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The (icorjda Scut to Pro
irrcso to Force Sliin
nicnt of Fibre.
tVAsillNUTON. March 23. Evidence
thai the I'nlted .States Intends, to use
f, r.-e, If necessary, to assure til' slt-lp- i
unit of sls.il from Yucatan, Mexico, was
jim-ii to-d.tv- In the announcement of
ffcrtt.nv nf tlic Navy tunlels Hint the
Kttdt np litorslJ, now st.itloiu-d at
.t.i i'ru., haa been ordered to I'ro-
Thi (inv eminent has been advised
. ,-...-..... i m It. .....i i '
t,..it . .ura.ua , In complete control of.
lu nan an.i tnai recent developments '
ir.rl .i ' .t probability that unless I lie
fti'l'd States show Its teeth sisal llbre I
no urgently needed for the manufacture
ol tutne to bind this year's crops In1
,, hTrVK'',m!n'fl,li,K.W "',' "!0V" I
north rd as p.o.nlsed by the Mexican
u. .1.. ... ..
.i ,i, ") , h . l
r. ..a '."",''"' l"ld'e-1
I nlt'd Mates Ha jj and thut
ill"- ei,.ui-
.idmttted that
i-ated the
he supi'tested the news. He asserted
that he demanded reparation.
Official here. It was le-imed, arc Of
the opinion that the expressions of re
net frnn. Zapatistas covered the tlai
m.iilt is well as the McMauus murder.
The Government w.ll not demand that
the flat be saluted, as In Huerta's cuse.
The Administration was Impelled to
order the (leorgla, to t'tORreso as a
dem -nstr.itlon in earnest of Its purpose
to keep the port of Procreso open to
International trade and to make certain
the transportation of sls.il from the
plantation, and jobbing centies to that
Mn- l.nml n Force.
There is good reason to believe that
If an occasion a.'lses that reoulres s icli I
'tlnn a landing tarty from the Georgia I
Mil go .chore at Progreso. When the
figcestlon was llrs' made that another
tes.,1 be s.m to Progreso the Department
if sidered detailing a gunboat for this
",Bnl ''",--r, nlng coat for a sack coat and that his
nl- , .L.llho h,artm',"nt r,,er E.'.vat collar was turned up.
1: "x-lB.-mem. Thel Amii, ,,Hdtka. a maid In the hotel.
t 1 nV't" " A. M. on January 2
If ne,-e!.,r 1 " rC "hc aw s,r' 'sh"w' a,,lr,Ml 1,1 a llKl,t
It ,s'.iMderstood that the Georgia will colorc,1 fli,w,,,B ''?'"' "'J''1' no!
eirrv f Proves,, a large sum of 7 cover her feet, go to Darlings room and
eltlvr .n gold or paper. Intended for tho 1 kn.?fJ?, ," ,"f ',)0r' -P1nent
of sisal that is ready to In- ,X , a
shinned Wlnle the i:mnimi.i i. nu. i Pick. dear.
red that this money will fll int.i ihn '
hands of Carr.u.z:i. it i .,i.. .
In getting sisal out of Vocum it,'.,
ri-ivate cornorathms intereiteit hlni-
entt'il to turn over the money In ex
chinse f"r fibre.
The tieorela Is expected to reach Pro-cre-o
in four day. The cruiser Des
Monies .mi the collier llrutus already
.ire summed at that port. According
to adnce min..i fr.mi ,t,.or.i
v... ....i.,.,... V ..('VI-
on. al. Is quiet at Progreso. Four for
e!cn steamers are In the harbor await
mi. t is assumed, cat goes of sisal.
In a despatch ncelved here to-day,
I'arranza claims a victor) for bin forces
' Kbano, which Is about twenty-tlve
miles from Tamplco. adding that the
VII ita were routed after three days
TrmiDpnrt to Tnniplco.
It was learned to-day that at- a result
of 'he tn.lltary activities around Tarn
l'l'O. State Department olllciuls are con
s'de' .ni tending an army transport tb
"ia r: to bring away Americans.
Tl-erc are .000 foreigner In that vl-1
'n'tv In this connection It I under-,
s'.md that the opposing forces have
lUrred to neutralize the oil wells and '
suppl i ' in the Tamplco territory,
I'notll. i.i I ointlrinatlon was obtained
'ere to.,hiy of report that lien. Vllia I
las 'enounced all claim to the provl- ,
t'oral residency. It was explained!
that Villa assumed civil authority sole!)
iaise of thc fact that the territory
1 wtc h he has been operating was out
n' ''itnniun cation with the Constltu
''ord convention. With this communl
tl"n restored It was said Villa has
1 Id.vd h aiself under the orders of the
en Secretary Rryan admitted what
wm aser'eii in The Suv this morning,
'hit he hail been cttlclally Informed of
dei-eciatlon of the American Hag by
'.mails-is In Mexico city following the
"uider of John H. Mc.Manus, he an-
mi .e) that this liovernmen! had de-
dei that repiratlon be made for
ihe t suit to the rational emblem.
P wis learned alsfl that olllclals are
tad to icgai d the general expres
- i 'if tegrei lendcred by the Zapatistas
n ivering the desecration of the Hag,
i web us the murder of MeMatius.
It doer, nut appear probable that any
'uriher act of reparation or apology
will lie .quired of the Mexicans, and
' 'S tn st unlikely In any event that
'he t t.itid States will go so far as
o demand that the flag be saluted.
Mr Hr in s Htat- ments confirmed Hie
'i that news of vitally Important de
' inn- t.. In Mexico affecting th-i
i ijh if f iclgiiers there Is being sup
it ..d it the State Depaitmcnt. It
i .'vn furthn that there I much
"i ' i .. .tl data regardlnii recent event
Mx eo which arc being withheld by
' . Si ,-e Dciiattment.
