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M-fiff Investigator Told Stale
Kinplo.vpcs Pniil Trtlj
ii t Twice.
l ive Colli I'iiclorM Toll of Cum-
imiirii (iifl.s tit John
Poo Inquiry.
I w itinera testified at the Jnhn Doo
, irns t'.tf uliiy to Invliii? rnnde ram-.
.1 jti lontrlhutlonn iiKBri-KiitliiK 2,3O0 to j
nonv'iTHiii' mure committee, unty
i ,.f the contrilHiUon mentioned were
nt licit. Unc cojrllnitlon u f $&II0 was
' n ly nt truck of. The mati who con
iimli'il tilt; t.'.Dn .n lil In; merely ,'lMlril 11
ii-I to .ee th.it the tiuiiiey went to the
K it pUec ami then forgot alimit It.
one of tin- wltnecses t-itllltl that the
. iii'.ilKii cheek wiih nlKlied with the ruh
r talii "f liln corporation. The cheek
n.is produced In court. It had heen put
' iroush the hanks with no other Indoisc
mnt than the rnhtier stamp slKimture of
rthur A. Mcl.e:ili, treasurer of the Item-
rattc State committee. The w Uiioks pro
ilucod u letter sinned liy Mr. Me Lean In
which tlv treasurer iieknowledKed the lc-
Irt of the contribution.
Iimjc r'ole of Itoeheater, .ierctar of
tie iSreeo) Construction t'omp.in.x. enllv
ftird tlin proceedings with an account of
its cotitrlhutloim while .In- n.is eniplo.ied
ii niHstiint engineer In the olllce of the
I vljtnri engineer In Itochejter. lie said
i contributed to the State committees of
otli the Democratic and Ueputillcan par
le. He said It was customary for ein
nlojree of the State to do that Irrespec
Iv of paity Although a Republican.
"Vile e.ild he enntrlbuted to the Democratic
Stat committee In lPOt, when the Itepub
Ite.iti sarty was In power and C.o'. Hushes
w.in h candidate for the llrt time.
I'nlA fflil tils eiirlMirMtlmi iFnt flen liltli.
a contracts In 19 1 ft. 1011 and I IMS.
n' October '-'". 1911. he received a letter'"''
rom William II. Kelley of Syracuse ask-
nc Mti to come there and meet Kverett
1'iwler He added that lie had never seen
Inrnglut'd Wlint Wan Wnnlrd.
"Wrt you know what Kelb-y wanted""
1 IniaiTlnurt. The loiter was written
tt pare- of th- democratic State
nmiltteo and my common sene told nin
h-it win anted of me."
'nlc s.ib he didn't Bet the letter In
ne o met Fowler on the appointed
b-, but il'd respond to a second lcttt r
.ten con-;eil to hltn the sorrows
'f '
wlor a ''ot bavliiK met lilm. In a
lance with directions ho we.it to Syr:
on October 31. he
isn't tlime. but Kelley toll
hi... ,.
him a
eutloii was expeottd.
lie told me," pa id o,e. "that most ot
contractors were con'trlbutlnB from
'.i'M up."
"Did you tell him that you couldn'
K any cont-lbutlon for the corpora-
'is I hadn't made up mj mind
'ths 01 not I would contribute at all.
,r I told Kelley ni corporation uuuIiIii'l
id 'hi a eontilbutlon and that It wn.-.
..i.ti't til law "
.at did he s,i ?"
II- t.iH that didn't make any differ-
1 IC"
r .e 'ltnef said he tlnallv enl u eheeW
IZiv to Norman K. .Mack. He said
-nf lilm a hltn with .Mack's iiuiiih I
' '.. address of the Stati committee In
V or I, on It. II. didn t know tint'
contribution was not reeoiibd.
em Corpornllon 4 lireU. the eotporatlon." 'ero-sid from ijueetiHtown to Sandy Hook
Uaicrce Alkenhead, piesldent of AlUen-' "Why Bet lilm to do that?' ! "1 davs ft l,nur and II minutes,
id lUilev it Oonaldson. a Rochester I "Well, h.-'s the nrst man I rii"t, and " "-' l.tiMtaiila broticht a blB I'liristinas
r.. rutlor.'s.ild that alter Mr. Halley had he's a friend of mlnf." ; '" m:'"v h" will spend
.kM with Kverett Fowler It was de-1 "Did he turn the money over the holidays 011 this side Lord pedes ami
I 'ii eontilbuto 25n to the I emocratle 1 "I don't know. I never paid any more ! '""'' "ecles were not 011 the aciiKer
iipa.sn fund. A cheek payable tu Ar- attention to it. I know he cashed tl: I 11. ...
