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Assemlilyinnii Hint s-ii il
'.Mitehel nntl Friends for 1
Hie 'Si1iome.
RICHARD M. HURO, rVtt.ld.nt
Cpltl,Suiplu & Pr.$9,000,000 1
D I ik-sty St NT UOIooHn.Ht .o I
I Amendment Giving Employer Right to Advance Money I lu,m rohrn. Mcmiicr (if Well
to Injured Worker, Before State Award, Is ! l0 n l-hiladcliihi., l.unily,
Wfcckiiifr Force Deln.vcd liy j liitiutni mill Republican- Fii-1 Allicrtitie .Mnt'lou i,.M ,
flic TlnMiIcJnir f lift- ny F.sfnlilishnicnt nf Know Where Mi's. N lKtr .
Tacked On to Measure.
Then Ends Own Life.
iiiff llinvx'i.
ji nil lrloii.
81.0(10 Unit.
At-svr. March 3 The Culler l.ill
pcrmlttl'iS New Yolk city to vnntr,
11. till I. lit j tl , ln .... ll ! l x
v-ilti i nriiinv's i.' ... .imuii ...
Hrn.Mr. Miir-tinal Terminal ll.tllroud i
w.11 passed ) the Assembly lo-da) by
n v'tc 'f !0 lo 20. ytrom; opposition
avas voiced by Assemblyman K. S. Ilnrr.
"Dimoi-tat, of KIiiks, who declared the
nhnlo tblnii wan a "scheme" favored by
Sh'ir Mltohcl nr.d Ills friends. I to also
iiH-i. k-'il -Hute Senator Itcynolds a
onu of thnfo behind the Mil. nnd dt
t laird Hint it won 'aliamoful for the
Mavnr io st tnd for It."
"The sime gunc in Klnits hut. been
traimn oti Hip lt) lor ten ymiro," lis-m-MmI
Mr Hnrr
Tlio llu-.liT.rinlri.il rtallroad. he said,
lutl .hi assessed valuation of Jlj.lim,
lr.cluuim: hum eihle as well .id t.iW'ible
Alhvn. Mm 1 1) .10.--At the lnMano
i of (lov Whitman, the Statu Senate
' p.m.fil to-day Assemblyman Thorn's
, bill supplemcntlm; tho IncDonnltl direct
j settlement amendment to the workmen's
(compensation Jaw, which Is now await
Inc (iov. Whitman's sl-mature.
Tho Thorn bill poes further than the.
' MncDnnald bill and permits nn tm-
ptnyer. after making .1 direct settlement
, nftrcement with itn employee, to ad
vnnce Immediately to the- Injured em
, ptoyre or representative moneys), In ac
cordance with such aKreement.
It developed that tho C.ovcrnor de-
AL.ASI, Mard, 10. -The Assembly j;'r"' h;, T"rn P-imm. by j
lss,..i m-la- l!,'pubi:. an l-.i,lpr Uln-,h" " 1l't h. could !sn ,
iii.ui'k bill I'tontltiK 11 Stale Uj.ird of con-1 It tiloni? with the Mae.Oon.tId bill to-j
toil to .idtnliilotpr the alTalif if the morrow, and thux meet the only uppcwl. '
Stuto Inlitutioii, lfKllalliiK oirt of ollloc I Hon o the .MacvUonnld bill which the)
.the State I1c.il Siitervlor Mr. Illn-1 (Jovernor thlnkx wa developid at e-
man ueolirtl that nii idea to on-1 tcrday . hearing.
inn senate cicontrd the Thorn bill
AM'inliy I'nssos Mill Coiisoli
iliifinir 20 Hciroiius .Move
Siiliir-ii's Slnslii'il.
as wen p.u.vd no 1,1,, i,. th., 1 1XSA.NK. SAY HEKATl Vl-N TO I'SK I'OXTOOX M F.THOli S'I'A'I'K sYKS .SI. 000.000 1 PA I II HA It II A I) ill mmmi
slon. , ; !
The Thorn bill p.ivl the Senato by , ,
a party voto of 30 to 17. e.ee.tit that ....... .1 . .........
.... ... ... itifii ii.m nun ATnr.ii in .n.tirr 1
wniiam .m. ti'.tinctt 01 .Mnnnattim Miied
with tho Democrats ngalnst It.
I'ltintin.ntu, Mnrcli dIfintT
The bill Tohen. whose fatJur, Tharles J. f'ohen,
was hande-l down In the Asemhlj nnd j h president of the Philadelphia Cham
pension of the mles nnd imoth. r etner-' Kr.itidnioMier. Mrs. rio'.ilda Cohen, as
Washington, March HO - Hisir Ail- j Tli.- fitimlion n to Pln Win prison
xaIii... while in- i'i: Hlmrllv l in ,.n-
nun for ih.x r.'.ni ' solid. He III oile lMnrl of three members i
Awrniiiiiiin II. iff. Penniiliean ..fitue power lion inneie,i 111 moie in.iu ror r.early three hours, and It was rinnllv '
thut a;i neKotinllons ie- 'twenty liomds, bureaus and romniis put thr 'iich under .1 special rule, with J
Klnts. hid thut a;i nenotialions ie-1 twenty liomds, bureaus and eomniM-
fardiM; t, - Mnrrliinl Ita Iruml hmr Iwi.-n I l'n. I M),- aid of an rmercency messaite from i
conducted In the open nnd he f.ild there! rln Illom.in lull al.o piiiywes ror u , th,. itovernor. Senator Wasner, th i
was nothinK to he eoneealed. I centliil puirhnsliiK HRi-ticy for State hos-' Democratic leader. Inlstel that mi oh
IJe'f.ie thr bill n., i..i..,t the At. , t 't.ils and charitable Institutions.
remhly defeated an aineinjin nt to pio-' The KniKht hill m.iklnjf Keneral re.luc
Mdc fii .1 iDiitrii t f..r the "pei'.itlun of tlotu m tile nlar.e of einployeen of the
?lie tei.'tilnal rnllro.ul similar to thnt . ARrirultural I 'eimrlmotit also p-isu'd the
under wlu.-h the suhwHX are to be t A nibly The -alary of the oommls
oper.iled i lonei ie i-ut Tiom ,0lift to K.nCin and of
; tlie .l lUltlov from ll.diio to !3.00o. Two
Oepiitie .it M.miO a yeai and two at
IS.Ood Hi" alollhel.
