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THh sUN, FRIDAY, JANUAU1 22, 1916.
Jfpoiinjrof Roosevelt Citizens
Knits to Demand Sheriffs
1. Sloan Attacks Court-mar
tini nnI Promises Interest
ing llovelations.
ue: i
i , . .
n i..'
art of '
niiii i"
or not
Washwoton, Jan. 31 A frank ills.
cusslon of thn case of Major 11. A. Koeh
Irr, former commandant of Kort Terry,
N. V., who was dismissed from the army
about k year ko on serious charge after
trial liy court-martial, wbji urwfiitnl to
I tho Home to-day by Representative Sloan
. . . . f Nebraska, a friend of Major KueJilcr
S J.. .Ian 21.-Coumy On- unj ,h K,M,r fnm
. I A I'eltler lined lip nil It.. r.y ,, coUrl thB,
Ml, ward ul the. William- Mund MnJlir Ko.hr witty and said ho
.. .,- t..-iitKht mid led befor-i ,u,i mi!mUc(1 ,.,, recor), ,n lll0 eHm U)
mi ifiKn ir the chixitl iik of elev.-tt lawyers In Comcres. ail of whom
- 'I'm -ilit). i reported t'.un tin- evidence, did not sup-
i n: i or leti of the guards were
. tnejues a. having tlreil
, said I'eltler itfterward.
,n f t)n Identified I know
i.nty-two released on bull for
"-i 1 am uncertain whether
' other picked wern unions
P"'t the charges.
Mr. Sloan said that. In epKikliiK In be
half of ICoehfer. hn wan Influenced only
by a desire to communicate tho facts to
the country Ite expressed th hope that
eonio time Justice would be dnno the
former army officer and lie Intimated that
III the future there mlpht be hltchly In
terestlnc revelations.
At tho time of his trial Major Koohler
i.iiu-lv not all of thy twenty-two contended that ho wan the victim of a
btrclt I
fired on '
oiu" i"
lu .. ti
T ...
:ro u
I b-l'iv
luire i
' out . I '
in T .
f -- .K '
Of I.
M ,
Fit ..i
I (j0 I ,'
un ' '
R U i
in a- v.-t be Identlllcd us having
ne erowd On tho other hand.
ii.tr Iti.keil u'th the shootltiK
i iipip not among the twenty-
1 1 it.-.it lorm secured will inakn
- iKilti'l m of the Kll.inle,
1 shall not be able to say
alter I have conferred with
..uiur I'lor.ui.i- In the morn-
the mitiM of thoo Ideiitllled
' 'i Ikj laniipared with the Hal
a' it on b.ili."
i . .Mn.'M It i: I 'in. hot. .Mux
llior of Thr .UiUfu, and hl
lioi i lliuwii. who led the
-n ikes . .1'iiin l.avv.oti, eecre
t'.. I r't.'d Mine Workers, and
vie nriMiiixor for tho Mine Wnrk-
, ar' .i 1 ii I'Mroim this nfternoon j"
l . - J from . v York, l'ltichot
tii ' I itfna i- Immediately dls
apfi'ei 'i i""K around for themselves.
M '.'i - was met by Julius Jaeger,
..urn " Mi.keri.' committee. A (.-roup
.( ! i' Hie station lifted their hats
trill."" .i I he lliinsarlaii eUlvalent of
Hurr.i in tne iwlf mile walk to Van
Sen 1 1. 'I knot- of striker- on every
t'.rt' 1 "it Joined 'the prooeiiMoii.
At t- nil Mother .lone- win the lirat
ito It-1 advice waa rummarlictl.
aftfr i tlnlslud. In Hungarian and
1 1, .-: told the stilk-'rs to remain
iimt"! I ." i to stick tuuether and they
e'-!u i 'lejond all quc-tlon.
I i'.' in concrattilate you that no
ie.vn i Kins were found on you," she
nH ii,- nr. ttnir. 'I want to congratulate
in o,i iuu -hlef of police and our
v...yoi I: i- had had siii'h m-n In Colo
f ' iae won In five days.
sYou nnen litre In front thee -trlkfs
fre fui mii You must hnnsr touether and
:rd li-hi tut oiir liusbaiul-. Oon't let
:;Vm -o iiink to work. Iteinember that
t'n sti ke - broken that child thcro
-111 K" ''ito slavery. .
"i I i-k j on men to do I- to help the
-1 r- oi tho law keep order. Kor tint
V iee otl h.He pllhllo opinion with
iu I.- ie linuor alone leave the s.i-Im-n
.il.. t until the tlirht Is. over and
ill Ket drunk '."
