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Heavy Laboratory Explosions
Wreck Mockers' Aniline
1 Mil ut in Brooklyn.
.iiu- of four explosions In fleckers."
ic ami Climile.il Work. 10T under
,venu. Hrooklyn. wrecked the plant.
.,, the chemist whose experiment lit
.ii t to have caused the ftrat explosion.
Jured twenty-seven persons jester
i i afternoon
T ie tlv w orks Is lie tween St. Mark's ave
r ii' ,imI I'riojiwt place. Clnis was broken
ii. lu'ngs as fur as thfee blocks nwny
. , 'lie exploelon wan heard more tlian
. t ! . It ii thought to have been cmiwil
i,.erlnnt- through which the. chemist
. i -yliig to produce Merman dyes,
r ie, have not been obtainable since the
u ir ifg.ltl.
Tlie Mead.
HAtn'iN WAI.TKlt i:iiN!:st. : rhmNt.
Ill Went 131-1 s'.re-t, Manhattan; burned
p .1- st'i
T'n' more .seriously Injured are:
ni"'"K i:tts. DM WILLIAM, 4. oatier of .lye
i 4) r.lglith avenue, llroohljn: Ih
h i and fare lacerat-d, rlxrlit ar
t ofT Taken lu Je-vph Hospital.
Wtil.TFIts. AllOt.t'll, 11. laborer. 24 Ster-
'. x - i e. Hrnokliu. burned about fare.
it. k j 1 1 bntlv. l-ft hand tnrn orf. Taken
te . i ii'ie'Und fireet Hospital,
i' Hi .-ID.MIY K.. 95, manager New Lng-
' i liran'h. Hoslon; lacerations of left
it it'i la-- Htnt lo his hot!
HAI'.TWIiil'.U. JOHN. 3., foreman, 11J
V it-rul' avenue. Hrooklyn: burned about
t: t tie. k mid urm. Taken to Hotr
Vt n lloppl.
M:fl,nt. WILLI VM T.. a:., tnanaier. 444
W tt avenue 1th lunoml III!: I.. I.;
U M'l.in of left bund nnd una. Takrn
- iinher'an.l etre-t Itoapltnl.
Wl' i liUIKII. 1. tl'rk. 30 Cornelia street.
p- k'n Warned about arms and bead
) I'ltn to r-ijnibarl nid Street llo.pltat and
L-er .it hl home.
STOI '. JlltS KLLLN, 3J. 115 I'nderhlll
a .nu. HrooUiMi. lacerations of face and
ha Tlken to Jeulnb llo.pltal.
tn'NNI.MHI VM. Mil's HAWAII. 10. 11K
I 'erhir .venue. Hrni.l.'in, laceration
e' f e Taken to Swedish lloeplth.1.
rr.i HTi:n. joshph. is. clerk. :ti nw
1 " a.ptiuc. Hrooklyn. urini and baada
t . i i Takn to finiherlnnd .street
II .pni! ard 'air to lil home
XA'iIIOM:. PKTKK. 40, laborer, JVI rower
tfat. Hrook'yr: face, even and abdomen
b' 'nd T.iVn to Holy Famllv llonpltal.
BCN'SKV. U'll.l.lAM. laborer. J Noatrand
a' enue. ltrooUlynj burned about fare, neck.
ht I and arm. Taken to Cumberland
itrert lloplul.
lll Krnped tTnliiJttreil
were twenty-six employees In the
lis; one of them was killed and I
ii worki
all of tli rest Itijurrd. The two Injured
uoimn lleil In the hotife next door,
tvh.'h eliukcn and racked, althoui;!)
.1 did not fiill. Tim must Herloujily In
lured Mere In tlio rear of th- dye work.
.n t te laboratory, where the exploelon
o,-curied. This part of th building was
r,,..,l n,l h. i.,li.re.l l.i.rt..,! ..nr1.P
Manh.itt-in. nnd in.nile his hnmu nt that
ildres. His brother lilentllled the body
ias' mgliL It was charred almost beyond
Tlie tle works Is owned by Dr. William
R" ker. ho was seriously Injured In the
explosion. Just how- the explosions oc
curred will probably never be known, but
...r urn u . .... ,...eier. , .. ...... ....... .... . . ........... ...... i,iH,i,,i ,,.i1 riik-umeiitarv tiro'if Is In the Tombs
waiter i:rnest uarren th.- young re- wer.- cihwu on in.- ""h 'K w M ,;vidence At ,g this maVwere ' chaiglng him w
" iu ' urneu, , .-kh' -. -rn . t)l( tfPrtl,lP.tin Mlets of April 211. May 1 Kresamen for th-
iatea irom iirooKiyn i-oiyieti.mc iiisiau.s iirmiutm. fi j, , , ,hat . rur l26on 1 J. P. Morgan - Co.
in the Claes Of l!ll3, II W.IH the SOU of lni..e.l I .....m nr tli III ID Imm nht.ilne.l from rfleel Cirtinnitlon.
'i; n 11 uarren oi ui i eei i.isi street.
the large explosion, which was th second ji-ultles, th Central Trust Company of ( n,.,j that on October 27. 11 1, he examined ' released from the Tombs, us he has al- should deal with each ither at arm's
one. Is thought to have been caused by u Illinois) took over the bank, assuming Its j the records of the bank and found that on ' ready put up 110,000 ball on the third J length to get the beat prices And is
inialler explosion of chemicals with which assets nnd liabilities, and In February, i Jun 1 1, 1M3. an item of Jiill.Or. came indictment charging hltn with conspiring ults thivugh the operation of more than
joiing II. men was woraing in tne email
reenreh laboratory on the second floor.
It is InUeved that the more seilous ex-plc-ion
in the large laboratory on the
g'outid Hour came with the breaking of
retorts and glass containers as a result of
th llrnt shock.
rr IJeckcr. according to the story told
n vme of the Injured employee, r-
"tlj returned front Leipzig, t.ertiiany.
