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Mnic Iiiilln Vnnilcrvoldp He
turns, Hnvlnjr Knlspd $213,
000 liy Lnnjr Tour.
Mine. I.alla Vnndervelde, wife of the
Belgian MlnlHtcr of Slate, nrrlvc.l In New
York yesterday afternoon from her Hire
months lour of the middle Western States
In the Interest of the HelgUm relief work.
She teports having raised f 213.000 In
plcdgrs, money voted by organizations and
supplies, such ns 70,000 barrels of flour
Riven by millers of Minneapolis. Mme.
V.ilitl. rvelde. left last night for Hoston,
whirr die will begin a Iohr tour of New
Two cities figured prominently In yes
tordny's ontlibutlons to the Helglan relief
fund, which reported; subscriptions amount
Ing to ST.C3 l.H. bringing tho total to
JCr.O.KiVS'i. I'oughkcepsle. N. Y con
trbuted l,MS, mid lUlcigh, N. C gave
The wem.' section of tho American
Commission for Itellef In Itelglum, with
he.idciiiattera at 1 Madison nvviiue, an
nounces an active movement on the part
of the Mount Lebanon Shakers of Mount
Mb.! lion. Mam., toward Helglan relief. A
special contribution ef 25 wns received
yesteiday. Tho national board of the
Daughters nf the American devolution has
pa yord a resolution approving the wo k of
the woman' section. In Wallace, Idaho,
jind surrounding town 13.500 In rash, half
u carload of clothing ami 1.500 ensis of
milk (lave been raised.
Pierre Mall, Uelgian Consul .General In
New York, announced that II.O0O was
cabled jestrrday to the Helglan Legation
at Tlia Hague, for the purchase of con
densed milk. Positively nothing but nw
garments for men. women and children
are now accepted for shipment, the Hel
glan Itellef Committee says. Kveiythlns
of thin kind hhould be sent to this Hush
Terminal. Ilrioklyn,
At the Hotel lliltmore yesterday after-
neon Maurice and Florence Walton fur
nlhed exhibition dancing at a the dan
sant, the proceeds of which will lie do
nated to the Helglan fund.
Contributions amounting to Jfilt 50
were received yesterday by Jacob II.
Schirf, treasurer of the New York State
Hoard of the American lied Cross, mak
ing a total of J6S.7.'.2.91.
The Committee of Mercy received 2,
3G, Iniiudiig a check for $1,500 from
the North Carolina Committee of Mercy,
$300 fnmi "Anon mous" and MOO from
J. C. Thaw of tin' l'laza Hotel. The
fund's total Is Jir..:ti"(.
Hulcripttons of 11,571 brought the Dol
lar Christmas Fund for Homeless llel
glans up to ? 17,710.
The American Women's War Hospital
at Paignton, which has treated nearly
fiOO wounded soldiers In the pa.U month.
appeals foi warm wovui. woollen under
clothing and socks for soldiers, All par- I
eels t hould be addressed to the organ-!
Iilng secretary. American War Heller ,
Fund. 31 Old Hurlington street. Lon
don, W. I
The fund for the tellef of the women i
and hlldren of France, stiliscrlptlons to
which should b sent to Mrs. Whitney
Warren, 111 Fat Forty-seventh street, 1
amounts to $31 :57 ;"., of which J13B vva-rt-ceiveil
Contributions to the Anierlcnn Ambu
Innce Hos;. ta" In Pans, t-ubserlptlons to
which should be i nt to J. P. Morgan &
Co., 2S Wall strert. ."mounted yesterday
to JM3. which brousht the total to
$IM.C5ii ?S.
The Pilneo of Wae National Itellef
Fund yesterday received contributions
nmountln'. to S i!2 f.n. bringing the total
of this fund to ST." v?l SO.
Scarcity of Ships Daily
Becomes Greater Problem
Freight Kates ami Charter Nates Are Jtapitlly Advancing,
and Cargoes lor Mnrope CJo Hogging for
Want of Transportation.
There Is n dearth of ships to carry
the thousands of tons of foodstuffs and
materials that nr being purchased In
this country for shipment to L'urope, and
freight rates and charter rntes are
bounding so high that shipping men won
der where they will stop.
