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i 8
6dtman here after
15,000 mile chase
Detective Flood Travelled All
Over South Ann-rim to
(Set Fugitive.
Tit IK I)
I'lvll Srrvlcr Aiiiillnint fur Itinpi.-
tnmhlpa Tnird n.
Thn first fcei ever exacted ft out ni
titli'iintn for civil Mcrvlcc positions In New
iorK arc now helm? dmiHiulcd friim HI'-plk-iuils
for examination for city Insp.v
tor of plumbing. The .Hiioiint charne-l
i rnch applicant In Jr.. Tl:te aro nomn ten
positions to be Illicit mid about 32.r .))
Iillratita. no that In i.tinft the $. the' ap
plicant In taking a chance of somethltiK
like 1 to 32.
It wan said veMerdn that n tiumim
tho appllm-ita had oronped out ra:'i.r
iiierce Commission to Iteun
late Service Is Kxjieeteil.
TO KSCAPK AT itlOlt,,!,M "'mit. but that soma 27(i alreade
; had paid the fee.
Tho t'nlted AhsocIu'.Ioii ci I'lilnibv.i
n. , , ,. .... 'and naaflltem has pr j cs.oil both to the
ll'IsOliej Alleged to IlllVe Got Municipal Civil Hervlco v-Vminlsslmi iti-l
,, .. ..... I to the l-'xiimtnlnR Hoard of Plumber. An
Jlore lllail !1.)0,000 From Injunction proreedlriK was suRKoiited, but
, Hie union offlclalM were told that the
l.tlSt Side liailkS. fault lay In a new law passed by the
legislature last BprliifC and that the only
'" thing to do was to auk tho repeal of tin;
rZuTmnln T'u marUfaClUr'r UThl law provide, that the examlna-
tinder Inill.-tment for Mealing 125,000 from Hons for plumbing Inspector shall be eon.
, l.a-t Side b.uiks througli note forgeries, ducted Jointly by the Municipal Civil Her-
, firrhed la-it night bv thu limport & Holt vlce Commission and by the examining
liner Vmidyeli handcniTed to Lieutenant U ru.!'U ''T-. r i ,
rf.u.. ii.. r i i'i,..i ...,. . Th6 c,v" Service Comm us on never
Pete. .iv.. Uerna d Mood of District At- charges a fee for Its examinations. The
tm ii' .v U hitman s office. I law establishing the Examining Hoard of
For seventeen nluhts, or since the liner 1 ''lumbers, however, empowers that board
Halted fi,in Klo tie .intirlro, the detective ' ,n chttrK) I' passage
t-pt with a steel bracelet on his l. ft , u'ld f chltrKco' am,OUm'e'1 ,hHt " fee
v.-.-t, lt male clasped a wrist of his '.
rniMhr ll.'twccn the shackled wrists,
n a steel chain, dangling from the , UfllTQF TNftTIIR V IMTft
tii.pc- berth to the lower one. where Klood I HUUlJlj lliy Ulll I 111 1 U
t "pi I lus was icgaiilcd as necessary
I by the deicct've, as tlutmnii had made a
dash for liberty while the Vandyck was
In do- k ,t lil.l. Ill- had been tnlil h i.nn
of lis t.'hlli an .itiiriih who hail fi.nght I
Bsainst his e.tradl:lui from Santiago I t r-. .
, that .us th.rc was no extradition treaty ISlO 1 1011 Empowering Colli
i ... ...-.rt.-fii uir i niiMu Elates aim
Ui.txl lie might net n.va.v at Hlo
l.'Utnian bad be. n unusually docile all the
ni. from Santiago In the lout; railroad
trip a. loss tin- Amies to Hmnos Avrrs
and :!icnce nl.oarcl ulilp to Hlo. He had
given Flood the linprt sslon that he was
recoil, ll-d to bis fate and had been treated
rtMitli'.1l lis
ill.- V-i.i.ll-i.b 1...I I,...,., !, f..... 1,. ......