T'ie fa.' that the American flag was
!-- - i'e. by the .apat.t soldier after
' 'v hid killed MIMunus was reported
' ne i..iiirtinent first two weeks ago.
T'-e Hrizdian Minister said that the Hag
" i- torn and dragged half way down
- noli Ti ls despatch was received on
Mir h l'i am) State Department reisirds
o that there has been no further cor
'M'" b-n-e regarding the. Hag Incident
' that d.lte
P iodic al but reliable reports received
''r at t' e Departineut Indicated that
''' "ag w.i- defiled much more grossly
' t'ie n aziliuit Minister reported.
' "i- 1 1 tin- State liepartment ha
in h r.iui tunes piotnines of "lm
' "lute mrils'iment" of the guilty, but
i S l, , .. et I n received through
il - h.mnel In Indicate that the
o it auihorlties have even placed
-rn. uider attest In connection, with
M Manns killing
Illreet. CnmpiilKii .KHlnt Tuninlr"
mid llnlniiiurna.
Hi Paho, March 2!i, Gen. Villa I In
Monterey Htipei InteudlnB the Matamora
at-. Tamplco campalgtiH from that city,
lb is expected to remain there until
the arrival of George C. fiirnther.
peea agent of the American Slate
l'tp.irlincnt It Is then expected Hint
h will rejoin the advance on Tarn
V"0, Fighting iel of Tamplco I again
"lulled Atlvlce state that the Car
rsnia g.irrlaon In Tamplco I iw "f
kUltlcli til sl.n lo take the ofTenelve find
Rial In a number of eiKtagemeiit with
tlie ttonp of Gen. Chan, the Villa leader,
Ihev have been UcceKful,
V large part of 'Jen. iibrenon'd com
mand I operallng alone tho Han 1uIh
J'utfxl-Tiimplco lint.
l Units Trial of Rk'liiml S. Dnr-
Htigr for "SU-nllnir" Maritnl
White Tlainh, N. T., March 2.'. The
trial of Itlrhard S. Purlin bore to-day
on a charge or "steallnc and rntlclni;"
Mr. Itobert Marsden Hhaw, was !
ruptly halt.-.! when Robert Marsden
Shaw. Hie l-auker-husband, shouted
"You're, a liar!" at Chief of t'ollio
t'harlex W. Hewlett of Lour Uracil, I,. ,.
Hewlett, a a wltncrn for the defence.
had Just testified that he had arrested
Shaw for iittHckltiK his wife at the
Hotel Trouvllle, Lone lleach, In Sep
tember. 1912.
"Shaw said to me," Hewlett teHtlfled.
"I have Just licked hell out of my
wife and I want to llnlsli her."
Shaw quickly apologized In Judyc
Piatt after hi outburst and the tilal
went on.
According to the testimony presented
to-day Mrs. Shaw called Darling "Dickie
Pear," the pair tanttoed on the tilitltt of
tll'lr arrival at the C.edney Farms Hold
'"" Huit.ii hi iiiti iit-u ev i.irins noiri
,lero um lnljnRht d lrnnk Scotch
highball. The testimony was to the
(ffict that Darling paid all of the hotel
.Mm. HhnvT lilt Won't Tctlf.
Thc MvntttA Insists ...it he was ac
compa tiled to the hotel by a friend.
J. Watson, and that there never was
aiythlnB Improper In the relations f !
himself and Mrs. Shaw. It was said '
that Mrs. Shaw will not tcstlfv. She
Is 111 and Is much opposed to appearing
In court.
The tlrst willies called by Assistant
District Attorney William .1 Kallon was
John Foley, a bellboy at the hotel, Dar
llnK and Watson, he said, had room 313
and Mrs. Shaw room 331, both on the
same floor. Foley then went on to tell
of a midnight supper served In the sun
The bellboy said he served drinks j
later In Mrs. Shaw's room, and saw Par
ling there.
"How wan Mrs. Shaw ilre!ed'."' asked
Proccutor Fallon.
"She hail on a nightgown and a light
overcoat over her shoulders." the tsj
In reply to a question by former Pis-
trim wir,r,,...- i ii,.ir ui.n
with Richard N. Norrls Is defending'
Darling, Foley aid he saw "nothing out
of the ordinary" lu Mrs. Shaw's costume. I
H, ald the only difference In Darling's J
a ... .1.... i.-. i ..v ,..i .x.
""Id she go in?
'"i c."
"Did Mrs. Shaw have her stocking '
onT' I
ThmiKlit Them runny Pair.
The maid said she reported the con
duct of Mr. Darling and Mrs. Shaw t
.... hou.ekeei.er
"e nouscKeeper.
What did .vou tell her?" Mr. Fallon
I said they were a funny pair. Once
Mrs. Shaw told me that Darlltitf was her .
Jerome Kennedy, a wittiest, for the
defence, said that Darling. Watson and
Mrs. Shaw met him at the Robin Hood
Thomas K. .Maenieclien Scores
. tlie Action of l. S. Aero
nautical Hoard.
Thoma R. Maenicchen, who le build-
Inti rtve Zennelln destroyers for r.ngl.tnd
and wno recently prophesied In Tub
. , ,
Sun that a great fleet of Zeppelins
would attack England after April la,
last night scored the aeronautical board
of the United States navy for "wasting
public money" In purchasing two "baby"
non-rigid dirigibles.
Mr. Macinechcn was reelected presi
dent of the Aeronautical Soclet at its
annual meeting last night He told how
liermany bad finally discarded semi
rigid and non-rigid alrehlps and wan
now confining hr attention to tlie rigid
Zeppelin type Now America, he said,
wanted to build something that 'ior
nianv "passed up" ear ago.
"It Is generally said that tb proposed
Investment In baby dirigibles Is based on
the assumption that they are conserving
public money and learning to nanoic ioc
illrlglble In It smallest size." said Mr.
