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Grave Ksne Raised by Invasion
of West urn Part of Czar's
Governor of Amur Has Already
Taken 0en Stand Auainst
the Chinese.
Special CorrtHDonttnee to Tnr. Scs.
St. I'WTer.fBfno, April 15. A copious
HrlnklltiF of Chinese countenances which
has only recently become, noticeable in
the cities of western lttifsl.i In exercising
the mlniti of the ltusslnn nuthoi Itlcs.
The Czar'a I'mplre, In Its icumiintc uttl
tiplo toward the yellow peoples', has al
ready got Hf Callfomln mid Vladivostok
it Its Sun Francisco.
Tim rednutnhlc NIcIiiiIbh Cionduttt, who
Is tlovrrnur nf the milr Territory, com
prising "II of KussU that Hen beyond
Lake Ilaikal. Ik really the Cit.ir's Viceroy
of the Far Kast, although he dispenses
vlth that title which Is linked to the
namo of the III started Admiral
'Alexeyeff. Uondattl. Is n vlgornut chain
p!uii of tho white man In the Fur Last,
as against the yi'llow race, and he Iuih
mccessfully dtflleil the supreme bureau
crary of St. Petersburg, which for two
reasons desired to uvold raising tho
Ah the development of the Kar Hast Ih
proreedliiir almost whilly by Onveriilnent
money It vvns hoped to retain a ureal
surply of dunp lulsir. Moreover, the
Oar's State Department had diplomatic
.reasons for not interfering with the color
question, In Mew of Its treaty alms, both
Tvttli Japan and with China. In spite of
thrsc Influences In St. Pttersburg. tluv.
Gonilattl has forced ti dislocation 'of the
ralrr.itory yellow humanity of remote
provinces which Is now pending scattered
little sprays of Clilntso, aetoss Ittisshi to
tho marches of Poland.
I'ntll tho last year or two Chinese
wer not often seen In the cities of West
ern Itnssls. The structure of Russian
life ottered no place for tln-lr kind of In
Uuetr). Tho Ku-slau Slav does not
bother much about laundries, and tho
prcsvnt system of land tenuie left no
opening for foreigners currying on any
market garden business. Kven In the
early years of the Trans-Siberian nail
road the Chinese made singularly ISttln
use of It in trying to filter through to tho
wt.st. Hnt since thu war with .lapau. and
ispieiauy hinec China s own iiolitlcal up
heavals, gtcut numbers of the yellow
People have turned their nomadic lmpul-n
ion-aril liussia anil i-.urope. Tlielr mo
tives still remain obscure, but the results
tre plain enough.
(iintlnMP-. Pollc)' lli-sponslltlr.
The most Indisputable of tho moving
Milt' Is undoubtedly (ioinl.iUI'H policy
n the Itussl.in Orient. Hero Is th sub
'tanr of a special despatch from Vlinll
vuspii; printed Pi the Xovoye Vrtmvn,
ilescribliiK n visit he paid to the html
dUarlcrs nf tin- Chinos,. Mnlonl .1,1 .!,,.
netv, which unlit nil th local Chinese'
ItnH,.. Ifi.s..,,,!, V It.. ,n!.l . 1. -
1 se that he had come to their soeletv so
tlmt they should learn directly from him.
" ithout any Intermedial y, just what he
iiwught of them.
After explaining that he was In no way
tlu.lt entai) and would piottct the well
intention' d Chinese, he ailded:
"I t hall proceed Inexorably ngalnst till
the bad people among the Chinese popu
lation. 1 Iikic ordered that all the lliin
huset captured shall be tiled and dealt
fwlih immediately by coutt-uuttial. Your
' soelty must energetically aid the Ittissian
Oovernment and police, otherwise vour
organization will In dissolved." The
rpeerh produced an enormous eftect.
INcwhere tho economic grounds are,
put forwatd for the policy of tho hard
vand on the Chinese In the Jlunlun :
Orlin. The official mouthpiece of the j
wutermneip, me .ussijd, puoiisnes a
eomniunicitlon on the workmen's ques
tion In the Far Kast. It if.calls that un
'ler a I'.ussian law of ll'lo restrictloiih
are placed on foreigners in the Amur and
pl'-anthaikal region''.
This law was promulgated to meet, the
rondltlons arising with the construction
of the Amur railroad, the great trunk
road which Is now branching off from the
TraiuslbcTiiin to Kusl.i's stahoatd on thu
I'acini . Under this law no foieigners
tiuy bo employed on iSovenuneiit work.
This kipt out horiles of Chinese and
Con an eoollei and navvies. The l!us-
a us found it quite impossdile to live be
.de them under flee competition. Kvcn
tun Japan' se could not do It.
llttssliins Hetiirn lltr?'
