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tlronx, hai! removed for good and all the
prll nf handmade, scientifically con
structed Infernal machines. And yet tho
maker of thn machine, which destroyed
Miss Anusewltz was more skilful iind
mori- Intelligent than that of the? half de
ranged Hronx youth. Tho bomb of yes
terday was mnrc powerful and destructive
than tho bomb which shattered Qrace
Taylor's body or tho bomb which was
meant to hill Judge ltosalsky.
Dougherty summed up ths situation In
a ilosen nnxlmn words: "We've (tot to
catch that devil or there'll be no peace for
The story of what happened from the
time the Infernal machine was offered for
shipment at the express office In the How
ery until tin- latest development of the
ln estimation by the police o.m be told
simply. It Is all that Is known except I
for certain details of the murderer's ap
pearance which aie police secret for tho
At a quarter past 4 o'clock on Thursday
afternoon Moe Andrews, a clerk In the
branch ottlee of tlm Adams Express Com
pany at the Hon cry and llroome street,
was busy with the rush of early holiday
I, miked llonely lit .Mun.
tie whs too much occupied to scrutinize
evciy man or woman who entered the
olllce, but there were ret tain reasons why
he looked closely at a young man who
came in briskly and placed on tho counter
a parcel wrapped In coarse brown paper
ami Hi inly tied with heavy string.
Young Andrews weighed the parcel, an
nounced tho weight, which was four
Hound.-, and said to the customer:
"lo .oti want to pay for this hero?"
The young man didn't trouble himself to
peak. He nodded.
"Twenty cent chaws," nald the clerk,
iHiokltu the parcel and making out a re
ceipt. As he niado out the receipt he ex
amined, a a matter of course, the In
scriptions on tho paper cover of the box,
hleh was ten Inches Ions, tight Inches
wide and six Inches deep. He law that It
was addressed not to an Individual, but to
a company.
In li glide handwriting was "Tho O. K.
llottllng l"n.. C2S-G30 West Thirty-eighth
streit." In the upper right hand corner
was written by the same hand "Surprise
lnd. Co." And lu the tipper left hand cor
ner wa "2311 Mattery Place."
TluiUKlit n .tlunli-rrV'a Joke.
Helm; up alert youth and knowing his
New York Andrews inlsfd his eyebrows
over ":3!i llattery Place." He knew that
the addresi was fictitious, since the num
liers on llattery I'laee do not run so high
by any means, but he didn't consider that
It was his duty to question the customer.
All necessity for questioning was remoed
by the addiess of the shipper. "Surprise
lint. Co."
In this detail appeared the forethought
of the bomb maker. To nvolij the danger
of questioning he put tho shippers art
dress, always irqulred by expiess com
panies, on the pan-el. There Is no such
coin-fin a the "Surprise lnd. Co." To the
police that appealed to bo a bit of In
fvrnul hiimiPi, a murdeior's Joke.
Hut the fictitious address aroused An
drews's curiosity and be Kuo the cus
tomer a looking over. He seemed, An
dieus said last night, to be "something
between a driver and u clerk": not n la
tuning man nor yet a man of business,
lie was an Italian by uppeariinco and he
wine a suit of dark clothes. At tho re
quest of the l-olleo Andrews kept silent
on other di talis of description. The man
left the olllce hurriedly ufter obtaining a
Following the usual routine the parcel
was taken to the Adams Express Com
pany branch distributing ottlce at !42
Wen Forty-seventh stieit, the nearest
agmcy to the addiess on the parcel. Go
ing uptown It was Jolted with a wagon
loud of packagts and was held all night
In tlm West Forty-seventh street office.
It was Milt out In the first delivery yes
today miitnliiK by George L. Cole, tho
manager of the brunch. In a wagon driven
by G. Lohm.in.
Lohiuan and his wagon arrived at 52S
West Thlity-elghth street at S .17 A. M.,
as Sales Manager McCabo of tho O. K.
Uottllng Company lemtmbcis It.
Doomed Cilrl Saint at Her Work,
It was early hours ror the O. K. office
force. Miss Anusewltz hnrt Just arrived
and McC.tbo bail only preceded her u few
minutes. Tbo girl seemed to McCabe to
be ill an unusually happy mood. She
eaine In singing and attacked the flrst
routine of tho office, opening the mall,
with a song on her Hps.
Ida Anusewltz was Just under nineteen.
She was graduated from the Washington
Irving High School, with honors, a year
ago lust summer. Her placo as book
keeper for the o. K. Mottling Company
wua her first employment and sho had
been with tho comuaiiy a little more than
u year.
