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VOL. LXXXI.-NO. 837.
NEW YORK, MONDAY, AUGUST 8, 1914. CeptrrfffM, im, ! 'A Sun Printing and Publlihtnp Association.
c i
$100,000,000 GERMAN GOLD
arm ycbnc, ,k.. i , iu i cn!wlwu uuumnu 'v.u
UN 1 W LLrrLLiIlN , rVJ-JL- 11 LlJLVI
fpeeial Cable Dupilch to 'f nt Six,
T IMnAM A.. n mi..
PR fllW P i R TO ;cn8"Kement of the great Euro- I
1 IV 1 111 1 n IX 10 ipean war was fought in the air,
according to a report received
)f'Ad(io Announces Addition
nl Currency After Meet
ing Witli Bankers.
Tomes With Comptroller
Williams and Messrs. Ham
lin and Harding.
Liner Leaves Course Brit
ish Cruisers Said to Ho
Guarding: Her.
$1(1.000.000 ON HO AIM)
Money Was Sent From Xcw
York to English and
French Hankers.
Promise Thai Market for For
cijrn Exchange Will Re
Open To-dny.
Vessel Was on Way to Gorman
Port at Owners' Command,
When Diverted.
All Larjre Hotels Shut
Employees Leaving to
.loin Regiments.
"We Can't Give You 20 Cen
times,'' Cashier Tells
K. C. Vanderhilt.
ttoi.ANt) o.vnnos.
Special fabtf Pttpttc In Tn Si-n
jsr)x. Aug. 2. The N'orth German
Lloyd steamship Kronprinzessin Cecilie,
carrying 1HO.60O.O0n In gold, wns In
communication by wireless with the
te...s-.irr to proteot the banking insti
(ut'sm. not only of this city and state
Vjt of the entire country, and to prevent
IM erport of gold win a discussed by the
iodine bankers of this city Ian nlht
t the Hotel Vanderbilt with Secretary
rfth Treasury .McAdoo. Comptroller of ,,, nt j1un cad , 4:I6 n.cocM
rt. Currency UHHam, and Messrs. Hard. ,, mornlnP. Her pot1on wns nol
i'.t nd Hamlin of the new Federal F.o-t'n-
Hoard. Riven.
After a conference ..r the Fedoral au-' Mnlln Head la on the extreme north
thonUes with a score of the leading bank- j Prn point of Ireland. Were she. travel.
ui n.u viiy, inciuuuiK J. r. .Morgan. , u l,.P llsllnl mr, lh Wr,m.
Americans in TiOiuion o Peti
tion U. S. Government
for Trannportfs.
here to-night, between n French
aeroplane and a German dirigi
ble. Every man in the fight wa3
The report says that German
and French air craft have been
flying just over the frontier
wince yesterday morning. The
Germans are using the big Zep
pelin type dirigibles, while aeroplanes are employed by the
Roland Garros, the Frenchillier, sighted a Germandirigible
on the French side of the border line near Nancy. The French
pilot drove his machine straight at the dirigible, which was
manned by twenty-live soldiers, and dashed against the gas bag.
The dirigible was wrecked and all aboard as well as Garros
were dashed to death. It is believed that the Frenchman deliber
ately sacrificed himself to deal destruction to the Germans.
Kaiser's Forces Are Said to Have
Captured French Fortress at
Longwy on the Belgian
Heavy Cannonading Heard in North Sea Re
port a Big Naval Battle Is Being Fought
Is Received in London.
cmtrful assurances were given at Jl :30
lt nlrht that the banking -Itnatton hnd
bcn protected, and that the conservation
ef thr sold supply would be accoinnllalirtl.
Sitretsry .McAdoo Issued a statement I ,lortl' of IrplaI"1 K'vr" risB to "' MM
on her usual course
prlnzessln Ceclllc would have signalled
the, Fnstnet station tlrst. The fact
thnt shn first wua heard of from tho
!ter the meeting in which ho said that1
fpfial Cab't PeipateX In Tnit c
" down carrying passenger,
lilt' mhhh-ii ijt'p;i ri iirf ui aiiiitk am iiuu
other foreigner from Paris when tho j
mobilization order was Issued yostor
dny wore described ly IJttln Knlston, ,
tltn picture denier of ."07 Fifth iiventii'.
