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VOL. LXXXI.-NO. 193.
NEW YORK, THURSDAY, MARCH 12, 1914. CopirrijUt, HI, by ( Sun Prtnflno and PublisMno Amotion.
Collector Safd to Be Ne
gotiating for Part of
Collection in Paris.
ITS VALUE IS $,000,000
Property of Lady Sackville
West, Who Won Sensa
tional Will Suit.
Report Collection Contains
Ronchers, Lnncrcls and
Tlomlon Busts.
or romantic! histories are attached. One
of Its chief glories Is Its Van Dyck room
with the three portraits from tho Cattaneo
collection of Genoa, which were smuggled
out of Italy about five years ago In spite
of the Italian law against the exportation
of paintings of this character.
The Cattaneo family U one of the
oldest Genoese houses and had owned
seven Van Dycks for several centuries,
but they had almost been forgotten by
all but their owners, as the Cattaneo
family had successfully prevented the
Government agent from entering the
palace, and the works wero not upon the
official list
When the 'sale of the seven Van Dycks
became known the Count dal Verme
strenuously denied that tie had done any
thing; Illegal and explained that his family
had not sold the pictures out of Italy, but
to a dealer of Kerrnra, and besides the
pictures were not on the Government roll.
Important as are Mr. Wdener's Van
Dycks the knowledge that his collection
boasted the possession of 'The Mill."
Rembrandt's famous landscape, created
even nioro discussion when the now
leak-! out. especially as, the price of It
was known to havo been In excess of
1500.000. It had been for 100 years In
the porsseaslon of Lord Lanndowne's fam
ily, a former Lord Lansdowne having
bought It from the Due d'Orleans collec
tion, It was said, for 14,000. Itefore the
sale of the picture an option had boen
given to the trustees of the National
Gallery In London and n subscription fund
was started to keen 'Tho Mill" from
, coming to the United States, but when
i. i . 11. t . i . , i . i
itnio itutii iifvu -jbJirvii 11 v rvs iuuiiu
that only $89,240 had been contributed.
I There have been some differences of opin
ion In regard to "The Milt," but tho ud
mlrens of the painting eny It Is as much
' a mnslernlece us Ilembrnndt'fl celebrated
"Night Watch."
Just ,a short time ago cablegrams told
of still another sensational Wldener pur
chase, a Raphael, at a price of ITOV.UVO.
It proved to bo the famous Cowper
Madonna, which had been acquired by the
Can't Find Reciprocal Will
Art Dealer Supposedly
Had Drawn.
Attorney Says Amonnt to Be Di
vided Will Depend Upon
Sale of Art.
Special CitU Dtipatch to Tne Sen.
Paris, March 11. Negotiations for the
sale to P. A. H. Wldener of Philadelphia
sf the remnant of the famous Wallace col-
fcctlon remaining In Paris have reached Cowper fam.. of er.fordl(hVr En,,anJ.
n advanced stage. The price Is under- j In 1780, when the third Karl Cowper, who
rtood to be 20.000.000 franc. (,4.000.000). ! bael'ln Flor'-
Thee works of art are part of the ence when the artist was 22 eam old will under which tho one who survived
collection left to Lady Sackvllle-West by ,rBm 11 P"" s cnarac-
, terlstlc t)po, young, mild and beautiful,
the late Sir John Murray Scott, whose Tne Wdener collection boasts also a
Theron Davis of 170 Broadway, who
was for many years attorney for Theron
J. Blakeslee. the art dealer and critic
who committed suicide by shooting himself
last Saturday afternoon at his gallery nt
665 Fifth avenue, said yesterday that al
though careful search had been made In
tho galleries' for a will which It was be
lieved Mr. Illakesleo had made none has
been found.
Accordingly the widow, Mrs. Clara
Illakeslec, will make application In tho
Surrogate's olllco In a day or so to be ap
pointed administratrix on tho ground that
her husband left no will. She will ask,
that another person be appointed with her.
Tho failure to find u will was n surprise I
to the widow and Mr. Wake's attorney.
It was said yesterday. For some years
Mrs. Illakeslec had urged hor husband
to Join with her In executing a mutual
But He Knew Wilson Would
Not Be Guilty of Such
Washinotok, March 11. Borne of the
disadvantages and dangers which beset
the existence of Cabinet officers In Wash
ington aro shown In an experience of tho
Secretary of State :
Mr. Bryan, hearing a voice on the wire
after his call of a downtown office: "This
Is Secretary of State Bryan."
