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NEW YORK, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 1914. Copyrinht, 1914, by for Bun Printing and Publishing AitiocAaHon.
iPSinc ceSr)Fwill be
Proclaims Himself (he Pro-
visional Executive and Ap
points a Cabinet.
WvsittscTo.v, Nov. 29. A new nsplr
an: for Presidential honors tu Mexico
was added lo tho list to-day upon the
receipt of advice." that (Sell. Pablo (.Jon
iiti. one of Curranza's dlvlslor.nl chiefs,
has proclaimed himself provisional
President of Mexico and has named a
This report received olllclully here
conies from Qurroturo, vviiere CSen. (lu
tiertez, the Aguasfallcntrs convention's
choice for I're.;d( nt. has established
himself. According to this Information
(Sen. Gonzales Is at Pachuc.i with his
forces. said to numher about 8,000 men.
Pachuca is about titty miles north of
Mexico city.
(Jen. (ionzales's action causes no sur
prise, here, as It has for some time been
suspected that he uns nursing iimhltlous
to manipulate the present confusion In
Mi Men so that he might himself become
During Carranza's struggle wit the
Aguascaliontes convention lien. Gon
zales was his chief supporter, and hav
ing established with his troups at
Gen. Pablo Gonzales.
Querela was looked upon as the
strongest obstacle in the way of the ad
vance of the convention forces on
-Mexico city.
l'rrmin' MlKUcstloii.
That his devotion to C'arranzn wat not
e tirely disinterested was more clearly
indicated when Carranza in one of his
ma y communications to the convention
regarding Ita demand that lie resign said
that he would be willing to turn over
the Mipreme authority to some General
known to hltn-elf ami suggested tlmt
Hen. Pablo Uonzalos would till the bill
ver. well. This suggestion was never
considered by the convention.
S'icn after that Horizalie withdrew from
Qiie-e'aro in the face of the advance of
V "a anil his -roups anil his whet cabouts
tu fei snme time been more oi less a
nv st rv The mystery Is now solved. It !h
b'lined, with thn announcement that he
liis r "claimed himself provisional Presl
tin While ,t i doubted If he will attempt
to 'Kke Mexico city at present. It Is ad
ult il tl.at ien. Uonzalrs, with his prtsent
fur ' an mike himself a most disturbing
f' t i' m the situation anil perhaps frus
t a' the plans of either Villa, Zapata
c i trriirizs mi long as he holds his
Jj.-iv. rr i-ong position.
I'nr it .liilnl llnlrj.
-oril ir to ithtr State Department
'H n. ntBtitlatlnns are under way ne
" " the convention leadeis and Zapata
a Jo.nt entrv Into Mexico city. While
et'1 Us tv-re ,tr of the opinion that these
r.eiri; ii.in are friendly and that Zapata
is rr,ipy i. hug to cooperate with Villa
r ' is deilnltf is know n of them.
V id ig tu latci reports Villa Is nt
Tula wii , his c.ua'Iry, (!en. Angeles :s
ivem niiles of MuVlco clt with
' ' -.'amrv rind artillery, while Zapata
is 'a Ijv at so'iie point not mentioned
da s repmieil to have declared that
r s fulh piepared to cooperate with
Zap a ,u d u .11 not seek to take away
'mi 1 l fin e the control of Mexico city
x ' k . s Hie Zapatistas preserve good
) '!e- a, d pievent executions of civilians
'i ' ,g of property In the city,
"iciiil the XapatihtaM fall to piei-erve
rv r drr in Mexico i lty, liowever, Villa
1 ' " (e s ood to h.ne said that he would
r." ih". tate to advance on til" capital
' , a" n - avail.iblu forcen and take It
'rum thm
''ii ie trouble i threatened nt Tam-
V i Jtcllng to mlvlces Tccelved hero
" "t.r and f Is expected that a repetl
' "ie enndltlims elting when
I'i' t.i aid tie city iiKii,!)st the attach
l ' ' Iti i iabstH Is about to ensue.
C "iM.lero, who Is pllpi'iieeil to be
r' : T.i'npi' ii under tSen. I'ablo (!on
io i.m mf..iiiied (Jen. C.utlenez of his
81 t to the convention, thus hull
F t at Tamplcii merely awaltid the
'I', of t lie convention forces to take
I i,s, on of it
' 'i ar.a. on tin. other hand, Is attempt
' s i ci.', ronttnl of T.uniilco and ac
' R to authoritative advices fiom
' ''is si'iiilliiK I'.OOO troo from
' Mn. Tinnplco. ('.ilmllero Is s.iid
" I'.uniiii'o less than I. olio sol-
J1 ' a' should the Carr.inza ironj's
' ' i make an attack before thn ar
r ' ' V. foM'ex fiom San laile To
t'i i onii Mi.iud a good chance of
t"lr K tin- fill.
rrr za Is also said lo have rtotor
'1 i , mild I ill.iyin.tM, on the west coast.
