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II. A. Dudley Tolls otTnl un
ited Trade Opport uni
ties There.
Must Learn to Do Business
as Foreign Customers
Want It Done.
II s Pudlc. loe.presldent of the ,
River Pla'e Trading Company of this ,
filty and Huenos Ayres. said yesterday!
that the opportunities for manufacture ;
of the, United .States to cultivate trade
n Hoiith AiiiTi' .in countries arc unlim
ited He raid '
It In extremely gratlfjlns;, ' s.i!d Mr
Dudley, "for a native of this country who
has been trying fur a long time to ad
van th. Interert of the United bt.itc
nrrrhants and mimifsettircr". In South
iuerl. t m the face of alnnst Insur
mountable obstacles :i til discouragements
u note the Interest ulikli Ib now belmc
hown with rei?Jrd t" the. wonderful pos-
ibiiltls of (hi tounirli tuutli of us.
It Is i.i h liovd. inveer, th.it thlsi
resent inn irtnt "111 not partake if the I
superfl. :ui character whieli has dlstln-1
..Ulshed pr.ietle.illy all tboe which have t
preceded It. but that our people will resi
ze that 'his prerut opportunity, nl-,
though not of their making, is virltably
the chin e of .1 centuri If It ran bo
properlj embraced It w 111 re vilt In this
cur.try being rat.iblished tn South
Amend 'n such a manner t'l.it when
Europe ib again readv to take up the
rjuvftlon of trade it will find that the 1
United P'ates oantnt be dislodge 1. I
Easier Thou Kirr ll.'fore.
"Buslnees with South America to-day
U In a fair way of being rendered easier
thsn ecr before. The Nitioual City Ilank
ha b1vt a preat deal of publicity to 1
Its Inte-tt.in of opening Viranches In th
principal cities of the eau coast of South '
America There ! .1 pret dejl of talk
with rRird to t! e t.iblli.hment of
kleanuhlp lines urder tiie, American rlap,
but these flranclal and shipping arra.ipe- ,
ments will po for t aught ii'iles. the pto. i
plo in a position to both sell our poods
to South America u.;fd buy their poods 1
from them will do the.r share toward !
the sdt-ancenent of this tr.ide.
"That n Is a trul .'cprocal trade Is!
found n the fan th.-.' our Imports from i
South America, h.nt ben sreatly tn ex-
ceis of our exports therat". Th people
in thee. Ia.rh'e countrlfn want our poods
not only In times like t'.usc, when they
cannot draw from thi - uuil sources
of upplle. but at all tlin.s. Hitherto.
hower, 'her hav been so many ob
stacles placed In the way of their pet
'UiK thun as thei wanted and when thev
wanted them that they hae oftentimes
pHen up I" despair, and the xpcrlenc
or an Amen -an merchant llls myself
tndng to further the Interests of his
countrymen 111 tnoje. countries have been 1
at times dlscouragtng in ihe txtrem".
Olvn .Methmla of nilelnaa.
"It will b 'Uicldsl for the t'nlted
States to so Into this trade unless with
the Idea of itajlr.g In it. and In order
to do this our mcrchanu x: d nnnuf.ic
turers mutt understand that the people
of these countries ar:- Intelllgen:. fiin-
"attd and cultured, that thv hnv ih.ir
iwn methoJt of living and dolnc bum.
iesj , that these mcthodr have been nulte
satlsfactorv to Europeans, who have en
loyed the lions ihare o? their bust ss
'or many years, and that if the Amerl
ans wish to set any or all of this tiatlo
hey cm or.ly do It bv plvirp full con
sideration to all of these faetr and helnp
wllllnif to do business with some con
sideration toward the purchaser.
"In t"i same wjv w.th rtsre:t -o mak
nr stl" l-irper -.'ark t f.ir the Imports
from South Amen-a to In the United
'tstcs must oioe1 them "i a bials of fullei
"eclpr-citv and mutual mfldence than hi'
rxisted hitherto
"Our Euro:iean friends hive, oertalnl,
not the reputation of maklns 111 contldcred i
" disastrous Inver.tments, and a single
-lance at the enormous Kuropean capital
ihould b a sufficient answer to tho o.ues-
Ion which may ir.se In tho minds of our i
peoplo at to the desirability of trade In
thl terrltorv
"It is tnu that we will be forced to
take a pood deal o' bu'lness during these'
unsettled t mes wnether we want t nr I
not, but as to whother we, talll accept It
n a sensible, pernnnent bauls and make
this opportunity th' basis for permanent
and satisfactory Intercontinental trado
ress with tho American rrerchant and
rnclllllea onn nt llnnd,
"Tuere Is no druih in ln mlnrl thai the
nwrftry tlnanclil and shlpplne facilities
will b at hind is r.ion our tneivh ints
ilecldo to take this -chol" bushiest up m
,t sfr'ous im, bin ..i lutu .is It la handled
In the superi'.ci.il iiibihii with win. h It
has been treitl in til- pi-t but little ad
vancemtm 'an I... rvpt-fted
'Tnfortunaiel, for the. American man
ufsrturer and nv reliant our I'.uitation In
pain Th' natural inclln-Uh-n to take ad
vantage of their rresin; dUablll'ur on
ae'oun' of the absolute .-e.s.itloii of eup
idies fro.n Europe u mu wlil.h must bo
most UrcnuouFh piu-ded nKainst. If
dnuth Amerle.i place, faith In us in this
preaepi ,-rlsls and w,- by our action In
takinu an unfair ,m (iitai,e uf hei show
that her faith bus been misplaced no
may as well irl'e up n:i idea of nt.ibllsii
'np recpiwal trade pition on a sitl
factory and lasting bins
"Owinp to the orl1lil ijercsaiiin In
trade, from which Pntit.i Amu-ici his bten
,-iffer'np In 'amiri '-n "Itii .ill other na
X'U. duriPt the n.iat tvi- :ar, t nu half
J-een i'lnrf J'liin t ri'-i from ,iand tu
moutlt There aic i 'i .'to-ke of morchan
dlso of anv hlio n ..the' the lirse or
-mall cities he needs .n imt on
presalne but Immedi.nt. Tun can be
supplied rlsrht ii'iw bv the intv li.ints imfl
rianufactiirera of this .oi.'.f p.-m .,b-.1
ceatonable credit ' .eUliiea -in br offered I
and our peop'c will deil n't i 'i.ni mi Uir
raino libera' b.i'-.a a, Ihev i i ,i "i.tonieil
to deal null their i fePnw , t'tsi n-
Delated Viai-I lleatnrp lleei'lpts
ilcre to lull' Ilelluiii tv.
