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World Tourers Reach Martin Hockey Championship Goes to St NicksMayer s Cue Behaves
Tour Ends Officially With Ills
Resumption of Regular
' Work at Marlln.
First Act Hit Over Fence
Doyle and Thorpe llammqr
Ball Hard.
Makun, Tex.. March It. John Mo
0 raw and hit fellow collector of foreign
hotel labels arrived this morning from New
York and tlie Olants' contribution to the
hand of noble athletea who lately (traced
the. Coiko, the Mouskl, the Hjnchodorl,
the Boulovard des Cupuclnes, the Hlrand
and other transoceanic thoroughfares
Joined thvlr lens tru veiled confreica and
settled down for- a Etay In Marlln. The
gallivanting is over for a while, and
Alia. Africa, Europe and the U. 8. A. will
reaume the normal tenor of their baseball
wny for n. spell.
In tha McUraw party, which canio In n
upeclal cur, besides tho manauer, wero
Mlko Dunlin, Fred Merklc. Larry Doyle,
Jim Tliorpo and Catcher Cotter. Oeoriro
Wlltse and Himny llcurno of tho tourist
pitching department did not come with
the others. They dropped off en route for
vlults to tho folfcj. The total of players
now In the Giant imrty numbers thlrty-
With the latest batch of Olants came
alas mean weather. There was a heavy
rain last night and to-day was cold and
windy. So McOraw was not able to re
aume charge with a practice game. The
flald was too muddy and the weather too
raw anyway. The controversies of the
'factions therefore were dispensed with
until sun und warmth reappear.
Nevertheless McOraw took hold wtth a
ttfm grip and got a good deal of work
out of his men before his first day In
camp was over. Morning practice waa
called. mud or no mud, und everybody
from globe glrdler to thoso who previous
to coming to Marlln never had been acroas
the Jersey flats was In tho drill and en
raged with equal earnestness. In the
morning batting prnctlce Jim Thorpe,
Mike Donlln und Larry Doyle laid against
the ball with vlcor, and the Itrst thing
Donlln did was to crack' one over the
right field fence.
In thy afternoon McOraw summoned
tho youngsters to the field first and put
them through another batting practice
before the regulars arrived. Then fol
lowed batting for the regulars. itnh
Bascher hit with tho regulars and Jim
Thorpe went to the field to chase tho t
batted ball;, so Jim Is not yet officially a I
regular. Most of the many pitchers were I
ladled on to pitch to the batters. Nonu
kept the box tor more than a short time, ;
but all of tho younger crowd and a few
of the veteran took a turn.
vni:e me oiu singer were batting the
Palus Infield was In position as well a
Plea and 'Harrison of the outfle'.d, and
the work wn nulckened by two practices
being merged lm one. The fielders not
only had to handle balls driven by the
batters but while this was going on Don
lln was hlttlnrf to tho tntlo'.d and Mar
sjaard to the outfield.
Asked If he was going to make any
further effort to get Hhafer, McOraw re
plied, -Jin, I think not. If he has made
up his mind to retire we will have to mako
the best of It"
McGraw confirms tho reports about the
Improvement of Jim Thorp. "Can he hit
a curve ball any bftter than he could?"
the manager was asked.
"He pick them out better." was the
reply. "Kverybody on the trip noted his
Thorpe and Donlln brought with them
the latest in I'nrlslnn canes malaccn
ticks with sllvor knobs and Initialled with
liver letters, quite swagger and strictly
big league. The Federal league has
nothing to npproach them. Thorpe also
has with him n Onlllc liat bought n
Pare, he said, though It niny have been
s dark night when ho bought It.
Reports of the money cleared on th
world tour seem to have- been exaggerated
about 130,000, McOraw says. Instead nf
Ctaofle Signal Chase Only Holdout
Sacramfnto. Cal.. March 11, Kid
Oieason, White Sox coach and acting
manager, signed his only holdout pitcher
to-day. Eddie Clcotte Is tho nun. Olca
swi was Instructed to sign Clcotto at all
hazards and, nrmed with a contract and
his well known injwtrs of jHrsuas.un.
the Sox couch cornered hlu holdout nrul
brought him to terms. Hal Chaso Is tho
only Sox player without the fold, Chase
said to-day, he believed that ho and
Manager Callahan would come to term
on the minor points of difference In his
contract after a faw minutes of dis
cussion. sfney Olvea Kvcra filft.GOO.
Macov. Oa.. March 11. President James
JS. Osffney of the Hoston Hrnves arrived
in Macon to-night with a certified check
for $25,000, made payabln tu Jo n J
Evers, the bonus -for signing a Uoxton
contract Oaffney alio stated that Hill
Sweeney had not been awarded thu Chi
cago club, but that Hill had received tho
privilege of signing u Chicago contract In
order that he might better himself.
