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Fair to-day and to-morrow; high north
west winds.
Detailed weather reports will be found on page 15.
VOL. LXXXI.-NO. 100.
NEW YORK, TUESDAY, DECEMBER 9, 1913. Copyright, 1913, by the Hun Printing and Publishing .Uioeiattcu
Secretary of American Lega
tion in Santo Domingo
Brings Them.
Wilson to Have Dominican
Klections "OttservctP
Despite Protests.
lie Strips Wntelierx of "Official"
Status to IMaeate Presi
dent llordas.
W isIiis'iiton, IM', S. While President
Wllmi is determined to have the elections
In S.intn Domingo "observed" next Mon
!. Ill spite of Dominican protests, thi
State Department Is ronf routed with an
Investigation Into rcpoits Involving James -
M Siillhan. the American Minister to!1A'M- I-ter In the morning he was dls- they Know the inxestlgatlon will lie car
. . . .... I charged by Judge Houghton with a rep- j rled forward to establish Just who coin-
Santo Domingo, who was counsel for Jac, r,nunJ ,,,,,, urculll. ,,.,
Xlose In the Dicker trial last ) ear. Tn JOimg man came here Saturday These particular crlims are larceny.
Mr. Sullivan's personal and otllcial con- I night for a dinner of Princeton students at conspliaey. forgery, perjury and viola
duct Is said to be uvolvel In ehnrges i the old Mansion House. He didn't re-, tlon of the corporation laws. The per
nude by Charles U. 'uitl. secretary of ' member how he came to fall out of tho sons who are believed to be Involved are
legation t Santo Domingo city. Secre- h 'd"w tlr M bJ' IIc s,atl" an'' ""'-'I"' otllc.-holde. s. per
tsry Curtis, It l. understood, tefuscd to I '"n ' 11 cobblestone alley, but up- . sons who hold otllcial positions In polltl
wntlnuo service under Mr. Sullivan and parently suffered no brulte.. I cal parties and pet sons who have, no
received permission p. e-ome to in- United ' ' "nwM -"l'.'olty. but who are high In the
States with the understanding that he Is
not to be returned to the Dominican post.
State Department officials aic silnt
gtrdlng the cha.-.e against Mlr.l.er Sulli
van Prom othi r amircs. hieer. It Is
learned that Mr. Sullivan's conduct In
Santo Domingo city has attracted con-
s'dcnblo attention and has been the sub- j
jeet of mncn comment.
31 it s lie Ciinurrssluiinl Imiiilrj.
liMtulrles aic luin; tnade by ui'.inbcis
of ConciC'S Into the facts In thu cai-e und
in some quartets there Is tallt of an at- .
tempt to bring about a Congiesslonul In- I
vestlgatlon. Among the matters nttract- '
... .. .. 1
ing attention Is li.e iciwiien Kiannns m " r . , "' . , .,. . "
a lall.oad concsshm In Suuto Domingo wl,h " bjlheil bjr ISM0O to wllh seeming a bribe from hlra.
to T. J. Sullivan, said to be a cousin u( I ' a providing for a live rent charge 0ne ,)f tn, ncw wltl,r Is expected
' , . , ...,. for telephone conversations not more than , , testify as to tho campaign to g-t
, ' ' " ' . ., ! v i'ilnute-1 long between any two points ,,.(K!,, , refrrellllm calling for an ad
in the san connection much n e e, , , uw York CJ Kpe,llture of lSO.ono.no for the
was aioused by the statement made last . .... . . . . .
, , , .i ..
Kht by jam,- U. Mc .ulre former Mk or
of .xyrueue. now un.,. i chaises In New
(J.... In i.iin..itliin II It II n I ni till! I'll
u.r. ... " """ '" "";
iuoitiuui...iir, .,. ... ..v.
count of his visit to Santo Domingo la-t
e,. it r... iim lnvltutiiin nf Minister Sullivan.
" . '
"The American Minister." Mcliulre ts'duced the resolution, and Assemblyman j
quoted as Maying, "wrote to me In Ucto-1 Larrlmer of Kings, who was defeated at
b r to go down In November and examine I the last election, made the charge against
the ptojio-als and diameter of the woik I the ilovernor.
(public woiks planned by the "Dominican I Mr. Larrlmer Introduced and had the!
liovernini nt. While III Santo Domingo
dty I lemalucd at the legation, as there
Is no fit hotel. My brother-in-law Is to
go clown next month and make an esti
mate on a toad 12J miles long and to
llguie on some railway work."
It Is unusual for American Ministers
to Invite their friends to tnke advantage
of business opportunities, especially those
involving public contracts, In foreign
Thirty Watchers.
