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Tito SUlj, UhUluDAY, JANUARY 21, 191u.
I . ii,
hi 9
vcrc no warships or neriul defence ships'
il the nHghborhood, j
Whether or not spies or traitors facltl- .
! ud the attack, It ! clear that the
turmans worked with tho accuracy and
crrlaltity tli.tt havo characterized their
ilcsultory attaeka hy sea and air. Ohvl
ouily, they knw to x hairline the courses
determined untm. They wrro aware of
If location of thn darkened town They J
bad spotted In advance tho position of the. I
recruiting station nnd drill hall ut Ynr- .
month, of the two railroad stations and
il l docks at King's Lynn and the am
Munition depot at Grlmetoti. These were
. elutlvo.y such insignificant targets that'
opinion searches for a more likely ob
j. itive. Thin In readily IMund at Hand-
Ingham. No one here doubts that tho
ilnnnans were Informed of the vmt paid
o the Queen Mother hy King Oeorgo and
Queen Mary, ami that the Herman ex- ;
ecled tho royal family would lie at Sand
. ughum Hall rhen th ijumbs were
Two '.epprllna In Unlit.
It l believed at King's Lynn that two;t , VoUnA iiuU(lWina and Oa-
'tipelltu took part In the rnlj and that . , , ' ' ,
m.-y sepoiatrd on reaching the court, one Hela. German rmsaults were repulsed on
going to Yarmouth and the other t' Cromer, j the I'ollsh fronts. The ' KtlsKtnn con-
xerlbcd precautions were observed. These The Austro-Qcnnan font In western
did not Include roslstnneo by tiring at , G.UIcia have been beaten back. Thn
the airship. Cromer, over which an air- rttisslan offonslvo toward l'oen and
chip p.iksmI, entirely escaped attack, prnb-1 , .... . ,
nbly be-uue all IIrIUm were out The 1 southern boat t'rucsla Is BOlnint: nto-
Invader, Hrulnir no IlKhts. went on to I
Kherlnchatn, uhlch l a smaller village,
nnd droptil bombs Intended for Cromer
nn that vIJI.ikc Ono tioure was hit and
two holes wire blown In tho trround.
Th ptople treat t'le Incident as a pica
Inn thrill, relieving tho monotony and
.tltl-M, ..f III.. (lf.l..t.
favored Snettlsham, where Uic beautiful .
fourteentlr century church was missed by
Jrarely 100 yards The conrUMton shat
tered windows on the east and south of
the church.
It seems thnt tho aircraft travelllnB
toward (unstanton and Lynn steered by
i locomllve, trylni; tn kerp paco with
ii train whose Uchts were visible. The
driver of the locontlve was aware of
tho enemy overhead and crowding jii
Meam to the utmost won tho race. The
Invader Is said to have approached Iyim
it an elevation of only .100 feet.
Tho bombs which exploded were tre
mendously powerful. This was shown by
the destruction of the tfciate and (lazley
Jiouses. One bomb fell mnontc the docks
njid destroyel the hydraulic shed, stoji
ldnir Oio machinery. It was Intended
probably to wreck the Anglo-American
111 Company's detKit, tho Hontlnck Iock,
the post office and tho railroad station.
'Welirheil Prom 00 to IOI I'onnda,
An examination of unexploded bombs
wnd of fragment of bombs soi part way
toward answering the question us to what
"ipe of airship was used In tho raid.
Aeronautical exporta believe that alr
Milp of the small, non-rigid l'arseval
i' pe were rmployl. They are slower
than Zeppelins nnd can carry less am
munition, but they are nutnufactuied
tulckly, The bombs, dropped weighed
.rier sixty to 100 i-ounds each.
On tho other hand, ono of the bombs
I .in two propellers and wm of the type
i ed In aerial torpedo tubes uch as aro
' ttd to Zeppelin". The destructive re
- ills on Die tlsh wharf and on St Peter's
J'lain at Yarmouth leml more color to
the Zeppelin theorj.
Apparently the raiders, described In the
'ietniati olllcial report ut naval airships,
ualch mlg'ht mean either Parsevals or
Zeppelin!-, dropped twenty bombs. It !s
i ii known that only four persons were
: died and that ten were Injured. Yar
mouth and Kings Lynn were most dam
aged. The most authoritative statement as to
the type of aircraft comes from Major
stley, commanding the National Reserves
it King's Lynn. He will report olllclnlly
fiat one of the latest Zeppelin types flew
over that town.
Tho explosive employed has not heen
nalyied, but whatever Its constituents
vero It was extraordlnarllj powerful. From
nc of the bombs which did not explode
lumps of a yellowish suhftancc were taken
lid distributed as souvenirs. A teamster,
(hiding a bomb lying under tho feet of
nis horse, carelessly kicked It to on
Ido and drove on, Ignorant of the nature
of the object.
Although the damago was Insignificant
'hero are numerous stmries as to the ex
lent of tho broken glass damage. The
bomb which killed an old man and an old
woman at Yarmouth made such a hole
In tho street in front of the house that
the front of the house collapt-fd Into the
bole. The shoemaker who was killed had
ventured Into tho street to nee. what wa.
going on. A piece of sb-H toro through
Ills head and embedded Itself in the wull
of his shop The dfck of n small steamer
Ivlng at a dock was riddled by steel
Ft. Peter's Church In Yarmouth was
damaged, the whole of the windows on
one side being shattered. In St. Peter's
villa, which was partly wrecked, a man
scaped with nothing worse than a scalp
wound. H was pinned under wreckage
or several hours before bo was rescued.
Portions of Yarmouth and King's Lynn
icenible districts where works of ilemol.
Hon had been going on for days.
The dense darkness and rising nilts
Prevented success f ill pursuit of the raid
ers and Interfered nlsu with their ac-
ilrnr.y In bomh dropping.