New Yorlt, who nrrlvtM nl ClinrlnB
Cross with his family this inonilitc.
Mr. Hnlftnu Mid to the ooncpotKlent
of Tiik. Sf.v:
"I never wish to see sin-h n scene
ncratti iih the tlclit. to set nbourd the
trnln whl.'h left the (Jare dn Nord nt
hnlf piist f o'clooK li;st nlpht.
Holnnii Oarros wns one of the most dnrins French nvlntors. He was the
onlj- nvlirtoT to fly across the Mediterr.menn. He made the illht from Mar
sdllcs to Tunis, a dlntnnce of MS miles. In September. IMS. Shortly after this
Oarros Joined the 'loop tfie loop" rrmtlnpent nnd flew everal tJme.s tipilde
He intended to try n tllsht acrns. the Atlantic
next year.
Germans .Shoot Down Aeroplane
BERLIN, Aug. 2. Reports come from Wesel that Ger
man troops fired on a French aeroplane near there and that
the machine was brought to earth.
If the French flier came in a straight line from the near
est French territory he must have crossed Belgium, since
Wesel is 140 miles from the northeastern frontier of France.
drawlnc. Several of the (Jenuan offi
cers wont to the Dttcal Pnlace, whore
they nre conferring this evening with
the officials.
The German officers averted that
the railroad line belongs to Germany
nnd that they have a right to do what
they please here. They rofuiw to with,
Iixno.v, Aug. 2. Official announce
ment has been made here of the In
vasion of the neutral grand duchy of
Luxemburg by Germatt troops.
Dr. von Helhmann-Hollwes, the Ger
man tnixrlal Chancellor, has tele-irranhi-d
the Hrltlsdi Government that
thl action of Germany mis not hotil
the Germans in the barracK. protest-1 fr(im O!.Hn,0 French attack.
Ing apninst the violation of the iieutTal-1 Luxemburg, he says, will he com
ity of the Grand Duchy and then with- pletely Indemnified for any dainrise.
.' table fc-tcA to Tnr. Scs
LuxKMiu iui, Attc. 2. German troops
entered the Grand Duchy of Luxem
burg before daylight and (seized the
Go eminent otllces. thereby lolatlng
the neutrality of the territory which
was Euuruntcod by treaty signed in
1imlon In 1Sfl7.
A tralnload of the Kai-er's soldiers
on their arrival MyM the railroad
station iind hridses on the Treves-Trols
Vierges line In order to Insure the
regular parage of nillltniy trains
across the Grand Duchy.
The German troops then entered the
bnrracks here. A Major commanding
.ii..n1.nHi iii n T i vrrilnirt vnlltll.
mv.hvu ... . . .... r-- ...,.,, but u.nB (1r
teers pi.lley.sl with lite .onunaimcr m, . . ....,.,,.... (lf ,,,,,
""ffftiL..t "- on;
that she la golns; to the north of the
HPO.0011,000 of additional currency under Hntlsh isles 'iff MTTTrort to enterjlbe
hlii ,T . VJ u T ' 1,"uNprthsndmk"'n'Gpnlr',nj-M.lf were stopplnc nl. the Itltz and
.... m n unuitk iiinrviii hvi unutii rtvijin
tht more currency will he Issued for I nt Plymouth and Cherbourg. She, will,
!tik inroticnont the cnuntrv. tie n 1.1 '
furth'rmoie. that the bonks here will
be able to meet the demands of their
innTTin r " ADIMCT D C A rl TUT Q
Mv wife, my Ron, his bride and 1 uuKiU AiN i uermany began an invasion ot trance yesterday ui i l 101 i icv" - -
however, have to ro thrnimb the laro
i Jlrltlsh fleet which wns reported yestcr-
,y i day to be In the Ni-rth Sen.
fslstt..-e posMhlo would be Riven to the " " reponrii nrre i.ibi ln . er,,,..
kMnKa has been Intercepted by four British
In ad-lltioa to this assurances were crulters who are hrlnKinR her to au
sivrn firlier In the evenln that thiro English port,
mould br a m.irkct for foreUn e.xchiinK
bfl! to-da:. , tha.t iirranpements would be rT.Tti rrr"C TlTWrWIf TP7JJ
Vtrfeeied at a nieetlnK of the represents- UlblUlilV I IUI .