Despite protests by Santo Domingo the
elections to be held In that republic next
Monday will be "observed" by a large
group of representatives of the United
States fiovernment, possibly as many as
The persistence of President Wilson in
his determination to sec that the De
cember elections of a constituent As
fcfmbly are "fair and free," even In the
face of hostile attitude on the part of the
Dominican (lovernmcnt, was announced
oniclally this afternoon.
Secretary llryan made public pait of
n telegram of Instructions sent yesteiclay
to Minister Sullivan at Santo Domingo
city setting forth the reasons for the
despatch of the election "observers."
The announcement by Mr, llryan came
shortly after the visit of Senor Peynado,
the Dominican Minister, at the State De
partment. The Minister called to supple
ment his previous verbal protest against
.he plun, with a written communication
from the Dominican (lovcrnment to the
mme effect.
In protesting against the plan of "ob
beivlng," tho Dominican Government
understood precisely what was Intended
und did not labor under any delusions
jesultlng fiom a confusion of the terms
"upervlslou" mid "observation."
Kern Interest In Outcome,
Because of the hostility of the Domini
can Government to the Stute Depart
ment's plan, the outcome of the action
of the Administration Is awaited with
extraordinary Interest,
It is believed hero that the step In
Santo Domingo Is only the first attempt
of the Wilson Administration to make
practically effective Its championship of
e constitutional government In Latin Amer
ica. There Is a general conviction that the
action in the present situation will prove
to be an enterliu; wedge for even mora
advanced courses In other lntln American
countries where, similar conditions pre.
vail, provided of course that out of the
Dominican situation the 1'nlted States
does not get a sharp rebuff.
Secretary Hryan's statement of the Ail
ministration's intrude I action as contained
In purt of the Instructions sent to Min
ister bulllvan Is aa follows:
'Tie use my to President Itordns that
the President has planned to send u num
ber of Americans to visit the principal
polling places on election day, not as u
'commission' for which this Government
links any official recognition but only as
Cintinutd on rAiYtf Page.
Blast Out Waen firemen Arrive
Alarm Box Woaldn'l Work.
An tho family of Mrs. Isaac Hrokaw
wero sitting down to dinner last night
In the homo at Fifth avenue and
Beventy-nlnth street Charlea Hurke, tho
butler, Informed Mrs. Hrokaw that lb"
house was atlrr. Ho was told to go out
to the nearest Are alarm box and turn In
an alarm.
Burku met Policeman Klynn anil the
latter ran to the box at the corner. He
found It out of order and danhed away
toward Madison avenue, while llurku run
back to help other servants put out the
Arc. Hailing a trolley car. Flynn rode to
Seventy-sixth street and there turned In
an alarm. When tho firemen camo he
directed them tn the Hrokaw hoUMe.
Hy that time the Are was out. A de
fective Hue had caused a small blase and
much smoke.. To make sure that the tin
was extinguished the firemen went to thu
roof and poured salt down the chimney.
PrlnretOB Man I'nhart After Tnm
Mr, bat Get Arrested.
Nnw Hnt'NJWtcK, N. J., Dec. S. Albert
Hamilg.m of Washington, D. C. a Prince
ton student, fell out of a second story
window In a hotel here early yesterday
morning and wandered about town In his
athletic underwear. Finally he entered
a house at Sa Wellington street and went
to sleep on the parlor floor.
Tnero the police found him In response
to A telephone call from the house, an
excited woman telling them "there's a as to whether or not crimes weio co.it
burglar here." Hannlnan was put to bed , uiltted. If this witness and cithers v;ho
In the lockup at police headquarters at
mnn AAA nniftn ITIA fllfl WTin
1.. -...,1.1.. ...... f..b..J"l,,m!","'".v- io-iays procee.nngs are ev-
t .1 .'..n III !. Illll II iiiiiiiiiii .'nini .1
Accusation Involving New
York Telephone Co.
Al.tu.NT, Dec. . i:-c-Olovernor William
Knlxer was nrnttleallv cbarced to-night 1
liP "u " '" 1
CUMon n.hlch irP,u. lh, b. ,
, .Ascmul. of r(soiutlon re.iuesting !
... m. . ,i ... ... . . . ,
me rui.iic neivice commission w con-
iciuot - speeouy us uesnng in mo nmuer
or thp ,v cent rate.
uu..i.,i.u.,n M.-.rL. .!r.iai.Ar Intrn. t
Senate and Assembly pass st the teg-
uiai session inn ,.rin iuuik 101 'n i
five cent charge for telephono service,
but Oov. Sulier vetoed It.
In supporting the Goldberg resolution
to-night Mr. lairrlmer asserted that the
110,000 Sulzer got from Attorney Meany
and another 110,000 he received In cam
paign contributions came from the New
York Telephone Company.
"So you see we have $20,ono worth of
reasons why my bill was vetoed," said
Mr. I-arrlmer.
The Goldberg resolution preamble re
cites that "public Interest demands a
speedy disposition and adjustment uf this
all Important matter tn the telephone
user," and that public hearings on cc
plaints have been unduly delayed by tho
telephone company.