Most of the lln dyes used In coloring
textiles have beu Imported to America
f-oin that city. II saw these dyei manu
'aettired, and when the war stopped Im
.eitatloti Ii Is'gan a series of ex pw Intents
.n his Hrooklyn plant, attempting to pro
du . a dye that was eipial to the Oerrnan
Ills chief chemist went on a vacation
ecently and Or. llcckers was conttnulu!
th experiments with his young assistant,
Left .lust nefore I'.xploslon.
II had Just left the re'earoh laboratory
verierd.ij aftcinoou and was on his wuy
'o iho frnn' olllcn on th first floor when
"'. was an explosion in the small lab-
".Miry followed nulcltly by another In
h dye works down stairs.
Hr. Ileclters and Ills employee!! elvher
'in out or Acre blown Into the street
hey don't remember which by th .
ind c,iIolon. Tho building was Im-
I'l'it'ly In flames. Ther were two
nailer explosions a few minutes later.
Il.irren was probably killed by the
"i explosion. His body was recovered
T i.- first explosion was a. 3 :39 P. M.
rhe ..pirk. m Arthur Lannlng'- delicatessen
sp-r across tho street at 104 Underbill
irnu. stopped at that time.
I'lre Marsl.nl lleglna IiKliilry.
Fi e Marshal Thom.i Ilrophy examined
s-er.il witnesses last night to determine
' ne e.tiih.. of the cxnloslon. They could
" endghien him and he could tell llttlo ,
'"nit It he said, until the debris was
Seared away this morning. Sidney It.
Id. manager of tlie Huston brunch,
''.! Mr Ilrophy that h was In the re
search laboratory when the explosion oc
urifd and that tin waa blown through
tti window Into the street,
WH Mm T Miller, the manager, and
Hauy liullfnyle of Providence ald
Vi Jumped from the second story win
dow They said no explosive chemicals
!' kepi in the place and that the ex
plnsl in must have come from the boiler.
Unroll Automobile Company ots
aaets of 111 .ldl',o7.
pETroiT, Nov. 13. Despite complaints
of general business depression the poru
M.nor Company's statement lenuert to
rt.. x shows a business Increase of prao
t .'all) double that of last year during tho
unie period
T al asset of tl,(i32,257 and a sur
n'.i of J(S,!)27,032 are nhown In the bal
sheet for the ear ended September
Last year the llgures were: Asets
I 'a 033.919. and the surplus 128,124.173.
f'H-h on hand and In the bankn on Sep
te nivr 30 amounted
stailift 113.225,710 nt the same time last
ve Hulldlngh and llxtuies now reacn
I'" total of 110.714,928, compared with
Il.iil5.l5ii last year.
Tlie surprise jo tlie bankers who re
eeivwl the stutcmcnt of the company Is
t'ie enormous gain of cash on hand despite
V distributions of profit. among em
n r(s under Iho new prollt sharing s-
The Canadian branch shows a 100 per
"i. taniln; on the capital slock.
Kept Two Sets of Books,
Stegel Bank Cashier Says
Continued row First Vnge.
teenth Street Sloro. Thus tho wholo j:5,
000 eventually reached the Simpson Craw
ford Company, although a part of It wan
ent thruUKh tho Fourteenth Street Stoie."
Champion explained that on the open
Kt of tioolts In the Sliel bank tho
Simpson Crawford Company won deal,
nnled as Nn. 1, the Fourteenth Street
Store, No. 2; the Henry Slepl Company
of lU.Ktnn, No, ,t; siegel's perHonal ,ic
count, No. A, and the Hletfel Cooper Com
pnny of Chloaso, No. ft. U could not re
call the pereon or Mtoro denlKimted a.s
No. 5.
Champion will rciunio hln teatlmony
-Monday mornltiK. No eeaalon of court will
be held to-morrow,
It la on Champion'? alory of wheio the
K.r.oo.ooo of the depositors money went
alter Slearel not It In at bin caihle.r'ei win
dow In tho Fourteenth Street Store bank
and the teatluumv Oscar A. l'rall. MlnueVa
j confidential financial man, will rIvc of
viu-uii niaienicnis matio to orue.r on which
to borrow money from outaldo banks that
the Statu telle In thu main to prove tho
wholesale, frauds alloKtd attalnst the In
dlJted banker-merchant and the lai-cony
of the tb34.C5 chock In question.
r.riitimt AVorl; of Cnr I.eild.
For this reason much of the ftround
work of tho prosecution's case was laid
before Champion took the witness stand
this afternoon. Louis. A. Keldel, an as
slstant cHuhler In tho National Hunk of
Commerce, from which tho larceny Is e.tld
to liiiNe been made on June 14, IIM3. testi
fied enrllcr In the day that betuecn April
:r and June U. litis, the Fourteenth
Street Store had made withdrawals In
excess of amounts It had on deposit with
tlio bank, which necessitated taklmr tho
money for the JiSH.O.-, check out of tho
prweeds of onii of the four 123,000 notes
discounted by the bank In maklnc tho
January loan of J100.000 to tlio ntore.
The fctato contends that the mone" rep. i
rv.ei,tn the dlscuunl on lit- notes r-illv
lf.liui.ui ... ii,.. i. ... t... ii '
2 , . i n i i m ? .
...,! L i ., "V. " ... , , ., i . '.
? f I . 1 '"rltr 'I'" Imerval
Uetween the cancellation of the old one
.,,.1. tlu. I.,,.lalnn ..f .1,. .!....." " "" . . ,
.... .. .......... . ... ., .....
the cnocl: in iilieafliin was iitf.titnl :itnl I
the chocl: In .iumII.hi was i..e.en(e.l and
" ; . . ' !
