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Second Section
baseball, boxing.
raging; tennis
Sporting and Automobiles
NEW YORK, SUNDAY, AUGUST 2, 1914. Copyright, 10H, by the Hun Prtntlnp and PubUthlnti Association.
Kroner On! ploys Krookos in
Third Ono of TliHr Ml'li,
With Score 11 (1.
Wlldins Coii(iiors l'roitzlicim
in Tlircc Slriiirrlit Gcrinniis.
Wniit to Snil Home.
pirrfBi'M Aug 1. Norman K.
Brookes anil Anthony V. Wilding, the star
Austrai!" lawn tennis players, competed
t, rou' o? t.c lennnn team when they
defeated Oscar Kreuner nnd Otto FrolU
taint respectively hi the semi-final round
tt th tournament tor the Dwlght F.
Pay's International lawn l-nnls trophy Ht
fie A'leglv ov Country Club courts here
(jlv Vt tiding took straight sets from
rroltihflm In th' opening match, at 63,
t4 6. .. wiillu Hrookea ended up the
U by vanquishing Kreiiter. threo sets to
Rj a 4, fi.. 2, fi s, tt 2. Th IrtUml-
t- will leavo Immediately for tlio Iong
woo'l Cr'eket flub. outlde Boston, where,
tliay will pla. the British Isles team In
ti Anal round, beginning next Thuiaday,
for the tght of challenging America. Tho
tat Teutons started Into to-night for
(Vt- York, where they will try to engage
uaasar home, for both may bo iioeded
la case of wnr
T w was lltllo further falling off In
iri, r "oher of enthusiasts who made tho
trip r ? the game, nnd those who oiimo
cut were not very well rewarded for their
palt.s. excepting in the, set which Kreuzer
won fiom Brookes, That sot wut the
onlv b gilt feature of either match, for It
iu the only tlmo anything llko really
fool tenets was played. As a matter
of tact about half of the crowd missed
tha one bright spit of the afternoon, for
a hoer of r.Un feill Just Ik fore that par
tial! ir -t was Mnrted Htnl many rushed
frot" t'ie stands to seek the tdie.tcr of Iho
rut'.' v;or dlil they make their way
fci-v t , the f.'fiift of conflict until they
ieie r a'lcd by tho vociferous applause
' gr-etesl the winner of the only set
'ikeii 'ron. the Australians thus far In
he IP' rn.itlonnl matches. When they did
.'(turn 'hey mint have bili disappointed,
(0' th Teuton lapsed Into llstlessiirss
otic morn and wan beaten easily In tho
fourln et
Tliern wer fpilt'i a few who thought
th rman at leant mlKht make an
t"o- to-day and those who havo fol
io td iho play of tho Teuton closely
fi'.t thU If they ll(t Ket :i little life In
t...r v orl they txiulrt malic the nntlpo
nan 'uistlt Uut the tlermana could not
im o wnl.e tlu'inselves up find were
b-itu tculn by their lack of steadlneaa
n.i ar. irent IniJilTerenc.
W" ' ik stalled fer-lce In the openlni?
(tntK ind by virtue of the easy way
In Wit. 1 he pulled KroltzhHm out of poel-
on luuK the Initial manw. Strange as It
may e-eni, the Australian let loose a
f' .R" of w'Mn9n himself In the second
pm nnd lust It at love. The men
ilivtnH 'h; next two tramcs, ench winning
h' n tvIci nnd the ecore stood
v.i t . nM. but the Teuton becanre
are' t anl prtn'tlcally threw a way the
mt '! ee sa-nes. With the scorn 5 2
w.nst lihn Proltzlielm made one of thoa
ipurts he lets locre occaalonally ami took
0 love Kami on Ills own sei-lce. Uut
thji' f' isht l blm for the set. an Wlldlm?
ju; on full ypred In the ninth (tamo nnd
oi f n th fie Ions of only one point.
Iho pomt Mnie of the set favored Wild
Inf at JT 21.
In tl n i rind set th Oerman made a
fi.rlv coo' 1kM for a time and mnnaKed
" t,ik 'ho lend a' S 2 mid 4 3, but
kf could not lieep nolnn at a creditable
"c and diopped the last three Kam
v ' Is leK nf .imb'tlon In covering the
virf and bv li'lrK poor JudKiuent on
'inVtnjr rettims. IVoltnlielm had many
Mcellent clmnres to jcore points In this
'C, but ho Invarlablv failed to take ad--ntn
ot them Mis oervlco too was not
stronB aa ' iihh Iwen, anil the way he
"e,l them oer tho net Knve one tho
miress'nn thsi he wan perfectly sntls
'I If he were able to tret them Maely
over Ills drKInK alto lacked power and
l'Td the way for majiy a placement by
Ms rival. Wlldlns led In the total point
t 3! M.
Krratli He the Teuton had been In tht
first two sets, he became worse In the,
hl-d He lost thi opening game on
Ml. ohii heie after leading at 30 lovt,
hut hruke through Wlldlns's for a victory
'i 'he sei-oml From that time on he ap
peared to have no rontrol whatever over
baM .mil liwt the next four Ramea In
r. ror'nK only one point In each
'Vttheim then took a love Kame on hi
in scrvlee and broufiht the cor to
; - Ml' he tnado four mistaken In th
n-Tfef (t.inie, thereby loalntr the net and
if mm. .i The points In the tlnal set
Tfre ?