Macinechen, "a size now demonstrated
to be entirely Impractical for any ti.-e.fu!
purpose and woefully Inefficient a an
Instrument from which to learn how to
. . i .n,ll.. tiLufiil n r.
tiperale tne large aim i,e.o..
wi.ir. Vn baliv ri r g b e give us opera-i
leir the slightest clue In the Involved
technique of the. large machine.
"Conseouently 111 invesiniem nj n-"
i'nlted State ill such dirigibles is an lib -
tolute waste of public "otle."
ii . u ror inei --nan onitiii'M-r o -
which Mr. Macmecben refers have been
usked by tlie Nuvy Deinrlment. They
are to lie ITTi feet long, as conipaicl
with fis fe"l. Ihe length of the new
Zeppelins, . . ,,
"This t.vpe of dirigible Is well known,
Mr. Macinechen continued "It I wi
small that It can carry engine power
siifllclent to manage, it only In the slight
est wind. Kven If It were possible to
carry sufficient engine power a mere gas
bag cannot be taken against the air at
nnv practical speed, because Its lKdy
wlil buckle 111 th. air."
nther oltlcer of th Aeronaullc.il So.
,.l,.ty ebcted last night were I-red' i lck
W Marker, William -I. Hammer. !., D.
Anderson. C W. Howell, Jr, and l-oul
R Adam. VIcr-prcHinemi" ; .'
Durant, ecretary; J-ovvIh R- Comptoii,
sln rrW III ItrwiHillniiLr Aerlnl
FlHhllou, Iliperlii e".
Orvllle Wright'
ii. TTON' March -a,- 'TVllie nnh"' "
factory ha received order for score
of war ere. . lane equipped with tint
nevv WrlgM HlabllUer. which I de.
signed to make the military plane
wain to rldo III Ii H a suei-v ,.i.
Ai cording to foielgtl expert Hie new
machine will ti-volutloiilie aerial war
fat. The aviator will be uhliv to ob
erv Itmtead of keeidng llielr entire
attention centred upon the control of
the machine.
"Our slablll-ter ha beep given Hie
needed llnlhlllUK touches'," said Wright,
"V could liave ceminerclall'ted It be
fore tldH If we were not now head over
beelH in work lurnliiir out Ihe armored
military tjp now in nucdt demand."
Mrs. Robert Marsden Shaw.
Inn at l,.irchmont on December 31. ISIS,
and that they stayed theru from 11:30
P. M. until I .30 A. M.
".Mrs Shaw told me." said the witness,
"that she had sent a telegram to her
mother, telling her she had left Hob.
"' - M
anlng Shaw, for good She aim said
husUind told her he didn't care with
hotn she wmt around so long a he
had money, and that Darling looked like
a live one"
Chief of Police Charles W Hewlett. In
elaborating his testimony, said that when
he was called to the lintel Trnuvlll.'
Shaw told him that he had been in bath
ing, became cold and went to the hotel
to dress.
"Shaw told me," Hewlett went on,
"that when h returned to the beach
he found his wife and a man named
j-.,,,-,, lt'e mu)cr lno boardwalk.
Then he told me how he had torn thc
bathing suit pirtly otf his wife."
Chief Hewlett asserted that Hiaw paid
a I2." tine for attacking hN wife
Mr and Mrs. William A. Darling, of
SU wt is 1st slreet. New York, parents
of Darling, testified in his behalf.
"Your son has had trouble with other
women ' .Mr eallou asked.
"He ha not
"Was vour
Mrs. Roberta
"Not that I
' replied Mrs Darling,
son going to Kitrope with
know of
"Wasn't your son forced out of the
Seventh Regiment because of his asso-1
elation with Mrs. Hill and for bringing
notorious women to the armory?"
"He va not; I want to say that my
father, my husband and my brother all
have been members of thc Seventh Regi
ment." "t.tilliK tn .cl Hick."
Mrs Elizabeth lleon of K.3 West
Fort.v -ninth stretc. New York, the next
witness, said th it she wa at the head
of private luncheon club and that I
when Shaw served a subiHcn.i on her on i
Wednesday night he said, "I am going
to get Dick and he will 1- broke when
I get through with him."
Mrs. Wll-on. although .ubp.vnaed bv
the iroecuton, was. (.nici as a wit
ness by Darling Mie said Sliaw had
been at her home so drunk on several
occasions that It was necessary to put
him out.
'Mrs. Shaw told inc. the witness went
0,, "that her husband had beaten hr
fp'tn the time of her marriage and
she was afraid of htm
The trial will go mi to-morrow morn
IlillOlito Villa I'mler ('lire of'iiould Intluence in the road has b
much red u. ed It was expected t
Nurses at Astor Smn:
Hotel Arrivals.
Hipollto Villa, brother of the Mexican
"ieneral Fraii.-lsou Villa, who arrived
lu till.' city on .Mimiia.v, paving com
lure from Juarez, underwent an opt ra
tion in ii private sanitarium on Widnes.
ila Tlie operation was for eti abcess
In the nose which caused intense suf
fering. It was perform'"! by Dr. Henri
Iskowitz of West I'ifty-elghlh stre.-i.
Mr. Villa after thc operation and an
his own r' quest was taken from the
sanitarium to the Hotel sJoi-, where
he Is under Hie cate of two trained
Two of lien. Villa's representative...
lose Romero and Miguel Ham, are lit
the Hotel McAIpln. It l said they ,u,.
Iiere to purchase supplies for Villa's
nrinv .
I'nlted Slates Mlnlst.-- to I'ruguav
It. i:. Jeffrey, with Mrs. Jeffrev. regis
trrcd at the Waldorf-Astoria W'cdn
lay Mr. .! If rey ha Just been appointed
Minister t" I'mgliav- and said .vesterday
he would sail on Saturday to assiiuin
111 duties.
Gov. Ilenrv C. Stuart of Vligina
renche-il heie late Wednesda) night and
reg s ere. at tlie Motel Vainer i .
