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Simla Pressed s Onlijimy New
Yorker Provides
From some place nmong the Icebergs
nnd tlio snowdrifts, or mavhe It im
Hi,- West Slilc, Santa Claus. dlsguis-d
s an ordlnnry New Yorker, came to Tiik
Sfs'K frco lirc.id depot yestetdny anil
veiy much astonished Tom Merry uml
Pu'k Hrlght with the single woril, "To
bneco!" "Yes, sir," said Merry. beaming lit tlie
iil'.i, "but )(u don't mean to say, sir,
th.v's otir name."
Iia, lint" chuckled thU particular
Mr Clans, "bless out heart, no: though
It might as well be for all you're going
to flml out about It." And Tob.uco went
off Into nnolhtr ripple of inerrltnent.
"Rut you sec." Merry went on, rlk
Inr another guess, "It's lueatl we give
mvay here, not tobacco."
"Well, my man. Just to show ou how
much j on know about It, therms going
to ie tobacco Riven a way to-day anil lots
of It, too." With that tho ordinary New
Aorker opined the door and ushered 'n
tno nun, each with his arms full of
At the spectacle Merry and Hrlght both
diposesed a long whlMlc of astonish
metit Hut the ordinary Now Yorker, who
was In his usual hurry, had no time for
nstotitshnK-nt. nnd seizing, one. of the
packages and bidding his two men to do
likewise, he started out of the door with
M much rapidity as he had come In.
Thoiisnnil WiiIIIiik la I.I nr.
It was a little before 2 o'clock and there I
a line of nearly l.uon hungry in r
ons. each mantled and cowled with new-
fallen snow. The ordinary New Yorker
wrilKeil out a package of tobacco, a book
ef cigarette papers and a box of matches,
and. handing them to the flrtt man tit
life said, "for the first six of ou."
Purpie fingers were drawn from emptv
roikitd. the men danced n sort of chil
blain step, not yet Introduced on llroad
way. in accompaniment to the twirling
nun. clR.irettes were rolled; pipes were
filled, quids weie stowed uwav beuc.ith
huncry toiiRiifs, and In ten minutes ;nn
men weie puffing out smoke. In as modi
more time Ion other men hail Joined them
in aicrry (.nristmns .smoker, and Lx
tr Place, n blind alley where the line
Is formed, looked very much as If It needed
the immediate attention of Chief Kcnlon.
As the last package of tobacco was
handed out somebody'" natch announced
thsl - p'clcch hat! arrived. The risers
( the bread doiot were thrown open and
the creat throiiK of smoking. chewliiR.
v.vtrlng mid starvltiR men began to mark
time and slowly to press forward toward
the loaves for which many of them had
been waiting an hour.
"Wouldn't have believed It." said nn
f'ther caller who came In soon. "This
is really terrible, sir. And the way they
tat It like starved wolves."
TrIU of Needs Mother,
"Now you're right," said Merry. In
emulating tills gentleman with his smile
as Is his custom. "I wish more of 'em
like )ou would come and see for them
telves. It's grub these, bojs need, (irub.
er how are they to keep strength In their
bodies to go on looking for work or
performing that work when they do Ret
It? Just a moment, excuse me."
As he spoke Merry stepped over to the
line nnd drew a sickly-looking woman
mlrfe to the radiator. She wan hatless
except for a heavy layer of melting snow
) ,ier Iron-gray hair.
"Stand here by the radiator a moment,
mother," he said, "and thaw home of that
f'CM out of yourself."
"Hut it ain't for myself that I'm coin
ing, if j on please. It's for a poor woman
In the ame house. She's nctuilly starv
ing sir,"
' What s her address?" asked Merry.
'Its Second avenue. IAS. mIiv 'aim
). f,... .,,,, .I,!.. , v , ii .ii tuner t irguua nnu hem ner la i u ; lo
T e s . (r ,U hei; ",u";kiio- how Haby Virginia would spend her
Jr, elr or"-T-l out of workt Christmas?
Iv. nt uiumita, .iir. ijikoh ner ,
Jiame Thank ou. thank ou." This. ..TiIP s virulnlH
last as Merry slipped a couple of loaves irKliilit.
under the wnman'H arm and told her to I ''" Is w hy a reporter was sent j ester
ra!' agam to-day. 'day to the home of nr. Philip K. o'llan-
"Now." t..ild the man who hud found I lo"-1,1 121 West1 Ninety-fifth street. The
f!i sight of mi many destitute persons L'N'H Virginia, now Mrs. IMwIn Malcolm
terrible, "do sou haie many like that?" I'ougbs, Is stnjlug there because Mr.
