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Police Sllir-D'st Some Di'fri'tlvu
Mii.v Drliulit in Tims Tor
I ii riii"- (iirls.
Xcwmk I Meet ivct Doubt Whiti
sh very Motive Meiiro
Still Held.
lil.ss .li.imtte t'lark. 19 yearn old. of
121 I'.icillc strut, NuM'urk. the second Klrl
io come forwiuil with n declaration that
xlie In Hi vim !he ii mysteriously Jabbed
i v a iic'mhii d nieille 111 the I.yrlc Theatre,
'hat nt. wan unalile tterday to guide!
the iol cc to II solution.
She told Captain of lMcrtlves 1'iank
W Tinte at New.uk police he.ntiuar
ttrs l.it night that she wai satlsllc.l
Arinand Mcgam, the Argentinian under
uirtsi i harmed with pricking Mm. Mar
Jorn tii.iff. the Iliookl.Mi bride. In the
hand in the same theatre, was not the
n i i who liijiiml her
Snc .line to thin conclusion, aihe said,
ufiei a long and careful eltid of a por
tra ' of Mcgaro. The fuoe of the man,
Tulte later pointed out, was not a face
thai one wliii had ever wen It would be
llliei.v to forget.
T'ic i .isc thai far ai.mist Mcgaro. now
In ' munty Jail In default of U'O.UOO
ball. icsolves Itself Into a tpiestlon of
mt i t.. It 'tween Mr.". 1 1 raff and the
ou s man. There I? no doubt that the
bride w.ik Jabbed us she eald ."he wa.
ns niaii.i saw the red marks like that
Hindu by a needle In her hand. Mcgaro
deda'es that he wa"ii't the Jabber.
Killing In their efforts to run down to
responsible sources many sensational
stories that women have been pricked In
the arniK In motion picture houses, the
ntrcs nml ilepartment store and that they
Immediately felt a falntmiBs come uver
them, leading to the popular notion that
white slanrs had mlopted a new plan to
get victims, the Newark police are pui
xled an they have never tieeii puzzled be
loie. s fur as the cam of Mrs. draff Is
com creed both Chief of Police Long nnd
dipt Tintii are lonvlnced that If an at
tempt wa" made to drug her the motive
Has robbery pure and rtinplc.
.Iluj tie J nek I lie Jabber.
In seeking a satisfactory explanation
for the many current reports fo io!soncd
lieidle ..tta ku on young women a theory
has been advanced by the police that may
account for these stories. It Is ad
mitted that there exist certain abnormal
pel son" who"c chief delight In life is to
iit olf girls' hair. elash women's dretises
and do other malicious acts. They are
never more pleased than when they uc
itinipl shed the strange performance". .lack
the It pptr was believed to be a type of
this a eoim.il mentality.
It lias been suggested Hint posslhly
there I" now aliio.nl in tin) land a man
i ine'i who Ret much satisfaction by
f'i d hi: pins or needles Into younit women.
!' ii e lein.ilin little doubt that the
s'l of th puiMined needle has 1 tM place
lit' ;i well as In tlettou. Many
w o i tr.ed to fathom these stories,
a I ' ii all bear a jtrlklng similarity.
baio suggested that perhaps the victims
of needle pricks in puhllc places, liming
i in. ml the tabu of the olsoncd needle",
iai.t . Iivpnollzo themselves Into the
be) t'f t'lit they have virulent poison In
Je i. 1 to their s)stems, with the result
thai ii net minib, feci dizzy or even
fa ' I aw ay.
T'.i" . may he nothing in this theory
of auto-suggestion, it Is admitted, but
1 i i" I lleless thoo who havo tried to Ret
. i Ue bottom ul the dreadful tales of the
white slaters' operations have considered
It worth ttiet!K.iUn.
I'lnri o I'lilaou on .Needle.
Tin ilarmnK m die found by an usher
In the bo In which tlm llrookbn bride
bad her adventure wah fcubjected to a
supeitlrlal ekiimlnatloii yestenluy by Dr.
