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G ?
FRIDAY, MAItOn 6, 1015.
Xnttrea at tha Pott Office t Nw yrk a. West or any other tnnn accomplish
econd Clue Mall Matter. for moral suasion? General Villa
- i ! n lnw unto himself, nnd Mows hot
Shibacriptlon. fcj M.ll. Postpaid. r bl CoUl nS " u,,n' Tlie
daily. Per Month Bo:oI1 Rentlpinnn stroking bis whiskers
daily. Ptr ytar oo'ln state at Vera Cruz Is utterly un-
hu.ndat, per Month m manageable. At heart he Is antl
DArprVw.).'.r,.r Mnth"" t Jo American, and. like the fretful porcti
daily and flUNDAY.' PVvr'.'.".! 8 jo i l,ne- ,le bristles at the slightest prove
daily and Sunday, Per Month.... cation. His lieutenant shnre his an
KoimnN iutii. Ilpathy to all foreigner, particularly
DAILY, er Month I 2A ' American. Ceiiernl OllIlltllON, who
HU.VDAY. Per Month .X ' has been rmrnd.sl n nf thi hotter nr.
TUB BVKNINfl HUN, Per Month..
THK P.VKNI.VO SUN. Per Year...
T1IE EVENING SUN (Foreifn), Per Mo t ni
All rhecki, money orders,
mid. poablc to Tua Mts,
tc, to be
n v,. , ; rT
Puhll.hed ins lud.nt Sund..,;. by the
tin Prlnilnc and Publlshlne Aoclatlon at
170 Naa.au utrH, In tho llorouch of Man-
hattan. New York, Prt.ldent and Trean-
unr, tn.iiiam v. iivica, 1.9 aa.au iireri,
VleM-prMldent. Rrtard P, Mllrhe'.:. 170
Xaeau ttreet. Secretary. C K I.uiton, 170
Naa.au alrttt.
London efflee, KRInaham Ilou... 1 A run
41 afreet. Strand.
. ..v., ,....w. (
Pla office, Hue de la Mlchodlero. oft
llua'du Qoatra Sepleinbre.
Waihlntlon orilie, lllbbt Ilul.Jlnt
Brooklyn ornce. 100 Livlna.lon etreet
oe friend trhe aior t;. tiff iMnv
Kriptt and illuttrntloni for puf.f.'Mffns trf.A
fa Aot rtlfctnt article rtturnrd thtv mutt
mil ants nnd Umtpi lor that purpote.
... . . .. ,.
Ills irllimpll on Hie hc.
Mr Wiimin'h crlef over tin- .ni...
air. w n.hO.N s griet ovet tile irile.
fate of the ship purchase bill should
b teuijiered by the ctiusoling thought
tbat by signing the Iji l'ol'otte se.i-
V. . l.. ....... ... ... ...it....
men's or KPiitnnnV iint.ii. bill he bus
,,l,,w .......... ,.iii..i ...
l.u.,1.1 nuuiiiinuni uiu.r l ...ill.. ..
tue American mei-i'liaiil marine ami
retard Its growth and to stir up trouble
With foreign ii.HIohh than if llW
darling measure bill) been forced upon
the statute book,
The American Point of Vie.
An Informed and interesting l.on-
don despatch in yesterday St n in
reurd to the reply now under con-
slderatlou by the Hrltlsl. (iovernment
In inn liir.iiMiinl lii,nilfl..j ...l.i...... I
to the Informal litilrlei addressed
lo It hy the lulled Stales on 1-Vblu-
and In regard to the tenor of
the order lu (niiiicll, souii to be l-siil.
declaring by what incisures (ireat
Itrltnlu will leek to make effectlxe
her policy of feprls.il.s against lier
many contains this passage:
"It may be rJid with ierulnt that the
order will provide for a certain freedom .
ui a.cuu.1 us lur as tieuii... cuu.m it ...c t
concerned. Some detalli will be left to
consideration." '
This seems to indicate n realization
of the deltcary or ilnuuer of a Kilicy
of "reprisals" which would shut out
or try to shut out neutral miium-iTe
without a forum! blockade, tlie seiz
ure and taking into port "of ships
currying goods of presumed enemy
destlimllon. ownership or origin." us
the Joint Anglo-Kreuch uoie pi escnt.vl
to the Slate Depaflmeiit ou March 1
put It. The Hiltlsh and riench Unv-
erntuents will "hold themselves free"
so to detain and carry into iirt neu
tral ships, lines our London de) ateh
denote that Ihnl fleeiloin is to be ex
ercised with illscietion and. what Is
more vllnl. .1 decent respe.-t for (he
rights of neiiir.il" 011 (he -wi-';
A ua 111 111 1 iiiilei'lsl.m and vagueness
marks iniicli of the (siiuuieiit ot I'awi
llsb nnd I'rcn.-h joiiiu.ils as to the
exact measures 10 be adopted. In
some of tliee communis. Is to be no
ticed 1111 eniliely erroneous compari
son of the policy against Ceriiiany
and iigalnst neiiirals Willi Hie cot-
ion hlo-'kiule of the civil war. The
rnltcd States, however It might suf
fer In SK'ket from an .iclii.il ellVelive
lilockiule of Herman port, would lime
no reason and no inclination lo ob
ject. Its commerce and Industry
would be Injured according to inter
national luw and precedent. U'h.ii the
United States resents is the plan to
close the high seas to I'.tmmeive. to
submit It to the liidlgliily of Icing
it helpless pawn In a war game In
which It has mi hand, the use of
means beyond the pale of line, na
tional law whereby this ciuiiiiry is to
he injured In "retail. itloii" by nations
with which it Is at peace against
another uu'.ioii with which ll Is also
st jK-iice.
Our French and Hiltlsli friends
should understand the Aineiicau point
........ .. 1 c.in,..
.,',ta tint I 'involved nb.iie'or
iirlmrirllv but a mailer of national
m . ,1 ! , , ,
pride fltlil self-resiect. .
.Some widening and lengthening of
Ihe contraband list, some 1e.sirlctl1.11s 1
which might he regarded n InevI-
table, however unwelcome, iw tlie tight
of fbr. Tltms crows mole desperate
of the ntan mows mou iiispn t.
America might begot to consider. Hut
how can she be expected to give m,
the freislom of the seas? How can
she help being Impatient or angered ,
if in their absorption in their ow ;i 1 i"'IMriinent or iiealih. w h may
Interests France and Ureal Hrllal.i ,i'"n,, 11 ,1,,,'m" necessary "in
seem to forget that Ihe I tiited Siaie "", f emU and linniinent
of 1015 is not the weak and .leil.s(H.l , '"'"I1, ,,,,l.v "-"r " lreser
I'ower which was their football vail.m of the puhlie heallh."
tUe early warn of Ihe nlneieenih , "n other section ihe Iickwnod 11
centurj'V lenbngen bill, by dividing ieip,.nt-
Ihlllly, decentralizing authority, and
When President Wilson withdrew 1
Oeneral I'i-nhton's brigade and th-
lupporlliig warship froiu Vera Cm,
"Jjere remained only moral suasion as ,
n weiiisin tn overawe the brawling i
Satriols In Meeo, The strain upon
wmml snnslon hn never been greater t.miuuli I" Insure Its defeat. Hut were
since the American dlsembarkallon it ndmlrahle In all other respects, this
tbsn It is to-day. Mr Di-val Wphi. 1 aiua.ing provision for the creation of
Ulest rs-rsonal envoy to the Mexican cosily department removed entirely
bedlam, Is even now irylng to save f,-lin, n. restraining llnanelnl super
tbe plei'es. He has Inton lewed Fn v- .x hon of the Hoard of r.stimate must
ciiico Villa, nnd will sonn be on til kill it.
wsy to sound Kmiih.no ,m-atx in1 'I'he suppnrler of this measure are
tbe fustnesfces of Morelos, thouh H jcnust'ed u Hn etTort to free real estate
Altaro Onnr.aoi nhakea the dust of
the city of Mexico from his feet Mr.