Uvea of the leadhiR forelnt echanKO
touiM this mortilnB by which the de- ainny w Yorkers Atinnrd tlir In-
crcepted Trrnstirr Miti.
The Kronprtnzesaln Cccllle, finest ves.
sal of the North Onrman I.loyd fleet,
laden with American trolrt, hatf con
signed to Iondon. half to Paris, which
waa met yesterday bcfori. she reached
tho English Channel by four Knfllsh
cnilsers, wan supposed to ko flrM. to
Plj mouth, then to Cherhnurr. and thin
hjnv.f .1... ...!., ,,r,i.-, i la nromen.
t t which protective measures tll 1 Kronpriniessln eal!l from hero
dlmifLd and the Mxty day clause on Tuesday ajid was called-nnd truth
hi be put Into effect i fully "the irreatest treasure. Bhlp that has
I ever iuUle.1 from the New World to the,
stntrmrnt b- MeAdon, Old." Her .voyage, which has ended In
Th statement which Secretary .VfcAdno virtual capture, has been one of the most
ioralirfd condition of the foreign
''int' market would be ended.
Tl pofit'on of the banks was further
irenirthned hern by meaiures which the
But HanUuiK Supcrlnlendent, ICufene
I.imh nichard", tfK)K. !1- was In con-f'ren'.-"
all day with prhato bankers,
twejentatlves of State hanks nnd trust .
eiTnpantts and also shvIiiks banks. There '
V'l le meetings to-day of tho private, I
iud follows :
I came, to Vork for a.con-
fferre w'tli kailinx bankers about
Die- lerinnic of national h.ink cur
w. undr tiie Aldrlch-Vreoland
' as mended by the 1'edernl re
a't and for a dLscuiislon of
'r.easurts fer the promotion of th
t"'i nippli- of the country.
rrane"inerits were perfected for
h Issuance to New Vork banks of
llOO.ono.ono of additional currency,
If rqulrd. to enable them to respond
womptlv to .tho culls of their cor
!pondcnt hanks throuBhout the
fountry for money to meet the de
mands for crop movlnc and other
it Is niv intention, as already an
nojiu ed, tn permit the Issue of similar
tur.-en. tu h.mka In other actions
' af ti eou!iti upon their application
to Uh Tre.nuM Dcparlnirnt and com-r.:an.-
with the pnivlslons of the net.
Irrsnk A Vanderllp. president of the
stlonnl fit.. Tlank nnd president of the
N'tlonal ijrrenev AhsocIhIIoh, urRdniied
"rder the Aldrlch-Vrenlnnd act, kvo out
the following statement of iiemjranco:
The Cleariue House, committee
In sslon the tiict of tho day
nii met nttli the Secretary of the
Tramry, the Comptroller of the Cur-inc.-
and the meinh-rs of tho Federal
U f.-rvr r..itrd, .Met.srs. llaidliiB 'and
'd'n. Tin nun of the CleurliiK
Itoinn .nmmltuo has been to con
n tin, uuld sltuutlon of tho cuun
t". mil i.leru:tri niraMiire.) will h"
i...i to that mil. There will he a
M"inc of the (Jlearlm: llous Asso
et.r.ioii at 0:30 to-morrow mornin,
" .iei the lunks will he asked to .ct
i uft reconuni iidHtlor.n as the
iik l.iij.si. may make.
Morumi nt tlie .l.'i-tlnB.
r . s"i, nliosi' father In the p.nuo
'"7 milrttd I lie mrles of coiifeicnres
1 ' riiied the collapse of many ilnan
t,J ti'utionj, was a conspicuous IlKiira
without waiting for a formal declaration of war. The j
invading forces consisted of two columns, one of which '
entered the independent Grand Duchy of Luxemburg in
the night, seizing the railroad and, passing on into French
territory attacked the French second class fortified town
of Longwy, nenr the Belgian border. Reports of subse
quent events arc vague and contradictory, some saying
that Longwy was captured without resistance and others
that there was stubborn fighting there. The other in
vading column, of 20,000 men, crossed the French border
near Nancy and is reported to have been repulsed with
heavy losses. Germany declined to make a definite reply
to a question asked by Great Britain whether tho Kaiser
was ready to respect the neutrality of Belgium, whose
It Heeittrt that Hnminn had not read in. iiuumuuj uiiKinu m.uuvi .w M'."i".
the paper regarding the critical situa- FRANCE The mobilization of the French army, which began
ihs:lded to leave Paris when we werei
informed that luncheon would be the
last meal to be MTod there, as prac
tically the entire daff of the hotel
would have to reply to the mohtllzntlon ;
call. The barber who shaved me In the
morning wild In me: 'I'll be with tny
regiment to-ninrrow.'
