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Eleanor Painter,
r.lMiior Pnlnfer and hiiibiiii,
Tenor, Cany Off Honors
in "MniHli'Mjroln."
plot nniowhnt HixUe. Hcing
eivnl of -MacehiiivcUi's
lJoeeaecian Story.
,1 t tlht( Vtt 10 Till! ft.
Tlrat'V Jnti. 25. Klcunor Painter, the
Anerlci" prima ilonim, ami, Julius Uo
Miu t " famous buffo tenor, carried off
f,n i.er.ots at tlio pieinlcre of the now
loitilc opera "Mandingola," by Igiiatx
mh.iltr. lit the Deutsche Oper to
ruM. Tin" opera, was w.itmly received
ly ili large iiiiiltt'iice ami tlieic were
riorf than twenty rurtaln calls. Despite
the rlMitieliesi of the plot the action of
thf opera l criticised as rather Mow,
but the iinnlr Is beautiful. It In like that j
rf Puccini In character, vety pleasing, and
It Ffitors of the luoilein Italian school.
fter slumbering for 400 years Mncehiu
,e Hoceacelan Mory, with Its ridicule
r,l s..tlte nf the iuarrlaj!e of old men
urel joung Kill", with a faint. sugge-dlon
cf Prof Hoederleln's thorny of chlldieu
without biologic assistance of man, with
, lljtht flavor of I'llnor (HyiVs "Three
Wiekn" and "The Kml Justifies the
Mean".' has been worked over hy laul
Kgcts. the Intenilant of the Court Thea
tre at lMnnet.nU, Into the text for Wag
halter'. opern.
The comedy revolves around the cre
dulity of I'muloto, u dodderitiR old man.
His one desire Is for un heir, In which he
has been disappointed after "having tried
every menus known." He Is .Induced to
fubmlt to treatment by the wonder work
ing plant "innndragoln," which brings
happiness to the childless. I'amtolfo
tle Ills young wife for treatment by an
old ph) (Irian who Is really n young man
In disguise, f'ditiolo Is induced to leave
the loom while the physician administers
tlie treatment. After he goes out the
.'ijskian team ott his wis and disguise
ami makes love to the amazed young
Mis Painter, who was formerly In Dr.
I'arkhurst's church In New York, sang
the role of Hcatricr, the child wife. She
portrays the character of the wife with
i alveness and childlike Innocence. Her
singing and acting of tills part were con
sidered very fine. She made a tragic
fisure of the girl wife whose womanhood
rbls ufrainst the means to be resorted
to by her husband In order to attain his
desire. She redeemed the opera to a
large extent where the risque parts bor
dered on coarseness by her delicate acting.
Herr ltudolf Krassekt conducted the
orchestra with grout success and received
quite an ovation. Miss Painter, tlerr I.te
I'.ui and llerr Wughaltcr, the composer,
"tre called before tho curtain a number
cf times.
It Is reported that the Shuberts are
recounting for the American rights to
tho opera.
Zapatistas eslce Oliijiiialitni
pan. 100 Miles From
Mexico City.
' irlgade, end .lie battle wll' ipen t.ithln
i u few hours, Villa ilat.s to taUo the
rov.-n with a ruh If possible He lias
In-n In tho cllv several times and knows
Its Coi'Mk'iillons and It- tnlncr.tbla points.
Another case of smallpox lias de el
oped among the Mexican prisoner u.
Tort llllss, and all visitors aie now ex.
i dueled from the camp. The two enes
, h.ue been Isolated.
rormcrly l.-.t.iinu sonrcdu at Dr. l'a'k
hurst's clitirch here, wlui sunu tlie Icudum
role at the nr.st pcrlorniancc of "Alan
ilragnla in Ucrlin.
(iovei'iiiiienf. Is Still I'tnMiiii"
Drastic Iii(iiiry Into Trade
l"KI. (iMr HtHMltlh In Tut.
Hehlin. Jan. 23. The Koiernnieiit.
which Is still surrounding Its action with
the strictest silence, secrecy and mystery
continued to-day its drastic measure for
ascertaining the statu and ndatlouH of
cigarette and tobacco firms. Iteport from
Munich Kay thut numerous factories and
shops of tobacco dealers In tlav.irl.i were
Fearched to-day.
