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"1 "''!-.JV,-
Rain, turning to snow, to-day; 'fair an J cold
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NEW YORK, MONDAY, DECEMBER 8, 1913. Cewiitf'L i:13, by thr Km, Printing and VabHsMng .UnviaUon.
iWihon Wins in Long Fight
, lo.lail Atlantic City
Beach Politicians Didn't
Think Party Despot
Would (io to Cell.
Kuolinlc to "Take His Mctlicino
Hathcr Tliim Appeal to
AVtisliiiijf Ion.
Atlantic C'itt, Dec. 7. Louis Kuehnlc.
political boss of Atlnntic City, will prob
ably begin Ills term In the State prison
at Trenton next Wednesday. Although
ho wkldcel more power to make or un
make Judges anil Prosecutors within Ills
iloinnln than any other party leader In the
country this power failed to help him
in tils tight to escape the crushing humili
ation of Imprisonment. Heaten In the
courts of New Jersey- and convinced that
an appeal to the I'nlted States Supreme
Court would be futile, he has decided to
present himself ut the prison and "take
his medicine."
His decision, made Inst Fildny. was a
(-.tunning surprise tn his rollout rs, who
ror thirteen reals had thought him In
vincible. A big broad shouldeieel man turned
from a group of men standing at "The
Corner" at ' o'clock Friday evening with:
"Well, 1 guer-i we'd better be going to din
ner: come Montr, Jerry." And he walked
clowly down Atlantic nenue. At the men
tion of the name 'Merry" a wry "Id wile
haired terrier nhlch had been sitting at
the feet of the big man arose, wagged
the stump of a tall and then walked
slowly at his side.
Vs the two stalled It sreii"'d a if
neatly all the uther activities ceased on
the bioael thoroughfares for several blocks
In both directions. Th- gioup of men Just
left stood as If spellbound, garing after
the pair. Pedestrian on the sidewalks
on both sides of the street stopped, stared
nnd whispered, wonder shotting In every
Chauffeurs leaned and peered from their
taxis, drlteis c aneil from bust-" and
hacks; faces nppenrcd at doors and win
dons all along the line. Lven the motor
man of a pat-sing trolley c.tr applied Ins
brake so that he might stare In safety.
The most unnbsert Iiik of strangers must
have perctlted that something extraor
dinary 1j.h1 occurred or w.is about to
occur, to one with knowledge it was a
ccne of dramatic Intensity.
i:i err Unlnc of Hit: lloily Studied.
For nearly ewry night of thirteen years
the big man hid bet ri seen at the same
hour taking that walk followed by the
little dug. In the ;ars it had become so
'amillar to all as to cuute hardly more
than a passing enuirk, but on Friday
Iglit for a parthulir r-aon It '.ad be
1 euiie an .it! of 91it.11 ii.tori ft that every
i-wlns of til? big body iva studied, every
t;ate of the bis hand at th" end of a pow
erful arm wa registered, every move of
1 he man, ami the elog for that matter, was
tonunented upon.
The walk of the big man was hardly
Jioie than "00 feet, but It was Interrupt' d
nn an average every ten feet and each
top added to the Interest of the onlook
ers, An automobile swung up to the curb
iind a gray inustached man of the banker
HP" Jumped out with outstretched hand.
"What's this I hear. Commodore I" he
exclaimed, as their hands clasped. "Surely
toii'tlniig can be done, e'an I do some-
thlr.s iio.t about the " and thtn came
.1 nli' per ti ttlnch the emphasis on words
1 i.e ".Supremo Court" and "writ" made
them audible.
"No use," came the answer from the big
man, follmved by n short, mirthless laugh.
"No use, 'tc. st to tako It thank you,
lut ' h' turned and waved his hand to
ih" man left standing, who was shaking
his n"jd. '
I'll t!i' Ictcl, f 'umuiodore," came an
Jtv.nl crietl'iR a few feet further, "011 th'
i v, 1 v tt - Theie tvas a shorter con
ve't'Ht.oi, "M. laws, Comdoah," was the
nc'.t "wli. it's this they n-sayln' 'bout "
Cm i e rsatlon was begun at each Inter
luption oy iiv exclamation mid ended with
tin (.uoitiop, "Can't something b done?"
It might bo In t'onciso KiiRlleh or In
I . c in cll-.k't iy pollslied phrase, but
t ttns all nliko and to each eamo the
firs net, 'it's no 11-e, I've not to take It,
1 nr,:i ou, until t!m big 111.111 find tho llt-
I i oi l iiiuj disappeared into a dark hall
a a, tilii;,', on tho Toor above, they
lit. i'i a iiind'st Hat.
Iloi'lslcin Ciuiara Sensation,
l, the forevoliiR tvas due to the
frcct of th- rnnouncemeut that Kuehnle
:u co to Trenton and present him
self ai the office ol Ihe warden of
Hie Ktate i.-I.on, there to begin servlnir
II smeiiet of onij .tear at hard labor. It
x ,t unit- una phiibe of the e.Ncltemcnt cro
i ted In that announcement made by him-
'if that afternoon, for In almost every
l ouse, utom, hotel. In every saloon or
,ife, In all placets of business, In all the
r'n-.tH whero men heard of It theie was
t mllar wonder and bewilderment "Louis
j;uhnb: actually Rolng to Jail! They can
iii.ikn tlm Commodore go to prl'onV It la
unthinkable It li fwell, fvcrythlng good,
l -id or Indifferent). What is the, countiy
1 fining to?"