"I hnd no money except uu.Ioks 100 '
franc notes and did not pay fur our ,
luncheon at Hie KHz. The hotel man-
agement paid for the four tnx.lcabs to ,
take us and our bacgago to the railway j
I "A I Dayman and hi wife had ar
rived nt the Hltr. the evening before
front Imdon on tho way to (.'arlbad.
tlou. Wo hurried to th.i Hoyd Xcel
Hank In Dayman's automobile, in which
he lirhfnded to make n dush to Dieppe,
to get back to Unglnnd. The b.inkors
gao Hnymnu BOO francR (.$100) for a
20 note, saying; 'That's the Inst ; we're
Con((nn,'d oit TVitrtf I'agr,
Chu, r Mthe. the Detk Man. now It
u Bt, Complete omct omnttr-Utfi
picturesque opening Incidents of the
Kuropean n-ar,
The creat liner was Intercepted before
she had had a chanco to trj- to run the
gantlet of tho Ilngllsh Channel. The
reports received her Indicate that th
four KngllBh cruisers went out to meat
her, and It would appear that thoy must
have come up with her as rhe was Meant
InK under forc"d rirausht about 140 miles
off Plymouth.
It is considered not Improbable that
wlrsle'i niess.iKes may have been sent
to the Ceclllo ordertiiK her to mako
straight for Hrcmen, In any evant not
stopplns at a Krench or Knullnh port.
jenll Bpi-ed Abend 1
The Ceclllo Immediately started for
ward at full spe. She Is capable of
making twenty-four knots, tho fastest
ship with rerlprocatlUK cnirlnes In exist-
tire. All the newer and hldnjcr liners have
It Is jet uncertain whether the act of
the Ilncllsh cruisers is Intended as a
wholesale capture or not. It may h that
the i:nRl1h deslsm Is merrly to mn'r-' sure
of the sold consigned to London and Paris,
and that after the Cccllle hits been cs-
corted to Southampton and her money
carico taken off she will he rclensed and
allowed to po on to Itremcn.
ProceedlnK at full speiMl sho should have
been In slsht of tho Llr.ard llitht last
nlpht. Had sho been (folmt to Plyinuuth
she would Imvo made that port this morn
Ins. Soon after darkness l.ut rvcnltiR
her ofneers from the brldRo expected to
iiee the tremendous eye of HtiKland tho
l.liard llitht naah, flash. Hash tlirouarh
the heavens many miles away.
When the HnKltrh cruisers, slim, dirty
pray sentinels of Mie. Channel fleet, over
took the Kronptlniiessln nnd politely In
formed her that they would "convoy" her
to Southampton for tho safety of her
sold, tke Oei-man liner was Just cast of
the Selllv Islands, as nearly as can bo
reckoned. Her ciptaln had taken
northerly course front a point In mldoccan
in order to savo several hours
The Ceciile'e offlcers must have slfhed
Tin Money for It. C, Vanderbilt,
".lust thiot Itegluubl ('.. Vanderbilt
diuhd In and cried: 'Olo mo 2n.non
frnncs' f?-l,OiOV 'Wv can't give you
twenty centlmer' (four cents), wits the
"We went out nnd found that Har
lan's automobile, which he had eugsged
In Krance, had been commandeered by
the military authorities, an were nil '
laxleabs and auto biives tt little while!
Inter. We returned to the KlU. where t
I saw Ofenr Straus, tvho Mid he hndj
IntendiMl to ilulnh his ftfly of three)
weeks in Paris, but who wan rushing loi
get tin automobile to take him and Mrs. I
Straus to the coast. One of tho niti
imrtera said to me; 'He'll never get out.
The Paris giitos nre elonvl.' That's
th last I saw of Mr. Ntrnu.
