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Laurence. Charlp.
I.ord. Mra. Minnie 0.
Limn. Mx. A. 0.
Lurlitnan, Mr.
Lame, Dr.
Larue, Mri.
t.arnr, Jtlm M
Lamp. Miss L.
T.sthsm ,M In.. .
l,pwisnlut, MIM 2.
Ltpbnj, 5.
Menorttx, Wri
Uaui-encr, Mrs.
Laurrii" Miss I;
Laurpncp, Miss M..
ami to mauls
Law. Mr" Mlldrp.1
Law, Mini Luetic,
Law, -Miss Mary. "
In. Jim It
J.a.w. Hart on.
Law ford. Mr
Lav ford. Mra
Llptmvltz, ii.
Lawless. Ihp llr Thn.JJpahr.
Lawl-enee. MIm Winnie l.tt-prmorp. MIm C.
Ijhmnttn. Ml Julia. I.lvpnnnrp. Midi (3.
1-lti hpnbf ripr. MIm M. Ip, Mr.
lIIIPWla, .MIM A'lillP. IXlllf, .Mr.
LMiiniii, mi rranpp. uoyil, .Mr.
LnPlihart, Mr Lith.im, Mr.
Ixiian, -Ml Miriam
' - - -!-
'is" as.. i -.-- . ;. .
Cain, Albert 0 Culler Miss Porr.tliy
t'nrlln, Charles K Culler, Mini Mary
Carlllk Mr L')rltl Andrew
Carerley, Mrs. ftobert Coilltati. Mr
Cavprley, Im Mlldtnl Carter Mrs
Casalct, MUs Made- Cser, .Mr.
Ipnc. Campbell. Mr
Chew, MIm Hannah 'nil i n. Mix.
Chrlstlanson, l)r K, It I'sltprt. Mr
Chrlstiaiisnn. Mrs Calvrrl. Mr
Coik, Ml" Marlon. Cnllliuwood. Mr
Coztrlshall. Miss M Cunnarp. MIc
Collins. M W Callnwa), It. II.
.. ....i..- . - ... - .l.-i t - i;non. .Mrs t. UZKDPin i pjl.ivray. r r..
. , K-b" Cook. Master Clarence Conklln. Mr.
many had rot yet dee.lavcd war there
would be no passenger service out. With-
CWInuM from Firat Page.
tick. "There'll no war here!" How nbotit
Mexico'" And co It went, everybody
hrTv anfl "R"r for news.
Ofp'a' duties were hurrlpd through and
lh I"nladp:phln "tHrtPd for hr r'er nt
ii,. fcit of Twenty-third street within
trr I '.rutes after che reached Qunran
'mt. nr-'v ns there nt tl::ft o'clock. A
e-nt ernwd wnltlnK on thp pier nnd
the h1r wis nospd In thpre were
.hr!i nnil bvaterlcal cries as some f.ico
tia recffilpd In the smiling rompnny.
Then earn th Knncplank and the rush
m th. ir-ni of friends and relatives.
TV wlm eame last nlsht wero 'n
r-n-e and England when the war beRnn.
pv .p orlb-d the seenes as nnver to be
'o'HoV'-i. M iny of them were at dinner
In rar'sl.in hotf-ls and restaurants when
"M p-s bu't In upon them. These
nM pr wpnt first to the. kitchens and
i'.. mio rut Icavlnc tiewr a cook b
nl Wi'y bPEin to help their rupsts
'n f.nj-hlni? thlr mp.ils, but soon the
ii tt-- hi Kin to leavp. Then th hotl
cp"p-a:.y moved In the direction of
th' ifi-et and th cutsts were left to
, "t fn- thein-elves. They were told
'"n aid there that they had better K 't
awjv i merlca beejue tho hotels and
t i.i-i'ita wuuM loe the next day for
i' .,1'k o' men to run them.
T'ip pnthusl.ism In the streets of Paris
was wonderful. K.ven'body seemed Kind
t'n1 It h.id oome at last and that trial
n . tn . nude of their prowess In a
t-'iKKl'- with th" Teuton. Horses, waRon
and automobile were commandeered
. . fmirnt. One man said he had his
TMi n i bKtriirp rart and was maklnn
- . t it on when soldiers camp tind
, v t.i. '. T5, wagon and driver, Icavlns
tht t j- I. i'i the street.
llrrlnK Sri-nes In Iindon.
T ..i' i wpre In Iindon when the news
can' . HeUmm had been Invaded said
t 1 ' i jieexed to so mad. That
.it ir-! n id bpen preceded, they said, by
the part of tlio Government In
utii'h th. reside seemed to have a share.
T:ev wpr vMllIng to Hand aloof and l-t
lutt.r' take ihelr course, but when Ger
man threw down the cantlct tlia entire
ou-'rv rnsp with a shout for war. Thou
ar.d of men besan to pour Into London.
Tlia reemlt.ni: stations were stormed.
Rverywhe'e thpre seemed to be confidence
hit K-.el.-ind would handle herself as of
Id and hrlr.c back victory by land and
Mr t'::ir. the cousin of the President,
aid thM In all this turmoil no one acted
ettfr than the mnn connected with the
I'nited States Embassy. He wild a lot of
people seemed to think Ihat Amabssudor
Piuro Y.1 money for overybody and could
e'ralt tn "hlnsa out in a mlmite. As soon
as eox of the IcadlnK Americans In the
c'ty got together tlm Americans every
hrp hiran to take matters calmly and
o arrimue co itPt awny In a thoroughly
bnalnes'l.ke manner-
Mr Wlton paid a htsh tribute to Henry
W Thornton, formsrly of the IxmB Island
P.allroad anl now manaKer of tho Great
Faiterr Ha'.lroad, and to Sir Albert
stanl. . en American, who Is the preneral
manner of thp l,o-.ilon subways. Ho said
i"isp two -ni ii performed wonders In (ret-r-ifrl'-ans
topether and In salts
f"'te ' M- ImtnedlAtn nreds. Mr. Thorn
til, he sii.d, poited notices ut all he
n-.. thllt , Vipelcs up to J5D would bo
"Khp'i There was A preat scamhle for
inosev. Mr Wilson said, and he thouuht
'"V .-'in-p of tlm men wer more excited
t"n rr.p women.
