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AihoHiej of Suffrage nuri I'ro
liiliitinii May Also Anfiifro
ni.i' Congress Loaders.
IS. DemoiTnllc
New Gangster Murder Gives
Que in the Baff Mystery
Conthturit from I'lrsl I'ogr,
rvntltry metvlmtit. i:timsh ctrcumotuitlnl
! Hip police mid Jiy hi- District At tor
nryn otIKv. m f Whle-h to I'volvc a
Ui.'oiv , t t10 nio,v,, ror ,h ,
n. the manner I., -Hch it
.n;r9,;v;rno(!r1,:ricl A,,orn,--"M
"We ffi'l that w arc on th.. rlirin t.,L
now. Wo have nnrrn.-.i .in..... i
cinoi'rniic . . .............
trulcr. are fearful that William J. ltryiin ,! . .Vom,t ln- '"'"'I that
bi ..ilxe.l n .lltlcal Imsui; that may hrlnB i v Z, I '""live for the crime
Mm in open antagonism with President u,,'. an. "rrcl,t twenty.fonr
ii runt the men who nhnnp nurlv . .. Ml"'
ti.i. i
-tH.' I'HHirrn. I III" ini.UK I ! f 1 1 1 1 Ht 11,(1
Kvt our man for seven
,.',r:J.)ol.",'',,,, l'1" "emnl after lie
in .Mr ltryiin n I'v-i-iu nuiiruien. linn ine i.,,,, . ... , ".-im.-hi a
r,r..H of the nation muM rally to "'''''1 "evenil eallen. In the
.. I il... i Z UtnoilK t It'tll iwir.il "-.....I ..I.
I"" "'"" '" 'r. one of whnm "
It. puriww tne promi'itum or tne ll'tuor f;ii' V " ,, in me invi-MiKatlon
... t. tit.....!.... I ......I illHI.
)ir IHJilll nan iiii-nior uiliui ni WIUs
folio In the rmmler of Herman itoVen.
hour before the eliotn were fired one of
the poultry men eiitiio to me and akect
how tliltiK weir (,'nlnc- Mo acked It In
such a Htnince way and with such a man-ln-r
that It surprised me
"It was Inteniltd that I should be killed
too. If I had been shot down It would
nave been what many of our rivals
wanted. I have been 6pared and I shall
keep up the HkM and entry on my father's
"It Is nulto imsslMf, ton, that ohlcken
thieves In J-ruy City may have had
something to do ulth the murder. My
father fowrlit thou and caused many of
them to be sent to court for robbing hint.'
One of the men who visited I'ollee In
spector I'.iurot va. Morse M. I'rankel.
si-cietaty and dlni'tor of the Horse
Owner Protective Association and dlso of
:h I 'mil try Dealers As-oolatlon, Inc. He
took with him a woman employee, who
Ill Attorney Will Apply In the V.n
tlrr IT. K. hnprenir Court.
WABtltN0TON, Nov. 2S. Application will
be made to th fluprermo tirt of the
t'nlted HtnM on Monday by Henry Alex
ander, attorney fur Leo M. Pmnk of At
lanta, under sentence of death for the
murder of Mary I'haircti, for le.ivu to tile
n petition for a wilt of error.
This application has been nlre.uly made
Injustices Lam.irand Holmes Individually
nnd denied. WKh the tnoMon will be ub
mhited n statement of facta certified to by
the trial Judge, In which tin- awused ran',
tends thro was a denial of 1th constl'u
tloniil rlglt'.s. If the Supreme Court de
nies the motion It will be the Inst legal re
nource of '.ihe condemned nun.
The petition ami brief were completed
tolay by Mr, Alexander and went to the
prlnicr to-night They will be tiled wllh
the cleric of tho court early Monday morn
ing and the formil motion made when the
court mei:H at noon. In the usual courc
the court would "lko the papers" In the
case ami reserve Ita decisions until the fol
lowing Monday.
rcniponiry Injunction 0 ranted
Kcsli'iiininr Forfeiture of
Hon tracts.