Ttrnoker and Krrsjzer came out on the
'dirts for Mi. last match of the lie at
'afiv t o-Moelt nnd starjed hostilities
Jil'h vrry lltti. preliminary HmbcrlnK up.
Krir. win tho ilKht to nerve, nnd Itn
in.vlutele took advantage of it by mak
a lm ae, but he lost tho next
lsht ii .'nts In a row, thereby dropping
"l' first t Kn,n,. T.U, m,1y ono point
' . 'i r, .lit
'I i hj) ui,v m whirl) tho Australian
in 'ill tir flrt brace of Kiimffl led
'if r ! t.) bclievo that It would be
1 rn. .wiv match und iUlle a few left
' 'tin.N Tlie ileriiuin CAtne back In
i 'hir. game and won It, scorlnp three
"v . i.s ilurlni; the process. Not to
c ' uti..ii, liriiokeH served two aces while
'i.niiir ' . rrnirtli uame, but Krcuier
' i ' r iMnily fur two pamea and won
'ni Imtlt. tyeliiK the score at 3 all.
I nniiir T, ntnn iiid nn o'U'etlent
Mr .
0 lie
' winnlns tho seventh Ramo too,
i 'I score at 40 love on hl own
1 . '.Hi h. lost the next five points
' i "ic u.im.. w lili tbem and followed by
'' in (rip mure errors In the elehth
' K llrooliea tho lead lit "i 3.
' iii. liM.il the antipodean in the
K-iiie and won It with the loss
one point, but Hrookes was strong
l-n-h and finished the set with
" t Krorii at 31 2i.
ai. rot urlll the score stood 40
't i m In the second set that the
1 wj ti, !;.ep steady for u
'" - niDUKli for lilm to win a
'l '.n.iUv did malto a r.tand in
mil won It at love, but he
''if sixth Jtmt as easily. Kreuier
I ':r riHivfntlvi. points In the
lMtr. two nn jir.t.'i nii.l ifn .in
' .-II
Mowe,,t and broiiu-lit tlie score to 2 S.
J"" Ht'iiUKh he had the lead at 40 lR
' 't f'Kii b 1io could not pull out the
" ''"'v po'nt and lost the set, the
s 2S--I3 against him.
" l TOO. IA n Il.t u.t
' ''I be Iran to look ah If Iho
' v.iiii liuve a riMnplrtn list
- i irtoi ie In tlielr lnellni-
' date Mthousli the joumr
u, inaKed to break even on the
line. . t irro wore few to con-
1 t ... I..!
,1-. ,r i iii ewii ii pooo rniinco ot.
"aiti tne et, for tlie score stood B I
Deltoid Bursitis Is
Now With Dodgers
"THE lak-Ht addition to the pltch
4 Inn BtafT of tho Urookl-n DodKcrs
Is Deltoid llurHitis, nooordlnR to nn
nnnoiincrtncnt by lrcsldcnt EbbeU
lnl night. Bursitis hus not been
Hddod to tho HtafT nn a vdiolo, but to
.Vuj Rucker, one of tho niombem
thereof, nnd more partlctilsrly to
hln shoulder. Deltoid nursltls Is not
a pitcher, but ft dlseaso, though tho
bulletin sent out. by Mr. Ebbets did
not nay no. However, tho diction
ary does. It Is nn Inflammation of
tho tendons of tho deltoid musolo
on tho outHido of tho shoulder, and
will keep Uurkrr from pitching for
(tt least, three weeks. Thin is be
lieved to bo tho first nppearanoo of
Dellold nursitis in a big league uni
form, thanks to the learned Col.
In favor of Brookes. Kreurer. however.
IsUof Vhnrad?BiB tf.Y
played In practice, with the result that he Nw Tork Fui chnmplouMp ls.wn ten
won three names consecutively and went I tournament rf terrlay afternoon. T'i
Into the lead at R. , veteran pair lost the flr.st st to the na
The antipodean evened matters by Uk-, tlonal double champions. 91, but won
litK th next Bam. 4 I, but the Teuton V uir .......
went Into tho leod aKaln by carrylnir off s;c?mJ 64' N" ,n,rrt ,rnl,rt'
a love Kame on three service -ices and al,,lll"'1' bnl without time nut fo- ret tlin
) would bo to deuce analn. for In the four
teenth Kamo on his own service Brookes
had the lead at 40 If.. Kreurer then
played tho best tennis seen In tho course
of the tie, and earning coniccutlve points
on pretty placements tame within an nco
iof the set Ho thrtw away this, his first
I chance, by nettinrt an easy smash, but
i he (tot another chance on the very next
stroke, when he forced the Islander to
net by pulling him out of position.
Kreuier then tried to find the corners
and overlilt the bull twice, Klvlne llrooltes
the .advantage. U looked then ns It he
had thrown away his very last chance,
but he pulled toirether and carried oit
' the same and set by scorlns three suc
cessive placements, on eaoh of which he
passed tho reat Urookes with juris to
spare. Tho German led on point at
40- -42.