"IVrs"-allv." said Mr. Wilson, "I havo
ro hiM ui-k story to tell. I didn't mind
l"'n? ti beajjaKe and the steerage went
viry neli. Our trpatmem. alwiard ship
i,rpr ... mi, (,v)d fellowship rellfned
feryutp-p, nnee n irot on our way, and
thp itmv d ,i .pr thine to mako us com
firtaWp H was the be.st natured crowd
1 per t :ipUw1 with. Rich men and
w' nrr -i t iiut finds showel their ability
"i nrti' ii sorts of Inconveniences, ani
tkfM 'n hid money shar'd It willingly.
r.imlniul llaKpr for FrHy.
"In K-glnd thoy did not want war. but
row t'rit 'i lias come they are caser for
'n rrav The iti-nnrnl feellnK Is that the
llles will hi victorious. Ilnaland's pub
ll" a.en are prnnK worthy of tho confl
dpnp i i-, in them. Tactlonul differ-
en i ar. fnrcottPti and In this crisis Hlr
Kd-a r l iir,.v Ima urisen to the stiitllfe of
irre.it mm. think he Is ono of the
treat. -t ii Ihk statesmen."
' H Ward, teeretary to Charles M.
Hhwah. prisld.nt of the Hethlehem Steel
forniwi '.sas aboard the I'hlladPlphla
with Mr Schwab's father, J. A. Kchwab.
mi-.' those In tho steolane when tho
rhlliiei,hi,i cft .Southampton wern Mrs.
P ' Harrlni-'ton if Philadelphia, a
dauchtPr ,f Hear Admiral Kane, Mrs. J.
' ''" ' and d.iiiKhtnr of this city, Ulllan
W'ht. nf p.iterson, N. J.; Mr. and Mrs.
' T. Krauii, Mr. and Jlrs. Kredcrlck
tPwrt, the Mlssos MaiK.iret V. nnd
x'ary riiplr-r, daUKhters of J. T. Cutler
'' this ,"t , Harclay Acheson of Wash
lecnn. Mrs C. T. Harvey, Dr. Pauline
liins:..r 0r r.oiilvllle, Ky : Mrs, Paw.on
' I'll '-mine and Miss Florence Ilarker
' '' .nnatl.
Tliup wern flcht Americans aboard who
v'" ii-ihitel without funds to net to
';lri i: r Porter and John T Kelly
'' ir Miti-htl's pef coniinlttei' were
fc'. thp ,pr j,, nrri those people, havInK
cervt uord h wireless from rHit.
Mills The had made nrranitemenls with
rsllKMdi in at' 'lit vouchers for thme
' it Imth fare'' and Pullman accom-
tr''l i'ioiij.
it In-tie.-tnr Hrophv and 1"0 cus-
ii nt uliaplT to take
Refugee ship, the captain and two of her notable passengers.
Mtlll stranded tn Europe. Their money.no homes to bo to. There were many ln-!clven diamond rlnss and bracelets to the
win be sent throuch the Government com
mlttce, composed of Secretaries Oarrtson
McAdoo and Daniels.
Clau tlnl-Tlcrs Ilrokrn
Joreph Haker Hourno of this city, who
was one of the committee of twenty
formed on board tho ship and called tho
Amerloin refuse committee, said:
We were tho last boat to leave
the Iniperatnr they took pasea&c on the f00IK.r , v, Cimklin. Mrs.
small Grlmbsby tJAt to tho north or KnB- ' Cory. Mrs T M t'urrv. Mr
land. That never sailed, but at 3 that ' '.'oMtkyan. lmtipl H Clevliuer. Dr
afternoon word was passed that a ,raJn j Crriii!on. Mi Eihrl. rnrt" Mr
inlRht leave for Hushing;, In Holland, to t'rowlpy, Itleliard. l.'ariwriulit. Mhs
LUirer, iips kutropiii. pipit, .hip
Curry, Ilaymond.
Deerham, Miss Ann'e lireyfon" . tls F
connect with tho Folkos'tone boat.
(let Host in I'nlkrstnne.
This train left on Ave minutes notice
with Its few c.-trs loadeil to the vestibules
wdth the entire Imperator's passenrer list.
Until 5 o'clock the next mornlnir jiaMen
Bers .stood and cluna; to what support they
oould. There wait a diner on the train,
but access to It was impossible, n those
nt the table would or could not movo
from tholr sats. The email boat to
Folkestone was equally crowded and
almost without provisions. I
Hungry nnd with no money other than Krkman. Ouy.
worthless German paper refunded from Kdwards, William
their Imperator tickets tho Americans "'-
Maner Alee
Maekay Mlr Msilte.
M.nkiiirli Mr- C A
Marl(. Mali-oltn
M. nir. .lolin
Martin. .Inliii.
Martin. Mix Illlan
Mattliotrs. Pr Kllta
V .swrll. Mrs W II
l, t'ii.,.. ll
M I'nllniirli. Mm N' P M.,p Master
Mi Dniuall. Iteainalil. M orean, Jlr.
M.'l.uinlilin. Mls .M. Mnrian. ?i
McNtiltv. .1 .1
MiHJr.nl. l'ranels.
MeWllllsnia, J.
Medi. Miss IWen.
Mprcpr Mr Ktla.
Mllr.. Vlflor
Mlmma. Hip iipv J. r .mpiici, .mi's
Mimni. Mrs. 3 C Maitllpr, Mrs.
Miiiiv.r- Hr I'hlllo ?.Ipjpt. Mr
Mnrrlpy .lneih. Meyer. Mrs
Mni-I.irhni, John. Maland. Miss
Murplii. Jerrmlili Mlntnn. Mr
'Mnrnhy, Mrs. Hannah. Mlnton, Mra.
Murphy. Miss Maty Mendel, Mr
Muri'h). John J. Mendel. Mrs
SVIlspn. r.