Wkht may have his audience with
X-apata In the capital. Afterward lie
Is to m Caiihan-.a nnd tap him for,
IntrnMon, and tles
i.ui mini iu uie worm can mr.
j ,)f nf ,
I turning out hndly. Moral suasion
; barely slrons enough to canwl
'y on "forelcu liltslne-s" tn till-
city of .Mexico. Hut the Carriiiiza
C al has Mnce rebuired n rWef
cominlttii' of furelcn roxlilLMitx who
. r. . ... .. -
were cnncemetl about the alarming
Il.utlon of the common people inK- doubtless this famous troupe
i in- vi i.v vi .uexico, una lie nns uircni-
... I u ... , .1 .
i-nisl tn .i-iipni.lo the, rntdtnl nf thi
ned 10 t uicim e the capital at the
llrsl sign of rioting nnd leave the
merchants to the mercv of the moh.
The tiL-lr fipf Is tbni the mllltnrr
me m.iy fact IS timi tne military
authorities, nnd not the merchants,
nuitiviMir,-, 11,111 ...ii. .in- u.i-. uttiiio
r0 resKlllslhle for conditions border -
ing on anarchy In the oily of Mexico.
Liberal contributions for the (sxir
Have OeCIl niJllie IIV DlmKS find linvaie
tlr,,w 7.,, e.ir,L e,ni, V,rn
linns, but railroad trafllc has been
suspended, with the result that food
Klll.lilles are not comlll- into the cltv
y . T
AP.TA lliiillitgeil things much letter
, . ... . . . . .
illirlllS Ills hllef nililllnlstriltlon. If
.. .... .. . . ., . ,......
w .. 1 '"".
(),,. nollng lielieral Oiiiucon threat-
., ti1P ......vhiint with would no
.lmil.t h,.ln with l.U .lonartnre. nnlv
(lI1iok oeeupatlnn of the city bv one
... i ....... v.
"l l.CHITIII II I.A M HClllCIia 11 1- l-oillll
(,.,, ,. from nniUVll.V.
ph.- Tr.,,,,- li n I in
' it' ,1. .'t i-lli r Jo
a Holly nf l'rhate Citlirils?
.... ..,...
If th. lH.,vnn,l.Hlnl,n, Id.lfne
the reorganization Of the building In-
! "."l?," -Si 1!.
its other provision" and buttressed
n experience. It would he completely
mi. I finally condemned bv the pro-
lN,-ed composition and extraordinary
. m .
powers of the Hoard of Kxamlners It
, ..numiplates. The mnkeup of this
i.dv ! thus described:
'The Hoard of Ex.nnlneis beiehv
est.ibl shed. Fuch hoard shall hen-after
consist of the fire chief Itho Civ I Mat
Supplement of the Cllj llrrurd um. no
uc.i tale) and the following member.:
"One member of the New York Chap-
ter of the American Institute of Arcbl-
irvi.. ,
"One member of the New York Hoard
of I'lre I'nderw rlters ,
"Two members of the Mechanics' and
Trailers' I'x. hatige, one of whom shall
be s master m.ifon nnd one
a mxeter
carpenter ;
ne member of tbe Society of Archl-
te.ttlr.il Itnn Mani.r..etiiree nC it,, elu
"One member ..f the t.'nlteil Iteul i:-
tat. Uwiieis Assoc atlon, who shall bo
alcnl.., or i,uli,Pr. and
-one member of the He.i llstut.-Ho.rd
0f .nv- York, who shall be an arc.dte.-t
or' builder."
i:eh member of this board, except
"the lire chief." would be upHii!iie,l
. lillimllv bv the nrcanlxallnti rem-...
setited by lit 111. and :
"The bonid sJiall annually fio.n its
member choose a president.
"It mav anno. lit and mat .111.1v. ..
cri.tary. an aselstant secretary nnd
such other iub.irdliiat.-s ns mm be
needed ami IK theli salaries and (.no
pe riant. on
"l.ach member of the board. e. pting
'.lie fire clllef. shall receive tin. and the
pien.dem an additional tl. for ach day'-
ll,,l.ma)10. at mvtxmn,.
The txpense of the boird shall be
paid by tho city and piovidul fur In the
This In i.i rd appeal's lo be iesli:neil
lo succeed the Hoard of i:aininer
estab.lsliiil hj s.vtlnu -111 of the Char
ter. Hut the present body ha no
such iiiithui'lty for the extraction of
motley from the public purse us the
l..ickwooil-i:ileiibo'.'.ii bit! would con
for mi ilie pi'opos.Hl hoard. lis mem
'els nre eiilllled to SKI for each
meeting they attend, and it Is served
by a clerk, who "shall be apimlniisl
ainl may be removed by the Mayor nf
Hie cy of New Yolk, aild shall re
ceive a sninry of .l .".is)."
The present Hoard of examiner
carefully restricted as to e.xicno.
" . .r.ige m,,, .no m
I","l 11 f the Mayor. Hut the pro-
,,,lanl "'011111 1,i,v, I'diiesl
'"". "..lh,.ri...ll,m to employ ;1
!'" - l "'' cAeuIvi. sl air. clerical and
tH-hnlcal--"sueh other siil,or,ll.,te !
"' ",IMr "''"riini.m
' " -'' u-x im'ir sai-
and d.m.atnl under a n.an.la-
ioi, iu.iv isiii.i 01 me i.uv creating 11
'"" 'Pliioprluthm for their support. 1
, r ,, li 1 ,V !
; or deparlnieill of lie city got -
""imenl possesses an unlimited right
. ' " ""' 'reasuiy. except
generally distributing among live Hor-
oiiuh President and their ni.polnloes
.ln, tw boards powers that hIioiiI.I
be consolidated In one city .lop'irt.
n.eiil, neglect and llregards the
te.iehlng of the pawt. ami Invites only
continuation or the chaotic eondi.
tlou now existing, This should lie.'1"'1 '"T promotionH for glorious ser- -
owners nd bnllders In New Tork
from a nnrnlvjilne condition nt con.
if used nnd conflicting InrlsdlcHnriR ,
I which h
struct enterprise and restrains the
tow' normal growth. In this oh-
.jeet. mcy ieicrve support, lrt them'
revise their bill, demnml a true cen
trnllKutlon of Inspectorial powers, the
consolidation of exiting agencies and
the abolition of unnecessary Instru-
mentalities, ana tney will hare tin-
qualllled public sympathy. Hut this
they cannot expect when their pro-
imsal contains such undlpested and1
..anurous provisions nsthatto which
we have directed attention.
The Russian flatlet.
, iiuu uie men wnose generosity
Now Hint the men whose generosity
' . .7J ..f. . . "T"
: .1 . i
, i""- '
'' f Voik lovers of the
"""" " 1 piennun -which iiiis hi-
ready been enl..ve.l bv the capitals of
,-.. iy. a, ,,, .-.ill,,- ,, iiiin CIlllIlLIV
. .. . , ;
Al ,,,r ""ln'- 10 conditions WHICH
I prevent H from aimcarinc ln the
. ' ,,, rfl'ltanng m uie
'-"ropeim cities.
I 'Now' Y"rk ,n reality seen little
.... . .
; V,'0WA n,Kl JI,KAIL MoHOKtN nnve
' J '7 .r'T 'Z
' ' ,. . V. ...
