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Photographs of hungry men and women
waiting for bread In front of THE
SUN'S free bread depot in
Sunday' SUN.
Fair to-day; to-morrow partly cloudy;
moderate northwest winds". J
Detailed weather, mail and marine reports will
be found on page ti.
NEW YORK, THURSDAY, MARCH 4, 1915. Ciplirlflht, 1015, by the Sun Printing and 7e-M(.Miia Aatorlntttw,
Winter Returns on
Wings of a Gale
Ti'injiiTiiliirn Was 17 at Mid-j
night nnd Th mi toning
to flo Lower. 1
Aiiroii'intion Hills Hein
Rushed Kiwi to Conic
lit Noon To-dny.
Eiitlici' Confers Witli Miss
Cook's Former Employ- i
ers in New Jluven.
Congress s Nearly
Ready to Close Shop
Ifepl.v Ut Washington Is E.v
pct'teil to Cover Risk to
NY ti trill Ships.
Condemns Sentiments in
Sermon hy the llev.
Percy S. Grant.
Kieiiop David IF. Greer promptly run- ,
ileninnl the views of the I lev, Percy
Stiikncy Grant regarding ill voice after '
, li.nl rend them In the morning noun-
papers yestenlay. Air. Grunt spoke fur
hlm"If alone, raid the llishnp, and did i
not icproeenl thu ( nt I inctit of a sub- ,
tuml.it element of the i:plcop.il i
Church, I
Hirhop Greer Is In accord with Mr. '
Grant In believing that the divorce lawn ,
of tho Kplscnpal Church nhould be i
amended, bill when; Mr. Grant believes
divorce should ho nude easy nthoji :
Irecr believes, that marriage Is an In-
.insoluble contrart and that divorce
hould He made Impossible.
No charges are likely to follow Mr.
Grant's sermon at the Lenten service '
on Monday In his church, the Church of
Hie Ascension. Tcnlh street tir.d Fifth (
avenue. lUshop Gteci- said the Kplsco
l.il Church believes strongly In free .
';irccli and that Mr. Grant had the
r.sht to agitate for any changes he be
nes ate needed. If Mr, Grant fol
lowed his belief ui easy divorce nnd re
illirtl.igo lane slid the Hlshnp, to tho
extent of jierfotnilng a marriage cere
mony In violation of the canons of the
Church It w uld be a different matter.
Or. Mmnilnif Httiptintlt.
The Iev, Dr. William T. Manning,
re. tor of Trinity Church, was more cm.
phatic than lllshop Greer, saying such
juctrlms as those advanced by Mr.
'i.ant wire an outrage against civil
nation as well us the Kplseopal Church
and Intimating that the Fplscopal lec
tor who advanced such views from his
pulpit was false to his vows. The cx
tmsslon of such views Is the advocacy
of free love, said Di. Mapnlns.
An attempt was made to get Mr.
(rant to verify and expand the published
accounts of his sermon on divorce. Twle
uurlng the afternoon tho reporter was
told that Mr Giant was out, hut In the
ttvfnlng the caller waa Informed that
Mr. Grant had been 111 In bed slnco
The accounts of the i-vrmon contutned
these passages
"If marriage Is founded on the affee
t. n of two petsone for each other,
with the disappearances of such senti
ment disappear the only ground for the
"If the only basis for marriage Is
love why In the event of that love be.
us hanged to loathing should the mar-
jgc continue? Woman Is no longer u
chit'-' She has attained an economic
ti'lepepdence which gives her the privi
lege f icmalnlng unmarried If she. so .
'ho-es, without sacrifice! of dignity, and
-he Is no longer forced to remain mar-
d -o a man who Is abhorrent to her
In ordei to be suppoited "
lie raid the ptcsent law of the lCpls
oji.il Chunh was "not Pivtcstnut, not
gl sh and not modern."
line nt Helrrcnt Ihe Clinreli.
'.M- Grant Is free to say anything
he . kes." said Illshop Greer, who Is at
in head of the Fpiseopal Church In this
'iijcee "Hut when he says divorce
hould be made easy he does not repre
sent the Church, and I do not holieve
li t he r presents a large element of
Inr h mniber."
T ie Hlshoi explained that the Kjils
pal Church recoitnb.eo only one ground
!or divoice, and III case of the remar
lage of a divorced person only the In
nocent party to such divorce run re-a-rs
"Many members of the Church be- ,
I've in stilcter divorce law s." continued I
a llisnop. 'M mysilf am one of them, j
T de.it us do part." says the ninr
isgo c rniioii), and I believe that mar
ge s a ndisKoluble conttact." ,
Ir Man.ilng said he could not believe,
the' Mr Hi .mt had made tho remarks
II tuned to iiim
"I hope ho will disavow litem," he,
n ' "Mr Grant Is reported to have
1 'If matrlage Is founded on the af
Isctlon of two persons for each other.
narriage In America Is suppo-eil to'
' with tho disappearance, of such
itlinem disappears, the only ground 1
c ih marriage.'
Taese words plainly and uneejulvo-1
.iv tench free love. You can put no
ther construction on them. Marriage
'o lart only us long as 'such sentl-
infill' continues.
"I is slated on good authority that
t1- re Is noiv one divorce In every twelve,
marrlagrs In tho United HUte. and,
' ouglvful people of all creeds aro ,
:i.ivciy concerned as to this situation.
Quotes I'rnm Pruyrr Hook.
