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v- '- -
Princeton s Plucky Uphill Fight Near Finish Takes All by Surprise, Particularly Victorious Yale
luncheon parties on the terrc and lawns ,
11 over Princeton. Tho players would
have, welcomed :t colder day
Long Journeys for touchdowns marked
the, game, That Is long distance dis
tances, but sometimes quickly accounted
for. For a tlr.'ie t tie Tigers smeared Yale's
lattr.il and complicated hut always pretty
pawing; but the Ijlls had tho firm te-1
naclly to stick to this sort of play, and In
UH.vjcldMuii with a forward pass they
manipulated It for their llrst touchdown.
It was In the llrst riu.irler With the ball
on Princeton's .1(5 yard line there was a
scurrying of men and a Hash of arms mid
leh titer. A lateral pass to Legore, a for
ward puss to Alnsworth. and the latter
ciught the ball In the clear on the -t
yard line anil remind the ret of the way
for a touchdown.
Legore, a .plendld punter but a poor
goal kicker, having already missed un
easy drop kick, failed to convert the
easy urup kick, laiieo mi iiicii ,Mr
louehdown, llefore tho game was overt"'". un-ic r imo nnniner opening anil
Ills dilleleney In that regard threatened
to beat Yale, this because of the adtll
tlonal points It failed to give.
The Princeton policy was one of much
puntliiK, but tne nuifts looked for In the
Yate back Held didn't come and Prince
ton made no headway by punting, llav
In llie ball near inldrliid In the second
quarter, the Yale backs sliced through the
lltie, hitting it hard, and the Yale plays
being run off snnpplly and cleverly varied. I
.. .. .. . . ... . !
it was a thrusting, snrcuinng nuacK
and with it the ball shuttled from one
side line to the other.
Titters llrnei' nt (iimt Line,
The Tigers couldn't llguro It or halt It
until the ball was within their ii yard
line, and then the bunched rlefenco made
strong resistance. l.lne bucks didn't
budge It and It looked as If the Tigers
would get the ball on downs. There was.
however, a winning card up WlUon's
sleeve nnd he plnyed lt on the fourth
down. Clean as a whistle, or clean as
a clean whistle, I.egore nipped the ball
to Hrann, who raught It across the goal
line for a touchdown. Legore kicked this
Yale was Just as Irresistible, Prince
ton Just as nonplussed In tho third pe
riod. Yale carried the ball without los
ing It fifty-three yards for a touchdown
fnrwnrd pass helped ami plunging
again and Yale's points were all In
At this Inte stnge of the battle Prince-
n HlnrteH In tn sitrend nut nnd trv for.
... ....,... i . ...... .............. ... !.. i. v ...... ..u. IU3...-I1U i cuugnt tne bail and regained eighteen
ate tip ground. Ith two yards to go 1 of batting the ball to the ground he de- virdi before S'lenk met him Senvll
B.nn .uv. ihrmiiii l ' r I ,, m n '- iri u-inv I et..i it .iih, ... c.iM, ......i.. i. " """re n.ienK mei mm. wniii
.1 V. . .L i i .V 1 .i V wii iii failed to gain after receiving a poor pass !
and bolted over the goal line with a th.jnked his opponent for his timely but ,, Uki)t(, ,mteil ,0 AmJ, OI, 3,
uuniTiui iiiuiiKi'. uri r nil.-.-!! me Kurti t uiiinieniieo iis!isiance anil oooieil me lillf-
ton started In to spread out and try ror-1 The Klls wouldu t let them start ati
ward passes. The scheme didn't pan out 1 other series, Princeton tried a short
and before the period was over Yalo had 1 klckoff, which was caught by Sttllman,
two good chances for more points. One 1 bin Yale was nttslde and Princeton re
was a drop kick by I.egnrc, the other a pealed the short, dlngonal klckoff. Hul
place kick by Scovll. Ho'.h were poor ef- lln caught the ball, two Princeton rushes
forts. were stopped dead and two forward passes
The Tigers began the fourth period were spoiled. The combat wac over
Rl IT I' I
i-JWi 'L-tlS WW 1
PitlNCKTON. Nov. II. Tne M.md.t were
well fllliil when the big Hlue team mado
Its appearance cn the field an 1 :3u o'clock.
The men weie greeted by a tremendous
cheer from the Vale stands nnd Pilnceton
wns prompt In give a rmislmc locomotive
for her ojiiHinents, which was warmly ap
plauded by tvose on the oiiolte side of
the llld. t'apt Talbot's team run through
signals and tried out the kirks with the
llgt.t wind for five minutes under tin
watchful eye of Coach Prank lllnkey, and
then retired to th" bench when ("apt
HhIUii led his men onto the ;i 1,1 1 run . If
the cheei that greeted the Ynle ti'iim was
loud, Prlncettn whs weUon-il silll more
loudly, ;u, 1 1 the l'lls returned the cheer if
Princeton with a will.
C.ipte. Hallln nnd Talbot met with
Hofelee Tufts In the middle of the srld
Jron at JuH - o'clock. Hallln won tho
loss and hose to defend the eouth goal.
thus having th adwintacv of the slUht
Vind which came through the open end, .
aln havliiK piifsensloii of the ball. Urn- . Second Period It was Yale's ball 011
i")'" klckoff was shoit. travvlllng only p( merlon's 2; yard line, fourth down and
tweuty-flv.. yards to K. Tr.-iikmauii. who ,e yaul t gu. McLean stopped Knowl-s
took a half d.e steps befnie he wusj (,,. i. ,ad RilI,ied twt, , fl t
stiuck by Hetta. Click waded through down. Alnsworth again broke through
tU line for two yards and stllniun tackled , for ,.iK,t y:11I R.,n ,,ut ,..(llU, TrPn)..
Ames after a two ard ga'" around left iminn put Wilson back for a loss of six
cr.d. DrUgs punted to Ynle 30 yard ' yards. Thero was holding In the Yale
line, whete Shia fell on llie ball. Knowles ; line 011 the iiext play and she was put
struck tin- line for two yards and Legore bck for llflen yards, A triple puss
on the next down punted to Amu. It 1 Knowles to AlriMWorth to Legjre. gained
was a Ions punt to Princeton's U ynrd three nnd Legore shot a forward pass
line and Ames took It on the lsiund, Kolng i.ot of bounds 011 Princeton's L'l yard
four yards before Capt Talbot dropped j line.
... .......... lln III 11 ifl Aln.viortli In Trucks.
