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Fncing Death in n Submnrine. I
The brave fight of the men of F-4 foreseen
Read "Fifty Fathoms Down," a great
story of the late Morgan Robertson,
in next Sunday's SUN. I
Fair to-day: snow to-night or to-morrow.
Highest temperature yesterday, 38: lowest, jo.
Dc-tniled weather, mall and marine, reports on page 1
IjocK Ma ml NVw Sonsntion
in Trail inir A rivfrnt inr
r!Mi.lr I Sharps
nll another mystcr) of a
(uwnri'.nr tnrk that li.nl been niorlliiitnl
ts deepen Intetot. th stork 111.1 rUrt
-ere broadened out yesterday to 11 point
aot el'talled l,, tlie cvchatiK closed
.n the- da of feir, before the war.
Sales rturtns the day URitrrKatcd tiUfi,.
;M shares
Pork Island stock furnished th new
mnitlon. There wan a rush of limit
era tn buy the shares, but no tine srcmul
o linoA who B bar" of the move,
treat. doen explanations were of
fered for the sudden ami violent rise In
j jiofk which foi a c,r li.nl been dls-tr-dlled
ami kicked about tin- market.
drtpplrc In that time from S3. Its lilch-
nt bef"t conversion fioni Itw form an
Mllnfral trttl t per cut. bond. t'i I. '
(Vf !o p. in- tracked tecently. Hut'
none of these explanations s ac
repied a peiictriitlnK the real ecctet
o( th movement
Mill blokes maivclle.i over Ihf 1
Rnck Island's leap Into leadership In 1
t etoadeet of t event niaikels, the nl)
r of what sent up llnthklicin Steel 1
rm.wrn an iiiipeiieti-.iblti as nr
:n'r ad' aiicuis prices kept brokers
ird fti'aiors in a fcvr of excitement. '
Ti- i it time of tiaiis.n Hons In I'nck 1
ls..i.nl, T.t :h0 Mintcs, exceitlctt ti) ei -
1 1 liotis.-ind share th total of the ,
trjn-Ji't'on !n Stiel and Amri 11111 Can.
t.i to nest l.HKot tradliiK iiudlutns of
:ce tin), and was larser than the total
-.nuiMrlhin In any one stock since Hin
s "k K.M'hnnse reopened.
Th' fin."- shot up necordin::! , leaeli
r.i -he hlch of 31'.. or 12T points
'iOvo ihe low tf thn da' b. fote. and a
tin f (','. points tn th day. The ale-
cai. of the rise u-as further at
t'H'd l te treni;tli of the IhuiOs.
Th ri'f and th e-ienie activity ra .
tVnll Strut a lot to think about. The
T'cr "f the performance a une
rUiti"'l a' ht close of Hie da n. men
rr-vclof'ly In touch with the propel tj.
Irj In lHr- llio Ins llnlrn,
ThM i d the were at n los to know
rhu .m after th" "toeU and M ! buy
fphoaiiR and Intpitilne fiom Stock
Enrtnncf ni'n where thp biiliic Mine
Th ci.in of t' e toek 4 connected
n ,,.,, f Wail Slrn- it It the
'ttr r . pi.i rs for otlnc at the annual
r-' e .if tht otnp.in 011 .pril 1..
ev', ;.i 11. Miieit tliere must nave nein
Vd 1 r d i.vs pievloii!., so that
ptA.ent toelt market movement
.oniM'Rii fur lontiol r.f n block
y 1i1nu.1l nieetins tlie sliures intin
CV.'j', h Ki l.l.iy A clinical posl-
to. k nmrkei a tesiilt of
r.. f.,r prolos ac.unst a siplee.ed
.1 11 'boiiRht. nia partly
1 . t . k's ai ilon
1 ' v as uyi Inclined in be
"ii tips In ivy bu.vlnir at Ids
.1 ''.it om.- one was seek-
'i 'nl ill the op. II Ul 'lket.
i.i 'In- men of "he Amster
1 ' , 1 did not Ii.iV tl.e lll"tl" V
1 . . aipaiun of till- kind
prl' "
'i 1
Ci H I
re -ii.it th.y could not be
.11 a.. bill a veiy moderate
the luc bulni: of the stock.
' " liuyli k In the Mrst day,
.is ulil to have come from
1 h is the head'iu 11 'ers of
f I
Iteiil-tlnore llll Inu s,niitiil,
Ti u ,, ,e Ite.d.Moole KIOUp Wilt"
!i'i I bv :iuthoriih III !! ck
it' rs as it was felt that these J
i" i,i no- 1 .ire to assume control
' 'h 111 auain aftei tbu troubles
' 1 . - m it llnveis of the slock
'r 1 t'e opinion .f stuck mat-
'' - tii.'i..i ot pr 1 eed to force
' n c ., intent I'1"' Tile pries
' ' I flown If 1 lie eifort for
v 1 11 ( limed.
' ' " '.rv ve.tinlay was thai tlie
r" - l' i,. 111 'lestf wele buylnt' the
1 hi. 1 1 tilt ir Intetest lias been
1 1 " il u 01 iei t letain no In-
. ' ipei-v 111 w lili lt tl'ej have
' 1 l. uis : 111 . 'Uu 11 Inve.tnient
r. -' hs "Che l'lieps-lodce In- ;
' ' " ' r . r. have said fm some time 1
n.it de. ide the fpiestlon
' "r farther Itro Itock Island 1
s . . '
ie 11 11 ti ii Meeting snows
,r ' n inntrol f the pioperty.
T ' ' esterday was also at-
' ' ' 1 cove by hip speclllatois to
ice of the low pi Ice. tin
f 1 t -.i! i-xihaiiKc the buyliiR
" ' ' -i l.atu brokers, (tlvlllff th lin
' 1' the movement dirt not
' ..ie ourte
' 'I. ip. win a'rived tn New
. i woiild not s'ate how
- I "1 llilReniet'l ll.nl re.
" . Il v . tit'n .ted. however, tll.i"
' .r en iu." 111 the hands . f
' . 1 , breai the Auistei-
I ' ep' 1 -(i.l. it. ves of the
' ' ti at thev n l hold the
1 s p wer ti the nieetlllR,
' ' 1 M. I. 1 ot be.llR 111 tlie
er ,,f annoutiii-d pioxy
i ild tll.it the Kohl 11-
tlie cotnp.iiiv, which
e of iii"!" '.op; in irross
i'7.'..'..'l III OpeiallllK lli
. t ti the 1 1 1 s t i r v of the
i l' nruai . so far as
..... md. He k.i nl that
. it'll the Snip ivvesl Was
i ' 1 1 outlook ROtd for iiii-
"'He I- I led to t onllroi
inil nl inen t lo-dnj.