' T Hnmli Ilroppeil nt Yfirninnth.
The (lerman raiders were, over tho Nor
o!k coast and r considerable portion of
lie hinterland for about four hours. The
:.r-t sign of 'heir presence; was .t Yar
mouth at ft. 20 1 M . and tho last reiort
of them was from Norwich, where air
craft passed over nt 12:30 .v. M to-day.
t Yarmouth i-eveii bombs were Hung.
me of thiTfo, which did not explode, was
ebout four Inches In diameter. It was
.one shaped and weighed six pounds. The
iilse had become detached, probably frm
ontuot with telephone wires.
Conduct of Citizen I'mlaeil.
Bo far as Is now Known, no one was
Killed In any of the other towns or villages
i-slted. At King's Lynn the greatest
tarmgo was done In a row of houses In
ilentlnek street, where the two live were
'ot Homo damage was done In Albert
treet, where an exploding bomb dug a
oolo ten feet In diameter nnd four feet
itep. A small lire started In f'resswell
-treet, but It was quickly extinguished.
Tho authorities ure rnthuslastle In
heir praise of tho enduct of tho cltl-
.tns In the town attacked At nrat
there was some panic and much useless
itinnlng to nnd fro. Hut when thn po
lice and militia took hold, as they did
ilmost Instantly, the people obeyed or
deis, huriifd to their homes and remained
'Jiere Those who were called upon for
. poc'iil constahle duty or for relief woik
itsponded oagerly and workeil untiringly.
The belief Is very strong that the alt
aid was a sort of tent operation, nn c
iioi'iineiil on the part of the Germans to
leternilne the practicability or n more
aornpinnes passing over in inn eari
.tn...niu. I,.... u ITnrl,.itlir... lie 'I iilLUt ti.i .
.,,.. .... ..
(.11 -nniu- .lit.MK "lU w.-., ..v.u
will bo organized.
N sll.lilllH'N
liver Mr flniil
vn.rMI Cable O'.pHtc'. tn inr sin
1j.io.s. Jnn. 20 liespat hes from
T?' tin describe the excited Joy manifested
. G. i many over 'he raid. It Is stntid
ciiii tne strobe had been planned for
(1 r."flM.
The Iteilln niwspapfti-n comment en
t,iir astieally on the work of the nlicraft,
d" i In liut G.-rm in aenitis hns llnallv
d' i' I t tne leccnd tliat HioU mil is .n-
a . lili hci u.i-e nf ne insiilarltv and
- ng inai the i aid is only a begin-
) in ns
rtiiblclous attiick. Hint Mich an attack ' . :,ulM lilN MO rar Wn fllvorilbie ' 'neteas1. in prices. Tlie shipowners, they of tho Persian Gulf and It was un
til l.o delivered In the ue ir future Is , ,,, ann(i. T1, ,Urinans at-1 "'' r,,l,l,'1 fr'':nt "' vatious pre- nounced In December that the Turks
ot doubted It Is probable that f.ng lsh d t(( tuhp tny ()ffnsV(. at i),lUry. ' tences and the Importers nttrlbule the In- Iliad surrendeiert Kurnn, the Hrltlsh Uium
M-r.iplaneM were sc iichlng for ti e f.er-1 . Hi,e) ,mt wftn ,,,,, creased prices to tills action. i securing control of the country from the
man aircraft after the al.nm was given ' ( . l0SMPS Hm, M jluil8la"n , The luillu Hall says Walter Ittinclman, junction of the Tigris and Euphrates to
U.si night, as several towns reported ,,..,,, ..,,.. ,.,iiinH I President of tho Hoard of Trade, has Inltl. thn Persian Gulf
German Attempt to Take
Offensive tn Poland Fails
AUacks .Before "Warsaw Are Repulsed. Tctrogrnd An
nounces Russians. 31cainvhikl. Arc Gradually Forc
ing Invaders Back Toward Thorn and 1'oscn.
MiMMAitr ni rnn wah xews.
Tlie Russian General Staff reports
generully successful jticratlon by lit
Tho lncH War OMce report that j
the Germans have, been attAcklng at i
many polntM, but have fntlcd to gain
ground. On two occasions the nrrnwn
"nH-PM reach. the allied trenches, but
WPrc repuituru oy counier-auociis, lno
Mile, the. report say, have progressed
in their operation to cut off St, Mllilel
and liavo also won envno trenched In
Flanders. Most of the lighting has leen
with artillery and the operations have
Is-en relatively unimportant for the- last
two days.
Recovered from the shock of the Ger
man air raid Knglaml expresses anger
and Indignation over tho bombardment
of undefended towns ond helpless cltl
rens. UcprlsalH nro urged. The, conse
IlienceH appear to be. relatively lnalg
nltlcant. Kivo hilled and perhaps ten
wounded represent the ctvsuallles and
the property damage was about J10.000.
It In not clear whether Zeppelins or
aeroplanes were employed.
Tlio German War Otllco states that a
tronch was taken from the Krcnch near
Arnus, tliut 500 yardn have lsen gained
In the Argonno nnd chat the Germans
have udvnnced In Alsace. From" th?
North Kea to the Lys nothing but artll -
i ... . . ,, . ..!,.
lery exchanges have taken place.
regards the eastern theatre of war. the
German General Staff says the situation
Is tmchangiil.
From Flume, Austria, comes a report
that tint llmperor Francis Joseph t
aware or mo powerful ituiurnrtut at
work to bring about a secession of
Hungary from tlm empire, but Is help-
!. to avert tne utroke. naiy.s inter- Austrian statement that the Itusslan at
vetitlnn, says tho despatch, will mein tacks on Przemysl were abortive and
the abdication of tho aged Kmperor and that the garrison was making recul.ir
lnsttro tho downfall of Austria. I sorties, an official announcement says that
PTfCCf.lVC T?T?rT,l Ct'
liUZSltlS Ul.l LLbt.
