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VOL. LXXXI. NO. 335.
NEW YORK, SATURDAY, AUGUST 1, 1914. tofVrtBM, ii4, bV the su rnnnng and iwmio x.SotMm,
governors of the fltock Kxchnngc wn
called nt Hint Institution. For tho next
fifteen minutes the telephone wires be
tween the Morgan office nnd tho ex
change wcro kept hot nnd messengers
darted back nnd forth between the two
At !.t,'i the. meeting at the Morgan of
fices broke up. J. P. Morgan when presjed
for n statement nld ttut the first word
irus; cotno from itie Stuck llxchango.
In III" inenntliie the greatest crowd of i
Tirumnlfc Scene on Floor von" ,,a" f' " '"; of l;"js Shot ns He Sits Down to
1 (exchange, llrokers who hale nut been In
Four Failures An
Tnidiuff in Wnll Street Kn
tircly Subtended Food
Prices Go Tp.
I the financial district for yearn appeared, 1
Tim situation on the floor was tenc. The
usually cniiu i. ices or cno nroKers enovrco
lines of cuio Htid u growing undercurrent
of uneasiness bcgnit to be felt as men
circulated from one group to nt.othcr uud
found that only selling orders were to
be bud, ,
The galleries were crowded with vlol
tois. -Men nnd women from nl' over the
city nnd from Now Jcrse had hurried
to the secretary' offices curly In the
morning nnd secured p.iscs to witness
one of the most dramatic scenes In the
history of financial New York.
Ihiiiiiiir-AiiH'riciin mul Xrt li
(..tiiiiiii Moyil Lines f'nii-.1-1
All Sailing.
Dine in Prominent
Cafe in Paris.
The New York Stock r.xchnngo. the
, lift idg exchange in the world to re
an in ..hii In the face of n general Hit
rcpr.in wnr. closed IN dour yesterday
t,r re tlrst time since llio panic of
;;. The Consolidated Kxehnngo. the
. e .m Fx-chnnge nnd the Curb ptlekly
Mimic I The Hood of selling order
.r foreign t-cvurlty holders precipitated
t" e iietion.
Knur failures worn nunounccd. two
Jiniie being members of tho Stool; Kx
. ningo and tveo of the Cotton F.x
, iittsc.
The llninburg-Aniotienn Line nnd the
wti 1,'erninn I.lnyd Line cancelled nil
s nc from thl port. The mighty
I'erland, which wn to tall today.
held hero nnd tho President Grant
n 'iaiioil by wlrclo when ufn
ii e. nt vea.
I Mireui eonii!inle nnd bank nn
roun 'Vl Hi it no more traveller' chocks
unptd be !-w.d Mild tlio Iost fllllco lo
i nrtineio I initeil fond'-'ti money order
n on 1 x i order er nM'on. 'I'hW
..-t'mi .ifl'ivM" :'iO.0Oti Americans living
n rtroo
The Setntn at the reinent of Soero
: t of the Treasury MoAdon. jiaied
. in nmeMdnieut to the Aldrb'h-Vreoland
IleeUlon AhkIoihI)- AnrnltPd. 1
At five inlmitrn lcfore in o'clock tieorue !
Y. Kly, wen-tary of the cxrhaiiK". ai-
teniled the rostrum nnd utruck tho deok j
before him with the navel. The crowd A SSA II. A A 1
of brokers rent red on the floor, not know.
Im; what the iinuouncciiunt was to he
ami fearltiK word of failures, nurceil
nr roc a thn floor like n cren. ivavc Kor
in momt-nt there wan (Hence nnd then
I Mr. Illy began to read the word that
told of the Kovomors' decision to clone
the cuchntiKn until Monday. He (aid:
' "The KovernlnK committee hsui decldid
i that the Stock nxchiuiKe (hnll bo clofed
until .Monday, and thai all uem cries uc
su?iicniled until futther notice.-'
At the l.utt word there enme a jell
from the broker. and n ru.h for tele-hun-s
to despatch tho Rood news to their
olllve., Tlin strain wa broken. Men
who n few moments before did not know
nl.ith'T thy would be solvent or not sit
tho close of the day broke up Into lltt
Kroupi and chatted over the cloltiK of
the oxehaiiBe and tho war new, while the
crowds In the nailery drifted away.
