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(.cHiiiiii KiuniH'ipr Points Out
ov War Will Cripple
TEXCOCO $14. to $40.
j Have yatt ntr sftn.a Zarapt? It's !
j a handmade blanket ef much that- N
f acltrmany ate in soft and ex- N
3 tremelv decoralu e colotlnts. J
n. '
, , i nrrfninntUnrf to Tar. Six,
1,1 London, NuV. ". -"Til"
Coii"Upiio" of the World
till- title lf llll IlllcM'StlllR pain-
, writ; li h A. Lnhuiantt, ptcldctit
. e i-1 ,i ober of I'l'inmen-.- of Bremen
, j ..'i.' of t'.ie '- ..illiiR financiers of north.
r r.. t iiij-.
Il . hlcf contention i.4 that the
Ri, ,n n-ui Hi' end of IhiKlanil's
nit.- il H'JpreilMI . M lllllttiT Whether
tremelv decoratit e colorings.
Destructive Ability Recoirnizoil,
IimI Battleship Is the Hit
till IT Power.
ci import, at this figure. Th cloe
watch kept by (Hrrattn cruisers and sub
sequent Increased Insurance rates, as well
as higher prices f ahlomentp, will ciitiso
a Kroat reduction In British Imports.
"Besides, thcru Is it icninikiible d.
crease. In British export" to the Butopcuu
continent of manufactured goods: In
I I'll, fop liistntioe, KiiKlaial sent $ "S.SRu,
Clni win tit uf manufactured mtes to the,
i "otitltient ', of thin liertnany ulono took
IMirliiK th cntiilnc pIk month" thei
will l an enormous piessttri) In tho over
sea (MiitM, owing to the accumulation "f
lncomliiir law materials, an the oversea
'roi of cereals, I'littoti and wool, ns w'll
in thn principal Imports of other nBrlcul-
WaiiismtoW, Nov. H. Fear In x-tin-veil
lit the Navy Department that It."
attitude, toward submarines ho misinter
preted an a result of thn refusal of th
lemrtinent to Join the declaration that
111" submarine has made battleship con
struction tiselcs..
Tho destructive power of the sub
marine hut low: I.i i i recognized hy thn
fulled Slit let n.ivy, It In deelared here,
with the rcult tht tin- navy In nn wll
eillilpp'd with Mihni.irlnes us any nation
In proportion to Iik ntrcnitth anil hetter
oiiulpped proporllonately than nvral of
the lendlni? nnvli-n of tho world.
TIiIk fnet prove-. ollU-Hrst point out. that
tnial produotj', falln preolcely Into the p-1 theio l n.i attempt on the part of Mm
iVnierlo.m navy to dlficdlt the HiihiiiarltHi
or iiilnliiil7.c lt uernlnrn. What In In
nlot nl on. honer, !n that the ul)inar!ne
In an adjunct, nn ntivlll.iry WMipou un 1
hIioiiM he reKard. il-ni' uMi, the hattli .h!ji
HlreiiKth. the lilttitic putt or or th V.g
Kimn of the lleet. li'lni? reuarded an the
ultimate, ihvlnlve tent of naval forre
Till", It In diarei, hat alwnyn hen
trim .nhu'i'i tin- l-irltiiilnK of the hWtoiv
of iea power and eu far an nnythltiK thut
han happened In the precept war Ik con
cerned In ctlll true.
rlod from September until Hie end of
.nltN f.ivoiably or unfiiNor- Jlaivlt. 'the eixirlH of tho different eoim-
f. r :ji. 11. Old k. nudum. t til" I o"i wunmiK-pr'-uiuiir iiiciain, ."iioweil
be shown, by imniiH of oompre- t lie roiiowinc imureK.
..raliie l.itil-s. the tnonnoun ,.,.-.. .... ... L'P.
JaiL.iv.- li.rn.in eoiniorne o nine um us ji.n rmtil ttnUr t: HI '"W fettoii, ivreal.,
f lb" war. "iw.-l.illr wbtt;
I'l.pl ind. iyi the ntithor of the pain- I nie.n. pMrnlmtm.
