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IironratiizaHon of the Atlantic
Steamship Combine Is
l!iKirl Kaiser nntl Pan-Ucrmnns
v right inff North
(ici'innii Llovd.
tpmnl Cable Despatch to Tut flrx.
TMrt. .tnii fttc-To North Atlantic
'upplng romlilnntlon was reorganized nt
tn-ilav s session of the conference with j
tlie Hamburg-American Line left out. No
rfehiMtcs were present from the Hamburg-American
or Anglo-American lines.
Tlie delegates from the North German
Mojil comii.itiy nro of the opinion that a
rtte war will begin Immediately, but
the Anglo-American delegates who nre
hre Mid nfter the meeting that the
slashing of rates will not begin before
the end of February. These latter dele
gate! believe that high politics Is behind
the quarrel between the German lines
Mid that the KaWr and the pan-Germans
ate mpportlng the Hamburg company In
the hope that the ultimate result will bo
a single great German steamship com
pany which will be supreme over the
The Pnnl'a Hntemrnt.
T1 ofllclal declaration excluding tho
Hamburg-American Line from tho combi
nation read as follows :
"At tlm conference of the continental
fine' Interested In the north Atlantic
raasenger trade, held In Paris on January
31. the demnnds of the. Anmburc-Amcrl-ean
Line, which did not see fit to appear
In order to explain Its Justification of
Its claim for an Increased proportion of
th steerage passenger traffic, were fully
considered. The linen were unanimously
of opinion that neither past nor present
conditions warranted these demands put
forward by the Hamburg-American Line;
but that, on the contrary, they were In
flagrant contradiction with the position
th Hamburg-American Line has em
phatically maintained In similar Instances
toward other companies.
"The lines, therefore, refuse- to recognize
these claims and resolve to carry out the
listing agreement among themselves, but
without the Hamburg-American Line, with
the object of upholding an organisation
which has given entire satisfaction during
the long period of twenty-two years and
thus protecting tho recognized position
ef the various lines toward each other."
Wanted Store Streragv Traffic.
It Is understood that the Hamburg-
American's claims refer solely to the per-r-ntage
of westbound steerage passenger
business, which has heretofore been al
lotted to the North German Lloyd com
pany , The latter company received 4
per out. and the Hamburg line 43. The
Hamburg company wanted Its percentage
increased to 47.
After the meeting between reprcsenta
lives of thu Hamburg-American and North
Orinan Lloyd companies In November,
the former company declared Its Intention
of abstaining from the present conference
here unices assured In advanco that the
other Herman company was willing to
make concessions. This the North Ger
man Lloyd refused to do for the reason
that when that company built the steamers
ieorgo Washington and Kronprlnressln
Cecllle the Hamburg-American company
refused a similar claim of the Bremen
line. For this reason the North German
Lloyd company refused to recognize the
claims of the Hamburg company, which
were, based on the building of big ships
like tho Imperator and her sister boats
which are now on the stocks.
Bnu.iN, Jan. 32. It is said here that
the Hamburg-American Steamship Com
pany will open nn office In Montreal as
a part of Itsjcampalgn against Its rivals,
Member of seulem l-lloUtrln
lloimr TonrlnK the Country.
Special Cable Despatch to Tins Hex.
Kingston, Jamaica, Jan. 22. Princeaj
Marie Louise of SchlcBwIg-HolslcIn ar
tlied heie this morning. She wis the
re'lplrnt of a grand reception by Gov.
ruining and the people of Kingston. Tne
l'r m ess h making, a tour of the conn-
ti .nd will remain about two wetha.
litre will be numerous poc.nl etents
niur of the Princess. 1'romlneiit
t iTleans who are here on a visit will
iv put In these functions.
The Pilncess made an interesting
i 'eeh in reply to an address presented
ier by tho M.iyor on her arrival. She
I , iK' in high terms of lief reception at
I'rna'vi by Col. Goethals, the chairman
of lli Panama ('anal Commission, the
Pr tlsh Minister and others. Sha declared
that liattin lock was a wonderful piece
r ork
ttlliliifiliwia I 'sell Instrument for
MhUIiik Obsert lltlons. It I Snlil.
r'cml Cable Itetpatch to Tint Sin.
mon, .Ian. 2o, A despatch fioni
turn to the Time says it cent dls
"J'trlrs made by Prof, tlarsUtng at
Mi n.. tm pitc of thu ancient Ethiopian
"I'U (I. include a sacred well and all ob
itoii. In which there was evidence of
uniineiilM for taking observations, es
I"- My in determining lntltude. Ho also
red two monumental Inscriptions,
i'h the longest Murcltlo texts extant
'' inoicled victories, with icferences
10 ll inie.
mall keiiuil lley's Itralgnn t Ion
I'nfllltale Settlement.