'ashed. Aliotb.' mis Rt.int ...aahter. II ne '
, , . . . !
A. Pilot, who followed Keld'd. then testl- i
Mini that th lmkV Umii of MO.nOo to j
the Fourt'en'h Street Storn !h .liihtmry,
was iMsii on siegers vutemotii or t
Urn financial cntlltlon o' th More for i
the Msetil year endd January .11, l'J12. J
iiim-iii jrnr rim.. .luiiu.iry at, ..11.,
'linmiilon's testlmonv Il-mm wlih bis I
Mr't employment by Slegcl '.it 1D0O.
r't mployment by Slegcl '.it 1D0O.
Cliumploii then became isishlcr of the 1
bank corduoted by Slegel-Cooper
Co. Slegel. Vogel and a Mr ICclm
the topaiinrtK. kept In touch Willi trie
affairs of the bank, he Mild, and each had
an eo.ua I 3 ay In the mana.emeut of the
"hid Slegei inslruct you what dispo
sition to niako of tho ilpoltV" Jlr.
Train asked.
"It Was understood that If they gave
me Instructions I w,.h to turn over the
money to the corporation."
"Was all the mony on depoit turned
over to the corporation of Slegei. Cooper
"I would say a greater part of It was .
I am able to nay everv ilo'.lar was. In
a1',l,lon' at ,l" H'"" WH I'"'1 11 consider-
mlm ot mon?' Invsld In btinds."
tajinn w.-rr jiihuc. 111" iiiie. tesiiiieu. ;
to Individuals ptiridufslng stock in the 1
ooriior.itlon of Slgl. Cuoper & Co. of '
Chicago and were sheared by the stock of 1
I'UCh putchnseis. About 11.00Ci.0rt0 worth 1
of thse loans utiil .llectmutH were In the ,
bank In Champion's time. They were
mad to the col I-.ni lion Itself In cash or 1
Whenever the minis In the bank ex
ceede.1 $40,000 or 5i),000. Champion de-
clartd, th b.Uuiioo was sent over to the
Htorc by check or In cash and the Interest
due from the ttore for Its loans was
charged against thin. Thu bank kept
track of the transactions. They were set
tled or charged. Owing to business (llflb
noil, t nampion was again empioyeu oy ,
Slegcl for tho opening oi tho Fourteenth
Street Store on April 30.
Slegcl and ogel had :i general eon-
varoathin with Chn.mnlon at that tlin.. '
They wanted him to draw up the books ,
and forms and everything of that kind,
Vogel gave him oxpllclt Instructions to
HUbmlt the forms to Ito-e & Puttel. his i
attorneys, for approval, and no form wa- '
to be used without their O. K. Slegei .
was pre-ent at Ihls conversation. !
"Anything said about savings hanlu nt ,
that Interview?" Mr. Train asked, I
Well, It was understood on my part
1 tea icir. n.t tn Mia ttii.t ierrt 'fli.
that we were not to u-e that word 'sav
ings' or to ti"e the word 'bank,' " re
sponded the witness, who added that he
got Ills understanding from tho New
York State law. He. told Mr. Train he
understood pretty well about the law and
thought Slegei and Vogel didn't wa'it to
violate It. so they Insisted on the (). K.
of Itosei & Putzel on tho forms for the
Champion ha Id he first met Prnll about
tho time the store openeii and that they
and Slogel and Vogel were together many
times dlsctieslng the affairs of Urn bank, i and purporting to give n true and correct
Slegei himself llxisl the rate, of Interest, i refiort of th financial condition of that
the witness stated, and gave Instructions corporation for th. fiscal ear ended Janu
about It to him, Siegel wanted then-ite I nry 31, 1912, In putting through the loan
fixed at 4'i per cent., nnd th manner of , ,.f In0.ai)(i granted to Ih store on Janu
paylng It was referred to Vogel. Cham-' nrv 7 1913?" Pilot added that everv vear
plon suggested that they pay Hi Interest
tne same as tne savingH uani;s pay u.
Hepiying to Mr. i rains oucry Chain-
plon declared that tho statement that the
bank -would not accept morn than J3,uu9
Union Lonpue Oi'tlfirs Kleetion
Kcfcipts anil Kxpemli
turcs of $d,."5l0.
Ai.ban't, Nov. IS. Ambassador Junes
W, CerniH. I)"niratln camWdHt.. for
United States Senator, on November 4
mailed fiom Jlerlln a statement of bin
election exie;nses, and at the. name tlin
sent a duplicate copy by courier to u.n
don to ne maiieii to in oecieiaiv or
Z:., .r'w t"u.c,,5 'T ,'ir::1 ; c ,
..iii.'i.ru ...n ..n ..
to-day by John M. Howers f the ta.w llrm
of Howers ft Sands. Tlie time for tiling
Individual nleutlon oxifjis jHt.itemcnta
expired at midnight, but Secretory May
s,ild he would accd Ambusador (.erard'a
anv time it arrived,
State Knglueer John A. Hemel certi
fied he tecelved 11,000 and spent f3,097.
State i:nglner-eIoct Frank (I Williams
received nothing and spent Jti.'i'.
A, I). Fletcher, trensuixsr of tho Union
League Club In New York, certllled the
recHpts and expenditures of Hie orgnnlza-
V ,t ii i'6e 'i I Hon were 15.510, Iklwln Mould con
to 1. 1,441, hliS. ii n -.i a It lletilnirn.
iriuuir.. i iivw, , ... ... .........
former Statu Superintendent of Hanks,
M00, , ,
Judge ICme.-y A, Cliase. unsuec.-fsful
candldato for Attwiat Judge of the
Cotilt of Appealf, certified lie received
nothing and spent 11,330.
Halnbrldge Oolby. Progreslv candi
date for United States Senator, spent
11.07S, Ho n-cf.ved no contributions.
