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Neutral Powers Wont Be
Ruined by the Great War
Economic Conditions Disturbed, but Business 3ron Look
With Confidence to Future Luck of Work
men Jlinders Some Industries.
'," 7'ir olni-niff art Mr Or llfla mi wag done by nil Industries depend-
ftirkrly, scvrclury ! the ImmlpratUin j 'IB largely UHin exports, nrnt bolnrf the
..-njiif. tilt cs .111 inlarnUng (might Into i -""'. wnone main e.uwci i
tue,n,Mr rorfHoH. In Or,,,,,., und : SiHuS' 'Sfn.H.W , '
School Official Would Settle
"MotIlcr,, Problem by Ape
.llifrlii-;iinr;iirj from n Triifon KlNf of
,rlfir. Dr Strkrlu has iut returned from
fimlfiprst. tic inn icrllfrrt arrerul .irKi-Its
iiuituprsi r tiik HrN;
n int. iiiii.a i7.i:ki:i.v.
, Austria. llunitkry only one-third of tho
nuKar production is for homo consiimp
tlon, two-thirds Rolnir to foreign tnnrleeU.
In the Dual Monarchy meat quantities of
raw sujrar are now hclnt fitnrexl up. When '
peace conies, na some day It mum come,
an urgrnt demand for sucar will mnke- It-!
self felt throughout the world, especially 1
v...i i.. u.i- l.nllMl.is renirts on tho ! I" Knxlniul. whern the tirlcn of im.ir has
en'momu- condition of the wiirrlnu nations i i1''"1' rl,"?n,to " ?' .h'Bh "."V,. )
. . , ... ., ...,,., .,,.,... i,t- '" vlen of " coming; demand that these'
are watched with the KrcxtcM Interest , Rrt,al pr.,,nrnllonil nKrc belnB mHll ,
students o i:uroiean politics. France and i Austrla-IIuimary by the suffar refineries. I
llnsland are supposed to be possessed of Iluslnosv Is very bad with Industrie
all the money they may need. Hut will for tho m tmifueitiire of luxuries, such as
lertnany and Autrl;i-lliinRnr te able to furniture. Klais, clay products, cmbrold
raise the last few hundred nllllons which. erles, rto. The bubil tiK trade Is practl
aceordltiB to I.loyd (leorse'a fiitnoim state- rally at a standstill In Merlin, Vienna and
ment, may win the war? Iloth of the lludapct. Large eontr.tot.-i li,iv been '
wo central European Powers arc en-j given for the building of barracks for'
raged at the present In raising war lonris, war prlsor.crs. the wounded and for con- '
In Hermans' "ti October 2S there was paid tnglous d seasex. Hut these nre all I
In 3,4"ei million marks, that is "S per wooden buildings. i
cent, of the , Mlllons sulwrlbed by the Prosperity for Somr. 1
Herman people. No (iovernment presn re . ,...,.,,, .
was brought upon anybody to subscribe, On tho other hand, factories turning out
lent of all upon the great banks. Those . war niutorlal ar op rated tight ami
who know Herman public feelliK were not day. lo thow that manufacture ord
surprlted by the signal success of t il mnev. powder. .-... the war lieue. of
gigantic war Issue. The enthusiasm and course brought an em of prosperity be-ronhdenc-
of the Herman people appear I ,he fondr-M dreams of their ownora. ,
: . . ... i n.-.. i..,.-..- tli.. Hut factor! a iii.imif.icturmi? wool ens am!
TO l-e simply i-t-unuiep-. . .... . ., ,
sneedy taking up of the war Issues argues I clothing arc also excH e llnnly busy Tho
Battles in Poland and Naval Fight in
Pacific Chief Events of Past Month
Emdcn, Audacious und Bul
wark Sunk Japanese und
British Took Tsiiiff-tno.
nrmnu .tviillahlc funds In Germany,
I'ew subscrlbcri had recourse to the
war credit banks In ordrr to raise cash
for thrlr payments. Times have changed.
It was a little over ft ty years ngo that
the Hrltlsh mother of WilHum II., as the
voting wife of the ihen frown Prince. In
answer to HlsnmrcU's question in to her
Impressions of Prussia, somewhat pmudly
declared that one merchant family In
Manchester poessed more silver than all
Pru-slan nobility. Since then Hernnny
has been piling up the pn-rlous metals.
The (icrnan banks circulate the war
loan at a rate of 1 per cent, ut-ove the
subscription price. This Indicates that
this war Issue Is based upon the solvency
of the Statt and not merely on the glow
ing war enthusiasm of the people The
healthy economic condition of Germany
is acknowledged by all Unbiassed observ
ers and corroborated by th statements
of the Jteli-hs'unU.
Karly In Aui'Ut Austria-Hungary raised
Its Pri" billion kronen without song and
chime. At present a new Issue for three
billions of kronen Is blng floited nnd th's
week's cable despitches report that the
whole Ivsue has already been taken up.
It Is a new type of I elite In AutrH
HutiTai.v a fi per cent, tax free Hi ve m
meiit bond. The rate of Issue Is !T.SO,
Th'iS- who d. posit their 'loldlngs for
Ave v ar that l who sulcnbe for so
call .1 "bio- V-l i-let-ts." have the privilege
of d. 0' i. bug altn live yeirs r'dmptlon
at the nomli.al value of 100 kronen. The
A.i--' l i -a-li'i Manic and t!.e war
Te l.i wlil nnke .in t'lesc apers a
'o mi ,1,- t,- 7.'- p-r tent, of th-Ir nominal
vi ii- .ii '. per cent. Interest, which rate
.if guarantied for on- ytar.