.:. ..... i iin nun n wuiiian einpioyue, woo
Tiem'Tiits must adopt woman suffrage ' ,, ' , ,, " "' me iniinoriues , asiKiieo 10 ms omie at is lentil ave-
iniu him woo loin oi several men ciutng at
the olllee on Friday and dem ndlng to
The long projected test of the alien
labor law was startid yesterday In tho
form of .1 taxpayer's Injunction suit
temporarily restraining the Public Ser
vice t'oiiinilslon from declaring subway
! contracts forfeit because contractor
are employing worl.ers who are not
I citizens.
The complainant Is William H. Helm of
I I MadWon avenue, Through his attorney.
former Lloutenant-Oov.crnor Thomas V.
ronway, he obtained from Supreme Court
Justice Davls'the temporary Injunction and
mi order directing the commission to con
tlnuo to pay the vouchers of contractors
who are building the dual rapid transit
svutcm. Un Tuesday the commlwdnn must
how cause nhy the. Injunction should
not be made permanent.
Mr. Helm alleges the alien labor si'tlon
of the law Is Invalid hecaltc It violates
the Federal and State Coimtltutlons and
tho treaty of 1R7I between the United
States and Italy, nnd other treaties. All
the treaties contain what Is called the
"most favored nation clause" tirov'illnir
that the citizens of such foreign country
shall enjoy equal rights and privileges.
Mr. iieim uiso says It Is Impojslblc for
any of the contractors to obtain enough
citizen laborers to finish their work In
contract time. He says the forfeiture of
contracts would cause Irreparable hms to
the city and Its residents and delay the
subways for many years.
The Public Service Commissioners and
Mr. Conway believe they can get a de
cision from the Court of Appeals within a
Jeremiah A. O'I.eary, counsel for John
fllll, huslnesM agent of the Hrlcklayers
Union, who raised the alien labor n""
tlon. said yes.'erd.iy he did not tnke thl
Helm suit seriously beeatiso Mr. Olll and
the unions are not n party to It. Mr
0'Ieary would be content If he wer
designated to act with the Public Srrtc
Commission. He added:
. "At the hearing on the Dock Contractor
I Company Judge McCall sild that In any
I ten case In which the commlsslot waa a
pirty It would designate Mr, dill's at-
lurncy 10 represent tne commission, and It
necessary .ee that the commission paid
for his services."
OnitilliiiNCft to Stop nil .rnr Milr.
Heglnnlng on December 1 the near aide
stop will be adopted for tho buses of the
Fifth Avenue Coach Company, which run
In Fifth avenue, KlvcrsMc Drlvo and other
thoroughfares. When tho near side stop
ordinance was passed recently an excep
tion wan made n the case of lu Iiusih
and they continued to stop on the far side
of all street crossings. The police In
spectors' committee on street nafety
recommended recently that for the sak
of uniformity the near side stop regula
tion Include tho vehicles of tlm Fifth Ava
nue Coach Company.
? n"T un iiiuiu iiuuin viMii.iii nuuragc ii,, n. , ............. o
irl.. U . ... . tliat Han H death Was due n file h..llli..
a imri lenei. i or rri-iriurj- in male ,l, ... ... , r'""f
. i . ii i.i,iIm ii. .1 ,..i,iv,ui ,..i . tint he had aroused by his success In bis
rniiil "iHTiage nie twin reforms, one (le- business has been dissipated. That s I know where ! rankcl was. Frankcl asked
i.emlettt utsin the other and that they vImv taken by I arry Haff. son of the , 'J'ollce protei tlon for the olllre.
nni.t be effected by amendment to the '"ur,l,r'' "' That Haft was hated , Frankel. when Interviewed later In the
IVdoi.il Constitution. If Mr. Hrytin Ilnds , !?!-,n.y ,w.h: hl,M making large i '. '".."f"'? noiuaJnUince with Uaff.
himself at odds with 1'reslil-nt Wilson
ami fie p.irlv leaders In Congress It will
be on these Issues.
