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Justice Dolany Hands Down De
cision and Issues Elec
tion Mandamus.
150 Nassau Street Selected as
. Ideal Home After Two
Years Search.
Stmcturo Being Vacated
Enrly Withdrawal of U. S.
Long Identified With
History of City.
Troops nnd Warships From
Mexico Expected.
.Extensive Alterations Now
iieing Made to House
Increased Growth.
FTEIl an occupancy of almost
nny years Tim Hun, Tiik Sun
day Sun una Tub Kvinino Sun
are about to uult the lltilo nM
red brick building that Htund.1 at the
corner of Nassuu and Frankfort streets,
for moro commodious quarters In a
larger and more modem structure, lly
the terms of a lease signed last week
the three papers will become the princi
pal tenant ot the structuru at the south
east corner of Nassau and Sprucoi
sireois, one mock south of the present
Sun UulMIng, forirurly known us the
American Tract Hulldlnjr, but more re
cently as the ICO Xnssnu Street Ilulld
Ins. tn that structure Tub Sun, The Sun
cat Sun and Tiik Kvi.ni.vo Sun will oc
cupy seven Moors, each having an ap
proximate nre.-i of 9,300 snuaro feet, or
about double the spaco now occupied j
uy mo inreo publications, whose recent
growth has made their present tjuar
tors entirely Inadequate. Possession of
tho new (luartcrs will be taken before
the first of next year, but meanwhllo'
rxtonstvu alterations uro to bo mado to
tho bulldlnc which not only will mnko
It thoroiiKhly modern but will as well
change It materially In thoso
winch tub rUN will occupy.
Tlv) nelectlon of the 150 Nassau
Street nutldlng as tho future home of
Tiib Sr-N ends n search of more than
two years for quarters which would be
adequato as to area and light and 1
prc-perly adapted to the making and
distributing of a newspaper. The re
quirements of The Sun, The Sunday
Sun and Tub Eveninc- Sun were such
as to make selection of a new loca
tion difficult among buildings already
Many offers were mart to erect new
structures for Tub Sun, but It was found
that rractlcally every available location
was Improved already with a building
which could neither be altered nor re
built weeept at too great expense. It
m the especial desire of The Sun to
remain within a short distance of the
place It has occupied for so many years,
one of the busiest and most travelled
spots In the world, and for that reason
tha ISO Nassau Btreet Building has al
ways held superior attractions.
Under the tertna of the lease Just
oloaed Thi Bow win probably remain
downtown for twenty-one years. The 1
la waa made with the New York Life
Insurance Company aa mortgage owner,
five Amertcun Tract Society as owner of
to fee of the property being a party
to the contract.
The seven floors which Tub Bun, Tiir
8wwi Btrw and The Evening Sun will
occupy Include the cellar, a apace 100x96
feet and 18 feet high, which will be used
M a preaa room; the basement of equal
area, all but a small portion of which
will be used for deliveries, and five floors i
above the street floor, which will be used
for editorial rooms, composing room, li
brary and all other departments. With
frontage on two streets and low build
ings adjoining on Spruco street, the new
quarters will have light and ventilation
from three sldeti. Alterations to bo
made also will add materially to the
attractiveness of the new ofllcos.
The building at 1C0 Nasxau street la a
twenty story structure erected about J
fifteen years ago by the American Tract
Society, at a cost of $3,000,000, the 1
value of tho land being Included. Land
and building value are about evenly
divided. The society has had Its prln- j
uipiu oiucoa in wie uuiiuuiK "ui win
now relinquish that spaco and will oc
cupy other quarters which havo been
taken under lease. As the building
tttands to-day, It consist of two large
wings separated by a wide court run
ning 'through the centre of tho plot.
One wing occupies the Nassau street
frontage and the other .the easterly end
of the plot, They are Joined on the
Spruce street side.
