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DUn.V RflflRRVlfl.T'R
)ttV;l 1 vVUIJ I LJLii u
jlaivldinl Pntirrcssivcs Support
Him in Sow Hnttle Willi
"tin Hnsscs."
ffHin W .VT HIM IX 1910
And n.Iiete His Villiiiriivs to
c i'i't licpiiMicniis iiikI
lictiiocr.'ils Helps.
t'MI ' ,
e f.i i
lb- '
r.'tl j'i' 1
- 4 -
tier '
t ' :
nj t "
M '
v '
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V d
)UP' 1
IVTltri it
in It
,! Hi'
I !. i
i:'u .
' u'-c l'
Hi- .-
11 .1
.J,. .-
ir' ,
Wilt r S
Ml.'' f '
h i
. I-la
s' V. Alls I Pr"gr(s
u.d are willing tn support
vrll n lis new war Upon
Hiiurlmns mill rone-
' fit Itepiihllcoit party. Thin
ight In Sagamore llllt to
" Williams if tlnttlmnre,
' ' Democratic party In sup-
i ! Theodore Knoscvolt 111
m tnM Tub Spn. nml the
Put State iiro willing to
.- vi with the Hcpuhllcnns If
ilr.M are. overthrown nml
, Horsed, There la wide
: i -.satisfaction with th poll-
Non Administration In
tA I'linu Raid.
iDll Mr. Williams wan
. of Maryland. Hp was
.1 Hp ea,d that thp Col
g ninny lecinlts from the
i ' in tlv Southern States.
- 't to-night for York Har-
veil n gaining strength
. I Mr. William-, "and the
, g M hlir aa the onp man
i to thp piosent Ad
i ''ip r.'xt n.ttlonit content,
i- nut piiiiflneil to Progres
1 hi and Democrats who
f tne country nt heart
K t.i . onie around to thp
.f mlnklng on the (treat
I Progressive if Maryland
n' l j Indorsement of the
utdldaey of Harvey I).
irpuHIt an .Mr. Williams said ;
. a. ne do. Roosevelt' action
' - good government In his
I miviiice niPii of all par-
- 't
- limit to support liiiuhll
nits who are working to
' ' things tha) led to the
" ci si e p irtv "
. laid that the Progress
' ncle handiil In the Con
- In M.irl.ind. No can
iKreed upon for thp Sen-
ti il. to oppose Senator J,
"i I leinnerat. who h:i no op
tion tn his own party
Emergency Stock Market
Pending the resumption of trading on the
New York Stock Exchange and other markets,
we are prepared to buy and sell all classes of
Securities on the following terms and con
ditions. Bids must be accompanied by cash to
cover. Offers to sell must be accompanied
by the Securities properly endorsed for
25 Broad Street New York City
Washington Predictions for To
diiy nild To-morrow.
7 .WTCHtLL. Pl.T-rCJa.
I iHATurou mr x v mnTirijn
lliisiiiess Depression in Ke.vstouo
State Mn.v .Menu Vietor.v
for Old Leader.
Harding May Win Nomination
if He Continues to fiain
at Present Hate.
t'llll.AtiKi.lililA. Aui.'. I.--If the eU.-tintu
In IVitusylvaulit w.to to ake idai e wlttiln ,
two neeks the entire Hepuhlli'aii tlrket
would niidoiilitedly Iwi eleetnl (lid Holes'
J'nroe would lie returned to the I'nlted
States .Senate frotn this Htnte. 1
This preillitlon nan msde freely to-dsv !
by political leaders conversant with th ,
sltuntlon existing IhrniiBhout the Wnte i
It does not mean that Senator IVnrm .
has pained In personal popularly with
the voters. It does mean that he would
rorolve the political benefit of buslnc-K de
pression that Is belli felt In virtually
every county and
7 B roxMtCR. t-
merely to serve the purposo of Penrose.
He promlni'1 to parade the record of Pen
rose from one end of tha Stale to the
that would reflect It-, Y Ll Y ""ZiZ ' " "u"
"it u it-i iiii ui inc- iin iiif i iviuim an
candidates for Connress, I'nlted State
Senator nnd State offices
On the other hand OIITord Plnchnt. Pro
reslve, nnd Iteprcsentntixe A Mitchell
Cnmpnlun llanllr Hpkuii.
However, the campaign proper ha not
eomni'iiced. It Is mora than three months
j until election. The Prorreslves nnd the
Palmer. Hemocrat. opponents of Senator , ..,.,.,,,,,,.. lhe paramount Is.ue. Con
Penrose, are conndttit of siui-eis In .So- ..-mentlv the hone of Senator Penrose Is
Mr. Plnchot l condiietlni! a unliU can-
ftiM Ifu Im m.LIn- l.tii.. II. iIhIi.
hldeliound partisan. ' i " . ' . ;
! thousand of votrra. This method Is a
. source nf no little worry to the Penrose
adherent, since It Is Impossible to fore
'caRt the succeia ot sueh .1 campaign.