Hot h- Irmes added 2 to J3 some one
naa K--ti iiei, mn! toM the tr!srs to
,-e .t t-- ilre u pood lawyer. Mejer Lon-
ji ' . York's Socialist Conureannan.
f ' Ii-- "Clenerul" John Ilro-.sn and
elhep- .oiitlnued speaklnir, while Mother
Jone returned to New York, after prom
mm -o ,'oiiie back In a few days.
The t-trilicrn. who had stood to ureet
M'Ukei June-, alto stood a moment In
tio-ior ir I'armm l'atl, whose death In
th Alexun Hofpltal nt Kllralteth wa
ancom rd to iif-m at the meeting. He Is
til si ond vli tlm of the ehootlnir.
Wi.ilr tne strikers were convened, 300
nt ifr.s of Itoonevelt Iwroush were meet
ins .u i ne-ter's Hull In Carteret. Thuy
rri unable to asree upon a course of
a-ion m reif.nd to the deputy sheriffs
ho (lied upon the strikers. A motion to
ii- On K'fflder to remove Sheriff HouKh
ion f., leil of adoption. There was hot
talk oer the Sheriff's conduct In swearlm;
t!!'!ti-s. few of whom nppear to be
rsiidi'nis of .N'cw Jersey, as the law re
ij'j.re' The fact that the deputies nc-
ued of manslaughter were baek on
mi.rd and armed caused strong IndlKna
tloa. A-' he meeting really did, however, was
to pass a tesolutlon declaring the opera
'.on or the Llebli? fertilizer plant a pub
ic nulsam-e, and to appoint a commltleo
to wiMm-i money for the relief of poor
itr.itei.- Kinll Wllhelm. overseer of the
poor Valentine Ole kner, Carteret post
ran Her. and Joseph VV. Crane, street com-mmlo-.er
vsere named for this work.
Thf funeriil of Desldorl Alessandro.
fint vii-tim- of the shooting, was not held
lo la and will probably lie made a pub
lir air,.- ny the strikers on Saturday.
M.t.or Hermann said to-day that he Is
trad ihii -he Sheriffs action In ullowInK
nt a -ued deputy sheriffs to return to
fi. nl out i, armed, may lead to more vlo
;riet. -' navinir n. red flair In the buU'H
' -rf.d the Mayor.
S'-initr Houghton said this evening that
r i not tltilshed the preparation of
'k .-.tement hi Inletnls to make public.
Is fm t- to complete. It to-morrow. It
'l!l .n.r tho situation from the time
I tHraMsiiHrr fj
TZSSSItt - iH i 4
yen bhi
con-piracy to railroad him out of the
urmv. Secretary of War Onrrlson In-ve-ilgated
and declined to hud tutu the
Mr Sloan summarized as follows a few
opinions In the case rendered to him by
Senator.- at his request;
Senator Cummins of low.i: "To convict
an officer upon the evidence submitted
under specification 16 would reverse all
rule- of law and shock the civilized sense
of Justice."
Senator Walsh of Montana: "The evi
dence would not Hupport the charge In
liny romt exerelf-lng civil Jurisdiction."
Senator Norrl of Nebraska: "Common
Ordinary Itlslten nnrl Huranv alw,,.1 Mrtt
nernilt imv ,-onvi.lni, r,..,.i..t i.i. slightly and that "only when tV-e Feiternl
..in auiiu iu rriiiiieiur ihko up me mat-
George W. Perkins.
C'osHnurd from First I'agt.
lalion along humanltnrlan line- Surely
no man who has been nucce-sful can be
hnppy whn he re.alli- the condition of
the workers. To remedy these condition
l too big n Job for either the Sttte or the
employer There must be cooperation of
the national Government, the State Oov-erniiu-..ts.
the i-niployer and the workers
"Wo must see that the worker not only
eis eufliclent wage.- but nlo that h" g'-t-eome
or the romforts nnd luxuries of life.
This commls-lon ! a good thing to that
end. 1 have always felt that way I
believe In the democratization of Industry.
No fair or Jinr. condition can he brought
nbout until the employee has u voice In
settling tnese matter-.
Mr. Guggenheim said that philanthropic
rrinir.aiions nan nnecieo conditions very
Daniel Guggenheim.
ft S'J'
RECEIVE $6,000,000
Womnn Finds Sinjr Sin r Vrifion-j Hundreds of Nameless Dnhlcn
crs Rondy to Help in Aid
ing Sufferers.
From Stricken Area Take
to Asjiumn.
It any person will supply the yam and
tho kr.lttlng nerdlis ho ci tart a rexu-
' lar knitting bee at Sing Hlng prteon.
