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Commissioner Will Tick
Doctors to I'ei'Yiiniiiii' Wo
man Despite Protest.
Mrs M.iry C Dunphy, iupei iiitcinleiit
of the. citv'.i hospital and chools nn
Randall'it Island (or more than tvrnnty I
year, failed attain yesterday lo nppenrl
befote Charities CoinnilsHloner John A
Klncbuiy to "explain" In wh.it iepfrt
thf chnrce thm ban failed to pin- i
vide proper cue and treatment fur the
Inmates under her inatiaKciiienl are not
true and tell why she thlnU ghe should
not he reinoied
instead llllhu Hoot, .It., her counsel, i
turned up on th dot of thf hour set for !
tho heartnc accompanied by Ills nsso
elate Kmerv It. Ituci;ner. He presented
certificate stlitned by Dr. Joseph Hyrne
of 214 West 101st street and Dr. Michael
C. O'Hlien of 1K1 Wet I21M strict set
tine forth that Mm. Dunphy li" "suffer
Inr fiom chronic DrlKhl's disease, and
threatened caidlae trouble' and was
therefoie unable to attend.
In. 'dent.il": Mr. Itoot, who was moil
dlKnlllcd. 'on) and calm, Iriitated the
Commissioner to such a di'Kreti b say
ItiK the public wouldn't have nny ootid
rlencr in any two physicians whom Mr.
KlnKibury nnpht name to lee.XHintnc
Mrs Dunphy with Dm Ilyrn and
O'Erien thai tho Commissioner raid
with much cmpham thai if counsel
didn't tlesre to make a "tegpeclful iitate.
ment he. could leave the room." Mr.
hoot continued imiutlled and wound up
wltB a statement th it he wanted on the
record that "It would be acceptable to
counsel to have reexamining physicians
selected by the County Medical As3ocln
tlon "
Te lie pitiillitcil To-tlny.
Commf"ionei Kinchiny announced
lnte In the afternoon that he himself will
appoint the phv hIc-I.i iih tu-da. It was
lidded on his behalf that they will be
physicians of hfch stiindlnR. with no'
connection with the Charities Depart
ment, men who are well thought of I
thrnushout the city. '
After readme the doctors' certificate
Mr. Hoot told Commissioner Kingsbury
the phjsk'l.iiis advised that It mliilit bo'
fatal for Mrs. Dunphy If she appeared, i
Her condition, he said, called for a test i
of at least four weeks. 1
The Comtnlsionei' retorted that n
physician had -ten Mrs. Dunphy up and
about since the ehurRes had ben pre
ferred and added that she had had many
Mr. Hoot aid .Mrs. Dunph had been
unable at any time to o downstairs,
but that she had sat up.
Mr. Kingsbury then said that during
a slmiln proceedltiR aRaln.it her In
Charltle Commissioner Kollts's adminis
tration, and aNo in 1S97. he understood
that Mrs. Dunphy had been too ill to
appear at the hearlnss. Furthermore,
the Coniml"loner had the word of an
other phymcian that she was not so
III. i
"I sustjest," said Mr. Hoot. "If the Com-1
ml. .Inner nnnl.l- II,.- ver.iel-v of the two
phytlclans that some other phjeiclans ,
of enual ftandlng be eeiected to make a ,
reexamination of Mrs. Dunpl , "
"I was going to propose that some ,
phvslcian reexamine w'th the tw., phv-'
slclans." replied Mr. K'ngsl.urv. "The
iommiseioner is ..nxiou. o rci n s
mnttpr rtmnoktl nr nt tlio pr put tiOsIMIh
momenu Conditions on the island th-
serve attention. Dragging this matter!
. i. ..,,.iii., -i... ,i,fi.i,. (- ii...
falr to Mrs. Dunph. I am glad to
give her the right to explain under tho
law. You have had plenty of time to
prepare her explanation. It occurred to
m that we might have hail an adjourn
ment to Mrs.
or two."
Dunnhv's house In a day
KlnKsltnr j
.N el tied.
If the doctors permit an exam. nation
at th houe 1 will have no objection."
said Mr. Hoot. "Hut the two reex
amining physicians should not be
appointed by the Commissioner's olllce.
In view of the fact that the Atypical
Hoard was ilitmlss,sl by the Conimls-'
. .. -i.i - . ,i..r.H i
..... ,. ,t,i i. i ..n.!..
for 'us or "th. PuhUcto have 'any n-
fldence in nhvslcinns whom he might '
appoint "
"The Commissioner didn't abolish the
Atyplcnl Hoard for writing the letter,
eald Mr. Kingsbury, very much nettled,
"but for the most reckless kind of In
subordination, and f.'i neglitt of chil
dren. If ( "tinsel desires to make a to
jpectfu! statement he may do so, other
wise leavi the room.
The commit added that counsel
,.mK. k, ,.rtesv'...r.,l thnt '
.7 .'I.' .':.".' . .. i
ZZ! :rl. r : i r ' '
newspapers yesterday" (This was a
reference lo a statement given out by
Mr. Hoot in which he asked that
Mrs. Dunpry be tried before "some Judge
other than John A. Kingsbury, her pub
lic detractor and enemy."
Mr. Kingsbury then said that to sire
tne doewr time to ree.xnmlne Mrs. Dun
phy he would adjourn "'i? hearing until
to-morrow morning (Thureduy; it the
Commissioner' ntllce.