Harrison S, .Mankind, patholocist of thf
i'lt Hospital In Newark. After tilacliiK
it under a stioinf Klass Dr. Martland said
tv posltlMl there was no blxn of any
forelKii sulistnneo on the needle. The
doctor said that it would icqulre careful
nnalMs to ileteimlini whether any volon
still elunit to tho st.et. Whether such
an analysis will be made, said Chief
I.onK, will not h" decided until to-morrow
The needle has passed through several
hands sitae it was found and may now be
Just as eb-au as it ever was.
dpt. Tulte ibclartd yesterday after
noon that he dnisn't believe tills particu
lar darnliiK u lb- plafd any part what
ever In the attack on Mis. draff. It
could not have been "doctored" with enough
poison, ho said, to have reduced the young
vonian to a semi-conscious condition.
scout. While Mate Mory.
"If this practice Is resorted to," he.
continued. "I b.-llee that the motive la
robbery. I don't think that white slavery
has anything to do witli it. I thoroughly
believe Mrs. drafr'a story that she wan
InJuted by something, but what It was Is
one of tile things that we would like to
llnil out
"Ah far as Megaro In concerned, he has
no criminal reconl, so far as we could
ham. Hut the circuiiistauceii surrounding
his presence in that lion, the undoubted
wounding of Mrs. draft by something
and Megaio's failure tu make any re
monstrance when In- waa arrested, all
warrant his being held until h can prove
his innocence."
I.iuut. William J. Kenny of Commis
sioner Dougherty's staff and two other
New York detectives were closeted with
Oapt. Tulto several hours yesterday.
J.leut, Kenny has betn spending much of
tho last sixth months trying to run
down needle Jabbings said to have oc
curred In this city nnd he has concluded
that most of the "complaints" emanate
from hysteiical women and a certain
theatilcal performance, hut which one he
lid not uv Kenny was (.atlsfled that
Mrs. draff had had the experience which
Iimh so greatly aicltated women every
w here.
dpt. Tulte declared that among the
many supposeii -neeiiie cases' that his
men have Investigated with no aueeess
Is one Hint led to the home of a millionaire)
and tho latter offeicd to llnance the hunt
tor tue person who wnuuea the needle.
Left "Strnivlierry MiirL,"
Miss Janette Clark said that although
tAe wan "slung" In the Lyric Theatre on
Thank sgl vtiig night, apparently by n hlnck
halted young man who leaned out of n
box, she did not notice ths "strawberry
mailt" on her arm until the following
Saturday. It would appear and then
dlsaiHiear and It Itched terribly al times,
sue sam. ims .i.irn promised ('apt
Tulte that lie would have her aim ex.
miwlned by n physician.
Miss Mary Ijee, the Newark stenosra.
jihcr. whose friends reported to tho pollen
on Friday night that she had been the
victim f "Jabber" in a theatre nv
weeks ago denied ever huvlng such an
Assistant United Htutca District Attor
ney Charles K Lynch raid that If it could
bo shown u "needle gang" is at work
I int ween New Vurh and New Jersey the
J'cibral authoiltivs win take action.
Teacheia III public schools and Monday
chools have warned young girls to bewuio
of st I ling" men In public places and to
lie on their guard against tlm attack of
the poisoned needle and the doped drink
nt the soda toanuiio.
Cured of Grip. He Will Hrrrltr nf
friiKPttra nn Monday.
WasiuniitoN, Hoc, G. IMcsldent Wilson
was so much Improved to-day that Dr. '
tlruysnn pel milted lilm to visit the Kx- ,
ccutlic olllces fur half nn hour, and later
tu take a walls and an uutuihubllu ildr.
lie had not Is'in (Hit of doors Hlticc Tues
day. I
Ur. (Irnyson snld to-day that the grip
hail yielded and that the ricsldeht would '
be hack at 111" desk on .Monday. Tlio '
delegation "f tlfly-tHi- women from the!
natloniil suffrage convention were notified
tn.ilay that the President would recelvo ,
them Monday at 12:30 o'clock. I
Unpaid nml Son rhnrMcil With Tr
Iiih o Itefruud Creditors.