Npllsen. Mrs
May Mr
Miircun. Mr
MiCarlhy. Hr
Mnrtan. S W
MeNamre. Mr
MrC'arlliy. P
Morlry, Mr
Mi;ird. Mis
MeDntidri, Miss
Mop, Mr.
Mop, Mr
Morian, Mrs
Mciiulre, Pr
MetJulrr. Mr.
Mo., Mi's.
Mitell'r, Mr.
Miifller. Mrs
Mueller Miss.
Neisburner. Ell N
Vi.ulnn tlpnrp
..Il'UOIIS, .Ml miuisp .biennis, .ir
Nickel, Nan
yiekel. Mr
Ntburpr. Mr
NlPholaon, Mrs
.Nleholson, Masltr
Nleholson. Mies
Uevane. the llev J
nitier. J. st
Iiomerzue. Mr
lloniergue, Mrs
Uomercue, Miss
Uoppen. Miss Mary
Pulton. Miss Jennie.
2eruajTs1, Mrs.
Demarpst, Miss,
ivwitt, Miss.
Preyfous, Miss O
tliinsa. Mr.
Darts. C 11
Davis, Y.
Davis, Mrs.
Dartdson. Mr
Demoncert, Mis"
IMIlman, JIlss
Dpprv. Mrs.
Deerr, Miss.
Ulckerman, Mlsa
Knisler. Ml Annlp L.
Ker. John
J. Kvaiis, llowland C
Kvans. Mrs.
I O'Orlsenll, James OTxary. TUnothr.
Impr, Ml-s Annie. Olmstpad, Mls Emm.
Olil ir I.lpr O Bellly, Xrr. ThoeJ.
owtcnbui Cant Henry oueiiPt, .urs. j. o
OIopiiourF, .M a a t o r uupii'i, .ms ii.
Honry. Ottaway. Mr,
Olds. Uporrp rtillllrs Oxbr. .Ml si
Olds. Mrs. Kattp. Orton, Mr,
Old Miss Htrlce t Oppetihslnrsr, Mrs.
OertlH, Pr T. K.
Parkpr. Miss Marr T, Petter, M1si Phosr.
otis, .Mr. j, n.
' ni.iiiif'p viirin iiiit iii'iiiiir cuu i iiui ki'l pirn ii run. .ulna i.im irn .tiMicr in i t ' i . j - , - ., t.
l . . . . . ; . .. . . , , L . . , i . ,t . lanneu in i .nnnon late nunuay ni i.'riiwiiii. ii Vdwarils Mrs r.wn. It l
, anything to eat because they did not have . ndelphla. who had more. Jewelry than W!1 . ,. ,,.,..,. . .', hotM, nni . K.h"i f,Cti C . ii Mrs
"nonr' money, r.ivp a pair oi nrnccieis in n h d , , nmonf ho Americans them- Kldnd. r.ordon mienbosen. .Mr
steward to Blvc to his vlfo nnd a Paris ou '''' -rpLiiVna triV aivil Kldnd. Mri. Kispman. Mr
Sr., on TninU. Ml MKht. hat to a stewardess In return for their , 'j, eaVC"l Klj.rl;. . Master Oer.r,.
'A Rpppral Idea of the situation In Paris
can be obtained when It Is known that
when the travellers came to the railroad
stations a certain number were allowed
to enter and then the door was shut.
Southampton. The harbor was nil mined ! Thereupon they sat on their trunks all
there are not a few amonK us on board . T.J,ur.n. ,n?.."! lhr ,en,?l"fr, T.l
boat who have no haKKaKe at all, who! '
have lost all they took abroad with them. I V'" ?f 'J1? 8h,p "".'J ,tho "1,lp.."
"The banks In London nml Paris look . "nslnml Is now- all for war ald he.
Dr. Frank J. Fort of t,oulsvl!le, Ky..
who had been In Ijondon attending a
clinical consre, had no money by the
t'mo Vie arrived nt the Statue of Liberty.
He manngfil to tiawn a diamond ring for
.in ill'-1( limine nil'... . ... .. . . ..,.....
and a torpedo tKiat showed us the way nKht. only to et the order In the morning l??Zi "rocpr"ru lo
out. After we had left the lort was.""" nm.m" wuum hp mrowra, inui , ,, . ... .
closed. Durlna; tho entire trip there was
no distinction of class .among the pa-s.
fencers, tn tho steerage there were 113
aliens and IS American cllliens. Prac
tically all of the Americans had the run
of the entire Bhlp during the voyage,
"I don't want to talk about the trouble
we had, but want to my that all of the
men on board worked riny and night for
the comfort of the passengers. Condi
tions wore horribly overcrowded, and In
many Instances there wer four persons
In k stateroom. Morn than a hundred
persons who had no bertha at all slept
on the floor In tho dining saloons and
on the deck. I eJJi't praise the officers
and crew of the ship too much. They
ware splendid to us all.
"Hundreds of tho passengers on boapl
never expected to get homo to their na
tive land nnd there are hundreds of Amer
icans now In Europe who never e-xpeet
to reach hern again.
At every hotel except the Cecil," said
Miss ManlaM. 1, "they took our letters of j
credit or checks, and In some cases evn Falney. Mr Magjle
lot us sign personal checks and restaurant h
checks. And as for our company of tirii. Ml Amy
Americans, I don't tisllevo thpre Is a man Kpu. thp llev J Pu
I'ullpr M"
Keitn-r, .MiiIip
Pnrt. Pr.
Kinn. Mr
Finn. Mr
to the United Statpn as their only hope
In the gtneral financial crisis. Tho
United States In her splendid economic
situation, their ofllclals say. Is the only
bright spot to be seen on their dark hori
zon. "I heard many tales of hardships Im
posed on travellers; by the mllltarv au
thorities. Mr. llonner. gcnrral manager
of the Hltz In Phlludolphia, told nic li
was on a train In Germany bound for
Franc. Thre miles before reaching the
frontier the train stopped nnd the p.Tssen
gers men, women and children were or
dered out lo wnllt the remainder of the
way to France.