Sweeney's Advent Pleases O'Day,
Tampa, Fla., March 11. Hank O'Day
smiled to-day the broadest smile that he
has smiled on thin training trip. He
heard from BUI Sweeney. More than
that, BUI Is coming. He will be here
to-morrow nnd Hank has an Idea that
half of his manager's troubles hnvo been
solved, which Khows what a little ten
word telegram will dj. For the telegram
contained no more words than the rfurn
ber which get In on the minimum charge
The telegram came from Charles P.
Thomas, aecretary, and said that Sweeney
had signed a three year contract to play
With the Cubs.
ender Allows Brace of Rons.
Jacksonville, Fla., March 11. The
Athletics again won from Jacksonville to
day without special effort score ( to t.
Southpaws Durnlng and Wyckoff both had
a lot of stuff and held Jacksonville help
less. Bach twlrler went lour rounds.
Durnlng allowed two hits snd Wyckoff
three Bender was In the box for an
Inning. During his stay Jacksonville got
two hits und a couple of runs.
Chapman of Naps Breaks Aakle.
Clkveland, March 11, Ray Chapman,
the Naps' star shortstop, broke a bone In
his right ankle while sliding Into a base
'In practice at the Athens, Oa., training
camp, according to word received here to
day. He will be forced to wear a plaster
cast at least live weeks. Manager Bir
mingham admitted there hardly will be a
dnsnce to use him this season. Olaen prob
ably will substitute for him.
fay Collins fllatas With Red Sox.
Hot Springs, Ark.. March 11. J. J.
Lwnnln. the new owner of the Boston
Red Box, signed lllcner Ray Collins
Co-day. No terms were announced, though
Lannln Issued the statement that tha
ocumrnt Collins signed covered tha 1114
(Irandataad Declare Unsafe and
Ilia Teaaa Caa'l Plar Dodejers.
AuauiTA, Oa., March 11. This after
noon's game between Ty Cobb's mixed
team of Augusta and Brooklyn was called
off. The building Inspector declared the
grandstand, whlcil la being thoroughly
overhauled, unsafe. It waa more or lew
of a disappointment to Hoblnson, who
figured his men would face some good
pitching on account of tlucker going on
the mound for Cobb's athletes.
However, the Dodgers started a scrub
gnm among themselves. Before It had
gone far a high wind arose, which made
It hard for the outfielders to Judge high
files. They managed to play the full nine
Innings, the score being 21 to II In favor
of the second team. Robbie made them
play the game out so that tho players
could perfect themselves In signals and
eliding to bases.
If appearances count for anything
Rucker should have his best year this
season. He Is In much better physical
condition right now than he has been In
years. This Is due to his fondness for
handball. Altchlson looks as If he would
give Georgia's favorite son a hard fight
for the pitching honors. The one time
Newark pitcher has developed a fadeaway
ball, which Is something out of the ordinary
for a southpaw. It Is not as good as
Matty's, but Robinson feels Buro that he
can Improve Its effectiveness before going
Mows, one of the candidates for short
stop, caught the eye of Coach Klberfold by
his work In the sliding pit O'Maro, who
Is battling Mowe for the shortflcld Job,
met with an accident during tho game. In
attempting to steal second he stopped too
suddenly and received a slight Injury to
his right leg.
Knetser. Cautnlts, Barajvr, Blandlnsr
aad Dickson oa PMcalasT Stan".
Prrrsstjso, March 11. The official ros
ter of the Pittsburg dub of the Federal
League was made public to-day by Busi
ness Manager William McCullough as
follows t
Catchers Claude Berry. C. J. Fullmer,
John J. Kerr and Edward Roberts.
Pitchers Elmer KneUer, Tom Roberts,
Willie Adams, George Leclatr, Howard
Camnltx, Cy Barger, Harry Hedgepeth.
Edward Henderson. Henry Law, Walter
Dickson and Fred Blandlng.
Intlelders Hugh Bradley, Cy Rhcams,
Jack Lew's, Allen Morgan, Eddie Hooper.
Eddie- Lennox, Charles McDonald.
Outfielders Manager Brownie Oessler,
Davy Jones, Ralph Mattls, J. H. Havage,
Rebel Oakes, BUI Holden and Mlko Me
Will Decide Tu-day If Basketball
Team May Meet Cornell.
The prospects for playing off the tie
between Columbia and Cornell for the
Intercollegiate basketball championship
rect-lved a Jolt yesterday. Prof. Lord of
Columbia, who Is a member of the commit
tee on athletics, declared that the faculty
would meet at noon to-day to decide
whether or not the team might play.