No authoritative Information Is being
given out. but It Is evident that the Gov
eminent has Mime well laid plan which
according to general opinion ha for Its
purpose the destruction of the control of
the trade by any tru.'t. It I thought the
Government perhaps may submit to the
IlelchstJg a bill providing for a Stato
cigarette monopoly 'as another mean of
producing revenue, a i-chemo which has
often been Sllggrsted.
People In well Informed circle piofess
to know that the Government has been
working on such a monopoly scheme for
a long lime.
CharleH 1-t'rguson. special agent of the
Department of Commerce and l.abor at
Washington, who Is here Investigating the
trust situation, says he has no know ledge
of the purpose of the Governmi'ntVnotlon.
Ilnror t Tanidrr hot Dsns br
AnKrlril llnmrstlr,
fptcial Cable Dupatch to Tint Pes.
TAsatna, Jan. 23. M. Chcvandler de
VaJdrome, the Freiwh Consul-General
here, was shot and killed to-day by n
native cook who was employed by the
consul, M. Chcvandler do Vnldromo was
Appointed to Tangier In 1311 with the
rank of diplomatic irfent and was ubout
to me mndo minister plenipotentiary.
Tho cook became irritated at some re
marks which his employer made about
hi work, and pulling u revolver fired
,-i ml wounded the Consul-Genernl. The
two men rushed Into tho reception room,
which was filled with guests, when the
rook fired again and M. Chcvandler de
aldromo fell dead In tho urms of M.
l.uret, the chief of the Moroccan debt
i.crxlce. The cook was arrested.
I'cderal Attempt to Relieve the
I'cleayuered Town Is
a Failure.
Vtno ( 'jij.e fitnulch to Tils sr.v
Mutton Crrr, .tan. 23. Heavy tlnhtlng
is going un nt ('hlgnahuat).tu, In the State
of Puehla, which Is the end of the line
of the Mexican Hallway from '.acatl.in,
and Is about a bundled mile from Mexico
city The lighting hcMin lal Tuesday
when l.Buii 'apatlrtas attacked the l'ed-
oral garr) inn, which numbered i'On men
Gen. Jiiaipiln Jlmlue:: Castro, with two
machine guns, attempted to tellevo the
garrison, but was compelled to ietre.it
Ixfore the superior rebel force. Heen
forcemeiits have been sent from Puebla
ami Tiaxco. The ilqlitlug continues,
ttallwav nlllci.ils n the bandit up'
leaieil about Clilgii.iliuapan ten days ai;o
I'liey tore up tile railroad track and cut
ne telegraph Hues a ml train srrxlie hail
i be supe;ided. Twn train, which
jI.iHmI out with Keileral tiisii to attael;
the bandits have not been he.iid of since.
It Is believed that the X.jpatlttas attacked
ami looted all the stations nlong that
Oraneh of the line.
'.iipnliatn Hum Tiinn,
The National Hallways officials leporl
that a band of Zapatistas made an attack
tills morning on the town of I'cotlllos. on
the line from San I-uls PotoM to Tamplco.
There was a garrison of only llfty men at
the town. Passengers on a train from San
I. tils Potosl to Tamplco heard heavy tir
ing and shw den,c smuke a the train ap
proached Peotll'.os. It Is belloed that the
Zapatistas burned the town. The train
turned back to San !,uls Potosl. The tele
graph line has been cut In this taction and
train service has been suspended.
The station of Vista llermosa on tho
Vera Cmz-lstlimlan Hallway, belonging to
the Hacienda Vista llermosa Sugar Com
pany, the biggest sugar concern In the
republic, owned by an American named
Kniery. was attacked and deftioyed by a
large force of rebels last bight
Wilson llMltes Korrlun Hclnllons
Committee Wlillr House.
YVAHtttNOTo.N-, ,ln i S3. President Wil
son has nvlteil thu ineinbeis of the l"or-
lirn t!el.itloli ( iiiniultte of the hetlfttl
to the White lloii to dine Monday night.