"I heard that the automobile of young
Mr. Wldener of Philadelphia was taken
away from him Words can hardly ex
press inn uimcumes in which Americans
She seemed to hold off until the Ger
mans stepped on liotglan roll and then
he ilnniid up In an Instant"
Mrs. Mario D.iux of HI. Louis will re
main In tho city until she can obtnln
funds to go to Washington to ask that
her husband, tin American citizen, bo res
cued from the French nrmy. Mrs. Daux
nald her huband was born In France, but
was naturalized at St. Iiuls. They were
visiting abroad this summer and when
the mobilization orders were given they
tried to escape. Phe was allowed to go,
but her husband v.u seized and thrown
Into the army. Mrs, Pan lives In North
Klnw's Highway, SL Louis.
onttiern Itnnkrr n nmnrl(nn.
Many of the p.i.engers were vi
vent In their farewells to It. II. Calln
or woman who has not either borrowed Kltlijan. Mrs. A Stow. Finn. M.ler
from or lent money to others, nnd some- f-i"",, KoVii. '.Mr.'
limes uone num. Fittp itrlrk, .MM
"At a great concession one hotel cashed 1 Klppt, W A.
a $10 exprpes check t had, but my fS Fowl. Mrs Stephen,
notes were, of no moro use than my Oer- F0irkw'ard x
mnn paper. In outer to pay ror two Krceman. Mark
storaga reservations lor wnicn wo moon French, -Mrs I.
In lino for four hours wo had to pawni Fuller. Mr
Jewelry at one-sixth Its value. Wo lived i
In Ixindon on credit for two days with j riaiiapher nr n
nrnoilciillv r coin In our poeketB nnd i:.iiiahi r. Mis.
watchpit other Americans In their scram-; Oallairhrr. Ml -Jsril:
Fiaiipnthal, Pr
Kraticnthal. Mi
Fish. Mr
F.vinee. Mrs
Kin-tail. Mr
Klntiiil. Mr
Frey. Ml".
iirv-ip. Miss Artelin
Orahiiin. John 11
(Irani. Mrs. II Katconer
ble for accommodations.
"There were no "alters to sprvp us at
the hotpls. At thi) Savoy thpre was one
valet for three floors nnd at the llltz
one waiter In the dining room. The rest
had gone to the Continent to take their
places In the army. I saw one man, J.
Drlttlclunk, a banker from Charleston,
r.ti Mi VMith. Craves. If
Oalla.'Iipr, .Mix Irt.ie. tirreii, Mr
nallajhpr. Miwttr Hoy. :et. Ulttnrd
Parsons. Mrs If
Palton, Miss Cecilia
Pearle. Frank.
I'earlp, Mrs
Penflrld. Ml It. C
I'etlltP. Mrs, Ja. O
Pptlttp. Mls Miu-lan.
I'etittP. Mrs. E. H.
Philip, Mrs
Phillip. Chss. C.
I'lanktntnn, Win
Poltiury. Mis Katp
Polbury. Miss Kalh.
Pntlrr. Hpv .lospph.
PottPr. Mrs. Ilsrrlrtl.
IJaferty Mis r.
rice. C. A.
ruth. Mrs. James
l'ujrh, Ml Obvtysv
Porter, Mrs
Portpr, Miss.
I'ane. Dr
l'ortrr, Mr
Portpr, J
l'lanklntnn, Mrs
Planklntnn, Msstpr.
llanklnton. Miss
Pidupon. Mis
Pane. Mrs.
llelrh Mrs
ltamsdall. Mrs p II. Itlnrrnld. Miss
ttend KOnnril.
Hppxps. Ml AddlP K.
Hplnli.irt, stanlry
lll.liard. Mrs Phllhs.
Itiehard. Mailer II
lllchiird, Moses It
lllrharil Mr M.
Itnlisnn, C. S.
ltobsnn, Jnlin.
llotprs. Miss F M.
Itospop. Fdniril
Hllsspll. IllTOII
Hoeers, Miss
IlPlch. Mr
Itiihardsnn. Miss.
llofr, Mrs
Hfece Mrs
Ubii, Mr
tln.li Mrs
rtoos, Mr.
ttoos, Mrs
Itirienon. Mr
Itos-nhaum, Mr.
Hosennprir. Mr.
Itnsnbrr. Mrs.
KasrhtK. MtM
Itppse, Mr
llltipnn. Mls .1 I
Ulllesple. ! H
rjlllesplp Mr
liiliiln. It.
niliiln. Miss Killth
Ollpln. Mnter Wm
lillroy, I lllinias r
u f v . . , . v. AMKViMnn t mtrnv. Mrs
l',"V. . .... . fitvurtl. Frank
l,ine oiiicps aim ooiipci irom mis pprpon fii,i.miih Ieiac '
lilblion. W
liiblious, i.
Oardiner. Mrs
lireite. Mr
liault, Mis.
Ilault. Miss t.
('union. Ml
(iluck. Miss
(irrrard. Mrs A
f.irranl. .Mr i..
. and that a shilling or a half soverln In , oolilsinlthl Mrs. Han isinlinll. Ml
,-ery fer- rrturn for some of his crpdlt paper, until nah. ''feeo rv. ' M r
lllntk'n. I . s s m nr . , fi.l.l...). r I I till. Ml
Pnsilri- nero. th. rannpl fmm ti-ni. !,,! I. ...I P.... ' J . ... 1 .. . .. .. V .1' I3SI lie n.lO iO IO pul HOWn jor a "' ""
' " " , : ,r " ;, ', ,. ' " "" !- wnn is presiueni oi me i.n iirange nann , resen'otlrn
vrc we were cha longed by an Lngllsh tlcularly." of U.K (;,.,.. Ga. Mr. (Mllawny proved ryaum
ppdo boat ar.d during the trip across I Knm Samaritan to many of the pnssen- Kiprrss rniiipiins- Vnym Cash,
the ocean we were hallid tlirpn times.
twice by French torpedo boat-s and onco
himp sinnp.it i. n I is. gprs and the overworked stewards. He; (Jm,,,ie the American Express offlc, 1
.m iii .iiir viiii'aninn nr iir'itnpi' iio iuitunini 411 um vi in k h i'i"ii mi iiiu . .1, . n 1.1 t t. 1 1 iiiuii ru
1 -un& "5 -Mh.,V CCn tttJ'Ur'y" ! ' Among s'g who were no, In I 2?'