Cornell Is willing and Harry Fisher, the
Blue and White coach, met the Ithacan
representative at the Imperial Hotel last
night to arrange the details.
Fisher refused to discuss what had
taken plaon because he can do nothing
without faculty consent It Is understood,
however, that Cornell held out for Phila
delphia as the neutral battlefield In case
the game does mature. Usher held that
neutral courts In New York were abun
dant and better located for the alumni of
ooth colleges.
Clratfe Baniped la One laalas;.
Sacramento, Cal.. March 11. The Chi
cago Sox dropped to-day's game to Sac
ramento by the close score of to 2, the
nmt being won by the coast team In tho
third Inning, when bunched hits resulted In
four runs polite over the pan. The loose
Melding of the Sacramento team did little
damage. The score:
x It. ll. E.
While Pox t 0910000 0 5 7 0
H"ntnlo 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 0 I 4 7 4
naileries Clcotte and Schalk: Klawltter
and Itohrar. .
01 Sernnda Wallop alalia
KivKRemn, Cat., March 11. The Sox
seconds walloped Ios Aneeles In the final
game of their serlei staged here this
afternoon by 12 to s. It required mere
than the usual amount of hitting to pull
out n victory, but the Ynnnlg.tns managed
to extract an oven seventeen blngles from
the deliveries of Pitchers Harkln and Mc
Henry, The score :
Kox 4 1 0 0 1 0 2 3 112 17 K
Los Angele 0 2 0 0 4 1 1 0 0 s 13 2
Hatterlea Quanta's. Wolfa-ang and Hull),
van; Harkln. Mrllenrv. Hoffman and llrooks.
Lost Ilall Flayer Returns.
NrrwARK, March 11. Billy Zimmerman,
the left fielder of the Newark Interna
tional Lengue team, whoae mysterious
Aicnnneurnnr nttzcleri lrvnl fani. returned
to-day from a trip to Porto Hlco, where ho'
Played with nave urlscoll a team or tour
lata. Zlm will sail to-morrow for Savan
nah and thencp will travel by rail to Join
his teammates at Columbus, Oa.
No Auto Raer for Philadelphia.
Philadelphia, March 11. The F?r
mount Park Commission unanimously de
cided to-day against the holding of an
. automobile, race In Falrmount Park thla
year. The request of the Quaker City
Motor Club for permission to arrange a
resumption of the 200 mile road contest,
1 which until 1912 was a feature of the
autumn sporting season, was read and
condemned without a dissenting voice.
Think of the Company be
hind the car -and you'll
realize why Fords and Gov
ernment bonds are bought
with equal assurance. Strong
est financially world wide
in scope largest in volume
of output. We build our
reputation into the car. Bet
ter buy a Ford.
Five hundred dollars U the price of the Ford rnn
about: the touring rnr it five fifty the town cr
even fifty f. o. b. Detroit, rontpli-le with equip
ment. Get cnUlog and particulars from Ford
Motor Company, 172.1 Ilrnjtlwayi also Jackson
Avenue & Honeywell Street, Ixing Island City.
Mayer Average 19 1-21, Rent
ing Hcddon in Amateur Ctio
Tilt by Score of 400 to 202.
Wins His Second Victory, Over
Mllburn by a Score of
400 to 288.
Staadlatj at the Players.
Nam. W. L PC. H.R. II At.
Dr. W. E. Uffsnhalmsr.i 0 l.ooa n to 10.37
J. Ferd Posstnburg.,1 0 1.00 ti 1. 1-41
Ed V. Urdnr 1 0 1.000 42 4-4)1
Jueeph M)r l 1 .(04 76 It 1-21
KuKtnt U Mllburn... 0 2 .noo Is 7 1-2
Charles Itsddon u l .000 S 12 10-11
Making an average of II H Joseph
Mayer of Philadelphia, holder of tho title,
defeated Charles Heddon of Dowaglac,
Mich., a newcomer In class A circles, yes
terday nt tho Amateur Ullllurd Club of
New York In the amateur 18.2 balkllne
billiard championship tournament by a
score of 100 to 262. Although the differ
ence In tho scores of tho two men was
greater than In any preceding match the
loser had an average of 12 10-21. Tho
champion clicked off high runs of 7S, 69
and tv. while the Westerner's best efforts
were S3, SI and Jr..