In the meantime friends of Mr.. Dun
phy are dcmundlns that she have a
"full and fair trial" and the sUhpendud
superintendent is holding the fort in
her Randall h Island home. It Is known
that the Cc mmlssloner does not want
to do an injustice to the nupcrlntendent,
and much therefore will depend on the
report of the, examination of Mrs. Dun
phy which w'll be made to him by the
physicians, who will reexamine her
Chorus nnd Pnueanl Preitarntlnns
for liven! of April H,
The rehearsal of the chorus of young
women Rho nre to sing In the Polish
fete which will be given a week fiom
to-morrow at tint llitul Hlltmoro was
held last night at the homo of ICmest
Scbelllng, who has charge, of the music il
pari of the in igrauimit The young,
women present Included Miss Mary Field,
MlM Mary Pvle, Mrs Hay Dennis, Mrs.
Arthur Cumnock, MImm Marlon Claik,
Mrs. ilordnii Hell, Miss Mary lino, Miss
Ceballori, the MImh ill.id.vs and Lillian
Knill'Ott, Mlsa Didur and about twenty
'-i'h rehearsal of the pageants was
tnuduciod In tho afternoon by Hlcharl
Ordnskl at the borne of the Misses
Hnwitt, t Lexington avenue Thoeo who
have urr.intteil ' Hm tabhaux arti Mrs.
.1 Uvneiev Prtti'e, Mlrs Helen Hamilton
tnd Mis. 1'iedcrlck Dalzlti Mr. iinlvn
ekl li.tun.(, M-Meulav to Huston, I, lit
wlit t.f 1 a It 11 . iin.l the gcuer.i
rehear tl f n t ,i . ,gi in' . t S'lmlav m
Die 11 lei I lit
It has titc.) fi nnd lie. eseirx to "iislal
le t tc huxes n ihe ballroom, as all
Vvt htc-i inlK'n for the paijeant,
"Lady With Hat," by Dudley Hoyt of New York;
winner of a bronze plaque.
Tne Judms in contests m the Inter
national Imposition of PhotoRraphlc
Arts and Indu.ntrlen made their awards
yesterday after examining for two days
w..at 1s said to be tho best exhibition of
the development of the sclenco ever as
sembled In this country. There were
'.'3S camera arltsta ntiresented In the.
Rallevy of 1,500 mounted and unmounted
The first prUe In tho nmateur division
was awarded to a figure, group, "Hu
slan" I'llgrlms," an enlargement of a
snapshot tnado hi Moscow by Luclan S.
Klrtland of New York. The background
Sliot "to Save Him From Wom
en Admirers, Wliom He
Couldn't, Ki'xM."
rti.AKKt.T. Oa.. March SO. --Dr. T. H. '
Shetlleld. a physician at Cedar Springs. '
was shot and Instantly killed by his
wife -at rn.on yesterday Jealousy w ,
no. mnilve. Mrs. Shetlleld has threat- ,
n..i to take her own life.
Dr Shetlleld had Jus: entered his of-
which Is on the main street, when 1
heard by merchants In ad-1
.. Th. t.hv.lclan ran out. '
n clibt was
lo n ng Stores. Ill pilVRICian run oui.
his wife pursuing him wUh a pistol 111
Iter hand Mrs. Shetlleld continued nt-
Ing at her husband as he lan across
h street unt.l she l ad emptied the
revolver of Its live bullets ;
The last shot -eems to liae been the I
tliit tik.il. rr(f I-VtWlt-
""?...."'" " V ... ' ... , u, ,,ui., uimed i
T.rrp r. iu ,
with both hands holding tin- revolver.
The pl,-slcln died within two mtnues
without being able to make any state-
Ills wife threw herself nn the '
b .ily and cntd . "Women would not meeting In the specially erected tuber
let 'htm alone and he could no: resist 1 uncle at S o'rloi k In the afternoon. This
them. I had to kill him to save him." airaiigement has leen agreed to by the
Dr. Phetll. Id w.ih about 3.i jears out.
I l,A leaves inree ruiintni, i,ii.in, ....n.
iti to 11 years. No vvattant has been
' lL,,u,l .m Mrs SItiettleld Is w atcllt-d ,
closely by her friends..
Water Co, Palls In Statute of l.lni
Itntlons Contention.
Tkhntov. N J . March !ln. The Su-
nritne Coutt by . i decision ;o-ilay refused
" l-rn.lt the Matute , of ' -"tlf,!
I dOU damages sued for ) William S .
I'royer and hl sixteen ear-old daugh
ters, Grace Freer, btcali'-e of tvphold
fever alleged :o have teulttd fiom the1
daughter's drinking Impure water fin-,
nlshed l) the Mount llnllv Water Com
1 IMtiy. '
I The court held that the injury alleged
nl 1 " . '"'
was uol of eucn a char.uter as ae. iued
' '"V ! '"?.
negieci or ll. lliuil .H nil
nersons. and therefore was not tncluueil
in section three ot the statute of Umlta-
no,, invoked by the water company.
Hmy Deprree nt (Jalll Vnrlee l !
dtnna Illecllon Cie,
iNnuNAPOMH, March .11. "I feel that
I. la mv ant, tn lull ..- nf some of!
fe.. rtrfenrtanlH when I s-e witness, s
put on the t,Und to tes.ify, as that wit-
ness has done, trutiiliiiiy. 1 nete men
are preeumed to be Innocent unii! the
Jury finds them guilty. I fee) that some
body ought to defend them. Theie nre
men on tual not so guilty as others."
U.. ...1.1 t...l..d A It Inrlnrunn it till,
r"i r.ini .iiihr ... ... i.t... ... ....
Terre Haute poll trauu ronspitacy ir-ai
in l eiterai court lo-fiuy 10 .s 1. rtiauicj,
.,II,,mi.i, ffm thn it..', liee n'll.ll l.'reil
Atmstiong, a Terte Haute detective, was
a defence, witness. Stanley was for-
tnerly Heprcsuntatlve In Congits.
