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Rnin and warmer to-day; rgin or miow to
morrow and coliftir'.
Detailed u'cntlicr reports will iAnita! on pipe 15
Vitiitor to Corroborate Sul
.'l Story f Murphy's
District Attorney nml O'Gor
intiii Go Over Doe In
(piii'.v Testimony.
Vt itiii'es Toll of Pnyinjr More
Tlum .?i0,000 for An
other Contract.
District Attorney Whitman mid Sena-
tor James A. O'Gormiin conferred for
two hours yesterday. It Is believed that
Hit- District Attorney received us.sur-
nnces that the sworn testimony of Will- i
lam Sulzer before the Grand Jury will 1
bo corroborated by Senator (.Wurman. .
Mr. Sulzer will bo recalled to correct !
1,1s te.stl.nony as to a meeting between I
. , , .
Senator Ol.orman and Charles l'.Mur-
phy. Tho meeting described to Mr,
Sulzer by Senator O Oormnn was nj
zszisSrsrs si
detail the account of the meeting given !
by Sulzer will bo corroborated.
Tammany men realize that the sub
stantiation of Sulzer's .tor' will nhnlto
the oivanlzation to Its foundatlotiH and
compel tho ousting of thoc responslblo
for tho conditions brought to light
through tho John Doe Inquiry.
James 13. Gaffney was accused beforo
'he Orand Jury of accepting 41,:50
from an nriut-duct contractor.
Suffolk, county contractors yesterday
declared their Innocence and asserted
they had had a raw deal from the ln
vi tlgators.
It wiw announced that James W.
Osborne would resume his graft Inquiry"
n Altuny on Tuesday.
senator Cnnfrr Ttru Itoara With
tlUtrlet Attornrr In lloe Inqulrr. !
District Attorney Whitman and United
States Senator James A. OYlorinan con
ferred for two hours yesterday on the
situation that has tyen presented through
the sworn testimony of former Gov. Wlll
hm Sulicr an to tho results that followed
Immediately upon tho attempt of a man
mimed Caffney to hold up James C.
Stewart for 11C0.000 while Htewarfa bids
oil canal work wero pending before the
Canal Hoard.
Mr. Sulzer testified that at luncheon In
Washington Senator O'CJomian told him
that after the attempted holdup of Stewart
the Senator went to Charles F. Murphy
mid warned him that he would have to
hop Gaffney or ho would expose the Tain
nuny chief and that when Murphy said
he kn6W nothing about It the Senator told
him he knew Gaffney would not lmv gone
to Stewart unless Murphy had hent him.
Sulzer eworo that this conversation cen
tred about the. Governor's refusal to ap
point James V. Gaftucy Commissioner of
Highways and that It followed tho Sen
ator's query as to whether or not Sulzer
did not know that Gaffney was Murphy's
Stewart to Be Recalled.
Joinea C. Stewart will be recalled as a
Vltnesi beforo Chief Magistrate McAdoo
litxt Wednesday, lie will be asked If It
ls not true that he knows Jumcs E. Qaff
nty very well and an opportunity will be
Riven to him to change his previous tea
t.mony, which was to tlio effect that he
hu never even met James U. Gaffney.
j.lkewlso he will bo atked If after the at
tempt to got 1100,000 from hhn he did not
. personally to Charles ! Murphy and
tc t him that he must "call err' Gaffney,
t .it unless tho Tammany chief did ho
iulil uxpoHo him and tliat Muijiliy need
i t t:y to "sidestep," because h know
i it Ganney would not have approached
1 .n unless Mr. Murphy had hent him.
Mi. Sulzer will then bo recalled. He
h.u alicady said that his memory has
t'ltn refreshed as to certain matters anil
t rtt 1m Is now prepared to supplement
. . tlrot ktory. The deposed Governor will
be asked to decrlbo again his meettnj;
v. ti, Senator O'Gonnan in Washington.
11 u ill bo asked whether or not the
ator in tilling him why lie knew Gaff-
w be Murphy's "bagman" did not
that he knew It because Stewart had
a approached and becaubo Stewart had
f to .Murphy hlmseir and told him
must "call oft" Gaffney.
'i a- point which tlifo Dlnti-lct Attorney
i try to make Is that .Mr. Sulzer un-
i iuuly picked up the words or Stew
is jhuie of tho Senator, ir ho can
r.ilillfch tho fact that there was no meet
' Jitween Senator O'Gorman and .Mr.
1'irptiy but that tlioro was a very lively
iiietug between Mr. Stewart aw Mr.
Kirphy ho will havo advanced consider
. lilv n clearing up tho situation. Mr.
Muiphv Ii.ih said that lie did not see Sen
s' iv 'iiorninn butwvon tho time of Sul-
s tltctiou and the Inauguration of
1'iVtnleiit WlUon.
o't.iiriiiiiii WunK L'orrpotloii,
iVlM, the District Auoy.ey H ' 'Xh-
'h Mmvart and Sulzer It Is hbi luteu-,..,.
o'. io call Senator O'flormaii In the hope .