. ..litri.'ii i.irair, mil ni it.issii.n n
' ftw that w ord lias come
. Iln(ir,,nii lllirn,,,, .,,,. , nq
0 lm """Prstood abroad there hns
' ,H'1'" s0l,r''',ly ' trace here. The de-
"t AKST nnd Ills assoclutes.
... -"-.
' ll" Ul',r( "Krapllks or IokINK find the
re.st of the school are as llllicll U part
f ImHprn Husshin ballet move,
''"'t us the . lancing of the principals.
. (iull, " ill-cpatahle from the bullet
flH 'Asuw Na.iirski or Thamaha
nit Wia, . w V..,.u,r. 'ti. ........
IvAKHAUNA lire the (li'slcilK of the
i.rtUtu l.rAii..!,. tntn d,,n )... il..
" " - ......v.. .v ...v
new movement In the art of the hal-
let nnd the musicians who have com-
poseil the mUKlo of newer b.lllels.
So " "" 11 multigated ar-
7" V.."" "
lltllC (leilglll to see tne IlllSMan tial-
., 1M.rfr,,10.t )V .h fnninna .Inn.
we l n .""'' om
paliy of trained secondary performers.
It cannot be said that the ballet has
lis yet had u
fair chance In this
country. There have been one or
(wo ,,rilliiltll ,)rlncipals. but the back-
ground lias never been adsiiate. Now
eery feature of a line and a Mulshed
ballet Is promised
Although N.ii.ski is the most
famous mull dancer of the day iill.l
ICtttsttiNA a noted character dancer.
there ought to he a place III till
iro,.. fr i,,,,. who is reallv the most
f.0,H l,:llrn,i of her time. This
is VN, n.,,,.,.., of i,r ..nlnue
eminence there Is 110 question. She
is the foremost dancer of her day
nnd In her the art of the ballet lu
Itlissla lllld for that matter lu the
world to-day has reached Its Hower.
ll is she who h.is mi her own re-
l"'lishll!ty brotmllt the ballet lo tills
Utlll'.V for sfver.ll years p;s. He-
1 1 1 I her .'Hurts to introduce tile litis-
! ballet here there stood no sub
scribers or illt("'lor.s to come to her
..s-Utarn'o. Naturally the Itusshtn
b.illel has unt b.en revealed In ihis
way in Its best .-.Idle: bllt there has
"w.vs l'eu the Incomparable art of
A-Nv l'"llWl elv'' dlsilncllon to
aC Its manifestations.
ll seems inevltiih'.e. therefore. Hint
the foremost dancer of I!usa shoui'l
be a member of any ur'-.iiilallnii
that come, here to represent the art
A great Congress .if r. W11 u.s
If length Is greatness.
Ki'Miii the Cologne timrtte we ouin
thai as "(Ileal llnt.iin wishes war to
the knife if lio shall have it." Lord
KiTi-iiiiNiiK ha heen quoted ,ts aylng
thnt while he did not know when
the war would end. ll would begin on
M.iv 1 A too peaceful world miy
thei'i f.U" hope to see a little lighting
this spring.
The a.irtmrlty on decorative nrt
who said that .i woman might be l
li.weil lo use rouge so bum as she .11.1
no: attract att-ntlon show but llitte
Knowledge of the apparent purpose of
such cosmetic to.ila. So fur a one
cm observe the display of rouge is
in miinv -uses tbe beginning and end
f ll- use.
ll is to be expected that ev: crim
inal wiio. having he n held utiil-r siis
pii'lni. and follow d by dclecliMs', is
uirc-i il In th" c.imm s'lnn of an tis
sual:, robbery or any other peti.il act
w.ll put fm ward In his d t ntn the
,, ,, . ,, ,,,fl. ,.ni.ou raged him
to siiuv from tin. Path of tectltuilo
nnd are rally rejponslhle for hi 111L.
cbiv.or bortunateiy the public
1 "1" wh?,t " IU,t m "wh a
,It'fon',' If t1'" ""llc" ,vi11 t'"nt!ll"
, ,.HrU :awbraker.s In the net, Now ,
yp,-1 Wi.l not cease iippbiudlng them,
"i.usincss, s.1.11 rr-siitrni. xvh.son
foMgress adjourned, "has now n
ca,)n nml .,..,, mljll(.t.
,n-'"t lof,,r" '""'irUsl only by tlm
,, ,,, ,
,.. We refer to the adjournment of
Congress, not to the Kuropcan xvar.
Nntlilng inoTe singular has happened
iu ihe wur Ihati the npprarance of the
It'.issian cruiser Askold with the nl
Iird Heel olf the Dardanelles. To tako
part In the operations and represent
i i
ItusHla she must have corno round j
from As-'ntle waters and
through the Suez Canal.
Colonel CimnnK Wasiiinoixin Oon
tiiai.h no moie' Mnjot -Oeneral Ofii:
tiiai.s now If you please. Also Major-
Ocni'i'ui William ', (Ioiiiivs, and Hrlg
...llol-O.l.cral IIM...V I" Mount's, Hrlg-
iiill. r-Oenctal William I,, Siiii;iit and
Hiir Admiral II. II, Hois v.u Peace
lce no less than war, Never was ie
ward more JuMIx bestowed. We would
rather have built the Panama Curinl
than won half the world's batths.
In the hour of congratulation there
is keen regret th ii luvm Di'llms Oail
nap, who deserved us well of his coun
try im any of his associates In tho
great work, did not survive to receivs
tho thanks of Congress nnd ehnro In
tho dhtrlbutlon of honors, A victim
of his devotion to the great undertak
ing, ho was as truly a hero ns tho
brnvo man who falls on the battlefield.
Tho Culebra Cut has been called Colo
m i i htl"'. Tl? ! ' u iTT
toWm 8hU'd
There In no kitchen cabtnirt. There are
" osckstalrs advisers. Th World.
When did Colonel IIol'sk resign?
: ?
edly Assanlt Lnnnchsd Afalnst the
Inverted lWre.
, To tiik Kuitom op Tub Hun Sir; The
and Infantile expnslon. unnectsary,
and Infantile expr.slon. unnecessary,
clear ex predion of clear thouKht;
.u- . 2 1. . ,. , ,,verleu X. ,
, '"a 'Tv V '.h't; ''''V;'' "
TSnUIUwHi" Xh.rds the-rror
aa appropriately placid, and It was
classsd by the idaclntf loo ' ll.au-e
S ffi J" M"!. b,t
fir a -i a n r. a u. t, U'niul .aid IVUinn
L ,j -'- ..o,,.
e.iuum nui eay 1 inn uruumu moro re-
1,or,, an'1 wh'r Theodore Hooeevelt and
othe. prmlnent m,n ,ould not botch
nni butcher the languago almllarly.
Most of the offenders on this point of.
fend cnrelesslv and thouahtlekalv.
inn r.iiKUPn uof.i noi permit, noej- no
rerognlre, does not necessitate the In
.Jin r.iiKiir:. uura iiui iici.iiii, iiurui 11111
STrajiffi lZZ
stroslty Ppllttlng the Infinitive Is com-
. .......... t- ni
mwn ...... ' inuu. iuiu iuikui. ,'iiti,p..iK
subjunctive mood Is criminal and
destructive of much of the force of the
nngllsh language. Yet those two errors
re Insignificant In comparison with the
Inverted passive. To Illustrate the per-
-.. ,',v.
nVerted passive are presented the fol-
lowing specimens culled from various
, " , .,
V1""" 5';i"' "'"'
. '"' ,,,, .fV.i,ii..