Louis. Kuehnle, for thirteen year Jte
)mhllcan leader of Atlantic rounty. New
ffimy, and shrewdly suspeded of being
Continued on fourth Pag,
NEW Ainrn thus iipopti 1
Mas- Aaka tior. Uls-nn lo Mend I'.mer-Keni-r
Mnnir to Legislature.
The great number of HUlomoblle acci
dents due to reckless driving has caticd
Hccrctiiry of State Slay to ask (low Glynn
to send an emergency message to thu
Legislature asking for new itutuiiinhlle
Mr. .May said yesterday that In the first
eleven months of this year ilC persons
were killed and 2,U! persons were IiiJuhiI
by motor vehicles, and In the majority of
these cases no Investigations followed the
accidents. Ho added:
"These statistics do not Include hun
dreds of other accidents duo to structural
defects or accidents In which the oc
cupants of the automobiles alone were In
jured. The figures refer to persons not
In automobiles who were Injured.
"It Is apparent that this loss of life
h too great a toll to pay for tho advan
tages of the automobile, and that tliern
must be something radically wrong with
the automobile laws or their enforcement."
He urged that sensible drivers unite In
1111 effort to chfck tecklcss driving by ar
lestlng those who drive too fast or nck
Icssly. He criticised the methods of the
police tourts In handling cases of iceUVss
driving ami said that Magistrates should
llilllct the severest penalties allotted by
law In proved cases of recklessness.
"Only fifty -four drivers hate been con
tlcted of operating while drunk since the
first of the year." said Mr. .May. "The
Magistrate is authorized to empower the
Secretary of State to levoke di Iters' li
censes In these caes. but In only twelve
of the fifty-four cases have I been In
sti ucted to revoke the licenses."
Poller, nt .Mayor's Heiiicst.
Seareli for Miss McCaini
of Hrooklyii.
.Ics.e MrCann, 13 years old, daughter
of Ilobert O. McCann, who Is com'reted
with the wholesale grocery firm of Austin,
Nichols & Co. of eil Hudson street, bus
b'en missing since Thursdav morning
from her home, 3 Last Twenty. first
stleet, Flatblifh.
The onlv trace that '.i:i been obtained
of her wa from a young man who re
ported to Mr. McCann that he saw hr In
Wall sirte't about 5 oVlock on Thursday
af'einooii walking f.nt. a set. da-vil ex
pression upon her face.
The police hate been searching the city
for her secretly at the request of .Mayor
Kline, who Is a warm friend of Mr. Mc
Cann. Members of the family Insist that
the young woman has not eloped ; that
there Is no romance behind her disap
pearance, but they evpress the fear that
she may be the victim of white slavers.
When Misf .McCann left home on
Thuisday mm ning she was twinnl pre
sumably for the Home for lintitute Chil
dren, at :i7 Sterling place, Lrooklyn, to
which she has been citing her services as
an inttiuctor for some time as a social
service duty She did not arrive at the
Institution, though It wss her custom to
report there da.ly. She did not return
to her home for dinner and as no trace
whatuvei iroiild be obtained, her father
tver.P stra.gntway to Mayor Kline .mil
soujjbt h."- aid In making a tuoiough but
quiet bunt for her.
Though deeply religious unci devotee) to
social t.uts work, Miss .McCann Is a
light hearted, lively girl, who always has
been .ntensted in sotiity niTaii She
has a um.ger uste Ltlol. ami iv.o
brothels. Him soi., n jrat o',l, ninl
Ilobert 'i M. "ai.il. .!
Mrs McCain te gnls noilo r s III
becausA of worry o.e.r her elaiighte r's dis
appearance. .Mr McCann mid last night
he was positive that his ilaushter had not
eloped. Miss IJthel M'-e'ann said "We
fear sho may have ben kldiinppeil by thee
white slavers."
V. M. C. A, Finds liierenalna; !
mand for It ThrotiRlioiit City.
The Bible has been steadily gi owing
In popularity with New York men for the
past few years, aecoidliig to 1',. lira ham
Wilson, religious work dliictor of tliei
West Side Young Mens Christian Asm
elation, eighth n venue and Flfty.setenth
street. He has betti studeing the trend
of religious life anil of Hlble study In
particular and my
"Tho HIbh Is read and stuelied by New
Yorkers as never before'. Theie Is a real
demand for It. The demand foi Hlblo
talks and Hlble studies hits been so per
sistent for tin past few yea is that we
have steadily Increased our lliblei discus
sions and study groups. Wn hato f,0 per
cent, moro men studying tho lllliln this
year than lust ye.ir.
"Men are creating th demand for the
Hlble. I have not gone Into tho subject
from the women's standpoint, but nip
pose tliei women are uUo etjiully infi
estcd." .Tallies Stokes, the oldest member of the
board of directors of the Ne.v York Y. M,
C. A., has donated several hundred Ilibhs
to be placed In the dormitory rooms of
tho West Side blanch.
I'uennionla Feared llualtiuiil Una
tens Home From .civ VairiV,
Hoston, Dec. T. Mis. llenjanilu p.