A fei- momentn lattr there cuius, from
the Stock ICvchnnitc clenrliiK hnuo the
followbiB stntemetii: "Tho clinlrman of
the committee on cb'arlnic house nn-
nouneoj that all clucks ror dlfTerniees
ibi the clearlnc house have been cer
title, and meinb rs are notllled to call
for drafts at the usual hour"
llnrdlv had the ticker ccaae.l ndlns
out this nnnoniiceineiu wncn u nvenn
to tell of the four failures or the itay.
(if these four. two. SUP. Tell te Co.
and Holier A Co., were Stock i:chance
firms. The others. Homer, llowe Se 'o.
slid I"rederlckon ft Co. were Cotton Hx
chaiiKe firms.
As Editor of 'L'llunianite
He nenounced Extended
3ilitary Service.
Sy Deed Was .lustifjcd
Deputy's Attnek on Army
.Men sure.
Other r.tehsiiKri ClnleUtj- rios.
.S;ief,if r,ii,lr Itttpnleh to Twt So
I'.MtiH. duly .11. lean .Lmro, loader
of ope of rho wlnc-t of tho Si'liilltl
pnrt In the Chnnibor of Deputle find
editor of Illuiiinuitr, wit ns.'isiiiiitod
to-nlBht ns he sat tlown to dlno in the'
Crolanr. n fnntoii restntinint near
tho Itour-o.
The tnan who shot lilin Is Ilaoiil
Vllnln. 2!i yoars old, a etitdent at the
Arohaitloclenl Sclnxil. Ho l.s the urn
of a clerk In the civil court nt ltelin.
Ills inoihi'i' linn been a lunatic for
twenty years and ho hlinelf I known;
n cmnk. lie It a member of the!
l'.irti SllloulM. which I lioslllc to the
f'anii'lot. lu liot.
His only oi!nnntlon for his net was
that In opposing the limn ,vcnrs mili
tary M'rvloo measure Introduced hy
l'retnlcr Vlvlnul the SoclnlNt lender
had rfiown hluiM'lf an enemy of his
German Warships Stop Vessels in Danish Waters. Inves
tijratinjr Nationalities and Destination of
Cargoes Uritish Elect, Sighted.
Russian Ambassador at Vienna Continues ronversations
With Foreign Office Serbs Hold Itju-l;
Austrians on Frontier.
l,t 1 '.nl.lt liffulrh to Tin: Sr.
'n to their purport. The K.iimt
Hrothcr of the Kaiser, who, it is reported, has been sent as n special
envoy to St. l'etei'sburi; in n Inst effort to prevent a cenernl Kuropenn war.
Pope Pius Is Willing to Act as
a Mediator in Big European War
Uinrr eeii,innv iu'": , ... . .t
action of the Stock i:ch.mce in do. country and that It was necessary that
Iiik. The Consolblnteil ICiehanse. which j som,, (ll. ,mt ,n, )Ut 0 tL. n.y. He '
ctimltlctro ine oniV seeuril mjirnei ... ,
the day from 'J :3H In the mornlnK until
did not resist arrest anil went ipiletly
lo the jhiIIco Mtat ion.
M. Jaur, iKvoinpanksl by several
members of the staff of L'lluinunUr,
ttord was received of the clo-lnc of the
bit Ivoard. wa the next to suspeno
Tli.. PofTee lixchanue. the fotton l"x-
eli.iiire nnd the curb suiMiendcd bulnen .
at once. I'rom nil over the ('tilted Suite went fo the Croissant shortly after !
came word of the clo-lnp or other HtorU u.flH M.atl)l nollr 0M,(1
''fhe'eloMnit of the esehanses here mark window and was i.'luiltlllc wlfh Ills com-
.itrrency net whk'U virinaiiy inrowsin precen ni in uie iusiur m um- ""; panions on xenerai topic wnen num.
,ren -o the hunk of the conntry , 'v" i:,, i"!.0 ? V , Znch l u " wn w0" dres.Nl. fhnist himself
heaval. The last time that the Stock ' t hniush t h ots-ii window and trel two
Kxchance cloed Its doors was In the ,1 HlllNi !oth bullets ontereil the head of
kr:. u.K;t. a . u haVt m'. M. Jaure and he died within a few
STOCK ICXCFIAXGK CLOSES. 1 t.ulnes w -.upended for tvn dajs. tnlnule.
That upheaval. line in-, oes in .mni.i.i, Premier Vlvlnul lnsl to-nlcht on
"peiiil llnslnes for
odo.nno ti, the Ctilte.1 Stale Treasury
n emerp'ticy currency.
