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Published in Bulletin 393 issued by the Division of Drugs, Bureau of
Chemistry, Department of Agriculture.
Cocaine Bearing Medicines and Drinks.
Dr. Birncy's Catarrh Powder
Dr. Agnew's Catarrh Powder.
Dr. Cole's Catarrh Cure
Crown Catarrh Powder
Tucker's Asthma Specific
Koca Nola
Celery Cola
Pillsbury's Koke
Tobacco Bullets
Wonder Workers
Morphine Bearing Medicines.
Strawberry and Pepsin Dr. Miller's Anodyne for Babies
Kohlcr's One-Night Cough Cure
Hooper's Anodyne, the Infants'
Dr. James's Soothing Syrup Cordial
Yonkerman's Consumption Cure
Shiloh's Cure
Adamson's Botanic Cough Balsam
Jadway's Elixir for Infants
Antikamnia and Codein Tablets
Ammonal with Codein and Camphor
Royal Headache Tablets
?al-Codelu Bel
Children's Comfort
Kopp's Baby's Friend
Mrs. VC'inslowV Soothing Syrup
Gooch's Mexican Consumption Cure
Dr. Grove's Anodvnc for Infants
Dr. Fowler's
Dr. A. Boschee'.s German Syrup
Dr. Fenner's Cough Cold Syrup
Prof. Hoff's Consumption Cure.
Dr. MofTett's Tcethina, Teething
Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup
Jackson's Magic Balsam
Van Totta's Cough Pectoral
Dr. Fahrney's Teething Syrup
Linseed, Licorice and Chlorodyne
Ptitilles Panerai
Dr. Fuhey's Pepsin AnoJyne Compound
Cannabis Indica Bearing Medicines..
Victor Infant Relief Piso's Cure, a remedy for Coughs and Colds
Chloral Bearing Medicines.
Davis';, Asthma Remedy Linseed, Licorice and Chlorodyne
Acker's English Remedy Cough Lozenges
than l consorting with wmb,
The widespread net' of cocaine In
tlie comparatively short period of
time since It.i discovery," sas J)r.
Towns, "has been brought about by
patent preparations coutalr'ng small
quantities of II."
During Its tlrst few years cocaine nd
illction spread through the wld" soli' of
"catarrh cures." which contained from 2
to 4 per cent, of cocaine. These "cures,"
according to Samuel Hopkins Ad. mis In
Ciilliri'i UVi'Afjr, were "Dr. Ilirncys Ca
tarrh Cure," "Dr. Colo's Catarrh Cure."
"Dr. Agnow's Caiairh Powder" and
"Crown t 'atari li Powder." Not only did
these "euro." Introduce many pcions
Into depth of cocaine addiction, but
they pointed the way to a method of j
taking cocaine easier than by hypo- 1
For u time It became the practice to
fill Willi the "cure" a small bottle1
through the cork of which had been In-M-r'etl
it wo tubes, one of which was
placed In the mouth and the other In
the nostril; u puff from' the mouth did
the rest. Later It became the custom to
sprinkle the "cure" on. the back of the
hand and either 'to touch It to the
tongue or to sniff It onto the mucous
membrane of the nostrils. Tims the
deadliest of all vices became the Minplcsl
to begin.
Among the thousands who contracted
cocaine addiction through the innocent
putchase of a patent medicine was Mrs,
Anna ('. .Meyers, who was prominent
socially In Chicago and In lsim was a
member of the board of managers of
the Chlcngo World's Fair. In a confes
siou detailing the career of crime Into
which cocaine plunged her Mrs. Meyers
Mays: "I used to get the little boxes of
the drug and call it 'my baby' and 'my
only friend,' cry over It and laugh and
dance like an Insane person."
It Is asserted that per cent, of
America's drug addicts learned their
vice In a doctor's olllce. Hundreds of
disreputable physicians make a practice
of giving morphine promiscuously for
their patients' iicIick, out of their olllees
Issues a constant procession of young
drill, addicts "Not more than 10 per
cent, iif all the drug addicts have any
incurable disease that would Justify fur
ther use of the drug." says Dr. Towns.