T to labor llgureH for the entire ter
ilU'iy show that of the Cusilan working
I il I'lon "ti per cent, are cniploed on I
'overnment woiU, S2..1 per cent, by linns
ulio are cnuncctcil with fjovernin' lit coti-
.O' ts nil only I.Ti )cr cent, on open
wor. where r.uropcans and t'hlnem are
tt . , . i Indiscriminately. The llusslans,
f wl. m about sd.linii went out last year.
l"Me aa 'nper.itiM longing to come home
to their Itussian villages after each ea
,i wotk, at wlileli tht.y make usually
about Kit) i uh1e.a And this homo coming
of the IPi'slans has brought after It an
molest t:..d of homeless Chinese.
It Ih Imptpslhle to keep them out, ns
they board tho trains not nt any depot
tvherc tht re Is any (Jovernment control
1'Ut at any of the wayside halting places
there lint locomotives' Htop to vepleulsh
their supply of wood fuel, Similarly, ,
'hey ( limb off befoi n thu train stopa lit I
Un titi.il ttrmmus, and walk the rest of,
th' way. After this f.iHhlon several
t teisainlH of Chinese have stttleil down
i .Moscow, where the) now have thtMr
"Wl. I'liiii.itow ii. .Most of them seem to
be begg ii h ol Vciiilers of chtuli paper
tott or JiiKKliTf. A vi ry small minority
(')iin uronml the liusslau Iiousih selling
l ii e giiuls of Chlnisn silk, but at high
i' t'.ie poor iiiurtern of the town Itus.
f ii i arc i-ncnuiUKeil to bellexe that the
'" i' -sc tiling nuallimx with thnu, ns
'hi ilis, in. uenciallv prevails to n
oi v.ilei ible extent. Since the spring
imii' bodies of dead Chinese lmc
round tied up in the mud Hats ncari
'Hy lAaiilinatlou shotted that they
' I'1 ot ordinal)' disease and that
(ii n s could llnd no other way of
k tin in
li i v t.ow as n free gift and n
' 'I'm to the nst of the community
i of Hii'ii own, pi (Allied hy Hi"
ow iii'i'ili Ip.ilit).
I'oiiiicni rotici
Plls (.,
police are wholly
ill the
riieie ure power -
isis Willi ale lenity to Use the.
' "i unpolled Chinese labor to oxer- i
i eiilili some win kiln II at the1
' i pi.-sllilc t I'M t lii the 1'ial
r"1'n f . , . ,erilll' III 1 1 I.I V lie Ul.llle
" d i iiiii s ..f Hie T' t s t.i I
, In ..t wi si' I ii It" tsia
ii s,, abjiil i, ll.elr
1 i In . ii,! s to Ie iiii in
f I , III icsi null SH It lie
ill Ii there mat
I 11' Chilli se iniluv but
' 't hi In mini an i niiiioinlc
bra ItUBsla fur many yearn.
i : n
nunkl .1
Hu.cvivil ,, inu uwiitrsiiip Ol
tno beautirul enstlo on Lake
N'vml. Italy, which was nnr.
chased hy roniia. Kugenl.i Ituspoll,
who was .Miss Iterry of Oakhlll, Ou.,
will be decided soon, u decision hy the
lourt of C.usa,tlon belnp promised lit
tho near future. Iionns Kugenla'.'t
two brotheis-ln-law, brothers of her
late husband, claim tho right to pos
session, Miss Horry was married to Don
l.iitlcii Ituspoll In Washington In 1!01.
According to evldenco which she gave
In tho leg.il action her husband was
practically penniless. She ' says she
round, too, that his was not really a
noble family, but belonged to a col
l iteral hninen nnd owned practically
iioming iieyonn a small farm
UesldcB supporting her husband.
Donna Hugenla bought the castle and
mlJoltiliiK land, on which are forty
thirn small houses, nnd became the
possessor also of the greater part of
l-ake Neml. She returned to the
t idled States to sell some of her
stocks In order to raise money to
close the deal, nnd while she was
away, she teslltled, her husband
changed the contract, registering It In
his name Instead of hers.
Two pleasiiru barges, supposed to"
have, belonged to Kmperor N'ero are
.tunic In the bottom of Lake Neml.
which the c.istlo overlooks. Many
valuable . objects, such as statues,
bronze mooring rings and fragments
of mosaics, have been recovered from
the wrecks nnd many mote are yet
to be brought to rho (surface. It was
rciHirted about a year ago that Donna
Kugenla would attempt to rnltj one
of the submerged lwats, provided tho
(lovernmetit would permit her to retain
half of the treasures which she might
discover. The wood seen In the photo
graph belongs to the two barges and
fishermen generally use It to light
tin s.
t ..waw.sre winifl l 'i ll) i i ii if
, Two pleasuru bargee, supposed to llMiWMMSMBlHlBtll &VWht .K & ? ' , , , AiWmfMi JKliB
V he ahe ' Nemi, with the cistle in the background.
