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Second Section
Sporting and Automobiles
NEW YORK, SUNDAY, APRIL 11, 1915. Copyrl0Mi 1916. o the Sun Printing nnd VuhUtMnn Aucinllon.
Star First Itiiscinan's Cliin and
ClHM'k (JusIumI by Collision
When Two Chase Fly.
N. V. F. X I X K IS Slll'T OCT
Columula'f victory over New York
... A.Lii. .... s!.,,.1 t'lAl.t Vtitrr1:i V
il lll..'ir,, .'I, .J..M... ..... ....v.....
afternoon lijr a scorn of 5 to o proved
toslly one for the llluo uml White nine.
As a result 'of i collision In the fifth
i Inning Charley Ilium, tho former llnr-
arcl star and mainstay i nrai nun
teajon, will ho out of the game for sev
eral weeks. Ho and Catcher Kane were
rushing head on for Mclntyre'K foul fly
In the fifth Inning when Lane caught the
burly first sackcr under the chin with
liis head and put him out cold, llefore
the crowd realized what had happened
Ilann was spurting Wood from his cheek
nnd chin. He was carried to the dress,
lnr room .nnd then to St. Luke's Hon
pltal, where fifteen stitches were neces
tary to sew up both Kashes.
l-nne wasn't entirely to blame, al-
fi' though Ilann shouttd "I have It!" The
T t entire. Columbia team nnd those on the
11 bench stood mute while tho pair were
itirlnc toward certain injury nann was
sble to leave the hospital after tho
wounds had been dressed. Lane,
tmniB to sav. was uninjured nnd con
tinued to receive Eddie Shea's deceptive
curves. Outside of the accident tne
gemo couldn't have been much better.
Vielrtlnir was Bharn on both Fide. Watt,
l"iige and Krledrlch showing up In grand
rtyle tor Columbia, while McNally nnd
Mclntyro played best for the Violet.
Only one error was committed, that by
xYsters In the eighth on Lane's high fly.
Shea nltchcd ono of the best games
of bis career. He fanned eight men.
Allowed three hits and for four Innings
Kept tne vioiei cian away irum iirm
base except for a pass to .Waters In
the second. He nlso had a grand day
at the bat. In four strolls to the plate
h fumed a nass. sacrificed once, singled
v once and rammed a home run down the
left field foul line In the seventn inning
that spurred the Columbia cian on 10
greater efforts and put tne game away
fnr keens.
Hagbloom pitched good ball when he
thought It was necessary to do so. He
had a straight ball that Columbia con
tinually mlsgaugcd. Twelve fly balls
snowed how baffling It proved. Toward
the end he "witched to curving the ball
end It proved his undoing. No pitching
received a more cordial reception.
O'Neale retrieved himself for his
wretched work against Holy Cross by
breaking first Into the scoring column.
. Hp singled In the fourth Inning with one
down. Lane advanced him ann t-nr;
hit a hleh one that dropped Inches In
hie the left Held foul line. (.'apt. Jim
scoring. In the seventh Shea drove
his home run across. Iluncke, who sub
stituted for Hann, heat out a hit to
McNally. Page nearly knocked down
Connell with his line drive
McNally. ho held the ball. With the
basis full Frledrlch singled to left,
Bunck.- and Pago scoring. The score . :
ah Ii p a ei an n p a
Wodf.lf I 0 : 0 o,watt.:n . ... i 1 i
I.uml.ib. 1111 O H.inn.lb : 0 I
Mi-Nally.si. 4 13 S -Oilluncke.lb.. 3 3 t
l'fu.e 3 0 0 O Pare.ef.. I I 1
Walrrs.el : 1 3 0 llllnsefl.rf I 3 2
r. o
1 01
0 0 I
0 0
Kran't'd.rf 3 0 1 0 0lKneilnch.3b 4 12 10
rintyre.lb 3 0 0 U,lleck.lf . 110 0 0
Connell.:b. 3 0 10 Olllpnson.lf 0 0 0
Uirblo-m.p 3 0 0 3 0 O'Neale.ss 4:0
. llJine.c 4 o
ToUll CI 3 54 6 rShea.p 2 5 I
0 0'
1 oi
I Total
.V, u::ii 0 1
lf York Uuirersitjr o o o o o o o o o-o
Cdiumhla 0 0 0 1 0 0 3 1 x-S -
Runt-lluneke, Paee, O'Neale, Lane. Shea. , R0lf tournament to-day. Dr. Code made
Hwblooni, 1 Struck out Hy Shea. : brifour holes, but Deihel won Ihem back
jtaSDinnm, I iii on ii.vvuhiiiin. .... . , . i ....
Sew York Pniversity. 3. Double plas-Pate . with a couple to spare and le.T-msl the
and Ilann: I-ine anil Iluncke. Mtiieit Dasos
Jlosttt, Iluneke, Waters, sacrifice nit
Shea Pmplra In ehlef-OTInen. American
iMatlon, neio umiare- iieainru, (.anainan
braiut Tune 1 hour and W mlnutri.
With Micl.lM nurnliiK They Trim
Cnrilinnls Also,
w.i.. rc
Cardinal 3 2 .600,Droiu
wt vc l
irson were nounuca to an corners oi ane
i. .., n. .1,1. f,.rnnnn ih.
v. .y ... .....
the Browt
fiuteie In the second.
when two run"
fre scored with Laudermllk on third
end Shotton on second. Austin, who
'as nt bat. was safe on the play, hour
urors, a triple and u single by Long
gave tho Cardlnnls their four rune tn
the fifth The score:
PAtmis: it ,v i. r nnnivNS .A 1,1
lb h Ii rl ab h p a e
K'herlf -.120 O'Shnlton.lf 45100
Htirrin,.b 3 0 I 1 l Aiisttn.3b.. 112 0 0
tKoehe. 1 0 0 0 OIWilHams.rf I I o 0 0
B-itler.tb 1 0 0 0 0 ISevereid.. 1 0 fl o o
In cf .15 10 0 Walsh. rt ..31101
Mdlfrlh 3 0 10 0 O'NValkrr.cf.. IS 4 5 0 0
Wilson rl r, o i o oiPratt.'.'h . 3fllo
b-ek Jh : I 0 OlKaulni'n.lb 3 2 ! 0 I
IiwnxrM ?0I II Lavan.ss.... 3 0 4 0 1
e "r.lfr.e : 0 4 2 OlAgiiew.e.. .1211
nie . t, o ft o oil.aud'mllk.p 4 10 4.)
le'lll p 0 0 3 0 'M
' N"r n 0 0 0 1 0
Totals . . 14 27 I I
H i sondi 1 0 0 3 0'
"I) .11 I M M
N eltuu P 0 0 0 0 0
l'l ' 1 0 0 2 0)
T .ill 3'. r, 24 9 1
'' 'led lnr Itoblnson In the fifth inninr
'll.'ii lor Snyder In the sixth innlnr
tl'i ifil tor lliiinns In the eighth Innlnar.