The reasons for three high rates and
the scarcity of ships nro many. All the
(lei man and Austrian freight carriers
are either Interned In home, or neutral
ports, or have been captured by the
cruisers of the Allies. Consequently
many hundreds nf thousands of tons of
vessels are not available. It 1 remarked
that at the same time there Is no ship
ment of anything to ilermaii or Austrian
ports and that this should have offset
to an extent the withdrawal of Unman
and Austrian vessel", but those vesse.s
took cargoes to ports other than Her
man and Austrian, and vessels arc wanted
to take their places. Then the Uritlsh
tlovtriuncnt has, according to a ship
ping authority, taken about 1,200 vessel
for use as transports, to cairy supplies
to the ariiiiea on tho continent of Ku
rope and for other unci, and the with
drawal of that hugr Meet has increased
the demand.
llarly this month the American-Hawaiian
Steamship Mlssouilau was chart
ered to carry horses to llordenux. The rate
paid for this vessel Is J 1,100 a day. and
It has been chartered to make thi.te
oyages, with the privilege of extending
the charter.
In this connection T. II. Franklin, n
shipping broker In the Murltlmi Exchange
Building, yesterday said :
"It Is almost cheaper to purchase now1
than It Is to charier. Hut then one does
not know how long this war Is going
to last. If It lasts for one or two years
one could make lots of money out of a
goon freighter, hut if it ends suddenly
Odd Lot Stock Triirtor .May
New Federal JSurrtcn
The new stamp taxes on stock transac
tions will lilt trading, especially of the
purely speculative, sort, a hard blow. The
Utile fellow who deals In odd Iota of one
to ten shares will be the hardest hit. Thorn
are odd lot speculators nnd odd lot Invest
ment stock seekers. Until are likely to
pay double so far n? the stamp tax on
assignment nf stocks, a 25 cent tax. Is
concerned, tho odd lot dealer, not thu
Sr,'; .rT:1 ''''. - apparently the chief bene.l-
nanus, necause
under present laws It
Is very dllllcult for American ship owner
to compote with foreign owners.
"There are, It seems to me, l.ln men
Interested In horses who are eager to
charter vessels or to arrange for the
shipment of their horses, bill when a
broker hears the word 'horse' he shuts
up, and there's nothing doing.
"The Itrltlsh nie shipping considerably
bv wiv of Montreal ami Halifax This
Is In keeping with the policy of the flov
ernment In "pending as much of Its money
ns possible at Inline or In the Hrltlsh.
colonies, but even this does not relieve
the situation here '
At the olllce of Flinch, H.lye Co. It
was learned that freicht rates had tn-c-eancd
250 per cent since the war began
In August The freights on foodstuffs
nd grain have- inert .is. .1 from 150 to 2if
per rent , and on nl'm- materials that are j rowing
u r mi. w r in.- increase nas in'on i which
muni nignr-
The 25 rent tax will make It necessary
for the odil tot speculator tn overcome a
handicap of , of a point a share when
he purchases, paying this much above the
last market price quoted for one hundred
shares. It makes It practically Impossible
for the small speculator to make u quick
turn In the inaikct for a n.inmv margin
of profit.
Another result of the new tax-s will
undoubtedly be considerably wider differ
ences In prices. The trader In stocks on
a big scale will have to pay. In addition
A. Launcfilot Artus, at Hotel Brcslin, Thinks It Will
Take Britain Fifteen Years to Recover From
War $1,000,000 Life Policy Signed.
"Tho Army Council of Knghuid In Sep
tember expected the war to last from
three to five years, but It Is now probable
the wonderful success of (the Itusslan arms
will very considerably chango their opin
ion," said A. Launcelot Artus, an Knglinli
mountain climber and member of the
IIojhI Historical Society of England, at
tho Hotel lliealln esterday to a Sl'Sl
Mr. Artus nrrlved from Hngland sevtr.il
dajs ago by way of Canada. He Is nil
author nnd publicist, who has made a spe
cial study of Kuropean polities. Last
summer ho had a most perilous adventuro
when lie and his guide, were lost on tho
Dent Hlanche, which Is described as thu
most consistently dangerous and dllllcult
(.ilf 1.. tl... t.... ir. i . i .(.... i I.....
Of lifli. KilK'kt. Iiisnr.,'tnr.llii(.r:it of lin. I .- '
gineers, now at the front
given to thu various mnsuls to be used for
tho relief of families of tho allied reserv
ists who are now lighting In the trenches.