. . i..' mi, tin. tirrtn.tti eMli.irl i ....j.-,.. -r,.,'-..
I"1 ' ,i i ii iiuiuiri.ii pro.1-
ml out .it tin- name time leadline ,!.
t. ,, . i (, tin- overct a eoiiutl le, t'U Artnlln iM.MV.Vf .Moily efreal"
and i i , ati:ilKl(i, hi r own tuition. .,aIl.,, !,"0,l
a"q' ' , ,. Ull Kraitl rs.ioft.irti Mii-lly iffe. tn.
It h .1 I l ie m.m deeade.'. I.ohtlinntl 1HI thl! m.rii.m Mltpeter. mill-
,u ' tlie os l"ea rmiiitnen, the er.d.
... , ,.i ii ... tiro.liielnir r u m.i. llt !ilba. S3T..(ifcin Mujr. tobe,ti
" " 1 1,' , ' tilt tliclla ;.!.iui.i Juie .otton.He..
--r :i - o H'l til ilatnntte Wlllell the ,r...il. i... lin
'if - til' i" eoniiueliee of the war I enl kin. inffe. (
ii, i ,m i. r..,. bet imlly that tho y How , ... , M"; .'
i ' te cat bw,enVlur of thin I J" '" .f.).nf Tea.(.pra, eof.
diiui' He 'iipii.iU. leie.it.'dly thn ij.fi strait' ?ttl- lW.riV iVn rubber, rt.
i,-' t -. .t -.,o. tls ) fniu the outbreak uf nient eopr i
nd. .,.. or '-;;';: wl WtW "t" ZSZ,
. i it. in Umilon. bad nnehid the ivivul aiul min-
,r' le hi K il of o per rent. Thl er.-il
fact 'ic Should Iiki'ii warned Sir I'll Cina.U . li M.i iirj.viio.l.but-
" , ! dtnU.ir bin eoun- Idu-rii! 1 "
. ., -. in. war ultliout Its knowledge "AU .if these tiro.luetf. tn time of l-.ie.
.ml ... - M to, Ausuit ... he continues. (V() t,, tMr . , ,.,. .,.,,.
I t.' . ,1 -on "''inn to oeeiiii'- a l. or.i- ,.. . ,,,. ,lf Mllr,.h. h,.,vPd ' V ..... ,. . ..7, , . . .. .. . .
"" ;' ' ''.'"'n " ' " " l "f ;,unrlw ,m--r.-e: ami ,hlJ f..n.-ti...V :h lirltNIi iiaiV
', n i in .M int luce tbe eon-I 1,1 Kur"1'" "lul 1,1 tho to er,'M" hn dlebari!.d to u.-li ui.d . iT.rt tint
'"V'; ,. "w'-n, 1,, '.f h V-,r the' ,:,,r"l'" th '-"''"'i"-- Th,' aceutm.-L, WU ,;..,, o...iimer.v has been
'Jr ., ... , H.h were in bid I ,atl,,n of raw I"-'""",t ''"'"' praule.illy dilven from th. .wn
so ,t. V'"fri...n ""n'V,l J, ml n-at!ou principally of the iterman i,y ,,. irer.orlt.v of liermaii1,! bat-
,1 , , ..v.Vvwh"r.V i. ' '"'VI'Mhiiw ,.t 1IH ,..,IMr.il with that of
r k . - a monitor u I I '''"""'' "-iKltim nnd Itimula, natutatly ie- (ir,.at ,rta, ,mvU tn.t ii h- held In
., yi. r,. ,, i to H.ilt In a rapid Jump of price., l-'or- '.,'. hlii the naval a,vor,lln
! ....I r, s i I li nff "t.-d :m,',ly 'lermany. Ai.Htrl... l!.lii'n ami I u, . Np,.rt ..pinion h.-i.. W.-ro (i'.rmany
. i ... . iiitu s will l' arrt.d i tbi Kl.lIK. b..uht more than fi per c.nt. of .J,llH.i,.t . i.,k.. 11.. oiT.-iine on the
".. ' ' t" lV i . ,,,,""u,u"" ' the w.miI fnmi Autr.ili.i. N'ow not .1 lule , ,.., fU WI(, lu,t i,t. f,lnd depending
I ,. ... --.iuiii .lilit iir.iii . ,'uiiu ii. ii
ii' .1. ar.' i.ort m; mostly law
Iti'imrtn Vol All Credlleil.