The Governor catno from Richmond and
Is her" for a rest.
. .
Ahhl 1 Ahri .-1 Jin ItUl f,l,
lnlckerbo-ker Mr. nnd Mrs. M.
McHrlde. Hftoii, Di. and Mrs. si.
Dearborn, Nashua. N II,
Aslor- -Capl, and Mrs Renjainln P.
Nlckllu, I S. A, Foit llllss, 1'. ,1. Kef
tier, Trad and lnduse-lrl.il Commissioner
of the Ni Iherl.inds Hast Itidlin Govern
ment. Thc Hague,
Clarldge K. J, Merrill, lloslon ; J.
W. Mason. Cleveland, ' hl".
Minhallali Mr and Mrs. S Parker
Hremer and MI'S lldll - Hn-itnr, Roston .
Judge J. II. Reed. Plt'sburg.
Waldol f-Astoria Mr. F H His K,
Sjiacuse, Mr .mil Mrs. Sevmonr Van
Saniv oord, Troy.
lintel Woodstock Mr. and Mrs S C
Heller. Philadelphia
Prince George .1. C. Mcllhaliev. To
ledo; George W, Parker, SI liotils. R
W. ldrlch, Cleveland.
f,.,wlerhllt -Ml It. II. HI ril. Jr Ml-
nd mi, h. r. m. c.bei. Philadelphia,
Aiislrall.i . Mr. and Mrs .!. G Parm.-.,:
((.,- ,s'evvifirt, It. I.. -I- Newman Pcar.v
Colllngwood Mrs, Mary s Rnmd'.l,
s" ..
o..atot,lc. Mas,. Mr an,
Mvllt'-I, R it Mass. . It, D.
. j, New Haven. Conn,
anil .Mrs. I,
Mum iilln KN.IMIII I'll) .hih,
l.ewl Nixon, shipbuilder and former
lender of Tammany Hall. so huy with
hi own affalia dial he lias tcslguid h a
is.iinn job n consulting i-nglni'-r and
acting Commissioner of Public Works of
the Itorougll of It chiiinnd To.ila.v llor
oilgh President McCorinack will nek Hie
Itnarii of F.stiiiiale lo abolish Ihe post
of consulting engineer and divide tho i
dutle between til" chief engineer of tho
borough and a commissioner of public
vvorlva to b appointed at IS.utlii a jcar.
Indor.sc. Petition of Frederick
S. Ito.vil, Who Hciioimees
Former Mews.
Thenton, N. J., March 2S. Renoun
cing his former views as "Absolutely
prejudicial to all social progress,"
Frederick S. Hnyd, the former I. W. W.
leader, convicted of sabotage and In-
cendlary utterances. ha appealtd to the ,
Court of Pardons for clemency. Ills
petition, remarkable In several respects,
bears as the tlrst ludorser the name of
Col, Theodore Roosevelt. Hoyd was
received at tho State prison here last
Monday to begin his prison term, after
the Court of Krrors and Appeals hail
decided there was no Irregularity In his
Scarcely had he been placed behind '
o I. ir than bis friend Lincoln Steffens
iiniieiind ni the State House and pre
suited to Oov. Fielder the petition tn Ills
TMe Com t of Pardons met at the State
nrlsim to-dav to investigate personally
tl... ...ie of Itovd uiid those of a hundred i
other applicants for pardons or parole. blllty to tm-et some of Its obligations
Ry special order the court authorized under present condition The plaintiff,
that ptthllrlty be givut the petition of C,orge C llintnn. a bondholder, sts
Hoyd, a course contrary to the rules of forth hi fear that failure to appoint re
ihr .Hinrt It Is understood that the eelvers would silbjtet the company to a
court believes the sentiments expressed ,
by Hoyd nilgm prove neipioi io
Mi.nliiig other labor agitators from re.
sorting to drastic measures to enforce
tlelr demand. The text of the petition
in p irt follmvs
"That the petitioner was convicted of
advocating views hc has now entirely
libandontd. regarding them as initi
al and detrimental to ttie genei.n
welfare, that hc now looks upon the ,
lacucs uc lormeny .inof.nni .i" .i......
to defe it the moral and social better
,.,V l n.nrklmr class, that bis In
terest in thye matters has always leen .
an unseltlf.', one. that he had no per-
R.lOill Lrliivilhi'i'H
that he has noming
to gain personally . that Ills action was ,
based upon a mistaken, but not on u i
K..f.. eking, ground '
"Thut for two years this ntence lias
been hanging over him. has disorganize
his life and Impaired his health and he f ,. nMin Railway Compan.v Peril
has paid In full for the offence he enm-lyn F.miuhir Is prrsldent of the two
mltted That lie has recently secured , latter cmcerr. as at II as of the Port
a position on the editorial staff of a'of Para corporation .
magazine and he regards thl a an op- A. hough tlic actutl indebtedness of
portunlty to establish himself, to do use. the corporation h is not been computed
fill work that will enable him to iciilre it amount" to more than 1 (ii.ono.ooo
pood standing citizenship Ree!er Frederic'. I, llldridge 1 a
"Representing the New York Peace reslde-it of this 'In. Mr MieKenzle Is
Society, he lias lectured at Canon from H'. de Janeiro Their appointment
Chase's church,
efore the loling ?In s
Christian Association, and had occupied
the same platform with Prof John
Hates Clark and Dean ' Seorse Klrchwey
of Columbia t'nlverslty and Hamilton
Holt of the tnfcietifctif He ubinlts
to vour honorable court that to take
hi in" out of this life, to make him
undergo a sentence lor an onence w nicn
was committed several years ago and
the error of which h' now sees and
could not repeat Is to mar a potcntt ill i
useful life while serving no end of.