So Int-niMtloti wa gnen or wnai would
be dlicussed ut the meeting. There arc
a number of Heath; petal ng. othe, me
itllilot ready to be submitted to tllf
Senate and the Meslo.m ami .lap.mesr
altuatlons are sullli'lcntly impurtaiit to
be t be subject of nch a conference.
It was tho opinion nt the senate to
day that the President nesiri. to tan;
over with the members, of the committee
the diplomatic Hltu.it Ion generally, lis It
will be up for consldei atloli before th
present session
VVa-je War of Ridicule Against;
(icrinany's Heir in
I Hcic.listaj'-.
I'arty tf the Riirlit Roars Pro
le.! Against Attackers,
lint in Vain.
(lllliliont .nrnaoru
for Un nun.
Slteaol dibit httiioleh to Tut fix
v.... . i ,.,. xtevleo. Jan. 23. The
Mexican gunboat Zaragii.a left for Ha- h"' tMemlllig. commander of the Klf-
.j,rc,j. i.ab'.t Dupalch to Tni Sin
llmii.is-, .Jan. 23. Imperial Chancellor
von Hethmsnn-HollwcK Indulged In a
violent attnek on the Socialists In the
Iteichstag to-djy.
.lust before his denunciation of tho
numbers of that party Dr. Kranek, who
introduced the Socialist Intel pellatlon In
regard to the nctlon of the military at
Zaheru, said the telegram of Crown
Prince Frederick William to l,leut.-Gen.
vana on a secret nillon to-night.
Tli- central Govcrnnunt has ordered
large fiM-tlsolia of troops to be placed at
Coat.acoaloo and Miiiatltl.ui to gturd
.be Pearson oil Intel ests
,leU Pious Magoli. an ,iu. of
Pi-eslduit lluert'n, vho was in .onfeiMiee
with John l.lnd. tile Aiiicnuin sp.-clal
tio. for sevel.il d.i..s !n Hgaid to a
settlement of the prtsnt trouble', ar
rived here to-night fioin Huca del Ilio.
This puts an end to the stoty that
Magou attempted to esoap from tho
countiy and that an order for his ar
rest wa Issued.
Next Week!
1 Great
.Vol In Ainerlenn Tobnceo rininn .
With reference to the statement prli.teil
In some New York p ipers on Wednesday,
referring to an attack bv tin Get man
Government on George A. .Iusmat7. I'oin
tmny. a concern making cigarettes In
Dresden, having relations with or con
nection with the American Tobacco Com
pany, Junius Parker, general counsel of
the American Tobacco Company, said
yesterday .
"The American Tobacco Company has
no sort of connection with nor Interest In
the George A. Jasnmtzy Company, nor
uny other tobacco concern In Germany,
Ilimlnerr Killed and Severn I Ktta
Hah reiier Hurt,
.'Kfldt Cable Dnpatcti to Tiie Hex.
Camis, Jan. 23. The train which
i akes connection with the boat for Dover
oliuiwl with a shunting freight train near
litre to-night.
The passenger train was running at
blph speed nnd the Impact was terrific,
Tlie engineer of the passenger train was
Killwi and eight baggage cars were tele
vopul, Hive coarhes were damaged and
rleral pnbengers, all of whom were
l-'ull'li, were severely bruited.
Ilrnd of tlolieiilolie-Sebllltnusf nemt
lloaap Married Seeretl).
Sprcial Cable Dttpntch to Tiie Sri,
Ilnr.M.v, Jan.' 23. The marriage of
Prince Philip of Hohenlohe and Henrlette
Oludra. nn nctress, who Is 2 years of age,
Instead of being impending as announced
the other dny, took place last August
The Princess Is the daughter of a Vienna
tradesman. The Prince will ask Havarla
to ennoble her.
Philip Krnst, tlfth Prince of Hohenlohe
.Schllllngsfueret, wns born at Schillings
fuerst, June D, 1S33. He wus married tils
In Vienna on Jnnuary 10, 1SS2, to Princess
Chnrlclec of the house of Vpsllnutl. She
died In June, 1912.
