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Fail' to-ilav and to-morrow : moderate
Photographs of hungry men and women
waiting for bread In front of THE
SUN'S free bread depot In
Sunday's SUN.
U'-tailed weather, mail and marlne,rrT6rtfv ailt'
lie found on page
NEW YORK, TUESDAY, MARCH 2, 1915. r.nff, mis b thr i-rimm,, nnd vutdit),i0 Anocimu,,,.
llournc Heads the Crew. In
cluding: Senators Works
and 0 ron u it.
V MlisoT"V March 1. linpiolve
ev deuce, that Itepubllcalis of all factions
n'e getting together with a view to
" akiru a strong tight lor supremacy In
ISIS n given '.if re to.dny when an
nouncement was ni.ule ol the formation
The Itenubllcati I'ubllolty A-soela-
t. T
T.i.i organization has the .u'tlve sup
p r' of MKh l'roRreejilve n Ian H.
ll.n.i. . ..r Uhlo. who Helped to llnnnoe
t.ie ltnoeell cninpalKii hi 112. Sinn
t r (Ironna of North PaltoM, Senator
"orkfi of Cdllforitln and ex-Senator,
Hotirne of Oregon.
These mm of prociefKlv.) tendencies
w.ll ere nil the eveeullve cominlttei!
cf ie new ora.mlij.itliiii ltli Senator
ti.illmsf f Cs'ew Ilainiwhlri'. rienotor
Wfiki of Miiaehleettii. Itepre entatlve
M.idden of lllunli", Itepiereutatlxe
ll.i He of I'uincylviiiilu and lleprescntu
t.ve I'alichlld of New York, all of whom
) "reRiilui" in 1912 and In tho
.i iii dus that pitcfOftl the Itoonevelt
! t
T.ikfn in coiinectl.li null the d.nner
t -i. S.iunl.i nlBlii In lion r of the
i uijo.iiK l.cpilblh an Sei.atoif uracil
f.gniticunce Is attached to the oixam
7,iMon of the llcpubllcan Publicity As
oci.itlon I'lirpose of the Itruntilintlon,
Aecordlns to Itepiei-fntaUve Madden.
r. lntltuted the movement, the or-
F nuatwn Is "lo promote the nelf.ue
of ie American people by ill..emlnatlnK
wider knowledge of the principles, poll
t fs and achievements of the Ilcpublicn
The association, which is to be a
rernunent one, will conduct llternrv
campaigns during national elections
independent of any nctMt.es of the kind
that may be directed by the Itepubllcan
und Congressional committees.
It became known to-day that at the
dinner on Saturday night Senator i:ilhu
llo:t, who was the principal speaker, ,
itnphasld tho necessity for such plan;
f leorganuatlon as would assure party
ui'eeK next year. He a as wildly ap-
Plauded. '
Sgnlficancj from a party standpoint
s glen the affair by the ptesence of
ni-h Progressives as Senator Clapp of
Slinnesota, whj has held al of from
his party and his party aoclaie for
la last few years. Senator Polndcxter
: Washington. Senator Work, of Call-
fornla and Senator Oronna of North
hlle the Senators who attended tho
dinner are not disposed to comment on
Ihi. cn.M-liM it Is umlerst run! th.lf Xfr.
lino- urged all those who hadfor any ro" luok out for my cane, as It Is very
taKin left the patty to ni"et In amtty 1 valuable."
thoie who stood by the old organlzs- A .i?p!,ono 0.ili from New York city
in 1M1! In older that eandldatis ,,, , .iinvory of the bodies. At
nugh' be named and a platform framed '
131 tha would appeal to the Judg ' o'clock to-ulght u man in New oik.
it rt of tin eountiy. who I b-lleved to have been the bin
Mr Hoot told his heare' s thai the signs bund of tin- deitd woman, called up the
m the times point uiiliilstakalu to the manager of the hotel,
nturn of the IlrpuMlcims to power, and The man In New York asked if "Mr.
, u ge.l all ptesent to harniontze their and Mrs. St. Clair" wete registered at
U fferencts for the good of the country the hotel. When ti e manager replied n
and the party.
I'rnlseit h rrogrcssl .
The I'togris-lve Senatots especially
i.,n.l I., ,,,,i,. .....ij. Ca,.....
IliM' ech. Senate , Hoot did Hot put
asams the tetuin of th. I'mgro-
ves, hut welcomed them back In tin.
' inie of all the truditious of the imrty,
ahi.ii he declared whs the comiiiiin her
itage of tegnlurs and Progressive alike.
The Senator spoke feelingly of his own
t:vU " .ii tlie Hi publican partv and In
he Senate ami of the .iH'i rloiii. ho
ait fo; m I and how th" would llngei
w .h ii.n M Itoot's spei eh was null
i ' and f ill of spult The spei-cll has
"4ie a strong .niprefslun upon Hepubll
cans of all shades of belief in Wash
li.gton. In the rwrganlzatlou of tho Hepubll-
rubllclty Apaocla.lon all factions
nax e I., n recognized. Kx-Kenator Houi ne UR ' expeettd ; don t do a thing until
if O.egon has been named president. I "rive. ou inaj xpect me In rhlU
Mnator llalllnger of New Hampshire ; delphla about 1 1 o clock.
vice-president and Itepresentatlv. Mad u' t0 , ,n 'I,"lRht, h" "'
den of Illinois chalrmin York hu1 "ot m,t 1,1 an apiearancf.
In announcing that the association had IJetfctlves kept a careful watch on all
U'i r.ud tho organlzauou was not com on ?t,urd?.5h A""?1'''!? "'' Mr'
nn-ed to any candidacy for any olllca. an(,1 MrH- 1 ha1".Ht; ( '"lr.' T,,"' w5r
. 1 na- lis sole purpose was "to bring " ,ia''P nnd, J""" ln ,h'lr inanner that
H-'tlhei 11 who believe III the fuuiU- many of the hotel guests and employee
"intal pilttflpics of the Itepubllcan tr'-'" ' they were uewlyweds on
U'l ' Mi- .Madden added; the':- honeymoon.