I The lower houe pned the bill of
Assemblyman I'lsli prnvlilhiK for the ue
of -chuols nnd other public bulldltut" n
IKill'nt; places on primary and election
Senator Cromwell s bill proMdinc foi
tht improvement of Cmey Island 're. I;
, iasel the Aseinhly and went to the
ilovernor for approval.
An aitieement has been readied on the
i Tnllutt Hllde leadiiiK lull The measure
1 . . l...t ,1... It t.x...lnj
IlilM WTIl M 'IICII'lll III. I I, ,...,....
II. 1. C. III I III I'l-KCK a. . , ( ' 1 1
I it t r lliiii'Mii It.
Invk C'oinmis.n.iiir r Smith ,ip,-.ilrd
VeMterd ,o Hie -M uli.mis AwiNiutlon,
tlio Mariinne Ah-oi i.iu in. the I'hambe.
of rom-iiiMti .iid lie New ik (!.., rd
of Trade nfd TranPortatlon for suppoit
of tii' Ibo M ii marc mil rtllmiid ami
AVer S de track Impr.xen.eni idaii".
.Mr. Smith deiorlb'it his lette- ah -an
B i S fioi'i ii municipal barl
in the iroiiirn or a sea
Jle ea.d fiat "tho helmi-m.in neeikd
Homiihinc more than human s4ient,i
to k' e i 1 1 I euled up and away from the
roks of f' :ilit Ho add-u.
".Mv UH.iil'iese nnd the unefulness of
ILT1 olllci.il i ye w le Interest . the up
build', iif of N, Vork city cuinniereialls
Is pi.ictic.illy null. tied throtiKh the reas.
less l'. X,- mm .d dila lauell by
nelil-li nnd iinitit. Ill Rent criticism of
public piojei t
Kenrv nicsnK from Gov Whitman
When (lov. Whitman nns asked lo
nlnht If tw could s len Inith the Muctvm
aid and Thorn bills without helm?
lticonttent lie said:
"Certainly, the bills are consistent."
The Thorn bill adds a new section to
the compensation law follows
An employer may nt bin option
advance to any Injure. wiiplotre 01
to the principal dependent of a de
icasiM employee any sum of money.
In return for which he ,hall receive
n receipt on a form supplied by the
commission atid slKnil by the per
son rcceivln, th money.
Such leceipt Mhill be forwanled
to the rominlelon forty-eltxht houns
after Issuance and the sum stated
on Its fare shall bo return d to wiM
emplor when tho oomnilslon shall
have made Its award. Any moneys !
advanced shall be nt the employer's
rt-k. '
Tlio McDonald 1m. proMdeK -hit ,l
claim for compciisiitioti ma lie pr
SciiImI to the I'lnployer, and if reje. ,ed
or If within ten d.i after pre-.cn, at ji
h teport contalnlnK an unreeoierit fj,
ainer.dment was to be Included ini'mir 1 compensation be pot tiled with th en
them. He ,iid that If (lov. Whitman . mission the ciulm maj lie pieente. i i
'lioucht it better to have the preliminary I the tommis!nn Hoe.er, the ,onrtil
payments provision iiassed nlonir wlthislon may mike Its own a waul ml ii.
the direct ttliinent" It could be Just elnploj er must abide by It
Hhe liy asleep In bed this morrlnc Then
lie shot himself Tno hours Inter he
died at the Jefferson HoHpltat.
No other reaon than homlcld.il In
sinlty has been advanced for the yontip
man's deed Members nf his family as
nilrnl Moore nt Honolulu reported to the
Nim Deparltueiit to-dny that tlioimh
Hie sunken submnilno I'-1 has been
drained mine dKtanre toward the fhoio
of the harbor It 19 Intendiil lo rewitt to
the use of pontoon apparatus In the
,'ttempt tft raise her
Tha eiiilpmei:t available at Honolulu
Miss Albei-tme M ii-1.,h
le.iched a M-ltira! tnpe yesterilay T', In JKOft ball ypn-e-.i
I'llsiMi Vssocliitlnn's bill Assembly lull I Court on u but yf-
.Vo 15J!i--wldell would provide a laini
prln,i In tilace of the disease liilden
dls at nssinln Is counted sine of
paSMiee if " rnn e"1 01,1 "r
Asenbly committee, flov. Whitman !
I" fnor of It hnvlna eonvlnced him-
I sen -lui chin Ii" went lo bed he wi.s I ' 1 uctmn ni uie pontoon appninius line
i ....,,.,,1 i. imiv Tii..,. ,ii.nv oeen aireauy siattea io-iiiy tin1
Ill ni'i
is too Hitht to Ift the I'-1, which lci.,.f th,it the state will nve ll.onn.ooa
hotiKht to ho wsteibmced, and the con-1 h. ninbllshimi a farm tirloe insteid
tey,,,B tu rebuild Sinn S'mr
llesldes toe floxernor the II. publican
from .M, liubci:
presbb'tit of ihe S:
( in -i r.l eitlllci,-.il
from the hjstc'i
when he was n .
to dxsrilbe tl
which tho loss .'
us dlsi'ov. reil
1 Miss Ma,lnh
I is very preh i
j bei th e a yea-
l w here the itlr a .i-
ber- srbje. lo Ills of , h',rt M nltM 'hlch the I'M was belnc ,irt., n loth b'nn-hes rf the l-ar- , 1' irent. Mrs. ..
' 1 . . . ...... i , i.. ' ' .... Ifie mti,!- st:,.
a Jammlnc thmuRh of legislation was
unheard of.
ltepubllcan Leader Hrown Intlmited '
that a e-rics of amendments to
the woikmen's compensation law weie
t i be jiaseed by the LeKlslatnre befote
it adjourned, and that this Thorn
I .... rl i.tllm. i 'I'1" mi vi, p, 'ii.-u'.r,, ...... ..
if J ii fur ,h" ",,",,n ih" 'omins-loner of
,V,JII"', i'' i ' IMucatlon of a ivmmllon o;- persons of
all rellKloUs liellefs, who shall 'elect
passages of the lliblo to tie read in the i
schciW of the State, thus avoMInt; the
js.ss!b,lit of rellclou friction In the
si hooN.