I Mrs, Krnrnt Shelling of tho IollRh He
' lief Committee visited the prison yester
day and saw Warden Thomas Mott Os
Imrne, Sho happened to mention the re
lief work.
Tho Warden called several hundred men
to th, cluipel and addressed thMn. lie
I. ad plf 'ed out the men from the knitting
sin ; f -r the moet Mrl, with some of
'he te lers from other shops tjverv man
E. J. Berwind.
ter of the unemplojed and the care of
thn unfit w'il conditions Improve."
"Thl- ma;- tound socialistic." he said,
"hut the-e are my views. Philanthropy
mu.-l be democratized. The state mut
ru!no the money by taxing the large es
tates when those who have them die. Tne
I the witness's) uncorroborated testimony
to be sustained "
Mr. Sloan spoke of the suddenne-s with
which the Major w.i- placed under arrest
nnd criticised the conduct of tho proceed-Ing-
aguln-t the nccued,
"None of the specification- of fact
ii. in uii.irKTi mm who any maiigti i .i, , . - ---- . ....
or cilmln il art." said Mr. Sloan. "Neither " " "f, I,rlvnl; bejtcivolence U that you
did th-y Ph.-,,,,, him with the attempt to) ''"T, JiTv? ih . " t won'n don'
ieneiraie any mangn or criminal net. . . j , . '. .
Neither did they charge him with hav ng 'L'10"' aml, what they do want Is
offer!'o commit any nidi act. More ' Shnnco, lo M,ork' ,,"t mjc a iH Mn
man mat. he was not chanced with ha v. ' r" imuun
Ing bad habits or propensities; but thrn .-Th,.
s,enteen .llstlnrt specification- of fspt
v..,.-., i.. ,iit-,.iiiiui i-in.-iiiiiwiiinie- or in-
ementai acts or Impropriety, If they were
looneu upon a improprieties
not charged with hav- " r..r m '""""m
ro Is another tiling. We must
P"Mple how to save. The irrent
majority of working ne;n and women
don't kiivw ho- to save It Is a dltllcult
thing to learn. I he'.leve therefore In
prollt sharing schemes and In holding up
bonuses until the end of the year, be
pativo the Inrger the amount received at
i one time the more likely people am to
lieclarlnr that the court examined l".",
iitn-Me. Mr- Sloan said that "no two
witnesses saw or esld they heard any of
the a.-ls or language charged to have been
Uttered by tho licensed; while, on the
other hand, every -pecillcatlon of fact was
squarely met by the distinct, general and
-peclilc denial of the accused and the
denial of every specification was corrob
orated by .vltin-s or by strong corrob
orative facts
"There wa- sent from W.ihlng".on."
coutltiuotl .Mr Sloan. "Cnpt. Mays, who
seemed to represent the wish of the au
thorities h-rc. Tom h's" lip- there seemed
to drop the dere of those higher up."
"Ioe.- the gentleman think that the
Judge advocate rerulved orders from
Washington?" n-kod Itepresentatlve Mun
ahan of Allnrn sota.
i would not sas that." renllert .Mr.
hang on to
"We would be better ofT if more people
would save their money. Thut would Im
prove the tinrvH! among workers, liecau---Just
as soon as a man has anything he
begin- to change. The greater part of
the wot king people are thriftless,"
Mr. IVrklus prefaced hi- testimony th
reading Into the record a statement of hl
hellefs on pertain general nui-tinns. The
following passage are taken from this
"I do not believe that competition Is any
lungi-r tho life of trade It Ih clear that
competition, driven to Its logical end. gave
nr.-Kst:r.c5. child lab"', 'nnr l.ui
Three Financiers' Views
on Way to Help Workers
Ilanlel (infgrnhrtmi
I favor labor unions, because
unloti.nm sometimes helps the work
ers in disputes with capital and cap
ital sometimes gets very arbitrary
Capital Is becoming more humane,
in addition we re getting better
i Only when the Kederal and Stat
(tovernmenl- take up the matter of
! the unemployed and the car- of thu
I unfit will conditions Imp-ove. This
I may sound Kodallstlc, but these ar
I my views.
(leorge W. I'erklnn
I do not believe that competition
Is any longer the life of trade. Com
petition, driven to Its logical end,
gave us the sweatshop, child Uhor,
long hours of labor, unsanitary labor
conditions, and bred strife between
employer ond employee.
Kor every ounce of trouble brought
about In Industry' through the
selfishness and cupidity of business
men, a pound of trouble has been
brought about through half baked ,
laws and muttonhead legislation.
Mdward J. Iterwlndi
There Is no reason why the un
skilled laborer In our mines ehould
not make from IS to JS a day by
working eight hours a day. nut
the men will not work more than
nineteen days out of the twenty-six
working days In tho month.
