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Not a Dissenting Voto to Sec
tion of Anti-Trust Hill Ap
proved by Gompcrs.
Democratic Lenders Sny It Does
.Not Exempt Unions From
TVASltf.voToN, June 1. The Jlouas
adopted to-day b n unanimous vote tha
amended Inbot provision of the anti
trust bill. This Is the amendment which
was agreed to by President Wilson on
behalf of the Administration and by
Samuel Gompcrs as tho representative of
the unions.
lly thin Action the Houe went on
record ns In favor of the passage of Im
portant legislation tho meaning of which
Is admittedly shrouded In doubt. Tha
labor advocates contend that the amend
ment exempts orKiinlzed labor from prose
cution under the Sherman anti-trust net.
The President nnd his followers deny this.
Yet the Administration and Its supporters
made no nttempt to insert In the provision
language which would removo the doubt
and explicitly make labor union answer
able for violations uf the nntl-trust law.
To-day's vote wns the most conspicuous
example Washington has yet hud of tha
fear In which CotiKif-ss stands of th.i
political power wielded by organized
labor. Itepubllcans vied with the Demo
crats and Progressives In toting for tha
I'Vitrrntlon omee-rs Vt'nte-Ii.
Thero were 207 members of the Hnuio
present when the provision came up for
vote, Frank E. Monlson nnd other
officers of tho Kederallon of Labor wero
present In tho galleries.
Democratic leaders In debate declared
that section 7. the labor provision, does
not exempt labor from prosecution under
tho anti-trust laws. Republicans Insisted
there wns doubt on this score.
"Ten or twelve years from now we
may still be wondering what this provision
means, and we will not know how far It
goes In exempting Inbor from prosecution
until. It has been proved In the courts,"
said Representative Murdoch.
Tho House by a voto of 105 to (IP
refused to adopt a straight out exemption
clause offered as nn amendment by Repre
sentative. Thomas of Kentucky,
Representative Webb of North Caro
lina, chairman of the House Judiciary
Committer, refused to accept the Thomas
amendment nnd all other substitutes on
tho ground thut the labor provision had
been submitted to union lenders and had
been approved by them. The burden of
Mr. Webb's talk that us labor was satis
fied and the Congress traders were con
vinced that the unions wero not put beyond
the pale of the law, the provision would
have to be adopted as It was offered,
flection 7 as originally reported read:
The Orliclnnl I.niiKnnue.
"That nothing contained In the nntl
trust laws shall be construed to forbid the
exlstenre and operation of fraternal, labor,
consumers, agricultural or horticultural
organizations, orders or associations In
stituted for the purposu of mutual help
nnd not having capital stock or conducted
for profit, or to forbid or restrain Indi
vidual members of such organizations,
orders or associations from carrying out
the legitimate objects thereof."
To this section with the consent of
President Wilson and the approval of
Mr. Gompers was added the following:
"Nor shall nny such organizations, or
ders, associations or the members thereof
be held or construed to be Illegal com
binations or conspiracies In restraint of
Representative Lewis of Maryland
(Democrat) one of the leaders of the
labor group In the House, took tho stand I
that tho unions had achieved u great vic
tory. "I know thero Is some misapprehen
sion nbout It," said Mr. Lewis ".Some
honest people nre Inclined to think that
this section may mean a specie of class
legislation. They make tho error of treat
ing labor as u commodity, n natural error,
perhaps, when the subject Is given super
ficial thought.
I.nlmr .Not 1'roprrtr.
"Under our Institutions labor can never
becoino. property either before the court
or before the Legislature. Under our Con
stitution property In human beings bus
forever ceased, but a barrel of oil Is not
only a commodity In tho market. It Is a
commodity before the courts and before
tho Legislature Its legal attribute Is
property and the leading attribute of the
worklngman Is citizenship. A different
process of sociology and Justice apply to
these two subject matters when they are
before Congress or the courts."
Section 7 also contains provision that
the ontl-truU laws rtinll not apply to
agreements among railroads that receive
tho sanction of the Interstate Commcrto
Section S of the bill, prohibiting mergers
of corporation that lessen competition
nnd forbidding the formation of holding
eompanles under penalty of tine nnd Im
prisonment, was pnsjed by tho House
Just as It was reported.
The House then proceeded to the con
f (deration of suction !', which Is aimed nt
Interlocking directorates. Debate on this
w"a continued Into the night session, wnich
which was held In the hope that suincient
progress would be made to enable tho
House to complete consideration of the
bill by to-morrow night nt the latest.
President Wilson does not consider that
In agreeing to the labor amendments to
the Clayton bill he has given labor
unions blanket exemption from the opera
tion of the Hherman nntl-trust law.
