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S lLa liwj cS
Fraunces's Tavern, built in 17 19. restored and now owned by Som
of the Revolution, southeast corner Broad and Pearl streets.
E XII. ICS fiom Xvw VrU who have
created the Umpire State So
ciety of dill-nun mill hac kt'lit
n close anil cautious wicket
agnlnst Inellgiblcs recently launched a
prize contest to lrtmt a knowledge ot
Ihe history, geography ami traditions of
their native Cominonwi-nlth. Tin- so
ciety's purpose evoked approbation m
tin- Kant, but when sunn- of tin- qiics
lions wen mailt- public approval shifted
In perplexity.
Many native New Yotkcis have been
bewildered liy the quistiiii.s and have
begun to lielieve they are only mas--qtler.ulers
compared with the distant
Cook county i-olonists. Some have hi en
heard to nlvf n.i an excuse for tlo-lr
Ignorance judged hy the content illi's
lions that perhaps the ( 'hlcago-New
York exiles hae selected mu-Ii queries
as will leveal what Is gteati-st anil lust
in the State according t.i Illinois
tnrdards. At any late it is evident
that a man sporting a New York badge
in Chicago may ask many weird and
wonderful questions concerning the Um
pire State that the lifetime resident
here will not he aide to answer. Hero
il the knowledge test list:
1. Where Is the Milhurn 1Ioiip and with
What eent is it asso. iat, d ''
2. What happened al IniiiknU, May 1?,
3. Identify the follow. nit well known
New Yorkers: Koswell 1'. Kin wit, Clement
C. Moore. Marshall I.effcrts, William
4. In what famous work of lli tioii is the
tory of the llluoily I'ond nia-s.n-ii.. te
la ted"
fi. In wli.it gnat wmk of tli-tinn does
the rhar.ieter of Anthony Van Cot-laer
0. What Kre.it teli-iioiis inoM-iiK-nt orig
inated at l'alni ra'.'
7. Wh.i-i iiioiiiinii-nt M.iiiil- at St
Arahla and what oet-iiriemi- does It torn
metnorate? 8. From what does the town of Tainted
U'ost derive Its name?
9. Name one person of national nputa
tlon whose name is rt,r n . tit.ii 1 1- ;i-u-elated
with e.u-li of the following places
Auburn, Klinli-rliooU, Tai i tow n. North
Klba, YonUeis
10. Itelate tie- lntoi of tin- "Yankee
Doodle" houe at Itetisi. luer.
11. To what natural advantage is at
tributable the commercial supiemacy of
12. Give the name and work of a woman
of Troy who made an Important contri
bution to the cause of higher education
of woman.
13. Who was "the I 'out of lb.- Involu
tion" and where dal In- le-idi--.'
14. When and wheie was the .Ww Voik
c'ty Chamber of (onnneire oiKanied'.'
15. What building ome stood at the
multicast corner of Wall and Nassau
Hie-t, Nei Ymk ilty, iitid wltli what
preat event Is it associated?
These llestlons Welo Inld before
number of New Yorkers hy a reporter
for Tin: Siwhay Si-.v. Doctor.-!, lawyers,
clergymen, Congressmen, Senators,
Assemblymen, candidates. sull'rngists
and tminlclpal oillce holders wen- all
tackled. Some of them fell down la
mentably their names will he with
held. As u rltlc men supposed to-be as well
Informed n.s the u vertigo were able to
answer offhand 1 1 ic-1 i nu 2. 1 and II.
Here me the nuswcis:
Old City Hull nt Wall and
Question 3. Concerning It. P. Flower,
i' C. Moore, Marshall Lcfferts and
Wllhani Cooper lloswell Pettlbone
Flower was born In .lelferson county.
