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Anarchists Plan Hi? Demon
stration in I'liion
Police Hunt for Sole JFoMor
of Secret of Trajredy
xo solttiox in:.ciiKn
Tnpprs Found In Wrecked
TToiifo Full in Toll An
archists rinnp.
Pear that there will he llotltis In Union
fiqnarc nest .Saturday nftcrnnon If tVin
unsrchtst are permitted to carry out
their plan for a Ms parade nnd speech
making nt the fuiier.il of the three reds
who were killed In tin- mysterious lwmb
explosion a' )!2 I,elnt-ton revenue may '
cause the rlty titithorltlea to fnrlild the
Oomml-rloticr Woods nftor a confer
rac with Assistant District Attorney
IVuel yesterday said that ha woiil ' ,
not talen any action until a pennl
for tho affair was asked for, which imis' 1
he done at least six hour? before the
"par.ule," tho route of nhlch must be
Atexnnder Hcrkman, who Is maUitiK nr
rannetnents for Saturday said, on the
other hand, that n permit was not neces
sary, as the "parade" would bo sliiiply a
Xun rat procession, and ltittnitit. il hat
none would bo nslied for. The stop at
Union tfuuaro for open nlr scivlccs over
the rcmaltiH could be made without l-i-inlsslon
too, he said, since the mi u arc 1m
set apart In tho original cnint of the
tract to :ho city as a place for Just such
Ksthcrlnss of the people.
One thlnt; that may Interfere with the
arrangements of the tinarchlsjts. iimn
which they had not counted. Is the
power of the Ildard of He.el'.li to order tin
Interment of the bodies not later than 9
o'clock to-niotrow inotnlnB. ITndcr the
law bodies must bo burled within nlnety
slx hours after death. The only way to
escape that provision Is to apply to the
Health Hoard for nn extension of time.
No such request has been made yet and
Commissioner (loldwater said he didn't
know how he would act uioii It until It
had been btouKht to his attention.
As soon as they are taken from the
morgue tho bodies of Citron, Hansen and
Hers will be put In ch.irito of an under
taker ut first aeiiue and Fourteenth
Btrect. Tho anarchists have Klvcn him
authority to make all neces.iry arrange
mento for tho funeral, IncludliiB RcttlnK
Dnrmlsslon to delay burial after tho set
pnrnission to iiciaj ounai niicr ine see
period, so a re.iu.st of that sort will prob-
ably bo made to-day. Hcrkman Is of the
opinion that a permit will have to be I
granted, as has been donu In other cases, .
nnd Insists tli.il ft rcrusal wouhl looK into
As tho plan Is at present tho threo cof'
fins will bo borne from tho undertaking
chop, each by six members of the anar-
thlsts' oiganizatlon et to be designated.
straight down Fourteenth street to Union ,
Hquate where the-y will bo placed upon a
e-atafahiuo which llerkinan has. Then will ,
come, the services, at which llerkinan,
lonard I). Abbott, llecky lMelsohn, t
ejharles W, Pluukltt and Pletro d'Allcgro, '
an Italian leader, will speak. 1
Afterward the bodies will be carried to 1
long Island City, where tliey will lio ere-1
mated and put In urns to be preserved at
tho Kerrcr Association olllces. Hoth cof-.
Una and catafahiuo will be decorated with
led flags draped III black.
The youn; anarchist, Michael Murphy,
In whoso possession ulono rents the secret
of Saturday's fatal bomb explosion, kept
himself no well hidden from the police
again yeterday that the conclusion wo
naturally drawn that lust?ud of taking- to
his heels ho had stayed right In the
world's best hiding place New York city.
Not a trace of Murphy nor a hint of
Ills whereabouts was gleanod In another
elayi, search, but the pollen said lajt night
they had reason to bellevo that In a few
eLaya when the hubbub following the
tragedy had died down he would come
forward of his own accord and tell some
xort of a story at least, Thero Is no
expectation nt all that ho will ever say
that Arthur Caron. Hansen and Iters
were actually engaged In manufacturing
bombs for use In future anarchistic mili
tancy. Pretty well satisfied that they would
have to wait upon -Murphy's pieuisure,
Capt. Arthur Carey of th homicide
bureau acting Captain of Detectives Jones
of the Kast 101th street police station,
lieputy CommliMlonor llubln and the
others in charge of tho caso spent a good
deal of time In figuring out how to handle
olio of tho most dllllcult situations that
has ever confronted them how to take
suppressive measures with other anarch
ists in such a way that the reds wouldn't
consider they were being "picked" on and
nllo'i.pt to i rictige themselves by some
net of olcia-o which they would not
otherwise contemplate.