The Senate pased the bill of S.-iialm-I
.u a -.ni of Kii.ks impoMiii' taM's of 100
on manuf.iciurem of olcomaru- n ino and
mmllar products. i:T. on wholesalers
dnd Ji on retailers of the products.
A-ks Authors to Hccull Hill for
AliiciHlnicilts 0pjms.pil h
Anli Clu't'f Says Hi'f Tu
Would Oivr Liqiior Men
Stronger Hold.
-s I
, reaped shoreward parted, but the . , . ,. ..eicntll v favo' the farm in i on
den.a's' '' snips ha another line on the I ..j,,,, ,e,.mlcr MclmnHld l .hal:-
-iibnialitie io that there Is no Uanifer or' ,, .,, .mi,iv - . er.l Mean!
I'"1 lionfn loc.mon f,...,.niti.e. which ha- so far Itont the
bill Irlilll Ue."K broilKht before Ihe A.s.
einiJlv for passaue. nienasoi nie iaim
.jecietary Daniels atmouured to-d.i
ilia i the l-4 would he lulsed .'t anj
in. nt. at Honolulu toward laislliit tlie I
sab on ,e and ,.platneil that the niivlil ,
t.n mi iheie is not cqullived for him-
il IK Sllt'll .1 I.is'k ;l. , nf roll'ed it With
i ii ns ot tl I'-l III viy ile.ip wufer
A i-iii ... M'-'.i . m, -senile was ua fOl
'tie i.eai .--n. th , oinitiaotJitiK' the I
in. -i .sue. .i.ii uiu di-.is.lon I'. u. lie nir
I" iio Hvti.u, lies Incut, il tn K-l
! i tiioii-i lier sllnlit dlstnilo
oi , l,..,iti li,iwcr pnrt.d j
i i-ii.t i . i ii i viit. nllj waterliieeed.
I , itp'iu v. bin llu lit to raise net.
v iii ki uieiits to il.'l he, b-..i.-.ie.iii
mithod Sllll have i!ne on
s ii iiij mi and can hold o, to her
.t ir D'pth of water 4T. fith-
ItiK mu'le. yii, .i.
opera t'e isp i ;,
paPlnl, cll-e-or nf C"
Comp inv, a- .1 i,
ha e assurid bei t
Voice -Mid she is .1. . .
own uniufetne
When they ie-n-,,i.
the Rlrl sp" e
Mri. .Voltes i, w li i i, i.
cently at BT Wes1 T"lf
Mrs. .Volk-r i."i i
Bpeelttl SVsnlieis ...i. I
If necear-. m". ade-iuat sal- j ,.. ..... ,- ,nri,i,. ,v. rv ex
taae appaiatu. will bo spt out f-om ' ' ,
M.e I niled Slate. ti'M on prisons Ir the country- aie con-
The Sir tary denl'd that tho Depart- j rid. nt tint aftur Mi McDonald and bis
n., w..h dissatisfied with the ITort-, ,,.ii.,.,- leirisi-itors hive looked Into the
lleekniiii and lir-l sites they will, VI.Ouu in b..ls.
,.,.0,. th- X-semblj 1.1,1 nut of ,m. j a ba, kintal,.-,
tnlttre Tin- chief i i - i- 'me- bi'C-.'jupj Wtllll to ,
C i I . the A!hirt anseion is soj.it !i07 H.-veml, .,
action on the bill mui bel-oiKc was uuj
Al'isrtine wis , i
III. II l.lll. r I lie Is l , .. i
Nearer si,,, re.
mi:: I'i'i'i
. t 'iii
; T .e ssenibl-, lull mis the adv.intane Snfr r-ive tlte t
i. it i-miiit i u. that at Winadale-.. w tho nHampon
. a.ie.id, owned by tho Ht.Hc but h'.C.erto' . H.'. J
i-ealicted It provides for the bulldliii; I
j nl ., j.llsot. I Heekiir ni i a ' ,1 j
I owned by the Stats Poe this ;.iiii.i)an
l pri-vlded The uround at Winadale,!
found after puv. nase to be uneiilled to j
a model n tii i. hi, nuald ! ud as a
ti.irni "' in ' and the appron, In t Inn for'
th'- Is Jii T'-e -ia-ilna to tlie State '
iivei i I' is" .1 li ,1, plll'llied Willi
,. in,., imii ,. ,1 it,,- w . ,ie thine i an !
Is ! n- : n l. -s thai, it will ost to to-
build i'ie 1,'l'iWii ii iloue at Sln Sim; ,
That made M i
s'is said no
tile -hampoo, i i. Iii ,c
Mrs .Volk.i ...... .1
the net rieiiii
had Mrs. N..',k, r m. -When
fro., .m'iic H. i ;
unr .u.'l Mrs. k.
bertuie i a n . . ,
for It Mr,.. Noli..'
coven d iliai 1 . w
1 .-lie told III, to Ii !
Alli.llllie 1 I
Henry Barnct Cohen.
v. . n -
....p I,... I,.,. .,r Vn- VapL i-'lv bl,..
Wfbt .-self settlement with h0 !..,',,,..;.,,. ,1,.. .,i h.'lnlnlc e.! nrovl.l.
tew York Ceatrnl Italli-xtd luivliu .... .1,.. .1 1... ..t vw Voik sln.lt ..n.
l ually appropriate ..,i-..umi 101 iwnsiou-
r. ached a )iO'nt where nn airrcement be-
tut-in the railroad and the city" seems a , t00h,.rs. and inrreasIiiK from I to S j n-ked by the (Jovernor to-d ly to recall
matier of only a very f. w mouths !
now th", ati iteil In the int 1 .iliicUoli of the
so-called Itennet-Kllenboiren bill, de
signed to nulllfv all the work which
haw been done and to start tho whole
matt, air. sh. with a theoretical club In
the bi'i'ls of the city lytm: 11, the .,- .
xihs.st, March 30 Ser.atoi Willi., m
II. Hill of Illnhamtnn and Assembly,
man Martin Mi-Cue of New Vork. back
ers of the Widows' Pension bill, were
p.-r cent, of the teucher- salar.es tne ,,,, hl for amendment Th" (Jovernor
Hinount of 1110.10-, to bv contiibuted to h nualltlcatlons of widows who
the teachers' P nslon fund. 1 , ,.,,,
Ilv a vol- of S.i to 17 Ui Senalii , shall receive relief under the bill stricken
Ai.HV.N1. .Mar. h 30 Iti ..11 or . 1 r
to (lov Whitman William H ".er..t.
superintendent nf the nti-Sal on
l.i-acue of New Vork. bltte'lv assailed
the action of -.he Assembly In sendlm.'
the in, al option, -he stitevvlde no
hlliltlon referuiiiluni and other dry h'll
b.11 k to the ecie committee uflr tliey
h.td been lOpoMcd out.