In talking this morning with callers I tic
President explained that all that sectloi
7 of tho Clayton bill ineati3 In Its amended
form Is that labor organizations as such
are not Illegal bodies.
f-ectlon 8, the President maintained,
di.es not glvo Inbor any more a-tua!
rights than It had under tho original
Hherman law. He dcclured this sec .Ion
merely specltles what acts labor can do
under the limitations of the law. In
other words, according to the PreHlde.it, if
lubor unions under the proposed Clayton
law trnnbitrrsH tho law they will bo iUii'i
to prosecution.
henntur .Vrtrliotiln Takes Steps to ex
pedite Action.
Washington, June I. Spurred to ac
tion by the President's unexpected Insist
ence within tho last few days that a
complete legislative programme on the
trust question be put through at this ses
sion and goaded by Col. Roosevelt' orttl
clsms, Chairman Newlnnds of the In
terstate Commerce Committee of the Hen
ate took steps to-day to ruvlve the legis
lation. He gave notice that as soon as the
Panama Canal tolls bill was disposed of
he expcted to bo In a position to ask
tha Rsnate to proceed to the consideration
uf trust legislations,
Chairman Newlnnds has called his rnm-
mitten to meet to-morrow morning to hear
representative or the Interstate Com
merce Commission and tho rallrouds on
tho question of legislating In regard to
It U probable that dally mestimrs will
follow these hearings and that strong
effort will bn made lo bring out a trust
..... . i in ,'in m xpp
(Jets the First Official Pass nnd Can
Hep Shorea Free,
PlttLAPRLFiUA, June 1. Gov. Tener of
Pennslvanln received to-day the first
Mate moving plcturo pass ever Issued In
this Htate.
The law which empowers the Board of
Moving Picture Censors to Inspect pictures
took effect here to-day. Hundreds of In
spectors have been appointed In all parts
of Pennsylvania.
With his pasB Gov. Tener can enjoy
himself at any nickel movie In Pennsyl
vania. If he sees a picture which does
not have tho official stamp of tho Slato
board It will be his duty to report the
fact. He will also have to be on the look
out for unclean films nnd report them.
The motion picture men havo asked that
the board be restrained from noting, on
the ground thut the Uw Is unconstitu
Ue ttnnllea ItWtisra Post uf Minister
to Uruaruaj..
Washington. June 1. John L. De
Saulles of New York city, the former Tnie
football player, declined to-day to serve
as Minister to Uruguay. Mr. De Saulles,
who was a large contributor to the Wil
son campaign fund, was nominated for
this post hoii'.o time 3u and met with lit
tle or nu opposition In being confirmed by
the Senate.
In declining to accept the mission Mr.
De Saulles wrote Secretary Uryun as fol
lows :
"I am Veply sorry that an unexpected
turn In my personal affairs prevents me
fulfilling the ambition of a lifetime to
serve my country ab one of Its diplomatic
representatives In Latin America. I the
more regret It because I would have felt
deeply sensible to the honor of serving
under you xh my chief In carrying forth
your policies toward the development of
more friendly relations between the South
American republics and ourselves.
"The only consolation I feel In the cir
cumstances Is the thought of the honor
that ou and the President did me In se
lecting me for tho post nt Montevideo."
Mr de Saulles will sfiy In New Tor
ns the pirtner of his eou In. O. M. Heck
slier, son of August Hcckichir, In a new
real estate firm, Heckscher A De Baulles.
Norris's Itesolution Sent to a
Committee by Voto of
... to 20.
Washington, June 1. Hy tho decisive
vote of 33 to 20 tha Norrls r solution,
calling on the Attorney-General to Inform
the Henntu whether In his opinion the ne. j
qulsl Ion by the New York Cevtral and,
Hudson River IUtll oad of certain other
transportation lines nnd the merging ot
them Into the New York Central system
Is a violation of the Sherman law, was
sent to-day to u committee Instead ut
being passed.
In short, the resolution wns chloro
formed. Democrats Joined with the con
servative Republicans In putting tho ex
tinguisher on It.
Senator Overman, a Democrat, mad
the motion to send the resolution to the
Committee, on Interstate Commerce. A
majority of those who vottit against com
mltrcs the p.-solutlon were progressive
Hi publicans or progressive Democrats. Of
the thirty-three votes cast In favor ot
sending the resolution to a committee
twenty-three were cast by Democrats. Tin
following is tho vnt.:
For commitment Hrandegee, Hryan,
Ilurton. Catron, Clark (Wyoming), ilnl-
linger, James, Llppltt, Lodge, Martin,
Myers. New-lands. Oliver, Overman. Pitt
man. Pomerene, ltansd.il, Root, Khafroth,
Shlvely, Simmons, timlth (Arizona), Smith
(Georgia), Stone, Swanson, Thompson,
Thornton. Tillman, Walsh, Wnrren, West,
Williams and White thirty-three.