.-ptcial fiifcf Itupntth to Tn Se
ROME. July 31. The
Pope has not yet intervened
directly in the war. At the
cnrliest opportunity, how-
ever, he will offer his ser- J
vices as a mediator between S
the nations involved.
The legates and nuncios
at various places have been 's
instructed to join their ef
forts with those of other
diplomats in an effort to
avert a general war.
Cort.NitAM.N. Aug. 1. Hie vmuutn credited with persona lly doing his ut
suv llrltlsh (letroyei' are watching inosl In the dlnvtlon of penre.
the Norwegian coast, eight or them be- There Is an uncontlrmnhle report that
lug nnclnired off Hergen. fh-niiany has askisl rian whelher or
A ;ennan Mitailrn I lying ntYjnot she Intend to remain neutral. It
Lnngelatid. In the Cleat Hell, and ha,l thought Hint If this roimrt Is true It
stnirped till palng veel and lnvetl- possibly Indicates a willingness on (!er
gated their nationality and the nature inimy's tmrt to refrain from Hiding
and destlnallnu of the cargo, (lerinan Aittrln If France win pfomSe not to
torpedo boats have In'en sighted off (led- aid ltilsla.
her and Sniaalalid.e. n the SwtslWh It I reported that Trench troops
const. A tierinan warship I patrolling j have been partially withdrawn from
the On tlognt. I1'"' frontier to prevent an undesigned
A big Itusslnn MUadron Is cruising clash between them and (Jefiniui sol-
outside Honiholm. jdier.
I.onihin. Aug. 1 (Saturday. -llrltlsh The rort In 'irctiltiilon thi- niter
warship- left IMymoutli last conlng ns. 'noon that the Uti.ssinus had crossed Ihe
toiilhly for the North Sen. They had i frontier and blown up an Austrian
all the coal they could carry In their I , ' conilnnetl
. . Till I hUt'H litis itii-initii" vntfliMiit tli a
hunkers and ...ore was slacked on t.ie.r Jm(1(ll7.itm)i
Idivks. The battleship t.ollatl. lHnls a St. l'etersburg despatch under
'sentdl a ipicer appearance with coal . yesterday's date which says Hi .it a gen
1 stneked on her dock so that the fote j oral molilll.atlou has been ordered.
turret wa hidden. The wle and .M'u-r in the memory of lulng
children of the troop time been re- mail." the Times' St. I'ete.'sburg cor
moved from the Plymouth fortlllcnth.ns. n'spomlo... telegraphs, "has Itussh.
n ,.,,,...,. ..!.,,.: Atnmlnchee !,V,V1 ,,ro,"f" 11 nf ""'-I'
J IH inf. u. I Mlnilttoil rl'tu. i:n.i.nninnl
Stiwnnei' and Delaware were requis
itioned by tile (!nveriinienl yeleixlay.
Thev belong to the Simulant till tieet
npnt. a general mobilization of Ihe
forces of the empire late Thursday
find usually ply between r.t.ropean I nignt. I ills step was forced upon them
port and New York. They will ac-'by Herman military preparations and
company the bnttle lleets and supply ,.onhlerntlons of strategy. It becnnio
!.V::.w"r,v;l,,S; i1l"v.",VJl,.fi.,-,t; ! ppn.t .hat n,m;mi, wvnr.
!.f thew. vessel I looked upon as a ! delaying otlielal notice of their
sure indication that Ctigliinil expects to mobilization order in order to pnco
KuIa III a pnltloi. of Infnrlorltr. To
,....- ... ..... : .. nt, .-i , i i. nil s-m-i, iieiiiuui nil
I'lrsl Time I short y nfler l'nitice tlnlsheil fiayliiK her i
T 1 li.n(in!oo0.oni. wnr Indemnity to (5erman. 'I'ehalf of the Ministry Hie following
liiee rnnle of l7:t. That pnvnient Induced nn unnatural e- stateutent :
The vew Vork Stock K.xchnnge -u. j J ''paVir'and' iVnXn' ' "A " 'd'omiuable crime 'ha lsen
. ycsTiToay on uu .Mini , r(liuiri n a panic in Kuroie. Tin ' coiiiuimiMi. .'i, .mure w as a s.aiesiiian
and orator who gaie lltlnctlon to the
l'rcnch Chaintier of Deputle. He hn
utilize her war craft Immediately.