Vi. ,i ai. l-"iie of .10 kron. n lionils
t In i Mild.- the sm.-lleM nvestor
In li-rniany l.l -o."oo indi
army with Its .several .millions of soldier
n tin- ueiu requires unilinltcd iiuantities ;
of und(rwar, xhlrt and mmiy other i
artlctia that give protection ug-ilnst the i
elements. I-nther goods factories, especl- j
ally hoe factories, now oniploy more,
hands than they ever did l-fore. Tho'
ui-oiUn Ihix manufacturers too Uiv.-'
come to unexpected prosperity through
large f iovernment outer' All nitinlt.',oiis. '
provision and other war material are
-nt to the field .n picking cases, r.nd
tht-y ciinnot be turtutl out fast enough.
Then hundreds of thousnnd of small i
woodfn boxes are n qulied by tho soldier.-"
families, who are sending their kin winter
clothing and piovulorn.
To many other Industrie, wma of
them almost unknown, the war hits been ,
an unex.-ctod windfall, and one sees 1
little manufacturer grow ng rich while
big or-s face illstrns.
Hut i-x'en th- bitv fictories have'
troubles of their own owing to the it Iff I-1
cultlta of getting raw materials: wool,1
cotton. Jute, copper, zinc and chemical 1
are nil scarce and so l coal.
The coal outpil' of fpper Silesia hvt '
link to 30 per rent if Its normal pro-
diietlon and til- r.ductlau of the output !
m other coal m'.n-s n Germany and
.usti ln-!Iung,iry preent a correspond'n-; 1
lee ease. In the coal mints, in well is'
mother busy liidti'ii'-s, the-e Is natuialiy
i lack of i'imip- t nt workinnmen Com
mon laborer- n-e e islt-r o gi t. but skilled ,
wrkmen are at i premium. It must be1
remembered that in Hi runny and Austrli-
flung'iiy about two in II 1 1 ins f the host'
.i1.nr r are now on the ba tletleMs. f
The export trade Is at a st'iinNtUl I-'or
thi ade of the two central l-uropeinl
I'owt-is the ocean hlghw.y bus nrac-
1 to vis: and only by means
tlcalU i ea
of the eri niv ralliovls can godt b I
'1'nih-d f-om one eoun rv in tin- ollwr
i bed to th' war loan f'fTrt-ste. K.um-. llimbiirg mil Hi mm are
'i' h' .iM'i-lbul more than 100 ,,( .mut,., nl,t it ts stniil comfort for thes-
ud 3fl0.tmi leys than that nmount. ports that l.ond n. Havre. H itterdam.
Amteidani and cvin Genoi faro but little
better than they. Antwerp was one jf
Tirol lit I.- llenipt.
tlit att-mpt In Austria-
ST'-nttst conimerol.il cities In the world,
i-v iii iai-' public loans by popu'.ar , "-' l am.en minion tons oi men nana:
iipfon The succi s of the loan l-ai-'i'g thioiigh It every year. This ei
very sitlsfaetory to tho norium . now In Herman hands but for
i ..v." i! an ft demonstrates the re. present u '.s comiueteiy parnyzed.
iiii. of the dual monnrchv. In Austria- . Intciloi commtrce In Germany nn.l
I"iicav l ute has not tiken plae- ui-h i AuMrla-lliingar- In the" flrt months of
n -in ni-c iconnmlc ibv. lopm'nt a In "e war was confined to goods needed for
r.c-manv. but a qul-t ind meidy growth '"i'ltary nurpo.-es. but gradually things
whlcb fiiarnites that the tremendous sac
are improving. In
rlllee- e.ii- te.1 bv th. war mav l made i 'Towd arc nee mre moving, but :)
without infecting' either public or private J-''i; f goods purcha.d by th publ
'"a-, .'anged. Tiler- Is no demind f
Siree the war began no Inipoitart In
he department stores
luxuries and the cnnKumers. be they rloh
.-i'...,..i. L '..,n,t..i in c.prm.nv P "'r. buy economically. In small qu.n
nor In xiistrla-Huncarv. No moratorium '""1 rr,l'H durability in preftr-
had to be declared In Germany. In Aus-
en to appearance
The fanners had a prosperous ye ir.
trl.i-llnng.-iry vernm.-nt d.-cree trant- ; .... ' '"' " l-josperous ye.r
od a resp't- for payments. Till measure, '0,e.r ' , n i"1 , Bt ' . M"r0,
however had for Ita object merely the ' 'v ; I"" : heing sold at recor,'
l.sfenl--g of the first -Wit to onomlc m Jmve supp 'ante, men or
l.Sfenl--g of the first lioek to onomlc ,'V"."r r "r"
condition, cans.. I bv tho declaration of t"" " riy Instance, Industrial
war. At the tt.,1 of two months p.ovlslons K .m ,,,a,-v "'l" r-
At the'tmi of two months p,'ovllons '''IJ''L". W .T
were made for partial payments; ami tni 1 . . ... -, Z
.. . . .;. '. - .... find onpo-tun t es for work on fn
was ine oeginning nr ire r-ie.i- iu un- ,,. .,,..
