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7.-..1MM1 ii r Mppni I,, It mil y Cn. I
Nrnr INInl silrret I nriirr.
TIib riiHfli-H lleimle Rim II y Company
una men iuhiih rr h live H'nrx iipurt-
intent ImtiKo for the pint, anxss, m the
xxc-hI ulilu or Haven HXi'titie, 137 10 feci i
rltriiH' III .HtM 01 IMP MIM'S Of 01 Mri-ot. Mtmn. A. Until
i eieitei, Hri'iuiet'iM.
Ht lii.tJOO.
tlir I in SHIInjr Hero Nrnr
Imxo ptiu'lil the. roat
reept lnllneK their wim nntlilnB In
,(f.tr I'-.i.IIiik to comtnent on. In
MiTin't" n tlie market xvim prai'tlrally
t A st mi-till Hrrmx. luukcrt. were
for mnie Sexerhl propertied 111
,k. nor'li-'" lnircitiKli lieltm nold. None
hen, iiowexer. Involved tmii'h nuS
jy of h.".h. The liti.xlnir wns chiefly
Iv imfjt""' who nought for occiipmiry,
itimiicii piinK h.i lieen with tn inly
, ff i'
in. n
ti.nlitiR lit the mibttrlm
1.. .1 1. inlil cprltiK time pm-
.-( np I'lnnis.-:, .urn i.-ncr .. i , u--
j!t,l ir.ifl.n from m.my vomers of
, .n'mr'i' Held, which indtriitrs that
nmuni'i" to the country will noon
f.ii miiiii: Wectohester mid New
i,r " " p.'rt" most favored In
hf (t.ivK epiitt!". l.cns!ni? of ep.icc for
klfir,ei- i. trading at prlvute cote
Met a helnw itcordu of lnt week.
tk feature of the dayV leases ns
" . .... ..... ...I.l-U I.JI.
. XlaMeU I.Utn lirill nil ll uiiiiv.ii.-n
belief of the Jewelry trade thHt
MiM'n lane for ten years hi least win
Ibe .Tiitre of thnt Industry.
NI IM.OT ,.t.l..
$1)10,000 14,11 hhow i'i.at..
Thins have heen filed for tuo the
ntnry fliits, fio.l lxr. mid Irtxnn, to ho
erected at the nnrthweet comer of Is-tli
and llofTiiian streets by the tlailhaldl
Heulty and Construction Cnmpaii), of
which Haverln rluldcra is prcwldent. The
cost Ih estimated a I 100.000 by Miolrii
I'lsclotta, HrfhltM-t.
htii avi:. iini'HK 111111:11.
Charles Martin Is the Imjer of ".nil
niKhth avenue, Mild recentlv hv 1'orill
nand Nuurel for Charles 1'liinKett.
XT1I"S WI'MM' --Holler Suss-
tndil 11,1 e ..ni nir i..i. i.iiiin,. nviui..
(,,, the northwest corner of Anthony
iinn.' nil IT4th street, alsc sold
tt'1111,1) MII.I, MIIOOI, mti:.. I
The Chelsea Neighborhood Association I
will ask lilt Hoard of I'dll'iilliiii at Its I
tneetliig on Wednewlay to Mil the sites
of three old public sdnuls, Nos. II..
2rt anil Ik, and use the funds accruing
for the erection of a single modern
building on the site purchased on Wittt
Twentieth street In 1007 b the board,
hut never built on heretofore. It Is
estimated that tlio three sites of the
old schools, two of which were hull I ,
In ls..4 and one In ISSN, would fetch ,
J600.000, while the con: of erecting i
a new and modern school building
should be only $434,000.
. lltANMll'.ltS.
fWltll imttte m Hi1r1rr4 of lender flll'l
slernev If ihe attorney mime Is oinllted
aililree pall of ernnit ptt )
i.xoinli .if Knurleentli rl 1
el ivrn.s ST. It!, s. lif. s ilrand hi.
ulnii .i.iii.iMi t'lianl. mf, in Mm
llirnuii. 713 f. Mb ft, Msr 11. tt, K
M Tl.heiinr. 3.1 Park tli.w- 30. 100
HA Ml! IMKll'I'.UTY-Msx ttrrnMii lo Wnlf
Ksrnlit, S9 l.u.llnv. t. in t IH.dno, Keh
19. sttys, Mnrrlson A K 3:0 lluay..llnn
Kii.I Mile.
Illast of Fifth . hetneen INiurleenth slid
1 1nili els I
75TII ST. ft I!, s ,? . Mud si, IStix
112.5 I in Mnthfrny In .lula Itealiv
iv !, i: 7 71 h t M.ir Hi ... . li
J7TII HT. I II, b s, 70 I! Mad . 1 2 kx
10.' ?-Sltne to same. Mar 'i .11
Mil CT. M'l K. s s. 1IH.S w 3.1 a. Ux
too t--Mri I' fjuliin in I'lirlmlna
Snnter. atK w 3mh el. inlg M.oon.
Mar 21; alt). T tJ IV. 171 Hy. ftOO
West Mile.
(West nf I'lftli hi, between 1'iiurtrenth anil i
li'llli M i I
I7TII 8T, II f. 28" w Slh HV, :.Jxj2 Weet
3il HI It.allN Cn tn In S t t'lh Ht
I'nrpii. S5S W'ext Ihnl av. tntu t lIMi.ono. ,
li slid s. all llena. Mar 2. Httyi. Peek,
mail. M A II, S2 WlllUin st linn.
33l HT. 503 XV. II s. inn w Kill HV, 209.!i
Xlariiry S lliiltinann In Xlarln ratnpli.1l.
jnj xv inmii si. mm lit nnn. all lien. 1
Xlnr 22. ally. .Inn .1 Hiliklr). SO Mal l'll I
imie linn I
WOT KM) .XV. Ill . i i ii itlli Hi
:ux Km Alice XX' ll,irrlnn ns Prank
I. mum. Till st. Ilklu nitg t:,nnn
fell l.X. sltv. t. T I'n. It.0 llnsv. . . .11
VIT f.SI) .XV. . . 0,X n 1th el, 2nx l I0ST1I
VAVOIiKHIl.T AV, s e eor 174lli si. innj
1 I Msrla M O'Hrleti ami sno tn den
A MeDerniiitl. U XV tJ3d t. Mar
due ns per timid, alty. lien A Miner
nintt. tan" XV 123d st Il.i.nn
131 Til HT. n , 71. e Alexander v, M I Ox
inn f.llen Me,atighlln tn Winifred X
KlMin. .lit f. I34lh st, Mar 13. du s
per bond, ally. M .1 Sullivan. Wllll av
ami I4tli st ... 12 W
l.OT 32, I.Ik i;, map MnrrN r.irk .Inbn
t) IHeksnn tn Nrnh Hide Mir I'nrnn,
351 t! 1 19th st. Mar 2n. due as per bnniti
attye, Clorke. K A It, .131 I! 149th tl IKno
HHP T. 321 XV frank 0 XX lid and nn,
exr in frank H Wild anil ann. tru. U
I'llntnii si, llkln. atl, l T Ci. 1 1.0
ltMV order of court
1MTII HT. I ft 7 i: N V Title Ins Co I" Un
til, k HiMnas IikI. 311 Hway. attv. N
rule ins r, fiJ Hy.. ..Il2.unn
in I'll HT. : 13--Zerllna XV. IHKreen In
.In.epli Ye.Ua, K... Ill.Tlrte nrive; nn
lj Altmavr. 2!in IIWHV
2STII HT. .115 13- Title Hilar T ('n to
i:iu ' litmiop et al, irui". II. XX SUtli
t atts. T ll (. T Co, Us llay. IT.T.nn
MAVfOUTII. ANNA, to Kred X May
f.,ni II
tMlON llfdll. tn Olive M Ilue1l . .!("'
PIHI'lllllt. AXIAl.t.X A. et al er. In Wl
flsrher i:..onn
DOfdl.AH. AU01llll.XI.il. In .las imut
liciiiiil Tliaf Aoflmi Will
Tiiki'ii Tli is Week by
'ii vors Stale f jfjriMlti lion lo
Allow All fnstittifioiis
In System.
Hankers In charge of the llnanrlal re
adjustment of the International Mercan
tile XI....I.... I'nnin.iii uli1 cesteril.lV 111
atiswet to ii published report that' the efforts being made In Legibilities of cer
.niiiiianv would no Into receivership this tain States to amend their banking laws
t s.ooo i ..--l ii, at a recidxershlp as a ineuns of to remove restrictions against
U'AKltlNilTON, March II The federal
Itexerve Hoard adopted a resolution to.
d.n setllnc fniti Its approval or
Soiiip in I'iiiiiiicinl Hisliifl
l.ooli for Misoliilion
tead.hltinetit had not heen decided upon.