.t he lll be ahlo to corroborate them,
i' s believed that tho Senator assured
' ' lilstrlct Attorney that he would do
i h If certain confusions or unconscious
. h's in Mr. Sulzers story were cor
....I it is realized that the value of
SuUei's testimony to far as the pro-'
of indictments Is coucernml de
ns largely upon what Senator o'Gor-
says. Kor tills reason he will not
'died until Mr. Sulzer has told all he
n it ami until tho documentary proofs
C'ouliMiii'd on filth Page.
200,1100 Workmen Mil I'.lther itlt
ir lie Locked Onl.
Sr'c:a! CVifcV tittpatch tn Tub Sk.v
Lonpox, Jun, :s Unless some conces
sion tire mtule In the meantime there
will be leO.OuO to 200,000 workmen In I
London Mi- iiy the beginning of next (
v.'cVk. Altoudy P.CCO io.il porters and
1,000 enrmeti hiivo struck. ur.il tlio lit
ter's union, which h.
o.' 50,000, threatens to Inaugurate a
sympathetic strike Thee will bo n look-!
out or IOO.00O iii-n In the building
trades toqiionow ur.!H tn.e -i.-., .
Uiidirtnklng to work with tidn-unlnnlsts. J
Tim price or io.il Is advancing and th
very poor poop;,, hove the greatest dim- i
culty In obtaining their supplies. Th9 ,
weather Is very cold. Tlio co.il porters' i
union forfeited public sympathy to-day
by refusing to esrrv coal to the bns.i
1 Minis, although tip to the piesont they
havo not 'Interfered with tho hospital
authorities carting the coal themselves.
Machine Invented li llrltlau Officer
to fir Tried Ont llrrr.
MAnuLniiZAp, Mass., Jan. 23. A new
type of hydroaeroplane, the Invention of
Lieut. Dunn of tho Urltlsh army, which
haa o tnll or rudder and has wines
aped like a V, will have Its Initial
,r'nl In tho harbor here mcit week. It was
llll"-'lcd in the factory of W. Starling
Uur" "'"1 "leim Curtis, to-day. It Is
"",lrrl" erunt from any airship that
ha". m ,X""'" bu"t ln lhl c0,,"u' ls
Xorn , T . u','tPT r Cl,rtl"
motor and Is expected tn develop a speed
of sixty miles n hour.
- -.
28 cats eat
Poliee Say Kivnl Dealer Tlirew
Them Throuirli Tninsom
No Arrests.
I'olicfiiun James Kenny, trudging
along James street at 10 o'clock last
night, heard horrendous sounds coming
rrom the market of tho Hrlghton lleef
Company at No. 72. A hundred drunken
burglars couldn't have made more nolsa
Kenny, remembering that a bomb went
off In front of this same market six
months ago and blew the,shre front to
pieces, blew bis whistle and thumiied his
night stick for assistance. Seven other
patrolmen came running.
They stole up to the door with pistols
pointed. They lunged together and burst
In. Twenty-tlvo cats tied nt their ap
proach. The rnls wero of nil sizes and
color. They had been hungry, but were
tin longer. They had eatn every scrap
of meat In the market chicken and beef
and everything else, and were lighting
over the bones.
Tho eight policemen pocketed their
pistols but swung their club. They also
said "Scat!" nnd the cats ran Into the
street and scurried through the Kast Side
with great news Tor their trllx-. There
were no arrests.
The police suspected that soms rival
butcher had collected the cats, starved
them and thrown them through the tran
som of the Brighton Mecf Company's
Each llmploj-rr Will lie Amount
Kqnal to Three Months I'ai-.
Yolwostown, Ohio, Jan. 23. 1 J.
Thompson, general manager of tho Stam-baugh-Thompson
Company, wholesaln
hardware dealers, announced to-day that
his firm had adopted a profit sharing plan
similar to tho one put Into effect by Henry
Kord of the Ford Motor Car Company.
The company will divide half of Its
last year's profits with Its employees,
which means that each worker will re
celvn an nmount equal to thre months
extra lxiy. One hundred employees, In
cluding nlwut twenty women and nil Is,
will benefit.
Reserves Ont 1 5,000 From DrosT
SIioot When Hnfoty Is llndnncered.
Madison Square Garden, whern the
Chemical and Drug Kxpositlon nnd Con
gress is being held, was cleaied last night
by the p'Hce reserve when the crush In
the aisles became so gre'it that tho of
ficer) of tho Klro Prevention Ilnreati
feared loss of tiro would result In cane r
tiro or accident. It was estimated th.it
more than lS.OOd persons wero on the
main Moor, and C.OOO seeking to get into
the bulldln- when tho clearing order
Tlio exposition was schedulod to bo open
until It o'clock at night. At 7:30 o'clock
hist night tho Garden was filled to
capacity. Tho size or tho crowd was duo
to tho ract that each person admitted was
entitled to 30 cuts north or toilet ar
Yuunir llushaiid lias Two 1'lres nn
Same Nile In n Vrnr.