While th., hearing of tho cloven remain
ing pilfoiierc at Tairytown was being
poMpoiied until July JO, the work of
fui the M'arehlng the wreckage of 1626
1,' xliiKton avenue, where the explosion oc
euried, wan being carried on by Police
ami Hiiihlliig Department employees. No
mote bjilles wen- found, but pieces of flesh
were dlscoiercd, as well as part of a tcalp,
Mi,ipo- l to bo that of Hansen, Tills had
be ii blown to the i oof of another building
'Jiio fret away, A subway workman also
picked up .1 portion of a hand, It Is aup
posefl from thcM! discoveries Hansen was
examining tno bomb when It exploded pio
matuicly, .
The expluslon did more damago to the
nearby tiettlework supporting tho ttreet
over tne subway excaiatlon than was tup-po.-o.d.
Trolley cars had to use morn cau
tion than before In passing the danger
point. To-day tho supports will be re-
stored, sn that thero will bo no likelihood !
or tne collapse or tno street.
l'Yars that Caron's relatives might hln
Aar Ilerkman's funeral plans hy claiming
Vds body were dispelled yesterday with
tho arrival hero from Kail Itlver, Mass.,
of the young anarchist's mother, Mrs,
Mary Caron, nnd Ills sister. They had
read In tho newspapers of the explosion
drid a mcsnago to tho Ncv York pollee
ronflnneil their fear aH lo tho Identity
of one of tho victims. They went directly
to the niorsue. whero they recognized
Caron's body, Hoth were greatly affected
cy ui aignt. ine mouicr bccamt hya-
niscrinnna on on ei.e (.wi u. c .u- ' """Syr" " , , meter Hcrkman. Leonard Abbott, head of "ringing me iiiamonils across tho Inirdcr. :
thorlttes. It Is an open iiuestlon whether , tuiing to let the I . . and '"! the Kieo Speech League : lleckv IMclohn i Huring tho . ears 1011 and 1D12 the
such a funeral as is proposed is forbidden . em'l ; they iked. ,,,, , w Hi her rlnS" '"" authorities believe th. t an aver!
by tho ordinances against demonstrations '' " ' V, i U 'ut Ms size T-toW... They had Vo ne by subw ,v 1 " two trips a month were mad" for
tending to create dlsord, r. nd ' dark"'" ' ." ."'wl h to fXnn'vf '? 'iTT , T tUw l1 1 1 r lacMor.Vw'1 """"l""
Wll, Drape He., ..aK. , ,.c, . iX - - 't,! iVtWt irn I - 5
Ml M
Cupyrlxhl. 1914, hy American l'rees Association.
Left to right Alexander Berkman,, Beckey Edelsohu nnd Charles
tencal. The last thy beard of hltn was
when he sent a postal card several months
tiBo. one on which he wrote ho was KoltiK
to fhi'MKo, His child la now In tho caro
of his dead wife's family.
Mother lilte-s I'p I'liilm to lluily.
At the olllce of MoIIht Kurt ft. In Hast
U'.itli Mrect, whero Mrs. Caron went to
sio nerkinan, they met Louise Hcrser.
who lived In tho Hat with tho three mm.
She told them that she did not hclleM
e'.iroti was mukltiK a bomb and sabl she
was ship that he and the others had
been killed by enemies or by the e'lireless
it" of some one eleo. .Mrs. Caron agreed
with her and told reporters he was sure
In c m had no explosive In his rooms
:' that he was of a peaceable disposi
tion. ..uJ. Caron told tho polleo that she
had clveii up her claim to her sun's body
as soon as she learned that ho could not
be burled In the consecrated ground cf
tho 1 toman Catholic Church because, ho
was an anarchist.
It became known yesterday that nilralns
Michael Murphy called at tho City Hall
a few days lifter .Michael .Mahouey had
made an attempt on the .Major's life, to
llnd out why be li.idn t Iree-n allowed to
;H,uk '.:...hls..w111 J" ll'.e I'"Mlc streets.
uUl- Krm,c' '"", !"'1TK w"" ,
ho Buard the out.T portals, bad Ucn Kent
liniiy . that mo ,(US,10J ,, .Mur. ,
phy walked ilglit Into Secretary Theodore
Kousseau's office. He went away after
telling his grievance, but it turned a day
" mier i" uei ine .u.iyors eiiunuii
ir.lll CIClI li e UCSlT pi el 1 given liy poi CC-
men In the Hart 104th street statloii. I
i. i.-., !,,.. i,., ih. n,... -,n
,nn 10u invitations" have lcn sent to
Muiphy. through as manv ehanneln, auk- '
lnK ,,,, t(, c.,lH ,, th(. Ilolc n,t nnvc u j
oit u.lth t,In, Murphy has paid no
0tteiitin to the limitations. '
Wide Pluf .nt Minim.