In .'Mo when Uutnian lan to the rail mid : 1,1 ,hc I'"aBe of a law ut this session
giving the interstate Commerce Com
mission power to regulate the speed of
railway trains and otherwise, regulate
the operation of carriers.
It Is propose,! In the mittcr of rail
way equipment and the speed of the
trains that the commission shall exercise
' Just as broad powers as It now exercises
1 In the case of ratfb and rate making.
' The freipient recurrence of railway
wrecks with loss of life and property
has prompted the commission to seek
this additional authority. It Is undtr
stood that President Wilson will discus
the subject In one of his early nnssages
to Congress.
I The tlrst witness heaid from tl.e com
' mlttee to-day was 11. W. llelknap. chief
of the division of safety appliances of the
Interstate Commerce Commission. He
urged strungly that the coniinliislon have
the power to regulate the operation of
railways to the end that the tendency
toward too great speed might be checked.
Speed, according to Mr. llelknap. Is the
enure of most vvieck. and It Is nxue
Important In the Intel est of protecting life
on trains that speed shall be checked
than to prescribe the use of safety de
vices. "It does not make any difference what
kind of a block system ou use." said Mr.
llelknap. "If it Is operated under the
wione sort of rules. I think the strain
on the human machinery of the men who
Washington. Pec. 6. An Inaulrv
fellow passenger by the begun to-day by the House Committee on
I Interstate Commerce Is expected to rsult
irien to leap to tin pier. Klood was
on '.) in ni an l-istaiit mid burled him to
the dirk. Umtimn gave up the light after
be ha I I.e. ii helped to bis f et. Hut he
was i.. M tli M be had forfeited the right
to gentle ti. .itni"iit thereafter and that
Is ul.v ev.-ry soul aboard the liner knew
him as a criminal and why he slept
Chained to Ids captor at night.
Would lluve
Hern Urportril.
Wlil' in Hlo I'lood asked a Hrailllnn
offlcisl If It was true that (lutman could
vln bis HI., rty b himp'y leach
ing Kiazlllan so.l. Th.- olliclal said that
it might Ik- trip' technically, but that la
bellev--I ilio Hruzlllnn i.ov eminent, not
withstanding the esplratlon of the extra
dition unity, would deport criminals from
Ann r r.i as undesrrnble aliens. t
rio.id has been gone fiom this port '
suae July !' and has covered more than
K.,ifli miles in most of tho Important
Stntes of South America. He sailed by
the Hamburg-American liner Carl Schurz
to Colon cross tl the Isthmus to I'nimma
lly nnd went thence down the Pacific,
to Santiago. I
liminan had pone to Montreal after
lenv.ng this city, and tied thence to N-w I
Orleans and sailed to South America.
ll huil Anally niiiu'red an interest in a
vvcolli n firm in Santiago, under the name
01 Kin.'tmt I, when he was found, nr
restid ami held for extradition by the
hllivn authorities. The case dragged I
through the Chilean courts four months.
and the High Supreme Court of Chile de- ,
rided that the L'nlted States had the right ,
nutii'.-in 'was the head of a gang which operate trains, at high speed Is lesponsible
is i.-iid tohve sA'-i.lled Hist Side bankers ' for ninny wrecks.
i . .... ,,..,, ti-.nmiii u.im m. i, "We see manv ralli oad men bi ruk down
inn" of the fugitive! was Indicted and Is early In life under till- strain. You are
ball Another member of the , not going to slop aiciueius unless
1 m n inr-n iii ivlnn check the spent oi trains. 1 HI-H
are no
T . .1... ii-- I.. .,. .., il... stieeilometers oil lli.llis IIH'1 e mm t
a Dr.soi. l- has hien fxtradttt-d from Chile, snow now mn ... -i-
,.s 'itf:i.-
whin they aie tilnrf to m.'.Ke up iiuiv.