X , '. , . of Donna Eugenia Ruspoli.
m ' i
.-.-k -ll0mr0m DUNGEON, BUT IS FREE
II 7 i M: , M: 'i' bVliHet' if 1. jtl.,i V !?T31 I
I The castle owned by Donna Eucenia Ruspoli, nee Berry. I
Abyssinian Chief Threatens
to Invade Italian Province
Fearing Spread of Rebellion if Government Rushes
Arms to DistrictRailway Strike in
Italy Postponed.
'fift idi Cable Denote, lit Tur. Si v.
ltoMU. April 2D. Alarming reports have
been received from ,b)Hsinla In regard to
the probable Invasion of Italian terri
tory by the powerful Chief It.ts Ohlaighl
nnd an army of Jo.Oin) men. After the
death of Ntgus .Metiellk this nriny was
sent to the province of Tigro to enforce
the submission of that province, although
the ruler of that territory had gone to
the capital to swear fealty to thu now
Kmperor l.lg Yasu.
Chief lias Cihlnrghl's army Is still en
camped In the province of Tlgre close to
the fiontier of Kiitrea. The Italian of
Hot i s who ure watching this army have
mobilized all this native troops and eon
rent rated m.Oliii on the frontier. Thirty
thousand more can be mobilized In Kiilrea j
if It should become necessaiy.
It is reported that arms and ammuni
tion am being sent from Italy mid prep
arations made lest tho rebellion spreads
to tho country and the young Kmperor
be dt posed. Ah Italy Is ularmed at the.
growing Inllutnco of Kngland nnd Franco
in Abyssinia, and fears the partition of
the country between them, King Mene
llk'H legitimate In-lr and the pretender
to the throne of the empire, I'rlnce lllilka,
who is a captain In tho Italian army, has
been sent to Krltiea to be on thu spot In
case of emergencies.
For tho last ten years potaHh has been
extracted from the disintegration of n
volcanic roclt In the neighborhood of
Home, but iilthounh It has been widely
and abundantly distributed It lias not
been produced on u largo scale, A Her-
.Military Attache in llerlin Re
ceives .Many Applications
From Army Men.
fi Kil Cnlile Itupnteh to THE Srv.
Ilr.lit.ts, Apill 2.. The decisive action
of the Aniei iciiii (loverumeut In regard to
,Mi x leu, which put an end to President
Wilson's waiting pulley, has biought out
almost friendly coiuuunts by the (iettuan
pitss as a whole. The news fiom Mexico
. dlirillg tile Hick crottdtil out all Kiiro-
I'll ill tiiplis.
A si'inl-ollleial mile pi luted In the
Colniiiie t;n:illi, i.iutinnlug the news.
panis to be coiisi'i t iitUti Mid reserved,
and stating that Ict'sh cittlctsm would ie
H 111 t old) III marring the extremely
r 1 1 1 1 1 1 te'atl'HIH belnteu (ieim.lliy lltlll
the l iiittil S'.ilcs had a good effect
The s.ireast.c coiiimt'iils of last week
bn" been repl.ic d by special articles by
in l(tiii) t ntt on In" Aiiii ili in ittiil
Mexlc.lll lllltlt.tiy resources, Some of
these w liters declare the tusk of subduing
Mexlciw III occiip) the I'llltid Stitlex for
)c.m, whlli iithviN nay the Annrlcitns
yCVBBMLir'' r'fT Vrrc Siiaa Cnrropindtner to Tnr Sr.t j
man company has now bought UiiO near
Tea, mi, where the extinct volcano Itocc.i
.Montlna, winch Is mom than 30,nnii ft it
high, is rii h In ilesistK of potash, ur.d
will sluutly exploit the land.
The report that Dr. Klelher profin'd
to ixpluit the ashi h of Vfsiivlus iiibntly
originated lrom the fact that lie analysed
will in the nclghixirhood, nut Prof. Mclla
di'.i. tiie acting director of the Vti-imus
o'iseiatory, en that as the laud on the
.slopes of the vole. inn Is must I) cultivated
It would not lie plolltlllile to work it for
potash. Inasmuch as an IntAh.iiistlhU sup
ply Is available from the llOcca Moulin, i,
wh'Te the Kind can be aniuli.il clu t ply.
The sit Ike of the tniilo)iM of the llov
ermiitnt railway has been postponed but
not eiitliely ali.tudoncd. The leaders of
. 'c rillrnml syndicalists admitted that
..ie pn I'liiitliins which hail lfen Inkeii ny
the (lovcrnnieiit made !t certain tint a
strike Just now would bo a failure. The)
dfclutcd that they would therefore post
pone the strike Inib'tluiwly and proclaim
one unexpectedly when tho (overtime lit
was not prupari d.
The llovernment for many reasons
would prefer to hao the strike eomo now,
when It would be, an utter failure and
would discourage similar attempts in the
future. The miccchs of tho l!ivcriiment
now would Justify the enormous cost of
the preparations which were m.ulii to
meet the strike In the movement of wat
shlps mid tho concentration of trisips.