Chorus Girls llrrnme Hysterical
Barstlnsr Hose Quiets Them,
t'lre that started on the first floor of
a boardnlg and rooming house at 348 West
Thirty-fifth street last night nnd, fanned
by the strong wind through an open win
dow, spread rapidly drove twenty per
sons to the street,
Mts. Mary Knowles, who rents rooms
on the third floor of the house, waited
until all her tenants had hurried to safety
und then started to run down stairs. She
was met by a wave of smoke and run
ning back to a window seemed on the
point of throwing herself out. The crowd
below shouted a warning and Lieut. Mc
Nalley of Hook and Ladder -1 had n
ladder put up to the window and he
and Fireman Christian Hoffman rescued
the woman.
Twenty chorus girls from a nearby tha-
tre watched the rescue-, became hysterical
and almost started a panic in the crowd.
The bursting of a hose Just under the feet
of the girls restored them and they ran
awuy unaided.
Motor Cycle Policeman Was on War
to Nerve Warrant an Anlnlsl,
Mrs. Minnie Aaronson, "C years old, of
JI3 Powell street, Kant New York, was
run down lust night by a motor cycle po
liceman who was on his way to serve a
warrant on William Johnson, who got a
summons for speeding nfs automobile ami
failed to go to court. The nccldant hap
pened at Knstern Parkway anil Itock
uwny avenue.
Leonard J. Preston, the policeman, said
he una going slowly, driving cure-fully,
and that he blew his horn when the
woman stepped Into the street, She said
he was riding recklessly and that she
didn't hear the horn. She didn't seem
badly hurt ut first und went homo after
some bruises were dressed. letter, how
ever, she fainted, and a doctor found
that her Injuries were serrous.
Preston, after explaining to a crowd
that gathered, went on his way to servo
the speeding warrant.
A Olft AuiUmslr Opera (Jlasi.n-Pow.rful,
distinct dettnltlon. Npeneer, J Mieltltn hunt.
Whitman to Produce Witness
Expected to Tin plicate
High Officials.
James K. McOuire Pleads Not
(iuilty mid Hull Is Fixed
at 81,500.
District Attorney Whitman Is going ns
foro Chief Magistrate McAdoo this after
noon with a witness whusu story of graft
In campaign contilbutlous from highway
contractors Is regarded n of such Im
portance ns to lead Mr. Whitman and
others who nro conducting the John Doe
ptuceedlngs to refuse ull Information as
to his Identity or the character of the
revelation! which he is expected to make.
Intimations cilno from the District At
torney's eilllce that his disclosures not
only would be startling, but alio would
bo of a n. i till e to lniiig the whole Inquiry
to a point where elelltilto lints of In
vestigation may be followed. to thu
; present time Information has been sought
hat a been called tell what It Is believed
I """" l"u,"-" "
N'enr Siilnthtn of Problem,
There Is no longer any doubt In the
minds of the authmltlej. that crimes
have been rxniimttti'il. Th pioblein con.
fronting them now is to tlx the re-
peeled to go a long way towanl solvl.ig
; that ptubli ni.
I Seven or eight contractors have heen
I suhpienaed. At least four of them are lie.
i lleved to be witnesses procured by John
1 A. Heuuess.v. It was Mr. Ilennesy who
brought forward Madison It. Aldrlch. a
rnnlr:iiliir n't... lt . t-i.u Tltinn..
improvement or statu lugnways. lie rw
referendum would mean gm-l Jobs for
a ,ul llf M,opl ,.lli:iM souiethln.;
,)m ,llM.k..ts of otheis who didn't
,,.,. ,.,..... f B .,. I
enuum aim inn results in lis pc-sage
jKej. t t.,K(. ;l pr nnlnent place in
j,,),,,' n -MtlKatloii.
Metiiilre Hives Hull,
jamps Mcdulre, former Mavor
, i
Syraeue, came to town veste relay from
New Itochelle to tilc.nl not guilty to th-1
Indictment which ehnrges him with hav - j
Ing solicited a campaign contribution
from :i corporation. t j
Hall was fixed at Jl.r.Oft and the bond
was furnished by the I'nited States Kidel- j
Ity and Guarantee Company. This coin-
pany, which does a lug business bonding i
Barge canal and State highway contrac
tors, Is represented In Siiacuse by Sir
Gulre and his brothers. Charles Mur
phy, Jr.. represents the company also and
goes shares with the MctSuIres on com
missions. John It. ftanchtlelil of counsel for
McGulre had n talk with District Attor
ney Whitman, but declined to discuss It
afterward. Mr. Whitman was equally un
communicative, but admitted that the date
of McGulre's trial was taken up.
