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Partly cloudy to-(uiy and to-jnorrowi
light to moderate south'wjnds.
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NEW YORK, FRIDAY, JULY 10, 1914. CopVripht. litis, by the Sim i-rtofhio- and rubllihing Auoclatlon.
Iiiilic.itions Point to Trouble
on Hat tie of Uoyiic
Captain Ci'iiijr Issues Ulster's
Kosolve Plan Taking
Over the Government.
But Hip Protestant, "Army"
Hotter Prilled and Tlct
tpr Equipped.
forms or equipment and barely as much
drill ns have Hoy Scouts.
The Irish volunteers nre strong In num
bers and a sizable fraction are fast be
coming strong otherwise. The enrolment
Is kept a secret by lenders, hut It Is be
lieved that It Is now somewhere about
110.000 to 125,000. In two months the
growth has been marvellous. For the
moment the policy of civil and military
leaders Is naturally against revealing the
real numbers and the organization of the
Nationalist volunteers. Hut from sources
which seem to bo Inspired It Is learned
that In Connaught there are about 15,000
or 20,000: In Lelnstcr, 45,000 or 80.000 ;
In Minister, 20,000 to 23,000, and In Ul
ster, .10,000 or 35,000.
.s yet there are few rifles and fewer
uniforms, l'ew men are even Imperfectly
drilled ns yet. Of equipment there la
practically none at this moment.
Tho force Is almost entirely Infantry.
Thero Is a very minute number of mounted
Infantrymen. Of artillery or cavalry there
Is practically none at all. Thero Is. how
ever, a very good corps of despatch riders.
Lords Discuss Amending II 1 1 1
The debate on tho amending bill to
the home rule bill In Its committee stage
was resumed In the House of Iords tills
evening. Iord Iatisdownc, lender of the
Opposition In the House of Lords, de
clared thnt tho amendment which hail
been proposed for tho exclusion of the
whole of Ulster from the operations of
the home rule mensure wns vital to the
Unionists, and thnt they would ndhcro
to It.
The Marquis of Crewe, the Govern
mnt leader In the Lords, replied that
all the amendments would doubtless bo
h subject for further discussion between
the ltoue of Lords and the llousn ft
Commons, but bo was not prepared to
say at present that If such a discussion
Mrs. Weaverson, 65, Asks
f?2rt0,000 of Mrs. Frntnc, 72
Mnn In Case Is 00.
Defendant. nnd Weaverson
Christ Inn Scientists: IMnin
liff n Mnzdnznnnist.
'r'tiit l"nbl Vfttxitch lo Tnr !t ..
Lonpon. July !. Sir Kdwnrd Carson,
trailer left t. mi, Ion led to the alteration of the bill
u' .. - .-. ... i
for Belfast to-day to bo present at the
federation of tho anniversary of the
Fittle of the Hoync on duly 12, when
(wording to all Indications a clash la
likely to occur iK-twcen the two "tin
liivful" nrinlen of Ireland, the Ulster
volunteers and the Nationalist volun
teers. 8lr l.dward will be met on Ills arrival
at Belfast by a gu.-.rd of 4nn men who
will carry rifles and fixed bayonets.
.lust before- he left London Sir F.d
wsrd expressed regret that he wan
fotnc back to Ulster without a tol.en of
reaen and good will from the Govern
ment He said In- had received the most
t fa rating report in repird to the in
tense, desire of Ulster for Immediate ac
tion. He will be able to Judge, for him
self when he arrives ut Relfas,t how
near the breaking point affairs arn at
A J250.000 alienation suit with unu
sual features was filed In tho Supreme
Court yesterday against Mrs. Caroline W.
Frame, one of the wealthiest members of
tho Christian Science Church, nnd grand
daughter of the late Samuel Wlllets. Mrs.
Frame, who lives In the I'atcrno, nt 116th
street and Hlverslde Drive, Is the widow
of Charles 1. Frame, an Insurance man
who died In 1903 nnd left her 11,000.000.
Sho Inherited nearly as much from her
Mrs. Frame Is accused of alienating
the affections of Fred Weaverson. for the
past twelve years her private secretary,
who shares an office at 30 Church street
with Montgomery Wadded, a consulting
engineer, and who has been first reader
of the Fifth Christian Salonce Church at
211 Madison axenue, which Mrs. Frame
founded several years ago. The plain,
tiff is Mrs. Brownto Hathboun Weaverson,
alteration need be exclusively confined to.w-io occupies an apar.in.-m ... v.,.. .....
the excluded portion of Ulster. I floor of the I'atcrno apartments as Mrs.
It Is plain that tho House of Lords Frame, and whose husband still lives In
will ndopt the Unionist amendments to I the np.irtment, although It was said that
Operated Upon for Appendicitis nnd
Dntcnme Is Donbtfnl.