J l i lined fe liuibe ilovimor of
s It ' ' I the hitter Is H'li.irteil to haw
iti a f i.. up (he cvit to Hun mas to
" '" ' ruii.uiza If possible.
1 " 'id oidei exists both at Mexico
J' o tr.i Cruz, according to Slate
Wil it sdMcis CoiiHlll .Sllllinaii Is
Cetitiinitcf on Fijlh I'tige.
I'rrneh .Npniiitirr Cnrlnnn Alinnt
lleportctl Trip of Secretin-.
Special Cablt UttpalcS to This Sex.
I'Mtts, .Nov. 29. t.n Liberie asks edi
torially if nny Importanee Is to, be at
tached to the rumor that Secretary of
State llryan Is about to visit Home on an
olllelal mission,
The Journal asks what the object of
such a mission would be nnd If It Is In any
way connected with the e.nly replacing of
Count lJerehtoId, head of the Austro
Hungarian .Ministry, by Count Louis
Tlcza, the Hungarian Premier, who re
cently visited the. K.ilser.
Mr. llryan denied early last week the
report Unit he 1s uolng to Koine on an
olllelal mission.
A I.oiik I, nut Wnninn Cousin lirrrls
Htm After Ills Sprrcli.
Cmicaiio. Nov. 29. After Secretary
llryan finished his address on "War" In
the. Auditorium to-day a small woman
hurriul to the platform.
"Oil. Mr, llryan!" she exclaimed, "I'm
your cousin. Don't you Know me? My
name Is Miss Lone. I'm a long lost
The Secretin- confessed that he hail
never heard of her.
"Hut It's tiue! I'm Just going to hug
1 you."
I She reached out to clasp the Secre
i tary about the neck, hut he deftly dodged.
; "Not until the relationship has been !
better established," be expostulated.
.Ncm Hnveii Ciiiitln .Miiclilnra In
j Welsh I.IMIO found. I'.neli.
j Nr:w IIavkn, Conn.. Nov 29. The Mayo
, Iliidlator Company of New Haven, which
I has a l.irgo factory on Dixwell avenue,
has Just Mulshed building the first of two
j hundred iieroplanes which are to be sent
abroad for use In the Kurope.in war, ac
' entiling to a report which has been vvrl
i tied by olllclal.s of the company
No erltlcatlou could be obtained of the
jrejsirt that the air craft are to be sold,
through the medium of a "third concern,
to the tlrltlsh Government. The single
air crafl: now eoniplo'.o-l has ben con
structed under the direction of Its in
ventor, Vtrglrilus .1. Mayo, bead of the
Mayo company, and IS. Oscar Voght. a
i Chicago aero engineer.
The now aeroplane, It Is mild, Is of a
'heavy type, weighing I.OOfl pounds, and
Is equipped with two motors two pro
pellers and is capable of carrying six
passengers at the late of 120 miles an
' lirrrwt.o. Nov 2?. The Pierce -Arrow
.Motor Company of this city has received
an order from the French Hov eminent for
300 the ton trucks. The order amounts
to about $1,000,010. Part of the French
order goes also to the White Motor' Com
pany of Cleveland. That company will
make 200 live ton trucks.
l.ifi; 1'risonpp Altn(N Chapel
Serving nnd .1 oi it s in
Itililo Itcadini:-.
HostoN, No. Jl". Jesse I'onieioy. the
noted "lifei who has b-en in solitary
' conllnement at the State prison for thirty-
jelKht ytsxrs. marcliMl out Into the open
air to-da for the tlrst time in eighteen
lear on his nay to attend services In the
prison chapel. ! was his Ilfty-llfth birth-
I day.
j The concession was due to a rccommen
id.itloti from the l'rlon Commission, which
J lut m been seeking p ameliorate the seer-
liy OI llic III. Ill llllllisilllieiii. i uiiiri''j
was accompanied by a special guard who
showed him to a si.it lu the rear or the
chapel nlo f from the other prlsoneis
' Assistant chaplain Whitney conducted
the sen hi', his text Is'lng I have given
you an example." I'otuertiy manifested
urnu Interest In the sen Ices, Joining lu
the singing and in the Hlble rending.
I'oineroy was sentenced to death for
murdering two boys by torture. He was
then 17 eiirs old. Ills sentence was
commuted Is-ause of his tender ago to
llfo Imprisonment In solitary confinement.
Must .Not He Sninor nt Verport .Vnvnl
'I'm I n I ii a' Million.
Newport. Nov. iO.- Taking the ground
that It conns within the neutrality order
of I'leshlcir Wilson, tlio marching song
I "It's a Long W.i to Tlppi rary," sung by
the Itrltlsli army, has heen barn-d from
' further use at the naval training station
1 here by order of the executive ottlcer,
j I.teuten'ant-Coinmandei' Prank Taylor
I Kvnns.
. Sliming by the apprentice seamen Is
I a'ways enenu raced, nnd this song with Its
tine, sw.ng struck tn- tancy or tne noys.