Plana for the alterations, prepared by
Walter B. Timmls, call for the exten
sion of the five floors above the street
which The Bun will occupy across the
court, so that these Ave flours will have
no court, but will cover tho entire area !
of tho building plot, u space fronting
100 feet on Nassau street and 9G feet
on 8pruce street. All partitions and
Inside walls will bo removed from
these floors and gla pactions subs,!-1
nTv !:0h,7tn,hv mailra,,m f "Kh
may ne nan on every noor. 'ine next
moat radical change will havo to do '
with the elevator system. There Is now
a hydraulic service of six cam, which
n,"1 b'1r?m?Vftd.,e1Ur',,y "r" ,"! "'IP" uVc. In printing Tt u aiN
r.''. 1 1 ,"' ln!1'"lan ov,:r,"'n,1 l"c- could not W Instolled. So for one rea-
11 I . V. t . I i
. ,,r 7 tlons were eliminated. A new building
of great quantity of machinery now on LnfayeltP Btrect off.re(1 1(lcn,
Srr n',"rr, ,o,HforMpn,Mn ii,inns-h,it u f"":i" -
tlcI "n.,.l,.fo1r "K"1 ",0 bu'w- from Wall street to permit easy clrcu
lng. Power w I. be taken hereafter latlon of Tub Kvbnino Si-n In that sec-
hr,0mnTS.lhTnM,'Ir'nt0,;CllnKf!'Wlll,tlo" A "u1"" WeUy located on
he made by the Otis Klevatnr Company, i i0WCr nroadttinv wan frmnrf m hm.
bo'm.ide ""unV'r"8 'T ! l ct
bo made under a genrrnl contract, i the snwu . . ....
wmt'enaM8 'T 't',". ' ,J od,e" !
hltenar-U Mr. Timmls plans for j
tho i-hanses were passed last week by
tho Itureau of Hi;dlnRH and work on
the alterations will be started at once
The Charles F. Noyes Company acted
aH broker In the negotiations between
Tiik Sun and the New York Mfe 'In
surance Company. In matching the
requirements of Tub Sr.v the Noyes
company has Investigated practically
every available property In lower .Man-
imuun. ino re.Mii t of in
Mtltriv la
interesting as showing how few build-1
" : in wsp.iper pun-1
inprr uinong nanc :il hn
could be handled easily and quickly.
It was also necessary to be near n (.)
iy express station, so that papers for
out of town could 1h sent quickly to
railroad stations, These features Dm
Ited tho available buildings to those
south of Canal street,
i?t tt downtown area most of the
structures which were satisfactory In
every other way were found unavailable
because thoy lacked proper space for
roq remer L i nf t,.? i . " Tnrl I "vallnWe for a publishing house would
n i?L,T . I. I'.venino sun was require ultcrntloiiH costing J30O.00O. m-
street io'thiit th. 'JI.', . rTh ,of. Wa" ClUdl"K U" Cost "f "'Ulpment which
Btreet so that the laigc circulation of Tub Sun would require In new quarters.
imwm w 1 mm HWtW
11 v r p .it" k . ii w i ! mm amvu hi 11 m suii t i i rm . m ibwiii i m mwfw i
mlm II Si! immM
r ei t.i i i inn stis i e b i b gs-
. Hi m u m mmmM m u mM
handling dollverlea.
,vhore cWl onV we're Ideal for getting
Wr onto the street, the area of the
other cases
permit .ocatlng the composing room
on one floor or the basement height
I,w" '
hon or another mighty attractive loea-
bu!MlnB on Centre Areet had to be
pas.,,,( ovr hpl.aU!te lt8 basement was
nlv twelve fevt hlch In t, i l it
lower ManhatTan here ,'" ',
lower Mnnhattan there aro not more
than a half dozen buildings not occu
pied by newspapers now In which are
found those features which make them
attractive for publication purposes.
When the Noyes company had found
these few structures the selection wa
narrowed down to two, the 150 Nassau
Street Untitling and another at Park
nml Dna.l utr.K, Hi, - .......
ing haTevry ' advn: of loclZnl
appearnnco unit ai
Tho city of New York really brought
about a decision In the matter by an
nouncing that It would require the site
of the Uallenbeck building In the pro
posed civic centre.
In Its new home, when the plans for
alterations have been executed. The
Sun will have ofllces as nearly Ideal as
such ofllces can be inudo In a building
not especially planned for publishing
purposes. It will have, as It has had for
nearly fifty years, an oullools on City
ea, but to make It
Hall Park, and It will border still the
pathway ot the hundreds of thousands
of people who dally pass to and from
huslmss by way of the Brooklyn Hrldge,
As regards location and convcnleni.es
Tub Sun will bo In tho same position
hereafter as It la now, but the btnellts
to be had from the larger and more
modern building will be many.