Sloan, "but apparently the 'Jury' thought "bor. unsanKary Ialor conditions, and
hat this man pnwocuted In a dual c.i- bred s'.rlfo between employer ami em-
pn-ity. reprennttng to them the wish of P'oyee
Wjshlnrtun In this case" 'I have long believed that cooperation
in oegmning ms speiv'h .Mr. Sloan said I "i ougn large 'ndiistrial units, properly
ho knew the Koehlvr family, consisting
of n'ne brother-, three of whom had en
tered the army. Including Major Koohler:
a brother who was a commissioned olllcer
and a third brother who rose from the
rank- In the Itilllpplne- and met his death
there He ssJd they were all clean and
honorable men.
Dcrnbiirff's ?rop(irndn Is
Siict'codinir. Says the Lon
don "Dully Mail."
tptcial Cahlt Dttptteh to Tits 5c
T.oNtio.v, Jan. 22. Tho Itallu Mull
prints prominently a long despatch front
Its New York correspondent crltloJsing the
propaganda of Dr. Hernhard J)emburg,
which, be nays, Is succeeding.
The correspondent urges thn Allies to
consider a counter move.
The Onfli .trail editorially contends that
while the Allies, In deference to tho wish
for neutrality of mind, speech, will and
action, uive ahntalned from an organized
attempt to Influencu American onlon,
Herman agents are, conducting nn un
sparing campaign. "They Imvo drlllwl
the Herman Anierlmnr Into a vast Hhout
lng machine," says the paper. "They
have tried tn Intimidate the State Depart
mint nnd have endeavored to create an
e-,.r,t,v,-H cinie to Uoosevelt up to i atmospheru In which tho forging of pass
in rrcent time. ( ports nnd Ino-ndlary att.vks on factories
"'Ati liodv els has had nometbln inland ship.- engaged In supplying tlio needs
ii mis strme, so i suppose i
ti e' t , well have Iimi." said the Sheriff.
Th she, iff was asked If he Intended to
, low I ne Iwenty-two ileputles eiharged
i:ii ei.insluughier and out under bail to
m-n . duty at the plants, ills reply
wis t1).! tlio men li.nl been hired for
tr!k in i and he saw no reason why
th- si,. .1,1,1 tmt ),e allowed to remain
M tht work
Ormsn I'mIIj- Killed liy llrvolvep
tliilli-l, I.IKr Meiisnmlro,
Ti rssi-Tii, n j., Jan. 21. An autopsy
f C.irman I'atty, second vlc-
I looses elt strike, whs performed
rir Carroll, county physician of
to-night. Dr. Carroll declared
was dun to peritonitis, caused
on . tM,
t m ,' , .
" n ;.,),
M .-I .
1- ! 'I ,il!i
' . i 1.
rV ,
iv , y
'"I '. in
'i. vl I
" ' I ,
! 1. m ,
1 ' 1 t 1 1
' I
' I UK
WH .1 i,.
t ,
" 'I' I'l
n. i. .' ,t.
of the Allies may seem to be patriotic
"These developments must fill "honght
ful AnurlcntiM with many apprehensions.
The separation of Herman Americans
from the main body of the State's cJtlr.-n-hlp
and their organization Into n ra
ch.jly solid faction with divided alleglanro
ii)iear- to bo u high prion to pay for
the pleasure of continuing to extend to
Dcinburg and his associates hinjiltnllty
and liberty which they havo ubued.
That, however, Is a matter for American
The Ihiily .Mail believe,- the Allies can
count on thn cnntlnuou- support of all
thai Is heat In tlo United State. It
attributes much of thn shipping ami
contraband difficulty to thn proerallna-
tlon or (ireai iiruain at tne neginning or
thn wnr in dealing xvlh American
supervised and regulated by the Federal
irovernment, Is the only method of elimi
nating the abuses from which labor has
suffered under the competitive method. I
believe In this fn- both labor nnd capital:
hut as in both caees the result places Urge
power in the hand- of a few men. I be
lieve that such organization- should bo
under the strict regulation and control
of the I'ederal Government In order that
they may glvo thn public the maximum
amount of good and the minimum amour t
of evil."
(loTPrtunf nl Shortcoming;.