Kvldciice of a general plot nn tho patt
of anarchists to use eNploalves or to do
uots of vlolcnco Is still lacking, dosplta
a thorotigli fce-are'li of tho wreckago of tho
Ilathoubo for lettcra or other dix'uments
which might tell something about It. Tho
Impression Is growing with tho pollc" that
the Caron group of reds was uu Isolati-d
one and that tho explosion wiped out
completely tho mast to bo feared cle
ment lu tho ranks of theso radicals.
Thait is one of tho reiesous why pro
cceduro against other known anarchists
Is such a delicate matter. Tho author)-,
tletf fear that If they tako any dccldel
steps tho reds will siy thiy aro being
persecuted and will stir up a very dan
gerous situation which is not otherwise
to bo feared. Kor tills reason, whlln
prominent members of tho organization
vl I bo under ronrtnnr esplotnge It will
be so eiulct that Iheio will bo no roison
for complaint. Tho police siy they do
nt underestimate tho extreme gravity of
a situation such us thru el rated by the
explosion, but that they must go very
slowly to avoid adding to present com
plications. Tho police, after tho search of the
wrreked building for documents bearing
ex the purpoM'S of the elead anarchists,
havo several suit cases full of papers
which they haven't had tlrno to examine.
"Wo haven't leiirneil si thing to-day,"
mid Capt. Carey last night. "Wo are
going on with theso papers nnd wo hope
Murphy will oomi forward within n
nhort time when ho is fully convinced that
ho Isn't to bo am-Htcd."
TlilnU ilnrpliy I'Vnrs Poller.
Alexander Horkinan iiald ho didn't know
whero Murphy vn, hut h.ul an Idoa the
young man was hiding becuuso bo was
afraid the police "might frame him up."
Ho refused to explain that the-o'ry. Mrs.
Caron told the pollen that her son, who
was In the navy for a whilo and later an
electrician and machinist, was stationed
et tho Newport toipcdo station for a time,
Thero ho must havo had somo acquaint
unco with explosives,
Alderman Charles Dcianiy of the
Tweuiy-tlfth Assembly district said yes.
terday that at tho meeting of tho Hoard
to-day lio would lutroduco u it-solution
forbldil'ni: the anarchist funeral on Sat
urday on tin) ground ttt.it It might tend
to e-ause disorder."
Mayor Mltchel'H opinion of tho bomb
explosion Is that "anarchy seemn to haio
got Its desserts and It also seems to ilem-
onstrato that the pollen havo been Justi
fied In tnklng picciiutlonary measures as
have." Tho .Mayor also referred
to It as a "lamentablo accident."
"Do you think that tho police have
gono far enough'.'" was nfked.
"I do not know what other measures
tlio polleo could have taken. Tlify are
watching all tho time."
"Did u know Murphy had called to
sco you
"No," said the Major, who added that
ho didn't think Murphy ever thought of
any ilnlciico ngnlnht him.
It was liarncd yesterday that the po
lice knew Caron and somo other nnnr
chlsts were living ut 1G21 Lexington avo-
Hue. but had no icason for suspcctiiii;
tliini above scores of anarchists and In
cited not as much us some.
Dentil of Arthur Cnron mill Com-
luinloiia Unit Tnrrytimii Omen.
Taiiuvtown, July C. -Tho trials of
Hecky Kdehiohn and luno other anarch
ists for speaklnK without a permit In
Tarrytown on May at were again post
poned to-day, this time until 1 1 A. M.
July 20. li.it t was continued at $200 eaeli,
except that the ball of Arthur Caron and
Charles HerB, killed In tho bomb cxplo-
moii in .ew lorle on Saturday, was re
leased, Justus Sheffield, counsel for tho anarch
ists ; District Attorney I'rederlck I). Wr. ks,
an Assistant District Attorney unit Justice
of tho 1'eacc .Moorhouse wcro the only
persons in the Justice's Court at 11
o'Xock this morning when tho cases were
called. Chief of l'ollco Howies locked the
court room door.
Then Mr. Shelllehl asked for nn ad
Jouriiment hecause the deaths of Caron
end Herx Would m:ikM If iinprMirc tgw
'''I'" to obtain from other source the evi-
encu tliry were to have Riven. In addl-
tlon. Helen Harris, called Helen of Troy
waH nb,Bnt amr c,,i;',(!1li , " L,
testimony. District Attorney Weeps wis
wIIIIhb, so Judge Moorhouse named July
20 for tho trials.
