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Vice-President Ersldno Hclntcs
Kai'tM of English
A. It- l.'rsk no, llrnt vice-president of the
gtult-bikor CuiiKiratlon, was In tlili c.,
!Mt week to meet tho president of the
corpor.i iOi Frederick S. l-'lnti, who lui
returned i'rom lireat Britain with n
I16.0'1 "'l order from thu ltrltm:i Uov
It ,s a remarkable thing," said Mr,
KriKlne, "when you come to consider It,
t the Hr.tl.sh Government should have
tMi to the Studebakcr Corporartlon this
temenilou order without ashing for
mmriles '" an' t.ie Itivtdved transac
tions that usually accompany govorn
aer.t.il propositions."
It s nip.) guns to show the tremendous
rfcM.KO and value Uicro li In n, name.
8tudcb.il(,or. with It mxty-thrx year of
riiiiic-s integrity, Is probably one of the
Mat known orgainiatioti In the world.
Its wont Is as good us Its bond, niul the
Brit h'i (iiivernnitnt requested the aid of
Jlr. 1" h .n the transportation end of the
itrucsl Hi which It Is engaged.
"It's a long way hack," said Mr. Ers
klne, "I') tho time wh.n John S.udc.bjkor
trullt two or three wagons every year In
his Iiflo blacksmith hop. That was
Uty-threu years ago. hut It wa really
tho beglni.uuc of tho Studotnker Indus
try, and through ueccive steps It his
rrown until wo have llvo tremendous bin
touts In Detroit, where wo employ over
11,000 workmen, ami an equally large
tjoii ; t III South llend, Iinl., where
lO.Oni mor ni'-n are engaged.
"It would surely givu old John Stud
laker a surprise, If ho could see twenty
two regiments of men, each regiment con
rtstlng of 1,000 men, tiling out of tho
Blunts that aro now owned by the Hiude
!ker Corporation. When It come lo a
qsestlon of protlgo anil experience In
building vehicles Studebaker Is the
imuidf.ither of thein all. For over forty
years we mado wagons and ple.neure
vehicles of all klrxds, The ileni.mil was
constant, nnd is tho house of Studebaker
linded Itself on building tho bestxv.ngon
i friendliness grexv up between the farm
ers of the country and Studebaker.
We have records to-d.iy of farm xvngn
that have hecn xvorl.lng every day for
the list fifty yrais. not an Isolated cafe,
I menu, but hundreds of good oh Sttrde
bikers In life all oxer tho t.'nltel State..
"Ill the days when the home was klnir
w built coaches, vUitnrl.ii- ail other
types of high elnss vehicles for royalty
uid foreign courts. Wo sort our hoive
dnwn Vehi'-liM to every civilized country
In the wot Id.
"And tl-i-n along came tt.c automobile.
Now. It's a pretty serlom proposition to
me a new type of vehicle sprlntc Into
popuUrlty mr night and thro.Ccn to
supersede the vehicles tSit wo have been
building for so lone Hut the fighting
spirit of the Stodehnkcrs asserted Itself
rJ they said, 'Wo havo always built the
best horse drwn vehicles : now let's net
tethr and build the hesn automobllofl.
'I am not going to try to toll you tho
trials and tribulations that hr-set us In
the early days The automobile was not
kcientlrte a piece of mi"'lnery a d zen
years ago as I. Is tj-day We had to build
special machinery, train workmen and
build up nnd tear down nnd spend hun
dreds of thousand of dollar for iu p
rsent that, before It whs used, went Into
the scrap heap. Hut wo kept on with a
rersletcricy that bin always anlmired tlm
Studebakers, and to-day I think I can con- j
eervatlvcly hay wo have as fine, if not tho
driest, automobile building plant in tho
vorM." I
1 1 1 1 1. 1 1 1 L-r concern llmls niolor trucks best lor leltter eerx ice to eniil lcrrllor In llrmUI n, .Xliin
IiiiIIhii n ml The llronx.
'Ire llnrslifil Ai'cedes
Trade Association Request.
Tlij-niiKh the fffortM of tho Automobile
Tr i lu Astociatlon of Nexv York Stato Ihe
Sti'e l'lru Mai8h.il has conbented to post
pone the enforcement of the new garage
r.gulBtlons Issued by his department which
're to have gono Into effect on Decem
ber I.
Th. agreement was made nt a con
f'i,i, h, Id In Albany on Wednesday,
.'.'"X in, her I.,, between thu Slate Klre .Mai
eh.il ai.d a eoinmltlee from the Automobile
"li;i,le Aso, latlon consisting of President
It 11. Johnston, Vice-President Ch.nunccy
I) H.ikes. Secretary Charles A. Slow art,
A II Iiudley and Mr. I.ee. together with
",.iilis Th.lddriiM Terrv, counsel.