Voice In surprise and Indignation: "The
hell It III"
Secretary of State, also surprised and
speechless for a few seconds, sputtered:
"Who Is this speaklngr
Voice, triumphantly: "President Wil
son." And before the Secretary could speak
further there was a click as the receiver
wan hung up at the other end.
Mr. Hrynn then again called up the of
flee with which he wished to speak and,
though "at first rather nngry, wns con
vinced that central must have given him
the wrong number and that the person
with whom he had the brief conversi-
Mingle With Men and Women
in Evening ClothcBMt
Mrs. Dodge's House.
Sleep on University Settlement
Benches Pay for Their
Own Scanty Supper.
The Idle I. W. W. brethren slept on
benches last night at the University
Settlement after munching bread and
drinking coffee that they had to buy
themselves, while their leaders were en
tertained In Fifth avenue.
At tho home of Mrs. Mabel Dodge, on
the third floor of 21 Flfthavenue.twostorles
nlwve Gen. Daniel Slckles's rooms and ono
tlon must have thought some one was Moor below the apartment that former
trying to play a Joke on him.
Heidelberg Buildfng in Control
of Men Who Plan New
Interests Identified with the Fitzgerald
Building at the southeast corner of Broad
way and Forty-third street purchased at
auction yesterday the entire capital stock
and bonds of the Oodatr-Wtmmer Build
ing Company, owners of the Heidelberg
Towor, occupying the property on the
south side of Forty-second street between
iiroaaway ami oevenin avenue. auct
the sale the Buyers unnounccti mat mey
would carry out the original plans of the
building prepared by Henry Ives Cobb,
which call for a thirty story structure.
When the building was sturted In 1909
It had reached the seventh story when
the builders conceived tho Idea of stop
ping It there Hnd erecting on top of It a
great tower to be used for electric display
signs. Tho venture was not a success.
Nearby property owners raised objections
to the building, which they culled a mon
strosity. The result was that the prop
erty passed from one concern to another.
The building stands on the slt of the
old Hotel Mctropole. on land owned by the
Three True Bills Found
Many Expected to
, Governor William Pulxer hired a few weeks I Co estate. The plot wus leased from thu
ago. Big Kill Haywood. Frank Strong estate by the C. L. Gray Construction
Stores Always Losing, but
They Were Ordered to
Show Profit.
Hamilton. Frank Tamienbnum's successor i Company, the builders of the tower.
as leader of the army, and other leaders
I discussed social problems with their
irtll led to the remarkable legal contest, nno r.l Greco, specimens of Hal. Purer.
.uennin?, verontse, vvntieuu, jan meen.
Gainsborough. Sir Joshua Reynolds. Horn- I
Mi 1
'aaaaaaaaaaaW saw
saggggwvrwg(g(M aaaaaai
1 1 '
P. A. C. VICener.
would have thu property of both. Mrs.
Blakeslee believed that her husband would
do so, and when he killed himself before
making such a will she thourht (hit he
",b D.-nS2.rt-. v,c.!.aTer' Hobbemo.iha(1 Ieft an njcpcndent will In her favor.
Mr. Blakeslee had no safe deposit box
ney Hogarth and r tPttMto She did welcomed by Dr. 1
works by the Greatest of the modern ' 'ar as nls wlfo and business associate , ., . . . I h.n.i ,ur ti...v
schools. knew, and the only place searched for a 11 moiI",l'' unur a KttUl- vel1 ot mM' "krr- ,1,lK
will has been the art gallery. ' " I That I. why it cannot be considered on benches and ...ng
SHADOW OF EARTH ' ' "mk'r ! ""
J The latter were mostly In evening drco
and the I, W. W. people In sweaters niid
.... , i, ,r. less elegant garments, but all seemed to
Hides in GaHZy VCll Of SllSt, nS be having an Interesting time.
News of the gathering in Mrs. Dodge's
home was brought to Bulgers Square,
where the unemployed were shivering In
the wind while debuting wiiero to sleep
for the night.
Our esteemed satellite, the moon, almost The army tn.irched In disorderly array
completely Immersed herself In the I to the Settlement House, where there were
oobins unman, the
disposed themselves
their buttle 'hjmti:
Scheduled Eclipse Takes
Hnninioiid.sport AcroplaneMaker
Willing to Pay Reason
able License Fee.
A settlement of the difficulties between
Orvllle Wright and Glenn II. Curtlss Is
pending whereby Mr. Curtlss hopes he will
bo allowed to continue the manufacture
of aeroplanes and flying boat by pay.,
Ins; a, reasonable rdyalty to Mr. Wright,
according to Information which came to
Tim Bun last night.