The members of tho Now York Peacn
Society will hold a meeting at tho Hotel
Astor and discuss the. present war on the
afternoon of December S.
Ilasll Durant and Mlsi Margaret
Hawkeswnrth will conduct the. dally dan
s.uits In the grill room of the Hotel l'laza
from now on.
from the effects of the war. When he left
home, he said, l.'ngland had lost about 70,
ooo men In battle.
Tim purpose, or his visit to this coun
try Is to deliver a series of lectures on the
historical and political causes of the war.
Not the least admired and distinguished
guest at tho Hotel Martinique to-day In
green parrot whirb sweais volubly III
Vnrrltj Heroines Serious.
Maty Atmrlcnn vessel have bc n char
tered for transatlantic service, their own
ers taking advantage of the Increased
,, I rales to make as much monev ns possible.
Morses ( uu.e .Hmlle. . ,lt , ,lf , '
Yesterday another horse purchaser Irltsi I spared, because they are needed for their
to get a vessel to lake bnrCH across tile
Atlantic He wanted to chnrter for eome
to the regular 12 State tax on 100 shares, Spanish when uddiessed as I.oretta Ilenlta
i ne mm eatue rrom Cartlt-one, ColomW i.
nnd Is on the way to Ilnff ilo. dpt. Ileii
sh.iw nf the l.'nltud States Fruit Com
pany's ship P.mtons brought the pinn'
to New York for Miss Dorothy Hurklm.
the si-ye.ir-old granddaughter of t.ang-
ion ii. i-iarK or MiifTalo.
is per 100 shares Federal tax : si cults
when the stock Is tMhufern-d to another
name, and In the case of a bioker bor-
from his bank on day leans n
a promissory note is given, 2 ents
for uvery $100. This latter tax. appar
ently a small one. Is almost prohibitive
If It Is paid, for Instance, once u day on
a call loan of J 100,000, for which a new
note is given each day.
ilrerlau port, but shipping men smiled
and told him they could not help him. He
was offered one vesul which was pur
chased under a forced sale recently, and
ibe price quoted was Jto.ono a month.
This vessel Is now In the F.rle II, sin.
It Is fitted as a passenger vessel, and to
transform It Into a carrier of horses
would cost $30,000 to $10,000. The esel
has been offered for sale for JJuO.OOO.
II i:lrn Chlirite CMIi'leil.
Tile small odd lot Individual trader
his business through the odd lot
broker, who in turn buys and sells Ids
stocks through the odd lot de tiers. There
are three principal odd lot drains on the
rxrhaiige, He t'uppct A. Don file, Carlisle,
Melllck - Co. and C M. Sehott, Jr.
The dealers who usu illy . barge i,
alsne the last market i:ice for a 10"
share lot, whu selling stuoke tn ihe
odd lot brokers, have informally notified
the bitter that they will now charge 'i
alsive the price, the extra to cover
the cost of the new- 25 cent tsx. This
will umoutit to an met ease of $12 50 on
I"U shares sold by he dealer, thouga
the cost tn ihm. In the i ase of tr'i
trii'isftm of ten shares ea. Ii iv II h.. ,.,iie
Iliitiirliiu l.lst. '12 fio Tne individual sll lot nurch iser
rruinr worK 1 ne American-Hawaiian I .!,..
i.iue, tne vv mi i.i'i, , ti- Hue thit run.
from Phil'idelhla to New Orleans mid i
soiiio others of the lin. thnt run south
thrintgh the canal to Sin Frnnrlseo hnve .
dun lered vessels at high rates to go to
I F. Mutter nf 2a V.ry street was In
'he market vetetd.iv to charier vessels
for the tnnsporutinii of 2i,noo ho'ses.
but was unable to Unit anything to suit
h's iuioses.
lirlmlliiir Snxon,
Official Kviilaiialion 1 Tiirl
l'uts Uuii on Ti'iiiit'sspr.
It'.'.SS.', Villllltte.l.