At this conference tlue representing
the aiituiiioblle Interests pointed out the
n, iny xva.x i lu which the new regulations
-J. unfair. Impractical and would result
m hardkhlp to many hundreds of gaiage
owner throughout the State. Tho Stato
I'lie Marshal evidently realized the Jus
t" of m.i.i) of muse crltlclsnm, as he
' only agr ed lo suspend their enforce
t bin In. also Inxltud the committee
' iggest a new set of regulations which
vi.iiei meet with tho approval of tho nuto
n. i,ile trade.
Detroli Ciiiiiiiiin j sell rll,,"ll7 Xln-
clilnes In Three .Xliniths,
1"' r II, ftre t three months after the
si 1 u 1 1 i 1 1 it'll t August 1 last, of Ihe
I '.hi. snaring plan for 1'ord purchasers'
tl i xxeie miM at retail and delivered
jv ii.,'. i .ii s. Those three months,
A i Iht, septeuiber .Hid Of tuber, nro
ihi. .lui inontli of the Vi .u They
We pit llmiimry to tho "rinsed eeann."
1 ih ri. tun. In tlinse months me mule-
u i .nlr.ict.-i. And yet the Kord Motor
' " 'oiup.iny nihl lit retail and ib'liveieil .
k ' "' iau. ,
i'h. naiinieiit le highly significant In
t'. it ihe l''urd Moloi I'oinpanv c,m easily!
I 'I'lililt IIS StlltiellllllttH III. Ill fn Si.tl nil
1 ' ' l t-t xueii August, lull, and August,
' ' " le. 0.1101) i.irti pre ,'i...'iry I i give
I ni a.isers within that peilod ,
u n Kord pnilltu.
The Tire ndustry
in Its Infancy
L-IKUE-S nn Interesting bit of In
1 formation which offers food
for thoiifrht. Think of n procession
of 88,000 bnby cnrrln-rc.t, ench
with its precious burden requlrlni
frcah nir nnd f-unshino every day In
tho yenr when tho weather will
It requires some stretch of imng
inntlon to realize what this means.
Nevertheless information comes
from the Federal Kuhber Manufnc
turiiiff Company, Milwaukee, that
durinK the month of October their
output of baby cab tiro rubber was
200 miles, which. liKurlnK twelve
feet of rubber for ench cab, would
make comfortable 88,000 babies.
Cure of Seven Mske. II --1 inl Here
In I. list Month.
Hurin-r tho pint nT"th thoro has I e n
n tmrkod revlvnl In the imporln-; of for
oIrii built nutomobMos. Cars of the lead
ing makes of Knrlaml. Franco and Italy
have been received here, and It Is ex
pected that even (lernviri nmde earn will
arrive In the near futuie.
Stefan J. KJeldsnn, manricer of the
Automohlte Salon, tho exhibition of for
oIkii built motor cars held annually In
mo Hiiuni oauroum or me ?lor, Now
York, durlmr the llrst week of Jum.iry
plves tho following facts corcornlir ion
dltlolis nt tho i:uropivin autom.iblle fac
tories "Cirei of seven different mtke. Includ
lmr the ItolH-ltovco and SheilleM-Slm-ple.x
of nnKlind, tho I Dion Houton und
Iteuault of Krance and the Plat. Uincta
and Isotta-rraschlnl of I'aly, have Ikcii
received tn this count rv durlni; the pist
month. The Oerman Mercedes fictory Is
worklnir twenty-four hours a day with
threo i-Wfts. Two-Oilrdrt of the work
done Is for tho Uovernmerrt nnl the ro
mnlnlnic third, or n normal olrht hour
work dny, Is devoted to bulldlnc pleas
ure car cha.es for otxrt. Herman
manufacturers appreciate the neeoslty of
h blmtr their forHcn mark-t nnd arc
asund of Oovermncnt coivnr.xtioi A
recent inbloBram 1 lit matoil that trie om
t irRo ncailM exi'or'Iiu; aiitOMiol.ilci from
fjetmany would foom be removed. Mean
'line the Mercedes fic'ory '8 tevumillatlni;
a tock of chases for export "
Increased lllltpnt Ncccllnle .il
illtliiiiul I'loiir opiice.
Kvlilcnce of satisfactoiy prrsrnt and
future buslnc.s rondltiona i shown by the
aiiliounccment "f lmmen additions to be
nmiin to the factory of the IIinNon Motor
far (oiMp.ip. So pronounced has btcn
the success of the Hudson "Ix nnd so In.
slstmt the demand of the public for cars
that the present plant, Inrco us It Is. has
proved Inadequate to handle tho huslnofs.