' 'iif fable Hetpatch la Tine Hux,
1 mi. .inn. 22. Ismail Kemal llej;'s
i' I
' di flared Intention of resigning as
iMit of the piuvlslonal Government
iiil.i has materialized. He has
' i I' d his powers to a commission of
' ' l Thli Is regarded as likely to
'1l lie settlement of the tiuestion of a
S'l'roineiit and a ruler for that country.
ti-ported that Kssad Pasha, the
Minister of Finance, of Albania,
iw at tho head of n rebellion In
uiitiy, has declared In favor of
v lll.tin of Wled, who was selected
ers to rule the country,
Workmen In Nt. IVtrrnhnrpT JVt tl.
lowed to Parade.
Special Cable Despatch to Tiie He.
St. I'BTEnsiimtu, Jun. 22. It was ex
pected that there would be serious trouble
here to-day during the celebration by
the workmen of "Hloody Sunday," but
the day passed without disturbance of
any kind. Hovcrnl persons were arrested
for singing revolutionary songs and try
ing to start street demonstrations, but
these will probably be released to-morrow.
An attempt was made by the workmen
to nsscmhle at the cemetery where! the
victims of "Hloody Sunday" art burled,
but It was frustrated by the police. The
threatened strike of the tramwaymen was
also averted.
Tho day's happenings served to em
phasize tho fact that Russian workmen
pre becoming organized In Increasing
numbers and nlso that they arc getting
"Hloody Sunday," January 22. 1S05,
was the day on which many striking
workmen were massacred by tho Russian
troops. The workmen when attacked
were marching to the palace to present
their demands to the Emperor.
All Sorts of Otitlandish Cos-
timies Seen nt Covent
Special Cable Despatch to Tuit Scs.
I.ONPOK, Jan. 23. The annual Three
Arts .ball nt Covent Garden last night,
where marvels of futuristic garb had been
heralded to appear, did not belle expecta
tions. . The dancers were an Inconceivably
multi-colored throng which suggested the
familiar simile of a rainbow split Into
iVlthough there were many beautiful tra
ditional dresses to be seen the futurist mode
predominated. Several couples danced the
tango dressed as men and women In cos
tumes of the same material. One couple
appeared In check Jerkins, trousers and
purple belts and wore purple wigs. An
other pair were In bright vermilion out
fits with fur anklets and vermilion hair
from which there floated tall violet
Another couple simulated the figures of
a stained glass window, reticulations and
halos Included. One woman wore a mar
vellous costumes of creen. blue and gold
with a full spread peacock's tall on her
Iona Ashwell, an actress, had a crim
son feather stuck In her bright bluo hair.
The hair of Lillian Hrathwalte. another
actress, was a brilliant orange color.
The tango was the most favored dance.
The central feature of tho night was a
display called "Flashlight Memories," con
sisting of reminders under the limelight
of dramatic successes In the last few
years. Sir Herbert. Heerbohm Tree, Sir
George Alexander, Henry H. Irving, Pau
line Chase, Winifred Kmery and other
prominent actors and actretses shared In
this display. Kdna May successfully in
voked memorlts of "The Hello of New
Devilled bones and brer were served at
3;30 o'clock this morning, but this did not
Interfere with thn general merriment,
which Insted several hours longer.
Picture of Wnahlna-ton'a Mother to
llaiill' tn MnlKravr Manor.
Special Cable nttpatcK to The Pcn.
I5NPOK, Jan. 22. Tho British peace
centenary committee has formally ac
cepted Lanier's portrait of George Wash
ington's mother, which was conveed
through former Ambassador Hryce. and
ordered that It bo hung In Sulgrnve Manor,
the ancestral home of the Washington
Walter II. Page, tho American Ambas
sador, has accepted for himself and his
successor tho chairmanship of tho Inter
national committee which Is to manage
the Sulgrave property.