Against commitment Ashhurst, Ilorah.
HrUtow, Chamberlain. Clapp, Crawford,
Cummins, Jones. Johnson, Kcnjon, Kern,
La Follette. L-ine, Martlne, Nelson, Norrls,
Page, Perkins, Hheppard and Sterling
Tlie action of the Senate on the Norrls
remlutlon Is Indicative of n radical change
of front by the Democratic leaders. Hence
forth there la to be less baiting of the
railroads. For several days Democratic
Senatora have been complaining- that the
prosperity of the country Is being Inter.
fjred with by needless attacks on tho
New York Lawyers Allepro It
Exceeds Towers and Want
Charter Annulled.
AMJANT, June 1, Attorney-General
Carmody has been asked to begin action
against the National Jewellers Hoard of
Trade of New York to annul Its charter.
Tho complaint was tiled by Casa & Apfel,
New York city lawyers, and Is supported
by the committee on unlawful practice
of the law of the New York County Law
yers Association, ot which Julius Henry
Concn Is chairman.
Denutv Attorney-General Joseph A.
Kullogg will give n hearing on the com
plaint at the New vorK oirice 01 me ai
tnrnev-General next Friday.
The romnlalnt altegos on Information
nnd belief that the corporation In viola
tion of Its charter and of the law con
ducts and maintains nt 15 Maiden lane.
New York city, n collection agency and
law office; that during 1913 it collected
for Ita members and others $540,617.03
and acted as counsel and as attorney In
collections, litigations and suits ngTregit
Ing In all S, 440.741, 0 : that It collected
that year In collection fees the sum of
I42.9S1.46; that It solicited and received
msny claims from members and others
for the purpose of collection and for the
purpose of bringing action thereon nnd
advised with Insolvent debtors concern
ing settlements with their creditors, soma
of whom were members of tno board In
question and some of whom were not
members, and prepared, at the request of
such debtors, extension agreements and
settlement agreements for which it re
ceived compensations for such work per
formed ; that It took care of 500 claims of
that character and ten extensions,
amounting to 1240,000 ; that the corpora
tion acts as nn attorney and counsellor at
law, which It Is claimed Is prohibited by
a recent act of the Legislature,
It Is also nlleged that the Jewellers
Hoard of Trade has attempted to rontrol,
by means of Its by-laws, all of the law
business connected with the Jewellers nnd
kindred trades, and In order to obtnln
control of such law business It has actu
ally expelled members for falling to give
all of their business and collections to the
It U understood that Cass A Apfel rep-
former mmber or the hnsrd
Scnnto Supports O'Gormnn's
Amendment to the Navy
Appropriation Bill.
His Scheme to Equip Additional
Navy Yard Lost by
Vote of .14 to 12.
Washington, June 1. The Hcnnto voted
to-day, 40 to 16 In favor of Senator O'Gor
man'a amendment for the building of one
of tho new dreadnoughts, authorized un
der tho navy appropriation bill, nt a
Government yard.
At present tho New York navy ynrd
Is the only one capable of building the
largo battleship. To make It certain that
tho work should go to the New York ynrd
tho Senate voted 41 to 13 fiirittnt tin
amendment authorizing tho Secretnry of
me ;vavy to equip an additional navy yard
for tho building of the largest battle-
The Secretary of the Navy had asked
that the navnl appropriation bill bo passed
In a way to give him discretion either
to build both battleshln W ..rli.. ......
tract or at a Government yard. Rut In
me evene mat, me congress saw fit to
Intdst that one of the dreadnoughts be
built fit ii miw uA... .
asked that an authorization nnd the nec
essary appropriations bo made to enable
hit- to equip another navy yard for tho
Thn Kenntn lin.l vaIa.1 .. .. 1 1, .i t ... ....
- .. ...... .w.. HUUtUltl iu wic
Secretary of the Navy to sell tho battlo-
ShlOS IdnllO mill M liMl.atr.r.1 n. ..-I
t , .... " L H p. IV liui
below the cost of construction and to use
two luucrcua ior mo construction of an
additional battleship ot the most modern
and thk largest type.
If the House agrees to this amendment.
Secretary Daniels will probably accept an
offer that has been mado by representa
tives of Greece to purchase the two bat
tleships. Greece Is said to want the bat
tleships to offset tho recent purchases by
Turkey of tho two dreadnoughts now
being built In Knsland for Hrazll.
One Item In tho navy bill provides for
nn Increase In the number of chaplains
for the navy.
Senator Warren remarked that the
amendment for the Incrense In the num
ber of chaplains provided for a rank of
captain. He said he was In favor of In
creasing the number of spiritual udvlsers,
but was opposed to giving the chaplain
a rank in tho navy equal to that of the
highest officer In command of the ship.