Meet I to Fight Amerlcnu Compe
tition In HrltWh Marl.pt.
fp'nat Cable Vetpateh to Tnr. Srv
U'Mhin, Jan. 23. Two big meat firms,
r,er Mate Company and Nelson &
is. are negotiating for an otnaUama
' '. mainly with the object of fighting
inert -an competition In the Hrltlsh mar-
1 e joint capital of the two companies
1 15.000,000.
Iiarlc TiibueU, I'lilenitoa u, Trie
iilelile in lint re,
lariat Cuiile lietpitrli to Tin. Six,
' nr. Jan. 2a. Ch.it lea Tahaolt, who
- Kid to be ptonilnent In Chicago busl
e roles, cut hi throat In a sanltailum
to-d.iy. Ills Injuries nro teilous.
iilf.iiio, Jan 23. CharleH Tabacl; was
' Mime f i oiii llurdlckirr, Itussla, to visit
brother Harry Tabaek of Cliicago.
' Tabaek op. rate a small tslloilng
" t u'00'.i .Augusta street, Chailcs
T ' ' a lnoehanlc.
I'rof. Oo l)leoer Ilodlea l.nld In
I'ntiln n Their Sides.
itcia) fable ltpatt to Tns His
Home, .Ian. 23. Prof. Osso announces
the discovery at Valle Vlbrata of a neo-
llthio cemetery. The bodle were not
buried but laid in cabin on their s.des.
with the knees drawn up. In the manner
of some otliei ancient Interments,
Prof. 0o suggests that the bodies
were Intended to be left In an attitude
of ptner.
Vai.cs and other th'ni; which were
found In the cabin reveal a higher state
of civilization that has been found in
any other neolithic leinain.
Torreoii ItrlieU Defeated,
Tlie tlrst definite news uhich the Gov
ernment has received from Tori eon III a
fortnight tns the Federals defeated tlie
rebels at Allies, twenty miles from Tor
reoii, killing 30 of them nml capturing
sex en trains, two of which were loaded
ulth cattle.
The re-bels made an attack this morning
on Klevenadlllo, near Mazatlan. but were
St nor Mobeno, the Minister of Korelgn
Affairs, says Senor De I.a lima, the Gov
ernment's money seeker In Huropc, ha
not auswere-d tho official despatch order
ing him to return. This message was
sent In r.ply to l l.a Uiina's olfer of hi
resignation. It Is believed that Senor !)
l.a l,ama does not cale to take the rl"U
of returning;.
There Is nothing new tn the financial
situation, but the pessimistic f.-tllliK Is
leepeiilng. nvery one believes that a
crash Is near, especially because the troops
have not been paid. The Government
has no cash, not even money ordirs for
Imperative noe-ds.
I'rlends of I'reneh eulplor Anxious
About Ills Condition.
V'iif (We Pttpatch to Tun Pes
Pahis, Jnn. 23. A severe cold from
which Aumite Kodln. the sculptor, has
been suffering ha now developed lnto-4
There I some anxiety among M. Rodin's
friend as to the outcome of his Illness,
Will of London llonksrller Who
Hied Last AllKlist. I'rtilmled.
ipecial Cable Vesp-ilck to Tils Scs.
l.oNixis', Jnn. 23,--Hernard Quaritch.
the Isiokseller and publisher of art winks,
ho died last AuguM. left an estuto val
ued nt J635.000. Ills will was probated
Mate Where Itevnlt lleuan I Aaaln
Ksiili: Pass. Tex., Jan. 23. The rod-
orals have possession of the entire State
of Coahulla, where th Constitutionalist
movement started and long had Its strong
hold. Trains are now running from Pledras
Negras to Monclov.i. Sultlllo, Torreon and
.ill Important railroad points In the State
rogulutly und without Interruption, Pas
sengers now leave Torreon In the morn
ing, stay over night at lllpollto, leave
theie In the morning und reach here tho
same afternoon.
Itecent arrivals from Torreon nay that
the Federals hale a well equipped army
there und that Gen. Villa will have a
hard light to capture the city. Merchan
dise Is quoted at very high prices, mer
chants not having been ablo to Import
goods over the open route. Shoes, for
Instance, are selling at 30 pesos a pair.