It I reported that the tiovi'niiuent
has untitled the limlon and South
western Kiillway and Ihe London,
4?hntham and Dover Hallway that it
might be necessary to lake over their
telegraph lines and train erlce. The
London !eneral Dmnlbus Company has
nlso rei-elvtsl notice In he In readlnos
to hand over It motor bucs.
All members of the naval reserve 1 1,,. ,.,u, ,,.n nosled
1 r nvTnnvT D-:i.:..u i-.- ' ........ , ........ ..... . .. 1 1""'' ll't'n wnrn.sl to be ready al a mo- j ,.,-,.,.
1 1. w. uvjii. niiLinii wiirsnips, will) coal siacKen nij;n on ihl'u ,,ieiifs notice to perform servbe.
hesitate longer would have been to
court disaster."
Curt notice printed on pink paper,
signifying (lint the Czar decided lo
bring all the forces of the empire
(about I.iwio.ikK) men i to a wnr footing,
find ordering all reservists without ill
tluetlon to ri'iHirt to the nearest police
station at (" o'clock on Saturday morn
on all .Mroot
nrtte.l 1-niM
e' ? nmncinl upheaval for the llrst ' country wa lei cloev connected with J
me Ince 1S7H. The notion was taken I Kmopenn affairs al llini time .mo mo
oanic teaciieii nvi inn. ,i,v' no
..n.v ri,.r everv ntiur securuy mar- , ,,,, Mlbxl.l-.I abroad.
't e' the (lr.it cIiih.h In the world
'.id flowed ied p Iwamr certain that
nnlne Here fnlleil onml.
ie mo., powerful nations of I-.uroe , ;."'',"., so suddenly oiH.n.l for this Socialist. 1 ST Pl.'.TRPsm IPC. Tkn vnnnr tun4 nnPnl nuui,i mnhili.
,,, I 1 OTK . ieiirni. j mur- .ir-m 1.11..111 ..,.v. , . m . iw.,.i. u iivi , 1 iil .s..v.u llllll hi.111.1u1 iiiin.'iiin ...ww---
n f Ihn I U. . ........ . ..II ... 1 . . ... 1. I "
(been nsaslimtei In a most cowardly
! ma. liter and personally and on behalf of
' my colleague I how before the tomb
decks, left Plymouth ostensibly for the North Sea. General
preparations are being made for mobilization. Large
crowds of Americans made frantic attempts to book pas
sajres on New York bound liners, several of which have al
ready been held up because of the fear of a general war,
I'hese notice. were posted at m.d.
Sir Kdward Caron nnnoiinced that n ii..i,f. i.-,. ,.ii.ri i,n,u iu,r..r..h..n.i
large part of the Clster olnnti"ors aro!an flirt.tf flmI mI telegram except
willing and ready to sem for home lo- j ofllc-lnl despatches had been Interrupted.
fence ami ninny or mom are wining to i This lelegratu to the riwrx wa onlv
serve abroad. nortnlttixl to onto t lir.un-li i.v ii,
"ire n the cerKe of n
' n'h'ch the world hn never seen, and
.m t'ie local market, In case It re
tiifilneH open would lv forced to benr
h hrum of a. liquidation thnt would
The hoard of governor decided to
1 e.e ',e exchnnge only when they were
"iiglii face n face with thesv three
em". 1 urns' Ilrsi. thnt the bnnks re
ifl 10 giinrnntee sutTlcIent credit on
f.arR n tratis.ictlons: second, when It
rrihzod that It wns lmpos.ilble and
..in 'o attemjit to nbntb the ltmil
lition of the world, nnd. third, when
e e wire house, which bnd been
. "-hM. t.-v rnneh all their margin cus-tornrr-
over night, refused to trnde.
ni-el,leiit of the first National Hank, i ICepubllonn who struggled for such
Issued ihe following ntHtcment shortly af-1 nflll(l 0II11SPM Mt .m in trying time1
u r 1110 in- "i im- s- ..,..IH.,II,. u.i,.l,.l ,1... ...i....i... .
)iiii iiiiii.iii.i .--uni 11 1111-11 1111' 11 111 11111 1 01
the Coven.ment In the Interest of
There was a meeting of the Hear-
Irig IToupe committee this morning in
view iff the cloning of the New Vork
Stock Kxchaime and Its bearing upon
the general situation.