The use of drugs has crept Into colleges,
where students take them tn counter
act the effects of overwork; tfiey liavo
crept Into the army, where soldiers take
them ltd counteract the effects of under
work. "Many great writer to use a
current critical phrase," su's Dr. T. D.
Crothers of Hartford, Conn., "begin the
use of cocaine that they may whip their
Inventiveness to action."
Walters in restaurants use drugs to
quicken their memory. It has been
estimated that 1." per cent, of all the
medical men in the United States are
drug addicts, "One
half of nil my drug
patients ore physi
cians," says Dr.
Towns, who has u
hill now pending at
Albany, Introduced
by Senator John .1.
Itoylan, barring all
drug addicted phy
sicians from prac
tice. School chil
dren, even ut the
ages of 7 and N. are
offered cocnlne nnd
horoln by pedlors
about public school
buildings. The Hull
House campaign of
l'.io.l started with
the disc ivery thai
certain negroes in
Chicago Were stop
ping school chil
dren on the tilde
walks and selling
them a penny Ixoc
of the deadliest
habit forming drug
In the world and
asking them to "tell
all their Hi t I e
friends about It "
In that sect Inn
of civilized society
known as the under.
World cocaine ad
diction Is practically
universal Cnderlts
Intluetice ate most of
the daring crimes
committed. ' Most of
the attacks tiMin
white women of the
South." says Dr
Christopher Koch
"are the tilled re
suit of a cocaine
crazed negro brain "
Thousands of dingy
hovels are scattered
tllloliuli ttle negro
sections of Southern
cities where "snow"
is retailed In dime
boxes through back
doors which are
prevented by chains
from opening more
than three Indies
District Attor
ney St. Clair estl
m. les that In New
Orleans nlone there
nie 2.1,000 negro
I calne addicts who
p a t r o n i ze these
I Joints, Overseers of
Southern labor have
been known to put
cocaine Into their
gang's rations in order to get more
work out of them.
As a result of the wide cocaine addic
tion among negroes in the South Au
gust llrahni cites figures to show that
the negro race, which forms lu.T per
cent, of the nation's population, com
mits 37.12 per cent, of the murders.
.1. IMgar llrown of Chicago Is authority
for thij statement that the murder rate
of Germany is three per l.opo.ooo Inhabi
tants and of Canada live per 1.U0O.0UO.
Here are the 1911 murder rates of six
Southern cities: Memphis, Tenn.. 3!
per l.iHHi.itoa, Charleston, S. C 423;
Savannah. nu 378; Nashville. Tenn.,
3:.3. Atlanta Ca 29R; New Orleans,
211. Manhattan and The llronx. '..
ih m3Vm t' t W i- .
gH1' Uanderbilt 5r. MO"lsCS5
Madame De MuiBin? Charming amtd Talemted
Wife of Champagne King of France
, HJIIIIIIIHf IlillllllllllllllllllllllillllllllllHHPn- jM mM
m HlfijHDlv f :M m
Madame De Mumm is considered by many the most beauliful woman in society in Paris.
Mrs. William K. Vanderbllt's anti
I drug camp Ign will concern Itself tlrst
with the passage of necessary Federal
and Slate legislation, for nrcseiit State
legislation Is practically nil and tluie Is
no Federal legislation, save In the case'
i of the opium traflle which, Instead of
! being killed thereby, has been Increased
I It lb asserted. This anti-opium legn.-
latlon which went Into effect on Febru
ary ;'. ivvv. prouioneo tne importation
of any opium into the t'nited State
except for medicinal purposes. It caused
the ancient secret of making smoking
opium to lie brought to the Culled
States from China and tons of opium
imported "for medicinal purposes" was
I cooked Into smoking opium here.