, , , . . . ' , i. ......
ln r Iut- for the day met the anarchists
mid their friends at the mllro.nl station
T ' w,'ro "'t'"r,etl t the police station,
iu1 "der Uie Justice's Court, searched
for weapons and then let go. Learning
of thp poxtponement of their cases, they
"t nce returned to New York,
Although four denutlM were tnt'im orr
J. I. Itockefeller's estate at Pocentlro
Hills last week liecaure It was believe el
that tlio I. V. W. trouble was subsiding,
the iruard was roenforced again to-day
lifter the agitators weire brought here for
.Mr. Ilorkefeller had re-prcntatlves nt
the trial and they watched the pri.oinrs
and Hcrkman nnd Hecky ndelsein elosrly.
It was seild that the deputies wero sent
to the trial so a.i to become acquainted
witli the agitators and to bo In n better
loItlon to protect tho estate should nny
of them appear there1.
Tho Rockefeller estate Is clostly guardeel
and it will bo until tho troublw is over.
.nr. iiocacmier will Do 75 years old on
Wednesdnv, but eiwing to the 1. W. W
trouble It Is believed ho will e-clehrate ' "ml N lzmi)r Into bankruptcy he
ths elay quktly playlnc golf tn tlio morn-' "ent out a statement saying his net ns
Ins witli a few friends nnd possibly In-! I"',s Wcr(' ""O'1. A short tlrno after
viung in somo neighbors to an organ
recital In the overling
Painter, llei enllnir .Vi'rk, Proles Mr
Isn't Wife Deserter,
Mrs. Sablno Hollg of 222 Knst Thir
teenth street, who was deserted bv her
husband a year ago, went up to Patrolman '
Wlmner last evening nnd said that ilollgl
U'lIM U'firlfltlt- nit n l.nli,l.. I., ,1... .
ment limisn nt 5r. IVnir.l i.,i, ee-"..
" "m. n .. i. ill Miu ilHHl
She showed the copy If a warranT for I I. 1
arrest, which she had obtained from tho
Domestic Itehitlons Court, and a. ,..,.! j
Into the 1 , . K U n"U
into tho building.
Thero he found n man who looked like
the photograph and hail a mole on his
cheek, which Mrs. Hollg had described
The man said he was Thomas Mauro of,u tho strikers aro taken back,' . ml that
1551 Pleasant avenue, and that he had a the, matters In dispute then lo nrbltrate-d
...... .uu. ........ I.-I. ...I.I ..an iieier.
heard of Mrs. Hollg. Wlmner took tiSni
to tho street and when Mrs. Hollg saw ;
lilm who pxclulmuil, ' nnt's my lnisbrm!
Ho tho trio, much iiKaltie-t MuuroN
wishes, went to thu Wist 100th street
stution, whero Mrs. HoIIk rcncwetl her
assertions iiml her efforts to embrace
Mauro. As a final proof that she Knew
her own husband .Mrs. Unlit: ilercrlbeil a
secoiul mole on the man'u neck. Il re
moved his collar ami thero was no mole
"Well, I rcuess I'm uroiip," sho said,
mid Mauro went home tn his wife anil four
Triiiisf-r Title- lit I'mpe'rly !lerr lei
Mt-illi'nl Institute.
Title tu the property ami bulldliiRs of
the llncliefcltcr Instlluto for Medical lie
search em Hie Kast Itlver Hits trans
fureil yesterday by John 1'. Itoclteftllcr,
Jr., lo the corporation. Tlio propiiity Is
the l.irKCbt used by a mcdleal Institution
In tho city. It covers three full blocks,
eachlne from tho north side of Sixty.
rouith street to the noun side or Hlxy.
soventh street and from Avenue A In tho
nasi Itlver, It is wortlt tno" than ?cnn,
Ofin, which Is the valuation placed on It
last year by the city's tax appraisers.
Part of the property Is exempted from
MAY BE $1,000,000
Federal Grand Jury Tndirts H.
J. Dictz nnd Son, llnnkrupts,
In Alleged riot.
'Hoiirktiy started tnqutky
Pnwnsliop Theft, of Diamonds
Led to Failures and Fed
oral Investigations.
A diamond smuggllnir plot which may
Involve more than $l,00n,onn after the
Federal authorities her and the Cana
illnn authorities In Montreal have finished
their Joint Investigation In described In
an Indictment handed down yesterday by
tho federal urnml Jurv against Herman
J. Diet, a bankrupt diamond broker of
N'msui street, and his son, Charles
Dietr.. Ho.v many more may bo Involved
In tho nlb'ced plot remains for further
sessions of tho Grand Jury to disclose.