M I. "0 The S nate
'. e ii.teil to-nlitlit to n
10 Hit St n.tto to-indriiiw
- u'.iiiinailniis of 111- I
' u. yu m District Public, j
- no ami 1'iof. Charles
I'liiiiiinssloiier of AKrl-1
i v i I ptohabl) i on -
' ! morrow'
nv sIIk iIIiik com.
Khi to beKln draftliu:
l ii p said thai tlie !'
i n be a Hhapu until noxt
t r ivav.
Rockefeller to Aid
the Colorado Poor
by $100,000 Fund
Foundation Will Supplement
(.'ontriblllioHs l Relieve
Mistress in (he State.
liKWru. March 30. John H lt.r . -feller,
Jr.. president of the Itockefelli r
Foundation, lias notified the Slate (!om
dilttee on "-:i,,i!oj"Ki.t 'I'd Itel'ef
that the foundation will supplement a'l
fund" received to relieve dltiei :n
Colorado up to JHirt.dUO
A teleRtiilii vii leceHed to-day by
I' .1. K.idford. chalinian of the Stale
nnimlttee from Mr. Itockefeller. It
iv.l a icply to one sent lat Thursdaj
by tlie committee askltiK for asslstame.
Ml Itoi'ki'feller's teleRrnni folloMs
Vour telcRnim ol March 'J.'tli with
tefeicnce to the dlstle whloll e.
ists anions the unemployed and
their famlHc. In Colorado is re
ceived I note the epieslon of
opinion by your committee that if
the necessaries of life can be pro
vided durlni? the nev tlnee months,
a l the end of that time It should be
possible for employment to be se
cured on fnnti", In the mines or t!e
where, but -hat your committee
fears that In the incur line the
funds from individual, counts and
State resource will prove InstiMl
dent to tntrt the ned ami that un
less further immediate aid Is o lur
w lsc provided, ldepre nl vuff'jiliiR
and want will certalnt.x ensue
Should this piove to be true, tho
foundation stands ready, up to Julv
1 ne.v, to supplement the funds ie
reio.I fiom the nbovu nieiitloneil
ourees lis may be necessary up to
one hundrnl thousand dollarn
iflrt,0o. Sine Mr. W 1. Mac
kenzle Klnc. the director of the In
dustilal icl.itlons depar'iinoil of tlie
Ito. I.efi Ibo Foundation. i In
lleiiver. the foundation Is n (uestiuc
Vin !! r-pie-eut It In his matter '11
confer nee with you.
1 ;;e .i,,n..I ' trr:1:. 1... mif
b T. J i:a.lfoid. chairman C. .1 Ab -
'inder, treasurei. and Alber: A lle.-d.
ecretaiy, lepresentliiK the State nmi
I 'nltlio vvhleli was appointed bv ilm.
1 C.irNon 'o ib v Ue wav .md means t
mvetlnc the dltiess whlca exists amviK
the unemploved ami 'lieu famdles 11
I Color.ola
I'otniln m'
idirliil ot
l'jis.-liuers Wlln.'sw
I 1 1 1 1 I IVolH teeniue.
hi' n irtltrr to Tim In
Ss Potsovm. a i.i. Mai. 11 Jlf'
N'eurlj tho whole ships cicnpinv tuind
out to-daj to tin burial a t vo-ar-old
slieraiic pass, ncer son of
It. tty Kb-ma. an Austrian iinniiKt ant.
bound for Sprlnirtbbl. 1 Olio, to Join her
1 usband. who Is a Jouiueyiii in plumber.
Cabin paseinrer"- becinie li.ien ted
In the uiotlier and learnul th:i; lu did
not have a friend in the steeraue and
onlv a few dollais besides hei iaaire
ticket. A ioll.tioii taken up for h.-r
made her feel iump iratlvely rich She
aid she expected her husband nilKlil
meet htr at tlie 1 ieliami-.nierica pn
1.1 lloboken and she ! ilistri-s,.d,
fears tMe-cevvs of the little bo
affe. t him setiou-l
The I'ftt-il.im prtdiabls
a Ml d"k
Tliursda.v nloiluiic.
TnUe I'roperlv for unices for I 11
i.ptrtl 'Iitiii nf I. ens.-.
Two plivsica ns. i-ents o" 1'iase A
r.ll 11 111 w hose names are In inir kept
secret for the time helm: hive leased
the Calunie' Club, nt the not iht-itst cor
ner tif I'lfth avenue and Twetity-niiitli
etreet. The lease is for the unexplied
term held by the Calumet Club, which
s for about tlllee cas. Tlie liulldtiu:
will be subdivided into offices for phys'.
clans. The success of the iinilcrtakhu
will determine whether the ptlvllcRo o'
ictital which soes with the base will 11
.Ncivlscil, The propel ly Is lit ; f.-.-t oi
the avenue and tna feet on the strict
The bulldlni: hail been the home of the
I Calumet Club for ninny ears It wis
I vacated last ..ear for the new clubhouse,
tlie former home of II 1! llolllns. at 1
West I-'Iftv -wlxth street, which wis
bouubi f r f.'.'to.o"" Mi llollii - took
the Calumet's lease on its old 1 bib Ie
part payment.
Prize Hens Killed;
Owner Gets $2,500
J'lirlicoloieil .lnrv Ariii'
Twenty IJIup IMbbon
Fol II fell.
verdict of $:.ri0fl acalnit the I'nitsl
States nxpress Company foi shooinK
twcii'y hens to WashlnKton Market and
un untimely death was broushl In ves
terday by a Jur) of eleven white men
and a nevtio before Justice Veipon II
Davis In the Suprtme Coiut The pen
belonged to Krederlck Ilariies and "ete
all prUe winners
Cooped tot-ether the weie shil'Petl in
1911 from FleniliiRton. N. .1.. to New
Vork. This was after ten ot them lnd
taken prizes at M.iillson S'pi.ne ll.iiden.