The amendment as finally passed re
tnlned the relative rank of captain to be
All1nV.ll llV tn Inn,, thn., .an k. h ..I . . I .. -. .
"i . . v ten .,i,ii,iiiin ut
one time, and that none of these would
b assigned to battleships where his rank
nuuiu cuninci in any way wun me rank
ing officer aboard ship.
Will Drop Stntr AfTnlrs to Lecture-
In South C'nriillnn .Inly 4.
"Washington, June I. The mediation
conference must end. peace must be re
stored in Mexico, affairs of International
Importance must wait, for Secretary Hryan
is soon to reappear on tho Chautauqua
The Secretary acknowledged to-day that
July 4 would be his Initial appearance of
the season on the platform. The opening
will be South Carolliu. but Just where tn
that State the Secretary of State does not
know. He has stipulated Hint If nny
unexpected developments occur tho date
may be deferred.
Itrtuni In WnslilnKtnn Is Ilrlnyril
Until .! Week.
Washington, June 1 News was re
ceived Ht the White House to-day that
Mrs. William G. McAdoo. the President's
daughter, who Is on her honeymoon with
the Secretary of the Treasury at Cornish,
N. II., Is 111 with a sore throat. The
couple, who had been expected to return
to Washington on Wednesday, probably
will remain In Cornish until the early
part of next week.
The Prtsldent said to-day that he was
delaying the nnnouncemmt of two mem
bers of the Federal Reserve Hoard who
are yet to be named until ho can have
a final conversation with tho Secretary.
This was before he had liarneil ot the
necessity for the extension of Mr. Mc
Adoo's absence. It is anticipated that at
least ten days will elapse before the re
serve board members are named.
Four Men Arcused, Onre Cm letrd.
Are ArqnlHril In .-m Trlnl.l
Savannah, Ga., June 1. A vurdlct of
not guilty wns rendered by a Jury In the
United States District Court to-night In
the case of Kdinund T. Nash. Samuel P.
Shotter, J. F. Cooper Myers und Carl
Mollor, former officers and directors of
tno American Naval Stores Compmy",
known as the turpentine trust, chaiged
under the Sherman law with conspiracy
to restrain trade.
This Is the second trlnl of these men,
tho llrst having resulted In a verdict of
guilty, with fines nnd Jail sentences. The
American Naval Stores Company went
into voluntary liquidation a year ago,
35 Years With Ilninliurif-A nicrlimii.
H. von Schuckman. who celebrated yes
terday his twriitv-flfth anniversary with
the Hamburg-American Line and Is now
manager of the westbound freight de
partment, received from the company a
gold medal, an engraved testimonial and
a substantial check, nnd from the office
employees a chest of sliver.
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IlUMIlMlalm dVx
i ts"'-s
JclYcrjonNcrTlIampjhirc ,
rellshtful family resort lo a most pie
lurrsnue rectlon, nllh accommodations for
too. labe surrllea rnm ouronn farm sml
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t'etaehed family roltares. completely
furnished, with hoieUenlco.
w Mir Mountain Amateur Cntf Cham
Xiomhlp will be lielu here last week In
(IMItl.l N V. MOtrilT. Manager.
Indleatlons That Repeal Mens
nre Will Have Majority
of 10 In Senate.
Senate Poll Indicates
16 Majority for Repeal
The Senate leaders, after a careful
poll on the Panama tolls repeal bill,
say that it will pass by about 16
majority. This poll shows:
Total vote in the Senate, 95.
For repeal, 54.
Against -repeal, 38.
Doubtful, j.
a ti.NOTo.v, Juno 1 The Senate will
probably vote on the canal tolls repeal
b.ll before the end of the week.
Senator O'Uorm.in nmi.
that he would ask tho Senate on Wednca-1
day to take up tho bill and keep It con- 1
Mfnti.lv I.. if,.. . - . t
,.,i UUUj iU W1P exclusion
of all other hus.ness until disposed of.
The ln3lcnlons ar that the repeal bill
will pass by n imijoil'y of s.xtten, but
that It will be amended, liven advocates
of the bill predict that the Simmons
amendment or somethlni; like It will be
This amendment declnrcs that the
United States In repealing the tolls ex
emption Taw yields no rlKht or prlvlbKe
enjoyed under existing treaties. The
amendment does not bo fnr enough In the
opinion of many Senators und It Is pre
dicted that It will probably be broadened
to provide for arbitration of tho questions
raised In the construction of thy Hay
I'auncefote truaty
Threo spctches were made to-day on
tolls question Senator Colt of Ithode
Island, a Hi publican, declared In favor of
repeal ami Stnator Myers of Montana, u
Democrat, also put himself on record In
favor of repeal In opposition to the attl
tuile asiumed by hlsi colleaguo. .Senator
Walsh. Stnator Catron of New Mex.co
spokn In exposition to repeal.
