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The sun. (New York [N.Y.]) 1833-1916, November 29, 1914, FOURTH SECTION PICTORIAL MAGAZINE, Image 35

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-- NEW YORK, SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 1914. pj
Women Champion Cause of Their
Country to Sway Popular Opinion
' ' . ill ' ' '"
Their favorite vintages.
Hoch der Kaiser!
n jam: ih.4x.
T1IF. w unnn is stout anil frowsy. Shu Ik far on the shady sale f
10. Whatever she may iukc have flaunted of figure. I tn-t
in ample cushions of plumpnss that cry comfort rather th.m
Kory il.iy, rain or .hine. she takes her place before a certain
ul'-'ln hoard whereon the war drama In Kuropo Is being enacted In
harn teis f chalk.
Ach. fiolt!" flic erics, whenever a fiernmn victory is scheduled.
Uob. r Wlllielm! Hcch tier Kaiser! Meln Vn'.erlnnd!"
Immediately a erowu eathers. It tales less than a hystori. al
..tn-ia e.Nhallng pntrlotl-m t collect a crow. In the city of continual
Under her scant lushes that may once have been gold, hut now
ue f.t.'ed to a washed out dtv.b, the woman take note of the crowd.
V!..i ., sultldeiu number have congregated she stages her scene
. :! .ill the tricks of a nernhnr.lt ami all the nullum of a Hclasc
WV.h on" corner of her lusty black coat, vintage of 10na, .-ho
. p. her eye. Her faded bla-k bonnet with the bedraggled feather
,t- ntfully to port. Now and asalu she manges a surreptitious
't, of un apple flu- conceals In the ample folds of her skirt. Hetw. en
nlffs unJ bite she talks war will, f comprehension and a contitulty
hat cannot but carry conviction.
Ph.- ..b out why tho Knl-r was forced to march against tho
IVn 'M
"T .it's right." says a clean shaven young chap near by.
rail against' tlto Inhumanity of the suppositional Knpl sh
lun, i mi bullet.
The old gal has the right dope." ,cmaiks u rough looking fellow
at l.i i t '.bo v. .
si.e wails out that her son, one of the most promising and pros
;irois of future Americans, has b. en called back to battle.
' V, a shame to think all those countries are piek.ng on good old
knn..nj." vcntu.es an ordinary citizen. "Like three or four gioat
,iS , kinir boys hundli.t; together to 1 ek one. You have to admin.
St-rtn itiV sameness at that."
I'.' thi- time the impressionable part of the audience Is showing
tmir, signs of svmpathy for the War Lord of Iluro.-e and I- trying
) tl t.U of a place where they serve plKs' knuckles and sauerkraut.
T e sioul and fiov.-sy woman on the shady s de of 10 never falls
o t',. few .onverls. Maklnt: converts Is her business. Hhe U
m;,..s,,l, .... the supposition runs, to create entlme:it. How cIm.
-happen she haunts that same spot In fiont of that same bulletin
r.l ,!., fter .lay, with always the nm tears, the k.iuc slchs. tho
vnd If this .s the sort of circumstantial evidence that does not
'ot.v.i .... how Is It that the clean shaven younk' chap, the roiiKh look-
t. .low and the ordinary citizen are the same al every perform.
n..' fan it be the iuarlet have rehearsed this touchlUK little cn-
..f Kentlmtnt before presenting It to the gullible public'.'
W',. tell? Itut wheiher they have rehearsed it or not, you
I' ' the stout and frows woman on duly any afternoon if yon
r. .-h Interest. make the loui.ds of the bulletin boards and
fur yourself.
" .ty bud with a Ioiik Unr of French ancestors and a lot of
1. .v..!ty has a passion for llowers. All the sultot s who slwh
aie strewliiK llowers in Ihe wake of their wooing. They
' ''..a in her case the violet Is mlKhller than the swur.l and a
.r Amcii.an Heauty ro-es beat a bundle of blond bills by
' ''Ml leilKtllK.
. I'.i-ls has Kne to sleep lo the boom or IiIr Kims arid
. t.. the s. reatn of shrapnel this .humbly alien daughter has
Viva la l-'rance !
h...l .l.ip.ed and the stiayln slmwe.1 no of (1!urclnR from tho
l"t In the indefinite distance.
Tim- i em. nded the -traniser .Irlppe.l his alwlnthe, drank It dona
and motioned for more, r.y.thlw time the repuiat p.itr.c-.. .if ti . pl.nu
w.re In their accti.-tome.l e,iti Severn! of them v :.-..r..i .i .Mirl-
ous glance at the interloper as they p,-se.l, but he m l unaware t
their Inspection, U they had been . areful obserer the nuKht h.ivs
interrupted what looked suspiciously like s iinnl llasli'ti j letween th.i
! looking sttantier and I'raneols.
Suildenl. wliho'it word of wnrninut or provoc.itl.ui tlx
.i-.i to hi- fe. t and bes,'an sltuflntf. Ill Voce .brat.. I w l!i
r..ty note of the rich, wurin barytone was e'ear a- a b.
huitied noonday crowd paused, forks In air. The?' for.-.c i
Jrotuase. their lamb chops and pe.in. Thee heard
rapturous soni; which epltotnl. .he spirit ( be I'im:
and vitalize the sjilrll of the French s..'.l er
To arms, to arms, tli' avensbiK sw 'i.l if '' '
March on, tit.ii eh on. all hearts rcsoh.
i. I:
i ...nt,
. a' n
il. r
n .-.cnidi'4.