Thn other ten. in two pens'of live each,
hail taken lirst pifv.'-n at tlm liarileii
These were white 1 11 plniitons, All
twentv not to tills rid, Ian were, de
livered to O. Hawk, .1 WaslitiiKt'in
Marki" dealer, who wiunt! tneli necki
II. li. Merchant of I '' lio.ulvvii.
counsel for the bereaved oiMier. pin.
dined In court nil tlm ribbons and sllvei
cups the hens had won He also called
experts, who said thes weie worth
f a.iiiMi. Lawyers Kerfoot and Cutry of
'.' Hector street appeared for the express
company. The Jul kave Hi" full
an mint sued for ami 5" Ibtnre.i In-
Th rent ens ieiisnlloiinl llev elnllons
I If II Conf limes llosllle.
,rt ml lillili llr'fiHI, In fill Ml
ATIIKS'H. b' Home. Mnnh 3n I!x-
I'lenilcr V enm-los s nittiic iiuiikii.ii i
over the new liovellimt'lll s lloslll'tv lo
hmi ami nltnates tli.it It is allettiplim;
llr tlllelltenM to 111111 SCIIS.I' lotiai
icvi lalloiis, especially coiiceillllit; the at-
tltudc uf Uulffiirlu.
lli.viin I'rmnNfN Sliitciuoiu
in ol .Morgan
Flrni Plans.
KNOWS OK .Sr.n.lllllMKHI
U .vstiivtiToN. March .10. Apiopos of
reporis from New Vork that J. I'.
Mors.m A Co inid reselved from the
Administration approval of their pb.ns
to establish In this country a iSn.Oijti.nnu
credit for the Kreneh C.overnmi nt, Sts
ictaty Itiyin ald this nfternoon that
lie would lue a "tatuiiciit fcardlnK
the attitude of the Administration
toward loan md the etubllhoienl of
etedlls tn this country for the hclheient
Uovertiments In the i:urnpean war.
II- Indicated that the statement would
lie issued liefore the end of the day. hut
he left his oili.- without takinc any
teps In thai dliis-tlon, nnd It Is now
prestinied I- will be lsued to-motiow.
Mr Uriah ailmltted that the matter
liad been UroiiRlit t.. his attention by
those interested In the tinnartlnn. but
ntuseil to comment further beeaufe h
wished to conllno himself to the promised 1
It Is ..xtnicteil tliat the statement will
make .de.11 the pteelse aittlude of tht
Ailni.tiistration wltti lespect to loans
and credits in this country foi the betielll
t" "J-i-wnt 1 1 1 1 verntiieri I
Ijisi .smniiier 11 w is ,iui 01111 1 ilia'
tlie I'lestleiit would leirard loans n
American ti.inkeis 10 the belliueienls is
contrai) Oie spin' of neutrality, bu
rnt objei'iioti was made b 'lie Aduilnls
tt.itkni 10 tin- esialilishmi nl of w.n
runts, ibe ptoceeds of which are lie lie
xjn niled for supplies put chased ill t ie
1 11. ted States
Iliuil.i r" Mere XrrmiUf to supply
VI t Hon, nun, mm.
I'-oinial .iniiouni eineiit was made last
nlKht by .I I. Morsan Co. that the,
with the National City Itank and the
Klrst National Hank, bad concluded ar
rangements with, the I'lench iloverh
ir.ent for the eslabllslunic of a credit
here lo the account of that nation. The
funds will be scoured by thn sale to
American investors of .me ve;ir a per
cent. I'rench TV- asiirj Ismdi While J.
! MoiK.m A. Co are as et not leady
to announce .lust vvhnt th" amount of
the olferiiiR will be It Is undeistooil that
it will be In Hie nelchborhood of $io,
tiilijii'li. Une of the features of the
iff. rlns, which will make the bonds
particularly attiaetlve to Investors in
this i nuiilty. Is that tin ate payable al
Hie option of the holder, both as to
principal and intetest In .Sew Yolk In
..ollnrs or In I'aris at the late of Ken.
:. IX i, The bonde are to b" oflered at
li'.iij ami the proceeds will remain in t
ibis coiinil.v to be dt votiil to the paying j
fm Prance's purchases In the L'litttd
This is tail the first cn-dlt winch has
I n placed 'il this countr.v by l-'laiice
si. n-f the beijliinliu; or the w.u. H.trly
in MiKUSi .I. I'. Mm Ran Co autioiluced
that thev had esl ililisliiNl a cietllt ol
Jil.iiao.Oiin licre for the account of
Trance This was later Increased in
Hit, nil'). mm Shinili afti rw.irtl tin' N'l
tloiial City Hank liea.I'd a hvmlif.it
of bitiklui! institutions which extended
a crisllt of Jlii.Oiia.ooii aRaiust a sale
of National I icfence bonds, which wete
taken by the syndicate. The l-'reiich
l !nv eminent also upi lied IK-KOtlatlons
Willi .1. I' MptKiili ,X' Co. early in An
Bust to bVllie , wai loan of Slu.
mill. nun The bankers submitted lb
piopnsltlnn to WashitiKton for Its up.
prov.il in dls.ippi ov il I'lesi.leiu Wil
son was 111' lined to flown on the trans
action a- a possible violation of peii
t illu and also on nccount of the ills,
ordeiei state of tlnaiices 111 this coin).
:tv at that time ami the nrKotlatlons
wer" ill opped.
If the pit m tit credit amounts to J.'O.
iMiLinlO it will brlnp tl. known crcdlis
eslalilishcd in this com, i r by Krance
.we AiiKiist 1 ui to liti.iino.OO. It is
pinb.ilile that there have been otlnr
Kicnch credits esialdished with indivnl
nal bankim: Institutions nRalnst chip
mints of certain commrdltlcs widen
; would make the, itrand total MOO.noo,-
! oon.
, At the i-.lllceH of .1 I" .Mm cm & Co
1 It was bald yihtorday that the bankets
would not be leady for a few days to
make an announcement reRirdlnp the
reported 100,010,000 Hrltlsh credit
I which Is belnn negotiated
Sterllnt exchange ws U ot a cent
in tlie pound lower yestrrd.iv. both for
demand and rabies. Demard clnaed
at l."!',i. with cables; at 4 0'.