Albant, July 9, Stricken with ap
pendicitis soon after leaving the Capitol,
where ha attended a meeting of the trustees
of public buildings, Speaker Thaddeus C,
Sweet of the State Assembly was rushed
to a local hospital to-night and Imme
diately operated upon, The doctors are
doubtful about the outcome of tho operation.
Speaker Sweet complained yesterJay of
feeling 111, but at that lime his trouble
was diagnosed a Intestinal disturbances.
After leaving the Capitol to-night he was
attacked with severo pains'.
His physician Immediately called a con
sultation of doctors nnd tho trouble was
dlngnnscd ns nppendlcltl". Dr. Arthur N.
Kiting, under whose direction lm was
rushed to the hospital, performed an
'Mr. Sweet was elected Speaker at the
last session of the Legislature over As
semblyman Harold .). lllnman after a
brief deadlock. He has been In the As
sembly since 1910.
Undertow Drags' Down Two
Girls nnd Mnn nt a Sun
tiny School Picnic.
Party of Four on Lop; Plunge
In When the Haft
Nesr York WrcstllnK Instructor
Mrnrk by Unit on Knrm.
Mount Jlorttiis, N. Y July 9. Hugh
t.conard, wrestling Instructor of the New
York Athletic Club, New York city, was
struck by lightning nt his farm near llel-
fast during an electric storm this after
noon and Instantly killed.
He was 46 years old and Is survived by
four daughters.
Irtish T-ennnrd was widely known In
wrestling circles and previous to Ills tak
ing up Ida duties as Instructor nt the New
York Athletic Club was tho champion
middleweight. Ho went to tho New York
Athletic Club when that organization nrai
took up wrestling. That was twenty-two
the amending bill, but tho Government bo has not taken a meal incro eincn mai
h:ia not yet Imllcateil wnai will
happen In the House of e'omtnons.
Atlantic City Runs on Shoals
anil Sends Out Wireless Calls
for Assistance.
The little steel steamer Atlantic City
of the Atlantic Transportation Line, used
for the stimmer n; a fishing boar, broke
down off llarnegat yesterday afternoon
while returning to Atlantic city with a
luplf nt :itielr. Tim llta rinmlnlnn llllr
About the same time that Sir IM- I ,,,,.., , yesterday from Norfolk,
ward Carson left laindnn dipt, .lumen i 1(.arnr(, of n,r p,R,t nml rcnt ollt a
('rule, hli lieutenant In Ireland. t wlr-Iot m-HMSf ic- vlng that . she needed
nounred nt Belfast that there would bo , assistance. Tim revenue cutter Onondaga,
" special meeting of tho Ulster pmvl- patrolling the coast, caught the messsge
i.onsl government to-morrow. TIiIh Island went looking for the Atlantic City,
the find time, thnt ruch n. meeting has According to a despatch from Atlantic
then December. Mrs. Weaverson lias been mar
I rled for thirty-three years and Is 65 years
I old. while her husband Is about 6. Mrs.
STEAMER BREAKS DOWN ySr!!iU"ap"r,awi.n
uiunmuii unurmu uuiin companlon ntlrt lMS a fnm,,y f grownup
i nmirn nnArninnin it rnn I children living out of tho city.
AMM UKUUNUlHll IN rUtfi The papers In the suit were served on
Mm. Fram t ttfitii street sou t.i.irc
mont avenue while, she was sitting In her
automobile with Weaverson. Mrs. Frame
was out of the city yesterday, but It
was said by h'r attorney, Aaron P Jet-
more, that she was at a los to under-
stand the rc,on for tho suit, since wea
verson and his wife have not separated.
It was stated that the fact that Mrs.
Weaverson Is not a believer In Christian
Science bad something to do with her
determination to rue". Mrs. Frame ha
been the chief mirce of support for Wca.
verson and his wlfi for years. It wai
said. 4
Plaintiff a Mnzdnsnnnlit.
In a talk with a SfN man last night
concerning her reason for bringing the
suit Mrs. Weaverson made It plain that
lierniflii Poller Were Wnrnrd Last
April From SnrnJevo.
Spteial Cablt Dematch to Tin Scs,
Hini.l.v, July 9. A deep Impression has
been created hero by an official an
nouncement that the Clerman jmllce in
April last received a warning from Sara
jevo, Hosnla, where Archduke Francs
Ferdinand and the Duchess of Hohcnberg
were assassinated, that a Servian Slav
secret committee was In existence In Her.
Ill) nnd that It was plotting to assassinato
the Kaiser.
The warning was anonymous and lh?
police paid no serious attention to It, but
since the murder of Archduke Francis
Ferdinand they have made lgoroin
searches. of bouss. Yesterday they raided
premises at Charlottenberg which were
occupied by Servian students nnd sclr.ed
a m.-UB of documents.