After his arraignment Mr. McGulre was
asked to say something In addition to the
account of bis travels which he gave to
the newspapers on Sunday, especially on
the matter nf soliciting campaign con
tributions from corporations. He said;
"As a member of financial and execu
tive committees In various State and na
tional campaigns In the last twenty years
I have collected for the Democratic party
more than J.mo.onn. And with all that
experience few men In tho country would
know better than I not to go to a corpora
tion for a campaign contribution.
"All n I'mnienii," He Mays.
"it Is true that I saw Condlt in his
office about that time, but we talked on
subjects absolutely foreign to the matter
tin mentions. Therev was no conversation
about contracts or commissions or con
tributions. This Is nil a friuneup on the
part of the oil men. Tho fight with them
has lasted for over ten years.
Mr. McOuire sale! he had not seen his
brother Georgo since his arrival at Key
West, but hud heard from a mlntlve that I
George wns In bad shape. It was on the
testimony of George', as corroborated by '
Klllmore Condlt of the Union till Company,
that James K, McGulre wns Indicted, In
posing fur a photogiaph McGulre asstiineel
a grin and ti iiiaiki-d :
"It Is belter to I " taken iaughing lliau
crying. This is somewhat different fiom
the picture of poor George,"
Klllmore Coudll, the crcillblllly of whose
testimony before Chief Magistrate- McAdoo
and the Grand Jury McGulre eiiesllonei
yesterday and In his previous prepared
statement, Intimated that when t lie matter
comes, to trial the Jury will not have to
depend entirely upon his story and th.it of
George II. McGulre. He declared that ad
ditional corioborntlve evidence would bo
produced at the proper time. Ho said!
lias Proof, nays Condlt,
"When the McGulre trial takes place,"
he said, "everybody will know who ls tell
Ing the truth. I am perfectly content to
wait for the trial to Justify all 1 have
said. My statements will be completely
CsHMnued on Fourth Pag:
See In Mine Worker' Indictment
ftanctlon for fllanln BUI.
Washington, Dec 8. President Wll
aon to-day took occasion to make pub
lic his belief that through the recent In
dictment of certain high ofllclals of tn
t'nlted Mine Workers of America by a
Federal Grand Jury at Pueblo, Col., Ids
action In signing' the last sundry civil
appropriation bill had been vindicated.
The President was criticised because
the bill contained a special provision
whereby an Inhibition was placed upon
the use by the Department of Justice
of any of the 1300,000 appropriated for
tho enforcement of the Sherman luw in
cither the Investigation or the employ-
incnt of special counsel against labor j
unions or fanners' associations. I
It was pointed out that In this Instance I
the Pueblo Orand Jury had taken the)
initiative. The Indictments had been
brought without the expeudltuie of Fed-1
eral funds for Investigation. '
flush Between Soldiers and People
Itrporlril In MtraaahiirK.
Special Coble lleipatch to The Sin.
IIkiU.IN. Dec. 8. It Is reported here that
fresh iintl-mllltary trouble has stalled
In Alsace. It I believed that there has
been a clash at Strassburg, but no details
are available,
Letter I'rotll Hilll Says t ailtlj
Three tlthers Are Left
on Land.
Ottawa, Dec. s. Vllhjalinur Stefans
son. the Arctic explorer, l separated from
his ship, the Karluk, which drlfteil avva.v
while the leader of the expedition and a
small party were ashore on :i hunting
t rlj in September lust, according to a
letter received here to-day from the ex
plorer himself.
The letter which .vas er,t from Point
Harrow, Alaska, to t'lrcle, uisl thence
despatched on DectmWr ., is dated Oc
tober no and addrevued to l.-onre Des
h.irats, acting MliiNtr of Marine. It con
tlrms the leais Mt hem that a mishap
had befallen the expedition when It was
Named last month that nothing had been !
seen of the ship since August and tetrltlc
gales In the Arctic circle were reported
about that time.
Stefunsson reports tn.it he has made
many attempts to tind the Kniluk, uboard
which aie twenty-rive membeis of his !
patty, but up to the ti:n cf hi' letter he i
was unsuccessful. The men a shut e with
the leader of the expedition ale Di.
. . i
Jl-Illie- U, 11 eillllCUO. .11 ...II I III! llllll
Williams ejt Monti. al and H. M. Mo
Connell ni l.e.s Atigele. e.'al. The Karlul.
has plenty nf provisions and no feat s
f, ,u .,,,... ..e ,u.,M .,,..,.,,,1
! Mefhtiesnn's litter ai
( "The Karlul;, heset hy heavj i.-c on
Auc.ust ", In longitude nit III, fifteen
it uiin ciruicii wnn me ice until .epieni-
br in, when the drift Hopped, tin Sep-
lenil.er n i...n..c i,... n,. i,i., r.,,-
the winter and as It was mcessaiy to sc.
cure fresh meat I went ashore, to hunt,
"Northeast gales sprang up on Septem-
ber 21. with snow and fog. When the
storm cleared, on th" Hth, the ice had
gone and the Karluk wllh It.
rouoweei tne coast west to Harrow
but the Karluk has not been sighted, The
schooners Sachs and Alaska with south
ern party ate safe at fnlliusoti Point. The
schooner Helvldere. with e-argo of fi eight
and provision. Is wintering near the in
I teru.itlonal boundary.