New York, August 7, 1S35, nttd died at
Ka.stport. I,. I., May 12, lsyo. He begun
his business and political career nt
Watertown. Me attracted the atten
tion of Samuel .1. Ti'den mid through
this ussociation later was named as
chairman of the IVmocratlc State con
vention In 177. He was Congressman
three times, and In 1S?1 was eUcted
Governor of New York. He wai well
known jim a banker and a phi
lanthropist. clement Clarke Moore was horn In
New York July 1."., 1779, and died at
Newport July in, mrtj. He had a wide
reputation as a scholar and a poet, lie
made n large Kift to the General Then
logical Seminary In IMS, with the pro
viso that the building to lo erected
should be on his property in the then
Chi-l-ea Village. Ninth nnd Tenth ave
nues, between Twentieth and Twenty
tlrst stteets. They nele so erected. He
.i piofessor of Illhllcal leariuni; there
and afterward of oriental and Greek
literature. He published a H brew and
Gicek lexicon. He Is best known an the
author of " "Twas the Nlclit lleforc
Mat "hall I.efferts, lonK Colonel of the
Seventh Kealuietit, wao born on I.om;
Island, January 1.'., isii, and died Just
as he was startlm; for the Centennial
K position at l'hlladelphla In 1S76. Hi
niarchiil down Itioadway at the head of
his command when war broke out la
Im',1 and presented a martial figure
that .i join; renieiulu red.
William Cooper was a sticker. An a
last resort It was referred to Slut Mc
Dermott of City Hull I'.nk, ,wu proba
bly knows tuotc political and chic fact
and folklore about New York than any
other man now living,
"William Cooper?" repealed Slut
Mel )et molt. "Why, sure I know about
him. That wasn't his rlijht ilrst naim
Ynii mean .lai oh Cooper, w ho was As--enihlyman
fijiiu the I-'itteeiith New
Yoik city district In 1"2. Some us, ,i
to call him ltlll because he didn't llki
the nickname of Jake. Sure I knew
him, and a line up to thn k.iiiio fellow
he was. Well known eiiiiuyh to be
kuniMi in Chii-iiiio'.' 1 should s.iy In
was, and In Montreal, too, for all ig that
What's itettlni; clieeked up imainst
him now'.' lletter j;o slow on the no
i 'i i-t. for I alwa.s lound him o. K
a nil it may K- he has passed on to the
i.t hay lest." Mr. M I)trmnttv
opinion Is Klen for hat It is worth.
l.'ne.loll 4. The ISloody Fold M.ls
sai ri James Fenlmniv Cooper's tale,
"The Last of the Mohicans," contains
the account of lilomly I'ond. as follow-:
"See," he Natty litiuippo haul, point
Inif throiiuh the trees toward a spot
heie ii little basin of water iilbiteil
the stars ftom its pl.u Id hnsnm. "here
Is the 'bloody pond'; nnil I am on the
around that I have not only often
travelled, hut over which I have fou'
the etiinev from the rlslm.- lo the sit
iinr sun."
Nassau streets, first Capitol of the
x; "
If You Can Answer Their Weird and Wonderful Test List
Concerning History of This State You Are Eligible -for
Membership in Their Organization, the
Empire State Society of Chicago
"Hal Heyward a.d that slice;
of dull and dreary water, thene, Is the
sepulchre of the bravo men who fell In
tho contest: I havo heard it named,
but never have I Ktood on its banks
before. It was a convenient, and I
trust will prow a peaceful, h-raw for a
Question 11. Ilocln st. r's Natural Ad
vantaui Tin- uiy of Ilnchcster Is .sit
uated on the Geneseo I',ier, In Monroe
county. New York. Thero are three
fills of the rhir within ':ho limits) of
the city. Manufacturers have been abb
in tho pa-t to ut.lize. the hcay rush of
water power to a sreat vnlvant.iKu at
comparatively smull cw:. Since Its
settlement In lM'.' nnd Its Incorporation
in 1S31 the commercial expansion of
tin; municipality has been due In n
wriat measure to these natural .id
vantages. The other questions were more puz
zling to most New Yorkers. Here are
tin- iinswi rs
United States.
' rvw 1 woi 1
I - , .'. i. 3ZJ I .1 1 VfvT&TI . 9.1 W-IV KVl .V IWA IIiV IV III, VMHWHV-WVK t hUV-VC7 MM - IB B II I M MM I I
h f. LllAl7I.V 'ilVf'. ITW.. - r .r- II. r T -I
Emma Willard.
Quim.on 1. The M.lburn House
President W'i Ham McKmley died at the
house of John G. Milhtirn In liuffalo,
at 2:15 A. M., Septembi r II. lfoi. He
had been taken tints- shortly after he
w.im hot hy Czolirosz In the Krounds
"f the Pan-American Imposition.
Question 15. The Iluildnm- nt Wall
and Nassau Streets The old City Hall
nt Wall and Nassau streets was altered
for Use as the Hist Capitol of the United
States nt an expense of i'i.VvOO, ad
vanced by New Yolk's, wealthier cl'l
zens diirini,- the winter of 17ss nrd 17M.