,loeph Kopald, n bankrupt diamond
merchant and pawnbroker, was held by
I'nlted States Commissioner Shields yes
terday In t.'.OOO ball on a charge of
conspiring with his son l.eo to defraud
his i redltoiH by concealing assets.
A warrant Is out for the nrrent of the
son, who, It l alleged, carried out his
n.irt of the plot by pretending to com
mit suicide because he had been robbed
of some diamonds In u Itowery auction
Kopald, who ran his loan establish
ment at 44ft Sixth avenue, wan driven
into bankruptcy on September 2 and the
receiver's examination showed n shrink
age In assets.
In his examination before I'nlted States
Commissioner dllchrist Kopald said his
wayward eon stole ome diamond" out of
the nife and later attempted to kill him
self by taking poison, l.eo. according to
the elder Kopald. was confined tu the
Washington Heights Hospital for four
das leenverlng from mercury jkiIsoii.
The house phj slelan of the hospital
said that there were no Indications of
any kind of poisoning
SPENDING OF $12,000,000
I'Wsoiis, Hospitals hikI Cliuri
tnble Institutions Have
I'niforin Accounts.
Ai.rA.sv, Dec . A new system of ac
counts designed to show exactly what be
comes of about 12,000,000 of the Slate's
money every ear haa Jut been Inaugu
rated In forty-two public Institutions
through the efforts of Commissioner John
H. Delaney of tho Deurtinent of I'lTl
ciency and Ucouomy. A uniform method
of making up schedules of maintenance
expenditure Is being followed In twenty
Institutions under the supervision of the
llscul supervisor of State cluirltlia In
the foutteen State hospitals and In elgm
State prisons.
I'ntll the project of securing u uniform
system of accounting was suggested, the
tluce departments hud different methots
of bookkeeping, and It was not iHisslble
for any accurate comparison of tlm cot
of food, coal or other suppllc-. The new
system will lead, III the opinion of Com
missioner Dtl aney, to unlfoiniity In pur
chasing nnd constituent reductions tu tn
cost of maintaining State Institutions. It
Is Miggetdcd that one of the results wilt
ultlm.itcl be a central purchasing ollku
Such an olfice would be fitted with testing
lalniratoi les so that the quality as well as
the quantity of materials supplied would
be rigidly maintained,
The rmw forms which constitute the
fit st step In simplifying the State's ac
count" have, been approved by the State
Hospital Commission, by Superintendent
of I'risons John II. ISIley and by Samuel
J. Tllden. fiscal supervisor of State chari
ties. It was agreed at the first con
feieiice, which w.u. attended by Dr J.unes
V May of the Statu Hospital Commission,
Supt. Hlley und Supervisor Tllden, with
their accountants and auditor", that tho
propositi uniform system would work to
tho great advantage "f the State. In
the new forms the expenditures ar en
tered In the liooks under twelve general
heading": '
Salaries of officers, wages of employees,
provisions, general supply, farm and gar
den, clothing, furniture and furni"hlnr.
transiKiruitlon of Inmates, fuel and light.
ordinary repairs and shop, medical eu.
plies, miscellannjus. The subdivisions
under these twelve general headings are
so detailed as to show practically every
conceivable Item.
Commissioner Delaney, In compliment
Ing Kupt. Itlley, Dr. May and Mr. Tllden
for their willingness to cooperate nnd for
the harmonious result attained, said :
"Different e.s in methods In keeping the
books of thesi, Institutions rendered it
practically Impossible for the Department
of KITlelenry and Kconomy to make any
comparison of costs and exis-ntllturci.
Tho grouping of all the usual Items of
expense under uniform headings will rlvo
the people of the State for the first time
an opportunity to make an Intelligent
comparison between the various Institu
tions, "I venture the prediction that It will
not be a year befiire the atewnrds anil
other officials In charge of tho forty-two
Institution affected will be displaying the
keenest rivalry In a content for records
for elllclent and economical management."
Wilson I'avors I'rolrctorutc Feature,
Which Senate Opposed.