"I am planning an Ice expedition from
the 145th meridian to the Mackenzie delta,
nicking survey nnd taking soundings for
steamer toute,
"The Karluk has on board a company
of twenty-five, Including Heuchat, Mackay,
Mnmen, McKlnley, Murray nnd Malloch,
with the members of the crew and five
Ksklmo." Signed) "Stkkansso.w"
The explorer believed that th" Karlul:
may possibly have broken free anil
steamed east, but thought it mom likely
that she remained fast nnd drifted west
with the Ice.
c desnnteh from Seattle .inbllsi,..,! in
,11 i, .,.-sit,it-n iiiiui s-r.iien: JJUUIIIIi'U ni. -
Tin-: Su.v on November IS It was said that, ' to hive been piompted bv Ideals solely, j
according to reports received by members It matters not whether these were light j
of a Canadian scientific expedition ufor wiong. ,
Cnlllslnn Point, nothing had been heaid; L't us tako the civil war nf tin- I'nlte 1 i
of the Karluk since August IS, and It was i States for comparison. Is It enne elva-
feared that the ship and the whole parly, hla for a moiiicut that the Southern m-!
had been lost. c-esslonl.ts should have looted open tow ns
Municipal I.imIkIiik House House
I.V lloieeeless Ones,
The Mutilclpnl Uielglng House took
care of more penniless and bedless uu-n
Inst night than ever leeforc In Its llfteen 1
years history. At midnight 630 men, '
thirty-two women nnd sixteen children -
had found shelter ut the lodging house
land more than ESS men had been sent to
tho Charities, pier, nt the foot of Kast 1
Twenty-sixth street.
in the pier room was found in the
waiting rooms und on tin- hteainhoat
liwell. The homeless were Mill coming
early this morning und the authorities
agieeel that It wins u record night. The
cold snap drove, the men In, anil many
of them explained that the Mopping of,
work on rnlltoail Improvement cemtiacts
was responsible for their being lu New
At the Municipal Lodging House it was
said that u great many of , heir uppll.-an.s
I . . . . ....... .
an thing If they could only find em
Trawler Picks Hp Parte" , of Dlrl
Klble Wrecked Off lle...'olnad.
Aimridt Cable Vtpatcb to Tun Srx.
llAMBUnn, Dec. . A steam trawler has
fished up parts of the Ze-ppiillu L-l, which
was wrecked In the North Ben on He'pte-m-ber
, when thirteen were drowned.
Former Foreign Legation
Chancellor Assails
1. S. Policy.
IJ f l.'V II ITl.'IPP; i
S) II 1 110111 Itcptlhlic l.S Ullfit
to (tovern Itself, He
S. President Has Caused as,
U....I. I .. f.l I
.'iiiru jMiuuii: lift .'UUII'lii.
Says Ev-Diploniat.
Tin: Sun piesnifs herewith (in nrltrlr
fH " former channltor of n rTurnjicon
('Vfltfoil In Mexico tchn hua hotl n iride
Po"iV to Know und In utility UriUnn
uiifiKiurin. -roiMioiini yM'sioeiir jfariro
tini mnie ocf imixteil icflh lie inaleiils
the artirti- It fare it u na trnt tn TltK
St'N nnd If laav br token as rprrs nd'iif;
fie point of rlrtr of pn xiK orern
ii i, tif Mtxiro,
The p!u.kl of the pi ess of the t'nlted
States with Splx'ial n-ference to the c.isj
of Mexico i, veals a deplorable state of
Ignorance of the facts of the case and of
misunderstanding as to th picullat con
dition" of this country
This Is chargeable in part to the cir
cumstance that the leading papcis are up
resented In Mexico rity bv cm respondents
appointed ad hoc-, but who toscss only a
superficial Knowledge of Mexican condi
tion and who, by their Ignorance of tha
language, mast g,-t their Information
at second hand and in too many enes
through the gossip of clubs anil pub'le
resorts, and In part to the wilful dlsto,-.
tlon of the facts tiy parties Interested in
the eventual surcess of the i evolution
or Inclined to sensationalism.