A the oiganlzatlon Incntdcj lit puWI
C".s of all shades of opinion, all clH ,rh,: nddr. ss given a St. alre linme,
hn who df-iire to sw, the policies of "6 "a-''t SlMv-nrst aireut. U a board
' p'l tiLontaltied are cordially in InK house, it wiih aaul there last night
vtid 'o .ooperate in the work. The pro- l,mt 's' rlMr had no- beep In for several
m'.ter, of th inoemeut are conflUciil iay. I here is a Mre, St. Clair living in
t f tic eft-.t of Hi .ft'orts will bo to boarding house. It was ald that
g f Iher alt elements of ths Hnpiib- -'I'" wn" I" nni1 rMM "Pe nn "i"
i" i ti nd nil those In svmp.ithv A man known as St. f'lalr and tilting
i i's '-.hJectH and purposes n a united the description flit from I'lilladelphla
l laaiiisi tin' paiiv now In con wn a familiar llguni at the Mlm ola
tr n .,1,. .Njtional AdmlnUtratloii. fiarage, fifty-ninth street and Hark
The ussoi'i.t-lon will nut In any way avenue, He did no own an Interest In
co', flirt w , tie ti tit isr. of the national 1 the estalillshnif nt, however, It was said,
ssioi..i committee whoso po- , being merely an occasional patron of
f fmrtion It 1 to coiidnct tho cam the place.
a -n for cl.-ctlon ,f candld.ites "
e More Thnn firno.OOO, nt of I
It to Harold I'. XlcCorioleW.
Ciiica'io. March 1 The Chicago
f.r.irid Opera Company filed a vnlunlnry
'"' Hon in bankruptcy to-day, putting
itabi.s at jni,tjo.n,1 and ussetM at
''' O H irold f McCormlck Is
ie largest ereilltor, having lent the
npary :i;n,ooO All of the lending
a singers who have appeared In
n1 opera in Chicago within recent
firs are among the creditors.
Mat l'am ' counsel for tho company
)a 1
The fiitiirn ,,f grand opera In Chicago
1,1 rgeu 1 n, upon iho meusttiM of
" P ' ah n iii" cllljen h"f" win
'' 1 es mr 10 , lamiiHs which may
," , ' g p. 'ionH and subsciibers
(or IK K, . , An offl)r, muy ,p
"1 He 1 , re.-sMiiiiHii grand oier.. under
' 8 11 iti's igninijt a deficit "
" ho Will lln III llnlr I'nrl nf
llir Tlmr." Smy llle.
Wapiiinhton, March 1 Hepresenla- '
live Dies, who Iiiih a shuip tiuy;uo and
knows how to use It. gave Preldoht
Wilson 11 left handed compliment to-day
The. rural credits amendment to the
iiKrlculnir.il hill win under conldcr.i
tioil Mr. Dlog opposed the legislation
.mil declined that If It were Ineotporated
111 tne bill llic President would veto !t
"TiiiiuH God titers Is a man In tin
While House toolay who ays he w.'.l
Veto tlir llemy rurnl cicdlts bill and
who oays he will veto the McCumhcr
rural credits monstioslty," uld M
"Do you thank (Sod.- tutotrupted
llcpresftitiitlvc llptm-lck of Ohio, "that '
there l. 11 m.iti In the White House who
will not vttn it bill to buy ships but
who will veto a bill to buy f.irm mort
gages?" "I lliank Hod for a man In the Whit"
House who will do lilt duty pint of the
time, even If he will not do It nil tnc
time," trplliil Mr, Die.
MrmiH tiiHueiiee llrouttlit on iiiu
ititttei, Mnn Aiilhiir.
INUHNAI'OI.IH, March 1 Senator
Clarke, author of the bill which would
require press OHtoclatiohs to furnish
tb.lr .service to any who demanded It
ami would lulng nucIi association under
the superlslon of the Indiana I'ubllo
Svrxlce Commission, was disappointed
to'iilithl, when the llourn committee to
whi:h it had been teferred after liuVlnK
pasMeil the Senate repoited the mo..s
uie for Indetlnltii postponement Sen
ator Cl'irke said :
"Strom; liitluenceN were broucht to
bear In the Housm attalnst this bill and
it was hulled. A lires iiKoclntlon
which woul l have been most aiT'-cted by
this bill lm subcrlb.TS In some of the
hading titles of the State and I am sure
that strong trprcsentntlons wore made
by them befme th committee. 1 hae
some hope of the measure belnir re
vived before the eslor ends "
.... ,
rilllilllelplliil Hotel .MlirilflS
I'evenleil liy Phone .Mes
.iisc From Here.
I'niuAl.KLi'lMA. March t.'
Charles St.
r, . f ... ., ........ .,r. Vew
,.U1,r of 'Jb ''H'' , ,,, . .
'"' much an i isuim
woman to-night In the Windsor Hotel. 1
Kllbert meet, and then committed !
,.. . ... ,, h, ,.. .,.
Bulrld'' h "f,ootl"--- Thc wo,n;"1 '
found dead in a bathtub In a suite on
the teeoml floor of th" hotel She had
tK.,., ,hot in the forehead.
s . . . , ,
M "la,r lA " " " ar l1t tul ln
h.s hand was a note which tead:
"1 am Charles St Clair of 15$ Kal
.sixty-tlrst street. New York l'lease
... ...
,,0,1,-v Mr"' " lyirr' ,-"llr Jt
"a me nddtes. Von can rea h her on t..e
phone by calling I'laza 1(13.
..ii u. I mn sorrv for the trouble I
am causing here and ask that you
the affirmative, the man said: X V 1 1 1 yuu
get Mrs. St. Clair to the tulephnnc?"
The manager had the opetator work
the ofllce telephon,. connected with the
vmuuin iuuiii, inn oiier.iiur couill gei
''hr to her calls and the man In
S,.n; orl; Wi'8 "nt Vf th".. r?"l.lI,l
Ju.t us I expected." he called balk.
"I received a letter to-day from St.
Clair In which he said; 'Next time
you see me I will be dead.' 1 thliil
that If you go up to the room you
will find them both dead I'll hold
the wli- while you Investigate."
"I'll go up and ec If jolt .ire rtiit,'1
wa the reply
The managei went in he room ami
i-appul on the door. When there was,
nu answer tho di.or was broken In and
thn dead bodies were found.
