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THE SUN, FRIDAY, MAY 21, 1915.
THpjys flnnk Attorney Tnlks of
Hfslpnlner Wlion .Tudffc
Threatens Iletnovnl.
"AsfllNGToN, May !o. nt-Srnator
Joseph V. Halley of Texan, counsel for
niKRK National Hank In the. trial of
tha cut broiisiht to enjoin Treasury offi
ciate, was ahnrply reprimanded to-day
by Jtmtlce, McCoy, who threatened to
oust Mr, Halley from the rase an attor-
nr. t
flenitor Halley promptly announced he
would retire from the case at once, hut
before he had executed hi threat his
clients and other cnunee! for the bank
perauaded him to reconsider.
The Incident win' the feature of the
trial to-day, Mr. Halley had ofTertd an
affidavit from the HIkks National Uank
Intended to nifet a document put In evl
denco elerduy by Samuel 1,'ntcrmyer,
attorney for the Tnnaury olllcers. A
colloquy ensued between Justice McCoy
and Mr. Halley and as the ex-Senator
was proceeding to make, an explanation
the. Justice, with it show of Imp.Hltnce,
Maid aharply:
"Senator, t have ruled on the Mine of
the nfflttavlt. I do not see that It Is
necessary to piulong tho discussion on
that question."
"The, court ha taken more tlma than
t would, correcting me," aald Mr. Halley.
Justice In Anser.
Xutloa McCoy's face Immediately r
flactad hit anger and, turning to the
ataaotraphar, he commanded I
"Baad that to ma."
Whan tha stenographer had read SCr.
Bailey's statement, Justice McCoy, with
a chow of deep resentment and looking;
squarely at Mr. Bailey, said:
"Senator, your remarks nre highly
Improper. Please understand that very
distinctly. I do not care for any more
discussion on the subject, but 1 say to
rou now that another similar remark
will lead the court to ask that some
other counsel shall nntue this case."
Mr. Bailey, without a moment's hesi
tation, retorted"
"If the court feels that way 1 will
withdraw from the case this minute anil
decline to argue the case under that
statement from the court."
"You may do whatever seems In your
mind to be your duty to your client."
replied Justice McCoy, with a show of
Iosltlveness. "I say to ou now that
that remark was highly Improper. The
court ha a.u here Blvlntf time, time
and time, and for you to intimate that
tha court has taken more time to utter
one or two sentences than you would
take when you were tnlktnc about thit
very matter Is u highly Improper re
mark. Now, you may do as you please.
Tcu are retained by the plaintiff bank
In this case. You may arguo It or not
argue It: only do not repeat a remark
of that kind."
Clients Plead With Illrn.
Mr. Halley remained on his feet silent
for the moment and then Frank .T.
tfogan. his associate, whispered In his
ear and his clients ttathered around him,
aad after a whispered conference Mr.
Bailey said, addressing the court:
"t feel that I owe to my clients a
duty even hlnher than I owe to myself
and for that reason 1 shall -argue this
"And I feel." quickly responded Jus
tice McCoy, "that I owe n duty to ymr
clients which will lead tne to cast from
my mind entirely what yotr said. Your
client will not suffer In my mind finm
anythlns you have said"
Tho Incident minted a commotion
amona; the lawyers. Once or twice later
In his nrpument Mr Halley said thlnps
that seemed to be resented by the Judge,
but he mailo no further effort to repri
mand the rx-Senator.
.lust before the noon reoess there was
another crlei' colloquy between Justice
McCov and -Mr Halley. Apparently tir
ing of the discussion, the Justice danced
it the elicit and began gathering up
certain papers on his- desk, whereupon
Mr. Halley uspcnded and remarked:
"I see your honor taklnc your papers
aa If you wanted to adjourn for lunch."
"No; I (.Imply find It physically diffi
cult to sit hero without dolnc something
or other," replied Justice McCoy. "Just
i minute. Senntor." he added hastily, as
it he scented fresh trouble. "I did not
mean that to tin taken Jocosely. It Is
physically hard to sit bere and listen
to the ablest nrgument and you are
making an ablo one without once In a
while moving your hands."
nr Another nrrnlc.
"T am not trying to entertain your
hands," replied Mr. Halley with a grim
Hiiille. "I am trying to address myself
to your honor's Intellect ar.d I do rot
mind how you move your hands."
Justice McCoy leaned forward and
glared at the attorney. Then he relaxed
and the argument went on.