In the Mr; pl.oe it shou.d be home in
iiilnil that the so.cilled revolution ill Its
' ! tn... .,il uti.tu ..iiiit.ir In fiiiv v..n lie
considered a a puiih piillthal one. It
lias outgiovvii it pniiti.-al aspect. If i:
ever r.ao anv urn in woni ..ramiii.b, tn,. Agnews In April last the price'
that .Mr. Carian.a ..r M.iyt na start r,i, , tt, J lt".!.iirt. caused a sensa-i
their rebellion nude, Cie guls.. of a p.i- 1 t!nn In London art circles, as tin. hlgh
I it lea I movement, at the bottom th.ro j,M ,., U(JUS ,!,,. ,,.,, f,. , i:im!.tKlr.
v.a.e the h.iti-d ngniii-t Gen. IlUeita. j ,,n;j)l ,-.3,)1uu ..Tt. Malket C.n t"
whose deposition of Madeio il.ptiv.il brmnrht about !'. nmi lu.nn ...,r .. i
protector who placed them
In power anil on trie continuance oi wims
rule depended the.r peisonal Piollt and
The example of Zapata, the bandit
chleT or the south, or, as no is popuiaris
I eallee! on account of the devastations pel
I petrated by hlni. the Attlla of the Soutn.
stimulated the leaders in their rebellion
purposes, as It showe-d the comparative
e-ase and Impunity with which u guer
rilln war can be carried on successtullv
111 a mountainous country ULn Mexico.
Their followers found It such a protlta
bin occupation that the politUnl e harac
ter which the movement had at the start
gradually ilisappi ared and soon was re
place d by simple brigandage mid van
dalism In their mnt hideous foitu, widen
have become by this tlmo an established
Industry, tolmatesl by tln revolutionary
chlefs as the only means of securing the
coutinii il support of aimed followers.
PielrleHle- Vlntlves Aliaurel."
To show the utter absurdity nf 111"
claims nf the rebel bandits of patriotic
motives or of rcpi e s-ntlug the pubic' !
I onliiloii of the Mates or districts vvhleli!
they Infest it Is only neeee-sary to com
i pam their conduct with hlstorcal revo-
lutlonary movements which are known I
I ami hamlets, set liio to nubile and ti,. ,
vate bulbllngs, kllb-d unarmed non-corn.
batants. stolen what they could cairy off
and wantonly ilistroyeel what they cotihi
not, exacted fenced loans and killed the!
pioplo who wejee unwilling or uiiulil.-
to grant them and tinally cart led olT an 1
outraged women?
Is It cotici lvalile thai
they couhl have done alt this,
not ,u
the enemy's i-uimtr. to.
North, fm
which them would have been some shovi j
of justlllcatioti, hut in tln-u- own iouutt. i
In tho South? ,
All this the Mexican muds an- doing
to their own people of the snnn- States,
dirtrlcts and towns where they raise, tin- i
I evolutionary Htaudanl, thiiH proclaiming
tl-i inselves, In the first place, enemies of1
their own ui'lghliors. but all unde r the
pretext of n political uplislng. Zaiutn !
elestroys Ills native Stall of Moiclns, Sal
gniln Ids own Stute of Gucrmro, May
toreiia linn ivsipieiru ineir Mate or so- i
nora Carranzu his own Stute of Coahulla '
'. ... .. ... . i
and Its neiguiior, ?iieivo i.eon, nun so
i .. . ,. i it . , .... i. i
n .m . .m s . , " ' - -.
Willi l'IIIIIIIIL'llt.',. I'., ,l"..IOIil,ll. Llll-ll III, I
Slale-s und ile-Hpollln Uiclr own pe-ople
and neighbor".
Now. It ls a pertinent nuestlon: who
' 11,.,'i.mi H. s ivhn am i liriiiii.tilinr in.,
lives and piopertlis of Auieilcan citizens capital punishment Is barn.ulc ami llbval,
residing lu .Mexico: Is It the Government i wio not read In open session,
foices or tho lebi-ls? Is It not Illogical, What tin) boanl did lu executive) ses
to say the least, to charge the cenlrul ' slon will not be known until the ndjouined
Government with tho responsibility fur
the lives und properties of American citi
zens against tho arts of the rebels, ami
Continued on Second Page.
Developments in Mexico.
fien. Huerta'd agent.-' ubrnnil are
informed that he Is pie-pal lint to
move the capital .siuilliwni'il to Igu
ala, In the Stute of Guerrero.
Guerrero Is n Zapata stmnUinld
and it Is believed thcn-feiio that tho
Kxccutlvo, fenrliiK the sippi 'nodi uf
tho rebels from thu north, bus en
listed tho famous brigand c hief und
will niako his fight with blin.
The Znpatlsta.s were lighting ys
terday within llfteen mlli" or th
Pantlm Villa enters t'lillitialniu.
Ills rebelH report the uiittllo of two
other Important towns In thu north,
l.lnaroi und Matatnotos.
Lord o,Tilrn'
Thine. (Olo nil, Ih Will llntlfy Ileal.