Tom Harry, a Terre Haute patroimun.
preceded Armstrong. The testimony nf
both was turned to the advantat, f
the liovernuieiit
luilgo III! Ilidman. declared elcrled
.-- 1. . ,.. ., .,i ..
demi. of a,, ck.' when
on the stand.
Vmt lloboUeo ConiniUaloners ltol-
Uli Clly linil-ea.
N'earlv all of the ofil.es of the llobn
ken city adiulnislrallon wero abolished
by the newly fleeted coiiimisslnneit ,11
111, it- tlrst nit-cling cstt'iila.v through 11
sciics of 1 evolutions ,nloitvd and which
wero Intel pi eted h) Coiporatlon Counsel
John J. I'alfon to mean that they auto
matically nusl the heads of the dllTele'it
depai talents, their deputies and assl.tt
ants. The pi omniums and appointments made,
lining Hie "gralif) si'' on Match IK by
tint poli. c boaid tin dav a'tri' ihe
elt'i linn of the eiiiii'iilesiniif 1 s. wt'le also
upset lo a series of lesolntlons,
The salary nf the Maor was fixed
al J" Mm and that of Ihe cnmiiiiHsioiie i h
at -'."
.s a cathedral entrance and the subjects
foim a wonderful ttuily In expresslonH
and attltuiler.
Dr. T. V. Kilmer of New York won
tho second prize with a portrait, and
tho third prize went to Spaiks Freeman
of the New York Camera, Club for a
silhouette portrait.
In the professional division It. C.
Nelson of Hastings, Neb., won llrst with
a "I'orttalt of a Olrl." Tho second
prize wan awarded to Ctrl Klincheck of
Philadelphia for "A Olrl With a Kan,"
while Dudley Hoyt of New York won
tho third piize with the "I-ady With
An Interesting photograph, a study In
spectrum .uialys.c called "The Portrait
of n Sunbeam," by Oscar O. Mason of
Vice-President"! Widow Itee
oiiciles' I'aterson .Miuiteis
mid Kvaniielist.
, I
Pvti:i:son. N J, March 30 - Petition
to the Hev. William A Sunday by Mr.
5.uret A. Ilobart, wtdow of the late
Vice-president of the I'tnted Slates, re-1
established to-day harmony netween
HHly Sunday and the thirty-three ,
churches which sought to hold their ,
services i;as:er morning in spite or the
evnngellst's sttiuilafion that no Sunday I
church services Interfere with his open-
im.ih,. fnnus imrwcir niiu ..,.r.i
meeting. The Kasler collection Is
n M (Q ,(,, for PllnA
In leply to a telegram from Mrs
HoImii Minday to-day telegraphed
friiin iiimi.i lkt I ml . in tilu m.itiitiftr
.1,.. n.... iM.,ni it i-,.,,t ,.,r...i... '
t -
to Mis. Hobarfs suggestion that the
regular church services he held as usual
In the morning and that nil the emigre.
cations join In a big opening Sunday
local committee.
i.ii.trru .uiu ju.u-m' prrsuns oe-
g.m tn.pluht three da.vs of pra.ver for
t h,. n.i-u, ... V nf Mimihi t from his , ,h, !, . 1
t.vlinli.lldti as n result .f tile Phil. i, tel.
phi i (.unpulBn and for the succes. of hl
, slv weeks tevlval, which will begin on
( Ka-ter Sunday Klve hundred praer
j meotlncs are being held In Passaic Val
I ley this evening, led by laymen and
j women.
The Hev Mr. Kmett I being swamped
with nsuests for leserv.itlons from
cities and towns ivliiiln fifty miles if
Patenon. He returred lat tiltht from
Sim; Sinn prison, whele he a.ldressed
the convicts, who expressed the hope
thai Sunday would make them a call on
one ot his Monday "rest days,"
Vn (( Zoo ,.;ffoH
lo Sfenl 3lnrsel of Merit
Saved by Keeper.
The rahness of Teddy, a plain gray
t. nfllcl.it rat catcher of the Zoo, nearly
cot Kreper fleorge Slchert his life in
inl qcp of an Infuriated lioness yes-
tetduy niotnlng. 1
Hals were pc.-irce about the menagerie I
yexterday, so when Teddy spied a piece,
of meat in the cage of Helen, an eleven-1
1 ii.
1 y(, ,,r.0,
Afrlcan lioness,
he decided to
huge cousin,
hi ave the wrath of his
I Cautiously Teddy made his light footed
way tliiutiRli the bars toward the dls-
(aided temuant of Helen's supper.
Hardly hud he touched It, however, than
lit lot 1 awoke from a seeming rtnste and
with a sweep of liei powerful paw sent
the cat flying across the cage,
' ixei per r-icneri. wnose eeiiee.nu pri
i clia, T WTO
eeveial paiulcis to his am Moneri en
deavored hv reaching thloiigli the bars
with IiIh cleaning instrument to lescue
th cat, wlille tho painters with tton
bats kept the snarling lioness In a cor
ner Calling in this Hlehert entered an ad
joining cage which connectH with
Helen's by a trap door Time times
Si, -licit ill veil lliioiii-ii the door In lench
the cat. but each lime the charge nt tho,
lioiicsj drovn him back. Thn foil rt li at- ,
tempt was successful, ulthungh the trap
ilnor was shimmed down Just In time
to save the keeper from the Infuriated '
Hois sit's liavvH. j
IVetl Ncv VnrU I'mnuilsslnn Mine, j
IVIltlutiK asking that a --peclal elec.