Illaued tor Williams in Ihe second Inning.
r ,r ,n . ,, 11 0 0 4 0 0 0 01
! , , 11130000 Xj
11 , lla,"" Ifitffplns I.llT. NN'tlifin,
' hi ' NVilllams. NValker, 2; Kailf
mir i iwt- Laudermllk, NValsli Illch-
i r "in nn i.iiner. a runs. , nu o. i
' ie ihird innlnss; off Knhlnut, runs,
' ' a tvio and to tlurd innlnns off Ixit.
, ' ' no nils in inrce iniiiiins; hi t
orHoii,r!.o',',: it olT offl".,u.
struck out ny wnner i u
by Iit. 3! ny leiui iirmiis. s
1, I.'n,le,niHlr Pn.Ke.1 ball A gtie W
Th,.. ns.n hits-lies. her. Walker Tnhse
w '.ker Sacrlfl.x- bits-Austin. ITitl.
,aw, "ratt lyft on bases-Cardinals.
ii" ins Time of caine-2 hour M
n s Pn.pires-Chlll atsl Qultley
Sl.irrlslim 11 llenleil III Close fiiime.
J'i .KT...S, N. J., April in. Prince
tfi Pup won from Ihe Morrlstown
tshnul tins, afternoon In baseball by a
01 e or 'J lo 1. Tliurman starred for
U.t iMiiners and M Pavltalls was tho
Vtf nf the visitors. The score:
It. II I'.
" , n 010000000 1 3
' ' i 't ep 0 0 0 A 1 0 0 1 0 2
I -le M'rrls'nwn Dailtalls
v Prin. e..,n Prep- blttlcllrld
' N
ann 1
Tries League.
V.ir 11 Port Worth. I.
r" eporl S. Pallas, I
I" - an ' Ilrauinont, 4.
r riiono.tllirlon, rain.
League team taking tne nun ,,.,.,.,. i ,, ,htini nnd Orkln of ' i i-.. 1,1-, ..hi, ib ,,, numu. nff wamfirlii. a m .it
of thn city series 9 to 4. l-ou, a ;,',, .......n,... honors in tin- con- ' .'"V. ...... .i. 1..11 ,fi r,n sore innino viruek out Iiy X..Mand r by. .Me-
, went In In the tifth nnd held ,,h aim,,.. nf Plalntleld. h.i v,... imcknr nn ' M.al.on 1 -v f W;l : by Timeei first 1
a-ns hltleis and runlet for three, ."-....n..t concludes the Country ; ,i;,f..alve, Then fussed around with "p.Ici, wV.iern.J.t li It' "...
. .. ciui. schedules, but hc-vcral informal!,),,, base runners until he finally lost I Army Hutiiers I I'mpires-Ciillutn anl
feature of the game was a double . , ,.. ,,. The nas till, d the Marshall Tini.l hour I., minutes.
Jesse Guilford
i mm I
Till fine hroth of n lo- la
mnnK (lie prominent yminic V mrr.
lean arolfera. He nttrnrteil wlilr
tlrntlon In
driven, nhleli
the Inst nmilteur
with lila nilKhty
rnnsi'il him to lie
Inbrlleil the Slrnr fJiln.
rrprraent tlip Intrrnlr
He will
t'lnh nt ptr llnmiiahlri nxnln In
I lie Irnillnic tiiiirnnmenta litis your,
liiclliitlnic tin- It n in I it Ii I p of lila
ann Slate, irlili'h hi- nun liial sum-
C W. IiWI of YuUllffSlOWII
Takes Chief Trophy by
Coinfortiihlc .Mnririn.
' .
Pi.vEiicnsT, N C, April in r.
IS ..IMA.. ., . , " V
f JMllelbel of Yoimcstown. Ohio,
good for Pr. V. H. Code of
.,. .,,,, , ,h ..., ,i, .v,,rll
... t.olltiiiued to
, '
'with win on the nxt three hole-, but
Code rallied for a win on the fourteenth.
onlv to lose the malcn n n.uving ine
to lose the match n Halving tne
short nfteentn in a. ueine. i.ini.. s
... ... , i .... ,
nn anil 3 to lllay.
In tlrs consolation P
1.1 bis own un to the turn
with J I', .slandlsh. Jr"
of ricars.lale held
In his match
... .i,. iieir..lt imateur nulled away
nlri T C hf .,CTrd 'oUun.laaa
- i. irt..ntit
of 'wce,;, Prontl-s ,,f Mo -
. - . ,...i,. Aiiu.nii.rin r
i mm . ". -
,i v s on winners, two i. auau.iiiis,
, yOUngton, 'hea't Dr W. Ii Code, dies-
....'.. I 1 .!,,!
Consolation, nnai . . ... ;
,'a,, ' and 3 ' " ', '
Sec.tul invir.i.u. V : '.
AViireeier, 1.110 r' ' "
Consolation. r.nn. -"V;"'":-lmbtrtii.
Toronto, beat AN. A. Winter.
Udsewnnh, 1 up.
Thtnl II vis Intl. linHl-l II iieiii..".
Mohawk, beat Hubert Knote, New ll.ien,
" r-nn.oUtlnn, Klnal -W. M Ailing. Plain
Arid, boat J. T. Mi Cad. lor.. While Mnrh.
3 Ko'urt'h IJIvl.lon. Klii.l-.lnhn It "nker,
Albemarle, beat I 1" HIH. Durham.
i-niiirda'lnn. Final- K .1 Orkln. Outre
itiont. bent J. M Vnuns. IliinHten, 4
and 3
I'rhifelm. Cuba Ileal llrnstoiis.
Pnis-.TTON. N. J.. Apt tl in -The
Princeton freshmen won fiom Kr.iriiniis
Hull in baseball here this afternoon by
score of to I, The first year men ,
hit when hits meant runs.
The s'ot ii ;
It II p..
n OIOOJOOO r, x t
I hrasinu. o 3 I n 0 0 0 0 u -( i !
Thnniran" and liar.lnn. l-.rasni.i-
llMllerles i 'run ei 'in
lloyt, llinaill an,, "
Oliinhn Unit Nlnjor I.eiiKi.ers
Neb., Apt II
in f.'lebllni
' brilliantly behind s.iuthpaw lisbon Cos-
piap, wmaua ueie.n. ii v,,,..
.('hii Sox second team liern in-.iay. - lo
1. Clcottn as gocil, nut r.snon wiw
there when the Sox hnd men on the
bags. The Heoie;
11 11 r.
Whll. Sox. . . 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0-
Omaha (I (I 0 0 II 2 (I 0 -- J 1, 2
Halierlen CP one 1 1 , 1 Mai-r, L'lnaman
and Knfira
Support Culls With DiiiiIi'Is.
SoiTll IlKTlll.KHHM. Pa, April in.
1 elileli defeiited Hamilton College to
day 13 to t The game was well plaed
for live Innings, hut tiler tint Lehigh
solved Daniels's dellveiy and Ills sup-
1 nnn went 10 pieces Sheperd held
1 1. 1 s,r.. ..rtci t e lirsi Inning and
as long as lie was on tne m.iuu.i. 1 ue
score .
Il.1111.l10n . I 11 0 0 0 11 1 1 1- I
LVhlKll 10 1117 2 1 -13 U I
llstte rle- -ll iiilflu Hoot and .NlllUr,
Shi peril, l.-imbert and Les.