"VeV rsiondeil Merry, "nulto a nutn-1 Douglas's business takes Jilm from New
t M.ine ,,f them we can Investigate, ' Vo1 , freguently and keeps him away from
but ni'ist of them we can't. Hut there's' tllr ''"' f"r ,on,! l'rr'ds and the home In
r'eutt ir. us you see, who proiiounri. t)ra"R('1 w'ul'l be too lonesome for
t.iemsees honest through their faces. t1"' wlfe rl"111' "
ow, thtn, lool; at this old woman." There couldn't have been a finer sort of
I day for the sort of rail. I'pper llrondway
Helped lo Her Home. ! a"d ,,l ',ln "tfeets were ciowded with
folk who" had the Christmas spirit, who
As lie tpokc a ery old and decrepit smiled for the plea sum of smiling, who
om.tti, leaning on a stick ns she walked, stopped suddenly for hand grips or tossed
ei ruthtr Muitllcd, crept into the place, a "Merry Christina !" to an utter stranger.
1 'her the eold or tile pain which racked i Mother lloose was shaking out her feather
tier ,otv, for It was very evident that I bed. or perhaps, as the man who knew
It allied her great agony to walk, hail; most about such things said, the ludy
brought tears lo her ejes. She took the j angels were moulting. Just ahead In West
jeif tuat was handed to her nnd letting Ninety-fifth street was a trim little woman
It fsll Into a hag said, "Thank you and ' in short walking skirt and stout boots w ho
lion Mem you!" tint as Hiie turned to,
gi she was quite overcome for a moment
could not summon strength to move.
t ne man who had been speaking to
lrm stepped ipilckly forward and tak
lnr her ,, m helped her out to the street
l"'l to lier home two blocks away.
relations received vesterdav fur the
p'i eh.ise of more free bread from read-'
eis .1'iiiiiiiiteil to SHO, 02, They follow
J'orntiiv spencer Itrottti, lo; Sirs. Dcx-I
Hr Ijliott. S5; H. U .M . V' ; Friend, 1
i .
l It W. tin; W J Henderson, $3:!
flsrdrer Coruett, J2.1; D. (), D 2S :
fir e M 11, firnlinm. J10: II. F. llen
ji n n MO. Wall Street, $10; C C. S.,
s 11 it, w 10. si. s.. ; .1. 11.
1' H32. a friend, $2; II. 1. (loodrlch,
J.'n. Chemist, J2; Slontclalr, t" ;
'1'i t N. Drown, $2; tichn!dlos Shlc
It !l
Ininm Mother In Helped by .lu
mber "iiiii" Mender.
T ngs looked brighter last night for
Ms 1 iiherlne, Clark, the young mother
v '1 o hables, who had eviction from her
" n The Hronx as the only thing
to 'nnl fonv.ird to for Christmas eve
ri .
fi -rr
' r inothrr vvns able to make room
.11 1 1 s 7 Amsterdam avenue, One
'nil already uent through Tiik
small hum of money that put tile
pa of tolor Into Sirs. Clark's Christ
Th.it happened Wednesday, and
lav tame i( f," hill suit lo Tiik Spn
M C W which niadn Sirs. Clark
I' ill nost losp.
Tilfls nt Hone), To j unit I'ooil Pour
In on l'n mil).
is lsi if Mlinnidels, who-e search
a Claus led them to wilte lo
Mit-iiel, iih printed lu Tun Spn
. 11 111 happy, l.'d win d has his
Paul has a train of cars and a
ige .Inkcy has a cowboy and
And four-j ear-old Murpiret,
Is There a Santa Claus?
Tells Her Own Virginia
Kditorial That Renewed Lit
4le Girl's Faith Hiiiis on
Itoby's Christinas Tree.
t.ninn Virginia O'llanlon Douglas,
whoso tiny shoulders arc- not yet strong
enough to bear (ho weight of even one
year, but who has nevertheless come
plumply anil happily to the Impressive
(anil not to be sneezed at) age of nine
months nnd four days, pressed her little
dab of a nose to .1 window pane In her
grandfather's house at 121 West Ninety.
Ilfth street esl?rdny afternoon ami
trilled the name of a very particular
mutual friend of her mother Virginia'
ami of Tim Sc.v's. Santa Onus.
If one must render phonetically the
words that bubbled from Laura, Vir
ginia O'llanlon Douglas's roebud lips
oini must tet them down as '(Tan-taw,"
but Mother Vlrslnla, knowing what a
Christmas miracle was there, thrilled
with understandlnR, and this reporter
calls Tltanla to witness that he too com.
prehcndcil perfectly, nnd that not a
single, shadowy. Huffy little doubt must
be entertained by anybody who reads
this story.
You must realize, first of all, that
l.aura Virginia had never before
deigned to clothe her wonderful
thought in the language of grownups.