The company, wdilch deferred Interest
pa.xinent on Its 4'j per cent bonds last
Oiloli.f, has six mouths grace In the
paxment, and therefore does not actually j
face the. necessity of decision on a re
ceivership until April I.
It whs said yosterday ttiat inoiign
(XXIili n.inif and address of IrnderV
11 .
linn i
nenlnble Morea, I.ofla nnd Clffleea
llelnar Itednced.
M A l Hiss hax
famuel T Carter, ,lr. Ii. same,
ally, same . .
(Manhattan Island, north nf llfllh it 1
112TII HT. s s, 12". n .Xth av 2Sxlnnllx
lrreif-S'atliaii M liaiulxrr el al. heirs.
Ac Hlmnn Danilner et al. tn llnitiu
Knrh, 1219 3d av, mtc I2n,00n, all Hens.
Mar 19i ntty. ChrlsiTan (1 Koch. 1219
3.1 av tl
1MT1I .HT, s, ton e Ma.llfon av. rnxlOOll
Harrv Hlerhnrf to Hhenane Itralty Cn.
313 Lenox nv. Mar 22, mt I17.R00 Jino
1.13NOX A', 3ni7-2nn9. n e enr 1221 st
;i, nn Harry IilerholT tn Hhenane
llsaltv Co, Inr, .115 Lenox av. Illtc
il9..xnn. Mar 32 linn
vnv i in .
i j ... .... IT?. .inn.
iri.s ii i or i tree . .ik. . . .. z . .. ...... .. n
story and hascnient building at 4:'o to, Sam. in same. pari all nn
(32 Last Ninety-first street. sUe 100v I Mar linn
100, to .Instill Smibert. manufacliirer of K5TII HT. s r 12:. n Lenox av. 1?x9JII
. !,.,. . ,.. .i,. .. . . .. i H.im nierhorf tn Hhenane H.alty rn
v.i, h Hosen for tlie iMtmar esiL-e , an West Thirty-third street to Joseph I -ITU HT
toll b.Hi'iei ine norinrasi corner oi firllerna at a rental anKregntlPg $7,S,-1 99 11 Ahe
An..,, axenue ami l.itn street. ono. Holh leases Hre fr a long term
mv n k through to Carter avenue. . of years,
tiniSii f I, XCK. --Oscar K Mackey , tlnberth Iluberth have leased the
,. rfp..'ied to have sold lairing store In IM Claremont Parkway, coi
r c a two storv frame dwelling. ; iff of Washington avenu. to Samuel
r,', plo 79 4x157 Mx Irregular, SS7 Hrelndel for a term of years
Un no-th of Malt of Fame terrace. I I.eon K Altmaycr bus leased to Straus
Th ,P is, acquired the property last; liutman a stor In 112i Vark avenue;
pt'embrr for $':?.in at a foreclosure 1 "torn In 2.1 iS Scond avenue to Jacob
lion ale held by the James L. I Nlddelman
e' ( oinp.inv I Tl'" Charles F N'nves Coniiviny has
Schoen I ueorge ll Miuirc. inc.. jewel-
. ..ri k .. ....- ni " ..idiuvii lin" li.l
1 0
W. t.-h"ier Itealty Company has sold
(.' the Mary Construction Company
1:' Ilathgate avenue, a six story flat,
e' plot .".Ixiaii. to an Investor.
is xl.T'lN AVHNI'B -.lames II. .lanss
hnughl the Int. It.xjn, on the east
t He of XX, ilton avenue 125 feet south
.f I'Tih street
tcT Ili.-T STf.f.KT -I'Jdell.' Ilodg-n-
- sold to Paul A. Mcdolrlck
. X.-i 131st street, a live s'-My flat-I'm-
on plot 2r.0!ll Samuel I),
l.kei represented Hie seller and
l i v It, ick represented the huyer.
sin xxi:. roitM'.n r-TioKn.
lie iie'tiw ich Savings Itank bought
I' . i turn ve sterdav. on a bid of 157.".,-
Pie th rteen story store and loft
frnl-liiii:. mi a (dot 40x141. lux Irregular.
me northeast corner of fifth avenue
ni H xteenth strci't The sale was con
I . tul bx the M. Morgenthau. Jr., Coin
. i ". a ton ben- brought to sat
li., ,i ludKiucnt of $010, :!;ts obtained by
1 ,.k against XX". U. Lewlbohelin
I Pt'ie:s.
nil Lit foil II HOOK I. V.N HOL'SUM
Ti-.. Itockmore Healty Company has
" d 'o nory brick dwellings, each
al "..'.1 Kntleld street, ti llermnn
r.S Kntli ld street, to Mary Ooe-
. Knrleld street, to Margaretha
and .'.Sit ICnllehl street, to John
term of ears at an aggregate rental
of about $SJ,000,
Taylor, Sherman Mock have leased
lofts In ni West Thlrt -first street to
the. Arrow Dress Company and the Lau
rie Press and XX'alsi Company; a floor
in Ills and 4H Sixth avenue to A. Hos
ner, and for A. J. Hohertson a Hoor
ill 13-1 J Fast Forty-exenth street to'
yulnlan. lnc ' '
Corn A Co. Ic.tj.ed the store at 22
Fast Fofty-second street to the Hart- 1
ford Lunch Company
Louis Sohrag has leased for Jane A '
Stokes tin- store In ths building at 40.
1 Sixth HVetine to Felle A: Lnnrto for a
term of yeats.
' laiuis Kenipuer AV Son have leas"'! the
small store adjoining the lobbv o'i the
north In the Itlvlcra Theatre Hulldlnc.
i at the southwrM corner of Hroadway
and Ninety-seventh street, to the Strand
- . Men's Wear Company for five years.
The Fire Companies Hulldlng Corpora
tion has leased otllcfs In Its building. Ml
Maiden lane and 27 Cedar street, to the
New Vork Quebracho Fxtract Cnnp.tn.x.
Illnc Uros , Domlnlck ltlle. Fdward ii.
!erstlc, H. XX'. Drown, IJean-Wiiilswortli
Company, Charles It. Hoc and Klmcr J.
Tho Continental Insurance Company
has leased otllcos In lt building, m
Cedar street, to Walter P. Frank. Pen
dleton Dudley and Alfted A. (iardner.
(iustave Hrlll has leased the hulldlng '
at 3 llethunc street to William W.
Ciiinmann, Voorhce & Floyd have
leased the building at 42 Water street
to Cilox'anni Starace; also the stive and
b.ihctnent at nr. Howard sf.-et to i i-Taiinton-New
fletitYird t'opper 'mip.my
tin i'i
T e Hurting Itealty Compiny has
I'd t'ie Hume dwelling at 1S2 Fast
-tlrt street, near Dorchester
i plot t.Alo;, for (leoige O,
IV, tc .Iep to a client for occupancy,
ThaMes Hyatt has sold the residence
ii H.n do avenue and Klghteenth street,
IX'tine-'one. L. I , to James Power, who
u-'hn.ed In anticipation of the early
fi.latlnn of rapid transit to that sec-
R"iei-t I, Adolph will soon begin the
r on of n llOO.nilU apartment house
I ti street near Sanford avenue,
c L I In letting out the con-I were N. Hrlghnni II. ill and W I)
XI' Xdolph will give preference lo
'ra 'inrs who will employ Flushlnr
charms and laborers.
XI X lie deri. U has sold at Vonkers
lh dwelling .it ! Odell avenue for
iff ge XX' Pe. lie. to A. I,. Il.itterton
-f "i .e f,inul frame buildlnR at
' 'lr,.i,nn axemie, Vonkers, to the city
' X'o' k and to Mrs. Mary Shosl lot
' " 11 g'll.ind Paik for Mrs. 1 3. Mur-
orrici-3. I'ttit ins in; v111.r13.