Ut'jJCMAi Al J IGVib
Attempts to Tuks OnVnNlTe llefore
IVsnsw Cull,
!pail CahU Dttwteh to Tnr Srv
rBTBoauAo, Jan. 20 -Tho teirt issued
, . . . , ,, , , ,.
to-night by the Uuwloit General Staff
mentions generally favorable operations In
Poland, western Oallcla and liukowina.
In Poland and espmlally on th fronts
alfectlr.tt the defences of Warsaw the Ger
in.uw ha'e bern defeated In "eversl at- 1
tempt to tutiu t; o erf cr 1 vc Itunc.sn ar
tlllory checked every forward movement
and compelled the attackers to withdraw
In wstern Gallcla. where the Germans
have concentrated several army corps to
aid the exhausted Austrian, they wre
temporarily succwsful last Monday ev- 1
nlng In reaching the wire entanglements I
of a ltusslJii pisltlon In the Dunajec r-
gion. but could not maintain their ground I
In tho face of a devastating artillery fire
and were forced to retreat
The utllclal report notre prominently the 1
! steady Kusslan advance :n tiuaowina. rno
Iet4illK of the .itateiveivt Indicate that
th- Itusslans have overflowed the crown-
land alonir tho TraiiHylvanla frontier. The
tet of the olllcial teport was as follows: I
In liukowina our troops, advancing
with fcuccet. K.vuplcii. after a ilgb;.
the village of .l.u-obcnl, 'en miles
north of Dorna Watra. where we took
pilsoners a number of oltlcers ur.d
There is nothing of importance to
report as rcgard-t tlio operations of
Tuesday along the who'.e front, ex
cefit the Uhiial r!!U' and artllbry fire.
In the region north of Itawa the
Germans made two attempts to re
sume a partial offensive, but wrs
checked by the lire of our forces
and forced to fall back. On Monday
evening the Germans In the neigh
borioid of tho village of Vltkovltze
uttac.ked our bridgehead, using
searchlights and star ni:eta and
liiiitilng straw. Thio advanced .
dlniuco of 300 paces, but our urtll
Itry lire repulsed their attempt.
In western Gallcla on tho snms
eenlng the Germ-iiui after violently
immbarding our position houth of the
village of Padloff and tiring two
villages bohlnd our position deliv
ered an attack In compact forco and
reached our wire entan-leinentR.
Hut they were met with a withering
fire They could make no furtlnr
progress and after suffering heavy
lowos fell lKiek.
Austrian Offensive Is llroU.cn, sy.
Special Cable iHipatch to Tii See
PwnooHAP. Jan- I.-Probably the mott
' Important campaign In the wholo eastern
theatre of wni at present la Ihi
determined olfenslve movement on .the'
part of the Itusslatis In Northwest Poland.;
within a da v h nian:)i or tne Herman i
corps aim i" .... rj nvi-wnn in meauuy
pushing the
,!..p,n.inM li.ir-lru.-fi rr tiiu-:.r.l
Th'irn and tho defences of southern Kast
The ltusslan liattlo ln stretches from
Dohryzvii on the Ixwer Vistula to Mlawa,
" ',,.'',,",
which has been noceupb d by tho Czar's J
I.V.P n week rh (lL-hllnir ...en
, .... m.r.iniln ,, offensive ts two.
I 1 '
tf) rnlry t, H;,r Intl) i.rihcn and
h,.r,. l.'..,! r
russla and therehv u 1,1
' iripv nlrin 111 u fi-iint 11 . l- ,., la I "h" . n .t.i..i ikfi,,,, ji-iii,i k j i,,iiru nuiq .n u tuiuiir m w.. ,.r..
' the ltusslan Invasion of northern Hast ' q'llry Is for the purposo of nscnrtiilnllig
I Prusiii, and to win such 1 victor In winrtjicr It Is desirable that tho Govern
i tho north as will foice the. Oeiman Invad-! ment should establish control over those
ers west of Warsaw to withdraw to
I Silesia Tlio olllcial reports or tho litis.
islan uene.ral stair indicate tnat -tie cam-
l,.,lirii lu riri.eresxlinr sntlsfnctorllv
A secondarv lialtl" lino stretches east
ward almu the lift hank of the Vistula
from Dohryzyii lo Wiszograd, where tho
Hiiira rlvei unites with th Vistula. This
line maintains the communications of the
ltusslan army of tne lohr.viyii-.llawa
front with the forces defending Novo
Geontlevsk. Warsaw, ivaiigorod and tho
whole line of the middle Vistula Hold
ing thl line the t!u8tan block the Ger
mans from reaching any position near
i the fortress of Novo Georgievsk, where
I heavy guns might he used to advantage.
and al?o prevent any movement to out
flank the defenders of Warsaw,
Uoaalnii Purer WltlidrntTal of Ann
trlnna Krnm l'etmrkmilh,
tptclot Cable Dfpotc to Tns Scs.
Ijjsitos, Jan 10. The correspondent of
the Dntlv Moil at Bucharest teleeraphs the
"The ttusslans decendlnB during the
nlrht of January 16 from Funoul Moldlvl,
in ttie outh-est corner of liukowina,
where the Austrian artillery was massed,
Tho troops were supported by two other
ltt"' .fc'1?.". r?" 'AM...0':!'