"ror any clergyman to advocate easy
voice and the breuklng down of tilt
American homo which this Involves ,
oi'ld be an outrago against good cltl
"nhlp as well as against religion. It I
ulrt be an affront to the community '
nd a disgrace to the Church to which j
h belongs.
"Ths statement Is mad In this rojiort
a the present law of the lplscopal
Tir-h does not represent the opinion
he insjorlty of the romiminlrauts of
the Chutch .N'o one who Knows any
K of i'im general sentiment In the
f kfot.ni Church would make such u
' wilt The overwhelming sentl
'" ' of the members of Ihe Kplscoiml
nr b favors thu present law mid there
a v ry urnng eentlmciH In favor of
' j id g lemarrlage of any person ill
v I f ir the out! can! now allowed.
"'' s is not merely a question of
r ' The 1'iayer Hook says, 'Till
' 'i ui do pait,' 'those vvhon God hath
l let no man jiut asunder' The
'i' I'huich quite rightly allows,
n- le rty of speech, Hhe tllislx her i
av to be loyal to the principles for
tt ' i .m MtntnlH ami which they have;
l in tiiuh and uphold as long as
I " '' her commission and olllclally
"! ' ' ner
"'bit it anv clergyman should so.
" a s 1 berty as to makn tho stale
" ' oniiiiiieil m the article It would
mit.eiit on tli authorities of the
" "o lake suiTiK uction unless Ibey
f I that the uUerances wero too
" " y ine.i)iinslbl In lUscivn at
teri '
, Al (.1 T,.,vri..NTI(! COAST LINK.
A VI lirawlng !toonv3tnti Itooin Cam
"siy. .superior ltosiU-ay. Itlt U'woy.
Winter, which has been mnsqucrndlnsr I
In tho sunshine of spring for the lat i
several weeks, threw off Its disguise yes- j
terd.iy nnd sent the mercury flying down !
the tube taider the assault of a frosty
blnst from the northwest that achieved
for live minutes Ihe whole gale force
of sixty-two miles (No. 10 by the lleau
fort scale) between 4:15 and 4:10 o'clock
In the afternoon. The temperature
dropped to IT at midnight and thero
was a possibility of It going below 14
before dawn to-day. j
This Illustrates that March Is erratic, i
Spring lo duo hereabout at 11:43 !
A. Al on March 21. mi wo have
seventeen days In which to expect bllr.
x.uds and things Incidental to re.il win
ter. The fotecast for this day Is for clear 1
skies; to-morrow It may be partly ,
cloudy There was no disturbance on '
tho weather chart yesterday to portend j
my radical change meteorologically In
this neighborhood.
Vp to 11 o'clock last night 1,700 men
had registered ut tho Municipal lodging ,
House and the Indications were that
the severe cold would bring the reglstra- 1
titm very near to the record mark, which
Is 2,100. Klcven hundred men were ac
commodated In the main building nnd
t'.CV wero cared for in the annex at tho
fo4 of Twenty-fourth street. Ileslde.M
these there wero thirty-five women and
four children. Hetweeu 11 o'clock and
midnight 170 men who had been work
ing In the subway were brought in and
fed. They received exti.i pottlons of,
soup, bread nnd coffee
Ilcpiirleil to House tij n tlnjorlt;
nf Committee Members.
ImuanapoUs, March ".. Interest In
the Douse to-day centred In the "news
trust" bill drawn to compel a'.l news
agencies ro extend services to "the
many Instead of the few," In every cltv
n- which they operate In Indiana, which
wi brought out of committee this
mottling with a divided report.
The majority report, favoring passage,
was signed by even- Democrat on the
committee. Jf 'ties. Coons, Douglass of
Shelby, Hebcniiel. Sale and Kvolo.
The minority trport recommending In
definite postponement was signed by the
tolnwltig Itepublicati" ; Wright. Cleary,
W.iltu and Mil s.
Culls Priim M Mrirl Cup TnUrn o ,
evv orU YHcht Cluh,
Horatio It, Harper, formerly of the
house of Harper Hros., publishers,
slipped and fell last night when alight
ing from a surface cat at SKty-slxth
street and Central I '.irk West. He re
felved a concussion of the brain and
directed a ta.lcub that stopped at the
scene of the accident to take him to
the New York Yacht Club, of which
he Is a member.
VI I. mill Crnnees llobbj lllea Ht
Vnr HoeUiivn?.
Miss KUa l'rainvs llobbj. 31. died
vesterday at her hoipc In ('Union pi. lie.
Far Iloekawny, 1.. I., from heart fall
uie indliee'tly caused by a dog bite llf
teen yeais ago. She was a daughter of
the late City Marshal Thomas J, Hobby,
who died In K.ir Itockaway last week
The dog bite brought about tubercu
losis of the bone and Miss Hobby was
taken from one hospital to another for
treatment She underwent nine opern
tlone nnd pjssed through the hands of
many noted surgeons. Several months
ago she underwent an operation that aji
peared to be successful, for the wound
renialnol healed and it was thought
sho was going to recover, when heart
trouble developed.
Heiiefnctor lllesseit null -N Our
Illumed llepenters.
As the wind was whlr.zlng nt a forty
eight inllo an hour clip across City
Hall Dark yesterday afternoon, cans
Ing hungry men in tho penny lunch line
to snuggle up close, a gray headed man
beamed above the turned up collar of
hi overcoat and passed out tickets en
titling tho holder to a roll and a cup of
hot coffee,
It was apparently his Intention to give
every man In lino a meal, but, although
he laid In several supjilles of tickets, he
was never able to reach the last man
because many of tho hungry ones, realiz
ing there were other empty stomach
periods ahead, fell out ns foon as they
got their tickets and became tallendcru
Several persons watching the proceed
ing from windows In tho City Hall
blessed the gray headed man and said
they didn't blame the rcpentcrs very
Tito Others Fined nt Xeiiliiirab,
,. V., MakliiK Totnl 1,1. in.