' As i emote as the connection may seem,
I tho alleged scheme to buy diamonds In
Kurcpo and ship them Into this country
by way of Montreel might have gono un
Idlsrenercd If It had not been for tho rob
bery of a pownshop run by Martin Simons
ft Son at 91 Hester street Tho rob
bery was tho puff of wind that blew down
an elaborate house of cards constructed
of promlt'fory notes, causing several fall
urn and a number of Indictments for
banlruptcy fraud.
Ilcrntm Diets, according to his own
I story to.d a tho bankruptcy proceedings
lHg,tlnt bun before Hitikruptcy Comniis.
I Honor Rllchrlrt, pawned In tho Simons
I shop imny of the diamonds brought from
C.inad'i. Deprived of tho diamonds
through the robbery, he was unablo to
meet the notes with which ho had bought
tho gem
OtMirrN Go Under.
These notes wero dlscount'd or In
dorsed by Joseph Samuels A Co., manu
facturers of millinery, braids nnd em
broidery In this city, and Aaronson A
Kutctiborg, pawnbrokers of Montreal.
Consequently the Samuels company and
two ef Its subildlarli'S, as well as tho
Montreal i.-ottccrn, went under.
The bankruptcy proceedings against
the l.itt-r i-oncerns disclosed somo high
llnaiice on tho part of Jaciiues Samuels,
l.cad o.' too Samuels i'oiic riu, who was
iadl.-ted I.uer with ninn others. Including
several members of his family, fftr con
cealment of assets.
Assistant United Stiles Attorney Sam
t'el Itershensteln whibi delving Into the
InttVato noto transactions between tho
Dletzes ami the other concerns was In
formed by a witness that the proceeds
of tho notes had been used In the pur
chase of diamonds. This Information was
Imparted to Collector of tho Port Dudley
l'lelel Malone who paid a Hying trip to
Washington, where ho saw Secret Service
Chief Klynn and borrowed from the latter
one of his best agents, who was sent to
Montreal. The agent was visited thero
recently by Assistant I'nlted States At
torney Wood, who returned with enough
evidence to get the Indictments handed
down yesterday.
Deserllies Aliened eliemr.
The alleged smuggling scheme, as de
scribed by Mr, Wood, provided for the
purchase of the diamonds from (Iruenz
weig & .linmer of Antwerp, Holland, and
their shipment to the firm of Aaron -on
& Itlitenberg. Tho gems were brought In
openly on this leg of the Journey, ns Can
uda has no t.irlfT. From Montreal, how
ever, the dlitinonds were carried acrofs
th- border, m tho story runs, In a rubber
tube. Sometimes, It h alleged, the gems
wero entrusted to an agent, who got from
$30 to $100 for delivering them to Dletr.
In this city. In tho ease of extra hi-avv
j consignments, however. Dletz or his son
VL'nttf lit fn..-A..1 r,.
..,., r. ii un uiii purpose oi
.... . t-nnn.in
, 3,0r;"0?, ' ' "n"',0,'
The largest specific I nstAnrA nf ttmlir.
gllng chnrged ln the Indictment la $50,000
worth of unset gems, said tn bw iion
brought ocross tho border by Ilcrmnn J.
iieii iinn nis i-on on .March 25, 1911.
tenner Merman Diet nor his son has
been seen In this tiart of th emniirv I
since the criminal proceedings were begun
against Jacques Samuels and the others. 1
Mn Inilli'leil for Sendlnc Aliened
l'"iilse Stiiti-nirnts li- Mnll.
David Vlzmor, a silk manufacturer,
with olllces In 15 WrM Twenty-slxth street,
was indicted yesterday by u Federal
(Irand Jury on the charge of using tho
malls to defraud. Tho Indictment marked
a new move on the part of United States
Attorney II. Snowdcn .Marshall to get
after alleged fraudulent bankrunts.
. " '"barged that prior to the I
ii is cnargen mat prior to the time
"'"" "w" "iiiKrupicy proceedings were
siorteil. Ills assets were round tn lu.
J20.000, It Is charged, and his liabilities
40,000. Hitherto only alleged get rich
quick schemers have been indicted for
using tho malls to defraud,
Teamsters' 1'olon Offers tn Arbltrntr
Willi Transfer ('imipniiy.
! """I -"V"" ' "eagan or mo HUHe
.i en,.i.....i .. . .
uk. to Iho le'ldc Tnu ui I ? clnnnulv
to, ,, ,, , ,?. ,, iv n tnip.my
f:;rU5Ul'c" Tlulhllng' Mrlal "aCe? '
I U"1""' l" 11,0 a"-,0 which Lis tied i
I op worn on ino new j;quttallc I.lfo and
Yale Club hulldlnKs.