lleports nttrlbutltiK every illafiter ;o the
lliitlsh tuny and the HiitNh .lilpplm; In :
Ihirupean waters to tho uoik of il.Tiitan I
eubmatllief. an- not fully ri edited lure
Kroui cloe Ktudy of such evbb nrn us lm !
lM. n obtainable Ameiieati ollleerK an- by
no iiii.in.n s.itlstb-d that all lli 'Mi loe.ies
hale been e.iiied by elibm.irit.e-..
They pour out that ibimany h.relf
would intirli prefer to tie In r b.i'.lles'ilp
tlet air.ilni't DrltNIi navil forcn If niu
ould off rd to do o. I'm jirtme puroe
vtniuu .
n.v.n ,i ....
touched, similar comllMons prevail in 1 on iHV.nduti.il Mibmiirlt e attrn kn for b-r
Argentina, whero the wool prb.en will de-bbin at the Itritlxb e.i jH.w.r.
create to an unpiivotenti d point, with-1 The iiiehtlon for an an-wer tn which
out the sllchtei-t relief In li:'it. Nearlv I Anierlean oille.rs ar- Pukim; tu the
the uitlro Australian export- or mineral" , pnoent war Is whetber or not a modern
las' year went to Cerniauy, In round tlir- biittlenhlp can be detioeil by a torjedo
uie-i, M,Iii,ii0. , tired fiom a subnmrlni'.
I.erinnti'n liniortn. Ilimlmnr rinanrea.
f .llow.-.c table nbows the Import ' 'Tp to the outbreak of the war Kng. '"'""i "- l r,.e.l,.e..
rm.in from Ann rlc.i, except Inn 1 land llnan.ed her own !tnrtn atid ei-' With the n.vt.t d.i lopment of the
. d States and the Hntlnh coloiilen. I'"rl in inlilttlou to ll!''inelnc two-thin!. t"i pedo it. .if. torether w iMi the een morn
; ' of the e-'rtn of the I'ontlnetit. Ihikjlaiid's re. etit deleb'Pineiit of the elllelency of the
Sill i..i o elMHH anil Jlllins 10 linn iroill llie uniierwuu r ikmi jor iirniK lorpeuoes, a
mi.' r i.n and airrieultural produet.n ft
'".-o.. iriiiianl to KtiKlatid, and sc.
onilar ! to ileiniany. but also to l-'taiue.
,.u;n ami the other 1-nnv.p.n.u eountrle-.
In- 1
th V
I r;.t , i
e i
i-,,.i..f.i oiernea countries. Imiudlnir her cmlnnliw
.s..'.i but exiiudlni: Kurope, .showed tho follow
HZ''".', His: llmres In li'll:
lini'ort. tl r.nj.SVi
j "viju.l .Kl.url. lvl,eli.ll
Total 3.i;.,.;:-.i')
T.ri.iitM. 1 'nerinany'.n oversea eTportn mid Im
..'" ' ports In t'.ill nnd l!i; wero;
-w" ! lsii tic
Stt.SOO Import" f l."a btW tLPWi-i".".
l.o.'"' KiMirlK a ;".Xf.i.i
'.l..ll.l.J .
i !'.'") I Total. tt.MS.rr.Mi.1 ti.T.-l-.V...""