Cheney, formerly Julia Aitliur th" actress,
Is seriously 111 at her apartmi'iit In the
Parker House. I lor husband, who lias
been In New Yoik, returned hurriedly last
night because of her lllnefs,
Mrs. Cln-ney look told about a week
ago, It Is now feared that pneumonia
will develop. Sli" Is imdor tin constant
care of nurses uml physicians, and while
It was mild to-night at tho hotel that she
tt.is lentlns comf.n taMy, en icm hud been
given to maintain ipil"t In Unit pail eif tlm
house) wheie tlm Cheney sitltei W localed,
and tint the tclrpouc to It nni.t imi be
ANC.OMTIM IIH TKRS w oriel s famnus
tonic, d-l,.igai flavorlm, ell dtuerti Aii'.
Hlnze Pill Out by Crow of lies
t'lif hit Vpsm'I mill I'tisseii
yci's Hditriinl.
Operator Sticks to His Post, and
tlic Sailors Also Show
Nol.rol.i., Va.. Dec. 7. One bundled
and ninety -set en p.iM-engers were takeu
off the steamer Illngrand nt sea this
moinlug while the ship was on tile and
thought to be In danger, according to
wlieles" reports le'celted here.
The rescue was made by the sieamer
S.taninore' Tin latter sti aincr hi'aiil the
tlliigr.iiid's eai feir assNtance about "
o'clock this moitiing and went linuvdl
ntely to In r elen.
She was alinot aioiig'lde the burning
tesel .it 4 o'clock and in response to
signals from the Itlngraiid lotvepd lift
boats mid sent them to the binning ship.
The Uingraml alo had her lifeboats
ready when th' Swanuiore reached her.
They weie hanging In their davits loaded
with passengers.
The rescue tt. made 2iC miles nosth
west of I'lamond Shoals duiing a set ere
southwest blow. There was a high ttu,
but theie was such perfect disclplli.e
among the cie'tts of both ste.uncis that
not a boat tvas Jammed against tliv sides
of either ship,
The crew on tue llmgi.ind, almost en
hausted by their liKht with fire, ttite
eager to take the passengers to safety.
I'nssi-iitters I mi tt me of Fire,
Th- p,ihsense'is wen' not aware that the
ship was I'll lire until ycMenlat. It Is said.
althollRh some if them bad spoken of til
eleck- Ifing hot .tiil had notle-'d that
most of tin eienv wi'M' below elecks.
No paseiu;,'rs weie pi rmltteil b?lew
an I weuneii and ciilldren wee orile!d to
their st.eti'it'oni e.
Virele'ss reports, tt h ,e ni, ae:re, mj th it
nflei the Stviitimore li.nl taken all the
pas3rHKes on bo.irel her etett lielpr.i lo
llulit the fin- on the llliinrand.
The rescue in.nb lefeeie eiayligl-.t far
out at mm w,i. marine men say, the most
thrilling molded In eome tim. The fact
that not a boat was s.tauipe'il ami not a
sltu'le life lost Is under the circumstances
ntmost miraculous, old mariners asert.
one repoil fiom tin burning ship says
that after the lire whs got under ejontrol
the pnsensers were transferred fiom the
Swanmore back to the lilugraml. Another
fay soiio of '.In pabing"is aie still on
the former tessel.
Tile Swnnniore was only a lew milts
away from the Kingrnud when the latter
called for assistance. The Stt.tniiioro is
said to be coiit oy the Hit grand and
will l in cay reach If she is again
Warnings of a severe south' est storm
were' received to-night
Th finUnv 1ns mi-.i.isi' tvas rxclted
here tom the steamer Antllla to-night:
"So.'oii'l operatoi' at noon reccltel iv
lay from steamer Suaumor to snd to
neartst MaiC'ini st.ition to sate that she
went to belli of the' Uinxrand .a antttcr to
her apais for assistant e at 4 A. M.,
Iiecejinber 7. "'). miles neiithwest of 1'i.e
inol el Shoal Also sta' look n'T 1 te 7
pates t "lie I s tl'il.l lie wait put out T.i"n
Ult I. .nil ha k aire li'i grti..l pro. ted
Inn uiobr ott i ! .fi' Ali well"
1teiiirt Fi'teiit the snnteiore.
Vlt.GlN'tA lli'.vil. Va., li e 7. A mes
sage rec''.c'l at tho wireless station here
this morning fiom the stcams-hlp Swan
inoie, Opt. Dodge, says:
"We arrived alongside of the steamship
Uliigrand at 4 o'clock this morning In
answer to her appeals for help when she)
was ettlre "u" miles northwest of Hiamond
Shoals. We took her 107 pa setigers off
until the tl.o was put out. Liter they
were put aboanl again
"Capt Catiei's hands were seterely
biiniiil The chief wireless operator
showeil gre'at eour.'igt la sticking to his
post wlille th tire raged under hint The
e-nptaln anl oniator were mil at their
posts when we united alongside them
"After the lire tvas put out r.he pro.
ceedid iimlcr lier own sleain All aboarel
uf her w ere w ell "
That theie lm hei'll a fire aboaid a
pajsenger cany big Heiiuisiilp at sea and
that the facts as ie,,itid by tvlri'less are
substantially conect sccins to be r'iibnn
ably cerlal!., but a ni'sUke in the name
of the Ht'anihli eioiiblbss h is been made
In l he transmission of the story from sea
to hind.