Senator Colt Insisted that the t'nltecl
States would stand discredited In the eyes
ot tin- world if this Uovernment failed to
repeal the exemption taw. He declared
that the Ilay-rauncefote treaty committed
this country to tho equal treatment of the
vessels of all nations. Including those ot
the United States, In regard to passage
through the canal.
Senator Catron Insisted that the Presi
dent had sought to Influence the acts of
Congress by suggesting that there wero
certain delicate International questions
that made It necessary for Congress to
receilo from the position It nnd heretofore
taken on the tolls question.
"So far as I have been able to discover
there are no matters of great delicacy and
nearer consequence dependent upon tho re
peal of the free tolls provision," said
Snator Catron.
Another amendment to the canal tolls
repeal bill was offered to-day. Senator
I'ittman of Nevada, a Democrat, whose
attitude on the question has ben some
what In doubt, presented un amendment
which would give the President the right
to reduce tho rate of tolls to be char?ed
on Amu lean coastwise vess-.ds or to ex
empt them entirely from tolls In hi dis
cretion at any time when It might
appear necessary to prevent discrimina
tion against American coastwise ships
This was construed to mean that
Senator Pitman w.ll vol.- for tho repeal
Illiliii.ru V11I011 of Tenchers I'n vori
Provision for lleoilll.
Cincinnati, June 1 Mayo- Mltchtl
and a party of other New York officials
were In C.nclimatl to-day to learn how
New York might Improve Its educational
system along Industrial lines. After u
busy day. which en ed with u dinner nt
the University of Cincinnati, nt which
the Mayor talked of a new charter for
his home city, th- party left for Gary,
On arriving In Cincinnati the party was
ecorted to a 'u-gc department store nnd
nttend.d a eias In saU-manshlp for girls.
At lui:c!ieou M yor Mltrhel told 600 Cln-e-'nna'l
biulnes men wli t New York Is
doing to Irpprove Itself. A trip to nil the
ichuols w s then made, ending at tho Uni
versity of Cincinnati, where the coopera
tive department received the most atten
t on on f'e pirt of the visitors.
Mayor Mllchcl In nn Interview declared
that he would oppose the formation In
New York city of n union of school
teachers, such as Is being organized In
Clevelnnd. In his address at the dinner
nt tho university to-night Mayor Mltchel
spoke on the proposed new charter of
New Yoik, He seld In part:
"I am In favor of a four year term for
the city's chief executive, yet I believe
In giving the people n means of constant
check upon nil olllclals In the form ot a
modified recall. Our charter will contain
tho Initiative, referendum and recall, With
the new charter In our possession we
believe New York city ran take Its place
among the progressive cities of tho coun
tnndnrd OH Company Heme Ins !2n
try Into California nil l.niiila.
San Foancisco, June l. Judge Pooling
of the United States District Court has
declared Invalid withdrawal orders by
which In 190!) President Tnft exempted
from entry Covernment lands In Califor
nia variously estimated In value at from
(2ilO,0Q0,00O to $1,000,000,000.
Judge Doollng heard tho case In I.ok
Anveles, sitting In place of Judge Olln
Wellborn, who consldeicd himself disqual
ified, President Taft plnnncd to provide n
great source of fuel for the American
navy hy exempting tho oil land from entry
by prlvnle locatois.
The decision gives to tho Midway Oil
Company and tho Standard Ol) Company,
the principal defendants, undisputed pos
session. Judge Doollng snys;
"The effect of these withdrawal orders
In to suspend the mineral laws of tho
Unlle'd States. The Kxecutlve power can
not nffect permanently such legislation.
"The promulgation of the withdrawal
orders In question I believe to be ono rnm
Ideation of a growing tendency to concen
trate In the Kxecutlve moro power than
ran be traced to any specific constitutional
or legislative provision, I therefore- will
deny tho application for nn order restrain
ing the defendants from further use of
tho land."
President tei Attend Class nny.
Washington, Juno 1. President Wll
son lias decided to attend his class day
exercises 'with other members of the class
or '7H at I'rinreton university Junn 17.
Will Try to Got Modification of
Hulingr at Washington
Meeting To-night.
Comptroller Asks for Smallest
Details of Business
Done in June.
Wasiunoton, June 1. A convention of
representative! of banks and clearing
houses of leadlnt cities of the Kaat. South
and middle West will bo held In Washing
ton to-morrow night to consider an order
made by John Skelton Williams, Comp
troller of the Treasury. Tho Invitation
was If sued by the Ilaltlmore Clearing
For several days bankers all over the
country have been complaining of the new
order, which requires reports under oath
from national banks on a variety of de
tails of their dally business never before
called for by any Comptroller. Honkers
say that these dally reports, which are re
quired lo be mado during June, will lm
poio a tremendous amount of labor nnd
require additional help at considerable ex
pense. It Is assumed that the Justification for
demanding these reports Is the belief that
they will be useful In connection with the
organization of new Federal reserve
Two Dally Statements ltrqnlrrel.