That the loser's ability to score was
more consistent than Mayer's can be seen
from the fact that of the letter's 400
points 37 were made In nine Innings
scattered through the twenty-one. Hed
don got Into double figures In eleven
The visitor went to the table to be
gin play In his first match of tha tourney
without even stopping to tune up his
stroke althoi'h he had no practice since
leaving the West
The score:
JaMph 'Mayer. Philadelphia 0. 0, 4, 1,
7. 2. 37, 75. 0. 6. 20, 2. 14. , 0. it, 0. 6. 41,
0, 21. Total. 400. Average. 1 1-21. High
runs. 75. s. of.
Charles lleildon, Dowaclaa. Mich. 3S, I.
21, 31. 0. It. I. 0. 31. 9. 3. 0. 11, 9. 11. It.
23. 12. C. 0. 20. Total. 212. Averse.
12 10-21. High runs. 39, 31, 23.
In the evening game, a match that waa
anything but brilliant Dr. Walter E
Uffenhelmer of Philadelphia scored his
second victory In the tournament defeat
ing Eugene L. Ml'burn of Memph's by a
score of 100 to 238. The winner aver
aged 10 30-37 and had high runs of
45, 33 and 33, while the Southerner aver
aged G 16-37. and his beat strings were
52. 2.1 and 22.
Mllburn showed nothing like the form
that he displayed sgnlnst J, Ferdinand
Poggenburg, the Internat'onal champlm.
on Tuesday. Uffenhelmer on the con
trary played considerably better than
when he beat Joseph Mayer, the national
title holder, on Monday night The
score :
Dr. Walter E Uffenhelmer, Philadelphia
3 1. -s. l. is. s. t. 13. o. 0. s. 2 4. 4. 0.
. 0, 21. 2. 9. 22. l. 2. 2. 3. 2. IS, 31, 3. 2C,
IS, 0, 4. 12. 14, 27 Total. 400. Average,
10 30-37. High runs, 41. 33. 33.
Eugene U Mllburn. Memphis. Tenn. 3. 1,
1. ft. 3. 3 22. li), 4. 4, 2, 0. 1. 4. 0. 0. (2,
2t. 9, 4, 13. 0, , 1. 2. 2. 0. 12. 23. 7. 0. 0.
0 2. 1. 3. 0. Total 233. Averag 6 14-37.
ltlrh runs. S2. 23. 22
2:30 P. M Kdward V. Uardner. Arlon
Society. New York. vs. Charles Itedden,
Dowaglac. Michigan
1 M J. Ferdinand Poggenburg.
I.tederkrans Society, New Tork, va. Dr.
Walter E URenhslmer, Philadelphia.
De Oro Wins Second Block of Points,
tannins; Vp Hist Lend. ,
Fred Eames of Denver has an almost
Insurmountable task ahead of him to
night In his challenge match nt throe
cushion billiards against World's Cham
pion Alfredo De Oro tit Doyle's Academy.
De Oro won last night's block of points
SO to 3S, making the total for two nights
pllty 100 to 64 In favor of the champion.
As the original match wan at 150 points.
Karnes must make 86 counts to-night
befori" De Oro gets 50 In order to gain
(xissension of the Lambert championship
De Oro gained his 50 points In sixty
three Innings and Eames was In better
form than on the opening night, but
seemed to have all the bad breaks. Do
Oro missed his opening effort and Eames
suffered a kiss off lust as his last shot
was about to count The chnmplon then
ran 9. the best single Inning's effort of
the match.
Clah Teams Play Hockey To-night.
Arrangements have .been made to play
the annual hockey game between tho
Union and Knickerbocker Club teams at
the St Nicholas lllnk this evening. The
Union Club will put a strong team In the
Held to hold the honors won a year ago
by the score of 10 to 4. Three Harvard
veterans will be on the Union Club team
Clarence C. Pell, Bernon 8. Prentice and
David Wagstaff. The other members of
tho team are George Wagstaff, Victor
Onatavla, Percy R. Pyne and Edward
Delafleld. The gams will start at 8:15
P. M.
Yoangt Ah earn Knocks Oat llosjnn.
Special Cable Heipateh to Tni Set.
I'Anis, Mnrch 11. Yourtg Ahe.trn
knocked out Adrlen Hogan, the French
middleweight, to-night In the eleventh
round of a bout marked by stiff fighting.
Knowledge of Fine
Points a Big Help
A YOUNG billiard enthusiast of a
communicative turn of mind
watched the tournament gamo in
tho Amateur Billiard Club last night.
Regarding himself aa something of n
student of the game, he generously
volunteered expert explanations of
the various shots to a quiet young
man who sat beside him.
"Knowing the fino points helps a
lot,' he confided. That's why Willie
Hoppe is such a star.