I:, a speech delivered during the 1012
campaign Mr Wilson made It plain that
h- i (.Muled piohlhltlou as a question to
be dealt with by the States. A letter writ
ten b the President gleii out to-day
Vms that the President adhere to an
opnion expressed some weeks ago that
tqii.il suffrage, also Is a leform to be
lie.iteil by the States.
shlef riii'Lcil li, I'uiiRrea.
At the last session of Congress the
Democratic leaders sidetracked two reso
lutions proposing .imcndments to the Con
stltut'oii looking to iqual suffrage and pro
U.hltlon of the liquor traffic. Pructlcally
x. Hit party leaders, notably those from
the South, believe that these two ,,ues
tions should not be obtruded Into the
domain of the Federal Constitution. They
ln.lt that they shall be considered and ifc
ailed b the arlous States.
Congress le.ideis are entirely In har
mony with Prsldnt Wllsnn u these ub
Jeets ai.d there is sharp criticism of Sec
rttary llry.in because of the prominence
that he gave equal suffrage and prohibi
tion as national l-sues In this month's
laue of the Common) r.
In a letter Just written by President
Wilson to Miss Mary M. Chllds of this
city oinnietiting upon her statement that
om.in suffrage should come thtough the
Sl.itc .Mr, Wilson slid:
l am deeply Impressed v.ith the move
ment for worn in suffrage, but I t.nv
thouchi with ou that It can be best I THICKS
omen, nusi soiauy anil conclusively, If
deve:nt'i'd from State to State under the
Constitution as It now stands rather thin
by sweeping change In the fundamental
la of the nation. Such a change would,
I think, be running too f.u: and too far
afieart of th general public sentiment of
tho count! y "
Mnllir n Pusnle.
IVn:ocr.itlc leaders hostile to Mr. Ilrvan
W.v to be up a stump as to the reasons
th.it 'ninellid the Secretary of State to
Indorse woman sufftage and prohibition
'' "" V '"isli , .1,.. the Sicilian nuaiter of th.
protlts Is admitted by persons who kmw He s-ild tlmt Haff h-tl called him UP In
the poultry business thoroughly. Jnnuary last and told him that a horso
. had iHen osoned. Frankel sent a man
?ioit Is (iiioritrd. , to Investigate, and afterw rd Haff Jolnisl
v.iiii.i- tt-iff ...u ... .. r 1,11 i",,-'vaiioii. rraoaei sani no visueii
.Vu..r. .m.i, ..in, .,s mono hi Hist
iKin. wno was r.ninri ut i, ii, .. r- i. . ..-
father's home and who was KUarrted by ' " "Um ,,B" '
TnH..wl!2 a".h!' l'"nvl"l,l "I Ktiuw wh lioisoned my hore. but
Lrin.riHr ln,', ,"." ".m-, ' l0"'1 "" Therr have been many
Piatlc In ascribing his father's death n-1 nieii beaten tin for talking"
tV'V' sXllght' was thrown on the
ih , u ri' " U" ? ro: '" "iMnler early In tho evening by a
u- i ,h'' " .ofl "Ul'-rious tire, which enveloped one of
.V.h. b. ' ,,r ot I'""" who I the iiltomoblle trucks owned by R-irnett
might know something about the alTalr. Haff - Sons, .io Thompson avenue, Wtst
.o . ,VeC? '! ''""''P1' en In West Washington Mark.t. as the truck stood
ashlngton Market . s,iid. "who knew at 171st Mreet nnd Park uemie. It was
iiiai my i.uner nan tieen marked for kill-, hi ,.narge of an operator and helper, but
Itig. fome of them had a pretty clear Idea I tfe cause of the fire was not known. The
o i" ut-.i ii noiiiu oe none, tmiy an I damage, howeer. was slight.