, tion be held in West N'ev' Ymk fi" the
; adoption 01 icjcctlon of the cominlssiou
i fot ni of tovi'l nilii'ill welo slaiieil in en-
filiation vosterdav Tim Hitnubllcaim of
the lown ate workltiK foi Ihe chanco ot
Portrait of Girl," by R. C. Nelson of Hastings, 1
winner of a cold plaque.
line' mvlio!rk"ni"e"lTy.,obra,,v'
oberls ''f0,r.lc.V?N: Y wonsend .
prize and "Timber, a Scene on tho I
Continental Divide." by O. O. Shields of
New York, took third prize. ,
The llrst nrlre for or'alnalltv and ex-
cellence In comineroinl pholographs wan
awarded to C Cooke of New York for
repioductlons of racetrack s.cncs. Tlio
prlzm were gold, sliver and bronzo
plaques for tho tlrst three awards, with
smaller prizes and diplomas for minor
The Judges were John
John A. Temiant.
toy Iraprle. l"ton:
Ins. .New .irk! l.arl
m l runi
New York , Prank 1
Thomas Coke Watklns.
li. Ai:kerman. New
Chambers. Philadelphia. ,
. . . i
.lolin Hrislien Walker Proposes
Home for Newspaper Men
Near Denver.
John Hrisben Walker, who ret ted to
a fi.000 acre estate In Colorado after
felling the Cosmopolitan .Vnpnsine to
w. II. Hearst in 1007, now proposes to
give a forty acre uaci i "'"
rlson. C.d . to esianusn a nonie
n wspapcr
He has already set
nsiue an csiaie ior a " '
Presidents of tho United States. i
In an open lett.r to cl.'ors and pun-
Ushers appearing In the curront Issue the American-Hawaiian Steamship om
of the Ktllfor uit J MMInr Mi. Walker !an. VT.'.O . Ht-nham & Hovci-en. 50;
h..1VH th Ciuiuionwealth and Dominion Line.
"Although no profe-sion makes mote Ltd. J2.2I0; Irving T. Huh. JJ.'.O; Mis
serious demands, upon the health and I Lml.y I". Southmavd, J.'OO. C.eratd
vitality of Its members than that of lleeknian. Slon. from other steamship
tonrnaiisni. no attempt has been made 1 1. nee in various amounts, J'l.I.Mi.
in. to Ih.K time to establish a . o.mt rv
. .
home whele th'is" who have given then
best efforts to 'ho press may tind a ro
ll eat in the event f a temporarv or a ,
permanent breakdown.
, "After conferences with some New
York Journalists 1 havo tit term.ne.l to
ofier as n gift a s.to of forty actes at
' Mi lint Morrison III Colorado as a cr.n.
I trlbiitlon toward a movement looking to
the establishment of such a home
While I am ..11 owner Ui the eoiintrv
ar.ni id Mount Mori Imiu. nml titcetote
' cannot claim to bo disinterested. 1 be-
llevo that the site which I off.r is at
once the most healthful nnd tho most
tlellKhtful that could bo selected for
such a home In the midst of a xery
wonderful scenic region. It enjovs civd
Hiiminets nnd winter l.i s filled with
ttmshlne Denver Is onl from thirty
tlvo forty minutes distant by auto
mobile." Mr. Walker nominates a board of
povemorK, consisting of owners of news
pallets In New Vol It and other cities,
Several methods of financing the build.
Ing of a clubhouse have been suggested.
, Telephone Olrl Heco-lli'S
Ooodlme Brother's Voice
Clears Mind.
, ,,
.vt.w HAVKN, Conn.. March .10 -
Charles Prentice Ooodhue, Yule Junior,
for whom 7.10 students, defectives and
relative- have been searching since his
disappearance on Sunday evening, was
found to.nlght In the Hotel (laid,, bete
by Miss Josephine Crantleld. .1 telephone
(Inislhue, hla mind tn n haze, had been
sitting for hours etarlng at u newspa.
per. When his father, CharleH K flood
hue, a tetlred banker of 1R7 Hast Thirty
fouith street, New York, and bis brother,
lisliei. a Yale graduate, bpnke to him
lUxlilhUe's mind cleatcl. He was ie
moved tn tint Yale Itillniiary thoi otighlv
exhausted Ills frlrnds believe he has
been walking almost Incessantly since
Sunday night
lln,.,lhli.. left hi. mnn. In 1.o I ....,1 1...
Hall shortly after 11 o'clock. Ho had llm", "'"'J !' hr '!!,I,',H
been studying hard all day In an erfoil'V" '"I"!" ,fu'r A'ir" ,2' V'c ''(""l';"lv
to iiuike up a scholamlc deficiency, and '"' 'MIh meet the ordet with
the overwork Is believed to have cuuseilvllll"' nw cuth ulu''1' l"'''"
iiiunesla. When tin trace of him was fudcicd.
found .1 mass meeting of students 1
called this nfternoon, The 7fi0 who vol
lltiteeied to search for tloodhue were
divided Into groups and assigned tu dlf
fttent sections, The shores of Now
Haven h.'iibor and tint ledges below Mast
and West Hocks were searched tn the
fear that thn young man had taken his
life tu a moment of mental aberrutlon
(Inodhue is St) veais old I In is a very
popular man In his clues and a member
of Alpha Delia Phi, a Junior fraternity
Triti'Ua In ,en' Saibrrsir April I,
The Degnon Conlracting Company
t in ill. '1 tin Puhh Scrviin Coinuilsslon
ycstfrdiiv that il will begin laying
trniks In the I'Viurth avtuiuii subway In
ittoouivu on April i, tiiih company in
building the fcectlons fiom I'Vrty.t'hlpd
to Blfhty-atiUi tittU
'morgan gift aids I
Liitr I'iniiiicii'r's $."iO.()l)0 Hi'
irins ('niniinitrii to Itti iso fl'JOO.