The receipts at I i" i istom lloiiee cr
te'dav were JM. !: .! j'i t f this .mirnint
;uil.66ti III was foe ,' ido wlilidraw u from
tho bonded v. alehouses and Jri4,",:iiii!.s:i
was for recent importations
Tho withdrawals from tho bonded ware.
nouses are n.HMi-r man usual Too
amount paid lunes on . ( Import!
tioi Is bc it up ti th. 'is.il 'nark or-sci-oont
of "le 'i' ft r ,t
few da.va of hf.f ai belated utcamshipe.
these ountrlee In- been lions too po.d , vo.pa, Mr and Mra Arnold. Not Tork
in the pjst There has been an n lira - J'oire. Klesnor New ork
-ion on the p.,,-, of man, W u, ..UlTir ?Amlor"0 Waahlngton. D C
exploit our nniphhors In South Ameitcn Vop Dr r. and f.mlly, Philadelphia
for the punione of temporal p oU o- Vn.-.-. Mildred. Cleialnnd. Ohio
Xmnes Booked After Filirifr of Alphabetical List to lie
Cabled and Printed To-morrow Original
List Concluded Herewith.
The first list of Americans who tmvp registered wltli tho ritlzciia Commit
tee In London and who itro lilnsr sent homo n rnpldl .van boat pasr-nRc. can
bo M-cured for them Ik condudeil this morning; In Tub Hcn.
A supplementary list of Americans who riKislercd late mid whose names,
thereforo, were omlttod will bo printed In Thk Hfs to-morrow It covers
the entire alphabet. Headers who lmvo been disappointed In not finding tho
names of friends should e.xamlno this supplonientnry Hot with care.
Amonft the best known persons In this mornltiR's list are nrhndon Tynan,
the actor, whoso last conspicuous role was Joseph In 'toenh and His Hrelh-
ren;" u. i.reiKiiton w cn, .Major in inn
American Kmbasay at l'arls and hrother
Voipe. whose concerts, ore features of
' "V " w ,rV"""""
11. H. WestltiKhouso seems to be CieorKe WentltiKtiouso's brother. Roland
ft t'sher. whoo name appears to-day, Is .1 professor of history, Ions n mem
ber of the Harvard faculty and now nt Wushlngton fnlverslty. It Is Inter
esting to note, that ho Is tho author of historical dtudles, particularly one
called "l-an-Gcrmanlsm."
Several names In the letter "T" not given yesterday are printed to-day.
Sptclnl Cable rftpateh 10 Tar. Scn
London , Aup. IS. -Tim itrst list o f names of Americans registered with
the Citizens Committee here Is com pi eted herewith. As many persons res
istered after this list was made n sup plementary list has been compiled and
will lie cabled Immediately.
Turn'r. W. M. nriltnrt nnin
rurn"r. i"h.irlm H . Phl!.irt1phl.
Tanin. Ilr.n'e H. 0e0. N. V.
Tnrnr. Hrhrt Urynnt. CiintrMtc. Mjis.
Turntr, J A., N YorW.
Turner. Ryniond ?.. jti'l wl(.
Turnfr. Mm. H P.
Tiirii.r. t' r . Nen arV.
TiHtlf, Ann M . Urooklyn.
Tuttl. felente v vvrl:, Mm.
Tmile. ttort T. 'mr)y. Wirt.
Twnlell, V.. !utnmli. N. J.
TKeaell. Mr. snd Mr. W. H. J-ouih
C'rne, N. J
Tiohey. Dr nil Mr John J. Bufflo.
Tyler Ml n. O
Tyr. Warren W , Prlncetftr.. N J.
Tylr. W. lirahsm. l'MUdelphlt.
Tynan, Brumton, Xen ork
flbisu nr. U, Chl.-Jte.
IMlniJnn. Mr I-" . Ihl'
frieh. V..in. Mt Oiin. MI'h
V Mth. V P. Mt. Cltmrtii. Mlfh
Vtrich. Marerr, Mt. Clemeni. Mich.
I 11. rh Hnr. Hro.iklyp.
t'llmon. Mr an.1 Mr. lul. New Tork.
Uinbach. Chrlilan. York
t.'ndrrlilll, Mrs. Ulltat.tth. Botton
t'nruh. J. A., rcmlla, Cl
t'nruh, Mri. Janr, Area 111. Oil
llpcim. Jlirraref, raeoina. Vh
t'pham. I A. and wife, St. Paul.
t.'pfon. Mr ami Mr l)fnl, livelan.1.
t'rbin, M, Dover. .V J.
t'rtnuc. p a.. Haltlmore.
L'htr, Roland C. 8t. txuli
fitlck, I!. T.. St. Loult.
fJllck. W 51 Iii.
m tntp Mr and Mr r Tork.
all. r N mil fml- Stockton, Cal.
vail lr ueorra I . anJ Ml Kanny V
nnan. rivland.
Knnan. cievoland
Vatl. uan M . Phlladlphl.
Valle, C. s, threo In pirty. Clarmont.
Abb- A.
Waihlngton. Conn,
snd Mln Annl.
Vsltntlne, Kmllj.
Vallanee, Kttc n
i,reaei, s- York
Valuir. M P. Nw- VorV
Van Dorman ITnr P-oi
Van Amrln. lr Mirihi Ponors.
inM. New vorii
an J
Wn Hyrn. ne b. 1 New York,
vJn C1"!- 'M'.iJi1 iiti .
vTn utn c a ft'-V 'n' C
van L'eura.p Dr. and Mo o t. L)it
.V'1 L'" J.'?'!' V" l" "nrr
t an De- Poet. Auruitui v.a v-v
anderpoel, Francei, Nw York
anderpoel. Mrr V. i . New York
' anderpoel. Mils F A . New York
" anJerpoel, A. Nan York.
Vande-cook Mirgaret w. New York
vandereook Matter .lack. New York.
ari Derwerken. Homer K Provld'nce,
Van Dyke John
Van Ingen. Mar ':i York
Van Weal Louise r. Oranra. N J
ii Loop Mr and Mri. ZHah N T.
im Meenan Jo.ephtne
Van Ne, Frank H , :;e York
Van vorden. Pauline rirookn n
tn lllper, p Kdard, New York
Nan fllper. Kenneth. New York
an xalla, Mra I'eter. Parma. Mteh.
'-" Dorothy M. San Fran-
Van Weiel. j e New York
yn winkle. Cortlandt. Princeton. N J.