Hankers were notified last woek that
they would be expected to return dally
two statements, aworn to In each ease,
either by the president or cashier of the
bank roportlr.g, showing the dally busi
ness of the bank. These reports are called
for in great detail.
Kach bank Is required to make a re
turn by States of the amount of specie,
national bank notes and United States
Treasury notes received from outside cor
respondents. In nddltlon they must re
turn reports of such rccolpts from Canada
and Mexico separately und then under an
other hendlng for all foreign customs.
Detnllexl reports by States lire required
to bo mado of thp amsunt of the checks
and drafts on local banks and drawees,
showing the number of Items and tho
amount of each check, and llko reports on
checks and drafts rtlclvod from outside
cities and towns. Another detailed report
Is required on foreign exchnnnH outside
of the United States, a detailed report on
checks and drafts drawn each day by the
reporting bank, as well ns of sblpmenU
by express or otherwise, showing separ
ately the amount of shipments of specie
nnd gold and of Treasury notes and bank
notes. These reports are requlrod to be
made by Statca.
MiKKrstleina by Comptroller.
At the top of each of the forms sent
out by Comptroller Williams uro the fol
lowing suggestions :
"These data ure desired primarily for
the benent of the twelve Federal reserve
banks now In process of organization In
their respective districts. To compile and
furnish this Information will throw some
additional work on your clerical force,
but It Is not believed that this work will
be heavy or burdensome on those banks
where the most approved systems of ac
counting and the most modern methods
are now In operation."
The blank form curries the statement
that tho Comptroller expects a "prompt
and complete compliance with the re
quest." The following clearing bouses have been
Invited to participate by sending delegutes
to the conference: Iloston, New York,
1'lillndclphld, Richmond, . Washington,
Pittsburg. Cincinnati, Chicago, Atlanta,
Jersey City and Cleveland. The object
of the conference Is to bring about If
possible a modlllctlon of tho order.
.ir York Institutions Will Not .loin
In Pratrat Merlin.
The New York national banks and the
New York Clearing Houmi Association
will not send representatives to Washing
ton to take part In the meeting to be
held nt tho Hotel Wlllard to-day to pio
test against the request of John Skelton
Williams, Comptroller of the Currency,
for a dally statement from all national
Tho attitude of the New Yorlc banks and
the local clearing house Is neutral. In
his communication to tho banks Mr. Will
iams said that lie wished the figures for
the use of the twelve Fe-deral reserve
banks now In process of organization. As
the- New York banks have decided to give
their heartiest cooperation to the working
out of the Federal reserve oct they do not
wish to do anything which might be con
strued as a hindrance to the operation of
the rVstem. They therefore have signified
their Intention of complying with Mr. Will
iams's wishes In spite of the enormous
burden It will entail.
It Is also felt that protest against this
request or any other of the- edicts of the
present Administration In financial mat
ters would bo likely to carry more weight
In Washington If New York banks were
not In any way associated with it,
Wood Moves for Iletter tWr Ice.
Itobert C. Wood, the new Public Ser
vice Commissioner, had a conference yes
terday with I-rank Hodley. general man-
nger of tha Interbcrough llnee, und Dis
trict Attorney Martin of Hronx county as
to immediate increase or station facilities
nt HDth street and Third avenue, where
the elevated road crosses the subway. Mr
wood said later mat me easterly ulat.
form of tho elevated station would be
widened nt once.
1. Attraatt Sc (Ho.
Womeini's Ready-to-wear Dep't
Silk Dresses
TaSEor-mnde SuiSls , ,
Tailored Separate Skirts .
Collector Is Ono Man in Town
Who Prefers Checks to
Real Money.
Decides to Give Inimedlato Re
ceipt to All Who Tay
in Currency.
If you want to earn the gratitude of th
collectors of Internal revenue, who are
handling the Income tax payments that
are already beginning to como In In con
siderable numbers, make your contribu
tion In tho form of a certified check. Cash
payments necessitate tho giving ot 11 11
immedlatt) receipt, nnd It a large number
uf Incomo tax POs sent or brought In
cash the result would bo. The Sun la In
formed, the swamping of the collector's
office with unlookcd for business.
liut It )ou Insist upon sending cash to
day you will get a receipt or it at least
you will If you resldu or have your ''prin
cipal place of business" In the lower New
York district. Thero Collector ot Inter
nal Iteivunuu Charles W. Anderson, utter
learning from The Sun that complaint
Mad been made that thoso who paid In
cash could get no receipt, issued uu order
thai leceipts should bo given at once.