000 to flonr Debt.
, lir(l00ll MOKK I'HO.MISK!)
Tim long lint of the late ,1 I'lerpont
Mnrpran's known benefactions became
1 greater by J.'.O.OOO yesterday when It
was learned that before his death h
I had promised thnt much to aid the Kea-
I moll's Church Institute at Coentles Klip.
I Mr. Morgan's gift was In addition to
$100,000 he had already contributed
toward the Institute's new hf.nie for
The final (rift of J'.O.OOO was condi
tional upo.i the ralslnR of JIOO.Oli) mote..
Mr Morgan llel before this was ac
complished, but his son stands rendy to
. drnw his check for the amount whenever
' the rondltlnn Is met
Another benefactor has come forward
with a similar offer of J.m.dOn If the
instiiute talses the remalnlrm sum
needed to pay Its deht, which has thus
far been reduced lo I."0,000. (Jround
and hulldliiR cost Jl.iriO.ono, so that
1 1. 000,000 has been paid off
A month's, campaign to wipe out the
remalnlnR J150.000 owed was begun
1 yesterday bv the Institute's hoard of
maiMRein under tho direction of their
piesldont, IMmund 1.. Haylles of Carter,
" ".S
loom the recreation spot for tho boys
'if the half deck.
'.iplntna Plnn of ('nninnlKii.
"'" "Pl mMho.1 of
"?"'5 hfl0 ."i.1?,1""1 5
" ' lj0'.'0 I10;.'1"1 b 1 ";
. ' , h mkt will llrst
f'll va" 9 of their personal friends
" nco.ualntati,s When these have
been called upon the appeal will be made
... .1... ....I.W ..... ... I
i.ir , Ki'iirr.uiv .vi llinriieons
I l,v from I ' " ,
loL eeen? " ,?i V P ' '""
tlon.s secured will be mnde public.
m. ..... . . ... . ...
.n .........kcis oi wie insimue, m.t ot
whom wero present at esterdav's I
lu icheon. are Col Herbert I.. Satterlee.
Oliver Iclin. Vincent Astor. I.ouis Cor-
don Hamersiey. Samuel Neilson Hlnck-
', Amar Johnson. John S lingers.
vvlhard, J. I rederlc Tain,
John. A
McKIm, H.iynrd C Hoppltt,
S. Hi own. John Seelv Ward.
How r.ng, Herb-rt I. Harber.
igt"U. 'irme Wilson, Jr,
an Nostrand, Charles 1.
IH 'i. Hcnjain.il I! C Low. llenrv I.,
Hob.irt Comm nlore Jacob W. Miller,
Aneon W. Hard, Jr. Augustus N. Hand.1
M.irimi W. Domlnlek. C.eorge K Cum-1
m.ngt, T Ashley Sparks, John H. Mor-1
r'snn. Hobert I,. Harrison, Oenrge W
liuilelgh, l.e Hov King. Clinton K
Hralne, Charle, A. Clark. Hrnest K.
Whecl. r. I"tanklin D. Uooeevell and ,
Itobert McC Marsh. In addition
o,i.ce'r,Mof "hsea:
men's Henetlt Societv, who were present
at th luncheon, will work to ralae
lllliililires (ilfts nf l.",nnil,
Mr Haylles was able to announce
subs'Tlptlurx of about I1J.000 toward
tne sum needed ae follows.
'all lem. Mr-, rranels Uahoi
i.oweu an. i i'uncu, i.ue a Co.. i.ue
each Mrs. II H. nucklti2h.ini. Mrs.
James May Dunne, the Indr.i Line,
Ltd.. Houlder. Weir Ho)d. 500 each:
air li.iviie raui ue was sure ri; lur-
Uier c.iil) subscriptions for al least as
large a total.
The next meet.ng and repoit on the
lUiiip.iiKti will be held on Krlda at the
rrisoiHM' Refused to
Trolley When Toll
Coldwaler Kule
A lu-aiitig ill the first r.ie of a vnda-1
tion of Health Commissioner lioldw.rcr'
regulations forbidding the overciowduig
of surface cars wis) held ve-terdav 1
morning by Magistrate Mciiulie at the
Vilains sin i t cum t, UrooklM' The
; t ism iii.r. Jacob llniowiu, n I'o.l,
II unilton Parkwi', "is iimiI I.', the
otuliu loi of a T'll d aven ie trolley . nt
Den.s .1 Wall nf :': Third aven.11. of
1, fusing to get on the (.11 vx lit. it wniiied
'hat it vas alteitlv overfull bv half Ihe
siatlllrT splice, vvhl'ii Is the limit set lo 1
the new rub'. Horowitz pleaded not1
utility and secutcd a postponement until
Prldny so that he might secure counsel 1
to "make a tight to tho tlnlsh to ten If
the order Is legal.'