:olt':r'vv,....,". 'f.T.r. z:vi, h:2 ; A X
It I- ...onntA.l till lltXW II I "
I It it 1 mi ii ir. i i- r-x i"i tpnfc "
rtrre of th Oovf niment "ill soon pro-
..I.I. t .t. ...Hon. It It alonl ft .
cant that at the A.Ulro.Hui.g irl in Hark J.1.''''-. tn,'nf'- 0"')-
nraetlcall v all of the notes were taken UP. I '.Z V". i . " ,.r:,"Ir.f l"'.s-
work on
butter and eggs nrn
aimy In tremendous .pun-
Tralllc conditions are slowly Improving.
The llrst fe-v weeks of the war found all
practically all of the notes were taken up,
In many Instance t not only the legal 21
per cent, but the full amount bi lug paid
s ng ts and frelgh'. Normal conditions In
'tis respect ute Impossible during tht
course of the war, the rolling stock of
Tk I,..,.. I.-. Mnw.r I., ll ,-,..,n...le mr ill'- ...lung
life of AiiHtria-IIungary. are the small , "1V.!,: " fr !"","
faetoil.-. Mos- of these weTe created and '.' ' '. , : . . "
District Superintendent Charles W.
Lyon, whoe hendquartera are nt Public
School f3, Hrooklyn, has written a letter
to the members of the Hoard of Kdiicatlon
offering some novel nuggcstlons for tho
solution of the teacher-mother probltn.
Mo say that the simplest permanent
remedy for the present anomalous con
dition la the enactment of a regulation
by the board prohibiting women of tho
teaching and supervisory stuffs under
46 year old from mariylng Hcyond
that age, he suggests, there Is little likeli
hood of the motherhood question cnuslng
"In my opinion," he wrote, "based upon
a broad opportunity for observation, the
efficiency of married women teacher who
bear children la seriously Impared. Most
young women teachers resign when they
get married.
I'll I In llilsbnmls In.-ni.'l.-nt.
"The real reason the married women
teacher remain In the service Is because
thtlr husbands are Industrially In fTlclcnt
and art- either unable or unwilling to pio
vide a proper support for their wives.
Such husbands may possess notne attrac
tive qualities, hut they Impose upon their
tttvs a double bui.len.
"Principals tell me that after marriage
the classroom work of such a teacher gen- '
orally suffers because of divided Interest. I
Such a teacher lack enthusiasm, has less j
patience and Is more apt to show nervous-
ness an) Irritation over small matters
than bofnie marriage. The ability to
m Irtain discipline Is also Impaired. I
"Teacher who have children of their'
own do not maintain the Interest In their;
classroom work they showed previous to
marriage, experience has demonstrated, '
and tint Is not to be wondered nt. It Is,
not titling to reprove such teachers fori
their lack of luteicst for they nie not to)
blame and repioofs would be uselesj, jfj.
ture appeals to her more forcibly than :
school woik; the motive to remain In'
school Is economic and the work becomes j
p penis to Common ....
"In the public itfererv to the subject'
of the mother-teach r the sensational fea
ture.s hnvf been mad.- promlnen The
common s-nse of the community will de
mand that the pupil be given the bejit
instruction nnd Inlluence. Wi-en the in
terest of the t-achcr I dlvtdul he wren
her own baby at home nn.l the children at
school the pupil do not get the best In-,
struction nrd Inlluence.
"The perm nen and proper aMMemrnt j
of the matter Is of far greattr Imiort.inc
than th.- disposition of Individual cases
w hich have arisen under the j resent
arotiMlnm conditions It Is evident that
the policy of the Ho rd of IMiicatlon
's against the employment of ehil.1 b-r-ng
mirrled women teachers. It nnnot
Ik assumed that this s due to an inherent
prejudice against marriage, ixinee a ma-,
J-rlty of the meml-er of the board are'
them-eivos mirrle.1. Th- best Interests of
the schools demand such iollcy.
AVonl.l I, I. it It MnrrliiKe. '
"If the Isiarit hould enact a by-law pro-'
ibtting tl..- m.irrl ige of the young woman
'.ftcb.-r such a regul'tlon would ilnubtless
be decried, satlrla'd nnd i-idlciit.-l hv the
exponents of an erritlc fo-ni of f--n'nl m 1
There may bo n few erotic Individuals
n the school sys-em who will chif- und-r
tie res-ralnt which they consider an In
fringement of their personal liberty, for
with them liberty means the precedence
of Individual Inclination t.-gar.lles.j of
the eff-ct upon the community In general
and the s-hool children In particular. Thin
veiy mall mlrorilN m y be expected to
mike the louiet pnss bie oie, a(tum
'ng that stii b noise w 11 be mis-ak n for
the , iamor of public opinion.
"Hut the great mass of the people are
re-illy governed by common sense Thev
include the good mothers and the gii
teachers. It It certain til t they will
gl their approval to a isillry which
i .-cognizes the tiest Interests of the pupils
its the par.imuunt consideration of '.In
school m stem '
helped during the. last (pende with the aid
of State sulivi ntlons ami other govrn
mental 'aiors I'.ven In times of pence
the credit of the, enterprises was slight.