Il.r.l:ib0.v, N. J Jan. 22. George
l'lahan or 42 Sunset avenue. North Ar
lington, has had two homes on the tame
slto burned within a year. Ho and his
wire returned home from the theatre early
this morning to Mud that the second home,
which coHt about tlO.uOO, was In ruins.
Mr. l'lahan has been married less than
, a year. TIiIh time lust your h brought
" hoi' "-' ' vnwl for her after
...i whit iiw ,,,i ,e-.. n
. ,... ,,. .... huUMe, wnB Uun.,uc, ......
It was a total wreck when thiy arrived,
The flnit lire did not delay the marriage.
but he took his bride to live in a tent mil
some or nis properly wniic me second
liousi. was being bullt. It was tlnlhhcd two
..ey ,oved lm
J,ttImll ,8 not (llutd by
the two
111 es. lie says ho will build a third homo
on the same site.
t'CRA, VI.OKIOA. f'll.tm.KNTON, At'OlnTA
4 l.trt. Trains Unity, All Html, liltcirle Light
eil I'lillmsns. Atlantic Cunat Line, U'll 11' way,
Aiv, . .
His Bljrlit to "Dukedom" Ts Pis-
pnted by foe of for
tuno Hunters.
Tht'ii. Snvs Owen, tie Ouiikly
AitmittiMl He Souptit
lrl With Cnsli.
A few dajs ago. on January i0 to b
ixact. se.veral morning papers chronicled
the arrival hero on the French liner Prov
ence of "Uut- Krlitiools Jocph dn War
ren, Duke or Wnrreli-Surrey." To the
ship news reiorter and others who In
terviewed him th "DuKe" quotation
marks are used In view of the fact that
his tltln i, not mentioned in the llsti.
ivhoio such matters bjh recorded -said
tho title was a Papal honor conferred by
Pope l,eo XIII. and tliat ho was related
to the Duke of Norfolk.
He also said he was "heart whole and
fancy free" nnd "perfectly willing to fall
In love with one of our charming Amer
ican girls."
P. Cunllffe Owen, who ha been In
strumental tn cK)ing the pietrnslor.s of
tevrral fortune hunters who paiaded false
tltl.s as pint of tfielr equipment ivlten
coming to this country, r called "the Diilie
or Kurrcy-Warren" and In an Inten lew
ga.o Tun Hf.v roiiie interesting Inforfti.i
t!on concerning that person.
Attempts to tlud M. Itfii Kr.-uicols
Jo.epn de Warren In order to seo what
reply ho might cire to make to Mr
Owen's charges worn unsuccessful ester
tlay. At the hotel wheie he Is staying It
as sold that "the Duke or Wurivn
Sutrey" was out and that even were he
at home he would not be Interviewed un
less Mrs. Ihnll A. Springer were there
to act as Interpreter.
Ossen Disputes IluLr's" Title.
Tills is what Mr. Owen told The Svn
concerning Hello Krancols Joseph's past
performances and claims;
"If 1 call attiution to the matter It Is
because tills person has arrived by tho
l'rfnch liner Provence in New York and
Is putting up at the Gotham, attracting
notice there by his extraordinary clothes,
his odd manner and utterances and his
rlnglfttcd hair. Ho proposes subsequently
to honor Washington. Philadelphia, Chi
cago. Hot ton nnd cither big cities of the
I'nlted States, also Canada, with his
presence. He was over here In 1300 with
the publicly expiesred purisw of finding
some rich woman, preferably of the
Catholic Church, willing to becom his
"He Is still unmarried, and presumably
his present trip to America has the same
matrimonial object in view since he luis
admitted In Interflows that ho would not
be disinclined to wed a rich American
"It may, therefore, be of Interest to
furnish some Information concerning the
dueul title which lio uses and which he
propose to share with some fair daughter
of Cncle Sam. He claims to-day, as he
did just fourteen years ago, that the
dukedom was bestow ml upon him by the
Vatican on June 27, l'.'OO, in a brief
Issued by' the late Cardinal Macchl. Hot
I have before me an otllclal list, bearing
the date of 1913, of all the papal titles
of nobility granted during the past cen
tury, and the dukedom of Warren-Surrey
does not tlgure among them.
"I havo also a Trench standard work
hero of titles of nobility gi anted by tint
Vatican to French citizens, divided Into
two parts, one containing tho names or
those whose papal titles have licen regis
tered by th" Keeper or tho Great Seal
at Paris and are authorized to bo otlielally
Isiine In Kroner, while the other part Is
deioted to those Frenchmen possessing
nobiliary dignities obtained rrom the
Vatican and which, not having been regis
tered, cannot lawfully bo used In France.