Such has been tho recent growth of
Tub Sun, The Sunpat Sun and The
Kvknino Sun that present facllltlos aro
tnxed to the utmost. In tho new build
ing there will br space for addltlonul
presses, a larger composing room and
larger space In which to handle the
rapidly growing editions of all throe
papers. In a structure of tho size of tho
ntw Sun Hulldtng, as 150 Nassau street
will be known hereafter, double the
space occupied In the present Sun Itulld
Ing will be ustd at once, while plenty
more space Is available as the growth
of the publications makes its use neces
sary. While the building Is one of the first
of the larger office buildings erected
downtown, It Is one of tho best con
structed, nnd It h. anils to-day a fine
example of tho thoroughly fireproof
ype, Hullt of heavy steel and large
granite blocks, tt has an attractiveness
architecturally which distinguishes It
among downtown, offico buildings. It
was erected as n. monument to ns well
(is i homo for the American Tract So-1
clcty, nnd In Its construction no ex
pense was spared to mike It as fine, ns
buildings of tho kind can be,
To comply with the requirements of
the various departments and bureaus
whlrh have to do with building and
workeru within them, more fire esrapes
win te erectea on tho new Sun Build
Ing, new exits will he built nnd I
chnnges-wlll be made to make nnd keep
the building up to tho highest standards,
of sanitary renulrmcnts
The little old red brick building which
The Sun will leave In a few months
Is to bo mado over for trade occupancy.
This property has a most Interesting
history aslilo from having been the
home of Tiik Sun for almost fifty years.
It Is first mentioned tn thu records of
the city In tho volutno of 1789, when
James Myers nnd his wife transferred
the Nassau Btreet frontage of 57 feet
and 28.S feet on Frankfort street to
William Martin for 300. Nassau
street was then known as Broadway
or Highway. The plot was then part of
fe farm extending over to the Kast
ftlver. Seven years later Martin re
convoyed the proporty to John Dixon
for 450.
Dixon made a good turn on tho land,
for In the samo year. 1796, he resold to
Andrew Ogden for $3,750. The rear
29 feet of Tub Sun plot on Frankfort
street was sold In 1800 for $1,100, the
buyer having been Jacob Tyler, and In
tho following year Ogden, who had
paid $3,750 for tho corner, took a loss
of $250 on It having sold It to Isaac
Jones for $3,500.
Jones evidently thought the property
had a fine future, for ho held It nine
yen, selling It at thn end of that tlmi
to the Society of Tammany or Colum
bian Order In the City of New York
for $10,050. At the same time the so
ciety paid Tyler n prollt of $2,850 on
thn Frankfort street lot, for which ho
had paid $1,100, Tho two plots were
then combined In tho site of the first
Improvement of any account on the
property. That building Is the present
K" Building. Originally It had four
Hours, and except for the addition of
another story, It stands to-day prac
tically as It was when It wao the first
Tnmmanv mil, Tammany sold the
plot and building to the Rvenlni? T.I..
graph Association In April, 1887, for
$150,000, and since then the building
has been uid for publishing und print
Ing The Sun.
As the first Tammany Hall the Sun
Present Building to Be Re
modelled for Business
Building won among the finest and
largest structures of Its time. That pari
of tho building not used by Tammany
was given over to hotel purposes, and
though It Is not recorded that the hotoi
was a strong rival of Its neighbor, the
Aator House, It probably knew many of
the Uadlng politicians, ofllce holders and
law makers of tho day, for Tammany
nan was men, even as it la now, a
gathering placo for such men. Tarn
many was at that time one of the prin
cipal political organizations, and It
guarded Its power ao Jealously that
every precaution was takon to prevtnt
the springing up of a rival. So when
the property was sold to The Sun pro
vision was made In the deed that the
society should havo the use of one-halt
the third floor of the building for
rental not to exceed $1,000 a year. It
aleo contracted that no political assent
bly or association should be taken as a
tenant of the building or permitted to
use the property for a meeting plact In
lean than Ave years, and It claimed
thn privilege of removing the corner
stone from the building within live years
from the date of sale. This stone was
taken away and Is now to be found In
Tammany Hall on Fourteenth street.