I Itepresentativo Palmer has b.-en spend-
Inf a (treat deal of lime In the State and
found In a continued lull in business In
Active cnmpaiKnlnK W'U bepln Septem
ber 1 It will be n spectacular contest
Senator Penrose wilt malic the llitht of
hl political life, slni'c his. regime will end
abruptly If he s defeated. The Progres
sive will brlnjr Col Itoosevelt here to
aid Ihiin. President Wilson will lend his
Influence to Iteprew ntatlve Palmer nnd
will permit member of his Cabinet to
I Coi.twmrs, Ohio, Aur. 1 Joseph Hen-
son Korakcr. who h is serxed twelve years
III the National H.-rute, will be nominated
fur another term In the upper house by
the ltepubllcans of Ohio on August II if
In the opinion of responsible polltlcul ob
servers he la able to maintain un.ll the
day of tho primaries thn lead which he
has trained In his race with Warren O.
ll.irilllic of Marlon nnd Itnlph l Cole of
Flndlay. Harding;, however, has made
grtat gains durlux the Inst ueek or Im
days. If he can keep this up until the
aecond Tuesday In August he may come
nut winner, but at this time It looks aa
though Foruker will tie the victor,
Korakcr waa defeated the last time he
sought nomination for the Senate by Theo
dore H. Uurton of Cleveland, then a mem
ber of he House. Uurton willingly with
drew from the race for a rennmlnatlon
early In this cumpolgn in the hope that
the factions of the Republican party might
auree upon home one whose election would
be assured.
Harding. I'or.iker's principal rival, was
once Llputinant-iiovernor of Ohio. He
WILLOW LAICK JIOIJHI3 lloardtrs, home
like nomforts ul farmrr's larre hnus 1IIU1I.
IIKALT1IY location, claims stiaily ln
boatlnK, fresh farm nroUucts, refereners.
WILLIAM M DECKEIl It K 1). ii. lied
Hook. Dutchesi county. N V
C'OL'NTltl IIOAIlll.
So Says Mayor Mitehcl, nnd He
Makes His Opinion .Most
will begin a vigorous f.mwUn on Sep- i , t.t.IinHylvanla on a political mlsif.on
As to the Hepreitfiitntlves In Congress,
the Heiiubllcm leaders expert to reluce
tember 1.
Penrose Itelles on llnalness.
d:d nut believe thut ex- Senator Pentose is appealing almost ex-
I, Wellington, who was ciuiveiy to me uusiuess anu iniuiiri,u
Mlidlilate for the Sena-
r . i. It.iMior's successor wai
a 11 atain miter the content.
Iirl. - t Hun.iparte. who was Hooae
ifi m- !(.-. -HeiKral. Is the Progres
it. . i i i Mat'v land and lie has hecn
i;r;.Hi ! fo: tin Situate Mr. Williams
Xl-vV' ' fin the Itfpublleans and Pro
rmw' n.t irilte on a candidate to op
te Si i Sm I 'i.
- I !! niiM'cma show
i" j: . i t i ov-Tthrow Hip machine
. i uiin have ruled the party."
W ! nil's, "the Progress Ives will
I to in i. forces with them In op
l ihi Wilson Administration.
ipnaed, however, to reactionary
1 le i"e iij.-inert lu re-
tlora Ifi'ie'S. The ltepubllcans must
. ,'fpt "if r I. lea for which Col. Itooae
eltar! tV Progrcsalw party stand.
i . mi and tile of the Itcpuhll
it voice In the making of
i''o-m tho party will become
l.gnssHe. Col. Itoosevelt Is
Interests. While the Sti'e committee Is
putting forth every effort for Penrose the
burdt n of his campaign Is In Ira cart led
by the Pennsylvania Protective L'nlon.
which is composed of manufacturer.
HIchard Campion, r local manufacturer.
Is the chairman of this organization and
file Pemocratle representation to four or
flvo mtmbers. ltoland S. Morris of the
Democratic Stute Central Committee de
clared to-day, however, that the Demo
crats will elect between twelve nnd fifteen
members to the next Congress from P.inn
s) lvnnln.
Thri. .irp llurtv-siic foncn-ssmen In the
Pennsylvania neiegatlon : tn-etiiy-one "e- out of the race for Senator,
SiiRRpst Nomlnatinc: Them as
Delecrates nnd Letting
Courts Decide.
COfNTHV IIOMi: with refined, nulot siir
muntllrias uttered tn buslnpus woman (or
couple). 41 minutes to llroj.lwa). atutlon
five minutes walk LOCK HOX iO, I.yn
brmik, Lonx Island,
l or eastern New York, generatl.e fair to-
I da and to-morrow I general moderate south
winds, rising temperature.
Pur Xew Jersey, fair nml moderately
warm tn-ilay nnd to niorrmi . light to mod
erate south winds.
Kor New lltigland fair lo-dsy and to
morrnwi light snuih winds
NKW VOtlK Aug. : -High pressure
prevailed over most of the country jea.
icrday eteeptlng only IS- (nr Hnuthwest
and northern New Kngland.
Thero was no storm In sight
Centres of high pressure were loealed on
the north Pacific and iniith Atlantic cniisli.
and although there was no general rain
i fall thsre er seattend elinwers In many
f sections.
II win warmrr in Ihp inlddlo AHsntle
S lis and generally warmer In the North
west and somewhat eooler In lhe Central
In this elty tlio day was fulr anil
warmer, wind, light southwest, averiig
humidity, s2 per eent . Inrometer, (or
reeted to rend In sei level, at . A. M..
Zl.. 3 P. M. 90.DI.
