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Fair to-day, probably rain to-night; rain to
morrow; northwest to northeast winds.
Detailed weather, mail and marine reports will be
found on page 11. -
NEW YORK, SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 28, 1914. Copyright. 1 the Bun PrMo ami PublUMng Association.
Iloyd (ionise Tells Commons
Causes of Financial
fecial Cable Despatch to Tnr. Sex.
London, Nov. IT David Lloyd George.
Cha'iccllor of the F.xeheiiuer, announced
In the House of Common to-day that tho
f 550 OOe.OOO (SI. 730,000.000) war loan
h.s l m Rte.it. y oversubscribed. He did
i tv fumes, hut raid that nearly :
indi.du.il' h.id applied for small
ii. oi tiei.t of the loan and would receive
ti ,. ..i . ,. .-.! .itioil.
T. t' however, places the total np
r) c foi the row loan of C350.OUO.000
: !
$!,.. t'OO.noO) lit C.1i,00U,iHl0 ($t,S2
fin'. mini. Thee l:nds arc now quoted
Jn "v t.ntl.ot at par. plus commissions.!
A :'ic sjune tlmu the Cltnncttthr made
a . mi ut regarding the general finn
eat Jlid.tion of the oinp.rc.
lifloek wh
T i financial deadlock which followed
the " it'u call of tho war, he said, was due
to i-.iiiihty to collect debts abroad,
i .t. bij In the CtUtcd Plates, which owed
G eat It ttaln about 1.000,000.000 (15.-
Old1 Oil, MOO). '
T it ilritish Government, he crntlnued. 1
t.i, as-umed res".nslbllltles In tills war j
v. .,r no Government t ver had been called
ii on for before, having not only Hrltlsh ,
b-.i.'iesi to finance, but also tho duties In
cumbe'it upon the empire as an essential
part of a m ichlne "that ran the Intor
u it du.iI trade of tho world."
We carried half the iiroduce and pro
Tchd tne capital that moved this produce
fru.u'otic part of the world to another, not
cnlj foi our.selv.-s, but for other coun-tf-f."
he f.ild.
!Ie added that the financial paper Is
sued In London had become a part of the
cunmcy of the world.
Ko lllll of i:cliillisr Dishonored.
"Into this tine, delicate paper machinery
crashed a great war, a (Tec ting two-thirds
of t people of the wliolu world." he said.
'Confusion win Inevitable. It was as If
violent kick had been given to an ant
hill For a moment there was confusion
Tim British Government, the Chancel
lor went on, had hypothecated the credit
e st i'.e to restore h?e exchangee,
i a which the commerce and Industry
d-.ie iel, and iiy tne. step tne umm-
!i .aMe cnariieicr oi me nruisn diu
ef . .l.niKe naa oecn mamiaineu, so
t t no one could say hereafter that ln of Jewelry he sold on similar terms, which and my sight Is perfect." It may take . tltlcatlon ditllcult.
a ,. of crisis this paper had been dls-h,ae brought his profits up to $2,000, j a jMr trfore the glasses can he ills- Many pemens w.-nt to Kheernrss scek-heii-
d. according to the brokers. carded; It took Sears himself that lonn "K Information regarding ' fate of
T.e Hank of Kngland. he said, had I The story of Joseph Gershgal Is the f h . j , , , ,ft relatives amo, g the crew The Adm.raJt
AM mnted fl20.O1O.C0n (1800.000.000) of OIle thev are telling most on the curb . i j k ii. Irr irt j has not Klven out a list of the dead,
ll.s At the came time, out of a total ,1, VH. because It Is best Illustrative i but he sas It was wor.h the effort. naval authorities have begun their
n hn.vH.n 200.000 000 1 11.500.000.0001
k.i.i :,00. 000.000 ($2,500,000,000) of bills, :
oat .t the time of the outbreak of war, !
the greater part was disposed of In the'
ordinary course. ,
'J..o,ooo,ooo in "ruin Moruitr
ll.lls amounting to a total of
COO iJ30l.930.000). he said, had
st maturity and money for
brn found by the Hank of
Jl( tstiii-.ated that feO.000.000
( in ) of 1,111.-4 would remain In "cold
Horage" until the end of the war, bc
ca'ire of t'iclr belonging to belligerent
ccimtri.-s, or for other reasonn.
The Chancellor said that the great
t 'rt r.g houre.s would not lon a penny,
ft:. ! in- vsliinattd the total loss on all
th'se transactions would not equal the
rot of i arrylng on the war for a single
T..' k. wl (le Ilrltlsh commerce and Indus
tr bv V. is means weru being saved from
Snj l.lo.iil Cmritr'n FlKiircs Are
Avwiy In llvei'ns of I'neta.
The statement of David Lloyd George,
fianrclloi of the lZxchecpjer, In the Houss
ef Commons that the United States owes
C, ea Britain IS.0O0.000.000. with the Im
plication that the Inability of Great
Ttntum to collect this debt had tied up
Jl -S hii'in'jss and caused a financial
tliadlock, was decidedly resented In Wall
S- t vesterday. It was said that Mr.
l.'.O' il George had bton mlsn.uoted or that
lc w is misrepresenting tho situation.
T i- pol.it Immediately made by tlnan
cl i authorities was that the Chancellors
t-itermnt was an estimate not of In-db'eiin.-s
hut of tlie Investment of
Hi -h i ipltal ln the property and busl-
r.e-s i,r r.iis country.