Previously, William II. Callanan, Jr., a
aon of the proprietor, bad been the book
keeper and stenographer, but ho left hla
father to take a Job with the Edwin H.
Low Steamship Aptney nt 1123 Broad
way. Miss Anusewltz was a very effi
cient employee. Mr. Callanan regarded
her as a model mid ner ofllcu relations
wcro ugreeablu.
In many ways sh was a girl of In
teresting personality. Sho was born In
Russia, but bud grown up unit been edu
cated In New York. Her father, Nathan
Auusewiti'., has it Jewelry store at 37
Clinton street, and Is In good clrcum
Btanres. Ida was tho second nf eight
children who llvo at tho Anusewltz home,
163 Suffolk street. Mrs. Sarah nusewitz,
the mother, has been 111. Tho news of
her daughter's death was kept from her
yesterday becuuso of the doctor's belief
that tt would snap the thread of her life.
Helped Children nf Nelvbliorbooil.
Ida waa Interested lu the Educational
Alliance In East Broadway. Occasionally
she taught little Jewish children of the
East Side Itusslan folk dances or gave
them help with their school work. Sn
was fond of reading good boocs and had
a card In the Hester street branch of the
Public Library. She went to tho opera
when sho could afford it and whs pas
lonately fond of music.
She hud with her when sho went to
work yesterday morning Iteno liazln a
"The Fenltents," which sho had taken from
tho library on Thursday. Whllo waiting
for .Mr. McCube to step Into the office she
read a few pages ami then when McCabe
entered took up the task of sorting the
offlco mall and .Ml. ('.(Italian's private,
McCabe Jested with her. She told him
Bayly that she was going In the evening to
tho Metropolitan Opera House to hear
"Tannhaueser." und showed him two
tickets that she had for herself and a girl
friend. McCube leaned against one of
the two breast high bookkeepers' desks
and watched tho gill's busy tlngeis.
Thero was a knock it t tho door while
the girl worked and McCnbe looked on.
An expressman entered carrying a cubical
parcel wrapped lu brown paper. He
handed It to McCabe, saying, ''Sign here;
line marked 0."
The sales manager took the parcel,
acilbbled a receipt In tho driver's book,
d'dn't glance at the man long enough even
to eo what company ho worked for, and
set tho parcel on Miss Anusenitz's desk.
For half an hour It lay there unnoticed
by either.
Chance Meeting Sutea ( nlluiinii.
Mr. Callanan usually arrived ut his of
flco very punctually nt s;:io a .M, nr.
illnarlly he would have been there and
probably he would have opened the parcel
himself hud he not hwn ilelavud l.e
himself nua us ni own neiaynu by
Butrlck Kano. & younir 1 1 lend who b.ui
aacently Inherited a delivery business trout j
Original Drawings
Sir Thomas Lawrence,
P. R. A.
Of Beautiful Women
Mi Children
Scott & Fowles Co.
hJ 'ather. Mr. Kane met Mr. Callanan
v mi avenue ana Tnirty-eignth street.
He wanted business advice from Callanan
out of tha lllliv'a ...1.1. 1 ,
. . . " mug iA,i'i n-iivr. mill
for a quarter of an hour or more the
two men stood on the corner talking
about Kane' affairs. They were startled
by an explosion, a deafening roar, whose
sound wave smashed windows along the
block. This waa exactly nt 9 A. M.
The two men run to the office. They
were stopped by n pile of debris, but saw
through the gaping windows Miss Anuse
wlti stretched on the floor by the big
safe, McCabe dlzilly picking himself up
nnd tho wreckago of glass am desks that
filled the room.
"Wo thought," said McCabe later lu
telling what happened, "that the parcel
contained a souvenir of some sort. Miss
Anusewltz removed the brown paper rover
easily and started to slide or lift the lid
of n pasteboard box,
"That Instant there war an explosion.
It was Ilka the roar of a cannon. For a
minute cr two I was knocked out. too
dated to know whether I was dead or
u W.1 went lo ,m floor " lf a hammer
had hit me. 1 got up. put my hand to
my left ear, saw that my hand was
covered with blood and made up my mind
I wasn't bndlv hurl Th.,i i i,..t...i r.
tho girl.
filrl Mill Breathed.
"Smoko was thick in the room, but It
was rolling out through broken windows.
I saw Miss Anusewltz lying on the floor
by the safe. She had been thrown back
ward five or six feet. The poor child !
1 tell you I nearly went crazy when I
saw her. Her eyes were gone. Thire
waa no face left. Her right arm was
torn away and the finger of her left
hand wen- missing. Steels from her
corset had been driven Into her side.
"She still breathed, but she died five
minutes after Dr. Iowslle enme from
IJellevue Hospital.