In neither of these lists does the dukedom
of Warren-Surrey occur.
Xenrrb Falls In Kniflanil Ton,
"It Is hardly necessary for me to add
that tho dukedom or Warren-Surrey does
not occur in tho ICngllsh peerage. Thero
Is an earldom of Surrey, but It belongs
to the I Hike, of Norfolk ami ls borne by
his sou ami heir. The sol-dlsant Duke or
Wnrren-Surrey does not figure In any
olllelal list tif titles or In any of the
standard win Its of refcrenre of any
country of Kurope; least or all lu the
Alnianach do Gotha.
"With regard to the patent or dukedom
bearing the signature or the luto Catdtual
Maectil, 1 recall that when tho 'Duke'
was here fourteen years ago and produced
tho patent In question rcrercnoe. was made
fiom hero to the lato Cardinal Itanipolla,
then Secretary of State, who sent a reply
that there was no lecord of any such
dukedom having been granted by tlio
"Tho 'Duke' when asked to explain this
Intimated that ho had ootalued tho patent
from oiio of tho minor ottlclals of the
Papal Legation In Paris and that If the
Cardinal Secretary of State assorted that
fl was not on recoid at tho Vatican It
was piobably because he had not paid the
requisite fees and dues of legist ration.
Indeed, ho Intimated to me at the time, at
me house when lie called upon me, that
he had not had the money ror this, and
tliat OIIO OI llto iciieiut.1 on? lie nioucu lu
obtain a ilch wltn In America was In
order to pay thchc fees, or rather to tnke
up the notes which he had given In lieu
of cash.
"in ilcnv of the fact that tlio tltlo has
nut been leglsteied yot. It may bo pie
HUined that hu has not until now- sue
ceeded in paying tho i castration dues,
uud that his tltlu Is therefore Invalid.
tlluke" Gets Quirk Nnnb,
"Let mo add that although a Kicnch-
man nnu inaaini to iiuiiiu iii rurin, ue
docs not belong to any reputable Parisian
club. When ho was over hero last, and
colli d upon mo In Ne York, he claimed
to know Intimately several prominent
members or the old French and Austrian
iiilstocracy, One or them, with whom ho
declared himself to be particularly Inti
mate, anil to whom Indeed lie profissed to
be related, happened to bo lunching that
Continued on Fourth Vagt.
Mic Arms Itlackii oil's Islnnd Keep
ers With I lutm.
Miss Katharlno Dement Davl. Commls
sinner of Corrections, Is afraid that the
prisoners In the lllnckwell's Island peni
tentiary may mutiny and has ordered the
keepers to carry their clubs at alt tlinns.
but not to use them except In c.ise of an
Miss Davis FRid that tho keepers have
ben taunted nnJ scoffed by prisoners
ever slnco thy learned that the condi
tions in tlin penitentiary were buitig In
vestigated by District Attorney Whitman.
Sho visited the tsland yesterday nnd gave
tile order to carry clubs because of the
knowledge she gained of tho unrest and
Insubordination of t'lu prisoners.
Ten new sollt.iri cotitlnement colls will
be completed l:i Februarj, and Miss Dnvts
says tliev will bo tisiJ then to tame
tho most u.iruiy of the prisoners. They
will take the place of the dark cells tliat
ex'sted under the previous administration.
N'oicd Actor's Heir Ittins Away
from School to See His
Mother in Kniucc.
ItAt.r.luli. N. C. Jar.. 23 -Faliirig to
borrow the $2 iieeesjary to carry him from
Cliuote's School in Walllngford, Conn.,
back' to Now York, Glbtn Mansfield, son
of too lite Itlchard Mansfield, has aban
doned that Institutio.i and set out to visit
his mother--woo Is In Paris with BO
cents for t'.ie Journe.
The fourteii-year-ol.l son of tile trage
dian Is now a wanderer, according to ad
vices from Connecticut to-night. Ho left
t'lioale's two weeks ao. after writing
letters vigorously attacking the school and
Its management and declaring that his last
friend had tuno-d traitor to him.
The Walllngford people believe that
Mnr.stield Is in New York, but It ls ;ks
stbln tbat he may havo come South and
taken a cattle or cotton steamer to Kng
land. lfe told Wys at the school that
he. had but ,,o cents and wanted money
enough to make his way to New York.
They refused to lend It to him for such
a purpose, and he denounced them along
with Die ottlclals whu.se discipline Is said
to have displeased the eccentric youth.
Person interested In helping the Con
necticut educators have lnarned nothing
about the boy's adventures since he left
Choote's. He Ls far under size, still wears
knee trousots and does not look 14 years.
It is reKirteil here that he tried to sail
from New York, but failed.
