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Ttcai' of 01(1 SllOwllOlllC NoU'vIll
lir.M i iMiiiMMiiiiiuM ixtiuill
fur I ill lirnVi'mnn I Willi I
MM llll'IIOM IIIPIll Willi I
Til 1 1 liiiildinir.
tiiwiVV TJT nnre IV in. i l
Hlfl'.NA IJI.IM lvi l. lliali
Ti-e rear end of Wnllaek'n Theitre
. L,n L .. f
,t ",e portlirnut corner of Droadway
and Thntleth street, the business end ,
f I He si uciiire, which includes the stase I
ni'.-a many well known adorn and I
ni.. .i man) wen unown actor and
.-irr...e have performed, the dresslnc
rooms .tial the executive olllces, Is coin-
ing down
The l.ihl.ling Is too far out of the I
The mm. inn is ioo r out or tne ,
Hi, of modern theatres. The attra -
Hons of upper Hroiulway, iiwldc 1
from ilie.itres. are so- many that Wal.
i'i.,.it.. ham i.an f,.e nt
of the slm. On tb site of the Hlae.
..-.-. rnnm. ii. nl ,iltl,.. tvlilnli itrn ...
2 "'l imd S.I West Thirtieth street.
. '...iv. .tnrv bniidimr u.dii h .r. ,...t
h,. m,s rrjtal I'ablan Construe- "dlon. NeRotlatlons are pendlnB for 1 iroup lo oe ,.r(vted on a plot TOxlM
Hon fompaio. to which company the a r"",l of the property to a builder. "'J "' ('n" f i ?ec?.'.' f,vcml" nirln
property was sold ycHer.l.iy. The prop- w" Intends to improve wlrh a high ,?r Albermnrlc road by Uolftniter i l.nn
erty Is 70 feet wide and f,l deep, i class residence. borK ,of '1lnl"l,u"- Thf u"'llnB will
About Mi'V 1st, when ilinnvllle Harkcr's I C0, , .
"A .Midsummer Nlcht's Dream- and' nt'V l TIIK JKIHKV llll.l.x. t, ,. "1...y Mlrf ompany of
othr productloiiK. will have been pro- , Brooklyn. Alphonsc Klerek president
duced. a band of houi j wreckers will .. t-nrles 1-. Hassett of Short Hills. " 'cn Incorporated nt Albany, with
be sent at the icllc n. remove It for V , l'urchnsel the William N. capital of $100,000. to erect an amuse-
thf foundation which will carrv the i c, .r ' """'dence at Hummlt. N, .1., one ment bulldlnir, The company owns and
loft building, lHng & Hlnc bought this' ?' Ul? snuw P'ce of the city, fronting , operated the WHiltney Theatre, at Myr
property recently from the Trcbllg I on Su"nlt avenue, 600 feet nvenuo and Fresh Pond road, and
Realtv Company, which Is C. 1. 11. till- I on "'dge road snd .100 feet on Kern- the proposed building will nbut the
brt tho architect, touether with the I woort roai1 The property has been held rear of that, property, having frontages
leasehold on the auditorium end of the ' al $100,000. of 107. 33 and 220 feet, with a height
thAtre. This leasehold has about four! "f I'ayn Mel Merrill Company, of four or five stoi les.
years to run, This part or the theatre , " soia ror Jacob .Schuster, Jr.,
nill probably be uted for photo plays, ' a buyer, for Improvetnelt a one
TJie buyer gave to Blng Hlng. the 1 n;i" ncre plot fronting on Hrook lane
atllrra, the twelve mory loft building ! nni1 Wlldwiiod avenue, Llewellyn Park,
at 122 to 120 West Twenty-sixth street,. West Orange. N J.
rected by Crystal s Company in 1912 ,
on a plot 47x98.9. It has been held at.
$435,000, This building, with the Thlr-
tlfth street srtte. means an Investment .
of $$00,000. If the value of the new
building is considered the deal amounts '
to $1,000,000, Hell Stern negotiated '
t.- ns: ivpis. nnnVT , ,.
wiiuam n. uneseorougn ana nis an-
aocUtes In the Alliance Realty Company
,MrU -o well nf th. futl.r. of th InnVr
William H. Chesebrough and his an-
T rom. avenue section o? Thf Ilronx
llv th. rnM ih.t II.. nn rtrA
r.ear Grand Houlcvard and Concourse,
that thev made a speculative purchase
thrre yesterday of a tract of land In-
,-ludlng about nlnety.flve lots. In this
eu,.,. ti.. i.,.i nt
I.. 'I.J t,,v ..,,.. -, I.....IJ
- oincr
operators and builders who have,
uy ..lei. tiuiLiitiwa iiiiiiiv i.i(? .i.i.i
of the lower end of the Concourse the
most a. t.ve spot 111 the greater city's
real tate market It was a transac
don w.thout trade '.ature that Mr.
Chetebrough's company closed for the
fxtcl'tivc holdings of Henry Malllard.
the rinh avenue candv man, now a
refldcnt of Krancc. The lots front on
Iv the Concourse, (lerard nnd Walton ave-
uos. beU.-cii ln.tli and l7th streets
o- L.mt I'liVb I'trect and on .M.-CUIIan
au i'.K I'l'o.ci' of thlf property was
mad. larg.'i.v bcaufc of iwo nearby
itatl ns of tlie Jerome avenue ub-
sav cirtis:cti 01. Itlwr avenue, at ir.;.l
and 1'iTi'i !re".s. the former a Joint
.'..r.ot. w ih the Wet Side Manhattan
rV.ate.l o...l. The property line, been
o et t.) Hi. Ma.l.ard family for more
Lh. fll,t. I'''",'; i,'i"K 1,,,,':".ac,J"1,1Ml
by Mi M.ullard's mother In 1SS4. While
no ai.nuiiMi-emenl was made of the dls-
poiltiun of the property it Is nulte likely
that t'u , otr.p.iii.v ill holil.lt for resale
-o ladders for Improvement. That
I'rl .in
now; flic e.-en." of conslden.ble
bill d i.g netlv 'y, lll.fi
if.iiv i), 111.1 . ..paruncitiK
lie 'ig c.ei t, .!, In expectation of a bis
den' id to result from the opening of
he .Icr .tiie avenue line
W il,,im II. ("hcfcbrough also has pur-
rKuk..l r.n. l,n .,.... VVMIIn. L-
Have-never ts mterot in twenty-soven
lots ftoniing on Jerome avenue, facing
St Jane. P.uU. beginning 701 feet south
0.' K ge.br dee ioa.1, The-c lots have
frontage- 1,-. Jerome avenue of 2Sfi feet
rortb of 10;, stiect and IlSn feet south
or -,-ai Mren. I ney are iiiiimprovcii.
The elevated extension of the new sub-
rraj- Mjateui ivvill h.n.' 11 station at Kings-
hri.lg. ro.ul or 191th Mreet. These lots
'fcrc H. nu"e.l b. t. loromo liarnard
Aso.- atrs. 01 wn.cli indicate lllinm
P Ihucinever way a member about six
vfar. hev are locate.) at grade on
he west side of Jo- mi.- avenue They
Till he of,'.. e.l to builder. The consld-
f-a' 'i a. ash, there being no ele
mei "f ii.lc
niiKiin- vpvit i viiin i -in:.
I'ec K On mt has sold for Dr. Walter
J ' laiko lo the County HiiKliiHcring
Cmipaii) t!ie plot. ."iiixHO, nt the nnrlh
eat corner of Fur: .Washington nve
nne and if,Dth utrret Pavid ri. Mc
C''nell .m atlorncv, represented the
b'lvers The new owners will erect a
f "'ni' lintihc, Mr. Oteittt has pro
ci e,l a I'dil'ling and permanent loan
'' 'l-e lm Iders.
WPvr ,:!) STKIIKT -Harris A Vau
c a- Jiave sold for the estate of
H. .. i;:'l-iiaii jr..-, West rif'j-M...
nt d street, a the niory Hat with stores,
nn lot 26x100 f.. between Tenth and
Fe"ventli avenues.
RABT 42D STnEET. Harry Ixvy has
oid ror the Margaret M. Lynch es
r.asi e oriy-seoona street, a
fhe story' tenement, on lot 28x93.9. !
The selling family owned the property
Ii. 1892. The Lynob estate eold 35
ently to flustavn K. Happier.
EriT 1031) HTIIEKT Knnls fllnnott '
have bough' through John R. David
1 It David- '
on from the Service nealty
in Went 103il atrcet. a five
" I'd oi oxmi, near .-lou-ii main
.,. "" '
UriHT 140TII STIIKKT, Thomas A- Son
nH . sold for Karle C. Bacon the three
dwell'ng at 470 West 140th
' er-. on lot k00. ,
I'f'l MllllIN IKU'LKVAHD-- Arnold,
" a iiaiimnnn hnvn noli for 1 01-
' k 11.Ne.11 the nort iweHt corner
P ict.i Itniilevuril and lSSil Htreet.
"B on Ilronx Park, a five Htiy
i""i-c "ii pun .i.iai 1 1. 1 in-
' 1 h an investor wh.y houcriit on
"'.'Mi'i'n'h, J,ro;,r-,
" "might the hoiiM about tn
' ' ago
V.U'.NMN'K AVKNTK Jacob nclcl,
" so. to Peter Ooretl for Invest-
"' ' "170 and 'Jii74 Valentine avenue,
" ; mv, Ntor. trpements, each on plot I
' 1
elHlHF. sll Foil OUT IIOVIi:.
' i a, i.. for a home which lie will
' ; daughter, U. Waller Hark
i ad. pi, !t has purchascil from
' ' V I Itergen Hiid Mm Amelia
an a plot at the corner of th.,
Ii, , ",' 'htv.second Hlieet.
" '"'"'"IK I"" "'.'I nil Ulf ruau
fei nn the Htreel. It Is oniv
it-. i
M e
I '
'"nn Ihi. beginning of the f're:i
Club grouints. ("nrneliUH Vim
acid .in broker. The ilriuglit.'i'
"ii ii,, iilol ivns purchiiM'il in
i t -I., i 'lull, tvliD m to lm mill's
U P mn Pri'iilli o Willctn of
rillttii.is, (l r.,,, A)i ( OH VI 111
, 1 1 if l I Huge has stnrled fore
e.c - n "e. ii ing against the Ken
I Hilling at the, northeuHt corner
of ViUU mcnue nn.1 Fifteenth street, n
iiJ'Tt W'r8l",ood "''V Company, with
the M. M. Haywood Company of New
. ,. -uiif, ran-
"IhUiir of 'mi old residence nnd a laree
i plot with a frontngej of 238 feet on Wood
, rnrr nvenue. 204 feet on St. I'aul place
nnu juii reel on l-nrhslrtc avenue. In
part payment two high elans sixteen
u,lnll npnritnetu noimei just tielng
completed by the MIIlcr-Herss Henlty
Company, were given. The buildings
are on the east side of Argylo road, Ih-
iWfe" Cntmi anil Church avenues, hav-
'"S frontage, of 106 feet. The! deal
nggregnte-, $S40.U00. The builders will
erect modern type apartments on their
,l,romc Property Corporation has sold
,,0,rth MTfeX bplwcen ,
vtld yovetitli avenues, a threes story and
basement, brick and stone, ritvrlling, on
lot 20x100, for W. K. Corrlgnn of Hook-
lo'Kp' ' client, who after altera-
tlons, will make It his home.