Frederick A.Xfr has leased to Miss
Flsle De Wolfe In the building at 2 to
West Forty-sex enth street for a long
term one floor, lilxioo, and a large por
tlon of another floor, to be used as
ntllces and show looms These floors
will be extensively remodelled under
the direction uf Mott H Schmidt, archi
tect for Miss lie Wolfe The biokers
i eprc-
31.x l.ennx ai inu- Jll.nnn, Mar ..lino
3ns ia.nnx al . is x
I. HlerlietT tn njienane
llealli Cn 3lfc lnnx av. mil 110. nnn
Mar . imn
HltllAtUX'AV. . 2.X.1I n I'ltth ft. Tw
l:in'Jill 1- lacoli Hlrull to Xtontroee
ltf.ru i'o. 13.'. Hway, mtK l3,xnn. Mar
:;. att. v x t t r.i. u:. invaj jinn
SAMf. l'KOI'f.HTY -M-intriue Hfalu Co
tn Harass llnlilnz o Inc. 2J?1 aiton
s, lirnnx. mtit $43,6on, Mtr ;
NX' r l i'o. i:i:. Hwa
illoreiiah of The Hrom 1
2XSt ST f. 'h ai. .xnx'.ft -Hnphlf
Zvlka In HroiilUa ilka. 2n;n Hnloii
rrt. Xlareli ;'n am. 13 t. UrUaeli, 391 K
Ifith i II 1
COHTLAS'IIT .XV. s w eor lHtb n. 27 1x
1.1 Hxnian Xni to Henry Melnh'rg.
2J 13 mill -i mtire lu.nnn. March I,
atti. Max MonfrM. S Hwai Jl 1
CKlvrnv AV, f f. tin tt l3d ft. 21.2x1
12 Xl.irir.ir'lla lllfaf.m. ft at. tn D-- ,
flder M-liofii, s-,3 xx f stehf tf r nv. March
2n. all, THAT l"n. 171 H a ..linn
MOHIIIH XV. w s. 12n:. s I'nrdliani rd, '
37 ii3.'. 1 I--I3.IW lid i' I'mlUn tn Helen I
f PndMli. 301 I3irt foMlMin r.l March
I. atn. T f Hums, IM Nii.iu si It
X.X.N J'llltTLANtlT AV. s . ir VI1U pi.
13. I Adnlpli Htelmr to Henri1
i;ila llri'iilnii i'o. in,i f, Mih ft. mtue
is.non. .Xlarcli l. .ili Til .X T cn, I .
Itnav . . .It
l.i If in lilk 2'.iM tax inap-KuKfne f Mr
l.er. ref. In MsM 11 llol.i-rtf. Maiden
Hrt.tirH, N V, .tune t itraiifffr lav
Item. am. Me,.iant. o A- M. lis
H.i ... .12.000
d.XHf IKI.K ST. s .r .xt.irrla Park u
n.XxSS- I'hol. . Kit) i'o. Inc. tn Hma.lx
Itltv 'n. .I'.it i: 141th ft. intge 11,100.
March I?. att, I, T & T Co. IH0 Hrnail
n m ... .... linn
VXHI3 .XX. n e rnr 171th st. innkf,n John
XX I'nri'lfh I'oiiftn in Trank IIMk i'o.
li.2 llofion rd. Xt.ireh 111 mt.. lie
nnn, aiti, Trmk nid "o, Iii2 Hoion
r.l ..It
AlirlU'll AV. f. I2X s IsOth at. I19.SX
IM 1 llonenfoli lllt C.i to ,1 XV n
Itltv X'o. Ini, 3111 3.1 at mtK" 1 1 7.000.
March 20. mi). THAT i'o. 17 llro.nl
nay Sinn
H.XTHli.XTl-3 AV. n e cur 13.1 st, t0xlH.7
irrfg- -Ktull I) Horuii to llrnrnson
Itltv ''o, 101 13 1.X2.I t. March 20. ait.
1. T .X T 'o. lao Hn lion
3I AX', f. '.n lOlh al. 25llll. al-o
While I'l.ilm r.l. a. Ti s toth ft, ih
InO frank l'i.lrMkl lo JailuUa
1'l.ifeiM. 3511 XX'hlte Plains ui. March
l'i. atli. 13 I. Hrl.ach. 3 '..I 13 I i Ll t ll
t .11
KlMlsllllUuli; Itli i, r cer Klrkfldc in.
r.T 11x112 l-.ien H Tailor ref In Mor
rlf Ai I'orpn, 33 ltd ui. .Xl.irch I-.
all)s. Hr-wMer .X !'. Is.X Hia flOimo
I'l'l.riiN AX. n n s, IM'i - , nth fl
si XV Ir'pfi Itnhl l.fllofki In XX'm .1
DUlilou.l. 3.l'. f IhMh -I. .tune 27. 1911.
altv. T H A T i'n I3 Hiv.o- 11
lorney I
. tin .. .1.1
I SOs- Win Sillier m Kaliille
and the Wolf Nndler Itealli.'
U'on HlirVea, l-3 '"'alliev
KX HLX'N PL, ii s. inn w Jerome . 4x
100. July 21. 1M3- Margl 13 Irrety,,"1
Hy J Devlin, 37.1 Mh av. att). rhinitis
Aver, 11 Park Hn- .. ...... 1300
VL3THV ST. 11 as 23 7 e ltintson ft.
.10xx7 7, fell 2. 1010- New-town conatn
I n to Chaa A Mnratl. irus, 30 Hrna.t st . ,
am, T H 'n. 171 Hivay MO.onn,
IMtnHPI3CT Pi. 62. w a, 66.5 n 42d el and
11 1st v. 1 44. April . I"' -Jno
XV Phillips to Clara I. Pratt. Ufeet I
Harrlnrlou. Masf, ally, T (J - i . i i 5 I
Hw ay .... . I I.So
l.ntlll.LARP HT, II w enr l7tll St.
Pi- x4 July 3n. lun.i-The Kfl l7th
Hi fulled l'resbtet Ian I'hureh of N X 1
ills tn Hoard of Church I'.xieiiflon of'
the f iiltfd Presbyierlan i'hureh of North
America . altv. II (1 Patterson. 2IJ
Montague ft. llklyn Ij.OOO I
I'Ol.f MHI.X HT. w f. 1.0 s Stanton i. 2.-X ;
.'tinton i. t w s. ..i " " i niuiiiiH.
recelxershlp might turn out to ho the strlctlon against Statu hanks Joining the.
easiest method of reorgatiiianoti. in xiew ln,.rvfl system.
of the number of subsidiaries of the ,jrrB ,R evolution adopted by the
I c.iuip.iny, theie would bo no immediate ,nimi:
I decision on the nuestlon. , "Whereas, the trainers of the Federal
I lie committee ni me noiucie i m- r,.,..ve act had lit coiiteiilpi.nioii ine es-
tHbll'Intient of a coordinated sxstem of
iMliklng in thn I'nlted States under eTe-
tlie ml
mission of State bnnlf to the userve
system or to the extenilon lo national
batiks In those States or thn power to
act as executots nnd trustees
States which have laws nf this char
acter aie Michigan, New Vork and Illi
nois. A measure Is now peiidtne befnrr i RnnlNtr M ,, holding company, whose
thn New York Assembly removing the re- ,,,, r,.,,nint- Hrg,. asset Is Its 7H.fiO0,-
f 1 Ki x, 7. 07(i total capuai
leltci of (lie Anaconda Copper Cum
in I's slin Uli'i!rier In explanntion
Id the r.cnllt Issue nf f 1 1", . II 00 .00 H notes
caused Ihe Inference to be drawn in mine
flii.iiterH of the llniinei.il loinuuinlty
yestenlav that the Amalgamated Cop
wr Cniupini would "oon be dissolved
This inference was based on till) fact
that hi Ihe Issue of note- Anicnnda bad
become the owner of the Flllted Metals
Scllltic Comnnnv ninl other former as-
Max Alisorlird. in 1 1 l.tiii".
I, iff, Three Oilier firenl
The Mechanics Hank of the Cltx nf
New X'nili will celebrate Its Inr.lh nnn'
vcrsary to. day. Thn hunk Is now known
im the Mechanics and Melnls Hank
When the bank was chartered only three
other institutions In
celxed their charters
Lcgielatilto gr.'intlin;
signed hi Joseph 1".
el nor of New Vork
this city had
The act of
till' cinrler w.is
Vale", then (inv
alid Hie original
sets of the Amalgamated, leaxdng Atnal- document Ih still preserved In His
t-' The committee nf the holders of the
11.. ner cent, bonds, headed by Otto T
:-!.0? V: ! Hannard. president of the New York
Trust CompHlix, bus received ucpnsiti
of 2,i0n,000 of the bonds. Amsterdam
holds about 1 7,000,000 of the bonds and
lamiloii about 11,000,000
P. A S. Franklin, vice-president of
the company, said yesterday that the
shipping business of the world was nl
most In a Mate of :haos nnd that tb
earnings of the company, though excel
lent In some directions, were subject to
the coneo,uent uncertainty.
live ifoiernnienial supervision, and
"Wheieas, It Is the opinion "f the
Federal Heserxe Hoard that the Interests
of the (Sovernnient, tlie banks and th
public will best be served and the state
of the system best assured by a mem
bership which will include as many as
possible of the banks, made eligible under
the terma of the act: nnd
older to equalize im-
ir.O nf the $nr. x
stock of Anaconda.
Amalgamated Is therefore In the po
sition where it could readllv ho tlls
solxed through the dlsMlhutlnn of Its
Anaconda holdings to Its own stock
holders. The rport that such an end of the
holding comp.inv was Imminent xvas de
nied by a ditcclor, who said that It had
not been considered by the board of
John I). Ityati, president of the com
pany, refused to discuss tho repot t of
impending dissolution.