The station band has also played It.
Last Monday night at the weekly en
tertainment at the station It was sung by
the loys with orchestra accompaniment.
On Thanksgiving nigh' dtiilug a vaude
ville entertainment oy profcs.-lnnals "Tlp
pirary" was sung, the sailors Joining In
the clioius. The executive order followed.
Dliiclinrges Purl of l.r vy s Inter
lleports Clintmu t'nliiirnieil,
ieiol f'nt.s Itespalch to Tnr. Si s,
r.xius, Nov "0. It Is learned that the
Prince of Monaco has paid 1.10,000 francs
(ir,000) of the levy placed by the tier
mans on his chateau at Slsnmne and on
the town Itself, and has promised to pay
the reni'ilnder at the end of the war If the
chateau Is Intact
He sent an aviator friend to fly over
I tile village during the week. The aviator
reported that it was still untoucneu,
CIcrKV Wnl'iied In see Tlmt I'lnur Is
I iiiolxeil.
Special I'ahle Deniuxlcli lo Tim Sus
ItoMlt. Nov I!'.'. Iespat"hes from
Vienna say thn the bishops have wained
.the clergy lo ascertain person, mj wlielici
the I'uclmi Istlc wafeis at" made of pure
' wheai Hour unmixed with potatoes.
' Tin p.ulsh prlfsts have been Instituted
to sillivise the gtitiillni; of the wheat of
wiuiii the wafeis aie made and not to
. n.e Hie oiillliaiN limits used In lircnil
in iking.
(;eiliinli l'ns I.iucmiImiiu i:17.",,(MIO,
I Special i hle lieHpulrh to Tar. Si
I'aiiih. Nov 29 tlerm.iny has paid the
liriil Ihi h- of Luxemburg nn Indcin-
uf l.juo.uvu inatKH (?J(u,uvuj.
Kx-Mn.vor and Two Others
Will Try to End Colorado
Mining Strife.
Wasiiinoton, Nov. 25. President Wil
son named to-d ly a commission of three
composed of Se'li Iow of New York,
Charles W. Mills of Philadelphia and Pat
rick tSllday of Cletrtleld. Pa., a miner, to
deal with tha Colorado coal strike The
aliiU'Uiicemeiit was accompanied by a
statement from the President In which
he expressed disappointment that the
mine operators had i ejected his proposals
hiretofore made for the stltleincnt of tlx
The President sas he does not feel like
withdrawing the troops from the scene of
the disturbance without making some
effort to bring about an amicable settle
ment, and he lias accoidliiKly named the
commission to deal with the situation.
The President took this course without
consultation with thv operative. The
statement follows
fThe strike of the miners In Colorado,
which has now lasted twelve months, has
attracted the attention of the whole coun
try and has been accompanied by many
distressing and tragical circumstances.
The mediation of the tiovernmvlit of thn
I'nlted Suites was offered early In the
struggle, but the operators of the mini's
were unwilling to avail themselves of !t
or to act upon the suggestions made In
the interest of peace by representatives of
the Department of I-aoor authorized by
statute to servo In such capacity
"It became iiecrss.it y to send Federal
troops to the district affictisl by the strike
in order to pri servo the peace, but the'r
presence could of Itself accomplish noth
ing altlrmatlve. After long waiting,
therefore, and the disappointment of many
hopes of accommodation, I ventured after
taking conns, I with representatives of the
Government who had been on the field
and made themselves thoroughly fauililir
with all the conditions of the .ase, t
propose a plan of temporary settlement,
, be put Into operation for a period of
three years and to arlord means of
amicable consultation and adjustment b
tween the mine operators and their em
plovees pending agreement upon such
terms and arrangements as might be made
the basis for permanently satisfactory re
lations between thun.
ns Plan s.,.pmr, rule.
"The plan seemed to me obviouslv fair
anil scumble The str king miners promptly
at epted it. lut the mine operators re
Jc'ted it. saving in response to my isimest
appeal that the objected to Its most es
sential featuie.s, namely the proposed ar
rangement by which the inlntrs might
state their grievances through a cminittee
and by which differences might be settled
bv reference lo a comtnl.ss.on appointed
bj the President of the I 'ill toil States.
"I think th countrv regretted their ile
clsloti ami was disappointed that tliey
should have t.ikni so uncompromising a
position. I have waited and hoped for a
change In their attitude, but now fear
that there will be none. And ct I .lo
not feel that I am at liberty to do nothing
In the pri'eence of circumstances so seri
ous and distressing.