...... .. . ....
while th farmer a. in be w du
en aero of polatoea by Ms mlghbora
Hi. w.. ma.Urf thlrlv noun, I Ii.-k.v
,lr roa.lea a tnirt pounu turHey
"'Th7 n.. d.,r.d. a utt.r
b. ,h , co,otrd
rly next morning
The ,.nerou, a.nor w sung a n of
At the donation the ood clergyman and
.. Al h- do. .ton the ood clergy man and
amiaoie wire were preeeni.o poiatoes,
"our. h.m and butter .nourh to l..t the
re.t of the ye..r
He I. permuted no excitement -!'iv-
"Ao Man a Ijiml "
11. . ,.!!. n . n.n.. fr.i i,,na i i...
,.r .n.i . ...,,r.nr.. f ,.. ..I,.,
ln Mm b. M,
Th. Kr.eh Air Kund children were cut
II the wstermelon. and wer. roaete.1 .11
th. corn th-y could ..t by th. kind ppl.
of tJepo.lt.
He ... eipree.ed . lolled revolver
He . fcr.rd-l live r.ttl-.n.a. by
II. a learned Kr-nrh
Th. i-ornnundtr wa. bojRht . hoj-l'r..ld-nt
Itoo....!! t, eipr..d . slid
He ni. .corded ... ov.tlon
He nn, written t arc.iiiilc letter
The hur.e niauted four quiin of
uj'e for hl dinner
The pre.ldMr ne shown downrlrfct
dl.rourt. .
The pic "s poui.il ..on. mlik oter the
fence r.o th. trourh
The cuMeiier si i'drklr done up ni
tied and handd th p.irkire by the rl.tk.
e,M.e ... ,1.0,0 000 by the
deiir.rl.tlon of .tock.
He i.... stuput.tU both lr aft.r
I.verv diy scores of uniltur monstros
ities may be een on the Inverted p..s
sle tiee In th' Jungle of "H'igllh a
-h. is wrote nnd spoke."
Ceitalrlv 110 nun.- nffeT'.'Ve error than
the inerted passive Is nnce .itil. in
I!ng'!sh It s pusslbh ullowilil In the
mouth of a !"" It l IneM tis.iU. m
the writings of educated persons
Down snd 011 1 with the tnveitod pas
sive ' Vv
Por.T Jrsvts Mnrch 4
I'l'lsclan of I'laliillcld Asks n Question
of lliiliilllis of (ilen llldife
To tiik. i:...T..s ,.s Tiik Si'V-M. In 1),Sh""l1,.l vf.J.h'v l,'"rr',rla"01' '"I
e. sentence .ol.owlng .he ..dxerb ' V, rkc J'j
o used piop.rl) ' ,. -., .' v' ."l'. or is.jeo,-
In .o f.r .ub.eo.en- dr.:nr. do
lut vonnii't vvuh the e.".n.ta! dm Matter
of the orlfi.n..l drawing" nnd th... .p.. Ill
allons the ,vr. to be r.Kurded whei I.
...ed or umiroved 1.. 1 .in.tltuttnr rrnilre
m,.nt of the .oi.tru.t
1 would appreciate p trtlcul.irly the
distinguished consideration of thl inies-
Hon hy the grammatical authorlt of
l.lett Hldge. "T I. W " who lately
favored US with a dp -talon respecting
the uses and abuses of the words 'as"
and "so" and yet so modestly illsolilins
f.. ,.,l l ,!, n-lfl. I.,, f,i i... ... ...n.l Ih.
lliriui: io'.i' t,i a .ni-ii-i r. .. .,.
Pi usTin D. N .1 Mnvn 4
I he Ilutj of the Pulled stale
.on thr S'iMMifirf.t ,'r'O'M.i a
The dilllMilt irobUm now before the
iivernmeiit of the I inte.l Stites Is 10
defend the law Of ll.'.t ll' s, esjiec .Hy In
the sanctions and H.tfiguaids it throws
about unoffending nation r. .11. lining at
p. ire. while It avoids t e pitlnll w hu h
without warlike reprisal, tiasiiiucb a
;'' ue , otiilc.
fun their course has tlu American (iov-
ernment'H dbupprovul, nnd even con-
demr.atlon. and may properlv form thel
would plunge It into war Disagreeable . "" ""' ""V" saieguard for wind, cnmlniieil with the preenee of 1 lrPl. ,,,i,,, ,,r .,,n r ,r ,.1,. ,..11 m. . u.,.., -r u. ,r.
us the ,iN h. the dtv of p.otest '"f sons that will Induce more m mil- people of an al.eii .- .ce spe 1 king a for- nT,.. 'i M.s Sa .. h , VH m ,! '
,,g.vi..t all impormnt lfrl,,ge,nei, s upon ,T" aL' 1,1 ' more woman- elgu language, an I for th- mo.t part an- t wi 1- e. s " . ''c. l v 1 , ,
neutta. rights .anno, he bd. even - th-n can be fo.nd .,, public war- tagonisue It. tii.nigh, and acllon, ar- Tmhu n,., Vi"1 ' ,l L u ',! .',
Inglon mils act In order to Keep clear. n ""Nspict Hprkman he loses his .ndh.-bi il.iy. is known on 1,r "' U" ,m""fJ ., .., ,.,,! o,l,e, . shw ,.g I nit ed Mates
ami consistent It. record of neutral pro-! U ""oton, b. I.. March 4. the work by a number. !,... no vo,.. o- Miniwr q.riio,.'. i-Lu.ivhr ', rt r" '," R'i '1 . n o 2 tZ '
teste Such a cou.so can be followed. - voice In tbe Onverntu. nt and has no re .1 , .... . :inaK r 8',r'll0t"' ' 0J,lt 1 '" reout. d.snlte the protest., fro
tvisls nt chllms foe ll.imni-,.. iifl.e tl,n'"'"ICH IO Oiler a gOO-1 nnd Sllttlcl.nt
restoration of" pence, Thai we nnv
prevent tho final hardening into the law
of ii'irons of precedents that carrv civ-1
lllzcd warfare back to the vicious pr.ie-
ticca ot the Middle Ages.
The Aegis of Ilrlllat-Sninrln.
To Tlin HtUTcn oi- Tnr. Sun Mr; At
Hie tablo d'hole, Clicsapcako Ltti", Nor
folk to llaltlmore, they serve flannel
cake with Die llsb.
Why not"
Tho chef at the llmerson, llalilmore,
cooks wilerercKK like spinach; he
likewise fries thickly sliced tipple, call-
loir iii.ni ".imil. wheel" x-,. .11 in..'" ' ' ".....in ".n von fiiiioncner or
, uch th' "n,"'r"r ' chlcaro (t to 4 p. m.)
! them right much.
Did you ever try celery rausages"
Nkw Voi.k, March 4, C, 1 S,
An Approprlntn Play.
To tiii: MniToii op Tiik Hun ffir. May!
I suggest that in selecting nn appropil-
tit A til.. V fur It tlfnillt nirfirni..ni.n frt
the starving lUdglnn the nerUs . f K.r.
dou's Incomparable comedy "A Scran of ,
Paper" be not overlooked
I'liANK A Moan
Nkw Yoiii;, Match 4,
. Pennsylvania 1'ni.a.le,
from tnt rhiliulrlpnla Heronl
l' S Kmipp, Iliira... of Wnrr'ii hu
Lined a cru.ade nalnt "punch hoards"
Auld Arqnalnlani e,
Knkkrr-llow long hav. yon known
thicker I've only known lilm abort.
Legislative Proposals Analyzed In tie
t ...... rr. Y-.ij
j.iKMi iiiciuion,
To tub EniTon or Tni Sun Sir: Ac
i cording to the report of the Btste Como
troiier ror me nscai year ending Hep
mai. were': """"" " ,n", iUr nmo'Znll 1'tc"
lndlrot taiMlon I4l,l0,4at falt'' " th attention of the public.