Just afler court opened there was an
other stirring Incident. Aaslatant At-torney-Oeneral
Warren called the atten
tion of Justice McCoy to a Washington
despatch printed In a New York news
paper which stated that the court had
ruled yesterday that Comptroller Will
iams was without authority to Impose
penalties which he had Inflicted on the
This brought from the Justice a aharp
warning to the newspapermen. He char
acterised the story aa a deliberate mis
statement of what took ulaco In court
As Senator Bailey proceeded with his
argument he seemed to recover from
tha feeling aroused by the disagree
ment with the court and bore hlmrell
with remarkahle (elf-restralnt, many
spectators thought. In view of the run
ning tire of Interruptions by Counsel
Untennyer for the Treasury officers,
Mr. Halley dealt gently wllh Mr. I!n
termyer, but occasionally Joked him. At
one time he referred to that Inwyer as
"an npllfler."
Mr. Halley declared that Mr. Unter
myer's speech of yesterday "did not
fairly elate the facts with reference to
a single transaction which he discussed."
He Attributed the alleged misstatements
to "misinformation." Heferrtng to the
ecomlum heaped upon Secretary McAdoo
by Mr t'nlerinyer, In which he declared
that the Sectetary had severed "the
pipe Hun" between the National City
flank and the Treasury, Mr. Halley huIJ :
"Those huv- been common political
accusations which I lejolce to say I
never thought It proper to lepeat een
when I w.-ih In politics. I do not think
that that is any mote Just or f.ilr th.in
It would bn for me to say that while
they had disconnected tho pipe line be
taeeti the Treasury and tlm National
City Tlank of New York they had es
tablished ii new pipe linn between tho
Treasury and the banking tlim i' Kiiiin.
Looli A- f'o, 1 hear that sild, but I do
ot believe It "
Defends Hank's Lnnna,
Taking up the charges sgalnst the
Rlg-ga National Hnnk, Mr Halley re
plied to them one by one, Ho denied
that the bank eairled single. loan on
real estate, us charged by .Mr, Untcr-
myer. and characterized the attack made
by Mr. Untennyer upon tho Itlggs bank's
loans an wholly unjustified.
He showed that In nineteen years of
Its history as a national bank It had
only charged off 1108.009 In bad loans
and from these It had realised 139,000
and would realize more and that Its
record for charged off obligations cov
ering the period of Its existence was
less than one-fiftieth of 1 per cent, of
nil Its loans. He declared that this wan
an unparalleled record for good bank
ing. Just before the close of the session
this afternoon the trial Judge Intimated
very strongly by a line of questions that
he believed the Comptroller of the Cur
rency had the power to call on the bank
for the Information he had demanded,
but at tho same time he Intimated that
he wan giving some thoi-ght to the
form of the demand, wht-ttn-r. In mik'ng
It, the letter In which It was contained
conformed to the law.
Apparently the Important feature In
tho cane recognised by both sldon Is
as to whether the statute gives the
Comptroller of the Currency the power
to Impose the penalties he has sought
to exact for failure to make a special
leport within ten days. It Is evident
that the bink offlcem are relying upon
the construction of this statute as fie
most vital Issue In the case nnd they
believe that the court will hold that 'he
penalties were not lawfully Impose 1.
Kills Wife In quarrel.
(iertrude Miller, 21, a negresn of 204
West Fortieth street, wan shot and
killed by her husband Lenlle, yesterday
afternoon after they had quarrelled over
money She died before the arrival of
an ambulance.
NEW JERSEY Atlantlo City.
The best place for rest or recreation
or recuperation is
is especially well adapted to accom
modate those who come to secure them.
Write for Illustrated Folder and Rates to
On the Beach Always Open
Oerupylna entire, htock of ocean front. In
tho faahlonable Chetira acttons 300 bed
chambers ulth nrlvnta batha (froth an.l
sea water). IIIkIi class orcheetra, rafo,
frill, Ac. Kronen rhefa. Uol( privileges,
Autos meet trains. Ilnoklat. Onsn all year,
T.ssitn lllah-Class Mnilarats Rats Hotel,
1LBEII1IILE Vlrilnla av, nsar Ilearh.
nkBCINNnLt; cap, HO. Hte.rni heat.
Elevator, aun parlor", private baths, ate. i
exrollont tabls; 110 up weeUlv; ; up ilally
llooklst. J. I'. COPE.