It was the opinion of the committee
that the bushies and flnnnel.it con
dition of New Vork nnd the entire
country wns sound, but that the situa
tion In Kurope Justified extreme
prudence and self-control on the part
of the Cnlted States, that the closing
of the Stock Kxchango wn n wie pre
caution by teason of the disposition
of nil of Curope to make it the mar
ket fur whatever It wished to sell,
that In till countiv there was no
occasion for any serious Interruption
of the regular course of huluess.
either financial or mercantile.
Ijo.iri. or Kovernors -vere um
j peace.
I The I'ren.ler pleaded for cal.n.ies
j In the present crisis In order that Us
1 difficulties may not be Increased. He
j said the law should be allowed to take
Its course ln Ihe punishment of the
I.r Trmiim, commenting to-nlghl on
the fact thai political difference have
died out In the face of the impending
At the moment of cabling there I no
direct" eonilrmntlnn of the report thai
Ktissla had started general mobiliza
tion, which I'reinler Asnulth atiuoiincisl
in the House of Common yesterday
that he had learned fmui (ivrmnny.
Direct despatches from St. Peters
burg, which are brief and sometimes
zation had started is unconfirmed. The reservists, how
ever, have been summoned. This means that the Russian
army will be brought up to war strength. All races in the
empire have sunk their differences and are enthusiastic for
BERLIN. Martial law has been declared throughout the em
pire. The Kaiser in a speech in Berlin said: "The sword
is being forced into our hands. " I hope that
when all is over we shall sneatn it wun nonor. .ranee of the matter
VIENNA. Conversations between the Russian Ambassador ! a St. i'eter.i)i.rg despatch
lesy of the Itusslan authorities.
correspondent adds.
''I'hese precaution nre obviously
necessary during the iu.porianl Interval
between the announcement of mobiliza
tion nuil the beginning of any hostili
ties." .
The correspondent says thai neennl.
belated, no not men i me inoniiizn-1 , tl(1 V(m, j ,.,., ,llP (,Iltllll
Hon of the Itt.ssliiii forces, referring siism fr war afreets not only Itiissiau
only lo the simunoiilng of the reservists ,,, rmw in thp niIire. ltnc preju
to the Ul.sslnn capita'. Tile Ulisslail I dices api.ear lo have Iss-n forcotion
lKmlwsy 'here professes entire Igno- over il.OtiO f'zeeh reervltt at Kleff
have appealed to the local atithoritlei
to be enrolled In Itusslau regiments.
10 Ihe
... . 'iii lio.irn 01 uiiveriius ''ir
nen the eonferenco of bankers nnd I .innn. in iimi .teelulnn to close the
cork Lvlmngo governor. held nt the I exehniiK". Several up to the bet moment
.I'd, ,f I j., irnI, a .,.,,. stood out for keeping the exchange open,
a.. . ..... . . "orpn" ' ' " 'hur.s- j .. w t thn ,,, from Kurope lht
-f ..i. in oroKe up it was without any t naf fl.ar,d ny ,)rtn who ndvocated clos- j
111 ''losing the evchanse us i lnK nM miich nf the selling by banks and
.11 there wjih n market, and such I trust companies which hold nilllloiis of
nr,.,mi.,.n,ent was tnude at that I 1,1 'ar V?,Uf "iTllJ'Z'
O'.KIl I'lO'llLS. -.ii(',ir,i. ,,...e ..
Ir.g a greU pari of their holding" of
American securities here for years to es
cape the war ami other tuxe. .it home.
One largi. hanking Institution .ilone U
known to hold over $200,000,000 par
value of storks for foreign investor.
'ime. Vcsteidrt.v morning, however,
't"n tt1f. tinnnders and brokers (jot to
' desks they found a different sltua
' man ni: them. The war situation
"' ' "'' worse over night and the
if. i- were th.it there would be no
nim-et iv (.pi 0 ,, Pn,yK ,h., All
el t' hi; wire hoiiics announced thnt
' lp sri.iti- orders wero In the liun
'""1 of thousands, while their buying
f'l.r wern siiinaled only In hundreds.
w sii. h n initrket it would have Ixcn
'":n ! 10 have .ittcmpted to do hind
' as I lie prices of Ms?urltleH Would
v''i iiKii,.,! wu hefore such n Hood of
A 1'iirriecl nieding of bankers was
r I at i he otliicH of .1. I'. Mm can &
1 Tmih. pietent wen) .1. 1'. Morgan,
' Davison, frank A, Vnnderllp,
of the National City Ii.mlf
Tlirouuhout the week the bank acting
n trustees for these foreign holders have
bis-n receiving orders to sell "at the mar
ket" ami to sell nt "any price" when war
wa declared. With the political situa
tion In Iluropo n tense as it wa yes-
l.terday It would have beei courting tlnan-
clnl sulclilo to nave rumen inrownw an
that tock on the market under tliuso
terms If the exchange hud opened
The closing of the exelungn broiiKht
tremendous erowls to um financial ills
tei.e. Thev collected In front of the cv
cluing" In thousands until police reserves
arrived and Kept lutn III motion.