Wiirti-iiiliuru Mini
I I.onihiv. Nov 27. The iv,n.i,k 'will very likely ! charged the sprain
. correspondent o.' the A-rr.nn v ! -' 0,.", UN '" , a" "' broker has to
' " tranter tne stiiek in l.l ... e.. f..
and .in additional 25
that the Vst of (lerrniti casualties Issutxl
, I tO-dll brings the total los-es given In these
' lists up to iHS.St.V
In addiilon, sixty-foui Mavnriun. sixty
i two Savon and sixty. four Wurtrmherg
lists have In en Is-uetl. which, according
to the correspondent, bring the total Cer
' man casualties up to at least n million
men Killed, woumieil ate! inlsMng.
I) run Mel leualiiin of Princeton Will
I il v rsl luii le .Needs,
PniNCHTON. Nov 27. At the suggestion
of President John tliUr H bhon und vv th
the otlki.il Function of PllllCetOll I'nl
vorslty. Prof. 11 ward McClenahan, dean
of the ro!ltg . will sail nexi Situnlay
for Kurope ti Investigate the condition
of Helglin refugees, llec.uise of uncer
tainty n leports received of the condi
tion i f the Melglans. and with a desire
to aid the euff-reis by the most etllclent
menus, a numlr f nltimnl anil friends
of Princeton are making this invostlga
tlon pnfs ble
Dean MeCIeriah.ir w-'ll first visit Cam
bridge, Oxford and the v.rious stations
lu KngUi.d thnt are sheltering Ilelglans.
From Fngland he evjpHis to visit Paris
"nnd to g fiom there to llelglum, unless
prevented by the (lovernmeiit,
Folnrnn- Confers lllitbrst Army
llfirior on roimii.inilrr.
Si ta il 1'itblt H'trilrh to Tilt Sin.
Paris. ?rov 15 President Polncare
has conferrnl upon lien. JofTre the "me
dallle mll'talre." the highest honor to
which a French, spldler can aspire. The
prescntatlon'Us. it?!de in the presence of
Premier Vivlnnl, Minlsttr of War Mil-j
lerand, the Presidents of the Senate and i
the Chamber of Deputies and tho mem-
,bers of the fieneral Staff on Thursday,
'when the President tu le nnotlnr tour of,
the battle lino by automobile.
In making the presentation President
I'olncare sabl the simple medal, which
was the emblem of the highest mill-
tary irtu-s nnd which was worn withJ
equal prul" by Illustrious generals and '
humble so'diers, was a mail; of Die lu-j
tlon's gintuude to their commander In
0(1(1 Alrrmly Miule (tier to
roiupensiili' Diieh,,
Spfruil fabtt lfpntrh t't Tim Si v,
AxisTi:iioxM. Nov 27. A Luxemburg
mspnprr tiun- that ut to the present
Cerman has put 1 2M.oo francs ($25ii,
CaO) as . rmt nsation for lnv.nliiig thu
dncliy Thev a ill pay an add'.-tuna! 311,
000 fraios i $02,200) for the utu of
buildings and thu blllieing of the troopi.
AMhTKin.All. Nov 27 A Vienna des
patch is printed In the hrmikurlrr ",(.
fiuir statiig that Count llobrlnsky, the
Itussiari lioveriau -'it n. ral of (lalielii, dltil
at l.einbe g to-dav of nioplexy.
Count Mubilnsky figured ill the Huh
ulan Pan-Slavic moveinuit In Oallela for
seveial years, lie was involved In the
agitation among the Austrian llulheulans
which ! suited In the conviction last jear
of several IluthenlaiiH for plotting against
Austrian lule liolninsky appeared be
foie the AuhIi l.ui tlibunal under liledge
of Immunity.
Wasiiis-iitos'. Nov. 27. The Turkish
(lovernmeiit lays all the blame for thr
firing on the 1 lunch of the cruiser Ten- j
nereec at Smyrna last week upon the I
helmsman of the launch, who Is charged
with "Indifference." according to a dm
pitch received fiom Ambassador Mor
genthau nnd made public to-day by
Sicrelary of State Mryan.
Since Scretary Mryan announced that
this despitch "clo-ed the incident" nnd
indlcat. d that the Turkish explanation
was acceptable the matter will e..d,
arcoiillug to presmt appearances, Willi
an unnamed bluejacket of the navy cany
tng the burden of blame for tho affair.
It appealed that this account of the i
lilt-Mem, which differ-d from dpi, !