AlVii)H before an excellent sort of dumb
discourse, had been sutllclenl for l.aura
Ire nla's conversational needs. Hit
favorite doll. Mollyiinna Mary (whn.e
l.f". iL is to be f cured, has Iwen pretty
strenuous, a :ries of tips nnd downs
und hard bumps), never was at u lots to
catch her meaning, nnd the same nw
true of nil the rest of the O'llanloiw.
Hut yesterday, with all the things
around her that Santa Claus had left,
with the house fairly plowing with
Christmas splr't, with n very happy
mother at lv r fldj. Uiur.i Virginia
I'nllli In tintitn ( Inns.
Of nil the things she might have said
the words she really spoke were the nicest,
the most appropriate. Tor Lama Viiglnla
Is the daughter of the little girl who was
troubled many years ago by the doubt
that perhaps Santa Claus didn't exist and
who wrote to Tin: Sun about It and whose
heart sang with Joy when Tun Sl'.n pub
linked an editorial for her and all doubt
ers, big and small, and made It plain
thnt in all the world there was nothing
so real and abiding as Santa Claus. That
was before Christmas In lS'.i;, when
Mother Virginia was S years old. A good
many Christ mases have come nnd gone
since then, nnd Virginia O'llanlon will bo
2! on her next birthday, but the most Im
portant thing In the world to her, except
for her marriage and her baby, has been
Her faith in the realness of Santa Claus.
The first Virginia will be a true believer
long after the second Virginia grows up
and marries and has habits.
TltK Sl'N has never uulte lost sight of
Virginia Newspaper are kept pretty
busy telling the world the things that
should or should not be done and in win
nowing the doings of the great and of the
Hvll One, but It is impossible to forget the
sort of little girl who wrote so sincerely
and trustfully as Vltglnln did. Tub Sun
knew when she left school, knew when she
was married, knew when l.aura Virginia
first opened her blue eyes, and remembered
jcstciday that Laura Virginia was on the
eve of her first Christmas. Truly could
nnytlilng be more Impottant than to learn
If Mother Virginia had kept her faith; to
made pare briskly and wlioe arms were
filled with parcels tied with red ribbon
She turned in at the door of III, and
when tho leporter rang the bell a minute
or two later she answered it herself.
"I am Mrs. Douglas," she said.
"Are you still Tub Si'N'h Vligmla?"
aiiked the rcorter.
The lady stared for a breath, then '
laughed gayly. 1
"Indeed I am !" the said. "Hut tlirrr'n
a far more Important Virginia In this
house than I. Don't von warn (n Inter. I
view her" Certainly ou do, IIxciisd
me tor one minwe. '
In that minute or so It was very ease
to eee that here was a house where .
Istmns win kept In proper spirit.
Thtero were wreaths of holly In the win-
dows, There weie wiea'ths of holly In .
the 1 lit 1 1 and drawiiu room. Piled on
eihalrs and tables wero fascinating little 1
heaps or nertniioneii parcels, and a faint,
I odor of balsam revealed tlie Keeret that
a uiiriHtmas treo was somewhere In hid-
Ing. ,
Tlie door opened and Mother Virginia
appeared carrying l.auia Virginia. Now
there, arc bomu people who maintain that
whose curly hair and shining face mndo
her a delight to tlie eye. was '"landing a
new dolly on 'er head," or holding It
prldofully nt nrin's length by one leg,
.Mamma Sclime uel alternately bei.ined
cm them till and wiped her ejes, for
" , x'"K!i""a.. ,
ever had, I'eisons who tend Tiik Scn'h
story sent money to tho .Mayor's olllco
uiitll his secretary, I heodnre Itoussoaii, ;
tnteateiieu io navo ino city aiimimstrn-.
! ." "a'',.w,", "' "', ""lis ever lacking iignln she will see that
Scliineldel s mid played Santa Claus. In i,n uttto SchmelilelH have something toent
nil be scut nr. thorn by messenger nnd 1 besides luvail, And thorn weto others
Jin ili.it wus received nt 1m: M;.w nlllcHwl, hionght fond, so Hint the hudcr Is
was added to It. , w,, u,,.,,,) for c.H,mH,
So the Schmeidels will have thlr. Those who sent inoney to Tiik Spn wote
ChrlHtinits dinner ufler all, nnd the land. ..!. ,,,,,1 willhim. f M c v Jr..
lonrd will b paid, nnd the irrneer, and
I'apu hchtneldel, who stood by wa Idling
all tho Jollity lu h lather ilnzcd nninuer,
will bavn now heart to start nut looking
for work, lln may not have lo look far,
for a man who rend nbout them In Tun
Al'N stopped nt the tittle house at Oil
ft 44
III ,fM Mii
Virginia O'Hanlon as she was, jr A , .