IH.OCK OF Vn.VKPlin I OT1 not n
, ... ! ......
C. J, l-.lear has sold for Wl Ham
0"trow to a cjlent the entire block
consisting of twenty-two lotji bounded
''v Orrenvale. Illllsldn and Chase ave-
lilies. iU Tonkcrs llelxlits. u residential
TVAcnrn mn .
llnlldlnar, I.nfta nn Stores Killllto nve rooms with bath,
ki.ii, .--. . I
' ' " " ,
. "-narles h. Noyes Comuanv has
leased the second tw k,
Hulldlni- Tft in It l.'... ... .
"i llrtii ng. 3 0 to 3 81 .erry street, cor-
1n i.nfhVr. ,t. . . . , i
1n i.nther- itan n .ti
,?n . v ,w.i . V 1,1 rl n?
V.P. '. "Pteln. and a floor at 116
"a,"rn ,H"le to Jam C l-
AlDCrt J. .MOOre llflS leaJUil th. mtnrm
at 2u u"t Forty-second street to Oil-
''"rt bVeedman nnd the store at 744
avenue to Charles dropper for
a '"m of three years.
ui.i . t . .
.-.UIIl-3 1.. 1 rs.TWr 111. I.iba
first loft at 4r. Klehth .nv.n... -,
s.lll A: i.imnun.
i-nrn .. f.. . , . .. ,
r.nn 0f ''" I"',,n' lewntl'
, fL k t m ct I en,'-flf,h "rect
' loak (.ompany,
Larsteln A; Linncklii have leased pace
, , 1 , "'Oidway to M. Suskind & Co.; a
,0" ln West Thirty-ninth street to
L-mdnuer & IVrl . otllces In .120 Klfth
avenue to Sidney Webster. I'nlteil
ocs .tinnuiacturers nistrlbutlng Com-
Pny, Carleton von Valkenherg, Jacob
O - 'I'. Kazno Kawagurlu. King. Osd"n.
1 vell & Pay : also "47 Klfth avenue of-
!'c" to La Hose, Hr isjler Company anil
to Jo-ph 1:. H.i?r, represented by
Stephen 11. Tyng & Co.
H. W. Krumwlcdc. Jr.. lias rented for
a tenii of years to Louis Qu.mroniani
the store at 19D3 Seventh avenue and
to (I'orBf Commlnel the corner store at
2197 Seventh avenue,
ci.irk T Ch.,.w. 1 .
,leorKl. D. Sherman 10 August Hock.
,... ... .i..iii,. , ,a- m..,.
nun 1 r a term o: twenty-nne years
with renewal This building adjoins Mr.
Ileckscher'H proper!) on Madison avenue
antl I-'orty-feceiid street, giving him a
frontage of 7." feet on Madison nvenue.
with an outlet on Forty-second street
Plans were recently tiled for n twenty
"T '""''ling to oe erected on thl prop,
Jvckscher & De Smiles and Frank
lx filler were associated as broker-
NHW IHlMi: I'DH ul, I) llAltlx."
J. Arthur Fletcher has leased for the
i.'n.i.r .i t.-. ... ..
lKi,wui MihnK at 110 West
Forty-fourth street to Peter Da Praia
for tctl (,ar! at nn !iKKrvl..M rental of
$r.0.00 After extensive alterations the
,,i.,r m i)0 0c. jr,ie,l a the "Old Maria"
restaurant. foiWly , onducted . hv Da
,,,,., nt jo-.io;. West Thirty-eighth
ti:nvn'i roil crri iiofm:..
Shnw A Cn. have leius, .1 for the Ham
ilton Holding Company the thr.o story
and li.iM'iia'iit dwelling ut 41 Weft
I2Mh Mlect to l)"r.i A. rxiwnlng.
The lloiigbtoii Company hits leased
for the llfiiii.wHy It.tilty Company tho -
four story and basement dwelling nt 4 7
Wet i;igluy-,ic.conl Mrcot to Margaret
Ii. Uatcy.
A. ti. Thompson has leased for S
(LilltiHu the tluee story dwelling nt
227 West lSlfi street to Charles It
Taylor for three venrs.
I 'tiger A- Wateon have leased tbn
tlinv storv ii ml liasemrnt dwelling at'
' ... Hast Flfty-'e"t stie.t for a term
of vears to Thomas Wells for Solomon
Ii 'k .Iiti
Herman Frankfort haa
rented to
1 r o i. J " 71
th property of Miss Sadie Dnvls, on thn
northeast corner of Central avenue and
Oalc atreot. Woodmere. L. I.
nrj.lin I, Kennelly has. leaned for
'."f 7in- lT1'
Stiiunchiie1.l - Touii9H.lnt place at Pur-'
t,lmsft ,, town of Hnrrlson to Carl
H, Hatldebrock, vlce-presld-nt of tho ).
,,' Urrin ,,,! Company Th. place
,.on,Ht. of twerity-llve ncre with dwell.
n an,i oulauilillllgs and is situated at
,,. lomtlon of Cottage road and Pur-
chase street opposite the estate of Will-
lam A. Head The lease is made ror
tiirye yearn with the option of purchaa
jjig the property .luring tnni lime,
i.-...itietli Ives A- Co. hnve rented In
,,yc for .rank Unnlels his houn on the
0(, uoston post road lo Paul P I lean
unfprnloheil for a term 111 year.x ror
... n i.,run,i h.e rnslilence nn 1.1.
,o :,orKe H,r,"", "?tir
lllKlfN rr a term of yeiirs. nnd for
0nn v Sterling th" Purely llousa
m, tho Hoh.oi, Post road Ic , Paul W
Alexander unfurnished for a term of
Tlle Wes.cheMer Land Exchange hat,
Ituae.l for the summer the O. I. Wood
rerldeitie to Lester .MIIIUu. me nouse 1
I. ..1 1.17 Fisher avenue In tha Scars-
.Ule eMa.er ' Vlw VinTirt ll." fo, mrr .
lolilisloii property on 1 cnirai uv.iiur,
" , ' ' .lohn .,. KimVP
vrlt VV. 11. Welsh. inaiiHg
, ,u..,..w 0,,iily stores, has leas.
, SlMrliile llnt.Ues a rCHlden.
rillmorc Court. ( IreenacrcH.
.....,.,, ,,,,1 ..,,1 vt.rl,,l Com.
.11.- HUT""'' ...... . ......
puny tlMH leascil lo the Auto-Aero -supply
Company of White Plains all of ll for-
nier hulldlngi mnl Kroutirls, which hi i
to he iMiiitcileil into Rtiircs ami olTlce".
Tho picH.nl lillll.lllig Ik opposite the
inilrii.il station iku.'i. II 1h oil the
coiiici or Martini avenue mnl Ibink
r-ticei The Iossccm me .'iinlilei Ing plans
for llin erection of a Iwo slory billlil.
Kcnnclh IveH A Co, have lewised fur
.1 II McCullougll llin property known
lis White 1odgf, on HloaUwgy, Irving.
ton-oti-Ilurtson, eonM-IIng of a lame I
" - '-r.
The four utorv dwelllm- nt ii
IVrty-feventli street In to lie made over
Into n Moro nnd loft liullilltig nve Morlen
lilgli nt nn estlmMe.1 cost of JlO.onn.
, Tim entnte of Miiry ! lM.lv l. the
inr. nenrge. a nmi uenry Hoehm nre
the architect.
rorn sew itito.vx riai.
Plana filed yeMentnv In Tim Ur.
' lencineum. to cost
n.?' Thp J'cnry K. A. Wolf C'ompanv
"c" n,anR 'or tw 1c story flats for
P'"'. 40x94.10 and 42x!! repectlvely,
?" 'I,n WCHt Hl' of Creton avenue.
J-3 north of Kordham road, at a cost
of '10,000, from plans by the Tremotit
Architectural Company. Morris Kllver-
"'' wl rect a live story flat at a
cost of $..0,000 on a plot 50.9.". on the
west sldo of Prospect nvenue U'O feet
norlh ot Tremont avenue from plans by
"n''ner Ooldbers. A five storv flat
nMch wllr C0!" $42,000 In planned for
! Vot 6?.x!M,,l . on ,ho Ilnrlh " "'
t'rotona Park North .117 feet east of
, Prospect nvenue by the V. II, Hulldlni:
, ComPnh'- S. Hoenlrc president, by
Charles R Meyers.
HKO.nnn ri.ATIIt Sll AP IITMK.VI'.
Pl.ins aro bclne nreimied bv W. T.
i -i-i.iirui for n four story apartment
Hobert E. Adolf of Jamaica is nlan-
nlng to build a four story apartment
i bouse on Union street. Long Island
City, at a cost of $100,000. It will ad
join the League building and will con
tain thirty-five apartments of from two
. ,:Yurra-v . 'raxpayws A-socla.
llon wl" mcel tn"' evening In tho aud -
torurn of PllbIlc. Scl)0o, 4, , n,
i-orty-sccoml street.
IIHOKKtlA OP. X(lil,
llOWeil t'emn. CParlCS I. IVrrl'l
nd Wlllinm H. M11L. who have been
!" ,n' r'"' "tale business for a num-
WT of S"" at 30:1 KUth av""". hae
removed their otllces to the Transit
Hillldlng. . I-.nst lortv-se.-ond street
- - - -----
Public Offerings Veaterilny In linn.
tiHltmi, 'I hi- Ilronx nmi llrooUl)...
Hv J. II. Mayrrt
I.ILSINC.TON AV. 2011. . ,, ;i
st. 14 f.xf.0. 3 sty tnmt Corn i:xeh.ingt
Hank net Nathan Dreetn el al. due.
31.674 fi 7 . taxes, ftc, $1.;:, sublect to a
lire! mtge of 18,000. idjniirr.ed to March
Hy Dinlel C.reenwal.l
14 1ST 8T. 117-135 W. n s. 275 w l,.no
..v. 250x99.11, two sty Hats. n;j ,t.
1 4S-I5S W, s . 100 e T t ll a, 199.11 tn
lllft st (137-145) xl2;x99.1U;599.11
in st xl50. two i tty flats Sheriff's .ale
of all right, title. 4c. which Kranur
Contracting Co had on June ;i, 1S13, or
tlnce; to the platntlir. H (J llernhar.lt.
for $J0.