The space reserved on the third floor
was a taproom, where the aotlvltles of
the society were planned and orders of
the sachems mado known to Tammany
Lelsler's rebellion had Its climax In
1691 on the site of theun Building
when Leister was ranged on a scaffold
erected on tho corner and was burled at
once at the scaffold's foot. After his
unfortunate attempt to maintain peace
In tho co.ony during the troub.esome
times preceding William and Mary's
reign In England, Letsler was tried for
high treason and murder and was found
guilty. Governor Sloughtor refused to
sign the death warrant, until one night,
so the story goos, whllo tho Governor
was In his cups enemies of Ielsler pre
vailed upon him to add his signature
to the death warrant. The execution
woe held within a few minutes aftur
the signing.
lyelsler's body lay for seven years In
Its hurriedly mado grave. Then by con
sent of the authorities It was removed
At midnight 100 soldiers surrounded tho
spot, and as a terrlflu storm raged tho
body was exhumed to be Dome to tno
City Hall followed by 1,200 people bear
ing torches. There it lay in mate, to oe
burled later with great honor.
nrpnrtmrnt Itend Hae Plan to
Relieve Crnrriled Hospital.
The Board of Kstlmate and Apportion
ment will bo aeki-d by a committee con.
slsttng of acting Mayor McAneny. Police
CommlHslonor woodt, Deputy Cominls
sloner of Correction Iewls and Deputy
Commissioner of Charities Doherty for an
impropriation to enable the city to uttl
zo a part of Its Inebrlato Farm Colony
near Warwick, Orange county, purchased
In 1912, as a sanitarium for drug Mentis
Under the Boylan law persons con
victed of having plates In their posses-
slon are sent to city hospitals. Practt
cally all the hospitals aro filled nnd the
heads of city departments rcallzu tho
necessity of doing something to pre.
vent drug users from crowding out other
To keep the pot a-boilin'.
we've just added a quantity of
higher-priced suits to those
already marked down to Si 5.
$20 and $25.
A number of blue serges in
cluded, thus making the "not-
pie" unusually tempting in
spite of the weather.
For the worker who sighs
for Summer comfort, we'd
suggest that he 'discard the
vest that "sticketh closer than
a brother" and wear athletic
under suits, soft shirts and thin
coats with trousers to match
of serge, batiste, wool-crash
or "nunscloth."
These light, airy worsted
and woolen fabrics are service
able and comfortable, and just
now very inexpensive, for $15
buys any of our two-piece
Coat and trousers of black
nunscloth, $12; linen coats
and trousers, $6.50.
Rooers Peet Company,
Three Broadway Stores
t at at
Warren St. 13th St. 34th St
Washington Hears Wilson Will
Appoint Taul Fuller Envoy
to Southern Republic.
Wabhinoton, Aug. 24. Formal recog
nition by the United States of the newly
Installed Carranza Government In Mex
ico Is expected In a few days. By this
aci me united males will seal the last
chapter of Its controversy with Mexico.
The fact that the President Is contem
plating early recognition of the new Gov
ernment was Indicated strongly to-day,
when In talking with callers he took oc
casion to deny emphatlcntly the reports
being circulated to the effect that Villa
and Carrnnza were at odds and that the
former was preparing to start a new re
volt. In view of the President's attitude It la
assumed that orders soon will b given
through the War and Navy departments
fir the withdrawal of the United States
land and sa forces from Vera Crus. This,
It Is thought, will be followed by the
naming of a new United States Ambassa
dor to Mexico to nil the vacancy exist
ing since lost summer, when Henry tane
Wilson was recalled. It It understood
that the President has mads up hi mind
to nsme laul F"u1ler of New York um
Ambaessdor, Mr Fuller has recently Teen
In Mexico as agent for the Htate Desa-t-mem
conferring with the Constitutionalist
Differences tvilh Carranaa Settled,
Mexico City Hears.
Sptditl Cabl Prtpatch to Tii Strs.