WAHHl.s'iiTON, Dec. . President Wil
son lias conveyed Information to tho Sen
ate Committee on Foreign Itclatlous thnt
when the currency bill is passed he In
tends lo urge action on the proposed treatv
with Nicaragua, which contains practi
cally a duplicate of the I'latt amendment
In the Cuban trenty It would give the
I'nlted States the right to exercise what
amounts almost to a protectorate.
This treaty when proposed caused
strong opposition In the Senate. Several
Central American republics protested on
the ground thnt It woul destroy chances
of effecting a Central American union.
Secretary Bryan leluctantly coincided
to the ratification of the treatv without
the I'latt amendment feature, but no ac
tion was taken on It, It Is understood
now that 1'resldent Wilson Is prepared to
urge the iicceptanre of the treaty In Its
original form.
Concurring with Secretary Hrynn "that
It would not bo compatible with the pub
lic Interest," 1'resldent Wilson lu a mes
sage to thn Senate to-night refused to
ma lie public this country's correspond
ence with Colombia over the hitter's
claim on account of the secession of lan
Btna, He transmitted Mr. Ilryan's rec
omniendatlwi to this end.
The Secretary said negotiations were
still pending.
Oovernnrnl Allege lie Snore
Falaelr In Onstoraa Drclaratloa,
Herman A. Halen, New York repre
sentative of the firm of Kalen & Schroder
of l'arla, pleaded not guilty before Judge
(1 nihil In tho United States District Cort
yeetcrday to a charge of perjury by
swearing to false customs declarations.
He was held lu 110,000 ball.
Tho Indictmi nt against Salen marks the
i beginning of u new system by which
ilhi doveinnient hopr to secure more
Severn punishment for Importer who un
dervalue merchandise.
ruse of Mutual Tlencfit Life of
Xewnrk (Joos to Su
premo Court.
Truss ox voiti)MViiKXir
tiovei'iiment Lost in t'imiit
CtMiit Million nml llnlf
WasIiinoto.v, Dec. C A million und n
half dollars of taxis may hae to be re
funded to Insurance companlis as the re
sult of ii legal contention In which John
W. Davis, Sollcltor-denenil. filed a brief
In tho Supietne Court to-day Moicoer, a
point of the new tariff law I" Involved.
Mr. Davis's brief was In support of a
petition for n wilt of certloiari In the
United State" Oil cult Court of Appeals
for the Third Circuit to re lew a Judg
ment by that court adverse to the c.ov
ernnient In an action by Herman Herold,
Collector of Internal Iteveiiue. to enforce
the collection of the corporation tax
against the Mutual Iteuelit Life Insurance
Company, Newark. N. J.
The case Involves the construi Hon of
the word "dividends" lu paragraph - of
section 3S of. the corporation tax net.
This paragraph permits a deduction from
gross Income of "insurniicd companies,
the sums other than dividends, paid within
the year on Its policy and annuity con
tracts." The vital words are "other than
The Insurance company follows a com
mon rule of filch organizations of making
a return of "dividends" to policyholders,
giving them nu option to take the divi
dend In cash or have It applied in the
reduction of the premium on the policy
to Increase the amount or to diminish The
time the policy is to rim.
Judge Cross lu the District Court for
New Jersey held that when the dividend
was applied In nny other way than by
Iielng returned lu cash to the policyholder
It was not a true dividend within the
mennlng of the language of the corpora
tion tax act He reasoned that slnre the
company never rtceled It or paid it out
therefoie It could be deducted flom the
return lniule to the collector
May llase to Kef und I ,. MM), noil.
The Court of Appeals adopted thl view
The dovernment concedes in Its hrltf that
If the lower court Is uta,ned the In
ternal llt'Vetuie I In r en ii will have to icfund
to the Insurance companUs II r,iin.niiii of
such taxes that have been alieady col
lected. IJven more Interesting than the letro
active effect of tho court's decision in the
matter Is the effect which the Solv.toi
denerul declares it will have In the con-
atrtictlon of the tariff a t pti",,l this
year. After pointing out th it tae same
language occurs In the Income tax feature
of the law "a to insurance companies
generally, and even as to llfr Insurance
companies." Solicltor-dener.il Davis says.