Secretary of Htule MltOJioIl May
ctlvU ?90 and spent 1910.
4'oprncht American Pre.. Ainoetatlon.
Frank L. Champion
. ,, , . . . ,
f omA,,let'0:,,nr w?" "r'.,',',fl '? '
saviiiKs u.uiK mea, a inougn too lunar
"MiM "V" i"-''M.ted any amount of ,
money No obligation was felt, however.
t(, ,,n). llt(.ro.t 01) moro ,hnn 3in0IJ utllOT, '
,ho ))a,lk ol,.,,.,i vnthlni- v:ls alii In
ih. 1.i,iL- U. tA.,,...l vno.l..M ...... ..l.1 l
.." "V?.." ' i. Zrii? .
,no in.);inning anout investing the money
.1 ..... .. .,.
'n .i'i.ii, nui as in toe taia nuoui wniu
. ......... ... v. . .1 .1.-
nn.i k'hiis in' imiir i.ir mviitv
champion hail this to say; 1
"What money came In there. I tinder-1
sfio.1. canto In as deposits with the bstili-1
nig llrm and tho two tuen Slegei ami ;
Vogel were In the banking llrm and what
they did with the money was no concern
uirj iii. 11.1 mi"
of the depositors.
1 imnK tlie oniy evi-1
oence 10 no
dence lo how th.u thy were letting 1' I
b underslood
ioou mat 11 waH to u iem to
orations was the fa.H that they (
ln" corporal
used the Fourteenth Street Store's trade
mark on their personal advertising in the
"Kid they ever say a word during
the time that you weie with them to tho
akOT-.a. (lanO n. ai tint lioln fSe
vie nut. nun juuiicj tn iiw "mii1! 1
Hll 11111 HI H P I'UI J " i i 1 1 HII1"( UUfc tr
!np lo.mpd to t..pm IndlvlduaHv?" was Mi.
Traln'rt no;;t iiir!tion.
Trllft llintit l-'lrftt l.nitii.
''They m.ule no ntntint-nt or roprf'n
tatlon to nif' .Tnnwerei.1 "h.iinpiou. "th.it'
niiincv iv:ir linltit? 1(i.itifil to thfin iht-
youtiUy and Mr. Vojrfl Ra m lnntruc-1
,,, ,.-i,, r., ,.i,,,..e th.e rtif.
-rent enrtinr.itli.ns with the amounts that
w,.re advanced." The llrst loan lo any of
'the corporations, lie said, was J10.O00 to
in j'ourieemn r:reet .".ture in jvucui,
1!04, four months aftr Its opening,
Louis A. Keldel. who ib erlbed the
HK4.n." check transaction, and how It be.
rtiine necessary because of the excessive
withdrawals of th Fourteenth Street Store
i y " r " v.e ..-,, .,.
of the JJu.nOU notes dlsc.un ed li the
ble bank on January 7. 1!13, were can-1
celled before th new notes wer mad
loan was merely a continuation of a yearly,
line of credit.
Regarding th check for 165 1.05 drawn
by Slegei on June I I, 1913, payable to '
Austin. Nichols & Co., and paid by the
Vi.tli.nal lLinli of roiiimerce. lveldel testl.
through the Cleirlng lloue frotil th Na-
tlon.il Park Hank - that this Item was t.ie
only one of that amount passing through,
the exchanges on that day and that this '
n.n .u ih.. lv una eh ireeil ti th..
account of th Fourtienth Street Store I
on that day. ,
ICeld.l established the fact that the !
HM.nr. check was paid out of th proceeds '
of ono of th 125,000 notes, which was
reallv Ih bank's money, because the
Fourteenth Str.t Store's deposits; In th
Natlnial Hank nf Commerce when the
rh-ck was cashed were In the aggregite
less than Its withdrawals and had been
; A ...11 0 ... 1 1 . I . 'I....I.. .
1 1 .... I ji.'ik .. ... ai.in- ... ...i. ii. nil
garded Keldel's testimony as most vital
to th prosecution's efforts to prove thnt
a grand larceny was committed by Slegcl
in drawing and cashing that check.
Substantiating Keldel, Oliver A. Pilot,
..rother assistant cashier In th" bank,
gave an emphatic "I did," despite Itoss
M, Iovell's vigorous protest to .Mr. Train's
nuestlen: "I'id you rely upon a statement
furnished to th National Hank of Com
merce by the Fourteenth Street Store,
signed by Slegei as president of the stoie.
tho bank loaned the Fourteenth Street
St ire IlOO.noo it relied on the statements
ot the nrelnus ilscai venr. whirl, th.
many Indictments against Slegei allego
I wer false.
I!oii(Iiii- Conipanirs Notify Sa
loon .Mon Tliat fiamos of
Cliaiifc MustUo.
The man who likes tn go to tlie corner
cafe to get his Thanksgiving and again
his ChriBtinas turkey by a twenty-five
cent chance In n raffl Is likely to be dls
appointed this year. For there will b no
more, tut key ruffian or other harmlcMi In
front of the bar sports. You may not
even be. permllted to throw dice with your
best fr end o seii w io tiavs for tho dr nk.
That kind of chance taking Is now
classed ns gambling, and every holder of
a lliiunr license is forbidden to allow It
In his place. Notices to this effect have
recently been sent to most of tho cafes
In the city by bonding companies that
have made themselves lesponslbln for
their good character. The letter of Al
bert 12. Sheridan, who represents a dozen
of these companies, states that Inasmuch
as the highest court of the State ha de
cided that gambling In any form or th
presence of slot machines In a cafe Is a
violation of the liquor tax law and Is
sufficient ground for the revocation of the
liquor license as well as the bond the
bonding companies Insist that mich fea
tures be removed, Several breweries In
close connection wllh the retail trade havo
sent similar notification.