I'lood I'lnds Fugitive, "I Ml poor pieces oi roanneii mi
I st.er.l of not niore than uitct-ii mncj an
Wh v .ii Chile Detective Klood located , j ,R jUs,t,Hoil It Is p-obab'.e that many
Oerii'd 1' llan-mi. l.o nailer the name , r,. r,, ... .. ,,f tlftv and sixtv
, miles an hour, lle.-i is where me worst
i danger come" in "
I "I)o ou think we will have to force
the railroads to adopt b statute aile
j ipiate block signal s stems," asked Hep-
resentattve Kocn oi vv is.-ousin.
of 1 .. Ii: II tied from New Vork in I'c
rem '', a'ter being indicted for
grand la-. !... lit was moused of steal
ing jo.'.."".! i .o-ii lPitltr. Stillman .V Hub
bard, a law llrni by whom lie was em
ployed, Ietei-t've Philip Itellly, then attached
to the District Attorney's office, left for
Santiago, Chile, with requisition for Han
non Attir a seven mouths light In the
courts Hanson was turned over to Itellly.
On the way up the boat touched at
Iqulque, wln-ro with the aid of three men1
Hansen made his escape In n small boat.
This was on September in, ls!. ,
Hanson Is now living at Mindoza In the ,
grape growing country, where he has a ,
large vln yard. Hood went to see him. '
He freely admitted Ills Identity nnd told I
the olllcer that after escaping from Keillyl
he made his way to I .a Paz, Hollvlu,
whero he lived for three years. Then he
returned to the Argentine Itcpublic. At
Santiago he became starter at tin- race
course and had the bookmaklng couci sslnn
lor many years.
Detective Flood communicated his In
formation to District Attorney Whitman
'I think our experience will be the
same as In the cae of air brakes and
automatic couplers," replied Mr. llelknap.
"It re-iUlred a law to adopt those things."
Mr. llelknap criticised the "caution sig
nal." declaring that Investigation hail con
vlnced him that engimers frequently Ig
nored them. He urged that In enforcing
the use of safety devices and signals that
disi ret.onary power should be vested in
the commission.
Some roads were derelict In taking pre
cautions to protect the travelling pub'ic,
most of them were careful In this regard.
Hard and fast rules should not be laid
down In the law, but the commission
should have discretion within certain lim
itations. R. O. Buckland, vice-president of the
New York, New Haven ami Hartford
Railroad, told the committee that his road
who caused an Investigation to be made, i wam nnxous to cooperate with the C.ov-
He learned that all of tho witnesses in
the rase had either died or had been tost
track of and therefore Hanson villi con
tinue to live In Chile-, no effott being made
to bring him back, rtcllly died many
years ago.
Wife Who Asked Money to 1,1 vc Ar
rested nn Ciiniplnlnt of fomstock.
Because she sent postcards to her hus
band telling him that she waB destitute
nnd thut she would have him arrested un
less he sent her money Jlrs. Marie Howth
was arrested yesterday on the complaint
of Anthony Cnmstnck, who accused her
of sending scurrilous matter through the
United States Commissioner Shields
fixed ball at JS0. As Mrs. Howth was
unable to get even this amount the Com
missioner paroled her on her own recog
nizance. Thu recipient of the postcards, which
Mrs. Howth admits having written, Is
J. D. Howth, a promoter of Allendale, N.
J, According to the defendant he was
formerly picsldent of the Krle Heul Kstatc
Company of this city. Mrs. Howth, who
has been sepaiated from her husband for
fccveral year, was arrested by Deputy
United States Marshal Michael McAneny
nt her boarding house, 222 West J22d
ernment in bringing about greater safety
of train operation.
He said the New Haven had made an
offer of 110,000 as a reward for effective
safety devices. As a result 3.r.nu Inven
tions had been submitted to the New Ha
ven, 1,500 of which had been already
importing ManafrjriurUijJ
A Sale Extraordinary
of Fine Furs
Owing to weather conditions, which have
caused an overproduction of manufactured
Furs for our Wholesale Department, we will
place this extensive stock on sale in our own
Retail Department
at unusual price-advantages
thereby giving to our retail customers the
benefit of making purchases at
less than wholesale prices.