NKWHfnnii, N. Y March 3. Par
tridge dinners came exceedingly high to
three of the residents of llalmvllle, a
HUburb of this city. Penalties aggre
gating $1,160 have, been InijiOHed on
them by the State Game. Department
for having violated the law In buying
partridge, which Is prohibited at nil
The three offenders were Mrs, F. De
lano Hitch, who In active In philan
thropic work; Flank V. llurton nnd Dr.
8. A Wnldron. Mrs Hitch suffered the
heaviest penalty, paying $800.
This Is said to bo the heaviest line
ever Imposed for an offence of that kind
In this Slate. The jurtrldgo wore sold
by Mis Chauncey Ferguson for her
husband, who shot them, Mrs, Fergu
son gave Infill illation which led to the
Imposing of the penalties,
llnltlo Snllst I m I'nssengrrs.
The White Star liner ll.iltle, which
hailed yesterday for Liverpool with IfiO
passeiigeis, Including fnitv-twu In the
saloon, could not take all of the cargo
that wuh offered because of her limited
ea.iet, She managed, however, to
inrty away more than 12,000 ions, Sbs
will bu delayed In lauding this because
of tho freight congestion nt Liverpool
ana tho dock workers' otrlkc,
Tne mystery surrounding the disap
pearance of Mlllnn May Cook of 220
Cnlon street, Brooklyn, who left the
olllce of the Mayo Itadlator Company
In New Itaveti, where she was em
Ployed as a stenographer, last Thursday
nnd has not been seen since, took n
new turn yesterday.
Frank Cook, the gill's father, and a
sister, liura, made a hurrlisl trip to
New Haven yesti rday on the heels of
a long telegraphic communication be
tween tlw Ilrooklyn detective depart
ment and the New Haven chief of
police. These mess.igis bad to do with
Uie identity of James Dudley of ISti
Fourth street, Ilrooklyn, where the girl
was einplo)ed as a nursemaid before
she went to New Haven, and Vlrglnlus
M.ivo, head of the Mayo Itadlator Com
pany. Mr. Cook and his dnughter returned
to New York late last night Cook
said that he had been In New Haven
to see the chief of police and to investi
gate a rumor that his daughter's body
had been found In the reservoir there.
"Did ou meet Mr. Dudley there?"
he was asked.
"Hid you meet Mr. Muyo there?"
Mr. Cook would not give any reason
for the piesence of both men In New
Haven. Inquirers at the Dudley home Inst
night were met at the door by Mrs.
Dudley, who refused nil Information
and refoircd questioners to Mr. Csik
fir tho New Haven police. It was
learned from the neighbors and trades
people that the Dudley family keit
wry much to themselves. It was said
that neither Mr nor Mrs. Dudley often
visited the stores. They had two ser
vants and tho oideis were either tele,
phoned or tho servants went for jiro
vlslons. Neighbors said that the fam
ily consisted of Mr. Dudley, his wife
thiee young children.
Mr Dudley was described as a man
about six fiet In blight, cl.uk coin
plevlon, gray hair, smooth shaven and
was iimlei Klood In be In the uutnnin-bib-
business In Connecticut. He was
flequeiitlv away from home, the neigh
bors k.i il, and little was known about
The Mayo Itadlator Company manu
factures automobile radiators.
Nkw IIai:n, Conn., March 3. The
leward for any trace of Lillian Cook,
the stenographer In the olllce of the
Mayo Itadlator Company of this city,
who has been missing tlnce last Thurs
day noon, wiir Incresi-d to-night from
$100 to $500, This leward Is offered by
Vlrglnlus Mayo, head of the company
An effort to-night to get Into om
munlcatlon with Mr. Mayo failed, There
was no answer to repeated phone calls
at his residence, Chief Philip Smith of
the local iKiIire said to-night Ih'it he was
authorized hy Mr. Ma.vo to raise the
amount of the reward.
The search for the young woman was
continued this afternoon, large delega
tions of Hoy Scouts and many policemen
seourtpg the woods, rocks and swamjis
mur this city. For the llrM time a num
ber of schoolboys Joined In the hunt for
Miss Cook.
Mnjn Is descr bed as a man of dis
tinguished appearance He Is about
years, old, six feet tall, smooth shaven,
sometimes wearing a small mustache,
-heavily built, with broad shoulders. He
Is pattly bald, the n-nialnlng hair being
gray. He Is married and has a home In
New Haven, but no children.
Nnrel l-lYport" From I. S, Cut
Don li llenn llelnlliillon f
The girls they left behind them when
tho Ilrltlsh Tommy, IiIh Flench colleague
and his German enemy went olf to the
war linvo suffered n good deal more than
has been supposed up to this time,
The randy exjiort figures: from this
country provo it I'urope curtailed the
bean supply of the I'nlted States when
Austria's exporlH were stopped, Now
Anuuioa has retaliated by reducing the
quiiullly or candy sent to the did World.
Tho first live mouths of the war caused
,, . 1 .... . . . i,f tir.11,":! In III., ..nil,..
j candy umioiIh from thn Dulled States,
as compared with Ihe same period of
the year bfifoie, The value of the total
exports; of candy for Ihe cnJendnr year
was $l,m,S!H.