In order to pit-xent the fillure of the
"Mikill business nnn. war credit banks
so many ways a ruthless disturber of s-..
t'ornlc rond tions Getminy and Atistrln
Ilungary miy look with something like
eqiiin'mlty toward the future when peace
will again reign. I)-rad-a of proHnt-r.tr
nnd natural growth erabie t'n-se conn-
have been organized 'throughout the dual tr'-'1 th" 1,ru"t t,C ,h I"-
miinarchy. the larger pint of tho capital '
being furnished by the Austrian and
Hungarian Goverimients, which likewise
assumed their nianageiii.nl. A certain
Interest, however, has also been given to'
tin- s -'.lied -ie.it ba-ks. The small I
manufactur. r Is ihus tided over the wur
times by means of adequate, credits grant
ed him In tills respect mmr than one
manufacturer l now better off than ho
was previous to the war.
The stock exchange were closed in due
tinio In order to prevent a panic It Is
an encouraging sign of healthier condi
tion tint Hi- reopiiltig of the stock ex
changes is htronglv iirg.d However, this
Is not y t w H hln sight. The- great banks
r specially are opposed to It. believing
In awaiting the opening of home of the
neutral exchanges, llrst of all that of the
New York exchange The exchange which
Is being operated in Hordeaux Is looked
upon as an unsiiit ili mikeshlft l"or
ifome time to come, therefore, neither . m
Ileillii, Vienna nor Hudiipist stork ex
eh inge will lesu'iie liu-ineH- Tile quo
tations In private deilings are xery re.
assuring. They are considerably higher
tlinn I'm win- at the beginning ol tile
war. To- setti. nrtii of pend.rig engage
ments lias also begun In the three capi
tals of tin- Dual Alli'iiue the differences
111- in i'lg qilltitlv settled, nil soils .if e-ori-
resm, us having been made In order to
pre.it open failines
Tin- Ills: Mi,,. I, I n. mill. ilea,
The balance sheet of the large stock
rntn" in e liilt' full) ii Heel Hie MT. , Is
of tli.i slate of war. Some of ties.. niM
pltll.es ili.-e their llse.il jeir June So,
Tim well earned di lilends of llien. ruin
pailiis li.lle bei n ledureil by (II to .10
per i.tit. and the balmier put in their re
spectne war sinking funds, The Phcenlx '
I'oiniMiiv. one of the laigest steel plants
in Hi i many, has Ihus put nslilii fully
nine inilllnu mark anil the Heneral llbc- ,
ll U- Coiiipanv of llerlln ten uillllon inaiks.
Most ..f the iiiiiiiufiirtiirlng enlerprlses In
Gerin.-'iv Mini Aii-t :.. Hungary will hair
to pass their liill il vid-'iids nnd many of
them will show losfe Insle n of earnings
In 'h"li tn.xt e.ulv si iteinent.
T'i -l.'l liidu-tiv -.llfHud seveiely in
Augiihl on iireoiint (lie sfopp ige of
the Ll In. i, I tl.illl, Hilt Hie September
utpui ii . - , ,., , ( , ,,, r s,,.)t( n
I-r, Ui" Tlie i m in inaiiiifii.-tuirr re.
1 'ed their output by fin per cent The
I'rlllli'l- liqillps lieu In Treiiclli-M
Willi l,iimliMl.lii TiiitHi-r)',
The Kreroh Government I beginning
to isulp Its men In the trenches with
chest mid back protectors und army nit
idis mad.- nf lamb skins. A letter from
the factory of P. Centernerl A- Co., riianu
factuiers and Importers of gloves, at
Grenoble, I-'mm-e, m that the I'lt-nch
Government threiten to ciuse a dearth
of glove cutters because of Its demand
on local m inufacturers of gloves
The letter also says:
"We hear on good authority that the
mode In Paris hat now Is a kind of
helmet covered with klilskln. They are
of various rolois and are h.iI.I to lie very
attractiie. If tills mode, takes, and It I
likely to, with the presence here of the
Indian tioops, it may Jeopardize tho ktip
.1 of sins for the glove trade,"
1 1 lull Ollli-er Iteporleil Hindi,
Sprrml fVj.e llf'iuilr, to Tin: Son,
A.mstki'.iiasi, Nov 1!8, Herlln paper
sta'e tint I.leut -O. n, Waenker von
Oanl; nschwell, president of the Iladen
Mllllary l.'-ngne, has been killed at the
front in Poland
Severe Criticism of III. Visit Is Also
XI a de In Irelnnd.
I.ovpos. Nov I The I.ndon pre-.s is
ever.- In Its (sindemii.'itlon of the ftp to
llerl'n resrt.sl by tin- Herman t-ane-s to
hive been tin-ler-'aken by Sir Hoger fas.--nv-nt
to lea in the aritude of the Ht-rman
Gov ertimeric toward Ir.-lmd, and reisuti
from IivIiikI Imllcate tint w-vero criti
cism of the mls-sion Is made there.
The lollj; .Whs eaj eh.vt "treniendoim
Inier.-Ht Is being taken in Ireland In Sir
Hotter f iix-im-iit't rej-orbsl vialt," and
cliara.-teriz.i' the a.-'surnnce, irpoited n
tho German paper to have b.sm given
by (he German Government that G.-manv
will never Invade Ir.-l.nd, as "an Impudent
uuM!age of g.l will"
"There are not many men whose past
ean-er have been regarded by thur f' I
low countrymen with more pride, and
Justly bo," the etlt .Vrtcs continue, re
fetrilig to Sir linger Cisenient "At the
Imminent risk of his own life ho r.i(
rlcd out Ills tlr.st Congo work and nftt-r-ward
th.i Peru work, a., hazardous, as
laborious and a fruitful In the nllef of
niirnan misery a any undertaken In our
time Tin- recognition which his laho'
received Is no more than his due, but
the very gieitnesH uf his achievements
heighten, the offence of the crime which ,
he ha committed." j
Sir linger was In the Hrltisb con
sular service for eighteen year. He
ri signed last year and was retlrdl an
un unnual pension of JL'.inO. .
l.o.lKe nini.le Iliilnnrk Loss on Vpleii ,
laiNmiN, Nov. 2" Sir Oliver ,I.o.ce
urres thit Herman spies tsi shot and
HrltlBli tral'or.s hang.sl.