It was announced at a meeting of 'the
centenary committee to-day that $250,000
In still needed to carry out thn llritlsh
programme for the celebration of the cen
tennial of jwace between thu United
States and Great Britain. A public ap
peal will be Issued for subscriptions to the
Unionists of West Illnnlntf hum Of
fer Plarr tn Austen.
Spennl Cable Despatch to Tint sin.
IIirminiiiiam, Jnn. 22. The Unionists
of West lllrmlngham have Invited Austen
Chamberlain, eldest son of the Right
Hon. Joseph Chamberlain, to succeed his
father as their representative In Parlia
ment. Austen Chimberlaln is at present
Unionist member for Kast Worcestershire,
which ho hBH represented since 1892. Ills
father recently resigned Ills seat for West
Birmingham. He has been unable to ap
pear In Parliament for a long time on
account of Illness.
Director of Paris Opera Then Said
tn Hair Struck Accuser.
Special Cable Dtnpalck to Tlic Hc.N.
Ptms. Jan. 22. The case of M. Hrous
san, one of the directors of the Opera, was
sent to-day to the Correctional Court, tho
director being charged with assaulting M.
'tie lutter, whu holds the concession for
printing the programmes of tho Opera,
accused M. llroiissau last July of demand
ing sum of money for himself before he
would allow til" contracts to be renewed.
Tho assault foe which M. Hroussnn was
held ocelli red at the Opera In the presence
of M. Messager, the other director,
Copenhnifen Hub I'lrst I' I re In He.
HkIous Institution In I Oil Yenr.
Copknhaokn, Jan. 22. Copenhagen to
day hail Its first church lire in a century.
The only Methodist church In the capi
tal was burned anil a large number of
liot.K U'uc persons sleeping In thu crspt
pairow'v escaped death. '
Ir. Anton Heat, known as a leaiitr !n
religious work nnd philanthropy, win m
cently made a lecture tour In the United
Ht'itcs, says that the chinch was built
by thn Methodist Kplscopal oomriuultlj.i
or AmcrJcii chlellj through tie elforiH
of tho lute Datilfch Consul Dollutr of
New ytuk.
(ion. Von Sanders, Appointed in
Von ilor floltz's Place, to
He Itecallcri.
Hulcai-ia Promises to Aid Tur
key in Cnsc of War With '
Special Cable Despatches to Tim Sin. some Anglo-American misunderstandings.
London, Jan. 22. A despatch from' Mf. Hlchaids in his speech became remln
Constantinople declares that It Is certain j Iscent. He told of changes since he came
that Gen. Llman von Sanders of the Prus- Io Kngl.md from the United States In
slan cavalry, who was appointed some . 1 SB", when It cost a guinea ($5.25) a
time ngo to reorganize the Ottoman army, ! word to send a cablegram across the
will return to Germany. Itussla nnd
some other countries opposed the appoint
ment of Gen. von Sanders In a vehement
TheOttoman Government then modified
the scope of Gen. von Sanders's duties
and made him Inspector-General, but the
campaign against a German officer hold
ing this position contli.ued nnd It Is now
unofficially admitted at Ttcrlln that Ger
ninny has suffered a sharp diplomatic
defeat In the matter.
Much disappointment over the practi
cal dismissal of Gen. ton Sanders is ex
pressed by the Herlln newspapers as his
appointment was relied upon to offset In
sinuations that Turkey's defeat In the
HaJkan war was due to the faulty train
ing of her army by Gen. von der Goltz.
This Indirect blow at German military
prestige has deeply wounded tho Kaiser,
who, according to the Dally Mail's Herlln
correspondent, personally settled the ap
pointment of Gen. von Sanders with Tur
key. The Vienna correspondent of the Dally
Telegraph quotes a diplomatist as saying
that the treaty between Turkey and Ilul
garla which was recently reported as be
ing negotiated was concluded on January
It provides for mutual action in the ex
pected war between Turkey nnd Greece,
which will have for Its object the recon
quest by the Ottoman Government of the
.Kgean Islands, which nre now occupied
by the Greeks. In trie event of such a
war llulgarla will cooperate with Turkey
and allow the Ottoman troops to march
through Bulgaria.