Klrst I'ennlty Asrnlnat Tliters. ,
. . ., , . ... the tlrst down Drlggs punted In
Drlsgs Immediately returned he kick .Alnsworth. who was dr'.pped n.hls tracks
to the hlls 40 nrd mark, w here the j by llallln. tlnnn-.rt threw Alnsworllr for
r ger llnenyn, who were down the field I i,llf nf two yards nnd l-cgore's forward
lUio a shot, Interfered with Impure In the 1 ,, t0 nr ,, (ow ,, hicompleted.
eatchliw of the punt and Prlne. ton siif- i,eRore attempted another forward pass,
fered tho llrst penalty of fifteen yards. w,lch Tlbbott intercepted, and Drlggs
giving tale the lull on Princetons 43 ,unted to I.egore on the 20 yard mark,
yard line tlv,. ,,t,Pr rPglnlnK fur yds. Kddle
A double pass. Alnsworth to Knowles. I Trenkinann again knifed hla way through
cost Yule a yard, but Knowles regained i. i,R. aml downed Alnsworth for a
three on a slashing play at tackle. Tib-1 loss of three yards, of which Knowles
bott diagnosed a triple pass from Alns- , regained only two. l.egnre made a nils
worth to Knowles to Legore rind tossed erablo attempt at a punt, his own line
the latter for a four yard loss. Iegorc's blocking It. nnd Lamberton recovered It
forward pass rolled over the goal line, for Princeton on Yale's 3T, yard line,
but It was fourth down and the ball .was , p. Trenkmnnn made four yards in two
irincetpn-s on her 4u ynrd line,
nect was quick to puss tho ball when a.
Blue forwaril was offsldu and Princeton
gained live yards on the penalty.
Talbot held Ollck to 11 two yard gsln
through his tuckln and on the next play
Drlggs punted to Legore. who mado a
fair catch on his 23 yard line, Alns-
worm slid ort tacKie rur four yards and ' to Ames, who ran, phi k six yards. Ames
on a fake kick formation IMdle Trenk- J skinned the tnckl for six yards and
mann tossed I.egore for a loss of two) Drlggs punted for forty-live yards to
yards, but the Tigers weio offside and ' lgore, who brought the leather back
Yale had l first down oir her 33 yard nine yards, making splendid use of the
line, Knowles gained four yards before I straight arm. Tlbbott made a pretty
McLean brought him down, and a lateral tackle, hut he Injrt. Ids shoulder n the
pass, Alnsworth to Knowlts, was smeared . I'll' and time hnd Vt b taken out for
by Illghley, but once again Princeton was
too eager and received another penalty
of five yards.
llnairnrth Mnke l.onuest linn.
.... ,, . , ., , ., .... . ,.
All sworlli broke through his left tackle,
lor he longest run of the gume. reeling
orr twenty.nlne yards before hhea and
Ames In Id him low. Knowles followed
with right more and A risuorth 111 i cd
another ynid throush' the centre, Knowles
Tried his right guard but found Ollck
thcic also anil lln fell forward for a
scant' gain There wns a question of
Hist down and lifter calling the lines iier,
Ynle icol' the liMictlt of the ioubl. Knoles
urhrtt'cul live y'Hrds, lint was stopped by
Olli'U cm the next attempt, Alrnivorth
and Kiowles failed ui gain through Shenk
and Legore fell buck' for a ill op kick. Th
w.iii .1 t-iiv nine hi 1111 niiiri iwiii me ugers
piH the leather In play on their 20 yard
Urigrjs punted to Legore, who p),tde a
f.lir catch on his 13 yard line, .-mil Wilson
slipped, Ihiiiugli for a gain, but Yale wjs
pe.alUe.l ilfteen yards for holding and
l.egoie punted to Ames, liio ran back to
nrldtleld. On a fake play Click shot
through for six. yards and added two
mote on the next play-, but the ball was
" called luck for lliein hud been holding
by Pilucetuu and Yalo received an ad
Vrttitago of llflren yards, Drlggs punted
to Allihworlh, who elected to make a fair
catch, mid Legoro Immediately returned
the punt, the lull rolling out of bounds on
Prlnctton's 2 .' yard line, (leiniert'4 pass
was poor. Ilrlgga did not have time to
get off his punt and was thrown for a
ten yard loss by Hrann. Ills next boot
sailed away for fifty yards. Lrgon., nflr
iudiug several tacklers, was downed by
Oenneit after he had reclaimed fifteen
Trick pin; llrlngs ToiichdoiTli.
It was Yale's ball on her opponent's
.17 yard line; Wilson made a yard
through Hallln and the next piny hrouuht
the flrfcl score. It was it trick play per
fectly tinted nnd beautifully executed,
Wilson passing laterally to Legore, who
hot the ball forward for ten yards to
n.,h an Incompleted forward pass, the'
ball wns returned to them to try again
and from this moment on they were real
Tigers. A back field consisting of llllck
nl uuarter, lloore and Dlckerman, hair-
backs, and Law, fullback, transformed
the team. Here was'a real' Tlcrr of-
fence nt last. These filur barks suddenly
Bol t working together, and with quick
Interfcrencii they mado first downs In i
lapld succession. '
.Moorr .Mnkes l.niisr Kcnrlnit Tlnsli.
They carried tho ball from Yale's 45
yard line for a touchdown and the score
Itself was brought about by Moore. I
Moore, from Yale's i'o yard line, made a
tnaky. weaving run, a remarkable run.
II norril through Yale's lort. dodRed
nwnv from a tackier there, made n right
nnclo swine' to the left, threaded his way
t.n nr fifteen viir.ts uimioht nn tho
went writhing pat this man and thnti
mill hi. -,ni ivn. i-.i..i,,i t.nu. bui.i
the goal ami the TlRers set about to get
nnother score. They got It.
The second touchdown came after a
series of trips more than half the length
of tho field. It w.s great offensive work
uu1 made the onlookers wonder where It
had been all season. Tho Click-More.
Dlckerman-Lnw combine was going nt
l"l speed. Prom their widespread, split
fnpiinMnn Inn Hirers tnreu- n emu".r,l
- , " .. n . . . ..
ki?k. nut ii .i uucuiiipiiriru. I lie llger
forward pass didn't go nt all against
the alert Yale barks, but n fake did carry
the bnlj Into Yale territory.
ine spreiu om lormaiiou was useu ror
the play, but Instead of another forward i I-egorc kicked the goal. Score Yale, 13;
pass It was an oblhiuo pass from the ' I'rlnceton, n.
centre to a back. It found the Ynle men I Hrown kicked off to I-cgore. who had
scattered and deceived, and took the ball I time to run back to the 25 nrd line,
to Yale's 26 yard line. The ball continued i " here he was downed by lMdle Trcnk
tu advance with every scrimmage. In- 'niann. Iere tlmo was called and the
side It 10 yard line Yale was offside 'hM' w-as over.
twice nnd the penalties helped the Prince- Third Period After a lest of fifteen
ton cause materially From the IS to minutes, which was spent by the Prlnce
the ?. to the 4, to the 1 yard line the , ton players In the new riel,) house and
bajl moved. Ollek banged Into tho heap (by the Tale plnyers In the straw at the
nnd took It straight across for the ' sunny end of the field, the teams came
Princeton Rets tilt of I, nek.
On Princeton's punt out for try at goal
an oddity occurred. .An Kll charred out i
That wna the end of the Tigers' rally.
The Mia w.iiildn'l lot tl,-m ,,.,. n.,.
f ,F R rn PI C T!
1JJL1X VVlNl LylV 1 1
Alnsworth, who caught It and ran down
the side of the field for the touchdown.