Nineteen .Men llefnseit In Work
With n-lililonUI All Arrested.
I.lVKiirooi., Jan 23 Th steamship De
vonian, which left this port jceterday for
lloslun, leturn.d to Holyhead to-day with
inulin signals flying. A request that po
lice b sent aboard was Hashed ashore
Winn the Milli'e boarded the Vessel the
captain pointed nut ulni'tcn men. who
were Immediately arrested and taken off
Tlii- lvvonlun wa one of the liners
which aided in rescuing the survivors of
the Voltunio.
The mutiny was caused by the refusal
of union seamen to work with nou-unloii
men. The union sailors refued to fcbny
orders until the non-union men were put
ashore. The situation appearing Impos
sible tlie captain turned his ship around
and had the troublesome union men takui
Representatives of the Seamen'H I'nlon
told tlm Inquiry court ut Hothead that
the Devonian mutineers had made a
mistake In supposing there were non
unionists atioard tlie vessel. The miners
of the vessel undertook to withdraw the
proeciitlon if the men resumed work.
Tho tiouble was then settled.
Man Supposed tit lie n liiimitir Ar
rested In llerllu.
Ill.r.i.i.v, Jan. 23. A until whose name
has not ytt been learned, but who Is
believed to be mentally deranged, made
n dash to.das for the automobile of Crown
Prince Frederick William as the Pilnoe
wns leaving thy machine at bis residence
In Hnter den l.tndru. The man reached
the door of the autoniobllf1 befoin r sentry
on guard In 1'ioul of the building nelied
him. He v.us oiclpowoied and cnriied off
by the police.
The iii.t ti in an Insane v.iu. He had
no weapon nnd did not attempt to attack
the Clown Prince, lie only wantxl to be
seated with hlin In the automobile.
I'reneb Pretender, Who Harried
Leopold's llauttbler, Un Son,
P.inis, Jan. 23,--e n noli Monnpaiiistti
wr iovful to-day when a despatch from
llrtissels announced that Princess Victor
Vfiiioleon. wife of the head of the Hnnii
parte family, bad given Wirt li to a son and
it...- , r,,tl,,M'M ..tiillii In the !'i I llell
limine. I 'linen Victor Is n grandson of
.fiernnie lionnpni te, brother of Napoleon,
nml was expelled from France In I S6.
Princess Victor Napoleon was formiily
l'rliicei'S Clementine, daughter or llm laic
King Leopold of the Ilelglnns, They were
innrrled In 1 0 10.
1ierlcnii I' l pert Will Malic I'stiaa
lle Hearareh In Japan.
Wu.s, Jnn. 23. -Frank A. Perm, the
leileau student of volcnnoct;, who repro
" the Volcanic Research Hoclety of
" ' inglleld and Is an honorary assistant
I In llnynl Gbserviitory on Mount
UMiis, left here to-day to visit tho
'"oi of tle rtcent eruption on tho Island
t( 'akiira, Japan.
n, Volranologlcal Institute hero In
a a idier ..f .llle- l...i,.....ni. Me. I .he eiiest at Gni erilllient llou e of the
''" wll) return to Italy by way of I Unite and Duclicss of Connaiiglit and
H rjolulu und 'tlio United Bttttta. I I'rlnccss Patricia.
Forced In Lend Millions
Federal nnd Iteliels.
leenth Army Corps, and Col. von llater,
roinniander of the Ninety-ninth Regiment,
were mischievous and lutoteiablc. Never
th.less, the Socialists wete nrnteful
for t'nm betause the had awakened the
people from their l.thai'gy and showed
them that the Line had come to take
then destinies Into their own hand when
the, saw the futttie Kmpeior hand In
rIovc wllli the dspollers of the Constitu
tion. These remark brought forth loud and
Indignant protects from the Right, to
which the Socialists replied with applause.
The President warned Dr. Franck to ob
serve more lestralnt, but the Socialist
speaker continued In the same strain. He
quoted cnntemptuou1y the Crown Prince's
"broken heart" message to his Danzig
teglment when he was transferred to Ber
lin. 'Mustn't Libel Crown Prince."