1-'- A MeL-an for WO was drawn on ' check." 1 . l'T"H U',' '"' , S"U'"il
' 'ob, - lb. I'.UL'. and sUiie.) win, the nil.-, "What was !:o.',,bl..ni'H Jul." ' , "'i'.1 "'" ,' ,r;' ?U'"1 "in,'V
r.!p of th.- corporation. -The .Mke. ,!, kn..w. but I think he w!.s some. , '' " . 1 . ' '".r "', "'i', " , U"'li "K :
."VVni Y?7i:WMU,I,VV.;l,I,,,,B Mr-Sohm-r."!,- 'l 'ii 't.T' $ TZ TX.
eiut which he 1:0 , ' r""'r,'v W- l'lli"l's "f ""Chester was . veles." Lady l.e,'lvs' , w,hvr. Mrs
.. U t. r'e ow h, Iwrl In - II. s-ild th th" hm 11" 'h:im- I iSeotKi.' .io.ild. and SHon Robert Her.
Jut or tl," ch. ","'"0,, lm'1 H r"",''1 '" 'ford were at the pier to Bre. t the tltb-l
imuui 01 tin eioii. was (jruwn rrom tlif ... ,.,,-n, ,.r i,ii, .. ,.,,,1. ,,,i n,.. 1.. .,.,1 n,..i. 1,1,1., ,i,.i..,- i-h
' or the eorivratlon. i
frjiikll Falls of Falls Ilros. & Fletcher.
l.oe.ieMir coinoiMtloii. said h.. IihiI ,..,."""
hnt. ,1 r.,i. .....,s 1,. tl. 1.....1 ri., :
iiriilltee., inn never 10 the State coin
I'ei until !il". Ills eoriior.itlon got
vo contracts that vear. one of them by
nigntneht and another on bid.
Will you explain how you came to con
nbiiti to the State committee last year?"
"I was In the otllce of James I'. Mor
rey. the division enplneer at Roi-heMer.
d Morrlsscj introduced 1110 to Kverett
'owler. He asked m If 1 would con-
bute, and after I told lilm 1 would h
MM m- how much I would Blvc. I said I
..w, 1. Ha ,11 .linn. 1 arm a per-
ikI cheek for 100 to Arthur A. McLean
n October H. 1912."
Why i, jou contrlbuteT'
"I understood that other contractors
''r dolns It."
Did your corporation contribute that
"No '
tiol lleeelpt fur I'nsh,
v hi know that In .Mr. Mcl-an's '
.u.n.-l. rtl . 1.1 J.
rv nt ,l " W "' S"T ;
,tr? r, , J. m J "i"'.':',1?,"1'"
d a ' 1 i." 3,o :3'v," v'j::
t'.d sou ever get a receipt for It?'
. " . "" '"
N Vono wan ever received by me
tie corioratlon."
1'' Jnlleri of Rochester said he was
.it year he mart,. i,u fir, e..neH..nirm i.ii
I'eliuierwtli! Hlale eomml'ttee. He ual.l
I JI50 to Norman H. Mnck. The
.- nbe f the A S l, p I I , ?'lll'"r,,u "u'r" r"""" maf ,"Kal"S!
.uJuneru;il. thrs com
"itrnit for m.000. In November of!Jo1" ,; ,ll,lntl!S'
a6 made navahle to his order, he,1""1 ' .r. voornu lo Kei ai ine
.nd lienld-s that he twit a letter,
i u uiw that the contrlhutlon was per-1
n.l not from the llrm. I
"-re oii ,l(.ked for a contrlhutlon In
T. m iihiMit that."
1 Kent to the Department of Highways
' 'i ISoehiHter to nee, Morrlfxey unj
I 'an theie Kowler wn aunouneed.
' look lutein anrl then he Halrl : 'I Hup.
on know what I'm after,' I ald.
' ik I ilo. How much lo you want 7
toel me n, H.inteil rjon. I thought
' 'i.ih too hlKh, heeause I illiln't think
"Mil .iffoiil It. I went haek to my
' e talked ttilnan over with my hook
will he dually agreed we could
it I eiit a check on Octoher 25
' Lean ami sot his receltit for It."
' " "itncHH adileil that he didn't know
'nt eontrlhiitloiiH had not heen re
I'd. lie told f'hlef MiiBlHtrate MeAiloo
1 'In't know whether or not he would
onli United If lift hadn't had a hlxh
iirit'iief. '"mini n j Deeldrd Anion n of (ilfl.
ihut I'Vledrleh of lloclieister raid .1.
' Iileh fi Co. koI ii )7,0(IU eoritiact In
1 and one for ISOD.OOt) In 1912. He
akei tn explain how he came to
r tune tu the Slate eoininltteo In Hill
" the tlrnt time, Ho hi 1. 1 Kverett
Mer came to hln oltlco and linked hint
''it he could do.
"i hiiM to lilm 'What do jon expect?"
id n iiijd Hunin contructoi h wi to xlvliiK
" KOrnn Son and wiine f I.OdO,"
nd you cnapped at tho $1,000?"