"Oh, It waa a shame! If I could catch
'I in ii
111 111
to office I y
Ht Indicta Where Mttt Anusauitz StooJ WMI QmniVi'il
77 miMw www jut-. iwiip,we OdJ.ea Kjnjijer Otood
Mirks 3poti Uhere fi Anuewitz.' Bodu CJj Throua bti
Torx or 3E.Kplnet.otv.
Other Bomb Victims,
Strange Crimes Grow.
Grace Walker was killed by a
bomb brought to her apartment at
los West Sevrnty-ieventh street on
February 8, 1012.
A bomb sent through the mall
exploded In the home of Judge Otto
KosaLsky at oil West lioth street
on March 10, 1012.
Madeline nerrera was Instantly
killed in her home at 147S Fulton
avenue, The Bronx, by a bomb on
February a, 1013.
John I'aul Farrell, an ex-fonvlrt
and former Inmate of an asylum,
confessed on February' 4, lots, that
he made all three of these bombs.
He afterward retracted his confes
sion and was exonerated.
Henry Klotz of 1SUS3 Fulton ave
nue, Tho Bronx, was blown up by
a bomb he was making on March 21,
1013. lie died at Fordham llospi
tal after confessing that he had
made and sent the Walker, Rosalsky
and Herrera bombs.
During the nineteen years he has
been an Inspector for the Bureau
of Combustibles Owen Kagan has
examined 0,000 bombs. Twenty-live
of these were exploded in 1010. In
1011 there were sixty-four. Last
year fifty-two bomb explosions oc
curred with a property loss of
7,ooo. Up to October 13 of this
year there were 123 bomb explo
sions with a property loss of more
than 17,ooo.
the mnn Ihitt rilfl II T ti'niiM ilnn-l. i.in.
with my bare hands."
ine nesK nt wlilcli .Miss Anusewltz had
Tho Klass from four windows had been
shivered to splinters and powder und
Kleamsd In the wreckage that covered the
iiui. wm ui nun oi'uriH inier wan laaen
tli rinif rtfivAr nf Ik vl-l l.ft
" ...v n t . iidiiii.
A small diamond had been dlslodjed from
Ha settlnic. The celling wn punctured
and Kiishcd by fniKinents of the bomb.
Nathan Anuscwlts. the father, when
questioned by the police, told about Ills
uio iioin oaoyiioon anil h.iuh.
lied tho detectives that she couldn't have
had an enemy so malevolent as the bomb
Hvery effort was made by Deputy Com
missioner Dousherty'a men to locate In
the wreckage of tho office fragments of
the bomb, such as would Indicate the
kind of machine and the sort of explosive
that had bi'in used
(iivcn K.iuan of the nureuu of Com
bustibles found eight plrcea of heavy
green glass, three-eighths of an Inch thick,
Y?U 1" . ?, now ,l,e'1 ,n h water and
cider bottling work of the O. IC. com-
I - inf AH t'mktek
e -! n h. ( Midi!? ;
v f V Jjf fi A
pany He hIso found several bits nf lino
l copper wire ami bits of zinc, about tlm
size of a tinner null, which might hao
been purt of n dry battery
ii uegins to look ns If this bomb was
a very scientific olci'tro-rln'inlcal affair,"
said Kgan last night. "I'robably nitro
glycerin was used. Certainly It was one
of the most powerful machines t hnv
ever heard of."
That was about the view that Commis
sioner Dougherty took of It.
Doiiwhertt's Theor).
"Very likely nitroglycerin In a heavv
glass bottle." said Mr. Dougherty last
night. "Of course, I'm guessing, but It
looks to me as If the explosion was
brought about by means of a percussion
enp, a connecting wire nnd n dry battery
When Miss Anusewltz opened the lid of
the box an electric cllrcult was clos.-d.
A spark was si nt along Hue copper wire
to tho percussion cap ami the nltio let
There was no menus of determining
yesterday whether or not the machine or
bomb had been stuffed with metal mis
siles. An autopsy to be performed to
day on the body of Miss Anusewltz will
settle that point very likely The ap
pearance of the colling and the walls of
the olllce Indicated that the bomb was
loaded with bits of metal. Mr. Kgan will
attempt to-ilaj tn reconstruct the ma
chine from the fraRiiuuts that he has in
his possession
"We didn't get enough of tho pieces of
the bomb to show uhat kind of a ma
chine It was positively," said Dougherty
last night, "hut we have something better
than that, a first rate description of the
shipper. And we'll get him. Make no
mistake about that I have eliminated
posslhlo enmity on the part of anybody
toward tlm girl. Common sense seems to
indicate that Mr. Callanan was the In
tended victim. Anil yet what bothers me
Is why the machine wasn't addressed di
rectly tn Mr. Callanan Instead nf to the
firm, was It the murderers Intention
innrnh' ti u'ri.k th.t rtttli u.wl In,..,
I nan's business or did he want to kill?