Horowitz, according to Wall, Jumped
o- a surfaco car at Court nnd Livingston
B "els, Hrooklyn, during a ruh hour
: lust night and lefllsed to heed the
,,,,,,1 Sn tnore passengers udmltted.
b oisler of thn llo.11 d of Health," wlibb
I was displayed. Horowitz, he ease,
threatened to tight ... id l.e .ailed a
policeman. Hall of i.nt) was given for
,.,...,.,,.., ividav. Tho II. It T 1.0111-
pany was lepiesentcd by ('apt Chase as
1 ounni, Washington H llox, chh f In
structor of motoi men, and the conductoi
ami mntoruiHii of tho car
The It ..it il of Health announced cs.
terday that the onleia against ovei
crowding had been accepted by two more
tallway companies In the city. Thiodore
P Shonls, president of the New York
Hallways Company, said thn ",m
honest ctt'oif would he made to cnf,. te
ilic order on tho Si.xth and lliguili ave
nue lines controlled by, the company
I P. D. Hand, vice-president of Hie
Hichmond Light and Power Cntnpanv
' Hill I ell tllllt till tile Sllltell Island Slltflice
I'.vcry Htylu STKTSON
tnnki's to Ht'lcct from,
$3.50 to $20.
The Stetson Hat Mm
4F. 9SllSt vl'ttnpnlltsn
9 Et cCII lt .fP ntiiidlni;
iAliaatd Ave, cjt. .Ud.i
ask mayor to stop
Ncjrroex unit Tlicii' I'l'H'iiil
Cull Pi'oiliirtinn "Ci'iicl
mill I'liti'iic."
Sf'KNi: TO UK TONT.l) l()V.V
Violent objection to certain feature
of the moving plrtuie spectacle "Tne
lllrth of n Nation" was made by many
speakers, both white and negto. In n
hearing before. Maor Mltchel In the
Hoard of IVIImate room at City Hall
yesterday The Mnvor replied that he
had seen the play himself and had
spoken to License Commissioner Hell
' about parts that were, deemed objec
tionable. On a hint from Mr. Hell Ihe
producer had agreed to tone down somo
The delegation wh.ch callrd upon tho
M.ior and tilled the hearlnif loom rep
resented the National Association for
the Advancement of Colored People
Oswald O. Vlllard, vlce-pielibnl of th
nssoi'latlon, said that ti e production was
"Improper, Immoral and unjust," and ho
staked his reputation us a student on
the a'crtlon thnt tomi' of the Inn. dents
In which negroe.s llifure ate rot true to
Predeil. k C Howe, C.ininiNsioner m
Immlgiatloii at this port, le .'iialrm in of
Ihe National Hoard of Moving Picture
Censorship. Ho (.aid :
"The giound of niv proles? is that the
play affitts in.noo.wMi ciil.i.is who arc
degraded bv It. une-imlf deals with
war and the other half portnns the
negro as a lustful and degraded crea
ture. This portrayal Is cruel, vindictive
and untiue."
Most vehement wn Habbl Strphen S
Wise, who said :
'If It Is true that the Mayor has no
power to stop this indescrllKibty fou!
and loathsome libel on a race of human
beings then It Is Hue that goxei nineiit
..,.,, ,,. t,, i...,i f ,..,,
Which allf.W.d this exhibition tO go l
Utupld or vv ors. and I tegret that my
' ' , ,...,.. ..om.te.l with
'i.illl is rivn 1,'iiiuirn .mi..-.
,,.,. n ,,.,.,, Thp n,rt) of t,, ritv
, ,.,.,. , ,.'.., , , ,ri, ,vho '
j atarked "Tie Plavboy of the Western'
World." which was r.aily u b-.utlfuli
,, f 1 did pot know that Thomas I
I tiivon. ui..ii whose novel ''The Cutis. I
1 man" tb' mov inc picture piny Is based,
I m i rn, ,l.!.. nf nil. infamv t wonl.l he.
lieve that he had lit en hired to write1
that boo to sti. up race prejudice
"Stopthat production. .Mr Major, and.
you will render a great and abiding
service to the people of this country "
Miss I.tlllan D Wald told the Mnvor
'bat It "was impos-lhle to measure the I
potential dangers that Uneaten us It
this production l allowed to go on "
Ono of th- negro speakers, IMward 1!
'"" editor of the New York An.
appealed for fairns to his race
Wisconsin Cnnnof Iteunlnlr ('urn
Products Inlerstntf snles.
Maihson'. Wis. March 30 A perpet
ual injunction was ord r. d to-day bv
Judge A I. Sanborn of the I'nltfd
States Distil, t Court restraining the
State authorities from enfoiring th
Wisconsin '.aw requiring the libelling
ot ingiinllonta on yrup packages
against the Corn Products Keflulng
Judge Sanborn held that while til
Wisconsin act "f 111" was general and
bioad i-nougli to Include all the sales of
tlie company's product, whether Inter
state or internal. It was the rule In
Wisconsin to restrict th" general lan
guage of the law to intein.il commerce
If to do otherwise would void the statute
Tne lOiirt held that the Slat., should
b restraint d from appl ing the law
o the c anpatiy h goods or Its retailers
ft far a t!.' would Interfere with In
leistat" . .iininetre but that the law thus
rtstrtcted to Internal dnerrns Is valid
'. Iv.
HIcUcoi, rrested. Is Kepi
I 'J Honrs It? Heart Mii.smkc.
II '.-r Match '!( -C K Hlckcnv ot
I'.ttslui.g alias W .'lard C Wallace, Sll
1 Conrad and Claude Howard, who tcval
' lowed cyanide of potae.slum to-day as
' In wa" about to be taken to police hvad
tiuarters aft r his arrest yesterday for
.obtaining H.t"0 tiiiough inisiepicsenta
. tlon ami forgtrv. iLeih tills afternoon
after having been brought back to life
eat Her In the day by tut .ins of a pu -motor
and In-iut tnas.ige. Hickcox
I lived uiai Iv halt a s.iv after the mas
sago treatment bad restored respiration.