I'lnurtl Vnar Machine When It
Goes llnnit tCsnbankracnt.
Fivo persons, tlire of them women,
w.re Injured last night when the nuto
moblle or Paul Moraute, o contractor,
went down an embankment on Pelham
Parkway at White Plains road. Tho
occupants or the car were pinned under
It. They were taken to the Fordhim Hos
pital. The party consisted or Morante,
whose office Is at 2 Wall street. Manhat
tan; Mr. and Mrs. Alex Dunbar or lS2d
stie.t and Hoston road; Mrs. John
F. Tappln, wife of tho police captain at
the Gietuwich station, and Fmma Lowe,
2.1 enrs old, or l2d street and Huston
road. They had lert Hunter's Island Inn
Just prior to the accident.
The most seriously Injured was Mrs.
Tappln. It Is feared her splno Is broken
and tliat sho will not live. Mil's Dowo
suffered Internal Injuries and a broken
collarbone. Mr. Dunbar was also hurt
Internally. The Injuries of tho others
were slight.
Patrolman Scarlet ssw tho overturned
machine and helped the occupants troin
under It. He then summoned an ambu
lance In which were Drs. Muth and Al
Mlaht He Told If Thla Port Could
speak .Manhattanrsr.
Amphrltrlte. sea witch, beckoned to the
Danish laureate, and ho took the Oscar
II. ror these shores, and came In late, as
the liner found glgantla combers on the
northern track, wildly churning the At
lantic, sending spray above her stack.
Laureato I.aurltz Christian Nielsen,
rhythmic, roving, pensive Dane, could he
tell tho truck rrom keelson, tumbling o'er
the raging main?
Climbing up a mountain billow engines
or the liner Hew; every head uihju a pil
low rono as something went askew; star
bnaid cnglno stopped vibrating, starlKiard
cylinder had cracked, smashed connecting
rods gyrating nerves or poet sadly racked.
Stat board engine disconnected, liner went
on, two knots short, and by ship news
was detected last night "limping Into
Was tho Danish isiet happy on the solid
earth to gaze? Did ho In an epic snappy
like a Greek Thalassa praise? Ship news
talked thus tn tho poet, weakened by the
lumpy seas, but tho poet did not know It,
uiiverted In Manhattanese.
$5,460 PAINTING FOR $140.
Slump In Prior Paid for Popular
Victorian Artists Works.
Sprrlal Cu'jie Itftvatch tit Tint Hrx,
lrfiNnoN, Jan. 23. There was a slump
lu the prices paid Tor the works or popu
lar .Victorian painters lu a snlo of art
wot RB at Christie's to-day, I.liineU's "Kve
of the Deluse." which brought r.,460 In
1S72, sold to-day ror H0. Macule's
"Sleep or Duncan," which retched t,200
some years .ago, went ror I2B to-day, and
H. S. Markb's "St. Francis," which
bioiiKht S,775 years ago, went ror 2t!0
Seiernl Violet House at Hhlnebeck
Arc Itrstro)rd,
Pouiiiikrepsir, .Inn. 23. A large dwell
ing ami a number of elaborate violet
houses on tho Ferucllffo estato of Vincent
Astor at Ithlnebeck were destroyed by fire
to-day. The loss Is estimated at more
than (10,1)00, Despite tho efforts of the
tiro brigade on the estate nnd residents of
tile village tint Mil men spread rapidly and
consumed the entlm sli uoture.s.
The lire Is believed to be the work of
bv the Sun Printing, and I'Mohlug Atavciativn.
Editor of the "Statist" Suvs
Trade Decline Is Heiim
Felt in Kurope.
Tariff deduction and Curreiiry
Act to Henefif Utis-incM.. j
He Assert".
eecial table ritfiuilc.'t n Tne M
I.ondo.v, Jan. 23. Sir George Polsli, re
viewing th lituiuol.il nml eotiLuerelwl
situation in tho stuttst thi week, pi-edicts
a long period of Uicop money tunfore
seen happenings apart) which will be
come mor.i abundant and cheaper its the
ear advances. H. tecognl7c tliat tradu
is railing, but says that tl.o decline Is
less In Great Jlrltam than In Kutnpean
countries, which a.v suffering from the
lnfluei.ee of the Balkan war.