At the finish of the third set Hrookei
I looked pretty well worn out and the. Oer-
man rooters thought that Krcuwr might
i have a chance of wlnnlnic at least an
J other set. The Teuton made a Rood stirt
and took tno framnj .if the first three.
but he became corelets aR.Un nnd alo
I a t.-lflo unfortunate with his strokes and
I luHt llv" frames In n row, and the set
I and match went with them. The points
stood 2. IB,
There wasi ono thin which marred th
closlru: mach and that vis the way In
which Hrookei foot faulted continually.
unnoticed by tho linesmen. The. Australian '
hH been prone to break the foot fault
ing rule throughout all of the Interna
tional mutches thU yoax. but never to
the extent that ho did to-day. (hiring
the course of the four sets there was
not bn time ho served when Im did not
have his front foot ovex the line beforn he
hit the ball and very frequently he took
two eteps In toward the net whllo ho
was swinging the racket. Only two foot
faults were called on him. however, either
betaunn the linesmen did not know tho
proper Interpretition of the rule or be
cause they feared to enforce It on a man
of Hrookea's) recognized prowraa as a
lawn tennis player.
The linesmen also were at fault In
calling outs In the Wildlng-Froltihrlm
tussle and unfortunately It was the Teu
ton who suffered the most by the mis
takes of tho linesmen, for while he. had
a tendency to hit everything back Wild
ing was very careful not to make any
move toward retumlrr; sny bell that
dropped over the lines.
The summaries :
Wilding t. Frottthetm.
.... UUKIH
... 1 4 2 4 31041
Nets. Outs, riacee P. A
10 1
3 11 S 1
nncoND set
.. j 4 4 1 : : p 4
. i 0 5 4 4 4 1 S 1
v r.
-81- ii
-! 1
wtlrtlna. . .
IVottrbMm .
Wilding.. .
KToltuhMm. ,
Nete. Out. Places. 8. A. D. V
1 11 J 0
; is 11 : 0
Tirmi) pet.
4:4444s 4 :e-
4 11114 1
-IS 2
Nets. Outs. P1aje. fl. A. r I".
4 7 0 0
t 16 3.1 1
rteoarltutatlon Wfldlnr. 3 sots; rrolta-
helm, no tetsi wilding, Is games; Frotti
lietm, s gamfs; Wtldlnr. points: Krolta
helm, (3 phir! WIMtng, 23 earned point;
rroltzhelm, 23 earned points! Wilding, 3
errors: Frolthetm. 3 errors: Wilding, 13
nets; FToltalielm. tS nrtsi Wfldlnf, 23 outs:
Froltshelm, 4 outs: WIMInr. SO oe by
placement; Froltthelm, 19 nces by place
ment: Wilding, 3 service aces: Froltshelm,
I eervle ic: Wilding, 1 double fsulti
Frottihelm, 2 double fault.
Brookes ts. Krenter.
441404641 4 31 I
104I4CII04 1244
Nt. Otts. Plsees. 8. A P. F.
..6 s S S 1
12 11 4 6 t
bkconp 5 pit.
Kreuser. .
Brookes, .
Kreuter .
Rrookes. .
Kreuser. .
Brookes. .
Hrookea. ,
Kreuser. .
Brookes, ,
4 4 s 0 4 1 5 2
10 3 3 4 1 4 3 1 2
Nets. Outs. Places S. A. D. F.
, 8 3 4 t 1
.11 9 4 3
Tiunn PET.
, 4444:S141M4a 48
, 2i:4340l45S4 S 49 1
Nets. Oilts. Plesl ft. A. D. F.
, ? a a
. 17 in : o
1 4 3 4 4 4 4 4 27 S
4 0 4 il 1 1 1 2 IB 2
Nets. Outs, riare B. A. t F.
.3 4 1 1
. 10 13 6 1 n
Recapitulation Urookes, 2 sets: Kreuier,
t set: Urookes, 21 games; Kreuzer, 1
games: Hrooken, 124 points; Krnuaer. 107
points; Urookes, 27 earned points: Krutsr,
0 earned points; Urookes, 47 errors;
Kreuier, 101 errors; Urookes, 19 nets;
Kreuier. SO nets; Urookes. SS outs: Kr-uir,
t otilii Tlrooks, 19 ncee by plsieinent;
Kreursr, 42 acsa by placemsnti llrookee,
i esrvlce aces; Kreuzer, 1" service aces;
Urookes, 3 double faults: Kreiirer, 1 double
rtninaon Kimr Hlilf Over Opiionrnla
on Ilfrhrrt Flelrt.
TU'MBON, N'i J., Aug. 1, On .Herbert
Field of the Itumson Country Club to-day
to Itumson four defeated tho Itumson
Kreo Hooters, to 5 a;. tl, O. Henry-'a
goals and all around playing were rev
lure. Several times Howard 8. Borden
put tho ball near the goal posts to be
pushed over by one of his team mates.
Walter McClure excelled for the Free
Hooters, ranking four goajs. The sum
mary ;
Itumson, Ritnisnn Freebooters,
l -fl. O. Henry 1 -Thomas Ksstmond
S .J Fi. Waters, - Walter MrClure.
H, S llorden. :!-.". V Whitney
IlaekW. W. Harbour. Ilaek -lVter llauek,
Uoal -Itumson Henry, 4; Waters, 2; Eordn.
l; P-arbour, 1. total, s. Freebooters McClure,
4: Fastmnnd. 1; lost 4 point on safety siainit
McClure; tetU, H-
Whether rntrerl With nimdy or
Bohr. He Can't, Bent. Unilly
Hnchctt and Alexander.
Erich Tartner Helps Him Win
nnd Lose n Set With
Yetovnn Team.
nuirtco K. SrcLouplilln. whether paired
with Tliomaa C. Uundy or with Karl
Uehr, could not dbwn deeltlvely Harold
H. ILickett Ptid h's vetts-in rarnr.
K. IJ. Alexander, In the exhibition doubles,
before the Davis cup committee of ar
ramrementei nnd n laeirn inillerv. held nn
h mu rnuri. nf f iim.m.