I.egore failed at an easy goal. Score:
Yale , Princeton 0.
Tlbbott kicked off to Talbot, who
scarcely had moved before Drown tackled
linn. Wilson pierced Prlnceton'H right
wing for two yards nnd legore punted to
Ames, who ran back five yanls ly his
3.1 yard, line. Drlggs followed suit and
Kddle Treikmann put down I.igoie on
th 31 yard mark. Wlleon's 'plunge at
guard brought a yard ami Legore snt
off another pretty punt to Ames on his
IS .Mini line. Hrlggs at once repaid
It In hind and l.egnre was downed In
mlilfleld simultaneously by Illghley and
.Mclean. A fake forward pass sent U
guri' around the end for twelve arils
before illlck reached him. tlllman
rounded the end and took the ball from
Alnsworth for 11 gain of two ynrds nnd
miowirs atinert seven mote In two at-
den-.trials and time was taken out for - Con
roy to regain his wind.
Tlbbott' forwaril pass for eight yards
was caught by Ames, but Wilson took
a Hying tackle at him nnd struck him Ml
hard that Am.-H dropped the pigskin,
Yale, After
Knowles had failed to gain Legore punted
Knowles made two snmll snlns- through
centre and Leconf pUnted to Ame(i 011 his
20 yard mark. , Stlllnviii mothered a
1 MUarUrbark run and p'iirgs punted, to
Il.egoie, who as he was tickled mule a
,,a(.kwar,i pailM to Wilson, but Heferee
Tlft8 n)1d lh,. wnil out r ll0ullj,
,,eforf ,w ,,1c tn p,Vfl.
Kmmlvs made seven yards ap. WUsni.
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was lent through Princeton's left win for
eight more. After n gain of five yards
Knowles fumbled and Freddie Trcokrnaun
fell on the hall for Princeton on the
32 .lard line. Drlggs punted to Legore,
but the ball was called back by Heferee
Tufts. Ames tried 'a oirarlerbark run.
which' Rained him a ya'rd.'nnd Drlggs had
to punt, l.egnre catching It on his 25
yard line, where llallln downed hlnC
llallln spoiled Wllsorl's attempted quar
terback run. and Legore punted to Ames
on tho Tigers' 38 yard line, the latter
runnliiR back four yards. Iegore ran
back Drlggs' s punt for seven yards, nnd
R n pas., Knowlea to Legore, proved
ft Ion tjiUner, netting- ale twenty-seven
'arlH ""fore Ames stopped .Legoro with
" ''"' ""-
Th " wu" tho curtain raiser for the
'n"rch t0 llie Orange and Illue goal Ine.
Wilson got around I.amberton for three
,,. . ..,, ,,,.. ,.i ,!,-,
-" "i'" 1' "-.,
'""ln- Knowles made several yards and
a fir st down through hts right tackle.
Wilson, Knowles nnd Wilson gave Yale
another first down on Princeton's 15 yard
line. Knowles proved n consistent gainer
and phinged through for nlno more nnd
Alnsworth made It llrst down on the
4 yard line. Knowles nnd Wilson were
unable to advance the ball an Inch,
Dlckerman substituted for Tlbbott. whose
shoulder Injury rendered him useless.
I'nrvtnnl I'hss Hupprssfnl.
Dlckerman stopped Wilson's attempt to
circle the ei 1, but the fourth down
brought the score, Legore making n for
ward pass to Hrann In the end zone, and
back for the last half. Drlggs kicked
off to Wilson, who ran back to his 25
yard line, where Shenk nailed him. Ho
land wns offside on the klckoff and Drlggs
was forced to kick off from five yards
further back. This time Wilson again
yard llii". Stlllman nipped Ames's quar
terback run In the bud nnd I'rlggs punted
).","' " ',he exchange m the kick J
.". ,r ixcliang' on tilt. KICKS
being even.
; Alnsworth made a wide detour around
Princeton's right end for four ynrds. and
j Legoro sent off a low punt to Amex. It
j was very close to tho ground and was a
1 mean kick to h.imlli'. Ames muffed, but
j had tlmo to recover and bring the ball
j back to his 37 yard line before Ktltlniau
wns on him. Prlggs again exchanged,
Shenk putting Irf-gore down where he
caught the ball.
I tale Pnss V uru Aualn,
Prevented Wllsof,m advancing
the ball and U'gore sent off n spiral that
arrled over Ames's lierd and to the
12 yard line, where Htlllm.in fell on It.
1 Princeton was offside on Drlggs' e punt,
and his second attempt wns received by
Alnsworth, who was tncklctt where he
stood orr his own 47 ynrd line by Trenk
mnnn. Wilson found a hole 1 ft tackle that
was good for four ynrds, but Alnsworth
lost his footing on the next play and
failed to gain.
A forward pass again proved Prince
ton's undoing. Legore uncorkiiifr n thro
of twenty-seven yards to Hrann. who was
downed by Holand on Nassnu'H 21 yard
line. A lateral pns, Alnsworth to Scovll.
brought live yards, ('apt. Itallln making
the tnckle. After an unsuccessful attempt
by Alnsworth, Scavll made It tlrst down
eleven yards from the Orange and Hlack
poal. A big hole w-as opened In the right
side of the Hue and VI!on walked through
for eight yards. Scovll pushed his way
over for three yards and a 'tally. Lgore
.failed at goal. Score, lale 18; Prince,
ton. 0.
I Wilson received Drlgg's klckoff nnd
) ran back eight yard. Legore punted on
the tlrt down to Dlckerman, Talbot tnrh
ling him. Dlckermnn made three yards
through Iletts and Holand hurled a long
forward pass toward Itahlll, but Wilson
, knocked It to the ground. Drlggs punted
1 to Legore, who was downed by Hallln un
'the 30 yard Hue. Wilson broke Through
' for a long run that covered five chalk
I marks, and he, would have continued for
some illstnneo had he not been forced nut
of bounds by LberHtadt. A lateral pass,
Alnsworth to Scovll, failed to advance
tile ball and a triple pass, with Legore
on th end, netted only three ynrds. Still
man on the end round end formntlon found
Itahlll walling 10 stop him and Legore
passed forward over Princeton's goal line.
j Pair f etch lllll Vol .Noticed.
1 The Tigers put the ball In play on their
1 20 yard line, Drlggs kicking to Legore rr
mlilfleld, Once again the Prlncctonlans
I were too eager to go down the field and
! Legore was tackled as be was making n
I fair catch, the home team being penal-
l7.d fifteen yards. It was Yale's ball on
Princeton's 43 yard line, but the Ells had
holding In their lino and .were put back
flfteen yards.
Scovll -gained twenty yards on the rlglit
wing before he was put to earth by
McLoan. WIltm nhlitnl. the left end for
three yards and Scovll made It first
1 itfiwin. jjcovll hit tho tacklo for two ynrds
and, Legore's forward pas to Hrann
I w-as Incomplete, Standing on the twnty
I eight yard line. Legore tried again for a
t lit op kick, but It was a feeble attempt,
' being low and to the right of the posts.