"It Is Important for a proper coii"ti no
tion of the language in.nl to hi.o an ai
thorltatlve de.-'slon a." to the proper je-.ipe
of the term 'dividend' wii.- i ,n.t' .m to
insurance comp.mio" In tax -.el.it.on
"It Is Insisted for the liotvrnment that
Congress must have used the term "divi
dends' In the same sense the Insurance
companies use It, and that the companies
term the sums they refuse to return for
taxes lu these oases 'dividends' whether
applied In the reduction of the stipulated
premium payment or not
"'Since the amount of time sums is en
tirely dependent on the in inagement of
the companies' business and tie fortum
attending their aflairs it Is a true proilt.
and when segregated and declaied it is
a true 'dividend,' which thereiiivin be
comes the property of the imlnyhohler
and subject to his disposition '
far It Will He Double in in In ,
In the brief filed for the Insurance com
pnny by John c lilue a"d John I!
Hurillu It is contended that the dovem
nient takes the wrong view of the . rfe i
which the court's de Isnm will have on
the administration of the tariff n t of
this year and thai If the dovernmenfa
contention Is sustained It will amount
to double taxation.
The comp my's attornej s iunst tint the
stipulated pollcv pu n.um "is in reiltv
an advance deposit by the member to
secure payment of the cost of lnuri
of the ensuing year, his pro rata sVi'e
Of the losses and exin-iues of all 111,;
members for the year.
"If at the viiil of the ytar til's dep i't
Is round to have been exclusive the ex
cess mill stands to his ciedlt and on pav
ment of the dlfteienr betwieii this i x
cess and the stipulated pre mum ln fn'l
stipulated deposit Is restored for another
year, and so on."
Her One Time Husband, eek Hur
ler. Die" In London.
London, Dec. . Ahck Hurley, the ling
llsh coster comedian, who was separated
some time ago from his wife, Mario
Lloyd, the variety actress, died here to
The death of Aleck Hurley leaves Maile
Lloyd freo to marry Keinard Dillon, tho
foimer I'nglleh Jisidy, who was recently
deported from this country with her.
Marie Lloyd was to appear in this conn-
try on the Orpheuiii circuit and hi ought
Dillon along us lu r manager when oto
arrivid on the Olympic eaily in October,
Miss Lloyd said then that Alio 1c lliirl. v
hail tlcsirtcil her six years ago, but that
she could not marry Dillon, as she was
not divorced, ao she simply began living
with him.
Hurley has attracted more attention lu
tho United Statea through his connec
tion with .Marie Lloyd thin by his slau'e
work. He sang cosier souks lu this coun
try In rjOT-OH III a sketch called "The
Coster," after repeat! (t sucusses in Kug
llsh muslo halla. HI eaily song hits weie
"I Ain't A-Oolllg to Till" and "The ilest
I.Htle Woman In tlm Wide,' Wide Wiultl,"
He waa born In London, .hk1i :i,
187L was a clerk In a tea store and made
his first stage appearance In a minor
part In "Harlmr Lights" In a small theatre
In Umdon. Ho soon launched into vamle
vlllo at tho Marylelsine Music Hall, U,u
don, and was impulur with Ixuidou theatre
goers from the (list.
Mis Lloyd' II ist husband was an ling
llshman named Courtney, After hur name
had been associated with Aleck Hurley
for several ears she got a dhorcc fiom
Courtney and married Hurley, They soon
eeparted, and although they did not get a
divorce, she and llern ird Dillon havo been
living opeuly together for uvur two e.us.
tlein "fcrenl lanl" of nn lrnn-
cle to Merge With the "tnll."
Ban Francisco, Ieo. t!. The .'renin,,
Pol, wlileli ho been oomrolled by l'atrlrk
Calhoun of the United Itallrnad for the
loot five year, wus bought to-day hv
William It. Hearst, and will bo merged
with Hearst's .'irnfii,; Cull. It has been
known for a ear that the. wjh fm
The deal throw twenljinewnpaper men
nut of Jobs.
1 m
THIS SALE present, an extraordinary opportunity to make
lelectiont from a wide variety of highly appropriate
Gift-articles at exactly HALF the usual prices.