Tinm wer lower also ai '31 for
cli.cks and 5. 30". for cables Th s
mmpsres. with e.301 for clucks and
,", '."i-i, f r Hides, on Monday Marks
, also weakened, selllm; down to fc.'s
foi slitht drafts ami S3 for cil'U',-.
iKaiiist x :t l , foi checks and a, for
cables on Monifciy Italian lire declined
to Ti.TS' j, .malnsl .'i.TIPj on Mot day.
The Interii'itional HinkliiR Corpora
' Hon aniiuunccil yesterday that II bad
ei caired an additional 7."i0.n0a jen
i '!T.'i,a00) in (toll at V' koli'inia for
, sliipmciii to tlie I'tutnl States
Crowd Covers llnui'' I'lnnr for
"'I'lie llri'Hi'ri' II I K Horses,"
rini.Aiir.i I'lll v March
to -"iirichiei.
the C.ii nei" ami I 11" I'lewels' MIc
llnises Cant 1 1 tilt Uvei Me." two of
Hilly Siindm s hjinns, have been set tn
oneslep and fox trot time, and now ar
auioiiK Hie most popular tliiict tunes n
tin i.ifes .(lit dance halls heio
In tne hotel cafe til" oii'lu-sira hai
III inued I -Hilly Sllllilav Metlli'V,'
whnh ini-ludrs a half doen m mure of
Hill bv nus When (.he IIichiis'
HlK lloise is played evirjliody Willi
tox trot leu s on tun nooi i pey air
i llev ei saiinne.i nun tine verse and
choiu-, and have In have four or live h.
Jfoto tho orchchtni la pcrniltlcil to slop,
Rhode Island Car'
Lines Open Fight
on the Jitney Bus
Tnilli-t Trusters Tliri'iitoii
Itiseiiiiliinie Sorviw rnlt's
Tliry Arc Aided.
l'itnvini:vri:, It. I. March 30 V nost ,
rMiaortllnary situation has arisen In
. I'rovlilciice because of the remarkable!
' di velnptnent of the Jltncj service, wi.l'li
was opened with a slnitle automobile n
IVInuary S. The Jitney service no'V in-iilnd-s
more than !lv hundred cars
. operittd nloiiK the trolley routes of the1
I llhoile Island Company, one of the suh
I sldl.iry properties of the New York.
1 New Haven ami Hartford. The trolley
I service. 11 conr euuence, may be ills
I continued
1 So Well patiotilied ate th Jitneys
1 'hit the street cars run ptartliMlly,
'empty, a condition which piompted the I
I trustees recently appointed by th
I lVdeial Court to maniRe the -tree!
' e.ir company, to tile a formal piotest
, to-day with the city rouncli. In which
', the declare that the unfair competition,
if continued, means that they cannot
enntltie to operate the trolley lines, as
nothltiR nil be tarf.ed on 'he capital
'. stock and no dividends can hn paid
iliirltn; th" liscal ear
The coinpiny Is operating under an
exclusive fratnlilse In return for
wnleh it reoentl.v built a 1 riO.tion tunnel
and assumed obligations to pa the
city ti.ta.tiaa arinually. to pay sH.i'l'U
aniiually on icc.nint "f new huthwa.vs
'now beltis built, ti vest 3 nnii.ii"0 ; to
1 iitiulbl Its tracks, to itplico old cars
with inodern on. 1111I In idditlon to
KiO.eoO franchise ta.x paid to tint
State t ntrlbute
Mo-,"''" to 1'nivl
real and tanKlhle
tleli'-e as taxes on
pi ttpel t V .
lies tilth thee obbi;atlons there are
rent and llxed rlirRi which lust .voar
'-dm ml the tarnltiRs to b-s than 3ts,
noo ..nil tin dividends were twirt upon
tint nun, win wotth of heivlly water I
ei 111 in s"-"tJTVTiT.. ie 1 ;J " I-...
I I.i v. II
i .,s estimated that the earninm
this i a i would ! onl l IT. tniii, toil
lrom present Imllcitiotis there will It
iioiii in all, as the Jttncvs are dome -i
business cpial lo 30i'.i"iU0 a i.u, wltn
.Vti prospect that the will excet.il
this- llRtir.s
The troll'V trustees are cllins for a
Jltnev us-ulatlon which will RiM them
a fa.i- show. Thev assert tn.it the Jit
nevs mas! be bronchi mulct regulation
thai will Rive tlie (ompaiiv a chance
md that tin- fianchi-e must be amended
to relieve It of the Rreater part of Its
burden, otherwise the service mnt b
disctntinu. d
I'uldic sentiment, based upon lonR en
.uriil Grievances vvlilili failetl to be ie.'
iMiilxed. Is with the live cent Jitney
siviie, which Is buckfst by an nrstnlzu
Hon of automobile owners. The city,
by the way, combats the contention tlmt
the trolley franchise excludes the
I'llbllc in
lit llenrtl tunlli I n
llim piillrnf Inns.
t i private meetuiR of the franchise
cn ntnittee of the H ird of I'snniate he'd
"stsrd.iv 't Mr Mf Vnenv's home n -,va
deeided that ano'hev publle henrinc on
he ppllcations ot Jitney bus companies
fie f .inchiseK to operate In Ne.v rU
streets vhnuld he held before a decision
on them Is leached.
Jllnev It lis
With I ii
till Ilii f a.
Ni:w viu.. N. J , Mar. li 30 n vmin e
nietit was made, to-day bv Krank .1
Crlflln. -i lawyer of lit; Ni.ittl si reel,
Ne.v York, that JHnev bus lines will be
,ii opera'inn In th's rlty within tblrtv
I'libticnlloii of tell la Delated I II.)
Ill fter llellierj.
U .vslllNUToN, .March 30. The Aincil
cin note tn ftreat 111 Haiti !cpcctinK
tin- Iliitish ruder In roun. il wa pn- i
I ired for cabling Ambasoloi I'.r.e
tn-ilij It is expeited that It will be in
Hie hands of the llrltisli Ciov ernm-'it to
morrow or Thui"dav nnd publication of
the text nf Hie communication will fob
low s un after Us, delivery in Loudon
Hill I'lll I'iiroi'hlitl "lid I'rilHle
schools toiler I oiiipnlsor l.nii,
Ainixx, Mar. Ii 30. T ie pupils of
,1.1-ti lil il and pi lv at- ' nols In ttrst
.md s mil class cities must submit to
.h i .nation before beltur .ulndttetl. under
the terms of th Tallett bill, approved
b tlov Whitman to-ulKht
lletotnfoi the pnivirlons of th com
pulsory vaccination hill applied only to
public schools, Th measure w -is op
poei by th Antl-Vacciuatlon Lmbu of
America, but whs favored by the State
l'Mucation authorities
The bill also provides that whenever
them Is a iinallpox epidemic in third
diss cities and rural communities th
Commission' r of IMucatlon shall direct
the school authorities to debar all un
v.icelnatcd pupils.