When the man In Nw York was
Informed of the tragedy he said; "Juit
lleniocrnllc Lenders tiimble to
nnah It to .sennle.
Wasiunoton, March 1, Tho Admin
istration ship purchaiio hill Is In more
trouble. Tho mcasute struck a Hna
In the House to-day and did not go
to the Senate, ns planned by tho Ad
ministration leaders.
Hoprescntntlvn Mnitit, the Hepuhllcnn
leader, ot wind thul thn conferencn
repot t 011 tho bill was to be brougn
up In thn II011H11 tn-dny and rushi d
through after ono hour'H debate, He
gavii notice that If the ! lemnerntfi tried
to bring In the ship trill to-day ho
would Hlart 11 filibuster To dhow that
In. wa In e.uni'ht hn made an elaborate
,. ,.1 em. my out of the normilly iirid
not "if approving Ihe Journal for tho
provlous day's proc'ei illngs, (vinsuuiiiig
morn than an hiiiw. Tim Dnmocratle
leaders warn nlillKril to withdraw t
ship bill for the tlmo belnir.
Ajrent J I ore and Four Others
Accused of Coal inn
Vessels at Sea.
TV rMiMr'C TH HlVisIgn necessary State paper
Two indictments were brought In .es-
terd.u by the I'ederal (Irand Jury
iisalnt the Hamhurg-Amisrlcan Steam-
ship company and Karl Ituenz lu
Be.,e .., rrpre.rnu. . u w ....
its directors u this counliy. Oeorit.
Koeller, te company's Reneral HUperln-
teiident; Adolf llaelimelster, I'ellx
SclTnev and 'Walti t'' I'ojipenhouse or J.
I'arplnghaus are lo mimed In two In-
illctmeiitH. which barge conspiracy to
ilefrauu the Cnltcd Slates under section
37 of the United States Criminal Code,
One indictment is for conspiracy to
ileftaud this llovernment bj causing '
i-olleilors of the fnlt.d States Customs
"bv mean- of fals,. statements to make. ,
onl and transmit untrue and !nc-!
t c
curat.) records."
u-h (onspliuey
clearance papeis
The other charges
"In and by obtaining
li means of falke
All of thr defendant are to be r
ralgned this morning at 10 o'clock be
foni Judge Neteier In the t'nltcd Stated
litrlfit Court.
The Hamburg-Aine, lean Une would
make no statement last night concerning
ihe. case, nor would. Karl lluenz. It gen
eral representatlw. who lles at the St.
Itegls and has been reported 111 with a
old for the past week. It was said at I
the line's otllees that It was not known
hat law) ets would represent the com-
pail. The onl comment was that of
a secte'aiy In the line s e.xecutlve ulllccs,
w ho suiil ;
"The American newspapers have not
Ixen faoinble lo anything Uonnan, so ,
I don't smiposo Jiey will be erj full- ta
us In icgard to this "
I'linrH- 'I'rli'ks lo ( onl .ilis.
The ludic'mrnts do not df-crlhe llach-
meiter or Seffner. and at the Hamburg
, ... . ,...,., ,..... -
Aineri 'iin oiuces n one aiinriicii
ing who they are "Walter' I'oppen
house, say the iiidli :meiits. Is otherwise
known as J. Papplnglmu. "the first
name. Walter,' neing iicitnous. tie
U described n the supetcaigo on the
steamship llerwlnd on August ." lat.
The Imllcttip nts charge the company,
Mr. Hitenr. and the others with consplr
Ir.g "wilfully, corruptly mid ftlunlousl-"
to defraud this country trotn August 1,
1914, to rtirury !!, b"s than a week
mzo. It is charged tnat "the rtefenilants
wttli others unknown caused various
steamships to be h irtcrxl in the name
of the eompati" and had thesi ships
loaded at various tirts of this country
says Olrnnd'j
cleired "wit n the purpose and Intent"
of having them pro-ei-d under directions
of supercut go. h to varlo is places at sea.
tin re to deliver what they had aboaru to
Vitus of a foielgn country"
It is specltbd that the conspiracy ex
tended to false manifests and false des
tinations for th- ships alKiut to sail.
The Hi and Jur siys that to .ffect the
object of tno conspiracy ICoetter on
Augtift lis' asked John II. Hans to
.-I ie th" sti .unships Herwlnd and lo
ronzo. anil told Hans that he would get
ole, nance pnptrs from the llerwlnd
White company or Wvssets, ICuletikampIT
M Co.
nn the same day. my the Indictments,
llu'iiz met Kocitcr at the compinys
otllceti mid calbd In ittistav II Kulen
liainptf llutoz told Kuli nkiinipff. It Is
ch.iige.1, tlint .he lleiwlnd itid Lorenzo
u. each loaded with coal, and nke.l
KiiciikainplT to eMs'Ute shippers' mani
fests and secure clearances. It is stated
thrtl lluuiz and Koetter told Kulen
i kamplf that the destination of the ships
Hueiios Ayres.
Letter In Captains Cited.
The concluding part of the Indictments
ite the loUets printed In yesletiluy i
Sr.s- from the Inter-American Hteam
s!ili Cotnpsny and the Hamburg-American
I.'.ii" .0 the ciptilns o' 'ie St. nn
shlie, fiain and Sommetst.nl. Theso
lotlers Introduced to the skippers two
supercargoes whose orders they neio to
follow absolutely and who had been In
structed to allow the captains "liberal
gi iitullles."
The steamships Ilerwiud and Iorenzn,
on whoso adventures the Indictments urn
based, ai owned by an American cor
poration, the New York and l'orto Illco
Steamship Company They were char
tered to the (Jans Steamship Line, of
which John II. Hans Is the head, and
then to the Hamburg-Ainerlcan Line.
Liaded with coal and cleared for South
America they sailed on August D, but
never reached that continent. Tim
Lorenzo was caught by Hrltlsh etulser
roallng the German cruise- Dnedfii
and was taken as .1 prize lo Santa Lil'ia.