Following the petition was n brief
statement subscribed to by Col Rooe
Urt and the fourteen other Indorser?.
who were fillhert K. Roe. Herbert Cro.
ttv charlotte Rudyard. 'Teorge II
Sewell, Jr, Walter Mppmann. farl t
llovey l'lnlev Piter Dunne. Frederick 1
C Howe, John P. Andrews. John Reed,
Lincoln St.-ffen-. William H Short. , n"" re. King oi a oo.o. ,,, ., ,.,,
Hnmllton Holt. Hordtnan Robinson and''r'il h re this mornln before .supreme
p. rev Stlckncv c.rant. Cutrt .Iu-ttc Townsend scudiler and a
. . Jurv.
rty Irti In l'eier llsne Three In j
HieciilHt- Committer. j
leorge J '!ould was reelected chair-I
man of the board of dl-ectors and presi-
j dc'it of the Texas and Pacific Ra lw.iy
I at the organization meeting of the newl.v
elected Isiard of directors vesterdav
.The new Inard represent a ompromlse
'arrangement betwei'i the iiould inter
I st and the new controllers of the
Missouri Pacific, through which the
Mr (lould would he continued .is .hair-
man and pres . lent
The executive commit t of the board
of directors as elected vesterday Is made
up of two iiould representative,, ami
three representative of the new power
In the iiould roads, tieorge .1. t ,otirj
,,,) KH,g,nn iiould are tlie two iiould
teprcs.ntatlves. Charlcsll Sabine, pre-l-
dent of the Guaranty Trust C-mp.ny.
it iv .v.t.K,etl ,,;e,ldent of Wells,
Patgn (. Co. and N S. Mldrum nf
111. ill Co. represent th new el. ment In
the management -md are new men on
the hoard
nther oftlcers el.cte.I are ICingdon
lio'ild and L. J. Pearson, vc-prel-dents,
c W . Vi itch, secretary and
treasurer ' 'hadbonrne- S. Shore, general t
The only new oltlcer Is K. J
l'i a rson
lb- so. ceeds 1;. 1- Kearney
w)ri r,.,entlv r.-slgned to bcono prest
dent md corecelvi-r of tin- wanaen.
I'lnley J. Shepard Is one of the retiring
ASSETS ARE $1,034,303,632.
Consollilnleil V, 1. Cmlrnl stiot
llltt Unlit In snrpln,
Asset of $l,n3l,ll'i.';.'l" are show n bv
the new conseilhlated New York Central
Railroad Company In the tlrst bilanc
It 111 Issued, bearing the date
i January 1, i:'ic. i ne aseis m memo
New York Central and Hudson llher
'RiHroad Company were fTll.Tlil.lt:
i ne new oaiaocc rm -1 ii.il" riii.oim
tho S'o-ck Kxrhing with Ihe listing of
finn.finn refunding bonds, In one of
I the most complete statcuiertH ever pre.
, pared I
' The iiiosi Inlereslleg item on lb sheet
l tlie surtilil- U Is 2!',lfi i.HIU, against
the old comp in' surplus of f 1, ir.."..7 1'.'
The Increase Ins been accomplished
thlnugh Ihe Inclusion of the great J.'.l.
, nnii.noii surplus hI'l I iv the old l,ak
S'oie conip." y Th cash and other
i ll'iuld iissels of tlie consolidated com- '
, paii are 1 7. a, 3 1.'. i
Capital lek ha beep pnreased onlv i
from f I.0'?1 lo :,l,'.!o.i,n. a d
finiib-il deln from Vl?2 i7t.7Hi lo ",f 1
' lH'.r.m
Sparkling Red Burgundy
"Healthful Doliclout."
I nnk for the word " liamrnel
llril t'-tp" on mpsiilr suit necklmnit,
ii i' riniii a iii, ini n
MARCH 26, 1915.
ltniziMiiii Ititsitioss Paralysis
Puts Port of Para in
The complete paralysis of lraslnej In
Hrnzll due to the war and the conse-.
uuent Inability of the llr.izlll.'iu tlovcrn
luent to meet some of lis obligations has
forced Into the hands of receivers an-
other of the units In tho financial sys-
tern through which P rclval Faniuhar
and his group of financier operated
vast ralltnad, steamboat and harbor
concessions lu the Amazon Valley.
Upon tho llllng of a frlindly suit In
equity yesterday Judge Julius M. .MaT
of the I'nlted States District Court ap
pointed Alexander MaeKeliale and l-rtil
rlclt I., Rldrldge receivers for the Port
of Para, a Maine corporation which
built til.- water line terminal for the
Farquhar system In Para harbor at the
mouth of the Amazon The tecelvers
were placed under boims of jrn.n0 each.
The company through It vlc-pesi-
dent, Tlieiidore C. Hall, admits its Ina-
number of suits which would Impair the
m o. m concern s asse,s. consisuug i
house's and wharves In tli port of Para.
The business depression In Brazil Is'
only temporary, the compi ilnl aseerts.
and the reolver arc necessary to tide,
the company over until conditions read-
Just thenu'elvs. Th. company, the com-
plaint .is, rect Ives n subvention or
about f:';r.fuin a e.ir from the tlovern-
mem or nrazii, mil tnis lias ncn un- i
oaid for some. Hine I
The I 'net o? I'.ir.i ' canliillznit ..t
.i:'.Sfiil.0fln and has olllccs In thl city at
Itro.-l street. Invi- all the capital
stock In the Amazon River Steam Na.- .
ptt)., i, Compatu, Ltd. a corporation '
running lun tl-ets of str.itnboats on the
Amazon, and ooe-halt o' -he canlta I
stock of th Madelra Manion. Railroad
Comnanv. which hi turn i a subsidiary
sfa'. s the prneciit!nii .if a str.f broug'it
tn Knglan.l recen-'v to foreclose th"
mortgage on the ptopertv .if the Amazon
Ste.im Navigation Companv, Ltd.. which
If forced to an tsuc, th comidalnt savs,
would r,r.tilt )n th" al of one of th
compan.v s. ilertn to a oiupetitor In the
Amazon Vill Mill- diverting trade
... .. ...... ... ... .
ir.no oe , ori or i.h.i uc. em rt w.
appointed here and in Maine recently for
the P.raz.l RalPvav Company and the
Madeir t-Mamo'. R-illw iv Company.