Now that the strike lias been declared off
the Oovernnient fears that the Socialists
will denounce the expenditure Incurred
when Parliament re'opetis In .May.
will make quick, short woik of the Job,
Many Hermans, Including officers and
non-eouimlsslotif d olllcers, would like to
enter the American army. Major Lang
home, the Military Attache of the Ameri
can Knibasy, Is deluged with applica
tions, from nun who want to light on the
American shle, and he siiyn tlmt scwtul
regiments could be raised hero without
any trouble,
i.iai'iii.iie preparations are being made
nt llrunswlck for the christening of the
Kaiser's slxlh grandson, the Infant Just
born to Prince Krnst Duke of Cumber
land nnd tho Kaiser's daughter, Pilneess
Victoria Lulse. The occasion will mailt
the reconciliation of Crown Prince Fnd-
eilik William with his biother.lti.,iw,
the Duke of Urtinswlck. Tho fonner has
not visited Ills sister slnco shn niarrlid the
liiil.e anil has not spoken to her husband.
The fact that the Crown Prince and
Ciown Princess, will be pi, sent at the
christening Is due to the earnest pleading
of the DiiclicsH Willi her brother. Hut the
fact that the lluke of Cumberland, father
ol Duke Kilist, will not be piesilit III the1
ceiMiluny shows tli.it the gulf between ,
the liinlphs anil the llulii nziilleniH has,
not been eiitliely closed.
Tin goilrntlutH of the Infant will in-I
cliuln Ihe Cxnr of Itussla. King (b inge of
IhigUinti, King Liidwlg of Ituv.illti nnd
Kiilpcror 1'i.ilicls Joseph of Austila, who,
will sen, I ..nvovs lii n ines, in iiiein and
the Kalse , Prliice Walileinar of lienmaik.
ihe 1 1 r:i i ii I lluke of Meclibiibiig.Schwt'rln
nnd llie Kaiser's sous PilmeH Aihilhcit
imil (Isc.'tr. ulio will be lid sent Tim mid.
1 iiiotherH will Include the Kalserln. tlie
idranil DuchesH Th) rn ot CumbirUnJ and
I htr dauehter Olga.
Italian Castle and
I'liiiKiiuri! from First I'ngr.
found n great Catholic party, an tffort
w hich the Church list If opposes, aid ItK
number Is not likely to Incie.ise
The Progri sslvcs, the Itepubllcan I'nlon
i ami the 1 leinoeratle lelt arc tliicc re
' ni.tlns of the old opportunist party founded
I by i i.imbett.i. The Democratic Left, the
I l.irgist. has made the greatest nppm.icli
toward the Itaiiicnls and has sh.ned power
with tlicui. It has furnished s.v Premiers, j
.ilihci-Itousseau. llouvler, .Mo'ilf, Call-I
lauv Poiue.ue and ll.tithoii. .MM l.oubet, I
F.tllleres and the prcreut Pn sldent be-I
longed to It. .M. D. s.-h.inel. tin- Pn-sldi nt
of the Chambir, is also a member.
The un mbei s of the I ii moctati.' Left
lean sunn-times toward th' radicals and
sometimes towaid the moderates, while
the Progresslics have lecome nlmost con
sistently conservative, opposing tl-cal re
form, the separation of Church and State,
and .iiHociit'.iig the rent wal of ril.ttlons
with I tome.
The tli-piibllciti I'tiloti Is a new party,
founded by ci rtaln Deputies among the
Prci';resues, who wished for a new name
to give tin 'in a chalice of being selected
as Ministers.
The two groups, Itadlcal Lefts and
Socialist Itadlcals, form the heaviest ma
Jmlty of this Chamber. The llrst hae
kept the old radical platform of llogm t
and De Itrlson's times. M. Leon I ton r
geols was their leader for years. The
second, founded by Camllle Pelletnn. has
added certain planks borrowed from the
Socialists' platform.
Tile Socialist Itepuhllcans, represented
In the present Ministry by VlUani and
Augagneur. are Socialists who have
chaiiKed their programme so as to allow
their inembers to accept otllee. Tills party
Includes many Important men, such as MM.
P.tluleMi nnd Paul Itnucoui
Lastly come the I'liltled Socialists, the
only really organized party, with dis
cipline and a programme, which excludes
Its members t rum becoming Ministers In
any Cabinet until the day comes when
It call form an entile Ministry.
l. Ilrlniiil's Parts.
As for tlie KcdcAitlnn of the Left,
founded by M. Hi-laud, I'.arthoit and
Mlllerand, It seems to dispute the ad
hesion of ccitaln dissenting iiidlcalH nnd
Democratic Lift members with the new
"I'lillled Itadlcal" party founded by M.
1'itllKiux, who has thus left the Ilium.
crntlc Left.
lu the latest Chamber tho Democratic,
Left Willi the itadlcals formed tliii ma
Joilty which tiled the three ears mill
lary net vice. It also voted the Income
tax against the "Federation of the Lett"
of M. Ill-land,
To iletlne the progl.llllllle of f 11 til of
these parties would be tlllllcult, for very
Important dlvi rslttcH of opinion nie often
found among nieiubeis.of the same gioui.