studvmg music ?1ip was crvln- on the haste to leave the sh p beraiifo they had ?r u,.elr. C"PCKS' i-ooks pa i as long as ' Mr, ,plini,
Prnlse for London CmimlttpP. wax up th" br v and spelng Mr VovA ex! ' """'.l to ll, wiihout a pennv were . 'y. tlln y ,,llt ,hat luSin. John W
ThP committee of Americans In Ixndoi. plained Vtf t' ha I J'-"."d Schoengold. his wife and child, of ' . "; I Bm:l A'r'c' II'pT USTh C
nrP doing excellent work to alleviate the "I have with no two German ladle I rompton. N. Y .Ms., l.MU Ip-1, of New fining for a b?Al and " walked ou pirt"?il. " W
sufferings of their fellow countrympn nnd whom 1 Joined when I tried tn pet out of I "rk city was another, and Mrs S, M. """"" J),1 ' 'tv? J "L,! , rtv.ell. Mrs
they too should be commended," he con- , Europe. They have lent me money, as I "T of the Hotel Gerard acknowledged l-W the s 'co o womlpr ''hfre his food llastlnss. w II
eluded. hd none of mv own. and now all tnelr, t'at she did not even have carfare to ' nml edging for tho next day were com- 1 a Un. Thonia
Hamilton Miss
lt.1.1. Mr
llahlo.' Mrs. am! three llua-rir Mr
ii'inim w-na i)iant,i.,nn s rn..... i nnu t n.n Hr,n,.i .k. ii Ret uptown Isadore ThalpnfpM of i Ing from.
kee was the chairman of the committee of ito Ellis Islnnd mil things made hard for. M'ners Mills. X. Y. said he would have to , "In Southampton the money stringency
Americans alioard the Philadelphia In them, because they have been kind to me. I "'aU. V"11.1 h.e got nsslnance tn get home, was not so great. e could change a gold
describing the event's of the passajre ho What can I do?" 1 1 Ax" "ickson or .PwiHirt was nnother ;pipcb u wp nan i., ann peopip wouio een
said: Mr Vogel promleeil to help her when
"For the first two or three days wn 'the ship reached tho dock.
hod rather stormy weather. No one wtis I There were a few complaints from those
excited, however, though several of tho
women, after their experiences on the
Continent, wero rather nervous. London
was greatly excited when wo left arid
the committee of Americans thore was
doing splendid work for the aid of tho
stranded. Tlipy have the situation well In
hand, I believe.
"When we had left the port our com
mittee received a w!rcles from the Lon-
who made the adventurous trip. In the
almost uniform story of kindness nnd
sympathy from the stewards and steward
esses of the ship and others on whom
the passengers' small comforts depended
there were mixed a few tales of extir
tlnnato prices charged for npccssltles.
One was from a man who slppt In the
salon Just off tho bar. Ho said that them
was "nothing but graft aboard,' that the
don committee asking us whether or not I stewards charged IS cents for opirtu-
nny of the Americans abroad needed
money nt once. I found eight or ten
such cases and we at onco formed our
committee of twenty Americans to help
"When wo left Ixindon the trains there
had not stopped running, although they
h.id on tho Continent, when conditions
wero frightful. Travellers' checks nnd
other paper were useless to tho persona
holding thpm, as no one could bo found
who would cash them. Wo hav no
criticism of the way we wpre handtpil
In London and aboard tho boatonly
praise. I have never seen a finer body
of men than the crew of the ship.
"We were tho Inst ship out of the har
bor, and when w left hundreds of per
sons were clamoring to get aboard, wav
ing their tickets nt us. Many of tho
tickets for passage aboard the boat were
unfortunately duplicated by the agents of
the lino at Southampton, London? Paris
and other cities. When I got aboard I
found that ther were four others Quar
tered In my stateroom, They had pur
chased their tickets for the same loom at
four different cities In England. The con
fusion was awful In straightening out the
sleeping quarters. I want It understood
that there was no extortion alonrd the
Mnny Women HyslprlenJ,
Martin Vogel, Assistant Hub-Trt asurer
nf the United States, stationed In New
York, who was n metnber of the com
mittee formed on lard, said :
"Personally I have had no harrowing
experiences. When things broke out In
Ixindon I Joined the American Citizens
Committee and did all I could to help
tho Ambassador. Many hundreds of per
sons cumo to tho embassy apparently
to tell the stuff there what ought to be
done. Most of these were women In a
hysterical condition who wore without
ready money and wMlmut nny knowledge
of what the situation really meant.
"The embassy nnd Its staff did ex
eellent work calming the people and giv
ing what Information they could. The
main trouble wns that nil the banks
weio closed and even those who had let
tcrs of credit nnd notes nnd drafts
wero not able to use them,' French and
German money could not b used nt all,
No change was to be had for a live
pound notP. It was nn nwful mlxup, but
stranded Americans as a general thing
helped each other out In a spirit of good
"We have bepn slppplng on dpek. In thP
smoking room and dining room and In nny
place we could find. Many passengers iPd
nlty to waBh nnd 25 cents more for a towel.
One mnn, he said, got nhead of th's toll
by buying a boltlo of Imported table water
and using It.
Albert Illumenstell. a lawyer of thin
city, phM thnt ho nnd other Americans
had been treated with scant courtesy by
Ambassador Page In I.ondnn
"Most of those ou board have in
monev," said he, "nor burgage and In
credible ns It seems the American Line
olllces In Southampton refused to take
American bank notes."
Tltnnlc SlarTls-or Alnmrd,
who had come away without funds. , look nt s five pounJ note. Hut hotel ac
.Mrs. Dawson Hlnckmore, daughter of commutations were senrco. ,t tne Houin
tho late Gen. Andrew Hlckenlopper of western they put up two beds In a bath
clvll war fame, ovprhpard thp reporters 1 room for us, nnd others were quartered
on the pjer talking to the passengers, about ho town.