It has therefore been decided t add a
third story to tho main factory bulldlnc
nnd to three of the lari;it wines, mi
addition of floor space .inn feet Ioiik by
BO feet wide.
Ill construction the addition wl'l con
form to the present st le of prcss-,1 biiclt
and concrete. Work on the additional
slory will Ix uln at once. It Is lo be com
pleted and Iho enlarged premises ready
for occupancy March 1, JOH. Till Is at
raniiol so that the company will be In
the bet posi-ilde shape to handle what
promises to be the record year of Us
of Fedenl Motor Trucks '
K. C. Itiieshnw Gives Fnets
About tlie Autoinoliiln
It. r. liueshaxx-. sales mannger of tho
Ilio Motor Hr Company, Is authority
for tho statement that nex'or before In
Its hlstie.-y )i ih the iiutoniobll.) Industrx
gneially been III hi lieulthy a condition
oh at thl. iiK.int iil.
".N'ovi'iiihc"," snys Mr. Ituchhaxx-, "has
alxx-ays been looked upon In the Industry
as 'clean up' month. Thn Iiumv summer
n-on over, tho llnanclally xxtk and the
generally unlit xxnuld huccumb. Alxxnjs
in past years, even the palmist days,
theio xxcre recorded n mnnber of failure.
And perminH not familiar xxlth the In
side nl tho icnson why used to think
thu xvhole nuloiniib io btiKltitvis xxan on
tlm way to tho bowwows.
"Of oouise, Btich a cond'tlnn iiffected
even tho most pmspurnun. The mere fact
that hundreds, somiilimtH thousands, of
ivirs xxcrn thrown on the maiket at sac
rlllco prks-w seriously uiwet business In
former yeais, for not nil buyers, appio
clntnl the illfferonco liftwein a cir with
a fax-tory and a growing concern back of
it and one th.it had neither Nor dhl
they stop In coriHMler, apparently, that
that very cans of tlm failure xxiih In
ino-t ni-es a product that could not
stand against competition.
"This MUton xvi) ll ive experienced nl
most r.one of that. The trade Is slngn
lie ly Iro- fioni even a Hiihplcion of weak
iuss nnyxx'herf
"Just lo Khoxv tlie difference: In former
eais the trade dorppeil nlf along In
Uigust and It continued light from th it
lime on 111) Jnnuary, when the new Hon Hi in
npeued About the only trading Hint Went
on In tlie lite fall nnd oailx winter wmh
Hie ti.itlle In xxhat buvirs fondlx believed
xvoi o hat gains hut xxha h lunil out In
be only .,.,ii u to thu IkiuIiIii depart
ment "Thta Miion Au-juat proved to be a
Tills Is the .11 ol I lie i blcli carries a KUltrnntee of flftr liorse-porr
lip-to-ilntc conveniences eilnl sells fur f!l,NOO.
Miikt-s Iicmnrhnhlf- Ituit nt the
Iiiilfnnnpnlls -Motor
With eloikllke regularity and runnln-r
ns sweetly lis at the start, the Marmon
"Forty-one" tourlni? car flashed past the
1.000 mile mark In tho Indianapolis
Motor Speedway, establlshlnK a new nnd
wonderful record of performance.
Tho actual running time for the 1,000
miles was IT hours, 55 minutes, .3 sec
onds, an nveraKe of 6S.S mile per hour.
As the car sped past tne i.vu'j inue
mark nt fastv than slxlv miles nn hour
It wh itlven the sUnal lo continue and
records were taken tin to 1,030 miles. At
this mark the n erase claimed time. In
cludluc all stops, for the entire distance
v. us 20 hours, 3'.' minute, an averaKe of
50 '1 mile per hour.
Mi tween the hundred nnd hundred nnd
tenth mile on Thurs'av mornlns, over nn
hour was lost by th. fuel lines freeriiiK
ami the elapsed time nvcrano dropped to
33.1 miles per bout.
After th'a the car was pitted In a con
stant battle Hiralnst the elements for over
aOa inlli'. At close o a sixty mllo an
hour nverace It pel Into the wintry blasts
and hour after hour, nnd hundred ufter
hundred of miles, broucht the elapsed time
avei.iKo up to fortv and forty-livi nnd
Dually above fifty miles per hour.
The performance of this enr with full
eulpmi!it. c.irrlnR two passengers and
with Indi-r.Ield rnised, cannot be adc
uuately tdctured. At all times durlni: the
50o mile run Thursday and the 600 milts
on Friday the teiniieraturo w.-ih at fiom
ten to twenty decree beinw fieezlux.