"-.f" T." i Or in roiniil tl ni re. mot ineluiliiir
I preeiou. metal. l.Tf.inv)
!!! I "If "ne llcureH the oversea iminrts and
i export "i ,u.niri.i. le-iinuin. i ranee a-.u
JStn.-W'TOK ! ltussia at tho same amount an tak. n for
imports lute, ilennany fiom the i iei m.'Uiy, and a these countrlen lead
1 S'.ites m that year worn 13."!.- ! fully two-thlrdx . f their oversea tinns
" '''bun the Imports ftoin Amer- . unions via Ilnnlatul th" .a:iie ainouut
' epin i; ti.e Itrltlsli posrsionn, iiiU"t oe ooiisiUereii, one comes- to tie lop
.1 to 5T0:t.oiill,'.'i(',
teratious nave been maibi m battleship
ron.triictioii with a view to protectliiK
the Mmt class ships from such att irk,
Tho old ve.-es like the 'ivj.y nnd
Aboukli, ilestio.M-il by the (Terniati sllb
l.iariue wei pot built to withstand
submarine atiaek, hence tlielr destruction
loos not answer tin iitieHtion upcnnost
In the minds of American othcerK n.n to
the effisilvenesA of tho prolct-'tlvo mean
ures ailtipnd
Thee iKin.'st ch'.etly In tnodlfVatione . f
the ile-litii ot tb. si.ellij uf bitil. .ships.
I 'nilblc liotioms uiid liinir and outer jktns
are mm featun. of these etnirtiir.il pro-
tei'tlVe deVle.sn. Ais. ijre.ll inc-i'l... ban
been made in tin number of bulkheud.
proMdlne wntertlirlit compartments. All
thus" coml'inid make a batt.eship punc
lured In any on.- kH less likely to sink
an 'tbe lil.l.'e of d.imaire would be IsolatlMl
Vile total im- oil conclusion that the yearly sum in-I bj the buls'ii. ads and th. doubl. Imttoiiis
Jirm.iiiy from Africa wei e J volvwl In tho ovtrswi impurtsat.il eisirtn 1 protection,
. a. Tills amount lueiuil.il un- or lienuatiy, Austria, ll.-lKium, France
i the Hrlllsh possessions, as and Itussla ,iro :t.."01,')iul,iinn. Now,
Mnaklnir a Tiiod. r.it" estiuiste. of this rum
t;s,i!.i"0 I only one. half was llnanced oinr Ilni;luii.,
' 1- A fro a I."" wt! In thr-i Instalments tm.xllliiir $ l.TSu.OfiO..
' "i "' .";"-''!'!".! i ""' '' tll;,t ',t ' " 'line of tb" outbreak
" ' Jo' the war the fourth p-irt of the .mom
t 17'' lT.'o sum ii os i un i.iiKii-Mi nanus, iirivaie oam.
.. . 'V .' in ers. Ac . to w n. S.'Oo.OOO.UOn. Tliese onb r
iv Vli ii'el (IM nneii, -Tbn r" J'! accepted, but utilMbl. in Lon,..'i. tnovlns- battleship I- less .Ikely to
... . ' " ... ":''.:... .... Uhllo the bulk of t'.ie values already him ilfstni.tlon by a torpedo, liarttrtilat ly if
.-noa..; th.re must anaiii be deducted tb. ' 'n,"i' '"r Urn, "rlVu.,,!
lepnor-M f-o-it the Hrlttult colonies. as I banker and the Umdon lui,k.s fpim ruin.
.... .n.iiiniin mm, u..uiic. .1..." line -ill-
It . admitted, hown.r. tli.it tlie only
wt-y to ki-ep a battl. sh.p se-ur.- from de
struction by a submarine or surficn tor
pedo boat is to keeji her out of their way.
All oh.itiL'cs hi stru.'tur. are .it best only
partial protection and only limited faith
Is placed tn th torpedo nets iibleli fonn
part of 'he iiitllpiie lit of t ery tlrst class
These onb rn Hlnp,
C iti
T 's -i .ken the total Imoorte Into tier
mim fin r.oi -Hritlch Abl.i J10,.','.,:in,0'.0.