Vibnna, Jan, 22, A despatch from
Const an tlnoplo as the Grand Vizier has
sent a note to the Ambassadors here sa
tng that Turkey refuses to accept the "un
just decision" of the Powers In regard to
tho stigean Islands and that she Intends
to do her utmost to regain Chios and
Arraard of Mnrderlnic Two Musi
cians In t. Petersburg Hrstaurant.
fipectat Cable Detpatch la TfiK Sc
St. Pkterhbuiio, Jan. 22. The newspa
pers' here accuse Lieut. Kolzakoff, a highly
connected officer of the Imperial Guards,
of murdering two musicians at the Samar
kand restaurant, a well known night re
sort. Kolzakoff and some other ofllrers
had ."pent the night In the place drinking
and listening to the mulc of it gypsy or-
lyilzakoff on leaving tried to enter the
dro'slng room of a girl named Steanova,
who wns one of the singers. The girl's
father, who was the conductor of thn or
chestra Interposed and Kolzakoff shot him
nnd another musician dead and wounded
the girl. Kolzakoff was arrested.
Togs at Queenstown Have tin rift
Time Transferrin!!' Mall. j
Special Cable Iteipateh to Tun Kr.s
Qukenstown, Jan. 22. A heavy sea
hero caused the White Star liner Olympic
for New York to stand off the harbor for
four hours to-day whllo tugs tried to
transfer 1,700 American mall bags to the
big ship.
Tho work was finally accomplished.
Third Kmuedltlnn tn I'xplore Knutli
In mm.
Special Cable Deipalch to Tns Pus
I.ONDON, Jan. 22. A third Antarctic ax
pedltion Is being planned to follow that of
Lieut. Sir Krnest Shacklcton and the Aus
trian putty.
The Swedish Antarctic committee will
send a party of ten scientists to the south
In the autumn of 1910.
Man Who Stole "Mona Lisa" Com
mitted In Florence.
Special Cable Despatch to The Ho.
Florence, Jun. 22. Vlnccnzo Perugia
waa committed to-day for trial for the
theft of Leonardo da Vinci's "Mona
Lisa'' from the Paris Louvre. The trial
will probably begin on February 2H.
Hvrvlce at Westminster Abbey, but
llurlnl at lllnhifatr,
London, Jan. 22. King George niid
Queen Mary will be represented at tho
funeral services to be held at noon op
Mouda In Westminster Abbey for Uinl
Strathconu, High Commissioner for Can
ada, who died early yesterday morning.
Tho statesman will be buried at High
gate besidti his wife, who died last No
vember. It was learned this afternoon
that Lord Strathcona's dying wish was
that ho be burled besldo hli wife. Other
wise, his remains would repose In West
minster Abbey. King George desired that
the body of the Into empire bulliir bo
uius nonoreu, out tnc relatives of tho late
High Commissioner decided lo fulfil his
let olutlonlats Now Have n Port
President Oreste llailly Worried,
WABIIINOTON, Jan. 22. The captuic of
Capo Hayllen by tho revolutionists In
Haytl wns reported to the State Depart
nient to-day. The gunboat Nashville Is
on Its way from Port au Prince to Capo
Haytlen, whero It will look nfter the pro
tection of any American interests threat
ened by the revolutionists.
President Orcsto has called Congress In
extraordinary session beginning next
Monday for the purposo of adopting
emergency measures to crush the revolu
tlon. Possession of Capt Haytlen gives
the revolutionists a port' through which
they can obtain necessary supplies and
munitions oi war.
Parents of Notrllst Honored at
Golden WimIiIIiik Annlversnr.
Special fable Despatch to Tins Sun.
IjONOon. Jan. 22. Sir George Itlddcll
presided nt a banquet In honor of the
golden wedding nnnlversary 6f Mr. and
Mrs. John Morgan Hlchards, father and
mother of the Into Mrs. Cralgle, "John
Oliver llobbes," the novelist, at tho Hotel
Cecil to-night. Among the guests were
Mr. Page, the Ametlcan Ambassador, and
Mrs. Page; Mr. Grllllths, the American
Consul-Gcnrral, and Mrs. Grllllths, and
Secretary Vim Ouzer of the American
Society of London and Mrs. Van Duzer.
Although the speakers recalled the fact
that tho couple were the parents of "John
Oliver llobbes," the tribute wns personal
to the couple. The Queen sent a telegram
of congratulation to Mrs. Hlchards.