Thus lu all panics theie ure partisans
and opponents of decimal reform, and
the new military law Muds p.utiHaus oxen
nnn'lig the Socialist Itadlcals.
nun plunk alone stems to divide tne
1 Imusn into two rumps, .uiuosi fipi i m
almost iiuii
Hire, niu huh muisiioii un eicciious
vvill gleatly tlilli, the Income tax. which
Is Itiscilbed oil the programme of the
"I'lillled Itadlcals and opposed by
I "Federation of the Lilt"
Tho I'lillletl Soi'lallhlM stlind to
lll'llVllV ll)' tills COIlfllslllll of p.llllis ami
I their adversaries admit that they will win
I greater number of in ats lu the now
Chtimner than they hold nt preaent.
Lake Owned by an
Residents of Neighborhood!
I'seil to Cruelties. Unaffected
by Remarkable Story.
SpKial Cnrtffpnndtnet to Tnr Sr.
Ilo.MK. April 1.1 - The feudal t.yslem hns
by no nie.itiH disappeared in man v secluded
and lot rnglonx of Calibriu, out off from
' eivill.itilon owing to lai k of road", far away
trom important toun and 1 ti bit ! liy
ignoiant nnd Mipertltliu peavant-t who
' reeognle no niithorltv but tlmt of
noble families who own the land.
Near the village of Majerato, which 1
c minified with I'lrzo, the only town in
the neighborhood, liy means of a bridle
path, high on a hill known as the .Monte
Santo, there Is an old house, a dilapidated
l.-itnionl I, nil ,1, luil, lie, I l,v the It trim of
Camariln, who own all the land, fields,
orchards, olive ami orange groves, for
tunny miles around. I'll" old Karons of
l.imarda were among the most powerful
liobleiueii in ( aliibriii I lie inhilliltauis ot
all tlie villages were their tlependcn's
Three generations ago u II iron I'nmnrd'i
amas-eii -mil an amount ot wealth and
bought o many lands f-ir and near ih.it the
ripiiintion ol hi- pmter spread through
all I'alibria. legunl tells that llarou
( .i inn 1 1 In summoned lo hi- bon-e at M U"-i-.ito,
the I asiui I'i'ii'. landowners from all
the proi ini-es. tid tillered ile'in Urge sums
In buy their lands fter they had signed
the contract of sal' and before receiving
tint price for the laud the II Hon opened a
trapdoor ami the landowners fell into a
dilligeoiK where they peil-hed.
Sinn I Horn Insane.
'I he old Huron was succeeded by his sop,
n diiinkard and a spendthrift, who spent his
lather's large lortuiie, hut relalmil his
power iiiorgio hud seven children, three
boys and four girls The eldest, Diego, is
liopelesslv insane. 'I lie two others inherited
their lather's habits, lull one of them be
citine a lawyer and the other a farmer and
h" continued to manage the family estates
and live with his four sl-ters in the Caslua
Despite the fact that the Catnarda's lor
tuni hud diminished they were still consid
ered rich in a region like Calubrlii, where
the most appalling destitution prevails
nmong llie peamnts, nun tlie power oi tne
faiuarda liitnlly remulneil imaltered
i II ame of the Caniurda, as told in a
. dcspitch lo Tin. Sin n itly, was imp
necleil with a mydery, tiieilliipperaneeoi
two si-ters, Teresa and Isabella, whom
nolioiiy nail seen or lu-nru oi lor iweive
years (IV course II was whispered that
the girls hud been Imprisoned in tlie dun
geon of the cast lo, the same one which their
grandfather Used lor the men who sold
htm their luml-
Anonymous letters were sent to the
pollen ami the judlcitl authorities of Plvo
and a pamphlet was published about the
"Mystery ol Miijerano" and sent to all the
men. hers of Parlliinent All the eftorts
to i lear up Ihe niydery failed nnd people i
said that the Camardas were s,l,. so power-
(he ,'iutlioritl
Intervene The Caiiiurilus, like all ( ali
brlatis, do not cure In divulge their family
M'ciets and coiiseiiueni ly otV'red no ex
planation Their friends, , how e cr, nilil
tlitll the two wouieii were Ill-ane nnd were
couilucd lu the house, a I the culoui with
nil iiohle luinllics, who never send their
I flulivcs lo an asylum.