Alpheus Barnes, secretary of the Wright
company, whose office la M 11 Pine street,
this city, has gone to Dayton to confer
with Orvllle Wright on the patent situa
tion, and an adjustment w'th the Curtlss
company Is expected dally. Several tele
grams a day relative to the granting of
royalties are paas'ng between Mr. Wright
and the Curtlss company nt Hammonds
port, according to Tin Sun's Informant.
Orvllle Wright recently told a Sun
In London last year. Lady Sa'.'kvllle-West I man that he was willing to make a settle-
"'suing the verdict" against tho heirs of 1 ment with Mr. Curtlss on the same basis
the tfstator By this verdict Lady Hack- as with other aeroplane manufacturers,
vllle-Weat entered Into possession of the ' notwithstanding that Mr. Curtlss was u
van art collection, valued at more than j defendant In the recent patent litigation
IIO.OC'0.000, which Is now at Knolo l'arX.and a feeling of animosity has long ex
Sevenoaks, Kent, the country home of i isted between them.
Biron Saekvllle.
When Kir Itlchard Wallace, a member
on the dlktart side of the Hertford family,
died In U90 he left his great art collec
tions In England and Frame to his widow,
lnttructlng her to transfer or bequeath
them to the nation. Sir John Murray
Scott, who had long been his companion
ind confidential agent, was to be the
manager of the estate and to him Lady
Wallace. In her will, left the bulk of the
family fortune. The greater part of the
art trr.isures now form the famous Wal
lace collection In Hertford House, London,
B propei ty of the, British nation.
Iirmarea Moved to Paris.
' Sir nicnard Wallace, who spent the
Teatei p,u; of his life In Barls, held
utrnslM- property there. Included In It
3 a c'liteiii ut Baratellc. near Long-
clump, which is celebrated throughout
the HTt-th nd breadth of Europe for Its
beauty. !i. trils chateau were housed art
trt.i. tires ot extraordinary value which
hive uier ocen really known even to
(iejmour de Itlccl, the art expert, re
ferring to this part ot the Wallace art
toucctioii in trie (enulssanre recalls that
Elr John Murray Scott sold the chateau
,1 , . . ... I . - 1 - - AA .
w i-3 i ny ot c ans lor o,uwv,vuv trams
'll.:oo,' ju) und It was converted by the
munlctoaltty Into a museum, but Hlr John
previously removed all the paintings,
luimture and objets dart to Wallace's
r,ouo in the Hue Lanttc, and the man
Wlilurr art Half Kstatr.
Because of the art dealer's failure to
make a will his widow will get only half the
estate, while the other half will go to his
sister, Mrs. Kanny Ives of Bridgeport,
Conn., to a brother In Ilutherford, N. J
and to the children of a deceased brother.
It Is unders'xiod that after Mr. Blakealee's
debts are paid there will be little left to
distribute among his heirs. The amount
will depend largely upon the prlcn at
ii thrilling spectacle, anil perhaps may
account for the small number of New
Yorkers who cared about going out on the
promenades of the big East Illver bridges
to see the moon's disk obscured save for
a sclmlterllke segment.
Itmustbarememberednlsothat the moon
has no press agent to stimulate Interest
In her moods. She really did not do any
thing herself; the earth Juwt put It
all over, or almost all over her. beginning
by smutting her southern limb, or one
"Oh. why don't you work
Like tha other fulks do?
llow the hell can I work.
When there' no ork to dot"
which the estate Is able to dispose of the 1 of her southern limbs.
I1.S00.000 of paintings In the gallery.
"There are many paintings In the gal
lery which are of Interest only to certain
She was supposed to pull the black hosi
of shadow on this llmh ofllelally at forty-
one minutes nnd eight-tenths of a minute j
Mranty l.nnrh Katrn.
' The coffee and brend, bought with a
I collection of 113.40 taken in Hutgers
Bo.ii.ue from the bmtliren themselves' nnd
some passersby were speedily disposed of.
At 23 Klfth avenue the reporters were
admitted by the colored factotum to Mrs
Dodge's rooms.
Several I. W. W. leaders who had left
their marching friend In Itutgrrs Square
were neatly asyl servlccably clad In gray
Ceremony to Mr Performed In tili
bora, Y.. Church.
Vincent Astor and Mlxs Helen Dlnsmore
Huntington will be married on April 30
In Staatsburg. N. Y the homo of tho
bride-to-be's family.