Withhold Itcpnrt on Nomi
nation I'ntil Hunker
Is Quizzed.
years ago. and tonard had lcon In the lMKI'SM Y 7 TO !
service of thn club ever slnco as chief In- lu" 1 "
Tno young women nnd one of their es-
eorts, members of a rnrty of four who
went, bathing at Tong lleach yesterday
afternoon at a plenlo of the Itlchmond
Hill Sunday School Union, wero drowned
In the surf off the beach between the Nas
sau .and Trouvllle hotels by the overturn
Ing of a heavy log on which the four wero
Ono of the young men, whose sister wai j
drowned, managed to swim osbore after
a desperate attempt to nivp her. The
liodles of one of the girls and the other
young man were can-led out to sea by
tho fbh tide.
The Prnnnetl.
miKvr.s, onAft:. t: er m. of to: wal
nut street, Hlchmonrf Hill.
IIOVCHAFT. CAttOMNn. I years old. 0
Oak street, Itlelininnd Hill.
HKArit, NOKMAN, :J yesrs old, 40 Kerrl"
street, ttlehniond Hill.
Clifford I!eocs, Oraoc's brother, col
lapel on 'the mud after frantic calls for
help, which finally attracted the atten
tion of about n thousand other ba-thers,
nearly all picnickers, who were .i uuar- !
structor. Ho had turned out many cnam
plons and one of his most ardent pupils
waa William II. 1'nge. the present presi
dent of tho club.
Child la lllRitrr Thnn Ills Uncle nnd
Doctors Hope.
Ar.Toos-A, Pa.. July 9. Itlalr county
physicians are watching with Interest
the efTorts to Induce artlllclal growth
In a dwarf, lleorgo Sehroeder of Clay
port, who Is .lit enrs old, stands to
Indies high. Ills nephew, .lules Sehroeder,
aged T, Is Al Inches high, but shows
signs of nrrested development.
Dally administration of a product of
the thyroid glands of lamb nnd sheep
arn given to .lulea nnd under this treat
ment It Is expected to increaso his stat
ure to that of full grown men.
Personal Choice'' of Presi
dent, .Regarded ns
Trust Ally.
New York Hnnher Will Let, Ids
Name Stand for Reserve
Hon rd.
I. lent. Ilnlllnner's 1'lngrrn ("ill OrT h
Vrrn t'rnr. Street ('nr.
.Sprnnl ruble Dtricl In Tnr Scs
Vr.nA Cvxr.. July 3. Lieut Halllnger
of tho Seventh Infantry, the aviator whose I
flights have Ix-cn of great lwnellt to thn , Hoard.
army and navy, fell from a street car this I
! afternoon. One of the wheels of the car,'"
WASllt.s-riTcis, July fl. The Senate
Commltteo on Hanking nnd" Currency
voted 7 to 4 to-day to report unfavor
ably the nomination of Thomas D. .Toned
of Chicago for tho Federal lteserv
The committee hImi went on
Wealthy Gconriii Woman (Sets
heller Sayincr Son Will
Meet Same Fnte.
Atlanta. July !.--Mrs. John V.
Nehns of Snnriio. tra., widow of the lUe
John Nclms, wlio was United Statea Mar
shal under President Cleveland ami after
word Sheriff of Atlanta for maaiy yearn,
went to Cblef Uwli Haley of the United !
SUtes Hureau of Investigation here to-1
day and 4 old him that Mie had received a
letter from her daughter, Mrs. IIIols" j
Dennis, saying that ulin had murdered her I
slater In HouMnn. Tex., and waa on her.
Dorotliy Tinner RcacliPS Oppo
site Shore in Hour
nnd Half.
City Inst night the dltahled vessel ran
on shoals In a fog but worked herself
off and headed for Atlantic City. She wnn
seen making her way down the coast
early last evening. Tim Forked Itlver
life saving station. S3 miles north of At-
, ! lantlc City, was standing by Inst night
I In render nSHlst.illl'f If the little shlD
keen called rlnco tho provisional gov
ernment vn Instituted. It f nof
called nt the special request of Hlf
Kdwnrd Carbon.
rtist something serious Is contemplnted
om nllhnut a)lng. f.rerj thing li now
In remllnrss for the final step and posltily
to.mnrrnu. meettnir has hern railed to
thl, In the ' ""UI" renuue n
A message received from Capt. Towns-
I end of the Atlantic City said be was
' bothered by engine trouble. It Is sup-
she had not objected to her husband's be- wny to S.in Fninclwo to kill her brother,
lief In Christian Sclenco and said that her Marshall.
own rellslon was not much different. She chief Haley Mnt out n general alarm at
id thnt she had even asked her husband : oler.