Xap (tucker Pitches as of Yore
for Six I ii nitifrs : Appleton
.lust ns Effective.
The Dodgers Anally snared n game
from Hill IMnnvnn's Yankees at Kbbrls
1 Field yesterday afternoon and pennant
, hope (lares high again In the C.nwnnus
, breast. The Dodgers, In one of their
I unusual moods, plnyed hangup base
ball behind stout pitching and compiled
a .1 to n shutout.
Kor every one concerned It was 'well i
thnt things turned out n. they did, I
Yesterday's was the last game of the
series nnd Col Jacob Itttppcrt. Jr., and j
V.ll'l. Ill IlllI'lUII, .,l C,U Wl
their folks, could afford to lo.se better j
than '. II. I.'bbets and the .McKrever j
brothers. Donovan's team had won '
four and tied one of the prevlou Ave 1
games. His team was not shown up In j
Dearer to Ihe he.vt of Wllbert Ilibltl-
...... i. ..t
son man inv m.-..- inrj .. ... ,
and class which pcrvad-d the erforls of
his pitcher") throughout Ihe sunny
afternoon. Nnp Ituckcr, than whom
there was no greater southpaw In his
time, came back after two disappointing
seasons with nil his accustomed grace
nnd elegance nnd style. Throughout
his six Innings this nxered veteran had
, , . .
Ihe fighting American Leaguers under
.... it i.i. ... i il,.. I i.i
c'" " i
three innings Appleton, a hlRhly re-
garded colt of. tho Dodgers, held
visitors to one hit. This fill to h'. con-
., .ii ii-... i..
temporary, young jhihuj iui.h. ..
lvn product. It was n more or less ;
scratchy Texas leaguer Just Inside the j
range of Zimmerman. I
Future developments may or may not '
Juftlfv the optimum of Uncle Wllbert in
the possibilities of Appleton. Howcer,
ho has youth, strength, weight and '
nower In his favor Itucker is an
altogether different proposition. He has ;
tho experience, the necessary heart nnd (
nerve ncuulred In ten coro of battles '
against the pil-'e of the Vntltmnl t.e.imii'. j
With him alt along It was a iuestl.n of
having cured a shoulder lamcne?. Or-
talnly a vnre seems to have been effected j
The further Itucker went yesterday
the better the great southpaw oppearad. .
Surely he Iwiked tit for nine good In
nings. Ills shoulder whs never more
free, his control never liner Ills cuive '
ball broke with all Its old time zip. Ills
slow ball sienu-d Just a bit more tnri
anil more wan,.., ..... m, , .
Itucker did not force nis arm . ue uiu
! ""Ln"" " -u. r, ' 'V , ..'Texan hnldU., the coUlan Id.less fori
1 . ii... I. . ... i . .. I ....
tine curve ball the most tnn.ali zing
" ,f K i H.nlaVs
fnrtnancp is n true
' . .
.,:70.'L uu.' .,:
I er a 1915 form much of tne pit, lung
er . lorn m "
w.irrle, of Wllbert Itoblnson lll Iiim
evJ- ;'' L ...tchlng suffertsl some-
I.?. ,M L ' "Ci" ,hl.u o I k-
....... ... ....
.. i.if inMm-. Theh
... T, i,... u,..ri n..,l in iven
1 f. W. V . .. ., ,,r ',r .i,.,, .....lori-il.
proved too rin ig hav," be hu ' off S -
.'hlcigo inilleld.ng" K-atlng. however, has no lea-
...i ,.,i ran for complaint, for on several other
son for complaint, for on several other
r.eMsions when hits would have been
most damaging hi. "u nro- to ho
prenw. iVesl.l.s the Yankees must re-
member that no ball game can lw won
without runs .
i.-A..,.n.a ,i.ir Hii..k in irii.i,, m trie1
... .. .. l... wns un.
leason be was i n-
, bre'lk to his chief
1,'or some
i V, . . m,.h f
!'''' "....";. -ri.
stock In trade.
The fact nituially Im-
..n,,.,.,,! it,, usually was
1 V.
i m the Hole to tne iukt huh "
rnr,,.. ti. crnrtvp inn 11.11 . i mi rnuii
, , ..n,u.,.rs were
, .. ..i.i.... ...hi. r. Imhl ll.i ulllli il out
of n tight place In the very lltH in-
"lug- Schulu hit to right with one out
Uoone.mide a pr-tty stop of Cutshaw--
"elt "vr,r secon.i mr n nui....ii. """
' When, then singled to .right nnd stole
feconu, i-ui i rniiimuro " ' i
- ."'r.; "ft
. . ... . . .... ....!..
. . . " "
I ii tig or the scoonu. Aiiumcrman iouh
j whipped the hall home, forcing ou-
ti su aaii.v I '.rk ill .:, nil.. u.i.ipei. t'l , ('irtie mi.i 11 ni oils 1111 ..i..iii. nnne
Jr.lMjers It looked from the stands is
.... . .., ..,.,. n,n i re1v
back to Pnp ahead of the halt (.'.Mara
I II'I' eaiieu lor 1110 iiiiow i ..e o. .-
I slirht was dlsastrotih mciiuiiz ooiuueii
cleanly to left, driving home Miller and
Itucker. This two has., soil, came very
nearly i.eing a wunuiiiin ninsnu ms
catch bv lliichlo High The little left
lli'lder was short by Inches only
Keating steadied dnwd prctlv will
after that. I In got by nicely for tbtee
. , o I.... 1.. Mt..fa ,,,.,4 yimttiKP.
ini.l a walk for MulVrinbM the
bases with only one out In the sixth
Stengel bitted for Itucker
the box and forced Myers
lb. mil,, l to
Klnimerm in
..,. n,i .... ,.n .iiiemoteil steal hniiA.
Starting the seventh (r.Miita gteeieil
none.' 1 1 1 ii cr u- lib a nerffct bunt down
Malsel s alley. nriilllix popped m
. noone. NN'lth
tlnrt chutirn for n
double pla in
front of him, noone
rumbled Cutstinw's grounder. O'.Marn
tallied from .second on NN'hiat's double,
to pft. In the eighth ItllUT turned the
Ibulgets back in order, strlkliig out
Zimmerman and App.c.on.
The Hrst of Xew orks r.iur hits olf
HUCillT Was a iliiiline uy i.iki. in ut"
Ural inning. Creo grounded to n'Miir.l
.i t ...... inftcd to Muth (V.NInra threw
, i i -h will, one nt In the
i on I icklnp.uil.il Willi m e out in in"
L'lind, but linger was killed off with
seciino, inn u.'scr ,m ..o..-,. ...,,
llOlllin Oil a .limine PI'.y eilKllieei en nv
O'Mara. Culsliaw and Hummel. Then,
wete two out in th" third when Mnlsi-1
lilt to centre and High whiffed this time
Doc Cool, sci, itched a hit to Schultz
with two down In tho fourth. A wild
'l plt.b sent hlni half wn lleie t'utshaw
went away in neninu tne oag mr a uue
stop and a wondeiful throw on Parkin
paiigh. The play was one of Hie put
tlest of the day. It killed off what
appeared n sine hit, one that would
have sc.. red I'ook had It golie tlllullgll
Sweeney singled In rlglit In Ihe Hflh
Hut one mm had died and Keating hit
Into the second double pla.i.