.Mimy Italians nnd Sicilians!
Known to 15c Kaniiliar With I
Explosives. !
Following the theory advanced by In
spector i;.iK;m of the bureau of combus
tibles of the Fire Department, and printed
In Tub Sc.v yesterday morning, the police
Investigation Into the n-cent bomb out
rages, and particulaily the one Weilnes.
I?ut Orthodox Scientists Won't
Accept Proofs. Says Sir
Oliver I.ode.
fpttM Cubit I'rtiHitrh la Tun Scv.
IrfiNDO.v, Nov. Sir Oliver Lodge, In
the course of a letter to the Times Justify
ing his tccent statement before th So
ciety for Psychical Itesearch that there
Is lift nftir death, saj:
Petqile cannot rcvee proof so lone
... J'X. . ' r , "-CK.':ro"n!'' "1,,v i the duh Is located, will be swept by
l in , . h.L- Li i i . "ry""" r"-' P dlce dragnet In an .ffort to loc ite th..j
e?h.rr s, h ,i, " ''f T'u"1' "J "o are employed In fireworks
....-.fc ....ii ..ii. III.I.IU niusi nave
krwnn that Pieslilent Wilson regarded
day night In the headquarters of tl. as they shut their minds to evldene.
Free and Independent Sons of MllUtio, . The beginning of th proof lr telep.thy,
1.13 Cherry street, was given a flesh lm- the conne, tlon ! tween mind and mind
petus yesterda. Indications now am tlirourin t imiown and apparently Imtn.i-
city, wh.Ttf
Yesterday several police otliclals ex-
pressed themselves as fully a-reelng with
u!frue and prohibition as purelv St , ,,,r,''""' ""'l" ' r''' n
nu.st .n and for this , sot, thiy w.vu 'rf-" theorj regarding th.
t.kao.v why the premier of the Am, 0t. f the bombmak jvll. ''".'.
n P'oiue nas gone out or the way
flu t!-;n piomlnelico at this Juncture.
Wh.le Mr. Kryan has usually ahown a
dl-yoitun to subordinate hlm-elf In tins
Xiltnristrn'ion, he has on two iccasions
ai ie.ii taken a course apparently at
iar,ai.cn wttn tne
den In the reeei
lorsh.n iii Ill.nols. Mr. Itrvan fed an dpi would hold the owner of the faclor r-
r-udce l, oiiiinslnc. ih im..,inafinn . sionsble for ad violations.
P.orr Sullivan. It Is the understandlnc w "'''I almost without excep
vlous reasons they detlred that their
names not be mentioned until the pres
ent Investigation presents further evidence
upon which to bae their beliefs, and prob
ably a demand for the enactment of a
new law which would provide against em
ployee smuggling the exp.oMvcs out of
he wishes of the Presi-, '""'c' Mnuygllng tne .:
cent campaign for .t.n,,.vf--torie lor tulNate pun
s. Mr. Hryan fed an oil wou.d hold the owner of
using the nomination of si.onillile for a.I vlolatiot
lt ts th nn.Umi.s It was said that, almos
M Uran Invaded Illlnils without con- ,lon u,e M,t" :""sted ,or bomb outrages
sult.ng !, superior. After the primaries teM 10 s,nK ,nB n:u'' l"en "i"""H
Mr .su.iivan won tile Administration In- ald Sicilians, and .is n rule the have
do-sputeiit been ignorant and dull. Kno.Kdge of
Mr 11 .ln takes up Ktin"rag and chemlstr and the mixing of the explo.