This draw a roar of protett from the
Right and the President again warned
Ur. Franck to restrain himself. The up
roar continued nnd It wa some time be-
for Dr. Franck resumed. It broke out
again when he referred to the "Prince's
highest Joy to rhlc. In battle at tlie head
of the Hustiars."
The President warned Dp, Fraud: that
be must not libel the Crown Prince. The
Socialist orator replied that his remarks
wero not libellous. They had ben used
by the Crown Prince In a regimental
order. He added. "What the Prince
extols as supreme happlnes would be
supreme misfortune for tho German peo
ple." At this there wero wild Socialist
cheers, and renewed and furious objec
tions on the part of the Right.
Dr. Franck concluded his remarks by
saying, among other things: "We are
already in tho midst of a fight against
reaction and will tight through to the end.
The Conservatives get their right to rule
out of the dust of the past : we get
ours out of the necessity of the time.
We are the real smith of Germany's
Dr. von Bethmann-Hollweg's denuncia
tion came In reply to questions about tbi
courts-martial of the German army ofll
cers concerned in the recent violence be
tween civilians and the military at Zibet n,
The Chancellor told the Socialist. that
they were imdermlners of the throne and
preachers of republicanism. He praised
the glories of the German army, under
whose protection, he said, Germany has
become great nnd prosperous.
The announcement of the Govem'ment
that an Investigation has been ordered of
the decrie of 1S20 has soothed the popu
lar agitation against the action of the
courts-martial. The decree of 1S20 pro
vides that the army shall have arbitrary
control of the civilian population lu cer
tain circumstances. The Government an
nounces that If the decree of 1H20 I
found Illegal It will b dropped from tho
army regulation'.
of Pianos
at Aeolian Hall
business, culminating in a
December fifty per cent
greater in volume of sales than
any December in the history of
this company, brings us to this
annual sale with the greatest,
most magnificent stock of ex
changed pianos ever offered in
New York City.
The remarkably wide selection,
which this enormous stock pro
vides, and the unparalleled bargain
prices, make this sale of vital in
terest to every intending piano
purchaser. For complete an
Jee Sunday Papery
New StI TonrtM Office.
Zrmcu, Jan. 23. The Swiss Depart
ment of the Interior is considering the
advisability of establishing a central office
for piomotlug foreign tourist trafllc In
Switzerland. It is proposed to cull In a
commission of experts and otheV Inter
ested persons during 1914 for considera
tion of tho proposition to be presented by
the department.
German Wins I he Tanwo Cup.
special Cable itrA to Tim HlN,
St, Mohits, Jan. 23. Herr Forchelmer
won what Is styhd the tango cup on
Crcsta Run to-day. Fifteen Isib sleds
Lvdebour Aids Attack.
After the Imperial Chancelloi
concluded his speech Dr. lrfdebour. So
elallst. scoffed nt the mournful farewell of
the Crown Prince to Danr.lg snd said It
was reminiscent of a girl's school. Tho
president called the speaker to oreler.
Dr. I.edebour retorted that there would
have been no need of discussing tb be
havior of the Crown Prince If he had
stuck to the trade of making cuff buttons,
which he had learned.
Wnsliino-tun Is Kxiict'tt'il lo
Warn Hobols "Flint I'owor Won
by Anns Will .Vol l.ust.
niUt railroad, w n , n H backed by I'r. oeli,
G.-iinan .Hid Ann i.-ai capital Tile . n-te-iest
is dui on Febtunry 1 and fed. .
felt in lluanoial iu.il tors that tlv Gmern-
' ment, harassed by ,i fnrmldabU icinlu
1 tlon, may not be ablo to meet Its obliga
The American policy is understood to
have b.en dlscu-sed In the Cabinet to-da.
for although the Mexican precedent oh arly
teepilres that revolutionary govcrnim-nti
could not be recognized In I.atln-Ameiica,
. tin ll.iytian crisis presents the first neeos.