Vere H.irues, Joe liawson's mechanic
In the last 5(10 mile race, and Ted Collier
of the Marmon testing force iliovu the
car thmuKhout and no tribute can be
stromr etitiUKh to these nun who held the
car to above a sluty mile axerace duiini;
the Krenter part of the 1,000 miles In the
face of h freezing wind. The michanlcs
were f. f. Woods atiil Peter I'atterson, of
the Marmon organization.
bigger month thnn July, and September
nnd October kept tip the pace. I think
that waa true of practically every con
cern thnt made a reputable car. In our
oxxn cnne the fill mouths xvov consider
ably heuv r tlvui the spring and sum
mer, simply btsuueo by the addition of
machinery nnd lncrioncd f.ictory space
xvo were able to moro nearly supply tho
.Vntlonnt Conipnny Secures (inoil I'o
slllon nt Anlo Mlioxx.
Oeorge M IUckson, general nmnagrr of
the National Motor Vehicle Company nt
Indianapolis, Is xvell pleased xvlth the po
sition of honor on the ground floor
nxx-arded the National nt the coming nuto.
mobile shoxv in Nexv York In January.
(Jiound lloor positions are grently di sired,
and are allotted axoordlng to the volume
of f.ic.toiles. While thn National com
p.iny builds quality cars and makes no
claim" as n quantity concern, vet the de
mand for them machlms has so steadily
Increased that Ihe National lias xvori Its
plaea nf distinction on the ground flour.
"It Is amusing to us xvho havo be"n
attending the automobile s.hows ever since
their Inception to hear tho "prophets"
sound the death knoll of these shows every
jour. Hut despite these predictions the
automobile shows fcem to gnln In popu
larity. This year tho Nexv York diow
xvlll be excepllnnnlly Intert sting, not only
because of the tremendous strides made
In the Industry nnd shown In thn 101R
cars but nlso because this marks tlie year
when Aineilcan manufacturers steal a
maich on the Iluropein builders," sjys
Dickson. "It will hu a good opportunity
to conclusively prove to ihe American pub
lic that xxe American builder- htu entirely
capable nf producing stxllsh, comfortable
and servlciablo cars without leaning on
foreign examples,"
I'npnliirllv of the Krll.
"One reason for tho popularity of the
nexv Krlt cars this season Is that lliey
have many ennvinlcnoes and refinements
xxhlch buyers of moderate, priced car. hnw
been In tlm hnblt of expecting to find only
In enrs of much higher price," says Mr.
DelamatcT, distributor of Krlt cars in mil
New Moline-Knight With Limousine Body
Chlctfi Auto rinb Holds OperntlllK
Cost Teat.
An ojKTxitlnp cont of leiwi thnn hnlf a
cent a mll for iraeolene wns tl sur-Iirlsln-r
nult of nn official tort rrwde by
the Chlcao Automobile Club with a nlx
cyllnder Jeffco. Tho car with Its pns
(iiiKnrs wel-rlied no less than 4,1 00 pounds.
Tho fuel consumption, according to
Chairman F. K. IMwards nnd Harry A.
Tnratitous of thp technical committee of
tho club, was IS.7 miles to the (Amerl
o.ui) pallon of KMeolene, which is the
equivalent of 34.1 miles to Uie Drltlsh or'
imperial" gallon.
Such operating economy hnn never be.
for" been attained with any except cars
much smaller In size. Indeed, there are
few If any small mrs of lci than one
half the weight that enn consistently
equal this record It bis boon tacitly
OM-umrd that such qualltlcr) nn distinction,
vbiss, comfort and luxury were nlwas
:ifiKati'il with hitch In tlal rot and nl
inost iirohlbltUrt opnratiug expense. Hut
hero wiib such a car, costing only $ 1,)G0,
with the fuel economy of a mlnkitum au
tomiibllc. Tho test was m.ule without the knowl
edge of the manufacturer of the car. In
s'e.ul. It was conducted toi the t me rent of
ihj maker of th Stromlerg carburetor,
which wnn ued In th detnonstrarlon.
Ilildes fuel economy, the accelerating
power, flexibility and hill climbing nbll
it) of Lie mach're were mlro ileterni.nisl
by the deino'istratloii.
'iood ri'.'d wvre choen for the ful
tost, 5S test gasolene lie'.ng us. d, the fan
"kept rtmnl'rg airt the clutch being
slipped nly when trnlTIc made it tiec-es-s.iry
Tile dash adjustment of the car
buretor was disconnected tbrnughout tho
run. only one gallon of gnxilene won
useil, tho automobile lelng kept nin
nlng Until all of the fuel was exhausted.
In tho acceleration test the car was driven
from a standing start to thirty mile an
hour 'n 12 4-5 --coniL. The flexibility
of the mai-lilne was demonstrated by
speeding It from four to forty-four mile"
an hour on .the high gear Traffic con
dlt on prevented greater epel thin this.