' After a' inlxup in signals kr the local
baekfleld In which Dlckerman recovered
I a fumble Drlggs punted to mldllnld, where
I Alnsworth muffed find Hallln recovered
the loos ball. Tnlliot Intercepted Ho
lland's forwurd pass on the Hlir thlrty
1 fl;e yard mark and Scovll ripped through
for seve: yards. Legore's punt sailed to
' I'rlnreton's ten yard line, whoro It reeled
out of bounds linv punted lo Scnvil,
wlio mude 11 fair catch on the Tiger
thirty-five yard line, nnd Yale elected to
I take a free klckj Scovll's ntfmpl was
I like 1 gore's, going In the tiglit of the
I imisIs nn1, a little hhort.
I StlHirnn pilled Mome for the loss
of a y;ard when the ball wns put In piny
01 (he twenty yard line and Liw punted
0 Alnsworth. vim was tackled by Hallln
ui Nn, sau's forty-four yard line. Here
, un; was called and the tennis exchanged
(.llcl.'s Itetnrn Marts ftnllj.
, IXniHb "Period.- -With the leturn of
I 'Hick to the team the Tigers took on
I eiuwed life and through his splendid
Reiier ilIHp and lender "hip stnited down
file 'leld Yale was i"nnfi-ej fifteen
1 j.v! f holding .iinl riucriisey punted
iter UleHertnap, who ran hvk 1ften yards.
Hours- fuilid to gain, bu iillck. ploughed
j "'r.ugh for thrc yards.
' A long forward parti.' Lnw to Itahlll,
ifnlleil and the former (Pijmed to Alns
wo.tb, After an unmcc'ssful plunge by
"rbvH, lije-niey kicked to Dlckermnri.
who ,iiu .tine', ten- yards to his 40 yard
line. Moors circled wide- around his right
I fi'- ipltteep yards before Scovll stopped
i h'rh lilrt 'Slick fnlpwed with eight more.
! .'(- mn mule It flrrt down, nnd
Moore ilnrted thn next first down with
four ; arris, (illclt nnd Dlcltermiin made
' fun- '"mis between them, and Conch
IJIi '!';. r-jHV.l his tlrst string ends, Hrann
.ii'ii -"flpiin, back Into the game to slop
I the Id". They did not succeed. Dicker-
man slipped off tackle for eight yards.
Moore f.illed to,g,iln, Willi the pigskin on
Yale's 1G yard line, Ollck gave the ball
to Moore for an end run. Moore started
nround right end, hut he picked' his holes
carefully and described the letter S. dually
carrying the ball over for the tlrsl Tiger
scare, .it which the Princeton crowd went
wild. Law punted out, but Hrann wns
nut like u Hash and hit the ball as It
was) coming to earth, Click made a
dive for It nnd raught It before It
Mruck the ground, After turning to
grin at Hrann, Ollck htld the ball for
tn.w, who converted the tuuclidown Into
a goal, tfcore, Ynle 19, Princeton 7,
tluernsey kicked off to Dlckerman, who
brought the ball hack twenty yards, so
strong were tho Tigers running, Moore
tried Htlllman's end, but found him on the
Job nnd gained only one ynrd. Law
punted to Wilson on the Illue 37 yard
line, where Illghley and Hhenk wnlted for
him to catch It. Guernsey at once punted
to Dfckerman, who reclaimed sixteen
yards, Ullck sneaked around his left end
for five ynrds and Moore made four more,
Dlckerman adding the extra yard for the
first down.
Hallln opened a hole for Dlckerman,
who went through for eight ynrde, and he
added nearly two more on the next at
tempt. Ollck in.ide 4he first down, .and
on the next play he again tried an end
run which protlted two yards, Iteferee
Tufts being neatly spilled by the Prince
ton Interference, In two plunges Dlckerman
made It tlrst down, and after a two yard
gain by Ollck Wilson blocked Law's for
ward pnss. On the wide open formntlon
using a direct pass In which the ball Is
thrown to the tide lnstcnd of going be
tweon the centre's legs, Dlckerman made
nine yards ere Walden tackled htm, and
Ollck brought the ball three ynrds nearer
the goal. It was first down on Yale's Ii
yard line.
Ollck struggled through for five yards,
and on his second attempt Dlckerman
tnado H first down. Yale was off'lde and
suffered a penalty of five yards. The
tension on the Yale line then must have
been great, for they were offside again on
the next play, and It was Princeton's first
down, with only four yjrds to go. Ollck
made three and one-half yards on the first
trial off the tackle, and on the fecund at
tempt he rode over behind his centn for
the touchdown Law punted out to Dlck
erman nnd then kicked the goal. ScoV
Yale. 1!; Princeton, 14. '
second Klrknff Pussies All.
With less than two minutes to .
Princeton elected to try a short kick off
to one of her own men. The kick went
a little too tar and tf'lllm.in caught It,
but to the surprise of all It was brought
back to be reklckcd. Tho next time It
Il Wlt.l.lM II. II N... 1 a punt or, u forward pass as strategy.!
................ v 1 v.... 11 -ci... 1 ... ' Vi't to the whole scheme of the Tiger
PitlNCKTos. .V J.. Nov II.-1 he J I attack there was little scope. Yale with.,
time Yale and Print-ton played a football lvl. rl,mllg game, backs who were capa-,
... -..I.I..1. .I..... ....... ..u I.... i,,,!,..'- 1.1.. n 1..... I, 1 1 1 .. I
Kailll III 1V1HIII Itivil- nr, n .... l-!l'l .1 1 , IllllilllU VI U I IV I11IU il
bv both sides as to-dny was away back In , scheme, of passing which look In double
the middle of the "JOs. The score at that ; r'l,I"1 throws, had the other side al
.,,., , . . 'ways In doubt as- to what the Llls wcro
time was 20 to 10 In favor of ale and , ,() (.(, w,h (lu( bM Thnt rounto(,
then, as now,' Yale had the more prolific i aH mU(.., the manual docdi. themselves,
scoring devices and tho Tigers threatened j The passing part of It was done expertly
III the second half vvrn If tho backs did run further across
A weighty "If which arose to-day wa, ,f , Ya
what flight havo been done by tho 1 Igers l1)ack er, nln.,K for Carnegie Lake
had they begun their straight rushing , Instead qt the goal line, but what they
earlier. If they had they might have nilght do was a constant source uf anxiety
scored earlier, and then again Yn.e's de ; liX "ul'.ie'osf 'l.eld
fence, which wns fresher then and plenty ,,. , ,,,,. forrt,d o fMm ,,y T1(.ra
able to stop what few attempts at rushing .netting on top of the passers. Tho lateral
Princeton did make at that stage, nTTghtpass sometimes found an end In the pUy
have foiled more rushing Just as It did foil -'' f added variety. Yalo usingStl!l.
what there was up to the last quarter. "''"' ,n,.8U(',1- t''"-v" 1,1 ;;r,"ero""-
Again the Tigers had they ruthed morITI" ultimate destination of the ball.
previously might trot have been as strong
at It at the finish. Arrother big "If was
what n back Held consisting of Ollck,
Moore. Dlckerman and Law might have
done hud It been In all through. Ollck
at quarter surely imparted a drive and
cohesion to the attack which were the best
Princeton u.is snown.