The opium poppy began to be grown
m California; licenses were taken out
under the act of 1S90 for the American
manufacture of smoking opium, and
Miioklng opium actually began to ! ex
ported. Meanwhile the government Is
losing t l.r.ou.iitoi annually In opium l
duties, while ten big tlnns are Importin:,'
f.rm.ooo pounds of crude opium a e.ir
"for medicinal purpo-cs" and selling it i
in r.i'O pound lots to any one who can'
show anything like a druggist's order.
I net eases n duties In both the Payne
and the riulervvood tariff are the Ciov -ernment's
only other anti-drug steps. '
The l.'nderwood bill, on October 9. 1913.
made these Incie.ises ever the Payne .
tariff: Crude opium Imported for iihiIi
cui.il purposes, l r,o to 43 a pound
di led opium Imported for medicinal pur
poses. (2 to (I a pound; morphine and
Its derivatives, heroin and codeine,
il.."o to 3 an ounce; cocaine, II. ."u to
12 an ounce; coca leaves, 5 cents to 10
i cuts a pound.
The effect of a tariff Increase In abat
ing the Importation t.f these drugs may
lie seen In these tlgllles; The Payne
tariff on August .'i, U'i'9. raised the duty
on cocaine from 2.", per cent, ad valorem
to 11.50 an ounce, and the cocaine Im
port Jumped fr 111 32.272 ounces III 19I
to .H,."i',o ounces In 1910. It took coca
leaves off the free list and Imposed a
duty of a cents a pound, and the coca
iiiiiioit iunniid from 7os.o IC pounds in
1VI0 to 1,2211, 771. .I pounds in 19)1.
once Inside the country the (iovern-i
' ment exercises no more supervision
over these deadl habit forming drugs
excepting opium) than over peai k
plumes or frankfurters I
It Is in the New York Legislature
that Mrs. Vandeibll 's nationwide slrug
g'e to exterminate the vice of drug ad
diction I- already opening. Krnest K
Coulter of 2 Hector treet has left in
.he hands of IMvviird .1. Mciioldlick. in
1 charge of New York city legislation at ,
Albati.v. .Mr-, v.nidorbllt V bill practically
prohibiting the sale of cocaine, helolll
and iiioi pluiie.
In New York city there Is practically
no rextraint upon the comiip n e in.
habit forming drugs, as a result "there 1
j are leu deadly dnu. ciucs to one of
alcoholism," says Dr. Jackson l:. .Camp
bell of 2.'.3 West 131th slle'et, lor tweiit.v -
, seven years a physician In the Depart -
i ment of Correction. If the dttlg addict
desires to Inconvenience himself enough
to obey the Penal Code (winch ieiiiles'
a physician's ptesi liption. which shall
be used only once) lie may have primed
the stationery of ll theoietlcal physician
residing III Walla Walla and may vviite
tlieietipon his own drug prescriptions.
Or he may go to any one of 2U0 ills,
reputable doctors io New York city who
will write him u drug prescription for
2.i cents.
Dr. Abraham Ollcksteln. now, in the
Atlanta pcnltcntitiry. was one of these
disreputable physicians. He not only
wrote drug prescriptions, but tilled them
himself. He bought 9,3110 ounces of
cocaine between December 9, 19a. and
January 30, 1913, although thousands of
doctors use less than one ounce In a
lifetime. I tut this was perfectly legal.
It was Dr. lllcksielu's opium Indiscre
tions which sent him to the Federal
pcuileiitliil'y. Assistant District Attor
ney Floyd W'llmot has under present
surveillance a West Side dm lor who has
200 legal customers to whom he sells
legally thirty-one half grain tablets of
cocaine for Ml centH.
Usually, however, drug addicts do not
bother about what the Penal Code says.
An fnr back as Fcbruury 21, 19lo, Presl.
dent Tuft iiuoted Dr.