Tho sti aiuship cannot be the Mallory
liner lllo (iranilc, as she dots not catry
pa-se.ige is, and oven In li r best days as
n passe: JScr ste-anishlp slm never e-arrled
so many as are iopoited to bo aboaid tho
i llnor Mire. Tin) Jfiirfliiii Hrinstrr ami
I tho '.'ce'orel of Amcr'rnn emrf Foiij;u
! bMppiug contain no steamship named th
J Itlngrand or any uanio resembling It.
I napce'teir Doesn't Detain llrlelclo
lie U'beli .lie I, mills From llulr,
ICeisa Maiuo, a comely young woman
who, iinnttendi'd, nrrltcd by the Italian
steamship Stamiialln, hound for TiimMnd,
Col,, to marry Pastpiale llcltrl, was held
till because nnescoitcd fciuules, unless
vouched for, urn not permitted lo travel
aluiie tlirougb the I'nlted States.
This rule Is to protect them against
whltti slut era mid other criminals. Tho
Inspector who eiuestloiieil tlm woman noed
Hint she wi-s elresseil hi lijnck and he
asked her "tlit, sin mid she was a
widott, hri htisbaiid having been doad
three yeais The Inspector sr'd Hint al
tered the e'lise, as a wldei' surely had
enough experience lo take ram of her
self, He turned her over to the Travellers
Aid Society, which sent her on her way.
Mollis Tetinnt Mn llrenb l.ense
I el In r .Mitnnreh Is Snssy
The Appellate Term of tin Supienie
Couit has decided that a tenant of an
apartment bouse Is Justified In breaking
his lease and tcf using to pay rent If the
Janitor enters the apartment nnd uses
loud and threatening language. In case
such conduct Is approved by the landlord.
The decision was handed down In a suit
eif Ullen 1'urcell against Maurice Leon, a
lattyei ut 60 Wall street, to tecoter a
month's tent of an apartment from which
the defendant moved before the end of
the month,
Mr. Leon contended that he had been
constructively evicted and showed that
tie janitor had been arrcsti'el and fined
Jin lie cause he entered the apaltment
white the defendant's wife was there' and,
used loud ami threatening language. i
The plaintiff got Judgment In the Mti-:
nicipai ourt, nut tne .Mipeiiate Term; co.i-jiit, Mich.. Doe 7. Ttt., Milkeisoii mid Secretary llrtan ..ie leMieuisi
rcveiscd It mid said that since the ott per j ioak.'is weie shot to death and a third Me for the loss or thousands of litcs be-
of th" house upheld the conduct of tlielWas so seilously wounded that lie died . e aiise we ie it not foi il,,., iV war
Janitor by retaining him In her employ I to-night In an attack made bv slilk.ng . woubl bate I n emle'd long ago
the tenant was constructively e tlcted.
Hank Clerk, (.one Since Friday,
Itcu'ains Memory in
1 The miners, anm-d with guns and i ar-
' rylng much amniiin.tlon. suiroundeil t.e
Jo-rpb Webber, a bank cleil, employed ! house at 4 o'clock wfnle everybody liisid"
In the I'lilteisity Hranch of the Corn Kx , was asleei anil opemd tlrr. They rldtlled
change Hank, who disappeared on I'rl the sides of tin lioue with tlieli bullets,
elay inoiiiing. spilled hot coffee on his j Some of the elaphoards IooIumI like si-te9
Impel in an Albany lunchroom yesterelay when the filing c.asetl.
morning. Tin ii'iild ttstoieil his memoiy Those who weie shot weie- e,i
which had depaitnl on Friday, uud bu I wounded In the ir tls. the str.ke rs taking
ie turned to his home, m4S West 145th particular cue tn nre. Into bedrooms, or
stleet, last evening. as they weie seek. ng shelter In halls and
His disappearance, his ih !-ian sal, I closets,
after e-Miiulnlrg him. was due to motor I The asall!ng forces nl-.i imt up two
aiihasia. other houes In tvhli h strike bieakers
Th' tlrst ttoiel that Hie young man's wee i-uppeised to be lititg. The alti,'.5
father. Wlltlam Webber, an employee in were similar to other assaults made elur
tlm Dock Department, got of Ills where- J lug the strike by gunmen on the board. ng
about" was when lie' answered the- tile- houses of non-union men.
pboiii' ycstenlay afternoon. Then a tolcej This morning's gun work w:i the ninst
said to him. "Till i" Joseph, I am all serious recorded sine th.. niineis went
tight. 1 will be right home." Ion strlko In July
(teaching home. Joseph teas greeted I At a meeting th. afternoon of
warmly by his father, mother and sister, I the Clt.zcus Alliance, wliMi i. plulm-el
who weie beginning to think that he was to rid the mining district of t,,
dead. D- John L. u'Conmil of ."ilife West Wer'.ern Federation of Mlin-r, a i'n.
M.-ii siriii. tin lamiiy pr.ysitian, was oii
hai.d and examined him.
"I I enn tuber bating the house on Frl-
dny moinlng to go to work," said Webber.
