7.25
An Additional Quantity off
Upholstery Fabric Squares
suitable for pillow tops, chair seats, etc., will
also be on sale in this department at the ex
tremely low prices of 50c, 75c. & 95c, each
A Sale off Men's Silk Shirts,
Pajammas and Neckwear
at very special prices, as follows:
Men's Negligee Shirts (plain or plaited), made
off imported Japanese silk crepe in fancy stripe
effects; regular prices $7.00 & 7.50, at $5.00
Men's Negligee Shirts (plain or plaited), made
of imported Habutai silk, in fancy stripe
effects; regular prices $b.W & 6.50, at $3.75
Men's Pajamas off imported Habutai silk, in
a variety off fancy stripes; regular price $12.00
per suit at $5.50
Men's Knitted Silk Dress or Motor Scarfs (a
new importation) in white, or gray; regular
price $10.00 .... at $6.50
Men's Four-in-hand Scarfs of imported silks;
regular prices $1.50 & 2.00 . at 85c.
Also Men's English Dressing Gowns
of desirable woolen materials, regularly
sold at $18.00, special . . at $12.00

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