Hy J II. Mayerr.
nPHKE AV. w f. whole front ht Hru
nrr and Wl.kb.un av. joovion Ilurke
av. r s. whoi- front let Ilruner and
Wl'kbiLiu .us '.'OOx.iwn is u ireger agt
II Ii llliler et al. mtion I due J;. ISO..,.,,
lav.f. A,'. 11.T6e.V9 to 'he plaintiff for
t-.. .en ii. er prior liens
Wli'KHAM AV. n f. 300 Ilurke av.
.Oovin.) Ilruner n. s 300 e Ilurke
av, lOAxldO Same agt same, artlon 2.
due 13.051 71. tax.'f, Ar. tlMl.tS. lo the
plaintiff for $1,200 over prior llent
lly D. P Imtraham A
.-T I. VWItPNl i: AV. liJI w ,. 31, .
Walker iSxl. -aleorglantia M.Don
niig'i agt .VI A Carter, due 'I.1.V7.2I.
tax.s. .v. $ij. ..b to .. prior mtg or
$.1 "'10. i , the piamiin fur $3.:;.
llv WlllUin P. Has
MllTHOp.ll.lT VN AV. n r. .'4.11 e Vander
virt a. run. r, 271 lo to r 1 Dleklnenn
el x w In . 1 V andervoort av x n l0x
lliix . not n ;',x 1 30s. n .', tn i I
Calhoun st . w 131 1 lo Morgan av v
to roe Mnrgft. av. 21,.'. I lo i I Dl, k.li
son n' s ..v i e 55 I tn bey, except
pirts re'e.ise.1- Mutual Life In. Co of
i agi .M.irun r.aitineis,.n cneiniral Co et
al, m
c 11 .'mllh for 5.'0,4J0 over lave
rtni.iui.lii.u t, Si lvl.:?
Til VTPOI.D AV, .. e, (Ii 1
Libert v iv,
it act II Ii
I i IlM.o .1 Ii Si huelt et
ep.nt r: .i. to ine p'alnlltr tor I.. ill. 31
LOTS 131 . 11.'. h.k 7291- l: II ill.) ngl P.
Sluu. lo .1 I..ngan lor $:i,) over a
mtg of $fo.
D11AN sr s. t21 4 e ston av I9ln7.:x
Irrec; al-o Dean st. j,. f. g e Mon. av.
7I.7V10I 7 irre Slierlrf's mile of all
right, title. .Sc. whl, 1, c CorraJo et a!
ll id on Feb 21., 1911. or fill, e. to the
city for $2u0
Hv James 1,. Hrumlev
WAHWJCIC ST. e a, 170 n Sutler at. 20x
90 Dim. Satinet Hank of Hkltn agt I.
Ilornwlii et al; to the plaintiff for 13 coo
HL.S'ltY ST. w f. 0.' 7 n liegraw ft. .Ox
is 0 So Hkltn Savings Ins nKt A Menle
et al, tit .1 Martlnlno for $i:.:o.
SVN'US ,f ii 1 sr. h e .la v i. 25x120 -r
V. H.irke ii-. p I, Cook e, al to p I,
I 'oak fn! t I mo
Hi Vt I M t'h.i ia nv ,t Co
i"ii)Sl'i;. T av n e. . o ft . . ,, , t, av
. v'jl Uv.'VxHT 9 investing Asmcatef
at:' Am, a A McKeon et al. action No 1.
I'lMUPKCT AV. n s. 225 ft f a 10th av.
25x90 1x28x93 It Came agt same, action
No 2: to the nlalntlff 1600
PHORPIiCT AV. n a. 160 ft 10th av. 25x
..Bxjbx.v ,-iame avt same, action .so
1: li the plaintiff 1400
pnb.lPKCT AV, n i. 126 ft a 10th av, 25x
7 8x16x74 10 Santa ngt asms, action
thoy'av? ."a' ?7 '."piatVanda .v.' '"2
100 Isaac W Hherrlll agt Max Spector
nulidlng Coet al: to tha Title Ouarantea
and Truat Co...
lUTLEDOK ST. a. 4411 ft n e Marcy av
K,au0b0e7,,?"i,. theF"p,!a.n.t5, W
E 3i)iT ST. w- a. too ft n Hnyder av, DiHx
100-Rt John'f Iloman Catholic Church
In the City of Hrooklyn art IMw Me.
iVit moHgaVe ofl 235
rjATi:s AV n , :r,o ft w Held av. 20xioo
Minnie y.aihlel ngt Herman Moschkot Hit
' ' to ihe plaintiff . I5.90O
"' Nathaniel Hhuter
" ':','''" . .
(larder, exr, aKt Margt Peteraen et al,
to the pi nl n 1 1 rf 13,000
,m:w 11r.Ai.TV rnni'on itio.vs.
The following realty rorporatlona wera
.bartered at A'bany yesterday;
Hollls-lieiiaire iteai iiftate ivtmpany,
irx. rt$ti sViir.&wsh
,ierKo n. Huriman, New York city.
Meni'tidex ilealty Corporation. Mnnhat-
'J '
N jU;n A, tlrtiat Nw yorI ,.ltj
Leona Ileally Corporation. Manhattan;
plul. I.LOOO; ,1B Il.tM KlHn,
Nl.. Vlrh r,.
j i n. nulidlng company. The Ilronx;
capital, ISO.oiiO, directors, John Laaplna,
Mtnnln Holding " omjiiri). Inc., Ilrook-
lyn capital 'i'i, .itrectors, peter I
llrrnweill, nrinir.ijii .-...niiti'i .iiiiusiein
In. Newtiiark. New York ilty
F. A M, Construction 'otnnany, llrook-
yni capital. 1 1 .000 . deeiir, lU bis ea
Kaiser, .viirrns itniscr arm .tiux tvaiser,
llrnoklyri, N. T.
Il.ieceor tinairiiciioti . ompany, .tor
Vnrk city; capital, 19.000; directors, Ly-
man Heaa. 'I helms .Infie ami Sidney Vr-
1' N,'w Yor l".
in F AV u w h" -vib si James I' Hi'
,'"t' '' l"'"'1 '" "'' '"t.l1"1-'
.,,T,' 301 W American Wood 1 arpe'l
Flooring Co agi Ileniy c Copoland el al
.nN'TOOVMiilY ST, 36 .17 llllna St" PlV
r.er agt Hebrew Kindergarten A Da)
Nuraery et al, Aug 21,, 1914 1100
(With nsme and addrens of Irnder nd
Mtlnrney If attorney's name I? omitted
address party ef second part )
fHouth of Fourteenth it )
.MAIDIIN' I. ANT.. 51-S. n e s. St.ix Irrec
x 18S IMw A Xehtnlilt to Moro Do
Moro of Incatestone, lissex Co, F.ng,
inte 1300.000, Mnr I; atly. Clinton (lac.
f.'i It K Trust IlldR, 1'hlUdrlphla, Pa.,11
MdVtmi: HT, 30. s i, s;s. e Caiharlne ft.
IxIC.lxsr.xlOS S Vlncenio llajnrdl,
.M.inroe at, to Vlncenno llajardl, private
luinker, & Monroe el, mtK $94,000, I'eli
. . ... i ,.VtS', J ruI'; .w. ",'1 "
!x e ;;x n 3x e ls..1x n 16.1 to bf
llnht Kninmel to Ilenrlettft Kommel. 1S70
i Vii2?. ?.V,.m" V''n5, .Mnr 4i ",l.vJ
Chas tl Knti to Inhn II XVfnilrll of
Irvington. N V, Mar 17, 1908: atty, i Ilorouth of The Bronx )
. ...,;:0"S!i,'ll-3, l'rk ."?"' $33,00 WASHlNtlTON .AV, a e cor l6th ft. 49x
..IV..1 " 2:i tJelancey it, I M. Academy Conttn Co. Inc. to County
.'4pxl00j Lewis st. 6-6. e s, 176 n Holding Co. 100 Ilway, Mar 4, 3 vr. In
lielaneey t, 50x101 Conrnd It Pchmltt terest as per bond: attys, Merrill A It.
to Adam P Hrluiillt. 1046 Falls ft, Feb' 100 Hav . ' $41,000
26: attv. 1? X Hlaf.r. 17r, Itirav 11 Iwiomvilrnv kt . . ift . ir.r.tt. . Jtfv
"!..ST "..' w . 24,7 n w Av 14,
24.4XH 1.1k lly Hohweltier to Helen,
Ills wife, 7 ft Nlebolaa av. mtg $2C-
lion, rti r, t and I, Mar 4 atty. Augutt
Knatr.. 6 Prince at It
Kast Klile.
,t., , P,,lh . ' ,.
(Last or Fifth s. between fourteenth
. . .. 1
'".H0 t6' w " 15 n 1I,h ' J,x
'00. 1 Lstrr l.ainrun, ref. to Thos W
Mining, 1 K 39th ft, et at. Mar 4; attyf.
l'lnck, C tt II If Liberty ft .,.$34,000
!!D ST. 335 B. n f. 160 w Ut av, 26x
77 9- Therejs Well and Sophia Mayer to
i.i-r.ii. tvaiiimniin, itio ..eiinaion av,
b and e, all llent, Fb !S attyf. Well
A Majer. 6 lleekman a t . . . .$100.
SAMK I'llopKltTV -llerlha Kaufmann to
Tlieres. Well ntul ano, 21 V. did ft, b and
. all liens, l'b !S, atty, same. .1100
2STII ST, s , ISO e Madison av 20.10X 1
9.9- Kllen Carroll to h.lra of Francis
Carroll, o. e, Vb 24, 1909, atty, I'h'lan
Il.jle. ! Wall ft l
ITII ST, f s. 160 w 3d av. 20 10x100.6
Saml l.lliman to Falrbush l.lbman, 110
I slth s! Jan 14 attys. House, O
. 115 llw.iy i
SAMK PftOPi:nTV ltachael Corday el al
lo fame, Jan 2: atty. ame. .. .11
7311 ST. 223 K, n f, 275 w 2.1 av, 25X
to;: Annie M Chtlstl. to Louisa O T
lloynton. P.Hfantllle, N Y. mtg 112,000
al: II. ns. Mar 1 otty I. T T Co.
l0 llwny J100
IniiTII ST 119 K. n . 161 4 w Lexington
..v. 1 loo.ll Mlchl II Hart to Harry
H flallncrr. 66 W 14lh ft, nit 11 500.
Jan 2i. atty. ilrant Soulres, 299 Madl
von av $loo
SA Mil PltOPLHTY Harry II rtallnger tn
Mnrj i.uta 109 Freeman ft, mtg I. 600.
M.ir 4. nttv. fame 1100
I07TII ST. 320 K. f s. S26 w 1ft av, 2Sx
100 11 Vincenio Ilijardl. 4 Monro, st.
to Vln.rnzo llnlanlt. private, hanker, i
Monroe si. mtg H6.000. Feh 23.... $1
1ST AV. . f. SH 4 n 109th ft. 37 6x9t
Vlncenro Ualardt. Monroe ft. to Vln-
cen-o llajardl. private banker 6 Monro
ft, mil: 7,b;i. .iii liens, i ett Z3.