I did not. I told him to n o Joe Hipp-
"Who In heV"
Ht' on of th company. I wnt down
Lady Dccies and
CopTDKht, 1013, by Undcmuod A L'nilerwowl.
Lady Decies before her marriige was Vivien
fo,', houe with Fowler, unit .loe said
"'Uldn't tlc J50. He spoke of hold-
" meeting and Fowler asked him wli.it
he meant. Joe expluim-d that we wer
a coiporatloii, and Fowler said that
wouldn't do. that lie must Ret the nioiie.
from Individuals. He said he didn't want
to have the money at all and told us to
send it to .Mack. I don't recall Just how
we llxed It up, hut I unt a draft for Jill)
to Norman l .Mack. Joe said we'd hi tter
charife that tii'l to sione or sonietbliiK.
lint It was charged to me. I think I told
Fowler we didn't want the 2.1n recoideil."
"Vou contributed In l'.'li?"
"v- i i .. .
Ibp I'urtier nml Mutiit. urit- lulil mo l...ul..p
was ni tile rowers Hotel, I said to my
"iself there was no u?c trltiK to icet awav
. f1"" 1 w,-nt rl"111 "vrr ther'. He
con-',,,,,., L,.. ,,, .... ,
.didn't know me. but when I told him mv
Jnainn he asked light away what I was I
hskch iikiii nway wimt i w as
I""'" ''" ,'n,,' ' 11!,,c'l l''"' how J
intieh lie expected, and he told me to triu
what I could.
Sent Krlrnil With nsh
The directors held n ineetlnR tln next ,
day and Ilortwlck, who It one of the lie
publican In the company. siiRRist.-d we
Klc !30. Joe spoke up and said we'd
better make It t500. We aKreed and ltiit
wlck raid we'd settle lutr where the eon
tilbutlon would be charRedj A day or
two later I made out a check for 300 to
Itosenblum nnd told him to cash the check
iid turn the money over to one of tin'
three, that Is, .Mack, Fowler or McLean."
"Why did ou Bet htm to cash the
"sin ft wmitilii't yhm tli.lt !r CHine friitti
' ' ,, . ...
?'.'"r '"""' """ """ Ior,.M' ""
I'Jrtiur never .oruiiiiiiie.i 10 a caui-
PalSIl fund, lie salil
but his fatliei, wl
works In the olllce, did eotitrlbtili 'M nt
the Milnitatlon of Mr. Fowiei This
nionej eauie out of the llrm's funds '1 lie
contribution was S"iit to Aithur A. .Me-,
Ian on Oerober I!1. 19IS. and Chambers 1
testified that no receipt was sent for It.
The hearing was adjourned to next
Tuesday. The Urand Jtlty Is scheduled to
meet that day also.
1'rKM liov rrinir to Ainnie Dlstrlet At-1
,.., ..i.-t I. ;r..fi Hum
tnrnc AasUant In l.rnn Hunt.
Aluant, 1H ID, James W. Osborne
to-nlBht asked On v. Olynn to havo Dis-
rrlct Attornev Charles S. Whitman derdg-
nated a special deputy Attorney-Oeneral
to assist him III IiIh grart hunt.
r 1....1. ....... ril. ..'Ill .,....f... Itl,
...... -- i.r ....
UIIV, II1. II III- OUI I 11V. HIUWIillK een.ie lie
r - ' - pelis the InvestlBatlm, Into the H-lialt
scandal. At that time. It is expected, he
'..ill l,e nanieil 10 nslsl 111111.
'icorge H. MrUulru It expected to be
the tlrst witness to-morrow. Henry A.
Rublno has hope of oTjtalnlnB from him
u tu trier or not ueorre ii. jicuuiro gem
Immunity . UeperiiH la.-Rely upon what he
I has to tell. If ho HKrees to tell miythlriK
fufn "r V"sl,' "16 li;ir,B'T ,m,"V ",y
,Ul'' "" V 'T' 'lc m U' '"l!nu" 01'
That CommlK.s oner Oshorne had heen
u.rB'.U 1)y ,'''' '"V" .'i K l,le. ",nLl '"
his InveHtlKiitlon of evidences of Kraft is
imnciiteii ii) a prociumiiuon issuen uy
Mr. OHliormi to-nleht, lie mild:
"I havu heen appointed it connnlhslonei'
by tho liovernor of the Mate to Inquire
Kenerally Into every department of tha
State. I ilea I re to announce puhllcly that
I desire Information from every citizen
In the State of New York which will lead
to the discovery of any wuxte, Kraft or
criminality of any kind In any and every
department of the Statu of New York, and
I promise that any Information laid he
fore, me will ho treated with (treat serious
ness and any lead will he followed to
Its end, no matter where It reae,hes, and
lo this 1 pledge my word, I will rrKard
also the nource of my Information as ton
lldentlal." District Attorney Whitman's only com
ment on the proposal of Mr. Oi4orne was
that Ills olllce was always at the service
of the fiovc trior of the State. The course J
proposed by .Mr. Osborne will broaden the
scope and expedite the prosecution of tl,
highway Kraft Investigation, It would
sweep away all quest loni of Jurisdiction,
qiiesllous that havo already been raised
In behalf of Ilverctt Kowler, one. of the
men so far Indicted.