"I have a hary recollect Ion of getting In
the subway train. That Is the last thing
I kuetr until I spilled some hot coffee
on my baud this morning' That seemed
to revhe me. I looked around and saw
I was In a i.ulck lunch place. I walked
outside In a sort of dazed way. I stepped
up to a titbit! ami asked 1. i til : 'What
plan Is tills."
"'Albany,' lo replied Then I nked
bun: 'What elay I" if" 'Sunday,' he
answered Then I realised that something
was wrong.
"1 buirliil to it railioad station and
bought a th ket for New York. I had
money, because I nail M in my pm het
whe n I bit home on Friday A resin
as 1 reached Hie tlrand Central Station
1 tailed up the house to let the family
know that I was all right"
Dr Ce'Coninil said that the young
man's trouble' may hate been caused by , me mining eii!,;rl t of th c.ilinmt ami
Indigestion or some nertoii" attack. I In I Ib'cla Mining Cmupai.t nn-e tin begin
said that In all ptobablllty the attata nh'g of the strike S'llket-f hate, ilyna
would neter oceiir again jrntnl mine sbatts an,, ,, deputy .lini:f
I tin" shot .Maigm tile' l'.i.e has. a t.ftr.i..
I'Hiiitiiin.l'oi-liii Tlirmiu Sees
nrrinv llscnpes,
Sas Fr,M'is''o, Dee. 7. Seveia! thou
sand perons wltne'ssed two leical aviators
it: berlous io clilents on tic bay during the
aviation exhibition at the I'.inama-l'aclflo
exposition grounils to-ebty. SII.ls Christ
offerson and Arthur Hybltskl plunged Into
tho biy and their machines were sub
merged only the presence) of mind of
tho avlatois. anil quick work by the Fort
Point life sating station ore.t prevet ted
th" elrownlng of bth meii.
chrlstofferson's submircion occurred
during his spectacular "death dive" from
a height of 3,000 feet, and th" crowds hud
Wan to e'heer as the midline sklmmesl
along oter tip bay, when suddenly It was
seen to nose into Hie water and turn over
Th" cheets turned Into n cry of hor
ror tih"!i It was realbis) that tin aviator
was strapped to hl mae'Iilne. which sank
except for a bit of one etiel It seeiueel a
full tA'ti minutes Wore) ChrlstoiTerson
came to the surface, having freed himself
from the straps.
Itybltskt's Occident oecum-d close to
the surface of the water, his midline alo
turning over. Launches icseucil both men.
.Mlllmrv Mladic nt !.
I.efl Pent In n Hun)
I'he War De.
pnitmetit Is Invcstlgallng tho conduct of
Majur Charles II. Hagiidorn, 1' S. A.,
until recently stationed nt the American
Ihnbnssy In St. Pctersbu.g as military
nttnehe. It Is the propriety of his do
parture from Ills post that his being In
vestigated. Major ilngadorn put In a iffpiest foi
transfer to other duty only a few weeks
after his nrrlval. He lmd Just been pre
sented at court, nnd the Stale Dcpait
ini'iit was given lo understand that bis
precipitate depnlture would be unfavora
biy regarded by the Husslnii (lovernment.
Tho State) Department, It H understood,
nshed tho War Department to revoke Its
order permitting Major Hiigadorn to ro
turn to the United States. This re-quest
was aranleil, It Is stated, but Major
Hngadorn left the llusslan tapltal as lie
bad planned, and Is now on duty at the
War College In Washington
Aitirrha's One irel Winter llesort, 1 be
rluim eif the Florida Hum Const It. now hi
lis tienllh, June-Ilka breen stirt rartlnnt
kinishlne, Full of Intsmt nnd repleln with
nprii eh pltssurea. OfTlcrs "41 t-lfth At.
Calumet Copper Miner
Strike llrcakers' Home
With Builds.
Troulile Evneeteil
oliow Attack Six- Ar
rests Are Made.
) copper mlni'rs on a lion-union boarding
J house nt Paluesdali eatly this moinlng.
Maty Nleholioii, II yeais eild, wa seil
ously wounded as she lay In her li. tl.
The dead .ire Arthur .lames, 'Jl years
old. and llaiiy .lames, ill yeais old. both
I t !.. . I I M.
I'l I HI llllttr, .111,111,1 .111,1 1 lllllllill l',lll,t
i .i yeais n,ii. ii.iuy nngereej until eve
nii'J, i--- ill. til-, .nt niiiiiiK nidi
or a s ei vim t In the Dally lnuii,-. wlio sild!
In left tin house because "friend" ad-'
Ised her that her life was In danger If
she remained." She lijvoltvd Hi
pi boners in tin- one sleh-d battle.
iutio-i w.i ndopieel c.illo.g upoi' Sheriff
Ciose io .elite th.. ,iini ..r .,.n
tntors. A threat was made that Hie f..,l.i
I .ration w.ll "take other mentis" unless tin
Sheriff acts Three thim;mil pornnt at
tended the meeting and the Sheriff also
was on hand.
The Impeachment of Judge O'Drlen.