"You Wei me whether tho large re
source of endowed foundations consti
tute u possible menace. In my Judgment
no concern whatever need be felt on that
score, provided the Government will but
require that all their transactions. In tho
minutest detail, be made public once or
twlie a year "
"I believe you threw out the suggestion
Inst Sunday evening that the Govern
ment sliould take over these foundation
and administer them. This, of course,
would mean for them thn same kind of
efilciency in administration that we have
In other branches of the Government,
which would be a distinct loss to the
people, for I tnko It that no one ques
tions the high efilciency with which these
endowments are being managed nil, more
than any ono iiuostions the low order of
.-money with whkn In man; instances
the public's money Is managed by public
servants in this country "
"t have long believed that we can nevnr
xolv the p-ob:m of properly compen
sating labor through the wage system
ilone 1 have for many years believed
that we can oumo much nearer to a fair
soluMon by coupling prollt sharing with
v. rigeB."
Tor every ounce of trouble brought
nbout in Industry through the selfishness
sr.d cupidity of hu-lne. ni'-n a pound of
trouble has been brought about through
half-baked laws nnd muttonheid legists,
tioti on the part of our legislators "
Hie ini nn l.niT I'utlle.
"Tim Sherman law ha.- done nihinir
whatever to eradicate the evil- that have
existed in business ant." has done much to
"'i niunij- uiii'ier me innuvna! develop,
ment of this country I can recall scarcely
a piece of national legislation that has
had a- Its honest purjwen thn promotion
of business and the protection of the In
vestor, labor and consumer or that ban
been based on sound twentieth century
economic.- and morals."
Kdward J. Ilenvliid, president of thn
Herwlnd-Whlte Coal Mining Company and
Interested In many other corporations, In
cluding railroads, banks and steamship
lines, followed Mr. Guggenheim. II said
that It was his policy to deal fairly with
labor problems. His coal ei-mpanles, he
said, maintain tho "open shop," bin pay
thn wages determined by thn great organi
zations of miners.
.Satisfied With HnrnliiKs.
'There Is no reason why thn unskilled
laborer In our mines should not make
from 13 to G a day by working eight
hourw a day," he said, "but I will say
that for the lam twenty-tlve vears wo
have been unable to work our 'mines to
oipaclty because thn men will not work
more than nineteen days, out of the
twenty-sl.x worklnr davs in h m,.ni.
That would se.m to indicate that they
are satl-lled with their earnings, because
no re.-inctions nre put on the-m."
Mr Herwlnd -aid tlwt the law IY? Mlinnlu
nnd demand must regulate wage, and he
held that the prwent good wages paid In
the rrHnlr.s iridtirtry - r -im? . tb
fact that for ten years precedlne- the
present war his compmles couldn't get
labor enough, and that C.-rltal InveMtrH In
thn property lay Idle i-even d-ays out of
every month b-cau-a of the refusal of
the miners to work. Such shortage as
there had been, he mid, thn labor unions
hnd sought to continun.
ipttial CabU VttpattK t Tbx Scs.
ftoME, Jan. 21. Thn Italian Govern
ment has appropriated 30,000,000 tin
(16.000,000) for tft relief of tho earth
quake sufferers and tho expectation Is
that the work will soon bo on ft satis
factory bsnls In every dlntrlct.
Klvo hundred und fifty lo-t orphan
children, mostly babies, and all name
less, wer brought hero this afternoon
from tho quake area. Buch as wern In
jured were taken to the Queen'ii Hospi
tal at the Uulrlmil. The othorn wero
placed In asylum- and convents, where
mom man z.ouo nd been sheltered nre.
Hi tl :i room at once Volunteered to do vloutly Hflorls ale heln m,t m i.i.
iiime extra work cin hour or mote a 1 kll the children, wlio were half clad when
day on 'he niachlnc-4. Thev gtiaruliteed rescued and who were wrapped In blank
'hut if i tiough yarn iijkI nei"dles worn tent et and army toitcoutx by th soldier
t) ge every man to work tt'ter f. o'clock who found them.
a survey or the ilumige done to build
ings in Home shows that the Cathedral
of Orvleto. the 1'apal Palace, thn law
courts and the churches of Ht, Clare, St.
Juvenal and the Annunciation suffered
slightly, tho walls being cracked In som
Khncks for the homeless ar being
erected In the shaken zone an rapidly on
lumber and labor can be obtained. Large
,ind lefcie p o'clock when the light Is
TI.e l""ilh llelief Conunltteo reported
contrtbutionH at their headquarter, 4s7
Klfth avenue, yesterday, which bring
their fund up to UCSGl 37
The Helgian Holief Fund, 10 Bridge
street, reported contrlbut'.onn of 7,
V09.il!, making a grivr.d total to date of
The Committee at Mercy, 200 Fifth w"ns will be required to repair buildings
avenue, received 1201,20. making the fund!1'" roadji and to restore traftlo and the
uu-uiren Knn agricultural lire. One relief
method suggested Is th remission of cer
tain taxes. Other measures proposed for
the earthquake area are a moratorium
for five months for bills of exchango and
commercial paper In the province of
Aqulln and the district of Bora and th
guaranteeing of thn salaries of school
1101.768 20. Thn committee also re
ported receiving a carload of flour from
the Flint. Mich.. Chnmber of Com
merce. The Hour will be forwatdrd to
Koltarrtim on u steamship sailing on
February 1 or 2.