The ofTer Is thnt tho men return to
nvirlr tllnlui Iia il,l .,.., .111......
rno question or wage has not entered
nt u,o controversy. It Is expected that
., settlement of somo kind will bo iraeheri
Hi!ititoi.vTi:v no i icr..
nsTATi: ui' ut.r.AiiiiTii tuimmiju! i
ilermneil. -Ill tmrnuiini'i. of mi order of lion,
ituiir.ier i.i'i'i.ejw r un i.ini, a puiroeate
nf the ('mnity nf New Vork, ilnte-d Slay :th,
191 1. NOTR'i: l lieiehy clveii to all imr-
mix huliiK clHliiia aealnHt Kllanbeth Trim
mr, 1st" uf the County nf Ni-w Vnrlt, de.
remei. tn i. relent tlm sums lth vouchers
therenf In the auliacrlbtrs at their plnrn of
tnuimi'tliiK biulnrMi, Ituouu S3.S5, Hronx
HiillilliiR. No. !0 Willie Avenue', llronv. In
the- City f New Vork, on or before the IStti
diiy of Pereniber next (1914).
Dnted, New Vork. Hie tlrnt day of .lime, 1914
TIIKoiiOIti: H. TltlM.MWt.
J. 1IOMr.lt IIII.DURTH. i:i AUorneyr"for
Hxerutnm, llronx HMb 3rd Ave. at
14Slh Ht , New Vork city.
KliNNV. WILLIAM J. If.- -Pursuant tn nn
order nt HON. JOHN, .1, (lll.MIA.M. Hurrn
cjtn of tho Counly nf Nii,ui. nollrn ,
hereby Riven Hi .ill pertonx having claims
HKulntt WIM.IAM J It. K'lINNV. late of
the Town of Hempstead, In tin, aa, county,
deceased, to present the sumo v.llli th
vouchers thereof, to the eubsrrlbrr tho
executor nf the last will und testament nf
sslil deceuseit, at his plaro ( tiuiisnrtlng
tmslnese nt the nthce nf Charles K. Kelley,
CO V.'a'! ."tre'l Vnik I'llv, on or befor
til 15th ilsy nf November net
IlMle-d. .Mlnenta. N. V. April 1.14
NIlAf. r HIlCICKIt. Kxeeutor.
CHArtl.KH K. ItKl.t.liV, Attorney fnr Ki
cutor, CO Wall Strtet. New fork City.
Sheriff Tnkeu Precautions Because
of Ilia C linn Bed Demeanor.
Albant, July . Malcolm Clifford. Jr.,
la under constant guard at the Albany
county Jalt. Sheriff Pcoselcy announced
to-night. This precaution is taken be
muse, of tho changed demeanor of tho
prisoner. The Sheriff nays ho ha lost
his norvo and Is cheerful only after visits
from his relatives. A nail fllo which
young Clifford had In his possenslon was
tnken from him to-day. Tho Sheriff
said ho thouught It best to aearch (HfforJ
nnd finding tho tils texk It from him as a
matter of precaution.
"ll cts as though he wan thinking
hard," said the Sheriff, "and Is very
serious, which contrasts with the air of
confidence he displayed until the close of ,
his trial." 1
District Attorney Alexander declared '
to-day that he. would try Olfford again in
tho fall. He belleven that tho votn of
seven of tho Jurymen for conviction of
second degree murdor at the first trial
leaves no other course, open to him.
Wllcux, Indicted With Itnrke, Pleads
IVot nlltr Hall, flO.OOO.
rtobtrt Wilcox, on or tho Parrama
merchants, Indicted with John llurkc.
former head of tho commissary deprt
nwint of the Panama. Carral Zono. ap
peared before Judgn Orubb In the United
State-) District Court ywrterdiy and en
tercel a plea of not guilty. He was held In
510.000 ball.
Wilcox, like- tho other merchant In-
en-teu, la charged with glvlnp Hurke
bribes In order to Induce him to buy
Huppne-i irom mm. iiurKo is cTrarifed
wnn accepting tlio bribes.
6132 cross-barred white
linen handkerchiefs.
A special purchase picked
up by our buyer in Belfast.
Regular 50c. value.
25c. now.
$2.75 per dozen.
5142 wash four-in-hands.
Fancy figured and panelled
A special purchase plus a
clean-up of our own stock.
Regular 50c. value.
25 c. now.
Everything men and boys
Rogers Peet Company
Three Broadway Storei
t at at
Warren St. 13th St. 34th St.