In the tlrst half Yule gained by rushing' ""' V",' """" lo maiee, wntn
Is7 yanls to Princeton's S. showing how Princeton territory, but they had
much Yale outfought the Tigers In that "IfalKht scrimmage runnlnir to depend on
half, and also meaning that Princeton " ' "l? ?"sl" ''?'. w01' ,"'
didn't try to rush much, but stuck to the "!fr "f r 'H'" "' h'-r nMHty
kieklni; cniiie lii the second half Yule c"rr 11 0"t- Defensively they, showed
brkle'downo'M-"':;" '''V
122. The total gains nt the running game , f .kl' ' . ? "1c ."P fur
' , ,.,.,u hv V ile 111 liv Prlnc i ton '"''t ""lr ttack made the Tiger defence
were -b. yards by .ilc. 131 by I rlraiton. f ,ok u (J. NeltllPr ,nm VM I)Rl cla(l((
v.l. Kf.m. I'nlth lii Pn.sliiu "" I1"1 ''"fe""'' ''"t Princeton was
lnl. Keeps I nltli In I .Iiik. .mncher close to the goal line th.nr Yale
Yale made thirteen tlr-t downs and When defending, and Yale's goal line 111-
Prlnceton nine. tale made nine first
lowns to Princeton's none In the llrst
half, and It seemfd to be Yale's fixed
policy to outse.ire Princeton and to go
about It by tcorlng early. That Is, the
Yale men believed their game could pro
duce more polnt than Princeton's, and
that rfotlon swayed them rather than
being concerned with what Ptinttnn
might do In accumulating points. More,
over, they were not to ha disturbed In
carrying out their plans for more points.
Cirly fr ultlessness of their plans, de.
pending largely on the pisrlng game,
didn't disturb their faith In It, and It ' put that final punch Into the Princeton
was this stlektnltlvencss which helped ma.' tiiuu.
ttrlnlly In their victory. The Tigers often , WIIso i pltyed n hard, effective game
stopped Yale's lateral passing, but they for Yale. He ran powerfully with the
couldn't slop It always, nor Its variations. I ball, handled his team and repertoire of
When it did go It wns a big gain play, I plays with telling Judgment and with Le
whlch helped a greit deal. ' gore did most of Yale's secondary defence
Tho figures are. eloquent on the forward , tackling. Alnsworth on wide runs und
pass score. Yalo gained seventy-two Knowles closer In. ndded their yards to
yiir'dn to Princeton's none. Verily, the i Yale's total, though they didn't keep their
forward imss, measured by the Harvard
and Ynle, games, was -a flnzln at Prince
ton this year. Yale had too good n baek
fleld defence for the Tiger forward pass.
Yale came down to Princeton, better
equipped III attacking plays than Prince,
ton. cante down with a wider range of
Princeton Outshone In Pniitlnu,
In the punting game Yale outdid
Princeton. Legore punted admirably as
to distance and plnced his kicks better
than In most games this year. Once he
kicked so low that his ends couldn't cover
I ho ball's flight, but that was from a bid
pans. Hut h appeared lo bo In too
much of a hurry several times lo get his
kicks awny, nnd, for that reason punted
Into the linn once, Then, too, he was In
too much of n hurry with his goal kicks,
applying his toe too hurriedly after the
ball bad been placed on the grour.d by
tils assistant.
Still, Yule benefited from the fact lint
.egore outpunted Drlggs and Law. r, either
of whom was consistent. In the tlrst half
Yule's limits aveiaced thlrtv-nlno vards
to Princeton's thirty-six . In lh -Tumi
h.ilf they averaged forty-two yards to
Princetons thirty-six : furthermore, Le
gore's, average was reduced by the fact
thnt ope of his puntji went Into the line
and inndo no distance whatever.
Owing to the fact tnat the work on
both sides In preventing the run bank of
kicks 'was Indifferent In ftuullty both ran
hack kicks freely, Piiv:etin being slightly
tho bo'ter. The Tigers run punt back
13.1 yrirdn to'Yalo'h 131. The handling of
punts vr(h pretty good. Yule's better than
Princeton'. Lejroro war the bn catchei
In the luicklleld. There was no wind to
spek of, nnd neither side cured much
nbout lettlnp n kicked hall sliilcii the
rround. They preferred Inking It on
the. fly, but Leitore wns much morn pro-
llclent at Judging a kicked ball than the
Prlncetnnlans who plnyed bac,
Fumbles were few and nf small con-
seqwnre. A loose ball waa pretty well.
1 followed, Penalties were frequent and
, fnl I ly cosily. Offences ran to offeldo work,
'holding and Interference with fair
tulches. They wero pretty well divided,
V.i lo was disciplined slxly-flvo yards und
Princeton sixty.
Ilofh Stiles Tin-Mr Poor);.
A detnll In which there was u funda
mental weuknesi was tackling, Yalo's
tackling wasn't rrp to big gnme standard,'
but It wus belter than Princeton's. Nu-
nierous times the Yale runner shook him
self loose, and an Insufficiency of sure,
hard thigh high tackles cost many a
, Princeton, when her attackers woke up,
mado excellent use of a limited rnngo of
plays and executed those plays with pre
cision nnd speed. Running plays were put
through effectively In conneotlon with a
formation which had the menace of either
worked perfectly. Mooro catching the ball I
on Yale's 47 yard line. The crowds were
at a loss to explain the Cause of the sec
ond kick and Capt. Hallln nffer tho Ra'me
was over enlightened even his coaches,
who did not understand It. It happened
that Law had kicked the ball before Hal
lln had signified his' readiness to resumo 1
Play. I
Urn mi tossed Moore for a loss of two
ynrds when the latter missed his footing.
Iegore blocked Law's forward pass and
Princeton' was penalized five yards for
offside play. A second pass wns Incom
pleted and time wns railed Just Us the
pnss struck the ground,
The crowds were slow to realize that
tho game was over nnd Yale had won,
and It was not until the teams checfed
each other In the centre of the gridiron
that they swarmed on tho field.
The Ynle students certainly made
merry, for It wns the first time that the
present undergraduates at Yale have had
the chance of Indulging In the snako dance
for a football victory over either Prince
ton or Harvard. The lineup:
Position. I'rlnceton.
Left end Illehley
Left tackle Mcl.ran
I.eltrunril Slirnk
Centre ... .(iermcrt
Itlfrht riniril H. Trcnkmann
Ittthl tackle..,. llallln
end,. . ..Shea
Ouartrrtinck. .. Amea
Lett halfback Tlbbott
Illpht halfback Ullck
I'ullback. Drift
Nmrn Yale. 10: Princeton. 14. Touchdowns-
Alnsworth. Hrann, .Ncotll, Moore, Click Coals
from touchdowns Ijiw. 2 I.rcure. Substitutions
Yale- Scovll for Knowles, Haitton for Wilson,
Currniey for I.rcorr, Gould fur Hrann. C 51
Slirldnn for Talbmt. Carter for Stlllman, Talbott
for Helta. J, .Sheldon for Talbott. TslUott for
( M. Sheldon, SUllman for Carter, llrRnn for
Could. Wllwn fur Lattnn. Loufhrldtc for Tsl
liott, Cornell for Alnsworth. Oake for Conroy,
V M. .SheMon for Lou;hrtdi:r. Von Holts for .1.