A most opportune time for purchasing prac
tical and useful Christmas Presents.
Women's Fur Coats
in all fashionable lengths and modes
Hudson Seal (Seal Musquash) $100 upward
Mole $150
Caracul $75 "
Persian Lamb $125 "
Broadtail $250
Alaska Seal $500
Men's Fur - lined Overcoats $50 upward
Complete assortments of Women's and Men's
Fur Motoring Apparel.
Neck Scarfs and Muffs
$10 upward Hudson Seal $20 upward
$11 " Mole $25
$20 " ....Pointed Fox $25 "
$15 " Black Fox $20
$20 " Brown Fox $25 44
$20 " Skunk $28
$8 " . . .Natural Raccoon. . .$15 44
$5 44 ..Silvcr-dycd Opossum. .$10 '
Large assortment of Muffs and Scarfs, cither separate
or in matched Sets, at half former prices.
Imported Models great ly reduced
This unsurpassed selection represents practically all
the Icadinij Parisian couturiers and embraces the
smartest and very latest designs in Coats, Mantles and
Evening Wraps. Also a great variety of Imported
Scarfs and MuiTs.
Russian and Hudson Bay Sable
Natural Black and Silver Fox
An exceptional collection of perfectly matched skins in
these rare furs.
Fur and Fur-trimmed Millinery
in exclusive designs
38 4 ftMcenue
Between 35th and 3bth Sts.
il Cu c
V, 8. Attorney Objects to fiUInc
Annies to Indicted Mall Ctinuff euro.
Mann Trice, attorney for the elKhtccn
intnibcr.i of tho local mall chauffeurs'
union who were arrested for conspiring
to obstruct tho movement of tho malla In
the recent strike, asked Judito (Iruhh in
tho United States District Court yesterday
for u list of the wltncusis wnose testimony
Ixforo thn Federal Iran (I Jury caused tho
Indictment, i
Assistant United Ktates Attorney Wood 1
Ym tho court that to comply with such .
, request would endatmer the lives of'
; Ooveriiment's witnesses,
-frttoto whoso names have lieen revealed
no far, he sulil. had received threats of
bodily harm If they perslste.l In testifying
njrulnsi tho accused mull drlvcfTi, md ore
beltiK ffunrded by Federal rloti-ftlvea. 1
Attorney Trice ulso moved for a dismis
sal of the Indictment on thn ground that
thu few cases of vlolenco charceil were
no proof of u concerteil plan or a con-
PJuijfi Grubb rmrved decision.
C'l)de StrniiM-r Si-iiiliiiile lilts n Iteef
Off Puerto Plata.
The Clyde liner timilnule, which silled
from New Vork for Panto Duai'imo ports
on November i!i. u In-aetud on Fiidaj
h her skipper, t'apt J. T. i.'.i.oj, .it
I'ueito Plata, Santo lioinlnKo, to pievent
her from slnklnu. Sim had sprum; a leak
by scraplnn over a mibmeiKcd mril ru f
and her pumps had bicunn' clowvd with
rice, which formed a part of her cutro.
A despatch to the M.iiltlmii MxcliaiiKii
yesterday said the Seminole would be .1
total loss, but a I.itei msaK to th" Clde
Line from Capt Carey li'mself .old the
steamship would t saved. Tin, b.ilt lind
been patched and the crew was lU i'n.tn-
j canto yesterday, with the hope of ito.itlin?
tne liner ocioio to-aay.
She carried only four pusseaipis, who
wero landed at Puerto I'luta. It win said
nt the olllce of the Clyde I.ino here that
the Seminole's hull probably wn not
seriously dnmu(1.
Speyor & Co. Kxpccti'il to Pro
test to the Stiitc l)t-pui'tini'iit.
.Needn't fnneel if IIIHi.iMIO lorlBnKe
on .Messiah Home.