H declares "that the public will not
. a rs o I
r. tci v
" .t
' M iren "11 T ilrcdae
- ' ' 'I 'if t1)' s .lniiariie
ift-r tie .''iori.1.1 and the
V 1J1 ll id .! .iH.-st 111" Ull
feet He. I f ,..rs. Tl.
i r. lii iti d he bnld. how -oiitiriucii
the woik alo'i
I .1 l;pd in' to 1 '
. I' h ie I nljus.i'l 11 1
, !, d ..er ti to Oi 1 t
.aid tiM muff .", 1,
of Ills Wiiil., asked me won. . .
Win den ll.liiirnc Tells Mdllle I'lllli
. S L'W'l
l.e h ,.
passed tho Wool bill to abolish tnu
s.ate IVpnrtmc it of WeK'fcts and Me.is-1,,-u.
nr.il f-nMsf,.e the 'illllis ex'ri lse.1
of removal f the railroad com- j s,v ,Mh department to a bureau n t ie
tiai'k" In I'ie event of failure 10 1 1 unvi.t of A-;t h ult Jtc Job-. II
At pies.nl the se.-tinn read- that "A
piope- per-on. mentillv, morallv and
lull receniiy n ovMed lnun . nervous.
1 llape. l'uithi.rmore, his f.,iher ad-1
in tied that he n- of a nervous tern- I
p-rame' t '
The trailed tonk place at the home
of Charli-. J. v'ohec. South Twent
llrsl atiwt Henry Oohn, who had be'ii
be deceived by the fact that the Toiii-lln liUfincss in ('hlcf.iri. for R ye.r, re-
I m.it.v leader made the motion to sen.: I tumid horn- lat Saturday for .1 viM!
the Mil Uicl. to committ'e " 1 ills irrandmo'lier, who w.ij hT years old, '
Mr Audeison p'.ads w'th the IJi.v- had Imen livinit win hei sor-in-lav.
In llie I. list I'our -lloiillls It
i.i s,iii-.,:tu-, n'.ti
aide trade bal.
for t'l' uiotiths
ft ..1. Met- Helsvitie. wardei. of Pins
I . . if .Hill ,-.-,l the members Of the At
I .1 .. ."lull -ettdav "We ate bulldliK
' 1 . 'l l.ivaltv aiiioiifr th men there.'
; : M i,sb.,r,it. "which I bop, th- y
1 w.i'. vuiit'iiui- to have ton. ml soc'.ci.
wh.oi tin--- ?. us." Ho said that tralfick
1 mv m 'Irons, wlncli ll.nii i-li.-O dm -:r
to ifi t it ! s , vi
lop of th. muf W 1
been robbe 1 I Ijm.i'
11. y iiMthef s, . .. 1
Mrs. N.tlk, 1 bad , .
1 pt h'Tself" .11 I '
wasn't searched, ' n
hit my itlninr
if" .1 ni na-cement. il-'aindl nf New . 01 s. is supoit
"Hven Isidv who Is fatpillar with the , , ti. d.-nartim nt.
eommcrc.a! needs of tho port inns', id- '
mlt t'. him. elf how futile anv sucli
rhreit must pp..ve. The cu'.tlni: off of
nil Kill fte.sht connection between Mar.
J-.Rttun 1-1 '. mid tho res of the covi;..
try I- unthinkable"
Willi ini Hillock, director of the llu-I
rcau of Cltv Inuulrv. wlu li Is sup. j
ported from Tammany sources. Joined ,
the attack on th marginal railroad 1
tilll yesterilay. lie aald that "purchases j
of tu'-P'-rty for a clns-i'lc.u.nn yii'-d .11
h 1 o-t "f upwart of SS.0io."ii from tho
I'irsl Construction Company, of w-.ir'i'
William II lleviiolds Is prcident. !- Ult- I
neeessaiy. for the reason that the cirv I
i.d. -it
phseallv." sbill be ai'itnied rel ef by
he Ikiaid of -.velfaie after Investigation.
ornor not to sam Hon 11115 lesisl itu i siii.'e the de..h of her husband, Henry
th" effi-s t of vvhli li will he to tm reas j' hen, in Wr..
1,,. -f.iti nAiimii.. frnill the .-Oliwllint . . stilt. rH',..inie.l n r.min on 111,- thlial
, Die (.overnor would have tho section 1 ,()p of -j1t,lr,r. ,. jjs . ,s heard floor of tho houn-. frontinc on Twenty- PO for tii tire ear rut. and ir.S'l.-
1 r.ail that "pioper prrson to cue for rinmrs and has ,.-i in the public prints , tlrst str-et. Her crannson occupied an Ziii'i-i toi ine e .r pr'Viou.
'.ii 1 . -uiu no sinb il.ild or hdilreii." , statement- that -u. h lem-liitloti, . ..1 u-1 ... J"nltiu i-onm N. t t his ro.nn was' t-'o: ;he wiek ..n.iei Mar-h ?? the
, si. all "e .itforded relief 1 1 ed to raise Jlu.nfiii o.,u additional rev-. bailiro 111 and heyot.d that i.i a bed- lm""i"t mount -.1 t.. itn.T-t.t.1J and the
Vn effort also is 10 be in. .1.- to insert ..r.ne is 10 be nifs.-.! In.m iKcm.ied bv llli s'.slir .Ml.s exports s.,(,.l .li.sv, , lutam Of
an amendment maklni! It nrmisve tri- j "The people elected nu. t the' KVunor Co. en
stead of mandator for each routitv to letter, "and by a rem.irkab'.e vote, be-1 At ..bout ; o , l.e k Henry Chrn arose
iieate these boanls of child welfare, j cause they Ih IIi-vciI you would stand Tor and went lo th" bathroom to sbuve. fie
, linkers of the bill are tlEhtlnc "his suk- I their rights. Sutely when th,- ak for, bid suid on rotlrina the raltht before
-.-estion, but do not object to the other bread In the form of tho licht to vote tha: he mm colnn to Ilonon on Tiiesdav
rhante. I to defend ttimelves uRainst a 1clnus1 Heore he Hnlsh.d shavlne he ntuin -'l
I The (Jovernor was Mrouetr inue.l to- trnttlc jou vlll not t.-1ve them a stone to , Is own room, d-cw a he ivy i.volv.'