-- ... ,
lltisbntnl Nnme . Per i nil. .
IMnnncler In lllwroe riyl.t. ,
.mini-' v. i.. i. . irni ;..- imam
r .iio-r. hnn as ..... i . .r, .,,.
let.' was accused of playing a part in
lane A Schmidt of tiockv Hie cntr
w is "Uinc h. r husband. ' Iiailes Schmidt,
for a d'voree. naming her niece is m
re.iondetit Mrs. Schmidt clurged that
the tfirl was mistreated by Iter htiebmd
last Labor Day at their home In Rock
vllb centre Tfc.- gli- on the stand sup
porteil the to y.
Mr Schmld' said that Ihe girl was
pot In th. h.i'is on the dtv in question
and h'.-itid that he was being made the
victim of a plot
Hi- testified tb.it Miller entered bis
house a., a bnirdir and showed atten
tions to Mrs. S- oldt. to which the, bus
and object. -d Schmidt said that in
quirelled w'tb hi- w Ife over Miller md
le ft the lion -
There mo b" i uli for alienation
after tin present divore action. Jus
tice S-'uider reserved decision
II commend Divorce
urn Un t rt,
, 'Mvo-c tor .or.i naves ne ictre-.s,
W nppearinc it the Inter i .a-den
from Marrv Clarke, a.-tor and dancer, la
ommeii'led ni a report tiled in the
Supreme Court .vesterdav h William J.
Hurke a lefere.- Mist- Ras sued as
Kleanor.i K Prince, w h.le her husband's
real nam Is Harry ' Prlnc Th testi
mony taken In the case 1 s,.. ret
n appticitlon to confirm the report
wMI be made hi th Supreme Court on
I April
Kit I. sin for llroi.UIo tinllil.
in 'in ten nay ..mtpaigu 10 raise
$l'i".i'in for tho I'nlted Nelghbnrhool
, Guild of IPo Ulvn the gl lr.d total w is
Jell,'-in last night,
tilth day
th" end of th m.
Autocars are now owned by 2400 different concerns, using from 1 to 281
Autocars each. Our business has increased IVA 1-3 per cent., and 50 per cent,
are repeat orders. This increase in output will, as in the past, result in de
creased expense of production and distribution. The new chassis price of
$1050 is in accordance with our policy of furnishing the consumer our product
at the lowest possible figure. Call or write the Autocar Sales Company, 553
557 West 23d Street, New York City, a factory branch of The Autocar Com
pany, Ardmorc, Pa. Thone, GOGO Chelsea.
Edict Issued Against Over
crowding on Sixth and
Eighth Avenues.
The Hoard of Health Issued an edict
e.terday on overcrowding which Is to
take effect Innnedlalely on tho S'lxtli
and Hlglith nxtniie lines, aftir a con
ference lu which (ieneral Manager
Frank Ibdley and counsel for Hie In
terborough had argued with Health
Commlsloner (loldnater that it would be
scarcely possible to carr out the order
on these lines.
The objection if Mr. Iledley and t'v
nttonny. Jame I,. guackenrnMi and
Arthur (1. Peacock, were virtually the
suue as those which they urged unci
tho Commissioner a weik ago After
studltig the question Mr. Hedley and
the law.vcfs stand tint they bed to
Hi. ir oi lglnal views
Mr. Itedhy said thu the service m
tl.ee IIikm bad been increased, bu'
the slt'intt i did in.t seem to be m i
teiiallj Improved. It would be frullless.
he considered, -o attempt to limit the
humh,r f passengers boaiilliiK the Sixth
;n 1U( irs ih,rUll. rs, hour.t In
Hi' lf districts, and the same llltlrnlty
would be . nrountf red with the b-s.ba!l
,Mirns on the Klghth avenue il-ie.
,io(lwater replied .hit
" ' i
h- point lav not so much In putting
on more cars as In Junl'Mousls uMii'ig
tl, rn ,.,trfl,dy in tire. As t.ils rc-
i... ...i...,,, ,,r
Jomdel failed to alter the ..plnlcir of
tlie I nterborougli repref entat I V-! 'I'.''
i"nmmi..innr had tlie Board of Health
, .,.,..,.. ,unB or,irs jftr ilnlr
If the omuny rloe not ask lor a
hearing within three days the rfgula-
lions will go Into force unconditionally. Anna Pihodnn. rvant . of Mr Ml
Thev will be enforced bv p-jllcmen at- Mrs. Otto SpeiigletJ who live one filsrnt
ta. h'ed to the sanitary -quad Action I up at ',:: Third avtnile. whert the. mur
laKm Msterdav bv th- New York Rail-' ier occurred, was examined Tor over
wavs Company, controlling the Klghtv- j half an hour and then Mrs Sp'ngler
sixth stret line, which nai come und'-r was Inteirogat' d Mr holcHti Mb
the rulings, made It clear mat ine tran-
sit compmles are reiving on tlie Moaro
f Health to s'e that policemen and not
conductors carry out th" ordfr
Th board learned that conductors on
the Oighty-st'h street line had received
Instructions t" call a pollcemin if a sur
plus batch of passengers Insisted on
hoarding a full car
In a short time, Dr 'ioldwater atd,
he hopes to have a meeting of the medi
cal authorities on the cjtv's railways
In order to establish a uniform measure I
of car eamclty at all hours Th de
i. .I..-- ...... 1 l tn he nlr.ceo n trie
-. ' " ., ,
sanitary codo If s ttlsf.o torv to tlic . om-
Dr. ,oldw ater has deferred a. no on
i the Second avenue elevated s.vstein until
lie learns from Ills investigators whether ,
I seven car trains aic not feasible on a- ,
i i,e second avenue e, e,. ,.n e "
count of the Harlem drawbridge, at Mr !