Mexico Citt. Au. 24 lrlvn !.
grams received here Indicate th nil Alt.
ferences between Clen. Villa and Oen. Car
ranza have been Ironed out since nn
Obregon conferred with Villa. The lattei
Is described as being perfectly satisfied
now wnn the situation. The telegram'
assert that Obregon and V11U nn.
on their way together to Bonora to con
fer with Oen. Mnvtornn anil tn
elude satisfactory arrangements.
The directors of the Natlonnl rtnllw...
Company deny the report that the company
has demanded 6.000,000 pesos from the
i.arranclstas as rental for the Mnea which
were confiscated three months a
say that at a meeting of the board of
directors last Saturday It was agreed to
ask Oen. Carranza to return the lines and
to settlo uoon a rental In case the lines
are desired for military purposes In the
future, such rentnl to he bnsnl nn. h
company's earnings during the last four
years, nccoramg to me contract with the
Itental for uso of the line wMIx hv
were held ns confiscated property was not
asked for, tt Is explained, because such
n contingency U provided for In the con
tract with the Government. W'hll ih
Cirrancletas were revolutionaries at the
time they took the lines, it is held that
they are now the Government, and as
such should adhere to the terms of the
Hlr Lionel Garden, the nrltlsh Amt.
sador, left hastily for Vera Crus to-day
accompanied by his wife. Charge Hohler
in iiuw in unique 01 me legation.
Oen. Carrnnza's secretary denies em
phatically that there has been an uprls-
..n ... ...... hi icjuiibu in privuie
flf-ctnfltl-hl-H III tllflt tlun D.t.nllln I n
, u. ...... wi.i i , ioi.iiiiiu for
tes, the Hucrlsta military Governor, who
nan wiiiiiiik i uv rent-veil uy me carran
ztstas, has been nssusslnntrd.
A telegram from Puebla says that the
city Is ery quiet (ten. Gonzales has
mustered out nil th Federal troops In
thft Ktiltn nf Wrn r?ru? w.r.1 v,... j
of them arriving to-day on their way
Thrne Jirr. tnrk l.emllni: Theatres llarr
No Healing llh the Tyson Co.
H'WAV ft Mth Ht
ltcs. s .b-n Kr. tn,in.- mi r
In the
The fi:rIJromJah
HARRISiv:",st- Eve Via. HatTThurs.
.7, w.?. f s,-. Seal 4 Weeks Ahead
"WtlKAIr- If vnu're a forcer awa
unir r. THIHITM'.
What Happened at 22
Amerlcoi II hv I'A I Ull.si'AL'li,
wim nrs r cast or n i its in n. y.
F U L T O N v ,TV! TO m'w "t w.
V.VM lit SI
I'vm em, S si,
HUDSON. !.''. m mi
A IVfcrMw t'mmiU' ot
laurhtand Tlirlllv--llir
il.Oltrcnietre.Tv 1rr Dallr.U ll K A-MUS
li;i.m line of Atmwment In Hip Vuirl.;
I.fj Hrcki. Mais. To-m'w 4 Hut 3:15.
Alter the prrfiirnianee don t full ki vhlt
.u:;ri.i.i dan sr. ok mi'i-irs.
OI'll.S ALUKAIt, l-hona trtftj Ilryanl
REPUBLIC 5Ve." ?reet- Kvra. S 20,
Mhta. U,l. A Vh 'nm'
iU!.nr",,,,s LEW" FIELDS $ ApAvv
lll-.-MI.il I' AT Nl'ill.
oundT o .. Mt ,ve t ii v.
GAIETY H y Hri SI. Kirs. h:U.
UrtlCII Mal WfU A.Sat. au:tS.
Oprnlnn Nnt JloniUy Mtfht, Auk. ,11.
Willi M W AMKIilC'ANroill'fiy,
llyiipnrer .ardolphChrstprA l.llllan Cheater.
l.ui! y '. n eiti
i: cry i:enliia;
New Mannzrnient,
r.UHaul.'KM Kaoarrt, Maude I-imlicrl anj
Crnrbt Hall Joe Jarkson. FarrpirravinrTri,.
Cameron SNtrrs, Jarrow, Nonrtui, othrrs.
alacfethel BARRYMORE
rUMVl.j c0. ,nd u mil AOTS.
i'i.uiiiii.t i..stiiA.iMi:.tr
Dclohanty, Lynch and In Fetra
Held to Havo Long1 Terms
Before Them.