He thinks that manv alien women who
have not been Interned are as dangerou
a alien men. lie nuggests that the
destruction of the battleship Hulwark In
the Thame was due to p;- woik
Children Send Gift to Troops. I
fiprrla' f'ahln Detvnlch to Tin: Sun '
Pain. Nov :'S. A committee has been ,
organli-.ed for the purpose of obtaining n i
silb'crlptlon of ten cinllmeH (two rental
from each I'rench child, with a view to i
sending a gift to every soldier at the I
The laat month, the fourth In tho war,
ha sfn no great change In the situation,
t haa been marked, however, by severe
lighting n ,ho trclK.h v( otllhwcMcrn
Helglum, desperate attacks by the Her
man upon I'rench Htronghol.l along the
Meusc. an nttttiipt of the Kaiser to re
cover advantage .gained by his troops In
Husielau Poland In October, but lot before
the end of the month, nnd by some heavy
naval loscs by tl,0 Urlllsh.
Tho Hermans have not progressed In
what was apparently their main objective
in tho West, an endeavor to crush their
way nt-ros, H,-uum l0 the ,,rencl
of Calais, Dunkltk and Houlogno and
hu, menace the Kngllsh coast rind Urit
si. hlppliw. .Msl of tho eevert- light
US In tho western theatre of the war
front Th"'0,"''' :h" ",,r,lon "c the
I", a,,?.' , i,,rn"' attempted to force
Uth nf V.,; n"r,,' "'' I
h Jl?,L il,7'r "'' while they succeeded ' '
nomA SSLJ''? M '" Vf""''" -r"y In the .
month they wrre later driven back by
.s0"ionscou",ur ,"ttucK, 10 ,h"- ''"';
They likewise fought desperately for'
Tt.!r31,i0",0f '"'""''"'le "d tho Vsor
waterway an, ,,.,,.,,,.,, , ,..,.,
il ls town nn.l c, tiol;in a lew hut.- I
i. -.1 .intime.er.H of ground on t-.r r",l
hit. i T "Vor- T,"!' 'Jvautage. too, "
'n.!!ft"' 11 fpw '''J'. The intense.)'
Z l'",h,,r h'"' Practically rh,.cKed in
i.... ' ,"i"'ru'"1 'id lias reduces! the
batl.e to an exebange of a i nery ll ..
I tie i Germans be,nrf the nggresslvo force.
.7. .I . . , ."' or r"Vlnrf the Allies'
P'Sltlon, tt,e ,eny ,K ,,, U(.Wvl aH (
palg'n '"" '"""""n1" I'Ja'w of cam-
l'urther to the south the region from1!
I-.1 Huss.e to the Somriie h.i ben the
scene of severe ntiicks nrel coiirrter at- I
tae-K. which have resulted in no de l!,,. I
actions .i, j,.lv Irft tl)p ,,.,,., f.(iMt
from the s, to the "eltKjw" prattic ilii
unchanged. The Pre,, h m;.de mm'e
gains along th- centre and In the Vos. .
and advar.ced their qne aiorm tho nelght. !
or the Mcuse. driving the Hermans at '
several points arross tho frontier. While '
r-.. ..i.niei is B; 1.1 in the pos'O Slotl Of the
Gt-nnans. tha I'reneh c.iptureii t -e vlllag
of Ohauvnn.yurt and giilned control of
ail the road with but one except. on to,
the Grnn.in border.
Muiij ItnsNlnii .sin N,i..
In the Hist the lti:..tns rapl lly fol
lowed up the idvatitage of their victor'
on the Vistula, advancing upon l-Vist
Prussia. Puevli iitrl .Silesia and lettiminj
to Galirla Hie troops that hail been
called Into Poland to stem the German
advance. They .Wcite.l the German!
forces at Wtrball.c. and. pushing on Into'
Uast l'russ.a, adianred to a line ex-.e'.l-Ing
from Gumbtnnen to l.yck. In Po.en i
they n.icli.il -he town of I'leschen, an 1 '
further to the south were within a few1
miles of the ailoskin frontier. In Ha-'
ne. a ti ey recip.ured .laroslav. re-.-wed
with great vigor the bombardment of
Prxemysl and pushed their advance be
yond Tarnow and almost to Cracow.