In tho Anaconda statement tn stock
holders It was eald that thn proceeds of
tho note Issue would he usen tor plant
Reports In the financial district that
a Alaska Juneau Cold Mines Corn
et.' 2xinn. tve l. tilfi The Mr. t H pany would soon offer 400,000 shares of
nanv tn rilfoose Of the HOCK I n ere I
are' at present only ten shareholders.
Hernard M. Hiruch will act as syndl-
hat L Horrk. .IX Park How 12.000 manager and with him xvlll h ss
SLIP. 12. , tl ' 'r 'isoWated Eugene Meyer. Jr It Is ex
pected that the new stock will b of
fered at M" share, which ,1s Its par
sjiiit.r A C.i. tohaceo manufactory, in
Fannie ll Link. atts. XXood. Oak A
Sflll, 3 Wall ft 1.1.000
HAM 13 PHOIM3HTY. Oel 31. M3 Hun In
ram , '' 0
ItlVf HSIP13 DH. , r.. 2 a 127tll ft
runs s 0 ' !Sx n '.!x w x n J3x w
to t.fK Aug 13. 1!0! St Paill'f Contin
i'n lo Orninnd Hlty lo; auv. i i, n s.
.n, inn lino
I CLINTON AX. li eor IJsth al ( XX'ood
ruff av), 101 llxlOxini (xlO I, Ann 2,
fill Hy KrtlilU In llrriuami O A. Il
rlftta H llllfrr. R"l Hook, N Y ally,
T ll Co, 114 Hsu) 13.000
, 31) AV. 131 13. ii f. :nn ii Avenue ,x.
3 2, Jan II. 1311 Hoflf Boikar and
. aim tn .laenufs i,nr-l. iv 11 -10
1 a 111
runs ,1.1,3 11 l.ix iv i .x 11 in,
r at : tn a PfCk altp 1 f ;n.; to hs.
Man h IHl-Chaa T l'falu to Adel
held I Pfaltz. 331 XV Xih at amr. I
Myrs A (ioldflllllh. 100 Hway .. P.000
MADIM'N AV. ini. w f. 1 27 3 s 75tb l.
21 1x100, March 22, 1110 Thof t) M
lnea to I..m)rrs Title A Trust c
If.) Hwai ... nnn
AVIJNt'H A. n eor tStll ft, 37.2x4.
April to, fiOs XVtn ll Hochrleh tn Jno
and Marnaretha V Inkbeiner. att. Hum I
inl A- Holbfrt. 1X11 3d av J20.non
1ITTH HT. 11 e, tr.O i Amsterdam al. SOx
null. May It. 1311 -Hy M and Harah '
If 1., h rl l to Morris Cohen. .'SO XX
until t. alty, Haul llernfteln. lf;
llnai 112 000
JIHT ST. 120 X", s f. 1 V 4 fn'ninhuf al,
jixinox. Od 21. 190K I'ornillua f and
Jorephliie K Hhrahan to Ileum ltothfe'd
1 al, truateer. attir. Kurman A f . 2
Hrnail "J 116.000
112TH ST. a f, 123 f Rth av, runs f S.7x
23 3x e lx n 100 llx w 26 to b-,
Man li 30. 130., -Simon Danzlcer to
I'hrtstlati i Knell. 1213 3d al , ally.
Max Arn, l'i.. Hway . 1.1. '.00
134T1I ST. n r. 75 Xlaxander av. 1 lOx
inn. March l.X. 1 7 Morlit and lltti
Inrleih to I3.1w flynn, adinr. el al. ally,
Cnrnellur 13 Keen. New lloehe'.le.
v ii.coo
xxiifieas. 111 older to
. powers of the State and national banks iniproxcments and betterments, for tho
I as members of the system the provisions purchase of the United Metal? Selling
I of tho act extend to State hanks nnd i ('onipany and for th acquisition of other
I 1 r.1.1 .nmnnnllil the nrivllegn of inetn- k.is of the Amalgamated, clllellv
Mr 4no.niHi Miare. Hrfnre ' bershlp when not In contravention of , ahares In the Inspiration Consolidated
' r ' 1 State laws and empower the lederal Re- i fopper Comp.inv. rireene-Cananea lop-
I'rler In I'liril. . .n Hoard to extend the powers of na-1 per Company and Mountain Ttadlng
tlotial banks bv granting men banks i company
i.ormlsslnn lo art as trustee, executor. ,
administrator and registrar of stocks
and bonds when not In contravention of
.State laws, nnd
"Whereas, It appears from an exami
nation and analysis of tho laws of the
several States that bank created and
organized under th laws of certain
states cannot become members, and the
stock for siibscrlotion have resulted in
application being received for more
than the entire Issue hefore the price at
which th shares xvlll be offered has
bcn flx'd.
Th Alaska Juneau fTold Mlnss prop
eetv la nxt tw the Alasku i7old Mines
Av' H11 1 Company and Is controlled hy the Mills
Interests and F w. Hraniey. a syimi
cat has been formed of the leading
right to exercls the powers of trustee, j
Hai.timokk, March 22 Tlie securi
ties market was fUlet. Consolidated
fower comunn sold at an advance ot
j and Unit 'fl ll.ulwayH was stisidy at
2'.-,i The summary :
administrator. Ac
4 i .vi.nH.H lo national
stockholders at the request of the com- states bv reason of the laws of men
run-ADM-riltA. March 22.--A further
easing of trailing restrictions resulted
In a falrlv active market Ccnral As
ph ill common and Lake Superior
opened lower, but th latter regained
the rally decline of a point I'nlted
lla.s Iniprox-emetit continued strong,
gaining three points, and C.tmbita Steel
and L'nlon Traction advanced fraction
ally. The summary
fajff Inr
20 Atnal Copper f
i Am ii.n ... inix.
f, Am Hf 31
in Am Rys pf !'
3 Cambria Iron. 42
71". Cam Strel . !
2:.". f.li1 Morcr. . n
SIT'l lifll AfPh3lt . . 21
nie. now. therefore, o H
! Ke.nlred. That the Federal I!eerxe
Hoard Is in entire sympathy aim accorn
with the efforts ot fhose who are ad
vocating legislation designed to remove
such restrictions and to make possible
the rT'tlo" of " syotem of binklns
which will uniformly serve th interes s
of the public In all of the Federal re
serve districts."
in Hunt A 11 Top pf 11
IITII ST 10 XX', all Federal 13latf Corp '
lo Peter ll.i Prato A ano. 110 XX" 11th i.
10 yrs from Apr 1. 1 V 1 S . alt, S V frank, i
170 Hiviiy 11.000
3T1I AV 73i, ftr A- in 21 It .X l-frlta
liUKHf nliuhl to Fredk Sihuncli. 102.. K
llth ft Hklill. 2 1-12 Ui A 10 .lj from
Xlar 20, 11: alty, Loll, xvemlel, Ji
277 Hnay. 1100
HiiTsTilN HT. Ill 7 13, all -Xtinskcr Hlty
Nntliilial Winter l.rtrd. .i o, Itl
610 Kriitnne Tel.
P Kejrtone T"l pf
Skin Lake superior...
W la-h Vallev
". Lib X'al Trail pf
'.! Phila II T t c.
IVnna H It ..
. ' Pnna strr I fif
)) Phila I'o
I'hlla Co e pf 32
s ir. sj
I XX Itli
nune and
good, and Daniel Hlrdsall & Co
seining the owner.
I '
it x i; in: xi ii in n sold.
1 ' .'-i bi ster Heacli Club, opposite I
llr i .id Heach Itathing P.ixillnn at
' i i'fep sold by the Scarsdale I
d C.eilnev Farm Companv,
oimr-v m John V Migner, who :
"if es.ee of the bathing privileges at
r i " i irk The He.i.-h Club was
' -e S, nulale INtales and the
lain I ' nnpa it v. It ipert K. Far
' 'e i i litis, primarily for th j
a. . ot i enleia-e of residents at
I'.rm and Sc.irsdale Fstates. i
-' ff , no mil be continued and
TW . l oiife will prohabiv he erected
'iie ot iei site. Mr Maimer will
"' s i luhliotis hereafter In on- !
r 'h his management of
Ti'..vrs i'oii 4'itv nxviii.i.iM.s,
Shaw A; Co. have leased for Hi esi.ua
1 of Kmlfv Chamberlain the tin iluci.
'storv and basement ilueflmgn at lx and
' 30 XX'est l.1."ilh street to Sadie A Howell
1 llustaxn Hrllt ban leased the dwelling
'at I4S Lcxlimlon avenue tn Kate Flic.i.
the dwelling at 20 West Twelfth street
'to Mary Foley, and the bouse nl 1317
West Thirteenth street to Hannah Hums.