The Messiah Home for Crippled Chil
dren, hi The llronx, which was the fa
vorlte, charity of tin late Mrs. II. II,
I timers, for many years president of the
organization, lost yesterday Its suit
against II II. lingers, .lr executor under
his father's will, to compel him to de.
liver up for cancellation u mnrtKHR. for
$600,000 on the property.
The late Mr. Ilogers furnished the
money to buy tho land and erect the
building, and the society contended that
the Blft was outright Tim society sued
on thn ground that II, II, lingers, Jr.,
liotllled the home a year into that he held
thn JSOO.OOO mortgage and that he would
have the property devoted to other pur
poses nnl'KM the home coniuli d with cer
tain requirements.
Mr, lingers contended Hint the com
plaint didn't set forth a cause of action,
and Justice Cohulan upheld htm.
I'mlcr the Plntt Aimniilmciit
This Government Must Au
thorize Finaneiiifr.
The Wilson Administration may he
fni red to enter further Into the policy of
"dollar diplomacy" with lespecl to uuiia j
than Its repudiation of thn policy In the 1
case of Chlnn would have suggested, If
Cuba gives up Its relations with Speyer 1
A: Co and enters Into the negotiation of a
loan of fiom 115,000,000 to $30,000,000 I
with J. T. Morgan & Co. uuna apparently
Is aiming to do this.
Hpeyer & Co. hold a contract with Cuba,
ma'le with President (lomez In l'JOll, un-1
der which It Is claimed In behalf of tho
Hun that It has a pilor claim on nil ,
on to Aucust 1. 1019. provided
lllianvuin i- -
Its term" nro as favorable us any others
If the present Menuual Government
should Hirn from Speyer Co. to J. I.
Morgan V.O. lor us priniiiiirni iiiuiiicioK
' . I t,va ll.r.l Mim.vi.i- JC- f. Hill
it IS 111111-1 P"" ..-
protest to the St.itn Department that Cuba
la VlnlallUK I "HI . ,,i .ii, unin-i it..
'. . . ' I. ilw. Illl..,l Mll,.u I
Plan ii in 1 1 . . . " "i. -'
agiee to a loan by Cubi before It can be
autliotizeu HIM lin-ieiiot- iuiiiub hi soiiiu
degree as llnanclal sponsor,
. ISAft gM.m.n u.llh II,aMl.
UIIU t.. .... v .... vt
llellt lioilli l! Speyer A- Co. lent
."i'OI.OOii. the l.iat liiu.,,1,,,..,,,
, , , , . ... wiii.ii .iin
taken by tin- hunkers In liijl Alter th.
ch.l.-ige of Ill.V.-innient lUKOtlatloris v I I .
iiteied mto with .1 .Morgan A Co
1 11- ii...i 1 1 1 i ill,,,,,, ,,,! iiaii-icilons o,
1 " 1 "''"'I Co . imiieni M.ne I,.,. i, vvltl.
Hup linn In .i li,,u, f f j ouii.iliiii on ii i.er
C.I1I notes i tdi II, .Inl, ,, ., ,,.M,1US
loan ot fl .iiiii.oiii, ,,n sluill.it- notiu 1
It IH UIMlerstood lli.it ollt.'.ts of tin
'J" iKlmnii Mi, illou mm, ( j p
Morsiu, A. (. f,- (I, e ,.,.t it,m 0f tm '
large loan of iroin f i;,,i,iin.(ioii t 30i. 1
000,1100. The position of the .Morgan III ill I
was that It was being sought by the
olllcers of the Cuban lioverninent for the,
turns of a loan, and that It was not
entering Into the Held alieady pre- '
cniptod by otlu r bankers, as the officers ot 1
the t.ovcinni.nt ai knowlcdged no agree. I
mint that did not have tlnui free to1
negotiate with whom they chose. I
1'nsldcnt Meiiocal has met with much '
opposition fiom the Cuban Congiiss In
secuilng authorization of the loan The'
Congress ri fused to convene In special i
sishlon during the summer, and mem-,
hers opposed tho loan further on the 1
ground Unit they would not vote a loan1
to pay thn debts of the liomez Govern
mini. The I'ull.d Stales has alieady
given Us permission for the loan.