Dopey Denny's Tnlc Blamed
fiO.OOO Workers May Be
Pltinprcd Into New Strife.
The protocol between the Closkmakern'
L'nlon and the Cloak Manufacturers
Protective Association was abrogated
esterday The protocol was drawn up
In September. 1919, at the close of a
bitter seven weeks strike In which more
than 60,000 garment workers were In
volved. It wan the agreement that was
commended by the Federnl Department
of U-bbor for Its provisions submitting
all differences, to arbitration. Con
ditions are now In the same state as
before the signing of the famous "peace
trrity." An there are several matters
In dispute between the employers and the
workers It In said to be more than pos
sible that i gonert strike and lockout
may be called In the near future.
The mploers blame the union and
the union blames the employers for the
breaking of the treaty
President Henjamln Schleslnger of tha
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itns, runntna water tn rooms; elsvator t
strsst Isvsl: sun psrlnr. Capacltv 30. Hpselal
rates. Ilsoklst. D It VAN Wll.l.IAUfl.
International toadies' Garment Workers
Union traces the break to the confes
sions of Dopey Denny, the Imprisoned
gang leader,
"1 believe thin action Is taken by the
manufacturers In conjunction with the
District Attorney's activities as a re
sult of the Dopey Henny confessions,"
Mr Kchleslnger said yesterday 'The
charges on which our members are now
held are false and wilt bo shown so when
they come to trial. The result will leave
the District Attorney In a most ridicu
lous plight. The cause of the whole
business Is that we are beginning to reap
some benefits from the protocol.
"Until two years ago the manufac
turers sot all the good because, we were
bound not to strike, ttecently we have
asked nnd received several rights from
the board. The Manufacturers' Asso
ciation Is avoiding the danger of more
unfavorable decisions by breaking the
treaty, using trumped up charges against
us as an excuse for doing so."
The action by which the cloakmnkers
ir Ion rerogf.lied the termlrstlon of the
protocol was taken yesterday afternoon
at a inee lug of the executlt e board of
the International Ladles (larment Work
ers Union and the local Cloakmakers
t'nlon at i- Unlo.T Square, following a
jnesponder.ee of some length between
i.ie workers and the) manufacturer, 'n
which charges of breaking the treaty
".re madrt on bo.h sides, Tho first te'ter
..as written by Charles Ilelneman of
Helr.em.in & Flcdelbaum, Inc., chairman
of the executive committee of he m.inu
'iicturers' association. It Is charged the
u"J9n with railing ami condoning strikes,
pirtlculnrly the strike of 'he employe! s
of A. Schwartz & Co, and accused the
jntun of disregarding the deflators of
the arbitration board. The letter said
'.hat the manufacturers could see no
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ment for the sportsman "and sportswoman, including golf, tennis,
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New York. Also tillANLIDKN IIOTIII.. l.rtUe
Munapee, n,
Commonwealth Are. ft Dartmouth Mt.
further use In submitting matters for
arbitration and had lost faith In the
slllcacy of the treaty.
To this President Schleslnger of the
internatlor.nl union and President Elinor
llose-.berg of the local union replied that
tin1 union was willing to submit all ques
tions to the boml ird accept Itn deed
s.or.s They disavowed the Schwartz
strike nnd promised to discipline the
ilators of the tieaty. On the other
hard, they charged that the manufac
turers had lefused to recognize rights
given, the union under the protocol.
Mr, Ilelneman's answer to thin waa
lnt tho manufacturers refused to waste
tne time of the arbitration board by
aklt.g for decisions which the union
flouted, and added: "Our letter wa-i ln
'ended to convey to jou in simple Ian
milage tlin. our mutual, ottlclal relatione
were severed, and severed by your acts."
At yesterday's meeting the union de
dared that this last statement could
only be understood to mean thit tho
protocol had .een abrogated by the
manufacturers. A committee was ap
pointed to plan tfce policy of the union
u.x'er the rew conditions.
A meeting of the arbitration board haa
bten cjlivd for next week to consider de
mands of tne -it'.lo- for a minimum wage
scale nid other questions. The board
,i compiiied of I,.,ul D, Hrandels as
-nsilrm.-itv; Wil tarn '. Thompson, coun
sel for the tt.u-.iFtr.il .elatlons commit
tee, for '.he workers, nnd Hamilton
llogue for ie manufacturers. The
union will be represented at tho hear
ah In couttesy " the board, Mr. Schles.