I Hainet A; Co. line leased the dwelling
! at I "0 West HUM .street to Mrs. Found
xi ni'i iiiio.Nv con m:h.
.1. Clarence Pax lee lias leased for M
McQuad to James n. Regan, with the
option to purchase, tlie gore pint at the
Junction of Hunts point. Itapdali and
Iwingfellow axenues The plot incisures
H7xlsxl2'i and Is lo be Improved with
"la.xpaj it" stores.
'or.vrnv pi. i'i Hi: ii3i.
addres- of Icndr
ntlnrnei l
Hon ritiiu ii,
iHouth of l-'ourte filth t.l
canal sr. n e ..ii- Mulberri st. xnv::. -I'lteh
L Iionnel'i I-. Annl M Lo- uf
Ulens l'.Ilf N X ffl. 17. item Hid. ft p '
nlti Hi XX XX Illinois al iiln fa'ls
NX . uoon
I'l.lNTiiN HT. 17T. ii . . .l0n Xtav
HfriiMii In Iri lio-k Sailngs liislli.
,111 lloiicrv. Xlar f. duf as pr bond,
am. f XI Tichenor 3 Park llnivll.nnn
31) sr 131. ti - jnn ,Xv A .:.x3 2.
le.iceli.ild- -Sol Meuner lo .Inn C forster,
13 V snib fl. Xlar l i .u us prr li.in.l .
am. J.is .1 1 1 m rrl - n i S.i-.n.i m Jl.Oni
tl It sT. ii s, .'i Xi v .:.ki iltli
ft - f. 11 n X -".'I'.il s -liatano
I'llilllln In l.t'lsrpit- I'erlil' tal ... 17.
I-I al. Mar f" demand. ti c . all. Apr
H IX i-llllfi h. 21H' H n .. Il.onil
XVe.l ldr.
I XX'est nf fifth in between I'nilrtff 1th and
ll"lh sn.l
21TH ST. ti -lis lob hv. ;ni'is.n
I3im N Hnillli lo V X I' Ins Co 133
Hai. pr mil:.' .' nnii Mar 22. I Jr.
n Inn ii nil
'auii.l.i-n I.. Mai lot
lll.t fl. Xlar 2.'
p i ami, Haieia
3311 sT
. XX
I '. I s h
13 Houston i ". irs from xtai t
I'll . 1 1 no
I3IHT ST SO' XX. all Peter .1 I"'m to
frl.tla M HaiittiKarllicr. .'l 13 IT th .1.
The Hronx. or r.01 XV 1.11ft ft. .'i r- from
, i Mar t. lHf.. . . ... I s 40
and llt'PtHON ST. III. flnrr A b Peter Qulnli
tn li-n .1 Lnuilfii. 22 Iludron ft, .'. r
from aiic 1. lflt. ntty. 13 M Ilurghard.
lit Hual ... . ... lt.f.00
HtVI3llslIll3 IllllVf.. ".75. all Assets I.l
ilUl'lallon Co lo Joh shllk. s; XV 107th
si. ' rs from Apr t, Ifci; M- nnn
ACIH'IIUN AV. ll e or 177th -I all -llr.vel
IIiiMijik I'mp in Cbas K I in 1 1 . -1 -man,
3 rs from Xpr 1 HI', am Saml
XVarhl 113 Hilsl 1 1 .1.000
. LAXVIU'.NCi: HT HI. all Ada A Vogdff In
Xunusi f fruhtlnr. 10 Laiirinre si In
irs fr Ma 1. HI , I l.o
I.15TII ST. Ml XV, all Hnma H Aimrhiirj
to .to. Hlifnk sil XX lnib ki. , ir. from
Xlar tr. 131.. ' l; on
l llf.UHX ST. 2s7, all laiillf Satfti-
-teln l-i Mnrrif Hfrinan a an'. 12 X
It.Mh n. :. in from Mai I. t:if. m.
Saint XVarhi. .Ir I m li-i.iy tn.nnn
; II1TH HT. 302 13, a sr b- XX'm Oppfn
I hlni in David L Albert. 302 IV llltb st.
' vra from Mav 1. 1911, nlty, Leu Hrliaf
i r.i ii. M Chambers fl ;ji
IKlXIf. ST. ;l More. ,X . VX in
Anna .ilaior, iii;i TI11I..11
eat :.i
12 !
I'. I Il ls I ll-H
1 03',
Inrrilnri AVnnt lntr llonila.
Th syndicate which purchased J27.
ftOO.OOO New York Stat bonds has sold
he'ween J14.000.nu0 and JlS.OOO.OOn of
the Isnie. Silbs'antlal orders are h. mc
ncelved and the bonds are being placed
directly In the hands of Investors.
flrrnt .N'nrtlirrn lllxldend.
The quarterly dividend of 14 per
cent, declared by the Ureal Northern
Hallway Companv on Its stock, payable
Mav 1. will apply to tho. outstanding
full paid receipts for whole sharis of
stuck to holders of tecelpt.i uf record
April 7.
cannot be Can Power !
Ill certain I Mer Trust A Ii 17"',
... ,i i-cn 'lecn h iiik
r.n Norfolk Itl A I. I't
ti Nor' hem l'i' n't
!.. I'n Kjs A Kb. "i
Chi Rrs 1st ''l.
ll.xicitv (tut ".,
:s.ft city Ult i ;i
w.i cnv Halt n 'l I if,
i.-.i Coin Coil 'in-,
on Con f.aa 4', ''!'.
'.ll'n'oii fomr nnies 'is,
I'O .l.'k.nilt ill I, 'i',
I'sxi .taniirmi (' A C !',
Ii.ni Xin'iAi P ini s tof
t'.si Mi V XV I IiucU '
!' Norfolk K A I. 17',
fio.1 North Milt fs "
fn Hxs A K l'i Is .,
1 i n Ittf A r. lnc Is il
,n . Cln
e. in;
irchlxes of the bunk John MidoU was
the first president and Whitehead Fish
tho first cashier The bank was organ
lcd bv the Society of Mechanics atid
At the lime of ihe XXar or IM2 the
Mechanics llnnk win. h then luil Hie
largest capltnll.ation of anv similar In
stitution In New Vmk. placed al the
service of the i liuvi nnieiit nit of tb
Illl.ltcilil ,'ild win. h In In Its power
Tlie origin tl h mie i.f tlie bank wa for
vears out. of tb.. I i niltit. 1 1 ka nf Wall
Street, It holm? a remodelled time storv'
dwelling house at nun time occupied bv
Alexander llainlltiiii When the b.inlt
was lit si opened the president nnd his
fnmllv occupied the upper rooms of th
building Thn hank did business on the
I eaion sun i'n in i ii1. ire. or iinui ixpr'i
' If.. 101.1, when the property was sold
1 to J I' Morgan K Cn and the hank
I moied tn Its present ipiaiters ill "id Wall
strert ,
In I'li'l the hi-iiwsH of the Leith'"
Manufacturers National Itank wax
Imirgcil with the Me.-hati'cs National
I llnnk and In l!n saw the consolidation
1 of th buslnss of the National Copper
Hank with the Me. hanics National H.uili
i under the prenmt tltte of the Mecbmicn
and Metals National Hank In Ma.
Hit the bank look ner Ihe business
and assets of the Fourth National II nil
nnd will soon move to the remodelled
quarters nf tb it bank
The cull bx Ihe i 'oinptroller of th
'"urrencv foe a repnrt ns of Mirch 4
last showed thai the bank has total
lesoureev i)nni to" nr., capital of
c., 000, 000 mii plus ,im iii.illxtdrd profit,
of 1, 031. 1'." !.' i nl ilepmits totalling
(1 1 '.', lOO.niJ I s an increase under the
ptes.-nt management in the past eleven
veers, of ,. oon lis oftic, rs are Oalrs W
Mcilarrih. picudiMit Nicholas F. Ji!
met. Fr.inK i H". Walter F Albrtsen
Harrv II Pond .i d s.niuiel S Campbell
vee-presul( nt lowrpi, s' House, cash
or Job" Hub" - .11 ...I Krn.M XV I),n
enport. afr . ,i-'"i" s
-i Va "Xl'd il
CtitrAiio. March 22 -A de. ided "
proveinent in trading was seen tu-d i
and prices for some of the lending Is
sues showed gold advances Sear
Itoebuck waa the stronges fature and
higher pil.es were e.t.C .isbed in S"w-art-Warner
ami stw,f ntber is-ue-
.ntid well,
.summary :
Hond markit umet The
iixvi:lli.m; mtk
'l I irsons hay sold for Hcnjaniln
ir. i 'larlea A Caproii of lirller.