"Merely to withdraw' the Federal troops
and leave the, situation to clear nnd settle
Itself would seem to mo to lie doing some
thing less than my duty after all that
has neourtod. 1 have therefore determined
to appoint the cimiiulsioii contemplated
In the plan of temporary settlement not
withstanding the rejection of that plan by
the mire operators and thus at least lo
create the instrument. ilitv hy wluii liko
troubles and disputes ma lie amicably
and honorablv settled in the future. In
the hope, the very earnest and sincere
hope, that boh parties may ece it to be
not merely to their own best Interest, hut
also a duty which thev owe to the com
munities they serve, ann to the nation
itself, to make use, of this Instrumentality
of peace and render strife of the kind
which has threatened the order and prnn
perlty of the great State of Colorado a
thing of the past, impossible of repetition
so long as everythlnr that is done is done
in good temper and with the genuine pur
pose to do justice and observe every pub
lic as well as every private obligation,
Prnlse fur ppointees.
"The Hon Seth Mw of New York. Mr.
CharliH W. Mills of Philadelphia nnd Mr.
Patrick tillday of Clearlleld, Pa., have
most generously and iinselllshlv consented,
nt my reipiest, to serve as members of the
commission. I owe to these gentlemen my
own warm 'hanks not mdv, lint also, I be.
Ileve, the thanks of their fellowcitizens
throughout tlie country '
"They will place themselves at the ser
vice alike of the miners and the opera
tors of the mines In Colorado In case con
troversy liitween them should In the fu
tore develop circumstances which would
render mediation the obvious way of peacs
and Just settlement."
Pltll.ADKl.l'lllA, N'ov 20. finite W
Mills, who was appointed hy President
Wilson as one of the commissioners tu try
to settle the Colorado coal strike, Is a
member of tlio llrm of Swayne &. Mills of
this city and principal owner of the
Climax Coal Company He lins had much
experience lu dealing with strike troubles
Last June he was appointed one of the
two conciliators of the Westlngliouse
strike at Pittsburg The other was one
of Ins oomcmbors of the present com
mittee, Patrick (Sildav, president of the
Second dlstilct of the fulled Mine Wink
eirt of America.
Von Selivi iirUopprii, I'orloer Mill
lnr llnelie, Seen In street,
special 'ibl leiatch to The Siv
Paiiis, Nov 2!. l.'Arlian ''roiu'dfie
says that the M. minis do Maussahre was
stupcileil Halm day morning lo lltnl him
si if face to face near the Madeleine with
(iim. on Siiiwarzkoppeii, former military
attache of the (ierm.in Ihubassy lu Paris,
whose connuilon with the Dreyfus case
will be recalled
iiie M.mpiis mid the fioner.il knew
each other poifectl The (iciin.in ills,
.ippcnnd rapidly up a side Nlieit,
ii it i". r.s n t ii i r k scot i ii
IN NO Itr.KII.I.A 111,1! HOTTM'IH.
ANDREW U31IKH & CO, UJIllburgll. rff.
British Commander Tells of
Forced Inactivity in
the North.
er,'iil 'ViMe leiitei to Tin! Si v,
London, Nov. '.'?. The War Olllce
gave out to-night n long despatch,
dated November 20, from lien. Sir John
French detailing the operations In
The British 'commander says there are
signs that the Ypres-Armentleres battle
Is possibly in Its last stages. The enemy't
lire, he says, has slackened considerably
and their Infantry uttacks have practi
cally ceased.
lien, French discusses the situation
early lu October, when he became Im
pressed with the necessity of bringing
the greatest possible force to bear to
support the Allies' northern Hank, with
n view to outltanklng the enemy and
compelling him to evacuate his posi
tions, as the enemy's forces on the Alsna
had been weakened b) continued
abortive, futile attacks. After paying a
tribute to the effective cooperation of
(ien. Joffre and his staff (Son. French
"The great battle may be said to have
commenced, mi OcioIkt ii when (ien.
(Sough's cavalry llrst came into con
tact with the enemy, who was holding
the woods north of ltethune and the
Aire Canal. These were cleared, after
which our men Joimd hnnds with the
sixth cavalry division in the neighbor
hood of llazebrouck. Simultaneously
the right of the second cavalry division
connected with the left of the Second
Corps after crossing the (.anal."
lien French then describes various
linking opeiation-. which were met hy cor
responding extensions of the ilirinan line.
Incidentally mentioning the ditlkult natuts
of the ground, which, being covered with
mining works and factories and remark
ably tint, makes effective artllleiy support
most dlltlcult.
"It was then the object." says (Sen.
French, "to get astride the l.a ltissre-I.llle
road, in the neighborhood of Fumes, and
so threaten tlio think and rear of thi
enemy's position on the high grounn south
of l.a lli'see
The position at l.a H.issee throughout
the battle iletlnl all attempts at capture,
l.t'.ier by the Frell' ll or IStltlsn
(in October 111 (ien Sintth-Dorr'.en had
ni.idn on'v slight progp s Tlio Dorset
shire regiment suffered he.ivili HO being
killed, in iiid'tig the commander. Major
Itoper. but it m.ili.taineil its bold lien
Sh Hi'hert Hamilton. onim.inder of the
Third D. Vision, was killed on i ictobor It.