Direct taxation 7.700,000
Other nourcM...
Total m iii.tn
l rteeentli nnveerwir Wilmn Mmm.
J mended u direct tax In the amount of
.'if,'90.0000 '? .mt.d,.rtct or deterred
' provlded'for the Htato
, U . .,1. ,
" . r.,!LV"
Plity-elaht epeelal approprla
Hon bill-, rel.tlnc to the
iiffl" nbjecte, Introdiieed In
both houaca, attsrecatlns. 11.010 ill 14
Porty. three .perl.l appro
priation bllln Introduted In
on houe only, , . .
Total eoeclal annronrlatlnn. ll 9t 1.
..v.vviitiuu, (it,.,?,.,,.,,
. .
" """ verai appro
prlatlon bills I. as follows;
Kor cen.ral mirpoioa :tl oil
Kor benefit of Oreater NVw ' '
2,l40.t00 00
Kor beneRt of up-State I
1 lit m it
,.. ........ . ...ii. in. as
According to the reuort
' ninie
... . viuiMicaiui, uim rr .ew inrK
hn,., nc
' -V'.'h 'm. . i, ", 1 '? "a" "'
a'r e i '? h, t".7 d"',ird '.
,l0r 'ndi,' taxation. The bills
E "''.L.'il0, d rfct bn"nt of ,h
' fr IntroduceJ. are
sis A4 linanl of K.lue.tior,
AS" Health Officer . ... ;i.ooo
M0J l'vrreM mil. Cemotery J 500
A28 Armory Tw-nty-thlrd ltg.
pent. llrooklyn 40 000
AStl Iiulldlni. for Slate Ueoar.- '
mnt I.too.ooo
S"t Seaman'. Krlend Moclety
It Is hlvMv lmnk.M.
th-, ''L
' 1 ' ln reference to
-"he .general purposes of the s.t
' S'"c ra 1 purposes or 'T sJ",e
f".r'' ,ve been Introduced In both
" " '"""
... .niro-
' "."J1' "01se only T.e aggregate
f " general appropriation
i.J" .1 ,J ....
. eer.n omer bills have been Intro-
Uui.-il culling for material Incie.tses In
P' to Mtrious st.ite and countv ofHr.r.
but In su. h manner aa to make the
, " , ,"'" 10 D" "ourht about
H"cu1t of determination.
A most unusual bill, absolutely unique
J".. 'J!""" 1 ,rtalned, Is Senate
".. .. reducing the salary of the Poor
ommlsslotier of Peeksklll from ICOO
been unable to
... .., u jenr 1 nave neen unable to
.earn w iiat noi Ileal art .f ln,ii-.......
he rotnm tied.
l or ti.e benent of up-Htate localities
flftv-tilrie b.lls on the same subject have
been introduced m both bounea, aggre-
s iii.ia j....!,j.i:.:j, and twenty-eight
irl.it.on bills have been Introduced
e house only, -ggregatlng :,.
LU? The total amount of .L
ui nr i nuio not enjoy ee nerc.
rial appropriations requested for lio- K0U,U "K"' possible, to shot- tbe nn
State local ties Is $6 511f.JH36 In '"'rhe" of and the positive harm tbnt
eluded in these latter aDtiroorlail.'.n ..ml . ",n-v result from tbe first of the two
are the following Items
Orade .ro.ilnc t Orden.bur
' --nc- county
Improt. Kislu.en
three bl.l. ..
Improve Uty v-r
f:ke t Cohoe
Improve I'ondfleld and other too.!
ro.d.. . .
Improv. p.conle Itlv.r "
llrlda. at Hum. '.
Purchs.e land, for Shtnneeock
t'anj ...
1'lif.ruv-e T'ltihll. fr.-k..
Hri.ige t taoh Mill ro.d .
ltrl.lge j port (..vil.n
M 000
Improve I'hemunr Hl r. thr-e bin. 11; 000
improve Catharine Cre.k
;:, 000
lmpri.1. ilrholti Cre.k .
Imp-ov. iMi,t. Swamp.
I'ur.bs.. land. Kno hendqu.net.
I. 1)00
.-..v ai. at iiti.nt. I. I
l.np-c. c. ii.!.,, u.v.r .. ."
:0 000
101 a: I'-nul.-.
. tie. e.nt nt .v.. ..... .
d.,ect tax 11 4 .lOK f.nn .
T7i-.ii n,i ...... . , V" .
Mli'lil of IMiV-irth ,
vol. .1 to its siV.-ci il nri. u .,
V w Vol pk Mi reh 2 N " "'
A Mrlrllt Old K...hi,,n.a v .
... -h.....m ........n or
Her IIiiIt
Tu Tiui:inm.T. ..
I'!,, ).... I.. , . "
- - ' ---.- , . ,l,r"
ii .v. -pecung nurrraifiet"
te. from lit t h. .. 7'
urrrage v I "i,,,!,, ,hTr, V t,.,a.,.',,:'a.,
The xi ti in .'"'L'l1 MM
J ne .xntt and the Siirr
.m not en ire lv .VnniL..:'',.!'01.'!'- 1
- r. , s.-t- ,, any
v iews op woman s mission In llfs I
"link woman now Ins every leiral rigiit
i n proiect on, so I repeat
1 ,."'"",ll,B l,ow" fr supremney
I think woman can lt ivallie high
and noble ide.ila m the home and In the
.....1-1. ii" iinu inerein a safeguard for
'S-N of February 27 W. Hell asks:
should pcple tolerate dogs?"
, ,'"m "" down South In Dl.xle I
I r,MSjn Ia-ii are property, so held by
; "ighest courts In our land, Just as
"or'''" aniJ cows or hog are personal
1 I.ir!',',''r,J', Kl",nly beoiuse a person
I dislikes dogs, is no reason why It is un-
i.vviiui mr me omer renow to own ono
or n multiple of dogs If he ehon.es
And It appears to me that If people
have a right to own dogs thev hnvo an
equal right to lead them on strings.
Donna Trot C1i,asi.
nsimN, On., March ".
"dunk"? This 1. I.eae Maje.ly.
Tn tiis lln.Tnn or Tn. Sex Sir! Kindly
ail; Me Hermann Otto von Siilabuchf r of
j If Pnrle Sam unit the Kntser are tn nil,.
. th wojjd. what hecomea of the "Junk"
"Deumchland ueh.r alle. 1m ranaen XVelt'"
New Voiik, March 4. ft ,s
Mat hematic. In Ihe Schorl..
Tn tnr. ltnrna Tn C..t- c, a
t i a '
IZZ.,'. Y' ' " " . C.n,Ja..r:n,
r.n. i..r he..,i 'u,...-..
ll.iiniKi.T v March 3.
D, M. Doiirsn.
A Cocksure Crlllc,
Tn Tiir KDiTna or Tn Srx Sir- Kuikln
and Hiirlltt wer the bt writer, of
i:nMih a l
Nrw Vokk. March 4
Dome. llc Keiinomy
Knl'krr -So you think every wife ihniild
have an allos-anceT
lloeker Certainly, olherwln thtrt l-n'l
jijthlni to borrow.
I Executive Order 2120 Is Oninxt and
I . .. .. . .
i nnonia lie KOVOKeo.
- To tub Kditor or Tnr sow
- . two thousand miles nw.iv the
- i wnat practically constitutes s colony
1 ..,I,c.n i-niieo Htstes lirat tonK
ranima'c..h. ,""",r",C"?K ,h"
ItA wnj, knnJL n. n ,1 T ,hl
olB.KlT, SI v "Ll.
cnl v fn led In ih.tr ,.,t.,.,t. ir. i.
interoce.inia water"7v ni'd tiielr
rnllure hd been bom of ranks d-,1.