T"r I s own oolonleK In Australia
iH s.- Zialand Hormany'si Import.s
i', r .,i m j::.'j.M.ono Worn thn ion-
.ei-i, . i,nh or Australia ami .mhv ".,
li'iwwi"1'1" oi'lsrs not to pny then obllKaUoiin
'. i'i.rt t ntiKland : the I'renoh. Helfrlatm nnd
,! 1iii.).ii. HiiKslatis CHiinot pay, arul lonir after peaco
lias hen declared will thusi siimn cnpple
, I. led from a Fiibnnii'ine, than on., lyln,
a ani nor, it n stntfri. fsttmaten of
tn Hi"'el and d!ris-ion of a motnir bat
tiu hip n:e v "y d.llliiilt friwn s nub
.n imports wern J 7
tns.t o.Crt) t)f nrtSh tlnanelal mntket In the. worst
way. Add.! t hr ismien th fact that
Knitland also ling th market fo"
the placlnB of nearly all overeea loann
and of a preat part of the Kuropean loans,
l'ractlcally all of the Russian loans h.ne
been placed In IVance. They ukki- irate
lu.oH.ofln.'M"'. rran.-o's own hums are
Hi. i. .til mersea Imports of j il,..l l..iuu.0u", inaklriK a total of $ 1 1 ,ri;r.,
i ..! th- Hritisli colunlen to GnO.nOi), at only ( per cent., with a clal.il
j f Interest ninuunthi 5 HJ.i.T.'o i'"ii
in., (lermany from Hrltlsh i annuailj .
"To this .in- to l- .vldisl the dents of
i.t..o I Turkey, (Irissce. Huluarlu. Itmiunla and
7.".w')...i I unrt of tb national ilebln of lti.lv stnitln
U-'' --ll'IIi I I'ortUk-a, .V. all of which, it 'may In
safely usMutip.1. will remain unpaid, f.-r
soino time to come, and the municipal
loans of France, so that th" national m
.sjine .if the republic already has been tei
rlfbvilly shnk.-n. In lhiitl.ind .n.. placisl
tlrsl the debts of her own colonies; sec
ond, those of the motherland, Tbe na
tional debts aie :
In "lt in timLind
In I 'll m mi ilu.i. m ,
In I'd III Afllel
In b'U III Ml.tr.ilin
In IC11 in New eaiHtid ,
111 I'll in I'auail.i
In I 'll 111 lliltlih Wet Iiiille.
' oversea Imports into tier
nire In I'.il'.' 1 ,1 'iS.Vin.OOn.
i.erinnn nnit nnlrln.
l 'itiibnak or the war there
-i' ll. e import! Into tlennany
i At the saino time it must
mind that tlitoilKh tho fact
. i i v . arnYd the war Into llel
i I'r e and has been able
i n. . p hostilities there the Un
i .' I'r.uico and Helitluui hale
s. . r. i
. i-.ui Hii.sla too hne Flopped
. n. 'act that III.) Baltic in
i for t i.it omiutry and th" seat
i tevtiln Industry of Poland
' um ! by i lei man troop.
' ' hi orw of bYance, H. li;uni,
i I: 11.1.1 an. Ilitured at tlin
ii . s tliosi of i ii rmany, so
, .ricliiiati. Io.h from exportn
'I- i . .limine Is '.'ellOI.OIM'.llllO.
' added tho fallinn" off ill
' "i. the oieisia countries Into
'i i he r.utral lountiles of Kil
'i llnlhind, thn Sc.inillna-
- Spain. Italy olid tho Bal-
i i" whnh lounlrles tun dec
r.iioila, dltllcultlfs In ship-
in- and other factum have
' i i a reduction If thin (hi
luiirid at only about ff.'.uii.O'jo.
t' e total los to thn ovilf'-n
i 'sports to tho '01111111111 of
s ti e amount of J3,fH'n,iifi(i,-
'i niport? and exports, accord
- ,li i.il Hoard of Trnd" returns
i i I, r as follow s :
r.ati ivi.i.o
f,W, A i
Total $T.H,i"iiO
At 1 pr ''lit nr n.r.,.'l.'o
"To this, asaln, mii't be added a onti
sider.ible pan of tho dibts of other cuii
tilei. whose debts follow:
Meji.-O li'"...,6ilft.l
li'ljlmuU M.:"M."'
s iivaunr
ninktiiHT nf Tno Itrltlnh Shin. Airaln
Alnrmi rnilern'rltera.