1 ilu to slim the widows pension bill for In the form o' .1 i.i which will not only j his spit case and walklmt into h's
' biriiv's sake bv Mm H ten Todd id fa-ten the tratll.- n .trutslv upon 1 Rrandn ier s room p:..e,sl is muni.
San Trab'-lsco, 1. stlffr iuist leader Tor them tint exalts as the i;ie..t..st p.itilo; ' analnst h r heck as she lay ..si, ej, -1
a iiuarter of an hour ?lss Tisld who nnd most helpful i-ltUeii tlx on.- who p.iHstl tn. tr.itaei The t.ull.- w.it
r..t,re.el,te.l I tie Worn . n' .-.III I, 1 I nine, for iiorsiimil itrlnklliif or nlllllliir Nie t'r.tlll In r head rtl'.'l lodire.l ftl the w al'
i.iuiurts beinit 4si.T2i.J.'3 and the c
poits 1 ....n'in ill"
The i.uor.il'l. b-ilano- was ?7',.T" ,
French ti ml fieniiaiu. It I
Snid. Acted Together tit l.end
inir Sum SI. 000.000.
alsea.lv owns proputry lunillelinr tli
railtoad avNilatilo for a cl is-ilbulloti
yard '
If .ill he proposed purchases are made, ,
says Mr. It jlloik, the cl w .11 own three
yaii sit.s where it needs only one, and
the t ipaerV buribn will be about SI,- !
000. i'i"
A . online to this Investls-ato', th city
itovf i i.iiu 'it now plans to complete the i
purcli ci' nf the property now owned bv
Jlr Iteymilds s company nnd then to buy j
the clas-ltlc'itii n yard of the Hush 'fr- ,
s, M..nh .no-Th. favo,-:l- '' ree !, nlioi I n VTie "-.
lame of the I'n.ted Stales U- told of a prisoner 1 e'ntf ; ' -s "I; ;
... . i.,.....l.. ,,ijs h u rirlw, .I.,,- ii'lm . aa'iiee .v ion, y i i-
lor t ie uioiuiis oi necemuer, .imiuaty. .,,r..,i un.i. pVo,
IVhru.iiy ..nd four weewnf M. , h , u l-hv s. al w rev k "H- told me tha. ho i""" '. , .-J . w .
jeached the eiioriKous total of j:,1v,;;hs,. , had se.v.d ..lev,,, 'Mi a.id took .orty ''',.,,.'. ,,. . . '
It.: accordliic to a statem.iit of th- ian. a dav -f dope As the man wai , " ' ... , '' ' '
le;...itmei.t if Comm.',... tonlav. ta biviia the w.ud.n's iff.e M Osborm.
. .. .: ..... i ..i. ....... i.. ... u... i. ....i. nun su.'ei.
Wasmin'ITO-. March
dlscus'id the dlfTt-rent piovlsloi.r nt the bottle to liis neighbor's lips purchases
bill. She told him that It was her e- most of the poon that d.-stiov.s the
' ' ' ' ' ,. . periepce that a ssteui of charltv under soul as well as th" mil. I nnd Isxlv.
ate Depa.tnie,.t to-d i It was ad i..ti-.l ,,rovl.,olll, of Hlmn,,r mu , 0l5 1Vp ,,r.. t ,1Unif et-her you or the
party to take a stand el'her tot or
nC.Unet the saloon Hut we believe i!
t ,at t"i.- , iei can pinns nuii re..-i i , tf, , , ..roromli s, l.ui p-nved more
to lla.Mi had leceiv.-d a erere elba. k j btim iiie than the present plan of plsc
save u's.iit 12
Hush piirche
bj the Inlerventl' 'i of the rrtnh. (Jer
nun and Italian Itoverrnients In sup
port of tin- litest revolutionary ov
erntn'nt to be set up trteto.
Tlie ilmit 'stjailon has beep worklnE
mlnal Company He say. the city can w """',:" " ' ', X,v , ,. r
(io.iiiiq hr abandonlni; the '"", k-" s
tlie .-ountrj' iiii-ouau ii n.'-i.-u. .-m ..i.w.
' in control of llajll-n llnnucs on the
i theorj i ..it file I'limincrciiil iletnoi 1II7..1.
t!o:i it. the Island and the aosoi.tiir
of r.Mtope due to the war would f.0.1.
tie lUMl.HIS ... .lllpeal tl ll' I'llltd
S'aies for help and accept It on tlie
American term. The Preiich and n.-r-nans
hivo pinved mat this was a fal
lacy I', st. ppliiu in Willi a loan of .
ihio',001), which is sutlleit nt to keep a
Hi.vtlati lioveriimeiit iromtf for son,'
time. , 1
Tneto is no doubt hole that the
Kronen. (Icimnn and Italian s'ovi rn-
UMtits, i.irtlculail.v the tlrst two, ami
tlieir nitiotiils in lla.vll are iueiar"l
now to support the Sim trnvi rntnent
.11 llri.vtl atid to keep It In power in
definite! The I 'lilted States has len
Ini: the rhlldren of widow.-.! mothers In
"I believe the riovernor will srt the
bill " said Miss Todd after her confer
en "l told lilm It would rr.ean much
She was killed tnstatr Iv.