There the prize court paid 110 heej to
the plea ,,f the A.neil'-aii ownert that
they didn't know their ship was going
1 to aid a t-ieiinan cruiser. The court re
marked that the c.ngo was pure cuit-a-
1 band anyway and condemned the Lor
enzo. The Beiwind win accused of eoillni;
the Trafalgar, a Herman merchant ship,
converted by the odd. (Ion of a few guns
Inn a war wager When she got back
to this country in Nncmbr last tin r
was an Investigation b the Treasury
Department t'J determine whether sh
hud violated American neutrality. Of
this charge she was aciiultted, hut her
owners weru llrJ $.'0u by the Hnvern
ment for makiri: out 11 false manlfojit,
In falling to declare all she lunl In her
The civil penalty for a falsa clr.irar.cf
lb fr.no line, but swiarlng to 11 false
manifest may be held to constitute pei
Jury. which Is punishable by a Hue of
not nioro than V-'.nilO or Iniprlsonnum'.
for not morn than five yiars, or both
Aldermen Hefiise lo ( liiinge .iune
nf inO-Vf nr-OM Ttioroiigbfnre.
A proposal to change the name of
Varlrk trfet In (Jreeiiwlrh Vlllago to
Seventh Avenuo South was unanimously
voted down by thn Hoard of Aldermen
yesterday. '
Tli,' Cnnimltlen on I'libll" Thorougli
'are reported that It could see no rea
son for erasing a unmn derived from
nn old New York family and which
has been on the map for nearly 100
Kail. Asleep While Hccelvhijr
' "I,,"""""
er"ti) rablf Tept(h 10 Thr Sis.
iknna, via Home. March I. -Th"
physical condition of r.mperor Francis
Joseph Int." become most serious. He
hns become so weak that lti most
of tbo tlmr ni If he were In a coma
Jli' dozes orf oblivious to hi nurtonnd
lriK. even In the Imperial audlsnce. and
it I only with cre.it difficulty that hn
.can be aroused siitlkietitl) for liim to
Count Tlsza,
the Hungarian Premier.
wan miking an important report to the
Umneror jeMerday and reati
rlth.0Il(.rt to eee the head of his hn.
,.rllli n,:,ter suddenly fall forward. The
,.r(,m,.ri thinking the Kmporor dead. 1
,,, unim! ,J'!:'f ;;,";lfo
- - n, m,mf.u
' ;fuUr px,lilu,t'tI
Denies Iteitnrt or nn
llernsturlT's Hepnrtnre.
WasillSUTON, March 1. In regard to
report that Count ran llemstorff, the
o, rnmn Ambassador, wns to he recalled, i
Secretary Ilrynn eabl to-day that tho
st ite Department h-a.l not been In-I
formed of any such act or Intentloai
'" ,tnr, .V'1'' ' " " , T " lev to
.Hid lnasniucli as It
submit to tho Oo eminent the name of
n ,iuu- tn)k'iK.iilor it I assunwd that
certainly no such action with referet.ee
If Ambassador von llernstorff has l
been taken. The emMiss io-ua cnar- i
ucienzeo ine repori ..s nuf.i.T
Submarine Is Sunk
hr tiritlStl UOC1
The Thonlis When (ieriiiiin
Torpedo Mitres Her, Tnrn
anil Hams Foe.
vj'CUi ''iW.'f P'tMlf'- to Tar i
ls)Nlsv, March 1. The steam CJiller
Thnrdis. which .irrlveil at Weymouth to
night, teports that yesterday a Herman
submarine tried to torpcaln her off
llenchy Heml. Tlie torpedo missed.
W.VI.. .....In., .a .nllffli f 1 th.t
IIIUI'IIUIJ u.,tnn ' ' - ..... .....
TllH -fnorji, thereupoii turno! i.nd at
fll f ,(, rftmmy,i tho submarine,
. , .. . periscope. Simullftne-
ously nil on board felt and hear 1 .1
craeh underneHth the ship's keel, which
led them to bellcvo that they had mink
the submailr.o.
Tim Svrrn and SMonlna 'Jotflt.
. !
IX.Ililon lll.ui.n. ,.u.-i.v.....
etariillng olfee of a rewaril or
il.i.dOtf) tit the tirst slop thai .nas a
Crerman submarine cr. to the tlrs- cap
tain 01 crew tint nuppl.-n .iifortn.it Ion
whs-h will lead to the s. liking of one.
.indite llmriisn Appoints Wlilo.r of
supreme Court Justice.
Justice Hivegan jestenla appointed
Mr Charles II Truax, widow of Su
pieme Court Justice Truax, receiver of
an apartment house property '.n l.cnox
avenue. It I thought that this Is the
tlrst appointment of a woman rce.lver
iho wa nt (Inanol'illy nil' : ested In
the proper! In ulletiotl.
"Willi" the npl"'"ttncnt is uinqu" I
see no reason why a wonia'i should not
act in i receiver. ' Mts Truax s.iij
w hoi. news of Just), e Jaegatr se'.e.'
t.oii w.i brought to her
Want Britain to
Pay Them $35,000
!!.') Americans Held on .Sei.eil
(emiim Liner File Claim
With Wilson.
I'll! I.AIO 1 I'll I A M.liC I !.'!
T. eodore I'uyltr Patterson t .Its city,
tultty-tlvo American jiissenger of the
Hainburg-Aineiiiati liner I's Info Ariel
bert have lodred a claim against th"
Hrltlsh Hoveriinient for ll.Oflv each be
cause of their detention on Hint vessel 1
In Rilmouth harbor from August I lo
August last Mr. Patterson, who Is a
well known lawyor, said to-day
'The act of tho Ilritlsli In se.'7lng the
Pr'nce Adeltmrt thu night before they
ilcelnrej war was an act of piracy on
the high sn. Tne piu-sengeis of the
vessel drew up resolutions protesting
against thn action of the Hrltlsh befote
they left the boat. As soon as they
landed they tiled tiielr claims with Am
bas.ldor Page,
"Hi iiil"tjy pigeonholed tl'ion. hut
the matter was reopeni-d by Pis-sldem
Wlisor himself, and the P p i'tnient
of State nslt'l me to draw up a state
ment of our claims I did so, and the
inaitnr Is now presumably the ub
Jnct of illSCIIssIotlh Istwecil the I'e-
putincm of State and the 1'on.lgn '.'f
fl.e. "Th" action of the ll.'.tish .1; s.
nig I. in ss'I heforn '1 declaintion of
war ins a vlola'loii of every prin
ciple cf lnteniatlon.il law und the man
ner I" which wo were :r"aled was dis
graceful. Wo got teer.fge food and
ns the IVngllsh would not i'nirtt tho
ilernian st ( wards to wotk, the nalp be
taunt llltd;.'"
nnd Hud. Une on llorder
I lit erst lite I'oinmeice,
W rfii i S.-I1TO.' March I . .That .1 lni
i,ul.u mo traiiUHirllrm IImu-u to'toss
a Stale Isiutulary Into "dry" terrltor)'
Is. Interstate conimerci) and cannot he
Interfered with by State Judiciary wus
11 decision glsen to-d.'iy by the I'nllrd
Sl.ltl'H Slipielllll Court
Th" court revet sed the Mipteirie Court
of Kansas, which had held thit M.