Qipstion .'. Anthony A'.m Corl.nr
Anthony Van Corkier nnd his ilmnus ap
pear in Washington Irvine's "Knlcker
liocker History of New York." Chap'er
IV. says:
"Now It came to pass that about this
time there lived in tho Manhattos a
Jolly, robustuous trumpeter named
Anthony Van Corlaer. famous for his
Ion; wind, nnd who. as the story cues,
could twanir so potently on hs instnt
iiii in that the eiTei t upon all with n
Old Dutch Church at Sleepy Hollow, Tarrytown, of which
Washington Irving wrote, and in the cemetery of which he is buried.
29, 1914.
heat .mk was ;.ive that ascribed to the
Scot.-h liaapipe when It sums risht
lllst.ly I' the : use.
Question 10. T.n- "Yankee Hoodie"
lluii.-i Who really wrote "Yankee
Doodle" eith.r words or music is not
posit. vely known, accordini; to many
authorities'. Theiefoie it cannot l
told positively while it was written.
Th-re is a "Yankee Hoodie" house at
Hi lis.-laer - on tlie - lliidsiiii. It was
iisi-d as a ISritish army In . nbU. liters In
the French and Indian war. so it Is
said. The author of the mms is de
ilired to have he-n Hr. Uichard Sbuck
liiiiuh. wlm died at S heiie.tady Au
Kust lfi, 1773. He was a nurite. u In the
lSrltis.lt army. Anothi r version Is that
the suntf did not really originate until
1S15. Tho tune Is the Mime as the old
foil; song "Lucy Lock- t lo-t her
pocket; Kitty Fisher found It," which
is said to have preceded it many years.
Question '. Palm.wa's Kellsion Here
the exile compiler of lUi sUnns Is
wi'iif in his pr m -is He e' ar'y re
Fort Cralo, Rensselacr-on-Hudson, where
fers to the origination of Mortnotilstn,
hut It did not have Its Inception at
Palmyra. The parents of Joseph
Smith, tlb- founder of Meirnioulsm. te
moved from Sharun, Vt., In 1SIB to
Palmyra, in Wayne, then Ontario,
county. In 1S19 thy temoved again to
Manchester, fix inlles from Palmyra.
Smith said In 1S3S that on the night
of SeptemliT 21, 1S23, the angel Mo
ronl app-ared to him thre-.- tunes mil
told him the ltible of the western con-tin-
nt was buried on n hill called Ctt
morah, now known as Mormon Hill.
This hill Is ivar Manchester. Smith
said li.. dug up a stone box on the hill
containing the gold plates of the Mor
mon scripture. The church was for
mally eirg.mlzed April H. 1S30. at Fay
i tte, Sellee-.l cotlllty. So II' itlltT tile dig
ging up of the Mormon bible nor the or
ganization of the Mormon church was
at Palmyra.
Que-tion 7. Monument at Stone
Arab, i Again this iim-stnm Is of doubt
ful accuracy. At tin- New York His-
I torlcal Society I; was said that the tec-i-inls
did not show the existence of a
moniinien: nt Stone Arabia In tho past,
atnl If one has been erected It Is nt' re
cent date. liut aside from tho monu
ment end of the question. It Is a fact
hit en October 1!'. 17-0, there was a
battle fought between the Colonists on
the one hand and the Ind.an under Sir
John Johnson, son of the famous Sir
William Johnson.
Question 12. The Tmy Woman Kdit-.-ator
This refeis ,.f c..ur-e to F.mma
Willard, who in 1MI submitted to Guv.
Clinton the nianu-i rip of an article en
titled: "A PI in for Improving Female
l-Muc.it im." This attracted such at
tention to her and her -aims that sh"
was able ,n 121 to establish at Water
ford, X, Y., a girls'" seminary. The
S'ate contribu-ed to Its support. Ill
sj3 the school was removed to Troy
iml has been a prized Institution of the
le.t ewr since.