Mitulslrnlc Intralliiiitr,
A iiioiilh ugo the Praetor, or Magistrate, of
J'iYn, iici'oliiianiei by a doctor and linen
caiahhieeis, dei Ided lo ilivestlgiiln the
inysiei Inns case Ihe pally united al llie
( .'ism, i I 'in" a mi" story building on the
i test ol a hill llelorn kuiK king at the iloor
I i.t Miigistiale oiileicd two i arabliieei'n to
gel a ladder and look thioiigh tho only wn-
dr. tltivv ill Hie building Ibis window, only
about two lent sipiuie, with a strong Iron
grilling happened o belong to the dungeon
or t ellar, where the two I'liimiidii girls were
Ihe i iiriiblneers looked and saw a wild
eyed woman with matted hulr, dressed In
Both are the properly
rags, through which her emaciated bodv
could b een, who from behind the Iron bai
uttered incoherent phrae-'. Tho .M.igi--trate
then gained ndnilttaucn to lln hoiie
and nked to l hown into the dungeon.
After waiting forsewral hour ll.irnu friin
eeKco, the bi oilier, who wi in the country
and who hud the keys of the dungeon, re
turned and conducted the MucN'ralc. to see
1 his mad i-i-tiT.
The lrai door lending to the dumreou had
evidently not been opened for oin time as
the hlnites were ru-ty and bolde-t Jar filled
with oil, a wine prcs and other heavy nun
cultural Implement were heaped on It.
The duniieon Is excavated in tho -.oft earth
and is about 12 feet wide and It linn;. It
contained uothluj; but a torn blanket ni.d
some beddiui;. bcfldes heaps of olive stone-.,
showing that the trirl w mainly Iin on
olives. Tim lllth of the place was appalliui:,
but strnnitely enoush a stroni; smell of ber
Kiimot was noticeable and tbi, the Mnuis
trale ascertained was due to it broken bottln
thrown on purpose in order to purify the
I III, I Dl MWW.. I,
Theirlrl w..h brought uti to the hoii-e nnd
evatnitii'd liy the diH'tor who reporteti that
she was inane and extremely weil. Iiom
prolonged conllneinent . lark of noui j 1 incut
and Iresli nlr 'I he Maul-trnte oaiiiin"d
th bnron and Ids other si-tcrs, who .lit 1
that Isabella was insane and th.it they wern
compelled to keep her locked up as iie
i threatened to hum the house and kill tliiu.
I I hey inlii.ittiHl that iinotlii-r "l-ter, lere-iwi,
likewiie, insane, had died two years ago
and that they had buried her in tile village
Icemelerv without announcing tho death to
tho uuthorltles.
3lnUe llrport to I'rttseentnr.
According to Italian law the Magistrate
could not order the urret of the Imnui nnd
i his sisters a the coulliiemeiit of an in-,ine
Person s lllIIIeil anil no ot nielli e not
i aallabe h it Isabella lind been ill treated
i lie warned Ike Unroll to bate Ins Mtcr Kent
j to an nsvlum mid left the C.-i.iiia 1'iine toi
I PLo tlliere lie reliorliMl l hit re.nll nl I, I.,
llivctlg.'ltlotl to the Crown Prose, ntor.
fier four tlays an cMiiniiiing .linlge was 'v 11 batt'dnuis of aaris nie being n
sent uptotliela-in.i I'line mill lie found I hut 'iiiited. while lii'e- imil nmumnitloii have
l-;.'.iella had aitiilii been coiiilneil in tiie , Inn. I been suit to l.-uera Many ofllcer- h i
genu lleorilereil her reuio ni to un nsyliim oulired to 1 rhre.i Mini iiieii-otswar
and Initiated legal proceedings against the probably will bed--pan h..
I'Hi'.irdii iamilv Ih" "."Mc ol iiples. Pilii'i pn run i.m was eoiei.ei,.,: , .
which published the story lu detail, added
that some time ago ti e l.'.ainitii'ig .Midge i".
celved nrdei-limn lieailiiiiiiileri. to ilron the
iuve-Hgatloii and n;tt ibuli d ibis -Ir.iiice
i piece, lure, ttldili amouni ton ttagrant v i . -
lution of the law, lo the strong political In
I lli.eiice ot the i ainarila family, mi tar
notlilug lurtlier in known aliout the niv-teiy
f Maieraiio
; l-abi'lli is still under obterMitioii in an
. us) luir and the brothers nnd sisters are tll
lie" III ilieir t'llslle on tin Moll'e fmilo
strangclv enough, the -eiisailiii'il letela-
lious, alt hough re lodiiceil lu several ollu r
newspapers, did not cau-e any great iia-pres-lons
in llal'. . llyHerinus store's
totnitig 1 1 urn i it lit In la are taken n- u m rtei
of course ami, even if louiuled on fait, as
the mystery of MiiJeriilo uialoubieilly
seems to be, they nr believed only In part
The vendetta prevails lu Ciihibiiu nh the
same iultiisltv as in ihe old das, and -uch
stories are olteu invented out ol spile
In past yeais eipially seiisiiiiniiul revela
tions were made and siihi-ciiucntly found
greatly exiiggeiated, and the pievailiiig
Impression Is that the account ot the Ma
jerato mystery has been high!) colored
ill' course i hern is nothing strange that
a mad woman should lie conllned in a dun-
on In Ca la hria, wheie even hi the (iov ern-
j mcni asylums tin
- lor I lie insane are
not better than dungeons. As for Hie. ne
glect ami lllth nobody attache-, any im
porlaiii e to such thing in the isouth, when
human beings slmre their house wi ll die
mesiii! animals
lloniniice In llerr.