Ml!!.!; J- i' .,,0V
Vaughan. K. E. Brooklyn
Vaughan, It i Naw tou Center, Maaa
..... ln' N,w,on -M Netn Center,
Vawter Cora f Chlra-n
Velller.' Mrs. La'vrence New York
y.'rn'r' Ida 1) , Jacksonville, III.
'erinlllce. Jane.
Vernon, Mita nenhi.
Vejj, pr and Mrs.. Dea Jlolnea, toara
Yettarleln. J It . Philadelphia.
'. Ickerv. J II . nerlln
cnua. a r. fWhe.ter. N y
J. ' l'i J'hl'lp. H'nmii.r Mass
.."' .Abraham. Worceaier Maaa
Vledt Loula. Muffalo. N Y.
J lelllnr. i lar. J . Chicago
laa. Margaret Ma4lan Wli
. Ilea, Mra I. M . Madlaon. Wla.
). "cant. Edlih M. Cambridge, Maaa
Vincent, Harrlei R, s.,v Lon Ion. Conn
Vnren.. waller H rrov,ur?ec. RrT
Mne, iietale. Hurfaio.
Vine, jraale. Ilurtalo
ln'. Mav r. . New York.
Jogej. Mr and Mra II n, la Angelea
oei, Mra M . Lc Angelas
1 grlidnp, M-f M II m Louie
,ih ri.,-1r Juuiff. Chicago
v .lghi. Helen. ,v York
I'kmar Leon. Hertford. V v
oa. II .1 und family. Hloomlngton. Ind.
Minn' fp,"'h'1"
Vrlea, Amalle De, New York
Vroomaii, Claude n
Vliinlllce, Mra w rt , Englenood. ,V. J
Vlnnlltre, I X. rcnglenond. I ,1
Wefire. Man and "inna nrooklan.
Wals, rhar;ea n, New York
Well, Dr. i;. p. weat Liberty, la.
Mh.le .Mlaa Mjry E. Carllale. p
W'llllauia, Ml.a leen M.
Mllluira Mtat Annie H Norwich. Conn.
W Igglna. iluv c
Wlga-lna. Dorothy D. New Y'ork
Wi.li imw'.. Mr anj Mra Hobert W
Hruos lie, Maaa.
Wll-iii. the Ilai Antone, Drooklyn
W Jdillnjion. Nome
Wade. Charlea 1 1 . New Decatur, Ala
Widirvlij. K New Haven
W.hnna. H.Hpb 11 Wllkeabarrr Pd
a.lw..riii. Ml... Jicksonvllle, III.
U alnn arlng. M iry
WalnMarlnt. Mra H . Hrooklyn N. V.
War..rlCge, Mo.hel. Chicago
Walbrldge. family. Springfield, Maaa
Waleotc. Mra. and Mlaa K
waidu H b
Waldeckrr, Hydney, Nen York
Waldeckar W . New York.
Waldo c A. and lfo ,ind diughier. .t.
Walker, Irene il , Indlanapnlia, jnd.
W. .tier P. flohMna ., 1 ork.
Mil Uir. I V. , lorn-U N V
W.nlt. r Mra M M vilelil. Kv
H.ilkr. N A. ' Iti-'apiilla. Ind
Walker, IV. i Huifalri.
WiP Mrt Hli.i II. Hin rrinclaco
II iP i.-. Mr. .' K .V, , 1 .rk
Hall ire. Mr and Mra l' V. Hoaton
iliiiir ' hurl. hi .; , w iiiiiugforil, Conn
.i;,-r, Hllnbeth I, CJilcao
Wallace. CUiihe i Sew York
Wails.' lorirud' , Ve York
Wi '. e l an j Mra I 1" Chicago
u a i I M lan aa '''Hi
'i a ice Marv
ainci Winifred, Omaha Neb
iiougn niaers. ex-.ittHchn of tho
of W. Seward Webb, and Arnold
.Vow York's winter music Mrs.
1 Wallace. Mrs Hobert flrue. WalllnfforA
1 Wattaee. Mr. and Mr. n. K.
I M'allaee, Ketineih, Oakland, ral. '
' Wallace. Mr. Harih A:ne, Wanhlngton,
I). C
1 Wallertln, Mr ar.d Mrs. Alfred.
1 Wullerl In. Perth, Mount Vernon, N. T.
Wallin, Mr. W H . dden. ITlah.
W.ilah. Mr. A It
Wal.h. txnlel K.
Walah, Frank W.. .S pnrt. H I
Wal.h. Jotei.li M. New port, n. I.
Wa1h. rt W . Iluftaln. X. V
Walter. W B, Hrookllne, Mass.
I Walton. Anna. Moylan, Pennsylvania.
ic. 1 1 j - n e.n ri.,i...
I Walton. Mlt r n . Lexington. Ky.
j Halton. Mri. I. S.. Moylan. Pa
I Walton. Mra. M.. Lexlnpton, Ky
wuiton. ! t . .Moyion. I'a.
Walton, Vlrrlnla. Moylan, Ta,
Waltt. n. II. Toledo. Ohio.
Walworth, A. C and wife and dauch
ten, Botton
Want Mra. O.. Aojton
WarJ, the rtei. lohn C.
Ward, C F... and 'Mfe. Philadelphia
Ward. S L.. It . New York
M'ard, Pr. riorence, Pan Pranclaeo
Warde. Mra 1 M . Uuluth. Minn
Warde. J J . Duiutli. Minn.
Warden, Ma)
Wirden, Mar Ah' v. Wsahlngton, D C.
Wardman, J J , lloaton
tVareham. M. C. and part.
Warfleld. Dr ind Mra 1'. Pin Antonio.
Wartleld. o. It . Oirdner. Mara
Warneld, Mra. f K, ilardner. Mtta
WarflelJ, nne. Prooklyn. N Y.
Warfurd, Jeanle M . Hrooklyn, N. T.
Warford, Marie, nronklyn. N. V
Waring, M. J . .Mnpnolla, Ma..
Warlnit, Harriet. San Antonio, Tel.
Wjrren, C. A
Warner, nenjamln, Ontario, ral.
Wirner. Klla P. New Haen, Conn
Warner, Mra A B, Si.niervllle. Mm
M'arner. Kuitene K. Lner, Col.
Warner lirace II . Driokllne. Man.
Warner. Harne' It. tlrookllne Man,
Warner. Mri II . Hrookllne, Miea.
Warren, Mm A. . . Clurleeton, K r.
Warren, John. Iaton
Warren. Uuc. Wnniter. Ohio
Warren. Mr and Mr. J P. and ehll
dren. I.nutallle. V. Y.
Wirren. Mies K. lelanar
Warren, Mr. and Mra. Mart!, Somervllle.