Sir George thinks that there aio
grounds for hoping that Hrltlsh manu
facturers will be. well cmplojed for some
lime to come. France, he says, will'
benoflt from tho loans which she ts about
to Issue nnd which uta Ukly to btlni;
her numerous tieiv orders. As a lesult
she v. Ill suffer less than other count! Us
from declining trade. The same may be
said to a certain extent of Germany
"Iii the I'rlteil States," says Sit
George, "wo expert a recoicty rather
than a decline, ror the reduction of the
taritr and the new banking and currency
act are calculated to benefit trade. When
the first difficulties of tbe riductlon of
the tariff ar no American manu
facturers will !,i .rnin to 'compete with
foreigners much better ttutn formerly,
while the new banking law ought to givo
great stimulus to foreign trade lu every
direction. We anticipate, therefore, com
parative steadiness of trade In the United
States, assuming that the crops will be
Contingent on the absence of unforeseen
and dlrturblng events, Sir George pie-dlct-s
that a general and steady advance
will he secured by stocks throughout the
year. Hrltlsh securities will bo In higher
favor than since the outbreak of the
Boer war. Consols and other gltt edged
securities will continue to advance. Amer
ican securities will also bo more sought
after. Sir George goes on to say:
"There Is every reason to anticipate
that there will be no antagonism between
the great American railroads and the Ad
ministration. President, Wilson has won
the confidence of all Wastes, and no one
doubts that oven If he makes mistakes
he ts at all events a'.mlnj at what Is
Just and fair and atiove all what will
be. beneficial to the country. That being
so, a bettor understanding is almoin cer
tain to grow up between the Administra
tion and the capitalist claes. If It does
American securities will agnln come Into
Blase In Chimney Fine Arouse SOO
Women Curat.
Tho 200 women guests in the Martha
Washington Hotel, at 30 Kast Thirtieth
street, were nroused late last night by
firemen who crowded into tho hotel to
answer an alarm.
It was found that a pan or grease had
been ovei turned on tho range in tho cel.
lar kitchen and that fire had spread up
tho chimney fluo to the roof.
While the women, in various stages of
undress, ranged the corridors tho tinmen
went to the roof and put out the tire by
pouring ashes and chemicals down the
Lad Gets Verdict for Ins Ilur to
Dynamite Kxploslon.
Piiilaueu'iiia, Jun. 23. a value of
15,500 was placed on a boy's eye by a
Jury ho'o to-day. That amount was
awarded to thirteen-year-old William
Oraboivcy and his father In a damage
suit against thn Worth llrothcr.s Company,
operators of a large Iron foundry In
Tho boy lost tho sight of his left eye
In an explosion of dynamite.
He Keep Aaltnnt l'oniatrr In
Civil Nrrxlcr.
Washington, Jan. 23. -President Wil
son haa blocked tho grnb by which 2.100
assistant postmasters wero to bo removed
from the operation of thn civil service
law. Failure to lnclndn this blow at th"
civil service system In tho post olllce ap
propriation bill ts attributed entirely to
Kxeeutlve pressure surely but silently
Executive, disapproval seared tlio spoils
men among tho Democrats out of their
Intention to have a special rule pass, d,
relieving tills section of the bill from
tint operation of tint standing rules of tho .
House against new legislation. ,
When the section was reached in the I
consideration of thn bill to-day sever'il
points of order were made against It.
The bill Is now ready for passage
and the final vote will be taken to-mor-low
morning. There Is no danger tliat
tho Shackleford UT',000,000 good road
grab bill will be attached to the ksi
otllce bill. Kfforts to obtain a rule on
this were also fruitless on account of
F.xecutlvo pressure.
I'rlaouer, Put on Car by Officer, Nur
rrndera tn Wnrdrn.
Summit, N. J Jan. 23. The record
for model prisoners lu this section was
broken here to-day when an ollleer
placed a man on a trolley car, gavo him
his faro and told lilin to get off at tho
county Jail In Kllxabetli and tell the war
den ho had been committed for twenty
days in default of a fine of $5.
Michael llonlon or Chestnut avenue,
charged with being disorderly, did as lie
was told by Patrolman Daniel J, Mo
Naiuara and arrived at the Jail and pre
sented himself for admission.
The t'oloiiili Hit Itnrue nt Tonlon,
.Nnrronly llscnplou MiiMiih.
."iscmI Cable liesptitvt to Tnr. His .
Tot;t.o.N, Jan, 23. The submersible
'iilonib had a narrow escape from disaster
this afternoon. Ilor periscope hit a ,
2.000 ton barge which was emptying some.
i'ctue In 100 feet of water.
The Colomb commenced tilting at a
dangerous angle nnd seemed about to
sink 1 tor commander, however, noted
qua. lily. Il ordered full speed ahead anil
wns libit, to clear the barge. Tlio sub
mersible then crime to tho surface In clear
Tho crow emptied tl.o tanHs slid th
cssel euteied Ui" port, w hero thousands
bad thought her lost.
Tho Colomb Is of a clans of thlrty-eignt
boats of from r.t'S to fiSn tons. Sim Is
ItiS feet long and has a surface speed
of twelvo knots, with a submersed speitl
of seven am; a' half knots. She has a
radius of 2.00O miles on the surface.
-ARIZONA" EARNED $357,107.
Mill Disclose Mrorlpt of Play to!
I'l- Vrnr.