I cation of a
Restaurant is of
little importance.
It may move
from one end of
the city to the
other, but so long
as it lives up to
its name and
fame of doing
some one thing
or things better
than any other
Restaurant its
patrons will con
tinue to wear a
pathway to its
The Luncheon at
60c and the Dinner
at $1.00 are ex
amples of Cafe
Boulevard quality
and service.
Dancing in the Grille
every evening from
dinner to closing time.
Mth btrtet. near lib At.
29 Welt 42nd Street
An entertaining one-act remedy
with music and clever
admissio n v n r, r,
.Shadows of, "Mr. lllnitles' 'The Violin
Tho raat, Melodrama," of U alcur.
Tin: i:.ai.i: s math.-
Strand Orrh. it Koluists,
NxtWk 'Utile UrayUdy'
l 41 ft,
'Noun lo
II JO P.U., 10-tO,
Hi Beji&viRD IK
M II feateM ( lid xhwf
ui an
I Hi JTlThe mere Ir-
11 f HR
III .jj e-ueivjii ejl n II
QK EL XflHL Herald Square, LaT
Special Economies in
and Office Supplies
A sale that will Intereit every buslnesi man, for the saving
are aubatantlal and the offering Include the ataple requlilte
for modern otTice equipment in qualities and style for which
there is constant demand.
It will pay you to buy Stationery supplies NOW for the next
half yenr's requirements and to inspect the complete and com
prehensive stocks displayed in the Department conveniently
located on the Main Floor 35th St. near the New Men'
Entrance, which i a special door, a dozen steps west of Broadway
on 35th Street.
Carbon Paper lisually 59c Now 39c
Boxes of 100 sheets fine grade, in size 8x10 J-j inches.
Blank Books
Usually 44c
Canvas covered with Rus
sia leather covers; 300 pages,
"Ledger," "Single Ledger,"
and "Journal" ruling.
"Saxon" Loose
Leaf Ledgers
Usually $3.21 $2.97
"Russia Skiver" cloth (Ides
and leather corners) 300 pages,
"Ledrer," "Single," Slzo 9
11? Inches) complete with 300
pages and index.
Writing Pads Usually 9c to 20c Ac each
A special purchase; assorted sire and styles; of fine quality
paper- In linen and bond finish, alio in "onion skin" paper.
PPer (WW)
Usually 39c 29c
Packages of 500 sheets, in
size 8';xll inches.
Box Files each 23c
Strong nnd well finishedi
with bras map catch and
(per thousand) 78c
Excellent grade, pure white
stock) sizes 6l or 6'4 inches.
(Pocked 250 in a box.)
Reminder Pads
Usually 12c each 2c
Exceptional value in these
handy Pads, bound with
metal edges.
Ink Stands
Usually 39c 29c
Square glass bottle on oak
base; very neat design.
Wire Letter
Trays Special each 13c
Strong and well finished,
with rubber feet.
24c 14c
a dozen
Special purchase
of Pencils in as
sorted finishes.
With or without
Pens 59c
Usually 75c. (a
gross). The popu
lar "048."
"Commercial" c
'-5 pints, 18c.
Pints, 28c.
Quarts, 46c.
Gem Paper
Box of 100
No. 1 size, 3c.
1,000 clips, 24c.
rnee New Vnrk LradliiK theatres Have
Nn DriillllRs Wllti llir l)n i n.
MATS. 'H)-M01UU)W A SATUItDAY. 2:14.
ine lino i.siftinnnrii numnipr .iimn.
After the lVrformnnre Don't Pall to Visit
In i hi- Aerial Canlrns Alnn the Theatre.
r.r.MlllltllCIf INS lltr.NI'.HAMMIt.Mt
IteseriuTsliles III advance Phone llryantsiwi.
UlinCnN W tlthHI. MAT 'lO-M'W J-30.
A JlrtectHn t ninnly of
I.aushs A Thrills- I Mi:
KNle-KltlKX KKIt. Dally ?'SAS!l5Shnrn.
-M'liPAssi'.siifMAN itia.irr "-Am usilc
Onhntnif mt 1 1 I J W Choiml
1 of 30 Lil i I a 1 fil "t "O I
ii:o. pnuiuir n'uavikeiii st
i:rs. SMS.
31, uuunn d i
op Mat Tom',Soclol,.Ki.
ULUBt .tri A (j,,,., .senli Heertel
1 ul ii ei I Mullen Pictures Present Annette
KELLERMANN n ' i.w4;iin:n.
Amateur rilmlnalliin
f tiN I i.reiM
lAery i:enlnu.
DCDIIRI IP lll-KAY au'10 H:.HI.