Ihe mysleiy of Majerato Inn nnturullv
some roi.iHiiee woven Into it and ihe in
satiltv ol the two sitters, unlike ih it of ihclr
In ot Imr Diego, who was boiu mud. Is at-
. .11.,., ..I ... .!( I t i...... 'C..
j 'TirJV.r'Yiii;.-,";,, he whh
an officer w ho,seiluecd her and relu-ed to
miiiry her Her finally then poisoned the
baby tint was born and contlueil the mother
in the diitiKciui
'I lie case of tlie other sister i t less -niantie
Sli" was sedueed be a coiiimon
peasant and the lamile sent h'T out ot the
linu-e lo beg She hid dl-llnnni id the
inline of Hie Camarihi and was no longer
worthy to live in Hie Cuslna I'line Ii is
hinted Hint the noble girl and her bah) ,
wandered in tin1 lounlrv Ineglng tlie
pcasauls for alius, ami thai w lien she t mild
not stand this life any longer she leiiuued
at night to tlie ( iisiiiu Plinc iitni sei fire to ,
all the htisiicks
Her tu ot lint I then took away her lulu.
which they suppressed, ami threw Ini
into the dungeon Willi Iter -i-i t I our
yeursago shedled Irnlll He eflet isot a l low
on Ihe head, it I- alleged, and Ihi vpi im
wliy she was bulled -ecrcilt V" Inn f
that hnppens In i alaliriu. however w i' uml
unlikely it appears, Is iuiposilie, thiv
say The story of the two bisters m.i) lie I
I rue, but many doubt il.
Critical Labor Conditions Move
Laborers to Seek
Hnven Here.
Extraordinary Measures Are
Taken to Prevent Tmniiarn-v
tion of rndcfiirablcs.
SiHtittl t'orrtnponitence to Tnr. 8c..
IhiMi'. April in.-ouliiK to the critical ,
sltiinilon In Italy due to tho threatened
ttrlkea nnd the w Idespread neltntlon nmonc
lie' workini: elascs for lilnher wnw. which
the State cannot Increiixi .for want of
find, milled to tho prevnllltu; Industrial
dt'iiretlon and the consentient iinemploy
mem. it Is ptcdlcied that liullau emigrn
lion to ti,.. l ulled Slates will soon Increase
verv considerably.
l:mk'rat!oii l considered by many a
the only remedy for unfavorable eeonomlt
'"' dltlont in Italy, and wherever work
is senrec, wim,.s low nnd labor aultations '
Imminent Italians tun nwny from houiA
ami kii to iiieiica in oarcli of work and
ptospcrlty Intetiillni: emlurants do not
eel; to ilnil out whi-tlier the tlemaiid for
labor hi lncrl,,.'i lu rr.vii l.ni i,.,, ...
I llll I.
I.oenl aiilnii'illM m small towns timl
vill.iirc. nr.. t.t.iil in ,,.ii -l.l ..r ,l.n
. w i in. i, 1.11, iujuui-
plnyetl and dis,atlticd and willingly rant
I s.uy paports to Intending omi-
wrants I'hc h,i.vitalih result Is that when
ever ciiiittratlo'i to Auieiica iueteases. it
l.irk'c ptopoiiimi of iMiilurants are refused
admi '-ion to tho I nited Stales and uro nont
bai k In Il.il .
I he i toleration liureau, foreteelmf an
I in tease in transoceanic, emiuintion nnd
l-hlm: to 1 1 1 1 ii i ni s 1 1 ii.i. numlicr of emi.
srants who are not allowed to land, have
Jiist Ksiied a warnlm; to the local authori
ties uritlni! them to o.verciso tho utmost
care wlien isuini; passports. A list of thu
l'r"ons who an- not nllm.ed to land in the
I lilted Statet has been sent to nil the may
ors in the kingdom specifying caes when
pas-ipon should lie refu-eij, and spivlal
int ruction- have been Kiven to the police
to ooH-rate with local authorities in older
to nccrtniii the antecedents of intendlui;
end Krauts.
Obtitln Pnlur I'nsspnrls.
District medical olllcers llkewi-e have
been ordered to cxamlno inlemlitii; etnl
Krauts when requested by the local au
thorities, ns ciniKraiitt. often succeed In
evadltn: the medical examination to which
they are subjected by American physicians
at sallltn: pons, rnfortuiiately, however,
intendim: emigrants with crltnlnal uiito
ccdeuts often sueieed In obtaitiinir lnl5
passports, and iiidos a law Is paved pro
vidlnu' lor complete identltlcatlon by incans
of photographs or othertiso of the liearers
of passports the emigration of undoslrulilas
cannot ls entirely prevented.