Sheriff Cruse mid I'l oecutor Liea was
also tlireatctie, for what the speakers
calleel the e'llatoic InuiililiK bt these
officials of tin- Mr ho "it'i.itlon
There wer- se'teral meet, in.'" of u'on
miners this nrterimon at which agitators
told the strleis 0 i.s,. for,, of arms
agalii"t any ottl. eis ,,f the. law who should
attempt to an est them in their homes
The peoplu aie much, worked' up ove
the triple killing and theie was nre,it .,v,i.
i Peration oter the t.o'm,iu; n the- Nichol-
j 11 sbl I; I- fcin-d that the work of the
i striken w.ll i.sult ..i s.r.o is limbic
There has been a i.lg.i of terio- In
y. in -old ghl. was -1 o; In tli.i html bv
an at nn d dp'.iiy yiiinv s-nl.e brcal.eis
have been beet n ,.p ,i:nl s. ores have
on-. 1.1J....II i" i..ui: s o. tween singers
niei iTie,-e. i'l 1 " ime'i I 1 1 1 tl.l I O S U I I.e i ea JiC I S
ami mining propj. rty
Tin sttlke was i!eolar'd to enfotce a
eleiiintid for a minimum wage of 3 a day
for undei ground workers and for a flat
Increase of US cents a day In the wages
of surface' employee ".
The strikers are made up of a deter
mined lot of Sltvs, Italian", Finns and
Mother Jones has breti a familiar fig
ure at strikers' meetings
I'lillci Here In tii lire)) stelll of
llelet'lliig rime.
W II Kai'iiipffe rl. editor of the, Srlctifilc
ene'Hroi. who ha" been visiting the noted
Austrian criminologist Prof llaii" dross
at (Iras:, returned yeMculay by the
Cunarder e'aronla with an abstract of tho
professor's system, which will be submii
teel to the Police De partini'iit here
Mr. Knempffeirt said that tho Cross sjs.
tout was pure'ly scientific nnd that with
It Ihe expert i ould determine by what
Instruments wounds were inlllcti'd and tell
the natuiv of poisons administered by
crlininals The editor did pot go Into
details about too system, but i I'liiarl.etl
I that It was it sort of "Sherlock Holmes
1 si heme" broiiHlil Up to elale.
Thu classmen Hon of Prof, Gross was
liko that of it museum, laboratory work
Was fortllleil by extensive) exhibits.
I Doubtless tho poison needlo cases now In-
terestlng the police of this city, the editor
said, would come under the section that
took In .laboratory work,
Hoy Horn In I'enno It nnln Held Hp,
but Pro t oei lllwbt to I. nnd.
Aldulno P.ingern, a native) Amerlcnn
of 14, told tin Immigration boarding ofll
cer who talked with him through iin In
tctprctiT uboiird tho stcanishlp Stampalia,
In yesterday, that his lather was an
American citizen living In Krb', Pa., and
that he, tlio boy, was born In Altoona,
Ilo said the reason ho oould not talk
Lnglish was because ho lunl hail no prae
tlco In It since he was 8 years of age.
his father having sent hlui to Italy with
his mother six years ago, He Loped It
mlght t-eimo back to him
He said ho had attended school two
years In Altoona nnd would go to school
In Krle. The boy proved his case by
papers and they put n conductor's tag on
him nnd sent him lo L'llu.
I'reliirr In Meili.i It.senl I'otlct.
fHJs l.onelein f'l'liui's."
..re il rUr littpnlcl, In Til). Si
I.oNPoN, Iec. S, The eoi respondent in I
.Mexico eif the Vlmes. writing from Sal-I
,m" November 4. Miys that nil for- i
leigneis mete and many Mexicans of the
I highest character ure convlni-i.il that tlin.
I Vi'iiiisllaiio Carratiza, b'ader m' the Con
1 stltutlonallsts. was plotting hu.iIuhi Flu,.
i Cisco I. Maili'io wh, n tin I.ni. i
i Pleslilent ami in iparlliL lo lalso tin
Miinduril (,f Knt eteu while professing
loyalty .
The loiiespeimicnt rellerans the' o In
ion unit the only hope foi Mcaiio Is tlia
ui in.- iii raiiTiisias ami ne ascrioes
to all lorelgners In Me.tleo the view e.
prexscel by a luomimiil Lnglisbniaii who
salel that while . Hmita Is ae'cns.-el,
ellhoiigh the charge has not been pioted.
.of the eleath of one' man. Presleletit Wil- !
fli'sluns n 1'iirilmi -e'e'ce-inry
iirriioii'a lint eriiine'til.
iii.iiMiisi'.iii. .tie.),., it..-. ; . l-raiii'lsio
's, ((,. f)
has lolcniel .is Seel.lari- of
" Foreign Itelatlons in the I'm inii.a c'.ib-i
' "" iinii!".sion pretaiis lure that'
liatige was due m a pe rson,.) i.ir.tir I
tthleli arose tthll.. Lscmleni was ii'ieiitly
In LI I'.tso, win 1 1' In. ,i,t io airange the1
eusioms Imsm.ss on tlm Chlhuihu.t bor-'
elfl. '
I.Hcmli'ros hui cesn,!' I, ,i not be, n
I-teil It Is lllllsllll'led posslll,'. Hl.lt his
place may be ,j Maim,) Honllla. j
who s.rtid in I'le'siileiit .M.oleio's Cabl-1
lift as Minister of Comiuuiilciitlons.
l.'scudeio Is reported as being in New I
Yoik or on the way then-. He npre-1
M'liti d Carr.uiza In tin- le-cent m-gotla-
Hons at Noi,ab" with In-. William Il.ty.