After the game he saw a friend
speak to his confidant. "How about
an introductlonf" he asked the friend
smilingly. '
"Why, certainly," replied the
friend. "Mr. So and 80, Mr. Hoppol
Plays Caaadlaa To-elar for Plneharat
Tea avis Honors.
Pinkiiumt, N. C, March 11. Lawrence
Cowing of Cincinnati and it. A. Hums of
Toronto meet In to-morrow's final for the
men's singles tennis championship. Cowing
won to-day by 7 6, Z from A. H.
Chapln or fiprlngfleld. Hums won a 6 3,
1 victory over It II. Fortune of Ht
In mixed doubles Cowing and MIfs
Agnes lllancke of Montclalr defeated Mr.
and .Mrs. 8. It. Chapln of New York, 6 4.
ti 1, and they play to-morrov against
liurns und Miss M B, Rice of Mexico, who
defeated R. A. Balfe of Drooklyn und Miss
Florence Croft of Pittsburg. 64. 62.
II. I. Eby of Toronto and Miss Theresa
Farrell of Brooklyn advance on the default
of Mr. and Mrs. R IL Jeffery of Colum
bus to play ft H. Fortune of Winnipeg
and Miss S. Price of New Tork, who drew
a bye.
Athletic Committee Advocates Mass
Meeting; la ar Fatare.
The Columbia University committee on
athletics at a meeting yesterday in Earl
Hall received the report of the student
board, which sustained the charges of the
campus that secrecy of the athletic asso
ciation's methods and not apathy of the
student body was the cause of the small
list of athletic association members.
Another victory for the reformers re
suited when the committee after several
nours or discussion aovocated a mass
meeting of the present members, both
graduate and undergraduate, to b held
In the near future so that the iiuestlon of
popular election of team managers and
more open publicity of the organization's
affairs could tie dlsctisstd. This will be
an Innovation In the athletic association
management, as heretoforo members h.id
no ctvmce to vote on points of policy. The
convention of the members, either yearly
or moro often, is one of the things th.it
the campus has been fighting for. It will
mark tho abolition of the so-called stnr
Postpone Deciding School Game.
The championship basketball game of
the New Jersey Interscholastlc Athletic
Association between East Orange und
Montclalr high schools will not be played
to-night. This, the deciding game, will
be played at the R'oomrield High School
gymnasium on Saturday afternoon next
The two schools are tied at present both
having won five games and lost one. The
game will start at 3 o'clock.
rhlllle Yon tha Swallow Bad Pill.
Wilmington'. N. C. March II. Extra
base licks encompassed the downfall of
he 1'hlllle youths, who uer.- not only
battered but blanked In their grapple
with the ancients nt Sunet P.irk this
afternoon. Dooln stopped tho comlnt
n the seventh. The score was 7 to 0.
Don't These Figures
Tell Which Tire?
Note How Men Have Flocked to Goodyears
Since Odometers Came In
In 1908 before the vogue of odometers
our tales for the fiscal year were
And that was our ninth year of tire building.
In 1913 when nearly all cars came equipped
with odometers our fiscal year sales were
Yet those multiplied sales nearly 16 times
larger fail to tell the whole story. For tire
prices dropped immensely. In the past year
alone No-Rim-Cut tire prices have been reduced
28 per cent.
These figures are more
startling still:
In our last fiscal year
we told eleven time aa
many automobile lire at
in the fiscal year of 1909.
And this year's sales are
exceeding last year's, by
35 per cent.
Mileage Did
It All
That's the simple result
of mileage tests on hun
dreds of thousands of cars.
Of tests applied to three
million Goodyear tires.
This Company bu no cosuweUoa whilmr arlta acs other rubber couc.ro waleu uses Good,!. ToaV.
Toronto, Canada London, England Mexico City. Mtxlco .
raxkM aaW Aacii im 1M Pruuayal CUm DEALERS EVERYWHERE Writ lis aa AaytUaa Yoa Waat ia Rsbbor
Kcnts Hockey Club, Last Year's
Champion, in Deciding
Gamo of Tourney.
Losers Outplay Winners Ncnr
End, but Can't Quito Cut
Down Their Lead.
The St Nicholas team won the hockey
championship of the season last night
by taking the deciding game of the tour
nament In the St Nicholas lllnk, de
feating the Hockey Club, last year's
champion, by a score of 4 to 3 goals.
It was one of the best games of tho
tournament The Hockey Club put up
a stern fight and In tho second half
outplayed tho St Nicks. Tho attendance
was largo nnd many of the spectators
worked harder than tho players.