Tin- Unit live men In face Appleton
were- r.is outs. Then in tho eighth,
will, tw.i out, King dioppcd a lluk
Texas b agu, r Into light Held. Ai.plii-
ton caught him napping o(T llrs" High
was the onlv oilier Vatil.ee to reach
first on Dobbin's colt- He wa. (-ate in
the ninth on HchulU s fumble Cn o
dribbled weakly to tho box and .Mullen,
1 Paret and Anderson
i Offer Suggestions
"T" UK rt'Kulnr weekly nrtlclcs of
J. l'armly Paret on tennis
mid .lolm G. Anderson on polf,
which uppcur on the sporting
ptifte of Tin: Sc.v to-morrow
inoinititr, contain suKKcstiotiR by
these noted experts thnt should
interest nil followers of the two
sports, from pluyor to ftovcrninfr
official. Anderson speaks nbout
the lively balls now heinR used
and the still livelier ones thnt
may appear in the future. The
effect of these on polf architec
ture nnd other important phases
of the subject, such ns legislation
against them, are discussed in
masterful style, Pnrct nims his
attention nt the way the doubles
tournaments arc conducted, nnd
has somo brand new idens to
who had relieved riii. bounced an easy
chance right at Cutshaw. The score:
ah h i a e nh h i a (
MaiKol.lli.. I I : n o'Mara.M 3 10 3 1
lllth.ll 111" n (-hull 7.3I 3 : : 4 1
free.et... 4 0 0 0 0 Cnlfhaw.sli. 4 0 3 6 0
Ciiin.lb . . 2 0 0 OWIteal.K. .1 2 0 0 0
Mnllrn.lh.. 2 o ; o o llummrl.lb. 4 0 IT 0 0
'UooH.ri 3 l i 'i "..Mjrrffi i J : v v
,..u.,, , j i 3 ,zim rm.in.rf 4 10 0
llonne :ti 3 fl I 3 VMIIIer.e . 3 0 3 0 0
wiTiiev.c j i v i vii.ui'Krr.i,... i v v t "
Ki'MlllJ.p . 1 0 0 3 0 aMclel ... 1 0 0 0 0
Itlll.p. . 1 1 0 0 0 AppK'ton.p 1 0 0 3 0
Tntal. SI Mt2 1' Tf)t:it 32 S 27 2
'linlteil for HurUer In Ihe nlxth Innlnr
SVh YorU., oAoonooo 00
llronklyn 0 2 0 0 0 0 1 0 x-3
UllM-0'.Marn. Miller. Hurkrr Klrrt bane
on errors -New York, j; lirooklj ii. 2. Left
on biir- New ork, 4. llnxjklyn. Two
(,,, j1IH srhullr. Wheal. Sairlflee
Iill-S"hull7 Molrn haw Wheal Firtt baM
Mti l.iM. flff l.'n.ll,. 7 VfttfU mil.llv I
',u.k,.r 1; by Keatini; t; by Itlnc. 2. Koii-,
hie i .! () : Mara, CutHiaw ami Hummel:
i iitinz. i.ui.ii..w itnii iitiiiuuri i.iiu lull ii--
1 Utl,.Uf Htlf1fT Kf.!.tlnr r. In iv Imilnr. 1
Keatlnt, in six tnninrs: '
oft Hinr. m In two
imunn: of! Am.U-tnn.
rmplrrs N.illln and Itlelrr. Time l hour
"" :l "'""""
11U lUUllU U11U 1 UU 1 111
Xcvlaild IClds No lilts 111 SIX
innings nnd McMnhon Only
Trio in Last Three.
Wkst Point, April 10. Another
bi.eball victory was earned by the
Army to-day. Rutgers biting the dust
before the cadets In an Interesting game.
score G to n it wns tne Army's mini
.tralcht win Itoth Neyland and Mc
- u,io,k i.alt. ih.. tall
,.,, h8 ...a,. w1 McMnhon'
.eld..l ,1-r.e 1. but kept them dls -
tfiitiAji tioidi n i ii .i ii " i rniiin.1
nutters i,,,,.,, dangerous in the fifth.
, , mmcmrll
pu!g runners on s.vond and
thin with onlv .me out Neyland trot
' "-rg on an easy roller at first and Nah
iK,ni,oil to Pnchard It wn tne closet
ttnery in tn.. sixin, eineies uy i ri. ii.ir,,,
Xel.uiU. liern.ir.n ntvj .uiicncu aim n
triple to the scire iM.ard by Itradlcy r
four runs. Prichard singled in
-; ; ; . ''
home for the la st . Uj o .M M ah
r i... mr, n
' out r" Urr '" b"inl.ardment In
th- sixth Watertleld gave way to Tubec
llra.il.- s timely hitting was a feature,
j Tho fccore:
M. l.i u
I I'ur.ind Jh ( I ; o ifrl.ar.lt it. t 1 3 o
, ,,nlvl, , , . , . j M,rr,nt ,.f j n i o o
tiiu.H I ' I" " l ll.thbs rl 3 I .
n ,w r " v
i.n.i rt
I I. I 11 0 Mil. hell. ill 3 1 IV 0 1
s, hmliii.lt I 1 t ' ' liradlo II i 2 1 0 0
Ilnr'i.r-.h . 1 l .' 3 Til fin Sll 2 0 .1 "S 1 I
ji;;.. . ill. I'rlneird.ss 3.-32.
, n e n ni m . s a r. i n
S-i , ,. " o o l o s o .1
Tllla-e.D 1 n 0 0 0 evl.mil.i 3 10 10
I Totals 3) R :T 15 4
ooo ooono o o
Army ii o j u i
. ,:-M!!S;H, ldler .;,eaM
0 1 0 0 4 0 1 . -6
i.ni" . it' ii '
rlchar.l 2.
Sehml.lt lendii- hits Merrillat llnhhs.
i I'nifin - i-i ii'tinrfi. lierir. i.n lias,- nils-.
Prichard, Nolamt. Three base hit - Hradlry
1 ImtO.I" .ltv. s..l,ittl,lt Htvl T.lnk- I'rlrhsr.l
llnr.l IMtllim Is Chief Cni-lor In II
to il Vli'lnry.