.... ihrlin,fi .tenee' i v..l...u ,nl.l tl..ln,. Mini I .1.iif-!i-l 1 '
lu taK wrio ui; ' . ". 'thousand or inoro went In bathing a:
Deauvllle baths. Miss Iteevcs and
' .. M ...I .1.. a, 1. 1.. ,..f, , I
ter of a mllo down the l.'ach at llif'' """ lm"HI
tlAniivlllA l.athltir- Mlfitlnn. II It.nlt an 1
I hour to revivo him. j
J Misa Itoycrnft grappled with U O. Phil- I
j lips, who wa.i tho limrcfi. bather to the j
small party who swain to her rescue. She
almost pulled lilni down with her, but he 1
(struggled free. Her body uaa brought
'ashore about l.nOO yards down th beach.
I Last nlglit thero was a grim profession
i of friends and relatives of the young l.
Itlms along the beach searching for the
missing bodies. Mfe savers from th
' Point Lookout nnd lamg Uracil statlotH
put out III boats nltlt lanterns, but It
was u hopeless task they set before them,
for tho swift undertow and the abrupt
s1'jhi of the be.ich at the point whero the
young people had been bithlng mudn It
( certain that the bodies had been car-
rled far out to lea.
It waa thn fourth annual picnic of th
Sunday schools, about thirteen of them
of all denominations, in Richmond Hill.
Morn than I.nnn. young and old, Sunday i to complete the trip. The river Is it
school members themselves and their i mile wide here and because of the ebb
parents, Journeyed to the bench In n I tide (die was carried down stream, land
special train which reached there befn.-e Ing at Fnrcitvl-w lirove, making the
noon. Tlie picnickers soon scattered to total distance four miles. MIsm Hauer
various attractions, most of them taking w-iui followed by a fleet of small boats
to the water after lunch. About
nation of Paul M. Wurlnirg until h
IconsctllH to nintrar before the riimtnlt
This was the answer of the Smith)
iinmltter lo Proiddenl Wilson' pub
lic criticism of its methods in holding
1 up the nomination of mm connected
with "hlc business."
j Jut about the time the committer
'.was taking tills acjlon thn President
jwns making n statement which
amounted to n charge that the Senate
. ,. ,,,. , .onitnltteo bnd mlsreptnented the tea-llASTtNns-oN-HcpsoM,
N. i .. July !. I
Mls L'nrothy F.diia n titer, 14 years old. 1 titnony or Mr. .Innea before It. Tht
who lives In Itlvervlew Manor, 'swam the president Insisted that his chnrncttriM-
Hudson Itlver tills afternoon. It Is be.
Ileved to be the first time th it a woman
or girl has snuin the rler between Yon
kers and Tarrytnwn.
Miss Hauer took 1 hour "0 niinntes
tion of Mr. Jones' purpose In entering;
thn directorate of thn iTarvester trust
n a reformer nn correct, nnd that
nothing in Mr. .lonen'n testimony hn
foro the Senate commltteo could b
construed us contradicting this.
To this Senator Hitchcock, acting
chairman of the Hanking and Currency
ilflermlne thh,
I helices
1 Church to hear him read or to give her trr Joft Atlanta on .luiio 10 to go to llous- ,
I li- f. ...... I kIia I . I i ,. ... n nfin 1..1 nl. A. I
permission to go a, one. . . ; , , .,. .,,. i , " , "ll.er brother, young Head, and Misa Itoy
Mid. because he told her there was noth- , to an attorney who acted for her lu di- '
Ing In Christian Science for her." She I Vorcc proceedings at Iteno to Invest In "
said that her religion is the .Mazuaznan Mexican property. The attorney was vie
f .1,1. t4en from a Sanscrit word mean- tor Bniils, Mrs. Nelms enld. a former
Cnlted States Ulstrict Attorney nt Larson
TbU Is "hitprii ltesolle.,
lutr "the master thought." She s.tld that
the sole belief of the cult Is that "(iod Is
"I have not bruushl this sun necau.-n i
Capt, Craig has also Issued what he posed that her falluie to return to l'ort ,lnt ny f Mrs. Frame's money," said
cllt "CIster's resolve," which is in brief: i(nt night is due Ic the reduced speed
"Our claim Is simply to hold tho provlncu
tf I'leter in trust for the 1'nllcd King
dom, '
There are fixe clauses In the "resolve,'
First Wo will not admit, we
III not rccognUo the authority of
on Irish I'arllaimnt within the Ul
ster area or tho return of a person
jfrom that aroa ns a member of such
Second We will assume nnd ex
ercise all such owers as the with
drawal of direct Imperial i!ocrn-m-tu
renders necessary fur the main
icnaiuii of peace, order and good
low lament and the protection of the
lights and liberties of hla Mujesty'a
subjects in the Ulster area, audi
towers to he assumed nnd cxcrclsod
only In allegiance to tho King and
in trust for tho Constitution of tho
. rL'nlt(d Kingdom and to the Intent
that the Ulster nrra shall continue
n Integral part thereof.