5IVarrlne-, Mls I. t . rhleapn
Warwick, Dr. and Mre II t. . Fort Worth,
WaMefrar-h, W . ...
Waaem. Ilirtha. Innr Hach. Cal
Wa.er Ju.ia Ziilnren. finltr.rland
Wasbu'n, I 3UI.C, Mtdford. Man.
Waahlnptftri. ' York.
Waeer Mr and Mre Wmlam Se- Tork
W arjerherif r'har.e J" h'o
Fortunes T.oincr Mndo Thronsrli
nnyintr hikI ollintr of
Swoot Stnplo.
Offer Aotunl Cash for Supplies
ITere Prices Take An
other Jump.
Europe and the United Plates are now
tn a desperato fight for tugar.
Hacked by actual cash deposited In
New York banks to obviate any ouestlon
of exchan-re, BrP'sh agents whether rov
ornmental or private, are endeavurinar to
make heavy purchase! dally In order to
meet a normal monthb- demand In I'm
la.nd of IT.i.nou tons It Is bellc,i,j tbey
I are shipping to the other side w.th little
difficulty and no rum and they will con
tinue to e.hlp.
The. appearance In the sugar market
on Tuesday afternoon of the American
Sugar HeflnlnB Company as a buyer mo
irli.red all the sugar forces of North
America and Fbiropc In New York. I'nder
tho stimulus of the new bulnu factor,
raw eucar advanced one-quarter of a
cent a pound, while rennet! suearj, sold
first for ii cents i pound, were offered a
ilttlo later lit ,50 cent a pound,
Without any speculative element con
cerned, creator fortunes are belni- made
to-day in Ihe sugar market than In al
most any other branch of commerce. Hup
ply and demand have raised prices from
August .1 to high levels not known In re
cent years, flaw sufnr was quoted at
3 IS cents a pound on the first named date
and refined sugars at I I ft cents pound.
Raw sugar sold yeaterdaj fot a !7 centu
a pound In New York, duty paid, whlbi
futures sold for 6. 02 cents a pound.
The beet Mirror districts of Kuropo pro.
duca- annually about 45 pt cent, of the
I world's sujrar, with the balance coming;
from Cuba, Java, the Islands of the west
Indies and the I'nlted states. The total
crop of raw sujrar Is cMlniated for the
year at 1 S,S70,37'J tons. The war Is now
being' foucht over tho beet sugar dis
trict and as the crop must be harvestod
by the latter part of next month It Is
estimated that practically all of the 4S
per cent of supply will be iltroyed,
which will reduce the lotal supply to
ti,:t3,70'.i tons Adding 2, 000,000 tons
would lea ,i defiolt of a little more
than 7,000,000 tons.
Whn It wan recalled that a deficit of
only 1,000,000 tons In 1011, caused by
" .' , ii .L
CiiiriH er .icine,
IliiKlund and tho ollur cniiuirie, have
b.e , the New York ..,rl,e, ollh.'r will,
IhrMr mm repri- i.t.it.vc. or loci brokers
for about ten du. nml they succ-eded
11! c. amisninK spews n credits uy .nreci
deports or cash so soon .n the foreign
exchlUKO market bctran to ffo to pieces.
Just how they arranged tills was not
rtatid yestcrdiv. bip they werp active
buyers and their bid' were ni 'eptcd six
day sight drifts New V'tU without question
M.SkkkkB? ' tafataaLaaaV
aaaaaaaafll "
Arnold Volpe.
Americans Registered in London.
Watera, Mr. and Mra. Franrli. Daltlmore.
Water, Margaret, Baltimore.
Waterman, II, P, and wife and children,
Denver, Col.
Waterman. I., Madrlll. Pa.
Waterman, Klllat.eth.
Wanrman. Hohert. Denver, Cel.
Wuters, Harriet lll.hnp, New York city.
Watera. Mra. ,1. R T.
Wattre. Mlaa, Ilaltlmore. Mil.
Watkln. Mill A. W New York city.
Wstklnr. Mlaa O, p.. I.ynchhurp. Va.
Watklns, Mlii J. C, Montclalr, N. J. ,
Watkina, Dr. Thomaa, J., and wife, thl
cago, wnt".on, uenry. rawtucset, n 1.
Wataon, Mlaa Irene. Ilenton Itsrhor, Mien.
Wataiiu, Cecilia, Patereon, N. J
Wataon, Mra. C. M.. Muntelalr. N. J.
Watson. Jamen C, Wllllannport. Pa.
AVatun, Mra W. M.
Wataon, William W I'aaaalc N, J.
Wataor, Anne ....
Wataon. Mr and Mra W D. Philadelphia
Wntt, i:ieunor II., Germatitonn. IV
Watt, William 11
Wtt, Mra Wllilam L. K.. tVertnantown,
Wattles. Helen M . Troy, Mlfth.
Wtta. Dr Clarence, Kansas City.
Watia, Clarence, ls Molnea, la
Watta, F Hthel. Chleaso.
Watts, Maa Ida, Topay, N T
Watta, Mra. W W
Watts. Kmnia. KUhmond, K.
avf. Dr. V. A.
Way, Jane C. and Cathryn Pogere, Penn
aylvaula. Weadock. Paul, Detroit. Mich.
Weaver. Mary A Memphis. Tenn.
Wehh, Florllla P.
Weber, Oeorge W, Xaul. Minn
Webb, William A.. Philadelphia.
Webb, Flora II., New Haven, Conn
Wehh. Marv C , St loula
Webb, O i relghton ond two ladles, Ne
York . ,
Webb. Annie H . ft. 1oul
Webb. Mitl. Hoaton.
Weber Andrri 0
Weber. Mlaa M 1. Columbia. Ohio
w. nater. J A
Webnter, Mra. I'Ninn, Cal
Webater. J Kvana. Lynn, Man.
Wer.hler. Albert I... New York
Wedlmeyer. Marie, rinioklyn, N Y
Weeden, Kihel. U.. St Loula.
Weeden, Anne T Providence, R I
Wllker. Albert E. Leindon, Va.
W.ekr Mra II H.. Doaton.
Weed. Kthel O . Mapleood, N. J
Weeka, W W. Springfield, Mil'
Veeka. rth. New Ynrk
Welmer, Jnaeph. F.verett, Mara
Weinberg. H A
Wekeaaer. Dr II P. Lincoln, Neb
Welh. Jamea K . noatnn
Welch, t.liry M ISnaton
Welch, Mr and Mra. A A.. Hartford,
Welch. I'r A J. Kanaas Tlt
Wel-h. Mlrs F Tlerkeley Cal
Welch, Pr Harry L . New Haven. Conn.