Says British War
Losses Are Hidden
ArchbiMiop of York Protest
Asainst Official Con
coalnieiit. si"in I'lthlr Httpriteh lo Tin M's
l.oMsiN. March 30. Ihiglatid's heavy
losscn In killed and wounded on the
Iweitern battle front went icferred to
' to-nlcht by th" Archbishop of Vork In
'an inldrerii at Hull, in which he com-
..l I nf ll i. ..1... .ll.icl. nf ..I1I..I... In.
:r" ' i "
' .... .I.n ..1.1... I 'fl... . ......II..
lorillitlli'll "Il II" nn''C ' i. iiiii nriiiiii.
l.sts. h" tlrclaied, are so compiled is In
keep the people In the daik reKardlnK the
in.icnltiiile of the losses
I'm- InstanCH, hn pointed nut, It did
not show what people had learned ptl
v.ip'l.v, thai of the 100 nlllcers of nnn
Infaiiirv iMvlsinu which latelv left lhv
land, only fort -four nic left on active
si vice, of l-.oot) men onl.v '.',:iao . of
foilj ifllccis of one rt e. incut, onl mto.
of I. null men. op :tc. lie line in
addc 1, 'hat man) of these nit II would
recover, but nevei, even In tho Rreat
nieilliev.il pestilences, had death wrguulit
tuch haa as in this -ptuienl-wari
1915. i;mi.,hi, hm:.. ,v m..
I .nid Cliiiiicclloi' of I'liiiliiml
Thinks IVople Will (Mist
Militan Kcjrinn'.
iti'TMSAi, roucv
Cn ii'.v. in. Mnrcn 31 An exclusive i
teivlew w-Hii Vis.-ount llablaii'-. In whl'h
th. Itiitlsh Lord Chaneellor slve a
vw on the causes, prouress and proii
aid outeomti of th creat wilt, 1 pub.
Ilsh'sl (hi uioinlns b) the Mlfu .Vrirv
Tin mtirv'ew, attet Itavlntr bien w.it
t"li lij the correspninli iit, was -tl i
! niltled to Vlsi-ount Itnldntie and Sli Hd-
w-at.l '!'ev. th l-'ort'lrtn Secretary, and
appi.ived i.j them.
"Wo H-k you In Aineilen, ibl I.jiiI
IliiVl iii'. '-'.v liether for or nanlnt ns. In
risiIiKe tii.it wh'tt w a we an tic it
Inc for l.ft. we twe no tlisttie of p.
Il.vpetlst there In III plenty of eou
' lint this la not hxpcrbole We me 11-
Inir for I fe and wn nsk th forlw.ini
of Ameilca while we pro'i -e th str ic
ale If w- apnr. In a wholl i"
Hltij.i t to tfo beyond some of the ru'
of the bonks We shnll not violate trn
illitates of humanity, slid -hall no' luin j
back the eto,-u ,,f civilization. We take
it that out Interest In eiidlni; the war
i'U.i.l - ndlnq It In th oni '-i In
w hi. il -If V'.tli fliti aftOltl to . Il
ii ! .1 al . i -! also 'in in- - "f 'il'
t t
attrmaav i surmtniine w.uf.in ot iel
I ge.ents and neiitlals alike n n Urns
with no .I'l.iloJue V an cninpt lied
to in. t-t t In ileVisliiR .1 plan we imce
Riven aiixinils stud to I iii' Intetests o.
l.elUl.lls We hlVf s.Ule.l llll'l ceitn'l
aeneial principles Hmi seem to n. n ite
fnvoialde to neutrals than ate tne hitu
eilo -ulbc.eiit p'lo'iplcs of line, uiillon !
l.iu' ,ene Vinerti'an newsplpe I bc
l.eve, n.i si'.d tint we in our luin a.e
.1 -strov p .t te-i-np of p ip r ' thins
we ,i e . 'eattmr a scrip of piper.' and
oil" with whnh ivutials. si.-essltic; fu.I
kiiow'edce, will tlnd no tciisnii to qui. -i.l
l ttlser's I httnueil Vlootl.
i. van think the Italser favort-i
vv.tr'." Iird llnldane was asked.
"hi pi.l yiais 1 think the Iii.m .
undoii'iitcill:. opposed wai. Hut I am
.iftuid 'ii opposition to it cradualh
weakened He appears to have settled
Into the war mood about two c.ir as
I think .ti the end Hi K.itsti- wa Im.-m
op' his fe. I exiniplett !v h the mlllt iry
"How ditl it '.nppen that i.ieiile tier
tnanv failetl uitri to assert list If'.'
' In my opinion it was- tnpt a case
ot the I'russinn spirit tempj a'-tlv Ba-n-'
i lie ascendency. Tin- iiiouieni tut
tiov.inai.il' Won over to th'- mlllt ulst
poll i of v.ew. decided t" pul rmwat'l
tin- .'ten 'hat th- fatherland was In
d u.tfer and Hint a win wa, nect ssa. v
ai! lieimaiiv rcspomlnl a ot." man."
AssilinlliK that tin M.bs win. wir.
thev atti llipl to ilelllls'iatl7e C.- rtllsn
li dots not seem t me th" Allies will
Ii tl it e.lsv to do this unless the iierin.il
pb n sptiml Veil know. It re.jllj
nnpos- bb to iinMise g-overrnt
w'.-hout nnverntii'-nt
must come from
nl the i.avy ami
. wlitiin If the .ii mi
the no
bv I If"
who made tlie war lo.e their ,
tiiim.iti.v probaldy will lecoveri
I low can she better do it than
tti.ilUiiiK her democrat- ? In t
ltd-. I feet tliat tin- ie.il iter- j
maty wnlcli lias inane so ptoioiinn .in
lllipiessinll upon the w ill Id by reason of
me it iU ilitlcs will take over tile cov
er' nietit of (ierni.inv when 'he pie-ent
jeclme has In en dlscieillted and.de
st roved
I'e'tples H I'M "lis.