The lempernure In this eliy yesterday, as
recorded by Hie nrTVIal thermometer. Is shown
In the annexed tanlc
Kill. toil I mil
0 A XI 7n 73 HP, M Js
12 M. . . 77s s P. I....
1 1. U so- I i;mi i. 7l
Illlbeat temperature, si, at 4 1. U.
Calgary Oil ft Block Kichange. fend il"
or more and we will Invest It with
eare nnd experienced Judgment Our com
mission 3Vi. minimum charge 12 SO Ad
rtresi Deri A4I. Morgan-Knox t'omp.inv,
Ltd., Ilankers-Ilrokera, Members Calrarv Ol
A Stock Exchange, Calgary, Alberta.
POR SALE- lilf hlv profitable weekly news
Taper, snlendld Inveatment, Investigate, Ad
dress C1IAII. nox 109 ftun offlce.
Should some nf the delegates to the
Constitutional convention be women?
Mayor Mllchel aiya emphatically "Vea."
William Church Oabom, Democratic State
chairman, not certain that the aex In
legally eligible, suggests that women be
nominated In the primaries nnd that the
question be fettled nfterveard In tho
Iteplies of the Mayor nnd Mr Osborn
to letters from Jllas Cornelia K. nryce,
treenurer of an organization whose title
delights spnee writers the Women's
rempornr Committee of the Stale of
LOT Prlilay nliM. between Illllmore
Hole! and Comedy Theatre, Diamond Nerk
tare, platinum setting, with three large dia
mond drops; will driver ot Aleo taxi leaving
tllltniore with theatre party at 10 plense
make aearrh nnd report to manager of llllt.
more Itewnrd of IJfiO
1:50 00 A MONTH Kveryhnity can srn
Also aa Incidental earning I? Of) per hour,
guaranteed All particulars free and post
paid OLASr.ll, 10 .Miller Avenue, Pmvl
denrs. It I
DO EASY, pleasant coloring work at home,
good pay, no canvnesing. no experience re
quired Illus. nartlcularss free Helping
Hand Htores. Chicago
ran for Governor against Judson Hnrnn. 1 ,,lrK ,or "cpreseniaiion in mo ion-
but was defeated Ivcause, It is iharged, Htltutlonnl Convention were made public
hu would no; mako 11 political deal with.) yesterday. Miss Lillian 1). Wald la chair
the aaloor 1 Interests. , Ilmn M, 0)rien MHl, t,n. vlce-chnlr-
Itnlph D. Cole, the third candidate lni,., .... . . . '
the Senatorial field, la a former member I ' .V , ""!" aecretnry. nnd
of Congress. He comes from the old , Harriet H. Lowtnsteln, executive
Klghth dlsttli't, where wool growing Is a secretary. The object Is "to secure for
great industry, lie Is a protectionist and the women of this State who nro working
of the stanchest supporters of , fllr ,..,., ,,M,rm, ...
seas one
,1... e. ....... j. 1. ... .1.1.1
tariff 'lild light Cole was defeated fur a '" ,,le formulation of tin. fundamental law
rennmlnatlon the list time he ran by under which such work la done."
Frank It. Willis, lawyer and college pro- tn his letter Mayor Mltchel said he
feasor, onre a member of the Ohio House, was thoroughly In fay- of woman con-
and who. having been gerrymandered out , .. . .,, ,
by the Democrats. Is -.-eking the i.omlna-1 'tuu"!1,i delegates, both In principle
tlon for Governor on the nepuhllcan 1 Pracnce, wnn tneso provisos
ticket. Cole la believed to he practically
publlciiis, twelve rvmocrats and three
Cheater, W. Hill, former Collector of the priKreaslvm. Thirty-two of these are
Ml-' Mi
OS 1
We ire
Port, tho eecreLiry.
The manufacturers were organized for
Penrose In th primary contest In many
counties This organization Is being ex
tended Into all the counties. The nro
being appealed to on the ground that
the rehtoratlon of the Itepubllcnn party
leoteil by districts and four ure chrwen at
I'naton Inipoaslllle,
There have been reports that Koraker
might withdraw to make way for Harding,
who la nn old personal nnd imlttlcnl friend,
and who conferred with Koraker at length
before announcing his candidacy, but now
there Is no nuch talk and It la believed
that all three will stay in the race,
After all, Ohio ltepubllcans nre not so
much Interested In the election of a Sena-
Puslon Iwlwi n the Progressives and
Democrats on Congreaaion.il nominees Is
utet nn Ml- lmrmsslhle lieci lis, of th firomt-
to power ! Imperative en account of the nence of tho tariff In th1 contest Such , tor this year aa they are In thn election
radical tariff change efTecleil ny the a fusion arrangement iu b.vn suggested . 0f a Hepubllcan Oovernor. A L'nlted
Democratic Administration. j on State oltle s, but It Is di-emed not to , Slates Senatorehlp would carry no patron-
This organization i also Interesting . ! feislhle on cindldaws for Congreem. age so long nn there la a Democrat In the
Itself In the fortunes of Hepubllcan candl- 1 The platforms of thn Progressive nnd 1 White House, nnd then there Is another
dntea for Congress. 1 Demoi r itlc parties nre too dlveryxnt on Senator to be ilected two years hence.