T :it It Is unfair to call such an Invest
tnc ' a debt on the part of this country
ti iirta' IlrlUIn vvmm the (eie.lt Ion very
'I vr. iNpiessed by American bank
ers, fur the rc-ibon that the bulk of this
Tt a monev is represented here In
c a i pi operty. not by any means in
ii i inoniePS to pay on which Great
Jt i might be entitled to collect at any
i, .f i in in cash.
Total Nov. .11 lit-li Hedueed.
C i inns of Aineilcan bankers differed
r i I- from that nf Mr. Moyd fleorgo.
3 'as -aid by three of these bankers
ar hough ss.nnii.nno.ooo may nave
i',' s. it j the maximum Investment of
H .'i e ipltal at some time In the post.
1 ' anioinit ha hem consldei ably r
du'fil u was estimated that the present
i t -t -nr ut or Hiltlsh capital hero Is not
. .1 ... .-ii. ..ne. rmn
i. - .. .1
'lien ,u,'i'v""V""''
or iirnrcr I-11..I1. M.-.-UI.I llln lo llt
.(r.iiKr. I I1.-1I, n.,ui.,iiiw ill llt
ti" - i iesenteil bv bank-rs at the Inter
" f Comrneivo Conunlssloii railroad rate
e' .,. ifi.ooo.oun.ooo. -mis ot .ourse in-
1 1 'I l.lll.iaim. I'. unci oiniiiii, i-
irtii of the llaltlmore an 1 Ohio, estl-
Lmiland. Daniel WlUard. , e
n.i'Mi that American railroad kccj- .Irs : .lortant coast towns of Tripoli. As a pre
i n .ilni. id total IS, 000,000, Olio. Onol,.,.,inary measure they will b reen
-laie yesterday wns that Hrltlsh ln-lforr,d.
m 'infill in eciirltlos here was piobablyj The motive for the evacuation of Fen
j ' . niticr tniin netwecu i,uuo,uuu,nuu
ti i t2.ooo.00n.ono.
T e Investment of Ilrltlsh capital here ,nterland, owing to the proclamation of
! lot only in stivke, bimils, nhort term (l holy wnr, th- risk of attacks on out
i '-s h.lli. of evcliange and bankers' i wing garrisons and the dlltlculty nf keep
le Hiltlsh Investors lire heavy hold- np up linen of communication across a
ert of New York city reil estate. Thay , ,i(.,crt Infested by robbers,
e - - rne I'lVHirS III Till!' ,l me irc.l ll, ill-,
I ? propet tlea of the country. They hold'
l "in lands and cattle lu tho West. They
si'-n Me.ested In private arms running
J s lpiriHl plants, for Instance, the
I 'h e.ol and woollen Industries.
r 1 1 .uformed bankers were unanl-
Coiilliiiied 011 l'1tl. rape.
Engagement Is Announced of Grandson of the Late
Merchant and Financier Heir to Great
Fortune Is 20 Years Old.
Society here and abroad will bo greatly
Interested In nn engagement Just an
nounced, tlmt or Miss Kvelyn Marshall
of this city to Miirshall Field of Chicago
and I-ondon.
Miss Marshall la the only daughter of
the late Charles 11. Marshall of this city,
who was prominent In the. social llfo
of New York. She lives when In New
York with her mother at fi F.ast Seventy
seventh street. Mrs. Marshall was for
merly Mtsa Josephine Lenox Hanks,
member of an old New York family. She
and her daughter have lived abroad ivfhls
Kro.it deal.
Mr. Field Is a grandson of the late
Marshall Field of Chicago and the son of
the late Marshall Field. Jr..'whose widow
marled Cant. Drummed of the Ilrltlsh
army, lie Is 20 yers old and entered
Cambridge last e!ir after belnK Brad
Snapped Stickpin for Mine
Share Call and Profits
Came Quickly.
,,,.,,. 4 lfT . r i.s i,
MOKh J h h lilil H A It 1 h If h It
Joseph Gcrshgall has found recent times
bad for his Jewelry selling among the
brokers of the New York Curb Market.
Stories of quick money In mining stocks,
particularly Jumbo extension, had been
tickling his ears for pome days, and It
was not mere chance that took him a
week or so ago Into tho otllce of Harry
Schwclkert. president of the Jumbo Min
ing Kxtenslon Company, and a partner
in a brokerage tlrm dealing In mining
ttrwk I
Grshgall and Mr. Sehwelkert couldn't
agree on a price for a diamond stickpin,
but the Jctliy dealer had an Inspira
tion. "Steer me right ln J umbo and I'll let
you l.ave the pin." he said.
"All right." said the broker. "Go up to
the window and get a call on a thousand
shares of Jumbo for sixty days.
lou can
have It for the pin.
Before Oershgall got back to the curb
jje was worth H'J more man wnm ne
w'ent away. Ills trip naa oecupiru no.
much more than a nitnuie. inner pieces
.1,. ,.... ,,,n c.nlt.il lii he hands
0f tenographers, mWengers. w.tltel s,
PpVator men nnd bootblacks has grown
inteh. Profits have run from U'OO to
thousands. It Is said.
Tho rise of Jumbo is tn miniature an
On tne report oi iraunuiuun., ...
Hrlkes" last week It Jumped from !0
cents to 12.10 a share, an Incre-ise that
novels Sales of stock have be-n heavy. '
hut the us "I medium appears to have,
been long culls which apparently have j
h.e i written with extraordinary freedom, i
oein .1 I
IULD.1U "1V1J '
Trnlnsj Iletwecii llubokcn noil lluf
fnlo to He Operntril by Wireless.