'I he judges of the Milan courts reccntlv
held a niceiii.t: to protest against t ie ng.
led of t!ie lioM-ininent to provhl.. -nil-
! n,'"t fl,r "" "dniini.liatioi, .. .In
lice. Owing to
the ciMisideiablii iiii iea-
of work and the necessity
of opei ing new
I courts, obtaining tin services ol n.
,tc, nun . than f.i.visi had to I.
J or rather a debt had to be Incn
I, as
the .Minister of draie ami .liMp
sanctioning the eXendlture, has i
vided the funds.
Alter repealed requests J:nu v
b the Minister on account, with as-
Willi t
n pro-
s sent
e pild
-i-t on
' tin r
leu a
i """ liability inclined would
! "l'i "i'e years I he .ludge.s i
paying all the debts at once mid lb
petitioned the (lovernnieni to h
s ettleuieut .
(illVcrilltlf lit llllllllll) ITK Itcslless.
Warlike preparation- are going i n m
l lie Miy. -ini. in colony of Krttrc.i, where
the situation is colinci seilolls owin;
to the lear ot a involution lu ihe ligre
region, wlm
of IMllllence.
s under the Italian inhere
I'" I' 1 1 i.i l colonial it'll t , . r i
" '" ""' reusing lie native troop- ami
i iiio'i'''i in 'T me war wiin Inrinn. mm
t "'o lea-, n t
count on tl
ago tiie i.overnuicti' could
'nine even to the elet.i of
t'liperlnlly si.binltiinir to new laxe. to e.ii-ry
on the ,ti, now tlmt Mm lu.ainml sinnnmn
is i rii ii, 'i I ami revenue inn-i lie raised at
any cosi to leeci ini reused expeudi'ure,
Italians are detcriiiiiiiil 'o oppo.se iui ,t
lempi at llliamial Mierillci's," wlin Ii i- a
euphemism tor new tase-.
Despite the 'a i t tlmt the budget slum .
deficit, levenue h lulling oft II I K 1 I Iftn l - 1 1
siieruli e- aro ilidi-pen-alile, nil tin- -.(,!,.
emiilii) ees, and their iiuiiiber is ieglon. i--)
el iinoriiig for licit, r id) . Poliownn. Hie
, example it' Ihe nil way inep, who deniinid
higher wages an I shorter hour.s and nie
j nl ill thteatel'ilig lo strike le'i'iill-e t,.
I iniv eriimeiii proiniseil ihem onlv :,,ri.
( iKhi postmen, telegraph luesscngers. te'i
photie employees unit workineti, know-i
"PostllltelcgrnphlCs nnd Teleiibnnis -.
win I: men in ijn tnbaeeo factories ol th.
I iov eminent monopoly and other so-cuiled
dependent of the State have iibnint"d
ilemands to the (iovernmenl tor better pa .
I he agiiuiion is spreading to praeinalli
everv class of persons who work tor ihe
(ioveriitiieat, directly or indireitlt md
tramwnv men, hiMinen'hiirhor lalioren nnd
hospital alteiidauts are milking i,'iii,ind-
I'rcinier Salundra proposes to reiub r the
I inline tux proi.rist.ive uinl tu llioioiiglile
. icloi'iu the prcviilllng system nf l iMitlon
llis proposal will likely rciiriin a ' piou,
, wish." as he probably will reliiuiUHh power
, Appro I for Pension l'niiienl Ulna
j Instant Itcsponse I'roni Sotcrclun.
I He Mi:, April II. The King pild a siir
' P'ise Vi-lt ri eetitly to tin cx -av nt'.ops ..
j (istla, whete important dinovei ici s
being inude. A considerable portion n.'
I the Temple of Vulcan bus Just been u i
I earthed and a large edlllee, two Mtuii'
lltgll. Willi i wide colirtyanl In t -e ceil
Ire, has b( ( ii fouiiil near In .
After carefully visiting tlie rv,ii,iti,i;,i
I the K'lm; was on tlie point of I av.ng in
i tla wlnn an old man stiippnl h in, a-kn
to liuve a ft v. wolds with him in privet
The King willingly cnn-intnl
After some l'csltuliiiii Antonio I fu In on
pin Ine, I pi tile King Unit In was i v.t
i iiiii nl the w ir of Italian u dependent
' in Iti'ii! ami that be had In ill grant d I
pension wu
Ii, Imwi VI
ll id Pel i-r in ei
p ml In h ni
I .1 i M' i i ,i good I iw ) i i -tin
' tie mail u.nn (I. "but I am ill
ing f r II. illnln t
I'he U Mg til' mug t i Ins nil , id
lake the Ulan S IllllO' ' 'd id Ir s ,1
I- n In Wi'llld -ei f'-ll hi' It. .Vi
I tolll
pi . sun, w It'i ,r' e il - Mt ol
- I iii H"' 1 1, ii nl. i.i
mid. I He k
"al am ulwii) glad to be of he'

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