The 1'rlnce of Wales Kelle.f Fund re
ceived 12.250. making the total $105,703 8S.
The American Jewish llelief Committee,
through Felix M. Warburg. B2 William
Mtre.-t, ooknowledged the receipt of S.
!I31 77. making thn total fund $320,097.36.
The Women's Section of the Commis
sion for Heltct In Helglum announced h
Kill -of $3,000 worth of condensed milk
from l'.'isadena, Cnl Thn girls of the
New York State Custodial Asylum sunt
a large quantity of new clothing. There
wero cash contributions of $8.'2.03
The women's section also announced
tho receipt of a cable message reporting
that the relief ship Camlno. which wa
in trouble In the north Atlantic, was
being towed by the Iirltlsh steamship
Kanawha, with the Uady 1-aurlcr and the
Androscoggin standing by The Camlno
vaa making four knots an hour.
The Commission for Hellef reported
that during Christmas week there wern
2,7I3 tons of wimit tent Into Belgium ;
2,991". tuns of flour, 1,126 tons of rice.
369 tons of peas and beans, 67 tons of
salt, 743 tons of potatoes and 74I tons
of othrt food stuff.
Contributions amounting to 1770.63
were received by Jacob II. ohlff, treas
urer of thn Niv York State Hoard of th
American lied Cross. Totnl contributions
to date I443.69R.89.
Mr. Hehln also received $61 for the
Italian Kurthquako Itellef Fund. Total
contributions to date $1,265.
Tho Academy of Medicine decided at
n meeting last night to appoint a com
mittee to receive donations for the relief
of physicians and their families In Bel
glum. livery seat In the old chapnl of Hunter
College has been sold for the performance
on Monday evening of "Prunella" for the
benefit of the lied Cross and home chari
ties. A performance will be given on
Monday afternoon to accommodate those
vho could not "get scats for tile evening.
Because a great number of German
ships are not sailing, many sailors are
not of work and suffering, Contributions
of money and clothing for these seamen
will be received by tho Itcv. Maximilian
I'lnkert, Gerninn missionary at the Sea
men's Church Institute at 209 East Forty
serond street.
Th- fund for the American Ambulnnoe
Hospital In Pari- received yesterday $!,.
292 47 The fund now totals $310,862.15,
London, Jan. 21, A deso.trh from
Madrid says that on January 2 an earth
quaku .svurn-1 which did groat damage
in the region, of Asturlan, In northern
Mlghteen village- suffered and in on
n scoro of persons were killed.
Consult Dp. J. n. Mnrphy When an
Wr 'or Operation.
Arthur nrlsbaiw, editor of thn Evening
Journal, left New York this week for
Iloches-er, Minn., to undergo an opera
tion for an Internal abscess.
Despatches from Chlrugo lost night
said hn had flopped over In that city to
consult Dr J. II. Murphy, and that it wa
Iwlleved the trouble could W overcome
without r-sortlng to an operation..
Mr. Brisbane wo taken III a nhort tiro
ago In Atlanta. At that time hi nines.
was ascribed to gallstones, but an X-ray
photograph revvald the presence of th
abscees, His physicians suggested a trip
to Ruropn, but It was found later that
he was not In condition for the Journev.
His condition last night was said to be
Police Say Charles Denier Admit
Mobbing llonse,
Charles Denze.r. 20 years old, who was
arrested yesterday afteriwen after a chase
over Harlem roofs, according, to the police
of the West 12.1th street station, admltle.l
last night that he had committal teveral
other robberies recently. Including one tit
the home of John W. Frank, a secreUrv
In Pollc Commissioner Woods's oflh-e,
Dcr.zcr T.-as arrested after betng fcu.-.S
In tho home of Mrs. Annie A. Ollmoro fit
BOO Wert 114th street. In his home at
1484 St, Nicholas: avenue thv pollen mv
they found six brucelets, four gold
watcher, nine rings nnd a diamond laval
liere. which Mr. Frank id-nUlled ns he
longing in his wife.
I'vlorers Secretary Appeals to
On midft Expedition A I
rondy I'lannrd.
Ottawa, Jan. 21. The Naval Kervlc
Department has been asked by Burt M.