"Third Upon tho restoration of
4. reet imperial Government the pro
"i in Oovcrnmcnt will cense.
Fourth We will maintain and
tnfoi.t all bt.ituto and common law
r.ow In force In Ireland other than the
itatute establishing homo rule
"Piftli Wo will protect and assist
lu'lKes, courtx, magistrates and per
ions ,i. ting with a commission of au
tnorltj from the King In the dlscharga
of tlicir duties under the existing
Capt Craig describes "Ulster's renolve"
'he essential clauses of the constltu
t.on of the provisional government. When
It - suggi slid to him that his announce,
""nt was tantamount to an Indication that
me provisional government may very
"lorny ilcclilo to "take over" tho govern-m-nt
of Pinter Capt. Ctalg hesitated and
then aid ;
It Is very near that almost that. I
do nut think It Is possible to tnku too
cri Jiu a view of the position."
HotT Forces Are I'repnrt-d.
I lie last K weens finishing touches
ne been put un the "first lino" of tho
imbr Miluiilccr forte ami this part now
nunilieis about I'S.uOU or au.OOu anntd
men in aily all well drilled and fairly well
tie. fin mid and equipped for light field
'I ne "secnttd llpe" Is about ".'O.OOO or
i'-Md and Is also ariucil. It Is fairly well
n 'lit tin manual of arms and In ordl
inarching, luit is only pattly mil-
nail and is lutliritrciitly equipped,
T i' tliild line" Is a kind of reserve.
It has un .(..er a renglli, or tatlier an
nriilmint of aliout 45.0UU to 60,000. It
l"4" onl very few arms, almost no unl
it t which she has been forced to proceed.
The sea was smooth last night nnd the . . . hnm i i,BVr loved with ecry
Mrs. Weaverson, lull Dcenuso i wain joe
tlce. 1 am suing because I have lo.st the
wind mild.
They're l.nthiK I'p (irnln In FnltorJ
Con nl),
C,t.ovr.nsMU.R, N. Y., July J. Unless
myriads of grasshoppers which Infest
Fulton county move on or are exter
minated within a few days farmers here
bay that tin re will not bo n blndo of
grass left In the fields.
The grasshoppers appeared in greitly
increased numbera to.elay and caused so
much alarm that 100 residents sent n
petition to tho State Department of Agri
culture asking for help. Ilcply was re
ceived that it representative of the de
tmrtnient would arrlvo here to-morrow
morning and do all that Is possible to
drive the grasshoppers nway.
From Ilro.ulalhln, seven miles nway,
comes a report that tho grasshoppers
have destroyed entire fields of grain,
mowing it down as cleanly ns though It
had been done with machines. Hcrk
Khlrc. a suburb of this city, Is practically
devoid of grass, (lardens in tho city nave
lu many Instances been destroyed,
I'rof, Charles I". Alexander, Instructor
In entomology nt Cornell, who lives litre,
says that the grasshoppers are what aro
called "redlegs," a nying vuneij it
hns never before been known to migrate.
He telegraphed to i-omeu aim cevi-i.ii
other professors aro expected hero to.
morrow to help him nnd tho State offi
cials In ridding the county of the pest.
The grasshoppers appeared In tho busi
ness section of this town to-day nnd cov
ered tho streets.
City. Ncv.
Mrs. Nelms said that her rrcond
daughter, Itentrlcc, left Atlanta on .lune
12 to meet I.lolsn lu Now Orleans.
Shortly after Healrice arrived lu that
city Mrs. NelniH heard from her that shn
t sc I,omt ns Itnft.
The latter four, however, decided lo
go otT by themselves, further down th.'
beach. About a quarter of n mile off
from the other bnthers, at a point about
midway between the two hotels nnd
nearer lo Nassatt-by-tlie-Sea, they found
a huge section of a mast, a heavy log
which had been ciirrlid up on the bench.
fibre of icy being for tmriy-tiirrn yearn.
I have done everything I could for Caro
line Frame ami she ban called me 'ansel
of mercy" and 'one woman In a million.'
"I have made It a principle ot m me
never to Interfere with any one, and so
although I have felt that my husband was
gradually slipping away from me I have
done nothing until now, although I have
suffereel tortures. Finally I became con
vinced that In permitting thlnirs to go on
as they were I wns merely an accessory
and that I must takn some action to stop
It. My husband has not taken me out
since last December, and then It waa only'
... i,.n .niT-n IckiiI papers. When ho
comes Into the house sometimes ho says
'Good morning' and sometimes ho says
nothing. He has nupnoricu w nuc-
quately, but I am not content merely to
be supported."