Philadelphia. Nov. 27. Tile Lacka-
wanna railroad has decided to operate
irnitr." example of what happened In uie oni . ne tain, were po"nie. out nair on me acciuem.u uursuiiK i .. iifii .ir .uniiiuiu- nuniner or sucn esels coiiMantl em-I anxletj or iilarin. Tl.-re li ever', reason ' i ... ,.i.K wore ttlldailVICisl
t n Hf! . ' davs of speculative lmomUig In mine head, that Is lots of It. makes It hot. and tlon was being stored away on board, the p'oye.l. Ileg.-ir.ling destroyer- In s ild Hie I for complete -ontl.le.n - in the power of!,' , ,, , . '. . .
1 Arrived stocks Kvervbody makes money until . having provrd his point he was not going Udlef is prevalent among u considerable , nrtti-h navy had shown an enormous the navv to give effect to the w ish- arid I ho lull 111 liol'.'ltltu nllil ITntno vvni
.1 HrrieU "I"1""' . .'. . .. . v.....e t ... ...rtM llilni. k. .,.Ae.1nl.. .1... ..I ..f ,l.n l.llbll.- lllill tile A est rl I f 1..M ... , . t . .. . . .... . - I . ........I, I. Vn'li..t. H.... ..rt
them had the oottom IrtllS out; men in- ijr' i -!"" h"'i ......h 'iutiih e.-. - " , - , , i ! I,ui'1 mrnj in khii inner ,inu iniu inn i,si puiposes oi ine eiup're i. e nave jiowt- ' Vltlliaiiv lllliil iii.-ii. .,.-in-i i ...i- u".
Fncland 1 Is the loser. Jumlw has been dormant In matter. ofth. vessel wns cause I by a torpejlo a d.stroyer. while Germany had 1-st ful all:,s on the t-ras Tie utmo. t ror- i..,rin eliilms all Important lulvlltioo.
f3t? 000 the trading for years. A month ago the Sears w.i. In court on the complaint of tired by a German submarine. No otllelal , ,.)(rn, or .. I d n'ltv hiiracteriz. s the cooperation of ,,. , , i :
. tA una 13 rontM nr to. .n i ww-im m. ii .n-i-v t'A malum mi "v "... ... ...... i.rt'ai iiniani. nr? thi. ims n x onicr mo Aiimir.u-'fjt or inf or t iiuniriov mim i u- '
i" .. . ... 1- ..!.. olli uunt In 1i lu rv f T 1 'it 1 in Wiinf ThlHv. tut 1 11 -i f f Of t hi I'dlMtHi'l hill nr Ins Illvrmi. . ...t.ii. n i I
alt Its trains between Moormen aim i v0 n violation of the me.lle.tl practice
lluffalo by wlrebss and to maintain thej w ,..
regular telegraph system only for use In
nmprcrnev between these points, nccord
Ing to announcement rec.lvetl litre to
night. ,
J. J. GralT. In charge of the operating
department of the Lackawanna's system,
declared that the perfection of the wire,
less and Its cheapness when compared
with the old wire system made Its adop
tlon practical.
nr.verr.ment wireless experts Inspected
the new wireless station at Hoboken to-
,i-.v nid retimed the Instruments so
uiy e. . . ,. ... ,
not tO llUeriere WHO lliu wili-lcr.T nianuu
In the New York Navy Yard.
ti. T.neUawanna has been experiment
" , . , on ,rins foe niind It becomes a mister minii and a e n,.. ,,-., ......
Ing with wireless lrlrRrain on ir "J1 mo, ,nmlnalc llir iili)'lo,il Itfltn- to disclose partial details of a i emarlc- J llerllu less than a fortnight ago, has
a long t'me aim hi i ui . . r . h " "Anger Is nn liihiirmonlous thought, a able feat of the Hiissliin Itaitlc Meet under I declined that the American diplomat.
wrX L rM.i later it waa .xlenled l'01"0" w- c'1"rat', w itliln ourselves." .ho I Allmlrn, vpu K indicating that the otlicials in a weli kn..wn south Gentian
lluffalo trains. Later it waa ixienucj on "Hell Is deilructlve energy gen-1 city ate anxiously wondering abut the
to take n two more. era ted In one's own thoughts. peep 1,c,,rnt ' '"''V , ' , 1 vvhereaboiits of 2no rnited SUtes and
i. .. in be a long time before all tho
'trains of the road are e.pilpped with wire.
less apparatus. During the big storm"
last February and March, when prac-
' ., n .i. ii,.e.in i w res 111 New
isrsev were carrl'd down, the wlrele3s
was found to work well.
Itnllan fiHrrlsiin. I.enxi- i i-xsnii iii
llnmU of Frlenilly Chiefs.
.Special Cable Detpatch to Tin: So
ItnMK, via Havre. Nov. 27. It Is of-
'Iftelalty announced that the Itnllan gar
. .1..1-
I til .ell liilei. ii- rrf.nl l. i.xT.tll n
- 1'
- l'' - ... .
r nnnn will ..ill linn.