(Sc. lh cih of sis (lass stoppsrta bvtthw.
Miss Lillian Cook.
WAstitN'OTov, March 4 (Thursday) 2
A. M, Willi an abence of friction ind
a show of good feeling that Is unusual
In the closing hours, the Sixty-third
Congress Is proceeding seienely to Its
end, which will occur by law at noon
The confenes on the post olllce appro
priation hill were unable at midnight
te rench nn agreement on the question
of- railway mail pay, which has been
the Issue In the conference for two das.
The Senate conferees Insisted on con
tinuing the present system of compen
sating the railroads for carrying the
malls, The House conferees Insisted
upon nnother system, which would have
made a saving, according to the esti
mates, of from $12,000,0110 to $25,000,-
000 a year.
The conditions hnve been reported to
both houses and It may bo necesar
to abandon the hill entirely to pa the
Joint resolution continuing posl olllce ap
propriation for nnotner year. At 12:30
o'clock the two houses agreed on the
omnibus claims bill nnd shortly after
ward reached an agreement on the gen-
1 r.il delb'tency appropriation bill.
The Senate agreeil to a resolution
passed by the House refunding to mem
bers, who were "docked" for being lib
sent t ,e amount of the salaries they
thus forfeited. Thus no member will
lose mi) thing as the result of the order
to flock fol llbsete-sm
The Senate also pnsAed the Shields
el" incorporating "the Hoy Scouts of
An. erica "
The I'liiMppine hill was laid away be
s de ihe ship purchase measure, when
in i ff rt bv Seratnr Sliaffroth to call It
up wa met hv nti objection by Senator
I.ipptii. who said 1: would be dlscusS'-d
unf'l noun to-morrow If insisted upon
Thereupon it was put afidf.
The li'dlan appropriation bill was
agieed to In i onf'-rein e at an eailv hour.
Senator I.a Fdlette, whose Choctaw
a neiidinent was killed, threatens to tnlk
i hi .-o: ference rejHirt to death.
Both Houses Cm or Alinllslitnit
nomls' limited l.lnbllll).
Washivctok. March 3 Hy a vote of
2.2 to i3 the House jvi'sed to-night a
bill which Its opponents said would In
crease freight rates ibout 10 per cent
on a large part of railroad truffle. The
i bill, offered In the Senate by Senator
Cummins, was pased on his motion. It
proposes to abolish the limited liability
of railways and gives ever) shlpjier the
' right to sue for the full value of goodfc
lost or dct toyed en route.
If the President should approve the
, bill all rulliond would be foiled to
J abolish classifications of freight now
transported nt lower rates under con
tracts In which the shipper walvee the
i right to ret-over damages In case of
i loss. This would compel the road? to
abolish the $.f0 express receipt, apprised
' by the Interstate Commerce Commit-
I alon
llorott of Jnpnnrae fiiiod Is
I'Ih it ncd Here.
The S Companies, representing the
Chinese In New York, have posted no.
tlces In Chinatown announcing a meet
t Ing to-night In the Six Companies' Hall,
' Hi Molt street, at which the question of
boycotting Japinese goods by I'hlrese
will Ik1 discussed, The notice reads In
, part is follows :
"Japan Is a very savage country
Chinese hearts are very angry All of
the Chinese people In San Francisco have
bo)cotted .Iniuiie'se goods. We should
' altogether be determined to boycott
.Inpanese In this city. This Is very true.
, This Is aildressol to the merchants. ie.
tnurant keepers and all Chinese resl
IiIiih lurees in Kiteml I, esse for
Mnc ty-iilne Veers.
Pkkin, March 3. China agreed to
day to an extension for a period of 9fi
Jenrs of the existing .lapnnese lease of
the ports of Dalny and Port Arthur,
which havu been held by .lnpan elnco
the Itusso-.Inpanese war. The an
nouncement was made nt the send
weekly conference of rcpicseiitatlvin of
China and Japanese diplomatic agents.
The Chinese Government Is Informed
that Japan has now presented formally
In Great Hrlt.'iln, Itussla and Franco a
complete list In summarUed form of the
demands which Japan ma do on China
after the capture of Klao-chow from the
Montnnn Measure Stops While Wo
men From Worklim fur OrlenlHls.
Htu.KNA, Mon.. Match 3.- A t"legr.im
from Senator Walsh urging caution by
the Montana Legislature In considering
a pending bill to prevent white women
from working In restaurant conducted
by Orientals was received here to-d.i.v
by Gov. Stewart. The teUgmm rend:'
"At request of Secretary Iliyan I
nin advising you that the .lupanese Am
bassador finds some objections to bill
pending before Legislature forbdldlng
i employment of white women In res
tailiants conducted by Orientals, ,in
suggestion from the same suuice I beg
to urge caution nbout the measure ie
ferred to, In View of the crltle.ll stain
of affairs Internationally."
The Governor referred the message I i
the House committee that has the men
I ure In charge.
Wnleliinnii Circs While "Splrllunl"
Tries (u Open Snfe,
Itoi-llKSTKli, N II,, March 3. Waller
.Marion, a theological studint, who was
shin by Adelbetl l.yte, a watchman, Int"
hist night while tiylng to open a safe
III thenlllce of the Clonic Manufacturing
i Company, died to-day,
I M.irlson was 23 years of nge and had
I been known as n "spliltual" since bW
I childhood He had been studying at a
1 theological school near Huston, hut his
r.....l ,.,,., I....,.