The large collection embraces beautiful Vatcs in n dozen
different styles and sizes dainty Bonbon and Jelly Dishes
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Imported Engraved Glassware with Cold
Edge-rat Exactly Half Regular Prices
Comprising such novelties a. the handsome $10 Twin Decan
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Bonbon Dishes, Individual Decanters, Vases and Bowls.
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Six Special Gift Tables
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I'oiitinnei from First Page
a trust fund of (200,1100 for his wife and
inf.ni! daughter.
His lanyer in the last few ytar of hi
life was Fiederlck H. Clarke. Mr. Child
died at the nee of :'f. in a sanitarium on
August JP, l!'l'.'. When his will wa read,
it was found that he had left 175,000 In
ah to Mr. Claike and had made th
.i.syir his residuary legatee In case of
the death of his daughter without Issue.
The widow was left IfsOOD s year In the
lifetime of tho daughter, Marjorle, and
fS.Otin in cas.. th daughter tiled. .Mr.
Claike and the Carnegie Trust Comyany
were named as executors.
.Mrs, c'lnlds loutestid the will. Through
her counsel. .McKlheny. Ilentiett & Sicher.
she accused Clarke of fraud and of using
undue lutlueiice on Chllds She chnrged
that the will was procured by fraud on
'he part of Clarke and persons acting In
lonceit with him. It was charted that
Chllds executed u later will than the one
offered for probate, but that the later will
was destroyed or conceded. Others be
sides .Mrs. Chllds objected to Ule will
on the ground of fraud.
Uir NeiiMtorlnl Testl-aoo-.
Catherine K. "smith of 177 Albany ave.
nue. Ilnioktyu. who was Chillis' nurse,
fought the will. She asserted thnt Chllds
execute,! a later will which gavo hsr
Is.iniU Instuul of 12.0110. Her counsel said
ihat the later will left ISS.OftO to
Clarko Instiad of 175, dOO. I.ydla Hob
muni, who bail been a friend of Chllds'x
and win, received lle.iHiU in the will
that wa offered for probate, wiuj another
Suriogate Cohalan heard the cut.
Junifss Itoblusou, a brother of I.ydla Hob
Insoii, gave seiisatloti.il testimony. He
said that lif met Chllds and Clarko In
I'liiladelphla In September, 1910, and that
Cl.iike said to Chllds In III presence
that he had mine business mattum to dis
cuss, Chlhls replied :
"lio ahead. Jim Is all right"
Clarko and Chllds went Into another
room. Later that night Chllds laid to
Ilobliison :
all light. I'll show It to you."
".Ilm, I've made my will. left U.
"Mr Chllds." Itoblnson testified, '"ob
jected, saying ho didn't want people talk
ing alsuit hl affairs."
SnA Chltil Told uf Trick.
Itoblnson testified also that In Wahlna-
ton a day or two later Chllds said to him:
"Mi, clarko hns played me a dirty
trick, lie nut himself down for JS0.000
and then changed this to 175.000. He'
got u lot out of mo during my lifetime
without getting so mucn nitsr i am utau,
Hut It won't make so much difference,
I'll make another will."
Tin re whh testimony, on the other hand,
from three witnesses lo the will that
Childs was siemlngly normal and the
master of his own actions, nnd that the
J signature to the will was Child'.
Them were sensational charges anu
counter charges. H Is said that Chlhls
hud bosin in the nnuii ot Keeping inou
uniids of dollars In cash under his pillow
and that the money disappeared when he
Mr. Clarke, who was much upset by
the churgis against him nnd by Hurrogate
Cohalnn's nttltudo regarding the Black
llniid letter, renounced nil claim to the eg
tutu and turned the property ovir to the
widow and daughter. He niaintninen
Unit he wa nnocent or the act cnargeu,
".Msvbe it court proceeding will deter
mine who grabbed that money from under
a dead man's head," he said. He said too
that a person very close to Chllfls nod
trlid to ship all his personal property and
bis niitomoblle out of the State efter
Chllds died, and thnt the plan might have
been succeaiful had not i nuas secretary
overheard the conversation of the plot
ter and sent word to Clarke.