To ;mU mi0Zm tho Austrian,
retired rrom retzekatilsh toward Jako
bent. "Tlio fighting continued night and day
during Sunday and Monday and Is still tn
progress. Gen Slebelman, tho Austrian
commander, with his stuff, two battalions
of Infantry and fiOO horsemen, has with
drawn to l'.uia and HtanipL"
I'rtrograil I'snerx Armas Illin
tiertnnn Procltrltlrs, '
Apedoi Cable thiUch to Tin tirs j
Paris, Jan. SO. -Th Petrorersd cirre
spondent of the 7'Omps reports that Count i
Wittc is workln.T en-Tgetlcally In f.unr I
of peace and has undertake S pivpa- J
ganda In Itussl.m druwlnc rooms. The i
correspondent says that although the Her
. lln press Is making much of Wltte's r-
' entry on th tsilltlcal state, tho ivtro-
K"'d papers exprtss no fear on that sciiro.
: Count w,,,"',, t!rnn proclivities, .thoy
' "y' ar" wp" 'V'0" hu l7r"
!ne war come to :in early end H confined
((j H narfow clnW )f ht ri0Iml fr,,niK
i 4 ,.r.Tn, , XTC . nc, ,iP .
tAUblhlAXb l,U&h Ht:A IL) .
ItHSslnns Surfer llui'b Lena Nt
mysl, sjn Petrtigmil.
1ri'nl fs6' 'etpotrii to Tnr. St
rtko-im.U). Jan 20. Iteplytnc to an
: during th two iimiuiu, of tho siege the I
jAuitrlnns have captured only four ma-,
chin guns and about sixty prison! r.
I whereas In repulsing sorties of the gar-
1 rixcui tlio Ilusilan li cantu'ed 27
ifTlcrs. l.'iOl nildieis. 7 niaihlne guns'
and l.r.nii.nfjo cartridge-. The announce-
meiit adds . 1
"'" wder to coney some Idea of the.
L, , .v. . , 1. i n "MU , lrt
statu tbst n two sortitw the garrlton lost
,u.r tlla ,,00 k,,,,j , f
) llliczs '
' '
, ... .,
1 hYOIl Street 1 1 llllll til II 1 1011 Mint
Ot'f ill Tfi'spon.xp, In !'(
liee Onler.
;ifciTl ''it!' tifgpotrh in Tsi: f-rs
f1!;! Jnn. 70.tr n.,w f,T.nf..ti h,f
i - ' "e,- .
trvii ' l " iv,nii ... ...e , ul IOT.
1 bidding the .Ukp ay of light throughout
Paris was na-rely a sort of dresv r
hearsal. The police arc s.V.lsrlrd with the
exhibition creep' that they do not think
the city was reduol to darkuesu quickly
Viewed from Montmartre, Parts now
appears to lo one vast M.ick ink spot
because .he plan of curtaining and shut
ting off Mil light has been well carried I
The police vt'lled nil l.ous ni.d buM
neM hui'.iliirs th' aftrmn and lu
apertisl -urtalns and 'dlrds to m-e that
they compiled with orders. Many shoiis
also worn lnspeoted and the propilwfir
were forced to lower the'r Iriin shutters
to the ground leaving only the door shut
ters open up to three feet.
There are virtu illy no stree.t lights any
where In tho city to-ntght. Three to
'ght candle powe g:i light s'lffl-e for
buildings In the Place de I'Ope a. Th
Hue de la Palx Is pitch d.n The
ten. room at fie entrance ol ae ltuu
Camhon is closul and custoniers are
piloted In through kitchens and pantries
from the back doors of the cafe.
Umbrella collisions mi the sidewalk
drive pedestrians Into the street. The
fog mokts It Impossible to find street nuni
i b rs and some persons have fallen Into
Mill I'J-rt'- e.mi.. Ill I.IIU ij- evuillIlK mail
persons purchasid bullseyes to Hash
out the paths ahead through the eve
' nlng crowds.
j The newspapers on the basis of last
. night's continuation of normal street light
I Ing crltlcls.il the new order and say
that It Is useless to darken hones and
I shop windows when the stre-ts line out
, (.(y ut.curjtcly ror tn enemy's air-
"I"nr"1 '" "'nine i rriRiu
Itntr Control,
bpreial Cable Henviteh to Tnr. Scs
Lonpon, Jan. 20. There Is h general out-
,. ,.., n, ,.r,,. ,, ,h., ,,.,,. I,..
. . ............ a,
i which Is pu;
popularly bllcved to be entirely
unnecessary, notwithstanding the war.
Rome of the newspapers attack Import
ers, shipowners and others for taking ad
vantage of the public on the pretext of
" r. Iiey ueciare -niu ineie IS W llllort-
tiled an Inquiry Into the Increase of freight
. ... ... . .
rains. rnese nave incnnsen immensely
I since the beL'Inullig of the war. The in.
I rates.
Will Henlnllj llenr Title of Greet
I'ahli Hi.ipttclt tn Tin Sl.
LoNiiotJ, Jan IJli. A son lias been born
to Lady ildvviiia, daughUr of the lato
lird lloberts and wife of Major Lewin.
Unly IMwliiii Is heiress to -he title after
her elder sister, l.nily Alleen Mary Tho
ritlo will eventually descend to the child
horn to-day If It survives the daughter
of the lata Field Marshal.
t Kaiser's Troops Driven 15nck
After Violent Fifflitlnfr, Tnris
Report Snys.
SjaHitl CahU Duffitri to Tnr. Sc.
Paris, Jan. 20. The operations at the
ftont to-day were charactorlied mostly by
German attacks which were directed In
force ut ssvernl points and which were all
repulsed, according to the official com
munique of the French War Otllce, Issued
to-night. At La Bolselle, where an Im
portant action has been developing for
several days, the Germans mat if three
assaults In cuccesston, but could gain no
Other German attacks told of In tho
night fttatement were at Notro Datne do
Loretto and between Thlepval and Albrt
At Notre Dame the Germans got to the
flrrt line of the Allies trenches, but were
driven out later. At Tnltpval they en
countered barbed wire entanglements and
were cosily cheuKcd.
Official A'tftht Report.