Illllliir, fa.l.u "HI Mllll I" , Mill, - liriu l
work. H ha.s occupied Buptlat pulpits
fjovcral t-litios,
'I hi' oloiWii; inMf ili:mtrh from
) Tub Sun's .mon foi-rrspomfcii in
fWMi'if mi hinrmnlliin row on mifnor
' ffifft'f loiirfi', ii-7ifr7i ii-nrrriMM tin: be
j ff Ihul it accuratrlii represents tin'
tfftri nl the Hrlthli (lowrnment
j icifei Kill ho rmho'ff'il fit ll formal,
jnjifj o the t'liffW Stntci Govern-
iirii('. Infiirmitl iiiquliie.i In London'
' on 'i hrunrii 22.
' 77n' fm;nlrfci inn- for the purpose
! o .( kiwi nn fimWoroflnii of the
ffiinllou nrlsliii; from the method of
I Ktriiie mojile-fl by Hermann nnd
t treat Itritutn.
, .vHif '!. lirmnlrh lo Tar. Si
l.uNiM.N. March 3. A siib-committei
of the 1',-ibiiiet met to-day and cnnsld
! ered a draft of an order In council luak
, Ing iff'-ctlV" Great Itrllnili's iepil.il
, polb y which was announced by Premier
sqiilth In the House of Commons on
, .Monday It l extremely likely thut the
llii.il fo.in will be arranged and '.he
oiibi- IssiimI within two or three dajs
j Whili no rcquc.t has )et bet n n-ceUcd
1 fiom the Fnlt.il States for fuller de-
tnlls of tin methods by which an em
bargo mi supplies for Germany wl',; be
iifoued, Tun Si:v rarri-oiideiit is
Jlv. n to undeistand that the oriler when
liroinulirated wilt contain all the nee
s.n) deiuilr as to the means and wipe
uf action of the Allies It may nlso be
said witn certainty that the order will
Pinvlile f.ii a certain freedom of action
by both France and Great Ililtaln ns
fai a- the neutral countries are coii-e.-rned
Some details will be loft fqien
foi i-iiiiMtlei.i'.lon.
The apparent delay m putting th"
order into force Is due to the tichnl
c.illties of drafting and the procedure
necessary prior to Its Issuance. i -r.
St s em ristiondint finds evlden-e of a
dlrt.ini disappointment in the highest
quarters over sentiment In the I'nlted
, Ststei. .is iv, need In extracts from
edltoilals cabled to London, It Is fel'
tint a ri capitulation of the causes
which hd up to Premier Asqulth s
ilcclar.it. on may Induce thu L'nlted States
to pla. e the blame for thu situation on
il.riii.ini and to see tiat Ltigl.md Is
eiigigxl in a lOiitest the extreme gr.ivlt)
of wnlili cannot ! leallzed In Ameiicj,
perhaps nut ten In Ihigl.md its' If
llnulii nil's lliinil Fort-eil,
', It l hoped that the Flitted states
will also Ik ,e I to ee that the action
of Germany forces Gtent lirlialn to
.adopt weapons which would otherwise
I he d.sd, lined.
It is felt that the Germain aie try
'tig to create the Impression 'hat Hng
1.. ml, as Illustrated by the cae of tho
U llhf luiinn, was determined t i stop the
nmrt of food Into Germany prior to
the Institution by that country of a
submailne blockade
This Is emphatically denied because In
the ilrst placi Admiral von Tlrpltz,
in an Interview some months ago, fore
. shadowed a submarine attack and In
; the second place the seizure of tile Wil
i helnilna occurred mil) aflir Fngl.md
, w.is thoroughly assured that Germanv
i Intend! d to put her submarine threat
Into effect In the third place the Ger
man proclamation announcing that all
food supplies would bn rsiusitluui',i by
Hie Government was .sued. Finally
ihe eat go of the Wllholmlna being des
tined fur Hamburg, which Is a fortllled
town, the spixiii-i uf the vessel Is Justl-lle-l
on that giouiid alone
, Judging b the Geriuiin lejily to the
latest Amerlc.in not.' ileiinaiiv Is up.
paiently only too wlllmir in concede nb.
stentlon from the uu of floating mines,
which Great llrltaln has stated she has
never employed. iuiinaii.v , however,
refuses to desist from the emplo) niellt
of anchoresi mines for nhVtih've pur
poses, which means that she maintains
the right lo sow them In seaways trav
ersed not only by Ilrltlsh mercantile
vessels, but by neutrals as well.
Geiminy's willingness to concede that
her Mibimrliies will not sink hond
mercantile ships, but will permit the
crew to take to the boats In rough seas
when the submarines nr unable to res
cue them nr even to tow- them, seems
hardly worth while noticing. The re
quest that i:nglaud abstain Horn the use
, of neutral flags ran hardly be main-'.-lined,
ui Knglnnd contends this is a
lelgtlmate rusede guerre nnd has further
more Issued Instructions that the prac.
, ttce miiat not be resorti d to generally,
but only In rases of extreme necessity
The German change that the aiming of
nieichaii'men renders suicidal Ihe nt
tempi of German submarines to save the
crews nnd passengers of such vessels Is
ani-iveicd by the fact that F.ilgl.ttid re
sorted to aiming her merchantmen only
after Germany s explicit fluent to nk
hon'.lle mercantile vessels at sigh
j Fimliioil's llelort lo lli-rinniij .
Germany wishes the emli.it go on food-
stuffs raised and cries that Kugliinil li
trying to slnrve non-combatants. Thn
obvious answer Is that the attempted
l submarine blockade aimed at nothing
but starving the non-combatants ot Great
I Ililtaln The stun iitlnu of the i ri.-my.