Cafo owners who have always been
careful to prevent professional gambling
in their Places declare they rnnnot see
the harm of raffling a turkay among
friends, as an Indoor sport.
1.. ..ir in tiiiik ni, tin. linn nun i.in tn the
Silas Mabrt A'orlon of Nan Francisco
Ilropk Demi In Martinique.
IIs Mabel Norton of San Francisco,
who had been spending sveral weeks In
, New Vork as the truest of Mr. and Mrs.
I .lames Kearney of 253 K.tst KIliRsbrldKe
load. FordhJim, was to leave for home at
mldnlarht last night. Yesterday afternoon
her friends, among them Jtlehard Covert.
I .1,1 . . . 1. I 1 .. TI.......II.... '
I mi iiiiiL.'r .'i in. ,nir riviiii-i m w ti nun
Steamship I.lne, and Frederick F. byden
of the Hotel Lafayette, gavn a dance for
her at tho Martinique,
Shortly beforo 6 o'clock, white dancing
with Mr. Coven, Miss Norton complained
of fevllng faint. She went Into an Inner
nxim and n moment lAter the maid In at-
....j ,...1 t... rt it,. .iiiil.....
door l,;; found the young noma,, dad on
against an lnlrenched
droner- PhMlelnit Otto Mchnltz ' unfl rre-sponHblt- policy 'publlo b
tlMhTth. npopUxy waaire cause of Jnnd' utility eompanles but It Is a
deatl" When Mr. and Mrs. Kea.ney told "rV of, 'M eMfK, " "
him lint Mls Norton had nnueired to be conscious to be called on 111 case private
In ho ' beal "of h?lfh t ?.Sr nwnicr,t falls to meet tho standard,
to perform an mitopy. The body wn.s "! wh ch contemporary pub Ic opln
take,, to ait undertaker's In Twenty-third J ''j',!'
Miss Notion has two sisters, one of f 'le conference of
whom Is tha wife of Ktchnt-d V. O'Connor, Ml'5;or,,IU'ro- , , . , , ..
paying teller of the Hibernian Hntik In The New " ork Mayor ehar.tcterlr.ed the
San Francisco. Iter home Was at 117! "inference clearing houso of li.for
Pino str..-t. Mm was about 30 yearn old. matlon for cities In the li until Ing of tho
public utility problem and declared that
uaTTp VTTTntJ Til UrtV "PPTTTl 'Now' YorK hfl" lor"t folt ,ha necessity for
llAJJUlT KIM LiHU UVX liU-CJJ. ,r(UrK mll.i, information In lis deallm?
i t)e coml,it.x public corporation eys-
.in Hull lloml l.lvrn I'rniliiiK at-
tlim l,r Pardon. Hoard.
Pt.atNrit.P. N .1.. Nov. 13. Oacar
PhllllpMin. the nineteen-year-old boy who
wns recently sentenceu to mo ihuiiw J'"',b'en a groat lienellt
! for 120 days for shooting a rabbit, was ,,; ., , ;,
released on ball this afternoon pending
i an anneal. His release
n.,.,nl Ilia f.l.n.A WiiM HfUMiretl
throurh tho efforts of V, S. Angleman.
, his counsel, and State oflb'lals. Former
Mayor N. II. Smalley put up the z.i" oau.
i:rnest Nnpler, president of the State
trjame Commission, nnd William Hoblltzel.
game warden for Fnlon county, conferred
with Mr. Angleman this ntternoon and an
appeal was decided upon. Justlco of the
Peace Thomas Snnp. who sentenced
rhllllpson, accepted Mr. Smalley's bond
nun "" v-. -
They then went to Somen III and brouuht
and Mr. Napier paid the r. costs itimseir.
I'lillllpeon home In an nutomoime.
nis ,lother was not at home hen he
arrived. She had !een able to Ret work
Cl, lin nht to Bft work
since per son was imprisoned, .riniiuun
... ' i 1 l.iu ...nMiut
' T" . ..i i... .,i,r I
gave mm u kiiiiik. .ni. ...
P ,. , . T.i i. I.........I 11... 1 lie
llurriru f.uinn uII fii- ,rm,,u ......
had been releaser"
There Is .1 feeling here that the case
will not be argued on appeal. Oov. Fielder
su-irested an appeal as a means
nettina tho Ikiv out of Jail In the event
that the Court of Parrtroif, consisting of
the Clovernor. the 4.nvellor aim six
members of the Court ofIiVors an AP-
,1W, should not look favorably upon a
.)ttl1,m T,e (loverncr has directed his
B,cr,tu'n', I.. KdWHPl Herrmann, to make
a) mitigation of the whole case In
preparation for the mealing of th Court
nf Pardons next Tuesday
or ' rm,n next mesia?
Coiirl to Hoar Habeas (lorpus
fuse for '-Wolf of Wall
Si-(M'f To-diiy.
Attoinev Louis II. Williams visited
Judge Itu'dkln of th Ffilted States I'tls-
trlct Court In his chambers at o'clock
y.-sierdav evening and swore out .1 w.-k
of habeas corpus for Il.ivld Lamar, who
on three Indictments
Ith impersonating Con-1
purinete of defrauding
and the United Slates
The writ Is irturnable at 10:nn 6'cloel:
this morning. I: was sued out on the
(hut the Federal authorities
here had no right to detain Lamar on the
first two Indictments against him. Ina.
much as the question of the validity of
tho Indictments was hefor the United
St.ite Supreme Court. If the Judge tus-
tains this argument to-day Lamar wdll bo
win liuwaru laiuieroacn 10 impernunai
If Judge HuaKIn dlsmikses tne Lam.if
writ win iiiihi.iiik "' iioi-ni
brlhg the "Wolf of Wall Street" to trial
by th middle of next week, according to
Mr Marshall. In case the I. im.tr nttr-
neys try to frustrate this plan by again
bringing up the prior right of the I nlted
States .Supreme f purt to pnss .m the mies-
Hon. Mr. Marshall will have the Attorney
Oeiier.il ask for a dismissal of the writ of
hab.u corpus at Washington.