Club- Hldp-e. in conjunction with -,-
former peers of th- tennis world were
stacked against Mct-ouphlln and Hehr. i
In this match Alexander nnd Hnckett
attain lost tho first set, tills tlmo ",
but won tlie second by a similar score.
The trt was not to find out whoro
to place Mol.ouKhlln, but to decide
whether Ilundy or Hehr would piny with
the California comet In the International
contests at Forest Hills the mlddlo of tho
month. Tho committee If still at sea
and announced last nlKht th.it Molm7h
lln, Hohr and Hundy would play niralnst
Pell nnd partner at Forest Hills. 1 I
tills mornlnB. trylnc out the West Hldo
Tennis Club courts, whero tho hnala for
the Davis cup will be held It bw
learned that l'ell's partner would be O.
V. Touchird, the national Indoor cham
pion. One of tlie pair who played niralnst
both Hehr and Ilundy ytsterday refused
to be iiuoted when aked by Tub Hun
man what he thought of the relative
merits of the mei in iUei.tlon, but tt.ild
the commliwe lipid tint dlK a srne for
Itself. "It woiikI be n irlme." Ii" .aid,
"If tliey played Hundy lnHtH.nl of He, r.
llundy'.s tiipa were nothmK for in" t i
liaudlu anil III our duels mar the net he
never feuded me. once. 1 could nitons
re(i kls mltiil nork, be thought so slowly
llelir, on the other hand. Just double
crossed mc on every piny Thfr.) Is nr.
room fur argument, nor any need foi all
tills experimenting. Hehr Is the nun.
He may be more temperamental, but he
Is also a man lm can luj'ct life Into
a match. They will be sorry If they
chooso otherwise."
While Ilundy Improved In his play over
yesterday, he did not shine In comparison
with Hehr on all around effectiveness. It '
Is true that llackett and Alexander were'
far from fresh when Hehr and M"Iough- In-, sir i n t i
lin played them, but except for foot faults "Pt'OmeR WestOHl Champion 1)V
Hehr left Hundy far In the rear In . - , , TT , ,.
comiiarlson. Hundy netted the bBlt .'larjrlll Of 11 Up anil !l
fiercely, making live such errors In the
tlrst and six In tho second set Mc- Holes to Plaj".
1-ouRhlln made Just as many. Hundy lind
six errors on outs. McIoughlln hnd ten,
but. ns he played the bnck of the court, ,rrvT,..,v -r.n,i,.i t-
all th., time ho was nlways In danger ' DOES M0T5MX0 T?0T XI IX (57
of oxv rshootlng tho iasa line, Huhr j
ilioned a tendency to play all over the :
court, but at that he madn fewer errors
than Hundy both at the net and at plac
ing, ll netted three balls In the first
gaim. but that wns due to i.erv nitiex
Mcl.oughlln got bnck his terrific drive
on lub balls again and every attempt by
llackeitt and Alexander met Its riesemd
fate. The California!) whanged some yf
them so hard that they bounded Into the
gallery. Ills service had weak hpols
i,n.v.r in ti.. ,rn,n t
second est the hub of the American team
ot a double service. It was this set
tha,t Hackett and Alexander won. The
la.st game went to deuce several times and
In a stirring rally near the net McLough-
lln allowed Hundy to do most of the doae
a hand and the latter drove the tU out-
3aX. ffirS
'?!rtA H.Sf'.. .'wheh"rknk his mm on Ids' fourth ah o,:
Tle.hr showed what he could do near th
net. lie piayea Doin iiacHeii unu iicx-
anuer anvo lor anva unui mo ino werolt,a- , t , ,.ih, , , ,
almost leaning over tho net Then Ilehr 'un(1(,r pari nna nR,vlnR0the mntll m
drove the ba l t-etween his opponents. the tur'n 4 up i,, a card of 34.
It wan a brilliant display, and added to cminit ,n no took , tno
his popularity among the tennis followers, tenth( ,,.cnth ,, ,W(.,fth th( ei"ve"
who were out In big numbers. better tnnn pnr nnd n(Id, ,
h.! n men came tlirough to tho nfthlthrt Hlxteenth and seventeenth, he brought
IVllie. ,l. ie- ...v...- r-.
York State bowl. Among tlwjn w.s 1
Thomas C Hundy. who proved by defeat
n nroved bv defeat-
Ine Walter Merrill Hall of the West
Side Tennis Club that his victory over
(3, I" Touchard, tho Indoor national
rharoplon. jesterday was no fluke.
Uundy, always liest In doubles, showed
rapid prognnH toward tho championship
class In singles by defeating Hall, 0 3.
fi 1. Ills peculiar chop se.rvloo was
moro than Hall could fathom. Ilundy
meets F. C. Inman, winner of the bowl
In 1910, In his next match, either to.
day or to-morrmv.
The men's doubles were started, but no
matches were played In tho first round,
where all the foremost players aro
bunched. Three matches were played
and nil of them went to an extra set.
Tho summaries :
Nw Yoik State Championship, Mn's
SJnules, Third Round Walter Merrill Hall
defeated C Iliillln. (i- S, 61.
Fourth Hound Charles Chsmbsrs defeated
Allen Tobey, 0. 64; Frederick 11, Alex
andtr defeated S. Howard Voshell, I,
S 4: R. Llndlsy Murray defeated Louts
riraves. 4, -l; Frederick C Inman de
feated niigb Tallunt, e- 3. t -1: Maurice K.