Welch, Mrs. Marv J, New ork.
Welch, Mra. Wllllim. Chicago.
ii'.t... rilu.Atrf 1 PlilleHelnhla
Weldnn, Mary V . New York 1
Weller .he ll W Waldo, Brooklyn,
Wellman Ituth . Maiden, Mm.
Wellmif M fl i'harleiton, S. C
Well. Mra nianaton. Ill
Wet , ihe Per C JI , Newark, N J
Tlii I'overnnipnt Has No Evl
donon Indii-ntinir a Viola
tion of Uaeruo. Tfiilns.
at-iilt.'fiTOS. Aug 12 - No action his
yet been taken by the State Department
In regard to tho placlnjr of mines In the
North Sea by the Germans and the an
nounced Intention of the British to re
taliate by similar measures.
Officials here are Inclined to the opin
ion that at present there Is nothing this
Government can do until It has definite
Information that the rules laid down by
The Hskuo convention with reyard to
mines are violated. l?o far there haa
been nothing; ofllclal to Indicate am vio
lation of The Hague convention a.a the
character of the mines is not -,et Known
Tho action of tho .mtlsh in c'.oslns
the North Sea to her flshlnc flts Is con
sldered as Rood proof that she expects to
make these waters danserous for shlp
pilie: In the highest degree. The opinion
hero Is that American ships should keep
out of the sua.
No detailed Information ha been re
crui-u nere regaraiiitr tne mitiea used by i
ennpr nermany or ureat iirltaln It Is
supposed hero that they ire automatic
contact mines, which explode when struck
by a vested.
Such mines are usually held at a j
iii-iun ot iroiii oiifi-u io iweniv ree.t below
tho surface of the wntr by a certain
amount of reserve buoyancy. Sometimes
mlns of thla type- contain a much as
300 pounds of explosives.
T'nder tho Hasue rules mines of this
cliaracter are supposed to be so con
structed that they will become harmless
In case they break away from their moor
Infra. Without any evidence to tho con.
tnn officials here are. assumltiK that the
mines In th North Sea aro thus con
I'"lo.itlnK mines not moored are Ken
erallv of much smaller tlio than the
anchored mines. They aro usually placed
In the probable patli of a hostile fleet u
brief time before the enemy vessels are
expected to pasb. Because of the very
Kreat danger of these mines IloatliiK with
the currents the Hague rules require that
they shall bo so constructed as to sink
within ono hour after they have been set
In the water.
In the harbors of all tho helllfrerents
are mines of a third tjpo known aa
anchored controlled mines. Tliesn mines
do not frenerally explode upon contact,
but are set off by electricity supplied
usually from fortified places on shore,
They a r generally ai ranged In urouns
so that several are exploded at tho snm
time. Since these minis are evnhnled
n)'ictr,ts after Plantlnc harbor
J..R onfHrmlS 7 ,,,5
t0 fllrnl,h for ,,, ves.els pass-
lnB thruUK(, llCn waters.
Nllva, ,,. ,,,ro nrA r,U(.,nt nM t(1
tnc. details of mine eonatructlmi. It Is
; ..i .hat all mines ars on about the a.an,
principle, but that different nations use
different methods to achieve the same
ends Tho details of the construction of
mints used by the United States army
and navy art contldered confidential,
aTaTMir a?a?a?a?a?a?a?a?a?a?a?a
Brandon Tynan.
Wella. Rmma H Parkerabiirg, W. a.
WePa. Mra. J W, South Crldge, Maaa,
Wella, Howard, Cileago.
Wella, Henry, Han Antonio,
Wella. Prlnceaa, Loiilivllle, Ky.
Welateid. Mra. II. A , Detroit.
U.nrlt. Mr Hid itre Alfred. New York.
Waning. Mr. and Mrs. and children. New
York city.
Wenner, (lenrga V . New York.
lt'rtr,h,lmh,r f.aiiru. Man Franclaco.
Werthelmer, Mra, William, and alater, De
troit. ,
Werther. Dr. and Mra C, A . New York.
West, Alva A., 'luthrle. Okii
Weal, Eugene II . Waahlngton.
Weat, Mra. Oeorg A , Milwaukee, Wla.
Weat. Irene. New York.
Weat. John, wife and lUughter.
Weat, Mra D. P. and miither, Boaton.
Weaterman. Mlaa I-.. Jeraey City.
Weat, Dr. F., wife and son Herett, Waah
Ington .
Weatcr)elt, Mre Mary f5 .1
Weterelt, Iula J . Chicago.
Weatfalt, Dora A . Pyraeuae, N
Weatfall. 'Joiaphlne. Syracuae, S. V
Westlnghouae, II. If
....i.i.. ... v t. r-leelani1
Weston, Mr and Mra Carey P , and rh.'d
and nurre. NorioiK, a
Weyl, Hather M . Philadelphia.
Whales. Eddie. New York city
Wham. O. D. lf and aon John. Carbon
naie. in , . r,i.u..l.
Wharton. Anne neninsenurm. ..... ,
phla , . I
wheat, A. 1 . .i''- iwiw .
Whealnn. laaac
wue. mr riui..i-u
nurae. Princeton, N J . .....!
Wheatley, John Charles, ana wh-,
'"whe.'le'r. Mr Albert H Jr. New York.
Wheeler Arthur c. Ptamfont. r.onn.
Wheal. A C. Loa Angelea.
Wheat. Mra A. I l.oa Angelea.
Wheat. A. I . ....
Wheatonamlth. Erneatlna, Hlabee, Aria.
Wheeler tllcW. Chicago
Wheeler. Dick. New York
Wheeler, Mlaa M . New ork
Wheeler. Dr. II L-, wife and aon. New
"whee'l'ack. Dr A P. and wife, iSoodrlch.
Mlcl1 .. .
Whelan. Dald. Rvrtcute, N. .
Whelan. Hobert. New York.
Whelan, Mlaa S V. New orV.
Whelan. .1 nobert New ork
Whlan. IiaMd. Mount Vernon. N. V
Wheeler. IMI'h. Ilocheater. Minn
Whiltee. Frank L I.J tin, Maaa
Whltaker. Mra Henr
Whltaker. Mra ti . and .laughter
Whliak.r. Loulaa. Weat Virginia
Whltall. W
Whlteomh. Mr and Mr.
Whlfomb, Mra f. W .. Topeka, han
Whlteomh. Hubert Henrv, Wayne, Pa.
While, Albert A . Wahoo. Neb.