I slty for th" application of this princlpU
Washixutun. Jan. 23. Tin aruioud outside of Mexico,
cruiser Montana wa ordered to-day from , After the Cabinet meeting Secretary
Guanlanamo to Port-au-Prince, ll.ttl. to, P-:yan returned to th.- Slate Department
protect foreign interests and back up the n-d was .mn in conference with ths
American policy in the crl.!s created by Hnyt.iln Miiiistev. Mr. Du Ivler. The
revolutlonarv successes In the north. , character of Mi. Hryan's communication
Madison It. Smith, the American Mlu-i not ..lllciallv admitted, hut Is believed
lster to Huyti, reported that the Govern- to have oonslMi d of an expression of the
ment was seriously menaced by the rem- American determination to support the
Itit Inn ii rt ftiKrtnrrt nml nti(m1 th.t t i u :ir I constituted Government and not to en-
ship be sent. The Fnlted State. gunboat courage nny revolutionary party In ths
Nashville Is en route from Port-au-Prince, hupo of recognition unless It attains Un
to Cap Haytleii. which Is held by tlui
revolutionists, and Indications are that,
tho Fnlted States Mill soon Interpose withl
a reminder that American policy Is op
posed to the recognition of nny go em
inent established by vlnlenro Instead of
by election.
The situation Is not only dangerous
from a domestic standpoint but potess.-s
lelns of power through a fair and free
election which th- Gn eminent of the day
Is expected fo nut. o possible.
This Is understood to be wlinlly satis
factory to the Government at Port-au-Prince',
a under such an arrangement It
will pr.ibibly b. able to arrange for th
dlsoharge of Its financial obligation to the
rallro.nl bondholders.
Wahhisutos., Jan. 23. Americans In j
Mexico are finding the forced loan levied
on them by local military commanders a
great burden, according to advices .In
state Department received to-day. Trie
Department eilllclals do not suy, how
ever, what steps, If any. are being taken
to relieve Americans from this burden.
It Is expected that all the lonns thus
cnlleoU'd will appear In final settlement
with .Mexico In the form of claims. Mill
ion of dollars are reported to have been
collected from Americans by both sides
In the sturggle of the Inst two years.
Seoretnry of Stato llryan refused to
discus tho Mexican situation In-day, He
said he knew nothing about the leporl,
that John l.lnd iofued to tieat further
with Jesus Flute Mngon, who I le .
llevid to i "present Huerta, until Mngon
n'oduced credentials. It I not expected
hero that anything vital will result from
the meeting between l.lnd and Mngon
The Huerta Government Is getting nil
the nil resiulred for the operation of
locomotives, according to State Depart
ment reports. Iteoelpts from the Hbnn.i
nil district averaged 4,201) barrels a day.
Reports lo the War Department tell
of a case of smallpox among the refugees
In the camp nt Fort Illlss. All persons
in the camp, numbering about 6,000, will
be varc hinted by army surgeon. Th
Mexicans aie delighted with tho camp
arrangements made for tlioin by the
Fnlted States mllltsiy authorities.
.Much Hut linsliism Miovtn eiier the
Candid-He for President.
ItrnioTA, Colombia. Jan. 23. -The Presi
dential election will be hi Id on February
and oiithuslasni over the candidates
is high. Colombians regard the coming
election ns the most Important ever held
Tho Minister of Foreign Affairs Issued
a statement to-day promising all efforts
for a peaceful election and Imploring citi
zens to do their part. The sluteincnt
concludes : .
"Based upon public opinion, In which
the Government and Congress are In per
fect iii-cord, a e'limmlslon for foreign
relations has been formed, composed of
eminent persons of all political parties,
which to-day work lu common agreement
to resolve the very Important Interna
tional problems. These men havo laid
aside their pedltleal Interests to work
for the country, In this manner tho
$80,000,000 FOR JAPAN'S NAVY.
(inrrriinirnt's Itrqnrst for IBO.OOO,.
IIIIO Cut Itunrn tn That Amount.