I Was it business rivalry or personal ha
jtred? Thoso are the questions we have to
get answered, ond I tell you frankly we
don't know the answers any bettor at
present than you do."
Mnrxnrct Mau's Comedy liaises II I it
I.nuah In Hei-oud Act. '
Special Coble littpnlrh to Tim Hr,
Paris, Dec. 12. -Margaret Mayo's
comedy, "nahy Mine," wis produced at
I the Ilouffes I'arlslcns this evening and
scorcu an immense success, The laugh
ter In the second act almost prevented
the play from proceeding.
The French version by M. Hennequln
was a translation, not un adaptation.
Mine, Jomrllt Here for Concerts.
Mme, .leaiin" Jometll, the soprano, ar
rived yesterday by the Cunarder Mau.ru
Inula for a concert tour of four months In
Ameilca, She will sing at the Auditorium
In Chicago lo-morioiv and on Wednesday
will appear at Carnegie Hall In the "Mes
slab," given under ths auspices of Co
lumbla University.
DtMiioorntitt Lenders, Scared,
Will Try tn Hold Down
Speaker in Stntement Denies
Alarm, but Conference Js
Set for To-dnv.
Washinoton. Dec. 12. Alarmed by the
prospect of reduced revenues nnd the de
mand for appropriations, Democratic
lenders will meet lu conference In the
office of Speaker Clark to-morrow to
devise ways to keep down expenditures.
Kear Is expresed thnt unless the brakes
are applied the appropriations of this
session will far exceed the record for
a single year
Speaker Claik believes that he and his
associates owe it to the country and tlm
party to take the lead In retrenchment
In order that the House which originates
nppropilatlon bills, may be warned that
unless the purse strings are drawn, a
Tn usury deficit may soon succeed the
present surplus.
Speaker Clark cnllen the economy con
ference that Is to he held to-morrow
nt the request of leaders charged with
j the lesponslblllty of framing approprla
tlnn hills, Me was Informtd that the es
I tlmates recently submitted to Congress
I approximate KiO.OOO.OOO over the amount
made nvallable for the purposes of the
tlovernmerit this year. The appropria
tions this year footd up to $1,088, 678, TSS,
Furthermore the estimates of the Demo
cratic administration submitted at the
beginning of this sisslon are nearly
14,000,000 In excess of those presented In
the Inst year of the preceding ltepubll
enn administration.
I.ruilrra IVsr.tlir Mil nip.
A contrast Is thus presented that the
Democratic leaders do not care to face
on the stump next year The conference
will give wanting to members demand
ing appiopriatlnns for local Improvements,
nnd If this proves Ineffectual nil ap
pi nl for help to ward on" nssaulls on the
national strong box that may result In
a deficit will be made to President Wll-
Democratic leaders were chagrined to
da when they leaiind that their fesrs
of u deficit had attained publicity. Speak
er Clark prompptly Issued a statement
In which he denied that he or any ot
the leaders had doubts as to the revenue
producing qualities or the Democrntlu
tariff. Ill his letter addressed to the
chairman of the Appropilntlons Commit
teo the Speaker dwelt with emphasis on
the necessity for keeping appropria
tions "within reasonable limits."
The estimate presented nt the begin
nlng of the session covers In large part the
fixed charges of the Hovernincnt. It does
not take Into account 1 1 - tlu.ono.dnli
river and harbor bill, $20,000,0)0 or !o
for public buildings, a multitude of
minor mnsures Involving the expenditure
of public money nnd probablo appro
priations for good roads. The leaders
are apprehensive Hint an omnibus good
roads bill will make Its nppearanco and
tap the tirasury for 20,000,000, or there
abouts, SpenUer flees No Deficit,
i)n the basis of the customs returns for
October the treasury receipts from this
source would he $5o,ooo,ooo under those
of last year, but the Income tax Is ex
pected to yield at least $84,000,000,
Nevertheless tho new revenue laws are
experimental ut best, and the leaders are
determined to let the Congress member
ship know that this Is a good time to
Speaker Clark In his statement says:
"This morning In the ordinary course
of business I Invited Mr. Underwood and
the chairman und ranking Democrats of
committees authorized to make appro
priations to meet In the Speaker's room
to-morrow at 10 o'clock to discuss the
general situation as tn the appropriation
bills und to urge early reports thereon
so as to get away from hers sometime
next summer,
"The tumor that we are fearful that
I hern will tie n deficit Is absolutely without
foundation, for I um satisfied that tho
L'udcruond bill will bring In more reveuun
than did the I'uyne bill. The enternrls-
Ing and ambitious gentleman who started I
too rumor nus uiscovereo a maros nest.