Dicker's n xirt In seveial rtspert. waa
never laid before Secretary of the Navy I
Danuls by Semetaiy llrjan. When the
State Department's communication, a - j
i omp lined by the stateiurut that M
Miyan had announce.! the "lin-ident wis
lOfed,' was shown to Mr. Dalileis be iiad 1
i nthing to say. It Is known, however,
that at the Navy D'partmint tin re l
much irsentment that Turkish stateimnts
have been accepteil oiThaud without even
reference to the Navy Dcpirtnunt
The statement given out bv Srrretary 1
Ilrvan follows :
"The Tuiklsli Minister of Wai has com- '
tnunlcati d In Ainbass.nloi Moi genthau in
Constantinople an explanation couee: n.ng
the Incldnit of the llilng fiom the f ,rt
r Smyrna upon the steam launch of thu
I lilted States cruiser Ti nnis-ee.
"The War Minister's report states
that he ascertain d inan tho cnmmndi t
of Simrna that two ilank shots o wai i
ing were first tired and that the u-niiuel.
after Waiting two minutes, w.ih obliged
to flic the tlii.d shot In another dim i , mi I
from that of tho launch, which 1 itter
shot was merely lo prevent the hclnismi'il
of the launch from holding his i nurse, 1
which would lead dirts'tly on to tin,'
m nes at the ent ance of the port, and to
res, ne him from a very cerla.n diiisir.
"The commander of Smyini oxp-e xes
very gr.at legret that nn a an obliga
tion vvas presented to the st t.iri of tbe
-Pij t. which ho attribute 10 thu indllTir
rnce of the le 1 m -in :i n nf tlio laimdi ''
Accord ng to the bet iinderktnnding
of the Smyrna Incident Cap.. Deoker was
himself In the launch aid tlic-eforo le
rlionslble for all its movements.
111111111111 Itlle; Cleared of llrllur,.
Domnick It U. a former police captain,
was cleared of a charge of bribery vv'i.i.
,iunjt ra'i :n M-i.eiai .eBHiotis vct.
iltvnletid purisis
irnt tux if a further transfer is neeessl
tated by the margin buyer taking up the
Ploek I timebenn In (he I lelln lrr.l.1.1,,
At a meeting of counsel for ai; the I "Tim boss save y.iu better keep your
I'l'-n mi" rumpaines ii was tlec ilei 1 tniinVnv s.iril lh l...v h. l,...i...i
comp uiies would refus over to Its owner.
lay d.S'ii.-std the
ago against aim
,t di. ttnent tllid . j.
that the trust
to pay the t.l.x of $1 for $1.0uo of capital
aim surplus. jnis action was Uised on
the decision of Die Cnittd Statts circuit
Court of Appeals in i:ij, tn the Simnloli
war tax niiviium. that th- truM em-
Mines weie eXtlldlt fiom I'.r t.l If the
I Cnnrii'ssioiirr t.' Internal lliven.ie it,,,,,,
I fi.i' they p.iv hev m iv .lo ... nride-
YUlturs Arrive From Mnnv Purls nf
Hip World.
Among the arrivals at tho Waldorf
Astoria were Mr. nnd Mrs. Charles W.
Ilcston ; Mr. and Mrs. tlsnjamln
I'JraU, St. I-ouls; A. C. Dinkey, Pitts-
He Is of tho opinion that It will take ' """' ?! !' ,'t, . V.,; . ?Ve. , Th "
Hngland at hast llfteen years to recover 'Kn "'"u1'1!'1 J.l
Mr. and Mrs, A. Sulmea, T, Northrop,
Mr. and Mrs. N. U. Hond, J. F. Wag
ner, 8. I,. Wood, Mr. and Mrs. Allen
Darrell, Mr. and Mrs, (leorge Meiison,
Mr. and Mrs. .1. A Campbell, Col. and
Mrs. Oeorgu ICavanaugh, Mr. and Mrs.
Martin Sillier. C. U Mead, Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Knglls, Mr. and Mrs. J. F, Meaney,
W. It. Javons, Mr. and Mrs. (S.orge Mer
lin. Mr. ami Mrs. J. 11. Dickinson and
Mr. and Mrs B. Oceumpniigh.