Charles Frohmnn Pinna Ontlet
Chicago for Idle Talent.
Charles Frohman will leave for Chicago
this morning to sen If he cannot carry
out In Chicago the spring and summer
theatrical platm originally Intended for
IiOiidon nnd upset by the war. Mr. Froh
man's Duke of York's Thenlre Is now
clo-ed except for matinee performances.
A number of English actors and actresses
under long term Frohman contracts are
still on his hands. Some of these plays
and even more of the Hngllsh players
will hfi made use or by .Mr. Frohman In
New York, but tlie bulk of the Intended
Iondnn production are such that they
cannot be so w;ll transferred to New
York as to Chicago.
Mr. Frohman has already made ar
rangements for MlrH Marie la-ihr. Miss
Iiene Vaniirugh and Godfrey Tearle.
three of his 1ms t known F.ngllsh artists.
to como to America. Mr. Frohman feiils
ihnt h can make use of them for an all
star production In Chicago. Independent of
nnother that he Intends for New York In
the eprlng.
John T. Ilnll Arrested In llenl
Nvrlnillr MUr lOllogtr'a.
.lobn T. Hall, composer of several popu
lar coiulc. opera-s and head of tlie John T.
Hall Music Publishing Company or 2 i o
Innihus Circle, was urrested late yester
day afternoon by Post Offlco Inspectors
Mayhew and swain on a cnaru oi usina
the malls to defraud.
The nccusat otis aga nst Hull are mucn
Ilk those. In the case or Hubert J. Kellogg,
th young iiiukIc publisher who wiu) sen
tonced to thirteen months in Atlanta peni
tentiary recently for carrying on a mall
swindle In which he. promised to make
young song poets famous for a consiuera
Hall, tho Insnectors admit, actually
..... . .i... ...... ...i....
wroio me niunu m uic jiucuin .
tlsed them and secured copyrights, as i,
nrnm neil for from to IID. I in trnuil. I
thev say. lb In the fact that Hall would
accept any kind of a poem Irrespectlvn of
Its merit.
Ho was arraigned before rniteu mates
Commissioner Clarence Houghton, who at
thc request of Assistant United stales
Attorney Kdwln M. Stanton n.eu Dim ni
15,00li, which Hull furnlwhed.
,f. A. Wrnilell .Vnmeil' Comptroller's
Ilepuy by Tr.ivls.
AubaNT, Nov. 13. State Comptroller
elect Uugene M. Travis tnndo the llrst
appointment under the new Republican
administration to-day, when he named
James A. Wendell of Montgomery
county one of his deputies,
Mr, Wendell has been In the Comptrol
lers office for tho pant twenty years.
''ells C'OllfcTPllOP of MllJ'OTS
' ,
Stlltc ComilllSHioil Lacks
r-peamnK oi in- ,wv iora maie i uu-
He Snrvlrn fniitmUslnn. .Miivnr .Mltehid
,.Ti1c iui,n0 .servno
,u. ... ,(,..,.. i. iH in.J
... .. ... .... .. . . .... I
not so much of tho spirit and purpose of
the community iih It does of th nuunda
toty laws that orealcd It. We do not
feel that It Is rloso enough in touch with
public thought. For this resson 1 have
thought of a Plan to cHtabllsli a local
commission which will be rspons!hlc to
the people of tho city , which will speal.
the vote and lnteret of tho peoplo of the
locality and be nllw to tho demand and
nocss!ty of tho community It Is estab
lished to wrve," I t,...!,,- ..inri- peiham Parhwiy near
Neither State or t.x-al regulation are tlu, I
bert methods for the .-ontrol of uttl'.tle.s,
according to Mllo It. Mnltblo of tho Pub-
servic i.miimissivu wr inc nrsi nia-
it - lot of New Vork.
i-l V ? .
Mr. Maltble advocated a middle ground.
which would Include both forms of con
trol. The best plan for regulation, he
said, Is one In which local authorities
would contlnun to exercise the control
now vtstcd In them by statutes and city
eh.uters, but to prov.de that. In cas of
conuici neiwcen umercnt iocvii rehtiia
tl 'n, 01 between lo.'Ji and Slate regu
lations. th notion of :ne State regulatory
body should be I'on'.rollmg.
Ileclproclty between the giant utllltv
corporations of tho country and the mu
nicipalities of man Commonwealths, from
Main to California and from Canada to
1 tuin.. .,, v.,, ..,(, n...,,t .er.i.. ... v..t
(.titlco for both th corporate Interests
,auii tne peoj.ie 111 me inniier 01 um..n.r...
luctssltles of modeni life loomed lilgn as
a keynote of . ommon rtideaor at the
cenference earlier In the day.
Prominent among the lenders of munici
pal r'form were Ixiuls llrandels of llottun.
who declared water stock corporations and
Interlocking directorates should be abol
ished because they obscure truth and elll
clency , .Mayor Carter Harrison of Chicago,
who told how Chicago had obtained practi
cable results through th application of
public ownetshlp. F.duard Hernia of Chi
cago and Stiles .lone- nf Minneapolis, who
!nl-n advocated municipal ownership.
I lilg business projected Into the meeting
th cont-ntlon that In all regulation of
i rorisirutlon- and business roncrns private
1 capital tlghtfully earned s da.ervlng a
j fair return In Piotlt. Nathaniel Guernsey
of ? Vork. general counsel for the
.im. "nil ini-iuinni. nini leiegrupu t:om-
I'any, strucK thla note when he argued
mat lesuiatiim co-is money unu me otir-
oeri iuiis ii.on tae ieopi. tie lavoreii
1 State control, but cautioned that regula
j 'ions must at an naznrne ne in in nanus
oi men win. are iree ; outs.il entali-
i gleniellts,
Taking up Interlocking dlrctoratis, Mr.