White. Tte. A. K Bound Hrook. N J.
Whin. Mtas O.good
While. Mlaa Annabel Mlnneapolla
White, Anna P. Waterburj, i"onn
While, Arthur
White, llav. Zaranhatte. N .1
White. Ada I" Minneapolis Minn.
White, Blanche Canton Ohio
Wh.te, Charlea II wife ant daughter.
Ha. i'ln Mich
i Wh'ie FPrab th. Can'lc i't V J
Whre Mra John, AiUnH 'in s J
Rosorvi&ts Inrrease Work of
Naturalization Burinm
Over HO l'er Cont.
Kirst Papers Ifelievp Alien of
Army Service and Danger
of Death as Deserter.
Pnsurcs computed In tho naturalization
buieau of the t'ountv Clerk s office yester
da ihow that alnce the orders were is-
sue.l for the niohl'liatlon of the. reserves
of the fnreirfn countries now at war ap
plications for naturalization papers have
Inurcasuil more than 30 per cent.
The rush began lt week and kept in
creasing eacli dav until County Clerk
Schneider was compelled to call In all
the attaches of the bureau who were on
their vacation It also beame necessary
to take over two vacant court rooms for
the work of the naturalization bureau, I
which w as formerly done In ono room.
The first paper filed by the alien seek
ing naturalisation Is n declaration of In
tention. An inapectioii of these papers
filed within the paat ten days shows that
tho majorty of applicant.' are Hermans or
Austrl.ins. There are. a few Husslans, and
scarcely any French, Belgian or Kngllah
applicants. Figures submitted to the
County Clerk Indicated that the, Increase
was duo almost entirely to the Austrian
and flennan aliens.
In discusslnrr the situation County Clerk
Schneider said
"A slRned declaration of Intention to
renounce allrRlanoe to a foreign sov
ereign or State rellecs tho signer from
tho penalty attaching to his failure to
respond to the call for reservists by tile
country of his birth Many of the appll
cants have stated that they were led to
take out their first papers because they
brad no desire to return home to light, and
that tho penalty for their failure unless
they had,. a valid excuse was forfeiture
of their rights to property In those coun
tries, and also the possibility that upon
returning at some future time they would
be punished by either death ur Imprison
ment as deserters.
"Thoso who hulil declarations of Inten
tion to become cltiiens of tlila, country are
exempt both from punishment and from
the confiscation of thel" proper!.. "
County Clock Schneider was notified
that In the District of Columbia ami else-
where the nnnu'H of foretifn rulers to
whom the aliens lire renouncing allegiance
arc now stricken from the declarations
because In tlio two years lhal mu'i
elapse before Ihe alien can bo sworn In
as a cltl?en the soiereign named In the
declaration nm not be ruling, and
chants In thousands of pipeia nny be
White, F. S. and family. Rock lalana,
White, Marie M.. New Itochelle, N. T.
Wllllama. , New yorx.
White, Bather B.. Puinmlt. N. J.
White, Mrs. R. L. E., Pnrtlanil. Ore.
White, Dr. II. A. Clinton, and wife,
While, Mra. John J.
White. Percy It.. New York.
White. Mra. Henrv K.. Chicago
White, teniae 1., Wareham. Maaa.
White. Marlon H. Pan Francisco
White D, Mra. P, Marx and children,
Mlnneapolla Minn.
While. Marshall and wife, Kvinavllle, Ind.
White. Mary H
White, Nancy, Chattanooga, Tenn.
White, N V.. Dayton. Ohio.
White, Mra. W. W . Dayton. Ohio.
White, Mra. Thomiia, Chicago.
White. Mra. Victor, Omaha, Neb.
Whltecottou, Mra. ilenrge, Hannibal, Mo,
Whlteley, I W . Philadelphia,
Whltele), Mr. and are., Philadelphia,
Whitman. Dr. .1. H.. Loa Angelea.
Whltmnrah, Mra. Preaton II, Providence,
II. I.
Whttealde. It A . New Vnrk.
Whiting, Jamea II., and wife, Flint, Mich.
Whiting, May It., Franklin, Maaa.
Whltnlght. Matle.
Whltlne. W. II . twelve lad ea. four gen
tlemen, ilreenfield, Maaa
wnmo. k, Maud. I.oa Angeiea,
Whitman, c, Campbell, Cal.
Whitman, M , Campbell, Cal,
Whitman, Mary Uoea. Dekalb. III.
Whitman, Dr C II , I-oa Angelea.
Whllmore, Albert A , Warren, Maaa.
Whitney, Dorothy. Waltham, Maaa.
Whitney, Mre L. N Waltham. Maai.
Whltalt. .leaae
Whtlteman, William M Brooklyn.
Whltteman, Mra. N i. Brooklyn.
Whlttler, lluth, Milton, Maaa.
Whlttler, Mr, ami Mra.
Whlttamore, Mra. Addle B, Newark, N, J.
Whltleinvre, Kthel. Brooklyn.
Whlttemore. Harry C, Manchester, N, H.
Whltaleaey p, W Mlddletown, Conn.
Whyte, J J Philadelphia.
Wuut, Alma.
WMchert. Mra II . Chicago.
..Miieiit o diiiii.iii
Wlrk.rahain. J. B, Philadelphia
Wlcchman. W O , New York
Wlegand, May.
Wleae. Julia E, Indlanapolle
V.lggin, Mra. A II.. New York
wiggin. Marjorle. New Yotk.
Wlggln, Muriel. Now York.
Wlggln. Lillian. New Jeraey,
Wight. F C , Hoaton,
Wilbur, Elalr. Urand Baplda. Mich.
Wilbur, Dr (I, V. and family of flva,
Aabury, N J.
Wilcox, l; A and wife, Pan Joae, Cal,
Willi, o. S., and wife, bhelton. Conn.
Wllcoraon, Charlotte, Olive, N. T.
Wiley, L. B, and wife, Petem, Va.
Wilkinson, Lena II., Denver, Col,
Wllderman, Mary U Plttaburg.
Wllkea, A. C. and wife. CtrelevltK Ohio.
Wllkea, F, tilfe and maid. Tuxedo, N. Y.
Wllkln.on, Harold fi. Andover. Mars.
Wllklnaon. W. H., and wife, Brooklyn.
Wlllard, Mary L., and party, New York.
Wlllard, Vernle. Ciladbrooke, la.
Wlllet', Howard
Wilder, Marlon, California.
Wlllard. Mary, Chicago.
Wlllet. B W. I". P. Karteatelee, N. T.
Wltleiitt. Muriel. Maaa.
Wllley, Henrietta A.. Pan Joae, Cal.