:r;:er said eterdiy, although In future
: .1 -asei M.:: jiitnltteil to It.
"Sln-e tho manufacturers will not
r.'.ognlze the board In future here Is no
je of our hopln? for Its services." said
MMli:il ItKOKTH.
50S Fulton St.
Broad and
Market Sts.
Cor. Wall St.
Cor. Park Place
Cor. 28th St.
Cor. 42d St.
rKNNSYLVAMA lf. Toeono.
Mount I'oeono, I'enna.
Trout fishing; private batha. Xro garaaa
Open all year W & II. M. LEECH.
NT. IV JEIWKV Spring Lake Ileach.
Xprlni l ake llraeh, N. J.
Directly on the ocean opens Mav is
I.. N. MOS3,
t Modern hotel located on th Lake; two
blocks from tha octan bathlrtf; boach. Opens
May 37. K. U. a I'A NORN UK ltd, rrop.
NKW YOIIH Cuoperstoirn,
i On Otirgo Lake, Cooperatown, N. Y.
H Hours by nail from New York City.
TKNNIH llooklns Ultlcos, HOATINO
Tb Dakola. 1 West TId Mt., Nsw York.
Mr. Schleslngsr. "Will this abrogation
result In a strike In disputes now exist
ing? I cannot say. The strike la now
our only method of obtaining rights
which for the past flva years the board
has attended to. We are sorry to see
the treaty ended, for we have had peace
for five years.
tleggar Takes Watch of Hleeptng
Fellow Prisoner,
The efforts of the police to find a
safe place for Fred Talte. 6. an ad
vertising agent of 1961 Prospect avenue.
The Hronx, to sleep off a mild state
of Intoxication without being robbed
proved futile yesterday
Talte wan arrested In a bewildered
condition early yesterday. About A.
M he was taken to the West Side court
detention pen, where he wae confined
with fourteen other men. After assur
ing himself that a Jewelled nllver watch,
valued at 1100, had not been taken from
him during his stupor, he fell Asleep.
When he woke the watch was gone
His outcry brought Court Capt. Dun
lop nnd a dozen detectives. They
searched the other prisoners three times
before they found the timepiece under
the belt of a negro beggar who said he
was Jim Jeffries of 239 West Sixty-first
He wan nent to the workhouse for sl
months on the original charge and held
In $1,000 ball for the Orand Jury on the
larceny complaint Talte was din
charged. fUMMF.R REPORTS.
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man. City Ticket Office. 210 ftroadway,
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2ld Pt
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TAnx )liUU i in litis.
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frees Iteference llonli. Address VIIlfilNIA
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president, should have inrch.inlial enl
tioorlnit hno. Uo. finilllnrlty with moo;
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.iKoimuit so..lnir and e" -utlvo ,'iperionoo.
aap from 30 to 111; nm' capaldo of num
Iiik ninmiiri rl-il popliion itftor n year's
oxprrlfn.o In tho iiiisliioon. to secirw ntton
tlon tpp'lrinta must otiito asr. etperlonco,
references and o.ilnry roqulrej. A. II T.,
tiov HiO Sun
lVVNTi:t Slcn nilnter wnh under
Hind" e"1lnir ip bo 1TI H in oinco
WANTKU Knorisetlc men nho wish t
build r liiilnos roiilrliiK snlicltlnir and
clvlna a stcudy ln'otll In the future, a
well a maklnir tnnncy from tho rtari
Mussachusotto iMinp.iny. 31 years old Hot
3475, lloaton, M,m
Sl'IINIi your v.n.illon nn top of iho
fJrren Mountains tlunnis, J! Ml and 11 00
a ook. board, MK) l ' A MllMl.MA.V
Peru, Vt
A MECHANICAL OltOAN for re.idonco.
also a harp: desrlbo in detail, prleo mid
nher located .1 t. hox ISO Sun nlllco
I'lUt WllilM IT M A PilNl l:i;N I..)!,,
Vniinir, Adriionoer, sells HiU ,nj., it.i,,
Ma) :it, io a m.. in :j; i'.i-i i ji..i si
A It. f'hnso I'prlKlu V. "in ir-. ,
Ktyl" StS Nn TJ3. Vlclrn'a Sivln In S.