Arrivals at the Hotel llreslln Included
fleorge Goldsmith and M II. Jordan of
Srraiilon, l'.i. ; Mr. arid Mrs, Spencer It,
(lorilon. Mrldcepoit ! O. II. Hates, Mos
Ion, Sol Mover, Wheeling, W. Va., and
.Miss F.thel l.ucil.i Page, Nashville, Tenn.
Arriving nt tho Hotel Manhattan were
Miss I,. Parkinson of Hngland, who will
sill to-day for home, C. S Ferris, Pots
dam. N Y . John C. Klrtland mid Iwls
Piny. Ilxeler. N. II., and II. S. Patter
.in, New Havtn.
Among the airlvals at the Hotel Astor
were Mr. and Mrs. It. C. McMlchael,
Montreal; Mr. arid Mrs. Charbs It.
Wlere. Iluffalo. J S. Jones and W. 11.
Stone. WIik ling, W Va. . Mr. and Mrs.
11. T. Wilson, Detroit; Miss Cricket Wit
son. Tarijlowu; Mr and Mrs, W. I..
Tnmupwm. Washington ; I'ol. and Mrs.
11. P Andrus mid Conies Andrns, West
Point; l.ieut. C. M. Haveikninp. I", S,
A . Mailt. J. T. Henderson, I'. S. A.;
Col. T. A. Mnnii, P. S. A., and Mrs.
M'lnn; Meut. Walters Sturglll, I S. A.;
i 'apt. S. Field Dallam, F. S A., and Mrs.
Dallam, Newport. Meut. Umls A. Craig,
l. S A ; l.ieut. J. II. (ilcnnou, V. S. N ;
Mult W. II. Faust. F S. N, find Mrs,
Faust; Meut. 11. T. Smith, F. S. N. :
Ensign It. P. Hlnrlchs, t". H. N, and
Prof II. K. Hering, Concord.
Hegisl. nsl at the Hotel Clarldge are
II. living. Clevuland: J. M. Fllman. New
Haven. W A. llatihrlor. Philadelphia,
and c. A. Austron, Hartford.
Arrivals at Ihe Vaiiderbllt Hotel In
cluded liov. Henry C. Stewart of Vir
ginia; Dr. Charles Carey, Buffalo; Mr.
and Mr. Itoy it. Chain. Detroit; Judga
N. Charles Murks, Mrs. Thomas J. Wil
son, It. Iincaster Williams. Mainmort-;
John W. Morse, L. S. N. , Col. W. W.
ilibson, Watervilct. N. Y., and (!en. Itus.
soli Frost. South Nor.valk.
Aai.'t g the arrivals a: the Wltmore
vveti! Mr and Mrs. C. II. Hanna, Cleve
hi. I . Mr a. id Mrs F. S Doremus,
irceinv t.'ji, Conn , ijtorge S. Tiffany. St
The Oimbcl Buildln",, fu
McAlpin Hotel, ihc lu.;m
Lane Bulldlnrf, ihc WcJ -r-.r
Bulldinrf.thc Municir i' I'u ' ,.
Inf;, the Equitable Ba,' i ,
to say nolhint( of tfrf r- .
turcs in a score of oth r i
to be consecutively !
for such mighty projee .
out real merit bcini' ji tr.
bottom of it, is b-yor '
power of any conlrn. t r
Huilding Cons'r ti
A million dollar life Insurance policy
was signed yeiferdny In one of the unites
of tho Hotel McAlpin. The policy vvas
taken out by C. c. Traux, president of
the Fulled tracer Corporation of Tol d.i.
Ohio, and vvas written b M. P.. Ickcr,
general ngent for the State of Pennsvl
vanla of the Illinois 1,'fe Insuran.e Coin
pany. .Mr Traux was examined by several
phyMiclnir representing the Insurance eom
lany. who pionounced him "physically per
fect" A number of Mr. Trnux's friends
were present when the policy was signed
and delivered.
"Hoy. will you Kindly take rare of my
monkey T' said a dainty voting m.ss to
a helllioy In the main foyer of the Hotel
Vanderbllt yesterday. Thu young woman,
who was accompanied by a girl friend,
took the monkey from beneath her fur
coat and ha-ided it over lo the bellbov.
The little fellow didn t quite know what
to do Willi the tlnv animal. w he burred
Into the private off re of Maniirer Mar
shall, who directed the lad to place the
monkev in n liHtbox that lay under his
desk. This, however, didn't ipilte please
Mr Monkey, who began to squeal for help.