Tho Herm irs finally refonned their Iin
and le-g-an a movem'nt to rreover tfe-t-loss
by a brilliant advance under Gen von
HinJeiiburg They te.icheil ,i t Iiir
'U'thest e i.st.rn point the IuvleT-Sklrnl-vie.,
line, alsjut forty nibs from W.. -'aw
Th- hid a force of snfi.niii), .,. )
against ibis was opposol a ltu!an fore
of l.:ou.OOO und.r Grand liuke Nl. hol.i
The Itussismi appear 1 1 hive employe 1
tictlcs similar to tho. u-el in lep bing
the previous Invaslun They tho.- their
own Held of battle and then piocu-Jed
to cut the encrn)' arm In two
The Itus-lan drove a we.lge ln-o the
Geim.in line between Ploek and l.owlci
in-1 caught tlv south- ru half nf th
army in a trap v-iy nun h like the iler
mans had themselves In IsTo ejiieht th
I'r. ti'-h at Sedan The otlieoil report of
th- Ilus-lan succes has p..t been te
. I veil, but Ixird Kite':, riei In tli Hons
of Coiumons h.ild that tit.- Hermit. h 1 1
been defeated with the heaviest lo's tint
hey had et suffer-d. It is unotll.-lall.-announced
that the Germ in lust in kill, d
and captured tlu.o.io mil thit the id
vance toward tho east bid been checked
An Important victory for the Allien wa
ti-e captur- of th. fort of Tsing-tao. th.
Htrongest German po-ltnm in Hie Par laist
This was taken on November ii and w.i
irrompll-lir.l through a )-. r!.. of .lest- -ate
asaults In which bo'h the alllnl
irjops and the German defend, rs d.s
played the greiti-t bi'i.i.ry With tlie
fnrt were also taken nlxint :.,ii00 prisnn
. is, mam of wli'im w. it-H. rinin business
men of ll" K'ao-cliow pr ivinn-. who had
tiken icfuge within th- walls. The .lapa.
p. se soon ifter he nun en.ler annouin .-d
tint they had no lnt tti .n of ictainlnn
the fort longer thin the e nl of th
war and that thev planned eventually t..
IP n it over to China.
Turkey. enttau.e Into tie war ha
The Week in the War
SUNDAY, Nov. 2. TIIK SUN publishes tho information, received from an
milhorllatlvi! sourrc Hint the Milking of the IlritUh guperdrcadnouftht
Autlarlous, nIT the Irish roast, whh caused by a torpedo from a German
submarine ami not by a mine, as had at Unit been reported. Fighting
continue Fi'vcro nlon tint i-usti-rti battle front. The Germans are
reported to have advanced within forty miles) of Warsaw to the
laitvlrz-HltliTiilcwIrp line and to have been stopped there by the
KiiHslaiiH. Nitvrre weather hlinlrrs Infantry movement on tho west
liattlp line nnd holds coinbntnntM to the treiichoH. Illots in detention
i'iiiii) em Isle of Midi, where Austrian and CicnnatiH are (wnOticd, and
four prisoners, killed.
MONDAY, Nov. 23, Turkey claims victory over Hrltlsh near El Knntara.
Just cast of .Suez Canal. KiiKtand admits defeat by Germans in
Horinnn Kast Africa with heavy loss. Herman destroyer S-124 nt
clili-ntally Mini.- by Danish tiamhlp nnd German pjtibmarlne U-18
nimined and sunk by Hrltlsh patrol boat. Severe attacks by Germans
iir.iiind Verdun ri'iiulM-iMiy French. Russians report rapture of
lil.oon prisoners at Kutno and taking of Gumblnnen, Paet Prussia.
TUKKDAY, Nov. 24. Zeelirucse, German nnvnl base on Helfflon wast,
Immliarded and destrnytsl by Hrltlsh warships. Italy announced that
slie will not tolerate closing of tho Suez Canal. Portuguese Parlia
ment vole lo take part In war on side of Allies. Germans muko
Infantry attacks In the Argoniie, which French repulse. Severe llht
Inj; without decisive results ri'iKirti-d along Itusso-German frontier.
Italy makes extraordinary appropriation of $40,000,000 for navy.
WKI)Ni:si).Y. Nov. 2G. Hrports from the eastern theatre of the war
are to the ciTcct that the Germans have suffered a great disaster and
that one entire army corps lias been raptured in Poland. The Hut-slnn
are said to have taken the miter forts nf Przemysl, Gallcla, und Zem
plln, Ilimpiry. The French bombard ArnnvUle, ten miles southwest
of Mel, Great lltltalii and France ask the United States to enforco
Iho neutrality of Colombia and Kcuador. Turks report n victory
over the Hrltlsh along Sue. Canal and the advancing of heavy gun to
bottle up Hrltlsh licet In that waterway.
TIIl'ltSDAY, Nov. 2C The pri-drcadnought Ittiluarli destroyed by an ex
plosion in Hu- Thames, thirty-live miles from Loudon, and 738 oftlcors
.mil men lo-t. Kxplie-lnii not explained. Hrltlh naval nfilcer deny
the likelihood of Herman suliuiai'lue attack, but German spies are
suspected. Lord Kitchener tells Mouse of Commons that Germans hate
been defeated in Russia witlt the heaviest loss yet suffered. Antl
Christ inn addition snlu to be spreading In Palestine, and Italian Consul
at Jerusalem apiral for warship. Itulgarla notlllos the Allies that
-he will remain neutral and asks to have dctlmsl limits of Hulcarlan
expectation in territory.
FRIDAY, No. 27. Submarines raid KughMi Channel and sink two
llritlsh steamers. Flrt Lord of Ihe Admiralty Churchill asserts that
Rnglatid's sea power .s not In danger and that Ihe loss of a mik.t-ili-.-ailiii.
light a ni'.tiVi could be borne. Reisirts from ('onstimtliiople
-a Hint Interest on loat. of 1109 will be paid only In Constantinople,
iilTlelsl report of Ru Ian victory In Poland anxiously awaited In
lVtrograd ami London. Russian net closing In on Germans around
SATURDAY, Nov. 2S. (ifTlclal report from Petrograd Indicate that the !