Thn ulnWris- of file. Hritlnh eneiiv"m
rrtmo and Mahichttfi off Jltivm Inn lml
the eff.s't of rsilslm; war risk lalen on
ships and carKo for Ixindon 'niouith
epi.'itlc 'afs " im tintum'le deis-niletil
Upon florin i ) 'Itlins .11 cell casn pre-
seiited for i siirmoe, tbe itnier.il rate f.
lAindon iidv.inc.sl fnen tb'. punters of
1 per stit ti I i"'p i-ent.. ni.d In sotuo
cases to 1 pe- i.eit
Tlie abil.ti of ll.-rmatl lllinuirilie. to
pli"trate t!n Hrltlsh pstml to the e
tent of n'nkiiut Me'iiners nif Havre ff-av.)
imdenvrlteis -oinetii'in; of ,i shock,
llepnrt nf Inelilner Ordered tint
I let i on firmed.
The svlfi .t.ani viicbt Wlnchesfr is
still anchored in the b.i'. , thouith It is
lindeislo.il that a IPItisb captain Ills
been detailed b take h' r to sea If possible
for use as a despatch boat.
It was reported cstcrday that the
i.moial of a part of her machinery had '
b. en ordered by the Navy Pepnitmeut j
to (niire lo r rcuialn'tiir In port. Her wlre
les. '.'iiilpuii nt was taken down eon: I
weeks duo. At the .N'.lvy Ilepirtuient In
W.ifhlnrton It wati said that thn case ,.f
llie acht had not been before the He
linn.. lira. .
I'mla Itlca
DoilllllS'l .
llolilM ...
Ill-1711 . ..
(.'nlninbni .
1. ir.i.-u..y .
I riutiiy .-
i'!f.i'iui ' part nient 'mil that tiothlmr was known
of im order for the rimoi.il of part nf
her machliier.' .
I'OlleCtor llllloll" refused ii discuss th
Windiest!-! cam, as did ollii ..lis Jt tlie
New Voik N,.y laid
. lll.i.Vl.O.'
t ..,'.. i l
'JJ, ..!.
, J..I I.ll.l.l-I
.3, IH. .vim.)
, lii.iV.I im
. ul i.'"'I.H.l
il . Kia".
llrldce (olliip.e Co. I. (oonl.i fit, Mill
NiiWAiiK, N' ,1. Nov :".--A Jury In thn
mil I lll.ll-
III ,.,ii.i..i M,s) ,',, ,., ,.t ; New Vei l. 51
j3.yji.lV1 '.i daiiniKes fi.iiu Al.ibli. e count.- f'
i warded .
If'oi'ilv half of "'this' ainoiiu't. 'na'u.el .' de ith of b' brnilue, S..omnii II .lacob-,
M TUP.fiSS.iwO. Is limirnl on IhiKlainl s , who was k Ii .t wbm a-i aut ..li'le. n.
,.ce.,imt tbern am iil.ic.il In llnulaiid. in " f dilist i '.i r.ae.l int.. mbr .so Hronll