T'oH hl-iciti in a way to bring him Into 'v Ingredients would seem to be far
""ii. t wltli 'he views of the President abo,u the mentality of these men. but
arM tho recognized position of the party th police and detectives explain that nl-
liaJeu m Congress. most from their childhood the Sicilians
Knemie of Mr. Hryan have been say- anil Italians are brought up with a full
'nr f .r in,.'iths that sooner or later he knowledgo of explosives,
. t'otin.i to upet things and that the
time h,is Jus- about arrivtcl.
rennsj lnnln Leaders to Try
InUi- llenioeriiey llry.
riiiii,Ki.piii. Nov. ss. Pennsylvania's
under the leadership of Itep-
M C k, the defeated candidates for
I J S'ates Senator and fioverrior, Is
S l,"tg to wage a tight to have tne
'' i. icr.it party of the nat.on as a whole
epi.'j.-e otg.tnlzed liquur interests and come
"it for prohibition. The light has been
! ti i in Peniiyl:iin i and l being ad
to"tej throughout tin: country by Sec-r-M
5 of state Hrnn.
P.ilTiir a d .Mccormick soon will an
r"im e thenr-ehes on tills question, which
Mr H.-ym and other leaders of thi party
"Ks ii as the greatest moral Issue of the
" mi villi take up the fight in nubile
ana action.
terl.il en nuels. but no paper even on
telepathy ha be u .nocpte.1 by any or
thodox scientific society. The whole sub
ject is talioo.
".N'otwitltstnndlng tile gr.ne Judicial
llavor shown ly tome Ira.lets of science to
an ev jiilimtlon of an unncognlzcd human
faculty th- aerage sc.entlilc man has
made up his mind that things out of the
common are Immiscible He will not
listen with any seriousness to evidence of
Sir Ollvei refers to the Investigations
of tie Society for Psjehicil Heeareh. of
which he ,s preslilet.t, alio says the whole
pro eedings ""recviil f .is which. t most
of tho e who have studied them, amount !
purposes, and which to cumulative pi oof of the reality of facts
no, i nomuiiMi oy orinisiox science,!
of which telepathy Is one. Hut as always .
happens when a truth i coming to trio
-urfice and something Is Ixing dlscov
til which was there all the time, tlm
le 1 proofs lie all about one and are not
dependent on rerirds of the past.
"The fact- may le mote or less un
palatable, but there they are. They can
hatiKy be apprehended, still less as-lml-lated,
without a mind sutlldently open to
liermlt the beginning of an unusual course
of study.
".Ml this Is quite In accordance with
ordlnury scientific tradition. Many i
new subject Inn to run tho gantlet of
orthodox hixstlUO."
Sir Oliver concludes by saying he ex
Iiects a coiitiiiiance of strong hostile
preJuJIce, but nevertheless he feels en
titled to stat,' the results of exieiience
and have Judgment to posterity.
Pish With llxploiltcs
In the towns along the coast of Italy
and the island of Sicily most of the In
habitants are fishermen, is were their
forefathers. They have cmplnjed a novel
method of tlshltig with explosives. Iiynn-.
mlt" Is generally hmmI, but In many In-1
stances un explosive similar In compo-1
sltlon to th "tiieworks mixture" used In
many of tlm Isimbs In this city. Is set off
under water, tlm shock killing many tlsli
and stunning thousands of otliets so that ,
they lloat on the surface of the water. i
I ne rreo ami innep. mieni .-hhis o mo John J. raham nnd Ccorgc M. I.evy. who
t'oinisel for Defence llenr Tlmt t'eir
rell lllitoined looe fllrtlnnnhl) .
MiNKot.., 1.. I., Nov. 2S Surroga'e
ounset for Mrs Carman it her trial
(linrle, . Itleliiiinml Is rT Presi
dent of t'olleue Association,
Tf twenty-eighth annual convention
he AsMsiation of Collegts and Pie.
Pra ry Schools of the Middle Stntct
'.. M.tr l.i.i.l m,!s held Friday and yes
e'd. under the auspices of the College
nf tl" cry of New York, attended by
' ' 1,, ii.Ih 'K.