Cnrr .by rower f Ilrenth,
Mrs. Weaverson waa arrested In 1005
on' tho complaint of thn County Medical
Society for practising medicine without a
license In expounding her belief In tho
Mazdainan phlloiophy to a woman who
had a soio on her leg. At that time It
was .said that the Mazdaznan believers
were sun worshippers, and that theto were
2,000 of them In New York. When Mrs.
Weaverson was fined 260 the Mazdaznan
believers paid It.
When arraigned In court Mrs. Weaver
sou said sho cured diseases by the power
of the breath, nlthough In the case of the
woman sne ireaieu on- me ni.
prescribed spinach, beets, lemons and an
had met Klolso In accordance, with their i A.. ,om. rml)(,, on
plaiiH and that both girls were well and
happy. A few days later they cashed
New York exchange for J1.000 In New
That Is the last Mrs. Nelms has heard
from either of tho girls until thn letter
signed by Kloise arrived on Wednesday.
Tho writer said that sho had been un
happy all her life and had been "mis
understood." Sho told her mother that
because of this "misunderstanding" she
had "put lleatrlce nway In New Orleans"
and was starting for San Frnnclsco to do
thn same for her brother. After tills
was done, she wrote, sho Intended to "feed
her body to the llshes In tho bay."
So far the Federal authorities have
been ablo to tracn 0"' girls In Now Or
leans, but in Houston, au Francisco nnd
Sail Antonio nothing bus been heard of
them. Klolso Nelms Is 30 je.irs old and
her sUtcr lleatrlce Is 34.
It boro their
Friends of the family have nd aticcd ' sister nnd struck out against the tldo for
plenty of theories as to the ouuc of the I the beach, screaming for help. It. O.
strungc letter. Ono Is that lllolse was en- . 1 'muips or -mi ariunon nvenuo, ion.
raged because her mother inndo a new "ers. who was naming ny nimseir, saw
will recently leaving most of the largo,"-- "lsct 1,0 wn'' 11 distance
fortune sho Inherited from her husband "'' f nearest to Miss Itoy.
,n n ..He,. niw.. ihinii tii.it th- tetter i craft. As soon as he reached her she
can In siinio way lie traced to bandits who
have kidnapped tho girls and are pursu
ing unique methods of scaring the muthcr
Into paying ransom.
. ,m T-.-CMITTTC CAVT tttcvvt Q Internal bath. Him claimed tnat sne nan
"SPEND PENNIES, SAVE NIUKi-LA. "'..(".iher philosophy to a man In a hotr-
' ,.u,.i who was about to have his ley cut
Mr. HticUefcllcr filves Coins to Chll- d ,avC(l tUfi ieg. The Mazdaznans
1 . t . ,k. . i.ni fmnn v nrtLMiiiLiefi ill
S.'l) UIUI vnvt. ,
ILnta 11''. U YCUfH irCIU.C V.IIII.V.
Mrs. Frame brought suit In March,
1913. to recover J373.7GD from Frederick
nr,.ii.. I.'orster. a lawyer, who was In
charge of the property loft her by her
husband and graniuamer ami won
nii..ed to have converted this sum and
left New York to llvo at his summer homo
in Massachusetts. Just beforo Mrs. Framn
brought her suit her attorneja succeeded
In getting back J750.000 of her property
from For-iter. Jin went nnu u.umi uimj
laiee and Mrs. Frame has not yet it-
coveted any of the property for which she
tiren, With Advlor.
TAtmrroWN, N. Y July 0. John D.
Uockefcllcr. who waa "3 years old yes
torday, Is still trying to encourage thrift
among the younger generation. A good
story to illustrate this point came from
I'ocantlco Hills to-day.
Iiurlng Mr. Kockefcller's walks around
the estate he often visits tho now stable.
Here the children of the employees liv
ing there line up ami up incir ni".
Ing, "How do you do, Mr. Itorkcfellor?
Mr. Rockefeller calls them over one by
one nnd as he reaches In his vest pocket
ho pulls nut a nlcke.1 and n penny. To
each child he says: "There's a penny ,to
spend and a nickel to save."
This dirrers ftm Mr. Itockefellcr's re
pl to a school teacher who asked him
hiiw to accumulate a fortune, "Save your
nennlcs," he replied. When a friend asked
1 . .... .1.1 , -,l. .. lt . r...
h ill aKOUt HUH 11" Slim. will nrn, j
lirriiinn Aviator Add I.OOO Fret to
Altitude Itreoril.