Tho night statement folio s
Yesterday e-nlng the enemy had
trained a fnot.iold In one of uUr
trenches norti, of Notre Daino do Ior
ette. ThU morning he wai thrown
back by a counter attack, leaving In
our hands more tbun fit) prison i"
During the nlgn: of January 19-20,
In tho icglon of Aluoit, the enemy, at
taching to tho so.itn of Thlepval,
t'iched our bAibixl wiro entaiiRle-in-ntii
and was then repi.s d Thrio
t'u.'ceF0lve aM.tcss on i.a iiuissellc
have had a slmtUr re-iult.
In the Argonne an sttae.k Ly the
tiioni) en 1j Font.iluu-aux-Cliarnies
naa repuhud after a hand to hand
The afternoon Wnr Otllco announce
ment tells of further progress In the
Koiest of Lo Pretre, where tho Allle are
aiming to cut Into the German lines and
Isoiato the wedge i Ht Mlhlel. There
was a tierce engagement also In Flanders.
There tho enemy tried to destroy a bridge
Ulead held by the Bclglane on the Yser,
but wero beaten luck by a sivere artll-
lrry tire. Tlio Ileiglans retall.itel for thki
attack by dtlving tho ilermans fmin some
of their fortifications In tho district.
cither enir.nremeiin told of were at
Ypr. Lens. Illung. cnip il Ciiilon.
Perthes. I,a Grurlewood and Tli.inti. nil
principally with urtlllery
The Afteriiomi ttepnrt.
Vhe afternoon comaiuniuue follows:
From the sea to the Somme, In the
region of Nlcuport, there was ester
duy a fairly spirited artillery engage
ment, In the course of which tho
enemy endeavored In vain to destroy
our lirldge at the mouth of tho Yser.
In the meantime wo were successful
in demolishing a Isirtlon of his de
fences at this point: a!, wo wero
successful at the I'tilon Farm, near
St. Georges, where the enemy had
Wrongly organized his ioltlons.
In tho sector of Ypre and rear
Lens there were artillery exchanges
yesterday of varying Intensity. There
was a'.ho a very violent bombardment
of Hlangy, near Arras, but It was
not follow d i an Infantry attack
From tho Homme to the Argonne.
there has beer, nothing to report nor
has thero been any activity In the sec
tor ot olesous, 01 ill tliei tlilulty wf
Craonne., or near Rhelnis.
In the region of Camp de Chalons,
as well as to the north of Perthes
and of Masslgos. our artillery directed
a verv efteotlvo tire on tho ll'.d works,
of the enemy.
In the Argonne, In the Forest of La
Ururle, the enemy delivered a violent
attack upon one of our trenches. Our
troops, who for a moment gave wav
under the shock, later recaptured, la
two counter attacks, ull fi.elr luirltioils
and maintained thejiiselves therein.
The llrst of then.) attacks gave us a
greBter part of the-c porlllons, and
the second complet-d the work.
At St. Hubert the Hermann blow up
bv means of a mine tho northeastern
protectloi. nf our trenchos. Our troops
tluew thomsolves Into the excav.v'lons
caused by theso nxploilons and pre
vented the enemy from taking posses
alon of them.
To tho northwest of Poiit-a-.Mous-
etir,. In tlm Forest of Lo Pretre, we
establisl.ed ourselves at a distance of
100 yards tn front of the ilermuii
trenches captured hy us the day be
fore yesterday. At the end of tho
day (Tuesday) tho enemy hero de
livered a couutor attack, but without
In the vicinity vf Thann there have
been artillery engagements In which
the advantage rested with us.
Tho lack of action nt.Holssons re-ently
Is hard for the nililtar experts here to
Understand. Some believe that the Or
iiihiis are taking plenty of time for reen
forceinei.is to come out and that lliey will
begin a i.w and inoro loleiit attack
there as iun as their arrangements .us
Grnnnns Lose 11 Where 't hey Tliem-
selvs Hlevv I'll Structure,
Amptkroam. Jan. i'0. ,V German mili
tary supply train run through a bridge
which tlm Germans hud previously blown
up themselves Into the canal between
Haesselt und Tiirnhou:. Fourteen sol
diers wete killed.
Defender nt Shnt-el-.l rah,
Snffer Loss,
CoNSTNTtNOPLi:, via Hetilti nnd Lon
don, Jan. 20. It Is announced heio that
tho Ilrlttsh forts on the Shat-el-Arab
ltlver. In Arabia, were attacked at night
and that a loss nf InO In killed and
wounded was KUffered by the defenders
An Hngllsh ravalry illvlslm which at
tempted to surprise Turkish cavnlry near
Kurnn at the junction of the Tigris and
lluphrate-s was defeated, oven though a
'(Ui.tioat protbcUd the ltrltlsb.
A wireless despitch from the captain
of the Ilelglan relief ship C'anilno. from
California, which wna In distress 300 milts
off Halifax, was received yesterday al tho
offices of the Commission for Itcllsf In
llolglum. "1 Ilrondvvaj.
The captain reiirte.l thn revenue cutter
Androscoggin hurrying to aid In lowing
the relief ship back to port. Durinif the
night the. Canadian Government steamer
Lady Iiurler and flrltlsli tramp HJle-uner
Ifanawiia attempted to tow tlio helpless
Prince of Wales Vllt Alsnce,
Paiiis, Jan. 20. The Prince of Wain1
re.-ently paid a visit to the fortress of
Hclfort, and also went to thn front la
Upper Alaucc. He travelled Incoenlto,
Merlin Announces Cnplure of
Trench nt Xotrc Dame de
Lorcttc Also.
llrni.ty, Jan. 10, via wrele to London,
Th rapture by the Hermans of a 200 yard
trench at Notro, Dame de Loretto and the
occupation of trenches In the Argonno are
announced In the) official statement Issued
hero this afternoon
Tho communication Is s follows:
In th western srea of the war the
teiritory between tlio seacoast and tho
Lys saw yesterday nothing more than
artillery exchanges.