Mr. Usboiiie has told his friends that as
a commissioner ho lluils himself able to
do little iiioro than summon wllucbses.
With the District Attorney coming define
him to carry on the" Inveritlgatlon he be
lieves It will be possible to net further
and with less friction thun under present
Daughter Eileen
5 .1i,Hf(
Gould, a daughter of George J. Gould.
Hi'iiiirs In Mirny Nolaliles
Siiitriitir Violini( Keeps
I. P. .Moririin Aake.
The I'unaMer I.usilnnla, iiltliouch she
had heavy head sen-, nml wintry s.ualls
i all the way, tlulli"d estenlay inornlne a
winnr trip rrom wtieenstown, cover
'" the course from haunt's Hwk to Sandy
'"" i---in i -..11111 e ni. m mm
Hoo'c, L'.uli miles, at an ineraKe of 21.
kriot.. Her time was t ilas IV hours ill
.' minutes. 1 'apt. Mow was enthusiastic
nvir her perforniHtH e.
The tine has had Bre.it exnectatloim of
).,- ,uv Hbe was o.rliauled last jear
and relltted with ti..c turbines. Slie
showed concltislely what she may do In
pleasant wenthtrb her remarkable spied
011 Thursday In a bad bead se.i.
For twelxu hours, from I A. M. to 4
I'. M she nvcriiBed twentyseen knots.
In the hour between ;.Hi and ! :30 A. M.
she came pretty close 10 tweut.iilne
knotn, her propellers makliiK the wonder
ful sliced uf HUT revolution
riie I.u'ltania will make an (ffi.it to
.beat the rnonl wlmti s,(m are calm of
I her sister, th" M.ltll-i'l.iliili. ibti-b Ii.ih
.. " , , . . .,, ..............
llerisford Deeien
1 lie.. w 111 riienii me
bolldavs witli the liiMilils.
I.'. Ill lleile.l I'.BIeMeil tile del C i.,1 a -
lion of .o. Inu- 11 Miu'IiiihI and said he
liellevid II v., is due o neRbVt of th,
Aineilran 'inthoil uf InllBlitliiB. Lord
Dicles was not sure that hnme rule would
be a suece.sh lii Ireland, but he believed In
BiviHB It a trial.
J I'. MorBiin said be had been away
purely on a holhlav and that he felt In
tine shape. He made no reference to a
leport that he had been disturbed by the
music of the violinist Miseha Klinan,' who
had the stateroom net to Mr, MorBan.
The violinist said he feared that he
may have disturbed Mr. MorBan, but not
by pl.iyhiB the violin. Mr. Klman wild lie
bad suiir much for bis own amusement,
particularly 011 W.slnesilay night, and
hat t)(, m,x( rf.iy (t tu, t,i()(i ,)o ,m1
beard Mr. MorBan remark that be had
had a hard time getting to sleep because
11 '"" !' '" vt room had Insisted 011
singing, and sinking badly, all night. Th
violinist said be did the rest of Ids vocal
stunts on d !..
(, M. I. Miirph llledr.l Trrnaurrr
Other Vevv OHlerrs Kxtirelrd,
J, W. McKlnnon, vice-president of the
Assets Realization Company, said yester
"t arr.,Be,i,entH' had been' made
with the principal . reditorH of the cm-
puny for an extension of one M'ar with
(he llllVlleKl' of
further eMeiHon f
liKieeillile. tS. M.
I", Muriihy him heen
eleeteil treasurer of the .otiii'any to huc-
ceed Theoiloie ! rotmiiKliam, who acted In
that capacity In the Philadelphia otllct of
tho company. It 1h reporter) that other
chaiiKcs auioiiK the ollleerK of the com
pany may take place noon.
A man clo.se to the hanking Interests
of the company said , "The company owns
Ilrst mortRUK'S on freehold real estate
either directly or through HiiliBldlary com
panies which with cash on hand are suffi
cient to discharge the Indehtedriess di
rectly contingent nnd leave a substantial
halancc for tho shareholders."
The company, It Is stated, will adopt a
policy of retrenchment. Tho creditors'
committee. It is said, will he represented
directly through Mr. Murphy. On this
committee aic Albert H. Wlggln, presi
dent of thn (!hiise National Hank ; Samuel
MciiohertH, vice-president of the National
City ll.mk, and Itcnjumln Outness ot
I.adenhurR, Thalmann & Co.