Hedlev contended. He tecclved a notice '
Hedley contended. He tecclved a notice
from tne I'rooK.y . c..,,,, . . ; .-
from the Hrooklyn Rapid TrtiisU l om
mnv vestenlav which stitc.1 that the
comp my w ouiu comply un i ne ninii..-
,, lmpneu ,.n me i- Miimric.- -
' avenue and Third avenue llnej,.
:lectrol lie
i ruts-
Mme.i I'p " I.i1
ii. ...... tie snles.
II.Moe.ll. sl...
Seventeen -i-nts
pound w-as paio to
thc 'aliimet and Herla M'nlng Lorn
pany vestrda) for eonv of Its produc
tion' to be delivered .It domestic plltlt
within th" n-x' two or tlnrec months.
This prlc was the highest pild on the
current upward movement and tn P't
for about two )ears Ag.ttnet
th-s s
bouever. Lik copper was ob-
talticble at more thin a cent a pound 'van-'c will not lead farm"- to plant for
les., nr below- l'i cents I lln eroi this year."
Tbe S. II ' brand ha long been, Harding denied that national bank."
regarded b certain m inufacturer a ' ar rcliscountl'ig to nnv extent with
tn.- best in l'i- e,-unl md they will u i ' w York in preference to F-1ral re
nothing el. bene th company under serve bank md said there, hid been
onilltlous ilk tho nov existing h is no no deposition on the part of n nonal
dltllculiv in nimltis and g'tting almost banks to Wscn the rfeetlvn of r.
nv pi le It w ints
r.lcctrolvtlc copper wa moved to 1.V,
i!s a pound and domestic iles wer
l,fte-td 'her bfor the day wis over.
I This was not a general quntji'ion. for
, there were sellers as low as 1"iV... cent
. during th dav
! Lead is beginning t strengthen Htnl
prrvlucerr now talk o i scarcity In that
lo.-tal. Ituslnees his been done at close
to t 'in cents New tork lusts The
American Smelting and Refining font- neir here, is being prepared for an
linv, which raised Its prh to 1.. on I other operation to amputate the left leg
W eiinesd. iv. I expected to make another I jt tho kn'c. A former operitlon r
advance shortly I suited In the M o or loslpC his right
The tactics I" spltcr. which hbg
been noticeable for tho past few w-tcks. i Mayor iV'Velll is a retired ph'siclan.
wen- ag-iln in evidence yc-ti iilav, with; having moved to lltrginilld nearly
cnmp-irattv-ly llttlo or no tonnage I twenty vcar ago from Philadelphia,
avail iblc at th low price.-, quoted. Just He was Sill geon-Genrral of th mllitlt
as toon as smelters have paid for con- of that Stale and served for a time
titrates now coining in from Austrilla , as ' 'ominlsar,v-Ge neral Ills condition
mid oilier r,iirres (p. mining companies at present Is considered serious; by the
'.ook f vr in advance hi price ( attending phvslcltn.
M)vVjX-4usV .r.;jsJ,s..ivU ntai4ieV.j. --kV.k- .1 .Hsf.-.. i . w ir iTEMBiiBB
lo-Ycar-Old Kose Herman Hat
llrs Witii Assailants
in Home.
Tlie pliicklness of Rose Hermnn.
llfteen-year-old schoolgirl who was at
tacks! yesterday afternoon In her home,
at I.".:: Forty-llrst street, Brooklyn,
probably saved her from the falo of
l.eonore Colin.
Ro.-c, the youngest of six children,
was alone 111 the apartment shortly after
1 o'clock, when two men knocked on thi
door. When she opened It the men, I
who appeared to be Russians, about ?.
jears old, pushed past her Into tho room
demanding to see the apartment. The
girl was thrown to the floor and bound
wlven she remonstrated.
Despite a revolver thrust against her
face ,v ne or thc men, with a warning
to "kiep nuiet." I he Rirl rolled away
and sen .nurd. Her crle were heard
by Mrs. I'at.ido Uordon on the floor
above. She found the, door locked und
l'f .re she could force It open the two
men had f-a"'d down the tire, escape.
Mrs. Uordon discovered tho girl with
her hands bound behind her btck and
her feet tied to a bid A gag that the
tu'ii had tried to fore in her mouth
was op the tli'or. "r Brown of Kings
Coiji.n H spll.il was summoned t" 'rial
the girl for hvsterla. Detectlvcn of the
Sixth branch were furnished with a good
description and are looking for the
nf" . . . - .
Th" poll'-' took es'erlay tpe.r nrm
step toward th arrest of tho man whom
ii,..i- i,. tteVM ir. lm tho C'ohn chlld'H
slayer. Two women wern taken before
Deputv Assistant Dlttrict Attorney J.
Ward Follctto and qucstlnneil as to
eventr last Friday night, the night of
the murder
fitterwaro niai imo- m hhi... ......
hirn teamed from either woman
An arrest In the .-ate mac come at
any time, or t ie police ami the District
Attortiev "ia d.em It better to put nil
he uvlden.e and all the testimony di
rectly before til" Crand Jur. leaving It
to that bodv to dtcid win thr or not
an indictment should be brought
The case against th man suspected
b"ome strongijr cvet v dav. n the opin
ion of the authorities Against him thev
have his record of masquerading as a
witman and a bloodstained apron and
............ -
i hous wheie til" dead girl lived.
Jam(tl Umx arrested on Tuesday
night for annoving a voung girl, was
Hp V(J months In tjie work-
hol!.p ll( Mag.strate Ten i:yck. That
I- the full penalty for such an ofte.ncc
For tlve nlclits before his arrest he had
1 Oil 'I I ...I I I .1 t.locU from I-finore Cohn's
. There is no evidence, that hc. had
,.r Known her.