This will bu done. Mr. Anderson mild,
unless tho number uf uutll paymi-iila
shou.U make the giving of Immuuiuto re
ceipts "a physical Impossibility."
Troubles Citali Payments Mean.
When Mr. Aaderson was told yesterday
that ono man at least bad sent u mes
senger with tho cash to pay the Iiiloiiio
lax and Had been sui prised lo have tho
messenger return with tho money and tho
explanation that u lecelpt bad been rr-
fucud, the colluclor told of some of the
troubles that cash payments mean, lie
suld that It 'vas not piactlcablu to hire,
extra clerks lor the Incomo tux bureau to
serve until Juno KU, when all moments
inusl be in una the Job wlU be over.
With tne clerks on hand, ho Bald, It
wou.d be Impossible to liundln the pay
ments If all wru madu In cub. He ex
plained that a deputy collector has to
sign eury receipt and thut as the re
ceipts uro Issued In scr.il numbers to
give ot.e on demand meant Interfering
with tho orderly routine ot office business
"There huve been very lew e-usli pay
ments mnde or offered up to dale," ne
said, "but now my utteniloii 1 called
to the matter I e:un readily sec tluet
whllo t know that 11 cash payment is
safe without immediate, lecelpt the man.
making It may not huve us much con- '
lldeiicu us I ii.-eVu In the elovel uinenf s 1
business system, und I will give tho or-
dr nt once that Immediate ie-celpts for
cash payments ure to bo given. 1 want
the publlei to fell thut the Government Is .
doing everything possible to luolliuto
this business."
lIuiiitTrila of ChrcLts livery Day.
It was learned ut the Income tax bureau
that during tho last ten days payments,
mnlnly by check, have been coming in iti
the lute of between six and seven hundred
a day, Thv- range from 3D cents up, but
most of the early payments havo been
small, ns naturally those having to make
payments running up Into the thousands
will wait until the end of the month.
Desplto the gixut number of tax re
turns received ut the lower Manhattan
bureau, which has been handling moro
and larger tax returns than nny other
In the country, the bureau Is said 10
have kept ubieiut of the work. This
ills ti let, It Is Bald, has run far ahead of
tho expectations of the Government. Uo
cnujo of the clauses In the law allowing
I persons to mako returns In the district
oc ineir principal place 01 uusuiess, una
district Is the blue ribbon one In the In
come tax list. It stands out all tho more
sluco those familiar with tho returns
throughout the country believe that the
final figures elsewhere haw fallen very
far below the estimates und expectations
of the Treasury Department.
So valuable are tho returns from largo
corporations and men of gre-nt wealth
now in the hands of Collector Anderson's
bure-uu that a special steel vault bus been
built to house them. There tho papers,
which tell Just what Incomo tax some or
tho most wealthy men In the world must
pay, will be filed away as ecuro from
Inspection by the unauthorlz d and from
lire as steel walls can make them.
To Hrmlt Income Tax Fines.
Washington. June 1. A resolution by
Senator Hoke Smith to remit penalties
under the Income tax law Imposed on
persons who fnfled to make returns within
tho limit of time required provided they
mukn returns before July, was referred
to the Senate Committee on Flnnnce to
day. Under the law returna were re
uulred to be made before March 1. Pay
ment Ih required before July 1.
lorerit Itrturns Indle-nte Also Clarke
Is Ileniiiiiril for flovernor.
Dr.s Moinrs, June 1. Incomplete re
turns received from over tho State at
10 o'clock to-night Indicate that Clarke
has been renominated for Governor by the
Republicans, Connolly for Senator by the
Democrats, Cummins for Senator hy the
Itepubllcans nnd Hamilton for Governor
by thn Democrats.
These Indications are based on thn
briefest returns, ns the polls In mnny
cities did not close until after 9 o'clock
and In only seven cities nre voting ma
chines In use. The long ballot1 has nnde
counting tedious. The precincts reported
nre scattered throughout tho State and
are fairly representative,
at $19.
at 16.50
at 4.50
1 v
Side-sl'ep That
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Rnmhllnp; with blowouts,
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Tire we say : "We don't
know how many miles a
tire should give exactly,
but this tire has cut to
Kive you satisfaction. If
you don't get the milenpc
you think you should cut
11 you nave n mowotit
before you could reason
ably expect one. you
bring 'bat tire back and
we will make It ritjht.
You must bo satisfied,"
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Rubber Tire nn your ear
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' Thm man tvtih a rtJ tit Inaui. "
240 W. 55th St., New York.
F.cl.rr "t llwi 0(N(, Tr.il... N. J.
M.IM.f"r.r.- 4i t.u.
Mrs. Itnlnli Thompson Snji Mnlhrt
lie-lav Wen 11 ed llaslinml Array.