At Notro Dame de Loretto, northwest
of Arras, n trench loo yards long wan
taken from the enemy Hero two ma
chine guns were captured as woll as a
few prisoners.
In the Argonne our troops occupied
a few trenches; In one place the ground
gained by us during tho last low days
amounts to 500 yards,
In the forest north of Sennhelm (Cer
nay!. In Alsace, our attack made good
progress Alrsteln was taken by us aud
we oloo raptured two officers and forty
men of tho Alpine Chasseurs.
In tho e.iHtern arena of the war the
situation shows no chango
Sit Mtliin Is United itnil AVIII
Klali t to l:nd,
Brnltv, via London, Jan 20. Emperor
WIlll.un'H confidence In a victory for iter-
I many is shown In a niesaago he eont two
I days ago to tlio Grand Duohew Loulwi of
Itaden. n ttvo annnersary or tno procn
tnatlon o; William 1. as German Fmperor
at Versa'.yes, Tho message follows :
"Many thanks for thy greeting on this
annlveisary of the llrst great historic
prococdlngs at Versallli under th lead
ership of my blgn soulwl uncle Tho
feeling of national power engendered In
this hlHtorlc meeting brought Inspired
hotiiago to the first German Kmperor.
It if) to-uay my inns to i:imiu uw
1 nation amilnst a world of enemle and
1 ,o,l willing. 1 will carry this putrlntlc
task vlctoiTuu'i- at tho bead of a united
fatherland, filled with tilt, sp'rit of the
w'lllng aacrltlco of the. dotcnnlhod German
! nat'.on. "
I Count von Ppee. who In ordtnar times
j fs a proaoher, has sent a messaire from
germral be,uUuarters In wlilon ha said
that ho breakfasted lecently with the
' Kmperor, who was In gsl health and In
ginl spir'ts iiaui
f the German
victory at Solesons
Miproprli.te. ill fi.re.te (npnlile of
. c,
, (.r.nTt.iKT .ro,..,
AMSTr.RUAM. via Indoti, Jan. 10. A
dehtmteh from llcverwyk. In north Hot-
land, to tho Tclcurnn. says that tne ex-
port of fresh meat to Germany has ceased
owing to the lack of demand. The des
patch sass that Germany is probably
butchering her own cattle because of the
high prlcos prevailing outside.
A despatch from llerlln says that the
Prussian Government has ordered all ad-
mlnlftrator of f.ireits to turn over with-
out charge all such lands ne are suitable
fur the growing of crops. The Grand
Duchy of Weimar has taken Hlmllar ac -
tlon. It Is provide! that the firs', crop
from tho lands niUht bo han-enttd this
jrvir ntyn pnnii CiP I nti'
UlL.l I UUli UI l.KJU..
Germain. -eiid Cl "nil Pro Iston.
to polish tit.
Hnsi.it: (vU wireless to .S.-vilIe, Jan.
20 The German Civil Governor of Lodz,
uc.in iiuiiit. h.-w tl:en nctlvo stns
to relieve the acute suffering In the city
! mice Its occupation by tho Germans, ac -
cording to a statement laauod hy tne prcus
bureau to-day.
hpecla1. train earning seventy ear-
load- of .oil ha. arrived at Lodz, and
.... i.-. i...... . .I,- ii. i.-u...
trie Works, the surplus to be turned over
.., iv, ,nr Twentv.tlve carloads of tiro-
visions have le-en brought into Isd
German ll..ll.v,.
Losoon. Jan. M A donate!, from Co-
lenhag... say- that Albert Hallln. dlrec-
or-aenrml of the Hamhu, g-Amerlcan
Line, has been put in charge of Hie man.
ngeinent of the entire railroad system or
Germany and the task of delivering food
supplies to tlm army.
This wa done at the personal direc
tion of Hmperor William.
Ileimrls of Division In War entl-
ment Are Denied,
MBTr.miAM, vta London, Jan. 10. The
Si.ilnllst p.irt5 headquarters In llerlln has
Issued nn olllcial statenunt comnlalnltig
that the foreign press Is continually pub
llhtng artides tending to show that there
I- strife over the wat situation nmong
Gorman Socialists, whereas such a all
ii itton does not eilst.
Viknna, via laindon. Jnn. 20 The Gov
ernment has Issued a statement denying
reports of, unrest throughout the mon
archy, saying that there have been no
tlots over th lack of bread and that no
demoiiHtrutlons atuliti-t the war have oc
curred at Vienna or elsewhere.
' I'orelKii fonimeree sIumts l'
j Off of IS 17 I, -KIO. OHO.
'.rertil Cable I'tnintcb to Tnr. Srx
Pauih. Jan 20.-r-Tho report on France's
foreign commerce from January 1, 19H,
to N'ovember 1. If 14. shows a loss of
5,S5T.OU.Ono francs f?471, 400,000). ns
against the samo perlo.l for the previous
1,9 ons t'omirll t'rues Iteeogiiltlon of
Defence of Treaties.
sri'it Cable Duptuch to Tin: Scs
Pauih, Jan. 20. The Council of Lyons
has unanimously adopted a resolution
that the Nobel Peace Prlie for 1014 .
should bo awarded to the llclg.au people.
The losolutlon says that ' their heroic do
lence of the tnvioliihill.v of treaties nnd
I II... ,irli.ltiti! ,if tielll I nil! lu .in ml,ia,i.
service III the cause of peace and right"
Sprrfal Cable letpaleh. to Tns Sr.v
Popkniiaobn. Jan. 20. The Danish
Government has decided to confiscate alt
bailey of foreign origin found lu tho coun
try The supply of this sort Is valued at 2,
r.oo.OOO francs (ti.0u.0fl0)
Ask for tho Non-rolillable
Bottle with the Green Stripe.