"No more than four or five Democratic the t irlff. No candidate could logically Many ltepubllcans. while not opposed lo
Congressmen will lie elected In I'ennayi- ' stano n me iwo uirui pianna 111 vne name
vanla next November." declured Secre- I time
tarv Hill lo-day "The people of this 1 This situation explain the attitude of
-'- ' . ... . . I .1.. I. . n. 1....I..VU r... .1... f-i,.niu..
litres his attack upon the Statu are hick 01 lie 1111 nn I 7 .1 .i.7i.JV(V... ti ,v ..r. pnr.n.V.n ..e
e ii. ...... rtt.l t.,irtl.. trill 1111. nun Itenuillicnns win u mitii-u 1 ""' - '
That only such women he aelccted as
had already rend red services to the
That Ihla service might be educational,
philanthropic, Induatrial, health nnd pub
lic safety
That It be understood that women go
J representntlvis of the ctinmunlty and
not as representing special women's In
terests, as distinguished from thoa.i 0
Thnt women nuallfled mentally and by
experience In take part with credit In
tho debated (if tho convention be selected
Mr. Oiriinrn told the committee thnt he
was "much Impressed" with the argu-
WOItK at home, inure time, aildreailnr
mailing or distributing for big mall ortler
houie Established 17 years !- to S.O
weekly No canvassing, no eiperieni-e re
quired Permanent work SainVle catalogue
and particulars free fend 10 ents for post
age, etc Monroe, jo.f Como nidg . Chicago
in r'
Sunrises. 4 M Sun sets . .7 in Moon sta
SandyH'k. t j,C.ov.Island..4 37lHrll Rate..,
t: a
SALESMAN with establlahe.l grocerv trade
along l'rle or Ln'kaw-innx road All mr
respondence confidential. p o 11 , 3!i7,
Newark. .V J
l:.S00 ANNUALLY I'nonersla Willi me
evenings at home. Everything furnished. I La Lorraine. Havre .
non't worry ahifut capital HOYO n. 1 Caribbean. Ili-rmuda
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Arrlved-SATL'ROAY. August I
Sa) Iirralnc a 11 A M . Havre. .Inly ".I
Sa St Paul. 10 os p y Southamnioii. July M
XsCUra Mennlg. Campbelton. July 3.
Sa Maraeilhu. " 1 j v v 1 -n 11,1, Julv Jl,
5i Hamilton. Norfolk, July il.
Sa Mallnrlii', 1'lill.nii Iplna. ."Hy .11.
S Celile, at Liverpool
Ma Noordam, at llottrrdam
Si Philadelphia, at Southampton
.se Perugia, at Naples. -
sa 11.1:11 roit Mtw cm
is New York, from Soultiamplon
Sa Jillnnt-lnnka. from lindon.
Ss Krnonlaml. from Antwerp
Ns Anaonla. from Cdaacow
.Sa Maurcianla, from Liverpool.
Sa I'otnlam, from Itottrrdnni.
Sa Caracas, from San Juan.
Ss Mexico, from Ha- ns
Sail To-morrow.
HainlHon. Norfolk
Sail Tuesday, August 4.
I.ilallanla. Liverpool . . 2 j P M
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I Sloierdik. llottcrdam. , .
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nah .
Uaillion. Norfolk..
Sail Wrdnreday. August &.
7 00 M
a i A M
distribute e ample a and tuke orders or appnlnt
agenta, permanent Jap Amerlcnn Oo , Chi.
Ii'il I"
tf tt r
I '
' '
C- It
ill i 1
It I' 1 T
I - fl
,it 1 hreiitined outbrenk.
Tr si' w Perkins, chairman of the
"c,i"vr r .L uial executive committee,
f i'er a 'f e ' l' at Sagamore Hltl this
It- n ,1 i iced that Col. Itoosevelt
)'ili .r. n n New Orleans on Iabor
,,l not the voters of tb't to prevent further detrimental legislation
j who rebel ngalnsi ac- uy tne uemocrnis
w ! der of things."
t who while President auc-
A the conflict botween Hue
.a taking a deep Interest
1'nis l-'uropoan war. He
nlerested In the part 1
1 ie i.ermaii Kaiser Is play 1 , , ,hMr of livelihood they
seek the cause. The people are blaming
the Democrats for their preeent plight.
This will mean the election of Hepubll
canH." " Ulfford Plnchot believes the bmlness
depression is not ns bad as Senator Pen
rose nnd his asHorlates would make It
Pe 11 11 s lvnnln Stunned.1'
"Tlaillcal chang.H In tho tariff has
stunned industrial Pennsylvania. There
Is n greut depression of business : mills
are closed, men lire out of work When
MiniM Kniserx Find Givers
Hi'liiclant , tn Open
Their Purses.
"There Is a alight depression In Penn
sylvania," ld Mr. Plnchot to-day upon
1 his return from 11 Statewide trip. "Hut
it Is due first tn the vacation period and
, secondly to the taking of Mock. Of
I ' ....I l.n ..nil Ifl ina
course 11 was expci-icu nun 1 m
would exaggerate the situation.