Tin' suspension of business nffectrd
many persons who needed money on
Thursday and sold stocks to raise the
necessary funds. As there were no de
llveiles yesterds.v and consequently no
iiavments, such persons must meet their
I.. Hlne. picsldent of the Kl, (" J" Jlnt of the Stock
ii'ik a iii I'liairmaii or ino l'v.haiine . S Htrelt, liiliest liioiMneci.
U..US' coininitice, A. liarioii
-ban in.Hi of the board of ill-
lerii'iinu ..nn ..iiMiuin i..iiuiaiKii i war attitude,
against Servia. M. Jnu.es a..r..vrd "f ttou a handful of Serbs
the precautions token hy the (iovern-' A . " . u
nient In view of the fonnidnhle out-, at Losnit'.a. T hroe well (
,t i- ti......... 'in, luiiri I. t i.i i r. . er tie"
.. ' .. ' ,. .....e,.iiii..e t.. tr.inr.iiei l.vcee Uiuls le C.rnnd, he became In UM
.... .,'.' , . ,,,.,i i. h ,.l,i ni! of a fellow III philosophy He became pro- I
I the ("ins,. N,ml llanl;. nnd ,ihe xi.n.lnlil. sn. h a etep was made , fessir of philosophy at tlie Lyree of ' Alnl.
J s.il.ni vlce.nrcsldenl of the 1 II s'essaty by the action of the Stock tlx ' the c.pltnl of Ills native depnitnient. snd
ty Tr ' C, , to h I ennnge clearing house suspending all .1.- , later was raised to Hi. chslr of philosophy
irusi lotnpauj. in irn , ... ,..i, ,..i,. ,i,. ,,,,,.. th.m i
Kuroi'.'... crisis, rpiotes from the nrtl-i kllOWll
eie written for i.'Uumnniir by m. j pRlS. French troops are being moved toward the German
frontier. No general mobilization has yet been ordered
her iniiuence to benr uimn nusin to the but preparations continue. Jean Jaures, the bocianst
end Hint ituia may bo kept from in- leader, was shot down by an assassin because of his anti-
terferlng wmi Austria s campaign : ,,.. nttHtnlp
held a largo force of Austrians at
ell defended positions remain between
look. j the frontier and Nish.
jean unn ii.nre, hni been the nwt I ROME. The Giomalc D'ltalic ftayA Germany has sent an ulti
prominent French Socialist leader fn:
the last fifteen yea is. As statesman.
Journalist, debater and orator he had
given hl splendid abilities to their cauic
without stint, and no favor of otTlee or
profit could win lilm from them, He
dreamed of peace to come through
economic freedom nnd built his hope upon
a knowledge and undaunted spirit that
lifted him In thn thoughts of his con-,
temporal les, even thine who wcro bitterly
opposed lo his programme.
Chancellor von lluelow, denying U
Jaures the prlvllrge of speaking In Her
lln, found nn excuse In the temper of
Uerman Socialist rather than In the
Idea of the Krenrh lender. .Inures,
speaking as the foe of militarism, hurlsd
Into the face of flermanv the threat Uiat
If she sought to make Trance h hostage
In the event of war with Kneland there
would leap forth a resistance unecpiallerf
In the hlstorv of the world,
I lie was born at Castries In the Tarn
and the Foreign Office were continued. No results are yet I 'nine, tecoiv.si nt :i o'clock- this ni.iru. ,)m r A,1HfriM reservists at
nig, says nn i-.m lanniiiini . nun. n ' 1 ,.jr i,lv l.tsTO lille lIHilled for ivtss-
Ministers vni he'd at reterhol' I'rlday j pons.
nlgTit. It was confronted by a some- The corroiondont says Hint the pol-
what modified situation n a result of
assurance received from Count von
l'ourtnles, the lieniinn Ambassador,!
lion of rierinai.s In Huslii, who iiitmbor
tWral million. I believed to be ex
treinely serlou, especially in view of
after the Czar, the Kaiser and King j the widespread belief In a for reaching
George had evchanged tnossa ges. system of Herman epionnge. Heron.