1 whether by i-omlrit.int or not, Is one of
I th" iifogiilreil principles oi' German
I warfare and was Justltleil by Cupiivi nnd
I lllsmiirck In a word, tin- Get mini
blockade having prmul a falliue, Ger
I ninny is now trying to ask neutrals to
nccouipllsli soniiihliis- for Inr that she
I was unable to tiling alum! heiself.
I Supposing that Hngland should listen
I to neutral proposals to permit the p.is
I is:igi of food lo Germany for civ. Hans,
I under guarantees, how could Ihiglatnl
accept the guarantees of n Poiver that
vtnlated Ibiglnn neutrality, bombarded
t ilefencelcs Inwns and has generally
broken all the rules of civilized war
tale and humanity'' How Is Kngland to
know that Germany would not, after im
jioitlng a huge supply of foodstuffs, de.
lioutue the guarantee nnd turn over the
I accumulation for mllllnty uses'." Would
j thu United States, lor Instance, ha pre-
Cotitfnuett on Second Pago,
For.i.nwtxa i, the text o thv
amcndrtl resolution jiosscif bj
'he Senate, irhic'i fillev the
1'irnldeiil brand ponrrs lo rnorcr fho
in iitrnlttii laics;
Itesolved by the Senate and House
of Hepresentatlves of the United
Stliles of Ametiea In Congress as.
sembled that from nnd after the pas
sage of this resolution and during
the existence of a war lo which the
I'nlted States Is not a party and In
order to pi event the neutrality of the
I'nlted States from being violated by
the use of lis territory. Its ports
or Its territorial waters as the base
of operation for the armed forces
of a belligerent, contrary to the obli
gations Imposed by the law of na
tions, the treaties to which tin
I'nlted States I a jiarty or contrary
to tin- statutes of the t'nlt'd St.itir
the President be, nnd he Is, hereby
nuthotl.ed and empowerel lo direct
the Collecting of Customs mnder tho
Jurisdiction of the Fnlted State to
withhold clearance from any vessel
of Ameilc.in or foii-lgn register or
license which he ha reasonable
au to believe to be about to carry
fuel, arms, ammunition, nun nr sup
Data Relating to Arms
Shipment Found in Raid
Federal Agents Arrest Austrian in Riverside Drive
V pari mcnt on Charge of Smuggling Cocaine
Fifty Ounces of Drug Discovered.
1 Sea i cmng a richly appointed ariart-
' rr.ent at 57 Itlverslde Drive for evi
dence In a big opium and cocaine smug
gling plot. Assistant Fnlted States At
torney Harold A. Content and Customs
Inspictors Collins, Kyte and Iewis -teiday
came acios memoranda rel.v
Ing to the shipment of arms and ammu
nition. The apartment was occupied ny
Tnnki! L. Mill-, an Austrian. At the
Gre, nwleh street siatlon, where he was
held on a chime of coc.ilr.e smuggling,
he gave his occupation a a broker.
The (earch warrant slcned by Judge
Jiiiiii.s M. Mayer did not entitle the
s.-arihers to cany away or examine
closely anything that 'lid not relate to
th" object of the search, but In thlr
casual examination the customs men
plainly read the Item. "2,000,000 rounds
, of cartridges" on one sheet of paper.
At the Austrian Con'iilite MI'.le was
unknown. It was said the name sounded
more like Servian than Austrian, This,
however, may be explained by the fact
that he w.n lirn at Slano, D.ilmntla,
where his father. Layo Mlllc, owns mucri
pinpetty nnd Is Influential In politics.
('ursine In Letters.
According to one story received from
sources outside the Federal authorities
the data concerning tin- shipment of
immunltinn had no bearing on the Ku
ropi at? conflict, but related to shipments
i made by Mlllc or some one connected
with him to Mexico.
According to Mr Content, however,
tin- raid produced something more tan
gible In the cocaine mnuggling line, let
ters n nil other documentary evidence
taken from the lint tending to show th it
Mlllc bid pirfeeted tin- details. In a
smuggling plot by which In bad i ca
ll, d $:..'oii pioilt In a few weeks and
(xpi-ctcil to make about :.ri0.riOO a yen-
In lettets taken from Mlllc'. study
Cut in Phone Rate
Expected To-day
Compiiny to .Make $.1,000,000
Put nn Coiiimisinn Vnlun
tion, 11 Is Said.
After a meeting yesterday of the
executive committee of the hoard of di
rectors of the New York Telephone Com
pany there was every Indication that an
agreement will be reached to-day be
tween thn company and the Publlo Ser
vice Commission In the matter of a
13, 000. 000 reduction In tele phono charge
It was said that when John L. Swayre,
counsel for the company, goes before the
commission to-dny he will convey the
Information that tho company win make
the cut In subscribers.' tolls. It Is prac
tically assured also that the company
will accept the valuation of t52.00ii.OO0
placed upon Its projicrty by the commie
Hliin, Another point of ngieement, It
appear, will be thu indorsement by the
company of S per cent, as a fair le
turn on the company's Htock
From thn Information which came to
Tiik Si'N .vesterday the only (uestlonn
yet to be agreed upon by the company
and the commission ,'iro those affecting
the distribution ot the reductions In
HronLI'ii Ironworker Coiisi-Iimi
t'ntll 'ill Minute Itefore lli-ntli,
Clmrleri Johiihbert, 30, of 34ii Forty
eighth street, Ilrooklyn, lived seven
houi'H nflnr falling twelve stories down
the air well of the V. M, C A, building
under construcUon nt Hanson and Fort
Glii'iio places, Ilrooklyn, He was con
scious, until twenty minutes before he
Johtisburt, an Ironworker, lout hie bal
ance in eottlng o. Girder.
plies to nny warship or tender or
upply ship of a belligerent nation
iti violation of the obligations of the
I'nlted State us a nuilrnl nation.