The follow tig day the Third Division
fought splendidly and, after rocing on
planks the dlk, s, with which the country
is intersected, drove the enemy from on
Intrenched position to .mother In the loop-hol.-d
villag.s. till they hail pushed the
Hermans off the Kstalres-U-i llassre road
I'lulitliiK Over Wide rrn.
(ien French then oes Into detail In de
scribing h long series of attacks and
counter attacks In which thor. wee
severe loss. on both sides and various
.osit'oiiM were taken but often theie was
little or no pr.'gtess The large'' scale
map would alone enable one to follow the
operations In slid around thi numerous
villages which are mentioned
(Jen Fr.nch PM a tribute t the
operations of (ten. Sir Ileniv Itawlhi'm
in the neighbor" -od of lihent and Ant
werp In pro'eciuig the withdrawal of 'he
llelglan army In the middle of Octolie
The task, ho sas, was most dlllleult
owing to the Importance of holding .ill
the ground w.m. This compelled (ien.
Itawiin'on to operate on a wide front
f.ir some davs. as no troops were available
to reinforce him.
The force of (Sen Ilawilnon had to
cneouti'or very superior fetees and
rendered most signal senices and showed
great gallantrv (ten Itaw Mason's to'
Hank was seven ly threatened on October
IK. Ills lor. e was not strong enough to
capture Metilti as bad bei n directed and
the enemy remained In possession.
On October 19. (Sen French says, a
nuestion of vital Important, arose The
enemy was greatly supeil T In strength
on the I.ys ami tin second, third and
foiuth cavalry cotps were holding a much
wider front than their numbers war
ranted "Considering those farts alone," s.ivs
(Jen. French, "It would have seemisl wise
to send the llrst corps to s'lengthen the
'.Inc. but this w. nltl hive left the coun
try east and north of Ypres and the
Vpres Canal open to a wide turning
movement by the Oerman fotce which
was known to bo In that region, while It
was also known that the (onuuns wore
bringing large recnforcouionts from the
cist whit Ii could be oppoiasl f r several
davs only bv two or 'hree French
cavalry divisions, some French terri
torials and the llelglan army.
"After their hard lighting the llelglans
wen not In condition to stand such an
attack unsupported ami unless substantial
resist, nice could be ottered lo this
threatened turning movennMit the allied
think must be turned ami the Channel
ports laid bale to the enemy. I judged
tint a successful movement of tills kind
would be f i aught with such conseiiiences
that the ii. k of operating on sti extended
a front must bo undertaken, and I di
rected (leu. Sir Douglas lluig to move
with the tlrst corps to the ntnth of Ypres.
"From the best infoi tnallon at my dis
posal I lodged that the considerable re
onforcemcnts which the enemy had un
doubtedly brought up had been directed
principally on tlio l.ys anil against the
second corps at l.a Itassee and that (Son.
Ilalg would probably not ho opposed
norlli of Ypres by much mole than the
Ihiid reserve corps, which I knew hail
siiffertsl considerable In previous opera
tloiiH, and perhaps tine laudw'thr division,
Force Soul .Vuiilnst llrnues,
"On October 19 I Instructed (tin Unlg
to ailviiuce with tin First Corps through
Ypres o iiiourout The object was to
capture Itruges subsequently and. If pos.
silile. to tlilve the enemy toward Uhent
In case of an nnfoieseen situation aiising
n Hie em mv proving st longer than w:i?
aiitnip iletl he was o decide alter pas,
lug Vines, nccoiillng to the situation,
wiieilur to attack the enemy lying to the
north or to hustle forces from the east, 1
CoiKOinnl on Third Page,
Kaiser Joins Forces of
Von Hindenburg in East
German War Office Says Russian Advances Near Lodz
Have Reeii Checked and Successful Offensive
Has Heen Started.
Berlin, via Amsterdam and Tondon,
Nov, 29. It was announced nt military
head(Unrters to-day that Kmpcror
William Is now with the (Serman army
In the east.
, A despatch from Merlin last week
i said that the IJmperor was soon to go
to the (Serman capital and would re
main there some time. Previously his
presence was reported nn several occa
sions with the Cot man nrniles In the
i west nnd In the east. It vvus also re
i ported that he was In Antwerp on No
' vember 23.
Attricl.s li Allies .Nenr pre' nnd
I. ens Ire Itepiilsetl.
Hmil.lN, Nov. 2!. The report of the
(Serman War Olllce to-day on the opera-
I Hons of the Imperial troops In lielglum,
i France and In the custom theatre of
I war was as follows:
j This afternoon there Is nothing to
j report from the armies in the west.
I Yesterday the attack of the enemy
in the region southeast of Ypres
I and west of I.etu was unsuccessful.
In the east the situation on the
right bank of the Vistula remains
unchanged. ISusslan advances In
the region of I.odz were checked
and were followed by successful
counter attacks by our troops.
There W nothing of importance
to report as regards the situation
lu south Poland.