Sir George Itlddcll In his speech re
called Mr. ltlchards's services In settling
The couple were presented with a hand
some silver gift centrepiece, which had
been subscribed for by their friends and
' Vork and Tarls Antique Denier
Get I.riclon of Honor,
tprcfal Cable Despatch to Tar. St v
I'Aitls, Jan. 22. Kellx Wlldensteln,
a New Vork and Pails antique dealer,
has been awarded the decoration of u
chexnller of tho Legion of Honor.
Well hri'.ssdl Man Kills Himself
in Uailroad Station He
Quotes Helgian Poet.
All da long a well dressed man of
40 years, with a high forehead and black
curly hair, paced nervously up and down
In the watting room of the Pennsylvania
Itallroad station yesterday. At 6 o'clock
ho had disappeared. A few minutes later
two pistol shots were heard anil Chlf
Station Uetectlve George K. Spencer
found the man dead In the washroom.
Ho had shot himself twlco In tho head.
A revolver lay beside him.
Suicide is believed to have heen the
man's thought for a long time. In his
pockets were found newspaper and maga
zine clippings of stories and articles on
death by suicide. The newspaper clip
pings, which told of persons who had
taken their lives by various means, were
all from Philadelphia papers. A maga
zine clipping contained an article on death
by Maurice Maeterlinck In which varloui
"ententes were underscored.
The only address found on the man was
that of the Natural Carbonic Gas Com
p.tny. McClellan street. Newark, N. J.
This was written twice on a piece of paper
that was probably part of nn envelop.
On another torn piece of paper was writ
ten In pencil :
"it Is time I ended this miserable ex
istence. 1 have taken farts Into consider
ation and have concluded that death Is the
only way to get out of thli hypocritical,
swindling world. I hope to make a good
Job of It, for then I will hive rest anil
"It Is not a cowardly act to do away
with one's self "
On the opposite ,Ide of thl slip of paper
were the words, "Out of work and fund,"
One of the sentences of Maeterlinck
which tho man had especially underlined
w.T- tr's:
"In any cae. t stems fairly certain that
we spend In this world the only narrow,
grudging, obscuro ami sorrowful moments
of our destiny."
A quotation from Shakespeare also
found In the man's pocket was Hamlet's
remark :
"There are more thlnas In heaven and
earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of In our
iThf man was feet tall, weighed 17.1
pounds and had prominent check bones,
lie wore a dark gray oveicojt and a
gray plaid cap.
lnuulry mule In Newark lat night
failed to help In the Identification of trie
dead man.
Nine of IS Vlllnur on Sakura Island
Wiped Out Kntlrel.
Tho Japanese Consul-Gcneral In New
York, Mr. K. I'JIina. has received the fol
lowing cablegram regarding the eruption
of Sakurashlma In southern Japan:
"Considering all the telegraphic reports
of tho Governor of Kagoshlma and those
of the officials of the Department of the
Interior despatched to the scene of dls
nstor received up to .Tnnuary IS the belch
ing of th" flames and showering of ashes
are likely to continue for some time to
"With the little piospcct, however, of
further danger some landed on the Island
of Sakuni Tor the purpose of exploration.
The extent of ilamago wrought as fHr aa
ascertained Is a follows.
"Nino villages, Including Sin houses,
out of eighteen villages had been turned
entirely Into nshet. Casualties among the
Inhabitants aie believed to be unexpect
edly small. Besides Sakurashlma both
counties of Klmotsu and Alra also suf
fered damage owing to tho accumulation
of pumice, stone and ashes. So thn suf
ferers of these counties badly need relief,
with tho 20,000 Inhabitants of Sakura
shlma. "The damage in tho city or Kagoshlma
Is estimated as follows: Dead, IS, In
cluding I buried under the nshes In tho
country: seriously wounded, S7; slightly
wounded, 71 ; houses completely collapsed,
3S ; partly crushed, 113."
Three Un)rr friends Unable lo
me Clarence l.snmm,
Clarence .1, Lawson of Sil Landscape
avenue, VouKein, dllieil well last night
ami then tiled to take three lawjer friends
to the Columbia Theatre, Forty-seventh
street and Seventh avenue, but the door
man wouldn't let the party In. The It
which .Mr. Lunsim Intel puld for tickets
was i el muled.
"I'm going Into this theatre," said Mr.