Tiio nffectlnni of Ualph Thompson, ex
Yale coxswain, who lived for three wee
with his first wife and man led tho lift
wife of Kid McCoy for his second, nr
valued at (100,000 by thn present Mi
Thompson In the i-cconti suit which sh
has brought against him since they tllpp'
away fro Jack's one nlghl nnd got mat
rleil without telling their fi-lcnds ntout It
Mr. Thompson, who once brought su
for n e-paratlon. In nn bctlon Illt-el In the
Supreme Court yesterday demands dam
nges from her imther-lii-lnw for the
ullcnnllon of Mr. Thompson's nfTe'rtlnm
She alleges that he-r husband's mother
Induced him to lenve her last fjecembe'
nnd go to Sohneetnily. In her prevlout
suit she said he bad deserted her, nnd he.
replleiP that nlthongl. "some- .oit of h
ccreinffny" had undid them ho believe.t
she- had no claim upon him for the reason
that she was at the time- already married
Ho made other R-snsatlonuI charge's am.
Mr a. Thompson did nM press tier suit.
Mil. ('AltPKNTFIt'.S I'ltlVA'If. SI'IIOOI.
inn liens
310-31! West flld Ave. Tel. mrl
Outdiior I'irrcle, IM to 4 All "Inter.
tSIMi; Wet Dint ."ired
A Ihtirth llav School
inviNc. scireitii, i.. n. hav
34 V. mirt St. Tel. en Schuyler
;ninuihim Dntlnc "lrmr
No heme tudy for lxi.es under IS
HivntiMi.r t-oi'NTiir se-imei.
Pleerifele-on-lludsan, , V. C.
Tel. 730 Msrtle. I rsnk S. Ifsekeit.
All Pay and all week In the country.
I leldMon. Ucm !inh M . N V. C
Outdorr school life for the city hoy slnni with
Collesc 1'rcparnilon. Tel, 71C Marble,
e i'll.i it M mien,
No. 20 l:st .Will St.
I'roni Kliidrresrlen tn Col fern
Outdoor Spurn Indoor flume
imiMci: .mann sruoni, roit niivi,
.MIhIiv rrlo"l In lie .-onniry. (jpert Sept
24ili. ltll Sept. 1st, ifoih turret anil llriwia
vsytsftcr Spt. 1st. et Sl'lh blrect
coi,Li:tiivTi: school -ou novs
!I-?I3 W. 77lll Street.
A Collese Preparatory School
wlih Strong Primary and Junior tirade
(107 Klflb Ae.
Mnsidltip and Hay Srhnnl
itr.nci.Ait ami srr.ciAi, eeii itsr.s
nr. I.A.NCCY school tor ciiii.s
Wet Knel Ave. A ltli St. I'hnn ei:0 Uleer
lsy School for eilrln, l lernenisry lllirh
School and Colleire Preparatory.
iMitNAiiii sciiooi, or imisi iiiii.il
Art, JIB W. 7Uth St. Spl. iralnlnr for hnmr
maker, rr'm'k'r, rosiuinedelrninr mlllln
rry, cooking, household arris Tel vMSScliuv
iiivrasini: school.
879 VtcM I'll Ll Ae., near taut SI
Klpelerrsrlrn. I'lemrnisry Hlrh School anil
College Preparation Tel. 010 Hleer
IIAKNAItlt se POOL FOIt (illtl.S
421-421 V IJ3III M
Klndrrrartrn io Collere. Certificate artin .
lo leading rnllrrcv Tel IMS Audul nn
THK LIT! P St IIOOI, No. 17 lM HOili si
CertlPej fnr cohere entrance
Lsnrnarrs. art. dnmentle science
I reuch and Herman In all rrtUej
iionee i mann si iioot..
Trart-er Colleee. IVImnhH t cPcmi
Hlrh 'honl for e;irl. We"rntary tie "
and I Iris. Opens Sept. !8 trees, and n
Sl'NOAY. lt,'lS 41 lll'Ollsl
'i in: kchooi, (oi.i.ron a i mi'
llt'ItrAt', N, V. SUN. N. 1. 111.
NKIV YOIIK Nrw Yuri, fit J
St,(er.(r '' I" I'letel er "
Trial Lesson 0m Dollar
Our one dollar Irrscn far ejirnU iw '
lesson cbruherr
Satisfaction fiirraniieil for
studio lull, u i:. :uth st. ,, ,
Pl-iiiie Murrae ll
3770 Ilrosdway, N. II. r. lenih M
PI one i
lll'MNKSS COI.I.KC.y.s llinil si M
iter n in m ' "
HIGH! l'
Ffttltl... it,',l..d e,. I. 1I
IM (AtllU tllftl, I0XIA M 0SI Cll t

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