It Is expected the ceremony will be per
formed In the Church of St. Margaret, In
which Mr. and Mrs. Huntington were mar
ried. Tho reception will be In Hopcland
House, the Huntington home.
Mr. Astor Is 111 at his home, IS West
Fifty-sixth street, this city.
Anffry Depositors Storm Fed
eral Ittiildinp, Where He
Ts Testifying:.
Henry Slegel and rrank E. Voxel, thrle
Indicted, were held In J25.000 ball each by
Judge Itosalsky In General Sessions yes
terday afternoon.
The three presentments handed down
earlier In the day were the first of a
series tho Grand Jury Is to consider
against the men. Thu number, according
to the District Attorney's ofllce, will only
be limited by the demunds of Justlf",
There Is enough evidence. It Is wild, to
warrant the Grand Jurors In voting on
fifty different cases.
' To accusations against the mn for
j accepting deposits In th'i private hank of
I Henry Slegel & Co. ar the basis of tho
1 first two Indictments, while the third
charges them with obtaining f 35,000
1 from the National Bunk of Commerce on
' the strength of a fatso statement as to
the financial condition of the Fourteenth
WllfV MnilHffPr SaV'S $4-,000 ini Street Store. They are charged with
- I
collectors," mid Mr. Davis' yetterday. 1 ""t 9 o'clock. The filmy cloud skirts
but thee collectors would Iw willing -to
jr almost any prce for them. For In
stance, Mr. Blakeslee had been an Inde
fatigable collector of paintings or the Ma
donna, and had hunted all over Europe
for them. Some had even been removed
from the walls of cathedrals long prior to
their purchase by Mr. BlakesW. He. hud
fifty or sixty of these Madonnas, and the
price at which they will sell la more or
lesn problematical.
"There are many hundreds of thousands
of dollars worth of paintings In the gal
lerles which had been bought and paid
that she hnd bashfully draped around her
prevented the man on the street from
seeing the shadow until nearly 10 o'clock.
One thing Is certain, the moon was
properly eclipsed, as had been predicted
hundreds of years ago. The man who
walks In the skyscraplng districts was
sweaters nnd other habiliments that
evoked no criticism. Most of the large
number of women there wore evening
gowns. All wre listening Intently to the
answerh Big Bill Haywood was giving to
a flock of questions about wli.it was the
remedy for the present social unrest.
Theie were present some men with long.
sjnfe Five Men Mobbed
Two Arrests.
Five young men walked Into tho poul
try market of Benjamin Buff ft Son, 417
East 10th street. Just before closing time,
last night and drawing guns ordered every
one In the placn to throw up his hands.
Aa Morris N'cwmark, manager of the
market, threw his up he kicked the door
of the safe. This hut It 'Without uttract
lnr the notlco of the robbers.
Cello Itablnowltr. 19 yonrs old. of
Host 108th street, was In the net of trans
ferring tho day's receipts, amounting to
black Mowing locks, who say they ure
unable to see tho moon except at some i anarchists, some of the Haywood type i nn,n frnm ,h eiuh drawer to the safe.
cross streets, and the lack of clearness who are leaders of Industrial organlsa-i She droppod the packagvJ of money and
put a damper on his enthusiasm. It was tlons. some who belong to social uplift , checks Into the drawer nnd leaning against
, .ci, n-ui ,um-n a my inuvrinenin in new jora nnu nave orrices jt clol It. The safe contained 14.000,
succesBiui ecupsc ana qune wormy or tne In sKscrupers uptown, some women who
i sun, the earth and the moon, who will , didn't appear to have any occupations, but
again appear In their well known cosmos an overwhelming Interest In tha welfare
Mr. Wright thought the royalty would
be about 'JO per cent, but he would de
mand that Curtlss and all the others puy
every cent of back royalties frcm the
time they began business, he slid.
It was suggested to Mr. Wright that
In the case of Mr. Curtlss this would be
a vast sum. possibly more than the entire
capital, stock of the Wright company and
the Curtlss Aeroplane Company put to-
gether. Mr. Wright did not know how
much back royalty Mr. Curtlss owed him.
but thought It might total up to a large
Those familiar with aviation have gen
erally believed that Mr. Wright would
Anally grant easier conditions. If he held
to the stipulation of back royalties. It was
pointed out, he would simply be stifling
aviation In this country.
Since tho decision In favor of Mr.
Wright aviation has been dormant In this
country. Plans for summer flying, avia
tion meets and races have been held up.