"If the war In Hurope Ii ns serious ns
It deems to be business will revive In this
country. There will be an end to the de
pression nnd the politicians will have lost
their chance to cry hard times effectively "
Hepresentatlvc A. Mitchell Pnlm-r Is
urging that the depression Is manufac
tureil and that tho cry ot calamity Is
'outK . nf nil parties reported yester
li' i'h 1 . upii neh Impossible tn get
srnr" "imriluitlntiH. Ileeaiise of tho
'' k'n ' mirlden ciuitloiisness has
' ,iedf en unong the readiest previous
Il iliaptie vi ii,ti the money raisers at
lirh S In I, r,,l,,i.,i.. 1,1 !,. ,11.- Iin.l
I, tViilel ift ippi.111 activo campaigns to till
k I "' ' ' ui the last week Their
srt ,. . 1 ,,,,, prm tho flnanclnl
Uldpf 1 . ., j.rnapeel Ik serious for the
It r,i- , u. u W.. , ,ni)
1 'I'll try of Sepleniber !i.
iinlldates Inillvidiinlly nre
'lielr parlies It Ik under
es !s Whitman may rely
,! Inir Curllss Jniiios, vice
1 fi". Dodge A Co, nnd ex-
New York Yacht Club,
nit 11 generous slmrn of his
e I) lllntnnn has a liaoker
11 sieiihen C Clark of ('nop
' "'lier In John II. Hose, brick
s in general campaign
us eein to bo having the
electing In all exu -pt the strong Demo
I cr.itle districts.
j Take tbu two Philadelphia districts
reprisented by Democrats In the present
I Congress as an txample. The ltepubll
cans anticipate the defeat of Congress
1 men Donohue and 1Ogue next November.
1 In each of theso districts there will be
a three cornered contest among the He
1 publicans, Progr. ssivea and Democrats.
There is a factional fight among the
I Democrat of kpv ral wards In tho Logue
district, in the Inst two Congresalorwil
Ic Hons Hepreseutative Donohue hnxhad
both the Democratic nnd Washington
( Progressive) nominations. This time
hp has only tho Democratic nomination
and has a formidable Hepubllcan oppo
nent. Senator Penrose In a, declaration to
day stated the case from a Hepubllcan
standpoint. As tho party's ivpokcsman,
lie said:
"There Is n decided drift toward tho
Hepubllcan party with an nccompanylnir
disintegration of the Washington and
Democratic parties, There Is no Indica
tion of any permanent or ruhetantlal busi
ness Improvement. Huslness will con
tinue steadily to grow worse ns a r
suit of tho tariff nnd other Democratic
crltis. 1
c.,e (
ttjtlfi a
t'nid 1 -'1
1 LI I
1 'Snail-
H ' ,1
' "1. , 1
' 'arge
"urn 1 , 1
'ml. f,
" i 1 1
v nr 1 .
of .
"ll. s
' I! .
111 si the Progressive candl
'1 Hiiiiii iii Is lo be voiced
i'res-ivn conferenee nt Hie
A i-'Iim Hiluy What It will
Ime of the appeal whloh
- 'o makei nnnot be foretold,
'l-llliimuii workers were
1 lav by the phraseology of
Held on Clinrpo of Heine:
ne ( ments In a brief pent fo him by the com
iiniiee. lie continued :
Pornker personally, would dlallke to sen
him nominated for Senator, because
fear It would hurt the fltatp tlrket
... 1 , 1 . i.i . .
patter, and the Standard Oil muss In ,' j"4." T," Uuv""vr h"e" hl "
which he was Involved Ima not been for- nmln', ,h7 aw "l'011 other side and
gotten. It Is known that With Democrats v-nnt ad viae jou as to the arguments
and Progressives would like to see Koraker1 in opposition to those of your brief,
nominated, as this would give them a I ls PtobabUi thut the Slate coin-
good target nt which to fire In thp coming I mlttee or tin- State conference will en
campaign. I deavor to select delegates to the constltu-
Cole has suffered In his race because he 1 tlonal convention, as we are In hopes that
and Willis come from the same district. I the pwiple of the different localities In
Then, antl-Foraker ltepubllcans have the State will themselves bring forward
found it necessary to unite on some one, candidates for this Important office nnd
man If the former Senator Is to be de- jiiuce them In the prlmarv election.
leaii-n. mm iiiwm .iicni ns-i. ..... nn.. " 1I1IS VVOUKI Seelll to me tn nffee In
( the women of the Statu an opportunity
I to test legally and llnally the questions
r.usen oy your iniereeimg nner. 1 see
Hardin? Is preft ruble So the race seems
to He between For.'U; -.".o nis old assn.
elate, personally an.-, politically. Mr. Hard-
ln5' . ... . .. 1 no reason why a candidate or candidates
fhur V Oa",7o?d of Klyrl'a vv" i lo'r ''f 'our ""'"" '"" ,, "'
t :'ne '' lr pr,n-ih em, craM I tho requisite
will choose from among John I.. Zimmer
man of Springfield. John J. l.entz of
Columbus and T S. Hngan of Jackson.!
now Attorney-General of Ohio.
The contests for the Congressional nom-1
(nations are In many Instances quite
spirited The Democrat have contests In
thirteen districts. In which the friends of
Oov Cox and Ills .nemles are arrayed
against each other, and the Hi publltntu
number of voters under lhe primary law,
either for de!egat to lhe coustltutlonal
convention or for delegates at large. In
ense th's action is followed It would proh
ably be taken up for early nctlon by the
court and the question of eligibility would
lie decided. It would be an Interesting
nnd valuable feature of the election this
fall and would doubtless receive strong
support from many quarters. I do not
when Plncenfe arrived. Mr. Kayton bar
gained him down to (300, the detectives I
av. nnd found nut that I1I1 daughter was!