The Hockey Club started off well by
making tho first goal. Fredericks scored
It shooting from a scrimmage, t'lerson
had left his cugn In his efforts to stop
the shot Tho time was 3 'minutes. There
was no scoring then for 8 minutes, when
TurrelK landed the puck In the net on a
shot from tho side. Three minutes later
Hilt scored, shooting from the centre
of the rink. The puck was checked partly,
hut It rolled over lewis's skate into
the net The last goal In the first half
was made by Turrell on a pass from
Morgan, and the score stood 3 to 1 In
favor of St. Nicholas. In this half Derry
was suspended for a minute for not
reporting to the refereo when he took
Mackenzie's place.
Some changes were made on both
teams In the second half and when all
settled down to play Morgan scored fot
8t Nick on a fluke shot ftom the sldu
It was an easy one to stop, but tirltton
was In Lewis's way. Then the play grew
very lively, and Drltton, who was too
aggressive, went oft for tripping. When
he returned to the game he scored after 9
.minutes of play on a lift shot from the
side and five minutes later Howard scored
on another lift shot The Hockey Club
team outplayed St. Nick In this half,
but although many hard shots were sent
at Plerson, he succeeded In stopping
them and saving the game. The lineup:
St Nlchotar. l'oiltlons. Hockey Club.
I Plerson Goal tenls
Trimble I'olnt Ilrltton
Mill Coverpulnt Gordon
I Morgan Centre Kreilerlrkg
I Kills Lett wing .... Mackenzie
I Turrell Itlcht utng Vounc
1 Hcure St Nlrholus. 4. Hocknv Ctuh. a
Grial Turrell, 2; Hill, Moreen. Fredericks.
1 Htltton. Ittinard. Suusiltutea Teabudy lor
i-;iiii. w nno lor lioruun. iierrv ior .Mac
kenzie. Fredericks for While, Howard for
Fredericks. Iteteree 13. Uu Fresne. Irlnh
American A C Assistant referee CI) tie
Martin. Creicent A C Goal umpire c
Kr. trlh American A O ; M J. Mac
lonM. Wanderers. Timer W J. Croker.
Wanderers; P. O. Stewart. Hockey Club
Penalty timers C, i:illon. Wunderers: E.
O'Donnell. New York A. C. T!n of halves
20 mlnutev
This Pair Victorious nt Teunle In
Tournament nt Mice.
fptcial Cablt Dtiixiich lo Tut Kc.
Nice. March 11. The feature of the In
ternjtlon.nl tennis tournament iWe to-day-was
the appearance of It. O. linlfour In
the pluy as partner of Capt A, F. Wild
ing. This team brat Craig Ulddle of
Il'hllndclphla and Prince Bahrain of
Persia by C 1 and 6 t.
In the slnglis Craig I) ddle heat Gruhl.
'. 0, C 2, Von Wleden'er beat Lord
, Charles Hope. 6 3, 6 2. niddl In the
i -econd round beat A. C Hunter, fi 2.
I fi 1, and F. ll, Iowc beat Prince Ban
tam, 6 1, 6 2,
attaaCaaaMaBBha KmsavavavavavavavavavavaVa
No-Rim-Cut Tires
With All-Weather Treads or Plain
llr.neb-aw lUliry Ht. Pboc-Mnrkrt 7fttta.73S?
- - . i hurt iirniuni i n nil .1 km
I.onx Island Yncht Body Forced to
llrnrrnnac Srhednlc I'lna.
Tho annual meeting of the Yacht Rac
ing Association of Long Island Hound was
held In tho Hotel Astor on Tucsdny eve
ning. In addition to tltctlpg olllccra und
members of tho executive commltteo tho
delegates nrrnnged the racing schedule..
Ilccausc of the dales already selected for
tho races for the America's cup nnd tho
schedule nrrnnged for the races of the
cup defenders u rearrangemer.t of former
schedules had to be mado und It waa lalo
before all Interests could be harmonized.
Things In yacht racing are upset gen
erally this year. The cruise of the New
Yoik Yacht Club Is n week enrller than
usual and consequently the Larchmont
rnco week had to be sot earlier In the
month. II will begin on July 11 and last
until July II. .
The office rs elected were Victor I. Cum
nock, president: Htuyveeant Walnwrlght,
vlcc-piesldent : Jumes W. Alker, secre
tary : E. S. Wlllard, treasurer and Horace
E. Boucher, George l. Oranbery, Victor
I. Cumnock und Frank Bowne Jones, ex
ecutive committee. The schedule of
May 30, llarltm Y. C. annual..
Juno . Knickerbocker V. C. annual: 13.
Irchmont V. C. spring: M, Manhassst Uay
Y. C. annual; J. HeawanhaKa corintnian v.
C. special; 27, Heawanhaka Corinthian . C.
annual. . ,
July 1, NOW Jtocnaua I, iri"i.