Vlce-I'resldenl "my There' 'o D
With Telephone Line.
C, U. Adams, vice-president of the Po
ral Telegraph Company, denied ywlerdmy
that a merger between the company nnrj
some of tho Western Independent tela
nhonii companies was contemplated. Bora
uel Hill, son-in-law of Jam J. Hill, Is
Interested In tho telephone companies.
"There I nothing in the report," ht
At the office of tho Orrat Northern
Hallway It wan said thnt nothing, waa
known of any plans Samuel Hill may
have looking to a merger of telephone
Hues with tho Postal. Jama J, Hill wa
not nt the office.
of Imported
at Half Price
Continued from Tirjf I'nie.
ministration, a gathind fnnn the talk
with Mr. Mclteynolds, but the Attorney- '
Oeneral made It clear that l'leslilent Wil
son wa firmly determined tu bring about
a reform of conditions tluoughuut New
Mr. Mclteynolds Is hopeful that the Ni w '
Haven load will be n vitalized ; that tin rc 1
will be i restoration of compilltlon and '
that tho load will b built up That lioi
came from a long talk which he hud with ,
Chairman Illllott In Washington a fcti
days ago. ' !
While Mr. Klllott convinced th" At-torney-ijeneral
that he was anxious to do ,
everything In his isiwer to better the sit
uation, he. made It clear to Mi Mc
lteynolds that he did not know Ju-t what
could be ilono
Another result tif the confereino w.u
the conviction on the part of the At-lorney-Cieiieral
that the condition of the
road Justifies forbearance on the part of
the Government nt present, but he point. il
out to Mr. Klllott that a corre, tie m.
tcm must he put Into i fleet .Mr
Mclteynolds Is dispose,) to believe that
the directors of the road are rml lo
follow out the Ideas of the Wilson Ad
ministration Mr. Mclteynolds s-ibj he p garth d th"
selection of 1'resldent lladley of Yalu as
a director of the New Haven as on., of
the step taken by the Nt w llaien m.iii
agemvtit toward a reconstructive po'i,-
He point! d out that tlm selection ol Ml
Hadley would lmpnss the pie of Xm
I'nglnnd ns to the slnct rlti of the n, w
Mr. Hndley, he said, enjojs the rirpect
and confidence of the people not only
of New Knglaiul hut of the country at
large His presence on the board Is ac
cepted by thu Alloiliey-ileneral ns a ilom-
ls that the new- iiiaiiageno lit means to
eliminate many of the things to wh ch
th present Administration objects
llrHvnulil Tells of lllnit iilltes of
I. hit Ulislucss uf Hie Nilllon
The Joys ,'ind soriows of olMi e holr.ing
wure the. theme of the nn tn-li whe h At-torney-ilunoral
.Melb-ynolds made last,
evening at the ninth annual tllunir of
the Tenneesee Socet in New York in
the Witldotf-Astotia,
In tho course of It lie referred to l'riet
dent Wilson as a man of gleat he.itt
and iwtver, driven by a supremo purpose
to servo all tho people.
Mr. McIteynohlM made the chief and
practically the only spt celt of the ev. nlug
The only other sn akir was Tp sldeni
John O. I.onstlale of the socltty, the pre
siding oltlcer.
"I have now been In onice," Mr Mc
lteynolds said, "'not nulto a .car, nnd I
have begun to know something of the
dlfllrultles and pleasures that mine from
holding oltlce. I assiinio that no one
hero realizes the ii-sponslhllltli-s laid on
the chief oltlce holder In a ilcpartmenl
It Is no bed of rose.
'The affalis of the fiovernmcut have
Increased beyond the power almost of any
one man to cairy them on. I look often
nt the 1'resldent I admin d hN
capacity for work. I watch his
careworn face and 1 think that gieat us
he Is It Is hard for him to maku thv
atmrnle thnt he dots.
"Ilu Is a woudeiful man. a man of
power and of heart, driven by a tmpn ine
putt'" 1 serve all the people. We .lie
to be rongrntulated that dutlug tin so
troublous times n man of Ids wisdom,
poise and chnracUrlstlcs Is at thn helm
ready to guide the ship of statu through
the troublous waters that we now are lu.