"We linally innile our way to th
raliwny stnt Ion, Wo had to brllie
Iiorlers itud flcht our way to the plat
form. The station was i,'i:ks1 with
children. I had reerted it first class
compartment for my party. When we
got. to It we found ten persons nlrendyi
'This was tit -1 o'clock In the after-1
111,1111. I IH I'M llHMi. ,'l ,111" IMllll (III.,
the lavatories were packed. In our
compartment was a lady In waiting to
the Queen of Itnlj. She was crying
in fear of lielug bhol nt en finite.
yesterday morning, was said to have been practically com
pleted by sundown yesterday nnd troops are being rushed
to the front to oppose the invading columns. A French
licet of twelve ships passed Gibraltar yesterday bound
cast. French military operations are being kept secret
by a strict censorship.
GREAT BRITAIN British cruisers are said to have met the
German liner Kronprinzessin Cecilie at sea and are now
escorting her to safety. Tho Kronprinzessin Cecilie has on
board $10,600,000 in gold which was shipped by New York
to London and Paris bankers. The British fleet is in the
North Sea ready for battle. All British naval reserves
all over the world have been ordered to return to Eng
land for service. Precautions arc being taken in British
colonies in all pnrts of the world against attack. The Brit
ish Cabinet held a meeting last night at which it was ex
pected that tho question of war or peace would be de
cided. London expected that the decision would be for
war in view of Germany's refusal to commit herself re
garding the neutrality of Belgium. London heard that
there was heavy cannonading going on in the North Sea.
RUSSIA Further brushes between Russian Cossacks and Ger
man troopB are reported from Germany's northeastern
border. St. Petersburg is under strict censorship and no
news of importance was allowed to pass.
hysterical, clamoring men, women ami , AUSTRIA The censorship allows no news of military opera
tions to be sent from Vienna. Tho correspondent of the
London Dailu Mail telegraphed his paper that Vienna is quiet
nnd that Austria feels that she ha8 been forced into a con
flict by the refusal of Russia to conduct negotiations with
her regarding Sorvin.
ITALY Italy continues her decision to remain neutral, but is
mobilizing her land and sea forces in readiness for eventualities.
womr.il Mr on iiccu.. WASHINGTON The State Department will accept cash for the
"The train pulled out nto ::$(, leaving ar 0f American tourists and then notify diplomatic or con
hundrcdsof peivonsaswiiasourbng. , ffi t advance tho sums credited or to issue Gov-
MKISn d'SfreS n?ent certificates. No steps have been taken to send ships
olhers. The Channel boat wuh crowded. Jor inu iriuiHiJiu uuuii ic c.v
Women lay on the decks anil men had
to Maud."
P'Ctol Vnblt WeKifeA lo'Vnr. Six.
Lonpon, Aite. 2. An olltcial telegram
wns received here at 3;30 o'clock: an-
nounelnc thnt the Oermnn Invasion of
rrunco hnd begun nnd that 20.n0 Ger
man troops bad crossed the frontier nt
Clrey, n French vIIIokh about half way
between Nnncy nnd StrassbittT. They
were repulsed with heavy losses, ac
cording to reports.
A .second despatch received here
shortly after 4 o'clock says that n Ger
man force, which crossed Luxemburg
by the railway, which was seized before
daylight this morning, mnrehrd on the
Krench town of Ionswy. on tho Franco
Delglan frontier. Lonswy. which la
about forty miles northwest of Mctz,
was seized with little resistance.
Longwy Is n fortified town of 10,000
inhabitants overlooklnn tho Chlcrs, a
branch of tho Meuse, nnd is closo to tho
IloMan nnd Luxemburg borders. Tho
upper town, which is tho part of mili
tary importance, Is on a hill nearly 100
feet nbovo thn Luxemburg road nnd
commands it and Is strengthened by nn
enceinte and a few outlyln fortifica
tions. Tho town has belonsed to Franco
sine 1678. hut has been captured three
tlmca by the Prussians in 17P2, 181C
and 1871. Although the prrisott on a
peace footing Is fmull, tho upper town
hns accommodations for 6,000 men and
S00 horses, nnd It may bo presumod thnt
the garrison has been raised at least to
this footing In view of the strained rela
tions of tho last few days preceding the
outbreak of hostilities.