Every one connected with the Industry
has been frald to move.
I'Atiilevllle aketrh nn MentamHA. A , nf . v. jn,.fj,l.. iu.n . .
,, The earth has only one moon, except I the plain professional "unemployed."
nn h. s"Wnfin,nrm f O"" to folks who stay out Ute to see her' "We will now listen to speech from
n an ha. 1,00,000 worth hero and an-, eclll,di but ,,, clRht , , M aywoot, Rnd olhcrb but x wlfh t0
other collector, who owns 1250 000 worth , rdent. of that planet doubtless have a f say that the movement of the I. W. W.
n the ga lerles. d dn t take them away , p,,a,an, tlmft on .0p,es. A mnn lnto Ula M,B0U, ntltutlons recently
because his home Is already full and he ,.. , ,wo ,, h.. H., K , , ,h. ....,..
j Ing suspected of having taken too much Bald the leader,
The moon, that Is. our moon. Is moroi Rrd """"er There.
than 200,000 miles from the earth, but our' Mr- Hiywood and some others got up
shadow Is much longer than that : In fact ! "ml moved to the centre of tho room
to get out of the range of the shadow for i "hereupon became slble one of the red
which the sun Is responsible the moon I o.inners useu iasi year in me
would hav to be more than S67.000 miles
It was a new -wenpon and, must have """"
been bought only a day or so before the !
Mr. Blakeslee was so lame that
had no place to put them. Mr. Blakeslee
kept his books so accurately that there
will be no dimculty about Identifying tho '
paintings by collectors. i
Hants Pistol Keller. (
We Intend to find out If possible who
sold the revolver with which Mr. Blakeslee I
killed himself, und to prosecute the seller.
Will Carry Film Derision to fct V.
8. Baprrsar Coart
J. J. Kennedy, attorney for the Eastman
Kodak Company, obtained from the United
States Circuit Court of Appeals yesterday
an order calling on the Ansco Company to
It was difficult for him to walk more thnn
two or three blocks, so he could not have
gone far to buy the pistol.
He was known to every one In' the
neighborhood, and It seems to his friends
that it was absolutely criminal to sell
him the revolver. The police am trying
to traco the seller, but have found no
cluo aa yet."
Word was received at the Coroner's of
fice yesterday that Mr. Blakeslee left two
letters which were found on his desk after
he killed himself, and which It Is believed
he wrote a few minutes before. It was
said that one letter was addressed to a
personal friend and explained that Mr.
Blakeslee would not see his friend again
and asked him to protect tho Interests of
his widow.
:on a t tho collection housed In It are show cause wny me eneci oi me uecision
In the mm litigation snouiu noi ue lem
uorarlly stayed. The order will be argued
next Monday.
now tk property of Lady Sackvllle-West.
I'nv llnttt Hern Collection.
ly Sicltvllla-WeU has refused to
"y whit she Intends to do with the
Jllt. Hun, but she made It plain that she
' r"i intention of taking It ncrufes the
channel to Knole I'ark. It was reported
rucert.y that the collection would be
t'Jt up at auction and It was later an
Bounced that a syndicate of antiquarians
hid purchased It outright.
i'cv persons have ever seen the col
''tbn, which Is to be compared with
th Doucet collection. Visitors to the
that'iu ut Bagatelle, according to M. de
"l"'', re-all two fine examples of the
or'it of ltoucher and four marvellous
rlnt'nirn by Lancret, a Boucher celling,
lloui ins busts of Cagllostro and Sophie
Arnouui and niesener furniture,
Wall.rr Parchaaa UacoBfersaed.
Philadelphia. March 11. No con-
frnutlon could be obtained to-night of
"ii report from Paris that P. A. B. Wld
"er was negotiating for the Wallace art
c"etlon in Paris. Joseph K. Wldener,
" n? P. A. B. Wldener, waa the 'only
nrriher of the family who could be
reached and he said ha knew nothing of
cnr tuch negotiations.
Wldracr Collrctlsm Fa
The nrt collection of P. A. B. Wldener
W H.i home In Klklns Park, a suburb of
rhlladelphla, not only ranks among the
cTittst In America, but contains many
C'U masterpieces ta which sensational
The Kattman company Intends to appeal
to the United States Supreme Court. It
also desires to postpone the accounting
until It has disposed of all the Mima which
It has on hand.
Sate Ho and Joan D. Didn't Have
Brains Esosgh.
San Francisco, March 11. The Rev.