A referee's, teport tiled in tno Supreme j
Court vefterday on an ivcountlng by
Mollis II Cooley. who managed the play.
"Arizona" between 1J04 and I'.-Oit for a
committee of the ore dltorn of Mclvlllo Tt.
ltaynionil. who had tho producing rights,
showed that the day took In (2,i7,107 j
in that time.
Cooley claimed h was entitled to 1100
a week part of tho time and to $200 a
week when two companies were protont- .
Ing the play, but tho refeioe found he
should get only !7J a week and ortlered
him tn turn over tt.SCt! In tho Itaymond
! r I nutile i Control Herself
After Heavy linle.
-V'i'Jl Cabl ti'ttiMtct to The f-ts
Pi.TMofTii, Jan 2.1. Tho American
liner Si Paul, which sailed from New
York on January 1, oi, sighting this pott
to-day signalled tliat she was not tinder
control, her steering gear having been
disarranged. The captain uports that the
vessel experienced heavy gales ror the
first four days of the trip across.
Aelresa In 'o .Verd of Immediate
Operation. Doctor !.
Chicago, Jan. 23 Julia Matlnw. the
actress, was whisked through Chicago
this morning In a special car on her Jour
ney from Ixis Angeles to Now York to
ri-celve treatment for nppendleltl9. Her
trip will bo ftnlshod at 3:30 P. M. to
morrow, when her physician. Dr. Joseph
H. lllssell. will attend her.
Miss Marlowe was met here by Dr. Ous
tav Futterer. Ha reported that she had
stood thi trip well and there was no
urgent need of nn operation. Her com
forts uto looked after by a nurse, a maid,
two other servants and a special chr.
She hops to bs !!) soon to rejoin her
husband, K. If. Sothern, on his Pacific
coast tour
Government ! I.ace for Mrnator
Clark Wn Undermined.
Assistant Fnlted States Attorney Ad
dison S. Pratt began an action for tho
Government yesterday to confiscate, an
expensive lace tablecloth Imported from
Franco for ex-Senator William A. Clark
of Montana. Tho customs authorities
took It from Mr. Clark's New York
mansion at Fifth aienuo nnd Seventy
seientli street on March 2'J. 1913.
Tim Government charges that tho
cloth was Imnlcrd nt a valu of 1,300
when It was brought over on thn French
liner Savoln on December 3. 1012, whereas
its actual value was fiS.iiOO.
.Mr. Pratt absolves Senator Clark of all
blame In tho alleged undervaluation, as
lie lias not yet paid for the cloth and nt
the time, of the seizure had no idea of
tlio amount of duty that was paid on It by
the custom's broker.
Nnffrnt,'!! Hope to I'll! It hr Sale
of llnll Ticket,
Fifth avenue will be invaded tills af
ternoon by a band of white cliul suf
fragists selling tickets for the Woman's
Political I nloii ball to bo given in the
Seventy-first Iteglment Armory on Jan
uary 31, The suffragists will carry a
krttbt on :i tripod to hold tlio proceeds of
their sales.
Mrs. Calvin Tnmkin and Miss I.ydla
Kuimett will cany the trlKid and lu the
suppoitlng company will be Mrs. Charles
S, Whitman. Mrs, T, 1.. Chadbourno, Jr.,
Mrs. Lawrence, Greer. Mrs, Kvans 11.
Dick, Mrs. Marcus M. Marks, Mrs. l-wls
I,. Dclatlelil, .Mrs. Walter Chambers and
Mrs. William Floyd.
Miy Woman Owe Them Thnt .nm
on Tuo ntr.
The executors under tho will or Charles
K. Appleby, who tiled recently leaving nn
estato estimated at l.'O.OOn.oOo, filed suit
in the Supremo Court yesterday to re
cover J.',3r,,000 from Kllrabetli Lyon oti
Tho complaint says thnt the defendant
executed ii note lor ft 20,000 on January
'.), l'.'M", payable in otic year, at (J tier
cent. Intei est, ami has paid nothing but
lir.S3ri lutcretd. It Is alleged tliat on
January 15, 1!0", the defendant miulo an-1
other note for the same term on which j
about 120.000 lias been paid.
Mr. and Mr. 11. 11. Htoion I, rare,
Court Timet tier.
Although Mrs, Hazel Lillian Rtevens got
a divorce from IMiuond II. Stevens, a
Ilrooklyn It on manufacturer, before Su
piuuiu Court Justice lllanchard yesterday
tile couple walked out of the court house
together and appeared to bo on most
friendly terms.
Tins testimony against Stevens w as that
within a year after ho married the plain
tllT ho went to the Seo Gate Hotel
last July "'Ml another woman. Stevens
didn't defend thn cose, but was sub
picnoed to court so he could be Identified.