I lliikco.x icpict.entci! himself as the
head of a littsbuig oil t oticern ntel ob
tained money from banks in New Or
' bans and San Krnin i'o Ids arrest
ended a a.Oiin mile chase over the conn
to He hid lain a trusted 1 It'll, for
1 Ihe liulf lit lining Company (.f 1 'inshara
ltd blamed the "Hilte 1 glue ' foi h-
toW III.,"
llesl ro ell
Tire Which llacs
1'nrler's Villa.
I Sr.vMt'OKn, Conn. Match .10 --Fire
1 whl ii started on the piazza roof trom
a plumber's torch, rlestioyed the villa . f
lani's H Porter on N'nroton Hill here
this afternoon, entailing a loss f up
ward of 1100,000. Mr iter is a law.
1 ver, with oflievn at liu Nassau Mreet.
' New Yoik
In.ludeil In the lvt property was
.one of thn hitgi'M and most valuable
collections of native b'rd ttpeclmens 111
America, gatheicd by Mr Porter and his
brothers This collection was to go to
Yale I'liivcis ty on Mr Porter's death
AH of Mis porters Jewels were loft.
1 bill she managed to tin list 1 ons'.dcr.ihle
eilvtrw.ire Into a large safe before the
Haines drove her out Mis Porter had
to be. iistraiied from entcilng the
blazing looms to get lier Jewels
SIlAhlly lowr In front than In back,
f Mbioned (or comfort end trie.
e. r- combination
4 2 i on 2 be.
Polignnni, in All Day Ordeal on Stand, Tells How I'ian
to Destroy Cathedral Was Con
ceived and Grew.
Am.ideo Poilgiianl. the twenty-nlx-
em old detective who exposed the cathe
dral bomb plot, was on the stand all day
eienl.iy before Judge Noll In C.enernl
Sessions as the llrst witness against
I'rank Abarno dial Catnilne Carhone,
chiugc'd with making bombs and at
tempting to destiny St. Patrick's Cathe
dral on March 2 last
Abarno was arrested Inside the cathe
dral and Pollgnanl svvote he had lighted
tho fuse to a bomb which If It had ex
ploded would have wrecked the structure.
There were TOO worshippers there at the
tlnm the explosive was discovered by
I. lent, llarliitz, who had been stationed
111 disguise for that purpose
! became appaient at the oiiLset that
William ii. Keir and Simon O. Pollock.
counsel fot tli derendanls. would try
to show the Jul y thnt Pollgnanl was the
real Instigator of llie crime and that
the tlefondatits had merely rollovve his
Ideas even to the malting nf the bomb
PollRnanl swore that he merely observed
what the defendant, did and made dally
reports to his suiwrlor ollice.s.
In the course of the examination of
Pollgii.ni It came out that he had beet,
known In anarchistic circles as Charles
Haido. sine- the exposure of tho plot
ho has l.eeu under constant watch of u
brother jKilicentar, xvho even took hint
to court to testify The witness wore
civilian tlres. but In the lapel of his
coat shone a yellow police badge This
denotes that ho Is a detective, but of the
eeconsi grade. lie holies to be made
i llrst gratis man at the end of the
prevent trial.
Assistant llis'rlct Attnrnv Train
railed Pollgimul 'o the slant!. The de-
tectlve said he came to this country at
the age of 11 a i.d went niv the police
foiee December 1. l!'l.t. He was as
signed to the Investigation of anarchist
groups on November 17 last. He said
h knew nothing whatever about an
archistic teachings, but later read .1 half
dozen book o'i the subject, due such
was llninia ilnldtna s "Kiee Love,'' nd
he also read "Mother Kirt.i."
HfMT lie Met Aiinrclilt.lt.
His Urst duty, Polignnii told the Jury,
was to go to the hed(iiarlei s of the
Hiescl group at .101 Kat lOtith street,
wlieie after a tlni he met C.irboie
Tii s was nhoir Decern her I'D last. lie
then told In detail how ho had been
Introduced to Abarno as a man who
would throw the bomb after Carbot.e
had made It, and said it was th two
prlso! crs who picked out the ratheilr.il
as tho place to begm npeiatlots Three
bombs weie mad" In a furnished room
ot lull Thlid avenue, which was tented
for the purpose. Across the stmet other
detectives hail a room where ,V1 the
movements of the supposed plotters were
watched Pollgnanl admitted he bought
a' tiinouv, chlorate, of potash and Iron,
.1!'. of which, en far n he know, nvr.t
1 to the bombs that were made by Car
b.nie The bombs were shown to the Jury, de
spite 'he protest of counsel There were
two of I'. tin. jut th' expUs ve par had
e 1 1 remov ed.
Mr Polloi K. ,,,'ter going oX'rr Polfg
tiani's early I f,., -efened tn h.s assign
ment b.v Commissioner Woods to run
tlown anarchists. The tletectlve denied,1 ,' an" transferred to Lllls Island !'
that he had ever studied the making of r,clf';.lf" ,VH'' "btalned by the Ki.lg
explosives and said that all he now r-vthlas, of which ho is a membe
knows on the subject he learned in his ' '
talks witli the defendants and especially
with Caili .pe, who po-ed as an expert.
When asked to give his definition of
what he understood anarchy to be
Pollgnanl answered, "Anarchy is to
overthtow government b.v force' He
said h s detail did not call for him to
get anarchists to commit violence, but
to report ,m their acts. Carbon- had
opened the conversation to the witness
on the subject of bomb throwing alter
a meeting of the HrescI group when he ,
said "Th members of the group 1
espe. Iil'.y the Jews, talk too mil. Il and '
In too little We should throw a tew
1 ins and frighten the city authori-
t.es" I
Pollgnanl admitted that he hid never
told the defendants that It would he
wrong to commit violence, but said he
tepoited all lie heard to his superior
Otlher !