Qiii-tloti 2. Whnt Hippeti-il at Pun
k rl -Then was a celebration at lmn
Ktk about the time meiitiuind in tie-
. 'pie-tion. for 'he purpose of li lting Hun-
k rk whoop and hurrah ot getting
i iltoad facilities. The l'.rie Uailio.id
end the town nnd In i otisi mui-iko
la re w. is a celebration. liut as an
i i nt that has a place In New York
i s-ory it takes a strain on the Imagl-
it. on to rate I; so high
' Question 13. The Poet of the P.evolu-
I'h.'. P 1 reinau. who was burn 'n
Vew York in 17.".2 nnl died h In MI2.
w is tlrst called the "Poet of the llevolu-n-in"
by Prof F. II. Pat tee and the
appellation has stuck.
Question II. The chamber of dun
lin n e The New York Chamber of
c 'inuierce was founded Tuesday. April
17i'iS. John Conger wa.- tin- tlrst
pn sident and Anthony Van Ham se.-re-
u y. The original tneet.ng pl.u e was at
Pulton Slegi I's public house, then a
popular result at the corner of llinail
mil Pearl streets. Artcrward the spot
bei.iuie famous as the t.ivein of Sim
Fratinces and the s. en.- of Washing,
i s farewell to bis nili, its
i, i-1. -t ion li Nanus .iss-H . ii.-il w.:h
Philipse Manor House at Yonkers, where Washington visit.
'Yankee Doodle" was
Auburn. Klnderhook. Tarrytowt.
l-:iba and Yonkers Martin Van
the eighth President of the '
States, made Klnderhook mure t
nent than It ni'-'it otln-rw.--been.
Tartytown Is famous lnr:h ,-i
and llctlor.i. in cording as the ixil- i
i:bis wish It to be colislilere-d. ! i
on llro.iihvay. Tat-rytown. that M
.In'iu Andre was e-aitured while 1
in New York to turn eiver the ;
relating to the surrender of Wi- r
by ltenedlc-t Arnold. The motion,
Paulding. Williams and Van W i
i aptors. sratids there on Ilroadw.i v i
near the brook where they w-i re i
cards as Andre lode tip. The
fame of Tartytown rests on the "I,. .
of Sleepy Hollow." by Wash i
Irving. Irving lived nt Smiths le
or three miles to the south, and
Is a village or hamli-- named aft. r 1
Irvlngton. So It must bo Ichiibod en-
who fruitlessly wooed K .
Tassel and was chased, over tin- S
Hollow bridge, near the old !,
chut -h. by ltinm Holies, the .,.'
Horseman, that makes Tarrytow" :
moti- If Irxlng or Andre does t
Samuel J. Ti den. the "Sage of Ci
stone." lived a short distance t
nor 'i of Yonk'-rs. He could hard'!
called a Yonkers man, and ye
yet what I.i there left for YotiK- -the
way of "notional n-putat , i,
Tihlen Isn't the man?
At Yonkers Is the old Philips ..r I
hps or Phiiyp-e manor house
George Washington visited ofti
William H. Seivard. the fammi- S
tary of Stair In President l.i
Cabinet, lived In Auburn and de !
October 10. Is72.
John 1'mwn. the ab.il.t i..n-i h
farm at North i:ib.i and w i
there after his execution.
Question S. Painted Pot-T'ie-.
a drummer between New York a
l'ra-c:s,-,, who hasn't nt some - , .
liw dririiuilng caieer made gun.
name of the town of Painted p..
after everybody laughs y,iu m ,
tin- query, "Put I wonder wlm.
get Its name?" Heie s the s:
the summer of 177!' the ll-i-' -'
Indians under n lovallst. M.-n..n .
Hiakatoo, a renowned Sene.-.i w i
returned north from a ra.d bv v
Pine- Creek, the Tioga and " - -hoi-ton.
They brought with th.
own wounded and some prison, t
at FieeV Pott. I'mler the .
the coalition. f ti. T.og.i a- 1
bo. toii Capt. Montour, a halfl i
a noted war iluef, died of his .
lie Was the son nf I'l-.c ten o
famous Indian i n Ciitln-n
was bulled by th,- river s..Ie ,i
his g.ie was placed a post
were pi.nted various s,m!..,!s
ices. Tins nioiiuin. nt be. a-n
as the Palntisl Post and was
inalk often Visited by the b
illiei'talns of the Six N.ui.o . i
stood for many years aft. i
incut nf the cotinti y. IV. il'
down at the butt and was p.,
the bai room nf n ta i m tl.
it disappeared. S..nn- - i .-
:iw i during a ft-i -I .

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