Hi- then turned the revolver upon
himself and tlnd The bullet pii ree l
h'.- ne.nl behind h's ',ft , :u and he 'e'l
liesi,). his . andtieit ter's- bed
Ml m, iiili."-s .if the family Insist :h 11
leirltimate to appeal to vnu to ..d.ise ' , ' r ., ' ' ', - J J ,e . .0,. Te a
H"'.!!?.!'.' In thl.ti.eii prlnotfil .'Isfoms
list'., ts doim: Ss pe- cent, of the Im.
pt .uisiiii'ss nt .1 sbotit sJ v-r sent, of
the export business of the eountrv. In,.
iorts trom New Voik nmotintel to
"S.274.2 and evpoi.i '2!.!2fl.s'i2
l-'or the week endel .M ir.-h .'H imj-f r's
in tliese ilNtrli'ls amnuii'.id 511 M -II
', esv ts t'.l.r..r. 1 s 1
''ottnp , vpoMe-l .(: .'.,e w. : ...1-
Ina M .' h '.'7 in .unte I to lx s .,
as an .ills' 27" s7t ,,i, - , , ......
v .mis. in K '.4 '!.' I iti.: s'i. ,. ,v fa., t :
i2..'2" ba '. s
said lie took from his pm kcl a 1. Hid
some Bold w.itdi and sa.d "Warden.
i'ie )' wants this " Mi. Osborne
ixpial'iod taai the "nrl..v, in a term uid
bv the pnsopeia for "keeper Mr. (is.
bi.me an id 'h;i several d.ivs later l.e
'eirred ll'- "s. tew' lid su, leeded In
-.true the Wat.', and In- knew- that
1 meant the prisoner had am eeediKl In n-o-;.
Seve .i' we.ks- '..l.r. the warden said,
hi met the dr ik fl. lid. tat be was at
tirel, .1 i -' i . i ' him. "I liiidly knew
h in s.i ! Mr (islioive " 'liood vac oils,
ni I . i ti I " 'a li it has Vin
i' "Wc .Ii i' sill t'i. mi'i " fie
... ' ..! ' vi i . be. n.s,- ' ..
. I I .1 I 1 . t . ,
s "1 ' '1 "e e t'r.-
si- -.' 1,
I Mrs Nolk-r. who .i. .
her sister, w.i. r:.rni i
Stile Son itor Vl,.riln .
iiouni ed I ii. si t al ' 'iii' ."
an. .the:- law v . a p .et-,
fi,iner D.s. i i . W
. r-, J. ro.tn-
l'.osTov. M'iri-h 't" llora o .V i
a I'lvvyer who bad been In pr.n-tl, e
1ST!, -.vns dlsbarnd to-d v a
orandu'n sent down s.. indue
lilt ludk'f W
w itif
ll. - 1 ! I.
.'Il-t , 11.
II tl,. . "
Hie Sup rlo' i '.
"llm ba.'
s l .1 . BTolt."
t ,y hood " .
ill). '.."I I II If
' o W '. ' I I t1 .
the l.Mies of the Legi-lature to tell the.
liquor tn'erests that tlie llduor ttallb
pnisi stand on Its own merits without
protection as a mieclal Interest Sup-h
tliiani lallv nnd morallv to tlie St ite of there Is nothiitir In the recent party
New Vork I know that sue' , la trilnilat lops to sukb t -h.l It If poIH-
do more to help the widowed rno'hir b-ally proiltable to trv to defeat popular
atid fiihe"es . hitdren than any sv stem self-aote. iiiii.-i.t oi .uesi.oi,s i'nolvlnc
of 'hint', so far inaugurated " nn.f.il .s-u.-s
that, ..I, ,e i.inti.iry. th- Wei. v,
fui .1 of .a. a f:icr
Tie Coh :i f.tiniiv is well to io
("hail. ' .1 C". on is ptesldent of t ie fli n
of cnaiifs J Clu n .v Sop. cu'elic
i ''i
(!n. Fielder Itelicvcd Reluct
.in I to Rrcnlv Xew .Icr'scy
A, 11- sinllli Calls t Hull Sl.loO,
uno A ppropri n I ln Mill.
Aiiiavv. March 30 DeTi.oe-atic
Lead, i A T S-iuih of the Assembly tit
temp', d lo-nxlit to hold up the bill ap-pi-opriatinif
J4. lld.ODO for the comple
tion of haice ca'al work now umUr
rontiaet, but vas tu.su'cep.ftil. Th
meature was advanced after the As
retnoly by i party voto hnd defeated a
niotlo-. by Mr. Smith to recommit the bill
inn !. beat ins. lie assei ilnrr that the v. it liholdli.i: recoirnll ion nnd support
New Vork city otllclals vvanb'd to op- I f'om tins Covcrtimeut with the puipose
p,,;,,, ii , of hrin-lee, it to n-tin-.
A icport lli.it the bis; direct uppr .pi in- I S.s-reiaiy llryuii. It Is 'aid. -aw Hut
Hon is not necesaiy becnusc ot indenii.t- tho plum was ripe ..nd thouuht tin' by
... i... ..,.n,.i.i f.e, v.,..i.., ..,,.. etaiidlni. under the tree and w.ut.ni:
paines on (he bunds of failed rontrae- I wati'lifnll.v It could fall lrto his hands probable
tots. Mr. Williams Mid, was false, be. I only. Wh'le he was so watchful v -.cat-, AlthouKU st.oe-
,.,. . i, .... ,n ,., i iiiir ! lance mil (.erin.no
iheso 1,,.. .Is iv.ihotit exienile.l IsitmI I He. and il. l(e, the plum from
action- i nvfT ! iH
. I It is said In advices re.i.'hlnu heie
I ih.ii Hie (Je'iisin ui.d I-'ii'iHh diplomatic
reprtu Mt'itlves In 11 ytl and th' Ir n -
iMi... fve nationals sr. liayii who arc
.. ..... . . .... I ........ . .... I.i Itsvll ncled
-nilso,, vin iinill . iue oi i.n- . . '.... ik. u i, ,..d,..rubi.. i -,.ia
lOSiiner liespnc ll.e l . -t uui nen i. t-1
! r.tiie'.is ar' at war
climbed thc
I Thin ro.v. V J., March 30. The re.
appointment ot Chiif.liiMlce William S
.Hummers to the Suprrino Court ranch
1 was rumored tu-d.iv to be more that.
pressure tins been
bronchi to heir upon (lov. Holder by
members of his own party to tender the
jiosltlon to Secretary (Jarrlson, the Uov
irnor Is believed to feel reluctant lo
depart from tho established precedent
vvh'ch for many years lis kept the
Mipremo i:otirt as equally divided polltl
iiuelle for I'l-I'ieslileuls,
WAsliiN..ros. Mip h 3') I'lesl b nt
V.'ilson hilKKesied n callers to-d Hi it
It tintnt be i stood time for him to draft
a iside ol et. 'luetic foi cx-l'i snlei.ts .
who are m iivelv inuaticd In . ililels.ni; I ' 'J
the pred'tlt l-'Vectltlve.