Riverside Y. C. annual; J. Amit can . t.
nnnunl: 4, Larchmont . C. annual; 11 to 1,
lirchmont Y. C. race week; 21, Indian Har
bor V. C. annual. ,. . .
Augutt 1. Horse Shos Harbor Y. C. an
nual; , Huguenot Y. C. annual: IE. Stum
ford Y. O. annual. Orient Y C. annual,
start of Htratford Hhoal race; 21, Naw Ito
chelle T. C. annual: 2. Heawanhaka Corin
thian Y. C. fall regatta.
rleptemner 6. Indian Harbor Y. C. fall
ret-atu: 1. trchmont Y. C. fall regatta;
12 l'ort Washington Y. C. annual.
ChvlBsr Gam Another Boslt Hand
ed Oat to Pens Oarsmen.
n MurMi 11. For ten
K IIIUAU.M-llt, ..-. . . ...
minutes Ooach-Vlvlan Nlckalla laid down
the law for tne university 01 rtnmi
vanla oarsmen this afternoon In a speech
In the rowing room of Welghtroan Hall.
Klghty' candidates listened to a plain,
straight from the shoulder talk on what
they should nnd should not do In pre
paring for the Important races of the
year. . .
"Don t dance, said tne nea ana uiuc
coach, among other things. "Don't smoke
,t,.n .v,uf sum net nri at 7:lfj
every morning and be In bed by 10:30
0 clocK every mgnu nun utri immm
before breakfast, be regular In all things,
eat slowly and don't gulp your food down
like a wild animal. Kvery candidate Is
on his honor nnd I will expect him to
live up to the rules which I announce I
to-day. If he don't I'll get him," said the
Failure to live up to Nlckolls's rules
will mean suspension.
"I'll fire the best man In the lot If
U' ntuo mv rirrtra finri I'll lltlll
out too If they are violated," he con
Wolgaat Nnrscs Hand Mtout Se
lected as Rrfrrcc.
MiLw-AUKgK, March 11. Willie Illtchle
arrived In Milwaukee tn-ntght. but hid
any from the fans, wishing to rest on
the eve of his battlo with Ad Wolgast
The Cadillac wildcat put In another lively
day of work to keep his wind In trim, but
aaln fulled to do any boxing, wishtng to
take no chance of further Injury on the
eve of the buttle. Wolgast's hand is still
far from being In good condition, but Ad
xaj s ho will be able to work with It
Thursday night and Is ns confident as
ever of victory over the champion.
The betting odds shifted about from
10 to 6 to 10 to s, but most of riic money
wos placed at 10 to 7.
Harry Stout has been agreed upon as
the referee for the battle. This comes as
a surprise, for It had been thought that
Hltchlo would Insist upon George Duffy,
but Hlout. at first objected to by Itltchle
because he allowed Wolgast to rough Jo
ltlvers, w us selected to-day.
Some other 4ires, in those years, dropped
tremendously in sales. And the reason for all
these ups and downs lies in odometer figures.
Four Wayi in Which
We Earned Success
We ended rim-cutting in No-Rim-Cut tirea
a damage which still wrecks 31.8 per cent of
all the old-type tires.
We lessened blow-outs by a process no one
else employs. Itaddstoourtirecost$l,500daily.
We reduced by 60 per cent the risk of tread
separation by another ex
clusive method.
And we produced the
All-Weather tread com
bining the utmost in an
anti-skid with the econo
mics of smooth treads.
Those are the four chief
reasons why No-Rim-Cut
tires hold top place in
Go make the testa which
other men have made. Give
these tires a chance to wiu
you by upkeep figures only.
We ask no favors which tho
tirea don't earn. But we
claim their records deserve
a test.
Offers Use of Auditorium to
Cliunccmcn When Ituinfull
Drives Them Indoor.
Houston, Tc.t.. March it A ne.v.-r
rainfall early this ninrnliiK prcvoitcj
Frank Chance's regulars fioru n. ni-i',,;
for tha eecond time with the local ciun"
plons of thb Texas League. If co, union
aro favorable the battlo will W staged U
morrow. Neither team was ubln t uv.lc
out to-day on account of the wit groun.u
Resides the wcutlier was a trlflu i.'.Uj.
for Texas. This city cauht the t.u'
of one of this country'!) Justly ceiebratt I
northers and the citizens gut ou. ..i r
winter wrapa. Chance, however, Wjitf
not have laid off on account of thu U..
had the diamond been presentable i
went tnrly fur an Inspection if ,
groundB, then declared a holiday
Unlcfs the sun comes out In tile ,r , ,.