Charles F. Aked testified for the Rev. Rob
ert Whltaker In the Baptist Church trial
for heresy ut San Jose to-day.
Did you leave the Baptist Church be
cause Its rules were so free 7' the Judge
asked Dr. Aked.
"I left It because the combined genius
of myself and John D. Rockefeller was
Insufficient to cnange me geography of
Manhattun isiana." repuea ur. Aked.
In the midst ot tne isugnier ne aaasd
"Because we couldn't find a site,"
"Didn't you have money enpughr
asked the Judge.
"We had lots of money; ire didn't
have brains enough."
Dr. Aked explained that baptism was
not a reoulred tenet of tne Baptist Churcn.
He added that Christ was the divine
head of the Church and It made no differ
as naa oa jaxeni or two,
See Cold Knap, Thrn llnn't and De
cide It Will Be Warmer,
A special bulletin from the national
weather prophets at Washington yester
day afternoon said a disturbance off the ,
Texas gulf coast might make It much
colder In this vicinity this morning, letter
meteorological developments Indicated that
tho prophets had chunged their minds I
about tho cold snap. I
l'aterson pageunt In Madison Square Gar
den. Just then one of the unemployed whis
pered tu a woman In evening dress be
side whom he was standing that reporters
had ntred the room.
A woman with a low gown removed her
cigarette several of the women were
smoking and virtually all of the men
and said something that sounded like.
"Oh. horrid I"
A heavy set young man came out and
said that the gathering was for the pur
pose of discussing social problems nnd
tint all present wero friends of Mrs.
Dodge nnd that positively nothing should
The gunmen ordered Newmark to open
the safe, but he protested that he didn't
neglecting to mention nn Indebtedness of
about 11,500,000 to -nrlous IntorenM.
The penalty upon cnnvlctlon under
either of the first two Indlefnents Is from
one to five years Imprlv .imeit and a fltm
up to $5,000. while for .h. third It Is a
maximum of ten years with 110,000 line.
Reerotarte Make Confession,
With the filing ot the Indictments ctmo
the revelation that Dlxtrlct Attorney
Whitman and Arthur C. Train, hli as
sistant In charge of the c.iie, h.ive re
ceived detailed confessions from Oscar Ii
l'rall and Robert G, McMpkln, confiden
tial secretaries to the two partners In the
various Slegel enterprises, which e.vpme
lan "astounding bu.lmss system," accord-
I Ing to the prosecutor's otllce. They alo
have the private confidential ledger, which
the combination. He and the I told the truth only to them.
cashier said that the owner of tho market
l.ad taken away the key of tho cash
drawer, nnd the gunmen, with loud 'curs
ing, finally appeared to be,'.levo this. So
the robbers contented themseles with
emptying pockets of the persons In the
place. They got 137.50 from Morris
Goldman, assistant driver; 15 from New
mark and a handful of change from three
drivers. Then they left.
Newmark telephoned to the Ka.it 104th
The statements show how a losing busi
ness for years was made to appear as a
success, how false books were deliberately
manufactured while the little ledger told
the truth, how ful"c statements wcr) pre
pared for merchant'! und banners, how
losses were made to appear as gains, how
liabilities were turned Into assets and
then how $2,600,000 of money dcpoMtcd n
tho private bank wns pouted Into this
losing buslnes, switched around iwid
street station and Lieut. Haerle and I checks representing sums as high .is
Detectives Manclnl, Veale und Qualne
started on a hunt through Harlem's
Little Italy Three hours later Veale
nnd Qualne saw two men running through
the street and decided to arrest them.
Veale caught one, who pulled a revolver
from his pocket, but the detective, after
rolling around In the snow In a struggle
with the man, subdued him. Qualne cup
tured the other with less trouble.
Tho man with the gun snld he was
Giovanni Oliverl. 21 years old, of 22S East
109th street. In this country two months.
$750,000 deliberately cancelled
The secretaries tell how tho S ege.1
Stores Corporation, puurlng first Joonoo
into tho business and then j0u,oo0, : .1
nlpulated payments so that at- ts n.ro
conjured out of nothing, and '.iiHlly h,y
tell how thuy were compelled to show
profits where no profits existed.
The statements of the men under oath
narrate pecltlc conferences with specific
ardent from both men. which wero i.v J
to xceed In baldness anything before
heard of 111 tho District Attorney's i ft'c.
Repeal of Exemptions Tract!-
cally Assured by Polls In
Both Houses.