She volunteers! her praise of the cap-! "The American L'ne peopip did ell thpy
tain and the crew of tho steamship and j could for us on the Philadelphia, At
for the tine work b lng done by the Amer. i once they took dowi the barriers between
lean committee, In London, the classes, nnd wo us an opportunity
"I went for two days without food and I to W for the bettr food. I had steerage
my son and I landed In London half fare, one meal, nn.l was sstlsfied that 1
starved" she said, "Wn wpre In I didn't havo to stay longer.
Oleteh. Switzerland, when the wnr was ''Of the several hundred of us who
declared and wc started at once for Iin-' booked ateerago then, were only a hun
don All that wo hail was travellers' I '""l whn ''ad to remain there. The rest
checks nnd letters of credit. I were transferred on payment of good
"I lost everything. The Jfi.OOO worth of 1 coin. We slept everywhere. In the lounge,
credit I had wns worth nothing. Tne last J in the jiassagcways, and I myself spent
Sunday we were in Paris mobs of Amerl- every night on deck In my steamer chair,
cans were sitting In the street on their' It wns a rough pnssage, too, and a large
baggage wondering which may to turn. 1 proportion of the passengers had sea
Women and children were In the majority sickness added to their hardships,"'
and tnejr plight was pitiable. Nn one can
tenllze Just how badly tho Americans are
situated "
With Mrs. ninokmore wns her son, An
drew II. Itlackmore. They live In Clncir..
T . ii.... r ........ i . .
Pr. Henry W. Frauenthal, a survivor! t-t-,
of the Tltanlo disaster, who is' connected ' The following Is n list of tho pas
with tho HurpltJl for Deformities and . songers who composed the American
Joint Diseases In this city, said that he Ilpfugee Committee, which was otganlzed
wns waiting In London with his wife for ' on board ship shortly after she sailed :
a remittance to come from America when I Chairman, Wllllsm Wood Planklnton,
the trouble started. He did not hae Milwaukee, the night llev. James A.
cent nnd was nearly starved when ho I Hartley, Illshop of Columbus. Ohio;
w.-nt to American Ambassador Page, j Thomas F. Gllroy of New York. Ir. Felix
wnom tie Knew personally, nnn mw u Hue. Now Orleans: John H. Schwab.
for assistance.
"Mr. Pnge," he said, "only had J10 nt
the time, but he readily gave me five
of It. I made that money last three
diys "
Dr. .1. V. Gallagher of Cleveland wns
attending the Clinical Congress In Iondon.
He asked nn attache nf the embausy there
If It wn safo to venture on the. Conti
nent. When he wns assured that It was
ho started for Helgium.
"I landed right In the midst of It all,
Iorotta, Pa . the Illght llev. John At
wood, Illshop of Arizona; Thomas L.
Feltner, New York ; Leroy W. Haldwin,
New York ; the Ftev, L. J. Kavnnngh,
New Orleans; Alfred Hnyman, New York;
James C. Homier, Philadelphia ; Town
send Homer, New York, John H Greg
ory, Rochester, N. Y. , Martin Vogel. New
York . Johrv A. Wilson, cousin of Presi
dent Wilson, Franklin. Pa. . Dr. Junius
C Hong, Chicago; Joseph Hiker llourne.
New York; Joseph Henley, Huston; Paul
It seemed " ho tld. "One day I was , ,-,,, Nw' YorK . pr. ., v. Gal
In a cathedral n Hrussels looking nt . . , . ,.,'",,,, n' ,., m,,.,,,,
Iteuhen's painting "The Descent From 'I;orVw& H Porter w-hl. J P
the Cross," whwn I heard a terrltlc shout, i " r-J
I ran nut of the building to see what Die
excitement wns about. Across tho
street was a newspaper ofllee and staring
In big letters from the front of the build
ing wns tho nnouncement that wnr ha4
been declared, Hundieds of people wern
gathered In the siteets and as If by maglo
soldiers were marching thtough tho nve.
nues. Guns were tn be seen everywhere
nnd I have never seen such a demon
stration of omhimlasm. The Belgians are
a bravo people."
Morgan A Co,
finn Strnnded In HniiiliorK.
Nino hundred Americans, who were
In Hamburg waiting for the Imperator
to sail, received word thnt her departure
would be "postponed" Just nil they wire
lenvlng tholr hotels early on the morn
ing of Saturday, August 1, on their way
to the steamer. It came like a thunder
bolt to them all, but was only the first
of tho shocks, Inconveniences and hard
1 layman, Mr
lies, r.
Hess, P. K
Hirrin. Mra J
Hoar. Hr J ('
lloae, Mrs
Hnilskinson. Fred
llndnkinson. Mrs
llliston. Mis
llojnp, Wilson J
llnmip. Mrs.
IIone, Miss Oars
II. r. Mis
Her. Miss
Herman. Miss
Helms. Mr.
Hartlej, Illshop
Heiley. Mr.
Hart. Mr.
Han. Mis
Hasward. Ml."
HooWpr. Mr
Hontilrr. Mrs
Hoohler. Master
HarOuir. Mrs
lllbhard Ml
llnrntr. Mr.
Horner, Mrs
llnrman. Mr
llnrnian. Mrs
Harninn, Mis
Harman. Mi K
Hoist. Mr
Hoist, Mis
Huhps Miss
llptidrleksuii. Miss
Hammond. Mr
Hammond, Mrs
Sskpi. Miss Spilt 'a
I Sandprson. Mrs J
I s.inilpreoek. Mr. F
Sandercock. John.
; Sarenbook. Joseph.
i -eaonsooii. Mr
Seasoiuooii, .Mr
Srhnackp, Miss lluth
Seriu.icke. Franel
Scho-n, Miss W II
Seheetiwnlil. Miss F
Selirnit'T Miss K. .M. Mhipy. .Mr.
Soliumvrher, Miss 1) Sihlpy, Mrs
Schwab, J A., lather Slpwart. Mr
fharlps M SIppIp. Mr
Seajraves. Miss Smith, F. J.
Pennine, .tns. iipssip Mniiii, .Mrs
enn, Mrs Thomas,
t-pnn. Mnstpr (Jporirp.