in 1897, when she wrote to "The v, . ' ' '
Sun," asking, "Is there a Santa H MjKt V
all babies look alike, that all are modelled
from tlif same uninteresting patte ti 1
Isn't true. After one glance at l.aura
Virginia this tepoi er will tuauitin to
tlie end of his days that she Is charmingly
different, with an oiigluallty, fo se, an
'amiability dlstincthe and peculiar to lier
self. Undoubtedly her first Itnpiesslon was
that her caller was a bear, a furry, 'nor
mous bear who must make giowl noiset
and dance. This she Insls.ed iiion, and
It was no le.w than polite to bow to the
lady's plain deiire. That nccompr shed,
l.aura Virginia turned her attei.t'nn to
the much ruttlcd and rather d'.mal MolI
anna Mar'.
.'What do you -h.nk of her" asked
Mother Virginia. I
"On the Instant." said the, leporter. "I
observe that utie is a duck of a baby,
that she Is iih plump as a partridge and
as happy as a lark: that her e- ate
quite tlie bluest blue In the world of color ,
that she Is thoroughly good tempered and
that she Is prettier thn any child of her
ngc has a light to be. She looks l,k.
lit r mother."
Mother Virginia couitesled vcr prettily
and "Thank you. kind sir." she said.
It was then that I -111 r a Virginia, with
her face close to thew Indow, decided that
the time had come for her to make a
bold venture Into the language of her
country. When that surprise was over
and thoroughly dlscused. Mother Virginia
explained what a fine Christmas the baby
will iiaie. She snowed the reporter it
Christmas tree of Juit the right tdr.e,
which was hidden behind a .lapanee
hcreen. At the foot of the tree were the
presents that l.aura Virginia will Ret this
morning when lier father Jumps her out of
bed and carries her to the drawing 100m.
And here Is the list:
A gorgeous big doll, n lady of fashion.
A middle sized doll, for knockabout pur
poses. A ery small doll, for general use.
A woolly dog. Chow, apparently, which
w nines.
A kitten (sawdust Insldes) which
1111 ows.
Her I'lillh llestoreil.
"Her father will be home to-night or
early In the morning," said .Mis. Douglas,
"and we will have a lovely Christmas,
Of course. I.nura Virginia Is pretty young
for Christmas celebrations, but I believe
sho already feels the fplrlt of It and can
understand don't von think so?"
T1,m" J8"'1 ",e !,h-1llow "f ,l (,oubt of
1 ' 111." tlj'ill IV, ll'!.l-!!U,
I think," said .Mother Virginia pres.
eiilly, "that 1 have never been so happ
111 my lire as when tub scn told me
that there was a Santa Claus and that
he would live forever. I was e.Ight years
old then, Just at the age when doubts
creep In and when most children get their
first touch of cynicism. Father and mother
had always told ine that Santa Claus
was real, even If you couldn't always see
him, but the children at school tensed me
and said, 'Virginia, that Isn't so at all
They are Just fooling you. Tlie only
Santa Claus there Is Is your father, who
dresses up and flips presents In the house
when you are not looking.'
"That made mo very unhappy. 1 went
home tiitil thought and thought what I
bud better do. Then I remembered that)
father was always talking about The Srs-
" i"" juu ilium null llitl joil
wanted In Tiik Sun, and how mother,
who loved whlM, wrote letters to the
whist editor, 1 said to father:
"I am going to write to Tiik Spn
and ask It to tell me the truth, the hon
est to goodness truth, about Santa Claus,
If Tiin Sf.v says there Isn't any I'll be.
lievfl it ; If It tells me Santa Claus is real
I'll make those girls at school sorry they
ever teased me."
"Father laughed. 'Tiik Spn Is too busy
writing about Presidents and Governor's
nnd lmpoitant people. Virginia,' he said.
'A newspaper has no tiuio to waste on
a little girl. Write if you want to, but
don't be disappointed If you never hear
from your letter."
Hon She lleenme I'niiioiis.
Well, I sat down and wrote a sliorr
letter, trying lo say Just what was In
niy heart. Day after day I looked for n
lttft" In reply. I never thought for a
moment that Tun Sf.v would print a long
editorial mentioning me bv name 11ml
using my whole letter. Father teased me
"" men, mil 1 nept Hoping mid
linitUV one day a Sir. .Matthews called
father 011 the phone and said:
Doctor, did you know that Viiglnla
"ns become 11 famous person? No" Well,
'fun Sl'N has a whole, editorial alxiut
her Santa Chum letter, and It's the most
wondeifiil piece of writing 1 ever saw.'