Wett Side.
iW.jt of Fifth av. between Fourteenth
and 110th !.)
27TH ST. 507 W. n f. 125 w 10th av. 2Sx
91 9 Warren Iflle ano to Alda T
Tagllavla. 69 W 71th ft. mtg 131. 00O,
i en niiy, jno J uoDinson -3; lirena
w .iv ...
3 IT It ST,
.! r -in av .ixsi 1.
l. M.Vlr" 'vo".'l' . ? 11
K llt t .via- 4 atlv. Albert .1 shaw
ls i: list ft 1100
'Manhattan Island notth of HOlh st .
119TII ST. Ii f. .'5 w l.enox av 20x100.11
Jacob A Wolf. ref. to Chas It Iwerre.
Jr. A- sno. exrs. 1S1 Hlverslde Drive,
Mar 1. ativs. Thompson. K A; w. .'5:
Ilway ... ... .... $16.00"
130T1I .T 23 P. n s. 242 e 5th av. lf.x
99 11 Chas 11 llut.er e( al to Johanpa
Melfger. 23 V. 130th t. mtg $7,000. q ..
IVh 27. all). Chas Mrtxger. 23 K 130th
tree: . . 1100
MIST ST. JiJ W. s i. 267..; e nth av, 17 .x
nill v m 1 Snorborg, rrf. to Jno
ll.K.liir. :''. i: loth st. I'eli K. attys
str: A Phillips, 113 Pulton st ,$i,ooo,
I'ullT WASHINGTON AV, e s 12 5
Kch st. 21 7x', 2 rimm.l I. O'Nell t al
,. Count) Krilneerlng Cn, i. Chureh ft. ,
Vlir 3. ntty. T O Co. I7 llwny... . II ,
l.iItT WAMIUNC.Trcx AV e f. 1S2 1
Uh ft i( llx6.: Annie K Clarke to,
-cue. Feb 2S. atty. same ..111
, norouf h of The Bronx )
ITII ST. n s. so w Orand av. 14x100-
II n-.is Hayes to Wm H lla)es. 174 17
71. t st, aux 27 1912; atty. Wm 11 Ilityes.
!7 i: 71st ft $100
PLOT I.eKlrn 105 e Av st John and 97 n Fox
st .'.x'. Av St John A: Kox St Corps
a 1 52.1 Si Pontr Co. sl Tlnton av.
.Vlh 3. attvs, Kantotrltr A K. 120
in. a-. . ...II
VV..F. V. 1145. w s, .'0x100 -Philip Bp
- n to Morris J Irvine lt46 Vvie at
eg $' jn". Fell 21 apt .' i A 1 Ct
:.. II' a' $10"
.'PIVITV AV. 91. e , II 1ii I -Hl.e
ll,. ln to Dldor Linger. 700 Trinltt at.
Titf VJ.500. Meh 1 attv. A O Ktnt. 170
llw.c ...$100
MVPKS AV. w t. 14.3 f 110th at. !l 2x
115 2 Sarah (ilu.'k to Ifaa. Ooodstetn,
.10 vv 119th ft, Pet, ; atty. A II Schwari.
130 Fulton rt II
FPI.TON AV 1326. e e, 50x200 3 John W
Cornish Conrtr Co to Patk J Dunn. 13J4
Pulton av. mtg 162.000, Meh 3. attv. T
.1 a- T Co. 17'l Ilway Kxchang.
177TII ST. f f. 5" ! w Southern Until. 2I.X
ton -Atinle Matthi.s to Wlcklow 111.1
Cn. lm, V79 Southern Houl. mtg $1.
..-(. Mrh 3. ..t:v T (J A T c,i 7
llwav $100
177TI1 ST. s a. 7i- I. w Southern Iloul. 25
HIO--.Ieronie Ulsner to VVKklow Hide Co.
In.. Meh '.' mtB $5,000. attv, T C. A T
Co $100
2D AV. w s. .160 s Walnut st, 26 1x100
Chaf (I Anderson to Ida c Anderson.
'.-.3' Morris nv. Pen 2. atty. c A Og
den. 119 Hw-av .... $1
2D VV. s. 326.11 s Walnut a, 25.1x100
Sime to fame. Feb 20. atty, same $t
Cl INTON VV. ll w c 179th ft. 25x100
I'.niit II lletgmnn. ref. to Pr.dk Weln
.1.19 St Ann's at. Meh 3 ally. I. T A- T
Co. .;o Ilway .... . ..$4,211
OHVNIi Hlll'l. X- CONCOPHSi: f e ,
'.'OJd s: tr. Sxton -lltnrb IM1H to Itotit
P. .1 I'nrcoriii. 3:1 t'nlon t, Hk'.yn, mtg
III "in. M,h 3. attys, Itushni'ire. II A
S 10 Wall t ... . tl
LOT 3, Idk D. map Itore I.yon Nober'
lloblllnrd to Jos Wenner. 312 VV 37th st,
Jan 30 attv. Jos Wenner, 312 W 37tll
.1 1100
Sll Kill DAN AV. f f, 200 s 147th St. 210
in ilr.nd Ilouletard nnd Concourse x
34" to MeCMellan si. x 30O..136 Fannie
r. Slaltery to Tredk V Calder. 400 Itlver
side Drive, et al. 1-3 of psrt. mtg
$51 oon jn 27. atty. II S Mansfield
.7 Cedar fl . . .1100
SAVIi: PItOPF.HTY Xante lo Lillian K Pn
..r 3i,3 W .'.1st rt 1-2 of , pt mix
IM onn Jan attv s.ii.i.' Ilo.i
OM'.UiV AV s ;,,) n 2ich st 6"xton
i: ti-'r-ion P lennitifts. Ir to c-irollne
V I nrltigs '. VV X .1 Ph ft line l00
Ian 1' atty Caro Ine A Jennings .'oil
W 160th S' . II
KKI.I.Y ST. 734 e e, 26x100 .lOf .1 Kelly
o P J Huldg Co. inc. 1179 so jicAiievaru,
mtg $5,500. Mar I. atty, F .X Kelly.
60 Willis av
. 1100
4th pt. 34 4x
e Itltv Co
nAlNniUDOK AV. n w cor l4th
104 1 Jaa-ob Marx to Valve TUty Co.
170 H road way. mtg $1,400, Mar 1; attys
Cahn A P. 404 E 14tth ft 1100
PnOBPDCT AV. wr a. 14b n lllat at.
1B0 AddJe M XVoolliry o NeUle M
Parker, 414 Crotona Park .South, ml
It. 500, Mar 4; atty, J T H anion. I1 1:
PA I.T&ADJG PL. n a. S4S.I n w Popham iWlth nam and addreta of tendeTa at
av. 16x10. I Dorotbea Mff1nrr to' torney.)
Julia A Meaelnger, 101 Freeman al, Mar i uiTjt ST, a a. 1714 e Inox ar, IT.i
4 otty. Julia A Meftlnier, 1114 rll-1 .il. Feb 24. 1014 lewg Ileally Co to
,'.;'' v. :',; ,;,ml -'no Johnston, 1442 Noatrand av, llrook.
FOItPIIAM AV. n it a. M6 a Klngf-' ljn, atty,. Davlfoti A Underbill. !t
bridge rd, 26.4x120 7. aim Fordham rd, cimrt at, Hrooklyn IS.OOO
'.' .7 .. 6?6 ",.w Iflngabrldgn rd. strip CATHAUINE fT. 40, w- e. H.l a Ojk ft.
x:', - Marlon ought to Jeannto F Hey- 26,:xioi. Mar 1, 1007 David I. Katz at
innur. .104 VV "4th al. Feh 19. arty, .1 1 a to Harry c Hart atly, Danl Daly.
It Seymour, 233 llwav .. .11 44 ne at 110.000
:i!iTII HT. Ill n. n f, 201 e White Plains MAD1HON T, :2. at pt 22 6 e from s a
rd SS 4x11 1 Frjsltt Sohafer to Maria cor Jefferfon at, 211x40, May 14. mod.
Montagtin. 2 E 224tli ft. mtg I2.00. , Jacob and Chana Haphrlfleln to Mollle
Mar ntty T (1 A T Co. 174 Ilway 100( p sielnhardt. 1S4 K 6th st. ntty, A II
Harasohn. 300 Ilway.. . .... 14.000
.. MINKOHD PI. w a, ) , km at. SI 6x
MORTOAOEfl. 100. Vlay 10, 109 Jno and Cath Drew
1 With name and address of lender and , " Mabel H Dulon, attyw. Dulon A Ilie,
lender s attorney 1 ,
South "f Fourteenth at )
MM litis LANi:. 61 6S. n f, x
Morn de Moro to Hdw- A Schmidt.
Iladnnr Pa. Mill 1, pr mtg 1300,000, 10
yrs. h i-a p r. ntty I) P lllhberd, Phils
ilelphla, Pa . 41,60i)
UTII AV, .10, o f, 1,4 1 a 4th at, 20x67.2, pr
mtg 17,(00 -Itose Hliirnberg to Richard
P Stone, exr, 407 W I 1Mb ft. Meh t.
due as per bond, ntty. NTT Co, ;s
llroad ft. .... 12,600
F.asl Hide.
i FaM of Fifth av. between Fourteenth and
tlOlh fts )
T3TH HT. 284 11. a a. 160 tv 2d av. 26x
in; 2, pr mlg IIV.600 23 Hast 75th Hi
Cn tn (ilovannl Trenacoate et al. 1440
'il nv. Mar 2, 4 yrf. p c; nttjf, Menken
V4TII ST. f .. II , lul find av. 2lil02
Fredlt IDIns to Waller O I.ahm. 6
F. 16th ft, Mrh 4, due, Ac, aa per bond.
all), l 11 . 0, nn iiwrny .
Wetl Hide.
(Wesi of Fifth av, between
and 110th ata.)
" '
11 ST HT, a s. i: e sth av.
rii.nl 11 T Mjriin i itur.i. n ivn
L I llrl h i m V. ,1!
.' .r ii 1. . 11 Vi.'..-. ,,S','lip,I
tkTH sT "1 3- J Ct'l. iv 4 'las ' 'iiVtoU
.1 .. ' ' .. 1...1. . U . 1 ."l,'.'J '
Ileal) (.1 to Irvlig Hat Inaln. 115
' .!""' 'V-. ' . ' " '.h''h
ova a
alt). T li Cn. 170 Unity 490.000
WIlsT I'S'D AV, e r, 100,11 s 92d fl. 2K,6
100.3s Weil Fnd sv, e a, 129,1 f 93d ft,
13,10x i HI Nb'liolsf av, n w cor HOlh
el, 'Jli.CxKH.H chaf Mlnnera tn llainlllon
F Dean, 214 17 Slat, ft, Feb 24, pr mtg
17S, 000, due a. par bond, attyf, Sailer
MARCH 6, 1916.