Russian advance on l.nd. Is being made on three tildes an. thnt thit 1
Hermans have only one litis- of retirement. Russian troop reported
within twenty miles of Cracow. Gen. von Hindenlitirg reported he had I
fought the Russians to a Maud-till, rupturing (K).O(M) prisoners and 1
many gun. German battleship Kaiser Wlllu-Im dor Grosso snld to !
luue Ixs'ii sunk by mine In the Rnltle. Rngagemeiit betwe-on Russians t
and Turk near .lu.veran, In the Caucasus. Hrltlsh n,i r,.stimlng '
boinlsirdmi-nt of German positions along Helglnn coast. I
(To In- continued next Sunday). i
u ..t
ship was really sunk by a Hernial, Uk
The Hrltlsh also lost In the tii'i
torpedo (amboat Niger and' the
llirmes, which were sunk bv
and thn predreadnought lliilwarl,, ,
wa reported to havo been c, -t r . , ,
nn explosion aboard, and whi. i,"
elown with 738 of her crew
engogement wa fought o(T the mu-n nt
Chile, which was practically i... i t ,
the war, and In which the II i: i,
fored the los of the Hood ll .)., .,, i ,
st-rlou dnmago of the .Motim,.ni,, k.'
nl..,l f.H..,l,.l, ...Un ...... 'I'
ll...... .i ..un. n, flu ..iiH III iii i
the fleet, went down with In.
Tho most scv.rc naval lo- .jp r.., b
the Herman wn the destru, ti, , ,t
I3mdeti, which slnco Aiu .-t i , '.'
making sensallonul raids upon l. )f
shipping In Iho Far Rant She i , i . ,
.Vltl. h.lllll- V,l... n....... .
...... ..(.., o...n ... llltl "I . .
cruiser, a French destroyer ai, I
five merchantmen. Sue was pu . ,
tne Australian crnier iym,.y
Novembor 10 wa driven on fi.
Island In the Indian Ocean a..d ! -
,1 of
I I or
0, 0
To Ho CiiitmmI in Mils fop f
When Woollens Are
r ,.'
The Russian authorities i., ,,, .K-n,
nftrr the tsjmfort of thr s.ilti.ir- n- -h.
field In: many ways, nnd one i-. to .-.ib
them to keep their feet clad In d-j K.
Kuch oldler has heavy w.i . -, K,
but these often get wet while th. -ie ..
fighting In heavy storms ..r w.i'j
through wet and marhy gr .und -
each man I to have In in kit a p
conon sock to cover nis u. t w
woollen one are lr,ilng.
An order was placed with a me
turlng ilrm tn New York l.iet wi.,
"60,000 pair of cotton orks. T ,
light, they will K.CUp er iittlr
In tho knapsack and will ketp t ',
tsnerrd In emergencies T Ituse j
are making purchases hen t irouu
agents, and the good ptir.bas.l
1 delivered to certain s-eam.-rn i- -u
a ready for transit aoro.ss th. All n ,
Aa order was iilo pUi-nl for ttu.-e i f..
1,000,000 eotton shirts T'asr ar. o t,.
made aj qtilokly as tis.ll l- Ii '
every order placel I rtihel and as lit
time as H)lblo is to be lo in t .
out tho genii. The llussl n agrn'
buying very close, according to an A-iv
lean manufacturer, ap.l the marg n
profit Is small. The socks are m
4 ceil a pair nnd the shirt IT. ceni
A Hrooklyn maniifnetur--r has nenvrd
an order for C.OOO.OOO butt ns These hu
ton art- to l-e used on l.(iui,(i(in aive.v--that
nnother Ilrm I m .rufa tu-.rg 101
Hrltlsh ngents. The., are to n sent o
Canada, whence tney will be iih.pp'd
acros the ocean
bad no .ippr-clable .ff-ct upon
the situation r.u.a Immeiiiaieiy on ine
d.. I .ration of i.ot..itii advanced In; a
..istt-.n Turkey an I s.-v-ral engagement
ok plac- In Armenia
The firing usm the launch of the
Tennessee by Turks In tho Hulf of
.siiinna ar..UF-d tome ...xcllemem In this
cou'ntrv. The matter was finally explained
to th' satisfaction of th- State Depart
ment bv tin stat'tn nt tint no a-t of inn
titty w i int. mini and that the shot wa
merelv tli.d a a warn! g agilnst mill-
that hid beet, planted in the waters.
To.- .iilume of the Tuik.ish army t"
Ik- Suez Can!, their attack upon om.
of the w... he tVre and their efforts t,
bottle up t .. Hiltlsll tleet in this w.,t. r
wi.v would s em to in.lhat- a possibility
or liu - lining . ' th-' .-..rial. Hotb ' III
merclnlly -" d si. at. gica iy the control of
l i.- i.m il would b- a s.-rlmis blow to -g-:
u.d. and tne n. miy oi tireveii;i"g tals
may yet lead t the despatch there ot a
. orisi... table Hrltlsh fo.