Slayue you think theie wasn't excite.
tnent In this fainll.v. Father hustled
out and came back landed down with
Si-NH until he looked like a pack mule.
llo scattered them all
he was so pioud, And me? Well. It
spoiled mo for a while until I was big
Vainbrbllt n venue, nnd left a card, which
I'npa Scliineldel hopes will mean cm-
A ye,e,dnv Home,, win. .hei-
l lns full of bundles dropped In to lenvoi
KOOi cheer and to pat little Mnigaiell
'""I 1,1,111 "' t'hnbby eheel,.-. There, was
i.,..i ..1... 1 1.. !..
.iiingii and 11 doll mid nhiviertuiii ii''A""1'' '-"hell of ltiooklyn, who was nr-1
hi ought n train of c.us and 'warm irloves 1
nrni !,,,. ! ii,,. .ni, ,. ,.,.iu.. ,1,.,, ,r .
l U. (i :i : X. Y. which la 11 funnv
iiHino for Santa Claus, 1, and tlie Spirit
of Chi Iftnias, $1, Ami Sir, ItoiiHseau
links that no men 0 money he sent direct to
thn .Iuoi'h olllco lest city affairs he
come all snarled up while b la plllnc
ui checks.
The Sun 's ' ' Virginia of 1897
That There Is,
Mrs. Virginia O'Hanlon Douglas as she is to-day. with her daugh
ter, Laura Virginia.
I'ripin I III) M', Clirl-tnui. Ha;, inl.t.
Kvery Christmas season for sixteen
years Tiic Si.s iiaj l.-en uf'urii li.i in.iii..
of Its friends to reprint the editorial
article entitled "Is There a Santa
Claus?" which first appeared on Sep
temlier II. 1?. Sometftnes we have
complied with th reipiest: sometimes
It has seemed better not to do so. Kvery
year also It has given Tut: SfN" pleasure
to furnish copies of the Santa Claus
article to other Journals all over the
land, lo weekly ncw'Hiip;ri, to maga
zines, to the prodiuv rs of Christinas
cards and somenlrt and limited editions,
to the compilers of anthologies, to hun
dred of applicants who have wanted
tin- text for republication. So It lias
I come about that probably no other
id tonal article published in an Amerl
can newspaper ever won for Itself so
extensive a circulation. Perhaps it is
not too much to say that It must 1
classed with Lincoln's flettysburg ad
dress respecting the number of those
who know Its phrases and regard
arfevtion'itely Its sentiment and teach
jlngs. This y ar the calls for the article
ntllrmlng the existence of Satin Claus
am unusually numerous. Accordingly
wo print again the reply to little Vir
ginia O'llnnlon's question. It was writ
ten by the lite Francis Fharcellus
Church, hastily, in tin- coiitv- of the
day work, and w thout the remotest
Idol of Its destiny of permanent in
terest and value.
1'reni Till: SI'V of September -I. D.0T.
We lake pleasure in snswerltig at
once und thus prominently the com
munlcatlnn below, expressing at the
same lime our great gratification that
Its faithful nuthor is numbered among
the friends of Tiik Si n:
n,lir laii,,.,
s,,lr ","
I am jear old.
my Utile friends a there Is
1111 Snnln (Inn..
1'iipH ii)h "If Jim ee It In 'I'll 11 SITX
IPs so."
I'lense tell 111 e the (rutin Is there 11
Santa Clans f Virginia ll'llanlnii.
II.. West Mnet) -Ilfth street.
Virginia, your little friends are
wrong. They have been affected by tint
scepticism of a sceptical age. They tin
not believe except they see. They think
thnt nothing can be which is not com
prehensible by their little minds. All
enough to understand that I. Virgin! t
O'llanlon, didn't count for much In tho
editorial, but that the lmpoitant thing
was the beautiful thoughts expressed by
Sir. Church ami the charming ihigllsh In
which he put bis philosophy.
"It used to make me as proud ns .1
peacock to go along the strict In the
nelghlioi hood and hear somebody say,
'Oh. look! Theie' n Virginia O'Hanlon.
Did nu see that editorial the New
York Si's' bad uboip her'" And father
and mother were prouder than I, I think.
They still show the editorial to callers
and jusl talk people's arms off about It.
lln Helped 'I' ho nun nils,
"It was a wonderful thing In my life,
and I mean It lo be a wondeiful thing
in inv baby's. As soon as she masters
her A II C's It will be the ilrst tiling
sho will tend. I'll help her over tho
big words and haul spots, but I want
her to get the beautiful spirit of It as
quickly as she can. Oh, es, and there's
Vlmie) mill Hull Provided for Mrs.
Annie l.oliell.
I" response to lio stoi v that 'appealed
i t1m, ..s, Thursd . v mornlm? ihonl II,-,
111 1 "' M " 1 "ursitav 11101 iimg .1110111 .vti s,
rested on a charge of shoplifting, a check
for JUG has been received from Sledlll Sic
Cormlck of Chicago. Sir. SlrCormlck, who
Is lu Washington, after reading the story
sent the check to Tiik Spn oillce.