90 Men's Goats-Lined with genuine
muskrat and Russian marmot, with collar
of Persian lamb; covering of fine black
broadcloth. Regularly 60.00 and 75.00
65 Men's Goats Lined with genuine
northern Susliki, with collar of Persian
lamb and covering of fine broadcloth.
Regularly 95.00
80 Men's Goats Lined with Imported
Japanese mink and finest northern musk
rat; collar of Persian lamb and covering
of imported English broadcloth. Also
motor coats of genuine raccoon, with the
fur outside. Regularly 110.00 to 140.00
On Sale Saturday, December Thirteenth
Surveyor of Tort to Si'tllo Un
usual Dispute Over
Surveyor Hi nry nnd the experts of the
law division of the Custom lloue will
inahe uu effort at u conference this morn
ing to find out the validity of tho claim
uf the Maniuea and the Marquesa de Snn
Cnrlos de Iledroso to a 16,000 diamond
studded bracelet that arrived hero yester
day by the Cunarder Muuretnula and was
turned over to the customs officials on the
oler by Thomas Greenwood, Jr., mnnnglng
director of the London firm of Honker
Uros., Limited, the largest house tn the
Enicllth West Indian trade.
While Mr. Greenwood nnd his bride, on
;i honeymoon trip, were on their way from
London to Liverpool to board the M.inre
tanlu, their maid found the bracelet on
the train. Hhe took It to tho bride, who
turned It over to her husband.
A few minutes Inter tho bride nnd bride,
room were on the Mauretanlu, Mr,
Greenwood went to I'urscr Clr.ihuiu
and told him of the find and the purser
suggested that he should say nothing of
It until somebody reported the loss of a
bracelet. This was regarded as ths best
way lo prevent anybody laying falso
claim to It
The Maraues and Marnuesa do Sjn
Carlos de Pedroso wero passengers by
me aiaureiama. Ttiey also bad como
down from London by the boat train.
The Marques and Mr, Ureenwood were
not acquainted. They happened to itet
seats assigned to them at the same table
and next to each other, tn talking to his
wire at ths table Mr, Oreenwoofl men
tioned the finding of the bracelet several
When the Mauretanla docked ester-
day morning the Marques went to I'urser
Oraham and told him of the loss of the
Marquess's bracelet. The purser referred
the Marques to Mr. Greenwood, who had
already turned Ut braoelet rer to ths
34th Street, New York
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235 Men s Fur-Lined Coats
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1 75 Young Hen's Overcoats
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The new close-fitting, double
breasted model of imported vicuna,
in Oxford gray, navy blue and
brown, with velvet collar.
Also a swagger belted -back model of
plaid-back English overcoating,
with self collar.
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mixtures, in latest patterns.
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Deputy Surveyor III charge of the pier.
The Marques said with earnestness that
the bracelet belonged to htm and was In
clined to question t tit, motives of Mr
Uuenwooil, who ibcliireil that hu h.ul
no personal Inteiest In the matter whut
evcr. but would like to have Ills wife's
maid rewarded tor finding the bracelet
nnd so promptly turning it over to her
Tint Mnrquls said lust night nt the
Hotel Chelsea that his wife had lost the
bracelet on the train fiom London and
that when the ship arrived here he hud
demanded It of the purser.
Mr. Greenwood said he was sorry for
his bride's sake that they and the maid
would have to k before the customs of
ficials to-day, hs It would take a little
flavor out of the honeymoon He said
he regarded It ns a bit strange that the
Marquis had said nothing to him on the
five day trip.
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rrrn ii nil iirmiTiniiiiiinii iimiimmnTnimininTiniTTiiniiniiiiiiii h i n i i it t ti h n tn h ti inu
"""" imnimimimiii iinimiiinuiinniminmm.NMn.1.
Ilollvlnn Minister In London
.rHitMllona Arc I'rlriidly.
Slima) I'n'ile Heiwtck to Tilt Si'.v
Lonhon, Dec. 12 The Bolivian Minis
ter In London, lefening to reports of a
coming dash between bis country and
Peru, snld this evening that while It with
true that his country desires n port on
the Tnelne, all Its efforts will be confined
to friendly negotiations with Peru.
He asserted that movements of troops
In Hollvln have no connection with the
mutter, and he Is certain that hii nut
breuk of hostilities Is not being con
sidered. .....,,.. , , imm

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