I'p Ilulibanl's Hill the car pmgreseil
from a eirandlng start nt the bottom to
tlfteen miles an hour at the top on high
geur. With a flying start t!'s wan in
creased to eighteen miles nn hour.
II iipmolille Mnn Describe 1'rrneh
rinj Mnmcil vrcs.
"Mot.irlnT tn xvar" Is the way John I.
Poole, I'uropean export manager of the
Hupp Motor Car Company, xx'ho 1 In
Par's, France, describes the msno?uvres
f the Krench army
"On r.nehlng Pari Inst Surulay,"
'.vrlt-a Mr. IVole. "t still found quite n
number of taxlenb running about nnd n
few nvitor buses. However, there are
more of the old horse drlxen cabs In evi
dence than bxo been seen in late yeais
Condt' t'.rs of the m tor buses are women,
who seem to iwfnrm their service In an
ert'rilx satisfactory manner
"Yister'ny 1 xvnlkeit throxigh the
Cvnni),s i:!ysee. and Avenue Orande
Vrmee, where all the host motor car d!
play room are located, but they aro all
e!oed tight now a- d iske on a x-ery
desii)nte ns'u-ct. On the streets y u see
many trot at car nmbulcinces carrlng tti
wounded to the hospitals. It Is only re
ently that the ovrrment has iom
men ed to t,end the wounded to Paris, urd
I am very srry to say thero nre large
i um -ers coming !n d.nll A very j
culiir thing Is reported from tie hos
pitals. The majority of the wounds nro
n the hand, arms and limbs theroforo
not n eessitrlly iinm:erous.
"Armv motor cars lu large num'rs
dish m.idlj through the strecta, either
going to or from the firing line In fad,
ns a method of transportation, -the nuto.
mobile I now more often used than the
railroads, especially since the spei d of
the trains Iium liven greatly reduced.
Also because It Is Impossible to get nny
where nenr the firing line by rail.
"You can Imagine my surprise when
turning off the Chump lllysees I saw txvo
Ilupmob'.lrs come tearing down the street
loaded xvlth Krench gendarmes. Tho Utile
cars xvere shot full of holes, but thev
were still going. Practically every Hup
mobile In Trance has Is-en taken over
In fact, not one of the sub-agencles of
our French distributers hns a single car
in stock. This no doubt holds go.il xvlth
other Amerlcnn agencies ns well, There
fore Detroit makers xvlll secure pr.ictl
cnlly no business from Krnnee for some
time to come
rtillcn's Victory nt Corona I'rntn
Iteriinrknble l-'ent.
An analysis of the world's record
breaking victory of IMdle Pullen In tho
annual 3WVS mile rnnd race at Corona,
Cat, Thanksgiving Dny, marked thl per.
formnnco ns one of the most remarkable
In American racing history. The aversge
speed of S7 4 miles per hour In almost
Inconceivable, and I all the more xxonder
fill when It Is reallred that although the
Corona course Is fust, It Is also extremely
Pulbn's nve.rnge of 87 I miles means
that he rnnde lap after lap nt about inn
miles per hour, nnd It also means that
he nvernged I2S ftet every second of the
race. The previous spcedw-ay record was
Hllght'y over k2 miles an hour average,
mado by ThnmnH driving the Delage In
the 600 mile race at Indianapolis, May 30,
I'M I, Tho lest previous rnnd time xxa
7S and a fraction miles made by Totnlaff
In n 120 horse-power Flat at S.mta
Monica two or three years ago,
Threo Mercer cars xxvie entered In the
Corona race, and nil threo Mulshed with
out n mechanical ndjustment of nny kind.
Itiirk.staU'n Mercer xxmh In second posi
tion, xvlth six miles to no, when It ran
out of gasolene. pi spite the time lost,
this Mercer Mulshed In fifth place. The
third Mercer, driven by Nlkrent, finished
In seventh place.
,Vexr I'lreslone Malinger.
The Firestone Tire Company announces
thn appointment of C D fitudehaker as
office maniiHri' of the Now York branch
of the company.
29, 1914.
er, 18N Inch wheel linse, tins nil the
Donlors in AM Lnnro Citios He
ci'lvo Demonstrating furs
From Clcvplnnd Concern.
nr.ipmenis or AU I'urpcwe" Sixes, the
new light short whnellno six cylinder
car Unt was nnroiunced recently by tho
recrlcsn Motor Par Company, have been
begun from the factory In Cleveland.
This car was presented to tho public along
with the Four six weeks ago, but do
liveries of fount were tieaun llrst. Ileal
ern in nil the prominent cities will have
Six demonstrators within a few d.iyH.
Tho interest In the new six cvllnder
model ha been very high nnd n greit
number of orders wcie taken by the
I'eerle company liefore It was able to
xliow tho car to Its customer The car
has a by 5 Inch motor cast In block.