- 1 country
in noriiiiro ,ni... nti,,i', n,-
Turkish regency of Tripoli, wihlch they
'n 01 r . ., :".
troons will be concentrated In vitally lin
. to tne c v.e -
. ... u me Hanger oi an isiuiiiic uki.hik'h
Irr,r.in the fanal cai InlnliltantH or tne
Tltr St'N piihllshrs this ninrnlng nn
right pane section, announcing an. I re
rlrvilnir the Holiday honks nnd con
taining miament and nlp of the
literary world.
uatod from Lion. Much has been writ
ten about him and tho Immense fortune
wihlch he vvllMuhcrlt. s'
He has been repicsented a oung
man of excellent nunlltlrs-'vho has been
carefully trained for tlilf responsibility of
administering n great fortune.
While much pf his life has been spent
In I'ngland aml he speaks with an Hug
Hsh accent, the young man asserts that
It has never entered his mind to become
nn ttngllsh citizen. Hh said a year ago
tlmt ho hoped to take tho tlnal year of
college course In this country. Under
the terms of his grandfather's will Mr.
Field will Inherit three-fifths of the
estate of his grandfather when ho Is r,0
years old. In the meantime It Is to be
administered as a trust.
Mr. Field was among tho passengers
who urrltcd last night on the Lusllanln.
W. Sears, New Thought
Teacher, Arraigned in
Court, Gives Iteeipe.
The restoration of eyslght. the making
of hair grow on a head us bald as an oak
table, the elimination of sick headaches,
the vibratory effect of deep breathing, the
molecular discord engendered by feelings
of anger, hell merely as a. instructive
er.erirv ami mnlo'iilnp hirmnnv i nn 1 flumirnuy iiuiuHiiiii". ui.ii hiv "i
er.erg an l molecular harmonj as an i Kh,lrtoum was destroyed by a mine
agent for health, were some of the high , t).,lliy ln ,he Nortn Sea off Grimsby, tlf-
points touched on yesterday when Frank
W. Sears, the head of the New Thoiifht
Church, was arraigned In the West Hide
1UUIL u'l me ..1UJK. Ul ifi.fllMn lliciliciliu
without a license.
llald heads perked up with Interest In
the court when he gave his recipe for
growing hair. It Is simply this ; "Place
the hands on the scalp with a light mas
sage motion, concentrate the mind on the
harmonious atomic activity and say to tho
Intelligence of those atoms of the head
and the blood circulating In tho head that
they should work In unison to rejuvenato
the scalp and make It well and strong."
Whoever has to use glnsses should say
u hiuis.-h, j w -
No time limit was placed by hears on
the hair restoring formula.
He himself
; has not a full head of It yet by nny
means, but ho says It is a lot compared
I with what It once was. and. what's more,
u is stui growing. .More rapiu tesuns,
went to lii otllce at 110 West Thirty-
louriu street, arm on iwo ociusions ien
a 12 bill for his treatment of hir "pains
In the client, nervous tiuuble nnd head-
acnes, as sue conipiainen, ne was in-
own counsel, nnd with his knowledge of
medical law he Induced her to matte cer-
tain admissions ho wish.il. After she hid
told that his treatments consisted merely
of prescribing relaxation, silence. low.
dreii breathing and the nlllrmatlon of the
winds "The peace and harmony of God's
uinieiT.- ir. iiuuiiiik m'" i"".
islted her what she knew of medical prnc
.'..ihleei' i,.l Mi rrJu'ln I
,AVas , ,r,atmeut you say I gavo I
: "Vei," she answered, hut she could not
explain the variance of her two statements
when asked to.
"You came to me after a complaint
had. been made and you believed me guilty
before you saw me?"
"Ye-," said Mrs. Goodwin. (
Sears, who on.y recently has been dl-
vorred by his wife. Or. Julia Shun, took '
the stand to describe hl New Thougbt
teaching- llaimony Inculcated by the I
mind Into each and every molecule was
the over recurring theme of his discourse,
I ,piln 1.1.. k nv.il,, nf Al,.ctrollH or MTliall
The IkxIv Is made of electrons or small ,
atoms, ho said, each keeping as far away
from the next clcetrnu as it em. Hut i
n..n. tit-, elnlrnnu letillv rlo 1oln In tliel
...in. I II Y.,..r.iM a ui'iulnr mliitl nrol i.q
I , , " , L " L ne ..:U
; T'" "
, Mtir.ltr i.eVv adjourned the case to
, ,
,, .tiadih' xnm ujitc Tnnnnc
I JH. nxwtiwu. mu """ ",u""
' '" citiuim united nun enr-
rlnne roiililn'l MnUr Ascent.
ll l W. HIl.V XHT,
Special Corretpomlenl o) the London "Daily
Special Cable lnptch to Tlir His
Pr.TRor.iiAP, Nov. 27, Tho Itusslnn
column In Asia Minor was delayed by
. .. , . . . . ,1.1
-. 1 , .
It reaencu ine oarc ni uii' uiouuiani uu-
horses which were drag-gins the gun
' "!J..V" L" t. " :r
" " n rae nir the
I .,,,, ,.,.. uncceeilisil
- i with str.iv eM
- cannon to mi hi
- 1 . ..r,
nllivr AO WAlilXitV miaiCJX WAO.
t iiiipe iiir .im-ii ..iiiii i. ..k
Vears Willi llroken Veel.,
Only tho case of Walter II, Pur-yen,
ni.,. Ilve.l twelve vear wllh a broken
neck, gives hope to surgeons that they a number or coveted crosses of St. George,
mil) save the life or Martin Otten of I w re Issued In connection with It."
Aiiburndale, Queens, who is in the Flush-,
ing linndt.il wltli a nocture of the first, The statement of the Ilrltlsh Admiralty
1l01e.1l ot his spine. (referred to said:
Otten. who is the son of Luke Otten.