Washington, March 11. Chairman
Adamson of the Committee on Interstate
and Foreign Commerce of the House In
troduced a special rule to-day limiting
debate on the bill that provides for the
repeal of the clause In the Panama Canal
act exempting American coastwise vessels
from payment of tolls.
A canvass of the House demonstrates
that the repeal bill will be passed by a
comfortable majority. Conditions are
equally favorable In the Senate. A can
vass of thut body shows the following
result: For repeal, 58; against 24; doubt
ful, 13.
The presentation of the gag rule means
thut the opposition to the repeal bill Is
more formidable than waa supposed. It be
came apparent to-day that In the absence
of a rule limiting discussion debate on the
repeal bill wrtuld be Indefinitely prolonged.
Accordingly Mr, Adamson, who represents
the Administration In the House on this
question, decided to resort to the rule that
limits debate to fifteen hours and pro
hibits the offering of amendments. Only
In extreme cases Is such a gag rule pro
posed. The tolls bill, will be brought up In the
House early next week. Chairman Adam
son will direct 'the fight on behalf or the
Administration. It Is. expected that 'the
measure will be transferred to the Benate
bv March 19 or 10.- . t
I... i,,l,llwl.l tilwint If.
The temperature at midnight last night, ' , alll h- llv, ln lh hn.
and was n friend of the General's asked
a policeman oubdde If those people wero
going to be allowed to wake up his aged
and 111 friend. Ilo was roatsured and
went buck home. But tha meeting lasted
until late In the cvvnlrg.
The directories give Ii Fifth avenue as
tho residence of Kdwiu S. Dodgi uu
architect ot 101 Park avenue. An In
quiry over Mr. Dodge's telephonu Inst
night brought tho Infoimation that tho
meeting there wus strictly private nnd
was 24 degrees, and the prophecy was for
fair skies to-day and to-morrow with
rising temperature and moderate westerly
3llahy Texas, lu Commission To
day, Sails for rw York This Wrrk.
Norfolk, Vn.. March 11. The world's
most powerful battleship will go Into com
mission to-morrow at the Norfolk navy
The other win Nicola Asterlno, 21 year , ' n'1""
old. of 320 East U'Oth street. I mcnta as the Grand Jury th.t.l.s -ie cs.
Newmark Identified both men ns having will come New ones are aiiv.i ly
been In the party of tlvo which held up 'drawn, nnd It Is thought they will o..i,
the market, so both prison! rs wero ' down In a few days,
eh.irpil with robbery and filonlous ns- '
-iriiri iiimii niFir,i.
Henry Siesel had a nnrrow et-c.ipv 'r n
a mob which thronged about the KeJ, 1
Ilulldlng early In tho afternoot lie was
there to bo examined beforo Cummin,
sloner Gilchrist In bankruptcy proe i l.
ings brought by certu.ii creditors At "tit
100 bank depositors, many of tvUm set i
tault upon an officer Ollvcrl was charged
,lso with carrying n concealed weapon.
llstnti Left by Marderrd
Dealer In Ituas,
of her
t no Information would bo given about
It. The doorman said that Mm. Mnbei
The big ship will leave the yard I n,t'
builders, the Newport News Ship . h:l
Yard and Dry Dock Company, to-morrow "IW the Udrd ' rr
morning at 8 o clock, bhe will proceed , udltlon to participating In nil ot
slowly to Norfolk under hr own steam these activities, the I, W. W, went on
und Is expected to arrive here about 10:30
Her crew, consisting of 950 men. will
march on board tho big ship In a body.
and whllo the Stars and Stripes are run
up on ner nagstarr the naval post band
will play "The Star Spangled Banner."
The Texas will be commanded by CapL
C. H. Grant The ship will probably leave
for New York on Friday or Saturday.
British Service From Ileyrout
Baa-dad Planned.
Sptcial Cable DttpatcS to Tiis Brx.
London, March 11. A British motorbus
service from Beyrout to Bagdad via Da
mascus is the latest scheme for the de
velopment of the Orient. A London firm
Is sending out six of these buses, with
British drivers, ut the end of this month
to start the service.