..id Half. I'ltsnlint Wilsons p!sonal ,
Wrlt-nn Mty leipilnu l.
lien I colli iitf siiipply.
N"ev Yen ks m rhnts of coiiirolI!nt: the
i pul. lie ml.k supply hue 1 i.coiii-
! ineiiibel for atloptloii In Smith Afriea
Health Comm. ""tuner Le,,..,. ),.,, t,cdteil
n cominuiilc.t.ion to that elTei t from
i 'liar''" I'oite'i. .11. D Med'ciil Officer of,
1 He alth of Jolianne shut c.
I':. I'orter'" inter eails ntt-i on to 'i"
fad that In h's report to ih . ne nutiio--lili
" he h is ipi iteil ;,. id, ml of l."..Uis
resiiiai.ons .or t'ie u-c of nnik coolers
'"d Inspection of
dallies nnd the classification of market
milk" mill, M the headings of "certified."
"Inspected" and "padteurlzcd."
1 If) II tin 1l KfietUfifT lleip,'. Slir Will
l.lif for it 4. .mil While vt.
Hannah !vos,off cel. brute,) ier brt.
liy ye-sp relay at the Dam-liters of Israel
1 .,
I'llle. II;' ll.i t ll:ii stleet She s.ivs she.
Is lie', years old. ,si)i,, was born In ICoino,
I'.ussl.i. and e'liine to this country slvty
four yiai" ngo
About fifty -rite tear" ago Hannah
thouirl.t she was about to die and hail a
sliloilil maele Till" L-armeiit still lining
at the load of p.r bed Yi-Mcrd.iy sin
pi'inted to It ami told the olel people from
tl-.e I n who tame to wish her well that
'sin hop.;el It would be a gooi while be'foio
' neeeb-d It.
$228 THEFT: $20,000 BAIL.
Conn acini- i,e. tn , Hrruiill
lleesee, Hie- i'rnsl I , (liai-Ki-.
N'ifAn 1 1, ; ,iiaii, c ..m.
t ':,-. a I i. j.e.tj i.iti,, 't... ,,,,.
l'lllte.l ttt -l 1 bv .h.s-l, ,. ,., , II,,.,
, T,..1(., , ,.,,,,., In ,i. f.iult
S.'e.i,,,1(. ball.
,s , j.
tair.iiis of
W.IS I 1 t III , lion v.'ltlj tin
the Cos, tin. -pii, si Company.
: of whnh '!..moiul 1
mlth w.i" the al-
le Ce'el wreeker
Armstrong N charged witli giaud lar
ceny. The complainant Is Hay U, May
ham of the Statu Hanking Department
The specific) mount stat.'d In tin eoni
plaint Is ":"s nnd Hie dato given Is Au
gust 9 of this year
Armstrong was nriested !m bis home.
Abingdon av.nue and Noith Klghteenth 1
strii't. Wist llloomtleld. ami brought to i
II.) JUSt , i otru e liele.
i:-.Miiyoi (.oi I , 1 1, in, ,ra ii,..
fori Imiiishs Cliy ttl.lir,.
Iuvsas citv. Dee. 7 "Wh.itd'ye think ;
im man v ins rever iu, a tu'lllor
tthll.. adilicssing a political audience of
20,000 and t.t could throw n case of stage
fright like this," e-.clalnnd e.Mavor
Samuel Lewis Slsiuk of Indlanitpoll",
moiilng his blow- as he Hood hi tho wings
of the Lmpress Theatre to-d.iv
Just fifteen minutes b,"fnin he had stood
befoio an enthusiastic luiihence inaklng
his bow In vaudeville and bad "gone up
In Ills lines" He Itoii'.uli'i-eil mound lor
homo j .i i ii f u I inouieiils and then pulled
himself togiiher on the subject of the
high cost of living. When In got down
lo pointed lemarlo on hlb dea lugs with
product) iUcstlons, the audit in forg.it u
lilin and applauded and howled
Police) Con y Aged ."elate Through
Flumes IIomii llai'MPc.
Chief Keulon was the first fireman to
arrive nt it bluo I a s's slo-v loft build
ing at IM to Is", Mereer stleet yesterday
morning. Tin Urn sturtiig m tho top floor
of 1 S3, wae sweeping rapidly through the
other top floors. Ho founded a second
alarm at once.
(hi the tilth floor fifty nun and women
were at work in the novelty f.nilury of
(Hitman & Co They were ordered out
by Policeman Frank Flnungan.
Samuel Hcrnstuln, flu years old, of Jin
eChrystle street. ,m operator In tho noveitv
factory, was aslnted down tlni flro cm.
capo by Sergt. Timothy Sullivan and po.
llccmnn Flnuagnn. Their uniforms weie
I spoiled by flainea shooting from the w-n-
elows they p.iicd,
Chief Kenlon stayed until the fire wa
under control. He est'niated tho loss at
ir., ooo.
fi Fins llrulthftll llal'll. A.U en KMnec
si til,
London "St;iiiiliiiira Dprliiirs
I'. .S. IIms Itniiiilciicil Sciipc
uf 3l(Miiuc Doctrine.
XousiiiH'i' Tliinks l,iiiiiliiirr
ol'KiiiaiU'i.i I Control lliinns
Kntisli liitt'ii'sls.
Villa's Advance (.Hard Occupies
State Capital Leader I'v
pected Tliere To-dny.