, suiii'iintendent of the National Sugar lie
lining company or urnoKiyn. ten trom
a ladder while hanging shutters at his
home on Thursday und struck on bti
German Under Water Craft
Make Raid Through
Dover Straits.
Special Cable Despatch to The Sis.
Lonpon, Nov. 27. l.loyds received In
formation to-day that Herman sub
marines are raiding In the Kngllsh
Channel and that two Ilrltlsh steamers,
tho Prlmo and the Malachite, were
torpedoed and sunk off Havre yesterday,
The otllcera nnd crew of tho Prlmo
were put ashore at Fecamp, n French
pott, und the ship's company of the
Malaclilto were landed at Southampton.
The l'rlmo was of l,3i!0 tons and was
sixteen jcars old. Tho Malachite was of
7 IS tons and was twelve years old.
Apparently the Germans aro Increasing
Min iNildners of their umltisi operations,
and It Is reported that great apprehension
Is felt wlong tho French coast over the
safety of troop transports, supply ships
and ste.unoru carrying valuable cargoes.
The German submarine aro bellevnl to
have travelled nearly 170 miles, passing
through tho Straits of Dover.
The TliiicJ correspondent ut Havre scalds
tho following account of the sinking of
the Maluchltc :
"The oaptaJn of the Malachite taw a
submarine rising from the water close to
the ship. The submarine' hatches wen
opened and a German Hag was hoisted.
The captain of the submarine shouted .
"I will give you ten minutes take to
the boats." The men of tho Malachlto
did o and the Mihmarlu sent ten shells
Into the hull of the vessel, setting her
After that the submarine dived.
tun miles southeast of Hull
The crew of the colli. r was rescued and
landed at Grimsby.
The. Khartoum was a r.Htnh steamship
of l.;30 tons, built In 1503. She had
been plying betwee- ItrllNh coil lrt
of M.u-yport and Arehangel, a ltu-siiin
port on the White Ken,
Only ail of sill MiiiU Willi the Hnl-
ivark Are Found.
I.ONPON, Nov. 27. Thirty bodies out of
the SOI officers nnd men who lost their
lives In tho destruction of tho battleship
Hulwark off Sheerness yeiterday were
recovered to-day. For the moil part the
ure si inuumirii i" u n.i,.-
Investigation into the causes of the
' aster. In spite of the opinions expressed
I by experienced naval otllcers w ho saw the
explosion from Sheerniis. that the Ilul-
walk was uestroweu nj an explosion oi
aer owi. waitatineB. .i..i.M.n .muuhii
until after the completion of the Invest!-
it Is believed nothing has been dls-
covereil to suggeft that an enemy had nny
nanil m in- loss oi tne iniiwsru. iwo;
jargo North Sea trawlers have sw ep: .
the river up nnd down without ns.llt
At low water to-day an object that
looked like the broken steel mast of the
Itulwnrk peeped out. I livers reported th.V
,h unner deck of the Hulwark was blown
clean away They fast-tiei "he wivekage
nun tureo sets or nii.oriiigs to noin it tor
tho present
Cnr's Cruisers:, Hisruiscl
Kaiser's. Open Fire in
FofT on Uallie.
Special Cable Ottpali'h tn Tiir Si x.
Lonpon, Nov. 27 --The .1nrnls;; Visf'i
' I
trograd correspondent claim" to be able
bureau refeired on September 1 whin It
niinnuuceii that German ships had ar-
rived, diimngeil, at Kiel, where some of
..... ... . .. . . ......
tn..n, nan sun,,, ine coricsponuent
liernian vrsseis mui neeu in tne naini
of cruising In the Haltlc up tu the limit
which the Itusslan lleei had decided to
hold and weto doubtless putting severe
pressure on Sweden. Admiral von llssui
painted several cruisers and destioyers
In the German colors nod contrived lu
foggy weather to Join the German ships,
unsusp.cted until It was too late.
"At a convenient moment he open'd
tire' and sink on Gi rmii'i cruiser and
badly damaged another, while his de
stroyeis did good work against the Ger
man smilliT craft. After tills 'llo llus
slan vessels wont home untouched,
"The Geinians naturally Kept silence
ittioni the affur, which no: only was'
rathe" illsel eiltulile flolil a llllr.lv naval
point of view, but I volral other con-
sldtT.UIniiH still moie dlhCicdltable.
Husslaus kept fpilet for oilier reasons,
"As ' plice of naval wnil; It was
highly ctcdllalile lo til" lilinsian licit and
".M coruing 10 mini manor, nrrive.i irom
,1 trustworthy source seven German de
stroyers anil torpedo boats have arrived
at Kiel lu a damaged condition, and it
Is understood that others have been sunk
In the vlctnlty of the Kiel Canal,"
Churchill Says
Sea Power Is
Asserts Loss of Snperdread
noiight a Month Could
Re Rome.
Special Cable lepntei to Tnt Sus.
London, Nov. 27. Winston Churchill, i
First Lord of tho Admiralty, In a Ions '
statement In the House of Commons to- 1
day regarding the naval Kituatlon said I
that the tiiiii had not yd arrived to dis
cuss prolltably particular naval Inci-1
dents of the war, because all the facts;
could not yet be disclosed.