Amerlcnns hsd hut l i r.lV.lre o l
' broken." nhvsr,ehUr
broken, physical wreck neio too Kreat
to teimit n mnn tn wh.nn r.,tim;.l In.
dmm.nl. .,fTr,i
Men beinit at a premium, the ;ovrn-
mem decided first to make the Canal
Zone and Its vicinity ,.s be.lih as mod-
Vould alhmr.NVsl 'he', aRreed' To i i-
th workmnn many sp.vi.,1 ndvanlages
""""" n,,ln- -Pf' ' " "HVliniages
,1J( f,p , ould not enlov eewhere
t ,. .,
- in ptirstianre or the att.T pol ry men
working on the canal or on the Panama
Itallnia.l were to get salarle. from ih
to CO per cent, greater than they would
receive for doing similar work In the
1'ntted States. Special steamship and
railroad faies were offered tliem and
-- - - -
their relatives , they were allowed n
weeks vacation with tny each mr. and
n.tiiii.u i.irj tie u. tnrro was no oause
worry about dortnr's or hospital bills.
it.h - , r . i...i..n.... ...i
1 1 i.i,....ik-. ai.n l. lie
V' ,0 bf on ot ih "I"'" " "
that the commission did. were built for
their nmusnnrnt and as enmmunltv
recreation centres. Most Important of
all. however, was the ruling that each
,n., wn. i.d ... ft.... ....r,.,. ie
he was single he had a room In "l..be.
lor quarters." while If lie was nmrried
be occuplf.l a houce or apartment whoe
sze and type depended upon the post.
tion. salniv and length of service nt the
occupant. Hlth which went furniture.
fuel, .-Ic-trlc light icid quartermaster's
service, all gratis
Tnl' bappv state
of affairs Issted
from IPO., until lain With the advent
,,.,,, .,T, ...n t0-nlI.r.. ,B.
,015" 'e,""(1' T1'" older an-
nouncedth.it In the future tent would
?; 'o,," , fr .nMl o nn .nu nf n -
be collected from all o , upalits of n.v-
-Pn,..,n, .,..
and that chirge. would be made for fuel
and electric light. Furthermore, .section
'of this order ! as follows:
The fre. ti.e of quarter. fr. fuel and
f. ctrb- current are not. under the
nrtllon. of employment now fovernlnr.
"""" "nir.e, rign: or .mpiove..
" revoeab.e prlrllege.. hlch It has
bn "".Mered adv.b to 13.mn.u- untl
,h p'.r"",n;n.1, ,or'' Vtn'" Th'
1 7 T . " , 1 '
m,U ,h ,.or '"''r-'"1" asirl.. or
7"'" or lncre..B, ,omp.n..-
In , ptevlous executive order the
''srle" of many workers had bten ar-
tUllllv" 'edun-.l by the decrte that In no
c'f "aould the eompenatlii for mt-
i ' r ",ur ",:,n ,"'r "nl greater
thnn ,hnl im1'1 1,1 ,lm
" I nit-d State,
lor positions In
are .H,-t forth I
. - ,r-u,k t.'in .ur ill
quoted executive order
From personnl rold i.ee In the Canal
Zone I know that, statistics and maga-
wrHe-,o thi co
far fpim being the salubilous resort thxt
It I. now o often said to be The tiutli
of the matter Is that slnre e.i. h ard
eery man on the work has unlrgnn'
.1 thorough physical examination prior
, to entering the serxlce, and since medl-
vines are dispensed free and doctor's
, and hospital bills are unknown, and
since six weks vn- ntlon In a te'iiperate
climate i. the rule for every worker, the
mortaliti of the Ameilcan populstlo-i i
"OPt fcU'pr.slngh low
Hut, and the "but" Is lgn'flc.1tlt n.inv
'"en are unable to stand the cl. mate and
'"e 10 come nacK to tne Mutes in .1 ,on.
,11,l" Ixirderlng on chronl- liivnlldlni
T:i'rr was the case of the former engi-
mer who at one nine nan charge or
",e "u'l, ",ltf 'rscilon. cither ill. 11 art.
"'- '''"' K'-m "t Hop. ma-
larla and aie foi ed to spe.,.1 p.-rt nf
thilr time In the hospilal w.th fever.
wane a iew. . oionei ...uiaui Deii.g fie txan tle i,0lr pr.ie 1 ow i.st.ed for the vo,.,i n l.iar.l of the censors t.. ra
niost noted Victim. hae d ed mattyr farms Tie mailtets are ece'.lent and .. .. ,
1.. .h. wn.l, ll.-v hel.ie.l to .In IV ...., I" . C. ,f "1 . 1 OU motion p'.Ctllle film- He U'g-I t
' ,.
,r USJnliv 'i"rvou wicks ,,n,.r teirg
istnmus a vear ami go ii.ne t..
the MuUh to lemperate tei.lerfu
r""1""".' Pre-.lotion and m -Ileal Mgi-
'""r" ,le-"" bl,t
s.ckness. and m.iliin.1 in p.ut. ula. is
ever piescnt.
I . mania ( Itv and Colon are putrid
with vice and debaiii-herv If tb canal
.. , , . , . .
ne isiiniiiii. nun ii. i.i ue is morn man
likely t seek bl pb-asii.es among the
rin-e.er .,f ..... .........
.,,,-u r r t,i,-, ,-,ll,ll (mill III., I.. I...
nnd phsia,l) Will, r nt,.; to be p. mi
for mairled uua'ters tne economic ,..l-
..' .. , , ,
va,!,a,B'"' ""'I ,h" "''lr.
Hl"1 V,'" ":'"alllv ,?"'' ' :.!"'v, 0,:"
,,n.e..i u,n i.. ...-tn, ..,1
I" ee
'!!-!"":,..:"" . ul'1".'. .t,r ','"l,'1r1'" ''"'
nrir- ,n I'll II l"V 1 1 1 I-1 ,,"- ,11 "1111''
that mairled men rnnrl.t 111:1 .,. 1111 the
tnajorliv of employ e.- and sn ..institute
a stea.lv moral a' my of wo-ker
Tne nine niontbs of -x .- sue -nit.
and enervatinii humidity, the three
nionths of hlazln,-- sun and constant
property rights, lJxen his home i. a
f Iovernment barracks built on a ilovcrn- i
ment reerv;.t on. and lie bis not the'
prlvlegn of changing in any way tin.'
quarter or firn'turn lent him or of
l.eiinim.- a cow. chickens or a r.ir.len
and result In much urtplea-aiitne. and f ,.r w , llomK,1, iln,,,v,1 .;,,
curtailing of personal liberties f... a psychological del,,, Hons, .1Mv to 1.,.
the American rc-idents arn ennccned ;..., .n ,0t eves ihes.. .nil i,. '
v.hr, pi!"n" i'"1!!' U I.. -iTrction exis?m;iJ7e,e;mH,h;
" . '"."".' ' " ' 1 '" i" "
ter-1 It w,i with the undcrstatidu g that 1
nut would be charged The rpMrtcrs
n an lllcgral part of the oper.itim;.
Plant of the canal would hive had to 1
in. cons,, in icii anyway, so wny soon,-
rent b lacked on. excent to t,h as., ..
... , .... ...... ,. ... ,
rent bo lacked on. except to pi. as., a
Democratic Congress bent o-. "e-oiiomy
at any price"?