' "O" lloran nf Manhattan the
' x i .n nM ,)ie west side of Hrad
' a ,, nrnr tlie Upper Montelalr
Tn l nd w II be iniproxcd wltli
o iosl about $15,000 each.
Ill l Posi .tP.IIITJIIiM.
It Allen has hold the
Xi a iinnii h,usc, at lloweave
1 .rnvr terrace, and the ravld
" -dune ailjidlilng, at Passaic,
Id i licit T Kay of Passaic.
i ftonls 2.'.0 feet on Howe
' ' feel on firove Teiraie.
"u .i will r.i?.e the residence
i .in addition to the apartment
F II Johnson, pifeldent of
' Hoird of Trade, haa sold
. II Whltr heart the home In
ixrniic, Passaic, N. J.. for
ipied by Llndley A. Morey,
'' 1 x snu-aton. late of California,
r' i - ,. ... Is nn ii ritol 1?r,vli,1.
!' , i i . i, .-I.-.. i u-nu ir.. nnn.
Herbert A. Sherman has rented for
William H, Neergiiaid his country place
at the cot per of Milton road and P.iil-
ea ih avi'i lie. i.ie. i . u , u n i.
tlie Wondard.
Cocks X. XVIIIcta and Joseph P. Pay
haxv leased to llenrv Sanderson the
fleorjre T Maxwell estate at Oyster
Hay. L. I.
Francis H. Mallahy has leased the
residince at 10 Heights Terrace, Hldge
wood, ,V. J.
av Jl'x 31 3
H Itutl maun,
due sept 22.
H-na, 31 Nas
.I'-ni si 7.. nib n. jfixin ;. xx m
llotlner fl al In fmlarnlit llld Sal
Hsnk M Chainhr ft. Mar 22. 3 i rr .
n c alti. XI .1 Sranlon. ,il I'haiiiti' s
hi 10 ono
KST I3NH XX r . Ill u Hlh -I. ilv
Inn in m'p IL nun -friiik d' Litnaii
i.i it. o XV Harrison of Milwaukee x'.
XI a I ii 1 . . i till. I . T In lil
lliiai . . It 3,00.1
XX KsT CN1' AX. e a. .n l n i.lli al. ;i
Inn s.iiii in Sun! I' ciiri'i Jr of
I'latnflfld. N .1 Mar 20. iu ni per bond.
, .inn- all) . . 121.009
I pton ll.
iManhitian l-laiid north of ItOtb fl I
HltllAllXX XX. f, 2...1I 'll 17lll "1 3'x
102'.! Mnlilrnae Hi.llt; i'n In .lacoll
lllrab. 3. XV x7th M Mar .2. I r. " P ' .
am. N V Tilt Ills '"" 13X Hay.. IH.-.O'l
HltnAIUX'AX, e s, :;,.tl n 17sth fl. 7lx
10.' ' iSir.ig.- llolillni; Co. Inc. to Mont
pi ttealil Co. 13'. Hav, Xtai 22. pr
hub Ml. "Oil. I ii, .', p e, att. Till In
Co. 13 . Hwai I-'1' 1,00
Aflll'IIHN XX ii e enr I77tll at llrrxel
from Xai I fitf. alt). XI Tli.iei
II laid i
i.i i'i:niii;s.
;.nTI sT 131 XV Dots folf nkipf , t al
i' Vilhalltel lo.fiihrr re., fl al
.i i il e ii .1 I partlllrini. .Hps Jliiloii A tl'.f
STXNT'iV si n e .or I Ii ri ell n nan
inn Lugene I. IIP har.ls v n.mict
llol.er a' i fur l..Mre nf timrlRaK.
a'M .1 T Mah'ilii
UlTII SI s. .'7 . 2. ai 2 l'i. 3 fl'
lilnl lloilfe tlept of lb 1'iiy nt N X
is Niimti..i 'Dir. Hundred and Turnn
. Ii:ht llnr.1 fortlflb Slrei i.icitou to
lcare It III . ally f , folk
11211 HT. a f. 200 iv Lnn al. 300x113
I'ros,. A il III A Ireland Lumber i if
Ni. 1 111 Wert 1 I'.'.l Hirf I Corp el .il
lacllon In e.talillfb and for.. I
nifchalllc a llfllt, attif, Ciiombr A
XX ll-on,
I20TJI ST a a. :;b r Till ai. ti.lsii,
Irrric- c.irpoiatlnii tor ihe lielief nt
XX'Idnus and Clilldien of t'lerg) in u of
the I'roiestaiit fplfi-npal Chunh In Mi.
Mate nf N V la florcnre M Arnold et nl
ifiircrloaiir of luortcuKni am. II M
llelllnger, Jr
Til AX. w s. 75 5 n fi2.t
212 Phll.l Klec
1. Phila Tra
II- Pflill alt Mf
IT" Heidinr
e snulh. rn Pacific
f. Tnnnpah llelnionl
Ji'. Tonnpali Mltlltir
n7t fn f!a Imp . '
21'' f Hllbbfr
2ir. f ti 4xi,
1 f S S'ffl pi P'l.
Is t'uion Trnc . 3Jii
3 xv.irutclt 1 S 31,
Ifi.i Am . A Klc .
. Xm lia. A Eire ' '
7,. Cam -tl .crip 11!'. '''
3". Cam -ll - l'P "1"
to.li Hire A f I. i1f 77'i
ii..i Ititfrftat Ky 4 1
1 l-h Nav con !', nji,
no Leii V fn con is V7,
Markit St I3lv is ICS
fa It It eon I'vf.
I'm. trtnn Ills toi,
CiVim Phil, Co no :.- 70
I" Ph. I i I n '' 9'",
:ii l',,,a Cn -crip 'I. '
I'll' a KI" H 3 '',
.wi span ,ni Iron fr b ",
ixu.i fn Itv Iuv :' ''
7..S. XX N Y A P lt xs ini,
K diudend
firri-sii .. March 2.' Trad'ng on the
iMhingo bete was verv light. "nicl
nle Si.el nude a small Kiln and West-Inghoui-e
Fleutrl. was higher with th
New Vni I; market The summary
rnm llirh Low ctr
ini, bus top,
. Cn fi. Ira.sion
.,i l nliiiutii.i l. A f
-. Ci in-itile sicel
S" it I'n. proof pi
lis Pill- Coal
V Pure Oil
p.-. fll T"l
. Cn suit. Ii .1 l
II . XXVs'nvh Klec
l.'i'.l Pitts llrcii '.s
icaai Pills Coal lletl .'if
f l
hi: xi. est x i i
The Hrtins Hoard
W I am t llinmolt of Philadelphia
'" jciii t ie Murray cottage on Cedar
r . at the Hollywood Hotel, West
'''"1 l.nig Hianch, N, J.
MILLS HIII(;i3V()OII di.ock.
T'ir estate of Adnlpli Hultemeyer haB
"in 1 Ih lldifownod Ilea.lt v Corpora,
Hon ti busliiess hlnck frnntlnr 252 feet
a I7t IM.i 7.n ini feel on Frank n
veil p. and 130 feet on ClieHttiut street,
"'IS 'i .od, N. J.
'"""Iv 1.1
.' iii a Shamnaii luivn nrenarcd
I'"1 ' ,i b.gli class apartment house
'' .uit sido of Flalbiish iivi.'iiue,
J(ii Lit smith of Wlntlirop Hlrret, for
o Flrouklyn Union Uulldlnn Corporation.
of Trade will lidd
ItH inontlily meeting WedneMlay evi rung
at Third avenue and 1 37th street The
board is urging the Public Service
Commission lo connect the Ninth ave
nue elevated with the new Jerome ave
nue subway, the extension of the Thltd ,
avenil I. from limb sue. t up WIIIIm
avenue to llergen avenue, i onuectltiK
the elevated and subway lines Ht West- i
Chester avenue, and for a connection of
the elevated line at Wist Farina with I
the new White Plains iiveuun L.
The Broadway Association will hold a j
public discussion (in the Lockwooi.".
letibogsn bill at the 1 lot I Martinique
Wednesday evening nt o'clock Mayor 1
Mltchel, Hobert 13. Simon, llobett S.
Hlnketil, Allan nohlnmin, l.auietice M
), Mciiulre and othera directly con
cerned In the proposal have In en l!lltfd
to participate.
The Harlem Property Owners Asso
elation will meet on ThurHilay eve
rilng at H" Fast II.HIi street,
Following are the real estaie i ompanles
Itienronralnd yesterdnv at Albany
XX'lft ISIth Street Compiinl, M.lllhltlall,
capital, li.iwni film turn. David la'wln,
Ken- Vork city. Henry Laiiiinors. llfllo
xllle, N .1 I Max Miirkowlla. Thn Hronx.