I ic..if fable DenutlrK t tmi. s- v.
ivi.MisTo.v. in,., s. Lord Mtiirav of
Kllbnnk. the ie,r. sentatlve of I..ird Co.v.
dray, who conducted the negotiations with
Colombia for oil concessions to the Peai
sou Kyudlc.iti-, arrived heie to-day from
I llogota.
l.onl Murray Informed tho cm respond,
etit of Tin: Sfs- thai, although Lord e'env
dra has nntaiiinced that the s.v mllcine
ha abandoned all efl'orts to ohtaln the
roncivsilons, owing to the opposition i,f
the Pnll.-d States, h- bellevis that the
ileal will go through. He said he ex
pects the I'oloinblan i.'.nires to ratify
the contract when It meets again in
The representative of the Pear.-on In
ten.sts expressed himself 'as sanguine of
tho success of th negotiations with IVu i
dor for similar concessions In that coun
try. Lord .Murray said th ...ndi ate in
tends to transport the oil by way of the .
Panama Canal.
Tho party sailed this aftern'ou for
"The .Market fart." it (inliisliiirnnicli.
t'omliiR n Amrrlcn.
l-per.at Cable Oetpntch to Tiir. Six
I.9KDOV. Dec. Judge Klbert 11.
flary has puirhnsed ";aln'iornugh's
"The Market I'art," which Mess is. Agne'.e
boiMb: at a ..-il,. at I'hilstv's In Anril
' lal tin JliHi.fOO.
V!. -rht. Market Cart" was tiotiot
Tn .,.,,.. is c- i... - ,,.,.v . ,
,., , 1(. ,,, BU,mill 1H ,...,.,.
. ..,. .p..,...,, l, Ihr.... I,..,-..
Ill it an- time women ami two children.
, w,,. j, ,,,
I'.-inil.g over the side as-
1 S1t.s a ;;, in cl.inhint. ut
In Iront
two sheep and a dog. and in
V.sjlc,. t
Hi the distance am othi r sheep
oin uf
which Is standing In a pool
Ml low iisenil, Comptroller, fills.
Post Wlille superior An- Alienl.
Ati.avtii' i'itv, N. .1., Die. S. At
lantic City ha n Mayures to-dav. She
is Miss lies ele Mny Townscnil. City
Comptroller. I'rom T.l.'i o'clock thl morn
ing until 2?rt o'clock this altcrnoon sh
the legal head of the town. This
the view of the City Hall staff.
Mavor William lihld'e together with
Cominlsiioners liachai ,ich, llartlett,
Hewer and Thompson, win to I'hllade l -
ph.a at T.I. to discuss the iuistinn of a
I'rmiu.u wnn mo lie ins or tno
I'enns.v Ivanln Hallro.nl. In her oillcial I
capacity nf Comptroller Miss Tow use ml. '
, , - , ,, , ., . l
who is 27 and a blonde, w.-.s the next'
highest otllcial after the commissioners
and until thev retm ned tills afternoon sho
was the he-ad of the- cltv.
Mi.s Tow mend ls said to be the only
vvomiiu Comptinller m the country and
ree-eiv es a .-alary of u'..".i)il a year.
to linve lleeti Hurt In lnioi
tce-lilent In I'n lis. ,
I ...
Pvill". I --William s-.nr Cu.iiiler.
ix-e 'nngi ci-nrm and -teat-.r imiIshii of,
.lnhn .lac.ih Ast -:-: is -crlnitslv I" at the
Aiiie i lean Iiom'HuI at .Neuillv -t in -M ine,
loutMiic I'.iil. from Itijurl. s i.-c.-ivcl in an
alitninoblle accident l.isl week. r. Chin
b-r Is "aid to have stiffi red a hail fiac
tut.- nt tin- utic.-, lull trie imsmial an
innimis ieiuo in mane a ouini- spue
mi-nl icgaullng his cav-
It Is believed that he will n. opci m-d
upon to-mmiow,
I'etiiiii'i'tli'iil Pnriloii Hoard l)lsie--
mini Pleli for VI nreleri's.
1 lAiiTioiai, Conn., Dee-. K. At the semi- i
"ui-'-tlng of the State Hoard nf
I i.i .".I i ill s lit the Wetht.rsn.iM s-e.il., .,..l....
.....i7 n,
lo-iiav me case oi .vie, nessie vv ieketi..t.i
, ..., TIH ,,,., ()f
ne'Ctlcilt Wuman's Stufragu Association
H,m l!" M"w "''ii r.unical Keiuallty
t'lllb. begging that the muideress not be
e.xecutcil on March 4. on the around that
meeting on December 19,
Watch Hint smile nt aatl.reictlon sreiw as h
drinks that Antediluvian, l.uitlos Hi oa , N V
Provisional President In
torins Agents Abroad
of Move.
ilgiiala. in State Held by
i Mrigand Chief, Said
to He Chosen.