Discrimination should most assuredly
not exist where such .. matter I con
cerned, anil et tho iinnv olllccr.-. who
got the mis', credit and rcinuiie-atlon for
building the canal, are still to be
blessed with free quartern
Much Is mule of the per cent. In
cease In pay above Hilar es p lid In tlie
I lined states inn p. rsou who ,n
envlous of this liberal nrp!us fail to
realize that It hately meetH the expense
of the annual vacation thai In iciulslte
If one would even pirtlally r. tain hi
heallh :
I h'nt.d m.i v l.e cheerier in l-inimn l.ui '
it spoils easier and is of an Inferior
quality, so th.it after all "the high cost !
of living" Is about the same there ... 1
In New- York
It Is to Ihe Inteiest of the people of
'.he United States th it the midntcnince
and operative forces of the I'anania
Canal and the Panama llailroad should
n emeient and or a high morale, ihe.e.
fore It Is to their wdvantagn that the
executive oider dated January 15, jfiis,
nnd numbered No. 2120, shall be re
voked, For under existing conditions
11 botn unJ8- a(1 discriminatory,
ConnoN IUnaM,
ItosLTN llEiniiTfl, March 4.
' W" " n"d " On,0
Xoldlerr Scalped'.
To T11K i.;mTnn nr tuk HnuKir
ould t l enll'ed upon Vo an.w.;
t0 h' of " Missouri Rtisrrlllas
of the late war by Mr Henry M. Tod
11,1 w ere i tun in.it tie iUstlons some
.n. .iiileifllif m i'ltl,h lh hnnnr nf mv
my '"l,,c",l', h
bo were so In-
(.'entrnlla nnd
blutory compel
leR.irdlnc the
nlllcers nnd cltei
tlinony of two
rr, but only
ie l"'r''l"B i"" Centr.illn at the time
'operiitlng about Ccntr.itln at the time
"'"" whu-h should ha v.
"V" ii OHK-1..I report
"r '"' ""leers who burled the victims.
However, I have not to go bark to nlll
lal documents for confirmation of the
r.'.t. tv- i,.ff,p ii-iu -,ii. i r,.,.i, i, i,.t.
ter to me from a bust ton man of New
Vora who-e nam.. I do no. feel a,
vrty ' lv" "'m'"u hlK Permission.
was a member of the command of Colo.
. ., "i , v
VVH I IMHII1IIITII1 111 I-miinin in ni I .n
" , ' . " . "" ' , . '..L
whl;j? """-.V?," l",J '"'tune to rid the
,vorM of n'" Auleiwin h few weeks
",r,'r Centrnlla. Anderson was shot
through Hit head in an action and
within the fnlon lines Ills body was
'""Pn '? rnmorni. Kay county, pnnio
lx Ki.ipne.innn mmeu ...y correspon.ir.il
... , . , , . .... ,
writes tnat an ornament to the bridle
m - - --
Mr "'" ln'u ,n0
11 .ii.v senye a .nissane.
I have been
. - , , ' " u -.w. ... v..-. ,
W,Kh' ' ?l "ProtmHcuotis slauuMer. to UttIe of importance was te.tifVd te
kill promiscuously with cruelty.' was by either witness. Kwrctary Mott stib.
massacre. I'.ve-y man -.ho fell Into mined a list of back complaints, shew
their band., whether by surrender or, g Umt two had been hanging eve.
-ndcd, was ruthlessly .laugbt-red ; i Bn ,B. one since 1910, six s!nc
but two wounded men escaped John1 1911. four s nee 1312 and th rtv.ntr.
Cummmes and I'rnnk Harnes, both of
mv . nmpan. escaped after being
wounded, i.v .-onceallnB themselves
' haidlv worth while to .pilbble
about n,e numbe- on each side, but
Major Johnson had rmh- a battalion
"1 Thirty-ninth at Paris, and of these
"e took with him only tboe who had
been able to secure horses from the
inrmer in wie snort time uity nan
a.lt 'Sl"!
the number l.e took to . ',e attack when
I plnie It nt les than no hundred.
M " Tod rnn v piesumes 'o cr t c se th-
gal.ant Cu-ter for demounting h.s men
gal.ant Cu-ter for .I'.mou.itlng h., men
,,t tlie Little lllc Horn, not know
that such actio. i always reces-iry
when cavnlrv flsht behind defences. Nel-
ther could Johnson atl.ick In any other
wnv with bis men mounted on green
1..., a .. 1 . ,...
..... ... .. ....... .
tlR" tt. nHack at all against what
,lp kn(.w wefp Rr(,nt,,. up.r0r 0,u,.
, r r,, I lim willing to stand
rorr,,, bv Mr. To(li although It is
with relnct..nce. I have always given
"Colonel Tod." who was in .omnmnd
f t0Krn attacked bv Major John -
Hnn ,rnUt for' noluini: ,UrP ; an,, '
. ..,...... ...
inK rbe inhuman massacre of wounded
ar,d prisoner, to him Hut I' -eems that
Tod also took tun In It. wlUch accounts
perhaps for the 7e.1l of his namesake
atlempting tn excus- and p..;, late lt
horrois Prank H Hit.
l.te l.teiitenii t. Thirty-ninth li fanny
Missouri Volunteers.
Wkst iiinN.ir.. N J . Marh 4
Men With Small Capital Can Oct
Then on l!aj Terms.
To run I.ihtci: i Tut: Scv - Vu Con-
siilei.ng that tuousatids are out of em
plovirent In the 1 itl's of the Stnte, that
laborers are eorelv needed In the coun-
try and that firm- ar. for s,al. on
.. payment plans and at low prices. It
dues seem that an 1 ffort s'. oual be mado
to g. t the laborers and land owners 10-
get her. As a rule f inner h.n. no con-
iiil. tue 11 tli city lalmtrr who wants a
job on the farm, but maty alien hnve
,nme from the cltv with .-, f.u ImnitrMl
dollirs, bought a cheap home In t'.e
count rv and gone to work to till their
own land These people hive "made
good" to a mnarkahle degree
in Saratugv countv an unt". farms
that tuny be bought at a r low price
and ...1 ...sv pa meats eM..dli-.g over a
period of ear 1 t. s.cn. of these farm
111. buildings that -.-ally co-t mucli more
vu-v o, in iik is ,-ry i i-ieimaui. .lany
i.vrms ,n S ir itoga . ount . may be bought
t ., (0H pni. as H.'iOO. a tlrst t..i
00 . a tlrst t,.i
ient of. a. SO0. the remalmle n
..,,lv payments to suit the i..,,uii-
mem-- of tne purchase,-. Tbe. e must be
,.ii,.,.N ,u.rh,. , .Vr,,,,
' many iiliei.s lust being discha . Bed from
t. pui,u. vvorks m the St it. w io have
,. ai,i,. IO ,IV a-lde h small fund with
uhili to buv n home in t e eountrv.
su. i people should get In t.iU' li with the
rur.'. condition nod turn to tlie soil.
X e nianngrr of the S.i-.Uoga Countv
.. .. .. . .
""reau w ll . neeirur.N take up
Ihe iMiestlon of tlr.itmg suitable farm
houses mr then. .I'd Mstirc fern fair
ireatmeni tron, go...i iespons,i e people
,.:.v.ng farm- f..r sale Of course be
l not be willing to liv an farm
treatment from good .espons.ble people
or act a a farm agent in ntn wn' , but
such info-.., ,t on as be ha at hi com-
uan.l will be .'(erftilh given
With the great demand for food prod-
lids made tipo.i our inuntry fo. both
home 111.1l fii c'gn c.ii.v.m,t on the time
is oppotf.ne fm .. e. eater sowing and
larger eip tlii'. eve- before in t is
i-.iil.ili-- 1 ne v. nine country nceos ,1
CoiUNTII. March .1.
Hlnie .Vniel lletcrtlirs.
, ,. ,
In Till: I'mmi! nc Tiil- i-s- s..- ,.