The remarkable osee of uncertainty
which had arisen In the City Court as t0
whether the terms of Justir nt.h.. ...
Lynch and La Fetra expire this year ai
well aa tliat of Justice Green, and whrther
their successors would be elected In
November, was cleared up In n meamra
yesterday through a decision by Supreme
Court Justice Botany. He decided that
here Is a vacancy only In the case of
Justloe Green, whoa, term the Court ef
Appeals has decided
Justice Delany accordingly granted a wr.t
of mandamus restraining tho Board ct
Elections and the City Clerk from declar
Ing that a vacancy exists In the esse o!
Justioee Delehanty, La Fetra and t.jnd'.
in nis opinion Justice Delany says tit
was required to dispose of ths cu.
nurrledly becauso of th n...-i. ...
carrying the cose to the Appellate Division
and the Court of Appeals In tlmi for a
decision from the highest court before thi
primaries are held. The two higher court.
will hold extraordinary sessions in i,...
the oases.
Aa to Justloe Delehantv ;hm ,,r. .......
that In 1900 ho was electeil in till . n.,..i
created place ln tho City Court, .md hti
iciuuuaic vi election wus for ti-im of
ten years. Th ina. ..,.u.. i.i.
' ..... v.. it,,iit, ijii Ulp
unconstitutional to the xtent that uhe,i
he was elected In an even number. d year
the Constitution provides that a C.ty Court
Justice must bo elected In un oJ.l imm
bered year unless to fill a vacancy
ju.li ice ueiennnty was reelected In 101 1
Which would also null. hi. .........
of office void, except for the reason tuat j
vacancy existed boause his own prevlon
twin t-Aimeu III IJWJ IIISlc.lll of
1910. Justlco Dslnnv H.. 1.1,1.. I .1,,. .i.
- . - " J ' n UIHI I . I
term had been abridged one year thr Mirt
the UncnnstllllMnnnlt nt ,U.
this reason the term of Jusucc ix lchant.
urs nui i-Apire until
In tho cases of Justices Lynch rl
La Fetra. both were elected in l :0S. Int
one of the Justices was elected to HI
tho untxplrcd term of Justice MeCarth'.
who was to have held oltice until t9IT,
and tho other to fill the term of Jusf -s
Ilascall, which expired In 191 1 Jutt.'?
Delany says that both Justices Lyn Ji
and La Fetra were elected In ltiOS unu-r
the Impression that their tonus were .or
the full ten years. The court says thero
Is ..o doubt that the term of one of thM
Judges ended In 1911, but there Is no way
of determining which was the successor w
Justice Ilascall.
Justice Delany says that since there 's
no data to show whether tho term that
has ended Is that of Justice Lynch r
that of Justice La Fetra. "the court cut
If It were disposed by some process of
Judicial legislation to remedy the defeet,
would find Itself unable to do so. unrl to
nttempt to do It would resul' In pub' a
Inconvenience perhaps ns grave as t .t
question Is uncertain." '
Tho court recommends that all uioir
talnty In the case be remuved by legisla
tive action.
.iiu.ik.-ii ui i.'i iiru.KiH-iiy let it t" Known
to-day that he received word from an
attorney In North Wales n few davs aja
that his uncle. Edward .Mitchell, had d'el
and left him his fortune, estimated it
700.000. Mitchell has been a warn
earner nil his life.
He says he will not go to England to
get his fortune until the war Is over hut
that when ho does get It he will come
back to this country to buy a small
poultry fnrm and a modest automobile
nnd live happily ever after.
Mnllnre Tonlay, )i (,rr,, s?ta l" j :,1,
THE TH RD PARTY wlf" 7sk,u' llolmr'
" rani I DlS yalltr Jon(J
HIITII ST.Thra va. 8 50 Mat To m"w H.M,
l 4mi:it. Kit, am If ITTV UTlTlV
Pop. Ual.Tolay'j:3(),
miii tnounni
JIAMIAT IA. l), ,. j t Tn m'u-4 SL
PEG 0' MYHE4RT,'01,'.Ir'
vnitiuuit H.yt, Mats, ft H as" JiL
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