"Take It back to Its owner,' veiled .Mr.
The Iwy found the vmniir women having
Ilrsniuplloii of IHploiiiMf lo II, I ,,,
In ilioimbl l.ll.elv.
tprclrtl Cnhlt )fn'ilr I, lu 'I s
MoxiK, via II vie. Nov
Howard, the special Mr.i li l
Ipoteiitlary to the Vain n , v .
otedentlals to Hi. Pop-
will be crullted as Km "v I
for the duration of tin w .
A restimptlon of !.
betwrfi France 1 1 . 1 '.lie
slide, l,ut It linn Ii i l ', , ,
France, as i Citholl" qr
tin Ambassidor and th- V r
rate by seimiinir mi'
whereas the diiloma'o' i ,i
droit Mrltaln and the ,
Dlplom tic relations I. . .
and the Vatlcm wer. b
ns ii result of the Frrn i -nnd
the separation of hut ', ,
Who I
.Inr j llxiMllpn Irs I I
Ired mm lleli Itloler
Minpov. Nov. 27 - T . i ,i
c-ises of the men wh. we i i
the riot . f alien t-i II , s i, i
In the conn nf i Ion , n ,. i i
of Man. on Septemb I . r, ' , .
Vei'll c-t that the il. it',- v. , i .
Justifiable m- isurrji f.o.ed i, , n i .
tarj authorities bv ., . ,
the Intel mil al ens
rhern aru H nun nten ,ii
riot was a result ,,r
f nil Nuppll- I i'ne r o
ruanls vvlio ilrd no., t
five and wounding f.ve'..
I stu'..
' n ;
i gir
n lo ! Itrl
l: 'ii
"The next tl tig thevil be bringing in
he-e will be elephants " satd the man
ager. Janet Itarrv, ceiiwr of news at Musta
nobj's. amr.iin. ie a "T pperary night '
with evervthnir from . i., ktBlls" to trots,
for the tven'ng of Friday. Disrluber I.
at Hie S.xl.iio street rrpiurant A gen
ii ous per, r.r..ge of the receipts, wl.l be
.oils M'e l F i . hi, I Whee er. Hi idee
' ' i ' n n -Mr- )i i; Sunderland. Chi-I
ago, K.-r P MaeM.lian. urora. N Y ,
" 1 ''- i " K Davis. Hartford,
'' ' 1 M's Jo , .1 llnuvn, Wh.li '
I i- .1 ! .11 Net .t, Mostoi
"Each in a class by itself"
,!!"''Mi I,'N X'N" ,,,,,Js'
5J ,; M'noui. i i. i vi
siW.Mih.st r. !
Ho) s from il to to i ,
An Inline mud, fur In,, nnilil I.-,
Ms,f;,,.!-.V,.V.i:l.,:'ss i"" iiiui.'
31U-J13 VV r-t li.d
14th rsr linens 1 1 ' '
Outdoor i.veiel., , ft i .
iMit.x vuiiM iniiii i ii: t in
nelitJtna V . t .' ',
ll rtsy, liK-'uitin : ,i v , .
Courts Atliietir I i, ,1 i
III. 1.1 1. 1 V 1 1 si IIOOI I m; nil l .
5i -in va
( iillecr I'rninr.llor, sihonl
with Mronr Primsrs n.l I in i
IIIKIIIilll T s Ml... I., j.v.l Ve,l --
I'lonrrr Srnoul for Inii'v'iui
I wo years' work In one I .
rollfrrs CO Hecent ct.ar :. !
Ihe Klllll'l s( lliilli. lin; i ill
Illvrrilf.le.oii-Mudjon j
A country dnj ani i...,-,
ynuncer boyj, ll.vill;' i i .
iiivnuiAi.r. ioi M si inn i
li.Ar!tf nr?.r v"n t'o'ti o. it
Pay A llorIlnr liny, is,.,
mutter- li.Unioic ummn: i v - .
ll I II sf M
i:iiiici. i 1 1. 1 1 it i s. ii. h
CrntrsJ Park Wen nn . . .