"I wonder If ou realize that It takes
5,000 people to cairy on Ilm law busi
ness of the I'nlted PtnteH. 1 wonder toi
If you know that there urn "o.inni laws,
every on" of which may be referred to us
nt ny time for Interpretation. I won
der too If you realize that every Judge lu
the United Btntcs must be invt stbritoil
by tho Attorney-Hener.il m that tho Ties.
Went may he Informed of his characteris
tic. I wonder too If you ri ill.t that
one-third of the law suits tried In the
Supreme Court come under the iittmtlou
of tha Attorney flcnrra! , that the Attor-iiey-(ieuerl
must decide whether a tor
poration with millions must bo attackul
or whether it I to lie let go along in
tha wy that It ha hern conducting its
business. I wonder too If you uiuleistand
that every department of the rcdcrul
dovernment Buy call upon us for tho liii
terpretatlon of various statutes and to de
cide other things that are necessary to
keep the (iovornment going.
"If you realize all these things then
you will understand that the man mi
whose shoulileis the icsponslblllty icsts
dors not live In eternal sunshine. ., .
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Men's Furnishings
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Ci'iiniN Itt'sicsro Williamsburg
Institution I'ntil Xifc'ht to
Hi'turn Monoy.
nrlvate banker with
an oltlce at "Ht Itedford avenue, Williams-1
i,i,..- tiiid himself III the unique position
of being bum llted by a mn on his bank.
Alter hunilieds of withdrawals or ac-
u i,., i 1...H made on Friday he
opened tsteiday morning with Mf.o.000
stacked up alongside tho paying leuer
desk Depositois Immediately chan-ed
their attitude. They I. ft their accounts
and spt. ad the word anuind so mat many
,.! ii,.,s win. had withdrawn accounts
i.iiew.il them, and many other person,
atlrncf d by the display of money, siuneu
new accounts,
'el,., i.kiiit was Hint Instead of closing
Ills bank at noon, which is hie rule on
!.,!,, ,,i,v lu. bad to Men open until to
o'clock to accept all the money offered
for deposit.
Mr. r-'eliwenl; Is still pei turned over the
rumor stinted on Trldny that ho wa In
lliianclnl dllllcultlis. and would llko to
barn who is iesionlble for working on
the fears of the pour foreigner who have
accounts with him. ... . .,.
St vera I who still doubled the -tahlllty
of his bank withdrew from his Wllllams
buig house and deposited the money In
Ills .Manhattan blanch at 111 Seventh
elicit, belli v lug that would be safer.
Ileforo his bank opened yesterday
morning he got f 1 oo.OOo from three Will
lamsliiiig banks through which he clear
und added It lo the K'fi.nnu he had lft
after Krld.o's run. The llrst comer with,
drew their accounts, but did It hesitat
ingly. News of Iho pllis of cash quickly
siueail through tho district Ileforo noon
some of thosei who had withdrawn were
back in tho line. Most of their account
range Hum $'. to Jinn. 1 Iniulri ds of per
sons packed tlie street and a form of
policemen Kept them in line. At T o'clock
at ulKht tbcie was still a line of pel sons a
bliH'k long walling to di posit their money,
llnch pirson lu linn had four or live
ftletids to iiihlse 111 tn, nnd these and
seveial hundred people, who wero only
CUlloilS choked the stl'eel
Win ii the bank closed at 10 o'clock the
deposits bad more than balanced all with
A linn tin us Project Herausr of Mur
I'etlernl I mi ulrlrs,
('linni'.vriKl n, Me., iec, ii. The New
York, New Haven ami Hartford Hall
mud Company has surrendered the op
tion It took in tho fall of 1311 upon 36,000
acres of land In the towns of Cherrylleld
and Deblola. hnvlne decided to abandon
Its pioject of giving u great object lesson
In farming.
Tho decision waa reached because of
the many Investigations Into the affairs
and method of tho company and the at
titude of the interstate Commerce Com
mission toward ruIluiMds, especially in
the matter of enterprises other than the
business of transportation.
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