Lawsnn, who said ho was secretary and
partner In the Columbia Machine nnd
Stopper Corporation of 114 West Thirty
eighth Hired, and who woie evening dress
ami a fur coat,
"You're not," said Special Policeman
Joo Mnrthil, Lawson grabbed Martini
anil toro his coat off. Martini blow n
whlstlo iiuil ii regular policeman, Wax
mail, run Into the lobby. He struggled
with Lawson a whllo and took him to the
night court charged with disorderly con
duct. The three lawyers Rudolph F. John
son, Martin J, Carl and Henry F. Stumpf,
all of the firm of Cntl & Stumpf. 132
Nassau street went along ns witnesses
and counsel, When they got to court
they defended Lawson with great zeal,
"No man can throw mo out of a thea
tre, without a fight," declared Lawson,
"That being the case," said the Magis
trate," I Hno you 110'
Til Alio was paid.
23, 1914.
Jtegulntion of Transactions Not
Part of His Anti-Trnst
Itepiihlicaii Aid is Assured in
Passage of tlic Five Cor
poration Hills.
Washington, Jan. SJ. President Wll
son let It be known to-day that he had ,
no Intention of asking Congress to pass '
a law regulating the operations of sloe 1
exchanges. It had been reported that Mr.!
Wilson had contemplated making a recom
mendation affecting stock exchanges ns a
part of the anti-trust programme that
he submitted to Congress on Tuesday.
Such reports, It appears, are without
It was learned that the Presi
dent regards the problem of stock ex
change regulation aB one entirely distinct
from those which he has endeavored to
handle In the legislative programme
outlined In his address to Congress.
Thn President made the statement that
he will confine his recommendations to j
Congress for legislation to the subjects
to which the Democratic party committed
Itself In the Baltimore platform. The
President said that the stock exchange
legislation was not promised by the Bal
timore platform.
This announcement substantiated tho
belief long held by persons close to tho
President that he considers himself com
missioned by the people of the country
to carry out a definite programme jf
reform through legislation and that he
has not the right of confusing his per
sonal views with those which the people
approved in voting for him In 1912.
Want Votlna; Power Limited.
Another subject on which the President
touched In his discussion with callers to
day was the suggestion, embodied In his
message, that It might be wise to In
corporate In one of the antl-monnpoly
bills a provision to limit the Individual
voting power of persons owning stock In
various corporations having common In
terests. The President explained that he hatl
not not ventured lo make so definite a
recommendation to Congress upon this
subject as upon others. He said that the
mind of the country w-as not so fully
made up on this question aa upon tho
others under discussion. He desired
merely to lay this matter Wforo Con-
grefs to be dealt with as that body
might see fit.
The President experts that full heatings
will be given by the Judiciary and Inter
state Commerce committees of the House
and Senate upon the bills to be Introduced
with the Administration's approvnl. He
said that he was sure the fullest oppor
tunity would be given to business men to
express their views at hearings.
The President expressed his approval
to-day of Majority Leader Underwood'
nctlon In procuring the reference to the
1 Committee on Interstate Commerce of the
' section of his message dealing with the
I Interstate Trade Commission and with the
new powers to be conferred upon the In
terstate Commerce Commlsilon. The
President referred to the division of labor
between the Judiciary ami Interstate
Commerce committees as a normal dis
tribution. It Is the President's belief that the Ad
ministration's anti-trust bills will make
comparatively even progress tluough the
House and Senatn ami that they will be
enacted approximately at the same time.
Attitude Toward llrpulillvans.
Inquiry was made of the President to
day as Vt whether or not the Republican
members of the two committees would be
consulted In the handling of the Admin
istration Mils.
Tho President Is perfectly willing that
the Itepubllcans shall be allowed pattlcl-
pation in the work Incident to perfecting
the trust programme. He, however, will
not Invite Republican members to attend
the conferences In the White House upon
tho measures as they approach comple
tion. He will meiely Invite the chairmen
of the committees and the chairmen them
selves will bo privileged to select th"
committee members who may accompany
them to the conferences.
Information which has come to the
President has assured listn thrtt Republi
can members of tho Judiciary and, Intel -state
Commerce Committees of both the
House and the Senate nre willing to par
ticipate In the formulation of the Admin
istration's programme. These assurances
In a measure have Inspired In the Presi
dent the belief that party lines need not
be drawn strictly In the forthcoming fight
for the enactment of the five corporation
It Is not the President's purpose that
the hill to confer upon the Interstate Com
merce Commission the power of regulat
ing the Issuance of railway securities
shall tie retroactive. The regulating power
shall apply, according to his plan, only to
future Issues of these securities.