KtrUDs.lv ,Seatsresereel!5cn:tWic
ABiai ItTDl In llieft-Aet PleturlMtlmi
ft Dall:
,iMVi:itMi:iN'S 1 lltll'DINI. l'anny llrlein.
Dally Mat., J5i Ml 1 ten other Hie Ails.
I'linular !- Tn.nl'w 3 Kill.
' I W 4K SI
Pll P hl'irD'S .Inn Sawjcr, llclle llaker,
It I A n C lAdrlaldi. i. lluiihe'S. Ilutll
A U A O t Itoye, lllucs 4 lox, etc.
R. W. Msty A Co.'a Attraetfaa Arm Tliafr Law Pricw,
Bra4wr, IM to 31th 9t
Blank Books
Usually 82c 71c
Black cloth covered; Russia
leather back and corner 390
pages. "Ledger," "Single
Ledger," and "Journal" rul
ings. Buyer's Leather
"Memo" Books
Usually 44c 22c
Fine grade of black leather,
filled with good quality paper
with index.
Same style, but with index;
usually 29c, at 16c.
Oblong Counter
Rnnkn 'nva
Special at 7c to 17c
Conva covered and of vari
ous sizes.
Filing Cards
Usually lie
(per 100) 5c
Excellent grade white cards;
horizontal ruling.
Manilla Pay
per 500) 32c
Very heavy quality and of
fine grade. (Packed in boxes
of 500.)
Usually 19c each 4c
With very large figures; a
day to a sheet. Very special.
Cut Glass
Ink Stands 42c & 54c
Usually 69c. and 89c. Double
wells, and base of solid glass;
two sizes.
Bond Boxes
Usually 34c each 17c
Japanned finish, with lock
and key.
White Paste
with brush,
5 oz. size, 21c.
Without brush,
18'foz. size, 38c. a.
Erasers .
Usually '5c.
Special at 2c. each
Moor. 35tli St., Centre anil ttear
uiiutcd niancu ii'
nimtn unnutn 1 erninic. at
Matinee Tn-ilay ItiH ilnti .Seals JI A SI vi
IHI-SlMMF.lt! AMI lin.-ellimi
ANA IMINiSl:f.N I.V.M'.H ToltK." Tin, i
.'III I II Hl.Tlica. i:s.ssn.
Mat, To-ni'iv H.SQ
rilMP.IIV Theatre. 4lt hi. near l''
Ma',? WiJliop- KITTY Mac KAY
Afta, S and 4 Ilrst Seats, ? ,
i:rs. s:to isc iu &v
Conner llnultt IJIeotrlc Comn inv
421-3 Clisson Avenui-, llnroUK'l of Hi -County
ot Klnu-s. New York City, on ' '
July Utll, 1914, at 11)100 A M 4s I . .
(hooper Hewitt Klertrln Company i"'" "
six lloor stands of clKht IlKhts est
nlete, 12 Type P.. Cooper Hewl"
conelstlnir or two rellliiu hanks nf six 'K
eaihi 4i Typo P.. C'uouer llewl' '
innslstlni: of seven celling- bunk" -
lamps each! 10 Type 7. Cuoper II
guarts Unips. complete. Ths ln' '
sold tn 8 B. V. Taylor on three r"
conditional bills nf sale, thcie belne a
ance. ilu nf tho sum of M.OkS Si '
Interest from tho nth day nf June 1
t'nlen the said amount, with Interest "
paid nn or beforo the. time set f- '
sale Thereof, said llh' will l kno ke i
down to the highest bidder
llfNT 1I1I.I.A IH.TTrf. Atiornevsforf J
Hewitt Klectrlo Company. 16i llro4
lloruiiah nf Manhattan, New oik e
Tinted. New York, -Inly 1st. 1911
NOTIt i: 1H Hrilir.HV HIVK.V t'
Ilo.'hstetter lUlllty Co.. Inc. a 'I"1'",,,
corpor.itlon hsvlnir Us prlm-lpial ;",
olflca In the Hornuith of Manlia'taii,
.'ounty ,md Htata of New York, w' aPP'J
ill a supreme Court of th" Htala of N V! 'j
at a special term thereof. Part l f
nt tho County Court House In ths Ciy
County ef New York on the SJtli day '
114, nt 0J0 o'clock In the forenoon nt
clay, or as soon thereafter as
be heard, for an onler aulhorUI f
corporation tn ehanne Its enrporate nsm"
the Plersnn Film Laboratories n
Dated su Vi.rk. July Tin I-1
HiH'iisTnTTi:n i-Titrrv ;
By PAUL M. I'IKIIBON. I'rsildent.

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