HKRI.IN, July S.- Nearly 1,000 feet was
know children have to have candy now I mi-ie 1 to the world's nltltudo rrcotd by
Aviator Mnnekogel to-uny, wnen, flying
,ii then." It puzzles Hie men on inn
estate to know how Mr. Rockefeller car
ries to many nickels and pennies In Ida
vest pocket.
In a monoplane, he ascended lo a height
of 21,000 feet, nearly four mllta.
weight and offered a line Improvised raft.
They paddled It off shorn nnd were en.
Joying thn novel sail. They did not re
alize though that the beach drops down
like a cliff a few feet off shore and the
Ing had been paddled 300 feet out In a
short time.
Carollno Roycraft was on ono end. Sho
lost her balance for an Instant and
tumbled headlong Into the water, upset-
r'linimlMne. i-piilled tbiit hn would bn
from h" Tower Itldgn Yacht Club. Her, .-w..im
. , ,, i.. glad to send the President n verbatim
attendant In a canon was ritla I'e.ibody , '
Swlft I copy of Mr. .loncs H testimony. Mr.
Reaching the I'allsado shore she said Hitchcock stood squarely on the statc
shn felt no fatigue whatever and thought ', ment ho made regarding the testimony
of swimming back to Hustings Sim j on ,e.,tlf f tho Scnatn commltUe.
Mild that next week she will attempt to,
II In. Fight Helton.
The Issue between the President nntl
tin committee over tho Federal Reserve"
Hoard nominations la thnn squatrly
swim iirrosH tho Tapimn Zee from Tarry
town to Nyack. Shn niadn n notable
record nt l.nl.n George two years ago,
when shn defeated some of the best
Misa Hauer Is an cnthuMastlc tennis J'-l"od and n bitter fight la In prospect
player, takes long w.ilka nnd has ex
plored the Palisades lure from Alplno
to the Hook Mountains. Sho Is utttdylng
art nt a New York city art school.
Her father. Henry J. Hauer. Is In the
woollen business nt 1D6 Fifth avenue,
Nuw York.
ting tho three others. Thero wns a wild
Uric I n Tlixtcnli Ilrlter Who Snjs
llo Wns Overpaid ?tn.
J. W. Oarvey, who drives an I. T. O.
A. t.ixlrali. reported to Police Head-
scramble nmong them when they found i ,,,. y(,Ml.rday afternoon thnt n man
the water was beyond their depth. The , wm, lllr(M, ,,, INcnb Wednesday aftir
glrls lost their heads and Glfford ., , i.-irt i. nvemm and Sev. ntv.nlnth
sister Grace, (lrfrt n.l(I ov,.rlM(I him 10. tlarvey
said the man could get his money at
the I, T. ). A. garage.
Reeves swam toward his
who wns helpless against the undertow
dragging her down, lleach went after
Mlsi Roycraft, but she wns too far awny
from him lu a few seconds.
One Ilnily Itrrnvered.
Reeves realized he could not save his
The ohnuiTeur explained that the man
gnvo him a rolled up bill which lie sup
posed wns a ten. for a 56 ride, telling
him to keep the chnnge. When he got
back to tho garage, he said, he found
It was a twenty. Onrvey raid he never
before had sech his passenger, who was
accompanied by , woman.
tin nit sides to-nlglit It was acknowl-
eslKocI that the .struggle will Involve
inoro than tho mere continuation or re
jection by the Senate of Mr. Wnrhuric
nnd Mr. .Innrsi. The light will give ex
pression to tho InnK smouldering re
s,cutinent :it whut members ot the Sen
uto hnvo characterized ns 12xccutlv
Thn President has decided to make the
Issue n finish tight and hn ha received
assurances from both Mr. Jones nnd Mr.
Warburg that they will permit the uso
of their names to thn end. Mr. Warburg
In his assurances, however, has reiterated
ids determination not to yield to the Sen
ate committee's icquent that lm submit
to an examination.
Senntor; HJtehcock's adverse report will
ho made to the Senate In executive ses
sion early next week. It will bo a writ
ton report iiccoinpatded by the testimony
taken In the case and certlllcatlon of
the court proceeding In tho International
Harvester Company coses brought by th
Federal Government and by some of the
, motion probably will be made In the
MR WILSON'S COUSIN STRICKEN. , lenam to discharge the commlttcn rrom
. tin, futtticr consideration of tho Warburg
grappled with him and forced him down.
Hoth wero rapidly drifting off shore, Phil
lips struggled free, hut Miss Roycraft was
lost to sight when ho reached the sur
face, A few minutes later Mr. Minister,
a clerk at the Nnssau, swam against Miss j cousin, was funnel to bo suffering from
lloyrraft'H body and brought It up on the appendicitis and was hurried early this
llrlde, I Told of Vn ' '""ach. A ptilmotor was called for, but morning to the Naval Hospital, where
1, n'qu IuiaiiK'.i rn nilnlileH creltoirr In inn - .. .......... tin., ....u .......mu,l 1... lr f-firi
...... . - . ,-, --- -- , mi ujiei it iiwii nnn , , .. , , . , .... ......