Mauhattnn College handled three
i ,,,..r, roughb .n ilnfeatlng St. John's
i,-ollrK,. ,, to. Litters field in ltrook-
Imi Msterda by a score of II to .'I, Joe
' Yates tecelved a hearty welcome In the
se. unit Inning, when eight lilts netted
six runs. He gave wa to IMdio I'.uc),
, who fiue.l three men on 'the liases, hut
'did not :,lU,w .hen, to -core
lie later
twisted Ills arm and ws forced la re-
tire, .loiin i-arey. ills nrotner. succeeueu
nnd met with fair Micei ss. A total of
Dl lilts was made by the .Manhattan
i.aite.-s. ...oniiur puneu a puttie i"
the Si. Johns men, allowing only three
n is au.i hirinniK oui im ...ukiiu'ii in
'kv mtiiiics. lie was tetiaceu nv far-
n.l )n the revelith. Thn wore:
i i mii atta.M ST JOHN'S
' al. h p a e ab Ii p a e
Ilnrrs r, I 1 1 o Nickl.i3h I o I n i
n lloul ii -'h 1 l 1 I 'JV,1'" ''., ' '
,7 c'-Vr 5 1 5 ' K Care lb 4 l T I
K,,rrri rt.,, toil o Clrirl-on'u.e 4 a s 2 o
riitfev.l n.r I lit." ii..iuri'iiy..i.. . .i
Nnlane I 1 0 n liMcMuunrl
l 0 ft ft
Ismghran c 2 I 0 0 J err.ilL.'b. 4 0 t,
J Hunl'iLcf 3 1 .1 0 o Y.iles.p.ef :i 0 .. 0
ttr,,i,v . f 1 n 0 0 .1
p,, ',,, f I 1 I 0 0 Totals 35 2 21 10
(l wm iisr I
Total" 12 12 21 11 I
Manhattan .. o s 2 0 1 0 n :-u
SI John's 11 0 0 1 .1 n 0 2 3
Huns llirry. I) Houlihan,
1 1 Ciititimv F.nii-11. Crdfei. J
Suaier. 2
J Houlihan.
Howlin g Ni'-kl i" K O.irey McMann Two
base luls I.muhraii llnnnln:. O'Connor.
Nolan I'.illi-y .1 Carey Slrueli .1111 -lly
o Connor. !: bv Karrrll. 1: by Vales I; l.v
,1 Carey 3 Fust base on balls-Off O Con
nor. 3, olf Pairill. 1: "If J Carey. 2: oil
Ynics 1 l.c1 nn h'.ir- Manhattan. T: SI
John's. .'
, K Carey.
lioiible piavs -inie. .iierriiu and
Pmpire Jacann Tune I hour
ami O niinul.s
lionl Keeper Mcnnrt Snxes Dn.i.
ItAl.Ti.M.ilii:. April 10 - The Carlisle.
1...1, ,,b,.e,i .. :i in :! tie with John
Hopl;.iis itrsi.y lacrosse twelve at
ll iiiiewiiod to-day. No extra period w.ihiiii.I Jimmy l'iin or .xrw noik inug.it
pki.ied. neither learn i.eing anxious, a
both were about none up inter a grim
ling contest which was fast and furious
throughout. Hopkins- would have been
bfntcii but-for rilcwnit'B work nt goal.
Ability to Heat Coll eye Xincs
Still Consoles After Team
Is Downed by Richmond.
KieiiMONi), Vn April in. Tho Olanls
added a defeat to-day to a spring exhi
bition record which has been exceptional
In the number of Us defeats exeep-
tlonnl for a major league team. Tho
transplanted Haltlmores, now the III h
monds. whacked the major leaguers In
a scire of 4 to 3, putting the winning
run across In the ninth Inning.
This Is the fifth defeat the first team ,
of (Hants has sustained at the hands of
underbrush repreientntlves this season.
Tile Dallas club beat Met! raw's pennant
hopnfuts once, lleaumont did the samo
thing once. Now Orleans sank the bar.
poon twice and now Richmond humbles
the noble Manhattanltes. Still, It will -be
recalled that this week the Olanls I
pounded the slurring out of a couple of
college teams, nnd as they play Yale
next Tuesday they may win another
game before tho championship race lo
gln. The story of the fall to-day was this: (
Scattered, light hitting and UJ.I neiumn
at critical times. The pitchers were
not to blame, l'errltt and Marmiard,
even thotuh the l itter was clouted for a
home run with a man on base, pitched
ball which was plenty pood enough to
' .....v.. . . .
have carried a victor it me -"i r
linil iwen nil inai n r,...u... ...... - -
nfln Xftp i.ianis nmi .. " .
.. . i. i ..... ...nu ,i tnf:l1 of
. ., oh(.r, pitched. There was a total of
i,.-.. hi.. .,rr Poll and Ilub thal s an
the hitting Hichmond ''-nn'J.Ilon".f
those wn a scratch. l'errltt wn wild,
but only ono of his five passes devel
oped Into a run. .
Marnuard's one pass was rostl. for
It was followed by a home run l
Hoffman, a budding slugger. Hoffman
homer was a long drive, but It wouldn t
havo been moro than a triple If snod
grass hadn't made a wildly Inaccurate
retav. and Hoffman might hae been
held" Ht third Inasmuch as none of the
next three batters sent the ball out of
the diamond. ...... i,
The Virginians rcmed m tn '0Jr"J
Inning on two walks, a scratch i hit and
a saerlllce lly. nnd on this latter pl.
Snodgrass prevented more runs by a
splemlld running catch of the Mclnnls
sacrillclnl hoist. He wlilppeu tne .....
Into the diamond for n fine double pla (
Snodgrass was always figuring some,
way or other. In the seventh. th ,
him on tnlru, nojie on nrm
Doyle broke for tho middle abode and ,
SncMlgiass wns plncneu oii in.r.i
n,. rntehor made
a iiiuu in " j
Home runs bore heavllv on the Olants
, ru total. Tun of .iotham- or.hu s
ik hhi imp ii.i ii - -
! fence. On.- was Jim Thorpe hn shot
, ,lrlv, lnt0 the distance in t he se emu
inning with the bases silent and de-
serted. The other as -red Merk e
, who slanm.ed his over b. ck th
. .... ....... ,1 ...,rnM
lipyonil in me eii
eigntn "mi in.; ?";
Thorpe batted Murray
after a scratch base
Murray. Aborig.nnl
, mt nu ". " " " ; , :
he tilanta from
enjns. iiifr.-iu... r..
n worse chastising. All Is not lost yet.
anil to-morrow the (Hants will try to
subdue Hichmond on the neutral ground
of Pack Itlver. Ih'lt.mo.e Tlic .r:
G-.lfrr-,.. ef ? Il 1 1 0 Ixin -.ll 3 1 3
1 e i o i I
2 13 0 0!
I i j I o j
lioIe.:b 3 1 f, 2 o i.rrt.r.ii
Iiivrt -b 4 0 13 lMlaus rl
flsl.her ss 4 I I R ' !'" '
lrkle th 4 1 11 ".Ball lb
Vturrjvlt 4 110 0 Krllora.s
Tb inrf : t " o'Melni.i. th
Meier' e " ' 1 Miaufle
' ' - "
1 ni r, n I
1 0
l'emtt P ' 1 ' ? ' Hll.sei. I'
i Marauanl n 2 " "
& 3 v: i:
Total" 33:'!3 '
Our out when winnlnr run is mane
1 v.. v,k .,,.010011
a rt o i o o 1 1 1
Hichmond " " 1 " - "
Huns- Merkle Murrar. Thorpe. Hates y.
llnitman. Hill Ursl lwe on error- jh a
nw.,.,1 t.fi nn iae--Niw York 6; Hull
nionil. fi First m
on balls-Off remit.
nfl Maniuird. I off llutvil 3 Strurk out-
lly IVmtt by Marnunrd. 2: by Hii.s'll. J
! J. "".'.' uLi... Th.m i.n inun Tan
has" hits -Thorp. Hairs S.vrlflu' hit-H' l- ,,.,
Mir Sacrifice ily-M.-Innls lon bi numn. r.