Nhrldon. Alnsworth for Cornrll, Talbott for C
M Miirldon. L'onror for Oakrs. Ileus tor Von
Holts, Lernre for Guernsey. Princeton Urown
for Shea, r Trenkmann fur Click. Lambi'rton
for llluhlry. Dlckerman for Tlbbott. Itahlll for
Uunberton. Poland for P Trrnkmann, Mljhli-y
for Hahlll. Itahlll for Itruwn. IPirriKadt for Atnrr.
' Moore for DrUxs. Law for lloland, Click for
Kherstaitt, Love for McLean. IIori for K. Trcnk
1 niann. Ilavlland for (leruicrt, .Swart for Mienlt,
1 Shrnk for .Swart, llrowu for Itahlll, Lambcrton
I for lllctiley. Itefcrei"-Tufts. Umpire -Marshall.
' Linesman lleaehsm. Held Judtc Hurlclgti.
'lime of periods 1.1 minute'
'"'J '"ft ,:""c', . ., 1 ,
! t .'"'""i .,hlnB ",ut t" win ilex
passing;. On one occasion the Yale tricks
of passing took In a throw from the re
ceiver of a punt to a man behind him.
Superior Offence Tells Tale.
The Mils always were willing to sail
, v,v. " " '" r "
; fem e v. lien called on was shaky.
Ah expected, Princeton was outdone in
the backtield. This refers to the tlrst
string men. Tho Tiger backs who went
in late were better than the Yale under
studies, barring Scovll. f.llck played a
brilliant offensive and defensive game for
Princeton and when he took the quarter
back Job became all the better. He had
able help from Moore and Dlckerman, hut
islde from flllck the llrst string Prince
ton backs didn't shine. At that Ames
Played a belter backtield gamo than at
Cambridge, but It remained for fillrk to
feel any too well. All of the Yale backs
were quick starters, but not all of fhem
had prompt decision In picking a route.
K. Trenkmnnn nnd Hallln were the best
men In the Tiger line, In open field work
and' In close scrimmaging. Hallln made
lots of down the field tackles, and with
Trenkinann followed the ball In tine style.
Trenkmarm more than held his own with
his opposite, but on the other side of cen
tre Ynle didn't suffer by comparison. Tal
bot of Yale proved to be a competent
leader, was keen at siting up plays,
tackled better than a majority of those on
the Held and smeared plays dead at the
line. I.Ike Hallln he was right with the
bull and was consistently effective more
than anybody except Trenkmnnn. McLean
ut left tackle for Princeton, though he
broke through hard now and then, waa
none too steady on defence. Hctts of Ynle
was steadier. Thn Yale tub tackles fac
ing Princeton's eleventh hour attack were
hard put to It. The Yale Mib.s us a whole
were Ineffective.
The centro play wy (Jcnncrt and White
was marked by several poor iwsm-4 and
I J' hlte by gxsid oven work as a line.
nun. fn t're ends Yale had the bcttc-
of It. They weren't down tho Meld in
promptly lis tho Jersey (tankers, hut they
did hitter work all around. TIny were
rmieh better In line plays, both lit get
ting Into 'those of Princeton and taking
part In their own, What Hrann did us a
ivcelvcr of the forward puss made him
sl.iiul out coiuqilcuoui-ly, and he was per
sistent, up nnd after his man wtien
blocked In going down the field. Still
linn was the best defensive end on tho
field, quick lo see what wui going on
nnd In a great many pluyt. He wasn't
llnWheil, but wsis very willing and a hard
, worker.
A whole flock of Harvard coaches ,nnd
j pl.iyorb was on hand watching Kit's every
move, and, with muoh of their team
.iibsint from Cambridge, not particularly
I concerned over the 0 to (l tie with Hrown.
v.....,i-i. , ,..i.......
Mn" Sneelnl. lo I rlneetontlor..
i to ,ew llmen .XrJI Sutnrilii? .
Klghteen special trains carried the toot
ball crowd to the Yale-Prlnccton gnme
from the Penneylvunlu Station, Six nridi
tlnnnl trains left Jersey City for the big
game and several specials wore mude up
In Philadelphia.
In all 144 cars left the Pennsylvania
Station, carrying U,0u0 passengers. At
:: A. M, tho first train pulled out of tho
station with every sent In the onr occu
pied. The last special for Princeton left
the station at 12:05 p. M, The running
time varied from an hour and ten lo un
hour and fifteen minutes. Thero wero no
mishaps to any of the specials.
For the Yale-llnrvard game at New
Haven next Saturday the New York, Now
Haven ami Hartford In preparing to
handle the biggest passenger traffic
movement In Its history. The road fix- .
poeta to convey 35,000 of a prospective
attendance of 7n,000.
The plans provldo for a special service
from New York of twenty-five trnlns, tho
first leaving the Orand Central .Station
nt 8:10 A. M. Fifteen specials will start
from Hoston and other points. The train
service from Now York will havo n carry- '
Ing capacity of 20,000, from Hoston 10,000
nnd G.otrO from other point.
No private cars to nnd from the game
will be operated ovor the routo during the
tlmo the specials nro moving. Theso cars
will have to move on the day previous or
In time to arrive nt Now Haven before
8 A. M. on the day of the game. Private
cars will not bo permitted to leave New
Haven after the gnmo until S P. M.
Tho yard In New Haven, whero tho pas
sengef trains will be mado up for tho .
humegolng crowd, will be Illuminated by
an especially Installed electric light 1
tern. This has been done to avoid con
gestion and delay after the game. There
will be no danger of delay along tho route
duo to the current, as precautions liae
been taken for such an emergency 1
West Vtralntn Weslrjnn (iets
Points, Awtliist nil.
WltKEMNO, V. Va.f Nov 14. The
Washington and Jefferson eleven, before i
a record bcraklng orowd at W'heelms: i
Hark to-day, ndded to Its laurels for tho I
1914 season by annexing the football
championship of West Virginia when 'It
defeated the West Virginia Wesleyan
teiun. 59 to 6. The Pennsylvanlans u
few weeks ago de.fea.ted West Virginia
University, 4S to 0. The only tlmo that
w, and J. failed lo show Its usual claim
plonnhlp form was In the third quarter, j
when through a fumble It allowed Wcs-1
leyan to g the ball. The West Virgin-'
lans got away with a forward pass ana
nude their single score. The lineup:
W. A J.
novin . . .
W. Younklns
Weliecher .
Scymwi.. , .
Goodvvln . .
Snleitel . . ..
for .
Pudllons. W.Va.Wesleysn
Left end
f.efl laoklo. .
Left eusrd. ,.
Hlirht iruard. .
Itlnln tackle
Itltht end .