Philip Wflnsieln A Son. The Hronx, cap
ital. JS0Q, dlrr-Mura, Philip XX'ebif n In,
Annl Wflnsieln. Shepard XX'elnaleln, Th
"Tl"" D Healty Corporation. Th Hronx,
cardial, 1 1. 003, directors, II. Louis Jamb
son, Henry XX Pollock New Vork cltyi
Naihanbl I) Ilium r. Hronklyn, N. X
John Itelch Hulldlng I'nmpimv. ijueens,
ranltal, llO.ono, dlrcitora. Mury Helen.
Hkhui'iiid Hill, N V , Harry Join a, Ja
maica N. V i John Crau, llrooklyn,
l, a m nniiiina i ...nii ini , i.i. ...? ..
ranltal. 16.000: directors. Ilenjamln
bur. llrooklyn! Jacob
fertnr, New York city.
..ill .11. it ts r. ., r. . i ui .1.11, n
. ill ' ii n a in- XI ii r 1 1 'ill "'"'' ''"floff ft al i. Il.l... Theatre
i" ":.":,',. "s-av;,r xx'.:'.rh.M''-r..."'i,ro',d: , ',: ;h M.,rr.!,,ln" ,n -""' '
,v .1 . n iciVi'ii'i ".V "Til ST ii 140 e Madbnii in. r.nxinn ;, . '
Public IHTerlnua Veseriln In Mnn
liiilliiii, Ihe Hronx ninl Hrooklin.
i x r it x i srev
ll M Xlnrg. nlhau.
.. r 1 1 x
H'l IV.
I H.iliiimh "f The Hlnlis
X X Sf AX , n e i ill 17 lib si
tnox.xn ru-k
to John XX ( nrnlfii court c.i
Treinnlll al Xlar 13. due Del
ii i . alllf. X A II Hlmh. '.'3
mi:, Lin
I ills,
V ,1 M k 111 h
HIT 7. map St ll ilium!
o,i, l A alio to f.ll. K
i; nub si I'eb 3. 3 rs.
Knov A 1. .7 l ed ir l
lii. 00 1
Park-- Louis
Doollnc 173
i p r; ally.
i ,n ii a
-f.AllfltY fl.. 13.'-in. , I2..lnn- 17.1. 1
Street impl f.. Im. In A "j"' I l.or'X bli. '32s::. ffc IJ XtN,llde IM
t-,0.1 tin " " f "...J '.r, ' ' l"l" .'Bl MorrlK A Trllbrru 1 ..I i.,
I yr. i. p . , .if' Saml Harm. .3.1 Hrnail , fre, .. inuiffer of I ix II. ni.
I v
.1 s
a v,
iiIlTLXNHT AV. f at s s villa
s:7U4 -llnr Hilar Ilrewlns Co
l.iolnli Strlner. 5"7i AiHIiiniy aV.
I Mai IS, 3 ll. .' P e, ally, T '! A- T Co,
17i ll.ial 13 nilO
I ritOTI'NA AV. , r 113 II s l3, ft. 21 2
1 I"- I leslilel I'ehnftl lo 1.1111 Xllllharn,
I ioi 11 1 lift ft. Mat 20. 3 rr, ,. p c. utti.
, M' il A T Co. 17'1 Una) 11,000
I COl' IITI.AN1T XV. s w .nt IP-lb t 27 r.
1 - Henry SieluhfiB In llnry .1 Hiumeii.
I fohn, Six XV H3d m. pr iiiik lix.oon,
Xtai f. due as per build. Il'tv. Xlai
I Mnnflled 230 Hway 5 Mill
llVTHIIATi: AX', n e enr l3d fl ,'i(l
IrreK llonerisnli Hlty Cn In Lmtlv 11
llnuaii, ! I XV MM rt. Mar 20. 2 yrr
ii c; atlyr, .Inhinlini A .1. 2.MI
Hway. IH.nno
LlllllNii PL. 2307. '.Til. 100 Marut M IValy
In f.inlnr.int Indus S.iv Hank, f.l Chain
hers rl. Mar 2'-' 3 J rr, .'. p e, alt M ,1
Hciiiloii Chambers t 111 nno
JK2I1 ST w f I'O a a Coiirlliniill in Mix
100, alro I'ilr' ft. n r. Iii-Iiik Ini Jl
man Niillb Xlcliosr, Mix 10. , I . I ..
Ifiipy to AiiRiistii A Win in 231 13 1 1 2,1
rt M lie 17. ileniiuiil, li P " ally, 13 P
Orell Jr. '2"ii Hway. II. nno
XVII, I. IS AV. - e ml 1171b it .(ilnil- 133 1 1 z
C IbihertY In Klinektiinre Ifty Co, Ine,
IM Ilrnok av, pr mtK 110 ooo. Mar !,
due as par bond: any, M J Sullivan,
Willis av and 144th rl 11,000
XV.XSIII.NIiTON AV. s r .. t . a ll.il
sey pi. 23 3x11111 -Sophie KolloO is
Mar.l II Cnrdea ft al i fore, lonil c of
liiortirhire I , Ht IX , li .1 Iviilt
Hl'Hll HT, ii r, 100 ijr.iud llnulrvard
an, I Cn.ieoiirre, ll'.ulno XVIIIIani 11
Lent is frank A Hrhorei ct al i fore
closure of iiiortnaKfi, atty, J II Shaf
fer IS'.TH HT, ll rnr Southrrn lloiiln nrd.
(.17x111.1 -.lililll lleymall act Crlspl
Cunriii i'o el al Iforeclo.iire of uitcei.
ii). .ii .ii. i r as.
o.i I.
ii i i-iiim.ui
mixiunicv i.iln..
I79TII ST, kl. W- 1 1 1 ii l k I n A V.il, am
Dunlne ilnlilltiK Co. I in, niiin-r, Hert ii
fatilnatn'r A Co and lb rt ii l-'aulh il-er
i niitrai'tora $',!i
PISLHf HST AX, II -Hiiililn ,x Waiii HB,
Dimlne i.lci Iiir Co, ne, owner. Hi ri ii
f.iillh.ilur A Cn and Hert H faiilhal.ri,
cnnlraclnlr . Jill 7.
PINIIIH'HST AV, 4 .lUalkln H XX'al.l am
liunloe Holtltnn Co, Im. iiwiter, H.-rt ii
faiilhaher A; Cn ami Hen li faulhaliri,
coiitrai'torr . . , sr. 33
IV AT 13 H ST 330-3.X2 -National bih A Poor
Cn, lnc, act Michael J ill iitnunc. owner,
lieo XX' (IrcKiuv. coiitr.icinr . fill
H21 ST. f,2s tn 1,10 W H P XX'rlKhl A Cn
act 13'lltli" c llanclifl, nwiier, .Iiiiiu-r S
Hanckol. coiiir.ii'inr and nviuer 112.1-s i'.S
MACDIIf li.XI, ST, 1.13 Alirranilro liiu.
lull, i HS't .li'iiule Helaidl and Man cnul
nivners Sill In llflnrdl. coiilrarlnr 413.
7T1I AV, ll e l or llOlb rt Title Ouaranlao
A Trurt Co nut Olda Construction Cn.
Inr, t al, Sept , 1V14 131,30
.Ir Cniiiiiain
n e ii. r I' III rl lllvlll H'x
Ihlrlreii -i l.-fi bl-lc lirtipiibb
Sua- ll.Hlll IS XV l l.fWl.hellll el al .
.1 tt lslu.lt; ,n lakes, Ac. $57 Mi, tn
Hie plaintiff. :.76.000
A XtsTKH 1 1 X M AV. lOiil-1371, e f ILH a
l'.'th M. r.Oxinn, six ny Hat and slrr
IV. Simple liralli Cn l Mlddlflnlin
Itealty Cn t al. paiiltlnn Adjourned
Hi March 23. i
111 .Insi'Pll I' D.l).
HLI.XlllNT .XV .'I4..21U. e r. 127 3 ni
Kl.t ri 3. I0xlil I x.'.X ,'ixir.ii.lO, tun 2
rtv tin Ik -S 11 .lill'kmn r Crntona Park
Itraltv Co ft nl, line .,2.X3 2f. taxrr.
Ac, 11.0313s. rub to a prior nitir nt
are c.itlni. I'i.330. to Hie plaintiff IB ion
Hi 1 1 r .in 1. Krnnelli.