Jhat, he sjt'l. was as r.u as ne Cuira
.... ... ..,.. VVIll.f.o. 11
Tfi ..h .ri-.. ihni in ...nn ..i.nl nf Ihe . " ltnlnated
Tli.-ri aie now rive Democrats and
(our Hepuljnanii on the bench, and thu
lulibtltutlon of a Democrat tor Chief
Justice Uiimiiiere would create a situa
tion which Hie (Jovernor Is uld to be
anxious to avoid.
r,ov. I'.eldei'H imimlntinenta In the
Hull Humor .Values lllm
Hi-nltli Ciiiiiiiilnsliiner.
Now i.at Will. am llavwnrd has hen 1 past havo been mads with the Idea of
as .Mlln It. Maltblo's sue- ' letiamlnK tlio fhlcf Justice, and he Is
7.5;,. , ., i, 7, .ir.. i riiV, Ic.nor in the I'ubV." Service ("o'limlh- now in the position where the appoint.
'hlllr.i.'P had cos th. ';X",r '? ' s on the rnmoi icappems a, the City tuet-t ol a 1 .emocrat mlKht create a fee .
di.'i pesos or ( ol. oosevoltH u-s . i. , J ' M M alible i- to i.v,ve an lnc that politics hid b.cr, allowed tc
that the Administration .fx.. ,l!cy ' fro, M.lvol. j.,,,,.,,.,,. enter Ir.to the selection
was. un.Aniei!".in and ,1 .np ioii-. ' (efon. lie got hold of Willi ..p W I
Vtun Ii in turn Joihh t Ii. ' -.es 1 J - , e,..lec.lnR hit, -'. net - - - -
A. Mitchell I'lilmer. Who 1
sites Atieiil. Saysi W'iNon
Will Me Reiiomlti.'ited.
ti. imif n tun is It. side- Is ni; in
nf file Cham' i of ('.until' ..
Is en ., 111. m'.ier nf the 1 i - e r
sh-e 177 It' in v Icc-pr r t .? I
I" i i-niouii' I'urk Ar: Aso liti...
M,s Coh n wno wis ki'. e.l i
. d bv a s'ster In New- S'oik an I an.
ot uT r. S.viniiah. fla H.iuv Cah. n
:w I mem'.. of the n.icii'.nt CI ili s t
w is In the .lass of 150! a' t i I"-, ier
s.'i of IV pnsv iv aria
il-ji jy
'Writer Nl Connected Willi Child
Murder, si,iv itce,
T'le tin, ateninc letter reef vil Mrtr
, il i.. I. Mis Ann i t"r ' i .
l..,l.o'-e ir,a CVihn who w is " i
1 a .'I '.' T""l a-." ie a w . .-;
da tias In l -at sf l. tor 1 t'.i .
I V '. e to Its .1 .!'!.. V.
i dctit'"i. a t'oi has l-een taken
-l.l e -1 e in. in vv ' i' l ii i
t" . .11 l s.i, -I. It I . r- .,
lie. led In t ii w a w it.. Hie :
ViR'l.l'lt Ktl.ird s ft 'I
sllstiect ill till hoi-e. In.'
ilcvclnpmri.tN oc unci v. s-.
I 0-
I-1 .,
.1-.....-.,,... VTM...W s,. v
i. ap. -..'.-.. ....... ' 'loot
.4 I.. !,.. u....f ..... C.r.,1. flo. TV..ni..r.',fl.. I 1M 1
Pit till ni a.l'pi.ir'.is i W.iHlilncton
.-lulled lij A Mil. he.: Calmer. ,i nth
appoiu'ed a Justice of tin' Cnlttsi St 1es
c.uit of Claims, aeklim fo- funds io
promote the work of tae . ominitti e.
,vn. rainier oas isnii! in" iei-ci
chairtiun of tho sub-commit re. on Una n.s-
K.i. h inttnlaT of the nation .1 commlttc.
hai been ure-ert to collet-. ll tho funds 1 Hem .iiovt Aronnd Osivenn,
possible to start tho wvrk and letters' iiswinto. March f!0 A beaw sn-nv
f.ive been i-eiK to men who have con- f.,, temperature of 1C .bsrees above
ributed to the campaluti 111 the past. n,i w .,, ) blow Ins at tlftv in leS n inllr
Memberj of Coiifrrer h.wo recelv. d ,. t,..,i,i hd l up business and mi
iti'i'D of the letters. peded railroad nnd Interurban tratllc
A atory was alluat to-day th.t the
letter appealed for a fund of JKiO.bOiij S, l,.he of s,, tn K,ln,,,
to s ai l ii inovciii.-iii, ior inc i.-.-i.-i no,, ...
doubted if bis snis-iswor would aie to
reply to III own cntlrlsins, lie added,
rcrriaikii.il lii'-.-ietii illy and Rood humor-
e.lly lh. t he co .Iderisl e-l'i i -Ideiits
JusHilc'l 'ii . riti. .sum; thosii who follow I
t lil-lli
vainly tried lo persuade .Mr M il'b
to become Commissioner of Water, (las
nnd I'bvtrU n.v. T'i' Mavor nnd Me
.Maltha' at ood to. thev u. oppos in; Hie
do.il I ll.wa.v loclia ts. and lr M i1' i H
lidV'i.i nil tiaiikil an i nihil' pubic' nt'
. .. - llla.(,,,.4 jlIlH j,,.,.,, fmislantlv s,,m;)it
naval review here certain, j o-:,T.m.;!.',(:,,:v
. I w.i" fiiely blnti'd Hint Mr. Multble ex-
heeri-tury IHuilcN lleiiles Iteports j ,,,,,, , ), ,,-, ,., bv Mr. Mltclul when
lo die Ciiiilrarj. I h" eased lo lie a I'lihll.' Service C nn
' , , , mlseioner.