Ml Smith Itnslied to llnspltnl for
Appendicitis Operation,
Waswinotok, July 1'. It was learned
to-day that Miss Mary Smith of New
Orleans, President Wilson's favorlto
Mnile Years Ann.
Miss Uthel Flaxam, a public school
toicher, got her drat kiss from her mother
on Sunday when sho became tho bride of
Michael Solomon, a teacher nt tho De
Witt Clinton High School. There wero
six other children In the family and they
got nil the klssts they wanted, but Uthel,
who could kiss her mother, never was
kissed In return, and she never knew
why until she wn martlet!.
Her mother told why yestcrd'iy at the
family home, 1327 Drlstow Btrcet. The
Hronx. Snn H.1I1I that shortly nrtcr she
and her husband canio to this country
from Austria twenty-live years ago they
o. their fourth child. All had died of
meaelcB. While they wero grieving a
candle seller asked their trouble, and
whe n told she bade 'them go to the synii
gogue and there to take an 0.1th never
to kisi their next child until that child
was married. She said if they took 4lils
vow and kept It they would be the par
scene and then the two houts work on the
girl was of no avail.
In a short tlmo that pari of the beach
off which tint tragedy had occurred was
crowded with picnickers, who waded In,
some of them fully chut, In a vain seat eh
for the bodies of Miss neeves nnd Reach.
Friends of the drowned persons Immedi
ately organized nearehlng partus along
the lieach, and they continued their hope,
liws quest until late last night,
Miss Royoruft's body was taken to tho
local police station, where It waa Identified
by John Roycraft, tho girl's father. A
Coroner held an Inquest there.
Kntninl Tlirnvrlnir Out (Innntltle of
Siilplinr nml I'linilcr,
Xiieeuil CiiKu leu pair, fo Tins St ,
Sbwaup, Alaska, July 9. The volcanoes
of western Alaska are repotted to be ac-
cuts of seven children and would I've hap. , live. Kalmal Is throwing nut great quan-
ollv ever after.
Tio vow waa taken nnd kept and the
family prospered and was happy except
for the sxirrow of Kthel, who couldn't
understand, Now she understands, too.
and everybody Is hoppy.
titles of sulphur nnd pumice nnd the sea
In discolored for hundreds of miles inch
Tho volcanoes of Shlshaldln and I'avo
lor are also In eruption.
Grayson, the President's naval aid,
President Wilson was much concerned
because of bis cousin's Illness, but it
wns reported to-night that she was ma
terially imp! oved and will probably re
cover. He-cause of '.Miss Smith's Illness
the luncheon engagement aronged for
Henry Ford at tho White House was
(let eland Snfetj Director Wants
Girls Protected.
Cu.VEl.ANP, July D, "Shoot to kill, nnd
I will go to tho limit In backing oii up,"
Is the blanket order to policemen Issued
by Safety Director Ilenesch to-day In nil
effort to slop nttacka on gills In Ambler
I'm It here. The director Issued the
order nftcr the eleventh attack on women
and gills since March IS was reported.
Tho attacks, which have all been at
night, are not the work of one person
or 11 gang, the police believe I'lunies
Austin whipped n mnn nrineil Willi n
razor who attempted last night to ebnse
Austin nway from a outig girl whom
he whs escorting through tho park.
nomination nnd bring It directly before
the Senate, whero it can be considered
along with the Jones nomination.
One of the first moves In tho tight be
tween the President and the committee
came to-day when an unsuccessful effort
was made to report, favorabls a. resolution
increasing the membership of thn Hanking
nnd Currency Commltteo by one. Th"
light on this resolution will be chrrled to
the floor of tho Senate nnd If It Is suc
cessful another Administration Senator
will bo added to the committee.
The President's statement In regard to
the Senate committee was made In his
talk with newspaper correspondents to
day. It was In reply to questions based on
tho stntement given nut by the Senate
committee, which represented Mr. Jones
In bis testimony beforo Hint body as hnv.
Ing approved the present policies of th
Harvester trust and denying by Inference
the statement of the President that .lone
had Joined tho directorate of thn Har
vester company In the role of a reformer
Thn President was asked If the statement
of thn committee had shaken his con-
fldencn in the iicciirnry of Ills own cnar
acterlzntlnn 'of the leform piegramme
wlibh hud Insplied Mi Joms 10 seen
place on (hn direetoiatc
WIUihi'k Minid t nslinUrn.
The President replied wi h emihnl
that his coiilldi not lu his own statement
hud not been shaken, He thounht that It

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