. tli i - er
ral ."
The sympathizer with humatuty.
.uf.irme.l her admirers that nothing will .1.. but IMrma violets or
To see her surrounded by her adtnlrlna hosts, her eye- dark with
thought as becomes a habitual tender of war e.tras, her funny little
French hat, hlntlllK of soldiery, perched on one side, a bunch of white
Parma violets tied with the colors of France at her waist, one could
not blame the sons of France for I twrlnt; on this s'de as huik' a
military law allows.
It Is pictures of patrhitlMU like tills that cause Louis and Pierre,
and Jacques to thank their lucky star they belon to the third re
serve Instead of the tlrst, Who knows but that some Hans or Cyril
or Tony mlitht w n her over to his colors while the French competi
tors were absent ,M Ihe trenches-.' Loyal she K to ho sure. 1 .it Cupid
Is n mlKhty husky moulder of feminine fancy. Most womet take on
the allegiances and the prejudices of the men they love wilhoul real
llni? the chaiiKe. The cIIiikIhk v no and sturdy oak tantusy may ho
I imoed and renounced and reviled, but II sllli obtain lo a remark.
able degree considering Its unpopularity
In very bu-lest district downtown, tucked away n a corner
untouched by the swirls and eddies of the human tide, is a quaint
little cafe, l'laln tables surrounded by plain oak chairs are placed
close together on the bare oak (lour. Hack of the bar, poll-hed to
mirror smoothness, Francois bows profusely and smile- until you
think his shining face must surely slip out of place. Less conspicu
ous repl'eas of Francois are at your elbow to do your slightest bid
lln. Certain men of money, and others with not so much money but
u keen appreciation of real values in food, drink and aimo-phere. weie
In the hab t of trusting their appetites to the tender mercy of Fran
cols. What this following lacked in numbers It made up In loyalty.
One day, shortly after war bc-un rocking the tower of civiliza
tion lo lis ver foundation, a rather sad looking spec men of what
France sends to Ihe Fulled States wandered Into the little cafe. Ho
slumped Into a chair al the nearest table. He was a picture of worry
and woe,
"Absinthe ili 'p." lie murmured to the waiter, Then he continued
to gae straight ahead at a spot In the Indefinite distance.
epel' absinthe mon-leur." sugg.-te.l the waller after ten minutes
The swing ..r It was contusions. Tw
Tho third time it was taken up by the and ti
s nglne before t!io knew It. Nest they -wuni; itv
If - n lnnK way to Tlppc '
lfs a lonn wax to o
It's .. loiitf way to Tipper. n v
T the sweetest itifl I know.
So It'- Ro".l-b lo Piccndilh.
Farewell l.elee-lef H,imre
If a lonn wily to Tlpper.ir
Hut in heart's tlitht t'tete
When the emwd looked alolind for the leader to sweep th.m lull
another sotiB h" had disappeared. n!v the empty absinthe gl.s
bote willies- of hi- late presence. Hilt there Is not one of those win
heard the "Marseillaise" on that asioti who hn- not had a grealer
le -iril for It since ,i ,1 who has f.ii'ed to hum It several times a .lay.
What the p.i-i..n of the lltfe cife do not know s that the singer
was an artist whose name stands high In music and who has move!
Ihon-ands lo laughter and loins with tli' manic of his voice. Cln
ciimstnnce- i.i.vente.l his K":na to ihe fmnt In the setvice of b!i
coiintlN. He h t upon anothei wa of .l,.,e. - his part for Frn nee, For
her he uses the power of h.- vo . and I. - , level nes- as an .idor hi
eieale sentiment. He has apj'oire.l ,n oil er on of ihe w.ij, cafes, al
ways leavlun a trail of the "Mars' :i i - " .,nd "Tipperar ' behind h'ti.
There nre more way of ii-.-'ii'n . let ninny thnn with guns.
No friend of a he i'c i. w.oill think ef order im anvthliu;
but be.r in bis pn-ene u i. ill, in a friend of ,m ardent French.
man would thlu of ordeileu auclit but the Joy waters Invented and
brought to fruition In France It Is by no mean- au unfiiiiiili ir s gilt
to see a stout blond person sitting at a table well t'..rtiiled wlih steins
while at the net table a thill daik person glates'jt the blond on.
across a tow of thin stemmed Kln-se-. Clilldten of the Ka -er ar
.hscusslng Wienerwurst and cabbage while ihe . h.ldrcii of I'oincare
are all for frogs' legs and steamed snail-.
There is a lot of talk about the piid aBeiit- of nations who walk
up mid down the stage of leal lite cieal ng soiuiment In tav..r ot their
own. A few of them there may be but they are In 'be mlnorln Tho
only successful sympathy agent I- ton! Hiilfetmg. The agents whn
are winning It are not acting. They ale pattlots who may tea be In
the midst of the trouble but who are doing the r share to wing tho
scale toward victory.
What good would paid ag"iu- be am w i" 'I'M. would be torn
between self and duty. When the war 1- ur they will lost peifectly
good Jobs. No Oovornmetit Is p.ix.tu- an .c-ent to work aga.tist hlm--If
nd s'lH. there Is the -tout frow woman w tli the tipple and
ihe -il tile- It s ihe sort of pic'. mo-i tUorc ell for
ir ic'f

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