! llrandels Asserted that no man could give
.his attention to many concerns and have
a i!tlnlte knowledge of each.
"It Is obvious." h said, "that In any
I trad there fhould be two sides. Man
ione nimu. i ne oniy return tor tne exist
eiic of a director Is not merely to manage
piopetty but to give fair nnd Intelligent
aavir anu criticism ot on enterprise.
In dealing with public service corpor
ations we must sec to. It that there do
not arise conditions where the power nf
men on on side Is so grout that the con
scientious Judgment or actions of thos
dealing with those big problems Is pre
vented ftom being clear and right
"One of the greatest objections to lnter-
l locking directorates Is that they have cre
ated n (liiniii'Uil power so great that even
men whom we have regatded ns the best
111 morals have found themselves Inilu
eticed by a great wall of p.ver."
Delos F. Wilcox, franchise expert of
New York, said : "Public utility Invest
ments should b placed upon a non-spevu-latlvn
basis, and their security should
approximate that of municipal bonds. In
tho establishment of the non-speculative
character of theo Investments) cltle
should not undertake to make gocd past
Ileprearnlntls es of roreign linirrii
nienla Jlml Pny for Prlvllenes.
Ttenresentatlves of Iluropenn (lovern-
ments and supply purchasing commissions
have begun to buy seals on tho Produce
Hxchange. TJinir action Implies that they
are here to stay lor some time, Tlio re
suit Is that tho price of Produce Ex
change seats Is rising. The average price
was 1425 shortly before the war. It Is
I -ported that 1550 Is now bid
There are. about thirty-live representa
tive of foreign buying commissions on
tho floor. These men are accorded tho
privileges of th floor at first as visitors,
with the understanding that they wera
not permitted to trade. They did trade,
however, and the exchange authorities re
quested them cither to purchase seats
or to give up trading. The rise In prices
Is the result of a number uf sales of
HetiTreii ViMli.OOO nml 910(1,000
leach Creditors' Committee.
Iletween 1350,000 and 1400,000 In
claims against nit H. H. Clnflln Company
have been deposited with tho general
creditors' committee within the pat 'few
days. Nearly all of thu 1250.000 tif out
standing claims held abroad are on their
way here. It Is said that the number of
I creditors of the retail stores objecting to
i t ie compromises proiKweu is reiaiiveiy
- ., ...
I way for an earlier termination of recelvei
ships for some ot tho rttull stores than
was originally expected. Under tccelver
ship operation some of the stores are ion
Ing money, which It Is thought could b
stopped If tnken out of receivership, at
least temporarily.
The sickness ot Joteph M. Hartllebl,
counsel for the noteholders' committee,
has delayed the adoption of the reorgani
zation plan.
YoNlci'.ns. N. Y Nov. 13. The Federal
1 Sugar Hrflnery will reopen Monday afler
lh annual snutdown between seasons.
Tlie period of Idleness was thc shortest
In several years, llnnugh raw sugar hns
arrived already to kep the plant busy
two weeks, and more Is due from Cubu.
Fifteen hundred men are employed.
The abstract
and the concrete
To those very practical business men who, while
preeivin the possible advantages of locating
in a building so famous as the Equitable, never
theless prefer concrete to abstract reasons for
signing an Equitable lease, we submit the fol
lowing paragraph :
Irrespective of its size and its frame, the Equit
able Building is the logical building for you to
locate in, because it offers for a reasonable
rental, a greater totality of advantages than
can be obtained in any other building in town.
ar note bring made tYom Van 1 IBIS, The building, Aoi.
ever. I due to be completed 2 or 3 months ahead of that date.
Equitable Building
Temporary Office, 27 Pine Street
T)iUtht(T f Lilt'' ShifrlHnii Viiii(Sovci'imi(.it Ucpoi't. Jiis( Out.
Scliuick A1m llurf When
Cur I'lots.
,.., "., , , llnchelle road.
ill'- iniirio'vu""
a touring car turned over yesterday morn
ing, killing onn girl nnd Injuring the four
othr occupants,
The Head.
DAYTON. r.MZAIir.TlI. :rt Sear old
3:n Uecatur avenue
The llron.
The Injured.
VAN -iiaick, VIOI.r.T. 1. of IS Franklin
aenue. New llocbelle. md to be tne
dotif'tter of tb late Mngletou Van
WIIAV. ANNA P.. -':. of Wlnthrop avenue, j the nation's growth. Sine 1X50 the popu
Vew Hochelle bitlon of the Fulled States has mot than
Mriirilli:. JAM IIS V. :6. nf r,; West l.nrt , nuadrupled, being approxlinatelv Ifinnnn.
avenue. Munliattan, son oi ine nun jam
1 1
r Meuuire, pn kii. iiiunuin. mi'i.
WILLIAM H. in. or ct et
Sixty-eighth "trret. Jlnnh.itt.ii.
m,.- I... . ...... .... .itMnrtn. fe.m -lit
and bruises,
According to the story told b the police
MrC.uIre and Hoelie met the gills at th
St. Nicholas Skating King on Sixty-sixth
street at S o'clock Thursday night. After
S .
visiting two restaurants they wound up at
an Inn on Pelham Parkway, where they
diunk, danced and mail.;
merry uiiiu i
o'clock In the mornln.r.
, . , , , ,
Vhalck. win. It is
he tat.. Singleton
At this time Miss Vim So
slid is tho daughter or tn lain singleton
Van Schalck of Pelham. who died tnysterl-
ously on July 13. 1913. asked tho men to
take her home. She rode .,, the rear seat
with Miss Willy and Hnche. while Miss
Dayton sat In fiont with McUuIre, the
owner ut the car, who drove it.