'e- .l.iv the business meeting took
jint the following olUoers wero
eh 'e.l v, spleiit, Prisldeut Charles
l liKhltlotid of Fnion College;!
J "dents. President Mlteliell ,if
I''.wre I'oiege, President liood-1
.bdiiis Hopkins, Head Mas-
' V.' M Mne of .Mercershutrr
1 i'm I . .in rf,uih Itenlei- of Hut- !
ci- i Kl. , ,i Augustus s. Pownln:
Mlllito. so far as the nidice aie able to
learn. Is a society organized prinnrlly to fo. ,h(. ,mlr,,.r f Mr, 1u naiey. have
lrpetuate the name of .Mllletto, a sea- h,Km ., nVestlgath n Into charges mado I
coast town In Slcliy. In this town the us. ilKaln,t Knmk j. Fartell. star wilu-ss ,
of this explosive Is general in Mailing, and ,1K,,t Carman, wha testified that
the three piisoners arrested rollowmg the he u wom., outside of Dr. Carman's
latest explosion were brought up In Mil- 0ii,.e Immediately after the shot was tired,
lettn. When arralgl'ed In the Tombs Henrv Wick, a fo-mer policeman of
Court they wire held for further examin- I'oekville Centre. Is now serving a ye-ir
atlou. They are still silent, n fusing to C1I1 mHckweirs Island for Ills connection
answer all questions put to them by the wm, luirglarles III llockvllle Ceo re Ills
police. I lie iiieinners oi tne .-.iciiiau so-
clety have been quizzed b the detectives,
but strangely have forgotten ev. ry detail
concerning the prisoners.
Yesterday IMeitlve Michael I.u rini"
of the tu ft branch of the detective bureau
went to N' rth Hetgen, N. .1.. to see Ar
drew Sunday, a miniifacturer of fit -
father and mother state that Wick mt
Fairell In Mlneola Jail, when- Farrell w is
C'tnmltttd pending his testimony, and
that FarreU told Wick he could get him
out of tiouble for $10n. Wick's father
says hat the amount demanded was pal. I,
but tliat when Farrell was released from
Jail after the t arm.in ttlal he dls.ip
works. It Is believed, because of a rnrd i ,K.,, red without having d me anthlng to
found In the pocket of one of the prls- I Bl;ciire Wick's release
oners, that the men had been enipl cl . Wick's father asked Police Justice
there. Sunday said that lie did n know Wt-lntit of llockvllle Centte for a warnnt
the ntisonets, and, as he imploys but for Farrell, bu" the Justice said he did
not have Jurisdiction,
A1-o .,i,t Commissioner of lMm-a-ll,,ni,
v crntaiw . C,. V. .McClelland
i ! 'x Tsiity of Pennsylvania ; treas
P' mi i. i.,i s. li. V.irnall. Herman-
I' ii'ii.' s. ),,,!
iX'i-iti.e . oininlttee will be com
' ' I rmcpal Julm ( Sharpe of lllalr
S'i w .I. i.sey; Principal Kather
I i .brim ot the Philadelphia High
' '.. I. I l.-aii I'tedulck P. Kep.
"' ',.luiiiln.i College and Principal
' K ubilt of .Mortis High School,
V , I,
few men, he brllews It unlikely that they
ever worked for him. The several lire,
woiks and powder plants in New Jeisey
and on Long Island will be vis. ted by
di tectlves to-morrow.
smuggling: explosives,
As told jrsterday, :t Is the thenrv that
the men smuggled the explosives out of
some factory to be ue.l In the man I
factuie of Ihe bombs, eltlu-t lt the In
dlvldual's homes or in the hea.lqu.irteis
of organizations leaning toward an-
After cotaln lmi.iigra.nts Have Wn ! " ITlilimti. head of
here a short time, the police say, they ' 1 . , ,,, .
ik about and see i heir more prosperous 1' "If ;-n or wer.-y numbers will Is, on
neighbon, and a r.s-.tmet s,.,ings up J;, '". h,-' "' nAnagcn.ent of which
.....i.u. il,. V "s,.l..le" I,,., nil ilcsJiroell vMI be tinder the dll.vtloii of Itllll.1t Cum-
mm... ........ .. . 7." , I .i i .. ...