, In Fairfield. Placcnte was arrested nnd
iletietlves and Mr. and Mrs. Kayton
started for Fairfield,
In the Connecticut town they learned
. i that MIhh lvayton nnd Anderson had re-
. turned tn New York. Qulnn got tho ad-
. . . , 41 i,, T',.fM, Idresn of Mrs. CordeN 120 Went Nlnety-
DaUjrllter OI Anrnliaill ivllj toil ,venth Htreet. nnd early yesterdny morn
ing he nrreavteil .Muss Kaylen and Ander
son there.
Although Magistrate Murphy would not
nonmilt Miss Kayton for examination as
to her sanity he entertained 11 charge uc-
' I csttlng her of being Incorrigible oucnueo
.. . .r 1 i.rh.,m ! of her association with Anderson, who has
Caroline Kayton. daughter of Abraham ft w,f(i )n P(.nn.y,vaiv,H, MlKa Kayton
Kayton, president nf the Milton 1 lana ,.mSenel to go to the Florence Orlttcn
Comnanv. wants to be n chaulfour. She (on MI.slon and was paroled until next
1. lithe, little woman of 24 years and ,' Werflncudny. Placonto and Anderson were
according to the tniltlc policemen uXonKin tafiMXMmcniMotM.
Hroadvvay. all of whom know her. she,' "' i J',,, Mautr(lU! 1Iurpny
can handle a car with the best of them. t,,.t ., Ml j,,,,,, because her father had
Miss Kayton told her ambition yester beaten her. Mr Kayton denied this and
day to Magistrate Murphy In the West , nal,r that three months ngo he bought hts
Hide court where she was a prisoner. I daughler n new touring car.
Side court, wnrre " '.nn.ltied1 Following the lienrlntt Mlm Knyton in-
Her father asked that she be committed thn( lnt0,ItM to fet a Job M
Ileiieviin ror an ininir. , chnuffour. "I .-uii vvnll nuivllfled to drive
decided that alio (1,r Hhe said. 'and I will not go Iwick
have lights In eleven The Progressives thlnk thnt the cnndlibitss will come for
have a contest In only one. which tends to .V(,r(, lmll,, before lhe 20th of August
show that there Is not murh of a desire ( t,u, VFAU hecauau the operatioiiH of the
this year to run nn the Hull Moose ticket. prttnttr. 1hw nre so unknuwn to the pen
or elte some one Is naming the candidates . (nR, , abUnduncn of time
and forhlddlrg all others to enler j.(,r y(m an(, ynur ntt,ocrK , tnko tho
nciloti suggested."
$25,000 GIFT BY AST0R. 1
needs Land tn It lilnerlllT VIIIskc fori
lltghvany Piiriinaes,
I'nt.'niiKKrpsu, N, Y, Aug. 1 Vincent;
Aslor has presented tn the village, of i
Hhlnecllff a strip of his estate to be
used as u highway to the New York
Central station. The village trlPd tn
buy the property several months ago for
hlghwuy purpones. but the owner refused
to sell for les than I2S.00O. The vll.
ltisjes could not afford lo pay this mid
tha project was given up.
The much wanted land ran through
what was known as the Holllday farm.
When Mr, Astor learned that tho village
sought the land so as tn open a new
npproach to the railroad he quietly opened
negotiations nnd to-day It was announced
that he hud given the land without price.
The gift was accepted Immediately anil
with the aid of Mr Astor tho village
officials will begjn nt once laying nut a
wide highway
A man of twenty years' experi
ence on the road, has a good estab
lished Paint and Oil trade in Flor
ida and Georgia, wishes connection
with a first-class Paint Manufac
turing Company.
Daytona Beach, Florida.
Ancnn. I'rlslnbal
Crrop . Ni w- Orleans
lmpaaas. (ialwelun
JriTirson, Norfolk
s 30 A M
II on A M
1 1. VI AM
Veasf la
n no P M
r.ij p m
10 OH A U
I III) P u
3110 P M
3 00 PU
10 in A M
in m a it
is to M
Km M
?ri p m
:ii P vi
I'.'oi vi
I il P M
3l"1 P M
Due lu ii.iv
AO ENTS New business, new Held, big
prnitia. Helilnr waierpower massage ma
chine. Parker Bella a first day Margwarth
saya. making tlv dally Lewis sells 4 ilrst
hour Investigate now- to-ilay. postal win
do. Illg aurprisif awaits vnu IlUckapitic
Co. !l'.'3 Meredith llldg , Tolclo. O
IIOtmEWOUKIHlS -Colored, several neat
flrls, experienced, good references, thor
oughly Investigated, want places, other
Hnuthern help furnished LINCOLN INtil X
TltlAL KXCHANIIl. (Agency) 314 W Tivlh
Phone HO!! Columbus Est.'lbllihed 1S9v
Monterey ......llav-ini .. July 27
Grrvor)' . M..llarbadoa July 23
Kreut-anea . .. ....Havana July 29
Prlna Maurlta Haytl . .July 27
Coya .... Montevideo.-. ...July 7
Martha Washington .. Algl rs Inly 2.1
Columbia fJIasgow July :a
Lurupa Naples .Mlv 21
f!nrgc Washington. . Ilneien July 21
Rotterdam. Itottirdam. July 2S
Mohawk... . .Jaclcionvtllc.... July 3.1
City of Montgomery Savonnan. julv .71
Due To-morrow .