I .
cover. of c lonn nueirn.. x'h..n .
comes to real detecting it nre Is the
,..,..,,.. ..,'; , '
sclentltl sVuthiiig" ten m
.,' ' L. , ,.? '"
ike Ronil
..-I., riitti, .'u i t. ii-Miin-,s i'"" 1. ,,.
less lib.
,.,,.. m.i,...i ,,. ..... , , ,,
?lr"fr.'VP'h1 ,kl w T. u ' ' : !'
111 red life 11. It
Nkw York M ,.eh 4.
n Old lli.nthlan Artnr.
To :nr Henoii or Tin. Srv Sir Mr
W II1I.1..I s. vniur l i.lnt.iken In siiMns
"New. on rhi-ne'l is ,..ive. Imt rare'y acts.
I . hln, a f" .u. agn "
N.ovtnn ""i( .Hnl I .lli I ten or twe ve e.ir
int.. hi hi. home In l!in,kn
1 v. v.i.ik Mi-.h i y xi i-
.lull- with htni who nsle. e,i
smile n ivn ,v,o hutrl.. .v,
l,.iugll .it ll.u. who pi.fthf vni.
It line. n't cn.t a r-nf
Pon'i In. i.irivinc round Hint hip
Wink your cy and rt.rv vei.r Up,
Vnd frein '.If's .unshlne t.tke j .lp
l. doenn t cn.t a i-eni '
llr ii be H Win "111 - In r'le
V' ll ll.-o"lll, 41, e '..in -u i ti
It s!l I heer the dll tfvl vvhll.
Apd .loe.n't ccm a eeni'
M.I nvrii .--rwLT
Ilrport on Now York Coiiiini.
sion Mny Nol Ito FinMicil
This Work.
Ai.bnt, .March 4. The !ei:e.,' .
committee began Its Investlcnliop i
of the Up-State Public Kcrvn-e ' -mission,
wWIe fli.ilrnian Tliompr,n .
Counsel llayward wrangled on- ,.
wording of the rej.ort on the New .
city commission.
For two nlirhls these two men
worked at framing the report to tu
Legislature nnd thvv eiict to pin m
- I
, anomer nignt i.ciore too report
IJh - ' pleU-d. FApee.at.on now ..
He. report will not go to the Covers
'ist e
Governor m 1
i I ln l-Blsisture neiore next .Monniv
1. .. - ... . . . .
Cnnnuentlv anv artlnn tenriltif- i
Consequently an action tending to
ward removing the New tork city Com
mssloners must be delayed until ther
left t,nt
Secretary frank II. Stott of the up.
- 5jtate commission and Charles 11
ji.imes. Its electrical expert, were or.
stand to-day. After a five hour
f.T.aiu.4 hit, i.uuiiiiiitr-,1 nujuuiun. w
nu ' ngaln to-morrow morning al 10;JO
' o'clock ln the Aeaemhly parlor
Mnce 1514. Altogelher about 16.000
, complalnta ha e hcen filed with the com
msslon lnce It was established In 1 JOT.
Mr. Mott testified
Vlce-Chalrman William J Mater of
of the committee presided, while Aa.lsum
Counsel Hurt Wheadon did most of th
Hectetary Mott
said that only two
prnaiiy anions nmi- neen eu.ri"! )-i.i
S.' KM ir?
"About II 00 wae recovered.'
said Mr
' Mott .......
"Then you are about I3J ahead of th.
New York city board," remarked Mr
New York city board.'
ng . Wheadon.
. Mr. Harnes. the electrical expert. te
tlfled that he Inquired Into the street car
service In Huffalo nnd Itochester, and
thought most of his reeommendattorf
hnd heen .-Arrled out
It Is expected that Chairman vsr.
Snntvoord and other members of -
commission will teetify to-morrow
: l.on lalanri Itallrnn.t Ciet. Well
Ttefa.es w Trains.
The Long Island Railroad, refu-mr to
obey an order of the Public Se-v
Commission for Increased train serv
has obtained a writ of certlorar ft. m
the supreme court
The order called for a train or
Atlantic avenue dlvl-inn leaving Jam
at K ::' A. M and I'ar Kotkaw.i'
leaving the Pennsylvania station at
and 10:;? P M. After a rebe.i "t
order was confirmed, but th. r. n
company calls it "unwarranted. r
eonable and arbitrary
Movies Ktliiesite Criminals
Says A ssi'iiiblviuan .Mili'lioll
Hill I Opposod.
AtBsNT March 4 - Caeon
o.rist Church Mr ..Ul n at a h-a-n.
' ,r,K, c'ri ,!r '" a 11
before the Ass. iniib Jude'ia" c-
mlttee to-day. on the Mitchell lil'
the censers lie unuer tne jur rn:,-. ... o
- the Stale l.ilucatl.ui i'.-,..ii-imei,-
Vs.emblv man Mitchell of New V
de, lated that lb- m-vlrs t ok ihe t ' .
of the .ef.irm ho..'. and the I" -
Heformatorv .n edU.ati.iB r, i.l .1
fteformatory .n
how to iulnilnit-r Kii.h Knut droi
blow a safe
The repreent.iti e of the mono'
turn house were on nan-i
opposition to the bill, declaring th. i
llonal Hoard of Ceisnrship of 1 ,n t in
: . . . . .. ... .
r-.i is uoing u worn we, spe-
Ing ! per cent of the films
viewing Son film a month, an .''
nf thim a .1 iv. through lis i-
tn rtv
Canon c,
hnse insisted Ihatundrrs
censorship parents would pe
children to ...lend shows
"I believe the nmu.s haxe ,1 . e
do with training the mitiils. of .. .'
In ncent e.ies ill 111 anvthcig e
-perhaps the public s, bool of r ,-i
ald Canon Cluse, "and I hite t.. ,1
that tbe Sunday selio.ls h.w. no-
N.ix netmi-tment.
, (irnrK, . Hell. Comm, smner
, censes 111 New "otlt, fi d he w i
'exercising nil the ..er. w
I proposed Stale boards of . -n.--., s -
' '
linve and that he coiiiii i.v.,,
IL-lte of i'ie ltr..KI ti N ig '
Xsso.-iat'.on : Walter V. 1-w i
l. ..- for the Vil igiaph C-Miio
.l.inie. C. 1 1 1 ii i i 1 1 oil of the
H '.ird of Censorship, and Jn'-
ter, whn appenred fur pic tiir
t'ops, weie ..is,, piesent at t! ,
I'nlltlcnl C.I. .en I Ion l.eiiguc "i
ie I'ropo.eil si,. Hon r.l
The l.e.isu,. foe riilr.. ,,! r.l i .'
a meeting In Ihe Com 'I'lnaiic
.voted to protest ..g.i its' the
, State law creating l.o.nd of ,
, fo. .notion pi. tii.e
Tho meeting was .irl.lt ,., ,
Collier, the Hi v. Chailcs S XI. i I
'pcneinl Mc.-.c'a-v of t'e Kciler, 1 1 -o'
the Chu.i'us" of I 'hi ist :i,
nnd P. W - i. IT.'h w ho prod j .
H'.rlb of a Nation
Mr. liriti.il. Mi. '-c ild not e,
lie cellsiirsaip -1 .uoyina j.
ex.-ept Close intenib d for . , , , i.l -said
that playn for adults hci' 1 .
soicd only s hooks, mac,,,,..,.
piipiMN and stage plavs ,i.
public op'nion
"If wn nave S . :.
Mr 'ii rr.r.i w, , i
wil' do v'.n- i ,
Ch v it i I ,. ui
eri e wh.i' a i ,.
sull would hi ,
piodlli e pbiv. th ,i i i '
r i

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