Dcflai't's This Gciinnitinn Will
Not See Its Itcturn rniisp
for Xpw Laws.
H'cii'tai'y of the Navy .luxephus
IKinlelK, speaking before thu Miuiufac
tuiers ami Iluslness Men's Association of
.New Vork at the l!nlon League Club,
lirooklyn, last night, said that a 111011111
ago at the dinner of tho North Carolina
Society he had listened to predictions of
business disinter, hut that the fears of
the speakers had been unfounded.
"The Initial henellclal effects of the
tariff and currency measures," he con
tinued, "as well as the President's reus
MirliiK words as to the Intent of past and
P ruling legislation, hawi reassured tho
couutiy, but may we not see In the en
thushistlo way In which the country,
apart from party and apart from parti
sanship, l rallying to the supisiit of the
I'rcildent something of (hat enthusiasm
which every emit leader Inspires?
"No longer Is the man applauded who
promotes p.niy success hy dev ous so
lions, lie cannot excuse short cuts or
misrepresentation on tho ground that all
is tair 111 pontics ami war.
"I duio to picdlct that this generation
will not see a return of the time when all
the voters will tie shut up to the necessity
of belonging to one or the other of the
two old parties. We shall see here what
Is seen In all lCuropeau countries an
many parties as there ate largo schools
of political thought, Pat Ilea arc valuable
only aa they aro agencies to give effect
to tne win or tlie men who compose them.
When they fall to exist as effective agen
cies for carrying out sound prliiciplrs they
lire tluugerous to our Institutions."
The occasion was the twentieth annual
dinner of the association.
Today and tomorrow arc
the last two days of
the following salesl
The semi-annual sale of
Saks Overcoats for Men
at $29
Reduced from $45, $40,
$38 and $35
I The last call! Yet the selections arc still ioodf
thanks to the liberal number of garments with
which this sale started. There is still a splendid
collection of fine fabrics, and a full assortment of
the most desirable models, for although the ranks
have thinned out, the line formation is still intact.
Imported English Overcoats included!
The semi-annual sale of
Saks Overcoats for Men
at $18
Reduced from $30, $28,
$25 and $23
I Affording you not only a range of the season's
smartest fabrics and models, but also the rare
privilege of purchasing at a liberal saving prob
ably the best-tailored, and beyond all doubt the
best-styled overcoat made in America today at
the former prices named.
Imported English Overcoats included !
Broadway al
"Who's Who in New York it Seen Here"
"You Arc Killing: n Man's Char-
iii'ter," Kx-Coii!rrpssninn How
ard Tolls Chairman.
Macon, (la., Jan. 23. A warm colloquy
between former Congressnvin Howard,1
counsel for Judge Kpeer, and Chairman
Webb was one. of the features of tho af
ternoon's session of the hearing of
charges against Judge IJmory Speer.
'Jiio rornier congressman bitterly as
sailed the methods of the committee In
hearing only one side,
"If it Is a Crund Jury Investigation
why not have it secret?" ho suggested,
"You nre killing time," replied Mr.
"And you are killing a man's chrnsc
ter." retorted Mr. Howard.
Heated words were exchanged for
nearly an hour. The committee refused
to admit any evidence except thnt which
was detrimental to Judgo Speer.
That Judgo Hpter packed tho (ir.tnd
Jury with his friends, In tho Investiga
tion of the (ireeue-lluytior Savannah Har
bor frauds, which eventually resulted In
the conviction of tho New York contract
ors, was charged by former I'nlted Statea
Marshal John M. Ilitrnes.
"He told mu to bring In the Jury box,"
said Karnes.
"I brought It In and placed It before
him. He was on the bench nnd Mr. Tal
ley, his prlvato secretary, sat beside him.
The Judgo opened the box ami took out
fifty names. N Ho asked mo to look them
over am! seo If I knew any of them."