Klrmeyer of Leaveliwouh, W1111 li.i'l
eHtiibll.shed a dipot nctiihs thu rlier In
Missouil tir sup;il)ing lhiuors to thirsty
citizens of Le:ticiiW"iih by a delivery
wagon ervlce, wa not legltiinale Inter
state I'oniinetce, but a tuctext for vlolat.
lug Ihe pinhibltlon laws of Kansas
AtT.t'STA.A'ri.AVril' COsT i.ini:.
t) H A M. dallv Urnwlng Itnnm-Htstf Unom
Cir Tuee. Thur r-'.it t"l Hrnnlwnv
31. Sazonoff Indicated Mope
of Acquiring "Warm
Water" Port.
Sir i:,lu-nril Orrp. thr HrlfMi Tor-
eiflri Hrrrrtary, dectarr,! In th" Itoimc
commo;n on Fehrunru .
r7rrn, rtMn , n cnllrr occor, ,rifh
fnsslin rMn(rriMrM or j Irer nutft
In thr Mrdltrrrancan, rrfrrrlnp in n
niicrch bit M. Satonoft, th liMldn
I'orvlgn Minister, in thr Duiiki.
TNE St'w nrrrnfi Irloir a rfesnifri
row (f Home corrripnnrtrnt tlMnp
thi' wreck 6 31. Rnznnoff n iclr
, grnnttrd to thr Corrlere deUn Sra
Qj j(0JIl
5fl rrrMw.Jce Tun Si,
HoMr. Kob. U.l hero ere apparently
.'. KT. . "L .
IIUIUHII..L lo ins speecn o. i oreiKii ..un-
ist:r S.iZ'Uioff In the Itusslnn Iiuntu, In
which the Intter win quoted as saying
that the Czar Intended lo selxo Oonstnn-
llnopl(. nll(I ho)rt lt pcnnnnent!y
A tteenatch to the Corrlere dflln Kern
of Milan, sent ftom I'otrocrad the day of
the delivery of tho speivch, says M,
S.'ixon.irf did not eo so far as to nredtct
PTmiinent occupation of Constant!
) nople by the Ciar's forces,
' M S.unnoff, however, said he felt
that thete was no doubt In the!
I m nds of his audience that Hussla has '
j rgsrded the entry of Turkey Into the i
I war a a rather gral'fytng clrcum- i
I stance, since It has provided a solution '
J of tho problem which has preoccupied
I Muscovite statesmen for generations '
I .in. I was the cause of Hussla becoming
Involve.) in three, wars the Crimean,
the Husso-Turklah and thr Huso-
Japanese all linked on one aim, to ob- j
lain a "warm water' port for the out
lt of hr commerre. (
M. SHionoff made his declaration '
in mediately after having applauded'
vlgo.-ously when M. Oorsmykln, I'rsl
Unt of the Duma, had closed his speech
In tiiese words;
Sees "lls.llmil Fntnre."
"S:nce I last addressed you a
1Pr,rtTnrUv 1...
, , . : '
nerseii nn i nt- sine oi our enemies oul
in.- res. stance has been broken by our
: glorious troops ln the Caucasus and a
i.iili.mt future is before llussiu ln th
llMf.i Sea and at the doors of Con
1 Mantli.ople."
In collie,, of his spefeh tho
oreigi .Min.ster considered the new
ijuistons brought into the war situation
by the entr of Turkey on the nldn of
th.' Kaiser. Hn a.d th" Orange Hook
tec.it published demonstrated t .at
the twits on tin Hosporus preceding
'.lie ileiiaiatlor. of w.u by th" Sultan
showed treachery on th' part of
let many.
'Tii' lc' ' -.aid M Sazor.off, ".11 .su
ing Hermany to send army Instructor.
1 suiting in the mission of Hen. I.lnmn
v. in Sander, hoped to be able to pe: -f-ct
her army with the object of guar
iinteelng her lndependci.ee In face of th"
'llusslan peril' of which Herman) had
b.Mtl Irisldloiisly wurnltig her Hrc
m iny iirotlt. il b this I11c.1p.l0n of Her
nial ollleers in the Otloiuui at my to
m.iae of that army 1 weapon for the ad
Mil mei.t jf her ok 11 It. let. st.
"Ai the ti. tin 11s "f the Oitoman Ho
i" llin. ti', from the .inival of tin Hoebcn
In the Hardaniibs. were done under
pressure from Ciirtiiniiy. Tie iff nits made
bj Tuikiy to ile.i'ne t.ie 1 espotiHiblllty
we.-c unabb to save her from plunging
Into the sbyss toward which she was
pushed by Herman)'
"T!" ieni on the Itu.sso-Tuiklsh
ft'ict'e". while overlng th" ll'islin
.it'll v.'I'h fresn glory, have hrougli'
lluss a . '.ic in .1 solution of tin politi
cal and eloll.iTllc.il ir ill!' 'II enpnt Ct'".l
with th" Hi'nulsltlnn of 1 free outlet to
th" sen "
llperntloiis In I'ersln.
Hxp'ainlng th Uusslan ui.lita ) op
ratlona In th" Caucasus, part of which
have been carried out or. Persian terri
tory, M Sazonoff ald :
nefore the otitnrenK or tnc war wn
j ,., to settle a secular (iiiestlin
which had arisen iw'mtn Turkey and
Persia rfgaid'np th- ilcllMilt.itlon of
the legion of the Persian Oulf and Mt
Arnbat Thank to this d limitation w
fonseived lor Persia a disputed terl
tory rovnrlng 20,000 square kilometers
which had been Invaded b'. Turkish
"On the outbreak of war the Perro.tn
Government proclaimed Its neutrality.