Ing It is doubtful if the field v d
shape even to-morrow, In which .vet .
squad will make use of the Audt ir x
for Indoor practice. This Mayor C , .
belt lias offcrod with UU complin, ent;
The l'eerlrss Lender was about u k m
that his boya had an ofT day. With Si. ..
day ball prevalent In these environ , ts
athltten will have to stand In with t.,o
weather man If they nro to have u ,y
periodic rests. They had been drilling ' r
almoat u we!t steady before t -uaj'i
Trainer Doc Barrett was u!xut i ,r.y
one to whom the layoff was dlfMi;,eea .
With nil form of pl.ty off their mind tu
young men had moro time to pay attentoa
to their honorable wounds and called !
cessantly for the trainer's mlnlslr .l ,im.
Unrrttt reported that every man In cln-.p
now should be In fair shape by the l-'c'r.-nlng
of next week if the weather t i
tlnues as tine ns It has been general.;
One possible exception Is Outfn !i!r
Rschen, who reported sick this mornlri.'.
The house physlclnn diagnoses the ai..
ment oa a slight attack of r 1 1 and pnT.
Ised to liavo the boy as well us evr
within a day or two.
Carl Thompson, who reported a wutt
later than the others and who did c t
atand so much In need of rest, worked ctl
for a while this afternoon at a local cy,..
naslum In company with Coach Tim li
who has succeeded pretty well In ,i"
eating thr tc.i- ear-old mt'-e'e cre-ies
Improve your
billiard game
by reading
the best and most up-to-date
work on the subject.
Five hundred pictures
and diagrams show liov.
shots should be mad
Pricm $1.25
A. C MaClurJ A Co.. FaMisatr.
A Compulsory Auto Sale at
New Vor Aiijumuhliii It rml" 1 1. 1. is i:
Prices On Cars, Botllss, Tires
9-Will Bt "Chopped to Piers'
Ti U Ia vniif nti ( r ij li r
Must Vacate 3 Floors At Once
I to mm RfTAto ti'lwn; lfr. mtuitfot
Km ry,lt' ( 1 f I'-mimi mi
Autos-, from $75 to $3000
err ht iIpm .k i a. it. n
Bodies $.5,S25,$35,50,$60,etc.
In nil Mt . hint irlm i il
IVIl-vn- ml t.,, i " ,n.
$10, $25, $35 to $200
tit's lUIIIil'S, fl&l. ii: . t
PlTill-u elnit IW.Vk l ru in
S n't Tops, el - All" H'.l 'i
All Truck Autos Sacrifices
Alro S U.C Wh if. An rlr r
' o -nil' l' mini c i
No Half Way Fair Offer Refused!
So Ml h(y Mlz S'imi i i,
Tires Saving You 40' , to 60'
Jandorf Automobile Co.,
3, 5, 7, 9 West 61st St, r
i:t iiAMa: tit 111 1 1
ISI.'I- 4H II. !. IjiniUuIrl
Itli:i-:H II. r. 5ia..rncpr IiiuMM'
lUla-.'lUII. I'. 4.iiiviiU-i Im rlnc
Ittla-ilOII. , l.pux. IUli Iiiniirn.
Itll'J-IIH II. I. Mmil.. ! II. m,, .
W auaraiilpp fulh erx n
hauled IMiin.nbllp. Let us r"
UrtatliM liifurumtlon.
.I.A, At Huh, MKT' Klrlianxe At i" )'
dltt M.. nnt 111 llrimiixj
r?? lUN.MTOlM M
Your car not In runnlt r
Call U. Hrjuii! i" : i
Packard Trannjiurtation 4; IIppj
i!3i.:$ WHIT tisr
Our rpalr work I. hi tj ....
MX-CI IMIKIt IWf'h ltl- HHi l"ltr
Ml. MT AMI 1V si. inn
I LIMOfSINK. Ui:--30 I'
fully equipped nl.lt In e.
KUuranteeil , uiuhi seit
tkUncn In notes If c..r
West 139th St.
in.nsMonii.t: is's- at
moilrl: In n r i-; 1 1 1 1 1 i om!
to Im iiirecutril, ul ..
I'.nlt iinteV. 3 M , Co Id .
AtTIMHIIIII.r.- I IIK lllllt
Al'TO-i run Itr.ST lint Ii
M D N T II. II I I l s I I I
AV. IMIOVi: Kill I' I"
I a ViiirTonu.T: .Cam mut.-" 1 "
, Slltl'l I HI'S
At inxoiiii.i: '
AI'Alir.M .
I W. 57 til Kt
ana 1111 season
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