III. I...'. ...le'OH i. ... i . . . ne. tun .'I
"YiisH'tnlle" Wlllanl Miwlt and Ills wife.
MarJ.irle llaml'oiiu, will give the origin il
skin'h from which ill" play "Kick In" wa
taken, iiieie will also Is- several conei rt
iiUl.ts and'ten vaudeville performers from
lllfi Flilted Hooking OlUcv,
AVIII He tiUeo at Dili' ill est re
Ucoriuber to,
A Is-netlt for the Aotorn' Fund will b
given at Ualy'e Theatre Thtttday. De
cember in. The u-o of the theitre for
tills perfoiinance has Is-en obtairnsl by'
Ml-f (irace Valentine rrom lier manage
meiit, in cording to a letter she has writ-
the Aitora
in. .1 o for th.) nolsii tjian Its destruction.
Is set off III ftont of the home or shop
of some prosperous one after a letter
Ii.ih been stnt demanding other a sum
of tuoni'v or a share In the receipts f
the store. Then whi-.i tlm tllH biinib
falls to hasten the piyinent to the ex
tort onlsts a sevond bomb, mule of atitl
mortv, sulphur and potash, with a few
..ihur ingreillenls l unite- It ioi-ful
and a i-ortlou of picric inid, Is sot off .u
fruit of 11'" building, lienerally this
Im.imIi does great dest'tiction lo the prop,
erty ard Is lutended lo kill also.
In Harlem the detectives w iking on
(lie explosion f the mysteiioiis object
wlnit Antonio l.olo. a Inlmre;, whs cafry-
lug on Tliurs.ta) nigm. nave loiinu uouo
t'rnf. ,,,.r, WimiIiI lleplnee Shnke.
"'i. re Willi Wilson, StllMi, Willie,
r',r' S'ov 2s The a.'i-ptel
'i' ,s iiictlon were tut tied topsy.
"'' v ' ,,f c i; ,eis of till' Mis
. ' -' ' V irtual School at tho col. vim
' ' ' ' l i it KiiKllth to-day
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N, I. Cor, Mh L.
Niw Ytnv.
On Wednesday, December Second
Will Hold Their Annual December Sale of
Wom.n's Fur Coats and Furs
Best Value Ever Offered
ffranhUn Simon a Coj
Fifth Avenue, 37th and 38th Streets
Annual Parfait" Silk Hos iery Sale
At Special Prices for Holiday Gifts
Women's Pure Thread Silk Ho.se
Black, white, sand, Beii;c, faun, taupe, Bronze, brown an J
colors; lisle or silk sole, garter tcp; also emb'd hose.
Values $1.35 and $1.50 3 pair for $2.20
Women's Hand Emb'd Clox Silk Hose
Black or white, with sell or contrasting color clox, Beige,
faun, taupe or bronze, with self or black clox.
Heretofore $2.00 3 pair for S3.G5
Women's Hand Emb'd Two Color Clox
Black or white silk, with contrasting clox; also Hack,
white, sky or pink, with self-embroidered insteps.
Values $2.50 lo $3.00 3 pair for S."i.33
Men's Silk Sox
Pure thread silk, Hack and colors; double lisle heel, sole
nd toe. Hertlofore 50c. 6 pair for $1.65
Women's Paris Clox Silk Hose
Pure thread black silk, with open work Paris clox; lisle
heel, sole and garter top.
Value $1.35 3 pair for $2.50
Women's Superior Silk Hose
Pure thread silk; t.lacK, white and colors; lisle or silk sole
and Dub'l garter top; all weights.