I.ermnii Pollers Heap . iilitlllonnl
Honors on Lender In t'olnnd.
tecial Cable lietpatrh to Tnr Scv
I IIkiimn, via Lotidoi.. Nov. 29. Ii addi
tion to promoting Hen. Paul von Hlnden
I burg to the rank of Field Marshal and
conferring upon him the Urand Cross of
the Iron Cross, the Kaiser has raised
(Jen. I.ueilenilorf to the rank of I.leu-teiiaiit-Heneral.
Hen. I.uodendorf Is chief
of staff for Field Mar'hal von Hlnden
I burg and Is credited hero with a largo
repsonsihlll'v for the splendid organiza
tion and Indomitable resistance of tile
armies defending (he 'astru frontier
Th newspapers express pleasure over
the piiiniot.on of He von Hindi nburg.
The (erlior Inicblntt , omments as fol
lows "It .s titling hat the llrst man to re
celve the rai k s.r.ce the death of Fit Id
Marshal Count von Scaleiffeii, the great
Pirn Stt'iiooTiiplit'iV S iHlieiitc
Conceives lilrn lo Aitl Work
in ir Women.
I om' 'iM lie.pntrh to In Sls.
j Pvr.is. Nov. 29 -M. Jtonuudtd of the
I staff of !.')! iimiinltc gave to Tim St'N
' correspondent to-day details concerning
i a consignment of dolls which Is aboard
tlio French t.lno steamship Hochambean
under charge of Mile Oourlct, the, in
itial object of which has been guanlen
as a secret hitherto for fear the carrying
out of the Idia would bo anticipated else,
Mile. Hourlet is a member of a syn-
j tllcaio of stenographers which, wishing
to aid a workwoman's organization at
which tliesses and underwear were made
ami which has been paralyzid by the war,
set the women to dressing dolls, paving
from a franc f ir the creation of a model
to one and one. half francs for anything
striking. The National Aid Committee ad
vanced the capital.
The dolls, which are 'nfntlid for sate
In America, represent models of line lin
gerie which it is hoped American women
will order from the workwomen's organi
zation, which Is now working on another
lot of dolls for F.ngl.ind
I'.ilv nril llrluht, -student nt lioct
lllllteii, HerinnilV, Appenl for Help.
Fdward Urlght, an American citizen
nnd formerly editor of the llnptlst
I'.xtiminrr, is under arrest In Hoettlngen,
Herman, where ho has lived and studied
for nearly ten years. He s charged with
being a spy. acfoiilliig to a letter received
here by his wife.
He was Inipilsoned on October 17, nnd
Mrs. Ilrlght his ippealed to tho State De
partment to aid her in obtaining Ids re-
I Paso. Ilrlght has been studying at Hoot
t ngeti t'nlverslty, but when the war
'stalled ho sent Ills wife ami two sous
lo this city, where thev have been living
Willi Mrs. HiiRht's mother, at IT2 West
Fifty-eighth street. Ncwm of his arrest
was sent lion by a maid lu their (Soot
tlngeii home, and was Inter confirmed by
a letter from a friend dated October .10,
which said that llrlglit had .appealed to
the American Consul.
Tivotil j -rlii'i'c Killed mill .Vlnnv Hurl
In I mn In ii Hi-oiip,
pfcint Cable Iteapatch to Tnr Si's
Athkns, Nov 2;t Twenty. three persons
were killed and many others were In
jured or drowned when u portion of the
Petkoulla Mountain, on the island of
Santa Mnuia, one of the Ionian group,
nil. tpc oil ami the sea Inundated part of
the Island,
llnlblay Olfls-Art CtlentUrs. Ac, and
"StnmlarJ" denk. Chm.lS.Uatth.wi, 31 E. 21.
teacher of the Clausewitzlan Von Molt
kean art of war, should be Von Hinden
burg, who has repeatedly demonstrated
the teachlrgs of the great master, namely
that Herman leaders must know how to
hllllct a decisive defeat even with In
ferior numbers. The victor of Tannenburg
holds good In Poland what lie promised
In Hast Prussia, and In his advance to
the Vistula, his retirement to the frontier
anil by his new blow at the slowly follow
ing enemy Ile h.i' always remained
master of the situation. The Herman na
tion has eonlldeneo that Field Marshal
, von Hindenburg will do all within the lim
its of human power to defend the west
!rn borders and overthrow Its most dan
I gerous enemy "
The report from Thorn tha.t Field Mar
I hal von Itlnileiiburg has captured 00.000
I Itusslans. 150 heavy guns and 200 ma
! chine guns aroused tremendous enthu
siasm In the capital.
Hrrmnn Mit Istlril nl WnrU of Their
ItKnt.iN, Nov 2! ( bv wirelef.s to Sav
ville. N. V.) The following wa given
out to-day by the olllcl il press bureau :
In he absence of any deilnlte an
nouncement conc-rnlng lighting mi
land, attention is being turned to
Hotlvitles at sea, especially the sink
ing of the liritlsh steamers Malachite
nnd Prlmo off Havre by Herman sub
marines. The fact that submarines
are able to so so far fncni their base
and make the Fngllsh Channel un
safe Is a source of satisfaction
The loss of the Itrltlsli battleship
Itulwar'it also ts regarded with satis,
faivion. No matter what was th
cause. It is looked Un as another
serious loss for the Itrltlsli navy.