ItM Ctt'A' 'e.i,'e'', oTni Si i
LONIKIN, Dec. ?. The . f el (llo nf n
nounecs this inoriiliig in big Dp' under
spiead lii'.'iclllni s in it" prim ipal news
columns that America ha" retisiel th"
M inroe Doctrine In tin "e xli e mely seri
ous" dltectlon.
This discovery l drawn fp'iu contem
plation of Ho' speech tumle by Ambassa
dor Page at tin annual dlimu- at then
Savage Club on SoUmlay. Those elose to
the Ambassador heard the speech merely
as a testatcment of America's known atti
tude. The other newspapers publish It
without comment as a matter of rasslni
The standarti Is very much petturbecl
by one phrase In the -.e,eh of Ambas.i
dor Page, lb marking that lie was often
aske'il what was ii illy Ani..re-;i attltuds
tottanl tlm tuibtileiil iiciglihois to thi
setiith of the lllo tliainle, lb" Amb is sail or
s'lid It could be I, ml down In "three
proposition", which arc fundamental, self
evident and exccedlni-ly simple."
Th first of these' proposition), wt, he
continue), to tho effect that the Fnlteti
States Is not seeking to Increase her terri
tory, th" stcond, that the Cnltcd State
cinnot commit herself to helping forward
any government unless, for tin benefit of
the- governed by their own consent: the
third, the original Intent of the Monro
Doctrine, to preserve tho countries of the
New World for the people dwelling In
them by the prevention of th- ,e!iure of
their lands by any other power.
"We- now- have develoi ubtle.- trays
than takin? their lands," the Amtussador
went on. "There Is tho tik ng of their
I) uids. for Instance. Therefore, the thirei
propositi' in is that no sort eif nnaneJal
control can with the consent ot tan I'nlted
State " be obtained over t ies,, weaker na
tions which would In etTc?: control their
Doctrine's Scope F.nlnrged.
IMttorlally the Standard declares that
the third pmiiosltlon carries the Monro
Doctrine far beyond Its original r 'ope.
it appears," tays the newspaper, "thtit
this elaboration of the Monroe Doctrine la
n dot be whereby financial and cntnmer
. i.il enterprise in th. Central and South
mrU in ciiuntiles may be chr iced. It
w.ll haidly promote tha- Internationa,
good will which President W"?on anil
Sc. ret.nv of State liryan, Pk" toe rail alt
of our own country, hate so often adtet
cited with oratorical vehemence. A mora
fill ful source of endless 1.seiiona be.
tttreu 1h i'nlted States and other coun
tins wuli legitimate comniet. ,u aspira
tions In Central and South Aimr M could
not be tmasineel."
Tho fitamlnrd asks who Is to decide If
any proposed cone cyslein would or would
not give control of tho government of th
country concerned to the concessionaires
In tho manner referred to in tho Aniba
sndoi's speech.
"It the attitude nf American diplomacy
towatd the Pearson cffoit to obtain con
cessions In Colombia and Lciiador nip
ply nn iinswtr to this question theie can
be no doubt regarding Hie undesirable,
possibilities of tho new- Monro) Doctrine
111 both eases American official Influence
has been exerted to oppose the granting
of conci'sslons to the Pearson syndicate
which would not hate given to the Ilrlt
sh llrm any semblance of tontrol In
the Internal affairs of eithei icpubllc"
Tho ni-tliie concludes bt declnrii.g Hint
the attempt to curtail legitimate JiiiUsh
enterprise In Central and Soutl- Ao crlca
will Inevitably excite just ics.' uient tn
Villa's lilwitii-i linen il I'.nleis I llje,
ml I lileflnln lo llelay eel.
III. I'.tso, I lev 7 -P.ii.ih) Villa did not
make his formal entry i- n fie State
r.tpl'ul of Clilhuiiuuu to-, lay as solifduled
l.it night. Tin pour cotulitt'i! of i ie road
bed and the nei essary it' te'iitiop to matters
In tlio Held nto giten a" tie explanation
of the lailuii of the lebel c lief to enter
tl.e city, wlieie part of bis troops are
illicitly garrlso-it-d, lo'cordiiig to on
lioiincemi nt of Villa's lletite nants tn-duy
Au euvoy fiom cioteriioi- ml Interim
Fiedoriiko Mnt'ii was iccrivcd by lien
Vlllu on SatHHiay iifteniti,, nt Snur
Tne i ivos tu.ule tin- trip fnii t'u v.iahu.i
by autonioblle. lie ciirnd a i "ssage ol
good tvisl.i s and thu assurai ce that the
cHlens of Chihuahua would nccltn thi
Coii"tltutloniillsl loader with opt-n arms
llov, Mojo's e-iivoy rcporlcd mat C5h -huahua
was tn ntctl of torn! fiipilles, but
otherwlsi in good condition
No IVib'ia'.s Into been sighted by th'i
rebel leader and his troops, according to
Juarez Information
A big bullion lialu which hi" been on
the wav from P.irinl, Me xico, for tho past
two we eks icachi'il tljlmega In it night,
nnd nrrlted heie to-diy "ifelt on the
Ametican side of tlm I tin i!-anie. There
were sixteen wagons In I ho train, each
(Iratvn by sixteen mules, with mUittfto

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