MeLouahlln defeated fl A L. Dlonns. I,
-3, f II Wayno defeated W. I). Bourne,
s 4, S ; Thomas C. Ilundy defeated Walter
Merrill Hall, --!. 62,
Men's Poubles. Second Hound N. n.
nrnwne and . H Wano defeatsd E. R,
McCormlck and partner. 0 (, 1 6. 6 3:
r, M. Hull. Jr., ami L. F.. faban won from
V Cumlnc. Jr.. and M. H Nohle by dffnult;
It. II I'almer and H Throakmorton dsfeatsd
II. W. Stair and .1. II. A. Williams, 3,
44, 6--5; rharles Chambtra and J. T.
Allrn defeated A, II. foffsy and E. It.
Thomas, Jr., 0 s, 4, 63, 1
Aleiamler and llaekrtt m. Mrl.miihlln and
Aletandsr snd llackett:
3 3 0 5 6 4 933:
McLoufhlln and Ilundy:
15 1 3 7 4 2 B 34 6
Alssandsr and Hackstt:
6 4 4 1 4 4 4 4 19
TAfeliuahltn itnd Hshr:
112 4 6!
nackett said Aleisnder ts.
0 4 4264
Mcfouahlln and
Alssandsr snd Harliett'
0 3 3 4 3 2 4
Melrfiurhlln and Hhrt
4 4 .1 f 4 6
Alssandsr and Hai'kstt;
3 S 4 2 1 4
MeLouihlln jind Hshr:
1 4596
4 9 II I
Saratoga handicap winner, and scene in spa paddock
it&tw .WAe
I'njin' Whitney's llnrro
Stnndisli Wins Only Two Holes
and Tliof.e Come Durincr
Second Tfonnd.
(III AMP Rrm. Aug. 1. Outclassed.
fiuipinycii, ouiooiio in cvcrym nc save
-"f"; J"m,,! -' M.indlsh. Jr., of the
P',r?,t Country Club offer.-.! brave but
hPr',, resistance to the skill of Chick
'V"n" " lT """.r" or ln" niaicn
Jivans in the final round of the match
!!!"ndHM 'r BT,.eUr. K,Ilf
tPh!lo"r.h V't ? ,a,1 """
.-nr. nrnlcoao
lm " r " ' , "?
L..BviLnflA?Kan his niarch 10 victory on.tory that rxai-Ioncil aurpr ao won th.it of
1 under pir. He took the fifth ln 4. the
In a hrllllant
iig-altist the
mariTlll Or niK'nn llirA trt O n...l
nleted thn In vvm I., fit tw 1 e
r- 9 i. . .... .... . v
67 for the round.
hole In the 1
Slandlsh did not gain a
morning round. He holed a six foot putt 1
im me, iirsi noie niter lunoneon for his
tlrat win of tho day nnd took smuttier
when Oie eighth was reached, ns Kvons
Instead of plnylmr safe to end the match
thero tried a fanoy shot by hurdling a
stlmy and lost, 4 and fi.
Hut these gains were more than offset
by hvans's annexation of the second,
fourth, fifth nnd, nfter his miscalculation
on the eighth, the ninth, at which point
tho match ended. The cards;
Morning, out.
In.. ... .
Afternoon, out
Morning, nut
Afternoon, out
4 4 4 .4 4 4 3
4 a 4 3 4 5
4 4 4 4 4 9
4 4 4 (943
f- 4 S 3 4 6 4
3 5 .11
2 43367
5 437
4 6311
4 4 3 76
4 539
Hy-holes not played.
Hnt Prnnk Clisnee Is Anlil to lie
DlekerliiK With I'Iuj.t.
Catcher Tex Krwlii, who was uncondl
t onally relensed by the Urooklvn Na
tlonal League club Friday afternoon, mny
soon become 11 member of thn Hrooklyn
I'cderals. Hrwln attended Saturday's
game between Indianapolis nnd Hrooklyn
and later was closeted for some hours
with Manager Hill Ilradlcy and Huslness
Manager John M. Ward,
In the meantime Krwln Is negotiating
also with Manager Frank Chance of the
Now York Americans. It wns reimrted
unofficially yesterday that Chance has
presented a proposition by wire which
did not reach tlie catcher until after lie
had called upon tho Independents.
"I hope Chance will tako Krwln." said
C. H. Kbbets yesterday afternoon, "f
tried to get him to take him once before,
for I bullevo he Is the sort of plnyor who
would shine as pinch hitter for any light
hitting team. I am sure that Krwln
would help New York.
Kvery one seems to think he must be
8 nipple When the Hrooklyn cliil. lunis ,
him away Hut that Is not so. I cannot 1
afford to carry Krwln as a pinch hl'ter, ,
for my club Is one of the hardest hlttlmr
BRgreratlons In the country. I am too I
well stocked wttli catchers to retain him I
for his ability In this particular line."
tmxj - .
tr 11 lib .toehey Joe A'otter In tin-
Cnlnmliln I'lti-ber Has rhnnre for
Another Wrstrhralrr l'rlrr.
I'li'-IUM MANoit. ug. 1. .fames S.
n.N'eaJn continued to get further away
fiom baseball antl nenror the goil ot a
tennis star when ho came throueh to the
final round of the m.ns single and , of the outward Journey and featured with
abated In the doubles title In tho closed I a 3 nt tho 580 yard seventh hole, reduc
tournument nf tho Westchester County tax Martin's lead to 1 up at this hoi".