Wanted tn Take Ills Daughter Home,
but Doctors Korhade,
Dr. I'owhattun Schenck of Norfolk, Vj.,
visited his daughter, Florence Itosaer
Schenck, yesterday In Miss Alston's sani
tarium, -'! West Klxty-llrst street, where
Miss Schenck is very low after an opera
tion for a tumor near her heart. It was
their nrrt meeting since 1907. when Mlsi
Schenck's family disowned her because
Hhe ran uway with Charles Wilson, mana
ger of Alfred (1. Vanderbllt's show horses.
Miss Schenck sent word Jo her father
when sho realized that she might pot
recover. There were no witnesses to thn
reunion. Dr. Schenclt said he wished to
tnke her back to Norfolk, but the phy
sicians deemed her too III to take the
TnUcs Stand in Own Defence in
l.nkewood Murder Trial
for Hour.
Artist Tells of Screams From
Auto Niglit Her Old Ac
quaintance Died.
Tosis Rrvrn. N. J Dec. 1?. Thnre
seems little doubt to-nlriht that WlllUm
J. iA-ehnn will know his fate within
twenty-four hours, ns counsel for the
State will besln to sum up when court
opens at 10 o'clock to-morrow mornln.
I .Mrs. Jiiiiper Lynch, a rich woman who
befriended I.eehitn and took an active
part In the defenco, expressed thn opin
ion to-night that the veidlrt would be
favorable mid that the accused man
would he free within u few hour.
Leehan was arreted on April , 1913,
and has been In the Ucean county Jail
since chaiBeil Willi llio niiiTiIer of Mra,
Caroline Turner, who wai kllleil on April ,
2fi. It'll. Her body was found two days i
Iiai.i 1 .111 iiuuiis near iahcwooi!.
Leehan took the stand in hln own de
fet t.i-iiiidit. Itefore he Rot up Mrs.
1 Jasper Lvneh, who Ijas Inett at his sldu
duiiiiB the trial, w hlspcrt d a word of ad
vice ami encouriiBctm lit tu lilm. so that
lie took the oath and went to the wit-'
Hess chair with ciintlib'iice.
After tellliifi somtthlnB of hl uriy
lifti and habits and Ills fondness for
drink he said Hint In- kn. w Mrs. Turner
by sight, but that he did not her on
th" day she d IsapiieareiJ. He tdld what
he did do that day, driuktiiB In the morn-!
InB and sleeplns part of the afternoon .
He was awakeiud l the tel. jilione rilis-1
Ins. and from then on his story coin-'
chhd vvitli the s-tnry told by his wife,
and Mrs. Wate Furtl.
Told of I. nler WnmlrrliiB.
He told of bflH3 III the Sptlris Lake
Hospital fur three months after the Turner1
minder and then detailed hs ! .iliib'i Ins 1
t.i varlnlls tun lis In New .lersev ..ml Unfile I
'to White I "lain", his old home, where b'..
landed about January 1. 1IM.1, Then he!
wint on with a relation of Helectlvu Jami
son's attempts to get a confession from
him: of his visit to Jamison In a horpltjl
at isslriliiK, N. V.. and of other events
until his arrest In Tort New Jersey,
on April 3 last.
The dlieet examination of the priniiir
ended with this question by A. .1. 1'. Stokes,
hl counsel :
"l'ehan, .vou are accused of klllltic
Caroline Turner on April 16. 1911. Did
ou kill Caroline Turner?"
lai-han stralBhtened up tu hl chair,
his tUtlre tense and his face wileiun.
"No, sir, no. sir, no, sir!" he said, his
voice rlslriB with each word.
M llacon, for ithe Slate, shook his
story not a whit In a few minutes he
Kave up the attempt, and Leehan left
the stand lie had been there Just one
hour and live minutes.
Hll (iolderihurz, a Haltlin.ire contrac
tor, testified that Oeorxc Jamison told
lilm In Raltltuore on Vuuusl ! last that
he hud made an important arrest In the
Turner murder ea.se .uid that this, arrest
had be?n a "frameup" and was necessary
for the reputation of htm-elf and the
HRency for which he worked
.Mrs. Frances RucklnKham. widow of
a prominent l-akeuood physician, Brc.it
BraiuldaUKhter of Daniel Hoone and an
artist of note, Rave the most important
tcstlinon to-day Her story, which had
In en furisMxt by Mrs. Jasper Lynch.
th rich woman who Is aldliiB Le'elian'M
ease, brouKht out facts which may solv
the mjsti'ry of Caroline Turner's death
1IN uf stf.rrHma I'riini utn.