I ,aii:.ol help .iilnkir.c Ilia: the pie
t ill w.u should bnrc to a pi I in. u. "ill
end tiic sjstem vvlien n political peruti- ,
.ices u-e peoples at, pawns on a chess
he ml. 1 think seen- plotllni! will dls
appeai Ceilali.lv In Hie llcht of Aus
Itlan 'i.eihods lendl K up I" this war ,
methods t'.i.n We:. I tlchl bat W to the
d.l.VH o' .Mi ''.lei 11 i -! pillule '1 luatilpuli
'ln'n bev nil the reach ol Hie iutlin'iicc
o: the itoplc .t atti-cts oucht to dlr
apnea''. '
"How do you think the war I coins
to alttc the ipiistion of al in. inn ills'."'
"If Hie Alliiv win .f tin many, who
has carried her nillltaiy pripaiatlnus
to a pltili heietol'ore unknown, ritids
herself bi'.iteii I dn not iniacln- any
niltim in th" futuio will be likely to
pin its faith to armanifnls I am hope
ful thai tne wot hi a.s a loult of this
war will set rtd of at least a part of
th burden of armaments. I am hope
ful thtit civilization Is coIiik to do nom
ihlnc to defend Itself iiftulnM war. I
believe that the world Is eomK to so or
canlie Itself that no nation out of un
bltlon or fear or because of any other
influence or motive, will he permitted to
co to war This means tint differ
ences somehow must be settled by arbl-ti-.itlon."
"What wi'l be the fata of Constanti
nople and tlie Dardanelles""
I nnacuio the Hard inelles ..nd the
Hospoius will b open to the merchant
-1111 of all pultons What a clorlous
tliliii: H would be for iieiniauN ami for
ivui one els. it. followltiK vour ex
ample .il I'. III. llll I, she tie. ill Willi the
Kiel I anil a Anpsrlca hn dealt with
the I'aiiani.i Canal ami then settled
down in lllty j i'lll of peace, Indnstiv
mid nloi ni If sin- did this, abandoned
nl' hn- lib ils of war as a tniaiif of int
tlnc on. I do not think the funiio would
siWKeel to her .in icnon to rctilin
, to the discarded nvstcm "
(llllcer Is cciisetl Xfler llnrlicr Is
I'.lecleil III Murvlnnil,
Hjvi ti Mum-. Match ".0 inv Tiolds
liotouitll has unified llilK-Hcn 'lalthcr
of Ihe .Mai. viand .National liuaid to
ascerla.n the truth of the cliaie that
Ihe men of two companies aie unllty of
insulioidiiiatioli and to appoint a omit
of I ti 1 1 1 1 1 ' If
neccssrny Ten niembers
I. r'lflh IdKiliieiil, have
nf Compiny
been placed undei ariest tiy Col llinl.le.v.
ludlni; Seiiteam .lolies, Ihe ba ber
whom Hi" men had eei ted to a l.leuicn-
intfv and who was tinned down bj tne'
The action billowed nn IndiKnatlon
ineetlnif at which an ollher w.ih charfcd
with utterlne a rulijehood,
i,mt,.i .i,.n-tioH.
a : IP '
N'iI.AVIj is orcnniz'nc vv an. i s
i.iuit ii sinn.i'.li ik. ib-spali Ii r !
ii if.
Id' bur
Aeiiiilmies in Km tie Over
.eebru litre, liei'iiiitlis
l.iisiiii:' One,
;..n.i fnhlr i.jifrt to Tar -Il
llTKKtiM. March i Modem,
methods of warf.i:" h oi full upporlun tv
at Zi-ehrucse .vesterda; when abnulmn.
onslv there wn a battle tsatwi.-n auto
planes pi tlii- clouds and an attempt of
a Urltish siiuuli-on to deslroj sub'iia-
rlnes. Th Hrltlsh ilentn.ved ot Taul"',
kllllim ts av Into nd obsenir. vihile
the siibmiirin"-. so fat ar nccoiiuis serve, ;
lot away
The Itililsh teioplanes. rljin very
iilKl'. -hoi from ntoove a loud to tty to,
ilist'ui a captive biP'.ii. nf Hor- '
..is Immt'diati ly the Gor'iani ai'to-1
I l ine bitlci ies weld imo .u'l'on and
shot so close Hint th Ilritish
aii ipei.
SWIItlK iiw.i.i
.lust at that i.ii'-.uti: fom Oermati a'io-
j idiitit'ii -hut up from tint ifromnl to Btv
chase, but a soon a the llritons 'tern
I i tit of i.itiRe of tlie cuiis they tuined
' ami K.ive battle
, The obcn er of both aerial aijuadrons
! openisl tire with their cuna. and a fuall
i lade was heunl UP ill the ill!'. I 111" Of
llie lit rmin inachliit's miilile"'j slid side-
wis.- ami cm to the . rtli. Its in-w
. I'll led b; 'he f ll!
Winli" 'h s was c 'iok "'i lei man sub
in tr ue vv lib h lad ben mi I lie bat n i
nitnle a d ili for the .ipen e i Thev
siele il'tecte.1 bv t Me . I"tin'tl. who
p iin.pt'.v siHtialled. whtieulni the Hn
'h sipi. niton, w it. Ii wan ftuislm; nut
side, d ish'ttl at them wli ppini; th
vvcter to a f-itin with 'hen- ht II T' e
Ittilliat lilt's s itilt to sifelv, 't Is belleieil.
al, d Hie le'Oplalles -etill'tKd to iviith
nsldc 'he
a I' .HI"'
dow 11 the
tlirniii'l Unei
ciii.liliuert Hn
Tne Itfllleh
si nutiliK trip
Tim eppelllis In I'ertl of lleslrne.
lion III Snrlli s,w,
lyii'i.d t'u'.v li'ii'tiU-h lo Tin .srs.
la'M'os. Mii'h "" - ll"w- a snow
slot ai may hive pievinled n Zeppe ill
,i vasloi, nf rim and Is s"i loitn in iles
patfiits fi'lvcd to-d.iv tinm Ihe
C'lpeiiliaein coi t espiindi nl of the floilj
.tfnil II" sjs two Urfo d.iljtb',e
lioinini: out of Schltswu- were s. tn p.o
.uPtic westward vtsterda) af'itroo.i
1 hi v paesiil ovi r the Island of Schiri
tiionniki pk. t.iund evidently foi some
pari of to" lTnullsn coapt
lurt after lie had enMnJ th" '.slarnl
a snowstorm of much seceiiiy .ir"e
which hit"- became a bllszard On' if
tin un i.ift immediate)) 'until aaou;
and tin nth", sklited abnn; the Ihunsli
cn. ist low-aid- '-he C.er'ii.ui fron'lcr.