I.iwn TentiH Association at tho 1'eIhamlThls l.s the second 3 scored at the seventh
Country Club courts to-day. Tho Co- ; In fifteen years and the only one on the
luinbla pitcher deflated II. S. Stiles in new xrren.
the jeml-tlnal round of the men's singles i Jloles were halved from the t.cventh
In straight K-ts, tl 2. fi 3. He will meet Uintll Martin won the thirteenth. Martin
A brum H.issford. Jr., Sunday of next ' annexed tho fifteenth also, when IrfWla
week ln the tlnal round. , was short on his second, and tlie slx-
lii th doubles team with Hissford. teenth nnd last hole of tlie match would
O Neale gained tho men'n doubles cup not make good readlni. Heavy ruin fell
after being forced to three sets In the i during n part of the round. The cards:
xinl-lliul round by It. K. Illnck and
H. i". Hogcrs. H.-i-sford and O'Nrale oxer
cam better tennis on the part of Dr.
Drake and H. S Stiles hv pl'iylng con
tinually for the side lines. They won the
mir.di at 3 -fi, ii 2, fi 2,
( O NVale naked that the final of the
"tr.-'H's singles lio postooned so that be nn.l
tirocsoeck could linlsh the tlnol .if tlte
mens ibiiihles at .Slw.inoy, a nuitrh which
w-.u. terminated last .Sunday by darkness
with the scorn 7 all In the third toL V.
T. Hunter and
i. ininier and .urrcd h. Ostendorf will
"IT' r0"''bc: nnJ O'Nealo to-morrow
, Rf,0.rno" ' M"" Vernon.
IT'L. 31 "r ,n.e
straight sets. C 4. 6 3. O'NenU ,..mi
to iv oft his game. The summaries t
'""a"1" 8'ml-nnsj rounrt-J. P,
O Nenle- tjefeutert II. H. Stiles. 3. :.
Mlseil Doubies Third round A. t). Ilrlt.
tyn and Mrs llrltton aefested Ml,.
Hidden and J. S, ri'Nee.le. 04, 83: Ahram
IJsssfyrd, Jr.. anil Mrs llassford defeated
Mls bench and It. P. Stiles, s 5,
Mens Poiibles Peml-nnal round- Abram
1": "la"K " ' ""Kers. t-c. c-4,
Unal Round J. H. O'Neals and Ahmm 1
$VfgX- ,Jr-; 'l-fted I.r. IraT. and'"!
rriicllcr tnrls rr Srn.on tVesrlnnlnsr
ti September I.
I.ONPON, Aug. 1 All the Kngllsl, soccer
plnxirs reported at their respective clubs
to-day to commence n month's hard train
ing for the klckoff of the season on Sep
tcmbcr 1. Tho Scottish teams played Ihelr
first practice games this afternoon In
preparation for the stare of their long
icatruo programme on August 15.
The player signing season Is practically
oloHod. Two Important transfers were
mndo this week. The" Kngllsh Interna
tional forward. Coleman of Kulham, was
obtained by Notts Forest, and Steel, the
late captain of Tottenham Hotspur, will
appear for Clapton Orient Leicester
Fosse has captured Anderson of New
castlo t'trttett. rt leasing Waterali, who
goes to Watford, which nlso secured Kd
wards of Coventry City.
Queens l'nrk Hangers made a grent
nddltlon to their defence bv signing Mll
llngton of Hury. whllo Hrennan of Ilrml
ford City goes to Manchester City. Hol
ton Wanderers have obtained 11 fine goal
keeper In Tonne from Harrow. Southend
United picked uji n bargain "11 I.ongstnff,
the Hrlghton and Hove fullback
Illcven lliud.eiisncl.era Fun tlie Air,
II.M'Kkn.jack, Alls-. I --The Orltanl
Field Club ball team dcfciled the Hack
eot.icH Field Cluli teim 7 to 1 here to
day. McKenna, Orltanl's pitcher, al
lowed only one lilt nnd struck out eleven
Intsnien Those teams, ate now tied for
second place, UldKclIeld Pari; leading.
another l.nncnslcr ntrll.fr Sold.
I.ANI MTKI1, I'd . Atlg 1.
t. r Tr' St ite clul. to-day sold anotber
,,f n, mm who rmnllv went on strike
be nusc they were not paid tlielr wage.,
on demand lie Is Pitcher fluy MlUlmaii,
who will go to tho New London team of
tlm Connecticut Slate U ngue. He has
been ordered to report t one.
Heats Yoiinsr Howls in Final for
President's- Cup at Rkwniink
by I I'p and 2 to Piny.
la-Year-OId Wonder Then I5e
dnees Lead to I I'p, lint
Snlilde.s Sliorllv.
Ms.TnrTr:n. Vt , Aug. 1 Frederick
W. Martin of Kku.mok. a native of this
.placo and twice Vermont champion, com-
l.tn,-.i e.... .1... u ...... ..-..l.. 1
vii iiiui niea '1 irij ..Jiiainn-ll I KI'IL
to-lay by winning tlie thirty-six hole
tlnal for the llrst president's cup at Kk
wanok Country Cluli In a haul fought
match with lloylnnld M Lewis, the eluh-tten-year-olil
wonder from lUdgelleld C.