Hamilton Wright of
Maine, a member
of the International
Opium Commission,
In a message to
CongroHM which de
clared tllii" 1,000
ounces of cocaine
vv sold Illegally
every month along
.NWilt street nlone,
a grain Is a dose
and l.ooo Illegal
ounces Is 180,000 Il
legal doses. The
dllllctilty of getting
trtirtwoi itiy vv 1 1
nesses and the ne
cessity of awaiting
analysis of the con
traband drug at
each trial bo made
conviction so illlll
cult at to bring to
New York city's
drug pollens a sort
of prosperous and
I indent safety.
Indeed. pedlers
of Jicroln clrooper
than cocaine nnd
three times us dead
ly as morjdtlnc
are immune from
arrest In Manhattan
and The llronx and
will be until the
word "heroin" Ih
written Into Section
I7.12 of the Penal
Code Dnu druggist
wus recently found
In Manhattan who
bought tieroln tab
lets in 2.-.,0iM lots: 1
"'111 ere Is one ills- ,
t rlft In the Harlem
prison territory," .
says Dr. CamiWiell.
where 1 huVe good i
leason to Isdleve
there are 1.000 vie-
tlms of drugs, chief-
ly heroin." Dr.
Campbell adds: "Al
col.ollcs are nil
broken down men
and women of mid-
die age and past, j
but the victims of
heroin are all youth- ,
ful. With the !
young a habit ten ,
days old will deaden
all their jienslblll-
ties and turn them
Into criminals, no
matter h"w well
Ibev have been
I ea I ed."
If It had been as easy for citizen of
the Culled States to catch the mumps
as It has been to conlrait the deadliest
drug habit In the wot Id the Federal C.oV
ernnient would have acted long before It
became n ssary for Mrs. Vandeibilt to
start her antl-di ug campaign. Not until
last year did the House pass a measure
i the Senate has not acted on It yet) re
quiring every person who distributes
men leaves to leglster his name with
the colleitor of Internal revenue and to
pay a lax of a dollar a year, further,
prohibiting the selling of cocaine except
on a pun (laser's order to b- kept for two
years, accessible to Federal and State
authorities. Any unregistered person
transporting cocaine fiom State to State
or having It In his itossessbm s made
liable to a 2,0on line or Imprisonment
not to exceed the years, or both.
The same bill furthermore prohibits
the export of opium, raises the Internal
leveiiue tn.x on smoking opium from lia
The itJhttiny erpcricner shova Mr dradtinrB of the iriif uicaw i .
rat'ric mldid who the mrdlc often consume Hrentv (train of the dr , ,(,,,,
thin record the cffict of one grain on a man vho had never tahn ii ljmi
It tea an experiment pcrformid by Dr. .. Novell Wan, recorded in th, Sull,
cat Xeir" of ISS and widely quoted at that time, ft tra an open qui ti ,nf
doctor then a to whether cocaine wa or wa not dangerous.
At 6 P. M. I injected one-quarter grain of Squlbb's cocaine under the s jn
of my forearm. No result ensuing, the infection was repeated in Mtccn
minutes. At 8:30 P. M general symptoms not having appeared, nclialf
grain was taken, making one grain within half an hour. In tun i mines
systematic effects began: I became restless, respirations 30, shall .w nnj
sighing; pulse 120; had aphasia and increasing precordial oppression
tl 4s now 6:50 P. M. Twenty minutes have elapsed since taking tne lull
grain Iniecllon. My pupil are dilating slowly; mental faculties p rfcu
clear and collected; no pain in head or other part of body; respirations rc.
duced to normal frequency, but very shallow and sighing; pulse Mil. quia,
feeble tand barely perceptible at wrist.
7:20 P. M. -My condition was almost that of collapse. Mental t.iuiliies
perfectly clear and natural; pupils widely dilated; mouth dry and a scn-a.
lion as of the presence of a foreign body in the pharynx; respirations Mjn,
slgMnR,nnd reduced to II per minute; pulse elevated to 180, ctv fteHc'
fluttering and extinct at wrist; extremities cold; body was warm to thc iiic,
but my own sensations were those of intense cold.