The Cuban Coiikhfs Is now in session,'
and It Is thought that in II kltnrt fl,.... .1...
loan will be authorized. The Cuban'
Secielaiy of state In Drtober Issued
a settcinetit c.piiHslng the IHIcf that
Speyer & Co. had no special lirlvl-
leges In Cuban financing under the
agreement, as the former President had
no right to bind the lioverninent not to
accept the most lavorable terms offm-d.
Vn nd yell's Olllcer I'rnUe lloosrvrll,
Who Nulled With Tlicni.
The Lamport nnd Holt liner Vandyck.
which boro Col. Itoosevvlt to South Amer
lea, returned yesterday, with Capt. Caclo-1
gan mid Ids olTlcers enthusiastic over
their distinguished voyager.
The Vandyck hinught f.ooii iunrters of
frozen Ai'itclillne beef and 7fiU carcases
of lamb and mutton, the biggest caigo
that lias come fiom lluenos Ayres In a
passenger ship, lllllng the Vandyck to
capacity, .
Forty-second and Forty-third Streets, West of Fifth Avenue
Motor and Carriage Entrance on Forty-third Street
The New Toy Department On the Fourth Floor
Offers unusually well selected assortments, presenting an unlimited choice of the
better class of European and American Toys.
Dolla of all nations, with suitable Clothing, Houses, Furniture, Etc. ; Fascinating
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Toys, including Moving Picture Machines, Electrical Trains, Locomotives
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Handles, Baby Sets, Toilet Sets, Boxes, Trays
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On the First Floor
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and tvvo-toncd effects, . at $15.00, 19.00
Imported Mahogany
Smoking Tables. ... at $14.50, 23.00
Holland Porcelain Boudoir Electric Lamps,
with silk shade to match, . . at 3.25
Brass Electric Table Lamps,
witt' shade at 6.50
Imported White Bisque
Electric Lamps. . . . at 3.95, 5.95
Imported Brass and Bronze Electric Desk or
I lano Lamp;, adjustable arms. $8.55, 14.00
China and Glassware Dept.
The productions of Mir.ton, C.iuldon. I lamiv.cri
ley. edgwoocl. Doullon. Foley. Crown. Sulher
and: also Ginori. Limoscs. Kiiisiuii. Bavarian
and Rosenthal China.
Limoges China Dinner Service, 100 pieces,
border patterns and spray designs. Set $20.00
Limoges China Dinner Service, 108 pes, 25. CO
' 100 pes. 30.00
107 pes. 50.00
English China Breakfast Set,
17 pieces, four patterns, , . at 8.00
Austrian China Bread and Butter Plates,
pierced borders, floral decorations, D07. 3.00
Salad Plates, two sizes, same style. " 6.00
Imported Iridescent Glass Table Sen ice.
J0 pieces. . Set 14.00
Etched Glass Table Sen ice. CiO pieces, 15.50
Engraved Glass Table Service. 0 pes.. 35.00
Oriental Rugs
On the 1 ilili Flcwr
Sinnch and IIirman;idh N'as, Beloochistars,
Guenjies and Moussouls, up tn 31 . l,y 0 It .
Values .$15.00 to 2-;.75, at $7.S5, 3.?5, 12. EO
Irans, Moussouli, Kuidistans. Kazaks, in si.ts
from 4 ft. to 5 ft. wide by 0 to 8 ft. low. Values
$35.00. 45.00 and 49.50.
at $17.50, 22.50, 23.75
hlirmanshahs and Sarouks. Royal Kashans and
Persian Silk Rut.3. sizes about 41 . bv 7 ft
Values $88.00 to 750.00. at 419.50" to'.JTS.CC
A special importation just received, comprising
a collection of Bcloochistan Rugs in room sizes,
d by 7 . ft. wide by 9 to 1 1 ft. long, will be in
cluded in this oflcring, Values $125.00 to 168.00,
at $58.00, 68.00, 75.00
Also an assortment of 800 Room Size Rugs to
choose from, in colorings suitable for almost any
scheme of interior decoration.