Tho action In tho Pacific, the loss of
the. Abouklr, Hoguc and Crcssy and the
expedition to Antwerp, he said, Were
good instances' of this. All futts ru
gnrdlng these Incidents ought to be and
would be made public as oon as pos
sible. "This war Is so serious nnd formldti
le," the First t.lril continued, "that if
improvement can be iffected command
ing otlloer.w ought to give placu to oth is
better able to dlscnargo their public
duty. Tho tame principle is applicable
to the heads of departments. The Pre
mier ought not to allow any considera
tion of party or personal friendship to
stand for a single moment In tho way
of nuking any necessary changes."
The Admiralty, he said, desired tojwhde the enemy could not produce half
make public all information possible u' numb. " witmn a ear
without prejudice to the public Interest
I i.,. .1 1.. .1 1...., I 11.. i
..lei II. ui.iuKiii iur iiu.t iioiir iiiu.
welcomed criticism of whatever Infor
tn'itlon was published, but criticism
should be restrained when the person Is
i, . .7 ., , J i i
unable to reply without disclosing facts i
tho disclosure of which
w ould work
harm to the nation.
Xiivj'h Fmir 1'erlls.
"The Incident so far," ho said, "ale but
a small pioportion of the work the navy
Is doing throughout the world. The navy
wa confronted with four main perils.
The llrst whs that of being surprised by
the outbreak of war befoie it could be
mobilized. Once moblllinl, that danger
passed The econd peril was the possi
bility Of the er.-tpv of .1 number of til1
iM "liner's ' eijulppedodwtroy I wnrkm''n ;n 11,0 "i,vljl ''",,H who arn lorteil 111 l.omloli from I 'oonliase'l
. That has be.n successfully , patno'.i.ll. straining their efforts to tho , , .,.,.,., newspaper ootTrsponilontS '
.1 un.l ,ml.' 1 'I nee e,.n- .,t tl... ' UtlUO-t to fill tiler the IICW Construction. ' , , , ' ' , , ,
.j, .ui.i om I..' per ien.. or tne. I j,, ulatl(l have boptl forhltliloii to com
lercantlle marine bus been de- .. ... i , ,
enemy s fast
iiHtiui. .....
strove,!. The third nertl wa the ,lnn-
ger of mine. The memy has pursued I "The eeonomie pressure on Gfrmany." ' Tho ik-t mot loll of tho battleship
methods which until the present war it . Mr Churchill said, "continues to (Uvelop ' Itlllwiirk loiimltl" si IllVstorv. Wilis
would not have been believed an) eivillr.e.l j healthily nnd satisfaetor.ly." He cited i . , ,', . '., ,.,,,
lMwer would practise. The risks and dull-
culties arising from these method must
not oe undrratel. but tiny ure bung
-estrlcted and controlled.
"The fourth peril Is that of submarines.
The HrltWh power ln submarines Is much
greater than the enemy'i. The only rea
son It has been utl'.bl.' to pioduee ie-ults
on a large scale Is br.nu-f a target so
Idem ha been atfouied to Krltlsh sub.
Mr Churchill did not include an In
vasion of England by (let many among the
Comparing the losses fur the four
months of war he said that as far as th
Admiralty was aw ure. the numbers of
i mi,marln.s list bv Great llrltaln and
Germany were equal, but that :he in,,in.r-
.nonal loss to Germany wa much cna'er
Decatloe t.re.it llrltaln n.iu umiple the
,,-irmortsl cruisers, while Germany has Inst
two but Germanv s los Is proportlonallv
f0Ue times the Ilritish
With reppert to light fast cruisers.
which, the First Lord said, had been the
io.t Important fa-tors In the war. the
Ilrltlsh haw lost two out of thlrty-s.v
while she Germans have lost, including
thise Interned, practically a fourth of
their twenty-tlve The prospects for the
future with ren-inl lo ihes.. shin. ir. ut ill
inore satisfactory for (peat llritain, he
sain, oec.iu.e sue nas an enoinious iieiiv, rv
of -misers rapidly Hearing completion
s Documents Iiniiiled to Officials
for Heirisf ration Arc Ue
iiortcrt .Missinr.
Speetal Cable I'ttpatch to Tns 3r.
IeiNpoN, Nov. 2 The Kill, 1inf sa;s
a tnorougliiy rell.nno neutni wiio t"tt
Ilrltlsh parsports whloh passed through
the hands of the oitlrfnlH for nglstra-
Hon with the German author tics i I
ItiAt. e.tii.-e.s .1 fie... .i.ill i tii,.il.i '
.-; ,, ' i ' lut " then, ' anil ' ti.V answe
mane aooui ineni ann tne answe
i back th'at th.v "unfortunately hail
! Aosirdlng to the llnilij Mutl x Inform
int. tho German olllo'als made haste to
explain that there win. no doubt of the
ivgularlty of the passpoita but they re-
gretted that it did not sim y sslb'.r to
return the nrtalti.il as they hud been
lost. Tho 1 illicit States nuttiorttle" there.
fore have been eall-d usip tn Issue dupll-
elites from ell n iish p certtllcates.
Visit Ilelleved lo I'oresliiidovv
I a -li li, Gorman I'leet,
Lonpon, Nov. 27. Ihnperor William '
spent several da)s of this week at Kiel,
According to repmls
Hague, forwarded bv
current at The
thu correspond.
"i in.' .l 111111.7 1 11 a
of the i.'reiilni; .Vrica.
The correspoin"ent sas It Is suggested
that the visit mav foreshadnw 1 eiievved
aetlvlly 011 the p.ttt of Hie Girnian licit
The visit at tnis time Is eonslilcivil espe
cially slgnllirant, since within a slant
time the Itusslan Itaitlc potts will b
Icebound mid the German licet will be
n lieved nf the necin lty of watching lu
that Minuter.