..-MiM.Tiv. M.nh .10 --In denelm? I ,t(vnuse of Dr. i Inldw atcr's purpo'e
lepoits t'i. it Hie plana for a i.vny ol )f l(.tn,,K , t' ,,, mn-nil.-iif V of
s AH fl." t nt New ork In .lui.e 1 M,,uhl jj,,, HospHni ,;, M,n, has
had linn ..li i i.i Inni'd, se. retarv 1 unit Is , , ,. ,,i(inK r, a Health Ciiuimis-.iot i r
paid Hi s ..fliiiioini lliat ., soon as NM, f hl ad vis r.s liavo snpuested
Aditm , I'll t b.r l.iouirbl th- tl. et nortl, ,..,.,. ,,. ,, lvahl,w, and sound
oou.u win. h i met et i uiH for ' ie aniio.iiiiut.il of a
tin. ills nt ihii proposed malai'iivi
Tiki Hi i t '-, al prilctlce oil I ill. in
tu ni. ni' i iinil n.ll mi nt ninth nbniii April
1. I will eo lo llairiptoi Itoids llrst
fpil tm
ti ' i
Tt ll
1 ipef
i -.
and i'ie iiiniriil wdl
. to tix rr date i Jin for
I ' If ! . ll . i.i n ll"
'll l'n i i.i V i in ,i- I ;
i - I'ri'Hiiti nt wdl hnd U
'end the Hivlow.
Commissi,, ni r who Is not a phvsiclaii
I. I- .n i.l'iiiou to Hie lb illli lii-part-niipt
that Mi. Mallhn - iiaiiio is IniMi;
unofficially iiientioiiiu now
'I'r.illev Men till-
lor n s-i rlke,
Mar, -in The
Sri -. ,1 a i ii Mas"
rnlt men of Sin fiiHIi Id. Weilileld and
1 iltni r have votfd to tjo on strike at
inlilubjli; to nlitht.
: a
New Jersny Central, Reading
& Baltimore & Ohio R. R.'s.
1 1, ii i tii.r I ll li 1 1 to v I s 1 1 Hie iiiillninil
nfiilsl w lib lis innl rr fill ii I trio tlnn.
Also mii.lihis xprll -i.-. Villi II. 7. 1
.nine fl.
l.saVeW. 33.1 St.. 11 HOP. M. I.ltierltr St
I2iil KtlilnlKlit Saturdsy tilthtn.
1 irurn on .Mil ween in itilvunre st I.iu
erty bt.. W, aid St. uuil Jrnei. CUy Tcr
mlurilc. ili, 3111. I2,0, 1 o and iosi llrimi).
wny, 7 Corilnnilt si y ; i snil VI Court
st limollsn. i
I'lesldent Wilson, but Mr Rumor, who
was busy at the hevhpi rtors hIkiiIiik
Ms. name to letters, denied that I', was
to promote a boom for the President's;
renomin it'.on
"The I'resldent will bo renominated,"
said he. "It will not hi necessary to
oiK.iilIz. for that purpose. Tint has
been se'tled all nlotiB. All this tall,
about work under the surface In the
Interest of other candidates Is nil
fouiuli'J "
There i some isi-nment op the fa.-t
that M- Calmer was slKnliii 'li" I't
t. in view nf Ills re.ent ippolnttlieiit
o Hie bench, but It I" polldt'd out lliat
ho has not yet taken tl.c oath of olllce
It is assumed hire tn.it th" sudden a
ivily in the lieinocr .'ie lie.uliiiiarlcrs a
mlcii.li il to counteract the woik of t ic
llepuhllcalis, who, It Is said, have re
cently talseil nearly inn.OoO and n-e
st.il collcctltii; fundi to prcmoto a new
publicity bureau.
Iv'vN.svs Citt. Mareh an Kinsas-.
fortv.seveiiih snowstorm .his jeasou
v'slti il all parts of the Si ite to-day I'
was s x inches deep -it Wmtlelrl Wes
em Missouri also had a llirht fall
Hundreds of printed petition) asklnit I
Hov. Whitman to pinion Joe Cassldy,
now In .Slut; Hlnif, were circulated 'n !
rjuecna isterday. No mention Is made'
lu thuni of William Willcll, Jr., who was i
..rntenced to a year In HIiik HIiik at 'lie
samii lime that the former Democratic
boss of Queens not his sentence for
sellltiK a Huprein) Court nomination to
II was learned that Curly .loo ("as
sidy s wife la the iuovIpk spirit in the I
circulation of the petitions and that a
number of Cimsldy'a old friends will be
gin a canvass of the Imruimh lo-day in
search of wlpnaturcs,
By the author of
Henry Sydnor
Mary Austin sajs:
"I have Just read the lust
instalment nf Anncla's. I!tis.
nci-s. and am wriiiui; l ny
(lint it is Hie only iiiU'lllifcnt
itllcmpt nt lite siiliji'cl which
I hat it cut seen from tho
hand of u iniiii,"
IllusliattJ iv ' A' Cruirr S.Ja ;irf
Tor Siilc lltcr.vwlicrii
(k fl! rl v
ta-i-..'Ci fC.Mi r is H c a mm k .' -j.t.'v., o-")-'
-tx Kwar. h i ii wn n i hi m At lrorajrv -iv. i--.-,
W t iixVf W SfV ,li-, Iv. . f&l vt&r mv
inM t UP tW . L a ' b'll I IfTt-- Kam. T (
8SPMPSS i t M kiffee i v Kt
sj-ljt .. c'rj' '.i n mi mt . . mw mt mm w4:jip i'j-w.A
v .li-v a m i ill m -ins: tsa r m ir.r . a jfi-ssrvMfr .-.vf.oa, ;-.i v.
INiot a Substitute
Dr. Robinson on the Coffee-Habit
Dr. G. W. Rob inson, Professor of Mental and Nervous Discnsc
in the University Medical College, says: "Coffee cannot be
taken over a long period of time without injurious effects
especially as the drug caffeine is eliminated so slowly from
the system that some of the previous dose is present and
active when the succeeding dose istaken."
Why drug yourself with caffeine? Drink Kaffee HAG an
enjoy your favorite beverage minus the subtle poison caffeine
In tho bean only 25 cents a package All Dealers.
Kaffe Hag Corporntion, 225 Fifth Avenue, Naw York
'M'Jtf':? .."

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