ANDREW USUEn A CO., Edinburgh. ,
Beljrinn Primate's Pastoral Let
ter. Which Caused Arrest.
Now Published.
.BeWal Cablf Dtrpotrh to Thb !r.
Amhtkhdam, jAn. SO. Tho Tjd prints
the letter which Cardinal Mercler sent
to all tho priests In his diocese on Janu
ary 10, which, If genuine, shows con
vincingly that tho Cardinal, If not In
prison, was cortalnly put under rrotralnt.
The Cardinal was summoned by Gen.
von lllwlng, the German Governor-General
of Amsterdam, on January 2 to an
swer for the pastoral letter. The next
0r he was forbidden to (to to Antwerp
nnd was not allowed to travel for tho pur
pose of visiting the lltahops throughout
Soldiers forced nn entry Into priests'
houses, seized copies of the lotter and for
bade the recipients to read It. on pain of
severe punishment.
W Airnlt rtnr of llrvenr" Wrote
Cerdlnnl Merrier, ,
In the pnstonil letter which Ik under
etood to have led to Cardinal Mcrcier's
arret, he says that It was at Home, dur
ing a visit 4o the Pope, that he hoa
after the other of the destruction
college of Louvalr.. of tbu devas
tho town, the shooting and orture of men.
women and children, and even while :;"
trembled at the thought of those horrors,
th- telegraph announced tho bombardment 1
of the Metropolitan Church, the Hplscopal I
palace and largo portions of the city of j
MallneH. The Cardinal says:
"Far from my dlocose, without moans
of communicating with you, I was forced
to ooncentrato and to carry my grief tn
my oul, with the rcollect!ons of you
that never left me, to the foot of the cross.
"Then I regarded my crucifix. 1 looked
upon tho face of Josus, tho gentle, low.y
Lamb of Uod, bruised and enveloped In
Ills blood as with a tunic, and I thought
that I heard from His Hps tho words that
the Psalmist opoko In His name. 'My God,
my God, why art Thou so fur from he'.p
ing tne?" And the munnui died on my
lips as I thought of what our Saviour
said In the Gospel, Tho disciple is not
alvn his Maiter, nor '.he servant above
hie Lord." Tor no catastrophe
In the world that can assail his creatures
Is comparable with that which our s'ns
provokod, and of which God willed Illm-
self upon Catvnry to be the Innocent vie
i "This fondamenta! .troth re-alled. I fott
"This fundamental truth recalled. I felt"1 ''J"1 rt"cl'',-rl lo teniovo ill- um
more it iiuio to as t you to face our com -
n(on gltuadon aJ)d to;twwl t0 you ,rith0ut
evasion of our duties and of our hopes,
i Those duties I rive i-ou In two words
Patriotism atl endurance
"Our King In the estimate of all Is
crowned upon moral heights. lie alone
does not know It. for. like the simplest
, of his soldiers, he Is !n the trJrrhs
encouraging with the serenity of his smile
thore whom he asks to have no rear as
, to their land."
The first dutv of every Ilelglan cltlren.
' thv letter continues, n-ns gratitude to the
army. "Pray each day. my brothers," hf
, rays, "for thtse, ISO.OOO men and for the
loadeni who lead them to victory. Pray
1 for our brothers in arms, pray f,3r those
I who have fallen, jiray for those who still
! tryht, pray fo.- the recruits who coin Tor-
iwanl ti tight the battles of to-morrow.
J ,j.t j... !cr jj.,.1 victor;1 iav.T.s
the honor will be for us all ; "it Is just
'that now we should all suffer."
, ln the concentration camp at Munitcr-
, lngen, the letter now on, arc S.100 civilian
'prisoners, and thousands of others of tho
i c'tlieiisti have lei carried away to other
prisons. 1 hen no says :
I "History will tell tr. story of the
nu-mrai aim mumi ismwins i ineir iorg
i Calvary Thousand of tho Innocent have
been shot. In my own diocese alor.e I
I I Know of thirteen priests or monks who
Were DUt to death. I.V footnote to thel
I letter gives tho namos of these. One of
. them, the cure of Gelrode. -e-mi to have
1 died a martyr s d..vth.
W "'"not count our dead or meftHitt
I lluslness Is stoppcl. The activity, the
Is. . . m i- i.. ....
tno eiiunt t our iu:ns. t,vn wnere tire.
-J ' th
J, l Df worked are Su
. fXn. ZnM and Tu mble
servants are deprived of the wage which
brought them bread. T!uo poor sou.s
turn on their bed of grief and ask. 'When
will the end br Wo can only reply.
That Is God's K..Tet.'
"God will save Ilelglum, my brothers.
How can wo doubt it? Nny. nt this
moment he Is saving It.
"Through the light huntings nnd the
vapors of blood .-an you not sno ulready
the proufs of Ills love?
"Is there a patriot who feels that JJcl -
igium Is not greater?
"Which or us would have the courage i
If he cou'd to t.ar out this latest page of,
mr hletory1' ,
"Which of us does not look with pride
on the outshining of glory on our j
dwolato land'
"Wo had tnel let us eonfs It of a
lesson In patriotism.
"Ileiglans In large numbers wnre using
up their strength nnd squandering their
tlmo In barren quarrels of class and race
and personal p-jralon.
"Hut when, on August 2. a foreign
Power, confident In Its strengVi and for- I
getful of tho faith of treaties, dared to!
threaten our independence, an ileiglans,
without distinction of party, condition,
Tlio people have given us the e.Naniple.
Yet. f I mav ludBe from the feel nir
have found In the more populous quarter
of Maltnes, and In tho most afflicted com
munes of my diocese, In spite of the sufler
lng they still have energy. They iivvaU
the day of revenge. Courage, my brothers.