Mi'Connell, who was secretary to Htefnns
son and meteorologist of the Canadian
Arctic expedition, to buy two hydroaero
planes for the use of a searching party for
Stefanrson and hi- two companions. Mc
Donnell feels sure that the three men are
still alive..
The other eight men who got separated
from thn main party after the sinking of
the Karluk a year ago Inst Monday and
who could not be found last year might
nl-o he located by mean- of thn hydro
aeroplanes, MrConnell thinks.
Before leaving here to-day for New
York he said that if thn Canadian Gov
ernment did not send a searching party
ho would appeal Ui the United State
The reply of thn Naval Service I)e
partment is that there Is no doubt Hint
the party f t.Rht men are lost. As
fur a.- Stefan-son and his two companions,
Anderson and Storkenon arc concerned,
thro Is no reason to believe that they
have not ca tried out th plans they had
iiuippni anil are HUH suf
Testimony That Anderson Wo
man Was Disputed Child's
Mother failed Out,
Aperfal Cablt Dtipatch to Ta Srs.
Iindon, Jan. 21. The hearing of the
action by which Lieut. C. H. Sllngsby,
formerly of the Itoyal Navy, now of San
Francisco, Is seeking to establish thn
legitimacy of a child whom he claims as
his own In order that the boy may In
herit nn English estate, was resumed
In tho Probate Court to-day.
The claim Is opposed by other heirs,
who declare that thn child Is a change
ling and that It was substituted for the
Infant of Lieut. Kllirtrsby and his wife.
If tho boy is declared to hn legitimate
wilt Inherit $50,000 a year.
Justice Dean, at thn opening of to
day's heaping, commented strongly on
the evidence of two witnesses, whom,
hn said, hn would put out of the ease.
They were the nurse, Hattln Blaln, and
Dr. Frnzer of the Chinatown section
of San Francisco. They had testified
that a woman named Anderson was the
mother of the child which had been
Arrangements have la-en made alreariv . adopted by Mrs. Sllngsby. Tho Ju-
for an expedition to search for them. , tlcfl w'ld that Mrs. Blaln and Dr. Frasor
Capt. Anderson, who hud charge of one I WHr witnesses of such a character that
section of riio original excdltlon, limi w not prepuren to oenevn them on
thicn shlpa on 1he CunaiHan Arctic coast
Ju-t east of Alanku, and thy will set
out for the three men.
Kill Toledo Defective and Fatally
Wound- Girl,
ttn.it hail passed through the I nuTTTl TTTT "BY AIITfl MAY TiTV
51. Hoffman or New Hruns- i " .
ited Dr. Carroll. As In tno '
ia nil ro. the llrst victim. Patty M" Supenmh to Henri I) I sense
i wound Indicted by a revolver i wtir Helntt .rnrly II on 'noun,
: i leni morgue iiuilioriur. navel
-trti-'tlons to send the body i-f
Toi.Eno, Ohio, Jan. 21. Peter Sorlbner
of New Yoik shot and Instantly killed
Detective Barteckl nnd fatally wounded
Paulina Mlnnlu.-i, his sweetheart, also of
New A'ork, In a street tight here to-night.
Scribni-r and the girl came to IMi-lo from
j New York alHint two weeks .ago. They
lived lit neighboring rooming hoiiMti, ac
cording to Police Chief Murphy.
ScrlliMi-1- tin.iliift Ifrilntt. !.. l.l'.
Frunces Stein, 7 years old. of 147 Man- attentions to other men and whin he met
morrow morning to Anthony """"" ""'"-. """isi '"' , , ",llt;
oiniew of the dead striker, at ovtr J'eeterday at Leonard and Boerum , bullet split the cheek bone, another lodged
nui-i'ia i imn'iitui'iiu i--irii,llll. Ill n i" n'-i .,,. tuui .11 mo oll'a.
Alileruinn William P. McGnrry of 143 , She will probably die,
'(t-iieel, who re-bln lii ll.iyunnr
g it that the funeral of Patty
place Satllid.iy morning .it the
e .n that of Aleouiiif. and
niililli At Isith tho Alexlan
i i I hospitals It was announced
omlitlon of the wounded re.
same and that none was In
Noble street and operated by his son, Syl
vester Tho car was going at moderate
spu-il when the child stepped from be
hind u wagon directly In front of It, Her
skull was fractured and she was Intcr
imllv hurt. She wn taken to St. Cath
erine's Hospital, when) It was thought
that she would die.