ItOTTIltUi.VVI, Nov 27. -The Merlin I'nr
inicil piluts an appt.il fiem a Gciiim'
stuff officer to the wonur. of Heilhi 10
1 send muffs tn the soldiers to piottct their
J hand'j during the winter.
in No Danger
Winston Churchill.
n,urclnll contained. G,eat 11 Ita n mob l- ,
I .1...... I !....,,- .....I I. .1,!.. I
ized thirty-one dre iilnoimhts and battle1
cru.se.s t i;,.,m.n' twenty-one. The
nuiximutn n enforcement Germany could'
receive befoie the end of 1 f I ' tl"'''
w line iireai niiiaui win iniu mien m
tll.u ,llm. The new llntMi ships t-w will
lie ships of tin' gieatest power In naval
h!!,orV .,, ,
It l no eagtfiratlmi In ay." the 1 Irst
l.nr.l etit on. lhal (ireat llrltaln could
llflnnl to lose a Miperilrrailliniik'lit tiinlittily
fnr a enr urn It tl neni bit none
unit jet in n I lit it I M approximately tin- nnie
siipirlurll, .he held at the iiitlirruk f
the war. s a matter of fuel the relative
stiength of the Hrlt sh lleet Is now sub-
ofnihe,war,!''r''",,Cr than "l th "tbreaI j
Mr ('litir.'hllt naiil a trllmle to Ihn
Geinioiiile I'reoiire (iron.
trade figures cabled yesterday that nearly,
ion t.hl are arriving and departing from , takes all optimistic view oi Ills conn
ports of the 1'nited Kingdom dally i trv's tiuviil pieilniulimutv and asxjrtsj
"Morcov e,',' h. aildtd. "ilieat I'rl'a n I . . ... ... ... ,i
Is restricting the Importation of vital null- Ontt haUle-hlps mid hattlo orillsors lira
tnry commodities Into Germany and Atw- j lielnc completed so rapidly tlmt l'tiR
trln. The eneeiy-s lumli-H depended ' Jmtil Outllil loo .1 MtpordroailtloiiKlit
t.K.r'i!iuii -unpin of gun espl.nlv-i and
b aiiai.iius of war whi' h Pioy
had a umulated .n time of peai e. This
. .1- K.irti .in,. in rim uutii .ii
ma.ked adiiiiti-e ir both theatres of sjailiiloni at ri'irogr.iu ien-. oi a n-.ii oi
th" hind w ir, but as time passe the , sovoral ltll-liill erillvrs onrl.v III Sep-
adv.vitige grad.mll -hanging hands. , palntod tho color of llonilltn
The iletl -i, n-y nf es,..nial commodities Is 1 1 " ,
Ugli.ji!ng to show in the m pies' mil!-1 ship they ooiitfh oil to Join tin .or
tae organization. I man It.iltlo Hoot In fosy wo.tthcr ami
We hate -nnrrr.l iiilrlintiri'. tint ne , . . . . ..,.,,,,, .....lu,.
1,,.... I..l ,. ..r. fair .hare f liirl. Tl.. I " "'"'''l i'. sinking Oil- I.Otni.'lll ft lllsOr
iili.eluli I.i no n asnii tor iirr.iulies,
ev.n if we wcte single handed, as In the
dnvs of Niipnleon. we shoul 1 have no
reason to de-pan of our cap.icltv lo en
on linleritiilelv , drawing our Mipplics atid
f-.il.sportliig our troops whenevir we re-
united them and In continue this process
with a strength w dch would grow
stronger inch ni' ioh the war continued
utvll In th id perhaps at a not very
i distant date the purposes for which we
,.e.. (lebt hnntil I... ,.. h,...-...l
I Thi Fien li navi. tie added, completely
cot tr.iis 1'ie J ,i iciiatieiin aim t"e Jan i
,v th. I'acflc
Holders .Must (io to Constanti
nople to Oct Their Moncv,
Order Savs,
Sierial Cable tlfiptitrl, lo Tin- si s
Amstkiiuvm, via Uindoii. Nov 27
The Turkish .M'nls'er of Flnan.se has an
nounceil, noeirdltiK to a Cnustanliiinple
dciipiiteh. that the Interest on tile loin of
Lie I will he paid mil) i those bond-holdci-s
who pi -sent theinselvn. nt l.e
I -entnil olllce of the Ministry of I' na lic
it Constntitinopli'
Ten tnllllon U-llnrs of tl, . n was
, , , '
''" ll l'mdon house of .1 p .l
h.m Co.. and by i.be lmi.r'nl Hank
I elision. Meet of ulie lem tirde.' wns
p'io"fsl In li-.uuc. Ill- action of the
Tinltlsh Mttilst. m. aiiM that iut test u.'
incuts w.ll be -11 pe del . 1, the Imlk of I
die Imnds iv.imli .11, held iinoui, ti- the.r!
nvnir- would llnd 11 almot unisissllile in
ai dine in .:,i iVn-l ,iiinnilc 11 111 tk
1 eullcctions.
. .
Woundeil Olllrers s,.n, 'n,i.-K nml
lildiess In llepui-llnu llnvoy,
j.f-ei( I'd dre Dnialfl. tn Tin: Si
PvniH. Nov, 27 Tvvcntv -live "oundeil
Picncli olllcoiH win ar- bcliig cared for
Ill lu the Mnei'e.in Ambulance at Nuiilllv
I have bought a ui igiiillcent gailand of
loses to be present I lo Mr llerrick.