"tin the night of April "'., 1011." said
Mrs. Rockingham, "I, with Miss Hello
Howard, m companion, was stalng at
my farm on the River ro.ol, about two'
in les, from Lakewood. About quarter
past to oclo-'k that night we were aroused
li screams coining from mumc one in an '
automobile. Wc beard rough talk in '
met. s voice., too. I looked out and saw 1
an automobile turn Into my plan
"I raised the window mid I saw the
automobile hit a tree ami then stop In the
shadow A uikii cried out. 'Hack nut
quick. f-oniclHiilj might s. e ns." The I
car was backed into the roadway, anil as
It moved otf n woman's vol--e that 1 1
rr.oguU.il M ied. oh, 1 ill. 1 ill Mis
Riii'kliiBliam, lull'
"The iar went on then nnd I went'
back to lad Later we heard a noise
down stairs, and got up again. I got a
small pistol, and with It In my hand
looked out of a window. I saw two men
standing on the lav 11 and one climbing
through the open window I did not rec- .
oriiIzo them. 1 tired m pistol at
the man in the window'. The men ran .
away, and I shot three times at the auto
mobile, which waa a short distance nwa.v .
"'I thought you said that house wa
empty," said one of the men I
"'I did,' answered another with nil
oath. 1
"Next mornlnB I went Into the jard.
ami found by the tree the car had hit
a tire rliu. a pair of gloves and ,1 bluod
stained handkerchief with the initial 1"
on it. The gloves and haudkerchli f I
locked Ii. a Miueroom. 1 vim so ir.ghtttieil
that I left the farmhouse thai night and I
went limit to in home In As-hury Park " I
Judge Mlntuin asked .Mis. Huckingliani
If she reciignUed the Woman's voice she ,
lieiird in the machine, and whose It was. I
"Most assuredly," she replied with
great duislon. "The voice was Hint of 1
Bath Robes and House Gowns
Sweaters and Golfers
Auto and Steamer Coats
Auto and Steamer Rugs
Knitted Caps and Hats
Knitted Scarfs
Shetland Spencers
Couch Covers
Camelhair Blankets
Camelhair Sleeping Bags
Foot Muffs
All Kinds of Shawls
Samples and booklet of
particulars on request
20, 1913.
Caroline Turner, whom t had known for
thirty years. There Is no doubt uo-jut
This evidence was uncovered by Mra.
Lynch, who herself did most of the de
tective work that haa mude the defence
tmnuestlotinhly strung.
John Quicker and his wife, who live
across the road from the Rucltlnirham
fnrtn, corroborated Mrs, RuckltiKhnrn's
story ns renards the automobile.
Knoch Walton, 11 farmer who lives In
I'lne street, not far from where Mra.
Turner's body was found, said that Just
before 11 o'clock of the night after Mrs.
RuckltiRhHin had her experience h tour
ing; cur went by his house to where the
body was discovered. It stopped there
for u little while and then came buck.
The defenco alleges that this waa the
tlmn when the body was taken Into the
Th" appearance of George Jamison, the
Sehlndler dttcctlvo on the stand, waa a
distinct disappointment to the prosecution,
It was reported that ho had secured a
confession from the prisoner. But he
hadn't anythlnR of the sort. He was
cent to White Plains, N. Y to get ac
quainted with Leehan, but the most datn
nrjlnir ndmlsslon Jamleon got waa that
l.eclian had been In trouble two years
previous to last spring.
It was after the pink cheeked, curly
haired detective had failed aa a witness
that the prosecution closed.
Mrr. Jennie Morey of Lakewood testi
fied that a man who looked like Leehan
and whom she saw near the spot where
Mrs. Turner was found on April S6,
turned out to be John Oluyton. a neighbor,
to whom she spoke. Claytpn has moved
to prrts unknown.
others tevtltled that they saw Mrs.
Turner on the day she disappeared,
shortly before I o'clock, In company with
a tall woman Vone of them knew.
Howard Cole of St. Louis Buyer
nt $200.1100 of New .Icr
scy Estate.
M.vtusoN. N J, Dec. 1?. The country
home and grounds at Florham 1'ark. near
here, of the late Dr. Leslie I'. Ward,
first vieu-prrsldcul or the rrudentl.il In
surance Comjmn.v, have been sold to
Howard Cole of St Louis Tim sale was
completed yesterday by the Fidelity
Trust Company .if Newark, executor of
Dr. Ward's estate. The consideration
was about K'lO.nOn. .Mr Cole Intends
to brliiB Ids fainll ent to live after
rnakltiJ alterations and Improvements in
the house.
The proper!) s one of the show places
In New Jersev. It was known by repu
tation not onlv throughout tills Sta'e hut
In far away place, and sightseers have
zone out of their way to visit It. The
house and furnlshltus are said to have
co-it fl.v00.000. and It Is reported that
another million was spent on the ground,
st.iblrs, garages and other bulldln-'s. Tie
property embr.ie. s Too acres. l'art of
the property and all .r the furnishings
were sold by the Fldrl.t) soon after It
took ehar.'e of the estate.
The Ward estate Is aNiiit mid All) be
tween Afton and K.ist -Madison A tower
iocl: Is near the entrance and .'an be
seen for miles The clock Is equipped
with chimes. Seven hard stone private
roads lead from the clock and pa-ss
through gardens and woodland. Theie Is
also a line lake, with picturesque green
houses, cattle stables, garage", paddocks,
pheasant and duck preserves and cottages
for the superintendent, chauffeurs and
other employees.