Wllllama, - . New York.
Wllllama. Mra B. T.
Wllllama. Mlaaes. Hanfnrd, Conn.
Wllllama, Clyra, Mlnneapolla.
V i"ii"r. .-
Williams, Dr 1 Ji , wne, io nnor-n
Jnn nur"e. ew vork
Wllllamr. Dald E. wife and three daugh-
icra, I'niiaar'piua.
wllllama. 1. ana. uuawa, uan.
Wllllama. Hsther. Denver. Col
William, Mra I" . rtarlne. Wla.
Wllllama, K V. and wife. Hurfaio, N T.
Wllllama, riorence. Duluth. Minn
Wllllama, F 11. and wife. Philadelphia.
Wllllama, Helen. Norwich, Conn.
Wllllama, Anile, Norwich. Conn.
Wllllama, the Hev. John. Hrooklm.
Wllllama, lleorge. Haltlmore.
Wllllama, Dr J. A Fort Wayne, Ind.
Wllllama, .t A . Huftain. N. V
Williams, J II, and wife Philadelphia.
Wllllama, ,t J Huftsln. N. Y.
Wllllama, Mabel W. Dunkirk. N. Y.
Wllllama. Se.ile. Pittsburg.
Wllilam. Mr, and MIf Hoaton.
Wllllama. Prof. Hrynathyn, Pa.
Wllllama. W Mlnneapolla.
W'llllainaon. .luhn. Chicago.
Wllllamaon. Mra s M. Memphis, lenn.
Williamson. W. T.. and wife. Portland.
W'llllameon. Margaret. Chleago
Wllllama. Mlaa A . ijueenanorn. Ky.
Wllllamaon. Mlaa r It Hrookllne. Mass.
WJItlamaon. Mlaa M Hoaton.
Wllllamaon, It W, and wife. Hrookllne,
Maaa .
willing. Julia. New York.
Willie, Eben M.. Concord. N. H.
Wllletta, "Mra J. C. New Y'nrk
Wlllaon Oraee, New York
Wllmer, the rtev A. Hrookljn
Wllmet. F M. and wife. Plttaburg.
Wllaon, Mrs. K. I... Cambridge, Maaa.
Wllaon. Franca H , Hoaton.
Wllaon, leabell II , Hoaton.
Wllaon. r1 . Emogenet.
Wllaon. Mra M 8.. fiyracute, N. T
Wllaon. M. M . Flatbuah. N. Y
Wion, W H Boaton
Wllaon. K P.. Hrooklyn
Wllaon. Mra John. Lea Angeles
Wllaon. J M. and wife. Fort George, Fla.
Wllaon. Kate. Jamaica Plalna, Maaa.
Wllaon, Orace, Neu ork.
Wllaon, Frances, Hoaton
Wllaon. Udmund. Jr.. Ked Hank, N. J
iv laon, Mra Kathryn, New York
wi'aon Richard, New York.
W'ieon, the Rev H. CarneP. Flout BaplJa.
Wi'aon, W C and family. Lincoln, Neb.
Wllaon, liwendolvn. New York.
Wllaon. J F and wife Columbus, Ohio.
Wilton, Lou, New Vork
Wllaon. Mlaa U II . Philadelphia
Wllaon. Ethel M . Conway, Ark
Wllaon. Mra Davlna, Minneapolis
Wllaon, Luther H . wife and daughter.
New orK
Wilton, M Emma. Philadelphia,
WT.aon, Mr and Mra. Fort Oeorge, Fla.
wiiton, Mra v .1. Baltimore, Ind
Wllaon, Itabel II . Hoaton
Wilton, Frances H . Boaton
Wllaon. Lata M Philadelphia
, Wilton. Mlat liulda II . Philadelphia
i Wbaon. Mre M W
I Wilton. Dr n. M
Wilton, R. W Kantaa City. Mo.
Wllaon, Ruth H. Minneapolis,
Wllaon. Sarah M . Brooklyn
Wilton. Dr II. II.. Hhawnee, Okla.
wnion, c. Lincoln, Neb.
Wilton, Mra. W. J., Baltimore
Wilton. Mrs. W W , New York
Wllaon, D 3
Wllatacb, F. .1.
W'llatach. Florence.
Wilton. Suale 11., Halt Lake City, Utah
Wlmmer. Robert A.. New York.
Wlncheater, Jamea It.. Little Hock, Ark.
Winer. Mra. K U . Chicago.
Wlneman. S. M.. Oxnard. Cal.
Wtnv. Margaret, Stw York.
Wlnkley, Mlaa II. F Elliabeth. N. J.
Winkler, Laura. Oreenvllle, Ala
Winn. Mary Day. Illchmond, Va
Wli ii Clare, Norfolk. Va.
Winn, Hdlth L. Boston.
Wlnalow. Margaret, Boaton,
Winter, Mra. ii. A., Jackson, Mich
Winter, Nellie T, Wootler, Ohio
When Abroad
it is a good rule to
Drink the Wine of the Country
Read the Paper of the Country
&Ije ailrj EiUgrapb
People don't throw it away in the Trains. WHY?
"The Daily Telegraph" is. therefore, the FINEST ADVER
HOME Wants.
A Specimen Cofv and Hates will be tent on rtmfit if ',tn
addressed to Manager, "The Dailv Teleiraph'' Fleet $treet
London, England, or to
Avenue, New York.
Wlltsnberger. Eugenia n , Mlaaourt
Wlnalow, Mra. J. K Ctnclnnatt.
Winters. W. J.
Wlntera, Badle.
winters. Winnie
Wlppell, P. B.. Chicago
Wlpoell. ilertrude M.. Chicago
Wa, A. F.i Brooklyn
Wlte, Isaac.
Wlie, Mra. Lyddle. Nan Orleans. t,a
Wlae, Marie Oeraldlne. Erie, Pa,
Wise, Mlaa J.. Erie. Pa.
Wltherbee. Dr. O . Loa AngeJee.
Wither, Mary, Chicago.
Wlttmsn, Mra. A. P.. Loa Angalea.
Wlttsra. Henry and family, Sarrtna.,
S"'ilj Edwin II and wife. Pan Antonio..
"viiihuna. n. II. and wife.. New York '
WcMttaka, F.dward, Clavaland. Ohio
Weielfkln, Hev C, New York
Wohiford, Mra. A. W.
Wolfarman. Loula and wife.
Wohlgemuth, Mrs. A. and two rhIMren.
New York . .. .....
Wohiford, Mra A W . Beenndlde., I a
Wohiford. Hurnet, F.tcnndlde. Ca'
Wolf, Albert H, Chlrago.