' tlie u 111 inc. Anieri-an Ami, , ,1.1,1.,,
'.Mrs. Ileiilik, on lh platform of tl!, In-
i.tlll.l.f. ... .........ii .11 e ,v lO-IUOirOW
ma-iilng whin tli depait for the 1'nltod
, Lieut Francois De Tissin one of the
I wo.indid i.tl'.i-ers, who befoie the war was
I .1 w ilt.-r on the I'rtit jam mil, has writ
ten an address to Mr. llerrick hi llnglish.
Slv of the olllco's wiio ore able to walk
will be present t , ma the in eienlailon.
Ilni ,,.i -half the olll, ,-ik sign d the a,
, di -s with lli-l- lefl haiiils. then- right
' ha. ah line ns, 1" cm dis.ihlcd,
The aililrc-. thanks Mr I lei pel. for
the -leal tie.itui' nt Uii'. Imve icce.ved
j ut the American Ambulance
Message From Conunander
Doesn't Claim a Ront
of Germans.
Czar's Troops Have Reached
Gnmhinnen in East
Piiofficial Report Say
Triumph Is (! real est
in 100 Years.
M .M.MWtv or tiih waii m:wm.
Tin' ri'trosrml .tnn; Mct.ienarr,
ltiwt,tti l!nnne:ll St 1 1 1 IT-
.... .r -muift
-a.VS a Ceniuii nrmy corps of ..(. MK)
siltri'llilel'cil 111 I'olllllil Mid tlmt the;
(Jfatlil Illl;t MehoUli will iiHIIollll"
. .. , i.,u.in
Soon the ilelnlN of n reat Htli-litn
Thero i irritutloii In Petrosrnil anil
IajIuIoII ovof tho wlthholillllL' of .111
of iK'lill stlltelllellt of victory, htlt Cor-
riWiMltlilfnts Insist that the reports nr
' . . . ,...,, .,,.,,,1...
ilccttrato ami Unit tho t.ollli.ili ulltilorl
111 Poland nro hopelessly tlttppoil,
Horlin's lnlos aiiliotinef'incnt is that
there wic no iloi-lslve luttlo on the
Olistol'll Ifotll on llllirHiii. II is i e-
Illltillcalo with tholf papols.
,,m ' i.ui.iiu.i " ........ ..
monthly for n year
without Iii'lllS
fouimnml of tho eav
The Loudon Mmninti I'ml's rurro-
, - - .
1 nlld lillill.V tl II Illtt trl I IT IlllOt lliT. Tho Iltl-
l.iiio.ooo moil nppoat', from oiiioini
reports to ho resting ln onmps ami
Tho uows u-i regsinN Titfkoy H
most I..- from Pottorail. whore It H
said the Kip-Muni sunk two Turkish
siilunii linos in tho llliick Sou. Con
stantinople assort- that the Arabs nro
I loiiorlllg the holv war. nllil Hint l-'.vp-
'thin nihiune LTtuiril-t on the sue. anal
j desert oil to the Turkish Invaders
! Ambassador Mm uoiithau report to
i the l'nlteil Stales ( invernment that the
reason the Turkish fort at Vurla Hreil
lit the illieclloti of a million ol I lit?
! 'StZ'Z
minion i mm n iiuiii- neiu.
liriind Untie Meholnsi siiyn ernmn
Are In Itelient.
Special Cable Despatch to Tut Scs.
I'i:ti'.ii:kap, Nov. 27. 'IT following
despatch was receivnl ftotn the Grand
Duke Nicholas this evening:
On the Czenstachiivii-C'racciw-TMilbarl.
front our iuooosses have
as'iiimil tuarkcil importnnce. our
tr uips took -i.nou prii'oni rs yester
day. Our offensive movement was
PirtU'ti.nrly tnrtiiu.ite in the region
of the lower Scrlnlavii. where a
whole Liilallon of tl.e Thlrt.xirf 1
Honved ri er iiieti' siirrendrretl
Our troops also curled power
fully fortltled Austrian positions on
tho left bank of the naba, where it
is certain our troops forded the
river up to their necks In water and
umld a rush of Ice lines and at-
tucked the enemy. The Aiistrmns
olferetl desperate resistance t" our
nttuck at HiK'hnla, whloh wo carrl-d
by assault. Hero we took mor
than 2,000 prls.uiers. ti n guns and
11 numb, r of machine gun".
On the nglu Kink of the Vis
tula the enemy is in disorderly re
treat in the legion of Cracow and is
being vigorously pursued The
inorile of our troops, seasoned and
fortltled by days of continuous
lighting, Is, iiccordinR to the reports
of Uie aiiny commanders', of the
litghist order.
According to trustworthy reports,
the Anstri.ins lixed a vv,relss ap
paratus: nnd iiiiti-iilrcrufi guns to
the spire of the cathedral 111 the
ivntrc of Cracow
On the left haul, of the Vistula
our troops, advancing from tlie Lower
ll.our.i Itlver. leached liinihlimi n
In the centie vvi -apturnl lltzeiinv
,iil village i .11 th- v.ille.-. nf the
Morga striam. whcie, at ceriuii
points, we ilislndgi'd the Genoa ns
with the bayonet. Wear' coiituni'n?
nur ofienslve In that region 11
tweca lliiciiny and Glpvno our cav-

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