Tho buses will travel over the desert
roads made of earth hardened by long
years of horse nnd camel traffic. They
will carry the malls, which are now sent
by horse drawn carriages, at the mercy
ut marauding Bedouin bands. The malls
at present take twenty days for the trip
and It Is expected that this will be short
ened by the new service to one week or
less. e ,
The buses are similar In design to sight-setlnsf'-cara,
with transverse seats and a
canopy.. ... . . .
new lack and for the first time de.
mandod food arid shelter from a Jewish
congregation. At 3 o'clock In tho after
noon, fifty from the army knocked at th
door of Stutilner Synagogue. 240 Henry
street, of winch Joseph Klnkelsjeln is
president, nnd said they wanted to bo
fed and put up for tho night One of
the leaders of the synagogue asked them
to wait until tho Purlm service which
300 of the congregation wero taking part
In was over, and something might bs
The army waited, but tho synagogiio
leaders telephoned for the police, who
came and drove away tho "soldiers."
Supreme Court Justice Ooff dismissed
yesterday u suit brought by tho Sultan to haw reached the Mag.! of desptrat
of Turkey to collect a legacy left by descended upon tho building When t .ey
HuvunneH S. Tavshaiijlnn, tho Armenian weru driven from the building by I'mtiM
nig denier who wan murdered several Statu deputy mnrahala they iiting num.
years iigo, to his mother, Mannig T:iv- the entrances, threatening venei.ufi'.
shnnjlnn, a ritldent of Turkey, who had , Slegel was snved by being smuggled ilu.vn
since died, , n pr.vato elevator nnd out of tho bu.'ti
The complaint nlleged that the Sullnn i Ing by u little used eiitrnwu to liroadwn.
has Invested tint Sheik l'l Islam with
power to distribute the estate of a resi
dent of Turkey among the heirs, but
Justice Goff ruled that the laws of New
York will 'riot recognize such pow er.
Gold llox Taken From
Karl's London Home,
Sprcial Calilt Pf patch to Tits Sc.
I.ONPON, March 11. The Karl of
Granard, husband of former Beatrice
Mills of New York, has lost a small gold
box with the royul ciown and cipher on
the lid. a gift of King Oeorge. It was
mysteriously taken from the Earl's Lon
don house In the past two weeks.
The police have been asked to take up
the search.
Astasia, Chartestssu fhimmervllle, Harannah
nnd all Florida points, via Atlantic Coast
Una, I Ltd. trains dally. All statl Pullmans,
lltl Broadway. tfU Msdlsen 84. litt.Aiv.
Clark and Marshall tu Sinn With
Piece of a Mnstmlnii'a Tusk,
Washington, March 11. The pn which
will be uced by Speaker Clurlt and Vice-
President Marshall to sign the Alaska COmilalniiiK witnesses aru Charle- Ur m.
In his tettlmjny bforc thu ('omr.i.s
doner ho revealed nothing ikv i'x.v
that ho has luen paying his wife. fr ,
whom ho has bcn separated foi fom
years, alimony of $25,000 a year but th..t
this has stopped slnco last December
Mrs. Slegel and her daughters, both of
whom married foreign nobletmn. uro II
Ing 11bro.nl.
In tile two Indictments charging the two
men with having received deposits after
they knew they were Insolvent tho ciuf
railroad bill Is probably unique. It was
supplied by John W. llallaln of Seattle,
who has been long an advocate of Gov
ernment ownership of railroads in Alaska.
Tho pen wns made from gold mined In
Alaska, and thu holder was carved from
11 tuU of ivory unearthed by miners In
il,,.l,n I7nv..rntnelf ireolOi-lstu K.n V fliA
tusk 'belonged to a mastodon thnt roamed Krand larceny charge, alleges that on o
that cuuntry tO.OOU years ago. It was half of tho Fourteenth Street Store Slegel
found by the miners In the skeleton of and Vogel obtained 52J.OOO fiom ho
n mnnimoin uuricu 111 nia-iem ui.uviais vatlonal Bank of Commerce on Stay V
and William Johns jii rrsptctlvely lo' .
of whom deposited $100 apleco on Dec in
ner 20, 1913,
Grand l.nrrenj riiurue.
The third Indictment, dealing w-ita tn
of tho Kuskokwln region, and Government
geologists Insist that tha animal from
which it was taken must hau lived In
the pre-glaeliil period.
Tho carving of the penholder was done
by an Alaskan Indian living at Skugway
and Is a reproduction In miniature of the
totem of nn Ainsnan cnieunin. Mr. Hal
151'J. This note was due on .Seiitciibt''
20, 15 12. It W14 sinned by "sear A
Prall as treasurer nnd Krarl. I- Vogul
as vice-president und wns In.lorsed by
Slegel and Vogel
In order to obtain this credit a state-
tain has promised to give the pen to tho . ment of the usstts and llabilitlet wu
Territory of Alaska. j filed with the bank on February 3, uu.

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