Wolf. r.Iltabeth Pauline. Indlanapo'
Wolf. Dorothy Julia, Indianapolis.
Wolf, Fred C Hotton
Wolf. Mrs. Loula, Indlanapollt
Wolfe. Mrs. Charles II.. Newark. .1
Wolfram, Eltle F, , Ogonts. Pa.
Wolfaon. Albert, I.. New; York
Wollther, Ustelle (trace, New nrleina, tax
Wolfran. Clara, areiphatte, N. J.
Wolferman. Loula. Kantaa City. Mo
Wolfram. Clara. New Jeraey
Woltey. Dr. Oeorge, New ork
woltey, Mr., New York.
Woleay. Mlaa Marjorle B., Ne tork
Wood, Alice C, Waahlngton. D I
Wood. Anna !.. Moberly. Mlat
Wood. Mra, Dennlton. New tork
Wood, Mlaa. New York. .
Wood. Hdlth. Trenton, N. J
Wood, F.melen, Philadelphia.
Wood, Francea, Kanaaa City
Wood, Franklin W and wtf
Wood, Mra. Eleaee, Waltham. Mitt
Wood. Helen II., New York.
Wood, Henrv A . New York.
Wood, Mra. Wllilam. Wilton, N T
Wood, Henry I... New York.
Wood, J., Trumbull. N. Y.
Wood, laaac T, New Jertey
Wood. Mra. lease T , New Jerse
Wood. Julia I.., Philadelphia.
Wood, .1 , Elliabeth. N. Y.
Wood, Mra. Margaret Weill. Derby, Ceut,
Wood. It. Francla, Jr., Philadelphia
Woodbury, M.. Loulavlllo, Kv.
Woodbury. Robert M., Worcester, Maa
Woodcock, l".thl D . Lawrence. Maa
Woodand, Jennie. Connecticut.
Woodhead If and wife. Chicago.
Woodhouae. Matilda R., Philadelphia
Woodhouse. Matilda.
Woodhouae, S. W, Jr, Phllsdelphla
Woodhouae, H W.
IVondlock, Thomaa F
Woodman, Mary J . Morrlatown. Pa
Woodruff, Mary. Ohio.
Wooda. Pr. K. F.. Oanaavllla, Wla.
Wooda. Clltabeth. Kentucky
Woodt. Mite Mildred rotter, Ltn'ols.
Wooda, Frank II . Lincoln. Neb
Wond. Oeorare n Cambridge. Maaa
Woodward. Mr. and Mrs, Fan Juan. Porta
Woodward, Marlon. Rockland. Maaa.
Woodward. J D. ."an Juan. Porto Rico
Woodward, Mra Prudence, fan Juan. Tori
Woolverton Mrr W H Ne York
Woodford. Mre Walter E . New York
Woodward. Dorothy Phelpe, New York
Woodford, W. II. J., New York
Woodhull. Mra and Mlaa. New York
Woodthorpa. Hud, and wife, New York
Woolf, F B Chicago
Wooford. Cator. Atlanta. Oa
Woolford M H Hilltmore.
Woorceaier. Dr Ul'aooJ, and famll: . Bet
Worden, Alma New Jertey
Worthlngton, Mri. Ninon, fait Lik riu,
Worden. Alma. Frederick, Md
Worden, Mra F.dward M.. Falem. Va
Worlev. Jame' H . Cleveland.
Worden, William H.. New I ork
Worden. William H , Jr . New York
Woorley, Maude. South Bend. Ind.
Worthen, Nathan, Boaton.
Worthlngton. 11. A.. New York.
Wright, Alice, Milwaukee
Wright. A M and wife. Portland, Ora
Wrighi. HuelJh. Lot Angela.
Wright. Charlea A.. Philadelphia
Wright. Mri. H. K. New York,
Wright. Crace A.. Detroit.
Wright. Helen Kthel. Milwaukee
Wright, Mr. Helen 8.
Wright. Mra ii. R
Wright Mn .!. T
Wright. Irving Child, and wife, Rock
land, Mats.
Wright, John T . Oakland. Cal
Wright. Mra. J. T.. Oakland. Cal.
Wright. Dr J. W.. Bridgeport, Conn
Wright. Mary A.. Philadelphia.
Wrlghtman, Anna. Chicago.
Wurtt. Charlea a , wile .i,.. . . and children
Wurahurg, R. A. Orand Raplda. Mich
Wurebach. W. A.. Pan Antonio, Te.
Wyer, Raymond. Michigan.
wyman, Charles,
Wyman. Mlat J. Chicago
Wynn. Frederick C. JacktonMlle. Fla.
Wyman. Phlllr, Cincinnati.
Wyman. E. B.. and wife. New York
Yellow bo;, Frank, wife 4nd child. Flr
Itldge. South Dakota.
Young, Mla Klliabeth Fornlg.
Young, Mlta Joy Fornlg. Bafttlmora
Yatea. Mra. Eather A . London, N. Y
Yeatea. M. Elltabeth, Aahmont, Mate
Y'erkea, Arthur A.
Yocom, Oretchen, Tacoma. Wath.
Yoder, Elliabeth. with party of '.ace
glrla, Iot Angelet, Cal.
aorxe. uutiave, r.ew yorK.
Young. Amelia, Norwich, Conn
Young. Annie, New York.
Young, Charlotte O, Warren, P
Young. Cora, New York.
Young. Mrt. C H . New York
Young, Mrt Ernest B., Boston
Young. Elliabeth. Baltimore
Young, Ethel M.. Chicago.
Young. C H.. Ontario.
Young, Innti, New York.
Young, John Forney. Baltimore
Young. I-alla. Lexington. Ky.
Young, Mra. Roee E . Salem. Jf. C
Young, R. N., and wf. Long T5e:h Cal
Young, Susan. New Jersey.
Young, Mri T . New York.
Young, Dr. W. A., Nawporu Ky.
Young. Dr. W O.. Orand Rapldt. Mich
Yula, the four Mlaaes, Indlanapollt. led
Zalabak. Louise, Celumbui. Ohio
Zabrlakle, C. B and wife, New York
Zajecek, Frank, Chicago,
Zajecek. Jsmaa, Chl&ago.
Zandls. W. W., Carlltle. Fa.
Zalmore. Harry H., New Y'ork
'.elllt. Mlaa.
Zellner. Haial, Grand lUplda. SlKJi
Zeiaenbarg, Mri. A., Bolton.
Zlegler. Otto, Laporte, Ind.
the Dorand Aienev, j6 Ftt'i

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