A n. 140 Nassau at !,
911) ST. s e, 171 e Weat Knd av, IbxIOO.I
Willis M I'ollmfr to I'-hsa 3 Tollmer,
.11! tllverslde Drive, Meh S, nr mtc
IIS.ooo, due as per bondi atty, Claude A
.T.'!?mP"on' fiway $4,000
niVKltHtnn nitlVIC, e f. SO n 104th at,
SO.SxIOO Hylvla II .losrphl to National
Academy of Ileslxn. 145 W 10tb st,
lar 4, due at per bond! atty, t, T Co.
100 Iltvay . $31,600
(Manhattan Island, north of 110th t.)
114TH RT, a a, 140 w II way, 14x100.11
laahelle (J Sinclair to Para H Hess. Is W
6th at, Mar 4, due as ptr bond: atty,
T II Co, 176 Iln-ay ill. 000
1,0th at. 61 5xfi. Countv i:nrlneerlne
Co to Van Ilyek Ilntal. 3.11 Mndlon av,
''u Oet 1. 1S16, 6 p c; atty. T (1 Co. ITS
' Hwny l"H 000
HAMU l't'6l'i:UTV, pr int'i70.'o00 Hiime
,n Annl K Clarke, 324 V TM ft, Mar .1.
4. 7 -Ham. to fame, Mar 4. Inteffft af I
per bond; atty, same $31,000'
219TII HT, 719 K. n s, 22.4x114 Murla 1
I Montagna to Fredk Scbafer. 3S0 K 153d
st. pr mtg $2,100, Mar 4, 2 yr. B p c
I "' THAT Co. 176 Uiray U0"
CHAND AV. w f. 76 n North ft. f.J.x 1
M4.9xl2.llxl01.10 Wm A Murph) to
M ''" Hchmldl, 231 n Tremont av. Meh ;
3 'r' 0 P c ". T tl T Co. I7b.
Hwuy ., 12,600
TINTON AV. n e ror 149th si. 25.1x105
McManuf Consin Co to llrrinann Hr.c- .
kamp. 974 Prospet av, Mar 3. du I
I s.pt 1. 1917, Ope. alt. THAT Co.
iiw.y . ,,-v
MBLttOSR AV. n w ror KOlh tt, 46x99
Cedr Constn Co, Inc tn .V V ...iks
Hank. HI th av. March 3. due a pr
bond, atty J A Dutton, 10 Mnld.n
h.ti.' . 140.000
DAI.T AV, 3076, w a, 44.1x105.6 rtfh.rca
KIon to Kilt StelnmMi. 912 Ilronx lurk
South, pr mire JH.oOO, Marrli 3 .' r.
p c; atty, J A SteinmH. 1001 II ISOih
st II.OO.i
CLINTON AV. n w ir 179th t. 25x100
-Fredk Weln to Anna M Sholi. 42i
Mnln st. Mtrnii.lftiurg. I'.i. Mi.n ii 3, tin.
An por bond; attr. I. T A T Cp 10
llw.iy ..13.000
TUINITY AV, f, 391.3 s 16tl 't. 11.9k
;!.4--lslilor longner. 700 Trlnln- .i. lo
J.uoh iUn. 170 W 74th ft. Mjrch 1,
: rs p . atty, A O llrnft. 170 Hroa.l-
wav . . . : .11.500
u i ror Hul. ' u lo 6 K
Constn Co, Inc. to Abr N lventh.il.
Woodmerc. L 1, pr mtr. 176.000, Mmcli
2 due July 1, 1920, t p c, attyf, L'se
Co Nhojii st l . ivi"
HOE AV. e' f. 125 s Freeman st. 76x100
llfllnda T I.ytlle to j)era Mtge Co,
59 Liberty ft. March 3. due as per bond
atty. THAT Co. 176 Ilway ..112.000
177TII ST. f s, 73.C w Southern Iloulf
vnrd. 2xl00--W!cklow Hldg Co. Inc.
to Jerome Iltisner. lo W 9tb st. Mar.b
3. 1 yr. 6'i pc atl. T C. A T Co. 174
ltwnv 11.000
177TI1 ST. o e. 50.6 w Southern Houlevard.
.'5x100 Hame to Annie Matthi.s. :ooi
Anthony av, March 3, 1 yr, r.'t p c.
atty. T C. T Co. 17 Ilway .. $7,500
FPI.TON AV. 1324. e s. 50x204,3 Patk
J Dunn to John W Cornish Constn Co,
i 10.1 B Tremont a. pr mtge XS.000.
vtarrh 3 Installf, i p c. attyr, A i II
t.tA..h ss tt inn
SOI'TllfcrtS'" IIOCt.F.VAni)" w' i. ' 55' n
... . . . . ,
and ano to Anna A OlUles. Orlenta Point.
MainaronecK. N V Marb 3. 3 )ts .' V
att), T O A T Co. nway $11,000
JPItuMi: AV. e f, -2.'. Ulf fl. lul
1 f --Ilsrnsteln Krtmer ltealt 1 orpn
to Moses s I.orrrh 2CC l.ennv ..v. nnd
..no, extrs ig.ven to ecrure mtge on
1314-iSH Washington avl, Meh 2. due as
per nvnd "')'. Max Stern. 41 Wal.
I'.VItK AV 1107-1X1.1. 152.1 si. n s. 2i w I
Wales av. dxlOU - Ha) ford Itealtv i.'.ii I
poratlon to De Witt C Hayrt, White ,
Plain. N Y att)s. Hoe A II, 44 Pltie (
st ' ll.f.00 I
'AUK AV. HnJ-13. I62d ft. n . 25 w
Wales av .'6x101.6. I.eLtnptori av. n
.or 11. ll t. S0x7 -De Witt C II iys
n Martin Marks. 1.-I2 Mndleon ar attys.
Ho. A II. 41 Pine st 11.500
J't'i i. " rarAn lueniian to ..er
t.jii -at iis-ik. i"y i. mn .nij
. Y 1' Ins Co, 13 Ilway . .. .112.000
29TH ST. 125 W Klhel C lllgelow. admr.
to t'nlon Dime Siv Usnk, 701 Sth at.
.ur, s, Woodforn 11 A II, 1 Madison
at .... .... .110.000 l
iini T 12! W Adolph AI'man to Wm I
S Patten. 2J6 W 76th ft; atty. M P'
John-on, Ul Ilway $9.000 1
99T1I ST. 142 Vt Prnnr Foerter to York-
ti:ie Hank. 3d a and 13th t:
if. I
lluiniiiel .t II. 1511 Id ar.
CIIItYSTIK ST. 11$ Abr Davis and ano
10 Louis Flchter. t2 VV 14th st . .$1
1ST V. n w .or 113th ft. :;.vT Halph .
Tsurona to Albert Itorenthal ;7 Wti' 1
lam et. atty J S Hosenthal. ;7 Wl; lam
t 1100 I
MTH ST. 319 F. -i:.la S Chase lo llv F
llolte. 171 E C3d f. adv. Jos F Stle-, ,
11 Ilway . $10.2-0
!3TH ST t.' W-- Phllllpa Itioantl to
Lawyers Mhre Co. 69 Libert) ft. I24.0VO
112T1I ST 3US.12 V., 2.3 pt Dome r.lck
Ixirdl and ano to 12th Ward Hank, atty, ;
J .1 Herman. 344 II ay $1 '
112TH ST. S0f-1 J E. 1.3 pt lllaglo Per
nepl to U'n Ward Flank, atty. J J
Herman, 314 lie. a) . . . .$1
WPST FIND AV. 106--Frederic de P Fos
ter A ano. true, to Walter F Klngsland
l'ir:f. France, any. F de p Faster, 14
Vtai el . .. $1
111TH .T. a t, H9..1 e l.enox at. 7 ".v
71 10 lllrji st Conttr Corpn to Hone
Schwara. 7 W Usth st attye. Krakower
A. P, .109 Ilway 1 1 'to
111TII ST. f . 276 e Lenox nv. 7 f.71 to
-same to Fanny ltoeff vit Vernon N
V. atly. earn. , . $100
HIT!! ST. f a. 32. . le-nox av, 17 v ,
71 10 Same to !.na Orodxlnsky. 51 K
sth i, atty. same . ... $100
4TII AV. 30 Hlchard F Slont. exr. to
Win T Carlisle. ISO W 147th et, atlv. T
O Co. 17ii llwav . $7 Hit
(ITII VV. .10 -N Y Trtlft Co to Richard F
Stone. 407 W 145tll ft. eXr. atlv T C.
c.t. 174 Bway ... I' Oon
1IUT11 ST. 249 W Frederic lie l Poster.
A- ano. trus. to Mary H Tompkins. Lake
wood, N J attv. P de l Poster. 44
Wall st II
2D AV. e a. 40.5 s 61ft ft. :07c Mutual
Life In Co of N V to Chns i; ItaU, i:,.",
W 60th ft. uttvs, Strowser A S
Hwav . . . . $7 .0'i .
75TH ST. 231 K Lillian PolUal tn Vin ,
cenro Tuzxollno. 1414 2d nv, atty. Men
ken Urns. 7 Nassau ft . . . 1100
75TH ST. 2 ll Oltif.ppe Termini to
Vlnrenzo Tuztoltno. 1414 2d av, attys.
Vleuken llroi. 67 Niif.au st . . . .1500
9.1D ST. 103 K Hermann Mes'oh A
ano, exrs, to German Satinrs Hank. lr7
4th av, altva. Amend A, 1 1 Nassau
$7 "00
MLTZUKH, IIKHTHA. to .1 u"it. Met
l-ei )W
SIMPSON WM V, evr, lo David N Case
evr Id. ooo
DANIT7.. iHSo. (o Marie Dnnltz '"
N v TTIU.1T CO 10 Samuel Wacht . 146,000
PAMl: to Hmlgrant Indus Pav Ilk. $31,000
11 otui
l oiaifu, .-viaiiia, to uara i riouan .iumi
,.' ' i
lay F
i i'iitk rtow- :.oqo
lllTII HT. n f, 286 e Sth av, 26x100 11
June 7. 1009 Abr Levy et al to Doucla
,,".''l."nA.Jn,.V, "ln". trtiMeea illy.