A sense of impending dissolution came over me not a feeling ol fear hit
a conviction that my physical condition was such that death was altmiM in
evitable. My mind remained perfectly clear.
At 7:30 P. M. my condition was worse and myclf and my attcnJants
were momentarily expecting my death. My extremities seemed to ,..e
power, of either motion or sensation. I struggled against this uitli all nu uin
power and would call for frequent doses of ammonia which Would cue ittj;
(so it seemed) sufficient strength to move. Respirations now miK
9 per minute and exceedingly shallow; carotid pulse faintlv hcatiiiu at :no
radial pulse entirely imperceptible, and no impulse of heart heat felt on pal
pitation. Mind still clear. Suftcred no pain,
I remained in this state fur about half an hour, during which, in aJJmon
to frequent small doses of ammonia and digitalis, I inhaled three J.p i,
nitrate of amyl. A marked improvement in the cardiac action was uo nuti-J
Respirations increased to 14 per minute, pupils contracted to normal auJ ,4m
became moist and warm. At 10 P. M.. the racial p:.l-.e return.-d. v. j
and reduced to 140. Respirations were of normal frequency and of .ilu.,t
normal vigor. Improvement continued. At II I'. ,M., respirations t.i.rii.i,
pulse 120. Suffered at this time f i out a dull, aching pain in lumbar c;mn
of spine and sense of great weakness and prostration.
At I A. M. was entitcly well save the feeling of exhaustion, tumuli
following so great a derangement of the natural functions. Uas mm re
moved to my room and slzpt soundly until S A. M. During the da I suilereJ
very much annoyance from the very dry state of my pharvnv and al-o Irnm
muscular weakness, Both these Inconveniences disappeared durum the
following night.
to $ Jnrt a pound and raises th,. bond ier
(pilred of the manufacturers from $.1,000
to Moo.ooo, besides providing a minimum
line of $10,000 and minimum Imprison
ment of live years for violations.
Whether this legislation will abate the
(otnineice in habit forming drugs re.
mains to be seen,
China was unable to control Its no
lotions commeice In opium until the
other nations of the world stopped send
ing her opium. Its efforts began In 172'.i.
but met with no success until Septem
ber 20, l!io, when China f iibade the
Importation of opium from Its noti
tnaty nations. In lfi07 Its treaty na
tions .formed the International i ip. mi
Commission, to lessen their opium ex
ports to China; Japan nnd the Cmteil
States tin the Philippines) stopped
their exports at once and India agrenl
to reduce Its export by .1.100 chests a
.vear. With Its opium Imports cut off
at their source. China prohibited poppy
planting within Its own borders after
.laiiiiiuy 27. ll'll. prohibited lntcrpro
wtKial tralllc in opium after July 30,
ll'll. and prohibit, d ri .
after January 1, IMS.
As far baik as l&Ofi Hi Hun.-,
Wilght submitted limit, s t,, s, re-c
Knox showing that the I'niuil .sut.
whs even then consuming i.hi-h a
minimi! of habll forming drue. f-r . a,
.ta as china. "Nor can tbu. '.. a'
r dilation of thi- trallli " p
Towns, "until theie u Co. i rirti. m
nop.ilx Indeed there iaii b- n r
thefe Is tooperntlOII ,,f a! t),. ,;, ,r
nuiiis of the world."
South America, rtcrm.it.v ' v.
( Indies, china, India. Java ,r ' '.
to-day are pouring the'r ha' r i,
i products Into the Cnitid S r
I restraint. Druggist!., do. t i: .
', ki epe, Chinese, lrooin . . .,-
stieet pedlers are distrilm .
fie.-iy to a decaying popu'.n . .
addicts which as far back a" ' '
estimated bv Secri-tnrv of .'
Wilson at 4.1100,00(1.
It Is olle of tile greatest ni
gles In history that Mr
began one morning In .T.mu.i'
Sfoe Won First Prize With Dog Three Years
Older Than Herself

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