Herelofore $1.50 to $2.00 3 pair for $3.65
Women's Lace Inserted Silk Hose
Black or white silk, with Paris lace inserts; oval designs;
doublex heel and toe and Dub'l top.
Herelofore $3.75 to $5.00
Men's Emb'd Clox Silk Sox
Two toned pure thread; also plain black . n I colors.
Value $1.15 3 pair for $2.50
Sale of "Parfait" Silk Underwear
At Reduced Prices for IF omen and Misses
"Parfait" Glove Silk Vests
In white, pink or blue, crochet top;
reinforced. Value $2.00
"Parfait" Glove Silk Combinations
Ot glove silk, in white, punt or blue;
fully reinforced. Value $3.75
"Parfait" Glove Silk Knickers
In Hack, white, pink, blue, cerise, copper, green
or orange; reinforced. Value $2.45
Glove Silk Envelope Chemises
Trench band or lace edge;
white or rink. Value $4.50
Sale f Women's Boudoir Gowns
French House Gowns
Of Wool Albatross, . Kmh'd Collar
Paris made, draped model, in blue, rose, laven
der or pink, hand emb'd lingerie collar.
Value $8.50 4.95
Corduroy Boudo i r Q o wns
Silk Lined Throuijh out
Of corduroy velvet in rose, delff or light blue,
violet or pink, inserted satin ribbon, self
fagottcd. Value $16.50 2.50
Women's Paris Model Waists
132 Paris Model Waists
Of Georgette crepe, crepe de Chine, chiffon, satin, laces
or emb'd nets, entirely hand made.
Heretofore $18.50 to $24.50
94 Paris Model LVaists
Of Georgette crepe, crepe de Chine, chiffon, satin, laces
or nets, entirely hand made.
Herelofore $29.50 lo $49.50
77r Folloiving Special Sales .Motulay
Women's Winter Coats
Fur Trim med C hi nch i 1 1 a Coats
Scini-cighth Lcmjtlt Model
Button to neck model in navy, brown, Oxford or
bluck, skunk opossum collar. Value $29.50 19.75
Velvet Velour Coats
Itueiiiin li'l'r'Mj,lrlz Trimmed
Three-quarter length model, collar, cufl's and bot
tom of coat trimmed with skunk raccoon fur, silk
lined, warmly interlined. Value $45.00 29.50
rt!i:Lroy- YJY.et Coats
Hussion lUlted Model
In green, brown, navy blue or black, wide belt from
side, silk lined, warmly interlined. Value$29.50 19.75
.FyLr Trim med E v e n i n Coat s
With Hjt'h I'ur Collars or Trunin nip
Fur trimmed I-vening Wraps of chiffon velvet,
chiffon plush, charmeuse, broadtail cloth or
broadcloth. Herelofore $49.50 (o $69.50 35.00
Women's Suits
Real Beaver Trimmed Suits
In Sauil Color, Xuvu, llrou n or (Ireen
Dressy model of imported gabardine, half belted
coat, collar of velvet edged with real beaver fur,
circular skirt. Value $39.50 29.50
P.sBroaclc, " Suits
' Collar, Cuffs owl llorder
, New length coat suit in brown, navy, black or
green; collar, cuffs and Hare border of skunk opos
sum; circular skirt. VcllK $49,50 39,50
and Gowns
Empire Eyeninjr Gowns
(If Satin Suhlime,lUtale Trimmed
In pink, blue, white, orchid, gold, turquoise, green,
orange or black, empire waist and tunic skirt,
trimmed with crystal bugles. Value $59.50 29. 5U
Em pi reJE ye n i n Gowns
Of Chiffon Vrhit or Tojf to S itW i me
In American beauty, turquoise, pink, white or
black, empire bodice trimmed with silver or iri-
descent beads, flare circular skirt. Value $49.50 39. 5U

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