I. T A T Co. 140 Ilway. . 124.000
I0TII AV, s w- cor ttil st. SOMOii, Deo
20. 1004 Illcbd VI ur.,t Helen M lien,
to i.oiumnia irust t;o, ears. iv.c juiry A
ll uazzann atiy. i ll txi, i,ii llroail
way f Sri.000
621) FT. n a 522 4 tv Park nv. 13.9x100,6
May 12, 1911 I.ydla P. wife Wm I! Fn
Hum, lo Wni F Devlne, uttyf, Cadwnla
der. W T. 40 Wall ft .... 16,000
HIVINflTON 8T. 227, a s, 60 w Wlllett st,
I'jvlOO Wlllett al, 01. e f. 100 a Itltlnx
Ion ft, 25 1x100 I, July 1, 1007- Ahr and
Itflher Hrhwarlz to .Inline Ool.lsteln,
acy. S N Turkman, .120 Ibray. I2.00H
SO IIOFLHVAHP. xv s. li n Freeman al,
21X102.11x24 11x104.6, Jan 7, 1907 -Morris
ami Aaron peiamuu to Anna A (lllllef,
alty, I, T A T Oo. 140 Ilway . .110,000
MK.I.?i.T.V. W A' IM4-Tlinothy
1 milium iu rannis u n vvi iiamt, eitx.
ntta. Da drove A ltlkar. 146 Nuasau
. fl llll.UU'l
UTII ST, 106.107 K. 11 a, ICO . 4lh at,
nun n 100 x36xalxe26xa
f'.J .? " ,t w eo I". Jum 0,
1010 HVman A Onoenhelm to ITnlnri Mil
Siv Hank: attyf. Nnth Jones. OH W.illiiost $1 10.000 nrlce ISL.OOO lie.. n..,n
tfin .ft..
k lio,oon
JIlllOMi: AV. 2423, w a. 10.8 e Htglil.i ,ge
ru. It.JxIOO Ivl'i.1s4 e too. July
lJ9 Win F and leiul.e Hnldfti lo
vruanda A Pope alt)', T (I C... IM
nay ... (, 000
OlIoVF. ST 1 i;tih sti. 1, . 410 f, w Pros
pect av, 10x97 6VT..V 19. 1' Nov 6, PHI - vru, n.,i-t ui'.i .ur ' ..... ....
lohn C Hchell e al to .la. A llenedlct. of 1 jlT'" 'W ltl..l. LNTAIi: I OH s.l,K
Katonah. N Y, att). Warren R Sam , ...,........ . .' " "
nils. I Liberty at 12.4.10 I KMII.LH OOII, N. .1. "The plai e to llva
3D AV. w a. 79.1 n 10th fl. runf n 19, x J,'!..1.!'' v'i, 'round ' Send fni chrular
wr lOOx tlx e 4, U.4x a 00 to beg, j KNtil.KUIMH HKAI, IT.TK CO.. 4S
Mar 14, Mil Louisa II Clan.xnltia toll,,nHt Tela, 123, Evga. 3 '3 J,
Mutual Mfe Ins Co, 60 Cedar ft .$2.60
IJABT KNI) AV. w s, 90 I n 4lll ft. 1X
40. .Tan !7, I910- Harsflpld J and Marxt
Turley to David CXrlli atty, T a Co, 170
Ilway . . , , 14,600
3D AV, w a. 7.l n 30th ft, runs n l.x
n- I00X a 31x e 40x n 11 It e 0 In bex,
duly SI, UllHrphnet 1 Coen to
Mutual 1,1 fe Ins Cn, f,'.i Cedar ft. $12,600
I.riT 104. map Marnier estate, at W 26lh
M A llwny, Nov 3. 1009 John I'redk
Wlrhelus to Kredk Wlcheluf, exr; atty
N V T I Co, 116 Ilivny $0ft
.MAUIHON A V. 627, o . 40.6 s 61th ft.
:inx0, Mar 2, 1014 Duncan llulklxy to
Helen Wilson; attys, Hprnull. II H, 1
Mndlfon nv . IIO.OOO
SilTII UT. s s, no e .1.1 nv. :Sxl00., Mur
7. 1111 Anna M Hrrunlch .ind ano to
Ituflna Kremer, 44 Wlllett nv. Kver
ureen, Ilronklyns ally, lllernnMim
Hreunlch, 120 tlway Jl.000
31HT HT, s s, 126 e Mb av. 26x3. 0, June
IS. 1009 Ofo W and I.ydla I. IVelrs to
r V Trust Co, trustrei i.tiyt, Cadwala-
I .Iff. W ft T. 40 Wall si 1.10.000
t 18T AV, 2159. w f. 76 11 f 1121b st, 25x
1 100. July p.. 191! John forarlle et nl
In Jo Itusso; atty, Jos Haplnskv. .16
Nassau at 1.1,000
SAMi: 1'ltornitTT and date Fred and
lllvlni Florlo et al to Frnnclf M I'.illn
llnoi atly, fame. 11.600
nr. iKiir.i i.K.x-ii.-t.
J6TII ST. 164-US W. all-V A II Itfally
Co to IltU lllley. 209 W I6ih ft. 6 yrs
from Jan I. 1916. atty. Thos J lllley.
lii, v ?5th ft ,..11,000
3D AV, 2.174, stop, floor- Henry fiiinn.ke.
Jr. lo Itlrluir.t Untie. :4I9 1st av. 6 2-1!
,r. from Meh I. 1915. attys. II Koehler
a, c.i, 601 Is) av . . 11,600
jstH ST 40H-I0 C. all- Morris I, fs
t ;UKrl1i J Wohl. ll4 Wilkin, nv.
; , r, rr,n tr(, up, 11.100
lsr AV, 4;... rir,rc ni.il b Albert T
Krue et til to .tiihuniin Kell.rman.
Woodlmvin. I. I, 3 is from May I.
191.'.; i.tt)f, Smith, D A W. 14 Onrt rt,
llroohlyii ... . . 1900
lit AV. 141. 3d floor -Max M.nrhel and
.mo tn lrlng Hnlp-rn. 10 7lh si.
-. vr from I'eli 1. 19 H . ..I2.30O
P.MIK ItoW. ISO, .tor.- Jns.phliiM N
.uwp.rih all nmi nno lo Hman Has
iirr. I.'i, 'aret st. Ilr.ioklyn. ', r- fr,n.
Mill 1. ISU; uttys. lllr.l. A K. 16 Will
iam ft . Il.ioo
C.Wtot.INI-: ST. lo. all Churlee T Mull
Idee A Son Corpn tn John P dalingher.
ri oist t. ltroolilyn, I r from Meh 1.
I'll;,, ti Maurlie llreen Munlulpal
111,1k 11,100
.OTII ST .S W Ihi land Trus of Coluni
lila College lo Loots, i o T lloviilnn. P'.-ia
..nullle. N Y .! rs from Nov 1 1910.
..tt. Jno M Hldi-r. II Cedar st . $l.st
IlitdADW IV .lt-.'t:. sire A Ijtlltf
.irulln. Hnokman et at, enrs. to colonli'
liaiik, 411 Columbus a. 16 yrs from Oct
1916 nttv. tt (1 nilib.-ige 111 Hr..d,l-
uav 10.100
"TH v. 2349 nil- Michael .1 drUi. Corp
'l'ls. ..4S HCIh st
1. )rs from Ma- 1. 1916. atl)s, Hern
,i. m..-r .v S P II Co, 12tli st and Am-
-.ril.m a . . ..1.1.400
STVNTOV ST. 34t-3)3. all- Viever llltxl.k
i.i Vlni.te Hiizlck, 153 Delanrey ft. "-I.
rs from Mir 1. 1915. address, 343 Stan
''II st $1,400
.:! AV 29l;, all Ilrntt Warmbold 'o H
llallwelt. 2919 3d nv 4 yrf A 2 mo from
Mnr 1. 1916. ntiy. P .VI Crnndall. 233
Ilway $2.10"
Mil'TIIIlltN HI.VD. s iv cor llarretto st.
i or str AVc - Wm Ab-ams to Sophie Horo
e.lti 922 H.irretio .1. from July 1. 1914
" Apt 29 1919 atty. S llnnlg. 2"
llwav . . 1900
1 .1ST ST 243 I-: -illuieppe Purro to
.las )(c.V.n. 75 i: I2?t!i st .as president
I:. nnn'oli'Ml Plush Valie Mfe Co), 6 yrs
from Mtr I !"!! atly. J A Kehoe. :vo
ll IKth st t'.20 to $1,32(1
l HUH AM IIP, n e cor De. a' ir av. str
I'liti'i 'I Atnato .t aim to Jno Pappas.
C9b', Wehst.r nr. A ano, 4 jr. A x mos
Mom Vug I. 1914. atty. Jno Pappas. 2770
VVel.ier m $(a0 to $720
;l) AV Manhattan It.' " o an Han
nah c II tfUvl t al Jd'at, 52C Same
ax Wm llol-.ninav. r et al; 2d ar, 561
Sam. agt Chas J Kroehl" et al. 2d av,
."f.9 Same agt Moses Iva.lfl et al, 2d JV
12--Same aKt Joiie. V. ood. Itlty t'orp
et al. Jd nv. 4tJ4 Same aKt Davi-1 11
Th:se ,. al. 2d av 710--Some act Ci-o
N Flsriier ei at 2d a . ." 1 ! - Same act
Kasper Muiler et a', 2d nt. c.i: Same
a?' (lm w .lar liow cl al. 2d at. 4'
Same ag u.i l'fietr.er . al. 2.1 at. sn
Same ngt same. M av. 449 A 451
Sam- agt sime 2.1 a . i22 A- .24 Same
art 17dm. nd J Currv e; nl ,'d as. 29
Same agt Thos !' Uulnlvn et al. 2d af,
710 10 71i- Same act Chns Wendt et al
2d at. 007 Some at Tho- p J Iiele.
hanty et nl. 2d av, 44 Same agt Har
nett Ilerkowsky et al. 2d nv 67 A 489
Same act Annie N Harris et al: 2d av
4sfi Same Hfft C.eu VV liates et al .'d
a fS; sinie agr Louis Dresrhe- et al
2d at. 601 609- Same act Morris St.lti
he.m.r et .1 2J av In. Af lv s.imr
at.' Marxt Ayers et al n. 719 A 721
same .a Fr, derlrk (i'lilen et a! 2d
a 91 sa.ne ,,Kt Montagu. Aaron et
a1. 2-1 as. 494 s.ni. agt Christian (In-ta
et al 2d nv. 460 Same net Ilea W Jar
chow et al 2d av. 746 Same net Paik
Purie'l er al 2d at. .97 Same art lleo
VV Jarchow et al. 2d nt. 750 Same ngl
Phl'lp Welntraub e- .11. td av. 533 Same
ac i:uphrnina H.idlltiKir et al .'d av
453 Situ.- .art Mrt Plunkett ;d at
4',H--Same m- Datld H Thel- et al, 2d
at. . Same act Tho- p J Delehanty
et al 2d at. 473--sSatne agt Ho. Siefn.r
e' al. 2d av 099 to T03 Sti'll" axr Katll
arlna llulm et al. 2d ns, ;5 -s .rnc diet
.'no Hiker et al. 7,1 at. ',10 .V ".3- -."-j.ne
hxi llirnett Harkottskt .t al 2d
at. 629 Same act Helnrl. h Koch e' al
2d av, 64 - Sam. ai;t Peter Htigh-s et
al. 2d av 674 - Slim, art Wm II Tv'er
2d av 6115 to M..- ame nc Herman
Hurbtenk'rk et al M av. 47 A (159
Same nut (Jen VV Jarchow ei a1. 2d a
07H- Sam. art Tho P ( dnlnn et 1,1.
nt. 69 -Sime lit Hv Lane et al 2d av
'i'.i- sane agi Hvman llul.ensteln et al
"I as. .',.',7 Name act Sa.li, S.hanper
ul 2,1 at. (5.' Same agr Harrier
llreenstotie et al 2d as. Tt 7 lo TIT .Same
am lit- Hlff.l et al M at ' ..me in
llrclna Katx et al 1st at 2".; Same uc
tniia I.utx et nl. 1st at 2 'ti- Same na"
irio Hriiinmer et nl. I'd at CSi-s.ine
icr (l-o VV Jarchow er al. 2d at. ill A
s. I is Same nat Preilerli k Vnc.l ,-t ai : 1
lit, til;. ,tr .117 .Svllle agi salne. 2,1 a.