H was admitted here this nfternoon
eeml.ofliclnlly thnt tho Hrttlh Govern,
mcnt conrlders Gcrmnny's Invasion of
Luxemburg a violation of tho Treaty ot
army coi'iw across the frontier of Alsace-Lorraine.
Although Franco had
knowledge of this move r.he persisted In
her policy of allowing Germany to take
the initiative in hostilities.
The belief is that this position was
taken bocauec of Great Britain's atti
tude. Had Franco been tho aggressor there
is some probability that Htigluud might
not enter the war. Under tho treaties,
however, with Germany attacking
France, there Is little left for Great
Krltain to do but to support her ntlj
It Is nxpected that France will declare
war within a few hours as a result of
tho howtflo ntovo against her by Ger
many in violating tho neutrality of
Luxemburg, Tho belief in general In
Paris that tho War Council already
has decided to tight, but Is withholding
tho proclamation for reasons of strategy
until her mobilisation lei complotcd. It
w-ns announced yesterday that thn
mobilisation would bo oomplote at 11.51
o'clock to-night.
Tho mobilization order and the be'if
thai war already In virtually on huvn
brought a feeling of relief to 'he Frcii. b
people, for It has ended tho terrible
strain and uncertainty of tlir last f w
days when, although there ocemcd to bo
no cscapo from war, no one knew for
certain whether It wan to bo war or
peace and there was a fcelln tha. Ger
many, In whose hands lay tho decision
erf the, nuentlon, was preparing to get an
advantage if possible.
Demonstrations by the score were
held throughout last night in nil th
cities nnd towns of tho republic. Torch
light processions and tho singing of lb
".Marseillaise" and "Lo Depart da
I'Armce" were features of the demon
strations. Nnncy despatches say that a French
I,onrinn of 1807, by which the neutrality , aerial patrol has been established along
of tho grand duchy was guaranteed. jthe border.
Hrutcr'H agency lnus n telephone com. .xmnnsanuor von renoen is still in
munlcatlon from Hrusseln eaylng that
Germany has declared war on France
and that .lilies Cainbon, the French Am-bnt-sador
at Perlln, hns left for tho fron
tier This report has not been officially
Diplomatic represrntntlvcs of France
PTld positively horn to-day that Ger
mane has been mobilizing secretly for a
Paris and Is expected to remnlu until
dlplntmtlc relations between France and
Germnny have been severed formally,
An attache of tho German F.mbarsy
called on Myron T. Derrick, thn Amer
ican Ambassador In Paris, this morning
arid tt is understood that the preliminary
arrangements) for the transfer of Ger
man affairs In Paris to tho Amorlcan
week and is now ready to throw eight Dmbnssy have been completed.
NEW YORK Secretary of the Treasury McAdoo announced
last night nfter a conference with leading New ork inuiK
Sirnirl OiMe Pfratrt lo Tnr. Mr
Lonpon, A 112. 2. -The King held a
conference this nfteriionii with Lords
.Miulc;. ltci'iiclmmp ami Miiminriinam
Mr. Itulston had been nl Alx-les.
Mains before going to Paris, Ho was!
at Hie Casino, where many Anierlenns '
were indulging in high play, when the
word was suddenly passed that gold
would bo held.
"Whisk!" said Mr. Itfllston. "In a
ers at the Hotel Vanderbilt that $100,000,000 additional . ad sir wiiinin Henry Cnrli'inii,
ConHttiwtf on Fifth Pagi
currencv would be issued at once. Comptroller of the Cur
rency Williams and Messrs. Harding and Hamlin of the
Federal Reserve Board wore present at the conference.
Cable companies refused to receive messages in code
or cipher. All messages are being read by censors on
the other aid.
i:.tra Ihniiien-j I" tin Mug- As " nf
can be learned nt a late limit- I'.rltMi
neutrality will be mnlntiilned, but the
situation Is considered ofllclally as of
'ic utmost possible gravity.
Officer" of the army reserve have
been ordered to report to the War
Otllen If they Intend to leave the
I'liited Kingdom for more than (Ifteeu
The territorial- assembled at. the an
nual Atigusi training camps have been
oidered to return to their lieailfiu.ir
tern and the camps hne beeu elo.sed.
The Government lt,sued orders to-dny
prohibiting air craft of every kind ex
cept tho military nnd naval machin
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