In rase nny such vessel of
Aineilcnn register or llcen'e shall
depart or attempt to depart from
the Jurisdiction of the Fnlted
States without clearance for any of
Ihe pui poes above set forth the
owner or master or person or per
sons having charge or command of
such vessels shall severally be liable
to a tine or not less than 12,0'in nor
more than $10,000 or to Imprison
mcnt not to exceed two years, or
both, and, In addition, such vessel
shall be forfeited to the Fulled
That the- President of the Fnlted
States be. and he Is hereby, au
thorised ami empowered to employ
such part of the land or naval forces
of the Fnlted States as shall bo
neceary to carry out tho purpose
of this resolution.
That the provisions of thLs resolu
lion hall be rieenifd to extend to
all lands nnd water, continental or
insular, within the Jurisdiction of
the Fiiitid Stat.-.
I were found about lift) ounces "f co-1
I e line, said to have been sent from Alls-
trln through the malls by a woman nc- !
complice. Mlllc nnd hi alleged -agent, j
,'lustave Wahleek, irho has Just finished1
a term In the county jienltentl iry for j
retailing opium, were held In J5.000 bill I
each by Fnlted Slate Commissioner
I Houghton.
i Interwoven with what Is known er
Mlllc In financial circle here the In-,
j formation obtained by the Government'
I ifllcers makes a narrative bv no means I
lacking In the elements of romance anil
adventure Mlllc, edunted a a chem
ist, left his home in D.ilni.itla several!
years aco to i ngage In business In Lima.
Peru There he married the daughter
of the president of n bank What he
accomplished in a business way can only
he surmised from the r.ict tnat he re
turned to this city with the best of ref
erences from South American trader?, j
Dlaposaenseil From Office. j
Here he organized the Peruvian-Cha-1
mayro ltubber Corporation to take over
aige rubber plantations In Peru on
which he lad obtained oi'lon The
company was capitalized at JTnn.ooo
Mlllc sold stork, but, l! Is said, Imported
no rubber. Several mouths ago the
company w.t dispossessed from Its
olllrea nt HO Wall street for not paying
I L.-it October, the Federal authorities''
say. Mlllc conceived tho Idea of bringing
over Petati opium in bale of s.igu
! 'hipped from hi father's plantation in
t D.ilm.itla, Sage being if.i the free list
,thl foini of smuggling was more llk'-ly
I to escape the dctei'tlon of the Federal
t authorities. So much Is borne out. tin
. Federal authorities .iy, by the corre
i sisindcnco and pajiers found In Millc's
The opium. o the siorv run, was to
be slipped Into the sago hy the woman
accomplice, but at the l.i-- moment the
drug sellers on th- other side demand, t!
cash ror the unlum and MIIU- was unable
'to meet their ileniuid. He therefore'
started In a smaller w.iv, it !s said, hav
( ing the cocaine sent over In letters ad
dressed to Cliarlea G May at PI 6 Sixth
venue May it Is said, was ho all is
I used by his accomplice Wahleek 1
Suicide at Midnight
Near Post Office
rniilciitifioil Mnn Fires Two
Hullfts Into llcail
Stranuely Haiti.
i An unidentified man snot and killed
himr-elf a tew minutes after mid
j night till, morning In front of
j Ihe south entrance to the Post
I Olllce at Park How and Ilrondwuy.
I Policeman ropen of the Oak street sta
i tion was patrolling along Park How
j wln-ji he heard a shot He ran toward
1 the entrance to the Posl iiltlce and as
lie started the second shot rang out
I II" found the bod) of the man Iv-lng
Just outside the ewlngliig doni of th"
1 more westerly uf the two south en
' trances. Near him la) a 3 calibre re.
' vulver. Two earn tilgin had hern ct
j ploded and both bullets had gone Int i
! the man's Iliad. No one about ihe p.it
j Olllce km' A' him, although nun in two
I persons thought they had seen him in
jthe building Jut a few moments before
j th" shooting He was dead when th"
' policeman reached him,
' The liuiu appe ucil to be of in ihllfl
i nge. He was bald straight b.uil; from
th" fiiieiie.ul, although the hair on o'ther
sub- was iiille long He woie a cellu
loid nil. u, black bow tic and il-ir',
t'lnllie. He iips-attsl in h. ,i iii,
ehiiiil" of home sort Hi shirt and ua-ileri-loihing
were of good material
In his pocket was found a noteUsik,
on the identification leaf of winch noth
ing vas written Several addivsM'N
weio si i uown through th" bd'k The
flisi wis that of "Alexin il. r lliph, "4
Duller HI i el. Merden. Conn The
ilwdy vviuj t-Uu to iho Oal; i-trwl
citation, ,
Senate Amends and Pusses
Measure. Then House
Confcrenre ;,t White House.
Clarifies Emergency
Original Draft Indefinite
and Could Have With
held Food.
U'awiiikoton. Mnivh I (1 a. M.)