09 tn i'.u -Same -att s, hleslnger lift
'0 ei al .n av, t.07 Same act Prank X
vtnlew.kl et al. ;d av. 6V4 Same ngt
.las Ilorls et at -d as f.2il- Same ncl
Nora (i King et nl 2d . 594 to .,9
Same act Vlnrgt P K'ng et al. 2d as, 400
Sainr agt Sadie Cn.-o et nl,';'t at ;vc
A- i.vi -Same ngl Esther ilosenfteld ..1
hI. 2d at. 576 Same art Jlllltlt lor
leu. 2d at. 8T! A 7J Sime axt Wm
Lane .d nv, 6i'S- Same iki Jos Wilson,
:. to. 'idO A- .,C2 -S.n.e ,iRt s.,1.110 ,
KMnye e nl "da Scne ict 1'inl;
I VI 1 one' et 1' .'J a. t' Smie ot'
Lena He- ne. et a' .la. n S.tn, ac
Prnt.k Ftor er al ,d at !' Same apt
Morris (Iltj. kfttuati ei al li av. 906 -Sam-
agt Ida .VI Smith et ul taction to
acquire title, ic) atty, J L Quucken
bus h.
MANHATTAN AV, S0J Jacob Levlne aat
Harry Hhwltrer M al (action to foreclose
mecnaniro nam), any, .n rllverfteln.
jam in, a a. lit tl e or em av, 38xI0s.j
Ouaranty Truat Co of N Y ajrt Pranoaa
a t-onen ei a; ttorecioavira or mortgagal;
attye. Atetaon. Jenntnira A HuAsell,
I0TII 8T. 11 W Mutual L,tfe Ina Co of
N Y agt Bmma F AleNalll et aJ (amendel
forecloeuTe of mortgage)' atty, F L
tUTII HT. a a. ISO tt e of Madlann av,
30.10x91.9 Loula 8 HurAMt agt .Stephen
J Carroll et al (Partition), att) P
110 EAST 23D STREET (4,.1
Skylight Studio Offices
Verj ltithti or Snlrironni.
All Imiirtitriurntei, .o Ilrnlalu,
-ippl.r Al thf Ilrriiil4-i,
165 CHAMBERS ST. 'v " ""h
nrciDim r CTnoc t light basement (2,200
I'fcalKABLfc ) IIJKL it , alio ntnpl. vault
enace. very moderate rent n.yln ...
"r i'-t"i" ...
snow her ,t .smith. Agents. 3100 Hrnadtvay
21 Liberty St. 489 Fifth Av.
,. .. ,.-....,, ..
KyiV''1y'rAF1::..,'lc''A''"1 KXCUANOli
- "
llorough of llrookl) n.
146.117 CLINTON" AV, through lo Wav
erlv Av.. residence and irnnt, nini .,tv-eft
....,. i,.i.i I,,. . ............ .
- r, ...-. , r, n, l le.i.y ..ir
sssseu value), just renin
oerupancyi orhance
phot ns and des, rlpt Ion
ertv day and night will
inriiini Your own brnk
NOVPS CO 9 Willi .11,
oneiuere, sen, I r.ir
earrtaker nn nrnn
III rent for tl .,00 ner
rnser Tl I'll.VHl I'S f
lilt ?l
6TH AV, 7S, and 16th ft. 1 F. -Margaret
O soge ngt William MiHrlen et al (fore
clofure of niertgngolj attjs, D Forest
12.1D ST, 239 W Caroline II Field agt
Mary T Mtilry ft at (foreelofiire of
mortgage); attys, Curtis, Mallet-Prevost
A: Colt
WII.I.KTT AV. n f, 100 ft a of 21Ol ft.
lftAx200 James II Kllfhetmer agt Clofll
(.. et al (foreclosure of mortgage),
attys. Dutlon A- Kllshelcie-
l.dT ill, map of New Village of Jerome.
24th Ward May McDonald ngt William
SteuArt et al (i.rtbm lo foreclose iranf
rer of tax Hen ; atty. II I. Ilrlsa.'h
PLOT 67 and p.irt of plnl 75, map of
Arden Properly Jane 11 Pierce, as extrx.
ngt litis (I Dupnnt el ul tfnreclofure of
morlE.iKOI; atty, 11 II We'.ls.
PoltLST AV k s. 277 I ft n f Horns st.
19 3x17 Frtr.lrleh Llndorfef et al agt
I'rledrlili Muiler ft al (foreclosure of
mortgage); atty, K J Krug. Jr.
I filtDIIAM HOAl). n f, 49.6 ft e of Har
lem Itlver Terrare, 60x00 Charles O
Ixihman agi Joseph Ortiber et al (action
to foreclose mechanics' llenli attys,
lllrlemnn'A. Vaughan,
140TII ST. 601 !: Kmll W Oppenhelm agt
lleekman Constn Co et al (foreclosure of
mortgage), atty, J llosenxwelg
40TH ST 101 tc 110 W Thomas Me.
I.aughlln, Inc, agt lldward llronnlng.
ownet , Julius Lion, lessee A contrac
tor . 1101
SA.M11 PHOPIlltTV-NKOonal Fire Proof
ing Co agt IMw W llrownlng. owner,
lister D Mayne. lessee; C 11 Linx. Inc.
rontriclor I169..14
mtOADWAY. IS D M Dillon Steam
Holler Works ngt Prnnctf W. Walter A
Arthur Hone) well, owners, Thomas J
HurMr, contra, tors , . . 11,177 70
2D AV 126 A St Ma'k'f pi, 42 H- John
Salntnurtano el .ll ugt Augusta V II.
Holier! It and Amalla Stuyiesant nnd S
Itatph Davis, owners: Clark ft Apple
man. eotjtractors $460
M.VDtSON AV, 3.16 Miller Heed Co agt
FlnretKe , Alker owner. Wm P llui'li
n.r. Irs., ft contractor IH.00
ANTHONY AV. I960 Sa.m Solotoroff agt
Josenh and Marv lewlf. owners. Jos.nh
i-s If. contractor
f.overnnienl Hxperla Say Thry Pan
Proline.' tir Dourer of Pnrltj.
DKSven, March 4. Kxp.rts in the
local concentrating plant of the United
Stales Itureaii of Mines say they havo
discovered Improved methods of con
centrating radium ores, by which they
can produce radium salts of virtually
'any degree of purity
Tho second shipment of radium salti,
valued at $14,000, toward filling the
order of Dr. Howard Kelly of the Na
tional Radium Institute of Haltlmore
for ten grams, worth approximately
$1,100,000, was made to-day. A third
cisoslgninent, valued at $20,000, will be
made next week. Production will con
tinue at the rate of about $2,100 a day
until the order Is filled.
Army nnd Naxy Orders.
WAJIIINOTON, March 4 Thesa army
orders were lfjed to-day
"erond Lieut C P Dick. Fourteenth
Cavalry, to Wat Point. N. Y
Major S A Kephart. I'oaat Artillery,
from HrownsilUe. Tex , and from com
m.nd coast defence, of New Orlexn to
Fort William, Maine, for duty as fort
dpt. C A. Dolph, Q M C , from datatl
In thai corpt.
This natv order was Issued -Lieutenant-Commander
O c ,isieet to
the re-ired lis!.
European Cure in America
While Sulphur Springs, W. Va.
j New Bath Establishment
1 DIt (iEO, D. KA1ILO, Mrdlcal Director.
rilKD .STnrtHY, Itanaglnr nirector.
J 11 .Sl.OCl'lf. Manarer.
noOItINO J New VorkThe Plaza,
OFKICT.S I llonton Copley Plaza.
NK1T .IRIir.T latkenoosl.
Laurel In The -Pines
Lskevocd, N. J.
LocJitnl in the re.tldrntlvl section
furroundeil by pine srovee, lakeside walls and
tsrll kept drives,
superior rjlalne
Private puttlnx greens and tennlf courts.
Iw hole eolf cour.e.
Dnll) rnnreits aud teas.
Ilranrh office of Chvndler Hro A Co.. brokers
ett York nnd Philadelphia
nearhedbyC It, ll of Sr. Jer.t'
With t homelike almosphere.
a awftetVlerr. tii.sic. iinii.-.nc.
LWtlTOOO.HJ. K. K. MM.Mill.Ml llUti. Mrr.
N HIV JIIKSKV Atlantic City.
.1 jn getit e okoroea' frr In
. f . or' , e . ... ,a e, ii, uO ten
, ham 'er wIMi p' a e ,1 f-rs a 1
ri , w .ter H ki h. r 1. a'e
Krlll A- Fi--, 11 el). fa ,o,f pr v err
Autos meer triilna Honk . opn a I yewr
Oouth Carolina ave. and be.u'h. Atlantic
City; oonvenlant to yarythtng. Extanalvaly
lmprove.1 Capacity 400, Ideal family
hotel Himi with running water, private
bathf. Cuialna and fervlce unsurpaased,
Hpeolal ti: GO. SU. 117, r0 trp weekly
American plan. New booklet mailed,
Second eeaeon .IfLAS WltlOHT. Manager
Mlantlr 4'llt, ., ,1,
The huicl with the distinctive features, over
looking the llearh and llnardttalk from all
Poors Alwayanpcn Capacity (00. New Vork
booking ortlce. Spur Tiavel llurenu, Mi Fifth
TTVI.I I It .1. Ill HY,
Grand Atlantic Hotel
V irgln a V clone to the bra b Cauacltv
1.00 t.aleiisivelv Improte i throughout ..!, .
made aitracllte new l.trr) appnlni
riieni Now booking for Lenlen and ria?ter
eaons Write for literature and terms
proved and refurnlfhed Cap 960 Prtvaia
hatha, running water In room., elevator, etc
Mujl Special, tli 60 up weekly. 12 60 up
'Ixlly Open all year llooklet. sJAMl.'Bl, II.
r, 1,1 IS
mLQRHNE H' "barlea Place and
and tea walor baths, running water In
rooina elftalor, tupertor table, lledueed
early aea.on rales, conch at trains A. R
WAilNF.ll, Propr W ll, I.AYTON, .vtgr
AT UK 1 a t 1 1 J
josiaii iviuri: tiosti vumvksx
Iailincr htch --(tm ii.oiirt- rat hwlrl
IIRFMII!IFvlr'f'nt( s ,"'ir Ht4't h ' -p
r.LnLmfirLL,(So tHt hA!. i-lx-vator nan
purlorji, nrhatt bathi. tr r ihh table
Vfnlrif illnnrii, nrchafa j-ipula. fin up
wvekly. I.- yp dally, Hookltt, J V COi'S.