RSTMrS tt&' W'llilir 1 rV, il
Mar!ri!,, .'1 ''"!.. '1"..,! 1
in four iniiitif I n.nin- uuine ana n.x.Kcr
Time 1 hour muuiie".
Comes In KIkI.II. With Tho On.
r.iuil.lliiK I'lilllles to Win.
Plllt.APRl.l'llM. April 10 - home run
by Crnvath In the eighth Inning with
two men on buses enabled the Phillies to
'?T! ,TZ V
1! :. t l v'k ll Tn the Na-
.'Vn,;l,."..,:''" Jl.fL '.." till,
tlonnl League grounds : ml also end the
series In a tie. i;acn team won inr.-r
games and one resulted in a tie Time
of Hie Raines were plnvcd In the South
Alexander and Shawkey pitched good
ball, the former Tanning elgm .uni'K
, i.ii.i uniibi have onlN been score.
and would nave oni oeeii m i
upon once had his support been goo i.
Shiwkey kept the seven hits off him
fairly well scattered until thn eighth.
I The score:
nn n p a
i ,,', i , .lrne-h I I 0 ii 1
. ...L.' ,, ,, ',.,,, u ii m, rolt.ss i o i i o
sciialu e a
ii 1 ocriyathrt l 2 1 o
ll,,l,i.i,M 11, . 1 II IllllC'I.ei . V i -
II...I.1. ,i. niiii Nichnrt-h i t .' i "
Crane " 110 1 01 1.u.lerils.lh 3 1 f I 0
Pausrf I -' -' o OKilllfirc 1 l n 2 o
Shavhe.p 1 0 0 3 0 Alexani'er p 3 1 t I 0
Tot ils
32 k 21
I o 0 ft
0 0 2 o
21 M .'
0 ... 1
3 -N
it,oi..iivrne. usncrnii. i.ravniii. .. .sic
1 ri.. V.-..L. ,. IV. 1.1, n,.ll Tun I1.1.,'
2 ,ll-NlehnfI Home run Cravrlli S.iit Ice
g hit -Oldrlng Stolen ha.e- lo.tlek Klr.t
I b.ise on error- Mhletlcs 1 Ix-fl on bases-
h , Athletics, S; Philadelphia. I Struck nnt -
lly Alexander . h Miawliei s ii'iui.te
bias" -Thonipsiin to chaiii .Mciutns 1 11
assisted. Ilasia on balls -Off Alexander. 3;
nff coiawker. 3 Pnitilres Klem and Keetiau
- I Time of game- l nniir i-j niinuir"
1 ' . ..-..
. ... , ,, ...
At th" llroadw.iy Spoi ling lub, loin
Mccarty mitpnlntr, fle.il'ge Itodel
.. ,1,.. !,-I l'drl n M' llb.c.
sha.lnl Pitsv llraiinlgan and PIill
llloom won from Knockout Drown on
At Dixiwn's (lyinnaslum ouiig Mc
Donald shaded young Liindy.
At the I'alr.nont A C .lohnn
.Mm to knocked out l.d nutlsi.
At the Qiieeipibnr.i N c I'hb k Sltnlei
ill a
At the I'ederal A. C rriinkle ( alia
ban of New York nnd NN'lllln Ilixiwn
fought u draw and Jlmm Taylor
shadel Young O'Leary.
I Jamb : yvTs .. aHkaw. . v. IL j. t
l.ei VliiKfi', lib ii inndr Ills ileliul ns M in nun ue r ji'sli-nln nfter
ii on n. The scrappy j ounicater Ins led only one llililim In tin kiiiiip
nf his llrnokfeds iikiiIiisI llurfiilo nt WnslilnKtnn Purl.. f HT lie liml
been thronn onl on nil iittrinpt to steal serotid uml II ii n KiiuiT nni
eniiKbt nappliiK or? first tmse ln uee priilesti'il to I inplrc I'y ff so
ebemelillj that he n iirdcreil to the bench unit then to tin- clnli
honsr. Alnnee Is the uniKct plnylnK iiinnnKer III the lenunr.
j. j, , Stntioll to Wllllt
His I'i'outcss Is Proee.xMou
, of Triuinpli.
i. i w. iiiv 1 11 x ne i ii
.... .
wh ,,. .
, 0,.,
usual nfter theatre , riwd
. i . i.-.iin..i
' eill IOfl,' C-JI.-.-I IIIHIII tll.-IM M-o ..itt.i.-.
. . . . . . ...
the new ncavyweigni mnm.. ... n.-
world, made hN triumphal procession
..mnii.v... . ... cht. nrecwled and
u.inm.u ....
, i1P,i The car In which he rode bore
,ai,.lril1 .f 01 ,.t i,t.,,d and on either
w .Wpf0m,, Jr.s Wm.,r.l."
ttfWm of Jnpk ,,,.
conipieror after tne iiaiiio oi iinan.i,
ur WP,it away Jut a plain white hope
nnd came back champion
M.i.tu u li.iMilreil i-tirhllKf.ists. f'lllv a
About a
i ii'tn ot mom women, wcicomco nn- i"K
f.'llnw when Ills spivial train pulled into
the IVn:islvaiua Station after mtkmj
tin- rim from Phlladelpliin In I hour and
IK minutes ll- wns bundled Into the
auto and the march up Itfoadway lagan
immediately, winding up at the St.
Nicholas Itink,
while he was greeted 1
w tt,out by not rjuit
' .., ,.
a hundred fight
1 r .rm .-m .1 within bv about twice that
fuse blew out S'ltnewhete
nun m ,...' ' ...i...M "
NN !-.ata doin , ,iiiniu ..onus on . cu. in
spenses till NN IIbird i.rnv.s.' iisk.d a
leather lun-eil Ktllt-.y -oil.
Wlllanl's dls.ippolnimetlt at thesiil'ilN
ness of Ihe cinwd III the rink i 'llll.l he
ii ad on his face when he arrived nhout
11 o'clock. The ;'un .seemed to nil Im t ill
a twentieth of the reals About ten wor-
shippers drifted in with the Will nil
'P'''' Doin outside and Joe Humphries
iot IP to begin a eulogi from the tlnu '
NVIIIar.l. attired In blue tights. Iea:e,
bashfulh nnd unkindly ngainst one
the pons supportln. the ropes. Il-tin-phrles
bigliii: "llentlemen " bill a
.alien (-ml cut In with, "S ly ladles nud
Cl'lltlcmi I. . theli's some ladles pit sent.'