Iierrentfjord .. . iw-ryn . July 2J
t'nderlk VIII.. .. Chrlallanaand July 25
Minnehaha London July 2
II l'trmonic (ienoa Inly in
Carolina... San Juan Ii,ly 2U
Saramarca.. Mcllze July 17
llorlnqurn I 'or in lllio. . .July 2a
1 Caribbean Ilermmla . . Aug. I
, llurnns Alra Havana . . July .Hi
(Jraecla Inairua. Julv 2U
1 Alllanca. . - Crlslobal July 3
Kl Occuicnle (lalvrsion. July 2S
Anlllles Ntw Orleans.. July 2D
Due Tursdas . August 1
Vcncla Paknnn . July 23
Pr'aldent Lincoln Hamburg . July 25
raminnla illlirallnr Jul' 2ft
Ancona Nafi Julv 22
lloehamhfau llavri JmI ''a
Tenadores. Port Union . ...July's
Kaiser Wllmlni II Mr, nn 11 . . J, h
Mexico Havana . Viib t
t'uiirlio Cnlvinon J..i 21
Arapahoe Jacksonville Aug t
City nf Columbus Savannah. Aug, t
Wiinien In
I 'n 1 1
Pnnlr nt Seelim Diinimr
I'ruiii Aeroplane.
ThoUh.'inds of persons were on the city
bench at West Fifth street, Coney Island,
yeisleiilay afternoon when Aviator Charles
Incoming; Viuaels II Wireless.
s. Mlnm lialia. 71 mills i ast nf Sandy lunik at
102S M jiMeldav
Ss I'ruPrlk V III.. 77smllie real of Sandy Hook
1,1 1 1.', V M
Ss Itochambeau w") miles east of sandy
Hook at I :. 1' M
ss Mexli.n. Ilivsna. TO miles northeast if
IHiana in P M.
ss llhlililise. liinaslnn. nt? miles soillh of
I'. .Mies was ilolng Ills day s flying over the .nidy 11, ink nt noon
Island lesort While watching Mice do his s s" ."","',""'"' -V," m'""' 4?' n'1lC ""l "
aerial stunts they saw theflgiire of a mall 1 ' s. 'carol tia" iau .i i-in. V) miles souih of
drop from the miicliinii when it vwih :i,ihi i Sai-:y Hook at P M
feet In the air " City of Moiitsoniery Savannah, l.'i mllei
There was great excitement nnd women i? o'l'ic.s'Vod Ml Ipr-
becanii' pnnicsirickeii It was a iliiminv h.ir lit t 1: P M
whlih fell from lhe inuchino and Nile hud . -s'' Tenielons. Port l.inimi, W miles south of
dropped It as n novel feslure. Most of Sts". HIll.oU. SalS'.'oi miles south of Jupiter
llli'-i" iin iiiiiu lie- llliilliilMillie. linwi-Ver. , SI IIOO I
Ss tl Illn. Galveston iTnsed (.alvrsion rar
tlimight II was the aviator falling to his
death, nnd nolle e reserves were called I
10 allay the eirltement
Port Arthur, passed Jupiter at
..niiv Tho Magistrate
was sane anu reiuseu m i-oiinini ,n,
"Dr. Oregnry would turn her out nfler 11
five minutes conversation," he said.
ui.. 1,-1 vtim wnu nrrested yesterdny
"i'n tne 1 oioiiei seiu iu j niornlnsr by Detectives ijuinu 111111 aian-
;,.r use in his cnmpiilgn . dfn.gg n Fnlrlleld, Conn, where she had
emorshlli. He said "we' ,ten staying for eleven days. Her arrest
in nine with ltepubllcans I followed alleged demands upon her father
inst reacllonary leaders. by two chauffeurs. Anion Anderson and
1 1, PromeMsive who called I Huglero Pl.icente. She had gone with
1'iriers yesterday, "I hu j Anderson from Now York, and Placente
menu 1 In- Ptngresslve ' knew of her wnereanouis, 1 -laei-nu- -ns
on Friday lo Mrs. Iviiyion ai lier nom
In the Peter Stuyvesant apartment house.
U68 HIverHlde Drive, the apartment below
that of Mayor Mltchel. und deniaiidiil,
according to Mrs. Kayton, l."00 for In
formation conierning her daughter, who
1..,. ii.nl been absent from home for
to my home.'
11 he has 110 iiuthorlty to
v Id doesn't he say 'I'?
" IT, .
.Mrs, V. W. Westrrvelt JV-eKlerted
Wolind mid LocKJnw Iteaillted,
Haukknsack, N. J., Aug. 1, Lack of
attention to a seem.ng slight Injury tn
lier linger sustained two weeks ago
caused the death last night of Mrs. War
ner W. WfHlervelt, Sr., at Woodcllff
Uilcc, near here. Her husband Is n law
yer with nfllces nt .60 Hroadvvay, New
It was while buay In her irarden that
one of Mrs. WeMervelt's fingers wns cut
eleven days. Mrs. Kavlon loin nun 10 go , anil nriilson. run linger was oanoageu
lo her husband's olllce. 772 Twelfth 11 ul to other attention given It, the
.....mi.. Afier lie had slai'ed s'i 'el, . wound li'allng quickly A week ago the
It is nlso nld that It phoned to hPr husband and Ml'. Kaylnn o,'or was summoned when Mrs. Wester-
H.it he be made chalrmnn summoned Detectlvfs mum 1 m 1 - 1 veu cnun n.u open .r ..wuw,
n. docks. The)' Hl'IC COIIieaicu III ms. v. - . ,i.l 11, b .si 1
Hle, V, , t,lr cull,.,,.