.Southern Hcbel Leader Helieved
to Have (ione Over to
ertal vttle llftpntch tn Till. Sir'-
Lovpo.nt, Dec S. President Hnerta'a
ngents liere received notlllcatlon from
the Mexican capital to-day that the pro
visional President Intends to transfer
the seat of government from Mexico
city to Iguala, In the State of Ouerrero.
til the H HlthvVfst.
Tho a.-ents were Informed nNo that
flen. Huertu Intends tn tight the rebels
to tho end, but that he his decided to
send his family tn Kurope.
Wife mill Two tin em filers Sulci tn lie
on Way to t'linat.
""Ml 'Obit V..r(W. , Till, SIS
Mkxic-ii i'itv, li.e-. :i (TiicMlayi..
Most nf the members of Gen. Iltiorta's
family left tin; capital hurrleel'y Inst
night. Two daughters of the Kxccutlv
left by .-pedal train nt S.Gu and Mrs,
Huertu Is belleve-d tn be with them.
Their destination Is sold to bo Guada
lajara and Manzanlllo nn the Put Hie
cnad. It was .said here last night thul
they ure merely making n plcasum trip
and this was continue d b people (-.,).e
in the President. Gen. Hinrtas levi-
, donee le maliii'd closed to e'liller.i all dav
anil no telephone communication comd
,e obtained
Tile- Department of War iitilioiinceii
last night that Gen. Ge-ueve-vei lie la u,
one of the f.aiiatlstu h-aders. was killed
.vosterday in n battle arnund Ciierna
vucu. This icbel
le-ader was almost aa
' greatly tcarcel as Zaputa liiinself H.
VC.-1S o .l..v,...r.i.. .1........ 1
' nllv eommliie.il nn nml....- ..e- i,i.w
i ..... f.,r.,iv ., ,,..,. .... i,i
, plimtallim In the State, of Mme ln.s, but
when the Keel era Is burned his homo
town, his parents were nccldentally
liilhel in the lighting vvnlch ensued, and
t.i'iieve.'vo vowed vengfauce. Shortly
thereafter i - beianii- the dareelevll
Itndin- of n baud eif riiftlans who hnvi
committed many crimes.
There' has hcem tcrnlic fighting
since Thiirsday last between a laruo
force' of Zapatistas: and .mi eiiual
force of lVdorals north nf Ciict
navnni. The Zupatistas huve ud-
vanccti tn the foot of .Mount AJuscn, a
vei.cnilo Mltei-u miles himth nf this cltv.
"nil tho residents of the fashionable
j suburbs of San Angel, Mi.xcna , Churn
j Inis-cn and Tlalpnin, all south of the
capital, are in irivm iihn-m.
An order was Issued by the War Di
llal'ttlli.nt v.. St.. nine e.t lli- ..II ....
. ,,, ,
foreigners wl l have-evcrv protection in
' '
T .. ' m"".. cu. uue-u man-
; , i , ,
n"1 "' 'I'Siutiel l' fnri-lgin-r-
w'" "t In- compelled tn take- up arms
l" 1'cih-ral.s. This order wns rc
' 1'i-alcd to-day to isll tin- ellvi.s.nu head
Miiartc-rs mi that It sha'l apply tn foi.
' eigtn-rn throughout tin- it-public
lliiuiinil Clili-r Alivaj Heady lu
Ilulit for i- I eiiise.
-n. (.MJIi ft tlifiit Htu-ita is
,n mnvo the seat of Govei nuu-ut from
M,Ail o cltv to Iguala. in tile. State of
!,,,, mm. is tal.. n m ni,.:i but
j thing by those c-onvcisant with the situ
ation Ihuihano .apata, Ihifeiuio Z.i
pat. i. his Ineither, and "111 Tuerto" Mo
i ales, the emu ej-eel sclioolmaater-lleu-tenatit
of his brothers, have Jumped
again. , If that weic not tho case not
even liuerta would care to venture Into
the new tcnltory: at least he would go
with hc.int hope of peace.
The only route he can take Is over
tin- National line from Mexico city south
to Cni'inavaca, .Monlos, where tho rail-
wa Is alie-ady in tho possession of tho
" - -
ri-bcls. From there lie could travel by
enll e.i t..v 1.... 1 1 I !n....rn. ...l.ntl.. I..
rebel teiiitory, and then to get tu Iguala
In- would have to use horses or burros
over some vciy tough counliy, He could
du It with a great army, but tho des
patches 1 1 1 nut speak oi' any great escort
for hlni. The Mildleis will probably
bo left to defend tin old capital and op
pose the advance from thu ninth.
It Is no new thing for Zapata to
chungo sides. Ho never changed under
Poiflrin Dlnr, because- that gilm oIJ
dictator seldom compromised with anv
bandit or icbel, lie was with I'ranclaco
Mutlern at one time; then against Ufa.

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