Tho Senate jinxsed at U':3i) o'clock
this morning n resolution gtnntlng a
request of president Wilson for bfoid
power. to enforce the neutrality laws
strictly, oven to the extern of em
Jilojing the land nnd naval force of
the Fnlted State if neccsi.il'v-
At 1.10 o'clock thl morning tl,
Ilotiso concurred In the resolution n
modified: by the Senate, tt will le
signed by the Pre.s.doni tlii morning
Th resolution, UrafK-il in another
form nnil sent to the House, by the
State Department, was of such a ven
crjl character that hiinie members ex
pressed tho conviction thai it would
permit the President to lay an en.
barg-o upon the exportation of foodstuff.-,
besides war suppltfv.
llurriril Through Mouse.
The tesolutlon was rushed through th
House, Representative t'ndetwood u
knowiedglng that be Intrortuied it i'p -tne
urgent request of the Stati Depart
ment and thai h was n-i t.nn I ,i
fnough with the purposes ot 'lie ;.'
i.-itlon to give thn Hou'e p-tails
When the resolutl- n reach, d the s ,
ate a, dlfTerince of opinion arose n 'he
Committee of Foreign Illations .et i,
scope of the jKniei conferred u,"in the
President. The retult was tin- Sena', is
Stone, Saulsl'iiry. Mvar.-or lion', at.d
Lodg'- were summoned to Hie White
House for a cuiifrteiir e with the Pre
dent as to the piujioses of tin. resolu
tion. They were eloeeted with t h
President until 11 3" u'ebs k When
they lift il was atiuoini. d th. tr.i
terial changes had been .igrnil iion n
th" phr.usi-olugy o! the n solution to
chTlfy Its intent
Hubert Lansing, . oun-eii,r ,,' ,i,e
State Depattinenl. who .ittei de.i tin
Write House ronf. renee. insisted t ' it
th" sole purpose of the re- luti'ui vvi
npjiareut on Its face.
lainstng tlvpliilns.
Th.e statement .is imnd uy M .
Lansing niter III" co'Uei'ie. -
"Fllller ilesenl coli'lUe'-iS in i !-i' t'.!
neutrality of the Futt, d shim s l(."g
or Is llk'i) tn be olatid bv t i- use of
any ol Its pints as a base nt opi ,i
. t loin thtough Hie furiilshlng til 1 u I
! arms and iiiiuiiuiiition to vaish.ps of
i a belligerent liat on th' .,i ly r, nn ,1..
j which the Fnlted St.ms ha-. Is the i"
, ventixe pow.i of tile PiiStilenl ill' I. i
constitution il niithii.it.!. to ni. t' '
laws and cjie.id to pnseive tin i,--i
tr.'ility of the Fnitel Stltes
, "T'.e object of tins Jmnt t - .'-it
, is to make the ad wh'h cnns'iiui' s
I violation of the 'ieuti.il nin g.itn ns "l
i this country a penal often e and also to
malm more dethilte by leg-sli'lv. . i '
I ment the right of th" Presi I, -it in
withhold clear nice In .ise it si nil ..p
pear that smh neutral nbl is i on
about to b violated
"The objict of I e eonl'eri nee at u
White House of the Pres'dent with t!
Foreign Ilel.itlor.s C.iirniiitt. c nnd M
l.anshiB was to consldi tins tesolutav,
land to muks ,-leai it' I ingnige "
, At midnight members "f 'he Senate
Foreign Ilelailuns I'otniritt.e hid re
turned to the Senate arid vine pi spar
ing to introduce the res I t'h'ii m 1h
: modified form
V niblunoilS, but Unshed.
Thn most I rin.-ii kaoi,- fia'tire ct f-
slluatlon was th. 'v ' te r legtsU1 on
of this vital character hhould hue l- "-.
' hurried to tho Capitol In tile c.ns-; ,
hours of Congress m a form so a n
blguntis as to cause gra" ib-wlit ,s t"
the character of t. povvois ..uvo-il
by It
l Am sism n the r.-seiiutn.n re i.-n rt the
Senate Senator Lodge and IP ni n
tl.iw In II, SOIIl" of wMiti tlv ,m
teil'leil would hi Uie t i gi.e .'i,-,i t
one or more of the belli.'' ici t. It w .-
noli d rbat Pii hlileni W I aii-.;
hliiisclf of th" nil vice f Sen. it. i- !:'.
and Lodge In the W'u:-- Hunt "
ference and It Is imd' i Hu'mI thu . n
jiortant ihnni-. s In phi i-.,mi,i,' y iv. o
accepted bv tin- Pieanletit at III ti s g
gestlon. even though S'llnn De-IM, ' it' '
nn tubers of th cninmlt'ee held ,n,,,
ing vt'vvs.
The most Itnpni'.ini i-h-.n-e ,'it. j 1
upon at the cnnt'ei enee I'l.iii-1 'n
piwet- glVo'l Pi the 1'iesiile I in 'li I
Inrelgu nierchaiM ns-ls iel "'
vli'laling neuti.it''! on tin sitne nn
lis belligeient !-lp, I 'iMllltg th'-li '
t.eies.,ii' This peov is'iin '! en H"
would be alinid inct'i i' tin' li ''
tiitmbee nf lit no hi i ,-ss. s i m h .,
In th" Flillcd State, poll -
f'lniisc lllluitiinlcil.
Senators Horn and i.o H"..ii'
the Me 1 honii n i: ' l. i -n ' ,ii I i
cffenie iin - u h I '
Niln-l' i i It ''.r 0
tinn i't Ins ii i i
Another l eoi.u k.un, 1. tore w,i t., .'
Iseerctary of Htaiv! Xhyait witb not pu

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