Tokio. Jan. 23. An appropriation of
SSO.000.000 for naval Increase was sanc-
j tluned to-day by the Imperial Diet. The
Government asara tor iti,uwu,uuu, nnu
the Minister of Murine is understood to
have said that with that amount Japan
intended o construct a dozen huge dread
noughts. The meeting of the Diet which consid
ered tho Government's request and cut It
down $70,000,000 was secret. The debate
on the proposed naval Increase lusted a
long time.
Whlln sanctioning about half the. ie
quested stun, the Diet agreed tentatively
that nn additional appropriation will be
sanctioned when the flnunclal condition of
tho country permits.
Canadian Opposition tn Inquire Into
iKrallnas With Nhoe Cnmpnnv.
Ottawa, Jan. 13, It Is usumcd that
the opposition lu Parliament proposes at
tacking the Go eminent for its allege!
failure to tuke action against the United
Shoe Machinery Company after thu com-
unlit- VL'ua r,iiifti4 lo li n "entnlil tie tvltlllli
national energy of Colombia will acquire th(J nMIIInK of the combines Investigation I
nun piosiieriiy, sireiigui nnu inesuKe io lut from demand made in the House of
which It aspires." i Commons to-day by Sir Wilfrid I.aurlur
I for the whole record In the case.
7,000 HIT BY CUT TN WAGES. I Th company Is the Canadian subsldl-
, jury of the Huston company of the same
Smith Carpel Compni.j Announce, i J'nie, and Is the only one ever found to
,b a "combine within the moaning of
Itediiellon f III Per Cent. .Canada's autl-tiust law.
Vosnnns, N. V Jan. 23. Unexpected I
notice of a in per cent, cut In their wage I FLASHES FROM THE CABLE.
I beginning February 7 was enclosed In
C. D, Gibson Visiting lit Gov-
rrnmenl House, IHInvfn.
Ottawa. Jan. 23, Mrs. Charles D.iu.i
Gibson of New York, wife f the mtlst, I
rnBPPf)M ATTACK HFI AVFTi . i 11,0 Ky envolopes distributed to employees
JUKKCUIV iJHA. WfXlltW. ()t Alexunder Smith tc Sons Carpet
IlASlHtT.u. The Hamburg Amerlcnu
Steamship Company announces that It will
Company to-day. The company etiiplo)Rl(MViai,iuh n new passenger and freight
Willi about 7.00H men and ivomoin Tlui cut learning line of steamers between New
applies to all who work for n weekly York and Kastern Mediterranean and
wuv, which I tlie greater part oi tne
As tho conip.iu.i's payroll Is fiom $70,-
000 to Juu.noii wi ekly ithe reduction amounts
to from $7,000 to JD.OOO a week. Al
though no one connected with the com-
Hlack Sen ports on April IS
Paiiis. As n result of tho extraordinary
cold weather and heavy snowstorms the
price of food In Paris haw risen from ."ii)
to linO per cent. Tlie mow Is from two
to four feet deep in places ami railway
Vllln Wants In Xeaotlnle
American Interests First,
Ci, Paso, Tex.. Jan. 23. Gen. Pnticho
Villa's rebels nro being transported south
of Chihuahua city lu the direction of
Torreon with great rapidity and It would
not be surprising to hear of an attack
on Torreon Inside of n week.
It Is declared that Villa will not start
,1,.. eii-lil until lie innUes 1 1 111 In Chi-
,i,..i .Inure lo conclude niot!iitloiiH aio tlie largest in the world, have felt
with American Interests to reopen certain business depression the Inst few months. j,'avtnB German exhibit nt the Panama
Industries lu the .state or Chihuahua, ii is sai ic me plan, nowiver, lo re- iU.ifc Kxposltlon at San Franclsci was
Wlpu tills Is done Villa will go lo the establish thu old ruto of wage as soon niiauiioned solely hecnum of the adverse
south, accompanied by the Cludud Juarez as business conditions wurruut. attitude of the, German UovcrnminL
,,,. -,.i,i .,, iw i.,,.in ii I communication Is greatly Interrupted
. ...i.,.,...,i . ..... ,..i,ii. 1 Itr.m.lN. lien llullln, director general
,n . 11 i . ; of the Hnuiburg-Amcrlcan Steamship
Company, says the movement In favor of
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