Siml.ler Mlsa H
Mekel, H O
SicKpI. Mr,
hllvprinan. AlbPrt.
Mai, Mrs. Paul.
Mater, n
Smith. F. II.
I Smith, -Mrs
i Smith. Mr F.mlly.
! "niith. Miss F.lcannr
Smith. Miss M J
spicer. Pr, Clinton
Starch. Miss llilsr
Stidman, Miss Edith
StPVPiis, Mrs
Steward. J. Vf
Mpward. Mrs
Mewarl. J. II.
Silrn Mr.
llollinirstvnrth. Ml T.I Hammond. Miss
ln Hammond. Master
Holmes. John 0 Haves. Mrs
Homburi. Mies Harriet Hoelvpltij. Ml-
llurhe. (ieorrp. Huchps. Mr
Hunt. Herlle It. W"'1?' yM'
llirsi hland. Mr. Hushr. Miss
ltlrschland. Mr, Hughs . Miss .
Iltrsphland. Master Hood, Mr
Hamilton. Mrs
-Ion". smilPl
tiinp Mrs. Miriam
Muart. Mils Flnrpnos.
Summers, M C
Siittnn pr Stark
Swartr. Marul.
Santtz Mrs.
Swart Miss rtena.
Suartz, Miss is
Swnitr. Miss jf,r.
M'barhar Mr
Smith. Miss E
Smith, Masier P
Smith. Miss W
smith, K
Smith, T
Smllh. II
smith, 0
''eliwplnlr Mls
sturjps, Miss
stuber. Mrs
Spawfll, Mr
stmpson, Mr
Schmidt. 1)
Mr, fiporso. Schmidt, Mrs.
sirs. J v. senmicH. .mi i.
smitii, .miss h
Smllh, W.
Seherrr. Pr.
Strakosih. Mr
Kchprer. Mr,
Sanford, Mr
Sanlord, Mrs.
lmb. Mobprt.
Idplpr. Kmll
Meier, Mr Ma.-ie
lilPlpr. Miss AilPlme
Jakowah M
James, Miss Ames
lilcler Miss Marinieriip.
Ibach, Charles
Isfror. MUs Itura
liualls, Mrs
Jones, Miss
Jones, Mailer V
Janvipr.'.MIsi Msrv II. Joiip. Maslpr C
Abraham Frpd A
Aehesnn. Harclay
Aldrieh. Master Chas
Aldrieh, Master Jpp1.
Aldrieh, Charles 'P
Aldrieh, Mrs
Anderson, thp kpt
Park 11.
Amlpmin, Mrs Pansy
Anderson, Maslpr liar
Andrrsnn, Miss lluth
Antieison. Mrs. H. K
Annie Miss Illalli'Jip F Alllrichtlir. Mr
Aramvssv, Julius Aufrlchtli. Mrs
Arnold. F Adlsr. Mr.
Ash Miss rtaelipl Abbott, Mrs
Aehtiursl. Miss Allep Anderson. Miss
Atwnod, Illshop J. W Atkinson. Mr
Austin, Maslpr Alfrpil Anthony. Mr
Asiman Mr
Aiiipw . Mr
Andersen, Mr
AndcVspti, Mis
Aiiiieuberir, Mr
Annenliprg. Mrs
Annentiprg, Miss s.
Aniieiirerir. Miss 1
Ailihsnn, thp Kpt.
Aililisnn, Mrs
Addison. Miss K
Adillson. Miss I.
Amlrpws Mr
Hr (I.'illngher added his praise to the i ships thnt they nnd hundreds nf others
praise of the others for the fine work,
of tne American committee in ixinoon.
Hotel Seised by MIHtiiry,
Charles Kerzmnn, a milliner of this city,
said that nil the men, women and children
who were staying at the Southwestern
Hotel tn Southampton were turned Into
the streets nt 4 o'clock In the morning nn
tho day tho boat was tn sail because tho
military authorities had seized tho hotel
I i
HM wen
of the refugees
. MI - be
Ml'iuttee formed on the
i it' in from wealthy men
a loin) for hn lellff of those
not have bunks nt nil throughout the pas. for their own use. Those turned from
airp, . their bPds wnndpred up and down or
"Thp natlvp Frpnch and English people 1 snatched sleep In doorways until the day.
themselves on the other side seemed to In contradiction to the fpw stores of
takp things calmly, mott of the excitement . har,d3hlp nnd eNtortlon on hoard ihlp
being evidenced by the foreigners who had many of the passengers told of having
hnd to bear.
An dca of tho experiences which Amer
icans have gone through on the Conti
nent was given by Muss Eninin Elizabeth
Marlnnd, principal of the Gardner School,
nt ftd7 Fifth nvenun She, with Mrs.
Hufus Long of Huntington, W, Vn,, was
ono of the Americans who loft tho Ime
ylor of Germnny when the llrst warning
came of serious trouble. She thought
she was lucky tn find pnssagn on the
Impera'tor When the hotel clerk told
her ns she was leaving the hotel for the
pier that there would be no sailing Irer
party Joined tlm crush to get to Eng.
jnnd with Pnn other Americans, They
were told then that PVPn though Gr-
llarr, Charles S
Haer. Mrs
llalp. Oscar
llarwr, Hr Frpd
llarnes, Harry P
Ilai'tiiu. Howard
II, Ut, Miss Cora 1.
Ilaviotl, Wilfred.
Ileml il. Mr
llpinlal. Mrs
llenpseh, Mr A
llenli.im, Hr F. It
llenham. Mrs
lleutiett John J
llentley. Hutus C
Hums. Miss Annelre
lllnokford. Mrs
Hlonilhplm, Mr
llpard, Mr.
Ilpard, Mrs
llarrptt, Mr.
La llarrptt. Ml"
llp.iiidntn. Mis
lleleher, Mr
llnsupll, Miss
llonnor. Mr.
Meeker. Mr.
Ilrnwn. Sr.Mr.
Ilrown. Jr., Mr
tint ps. Mr
Pordon, Lieut -Col.
Hendry Mrs I'.llen H liordon Mrs
iipits, r nn ,m. narey, sir.