This di I r.ot prever:' ilerui.ir.y. Austr.n
mil Turkey fiom eontlnulng their prop
iiipinilu, designed to win them thn sym
oath) of Persia. These In'ilgiie. wr"
particularly evident 'n tli" proilnee of
Beii).ilj.in, wi.ire the Turks suciedoJ
In attracting Kurdish bands 'o their
"O'tonim tmops, lolitlng Persian
renin It), cossml the frontier, and.
with tin aclvi nsslstancc of Kurd,
p.'tietratid Into the dlstrle! where Huh
slari detachments: were encamped, thus
making Azerbaijan a part of tin Ihea'rc
of the Hueo.Turklli war
"I should add that the presence of our
troop,- In Persia was not In any way i
violation of Persian neutrality, becaiun
they were sent thither several yeais
ago to tuilntaln order In the terri
tory adjoining our frontlet nnd to pre
vent an Invasion of that district by
Turkish forei s, who hoped to make It
a favorable ban for operations against
thn Caucasus."
Position nt Sioiiller Slnles.
After referring to the events In "M .1
mid Itclgluin which led to Itussia' ,p..
clslon to liikn up the gauntlet thrown
down by Hermany and Austria-Hungary
and reciting the nigumcntf used by the
llerlln Government lo throw the onus of
tin- war on Hrltlsh Intrigues M. Sazonoff
continued .
"While Hussla re.miilne.1 faithful to
her ild fecnlai' millions, Germany
mui'ht to exaspetate against us nil the
neighboring States, especially those with
which Uusla Is bound by ItnjHirlant In
terests, for Instance thn Scandinavian
Cniiffmirrf oil TMnf Page
U. S. to Protest Vigorously! Against
Anglo-French Blockade Decree
Shutting Off Their Enemies
WASHINGTON. Miirrli I. -Secretary Urynn lias pecelveil the UrltlMi
ami Krcnch note nntioiinclni; the ilecllMt of the .illleil fJovefn
ments to prevent nil luidc with (lerniany iirnl her nlllc" Thn
nule.4 urn pr.icilcully Identical. The text follow)..
Oermany has declared that
the Hngilsh Channel, the north
and west coasts of France and
tho waters round the Hrltlsh
Islfs are a war nrea and hn
ofllclnlly notified that all enem.i
shin found In that area will be
destroyed and that neutral ves
sel may be exposed to danger.
This Is In effect a claim to
iotpedo at sight, without regard
to tho safety of (he crew or pas
sengi rs, any merchant - ehaels
tinder any flag. Ah It Is hot In
the power of the Herman Ad
miralty to maintain any surfar
craft In these waters, this at
tack can only be delivered b
submarine agency.
The law and custom of nation
in regard to attacks on com
merce have always presumed
that the first duly of the captor
of a merehunt vessel Is to bring
it before a prize court where
It may be tried, where the regu
Tu'lty of the capture may be
challenged and where, neutrals
may recover their cargoes
The sinking of prlr.es Is ln it-
elf a quetlonabli act t be
resorted to only In extraordinary
i trrumstances nnd after pro
vision has been made, for the
safety of all the crew or pas
sengers. If there are passengers
on bond the responsibility for
discriminating between neutr.il
and enemy vessel and between
neutral and cm-my cargo ob
viously ret with the attacking,
ship, whoso duly It Is to erlf
the status and character of the
vessel and cargo and to preserve
all papers before sinking or even
capturing It
So also Is the humane duty of
providing for the safety of ihe
ileus of merchant vessels,
whether neutral or enemy, an
obligation upon every bel
ligerent. It Is upon thl basis that all
proilou discussions of the law
fo: regttlltlng warfare .it sen
proceeded A ilerman suh
Seeontl Sweeping lleforni Will
He Decreed at Knd of
Present War.
Wnid was received ln this city yes
terday from an olllcer of the Czar'
household that the Fecund wide swetp
Ing teform to be effected In J'.usela will
b. compulsory education. The letter
states that M. ICasso. Minister of In
ptruction aim llellglnn, is fui initiating
a ib-cren to be issued on Hie t.rniina
Hon of the piesenl holllltle :i''d to
be In full effei t throughout the einnlre
lifter a period of live years. The matter
Is being illscussul b) the MiniHeis of
the Czar's Cabinet It Is genera!!) be
lteved that the rfinslvns. 01 local gov
ernment bodies, will heartily welcome
the new move In eilucstlon-and give It
financial support.
Prior to the revolution of H'O.'i I'ttl
progress hud been made in !tuia as
regurds pducatioti, and slnre tlin. In
eplte of the eeriou 1 otishlera lion of
the matter by uccesplve Huniii. no con
slderable 01 permanent reforms hue
been effected The autocracy's distrust
of the illHoemln.Ulon of Western Ideas
of government through :ree schools
battled attempts at liiipiove ment In pub-
110 Instructiun during the nineteenth
century While the Htandaid of unl.
verslty Instruction Is high lu Itussia
the stale of the secondary and prlmar)
icbools lea vis milcil to he desired.
Most cf the primal y education Is
under the direction 01 the Mlnlstr)
of Public Ittsttuctlon and th" Holy
Synod The parish priests are geni rall)
too busy to give much attention to
their schools, and their assistants am
h.ilf-educ.il.il and underpaid The one
good feature of Hi- Hils'Ian primary
si lion', systuu 1 Ihe piiu'i"'.'. Insi nil
lion given in gardening, lie. keeping and
1 1 1 .t 1111.1 . training.
Th" tninl expeudltuits mi irlm.n.v
skIi, inli, i, liioil was twer.tv-tlve million
dollars, paid b the zinietvos, villages
and piivato persons. The total grafts
fron I'll Statu for nine lllnn ol all
K.iideH In UOii was forty million dol
lars. In 197 the iIIIKi.His lr. the rui.i!
districts averaged fi per cent and
In the 1 dies .'.0 per cent. Tne education
of women has prow cm.vi well in llussta.