I Heroin ny ' Mn(. Able tt s,i.
j Present Vlllllnr.t Need'.
The Herman press hureiu In till' city
, made public the follow lug despatch yes
I terday :
"llr.m.tN. Nov 29. Hermany will be
! able for some time to come to supply it'
own needs for copper from its mines at
Marisfeld, Klsleben and Hettstadt in Sax
ony, Westphalia and the Hnrtz mountains.
Mi the mines In these places nre working
night and day to supplv the copper mealed
for inllita'y purposes.
"The ( Serman copper tirodut t'nn amounts
to 41.000 metric tons annual!, of which
nine-tentlis mnt. s f-ou, the Mansfoid
mines In times o' rrem Henuany ia the
greattst copper consuni' r in l'urope, but
at present It need' orly a mnll part of
tin urdp ary consumption for the manu
facture of goods exj orted to foreign coun
t'ies, and it is able to utilize practical!
all the home production ninety for mili
tary purposes "
Shears von moltke is
under arrest, not ill1
Copeiilinircn llns Koport Thai
CoiiimiiiMler' TiH'tii's Dis
pleased Kai-er.
ll lir.lt lll'.II T III I'lUVOIITII,
'rt'Jl t'itrrfltiH'1cnt ctf the .nnrfon "fliny
Wo "
Speclil "abte Deiwleh to Tnr Scv
Co'i:NII vi.fv, N- v L".t I hae receive 1
private news that Hen. von Moltke. chief
of the Hi rman Ooneral Staff, Is not ill,
but Is a prisoner under the Kaiser's orders
In the rov.tl palace at llomburg vor dor
lloehe because he Interfered too freely
with the Crown Prince's operations in the
early stages of the Herman retreat in
Hen. vo'i Molt he milntalns thai h.s
strategy was suneiior to that of th"
Crown P' Ince. but admits that he nils,
calculated the demands on tho transput t
of ti-oops.
Hen von Moltke's wife, who is a Dan,
lias wtitten a letter containing this in
form, it!. 'ii to a Danish friend
Home Hour l.erninn Hovernor of
lleluluot Mils 11,'cn Itelli'l e,l.
ItoMlt. Nov 2" -A tlesia;ch fmm Ite'.l.n
sas Field Miijshnl Haitm von tier Uoltz
bus bts'ii i-elteveil us mllltiu governor of
that portion of Holglum under (Serman
control nn1 attached for tin remainder of
the war to the entourage of the Sultan of
Turkei .
Hen. von Missing will su.vcec.1 Hen. von
dcr (SoUk .is in VI tary governor ..f llelgium.
(Sen. von tier Holtz was m charge of
tho work of rtsiivanlziiiK the Turkish
troops for some time before "he llnlkaji
Iwvirs. Zekkl I'.isha, fonner commander of
the Turkish troops, has been .itt.niiMl o
the suite of "he Kaiser n.s .in expression
'of tln present relations Wi'vism Tuike
unit Herniariy
I'reneli it ml lieriiiniis I so Conlrlv
mice Over lleeji Mitm.
Home, Nov 29. Despatches from He.
nevn say that both French and Herman
soldiers are fighting on skis In the Vosgcs.
Several vigorous encounters have taken
place In deep snow within th'. past few
days tietwot'ti llelfort ami Verdun.
The Ch.iKseurs Alplns, who are necus.
tniuttl to the mountains ami to the use of
skis, are having little trouble In nut -mano'iivrlng
their Herman opponents At
llrcsel, Alsace, a company of those ,hi.
tilers by a quick advance, through the
forest cut oil a company of Herman
scouts and took them prisoners.
Ilelttliini Musi Pit 75, nun, ono.
Hy I'enttat .ic.
Amhtkhpam, Nov. 20, Despatches from
llerlln announce that the total war tax
In llelgium his heen fixed at $"5,0fl0,(foo
and that a branii of tin Itelchsb.uik Is
to be established In Antwerp.
Suffer Heavy Losses, hut Con
tinue to Fight Desper
ately Against Odds.
1 Vtrojxiail Wilms People to
Disreanl Kxlravajranl
Claims of Virion.
Kaiser's Troops Fall liark
From ll.irow on Sir.vkow.
Says Statenicnl.
si .vi vi it v or tii is waii m:vs).
Tlit' Kiissiiin War tifiici'. .iiinoiine
lug that tin' development of th- but
tles lu Poland Is favnnililit tn tlio litis
slim nrtus, warns tin- piiliHc ng.rnst
nocoptlm: inert' rumors of an mcr
whelming victory.