Hem. Mrs lllair. Miss
Iteiielrr. Miss P. M. llarrln1"ii, Mrs
Illcklp. Mrs T. D. Ilonnp. Mr.
Illand, Itobtrt n nirp. Mr
D I s n l f n r it, Miss llurkp, Mr.
nurke, Mrs
Meiinelt. Mrs.
Hrpssler. Mr
Hliim, Morris.
Ilium, Louis
Plum. Miss M.
nlnmpnthal, Mr
llnllon, Mis Husln.
Hnnner, Miss A.
Hosmleh. Pr. W. W
llo.lwlrh. Mrs
llradlpy. Harlow.
Ilrpck. Miss M. K
lirernan, Miss Annls.
Ilresslpr, Chnrlps
llppw, (ipnrpe V
llnstler, Mrs M.
Ilrlitler, Ml.
Ilrlstol, Kenneth
llelnw. E.irle
Hrnrh, W I,
Ilrnwn, Pr lsrap
llrouu, Miss lie,t
Huchanan, Mr
Hili'hannn, Mrs
Hill nil, It L ander.
IlurKli. Mrs
tlilrtwin, I Hoy.
lialdwiii, Mrs Hoy
M I s sIIuMkIu, Miss
lieniamm .Mr
llailen. Mr.
HlPhiler. Mrs
lln kslpr. Miss
llrnwnrlt, Mr
lliimhaiii Mr
r.romnp. Pr,
mslr, Mrs
lll-slr. Miss.
Hoblpnlmsen. Miss
lleale. Miss.
Illumeiis'i'l, Mr
llourne, Mr
llournp, Mrs
Hoiirnp, Mies
Hurkp, Miss
nradthp, Mr
Purjlielm, Mr
plackniorp, Mr
Hlaclimors, Mr.
Irtiltins, uMrs X. K
Iprnils Mr. HpIpii
loiin, I' v.
lohnsou, Mis P.
inhnson. Oscar.
onion. Miss G
Jacobs, Mrs.
Jones, Mr
Jones, .Mrs
Ksvanash TIip Hpv
Kppran, Mailpr H
Kppne. Oponrp
Kppnp, Mrs
Kpfpr. .Mr
Kpfpr, Miss PaulHtP
Kefpr. MUs Tlos
Hplly. MUS Julia
Kemiiton, Miss L
Klerman, Paul I,
Kllburne, Miss K
Klnr. A. fl.
Kin?. Mrs
Klsllnser, T. P.
Knanii. Mm. llrnry
Knanpy. Mr.
Krlpx, Miss Marian
Tjunb Pr. Fp1Ii A.
Lamb, Mrs
Jarvis. Miss
Johnson, Mr.
Johnson, Mrs
Johnson, Miss
Jnlinion. Iastpr
.latin, Mls
Johnston, Mrs
Julias, Mrs.
Krpis Miss F.dith
ltiirrnian. Charlps C
Kplly, Miss
KiipiiUpI, Mr
Kiientipl. Mrs
Krnipl, Mrs
Krotrl, Mis
Ur.itisp, Mr
Krause, Mis
Kem. W.
Kern, Mrs
Kern. Ml.
Kprn W. J
Kaesi'liP, M
Kaeselip, Mis
Knesehp, W
Kspsche Miss
Itrimpr. Pr IV
Thomas. Pliillltip.
Thomas, Mrs
Thoma, John
Thompson. WIlHrd
Thnrold, Mrs
Thorpe, Mi-s M F.
Titheradjp, Plon
Todd. Mr. Aston
Treiinpr, S
TrpiniPr, Mrs.
Trestani, Georjp,
Trestam. Mr.
Trevllllan, Krne1
t'llman, Mr
I'llman, Mrs.
Van Illene, Mr
Van llienp, Mls F
Vorpl. Hon Martin
Vogel. Mis.
Trpvllllan Mr Annie.
Tueker, Mrs. 0 II
Tulip. MpndPl
Turnbull, Her F
Tiirubul). Mrs. Marian
and infant.
Tyler, Charles M.
TyndsJ, Miss K.
Tylsr, Pr.
Todd. A shton
Torirs, Edward
Tlerney, Miss.
I'rauhart, Mlse
Vlntsphcr. Mr.
VerzeM. Mr.
Voirt. Mr.
Viehe. Mrs E
IVnlz, K.1ward A Wnolf. Mrs
Mard, J. H Wolf son, Mr
Warner, A. J. Wjman, Mr
Warren, Miss M. B. IVymaii. Mrs
Watklns, Mrs Whttnn Wlrjins, Mrs
Watliln. Master A. Winrlns, Miss Xfse,j
Watt. H 1! WUmn, Mils MurlJJ
Weaver, Miss Annl. Wplnamm, Mr
WpMi, Miss K Winietl, Mr
Wphb, Mrs li L Wlllptt, Mr
Wprtip. H. J. Wlllptt, Mr
Wplls. Miss llebekah. Wpselie. Miss
Wcndland. CHirlps Wphber Mr,
Wpst. j c. Wituerson, Mrs
Wheat, A. A. Wilkprson. Miss
WhPat, Mrs WptiN-r. Miss
White, Pr. Plhprt Wheeler. Mrs.
Whltelipad. Mlis Anna wpies, Mr
l.amptlu, Henry.
i.anerin, Mrs
T,auili, Miss Mayrentl Linkfonl, Mrs Iliirn
t.smh. Miss I.OIUIP. lpy.
Iimb, Ur. H P. Lapryre, Miss Odils
tVilson. John
Wil-ou, Mr.
wiNtnek. P. J.
Wdinn. Andrpw.
Wnodrnw, Mis. F K
Woodrow, Miss F
Wolf, A. P.
Wnolf, I. M
Yalps, Arthur.
Yules, Mrs.
'.ismsni Allien
Zin krrman, Mr.
Whit sit. Mr
Wiinlvk, Mr
Wtirdaek, Mrs
IVphh, Mlv
Webb, Mr
Webb. Mrs
WhllP, Miss,
Verrer, John,
Vounr. Mr.
M n
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