The Itepatatliin ef llrerfnut Farm ute
baa ciitisml ni.tiiv Imitations. i:snmtit ti
wrapper snd be sure on set the tlKNUINi;
tbu fluent polk sausage mane. They con
tsln all Hi" ""tl Ptirts of the Pig, flm or, ..1
wllli cliolci'Kl spices. New York store, 17'j
Cluuiibvia treel Tel. 3MI Curtlandt. .life.
President Will lletiic Mini
suul Law Gives Him
Supreme Power.
lliiud Koircil, Hu Will .Nume
Colonel as Governor
of Canal.
,.EIIKrxs MAY01rs .( KNT
llrinijs to Mitchcl Conditions
l.nder Which Post Would
He Accepted.
Goelhals Tells The Sun
' He Has Not Yet Accepted
The Sun cabled to Col. Uocthats
last night asking whether or not he had
agreed to accept Mayor Mitchcl's offer
of the Police Commissionership of
New York city. Col Ooethali cabled
the following reply:
"Sun, N. Y.:
"Have not agreed. See my letter to
Mayor Mitchel that George: Perkins
took to him.
Mayor Mitchel niado public last night
a letter from Col. George W. Goethals
Indicating that the Panama Canal
builder would accept the Police Commit
sloners'.ilp of this city on two conditions.
That he I retired from the army in
which ho ha served nearly thirty-four
years, and
Tliat a law ba parsed depriving the
courts of th power to rex-tew tho dis
missal by tlio Comnilsatoner of police
The publication of Col. Ooethali's let
ter drew from Washington the state
mrnt that President Wilson has hnd no
other Intention than to appoint the
Colonel Governor of the Canal Zone. It
Is believed there that Col. Guethals will
not accept tho Pollcei Commissionership
of Now York as soon as ho learns of
President Wilson's intention to mnku
hitn Governor.
Mayor' I'mtsiuiry Returns With
Col, iSnrthali'a Asinrr,
Col. George W. Goethals, the man win
bullt the Panama Canal, has ngreed to 1
Police Commissioner of New York If tin
Administration at Washington will gl
htm his retirement from tho army and If
certain legislation can be put through nt
Albany to make him rznr of the Pollee
George W. Perkins and Mrs, Thcodor
Itoosevolt each bad a hand In getting Col.
Goethals to consider the Police Coninns.
When Muyor Mitchel was tn Panama
last November he asked Col, Got tlmls to
come to New York, but the Colonel refused
absolutely, Mrs. Itnoscxclt, who ,nv Col.
Goetbols Jim after Mayor Mitchel b'ft
Panama, was said yesterday to hav
been the tlrst tn change the Colon, Is
determination to stay in the Canal .one
George W. Perkins went to Panama i i
the Mnyor's personal representntti r. tin
left New York on January 7, st.iyeti u
Panama thirty-six hours and got back
early yesterday aftirnoon, bearing this
letter rrom Col. Goethals to .Maor
"CiM.unnA, Canal .one, Jan. II, it'll
"on. John I'urroy Mitchel, Muyor of
.Vric 1'orV:
"Mr Dkah Mo. MlTCiir.t.. I have glvui
murh consideration to otir kind nfter to
appoint mo Pnllco Conimlsslotic ntn
haio dlscussid It fully with Mr. Pcrk.-i-.
I can only reiterate what 1 stated to ou
that the tiosltiou stronsly nppmls to
me, but thero arc certain coialll'ons
which prevent me from accepting it
Hope to Complete Cniiiil.
"In tho tlrst place, It has bien my
hope and desire to sen tlio canal com
pleted nnd In satisfactory operation, ir
our expectations ore realired this should
be accomplished beforo the close of the
"III the second place, 1 am an oft leer
on the active list of the army, und wlil
occupying this status I uni not at lib
erty to accept outside employment
"Thorn are then fore only two courses
for nn to pursue to enable; nm to accept
your offer ; one Is to resign from the ser.
vice uud the other Ls to be placed on tho
retired list. The former I would not
consider. For the last few years I have
been looking forward to securing the ad
vantages of retirement at the t lose of my
duty here, I have served nearly thirty
four e.its, uud tlio President, under the
law, Is authorized to retire me after
thlity years of service; so It is my hope
that he will grant mu tills prlvlbge on
1 equest.
"Assuming that 1 will be allowed to
remain here until the canal Is completed
and that on application. I will be placed
on the retired list, attractive as your otfci
Is I would bo obllgtil to decline It so
long as tho present law- remains in forco
by which removals from the pollen force
lire subject to rc lew, with decision based
on legal evident e. In public work of any
kind clllcleney cm be seeund onl when
the service of those engaged in It Is satis
factory to supeilors. nnd while I tiilb
believe III tho right of every man to have
a healing the decision of tlio siipcrloi
as to the oh.ir.ictee of too man's unlit
should be tlnal.
"In eases where a man whoo sen Ices
have not been satisfactory can be rein-

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