The wheelbaso is 121 Inches, only eight
Inches; longer tNin the four Doth the
"All ruropse" Four nnd Six were deslgn-l
with us short a wheelbase ns Is com-
fl.tlliltt I r ,. r, m l.n.l. I.. .
.... , ....
... ,,, ,iir , m-
'cure the advantages of liL-ht uelslil .-iml
isv handling In crowded olty tnilllc
wlilclj hive been nttaineil In the prnduit
of the leidlng T'lropi'in makers of light
ours during the p-ist two or trio years
All th addltlonul wheelbase leucth In
the six over the f, ur Is taken up In the
tsmnet to give Fpaee for tre lorger motor
Tho body design Is of the pure stream
line dculgn and very h.indeome. It peats
flo passengers in tlw open typo nnd wcii
In t'ie limousine.
The Isiily Is built of sheet aluminum
and ash and Is Identical In construction
and design, with tho bodies that have
always been mounted on Peerless cars
'selling from $t,300 to 17,000. The plat
) fotm rear spring suspension and the
sllliii manganese steel that is used ns
Imiterlal produces nn p-iso of rldliiN In
i till car slnvllar to that of the highest
grade cars of much larger slzo and
greater weblht
) Latest Ope (' rt erenr slioxx s
, machine to lie l.iioxm lis model II,
Cliiinfller Xliimigcr Itetnrti I'roni
Southern Trio With lleport.
Hark from a month's trip through six
teen States In the S mthwesiern mid P,v
' eiflis const district C A Ihnlse, siles
. manager of the Chandler Motor Car Com
psny, report a marked Improvement 111
business conditions In th ise section.
While the Wist, like the IDsr, has
' been suffering from n business depi esti.in.
'the (Tift has not tits n nearly ho pro
nounced," sas Mr I'mlse "lu the list
thirty days, on rho contrary, conditions
have Improved nt such ,i into ,hat the)
are noxv norma! lu evcrj resjiecr. On the
Pacttlc coast, cspelally In California, the
automobile trade is enjoying a good sub
stantial hunlm.1 I'roni the Mississippi
Itlver xxest I found muter car dealers
very optimistic over the business ou'look
for the next twelve months,
i "The great Irrigation projects in Arl
) yoTia. New Mexico and xxesteril Tt ns .ro
Inaugurating a wonderful era In ngrleiil
! turnl piosperlty which Is bound lo have
Us effect on tho sale of nutomoblles. In
1 Texas and the oilier Soutbxvcsteni Stales
the recent Improvement In tho cotton
. sl uation has started a renew il of busi
ness activity all along the Hue Cnlmn
'planters nnd broUers nre ooiiiMont tint
' xvlthln a very short time tlie South will
foiget the temporary einbnrrnisruent
xvhlrh rtsultfl through the deplorable
fall In "th" cation nrirket."
' Kissel to liierense tliilpm,
I The Kissel Motor Car C-mpanv lias
scheduled for IHIli the lmget output of
I KIselKars in Its history. I'-uir pleasure
jcar models will be built, one ,f which In
, pot et been announcfd. The ruiiinii'iv ii
line xvlll consist of six chassis size, 1 f.ilfl
'pounds, I. I'j, J'v. 3i anil il ,n Tin
, full line of pleasure cms, lin linllng the
car yet unannounced, will be exhibited at
the Nexv Y"ik and Chicago automobile
shoxvh In Jnnu.nr). The succfssrui do.
tnchnble sedan tup. xvh'i h In. hi ticularlv
distinguished the Ki,. nr, tills fall, will
be n fenturo nt tho show-.
I 5
ill' I
i 1
War 'Proves Auto
NecessityNot Luxury
kTHK past few months of tcn-
oral business depression, llltc
the panic of 1907, has clearly
demonstrated beyond a question of
doubt that tho motor car Is n tool
of civilization that is ns necessary
ns any other public utility," Rays
President W. H. Van Dervoort,
maker of the GO horse-power Mo-Hno-Kni?ht.
, "Whllo other industries have
cither closed their factories en
tirely or lnid oft" thousands of em
ployees, the motor car industry
hns continued the mnkini? of nuto
mobiles and sold them to a waiting
"Naturally, for the first few
weeks of the Europenn war ex
ports fell off, but with the destruc
tion of thousands of automobiles
orders bepnn pouring into America
for motor cars and trucks. These,
too, will be destroyed nnd replaced
' by products of the American
i maker. It would seem that thu
I motor car industry in this country
j is facing the xreatcst year of its
I career."