"You expected t be promoted for this
great piece of work"" .iked Mr Pol- i
loci; I
"No "
'You thought you weie .1 heio""
"No nv other policeman on.d have
lone as I did.' .ald the witness
"Hut jnu pns, cl fo newspaper pic.
tures " pert, uted Po c.
"Ve, and I ctits vim would" was
1 - !
& Company
We've a dozen
Models in Suits for
Young Men Ready
for Easter. One
of them is the Style
You want.
And hundreds of
fabrics from which
to choose the pat
tern that you
like best.
"fWnZiiMrt in nf
f I I If I f F
iiaccraasncri ana tiais
Broadwny al 3iit St.
Cooper Kqaarr nt nth fll.
- Munliatlfin
rnllon fit. at Or Knlb A .
the answer of th w, i .....
of laughter In win. h .ludi V.t
Pollgnanl then ihiued !
threatened to expose C.iiIimii ,.
and slash his fare If he .1 i i
out the plan of blu.Mug up t ie
The orlglnnl plan was lo 1. .
church son Mafli HI. or the .!. .
of the Paris Commune T
said he did not know that Ma i
not the anillvers u of the i
never having ttoub.ed h m
lt up.
In conclusion Pollcn.tni .i d
consideri'd h nisei! in il,m..
handling the b. nil. lor ,i ' ad i
and shown coinlu-'veh i
explode for llflfen mlnui-s .
coid to the fite was llgi tet
Mr. Kelr In behalf ni A., t
some Miiestions ,iiul ily vii
excujeil. w hen an adjoin nn..
j until this morning It v
, o;V,,g o the sen tms ill:;. V. J
j Noll's mother, vv no has pm- in. .
If tho t-ial got s on vl. i ., ,
'wrnlen'bv' "u" ' .V,
,.utnn w ,,rKn,. shows , , li v, ,
'state of mind of the .leiet.itn
Special c urt a: len.l ints pi.. ..
tr,:i1 ,ooin :,n,i ',u, M,.l '. " 1
persons were hatie.l . ,.r , 1 .
"' '"-"mail - " '"""
I Huun.:c whh n Included tn , . .
Plremeii Pluil lloilles W'lien
Mnrt IIImi- In I'liit.
T.onis Varail'. a 1 1 if,e ,
worker, who had hem out -
(oniM tiiiu. tied his wile
a clothesline wln'e -hi' I.
mornlliK In their lint al IT' .
1 stieet and then shot hfi
tevolver, klll.l K In 1.
elf anil tell littlt'ss
Krom the shots tlretl nt n
bed clothtvs caught on tire i
teretl Into the hall an I tl
windows into tho street An 1 .
turned In. Plrctiien of l"i i; .( 1
.'5 fountl tho two bodies
V.tratll wat !t:t vi ,ir w, ,,, 1
was Ji. Iiuis l-'rt . a i.. lu r
Var.nll. said that he had b. .
in the Vnradi (tut nut 'lm v.,
awakened him nt 7 f ',. ,
tlrt'ssed and went out TVe
tU li relled the night l.e'. re .
unuerstood hv Mrs. .1
th.i' she wa- going lo . .v..
i..i ml.
fiets Permit Iti
lit- sent
l.nntt M rre t iit
tti Itnssin.
It w.i m Id at Kll't t-hiid 'e...
that an order had been rt-ev.
Washington to relca.-e un.li ,- . ,
than Cohen, the man without a . ,
provided he tie ent piunediatch t.. .
sla Tho Hebrew Shelter ng ar. I
grant Altl Society, which h(us ir'-e,...
Itself in Cohen, in expectcil f
htm to-dav. t ne of itt- repreeeii. ' .
said that h might not be s.4it ' F.i
e a where It is siispecteit he or, it t
Cohen travelled .'II ivflfi milet ,-.i
Litnpo" .X Holt .hips be'ore he j
"'n fro'" asarl. dc-ked in
taken fro'n tlie Vasarl. do-ked
SAYS ROAD LOST $1,500,000
Mlflilunn (Vnlrnl l.nnrer t'l.srt,
for Itellef Iit I ,w u I sit, t it r.
Lvvsino Mich M ifh
Hii-sell geie -il .-..ni -e ..f
I Central' 1 .; 1 the legisUt v.
roi.i i.imni'.tti.. . t (t .1 i ' t .
bill now pending V,.-fo, '.e t..
is nmeraled to give the t ,.. .e '
Ultimately be in the vi . r.t..
the Pere Mai. incite now
Mr Hussell said Hut the M
Central lnl nvet- Jl.fiOOtiOn Of '
btisine.. the list tl-'il v. , , '
I ti' r cent .li nil ml vv ,1. pi '
We've covered the :
formal (and to sonv- "
.informal) day dres- v. V
say "cutaways.'
They've superst"i-i
frock coat and are worn
ti. ore
extensively each year.
Every man shouM
(one in his wardrobe
not have yours for K
.and after?
; The one-button .ii. '
button styles that v."' -tinR
this season art
j handsome v.'.,nr1 1
most of them bratdc
('Ollt Hlpt VWIlMtCiMt I ' '
Striptil iroiiM r- n t" y '
Dressy overcoat . '
Silk lined Spring '
of dark oxford an 1 '
some with bound '
We're spuvi-llizin '
son in rot- mnti.' '
tier j went
. I
RonicK's Pkkt C
t Mth St
nto.i iw .-.
it N'v.imu

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