Ah names were called out, itccordlng
to the former marshal, many wero thrown
out nfter Judge Kpeer hail held whispered
conversations with Mr. Talley,
"Two men wanted for criminal offences
In this court were put on tlie Jury." Mr
llarnes said, lie gave tho names of sonm
of the men who wero not acceptable to
Judge Speer, ho salil, Hit lies says ho
was told that If there wero Brunswick
und Savannah men implicated in the
Cireene-llaynor case there would bo the
iletil to pay. He said that when Judge
Speer looked over tlm names of tho.se on
the Jury list ho asked aa to their educa
tion. "He wanted the Ignorant ones," charged
Mr. Haines.
llarnes sns that he told Col. Ilooscvelt,
who was President then, of his removal
from oflleo by Judgo Speer and was In
formed by Col. Itooscwlt that he wasn't
barred from public office,
Proprietors Muuucst .t lend unci' of
Specially i:nmlned OUIc-m,
Twnnty-sU dunce hall proprietors,
meeting last night In tlm looms of tho
Kast Side Neighborhood Association at
the ('Diversity Settlement, made plans
which they think will drle whllo shivers
from the halls mid make daiiclm; safe for
girls and abo discourage uaugstois.
They purpose to do this hy getting
Sheriff flrlfenhagen to nsslsn In each hall
a deputy examined as In character and
fitness hy this cominltti-e : Uobln.i till
man, head worker of the I'nlverMly Set
tlement . Mrs. Kdward M.tndcll, secretary
of the Local Needs Association , Julius
illumherg, Samuel Sobel of the Kduca
tlonal Alliance and I ho Key, Dr. tleonto
W, Anthony of St. Augustine's Chapel.
34th Street.
29th-30th ST.
Vieilllli. piirlllliiit House llllllder
l Miil for ;epnrnllon.
In i suit for separation tiled in the
Siipienic Cotut yesterday by Mrx, Mildred
P.iteino against l-'rancls S. Piiterno, th
wealthy builder of apartment houses, who
N said to !i worth neirly Jlmfi.iino, th"
plalntllf alh ges that she Iijs contracted
tuberttilosls tluough the cruelty of her
husband in compelling her to lite with
his relatives, who wtic euffeiers fioin
the disease. Sin. alleges that this nun.
worth hundreds of thousands of dollars,
forced Ills feeble w ife to pel form th
duties of a scrubwoman, which she did
until nature rebelled at the burden,"
.Mis. l'aterno says her husband's rel
athes compelled her to do the family
washing when sh was In n delieato con
dition, and that after her baby hud boen
Ixirn her mother-in-law seized her hv
the throat nnd said: "If you weren't 111
I'd choke ton to death" She charges
that when she ruportt-d this to her hus
band he said: It Mould have been a good
thing If she did choke joii to death."
The plaintiff says that while shn wa In
a weak condition and her physician had
told h..e husband she needed good nourish
ing lood he 1-eiit out for 1J edits worth
of soup meat ami her iinithcr-ln-Uw latr
cut the order to sK centH worth. When
she loiiiplaliied that she didn't get enough
to eat her husband "shipped my fine
with his big hand and shared the privilege
with Ills mother."
Mis. l'aterno n.i that after she c
traded tuberculosis sin was m hi In ..
sanitarium at Snriuiac In April, 10U".
She alleges that Ie r husband said lo Inr
In September, m;t. ", ),.,,,. ,0 tll,k ,,r
putting up a home for you. 1 thought
this thing would be over In liner in
four mouths." She m.m Ii. e imsiiand
boasted of his relations with olh r women.
Inspector l)iter I'nlU to find lit I
deuce, bin Arrests Mil nimers.
Inspector lutyer mid half n dnin de-
. teethes of the louilh n-p, rtlun illstihr
I lalded the Times Sipinie llot.l, In I'mH
I third stieet west of Iti'o.idUii.t , eal Hi'
'morning and in tested lliui New bold,
I the maiiMgei, anil .1. lines ILHTeit). the
assistant manager, on warrants, tssiml b
Chief Magistrate .MeAdoo charging tin in
with maintaining a disorder Iv house
A scaieh was made III rill tin roonp
the hotel, but none-but pel tiianciit guetn
weio found ami thej were allowed to n
main. A policeman wn- i .turn,-1
charge of the register ami onleieil t,. le
no one In or out except the p, i miner
guests, Assistant District Atioine Soil
Mill accompanied Inspector Dwycr on t'u
A cabaret show going on on the street
floor wis not disturbed b tlic pnlici

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