..,. i.ri. .'
nnd nfter palng tribute to NVILnr.l he
iiilioiiuceu nun .ioiich .is me man i.e-
hilld the Klltl "
"N.uer as long as Jiss Hies will an-
oil,,, negro ge, n ilinnce ,., hold the
ehampliilislilp. said Jones. "Jess hiis
had Ihls on lis mind fl four Mars. He
o'had planned all that time to get Ihe
from .1 nerrii. uml li. iievee
i, line ,i,. ,. ,-.., i
ivlll t:ik any
risk of letting It ret
bail.' 1
Promote, luck Curley and lloli Vei.l
lion, who was stnkeholder of the big I
tight ns well as timekeeper, wete pie- 1
seated next. Then NN'lllird went on with 1
his spurring pattniv. W .liter Mint. ih, in,
- ' . ,.. .. , ,
IW mr online 01 1.1-1 ""111 nun "O..
liehl hitting. Then, was one exception
light hitting.
lc, th gh
. . . w,o
1"'1'"" " "'
hi hitting. In the second
lllar.l threw bis nun high
above Ills In. id and backed against the
ioie He stand the'o while Moiiahan
e.iin.-.i rlebiK and lefts Into his iniil-
riff as haul u he could hit. Tliev nail
no i lYecl at all on the champion exceid
to make bin smile. This was an old
rid.- if tlm Jerfres who rxnla Intd tint
with tho mns'le" "ef the stom.icli
,. " ,.,, wMti ,, ., !)tl(,U more
, ' ' ' ' .lo,,,, to the nuneher .In,, the
I punches
When W lllar.l had hi bands berore
, bo.i.iessiik,, i.iiln.rl., Moniibnn
wa unable to do .nullum, with him
.iv.'., . i.o.-i bli.i. Moni.h in." shouted
some "f th" Cilery bnvs "(let n Hep'
bidder." cried nth. is Just befote the'
third round sonie l.llllin dinned "NN ill-
- 1
aid. ."il won't get ilch nil tills I. misc."
t the coni'lillon of the enter! tininent
the two band-, which had been seated
In the kuIUtv. combined and plae.
Thore's no place IMte home" This Is
,.. .1... .l nt nnv t.1,,,1
IIOWHKH H.liioi.,.. no' s,e, .,. ,j n,.,
I .... ' ' jimm
" SJ" 'VVa
Yale Ball Team Is
Enough of a H ood oo
A S the Fonlhiim hull team was
nhout to lunvc for Now
Haven on the 1 1 o'clock train
yesterday, Catcher Jim Conway
pointed out that on the recent
disastrous trip in the South the
size of the squad wns thirteen
men, and that I'ordliam was
about to take the fame number
to Yale. Capt. Kane would take
no more chances. Manager Lynch
was located and told of the
opinion of the varsity. To satisfy
.1... ..1......, .1... M w
." " ..i..n. h-'
phoned for u pitcher who was
not Koinj," to take the trip and
had him join the team. Thus a
further breach of superstition
was averted, but l-'ordham lost to
Yale anyway. Apparently Dame
Fortune remembered the earlier
offences of the New Yorkers.
seemed to
f elltel tali, in. n; ll.it
mean nnn lluni; t., u ! ,1
The big
t (,tll lo.iKcii
II,. .1' lie pin.
with a
H HIV to
me inlngl ul t'.iin e. uml wa
urn r he. nl awa
Mnlli IiiiiIiiu Ititll. Cuds
N llli One lllou.
April in - Cornell s ios.ng
streak 111 naseti.iii cntitimied 'iciv to-day
when I he Ithacans !ot the first game of
n. home season to llucliti.ll b the
' f .. ? Degan was touched up
1 ""-' .""fielding pet'd
.t.ic vl-itorM to scute all of the
i,de,I in win the gam- C.i .. !! thri-u
....,, , tllP ,. whl. , Wli ,
( U)11.0 ,,, u,x(
, u) ,, tJ tnr vu.u,.r ,!. ,u,r(. ,,.tlud
...i,h,., ,....,. ,,01,1,1.. ti. ..,..
I .
all n ,n a e
ib h p a
Diit lon.tli
3.10 lo.nlnii . f
. ..
' 2 I 2 1 lion van .1.
N 1 II " I Hill, ss
4 .' I t. t'l.iry.c
t a .. I e Mi'llcn 3b
30300 K, ,in. lb
1 0 3 2 1 'utt-rby.lf
. 3 I 0
I I 1 0 0 I
I 2 S I 0
On llllc.ll
Murra e
Hrenti. r.p
.. . :. '
32 i, 1 o I.ti lunr rl
1 ii 0
4' 1 1 f. 0 NVIutn. y.rf 1 o i e o
W lerand rf 1 1 o o o
31 11 27 l: 3 Ki'L:il).i 4 11(1
1 Totals 3. tl ;"; II t I
. o ; n i. a o a o -i
0 .1 0 0 II 0 l I's-S
fill, knell
Huns ior. n in. se .n .in . an ninflm
T,-,h.im ,, TiM.hit. se, ni.m Ki.it
i in v.icnflce hit Murra. Sacrifice llu-s-
, l.udi HH1 slolen base. Tnpliain llnr
j -kn, mh,,.,. ha.; ..,,,,, .
I .. , , ,. ,, on t. .-an 1 ..ff Hi. mier
v. k . tt Hi It. ..in " bv Mr, tci. r 1 ni
P.r- Pljnt
ii.iii.ii" nine i Hour anl I
I lllll'lllc
Icl. Hull 'I'lirougli l.onl
llli.cl. links NN In, Ii 10 ;
l.lhl.W ...'Ii. X J , p II 1"
N pnti)
iiiatcb ,,f
,.. , ., , ,
i., ., oe. i.ic,.
, tti - sinson nn the (Jc.-uian Court Held
, tin afternoon lie contest was t
I tint of a seties of j lactic,, matches
1 lie held bef. re the ciimmei.cin cut of
pmniami'nt pln, and ihe lesult wa In
! doubt until the lln.ll peil.nl The Iti-d
ak team led al Ihe cl.ue of the sewnth
rhukl(er. but at Lie beginning of the
1 eighth Hopping, who pla.ie.l a striuiE
IhtxiiKiioiit lot I he liia.-K nak
! four, carrli .1 the ball ilow n the Held n ml
NVl.ter U.i..,l..ld. sc ,cl the goal that
tiul the score
At tin. next throw In Hi.- ltl,i"L Oak
iiu.uiei iiKa.o ..mi. u.e on. ..mw. ...u
Its opponent tenilori anil NN si r It.n
i'l Iph shot for a woil His drive fell
, slm.t of the I" K but In the ei sii'n.'
si'i iiiiniHite In tiont nf the go il the pom
ridden I" P S P llan.I.ilph, Sr , Mi Led
the ball thiough ll'e posts Phe lu.eu
lied II IK -I It Pell. I" I-' II in,l- ph.
Sr II .t Hordi.,1. I" SI" lliu. c i... Jr
II '
It 1 1. .1 V I'. U'rs
rih.i ir II a. k .uk fi It' '-
i;.,..is II i.ring. 3 l" s p Hind Iph
Il,.n....,nl, ? ItitrLr. Pi'I. Itnrdf -
." . ":
- . lieil-rre II. ... n.ii'nh
Three Hours uf Krrors uiul
Wrunrliiir Cnrr.v Final
Inning Into Xi-lit.
Yesterday's lteulls.
Jlrnoklyn, 13; Iluffnlo, 9.
Newark, ', llHlIlninre, t,,
ChlCMgo, 3, St l.iiul... 1. .
I'lttstiurg, S. Kansas City. 0.
Mandlng of the t'lulis.