While Henry W Vogel of 194 South
Ninth street. Wlllnrnsbtirg, was cro-slng
Division avenue, near Drlggs avenue, yes
terday he niiriowly escaped being run
'i ii elm i a' th. Assembly down by an automobile, going to tlio
' Koriy.fliMt street the speak- Wllllumebiirg Bridge. Tho shock fol-
urge C-iel Prof Charles lowing Ills narrow escape from Injury
".I Fliireni-o Knliev. .Mis. William brought on an attack of heart trouble and
. - Miss Lin y Burns and Mix- hn died in an aiu'ouUiico cn tho tray to
i ui Mrs .Mary lHard will pre- tho Knstern District Hospltnl, Ho was
born In acrmuny seventy three years ago
anrnm- Piilon liprna To-ilny,
v '" iii.il ojii-ning of the CVmgies-
n fo, Woman Suffrage thn
Scrlblier run, but met DelwHvv Bar.
teckl. rthom he kllleil with one shot
through the heart. He escaped In the
Mr. Waugh, of counsel for those con-
testing the claim, In concluding his ar- ,
sument said hn made no suggestion '
against C R. Sllngsby, who had been I
persuaded by his wife to believe her j
story. Ho submitted that the claim de.
pended upon the unconfirmed teitlmony
of Mrs. Sllngsby. This, he contended, !
was not sufllclent to satisfy the court j
that a claim had been established J
Henry II Duke, M. P., counsel for
the Sllngsbys, contended that there was I
no fair ground for depriving the boy of
the parentage to which by tho state
ment of hi- father nnd mother he wa
entltled. The case was then adjourned.
Mnrsriiertlp de
Thnt Stint
In .Inline
In the sMe of the Jollne Library now I
proceeding In thn Atnler-oii Galleries, the
bet price of yesterdav's session wn- $200, j
pain ny j. n. .Moeuer lor .no. n;, an
excitement bin was iirreetci an hour lutfir I nutograiih letter of Marguerite de Nn. I
us ho was buying a ticket for New York. varre. !
' r e i.u .. - ... . . .
ijt-nrBr 1 r-niiiii ijnyr u, iiir .-n. Il,
n document (hat hail been signed twice by
Mnrle Antoinette, .tames F. Drake, inc.,
bought No. 896, an Arable manuscript
K'onili, for $41, nnd No. 1004, an edition
de luxe of Walter Paier for $71: F W. 1
Gni;va, .Inn 21 - The Mumnn of Turin . I'"'" MT.B0 for No. 97?, Cunning. '
says that a British warship stopped the ' barn's Life of Nell Owyn, extra-lllustriited, ,
liner Duo d'Aosta, flom Genoa to New1""1 Hrentiine's gave $47 for Nn, SUB, Jli-
Illllcer on Secret Vtlsslon (n I
Take ii I'roiii Sleiiinslili,
S. I
lora, anu nrresti-d count von Keller, a
Herman officer, who was going to the
United Htste- on a secret mission,
Thn prisoner has been sent t (lib-raltur.
molrs of NnpolMin, dictated by him to
Generals .Montholnn and Gourgaud
Thn total for the session was $1,000,
making " .Inline sale In dale, 10,340.73. i
The u) contlnuos tu-day.
at 34th Street
Continuing today and concluding tomorrow .
The Semi-Annual Sale of
Men's Overcoats at $18
Reduced from' these prices
$30, $28, $25 and $23
A small charge for alterations
Single breasted, double breasted, button through, kimono sleeve, regulation
and but let us have done with this repetitional verbosity about modelti the
fact is, there is literally everything in models and materials, and every gar
ment is a Saks garment, from the Saks regular stock, labeled Saks, and car
rying the indelible impress of Saks workmanship and skill.
From beginning to buttons, from cut to com
pletion, from yardage to you Saks-made !
Today and tomorrow, a sale of
Young Men's Overcoats at $9.50
Reduced from $17.50, $16.50 & $15
Button through coats, patch pocket coats, flap pocket coats, Raglan
coats, and regulation coats, in a fine selection of smart, colorful mix
ture cloths. The sizes range from 30 to 36. Fifth Floor,
Special today & tomorrow
Men's $1.00
Underwear at 69c
" Fine natural and white wool .shirts and
drawers, in just -tho proper medium
$2 and $2.50
Union Suits at
1 Of medium nnd heavy worsted, with
long sleeves, and anklet drawers.
Special today & tomorrow
Men's $6, $7 & $3
Shoes at $4.85
Ii Reduced from our regular stock, tun
grain and wax calf shoes; mahogany Rus
sia and gun metal shoes, with cloth or
leather tops ; and patent colt, and viei kid
shoes all in lace, button and Blucher
styles and all the present season's mod
els. Great values. Fifth Floor.
i 'I
? t
I'd '
f s

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