4 n
! Wns.iiiirrfon T'milict iitus for
I To-lny iind To-morrow.
I .
( For eastern New York, In. ri-.i.lnr. tidiifii.
ne to-day sunn M north, .mm ,,r rH
In sooth portion nt iilthl i,r tn-morroii i
north Ut northeast it Ind., Inerriisluc,
ror New llngland, f,.it tn-dav. snow tn
north, fnnw or ralti la mth pottlon to
morrow, north wltelf fhlftlns to noribrat'
and Increasing lo-nlBi
For New Joreny parity iloudv to-d.r .
rain In north to morrow, uorthfast wind"
Increasing to-night
, For western New York, Increasing
' cloudlnffs to-day followed In mow- In
I west portion, snow lo morrow; strong
northeast w Itids,
NI7W TOHK. March 5 Tha ttorm In
I the Kouthwes- moved Into th loner Mlf
' slrflppl Valley with the centre over Loul
lana, yesterday; it was gaining In force
and moving enstward with a rain area
that covered Tevns. Arkansas, Mississippi,
Isoulrlnna and Hist ver th coast
to Florida, there w ,e micw fft,,. nls
storm falling In Colorado. Wtotnlng, Ne
braska, a part of lona and the ourhern
section of rioutli Dakt.i lllri, winds pre
vailed around lh- -'orm .entrr. A ..econd
storm aiipei.red on 'he north Paelne co.t
with rait.. In th.it s. rii.m An area of
high preestire entered all the northra-i.rn
part of 'he routitrv in, I aato sllgbfy
colder and continued fair weather In N'r
Knglaml and Hie Middle ttantl.' stales
II wjt also colder frntu Monlann to Tevas
The only rero weulher was tn Canada
north of the Orrnt t.nk-
In this clt) th. .Ihi . . s fair nnd
sllgbllv colder wind- l,rl.k nnrlhwei
t.vrrage hutnldirj 45 pe- -ent harometrr.
correcte.) to read to a level ,t $ A vt
30.33, I P M 30 30
Th temperature In this city v-sterdas
as recorded hy the on- thermometer. It
shown in th. annexed table-
t15. 1114 mi
n A. M i" 37" c l, M
12 M 31 .Id ll P VI :ic
3 P. M 3 42' IJ VJId ., .. 31
ItUheat temperature, 41. nl I n2 I' VI
Ixiwctt tempetutiire. i . at 12 M
The Amfrican Itner Now York sailing on
Saturday for Liverpool, w-tll take mail, rlos
111c at IM) A .VI for F.iirope .ex.-pt (irr
many. Auatrta. Htincar). Luxitnbiirg and
Turkey). Africa. West Asia ami the Kast In
Tiie Italian steamship Dante Mtjhien. sail
ing on Saturday for NaMes. will take mall
closing at 30 A M for Hermans. Austria.
Hungary and Turkey and tor other countries
'except Luxemburgi when 'fciallv ad
The French liner Chiraio eallini on t-alur
day for Itnrre. will tak. mail. .Oosinx at
noon, for France, Itum una, Hulsaria, Seivia,
.Switzerland. Hals sp-aiti Portugal. Ksynt
Oreecc. Ilrtllsh India llrilisli Kast Africa
Slam, Malta. Mihr.iltar. Ceylon .'traiis s.ttlc
merrtf. Dutch Fa-l Indief. West .vu-tialia
and Persia also other .oiuitHes lexis-nt C.rr
many, Austria. Ili.ncary. I.uiemburs atvl
Turkey) when ereciallv addresed
avi' rti pti
Sun rlf.f . z Sun -.. i Moon rlreiio M
avtl itf ati
SandylFk 10 t.l lov Ilandin f, lleiirjate. t:on
Alt I AM a u
SandylFk. 4 in Ror.istantl.l3x Hell riatr. oiv
Arrived THPHMIvv. . vt1tch
Ss Calif ornte. ! 0.1 A M . Havre. Feb i:
Past ixiuls 7 :t A M M.ireellles Fib
Ss Slctte T 10 A M Su.-ir. Fell .
s Times j6 A M C .lb men Krb
Ss Tlielma, ; rti s, i . s,wtla. Keti
S Palomi, t.' f.T P M Maiiall. Feb ,s
Ss lntirtay 1 r. p VI , Liverpool, Feb tr
s Hawaiian, l: ir. 1 VI I'rHtnhal Feb M
ss City of st Louts Savannah. Mafh I
Ss !rn!eus. New Orleans Feb
Ss El rtlo. New Orleans, Fib ::
Sa Madison. Norfolk. March 1
Ss rtobert M Thompson, stnunah Feb 2X
s. lluflaln li. I M . Ilu'l Feb 11
Sf Ttrj. vken. ' .up M Iti.iirdvni Feb pi
Ss Arapahoe, J.w-on' .11.. Mar h 1
vrtrttvED prtoM ;p.vv ti.p.k
. Helllr Olav. at Copenhagen
Ss Kicellrnce, at Allbnri:
Sail T.i.dav.
via I Is
1 'lose.
Monterey. Nassau ISOiv!
xtohnttli. Jacksonville
City of st I.ouls, Sa
vannah. , .
M.vtlsoti, Norfolk . .
Sail To. morrow
New v ork, Liverpool v ;m v vt
Dante Mlghlerl. '.spies s .Hi A M
ctilcaso, llat re u im M
fanir-ronla. Claseow
Saratoga, Havana v on f
11) ton. Hrthia a .'.11 M
( narmi. San Juan v vt
1 Hianiares, .'ilvtobnl . . !. d. V VI
Juvn, larnalca u in A VI
VL.rat ,.l ilrennds pi'"i.M
Hor'.Miticf -an .luan
Vnt'ilc-, New Orlears
Vrnpahiie, .lacksont lllr
Lampasas. Tampa
Colnt .do, (.Hlvcfton ,
lef-rsnn. Norfolk ,
xan'lagn. llninmlrk ,
Ll allc, dalvrsliin.
sail Mnndav, viarch v.
Itnma. Vlaietiirs
iltt of Vl.ililz..nierc, Sa
1 atiiiah .
Jatiir-lnun, N'nrfn.k
cite is
.1 on I' M
I to P M
3 OOP Vt
30) P VI
iron M
v.-on V
ui P t
11! .SI VI
II i"i A VI
I? ml VI
iv i' vt
U is. V!
i;,.i m
i: is. VI
l?ii VI
I ll P V
I in P l
1 in p vt
. ii p v
a isi p i
a 1 si l vi
:n 1 vt
tll p V
:i 10 p vi
Pile To-dtv
Atlantlde,., Lisbon. I'-li. 7
P.inl-ter Port Tulbut . 1 cl 1
(inr se llawley Shield- . I'eli. u
Carolina Stn.l.ivn . . . I eb.
Terschelllnt Amter.Hm.. . . I'c'i. IJ
I. lama sni" d. I'm p
Marnueile I.oiuln Feb. .n
(i jrth Mil, Us.. . . I -ti. i .
Hoina 1. .'.-'i. -t, .i
llr.kttntt st ti,et,els Pel,
Ph'lail.iphla .. s, l j . a , ,i ;
I a' rl ,o s.in 't ,-ta I rii I
llllion . I ., e.t. t l',.'i
liviidntn I. 'e-iiaf' -el, -i
Salnnitnla i il' I ei,
(ieome F. Warien lli.ttenlim h
Oceana. Iiriunida Mar, h
Colon.. Cristobal I eb ?
Oulana . st liinmaa... . I eb .'-
San Jacinto,. . Gait -non . leu
KIMundo ... dalvettnn. . Feb j:
Duo To-morrow,
Oarpatnla. Olbraltar . . !'-h. 7
Oalfleo . Hull feb. 1
Itlchard. Hottrrdam... Peb l
Zarnora. Shleldf . . Feb. IV
Hans llrore.. Copenhsfen .. Feb. IU
Kat-ndrecht Hotterdam. Feb 14
Montevideo Havana, March 1
City of Montgomery Satannnh. March :i
Apache, Jacksonville March
Due Sunday March 7
Dtieadeflt Abruirl. Naples Pen vi
llerm Genoa Peb ''
irseolo. ,. Palermo . Feb. i
N'mirdw-yk Hoiterdvm lib '
tlontii, . t.nnd'in I'eli
(iiialemala,. iat-c i-eli '
I.ubnr.. saviina I cli i
(tutnna. st rltonas . I rh
Inrnmlnu Vc r 11 y M' Irr
S" K-ni1am. Hit"rrttm 4v nnl- r. nf
SsmV ITonk .t mliimcli' nrht
M.tr;nMltNTi l.n i,unr.t trturtl al Cm
rtfft i .T4-xl it. ) iv nint-n i
! 1,i sahifi nr'-t nnrtti nT .Tijpi'rr
V nnnti jc((ril.iv
S K' Sii'l ..'io'i ' tvl"- ' of
1rtiu.- - .it run. ii v-.t. - l.n
lrxtn, H i .tn - uitl- n'rfi t' '
H. u- in it . I' M rcs'M Lit
S4, i'tr nf !nntvotiw i utmh tti'i-
mtl.'Ae'tt nf runinotii ii i .1' pn ni'"-
S in .fy-iiitn .J;(tvt"t'Mi rnt'r otjt'i
nl iiitl,il li t it 'ittnii V4-Trffir
S Hurnn irT'xitnn ni nui . '
Hn!.iin lislit ftt T P M w-HtTifi,
S- Nij4"'iM.. i.ilvitt"n nut" ni of fii
chn har .it ; V M v(--i rt,di
V.) Vort. ti,tt'4t,n nut- no td .'
nl Juiutrr .ti . M vi-urUav
Vl-.nhf' .l.li'U-'Mn 1!! niits nlt "
( I ititi lirln 0 ' I M P'Uv
SHi,tiif Mi'; M.it.tt i niiif "iii.1'
.it-t nf ll.iltf-ie. .ti . V. tiTila
Mr. Mil K'.tn nni Miit.""-. nnrfti r'
I'oinii .tt lionii tc.lpr t t
Iti.irns N.tti 11 t, fii.lr- tnuth
5itt(lM(l MIl. .if lionii -!"ita,
!t'l,l Ni( ni 'i t - t(ilf north''''
nf TnTtH.-it at I' M f r i
r.irillln Tnliui. u.!r. (iit1li nf .
I. irnl t,etit at I' M 11 t i
Kl 1 i t f if liiUi-c -i' mi!M -im',)i of
vutlaii'l h,!ti a iHiah -' la
lltl I IMt'llIt II I Nil 1 111 1'iifU
I. a I nr fn
rroin Mm'.' ti
hunt Whet .m
port iu I'rlurr

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