Persian Buluks. Mahals. Screbcnds. Scrapics.
Bidjars, Sarouks. Kirmanshalns and Kashans; also
a number of extra large sizes, fiom l) by 12
ft. to 10 by 25 ft., Values $125.00 to 2000.00.
at prices ranging from $75.00 to 1450.00
Articles of Furniture
Fifth and Sixth Floors
Mahogany Book Blocks, at $4.50
Muffin Stands, inlaid, . . " 7.50
" Music Cabinets, . . " 12.75
Piano Benches, . . " 15.00
Tea Tables, ..." 14.50
" Tea Wagons, plain, . " 15.00.
" Tea Wagons, inlaid, . " 23.50
" Telephone Stands, . " 16.50
Martha Washington Work Tables.
in Mahogany " 14.50
Mahogany Library Tables, . . " 30.00
Writing Desks. . . " 15.00
Book Cases, ..." 38.50
Ncst-of-Tablcs. . . " 20.00
Card Tables, green baize tops, . " 1.75
Also a large display of Period and Modern Fur
niture for Dining, Reception and Bedroom,
Library and I lall.
YnuiiK Vr!ilicr' lliitik .Ml lllulit
nnd lllpn-nriiiiiT In 11 VI t.-i ,
.Ifwph WVlilior, IN .vciirN old, of nna
Wint HSth utriM't. u liookUffpi-i- nt tin
tinlverlty brani'li uf thu (.'urn Kxc-lmiwt
Hank. lUtli xtrci-t uud Hrnucltviiy, una
nporti'.l tnlHsliiB mIiici Krliluy morninK
liy IiIm fntlier at tin- Wrpt l.'p.J itu't tu
t ion .vrptriiUy, ami at tin- futlier'i) n-quict
11 Kom-nil iiliirm wan nent nut for tin
youiiK man.
At the ban I, It was Miltl that Ills ImhiKk
worn In rimiiI i'imhIIIIiiii. The fatlnr, Will
luin Wcblar, U U employed in tho Dotli
1't-pai tmrnt, t-l ! vii- tin .vmini: man In
Kiilfi'iliiK Hum aniii ul.i Iii'iiukM n !y
Un Ih ." fiM-t !i Inclirr. tn'.V
liriivvn linlr, lilut c.vfK 11111I Unlit
lli xlon, He u-irt 11 Mm- Hilt, Mirk
11111I Fucks mid 11 kih 11 fill hat.
1 uni-
Klllli m
ViiIimI If n I In ii I Mil i'ii I ur Vlnl.ru l'lrt
Itliln-K. In .liitrrli'ii.
W.vnillMiTfiK, '.. I'l- .MniitrfMiil
mailt' hrr lliKt piilOU npin-Hiiinci- in
America lu-uluhl betoic a larsc uud din-
tiiiKiilshi il WavliliiKtmi ailillrnrc Hln' nut
vv.iiinly n-divid, ihsplti' tin iitit tr.;
tin lu'tuio vviih dellied in Ilull.in nj
11 tiaiisliilui' vviih tirtu.Ml.
Sin- uat pii-Hi iili il li .Mhx.iiiiI.m iJi.i
I111111 lli'll. vvhiiBi" kik'M "I"' Ii diiriiiK Inr
ft.O in Wiiflilni-tiHi. 'I'Iiim' in tlm aii'li
inri' who utilertood Italian i.p. alnlb
Inli'rriiptnl with arphuiKi Inr Minpk' m-i-niiiit
uf In r work.
l-'nlliiwInR the It etui i' movlim tUl ui--
uf lln Mmil-i-Hi- Silioi'l nt II01111' wi'ir
pi 1 s, nli-il.
.MlsK .MniKaii t W'llKon mh the oni
m.inlper of thu White llouau l.imll al Ui

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