ItrstTTe Honnl Memttrr !? New
Veirli Will H Flnnnelnl Centre.
Aths-t. '"i.i . March ?5. Confidence
n the speedv return to normal business
I conditions was expre-se.l in nil Interview
. -rrllng Of the
iv.jeral Hi
erv Hoard. It also pre
dlcttd that the war would make Ne
York the financial cntre of th world.
"In some Federal reserve district In
the West business is already normal."
said Harding, "and It is rapidly ap
proaching normal In th South. Th
; advan- e In cot'ou is pound to Poom
bu'nes In the South, but I hope the ad
I srve bink by declining to tnak
of their areoinmiKiatlonr
ne-rBenflelil. . .1.. omditl o l"n
iltrKn fspriind nttntntltn,
II WKVNSAfK, N' J. March '.'.".
Mivor .1. W dkes (.' Neill of Herpentleld
M yor .1.
" ftflA. r U rtallvjtt that
V rjri r.d rtjill a Cat$tait$
lcH't "
" Wtll. Tam. Vlt txt
aj that armthmt tan nt
firyr htatj thf
domini jjoV thit a t'ampfvlt
t nn I J pat tight J3y ui'ool
a Jtfn.'
1915 ?!
BL sutr you eel CarstaiM
Kc In tlic non-tehlUble
liottle -"a kooiI bottle to
keep good wliLvke) KO"d-"
Mm vvho p.ittonirc hotels,
rlubs anil cafrs on tin; "I ifth
Avenue" or "Broadway" of
all bip tilic, ate C'arstaitj'
mojt loyal suppotterj. Gen
tlemen of the. "old u-liool" and
thoe of the nevv, call for Car
ttaltj and keep it in their
rhilidtlphii .New Yolk Billimote
'Age Ct.ete, Thinks Steel
Coin m nit's Hon' Are
at Kiiuli.
The, rntfwo.v Agr (in.rlt. dendin
the r.tllroids that are being criticised
for buying rails in I'anada, as In th
case of the llllnon Central, which pur
rtiased from the Algonu Steel Company
of Canadn. siys :
"Crltcm of the action ot certain
railway m biivlnc ril's In '"anadi
corn's w ith poor gra. e froni spokesmen of
the steel companies of th. t"lil'. State.
If the steel .-.initian" s nf this country
w tnt all the rail business of this lotintry
l"t them do hisineff with the railway:
as they exp'.t the railway to do busi
ness with them. II thev want the rail
w.ia to favor them et them favor th
rallwa) s.
"The steel makeis have thut'd Mil
I power their tioslt'-in ot pia-ti. al mo
I nopoly has given tl.etn both in living priee.s
land in negnt'iting reginll-ig the speci
ticatlons according t- which r:),, should
he tnade Thev will have no dlttlcult.v
, In controlling the r home market If thej
i will deal with Ihe tatlwavs In some.
what the sum. snli lt in which their
spokesmen are demanding t'-at the rail
way shall deal with t'le-n If the
' rallwty worm bis at lis' iitrned and
the stel make of t ie Culte-d Stat,
are In consequent- losme hulnss. thy
hav only thmstlves to h line fo- it"
The OALKHI.VO.M label in n woimit.'
Sllil or Coiit sKineis for a uroni ileal
be-iili'is tncre- prci' moss tlmugli, wo
confess, it is im i ti'i-cilitittly pretty label.
It assure vou of stvb's thai are e)i
rcctlv inspired bv tlic happiest models, nf
Tans and Vniern'a
, It cuaran'ecs, in n enrmcnt. vour full
money's worth laml even n little bit.
i morn i in material and v orktn.inslui'.
' It puar-ml's's f'ro fill seosoit' trior
i t tlioir prices JllT.'i to Ji'ji
1 OA l.h'lU.OO If virtue-lit- iro vain "tiotish
to think lln ins l-' s (pine inn...s
r, . . c53thto60tliSt.
tSloomingdaleci l. to 3d ,w
KM M. Ml N AMI lllll s
Mr.fAltrr. 1 1 it's si iioiii for miY
;a-si: ir.i t mi am i.-l i m. u.
itih i . p. , i a. t i. i 'i i.
( lltrfisir nitrite, . 'j t-. 4 V'liit.-
IIAIIMillll s iioiii lent IIIMS
I'l'lilston 11 ii' I. t ' ' . ste,iv rennl-i
llilflj , -i rliiiliri; ssi . nidi hmit I'ennlt
Courts, All. in- I ii 1 1 l aid i: in Co!l.
Tllt.siilltri loin pt'l. Mts umi.t
A SI Mil "i. UAH's ON lll'lll I'.ir
jnv sritiioi . en i n.i ami AMr
Ill ltl-V t , N. 1 SI V ,N. t. II T
III sM s. i III 1,1,1,1',
M il Mllt'i Nm 'k I in
s( 00-(i' III Wtl -t Mil st
I itrt h I ' ' ii' 'a i '.
a or 1 . st-Mio
ty (' ei f ( ) , art rfc nt
Private Schools
HI sis .ii t - ,i . 1
efl elent I .! - . ' " il i"' i i
I I Is i on !.-' vi--- - lino
inlclv fie" ol li'H ".' '-. iei
.i e i.r.itc at, i bin i-c I 'ii'or
li iition civeii in nil In , uieis
I his set view Hi I l"l-' ni V.U.
liftble KMsui. ii in si j,., tink. i, ,, i
plnpl-l .el. -mi It-1 i l,l Ill . . o .r
tl.l I I 1 If 1
III nrtllm. chr -nilli-li-nt
!! lis so IIihI lllli-ll Ucnl ail.
i lei- i mi I.i- - Iv en,
jv.hOOL-v.0l.Lf.Gh AiNu
LA.-iil' ianvr-eu
IJII .Nllss.,11 I. M'U Inrl,
14 1
Hi J v

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