Sirs. Lnhell's pathetic situation brought
quick responses from other readers of TIIK
Son, .1. A Judd contributed $1'5, Kvnrt
li, Cady of Hrooklyn ?5, the Spirit of
Clillstmas ?l, Vwt & Co. J10 and A, .1. S.
II, Thanks to these contributions nnd tho
kindness of Sirs. Iobcll'H landlord, who
appeared early yesterday to offer JCnO
ball, .Mrs, Lobell, her sick huaband und
their two babies, will have u UhrUtiuas
and Proves It
minds, Virginia, whether they be men's
or children's, ate l.ttle. In this great
universe of ours man Is a mere lneel.
an ant. in his Intellect, ns compared
with the bMindless world nbout him, ns
measured by lite Intelligence capable of
RiMiping the whole of truth nnd knowl
edge. Yes. Vlrgln.a, there Is a Santa Claus.
Me exists as certainly ns love and gen
erosity and devotion exist, and you
know that they abound nnd give to
your life Its highest beauty and Joy.
Alas' Ipiw dreary would be the world
if there weiv no Santa Claus! It would
be n dreary as It there were no Vir
ginias. Theie would be no childlike
faith then, ni poetry, no romance to
j make tolerable this existence. W
should have no enjoyment, except in
sen' and sight. The eternal light with
which childhood tills the world would
be e.xtlnilllshcd.
Not believe In Sir.ta Clans' You
might as well not bol.evv in fairies:
You might get vnur papi to hire men
to watch in all 'he chimneys on Christ
mas Kve to catch Sm:a Claus. but even
If they did not see Santa Claus coming
down, what would that prove? Nobody
sees Santa Claus, but that Is no sign
that there Is no Santa Claus. The iiost
real things in the world are those that
neither children nor men can see. Did
you ever see fairies dancing on the
lawn? Of course pot. but that's no
proof that they are not there Noln dy
can conceive or Imagine nil the wondrrs
there are unseen nnd unseeable in the
You may tenrjipart the lnbv's rattle
and see what makes the noise Inside,
but there s a veil covering tlie unseen
world which not the strongest man. nor
even the united strength of all the
strongest men that ever lived, could
. 7. .
,' "l""i- "".
faith, fancy, poetry.
love, romance, can push aside that cur
tain and view and picture the supernal
beauty and glory beyond Is It all
real'.' Ah, Virginia. In all this world
there Is nothing else real nnd abiding.
Xo Santa Claus' Thank Mod' he
lives, and 'lie lives forever A thousand
years from now, Virg nla, nay, ten
times ten thousand years from now. he
will continue to unite glad the heart of
number thing I want to sav. Don't be.
Ileve that tlie Santa Claus editorial htlped
me alone. I Just know thousands, lit
erallv thousands, whose lives weie ir.i.
eiied by it. That's all I in going to sa.v,
because I'm a sentimental pel son anv
way, and I don't want jmi to think 1 111
After the repot ter Imwed to the mother
and then very formallt shook hands with
Laura Virginia lnv leineinliered that the
editor of Tin: Si n had entrusted him
with a present for l.iur.i Virginia, a
little booklet, modestly bound and clearly
printed, cnutiillllng III a few pages th
edltoilal which brushed away Virginias
doubts. I
"I won't open It now." said the original
Virginia. "Hut It will be saved for
the Chiistinas tree, and please tell the'
editor of Tiik Spn tli.it I am very puuid
and happy to think that Viiglnla O'llan
lon Is so well remeiiiheii d. Just say.
V Merrj Christmas to I he Sim 11 nil
nil Us people from Virginia 11 ml l.niini
Virginia.' "
dinner to-day and even a few toys,
"I don't know what made me do It
.Mrs Lobell said to Probation Otlleer Con- j
le.v at her home lu the afternoon, "but I
wanted a Christmas tiee for the cli.lilien
I h ive hud few pleasures since I was mar
lied. I never even went to a picture show
Sly landlord, Mr .Shied, let us have the
rooms for 17 11 month while I was I111I-
fens and now he has been so good as 1 1
get me out of Jail when I one him four
months lent.
The children aie veiy small The llule
girl Is only and the baby who clung
pathetically to IiIh inolher yeslerday vv hen
she was arraigned befoie tin- .Magistrate
Is only a year old, lie is a veiy pale little
baby but be managed to smile w,iul.v at
the reporter and even to hold out his little
handa. The baby's father bus been out of
uml, four months and docs not look vcr.V
Simeon It. Chittenden of New York has
offered to defend Sirs. Lobell and the cimi
will come up In tho Court ef Special He
uloiis early next, week.