uM'tiea nnd liallonal debts, alsmt ?:i,-jr.u.- win n a ' .,-1
,,r nn 1.1 milv I nei- cut., an Interest In- asiicd rot Ji. onn
i onto of JIlTit.iiilil.'P'O. with which IhiKland
Is coninc llrsl to llirnr If wo n.ni to tbl-
' part of the .lapoint-e and p.ut of tin
ii'liine.-e loans, and aUive all, lb" treat
I'.ipsr I
Ja, ohs
1 i.ilO.II.l
77'1.T "e. I.si
1 IX,., t ii !
1 IT.MW.'M)
i.mi i.i
. id ..I i ii. .n erii'.u . i ai an n . in s
jim.jiJ'.'"') skin and other rnllio.ul", liiuw and inn-
iilcpallll", wboe initie.t nisirui already
s seriously Impaired by tho war. inn- will,
appn.'latc tin- i.ui.'iiuencen of a lonir war
for the British llnancl.il market, llirur's ,
fil,'.''i.iiio .. hieh Ion i.-ars into, durlim the twenty I
-ii'Vlvcars war tiKalnst Napoleon, were let ,
' ."' L ! di'ninied of. '
..iii.WDAii "It l.s .i r-.no riatrmcnt tn inune tu.u
'r m.'.s. a tolhl or British Impoils London m ili.per.1erit iip.Mi an In.-oinc ,u
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Lord & Taylor
Murray Hill QOQO
Fifth Avenue. 38th Street, 39th Street
Founded TS26
Mvnic Daily iAincheon and Afternoon Tea, 10 A. M. to 5 V. L, Tenth Flour
The Annual Silk Hosiery Event
For Men, Women and Children
Begins Tomorrow, Monday
Our hosiery customers have given the brand we carry a preference. This explains the greatly increased
demand. The satisfying quality of the ofFerings described will supply additional proof that this confi
dence is not misplaced. We recommend that full advantage be taken to secure these most desirable
Holiday Gifts.
Item 1 A rtiinerb asriortment of women's
black and colored Silk Hose in medium and
Kiiuze weights, some with lisle soles, some
in black outsizes; also b'lack and colors,
with sell' and contrasting clocks all of the
clocks with "POINTEX" heel. i
Usually priced $1.0', to $2.00 per pair
Item 2 Women's black silk, with lisle tops
and soles, a handsome range of new hand
embroidered self and colored designs. j
Umullu priced $l.o per pair)
Item 3 A supreme value in women's hand- ,
embroidered, in rich, artistic designs in
black, white, pink, sky. bronze, gold, and
silver grounds, all with the "POINTEX" 1
heel. UhiuiIIu priced $J.S0 to $,1.00 per pair ,
Item l Special attention is directed to this
remarkable range of women's fancy clocked
black and white Silk Hose, all with the '.
"POINTEX" heel Fashion's latest decree.
UfiMitly priced $J.,W to $J.00 per pair j
Item 5 Women's Paris open-work clocked.
with "POINTEX" heel, in black, white, I
pink, and sky, also a tine assortment of two- j
tone eirects. L'muilly priced $2.7.' per pair)
Item G A smart women's hose for the win
ter season ; shot silk with plain silk top. in
a fine variety of combinations.
Usually priced $;?.'0 per pair
Item 7 A choice selection of hand-em-
broidered designs, black and white grounds,
aelf-embroidered, artistic, effective, richly
ornamental, nnd with the "POINTEX" heel.
Usually priced $3.7 to $5.00 per pair .
Item 8 Women's black and white, with ,
fine Pnris lace inserts, all with oval designs ;
and "POINTEX" heel. I
Usually priced $i!.7G to $5.00 per pair J
Item 9 An opportunity to secure an extra fine ribbed
Silk Hose for boys and girls.
Sizes 5 to 7 VI. I tf-r -. (Sizes 8 to 9'!;.
Usual price $2.00 1
Umtul price $2.50 1
Item 10 A very special assortment in
black and leading colors. per pair
Item 1.1 An all silk with lisle soles. The
most satisfactory hose ever worn, in black j
and colors at per pair
Item 12 Our Special in black and colors, "i
plain and clocked.
Usually priced $t.75 to $2.25 per pair)
Item 13 A most acceptable holiday giftto
any man. An extra smart style for winter;
a shot silk Half Hose, English style, with
lisle sole, in a variety of combinations.