10IIS11, Whellnrk P T IJr, p 3,,
Hy order of mormonec
Ht'liMW N.WKi 1 l COMI'
the Hudson
By Daylight
Catllns at
Yonkers, West Point, Newburgh,
Poughkccpsic, Kingston Point,
Catskill and Hudson
Day I.lne Stesmer , dally, eiffpt j ,
day, leave I)esbroes St., h in a m
W 45dHt..OA It W IMth.lt.fl MA M
Yonkers, 0 is A M All tbroum rail t',"ri
between New York and Albany accept t
lluilc: Iteataurant.
!ne Par Outlnas tn Pnnchl.ripr
."SrMliurKh or st I'nlnl
llatbroiset M. I'ler. lei, 4 14 1 sprlnc
.V .
A Charming Voynge Via
The Panama Canal
4 hoard the
rnim I'ler Kl. . It r inrh
MAY 22, H.
Tn.sAX I'ltANt iscii: -rt I jbln aiv.np.
Intrrmrdlaie atlit up
Also Combination Itounil I p on tv
Water The other VWi Ii
To isTiims or piMii.ii nrl (.I,,,
S75 up. Interiiirdlate alii up
l'ANAM.'A lUP I.IM.,
(H1ro,ulay, New York 1c Hen ir tvvi
American Line
Under the American Flag
N. Y. Liverpool, Pier 62. N. R.. Noon
St. Paul Ma. as lork Mi I t
Cabin and 31 class inenjcrs nnH
'ommenrlni; .limp s, nisrloai lino
Meamrrs Mill rarrr I'ussensers In I rr
Sernni! and Third la r..
White Star Line
N. V. Liverpool, Pier 60, N. R., Noon
Adriatic .Mat sn l.apland ,iUno 1
Azores Gibraltar Naples Genoa
Tetlr .Inne .1. I IIA.M. II nnnplp .Imioi;
oi i'h:e.h ii'wai. . i. id, tiniiii Hon..
Established 1S-10
Tuscania FrL Mav 21. 5 I'M
Tuscania Fri.,Juncl8. 5PM
Orduna Sat.June 20.10. '!
Transylvania Fri.,July 2. 3 I'M
MAURETANIA Sat.July 10. 10 AM
Tuscania Fri.. July lt. iPM
Orduna Sat., Julv24. 10 AM
i Transylvania Fri., July 30. 5 PM
MAURETANIA Sat.. Aug. 7.10AM
Tuscania Fri,. Aug H. 'I'M
Tkroaih booklnas to all principal l'i
or the llurld.
COM PANT'S (II 1 lv... JI.'.-lsuioM 1
Panama Canadian Roeeiti
Yaltowstoaa Grand Canron
Alaska Midnight Sua
118 Rematlahlo Tome. Ono t Tot
Monlhi, S435 and up Jrlerriid ( Koito ci
Routes, I usurious Ttsm sorv r Beit
Hotels. Side Trips by Auton.ob io
Olht Tour at Potular Pfltu
5end (or Booklet.
225 Filtb As.nuo, No- York
Compasnlc 4.rnerate I ranall "i
I'llvl.ti, s It! I) I
Sailings for BORDEAUX
NIAGARA . . . May 2-'. ' U
I CHICAGO . . . May 21. i I' u
' ESPAGNK . . . June I t' M'
I ROCHAMBF.AU . .tun- 1 ' " a
i OH l.MOKM . i ' .
Company's Oitice, Ij Mils
' 111. II IIIIMIMIl'. MM
To al' point . it i. i
da 3 P M V o
I J'JOO Kruiik.ln
' To t'llllforillll i:s (iiill mu
ll nana. l'n' i n 1 ,
booklet I llltiil I mil I .uuti"
Place N
Till. I llN I I MII " M I1;
S, . liiiiti MlUiirl 1 " '
Ni'H nrli .lime II I '
I'lielp.llro. X t n..t.i ll u'
Atlillltle. (iillf and i -I I" " '
l.lno. i I- t
Lines :) H . -
III III 's i I mil ' I'll
I I rtlf l P "
it i:v sn tiiMiii' i '
SC Ml IN 1 N 1 l I ' t '
. 1 .. MUM! ! I tl' V I N
1 .tutu .m A i I
MAC! Ml Kl Til I' '
fnnniln . . Lines III
I I J llnv H P.Mco V"'1
ICO It -rV ' " '
I nn Tn iir.tiMt't' i nv '
j llonMrts tjlT.rtrC 5 S C" " '

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