His (iifls Include Piirdon
Tlmf Convict Mny See
His Dvinir Son.
N'Aslit.vnTON', Dec 24--Oniel.il duty
was laid aside nt tile White House to-day
und the Christmas spirit enthroned. Tha
principal Incident was the arrival of Mr.
and Mrs. Krutirls II. Sayre from Williams.
town, Mass. They weie welcomed to 'he'
White lloue by the President and h: 1
daughters. Miss Margaret and Mr Mi
Tile President's Cliilstnias f.im lv mrtv
! will lie eoinnletp with the. arrival tii.nii?lit
,or nrlv to-morrow of Miss Anna Cotliian !
j of I'hlliidelplila, grntidnlee of the I 'res I- I
uent, lor wnoin a tree was set up to-day
and for whose entertainment the I'rcsli en
I ami nitinbeis of his lmuudiat famdy
I till It-1 themselves.
I I'r.sldint Wilson will personally direct
the distribution of White llou gif's. of
warm clothes null useful gifts among the
poorer of the city, carrying out tlie work
begun lust year by Mr, Wilson
' Thei White Hon automobile to-day,
following the custom of last year, wen;
over the route taken by the 1'iesident on
his trips to the Virginia Country Club
to play golf, mid with Isaac Hoover of
tho White House stuff acting as Santa
1 Claus presents were delivered to the ehli-
ilien along tlie way, who have become
familiar with the I'lesldent's features.
T-iese youngsters have lined the road
am III. !r,.l,lr ti, li,.u (..,.. a Ir. n.,,t r.n...
I his game and waved their salutations. The
President regards these chlldtin as his
personal friends.
This morning they crowded around the
White House automobile while toys,
candles, books nnd other delights impro
priate to the season weie p.issed out to
them with the guod wishes and holiday
greetings of the I'icsidriit
The President distributed 12.". turkeys,
weighing on an average fifteen pounds
e.v li, among the employees at the White
House The President also sent a generous
cotitl ibtiMon to the Associated Charities
to be Used for g.fis to Washington's needy
One of the bst gifts cmferred by the
l'i evident to-day went to Charles K. Sic
.Minnies, a convict in I.e.uenworth peril
tentlarj To enable Slc.Motinles to reach
it dying son and wife severely ill nt Lyons,
Neb. on Christmas day Sir Wilson par
doned the prisoner.
The lieparttuent of Justice did not favor
llvrctltlve clemency for the eo..vict, stat
ing he would be eligible for parole Janu
ary 2 only a week away but the I'resl-
j dent's heart was touched bv the plight of
me lamiiy nnu ne onieren nis release io
tiny .
I'ppermost in the holiday spirit of the
capital to-day Is tlie thought of the devas
tation of l"uruie', i.,n, ,1 iliuii.,iieii 11..
Chri'ltiKis greetings given by prominent
"The great need and soi row of the
world this Christmas because so many
children In l'urope have been orphaned
by the war have Increased the Joy of giv
ing far beyond the hope of irrelvlng. and
I am glad of that." said Secretary of the
Navy Daniels. "Thousands of children
in American homes--cottagen as well as
h:mrtone mar.ion haw made rea'
ht.i-itl'.w In we, ul iieitnfi.il iilil !n,l ....
fort in this t.me of strtsi to t.,,. ll:tle
folks of Kurope and to make them feel
that the spirit of Christina. love for them
is aglow In our hearts."
Secretin v of War Oirr'son eontr. billed
his message of Christmas cheer to tlie
American people when asked what they
could do to restore "jie.icn and good will
among men,'' as follows:
"All I can .suggest Is that each citizen
should do his duty In that sphere of life
to which he has been called and 'ttust
that in Hod's own good time tlie wisdom
of Providence will be made manifest."
Secreta-y of Labor Wilson's Christmas
greetincs were:
"If the true spirit of Chrl-Uanlty could
he implanted Into tlie minds of nil men
wars lietvvren nntiors would be impossible
and industrial strife would er.d. Poverty
would no longer exist because all would
be rich In material comfort and .n Mori
tual happiness. .May e.u 11 reotirtlpg
Chr'stmas give us add tlonal 1 ght to lead
us t.ie right way "
Children of I'.mernlil Isle firnlefnl
lo Amerlenii l.lllle lines,
W.vstllNr.Tov. Dec 21. Sir Cecil Spring
ltlce, the Urltlsh Ambassador received
to-day from tlie London Foinsn Office
the following
"Please eoiivey loving thanks from
Irish children for Santa Claus lfts from
the children of the I'ni'ed States"
Cr .564--S66 sE6a iftlt JWntir. T- to'r .e 7'r sts
Begin on Monday, their
OfTcrins the most important Reductions of the season
tTailleur Suits Evening Gowns
Afternoon Gowns Dancing Frocks
Fur Coats Fur Sets
Blouses and Millinery
No Reservations. Lxclinnp.es, Credits or Approval
Preliminary Sales Saturday
Charge purchases will he hilled February 1st
Fourth Avenue, cor. 25th Strwt Courtlandt Ac, cor. M8th Street
lleAveM,bef i!HwhS Graham Aw!T ltvol St.