Iloth nauowly escai"d destriictloii in
ihe North S.i because of the ftonii,
winch i I'jul i' t i'il tin-tn ulmoat iiiini inan.
When tile second n ulled th I'icrtn.in
Ifiolilni It ib si tilled and wis tepoiti't
'sciloiislv ilamaued. Tile .-icvv was suf-
tetlni! i.reaily from Ihe cold ."-nine of
! the men Intimated they win- on their
way to Kind. md.
Mil) till i' I'rlnci' Hllel I'l-leilrli'li
Von KlneU's I oinioiiod.
I VnnilM'iiMe ;ie;ilf. (11 Tip srv
I'HUH, Mlivh .'10 Tile rinps puli-IihIic-
a despatch fiom its cm I cpondei t
at rclioKi.nl sas inn thai the Ka.se
I ami in n. von no vein. m. ','
, olllci'i. are holdlnp a council of w.u at
lieri'ii, wucic nm . .ii'.'s.
'"".V I'1"1' iMp'iK" ''! '"'W .1 pin-
ma tiv.-ment- "H i-h 'o the r .1 t.r
Herein i n, tin si t ti in t'e Dir.
d.iue les
. I' beloved n ll"illn th ' t .. Mm
!" "i will enirnsi lie command of V. n
Jjvluckti army, tu rrlncu Ullvl l'rlcdl'k'Ui
'.1 Mi
viMinttei iim tes The womr-.
a mp
'V it 'ejri ip'i.uk mnlorlnR .nd
. it '
Us. onlv In the event
e w-emeii pn atfres
.1 Jus- P it.,.
I', it . -nipanies hav'rt
as i 'id"
I in mi i-t ii ii t Section of Cabinet
Indorses Koliey. but Action
Is Delayed.
.mayoks akk not rxrrr.n
l'Ciat I libit I'.fslfeA to Tne St
I.i-.ihi. .Mar.-h 30 -Th s'at.mnt.s
cull to Chancellor Lloyd Oeorco ye
ttr.laj by the shlpbulldlnc 'inployers
leuardiiiR th n-iessltv for total pro
hlliitiiu. and the CI am ellor's Indorse,
mem of their arcumeutt, havn focussi!
th attention of the country on till
quostfon, .vhlch is i'Vi i ) win in a topic
Ot discus.!. hi lo day
Thn Cabinet ts s'riouslv coneeinetl
ovel tlie sMiiatiun but has liai-lied tin
dec slon reiiaiil.nc tho ismi.-h to b"
imi'Hti-1 An 'iiiportant reftlmi of the
Cibinet in.totMvs the Chnni llnr'n cmi
V i tin-i that dr.istii ac'.loti Is iiiii "tativ.
but t s i t i oi;iiiii",t tliat puli, a- support
Is neiiss.il lor atiVlli'lia like total Inn-
i lUbii.on nun that public opinion has not
, vet b. en teated.
I lohib.'.i ai is llllpo-sihlf without th"
sanction of I'.iiliainent. tm- althoiirth
I e military couiu Ulrtei s are empovveird
to impose lestrntlolls 111 lellalli dlSHIfts
tin) i.i' nol irnttol the vvhobt toun;i
"i" 'mp.'se their Hal on tint club
Two linpoitiuit points Involved In th"
dmciuision ate the Ids of revenue and
the ijii"Mtoii of lompeiKatitif the lluuor
t'.ule (ni l he lossis Mini) a pvlic) woulti
t nt.i I.
Tile filly .tffll lias faui.issed a lllllll-
hei ol .Majors. I.ib.n leatlers and other
The iisuli of the canvass shows a "teat
v irntv of opinions, fiom en ire api -oval
ot pi-ohitiltioti to fOtllldell Oppllsit'.Oll to
tin i Ian votisbb ralile nuinbei be.
'leie that I'istriction Is idispiate to tin ft
ill" nation's m c Is Tin l.onl M.iyois ot
Loiidun, Live. siol anil II. ruin chain .ire
anionic those The Lord 1'imn.i of itlas
Xinv 'hlnk' that if aliv intt i tetem e Is
lieii'pal, prohibition is bet 1 1 1 llutll re
sHIi'luui inl a lew of the ino.e plum
Inent t.ilsu- -iitti liave (.-lien tlicit opin
ion AmoiiK iho" who have expicssed their
views is .-Miit-t.il Appleton of the
I'Vibi at ion of Ttatle I n lo ti e. lie oppose
pinllibitioii .Hid think. that the de. reared
output i0.ll.:.illicil uf h.v the shlphud If is
is l.upeh tlm to oveiwork Secretary
Youtis of the Aninle.unatcd Knisineein
ines'loils the ilit.'i Klveti b) the ein
pluvr and thinks that the outiry is
"X.lKKel ateil I'ltsldenl Ctysllpi; of the
Tnnsport Workeis Pi-deration favors
Seveial of the o, al labor b-aders
declnte t'li' drinklni,' has not Ineicised
in theli dtstrlits. thn work Is not
alt -ted nnd thit mterterence is un
ir'rsraiy tew. Includitm .Ioin 0
ll.ui'Ofk. Labor Member of r.irllament
foi .Mlil-I'erbv, ray that tin;)- will sup.
isirt pin'iihlHon if II is rhovvn to lie
it. Mi i Siiin- det-laie that prohilil
ib ii would ins H'st'titmen' and only
make hlllHs worse 1 1 .1 1 'h I Z.l I (1 llps
tl mma of n tew London workmen
shontrl tliat half of Ihein were vulllnE
to have ronihiti"it adonted tt It Is
ueci'ssaiv . the nthei half showed amiry
tesetitlllent at tin- slll-'eesti'lll.
is'iinie men pi ooin cut lu the IciUoi
tiade are iU";id as deciarlm; tn.it it I
nhsurd to inhiiliii a whole tinlusti) tor
the excesses ol a iiuuority of wotknitu
wlio i, in easll lie I esti ..iiie i' by lm al
tuiasiit is ,tir Tlioinas Ib-wai sajs tliat
liiiiiilhitii.il would dtpt'ivc .I.OUO.OUO per
sons of a livelihood.