Th car went ut a tetrlllc rale along
, ' , .,, .. , , .,
Pelham Parkway until t leached th New
Horheli,. road, where the roadway makes
a sharp curve. Mc(5ulre. Il Is said, ut-
tempted :.. take the curve at high speed.
Tin- cir skidded and turned over.
nayton was pinneu unueriieati uie seat.
T,rl. , "I
Dayton has been Instantly killed.
i a . l 3
Coroner Flynn ordered Mct.ulre de
tained as a material witness. Miss Van
Schalck and Mis Willy, who wero badly
bruised about the face and body, were
taken to their homes In Dr. Fitzgerald's
machine. Itoohe was allowed to go home.
The dead girl recently left her home
with her stepfather. Paul A-kenasy, at
2071 Hroadway. to live temporarily with
her cousin, Mrs. James C. Warren on De-
c-atur avenue. Her body was Identllled by
her Mepfathei
Cuban Undue! Cnlls for HI, "(Ml, Olio.
tpflal I'ablt Iifi-atcli to Tar Sis.
HaVANt. Nov. 13. The new budget.
which Is awaiting the approval of the Sec -
rctury of Hi" Trrnsury, will iair total
appropriations or f 40,uo,o
IN thc effort to s.ttisfy the popular
demand for a Stcinway Grand Piano
suitable for the modern drawing or liv
ing room, Style M hasbeen produced.
This has the unexcelled tone and the
perfectworkmanship of every Stcinway,
and differs from thc others offly in size,
design and price. It is thc smallest
Stcinway Grand made, with, 7 octaves
and all the tested Stcinway improvc
mcnts and patents.
To the music lover it means the
world's ideal Grand piano at an ex
ceedingly moderate price, $750.
We invite you lo see Hit's Steimvay,
and test its exquisite qualities.
fitrlnway Hall
107-109 East 14th St., New York
SuDs-ay Cxpreis Station at Hit Door
CoiUniiis Simiic Shikiiio
( iiiiiiii'isinis.
tVAsin.N in.s-, Nov. 13. An rpltom.?.t.ii
lecovil .,f the nation's groath In area, pop.
illation yiind t.-oiirres Is contained In k
pamphlet Just Issued by thu Department
of ( ominerce throut!li Its buieau of fot
gn ..nd domestic commerce, entitled "Sia
tlMienl Ibconl or the IMocress ot th'
I lilted States. Uno-l!t4" I,, all c.is.s
where the stall-Heal, data permit the ti.bKs
em! moii! than a century, tlie late, i
.11iKUr11tl1.il of certain line- f statlsllis
iirresN.irll) restrlctH. In those c..-es 11,.
Period covered.
A half century retiosiiect, readllv avail
aide by Hderence to ii.nieu ,.... 1..
the pamphlft. arrords a clear perspective ot
i uuo dt m,. present time. In th same pe-
i.i.ii. uiiupicr, roreign coinnieiee h
I srown from 31S.fiO(i.ifflO to ll.s.-.n nna ana
.iml the per capita value of exports from
to 23.
.National wealth lias in.
t-i fit .. i rniii it nnnnnn Ann ,.. .....
approximately 1 iii...m..o,',o1nor, n'on'ev n
circulation. ft(,m 1279,000,00(1 to 13 419
"OO.OuO. and New Vork 'bank clca'tlnu's
'"J" a,'prNll!l:itP,y '"-"oo.noo.iliirt t ,
"'?,,", ci Z iJM" f"r ,hc ,'",lrf' co"'-
tr "nK dealing- have grown from ,
nnn.nnn.oon, )n .vs7i the "'"r for
which llgtttes ale available, to 1171 nnn .
. 111)11.000 In fun
..- . . -
"i oniuoveu social conditions
"""g the people nre alo found In the
tecorii. For example. 1 9.000.000 chlldre
ure now ..moiled n tniltllo schools nod
ure now nioile,i in nnhiic hrhools n.d
about 200.000 student) In colleges and
"l,,,r higher Institutions of learning, and
tZ .,00 floo''',
jear, thc result being a rapid Inert' :e l'n
genet al Intelligence and a niaik.il ,v.
orea-e In illiteracy. Over 22,000 new-
"TI" l-"''fllcals are .llssemlt.atlng
Information among the peop e. and the
,el)ort Btf,, ' th " mil -
1)(T r ,..., , , ,e t.,)f" r , , S",l
,ie,,osit.,rs In savings banks ', -e 251 '00
, lmmH.r: ,..,,.. ,,. nllJL,.Wf. ,, r..V ,
' --.. iiviuiifv. in j I .linn iiii-j
,..ii. ,,.,,,,st ...clnwli r ,i,.... i.. .......
,avKn institutions, aggregatlntr 11 710
" ui .tiu.-. iii .i.tirr
",n'0"' "'"- " times as much
anl r""- or iniat cmtury.
Increased activity on tlio farms, in n.
factories and In the great transportation
Industrhs has also developed during the
last half century. The value of farms
and farm property Increased from four
billion dollars III 1S50 to forty-one billion
In 1910, the value of manufactured from
,','; " " , nf ,. V,,7,,,'
'm,mf o' '" k X i '" I
' ' .',.' " nuHr,er remn v" the
1 ,r' J,S " rW m-
one billion to oer twentj billion, and
creased from 192 million lo 1,004 million,
and the volume of freight handled from
032 million lo I. sir, million short ton
Nearly twenty billion pieces of outgoing
mall matter are handled annually by th
1 l'ot oillce Department, which disbursed
(last jour 2ii2 million dollais, or 12.70
(per capita.
r f .-..Ji.

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