Cold Wontlior .Nicessl4ates lixtra I -tendon,
-MIJS llendliiKtiin,
"With tin- coming of the cold weather
the storage battery usd In connection
with the starting and lighting systems
may require a tittle ivtra alttntlon,"
state" K. W. Headington, branch manager
of the HnyuoH Automobile Company, dis
tributor In tnl territory for the llayues,
America's, llrst car "A cold motor re
quires much cranking And consequently
much current Is u-ed. The effect of cold
on a storage battery Is tn make It slug
gish. A hydrometer should be used fre
quently i see that tho battery Is not be.
Ing dlsi irged to too low a degree.
"A stouige battery will gradually bo
come discharged when standing Idle even
win n no current Is being us-d. due to the
fact that a slow chemical action I tak
ing ploce at all tliius within the battery
regardless of whether ihe cunent Is being
usisl or not. When a car l not to be
used f, r a long n two or three week, or
the car Is lo be stored, the bitiery should
recelxe a Complete charge before allowing
tin- battel y to stand, and It should recflse
additional charging at leist ox-ery two
or three vo k until the cells begin to
gi or bubble rrielx This charging Is
ho..it done by allowing the bntlery to re
main In the car xvltle ut dllu-blng any
of the connections, by allowing the engine
o run at the same spunl a is attained
when the car I travelling nt nbuut twenty
miles per hour."
lined Tot for Oill.liuiil.
l'or ten hours nmi e. vtn minutes a
regular stock mode! 37 Nw Oakland tour
ing enr wa driven up and down the
steepest hill In San KninrlNco. Thl hill
hns Hie stupendous rife of 'ir.2 feet on
Jones street, between Pllb'rt and (Iron,
n dlslaii'e of two blocks, the average
grade being I7. 03 per cent Tilt. tlgurs
were obtained from the I'lty ilngln'-rs
olllee. This Is the severest test ever glxei
a motor car In California and believed to
be the sexerest In the xvorld.
Five Passenger Cartcrcar
Hues of I'lensiire car of xxell Unnxx
Secretary Mny Dives Advice to
the City Mnn AVlio Hoes
to the Coiuitrv.
I "Mnny drivers nccustomM to oporafn a
I motor xehlcle In the cities," siys Mitchell
Mny. SiTrei.ni-- of state, "nre often com
! polled to run close and get used to a
liuuroxv margin. Consequently, xvheii they
drive Into the countrv upon even the
I widest mad lliey i.mllmie the practice
'of running i loe. much lo ihe annoyance
I of the countrv people, who are mndn tierv-
on by tho big machines rush rig by them
drlxlng upon the mail, within a fen
"Whllo lids taking a chance may seem
safe to the city DI til. nexertheless It Is
liable to luliiK lilui disister through thn
fright of the itlnr fellow. There Is con
stant complaint that siiuui of the mot it
dilver are road hog, ,,ritl while It may he
Hue that they do nut int. ml tn t ike
mine than their shale, nevertheless they
thnulil reilUe that It s taking desperate
chunn-H to rush within .1 lew Italics nt a
green hnnd nt the wheel
"There Is another nutnmnh b chance
that Is xvltnesseil iilmnst dally In the
urger cltlih and Is absolutely contrary to
law. niinely. spe. ding past trolley .Mrs
xx hlch haxe Just in en brought to a iitop
I'requinlly ninliir car rush by without
sounding anv xxarnlng, inu,''i to the de
cided ik of passenger, xvho should In
careful to Hoc a clear rosd befme n light
ing. "In fact this element of taking chances
ngalnst what should be belter Juilsineul
'I'. Silver Ifeeeives Lntest,
I'roiliicl From Fnetory
at, Toledo.
The light six cylinder Overland h,a r
riVHl at C T. Silver's place to practically
complete one of the most extensive llno
of automobllis ecr matkeied under on
toof When tho Wlllys-Ox'erlnnd Com
p.iny annouiii ed their line In August the
public wa told to ki op an eye op-n for
the six olliidor car, which xvas not
rendy for tho nrirket at that tlnif, nnJ
during the past month hxmdreiln of six
cylinder advocate have been leslei;lng
Mr Silver's place anticipating Its ar
rHiil The car hns i lemnrkali'y clean cut
exleriril iiplM'iirnnco. Tho body In of -tho
treamllne style, with long sweeping
curve stretching In ono unbroken Una
from the radiator to the neatly rounded
bi k of the totineau.
A generous wheellxise of 12." Inches hfl
permitted tho builders lo provide n stylWi
and roomy Isxly with txvo extra seatn or
a cnpiclty for seven adult. And not tho
lost nttractlxv part Is the long grain
hand buffed leather of a bright French
I.lko all the )x"r!nrl model for the
srnson of If If. tho six Is eloctrlcatlv
lighted nnd started and carries nn equip
ment of the utmost completeme. This
equipment Includes a two unit electric
self-starter, built In windshield, magnet!
p'eilonieier. mohair one m-'n top and
boo!, tire carrier on roir, demountable
rim with ope extri 3.1 b Ity Inch tin
with non-skid on the rear xxiieels, and
what is most militant, tho Stewnrt va
cuum system of gasolene feed. This n-w
enr sells nt $1,47".