P.orllti nnd IVtrogr.'id agree th.tt Mi
lighting eontliiin-. with im ilis-Nlvi- re--tilt
iiclili'v tsl by either Mn r-li.-il von
lllllilflllilll'g or tlio Hl'Illlil I Mil, c .Viiio
llls. It l onicinlly niunmtiivil in P.rr'ln
that the KnWei l- now with the tinny
111 I'llllltlll.
Tlit' Ullssiitll official Milteliionl sil.vs
the Hernialis have bts'ii otiipelltsl to
retreat from souio position-, and have
stiU'erisl I'linrimuis Ins-,".. Inn nn main
tiilitlng n stnbliiirn ri'siiuint'.
Thi' nornuili iifllciiil aliliiiuncriiiont
is Unit the situation i iitn'li.ttigiil. that
Itiisslan advances' near l.iuU worn
ilioc((l mill that liorniiin trimns ni,ur
successful cniinteT attacks.
X('Wspiior ciirrosMiutoiits in IVtro
griii! i ('port that the great b. tt In
Ptilaiitl N a it'siivv. which ii.nliii . ,i.
termite Jn.v aii'l ilepross,,ii ni the Uu
sl.m capllat.
Tlit'i't wits calm along the halt front
in Htlgiiim nntl I'r.inci on Siimluy.
Inn on S.'itnriliiy tln'ti vmis more xen-i-iil
.'tiitl violeut tigliliug thn u for many
diij .
A despatch i.t the Itrlt i-lt War Of
fice from I'it'lil Miiisliil Sir .loim
Freinii describes the Hi-oration-, m
I'lainlers from curly in iit-tnhor until
Novi'inbt'i' ''n. maki's plain tlni ciior
moil's tliflli'iiltit's utiiler which the at-
t Mill :irnies nperatod uinl pru s,.s tho
g.itliiiiliy ami grit of tlio ltiii,s( ami
l rremii -itlillors.
! Violin. I s.-ijs Hi, i the A ts can fureiM
jure ttmtliiuing to nilvaiico in Scr i.i,
Illl'sllln I lllllll l(.t. ,.s,.s, iMIl
Sllll l l lllllllll.
Sperml Cable petjmtfh tn i'ltr Si's
I. O.vno.N, Nov. 2li. Thero has un
doubtedly lM'rn a change somewj at
favorable to the Uetiliutis in the sana
tion in Poland. The Hussion (l.'iieial
Staff, whose claims have alw.c i,. cn
moderate, ami who have at no t.itit in
serted that a foinpleti vuiniv ii.h
galnetl over the (Senium . i emits In w.i n
the Vlstu.a and the W.irthe. im - hi.
infortn.Uitin that the lighting favor
able to the lliissuins ,ut tha' the Her
mans are inak.ng a slunhorn I esi-t.ince
The following otllciiil icport was Ii
sued by the Hussiiin War (tllitc in
Pctrogtiitl pi-iuHlrt:
lletwein the Vistula au.'i, the
W'artht the en, ill coiitinucs to ma n
t nn the posrloii fortltleti b him it
Str how. ZglelZ, Sz.ldek . I tut .'Itln-K I
W'oia i Itussiali Poluntl). The light
i. g has be, n very stubborn i. the
itgions of Stt.vkow anil .glerz We
captured at these poln t iiiinu
rapid tirors .mil several hundred prlf
oners t uir troops have token ptrt In an
etmageinetit along the front comii s
Ing Hlowiiii. Ilieliwa and Sobota
Along the left bank of the Vistula tlie
Hermans carried out a coimtei at
tack. Act ordlng to prisoneiH the Herman
losses wire enormous. m.ni 1-tt-tallons
losing nil tin ir olilccts and
tin comp.tnlis being reduced to fiotn
sixty to eighty rm n.
On the Cze lettoiiiowa-Cra, ow front
there have been no linpor ant c gige
niotits The Austrianiiinv w'neli i.
K litlcil tho aproaches "e ist ot Ci.oow.
on the Sclireniav a and Italia, w is oo
fe.itt'd on November 2i" beiiiR ilnvcn
back to the region of the tnitrtss
lu the Cat pathiiins mi Notcinln r 27
we took as many as I.2U0 Anslr'ins
The troops of tlie cttcniv have rotited
precipitately fiom llnkowln.t. We
II. tve occupied CertloWllZ
In the icglo" of Hie Mauriu likes
( F.ast I'lUssial and the Aug. I an
Itlver our troops have 'blown luck
lilt Hermans in several districts Hum
their fortllletl positions
Newspaper con espondenis. vvlm ap
pear to have been misled by the juvful
nnt.clpations of ollliiiils in Peirogiail,
no longer assert, h iwcver, tha; the Hub.
slans have won nn ovcrvv In Itiiiug vic
tor, and report with eoneorv.it i-in n ivv
demanded by the Itutsian ibivi t nun nt
Hint the battle Is not yet ended rh.it the
Germans were able tn break tlirfi-h
one trap set for them hy the Ituss ,m
and that ihey are making n viilnnt
staml agaliiHi superior nuinlfis. Tho

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