fiy ' 1 HrisiKlyn that former
ei .1, 1 mien win im
n ite at bilge to the con
"'inn not only by the
by bolli ltepubllcans
Defeats MeCrenry In IveiitucLy'a I
Senatorial Conteat. . I
LliXlNOTOX, Kl'., Aug. I Meagre re- 1
turns to-nlKht indicate that J. C W fleck-'
ham vvus noniinatPil in Hie primary election '
to-day for United Htutes Senator over V
Owsley Stanley and tlov James II lln.
Oreary KlKiires are not avalluble now on;
account of Inueepsilblllty of mountain
sections, The rune will he close, however,
with McCreury third,
MeCrenry was knifed right and left for
various reasons, chief of which was duo
to his having become u candidate for Senu
tor after the people hsd elected blm Oov
ernor. Johnson N Camden, who Is now' serving
the unexpired term of the lafp W O. Brad
ley, won rosily for the short term over lien
llennett II, Young.
Itlclinrd P Krnest, the llenubllcuii candl
dule, defeated Augustus I' WIIN011, foimer
(lovernor, by a lurge majority
Marshall Ilulllil, former Hollcltor-Hi'n
-ral of the I'nlted Slates, was chosen by lbs
ltepubllcans for Hie short trriu.
While Away
On Your
Mailed to You Regularly
(Postage Prepaid,
Delivery to Cartad; Mexico nnd all
United States possession.
.$ .50
. .75
Daily nnd Sunday
Evening Sun
Mail your order NOW. Mention when to start paper.
2 50
1 90
1 03
$15 00
THE SUN, New York. 1014.
Sun Building:
Starting mail
Bunday Vfor months
Evening J
Enclosed find $
Town State
121 mill! e.is' of
215 miles siM'tn
al 1 in P M
S Millinncket Stocktnn
Samiy Hook nt V P M
Ss Con111-.be. Jacksonville.
of Sandy H00U 11 T 1' M
Ss Carolyn, Hoi 1 (iraiide. '.T."i miles souihv-est
'if H.itleria at 7 I" M.
Ss City of Columbus. Savannah, a miles
south of Marlin'e Industry m " " M
ss Conehn tt'ilveslnn, vv miles inuth of
Sandy Hook at 7 P M
Ss Kl OnKli'lile (fslvestnll, Kl milts -Mllii
of Dtiimnnd hoals at noon.
Ss Anlllles New Orleans, 21(1 mtlri north nf
Juniler nt noon
.s Hadlsnt I'orl Arthur 2ft'. mllea soulh ol
dainty Hook nt s A VI
Ss rir.ieela Kincsinn. M1 miles aouth of
Snulv Hnou at noon
Ss Vesta, Union Itntirp, IM mllci aniith of
Diamond Shoals at noon
Arms and Navy Orders,
Vt'ASIIINOTON, Aug I Tlie.e army or-
deri weie Issued:
First Lieut. 1, W. Fulknir, .Medical Corpi.
from Fort Nlsiars. Ntw Vork. to honn and
relieved from active duty.
First l.leui o. 1 Atcshlre, Twelfth Cav
i'r. from Fort crook, Nebraska, to his
i"apt II A. Drum, Twenty-third Infmtry,
10 Fori Leavenworth eenlce sihouli as 1n
ipcitor. Thele navy orders were laaurd:
Lieut A T Church from Die Ioulilana
lo Navy Dep'irtment.
Lleui. J. .M Mineable from New York yard
10 tlie lenilsliiia us mgliieer nfilcer.
Lieut -Col. T. P Kune. M C. from Kltsf
llrlgade. Vera Crui, tn Army War college
fnpl W I Ppshur from marine deiaoh
ni'in. Amerhan Legation. I'ekln, to the
I'nlted Stales.
Vlovenieiita of Naval Vessel..
VV ASlliNliTliV. Aug 1 Tile , Tills. , Ituf .
fnlo li.i arrived at Cuidovi, .uiil) ship
rfuppl) ,11 MhtiIIh cruls. r -nrtli i'nf"lm
it Hampton Heads; tr import Prairie at
i'lirt-iiu-l'rln, e ilesti-n) ers Mnnoghan. Ster
rci, Km. VYinlir. I.i'iis.in ,111.1 Smith at New
port. 1 oilier Alurend.i at Chetoo
The .oilier I'roieua Imi yn'el fiem
iluiiiptoii itoads lor (iiunt.iiiiinio, tux
Oseeol.i from Charleston fo- Key Wrsi and
liu nit iiiamo
I'.nds Life III Coney Island Hotel,
Mav II, 'I ii-tinn, ,'1 a 'en I (stipe onei Hor
of I.ibeiiv sticet. Manila ll.i 11, II v m' . 1 ' 7 I
l.ltllM'tlH avi'lllll', IllllllklV'll, 1 ellllllltleil
s'lii'liln liy gas ill u Coney lelalid bolel e
lerilii .

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