C. by 4 up and 2 to play.
The feat tire of the tnornlnc round was
the succession of 3's made by Martin, be
ginning at tho thlnl nolo and ending at
the sixth, thus gaining it lead of three
holes. It was five and take for tho rest
of the round, with Martin saining ono
more hole.
This afternoon Iewls had all the better
Martin Out:
3 1. 3 2 .1 3 a 4
In 4 4 3 I I r 6 b
I.enis Out:
4- -.19
6 39 71
I III 3 4 4 6 4 4 6 4
Martin Out .3 A a 4 I e 6
In 5 1 4 I 4 4 4
l.ewl Out . . 4 4 4 4 3
I In 6 3 4 4 4 I. 7
i 144
5 39
. Uye hole not plnj
i The summaries:
1 I'lrst rreslilenfs Tup. Thlrt -six Hole
iHnul V A. Marlon. F.Uwunok. best K. M.
I I.ew, Rlilgefleld, 4 snd 3.
Manchester Tup. Thirty-six Hole Final
ZuUS'" W" '
. "'" V"r,'n: m" Flnal-J. T.
North Adams, beat J M Thompson.
njjruiK linvru, I up
Heaten Ulgbt of Third Btstten W. a
ri'n&niT- w B- Tru""'
Fourth Sliteen Sherlll Sherman. Tahnun
and 5 Oregorj-, Albany C. C. t
K-i'."1 5i,,?fnTA- J1' dale, Wollaston,
2il..i vA . ,Utb'r- Jr.. Princeton. 3 and ?
s"",r"rJ;,- Oallssher. Wolisston.
beat A M Red. Albany. 4 snd 3,
alter J. Travis, (larden City, and D.
Warren rorkran tied at 76 for lis gros
.C..10 prize In the eighteen hole medal ban'
. im lici n-ore nrizo Wrts ADII t.l- II
MacMnster of .Mohawk, who dedurte.l
ils'eeli airokea for a
nn or 70.
lliillierliK- .llnrdi-rnl nnd Hli-h-,
nrd Wrliixmrl Ttkr Title.
I Jim v, N. H.. Aug 1 The mixed
doubles tennln cli.implonshlp of Twin
J Mountains was won to-day mi the Twin
Mountain House courts bv MIsh iv-.iih.
rliio Mordecal and Hlchard Wrlngart of
New York. T!io summaries :
M.Te,lvLi!'OUI"!".MI" ''"""'"nee Merdeeal.
New lork. and .Inmes (Hitman. New York
defeated ills Ruth Welmtart. New York
und Alvln Hnsmiblatt, New York.
-i..i!,,"A,!!,,.rl1"' e'ordeeal, New York,
and HlrliHrrt Welngsrt. New Vork, defeated
Miss IMItli Alexander, New York, snd Irv
Ing M Jarkson, Huston, 6 -2, 6 -2. Miss
..Mi..ii.- . niimii, .M-w jura, aiul Almi .Mor.
il. New York, defeated Miss Mabel 'uu
1, New York, and P. II. Aleaander, Ne
k. fi J, - 6, 6 4,
New mutt
ourin iiounn-.Mis. Kathsrlno Morde.
lal and Rlrliard Wrlngart defeated Mln
Ciinstsiice Mordecal and James (luttnan.
0-6. i -3. 6-s. Miss Rosalie N.ithnn, New
lurk, and Humid Rlegelmuii. New York,
dofeatid .Miss N.ttnlln IMuugli snd Allen
Mouieca1, 6--2. 6 0.
I'lnsl Itoutiil Miss Katherlne Mordecal
and Hlchard Wetngart defented Mts Ro
(..ri Niiiii.ui and Harold Rlrgrlnun, 6,
C. HeiiilrleUauii Injured In Ta.
nMililnble Cnlllalou of Snlklea,
MINWU.A. Aug. I -C. s. Ilendrlckson.
a horseman well known to the harness
turf, was badly Injured In nn accident In
the seventh raco of tho 'Nassau Driving
Club's mat!c- nt the Mlneuln track this
Ileiiilrlcksiui was up behind MorrU Mott
when Willie Hliigi n, a colt dr'veii by W.
Scott, HtuiublM ami fell :n rounding thei
stretch tin ti directly In front of him.'
Itcnriilckson had nn time to pull out, '
His sulky wheel collided with that of the I
fallen nnlmal. Hendrlcksnn was Jolted ,
mil of h's sent and thtown some dlt-tnnce
upon his head
The Injured horseman was rushed un
conscious to Hie Nassau Hospital, whero
It was found tint lie had concussion of
the bratu and ,1 sei Ions cut over Ills right
eye, It wan reported InHt night that Ills
condition h.nl Imnnmd greatly Mr.
Scott wns alho thrown, but escaped with
a slight stiakltif.
Hurry Tvne Whitncj s Good
Horse From England Is
Handicap "Winner.
-Many Xotaldes From Fast
and West fomposo Tin's
Fine Gatlierinp-.
j Western Contiiiffent Fails to
MaK-o Shrnviiiff, Only One
Horse Win n in r.
SAKATnaA. N. V Aug. 1 Harry Pajne
W hltm y's Horrow. brought from Kngland
to carry his own-s colors In Iiandlcap
events, demonstrated his ability to go a
route when ho enrrltd off the Saratoga
Handicap, nt n mile Hnd a quarter, which
was Hie fenturo of ono of the most bril
liant opening das this tow has ever
Thero wcio in.nnn persons present
when the stirring notes of tho huglo sum
tnone4 thn starters to ttio iost for tho
first race, and among them were sporta
men from every part of the United Stntca
and men well known in business and pro
fessional circles. William Church Osborn.