The houe, constru.' ed of stone and
b, i, k, is-cuples a knoll urivno ded b
tei s and contains about tn.tt roo.r.s
in the !lrst Moor s in., d.t .tig room
.ik'.is' r n ,1 ia ge parlor. .1 lluaty
111 I piiitias. Tin bedr i.'tns. tuth' i mi
and show.r bath" nr. o'. t'.e ml
Hour, wmle 01, .he third Hour are more
bedrooms, mure bath? and a lnl.l.ird r.i.. n
11l0100hlle I'rnclnre. llo' skull In
enrU. 1
Mis CJiiisiina Ward, matron at the tile '
housi of Truck 41 at l.V.ilh strict ami
.Mortis avellll.'. I ne liloiix, .aii.t'ii nniil
behind ,1 troll, y car In front of a t.ii"iib
driven by ch.iuflrur Willl.iin Light of I In
list llltll str.et vesteiil.iy ;i fl.'l li""ll
wlil'e Light was going 11011I1 in Simml
.ivinue .it Klgbtlitb street ii i.i-if
feiir upon striking Mra. Want tupped
Ills maiiiliie and ran b.il. to bit asi
t.iiii. but she ilbd Inline Dt. ibitth.mi
of the Reeeptlott Hiispdal arrlvtil with
the a 1 1 it nil., in 1
Mrs, Ward, who was t.i )e.ns old, was
the widow of a litemaii who .11. il lecenlly
shortly after he had been retired.
Ni: aiii.. N. J. Die. l'.i John
Hiigliton, 11 .vears old, of lit Norfolk
stiiet, was struck by an automobile at
Central avenue and Newark str.it this
afternoon ami bis skull win- fr.iitiucd
The automobile Is owned and waa
driven by l.evlto ill 1 Sirolnmo, .1 1 onti ai'tor
Mlrnt lionl Tnlk Willi Wllauu -Utiles
Willi I lllssnuilea,
John I'uiro.v Mlt.iiel got back vestei
il.n t'ro'n WasiutiBtnii with nothing in
H.i) about bW talk with I 'resilient Wdson
or anything else about the Cabinet ihtinri'
Mr. Mllchel went to the "Ma. hip
Duchess" last night with hie ii.isMii.ite..
ot Columbia nnd later ha I supper
with them HI the College Room of the
Hotel Astor
New York Stores:
306 Fifth Avenue,
22 Maiden Lane.
Brooklyn Store: 504 Fulton St.
42nd and 43rd Streets, West of Fifth Avenuw
Exceptional Price Advantages, To-day, in
Men's Superior Furnishings
Appropriate for Holiday Presents
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Silk Mixed Pajamas, Actual $4.50 Values, at $2.85
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English Dressing Gowns, at
Values $16.50 to 18.00
Velvet House Gowns, extra quality, silk lined, at 35.00
Reduced from $50.00
Japanese Silk Dressing Gowns,
Japanese Silk House Jackets,
of double faced cloth. at $4.95, 6.50, 8.50
Blanket Bath Robes, at $3.50, 6.50, 8.50
Worsted Outin? Jackets at 2.95
Regular Value $4.50
Combination Set, consisting of Pure Silk Reefer, . -
Dress Tie and Silk Socks, at 4.50
Also a Very Important Sale of
Men's Hand Tailored, Silk Lined
Sack Suits
of strictly high grade Woolens in the latest weaves and colorings,
faultlessly tailored, in regular or stout proportions.
Actual Values 35.0O. at $22.50
Young Men's English Sack Suits
Sizes 32 to 38 inch chest. Values 20.00 and 22.50.
at $14.50
Men's Waistcoats, for livening or Day wear,
of Silk. Satin or washable
materials, all sires. from 3.50 to 12.00
Complete assortments arc shown of Men's correct live
ning Clothes: also notably smart Braided Sack Suits and
Walking Suits.
At Very Moderate Prices
Men's Hats and Caps
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Soft Hats and Derbies, .... at $9 fi5
English Style Caps,
Silk Hats, in the newest shapes,
llmmrruiK llerellel olulileil,
The Itritlnh .-teaii.eliin Mr.mie..i. In f omi
jiorts of the K.ir Hast by way of AlK.ei...
ji?eil eFtcnl;i inoriuiiK elo.e to :i ilere.
A well known musician said the other day after
hearing Edison's new
that while Edison lias accomplished the wonder
ful feat of making Moving Pictures talk which
surprised me exceedingly, I was far more surprised
at the wonderful results produced with the above
instrument, in the perfect reproduction of every kind
of music. Recitals given daily at
m Mini;
ttatili mil IV i l,,Hr Itl Itrih r
1'oMir vie A meii i n . :c liroailMin
I ml Kraft Ine I uriUi.iti Si
'lluitMin I erpiln.il ltlilc i
KniVMirr llin- . I', l-.nl lull Mnei
1 CnW-mlih. l.v;:, I Iim e
lieeriP llertlraii" . 77 I al I'.'.'ith M
I "nil I Heifer I.VV, I lllnl Ae
ort Nik. Tu XtuMxIli m
eliult NoM lt o l ,i..ll M
Nol UllirU '.'Hi I rt'l Will Si
EDISON DISPLAY ROOMS. 10 Fifth Avenue. New !