SSon Ave c'o ? iwhSuert "tkin Avenue, cor, Rockaway Ave.
GrSS "r cor?CI nton Street 7 PlTR CnNt. CllA RGEDl7lPQN
EaMSt1bet.LexinStonc'3dA's. THl.OANS RP.PAID WITHIN
15 Hmiston SL. cor. Essex St. J'Q WFI KS FROM DATE
that insures service.
Rather is it posited by
the silent, swift, unpre
tentious servi'orship so
deeply appreciated by
the Hotel McAlpin
guests, and perhaps the
great organization s most
commendable feature.
McAlpin service is felt
rather than seen; it is
delightful in its effective
ness rather than glorified
in blatancy.
Herald Square
AUnnemrnt ef Ml ltltV A imnMMii
- ...
.Indue .Miilonc (trnnts Permis
sion for Appeal nnd Fixes
Itond nt $:).
Judge Slalone In fjciier.it Sessions yes
terday granted permission to Kugene M,
Camp, treasurer of the Seabury Society,
an KplM'opal Church 01 ganlzatlon, to
appeal from his eonvlctlon ami .sentence
of four months (n tin- workhouse tnfter
being ,11 tested in .1 retiring room of the
subway at the (iriind 'Central station.
'Hie :irret ,is made Jiy special jxillce
men. Iilil was He, .it J2;,ii pending the
appeal, and former Senator John Qulnn,
who appeared In touit for Camp, got a
surety coinpaiit to furnish the bond, tt
was accepted and Camp was released from
prison last evening, his discharge being
taken to IllaekwelPs Maud by his counsel.
Tlie application for Camp's release on
ball pending the determination of the
merits of his conviction by .Magistrate
Krote was not opposed by Assistant Dis
trict Attorney Smith. The appeal will be
nlgueil earlv in .lanuarj.
Dr. Charles S. liurch, lllshop Suffragan
of the diocese of New York, with two
clers.vinen or St. Slnrgaret's parish, came
to tlie aid of Chihp and signed allldavlts
sa.vlng that In their belief the reputation
of Camp Is be.vond reproach. The clerg
men are the Itev. CImiIcs A. Hamilton,
for many years lector of St. Margaret's,
and the present rector, the Kev. ltoland
C. ormsbee. Others who made allldavlts
arc Alexander SI Jladden. a member ttt
the ilriind Jury panel; fiuls o. Stnrny,
publisher and vice-president of the Sheet
Sletnl Publishing Company: Joseph Het
tinger of t"it."i I'nlon avenue nnd George
II. forev. 11 lawyer at r.! Wall street. All
speak lu high terms of ('amp.
lllshop llm-ch's afliiUvIt reads:
"I am .1 Itisliop of the llpisoopal Chinch
In the ipm ev of New York and have
' resided in said city for a period of over
I eight .eais f,ni personally acquainted
with the above named defendant, Hugene
si. 1 .imp, and have known him intimately
for a period of over seven ears. The
said defendant has worked under me and
with me in various church and philan
thropic effotts. I have known him as an
upilght citizen and .indefatlgablu worker
against wltorn I have never heard a bieath
of scandal ot a charge of wrongdoing
of any kind wlmtcocver.
"I have complete coiilldence In his up
rightness of character, nnd thoioughly
believe In his innocence lu this mutter
and have the most i.invlneing reason for
this belief. 1 am acquainted with Camp's
reputation for uprightness und good
morals in tlie community In which he lives
and can say without rridtatlon that It Is,
of tlie best "
I iiniptroller-Hlfi't lilves .lolls In Tyto
Nnssnn lli-iiiilillefiiiN,
Comptroller-elect Ihigeiie SI. Travis took
the oath "of oft it e vesterdav before Sit-
Iptcnie Court Just 'e Luke D. Stapleton
or the Appellate Division in Ii s handlers
at the Itrooklvn Itur.uicli Hall.
SP Tiavis 1 iter aniioain ed tlie appoint
ment of James st. liehr.g. a lawyer of
Slnnliiieeet. as Transfer Tax Appraiser for
Nassau county a"d Isaac It. Coles, a
civil engineer of OUn Cove, as Stock Tat
Ilva inner.

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