Usually priced $2.50 to $.1.00 per pair
Street Floor
Extraordinary Sale of
Red Room Suites
Th largest assnrtmt nt and the most nmarkabk
values we have ever offered at the price quoted
Regular Prices Up to $500.00
$2 SO. 00
In the I'olk'ction there are assorted designs representing
the most popular periods, in mahogany, antique ivory and
Circassian walnut. Most of the suites consist of four
nieces- Full Size Bedstead, Dresser. Chiffonier and Toilet
Table. A few suites have Twin Hedsteads.
Bed Room Furniture t
Georgian Oak Bed Room Suite. ' nn
Usually SlJGO.OO . -00
Ivorv Enamel Bed Room Suite; 5 Pieces.
Usually $422.00 !
Circassian Walnut Inlaid Bed Room Suite; 1
4 Pieces Usually $500.00 1
IV omen9 s Footwear
A Sale at Special Prices
Mahogany Bed Room Suite; 4 Pieces. 1 e
Usually.1386.00 f 2'5-00
Odd Mahogany Dressers and Chiffoniers
one-half to one-third off.
Dining Room Furniture
Adam Mahogany Dining Room Suite; 101 rt
Pieces Usually Y750.00 . 00-00
William and Mary Walnut Dining Rooml , .
Suite; 10 Pieces Usually $1,410.00 j '00
Jacobean Oak Dining Room Suite; 10 Pieces.
Usually $523.00
Adam Mahogany Suite; 10 Pieces. 1
Usually $325.00 I
Solid Mahogany Extension Table. 1
Usually $50.00 j
Solid Mahogany Library Table: 48 inch top. 1
Usually $45.00 I
Large Mahogany DeHk. 1
Usually $210.00 !
Large Mahogany Book Case. 1
Usually $140.00 I
Upholstered Tapestry Davenport. ,,,
Usually $135,001 $10-00
Arm Chair or Rocker to Match.
Usually $75.00 ",'"tf
Gift Furniture
A large assortment of Candlesticks. Trays. Muffin
Stands, Clocks, Desks. Easy Chairs, Sewing Tables, Nest
Tables, Tea Wagons, etc., practical Holiday Gifts at
Greatly Reduced Prices.
Fumed Oak Mission Suite
A Pieces. Usually
ion Suite nn
sually SSS.OO O'UU
All made of quartered oak in the regular fumed color,
spring seats of brown, Spanish leather. Table 48 inches long.
l loor
Exceptionally Smart Colored Top
Lace and Button Boots
Complete range of sizes.
Usually $0.00 aud $7.00)
Colored and Black Cloth Top
Button Boots p
Tan and Black Russia 395
ff 'alkincr Boots
Usually $5.00
Women's Evening Slippers, $3.9ii to $7.,W
in an unusually large variety of beautiful effects.
Special A Neiv Theo Slipper
Trimmed with new imported ornament. Patent leather,
with black satin back: also patent leather with white
satin back. The latter can le made to match any gown
and delivered the same day.
Special price. . . To match gown ...fis.iSj
Second Floor
Sale of Handsome Slipper Buckles
At Special Counter Street Floor.
$1.50 to $1.85 Usually up to $25.00
Afert's House Coats, Blartket
Robes & Dressing Gowns
Select Assortments for Holiday Gifts
Double Faced Coats, well tailored, various colors and
combinations $5-00
Double Faced Cloth Coats, oxford grey, blue and brown
with plaid barks w $6.00
Cloth Coats, roinbination colon d barks in rariom
shades $7 -SO
Blanket Robes, jacquard figures . $S-SO and 3.00
Wool Blanket Robes $6,00, $7.50
English Wool Dressing Gowns $12.00
Silk Dressing Gowns. . . $6.jO, $23.J0, $2,00
Silk Dress Reefers $3.00, $7.30, $0.50
English Wool Motor Scarfs . $r.$o, $2.00, $2.JO
Street Floor
Toys and Dolls
of every kind from the smallest Kewpie doll to the
most intricate mechanical toy are lioro at very
attractive prices.
Fourth Floor
Knitting ) 'am
A complete stock of materials fur knitting "TCed
Cross" articles such as scarfs, helmets, socks,
wristlets, etc. Instruction free of charge.
Fourth Floor

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