Democratic, state chnlrmnn, rubbed cl.
bows witli the K)nKrr Clllum.0J,
Oloott and fleoreo Randolph Chester, the
creator of "Oct Hirh QUe 1Vlngford."
Then thero wns 111 Kearney, the borsa
d-aler. who nver mlase, an opening day
at Saratoga; Thomas Hitchcock, who li.ia
como back to the races now that steeple
chas are again on tho card; Andtuw
Miller, It. T. Wllbon, Capt. K U. Cas
wtt nnd tiundro.1.1 of otbor racing men
sjuallj wvll known.
.Vst Colors Mblne In Snnlluhl.
Tho sc nc was a gay one nnd the track
!ndJnheW Wlth " "-rf-tly H,,,,,,n td
stinplc-hasc course never looked letter
. t,,e. Jcl'M looked cleaner mid
brighter for each owner had Invostod n
wh.ii tlioroughbreds of the Kast and Wist
rm-ot under Idea b1Kirt conditions.
It w'ns ilttlng that .Marry Payno Whit
ney, the son of William C Whitney v Iho
rt.s o,e,l tho glories of racing here. sh,i
vie inlv'J Ht VTlt ot th" "
Mctor of Horrow wns not n whit moro
popular than that of Capt. K. R Cntsatf
Trial by Jury in ttio Flash stakes, for
two-ycar-olds. which is one of the oldest
racing tlxtutcs and which was run for the
first time as for back ns 180t.
The youngster which won tho Flash. In
the Cassutt colors, was bred by Ci pt
Cassatt. though lie did not own the sire
Fair Play. His success was iloublv wel
come therefore, us every owner would
rather win ono stuko with a colt of his
own breeding than half n dozen with
horses lie has bought.
Though K It. Hradley, a Western
owner, won the last race from a big Held
with Stars and Hars. It has yet to ba
shown that the Western owners are really
formidable. The honors of the dav fairly
went to tho Kast. with Canada taking a
share by rapturing the tlrrt nice with H.
I. Mackeniln's Adelaide T.
Tho talent was not moro biiccessftil ,n
picking winners than It liad bueu 011 the
metropolitan trackn. Hormw was the
only choice that rewarded his bnckern lu
winning, but there wero several Julcv
melons cut during the afternoon bj those
who had information as to thn ability of
tho long shots. There was no Ullllcult"
In making wagers as the system lu vogue
on the New York trncks, and which has
been declared legal, wus followed strictly
and tho Sheriff and his men could llnd no
violation of the law.
llorrosr AIsTnya Held I'nsorltr,
There were seven start ers In t e
Saratoga Handicap and tho fact that Joe
Notter had the mount 011 Horrow I
that the Whitney crack had been euro
fully prepared for th race wn sutllc on
to make him .1 strong favorite at 7 to ...
It, F. Carman's (i. M. Miller was berond
choice nt 4 to 1, while Capt. t.'ahsutt'i
Flying Fairy had a host of friends a' a
point longer odds. Hedge and Huckhorn
were supported nt fi to 1, and Clurlcv
tonlan and Flglnny. the only three et
olds to sturt, went tho outsders at 2'i to 1
Notter rode 0110 of his best race s aid
placed Horrow so that ho was In second
placo when tho Held went by the Jud-e
stand for tho Ilisi time Tint llglitlv
weighted Flglnny wns leading and In the
run around tho first turn Pnvle mov. d up
Into second placo with Flying Fairy. Sot
tcr knit well to the outside with Horrow
and Flying Fairy was In danger of be. tig
rut oft In the run down iho baeketretch
Sim was In close quarters when lledjr
shot up, but met with no actual Inter
ference. Flglnny Minus the Way.
Flglnny kept tho lead until tho far turn,
wheie Hedge went to the front under the
urging of Neylon, Notter was not the
least disturbed by tho speed of the Hal.
lenheck mare nnd waited until Ills mourt
was straightened out In the stretch ! for
he made Ills effort. Then he shook Hor
row up and the cry "Whitney wins '
went up from a thousand thioats as the
light blue shot to the front It wis 1
furlong from the finish whop Jlorrow
snatched the lead from Hedge, but Hint
was only the beginning of the race Two
mnsters wero In the tnildlo and two gi tne
thoroughbreds wero racing down the long
stretch, There was the chance that (r
row would fall to stay jhn route and
Neylon whipped Hi dg with all his mini
o that ho could tako jdvtuitr.Kc of tr
weakening by tlio favorite. Notter rr.it
llorrow's head up and the Hamburg ioi.
ran straight nnd truo to tho wire, wlct
ho arhleed n gallant victory by 11 lengtb
Flying Fa'ry pas'i'd Flglnny In Iho stretch
and. took third place, two lengths behind
Hedge. Tho time of the race wra 2 f'5 '-'-.V
which compared favorably with previous
performances In this race.
Capt. K. H. Cuftsatfp Trial by Jury
shewed a return to his early form In tin
Flush stakes, for two-year-olds. J N
Camden's Solly Jumped off In the lend
and with It. F Carman's Lady HurbaM
chaidng lilm held a lead of live let) -P
before the first quarter of a tulle had iei
run. Trial by Jury worked Into linvl
nlare at the end of the b.n-kstrcteh a
mm sisin invieo a"! unn pi,b,.i'i'...

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