Uunrterrisrk ,.
.Left hslflmrk
tththt hnlfliarU
. . Morgan
. . Singleton
. Krlllson
. . . Ilesvner
Y0U117 . .
Neore. U. A J.. .Vl! W Vs. Weslevsn. A. Subltl-
tutlons W. 4c J.. htobhs for Moner, MrCrclrtrt tr
Vnunir, Huliie fur Splrcel, V Yonnklns for W .
Younklnn. Mrlllvltt for Patterson. P Drew for
Stnl.h Sl.il.lt. tnr flnnHuln. Wlmbprlev for WM-
becher. Wefbeeher for Wnioner. J. Drew for
Ituble. Iloettn'r for Wllherrpoon. Itelch for
Mrt:reltil. Wsioner for Wrsbcchcr, llrldges for
V. Vounklns. Mourr for Stnlihs; V. Vs. Weslcyan.
Allen for Withers. Nerrllls for JscoIm. Touch
donns Hplegel, 3: MeCrelcht, 3; McPhcrson. 2:
llrlch, Miller. Coals from tourhdon--PtU'r-wn.V
Yonnklns. 3: MeCrelithi, Iteleh. Heferee
Klnir Itsfferty, Princeton Umpire Walter A.
Sugden, HarVHrd. I.lnmnian J p. Parson. Ohio
Meitlcsl Unlvernlty. Ttraeot period!- 12 minutes
Boats Phillips Amlnrcr in .'loth
Annunl Game by Largest"
Fifftires of All.
As-povkc, Mass. Nov. II Phillips j faultlessly from the quarterback po'
Exeter defeated Phillips Andover In the i Hon. His one weakness was fuml.l n.-thlrty-flfth
annua, football game here this I JV'C r,nrsTar,!:c;s,,y'
afternoon, 78 to ,. making the largest I ijre.it Interest was manifested In rh(
score In the history of the games. An
dover wns powerless before Kxeter's at
tack, hut by- a well executed forward
pars, PlUgerald to fJould, succeeded In
Bcorlng Its only count.
Kxeter scored In the tlrst live minutes J Oreek at will, until finally Porlzas was
of play on a thirty yard run by t'npt. replaied by Wltherow In the third period
Ciiney. Casey. Kcmpton. Scott and Lake Whitney and Curtis, punting fcr Da i
dld most of Kxeter's grdund gaining, and r.-.outh. avtraged seven yards more on their
Fitzgerald, son of ex-Mayor FlUgernhl uf . Iu,llK th!l Tucker and Avery, who did
Hoston. for Andover. Kxetcr gave a tine lho i,p.ing for Penn. Forward pas-mc
exhibition of the open game, and her backs , waH ,p , f,.ur,. of ,,. n,,. ,
made many long gains bv double and , .,,,,,,, ,h() qu,,Upr.s ,.Xi.,.ed. Thev iiw-re
mine p sseri. winy once uiu me lorwaiu
pass fall,
Andover made most of her gains also
on the forward pass. On several occa
sions Casey ran for about half the length
of the field for touchdowns.
Kxeter last year broke a series uf nine
consecutive losses to Andover by defeating
her 59 to 0. The lineup:
Kxeter. Position.
Martin.. Left mil . .
Klrknotrlek Left tncklo . . .
Smith .Left eunrd . .
Wehner.. .Centre..,
Zennrr.. Itliht guard .. .
t'omerford.. .Ittcht IftcUie....
lme lticbt end . . .
Krrnpton. . Ouartertinrk ..,
Scnlt... Left lialfliacli , ,
('nicy-... lllrrht halfback .
tiles mn
. . (iould
1.SXC... l unnacK , .
Senre- ttleter. 7S: Anduver. Touellilowns-
fnney, J: It emptor. Scott. !: like, S: Comerford.
Lour, Martin, (ilcanon. Safely. Aihley. Gnnls
from tonehdoun- Wehner, 10: foxc. .Suhntltu-,
tlons-KrteivH 'srter for Smith. Itrnmnn for
Zenner. Lnrorlie for ticott. tiouih for Casey.
Kltiirlhbon fur Lake: Andover--Shcehan for
Kellowea. Vounir for Sneehsn, Coir for Itusaell,
Thomsa for Annley. Young for 'rhomn, I'ljnt
for Merrick, Thompson for Klynt, Allen for
Thompson, McMsnus for Allen. Heferee--Whitney.
Cornell. Umpire Msxucll. SHsrthinore.
Linesman- Berry. Springfield V. M. C. A. Time
of periods 15 minute each,
Trinity Is Worn lliran liy Heavier
I, Ine of Opponents.
.xilpni.BTOWN. Conn., Nov, 14 In a con
test full of thrills Wcsleyan defeated Trin
ity here to-dny 3 to 0, Kustls's drop kick
In the middle of tho third quarter being
the only tally. Kinney of Trinity fulled
three time? on attempts at piarement
kicks. Wesleyan won because of her
heavier Hue, which gradually wore out the
spirited Tilnlty offence. Twice the Hart
ford team worked the bnll within a few
fust of the Weeieyan goal, but lost It.
Trinity looked good at the start, when
Castator nnd Cole on successive rushes
carried the ball steadily down tho Held
until It was lost on the S yard line. The
second period wns, however, Wesleynn's,
and only for un Incomplete forwnrd pass
from Trinity's 7 yard line, which rolled
over the goal line, the Wesleyan team
might have scored.
Trinity opened the third qunrter much
ns she had started the game, the ball go.
Ing down to Wesleynn's 3 yurd line on a
forty-eight yard run by Lambert through
the Wesleyan team, Hnllneh finally down
ing the man a few feet from the goal. The
lineup :
Wesleyan. Potltlnns. Trinity
Nourse Left end Morris
Wllklmon, . Left tackle Howell
Vouatf Left ward Jaekhon
hmtls ... Centre Kinney
Suriccnt Itlgrit guard Hraoiey
Oordon,. night tackle Lambert
Mnvarrt Hlrht end Connors
Sloeum., Quarterback Smith
Newhall Lett halfback Cole
Johnson.... lllght halfback . . , . lies
Kenan .. I'ullback . Castatur
Score Wesley nn. .1; Trinity, II. Coal frnm field
Hum s, Substitutions- Talbot for Wilkinson,
llallork for .Ncfthall, Markthalrr for Johnson!
t rnlit for lies, Churchill for Hradlry Ittfene
-Neuion, I'eiunylvruiln. Umpire Thorpe. I'nlurn.
bia. MneMnan Klmlgen; Columbia. Time is
minute quarters.
1(1 ill tin 1 1 nnd Slney Win I'rlsea.
F.leven golfers plnyed n the eighteen
hole handicap at the Dyker Meadow Oolf
(.'lub yesterday. In Class A. c A. Kim-
ball .won with SS 8, 80, and L F. Slney
was the only Class It golfer to turn In
his card, His score was 9! 16, 76,
The competition for the Dyker Men, lnw
cup was brought to the semi-final stage
by the playing; 0f two muicheH to-d.iv '
F. W. Shlbley beat L. H. Smith by 2 tip 1
isiiu i hi lu.iy, nu i, x, iximonll peat
A. U Foster by 4 up nnd 3 to play, Tho
scones In the handicap:
Class A C. A. Kimball, si 8, 0; A. L.