' nor suffering will pass, but the crown of
1 life for our souls and of glory for our
' t'on will not pas3."
origin, rose am a single man. linked by the ' snocas are lei-.r,.-,. '"' -""
Uldn of Klna and Government, to kIv to f "ear the Kwlss bonier. At M adbe .ird
the Invader. 'You shall not' 1 ra w ,.,v, V"; v,' -
W do not rerret our first et.m. ring at 1 1 o'clock last night n i S-.l -
...... Writing In a tragic hour a solemn page I many persons out of their ".. . ,.s
of our history, we willed that It should i as breaking window an, cr.e k-r
! be true and glorious, and wo shall knew ' Hclfort also reports a shock alu.ut I
I . . . . . tr.... ...... -ili.v,, i.i.a .f...-iri. ,if Mi-tirrf. .i ,'-s
i how to maao proot ot our endurance. -""""' '"" : .
Broadway 43rd to 44th St.
For any advertising cum
paign to meet with the
greatest success it should
have 3 perfectly balanced
1. A good product.
2. lvhc right man.
3. Good advertising.
Let us assume (1) the
good product; You are the
man (2) who realizes tho
necessity of telling the con
sumer about it -two sides
of the triangle are supplied.
May we furnish the third?
George Batten Company
381 4th Ave, at 27th St.
Boston NTWYORK Chirjisd
Mtmy Women and Children Sur
vivo. Although Stronir Mi-n
pCie' frttlrS np.fr to Tl ft
P.omi:, Jan. 20. A heavy fall of siww
which began at Avegznno yesterday if
ternon ban greatly Increased the suffer
lugs of the earthquake survivors, fv.lpw
Ing as It did several days of bright, c uai
weather. The lllinsy wooden sheds in
which thousands of people have been .-liei
tered aro little protection against th
downfall nnd nono at all ag.ilnst the bit
ter cold which aceompanie It.
The relief work at Aveziano at leas i
now i) well organlied, however, tha' tr.s
retuge.es will be taken care of sufficient.)
1 xeeoio 01 uiu- i.u lu
other cities and to provide for them t.ier.
until normal conditions Have Ute-i
i stored in tne sinchen uisir.i vr.
Living people are sua ociug uiaen i.i, n
"he ruins, where they had ueen uui.e .
I whole week, and It has been sutpr1-n,
' that many who seemed likely 10
succumbed find have heal out tne i
isV Women anu children have l; pi a s
, under the most terrible hardship!1, n.an .
men who were stronger, d.ed loi t
Ih1 rescuers reachcl them
I Only forty-live persons were reecueo
, to-day In the entlte i-.tr! Iiqiiake
j Most of them we.ro childien. girls. n
San Follno. Anilher and Piscina. I .
the.r llv.s to the tact th it there 'i-
' cellars within reach wher thij fan
j supply applt. upon which they sun
T.-s d-ly , their rasc.ue was dut ...
' the depth of the debris. Thrte of tboee
I rescued died when brought 0111 lit'
the enormous supply of provisions sent
to the dUtrtet bread is still lacalng r
soldiers and survivors both neid woiJ
1 in the ruins, covered by unow a foot
deep, further rev.u work . i.nt' '"
Cold lb hastening the death of inai : .i
vlvors still living In the wreckage
ltoscuo partln brought to ltonv v da
from U.e stricken district 150 cnlidrm,
mwtly babies, the names of none of
whom are known. tlio are lost
.)nnnl(. Ti, mjuted were takeji to t.ie
'.,,..., H.iDltul In the Qulrlnal Tn-
inhere wr distributed In asylums ni.J
. . w, r ,(V,.r ., 000 others '
' . .., , Kff,,rt). mado to
i(lren ;
Hitpplled Hy tho soldiers who i
I ni'lll.
half cud.
' It Is now known that the town to sufte
! a fro' ,ne '"l""K
' OloJa-dl-Maral Only 70 persons survive.
ut " ," population oi
M"- KiUv than even in Avcano
wh'ro ",',,u, '"" ouf of WJ "" ,
, "''' '"ddlug Is standing In t.loj ,
I ")" the t rst Hoor. even the well bulb
' bublio .Institutions having given wa
1 women who w-ero al maa there
' Wll'd, but the priest esci4,ed 1-ou
I women were dug out later, but i s
thought that iw living penns now re
j main In tho wreckage of tho church
1 Five hundred soldiers reached GUiJa on
hunday r.n.l nave ihm exoei.rm m.
since, preventing . ...
other sorts which would eurelv inn-, r..
lowed. Two women were found a "
the Ulltis of a house tln ie tint in..rr-i
The gteat destruction .n Gioja n.l
nearby towns .,f San llenelc:ti mid I-
; clna Is attrllniled to tne uua.ny
soil, which Is rich that .t li.is
the district one of the wealtliLet .n
Ortutchlo, u few miles from GioJ ..
another evidence of the force of the e- '
quake In that sect'on.
;0. Severe eartlto i1. '
wore I'Urst open alio some .la'i.ai.
f uon.i iu iiie,in,e n.
A drspjtch fr'.m Odiov.i savs t.vr
reglnn about hat city siutercn 11 "
etirthquake Mondav betwevn 1 1 3o I
11:40 o'clock. The ithuken area vte
from Lugan.. 'o llase!. from Laus-1
Ht. Gall, llerno fell tho shock, bn1 s
chatel kuffered most severel Ma ry . j
la iv aes in t'l, Aips o-currcd
Pahis, Jan
. . ..i ....... - ,.n
Superior Six-Course
Luncheon. 75c. (Musk)
Cabaret Extraordinaire
Twenty Acts Every Evening 7 to 1
t:yy dVat: m z r1 It1 a ..tf 11 i&

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