Institute of Musical Art
in me i " .-. .,
I'ltWK lMlt"il II, lllriiliil.
in rnilnued mIiimiI of liilc,
ti luttirietl Nilrl III Hie lnietiM. of lilwhn
liiu-lent ediirallini lr inolili- liiiliiil- f
liallirlll flllllllV "'Hi runn el I'm i-t-.- iiiiiihukii
nml eompli'le uliii'iitliiii In iiiiii.ii' iiliinil 1,-iiIiil'
. I... 1 1, -.in 1 1.. II, liNi-ltni 11 1 Willi :ir.
licit mi Ill clo-e it rttlin I Ion ulth Ilo ti'Uiiiiitllioi
Oliera limine I'ur i.llaliollie iitilre'.
SIX i:i.lll. I 'J I lureinont ii liue. , .
TiiTCoryell Violin SchooT
IiiiIIIiIii.hI Iii-iiiii'IIi'ii riilliin Mull.
riiM inlile tiitlnlnir tit Vt. 4tld si. ,
Mr I'l.l'AMIIt IIOU'l lt-i (iltM'l.l , '
Hinder 'I'l l HUN XVI M'.'.V
rnlUn Hrtll i I'nintwitij lnir Mubtlii us r ii
nri, Ap uutulMupplUit MMS MAKSlI l I
I't.l.ltVlT Sll W MU'. Ittitetor
I'l.nin' MrjMit 7:':.t
'ucUa iiihI I
, I-1M,I II I. ,(.:.
XHM (ill;
I'if l l 'tSlll SI,
Vni'ftl Sturlli'
t'HinTii' 1 1 ii It
21 n vth 'h i ;iiu (.Mi-ki
t - li.mr.er. tin a'ter juit of ,
w.i tivn l.-i.t nut uf ,iter. ahum tlf 9
,k, ,.,,. , .,, (1(r(-i
; I !,,.r.- The revenue ,-ut
ter S ne. a e'it n it to iletroy ,i
tHIOilhlA N
ll.irilii'.m IVel, A i ii . ,'i'i I'ulinn St
II lill Wn-liei l.'J.l lleilforil e.
tiiniii Mi nh,.ir ?7 1 l.-iihii'.li Avr
i ln I. lln.ru, ill '. I 11 1 llnlstl We
l.mlv I hi'tnl'et, l.w. tiri'i lipoltll e
iii s l'nl- II" i nurt M
iiiiaiiintee I'huii.icral'hi'o .r.',7asll Si
T II l Iim '.'.'il Mi le e
I i Uf I 1,'l'dl hlnl lir
llerli.iitl I'ih I I. ,m. Vl.' Ilrniulwn
Ihr prr-rriilitriM I on
irrMlnrt In iiirnr
Snhnnl ni Uncle 1 1 faini nft i titrtir.i
WWMVVI I'IMWIV r 1 1 I .Hill let Mn'lb
Till!. Mitl tit -ri Kilt k- Ilt'tf'L'll ill! l llil" I M
w f c Hi II' kin M.tli'illr, .It Mtt lur.c M.iihKtn
Vll'fii (.wh I'.tt-tiit- ili'niic It un tin'
Itoxw Millie I mi v SfitlMutt) ,s elMiininj m,i
InUh i 1 ii.it.'K I itt.-tin titmi U u Mti
Uliii I mm llt'uinnint; m f imh rri tiim
or Oiicni, I't.nto, (ni t ii, '1 , tie,! Vile,
Opfr-, lhfrt I tinpnli Ifiu. rh ,
(lil - H if' l it ( .it lncil"
X M lllllll I III! Xtlll I..
.Suite (Mrni-Elc ll,i I eu Xurl. U'l l nl l-
Mil III IM .Ml I'l.W IM,
i i s iii.ni,kx mi: i noiti
,i i onli si I'limi iiimi 'hh,
'i nl nt SimvIhI riitivr
I'l.iim Maniuitu ('nimhlllnii
t Ml K-1 ! . I "Oil 1 IIMN .
tiiii i 1 1 i.ii in
121 Wel ?tlhsireel. r Xnr". lilt,
HIM I t 'I IMI IliT.
VJust-iriietle Hall
" r:."- FSNNER
I i.o tier or run "lnc,
ir xt. ttiiih st
107 I
or smi-.ii,
! !,n 'lll
I i ii It Xlnliil.i tini
ii II, ill, ' ,' Miir.ay Hi I
7. vm m

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