Foster. I, It; J. W, Palson, 94 (, s.
Clam B E. Y. Slney, 9111. 74.
Football Game
Saturday, November 21
Special Trains will leave Vu
York for New Haven at S'i6
A. M. and at short intervals
thereafter until 11:15 A.
To avoid congestion and do
lay in reaching Yale Bowl bu
your railroad ticket in k.
vance, and-
Take Early Trains
New York, New Haven & Hartford Railnaj
After Opciiinir Pcn'od (Junkers.
With Few Exceptions, Arc
Iiitekinfr in Spirit.
Pit!t,AJEt.rittA, Nov. 14. Tho big Oret
football team representing DartmtntV
swamped the University of PcnnsylvnJ
eleven this afternoon ut Krnnklln l-'leJJtvj
the score of 41 to 0. It was not that Dart,
mouth wns so good, but rather that I'enn
was so poor.
In the first quarter Penn played
splendid defensive game, holding Its con
querora twice for downs Inside of th
f yard line, but thereafter tho Red an4
Illue fight departed never to return, uni
It was merely a question of how many
times Dartmouth could score. The pluns
Ing baekfleld from Hanover, mide up
of Whitney, Curtis and (Icrrlsh, plunsed
through the unwieldy Penn line for rm.ill
but consistent gains.
.lourneay, MofTctt and Hopkins flru;
glcd unceasingly and to good effect, hut
coutd not hold the big Crm team alone
Theeo threo men made narly every Uckle
for the Quakers, but rccclvi.J tirnctlvally
no support from the other eight As
t'oach Hrookc saw man after man on the
Pennsylvania team quit cold ho pulloi
them out, being forced to play nearly all
the second string players before the enU
of the game.
!hee, at quarterback for the visitors
gave a splendid exhibition of nil arounn
playing. He squirmed through thn Pen
team repeatedly for gains of twen.y mil
thirty yard, and also handled lln b.V
struggle between .Mike Porlzua, Pennn
big UreeK guard, and Speurs, who n)iosel
him on the Dartmouth team. Dorlz.i'
was undoubtedly the stronger man, b-rl
was unable to hold his more experienced
opponegt. Spears broke through th
. ......... ....,.., or wh.rh . ..,.,, ,,,.
completed, while Dartmouth romnieed
seven out of thirteen tries.
Dartmouth's tlrst sci.ro came In the firs'
three minute of the second period.
Tucker, standing on Perm's 30 ynrd line,
ntcmpted a forward pass to Ilopk n..
which was Intercepted by Curtis, who run
tho ball back to Penn'n fi yard lln
I before he was downed. On the fourth
.down Murdoch scored. Pudrlth kicked ii
gtnl. Klcht minutes later Curtis tire
I ripen the Penn line for a twenty
I pain, bringing the ball to Penn's 2 - ,i 1
line, winMilp scored on a forward p.i"'
from tlhee. Pudrlth kicked the co.il
In each of tho lust two periods par
mouth scored twice. Thn first ,v:orc re
suited from a 32 yurd run by Ohee in
returning oire of Tucker's punts, and a
thirteen yard plunge through right tackle
by Murdock. Pudrlth kicked the goal
Dartmouth s second completed forw.nu
pass came when Comlskey, substituting
for Ohee., tossed the ball ten yanls to
Oerrlsh, who scored on a Ilfteen yard run.
Murdoch dropied Comlskey's kick out
The third period ended with the hill
In Dartmouth's possession on Penn's 1
yard line. On tb first play In the 'st
period Thlelsehler scored on a line nlunc
through right guard. The final se re e.itn
n few minutes later, when Coiiusk, i
scored from tho lb yard line on ,i de
layed pass thnt caught the whMe Penn
team napping. The lineup:
Penn. Positions. Dartnii""'
Hopkins Left end... . Telfr
Ittissell left tackle . Puln h
Dorlzas Loft guard. . .11. H Mfil.
Juiirneay Centre M'
Nnrwold Itlglit guard Sum"
Harris ItlBht uckle c
Koons ltUht end. . .. Vn-'i'r
T. Merrell (Junrlerliack .... ''
Moftett Irfft lialfhjek vvli'i"-
Wray Itlgbt halfback. . ' '"'
Tucker . . Kullliaek ii, -ri'i
Si ore- Dartmouth, 41, Penn, 0 T . i ;
down -Murdnelt :, Wlnshlp, ilerrlih Tli
nobler, Comlskey. (lnals frnm torn hil-ni"" .
Pudrlth, 5, Substitutions- P. K Iur'"'
for Curtis, CurtU for tierrlsh. Colhr fir
K. Merrill, Iteming fur ltus-tll. Ite.ttte t '""
Telfer, Wltherow for Pnrltss. ilfii'i '"
Curtis, -XtiiltJiens for Wray. Cnnilsk,
(ihee. Avery for Tucker, Smith fn T
Pepper for Nnrwabt, Thlelsehler fn'
dock, Uorlsas for tvithernw. Cbll.t f.
inn. Ciiniiieii fur iterrlsh, Perry for W'' - P
N'orwitbt for Pspper, Towniend fft' " ,r
Pepper for Norwahl. Sell.arli for 11,-pW' '
llaxler fur Mllnmre. Telfer for He In. t'
liuinel tor Whitney, I,. Mur.tnok f" v ,
P. K Murdock foe Telfer. sou.ii '
rltb Iteferee, J. W .Murphv Hen '
nlrn- 1'iiltr.. Ilrnnn, Ltiies iiaii T V
Itnrvii i ,1, Time of periods 1.1 mini
Mutch Piny nl I'm llllln.
The second rounds of match p'n 'nr
both the Hrooklyn and president i:'
wero played yesterday nt the Pox HI'-'
(Jolf Club. The summary:
nronkl ll Cup, Hernnd llnilnd- W 'I 1
ey heat Dr. (', li. Kletcber. - up ' -Sussern
bent Mhoard Crne, : anil t T ''
Waierhury heal II. If. l.bivd. und - ' "'
II Arnistroiig hsut J, C, liiHersun, 1
President's Cup, Sei-uud Iteund 1 Mk
flhee lieut It, n, Mnnilni'l;, ' ,ili'l 1
Drier bent T. D. Conroi. 5 nnd 1 I '
Jr.. heat ft. B. Armstrong, : .in. I I w '
Itarnlilll beat II, T Allen, 3 nnd :
1'lllril l.ru- fn Xl..,ii..lnl m.ii.itel'.
.. . .
MoNTri.Aln. V(.i" 1 .Tl, il,ir,t for
1 a trophy presented by the Montrlair
Club In n twentv-tlve target haml MP
'competition was won- to-dnv bv David P
Criilkshank. who broke eighteen with
I handicap of seven.
Prices and Terms
to Suit,
. ni'PAHLS nv

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