The Impression of the Ministers lstlinn:
thai (Jennnny Is now (llsiiosed In bring I "Among the arrivals nt St. Peters-
liitluonee to bear on Austria io re-1 burg by iTlday mornings tni.n were
Mime the diplomatic romersntlmi on 1 Col. A. V. I". Knox, the llrltlsh Militat'
grounds Hint will be acceptahle to the I Attache, and Hen. Tatlshchef, who has
other ov.ers. Al the lltne of tele-1 been allachisl to Ihe person of the
graphing there appeared to he some I Kniser. He says lie i convinced that it
hope of a compromise, but !tiishi is will be illillcult, if not ituposslhle. for
determined to cnnlltiiie lier iiillltary i the (ieruian sovereign to withdraw
measures I" order to prevent possible from the position taken by 111 Govern
misunderstanding ami disappoint-, nient towards the Anslro-Servian con
meuts. The correspondent adds ; I Ulti,
"It must he said that until the ilnal "The staffs of the German and Ai.s.
result of the convei sat Ions which uretiiaii einbassles are preparing lo leave,
now proceeding between M. Sazoiioll', i "An extraordinary meeting of Hie
the Itussliiu Foreign Minister, Count 1 Council Is iirocedlng at I'eterhof, A
volt I'oiirtales, the Hei nuin Ambassador nianlfesto Is e.vpisied."
and Count Szapary. tne Aultiiiit Am-1
hassailor, are known It will he ad- U. S. MAY All) PKACE.
vlsalile to subjivt any feeling of ---
optimism to the most extreme re- Chief (llmlacle l XcceH of Kpt'
serve." I MK iiiiiiiriiiniri.
i a. .......... i. i...... .-I. ..in., i,.. i l.i.i r
.1 lll-FIXIl. II linill . I. ..I... e.,.,r. ...1,1 .... ..-,, ,,.,. ,,.,.,r, , Tlir Srv
"'nt me a meeting of the board of j.joo.OOO shares traded Thursday.
rottKniiril on Mt Pag
matum to France demanding an assurance of its neu
trality within twelve hours. The second ultimatum de
mands that Russia shall cease mobilization within twelve
hours. Both ultimatums expire at noon to-day. Italy offi
cially declares that she will remain neutral in the event of
a general war.
WASHINGTON. Federal authorities took steps to protect
this country. Secretary McAdoo announced that the Gov
ernment was ready to issue $500,000,000 of emergency
currency under the provisions of the Aldrich-Vreeland act.
Paul M. Warburg agreed to appear before the Senate
Committee on Banking and Currency, which probably
means that he will be confirmed as a member of tho Fed-
....nl Poonrvn Rnnnl. Snrtro.tn.rv McAdoo made a reassurinir
. i ' x s, . ------fc, I .. ., f .1 nii'i " 1 "I
statement in regard to the gold supply of the Government;i;(
NEW YORK. The Stock Exchange closed its doors on account iThlirNlilv ,, Frldnj, (,iidii s nsthat I ns-iiy interested In the pr ut i;un.
of a (lood of selling orders from foreign holders of Ameri- a lluropi'iin war I not regurdeil as lu-jieau' sliualinn, that the American
can securities. The Consolidated Exchange followed after citable m Austria jf'1!,,
V,,.lf Lcn-'s, ninn nnrl fVio Cnttnn Rxfihunirn (Hill tint l u understood thill Sir l.dwaiil . ,r,.,,, ',., mi r01., , maintain
it inn. ,iw. . iw.w.. rt .i-.,.. il.n llrltlsh 1-iii-elcn SiOiirottiri'. Is i . .... nn i ......i. !... 1,..
..iv-ji '., - -r , tier CO III" illilKlini li'll iniiu.ilMj li" -
Schebeko, the Itussliiu Ainhassiulor
I'.iitis. .Inly III. The Niiggesllou tin
open. The curb market quit and trading in Wall Street
came to n standstill.
making further proposals to Austria i Iummi made only N'tuhntliolnlly
nnd lliisiii. hut nothing can he learned ' The chief ohbUielf to 9 ivftcxftrt so.

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