Th.. pi. i lit ..! the Uclgian. whose cnun
trv was ravage i by the war. wa again
...lied to th at en! urn and nymp.itliy of
in., umi. i bv the i.iHirts of lUffer-ml r.-
v.stlgatlng ronim.ttee it 1 estimaud ,
tli..' l.fiiio.onu hem- hav. betii made
unit babitabb- and that priu ti. all) all tlie
people run.. .ling In tlie oouutiy weie in
il..iicei' of iri.it. "ii 'ne of tin- most
. . . e l...f ..u .. ii. ..1. r
roiaoie inei.ti rj. ..i "..r. ...... .........
taken bv th. Rockcfe let- Foundation,
which. 11 wu annoiiiued, would spend
mllliuns t. r.liet, in- wai hoi rots l's
list relief ship, th M i ipe-iu i, left Ne.v
Yoik Noveml-r .' with J2I"'.00u worth
of food suppli.s aboard
The mot imp .rtant natal disaster re
ported during tlie month was tlie sinking,
f the Hr't.th Mip.rdrea.lnouglit Auda-
ions, off L.'Ui. Sadly .ai the Irish c.'.st f
Tlx- crew was re i"d bv ti.e steamship ,
iilvnipir n In" w iv "-"111 New York to
(.1 iscew Tt v.-.', w'.i h was one of the
b.- n th Hr 'i-'i n.itv, went down on i
October -. and "tie of the rem irk.il 'e
f t nr. - of t1 d' i't r was the fact thit'
nothing w..s known of the p, -s if the big
'l y,. ,h" ,J'"rl'1 UMt" "'most three
ha tie Audacious .,t,uck a mine and
that s lie was afterward destroyed by
naval eng.neer for f.ar that she might
become a menace to navigation. It "
discovered, howeter. a week later that tho
HrtlKseU omcllll Willi llefle.! Rer
ninns Held In Portress,
Sprcinl ruble e;icA lo Tun St s
PAnia, Nov 2v - Helgian papers i. .
that M. Max, tin- Huigonuster of '-
sels, who refused to obiy the c.
In regard to the payment of the J "i e
000 Indemnity, Is Interned In tlie f.r'r -at
Ulatz. from which he ba -en' a t-
gram saying that he I well
Nris Iiiatllntloi. In I'etrournil
I'nrty lle.ls,
Xiircial Cablt lrrpUch to Tnr S
Pethoorap. Nov
hospital, given to
L's - Tile At.
thi ni'on hi
American col my of P.- rograd w is
here to-.lay
Th. hospital has fortv b. .Is
of German, Austrian nnd Hunnntian Soldiers. To be held December 5th to
Drccniber 20th. 1914, iu the 71st Regiment Armory, 34th St. nnd Park Ave,
New York. Afternoon und evening concert. Entertainment. Dnncing.
Gifts nnd Donations for the Biuaar nre requested and will be gratefully re
ceived at the Armory from 10 A. M. to fi P. M.
For further information address Mr. VICTOR F. RIDDER, (, Stoats
Zeltimg, 182 William St. Trl. 1.100 RecUman.
59th to 60 th Street 'Lex.to3dAv.
Brief News of Important Offerings
To receive oii and the kiddies. S'tnta and liu funm
little Imp will stirel delimit tlie cliildivn. Tlunisnnds df
tens -botluiiiuismn and instructive at tractis e! displau'd.
I'ourtli Floor.
Prices are reduced t-l to l-.i mi a vast assortment of
leather articles for men and women.
Electric Lamps of II and -Carved Wood, .c8.96
In antique 'It tim-h. t onijiete with cord, socket,
pi UK and prett U-illCll sl .iadc. Third Floor.
Tea Wagons of Solid Mahogany, at 515.00
Made with enartite las-, tra, faige undu'shelf .uul
two rubber-tired wlieels. rourth Floor.
Silk Moire and Velvet Hand llaqx, f2.95
lth centre pucku. "I wont the latest disins. M'airt pjoo,..
Sand-color Broadcloth Waists, $7.98
1 1 1Kb collar model, l-iniit and cliffs bound with braid
Large pearl buttons on front. Socont, Floor
Women's Imported Top Coats, $12.75 to ?49.75
Made in hurope of finest woolens, iiiciudiui; ' warmth
without weiKhl" fabrics. Ml mas. Browns. oi-.s nn.l
Oxford blue. Sccon . F)oop
ral .i:i'.!.'.'! .. ltl.liftn.nnuf tfmi :;n m
vaiH..Hi i; i "wyiisjiiiJM niinrnViiuiii .vYS
1 1 I
A Fur Sale of Importance
v Note These Savings
Elegant Hudson Seal Coats
(One I Musrit)
New models; foreign dyed pelts. Collars plain o
contrasting furs. Formerly up to .$12.").
To close out $65 Muffs to match, $1 (').''
Handsome Caracul Coats
LiBht weight flat skins with collars of plain or eonm.
ing fura. Formerly up to $100.
To close out $55
Genuine Skunk Muffs
Selected New York State pelts.
To close out $27.50
Neck pieces to match at great
French Seal Coats
A choice of various models. Selected
pelts; collars plain or of contrast ing
furs. Formerly up to .$75.
To close out. $49 50
Evening Gowns
Late adaptations of Paris styles.
Formerly $19.50.
Stylish Suits
S'mlutcst Cliev'ts- Sergei and Covert.-,.
These are the last-minute, models.
$22.50 to $27.50
Values up to $50.
Dancing Gowns . .
Afternoon Dresses .
- i
r$ 9.
I Vn'uos ,i
I .$;!T..-)0
'W here Itvasonctbtt! VrictH Command Style uul Qualiti'
Fifth Ave. 1 West 31th St
I ..etli , S.'itli Ms sv.u- ,',lli Wen.,,
i ' I
s , , , . ,r

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