W.I.. If I
llrooklrn..., I o l.oml nuffaln
NVwark ....1 1 ft,WIH.iillmore ..
Chleami 1 0 1 teO.Kt l.ouis.. ..
l'ltlsbiirr. 1 ii 1 Kansas City
To-dny's (.iheilnle.
I'lttstiurK In Kntisns City.
.St. I.uul In ChlniKu.
0 1
0 1
0 1
0 1
Itobert II, Ward's llrookfc.ls took th
thell off the third baseball season, for
the Federal League and started Ilt.iok
lyn's fcecond yivir in tho young orgaul
ratlon yesterday with band music,
marching, Hag raising nnd a victory
over the Iluffnlo nine. This hitler was
taken at nightfall when tho llutfeds
wero not looking by n score of 13 to 9.
The Hag raising was In a manner of
speaking Just as Itnpresslvo as It has
bfen for many yenrs past, except of
course, that the American Hag had to
be substituted for a championship pen
nant. I.ee Magee, the young manager, and
the leading batsman of the league,
Dennis Kauff. made their bow i
Drooklynltei. Mnge remained only
through the first Inning, howeter, for
he got in un altercation with l.'mpire
I'yfe and was sent to tho clubhouse
Kauff was In the game to the long de
terred Mulsh and hit the ball owr the
right Held fence In the third inning
driving two men home in front of him.
Tl.o olllcial figures of attindance werA
given as 10.4 II. and thn crowd siw
1 plenty of baseball for an afternoon.
Wh'ii play had passed the three hour
mnrU, hume uf the fans began tn be
'line that the teams w.-te g..ng to so
I right through the, season un the one
' game
llesldes the baseball there were many
nt.-r features iwt In 111. legula! open
ing day programme which were enjoyed
b the crowd In the second int.iiitf
one of the flags decorating the bines
' back of the home, plate caught lire when
some one c.mlesaly dropped a cigar butt
on tt. Thi'-e uf the ilulfilo plaers
iiished ocr and at the 1 1-K uf cnmiuit
Ing liiuh tieason t'.re iluwu t e natn.-ti.il
. . -igi, alij lla-iipl. l tile flu- 'Hit.
S.atol. pb le,l I'.e'll IM I'll- fe'l'iu 11(2
llilisug b lii lllig I "i f . , I i. bi-e Til"
p. i . w il Ii a Ii it .1 1 1 lit ,lri , w i.., i it'll -tot
to, k the arbiter nff h.s feet
Although It might be a,uJ that ill
hinds of baseball wcie s,ui-id into
the gime this should be modified by
excluding gi'od baseball, for th.n waa
fo little uf th.a latter an1. that it
was hardly noticeable. In the Hist two
Innings the game gnwi pmmlBi o.f be
ing a ngulai o. t. although b,,th Tom
Seat.. n and Hugh llrdnut. the rival
lutein is, slowed things up b taking
; ..n unlieitr,, of long lime for dcllcr
i Alter the usual pi iiiniuaiy practice
! which fulluutd on the heels of tlis; pa
in.le and Hag raising llurough President
I 1. II. P.iundn I....K ins place tn the
iiitihei's bt and after tiling out h.s
I aim In udliss wlnd'ip dis.ovetfd that
, tj,,. p,pei tli.ng to do was to let tne
ball loose so tha' It uoiitd gt. in I hu
giliir.il ill.i'sl.un of the home plate lie
did this uti'l Agler strib l( al th" nihero
with two bats, neither one of whi.ih.
came close, in tombing the ball. Then
tho game was on and fgler, alter foul
ing, singled, took sec, nd on Louden'
s.urltlce and scored on Jack Daltnn's
single, making the flirt score of the
league s.-nron In tt renter Now York
Cluisc and McDonald died oi weak taps
to Seaton. ending tlu Inning
It looked as If tlm Tip Tops might
scoti. In tluir half of tho MrM ton, for
after AiiiliiMin had Hied nut tn centre,
Held Mageo singled Although Ihe
champion batsman. Knurl, 'hen cams to
the plate Magee could not Until Ms pa
tience and tried tn steal . mid, but
failed A moment after Kautf .w ilkrd,
only to be caught napping off Mrsi on
., ipllck throw fiom H'li.ut tn Chan'
Magee did not like the deeie ..ti, en
pressed bis opinion to il,.' innplie in I
was told to cnlm hltnslf Magee was
not tn be calmed and said so. nnd a
ordered t" the b. nch lie did not wint
to manage on his llr-t day from the
bench and . fl.lently a told l"fe tint
too. for lie was order.-1 next to ine
0 clubhouse Me Hllllllv went, but re-
"! turned and directed thine disguised In
cltl?.eb s clot lies
Tliete was much entbtisi.iMii when the
home team tied the su.re in tin second
Inning. This was brought through
the mi'dlum of the hat of Itied, the
inung shoitstop NVitli two out and
Cooper on bise. whither he bail been
.as.e,l by Ibdlent. ymins e I cracUed
nut a long tun igger .-.toon iv.is
unable to take him h.Miii'. ,nit 'here
was ennsolittnn In the Itinb.lpv uf the
Duffels pi score in the Hrst pail o'
the thhd lound Th- er.d of the third
iii'ilng furiilsl'.e.l '.iu i il lirewn k
and thre.iletiul 10 make the game
runaway for th lliool.lm S.'.,".n
stsrted InaUsplclouvly will, a sl.'kenit
but Anderson got .1 ia t H st II,
slopped at second on , limit-: s .ricl,
ilagnler having liken ' pla 1 of '!
belligerent man iu'" Thn- 1'"' u 4" '
Kaillf, who hosted a In- "M' fir ".
Ill, right Held feme.
Kmiiis kept UP iho J'l alee when Ii
oat on Hrst throunh Sn.s'i
no i , ,. I. . I to steal ' uope ,i,u
to not help out at all, as . h. -t eii.,r
was a tall IK t" LiUder but Wnlri.:
scored llvaii" on n Hints' i.i.d . i b in.
himself when Deed dim'. . d III- n-M
inning brought the Duft.
is up
1 III.
, loser. IhiMlc leached '1,-t t . . i t.
and cattle home when tin -iff imlssfd iip
Smith's hit D'a r lo.i'.'ed. scoi.t.w
Smith, nud tnllli-d 'ii Luid '. oi..;
,ai ker
Tliere was a Wlioli" h'in1 "f mih
In the next few Inning Dtpfilo l.ik n.
ti e Ie.nl ai I' M in the "il
ra.h whlcli lie. ted the ui.tors fold
, runs. 11 Duffed mad. i.ly UNO luta
' u th rcsslon. but tlu-v wcro tidxcl
up with a couple of bi(. ot ball A" l
)w bad errot. It .III t,"t take ilis
'-t, Top long to get on. n f I onl igaln
f,.r tn the sevell'i 'hli'tig W'i'leeri
, Hn,l s I on a two bigs,"
HV HUH. w in . 1". ' "I' "
- i place or Itee t in-n wait m inn e.
I simnn' o it nnd s, ncl ,it- a s ns'n b
n . , mi. .
I.alld. U.'ining P" l pnani ine.su I" '

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