ST XSNs XV. 41, f ii i or II7ib st
IM.i 2 ". v 'in I Hie rtv ll ii I and rtnr'H
llltlpli City Hiivkn ll.mk la XV II .luf
terr et III. dll 4211 7.'.4.'.I2; taker Ac,
Htl 2.. In the plullltllt .... I2.X.000
Hy lirors l'rb e
3D ,XV, a, S3 n laid f, 2iix20 H3.X
.7 I, vacant S II X'an lllper vs XV .1
cnrii'll ft nl. due, II 114 in. taxes. Ac,
KSk.'in, in the plaintiff . . II. .'no
r'.XSTLi: HILL AX , w . !n n Slarllns
av. 2i.xssijxXlxiil.ii. Hronx Hecurltv a
Hrokerar, Co el ill is Carlo A n I on I mi
el al, ilu. 11.773 2. taxrr. Ac, ISM, tn
Hi planum .11 700
Hy XV.' P Ha.
OVIIIIHADCII PL, a w c lift fl Tax
Lien Co nf N Y vs Hurry .1 Htiftord et
al: tn l.cnUbure Hcally Co 11,030
7XTH H T, a s, luterstc li w n Slrt av.
tnoxtiii, 71th at, u u a, 240 n w lei
111. 1.11x500, 7Sth rl, II . I3 II w 2lrl
in f.'x l"0 Hvan J XX'llllinna vs J 11
ll lb'ill) Crnpn; to the plaintiff $1,000
P.XUffL of laud l.e ir ul a ii t at r iv lln
nf Chaa A Culanelln. 200 a w Vienna
,u, I ,lfn--xl.253 - fieibrlib lln
old is Ma una Itealty Co et nl: to the
piiilniirt $7,000
Hv Nathaniel Shutot
CAHIiril.L HT, n . Itli. 2 s Illcks, 20il0.
100 IH. rlli a Caaparl va Uio Amatn at
al; lo .1 Cutone 16,100
j.etltlrtn In bunkriiptrv hif b"n
uRHltiM thf Taw ontruM'on Tom
Urtn, cfnefri) fontrartor ami IxiiMr nt
Incorpdr.iterl In 1911 ulih mpllnl '''
of 11 ono. nrl h.i'1 rniitrKft mi th hlk
i lubh J"" In nrnk!n tlirp Hii-i
cnffi.ip honx In Hr.ok"n .n-i n -h.ir li
Ht ItlclFw I. I 1.1 ihjlltli itrr it.1
in ! 3n nnn n. tt ''f" Tl"
cftnpHn h't-l n mAn to on wltli l
t'M1r.M'r' mr rlmni" Htnr n'fl
fiRa!n-t It Oil Sejtu'i). JlllfE HrtUKh
hppntntl lUrrv O-f. rrnan rrrr
Mh .i txMxt "f t'-' 'ftn The ,iMt rrn.
li.t of tn.i tf r 1 N $:.n- Hf-oiini. JT.nAo
ui fm uni.ntfhkl i.intrniMn
(lon In bankrupt-y Iihp bfn n!4rl ncilnft
tlif MtnkT-Zl,-k (onip.n. In . I'vr
Mnilh nf I'fl ntml trrct LUbllHl
an- 1 r-no nn'1 Ht JTI Th i-ompHny
WrfB Inrorpitrd'1 I (n M i, IM Uh rap
It.! utofk nf f.nno
JOHV JaVUROTT of 17 UVt l-r!' -im -rnti
Ktrnt hft t)i'l t' l-ir-r In hunk
rnpt.-v with UflMMilf "f r Htn1 no
H .r ft Atii'-'iK t h I'HItn'ti ar .lnpli
Ki'pv. irftn"'. tiion-. i-in"l iio-iif V
lUnrhl. 1 4Afl Mrnuk- Hrn M--1.
)I4lv rH .ran MM1. Hutintby t
restaurant f .'.ft ,1ohn lnrra ' rfnteiu
rnt. fO anrl 1 Knn n 150
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r.t.1,1- & wN .in ine HiMich ln ap
p-lntr 1 U'h I, If ri ant x rr frir S
U i 4. 4-n niartiifart'irrr if tir-i Ht
t. r -it r .ui i h -"r . with
bortil nf t ,on
rni"tr Appnlnlr-H,
OMNKH HKOH 1:11c' l.rtnih ni ti.irli.
Hank Juptrlntn lm waa app.1titn1
riit,' In bdinkrup'O 1 etrilav of
H(nrr Urn . prt.it b4tikr nt
flltiton iitrt, at a mitlnc nf t'rrtttori
h'-l :it th otn.' ..f ,e)ttian MIMir.
rrrf In t-aMkrupi' . . lirrtiir -r.-ii,
, nnilr a tiin 1 nf V' O""
( iimpntltlnn niiMrinrH.
;rilM M IUMMI.I -lul?- IM'ijrh
I hh- inflr'ii' t i "niP"i' l"n of Kfank
M It-indri 1' 1 utilttir t1-ir at 1 Jtii
N "nt Flft "n- irt t. .t 1"0 rrntf
M ih1 r peiabV 4't i'ntn -'Huh anl
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t(Hit fir ht-npMi of rtiltAr T.1
MHti"a m rr J'S 40
.him.PH l.XTVI.SKM I unc Mitilnrafi hr
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p.t tr a 1 1 4 7 f-.i f iv r t t ' ltt M
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priMffit ot M-t'r ! n.-k -il'it fllltf.
) noo. anii rount f S3
ri n,it i.sti .m f. pi at
M'irrta .inir Iim- tl'oii "hcilu rr hry
I UK lUMttt t of II 4 ! ami .i-c' "',n
1 -ittnB f 1 ' Mini for ilathi-- frr
l-i,i.-h of 1 iintrat IS rtno, d rniini!.. 17",
, .inl prni'i In nf khIi of a'Hth by th.
MHIlfllf H00
OI,KI" IM iTMU:n-j; A HI now manu i
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-rtunt $ 1 ,,f
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itrf-s I- Mii'l al'k nt I Tfi (m-oihI
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;s-.i wift .'. a..
in.l,, flt J0MV
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On Shore of Onv nf PrvtUcni
Lakes in Vtrntont
ni" i..wi:hn ami;kk A"
From -.(x t , t. i i i,nif fi f urnlh!-1 .
flrtr1r i!)fht tirtirn p mnhinit, with hot
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l.lrrtrli' tt.tncr for ( miklhK. conit.int !'
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p) .in fr- 1 i't nf tniil Krort-j
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to p'rt r, ;n o Urt l. Writ t "
I'Nutr-it-) bnr.h rire.s W T
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Trr imniar tatrnnt of tli I'npal
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on if t-apttal tt. k il.irinn M'l. fttnip-tr!
tli IS pi m- it) l!t Toia p.rn
tncH of th rmipa.i. i-i m f I an In. r i
of T1,S4i. Ui r irnlnif frnm on-- rnr
prripprtlfji an 1 man'if.i 'uri n an t m
ftru tl'ti hiirM'.r.-- vr! r tjian pi 1 '
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'IMt-1 tro)i account i:.'4,4. i
pari vjth 12 240..1T1 In IMS. an ln'-ffi
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Ill Vl'irtnti Kl1'.a' :i.H r" '
patu rpo'tn for Khntar Ktn i
anitniif t f F. J 1 . or I S'i p i i,
p.i--'1 u!h Vbrur I'M Mpcr.n
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ttun for the Mcht rnmith.1 -( T,14
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or p . nt hattar than I "
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t.lrn-t h fMit-tl1ni p'(-r 1
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pr r nt hiKhf TH ti'i ni' for t b
month avul'ttbla f'r r?p' ji'mrnta an 1 tin 1
(liMi'i on th i! dim on .t4itk wa. 1 1 4 i.
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Homer Foot, Jr.
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PHI Hi il'lin formerly hoi
a' I.oiie Hrnneh: llah!ltlr
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lll-NTXN .t .ION. Importer, of
linens -is i iiuri n rirfri. iiuniiiiie-r.''.n:a
.lull ll UI.UIf-T. ' terl. jt.
inn' n.tlillltiff I .
t.n'lllN w .iriIN'-ins X'onltfra,
ties M.nM
Al.nilHT I'XHIH. ioiif renovator,
ion firfft. Ilshllltl. II IJn
M.XIll.XS' A H.XIIltl;TT. '.. XX'f't
rei.inl ttrol iiai'HUlfs jui.;..
llllll.xri: XX fOltny, ll'i Nltmil ftraet
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In tlie llrnrt nf t'innnclal District
Lord's Court Bid if.
27 William Street
Cor. Kxchanne PI.
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. 1
55 Liberty Street
nix ill xi ri vi r
21 Liberty St. 489 Fifth Av.
XI' XII I XI I'M s T" I I I I Ml IIM-HI 11.
Jll Xlliiuli'. fiiiin XI i ii li .il I a ii
$21 TO $15 A MONTH
1 1 1 1 XX III I. II I
I III III I I NMllllill
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II. Ml,.- I HI . , I
ale - . li i.,i . - I..
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