.ImcI., Old Collie, lirl.-iiil liver
sheiiherd, I'eiiHloneil,
Jack, the collie that helped to nu.ir.l
thn city's (lock of shenp lu ivpiril Park
for tivnlvi' years, s dead. Ids ,id wns
due to old age mid grief oyer the 'ilienco
of his old muster. Shepherd Jnuns Con
way. who retired Inst summer on .1 pen
Hliin after serving the city for tlfty-thv
y ars.'
Jack was presented to the park by the
late J Plerpont Morgan, who inuinl
pleasure In watching the gi'.i..r.g slnVp
on til" green west of thn Mall The di
lived with Conway In the shiepfold In
the park. When the old shiphcrd uiov.d
away the cull. a remained and enu'lmied
to inskn his bed In "he old arnnbnlr
The new shepherd brought a new una
and .luck was made a pensioner
llmul Keeper S.dJit h.u si in i ie
dog's body to the American Museum )f
Natural History, where P w,U be
mounted nnd placed on exhibition
marine, howner. fulfils none of
these obligations; she enJos no
local command f the waters In
which she operates ; she does
not take her capttlie within the
Jurisdiction of a prize court; she
. arrles no pr.ze ctew which she
can put on boaixl a prize ; she
uses no eftcctlve means of dis
ci imlnatlng between a neutral
and an enemy ship; she doei nof
lerelvc on board for safety the
crew and passengers of the ves
sel eh" sinks, her methods of
warfnre are therefore entirely
oittshl" the scope of any of the
international Instruments rgu
bating .iperatlons agulnst com
merce In time of war.
The ijerman declaration uh.
slltutes Indiscriminate destruc
tion for Ifgutated capture. Her
on. ny Is adopting these methods
against peaceful traders and
noti-coinb.itant crews with the
avowed object of pi eventing
commodities of all kind, includ
ing food for thn civil populat.on
from re.whtiig or leaving the
lliltlsh Isles or northern Ktatice
llir opponents nre therefore
driven to frame relallatnr mill--ure
In order In llislr turn lo pre.
tent rnmmndllle of mi) lln. I
frnni reaching 01 lent Ing Her
man. These tnru-iires will, however,
lie enforced hy the Hrltlsh ami
I'renrh i;m eminent without
risk to neutral hlp or lo neu
tral or iion.eiinilnitaiil life and
In strict obserTiiiiie of Hie dic
tate of Ii 11 in 11 ii 1 1 1 .
The Hrltlsh and flench ttov
Tiimerits will therefne hold
themselves ftee to detain and
take into port lnis carrying
g-ods of presumed entmy des
tination, ownership or origin
It Is not intended to mntlscate
such vessels or cargoes unless
they would otherwise he liable
lo condemnation The treatment
of ves-els aid cargo, which
have sailed bcf. re this date will
not be nfl.cteti
OF $1,435,000,000
Veteril.'i ' freilit .Make To
till fur War Kpene to
Date .S::.i:i.).(MIO.0(ll.
i.tcl.il t'tiitf I'UftitrK tr I'M Slv
Imnikin. March I. Tne House of Com
mons un.tuttuou!) vot"d to-day appro
prlitlons fut war expendltuns ainount
Ing to 51. t33.oGO.Ouo, umklnir the total
vote for wai ei uses t. date 3.I3fi.
iiiin.oiiii. The Premie tlrst nskid for
an appiopriatlon of Ms.'i.uuu.ui'i) for tho
ii'Ui.iIiuler of th" period up tu March 31.
Thl was adopted without a dissenting
I'l miner Anquilh ;h"ii staled tn.il the
war expi ndltuie weie growing stssidily
and th it lift, r Ap-i; 1 ttn-v would proti
iil. y nv. race S Tea. lul" id v lletlterr
fine asked for n se.'t.tul .-ipproprintlo'i of
ii.ni'o.'MiO for expeiMcM suhsisiuerit
to March '.II This was also grand d
uiiatiln oul), being ti.e largest gr mt
ever ullow.'.l by Pal Paiii' iil 'he
p'lCi'dlliK ware e'isis i'.lil ni'C'l fl.syO,
UOU.CUIO, It broiis-h' t ie Kiarid tola! up
to $,i,:'3ri.(ioo.ooo
Mi Asqu.ih .thl Kughitiil wn so
si'uated llnauchiliy tint the drain upon
Per ri-ullrccs could i.intinue lor ve.ire
without causing an actual crisis Hr
stall d that as tbo result of the ie
i nt I'ontereme in I 'at I nt th" I" n iie'f
Ministcis of Hussla. frame and iin'
Hritaln. Hngliind will probably ulv.r, .,'
inni' funuii io Serxla and H"'g uni, it.
addition in the M.oun.uno ulienly ad
vanced to Srvia and Ihe J.',0,i'0i,iOl'
granted to llclgium
Tn Premiers reference to the in
.'reus, .n the "XptiiM alter March .11
,s fa.i. n t ru-a. Hull Lord Kitch
en. Is ih w seniles vvi'l hn In fratu'e
bv tn.il mil' Idcent reports slate thai
the H'O'sn now have aptifoxlinatii
1... I. n.iiO" iiu-ii in f in'e, ind that
tt .nspiiu ai' .'.itrli.R ineti across the
I'll. H , dall
V. . uii'i.ui d"M of 'lre.it MHtaln on
J.'ii. lai' 1. U'tl. wai tibjl, ITS. 74.1 U3
:i07..l'lx.s.,.1 ivnl.il . I.e.- more than
tin- l.i.J.tN.iMirt.Oiii Ini'iired fit" w.i. e.
lenses .since August I. 114 Without
I .iig into i oiielder.itlon any other ex
pei i.' "itus t ie ib lit vi. mid be now aboat
I...,. i"l o . ) I . I H I o
Miuv the big i" n- of i e w. r I'mneo
has pi i.'i'il ippi .N .ii. 'i'Iv 1.1 nS "in. rtno
Hi loans .ind .Jit '!'" i ii'v's loans
illinium to annul '..; iii.'iiio "HO
Tilioig tnese coin.!. oi v, oinitt n.'