'I'm exeiutlve i-iunnnltee of tho llo.lei
Makers i d sUlipbllllder t'tlloll llleil
a i iieini ir dciiouiicliii; 'ho assiiinvs
"I the elllploes nth! lit I I.l I llll,' lllelll t"
he lil't-llnus The coinnilltei avs Ihe
Cliiiiii elloi's ihilotseiiicnt I- even woise
than the einploVers' .tatcliieiit ,i'd ,n
i ims the iinplnvcis ftnliinllu' of i e
filslllii the li'ipiest in lili bv 'he III;. or
to release I" per i'lll "f til" tll"tl elm
pl'lJCll I '. Illelcallllle ship lllllldlllL' to llll
the viicineies III Admiral!) work caused
lo woikci enlist mi:
Tin si a t f 1 1" t l pin . ,,i to ii 'ha' Ihe
civ l
1 1
- r.ii
t iv. I
,. 1 1 a i in- l i -v i - nn
t I
Win kl S l i le n 'i f'l "
Ndupr il ' w.uk tl.e n i
nn ' a ti
ii lielrt:
t' at
C'imtiiU" d on. h'tcomt 'oix.
Leon ( 'lies! it Tli rather Lf
licvcil Viclim of (lev
man Siiliinavinc.
Would Hold Her Iti'spoiisi
l)lc for Such Coiisctiucncc
ol" Warfare.
Ill' STILL 31 iSSIXli
('uiiardcr Orduiia llcaclu"
Liverpool (.'onvocd bv
letNpos, March :;0. t nri r.iin u of
further liite-tiatlonal complication-. r.
i sultlnc fiflin tho attacks of li.-rtnan an.
j inuriiitH on inert linni ships devebiped to.
i I tditht wli.-n it was learned tlu' nt.e of
I the passenceis of the
I urd.iy with tlie loss.
'112 of her pastiifrs
I'alalsi. sun es.
it Is bti.eved. of
Hill c -etc. Wis 111
Al.'. . .. mi eiiR.llt-ti.
Thrasli-r. wuo was
' iolll C-iii-i. ,whelt b.
l.i -n i 'hi si. r
rcturionc t.i t
was einpto-. t 1 nv
th Hoo:iiiiru Mines Comp m II
find been In London fo" it few wet u
Mr. Thrasher produced an Vtii'in-n
passport on boardlnu th r.ilnbi and
als stated bis Anieilc.in citiiciiship in
'tllilic out lint Iksud of Traili.. lo- in
ti-.fore ratlins. I ti this form h" said
tut he war .'II vears old. iii.iii.il red
and an niiciii's-i by piolession II"
said that ho had resided for th pas'
twelve mniitns on th" ttold Coast Hn
tnunedlat. dtsunailon vvaa tne. 'i-d'l
Co.iHt port of Sekond:.
Th olhclat list of tlm mlssinc p.is
sensers of th I'nlaUi includes Mr.
Thrasher's nnntu. and otllclals of ;. -mines
company fea' tha' In c
The lly Moil, f anin.eni.'.c o n
rase of the encltai;. -avu that the ' i-n-tion
wliethnr the. I'li'.ted .--IHt-.-, w II e
mil a bilUceient to dirtro an tinotf ni -inc
passeiiKnr lui on vvh.ch one uf .:
citi7eiis has embarked .viihutii '.v i-,
tlmt citizen any o..pinluii!t.v t.i .- .'pn
a. t.nis "raised in its sharp- st im in
I'Hlfin Mori' Ml veil.
i-'Itecn more tiieinbcis
tnmpnnv of Ihe Abulia.
uf tn.
sunk oit
l'etinr-'kes'ilr" eon-' at iib"iu Ihe smi
time as th r'alah-i. reached shore ati .y
to-day Tht e I'limprmeil two ;. s., nu- is
and thirticn membeis of tlie ti. .v, w .o
were in the fourth bin' vvlil'li put "tf
fro-ii tile Aku.I.i aft-i the at a . He
cauee oi the lack o" tub: '' ' '
lourth boat wij Iteli. vi d I'. ill' !" dav
to have lolindt-1 -tl.
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off th" southern Wels'- mit w.t.
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weie 'he re-ult of expos'ite.
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the torpedoms of Hie rn.p
strikes r.iiuliiud Willi llorroi.
Til" sir.k.ni; of th- l'ilai a. d Amuli
with so mitiv of the no.'ifi'ilH Hi:-. -aboard
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laud with hoi-re' and 'I' n-tnil. t." sw.f'
veiiKeinre on the Oil nil" .- moli m
all rides Tne friifhtfilllie ' 'f it
ailMi .'f t'.'t i .rna '.n hie had in I
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borough th.s Itidisplivtd in . n-i-of
th" f'.dlliB 'hat ai iPtaKiin st n., h
u-es such methods n.u-' I" audi
eVcr.v hit ot Imo: i'-i. cat I I '-'.''
to In at aK-i'.nst In
The in.xletv felt ,
was evident ed by thi 1
ntatlves of the 1 Ik
to the Admlialtv "lb '
w li it pri ii.il atlons " . i
the pi tile Hon ol otl'-t i
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liaoriliiiai) picf.mtiic
hi tii-id.'i" Ihe tr in i' .
sfippi'llt I
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ppi'iR n"!i.i
s -, I.l t . 1.
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.Ill 1 1 111' I -
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i.tn Inn s
i l t'len c I
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Illsll M'.l -pi I'i illttIO'
close KUiird In pt up"'i i'
The London IK -p I"
1 .
if ll" -
ptessuiK lb ilidilt'i
at Hie loss o' ihe I
. oinlial. Hits and '-'
Itm of wiiineti by
u Mic wind vvhl' '
til"iith to lUsc'll'
l,"l l-s lUll t'.l t.i lit I
i live us nuns
111 lll-h slllplll tte
said Thomas St of
i intib M it nn .-fi
at lie
M i
Hints "
I lie
f P. M.
t 1
Hie .itBUiinii

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