. I rum Kliiurrnuri
Athletic I'lilu i ,
lllls llllii: lllltv v,.,.! u,s
I. .-, fill, II, I 1,1 I I 1,1
lll'Kiai ,N. . M ' ' ,
V M '
1 I V
INsfttt I I Id
Ni:V VdltK New ..rk ' .1
3 Interpretive t)a:
Nobby Trea
ii Tread"
li Ik
llenuiiid In Purls fur
From llnttlellelils.
I'lllllliellll nod Vlrillrnl , silslu nee
fur ;erionii Woiiieii lteior led.
Iain'w s, Nov 27 lli uter's corn spond
ent nt Amsterdam savH ili.n the fli-rman
Mumlcsiatti has iltcnbd tu furnish tlnaii
rial and iniillcal aNHistHncn lo women nt
the time of rhildhlitli in outer to lellcve
thu anxloly of hiiHlmnds at the front und
to protect thu comliib" t'envrutlon.
Slitrial '"nfcp HtfinUfh lo Tu-. Sis.
I'aiiIH, Nov. 27 --Then is in exf'inrdl
naiy demand hero for trophies of the war
particularly f r Prussian helmets mid
side arms recoveied ftoin b.ittlefl. Ms thnt
uie now historic Not only Frenchmen lie
eager to obtain such nieineiit, s, bu. many
visitors to th" capital seek for them as
the most Interesting souvenlis possible to
obtain of their ttojouni In F.u-vpe In war
I Prices have reached nil absurd figure A
spiked helmet In- good condition c Ms nt
least I Ofi francs (film Sword-, phtnli.,
ii uiletti s and even inllll.il buttons . ing
funcy prices.
liirolllrs nf I nlveislly of K ilv.
hern l oiifei- Four Hearer. ,
A.mstkiipam, via Lonil m. x0v. j; 'j'he
four raiultbs of Kiw, divinity, inedlcluo
and ph losophy ol the University of
Ivxillgsbrtg have united !u g vlng th
four it rtor's degie.s lo lien, von Upr.
, (leiiburg, onimaniler of thu iiuumn
li.rmtrs on the eastern fiont.
The illpl i curving th ,eirr eh H
Insoi Ibeil, "To the supreuie b'lnier of tip.
HlKhili lienimn Aiin, who compel iv
oveiihiiiw und ilisloyed the ltiit.kt.t
,1ml ill a, and In this way ib tenibsl bin
native piovilniv and lirrm.in culture fp in
ibaibailan enemlcH to tho Immortal orn.v
J meut of thu fatherland."
Our Challenge Anti-Skid Tires
We challenge any competitor's tire
to show the same combination of real
anti-skid protection and low cost per
mile that is given by either "Nobby
Tread" Tires or "Chain Tread" Tires.
1 he irnisjt inn i
OuJuatc Husk'i I"
l US'. MH . f,k 1 .1, ,
nml s.i',. I., I. r 1
(.rreU. ,n,i i,i i
a. iio-m i.
I'.'il s
M II.OO-llll.
P3 fitfii
All hli , o' a u ,
1'rnlli i a i uiiruni. . ,
25 West 51st St., Plioru !Si2l .
l.k'Huor.Siais. an .,e.( , . i i
deeri;,. . ,, ,, s
MillKII. , vm I m
H-"rt!. 1. . J
l). ( .!! I II .
ChlMren, Adults I Un i,
tiihn A. i,, ,,, viiin.u
I o-i a i:m nisiii t.
N V l ur ui:. .vi , (
UMd AIiI.n.
NI'.W Yiltlis v,t, (
iiutii .' i ,v
3:1 i i iniiii, si ii
ul'sinkss :oi.i.ici.r.sii.,i ii
NKIV VOHu1TC.Tv erl t
lCfplno.SfriOt.lnilroi re c
Frivale School
m'VK.:LV O'all'U.' - .
vnicJent I'luijtttionul l ,:-ei ,
Tills tsiliililele service if
luWl frw, uf Umii to
Aocurnte nml om 1H-s, t '
inslloii Kiveu lu ai. i ,.,uir is
'I hi servlis, , r,,. , ,f
imble nsnlsUiuT, u hri t u
prupei hcbuul fur laciiik ,
boy or itlrl
, V ..TMU'S Kl e snftli Ii o
llrl.ll. 1 1 ai iiielll,.iin n
v li'r rn be u It en
ll JIUI M. r ), i,

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