Mr Silver stale that the motor do
veloiw 45 horse.KWf r nt normal speed
alii that the rottd teAts to which the car
xvas subjecled showeel that tho motor ran
with extreme flexibility nnd smoothne.
The cylinders aro cast on en bloc with the
cylinder head dctnchable as a unit ex
posing the cylinders, piston., valves, nnd
valve chamber". Th transmission ) is
been speclnlly designed for this six.
Sex" Mnclilne Will lie slioxxn of exv
Vorli Iiiih.
On the authority of I.awrenco Misue,
director of rales, tho new c r which the
Saxon Mii',t ('"mpiny ha had on th
road f'r the past six months and xxhlch
will be exhibited at tho New York show
Is of six cylinder construction Mi Moore,
whin the question xvas mt In bun. nlo
admitted that the new Saxon c ir xvlll lj
a live passenger mislel, hut further thnn
this no detail nro now obtainable
While several of the new Saxon uv del
haxc Isen built for more than seven
months and hav been in the hind of
testing engineers for six months all over
the country, the secret has been com
pletely kept up to this time.
The d finite admission by Mr
Moore to the eff that the new Snxmi
xvlll be a "Six" has nroued exn m .re in
terest (hnn xer before beeaue of the
success of "he Saxon ininpaliy xvllh light
weight low prlo d cars of high ellh-lein v .
S'noe th- rumor became citrreni thnt
the Saxon oo'iiimhv xxouhl Inun, h a ne v
enr of tho touring type npph, ati..n fur
dlHil utlou rights h ue pouied n fr.,ni
dealers nil oxer the country at the i.nte
of hundrtd a week.
n 'inline coiieei
This is tlie I III."
prevails In nlniost every autotncb lo , aie
xvhuh iimii'K before the cour's .i',,
nlinot nixer absent fi.nn seno'w .-
icldentf Indeed one of the 'Don'ts' In tin
automobile e,,de should he 'Don't lake
fooJIsh chances ' "
Cole llenler Meet.
The Colt-Stratton Company, l.ast.in
Distributer of the Cole Motor Car Com
1 1 1 1 1 x . 1 1 1 , 1 a conxvntiou of Cole drnlers in
New York on Friday, entertaining them
.it liitii hfon The gin t of honor x i- C
P Hi inlers.in, general sib manng. i of
the Cole Motor Car Company. Th. gen
eral plans fill the aggle-tsive Cole i.iu
piugri xxhlch xxill 1. laurelled nt lie
New York Automobile Show xvere d.s
cussed and fully decided upon Vtlemi
Ing the nuiference were Cnh- M.iinr Com
piiix, lloston, Pinthinil Company. Pert
land, Mi, Cole Autom.iliU. ("ompanx" ol
I'htl.xdelphla. Plnl.idi lph:n Hish.ip. Me.
Corinlck MtHli.it. llrooklxn. dl ice
Motor Cnr Company, Nexvark lne M.nj.
ufacturlng Cumpany. Montpeller, 't.
Hradford Amu Sale Coinp.inx Nexx ll.i.
veil, llnxtei -Duckworth Conipnny. Spring.
Held, Muss . M .1 llll.. Ilartfoi .1 . I'.-n.
trnl (larage, Mount Vernon . Youngs .X: c,i
Ni xx bin gh.
I'l'iipost. Nexx II Igli xx n ,x .
Latest among the good roads pr,. ,'ti
under considei at Ion Is a n'xv mute tion
Chicago to .l u ksohville The i,ox ueni
for it. Is Ninth tn South Mgh-x.ix wM
l.llltiefli d by X S lililire.ltli Hc".'U
ol the lloosler Motor club, .it the rt.'tn
gooil loads col. gits held In Xl ieti ,n
the proposal was sn i nthusl i"i , 1 1
ielxe.1 SMl lndois.il l the Mint.- .'Ill'' I
of iliorrfl.i that no tune wus Inst In ,',ln
Ihe ir. llmlli u y xxirk 'n cnnimt'on w 't
the project
To i. ml, 'he highxvay Is the r il.
signed to II M. McDerin'd. dielrh i
agir nl the Fmpir.. Auiom..l.,l. c,
Dilvltg a lew I'.'lfi Umpire loii', u r
the route b! izmg p.irtv I ft fi" C 1
on N'.ixi nils i i: I'l.e ' 1 "
through '! m 'I'"1 e I. -a - ' "'k
liiio(,-.t, Macon, Atlanta to Jackson He

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