Ail-Mr. i, lluss1 i. Turk' v "rv 1 i and
Moiiti'iieg.o, I ' wa:' xp i es i nai to
have mounted t i gi n.o to' n of
'I,H0,I1MI 'IM,I
f.'v'.'.u.i.v J.oa.w ai:ows.
H ru no I ii ni subscribes MT,.' oil, (Mm
ami t it lint. I on I ii tin t e,
.; ' . 'I'm' A
M srr.ni'.i v . M.irr'i 1 Am 'lr' tie
subset Iplinn In III
loan an one oi
( a.OOli llMl) I.) i!k
' Lew .11111.111 w.u
;'0 ne,. nco nnrlc
Iii. io il S nus
' ' a uOu m. i . Is
I . ,1" li nf) i Iit
e Ih n mink,
ix mips
ire uiv i Htro
II i-o Of I 'c. u,
hV the itv of
Mt '-'Ii''. - ' f i '"
rre fitid i t1 ,'
The trad' U' 'on
Stopping of Neutral Trade
Will He Declared I'n
j notifiable.
Shipments Direct or Indi
rect, to and Kroni Hue
mies to He Seized.
A Humane Course, to He
Followed Hr.van
Gets Note.
' Washi.xoto.x, March V--The I n.t -1
' States will cnililiu'li-ally t st
ugfilhst the Allle1 new pnll'V tif !i i
, ting olf all trade with ripim.ii.y a
trl.i and Turkey.
Tin policy was iinnoumeil m I. in
don to-day by Premier Asuulth In the
House of Common: and was pr i nted
i to the Suite Department in Idititicul
1 notes by tlie Hrltlsh and l'len. h Am
iMssnilors. Tlie lsunnc" of Hi. i.o'es
rulised cunsldeinbli' cM-.tirin io ct"
This flovornment will be ..l.li.., to
miico Its opp sitiori t i i' i tv.r.i t
dltinry Infrlngonn nt of rluht- a-
'vigorously as It Irflle'.l ,o n i es
ln (leriiiii'v's tlir-' at lo d- tio) 'U
tril shipping.
Till illatrnlls effirl nf till row inl
Ir.i nnd Its legal ehariiiitr are ri-ganltii
here a equalled mil) h) Hie opi'mllnm
priipiised by lirruiaii) under Hie rinnt
war one ilrerse.
1 Tim nsult of 'is iat'S' m"v e
. Great Hiita n aril frame -of,- s
the I'll ted States i com et i.e I 1
The Wash luMo'i Ct'V' rnm il ! d
Itself I'Otlfrutlted i, .t It all "I tec
gcrs l i vvhli'h It vvaa subie f .1 ond
the (icrtiiuu vv.r r. iie ari'i H .n
in audition Is facing tin c
11 s
th .t its merchant vtel w 'he r
lien, ,ni d for G"iiiinn "r an
i ue
of her iilh.s will i'. s iz'.' a . i
Ill oilier '.voids, Hie I n l d .
m si'l. ivh.rh iiii'.l'r ul! r.il. -jirevedi'nt.s
nt .n'oriiiitlo'i il l.io
thn right to jinxetd vlt urn' .1
i i"ii, will run tin- danger if'' n--I'ftl'icd
nnd sunk If t.i" a".
i'"u h an Huglisli p ri a nl
seized and il-tciicd if the) ci r. k
luispi'i. t' d "f be'n, dfstini'.l
iimny nnd her alii
I tlii.nl -1 1 ti tin it .
It is frankly acki. lt !g. 1 n-
inulil '.hat t'nitvil Slales oi. i.i..
t'Veeil lllt'Sii two nlilletoiK s l l' .
ireiiul) critical s. tu.it. on. Th. : i
1 all the iiion' SL.1C1, .n th..
Hittiiln'e thie.it does no' appl)
catgoe consigiieil to ilermai.. A us
.f.il Turk. sli ik it, i"i; to n. v
are of "ptesiinieil
ow tiers-h!)' '. oi ii-in.
This, means thai Ai. -to
neutral poi ts If t'
susrtM't that tin' c ugoc
Iv.'it.iin's enemies will i
orlv this but sliipiiiin'
Austria and Turlc . I"
ami otlnr neutral vl'
ban "t the V nglo-freiic
The co'iiple e ti .nb
pnr'. of tie Cnlttwl ytHte-Austrl.i-HuiH'niv
nni T
I '
il! '
in '
i if
amounted to l.'.ss.'i'i'i.aoii
large part of tl..s wiu. Ins'
ttah. mi prohibit oi s alter
ii 1 1
Kan. 'hough truth, with neigh!""' '
tr.il counirle showed tinueii .1 '
il this will tie Ins' ll'i'lir 'tic ,.' , o
o I' e Hrltlsh-freli' ', ilt 'i
I'.netM on I nilnsl lie
In H'lillllnn Hie lo w lhlll-li pi. In v it'l
prnlinlil) have a .erlnlis eilirt upiia iotit
iiuliistrie In the I'nlteit "tale, iici.ii.n
the textile Indiislr), which dipeinls it v
patented lirriiian prndiict, mil a '!'
stn If.
The South, w.lb its s';i;ii. ir .
Is llkll) to ftl '. more ,1" to 11
"fleet of tiio new ,r'i. !m ,
many took i.Sil.Ois) i i' s ,.f .
xaliinil at ni.l")-',000 . Vi tin ' l
ir alo concumrd n . ' o. '' 1
of thn Anierican stii;..c si'iin
cotton to Germany. i ha." '
proceeding with "i" l'c '
recently, w.ll irnl' " 1 ''
halted by th H'ii -'i '' v '
formal tiot ie of r . p ' 'v '
tlon adopted bv the A'l ' '
to tills Hovet iime'" l'i. '" ''
Jusserand and Si' IV 1 r ' i r p
Hice, th" f re i 1 u d ' ' '' v
sailors. Thev 'oi' led ' ' i
lOl'lilic not' fl ""I ill "I i ' .
ai p mncing II " !' i. "t
Gov er'ntu'i'ts "to bold 1 "
detain uni tnl.e , ti -' h'ps .
lug gooils of prs i tic I in i '
lion mvi iTsblp o- or m. "
! This no'-i v ' . v. i i , i-
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